Penn State’s Jayson Oweh is one to watch

While delving into the 2021 draft class, a couple of things have become clear:

1. Early in the process, this appears to be a top-heavy class with a handful of ‘elite’ prospects who are seemingly already destined to go in the top-five.

2. The depth, at the moment, is slightly concerning — and we’re seeing a lot of players who won’t be first round picks appear on early watch-lists.

This is particularly interesting this year. While the NFL is pretty confident they’ll be able to host a full 2020 season, there’s at least a little bit more concern for college football. There’s been some positive noises recently — such as Notre Dame saying they believe there will be a full season. But there’s obviously a big difference between paid professionals and student athletes competing during a global pandemic.

I do wonder if contenders in the NFL who are expected to be picking later in each round will consider using some of their 2021 draft stock for veteran trades — either just before or during the NFL season. If it’s a lot harder to scout this class — and if it continues to look like a top-heavy class — that might be a consideration.

It’s something to at least consider when we get towards August and September.

If there is a fully functioning college football season, Penn State’s Jayson Oweh is one player to keep an eye on.

He’s slated to replace Yetur Gross-Matos in 2021 having previously operated as a rotational pass rusher. Even so, he had five sacks last season and is well sized at 6-5 and 255lbs. He also forced a couple of fumbles and had five TFL’s.

He’s clearly a very accomplished athlete and the first thing that stands out is his ability to burst off the edge, round the arc and get to the quarterback. That’s what you want to see when a player is listed at his size. Has he got a speed rush? Oweh answers that question positively and that’s a good starting point.

He had a particularly good performance against Michigan State in 2019. He had five pressures on just 19 pass rush snaps per PFF and collected two sacks.

What he’ll need to prove as a starter is an ability to win in different ways and contain his side of the field. He’s not too bad at stunting inside and bulldozing his way through a crowd to reach the QB. That at least hints at some strength. What we don’t have enough evidence of so far is an ability to convert speed-to-power and win by connecting and forcing the tackle backwards. We also need to see more evidence of hand-use and can he engage at the POA with a straight arm, keeping his frame free to read and react against the run.

These are all basic things that’ll become clear very quickly if/when the new season begins.

So what kind of potential does he have?

Reportedly he’s been clocked running a 4.33 at Penn State. This is clearly a highly wind-assisted time if it’s even true at all. At SPARQ he ran a 4.63 which is perfectly fine and acceptable for a man his size. If he can get that into the 4.5’s with a 1.5 10-yard split then certainly that would be ideal. He doesn’t have to run a ridiculous 4.3 to boost his stock at the combine.

His body fat has also been measured at 4.9%. He’s been jumping in the 35-36 inch range in the vertical and reportedly he can manage a 10-7 broad. He can bench 380lbs and clean 365lbs.

Most importantly though he can supposedly run a 4.46 short shuttle. That’s about in the range he needs to be. It’s not a spectacular time (Alton Robinson ran a 4.32) but if he combines it with explosive testing and a fast forty and split — then it’s where he needs to be physically.

You always need a college season to really get to grips with a class. Players emerge. Nobody was predicting Joe Burrow, Kyler Murray or Cam Newton to be Heisman winners and #1 overall picks a year out. Generally you can get a sense though what are going to be the strong positions.

This year you’ve got the star names — Trevor Lawrence, Penei Sewell, Ja’Marr Chase and Micah Parsons. You’ve got another rich looking receiver class and some tight ends with exciting potential. So far I can’t get excited about the D-line options. It’s an area where players like Oweh will have an opportunity to emerge and earn a lot of money. I’m not sure why, suddenly, college football is having a D-line lull. We’re only a year removed from a draft known for it’s defensive line depth.

For that reason the Seahawks probably made a good call moving up for Darrell Taylor. He has as much potential as anyone this year or next to turn into a quality, dynamic EDGE. His main issues were injuries and inconsistency. He’s been given the #58 jersey today. Not sure whether he chose that or the team — but the thinking and the aim is clear. Von Miller wears #58.

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  1. DC

    Early feelings on the OT class overall?

    • Rob Staton

      Penei Sewell is a top five pick.

      Some of the other names getting mentioned are a bit overrated.

  2. Murphy

    Quality article as always Rob. Your consistency is impressive. I check it everyday regardless of time of year and it is awesome that you are still putting out these articles during a typically slow period of Seahawks content. I’d be curious if there are any players from our previous two draft classes that you see taking a much bigger role or showing the most improvement this year. Obviously not arguing that you bank on that but maybe just guys that flashed to you last season.

    Also, if it’s a strong receiver class next year, I really hope we put ourselves in a position to grab one early!

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t, to be honest. Maybe Haynes or Ursua? Unfortunately I think you can kind of tell early on whether a player has what it takes. They might need some refinement, some development. But you usually see something in the first flush. I’ve seen very little from the last two classes (aside from those already established — Metcalf, Dissly) to think with confidence that anyone will take a big step forward this year. Hope I’m wrong though.

      And thanks for the kind words.

  3. cha

    Two, three, four

    awim Oweh
    awim Oweh
    awim Oweh
    awim Oweh
    awim Oweh

    Heeeee…heeeee….hee..awim Oweh…

    • Rob Staton


    • Rob4q

      I had to say it out loud to get it…too funny!

      • Big Mike

        And he’s a Lion on top of it. Nice one cha!

    • Porter

      Hahaha, this is great. Took me a second to get it, but nice one.

    • Albert Butler

      Okay, someone needs to make a highlight reel of him next year with The Lion Sleeps by The Tokens playing in the background. So sick of rap in these.

      • Scot04

        Needs to be drafted by Detroit. He could be nicknamed The Lion King

  4. Strategicdust

    Rob, aplolgies iv you have already answered this but if Clowney doesn’t/wont sign with the Seahawks, how is that approximately $15M best spent? I agree that it’s best spent on him but it just might not happen. Is it Griffen (9M), Daniels (3M), Freeman (3M)? Where’s the biggest bang for the buck for Plan B?

    • Rob Staton

      If Clowney signs somewhere else I think it’s extremely likely, if not certain, that they’ll sign Everson Griffen instead.

      Then I suspect it’ll just be the other moves as discussed — Geno Smith, one of the defensive tackles available and then probably Marshawn down the line and maybe another receiver.

  5. Bigten

    Once again, topnotch stuff Rob. Thank you for another thought provoking article.

    Obviously we do not know what our team or players are going to do this year, and it would be pure speculation, but what are some position groups that we should key in on for earlier players? Similar to the obvious need of EDGE help this year. Do we think that they would invest in an edge high again? after having spent 4 picks over the past 3 years on the DE? If so, what are your thoughts on the Miami Canes DE players: Roussou (Sp?), Quincy Roche, and Jaelan Phillips? Rouseau is already being touted as a high pick, but Quincy Roche also played well last year for Temple, had 13 sacks last year and 68 pressures, most of any returning player in the country, and had a 93.3 pass-rushing grade. Phillips was a former 5 star recruit that transferred from UCLA. Hasn’t shown anything to date, having been injured, but is huge and athletic.

    One thing that studying our picks this year that stands out is the production and tape they all had a year prior. It was as if the scouting was down a year prior. You’ve mentioned it before, and hence why you are amazingly putting in the time now, I am just further finding that it is evident.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’ve got such a problem on the DL it has to be the focus until it’s fixed, one way or another.

      But both the 2020 draft and 2021 draft appear suited to target WR’s early.

      Roche we need to wait and see. I think he was a walk-on at Temple wasn’t he? So what’s his upside, really? We see a lot of these guys transfer on the DL and not amount to anything in terms of the draft. Phillips I haven’t studied. Gregory Rousseau is really athletically and physically interesting but he can’t rush the edge and he needs to work on that.

      • bigten

        Fair point on what Roche ceiling is. I have not watched so I could not tell his athleticism. Looking at size, he is tall and light. I was just looking at the stats from last year and he was high on the sack and TFL list, along with Rouseau.

        If rousseau cant rush the edge, how is he accumulating the sacks and TFL he is? Last year was his first year playing, as he was a redshirt freshman. Looks super tall and lean and could sue some muscle, and really looks like he has the frame to do so. 6-7 is big. If he has trouble rushing the edge, could he put on some bulk and move inside? Just some thoughts I have, trying to contribute as much as I can, and really appreciate your insight.

        • Rob Staton

          Rousseau stunts inside a lot. All the college teams do it. Everyone is manufacturing pressure these days.

          He’s very good at dipping inside and he flashes athleticism in doing so. But good luck finding much evidence of him winning with speed or hand use off the edge. That’s something he can work on.

  6. cha

    This is particularly interesting this year. While the NFL is pretty confident they’ll be able to host a full 2020 season, there’s at least a little bit more concern for college football

    Random thought if the college season is seriously impacted. 2021 draft could be the opposite of 2020.

    2020 was lots of game tape but not everyone tested.

    2021 could be everyone testing (assuming COVID gets under control by the spring) and little game tape.

  7. Trevor

    These type of reports and player profiles are where you shine Rob! Thanks for this he is definitely a guy who will be high on my watch list because I have a funny feeling pass rush is going to be high on the Hawks list of needs again next off season.

  8. TomLPDX

    This is why I will always be a Saints fan (except when they play the Hawks!)

    • Big Mike

      Well that plus they’ve got bad-ass uniforms too. Black and gold works so well………

    • mishima


  9. cha

    Preseason 90 man roster Jersey numbers and their utter insignificance thread..

    Veteran Bracket

    11 Philip Dorsett
    22 Quentin Dunbar
    51 Bruce Irvin
    67 BJ Finney
    72 Brandon Shell
    74 Cedric Ogbueh (74 “ELIGIBLE” can wear his jersey still woooo)
    88 Greg Olsen
    89 Will Dissly (uncle Will is such a good guy)
    91 Jarran Reed
    94 Rasheem Green
    99 Benson Mayowa

    • cha

      Rookie Bracket

      2 Aaron Fuller
      6 Anthony Gordon
      18 Freddy Swain
      31 Deejay Dallas (with Kam’s permission)
      56 Jordyn Brooks
      58 Darrell Taylor
      68 Damien Lewis
      84 Colby Parkinson
      87 Steven Sullivan
      98 Alton Robinson

      • Logan Lynch

        Overall insignificant thoughts.


        Dorsett at 11. Tainted number with Harvin/Jennings, but that’s a good speed number.

        Bruce is back. He needed that 51.

        Olsen/Dissly. Good for both. Keep Olsen at 88 and let Uncle Will transition to 89. I loved DB too, but 89 works for Will.

        Brooks at 56 fits. Not sure why, but Hill, Kendricks, Avril all made it look good.


        Dunbar at 22 is weird to me.

        I would’ve liked Mayowa and Robinson switched.

        Taylor at 58 will take some getting used to. I have to remember how young these guys are. To me, 58 doesn’t mean much outside Derrick Thomas, but to him that’s probably Von Miller. Unless he’s a big Dexter Davis fan.

    • Rob Staton

      I remember a week ago when Twitter was going nuts asserting Clowney ‘was definitely not coming back’ because Jarran Reed was wearing #90 again.


      • TomLPDX

        Talk about much ado about nothing…that was one of the highlights.

      • cha

        I specially did NOT point out that #90 is not taken.

        But since you mention it, the new 5G network IS supposed to be 90x faster than 4G. But it also spreads COVID.

        90…COVID…Clowney can’t take a physical…

        We’re through the looking glass here, people…

      • Darnell

        Rob, it was one of the absolute dumbest overreactions I had heard in some time.

        Adults were acting like pro athletes choose where they do or do not sign based upon jersey number availability.

        • Rob Staton

          Indeed. I’m surprised overall how people have treated the Clowney saga.

          • Ashish

            Damn Clowney, he better sign with hawks sooner or later. Need to discuss more on RB, NCB and DT.

  10. Ralphy

    Great article. Any veteran predictions on who could possibly be traded?I was wondering about Ryan Kerrigan. I know its a shot in the dark but there’s not much else to do but dream about football season.

    • Rob Staton

      The two obvious ones are Judon and Ngakoue.

      • Ralphy

        Yeah those are known but how about a post draft sleeper?

        • Rob Staton

          None I can think of

          • Cameron

            With now back-to-back first round picks spent there (Montez Sweat, Chase Young), and still a fair bit of rebuilding to do, I could see Washington seeking draft capital for Ryan Kerrigan.

            • Simo

              Don’t know a lot about Kerrigan (Skins are never on TV out here in the west!) Do you know very much about him, and if he would be worth trading for?

              Is he still a productive DE and pass rusher?
              How old is he and what’s his contract status?
              If he’s worth acquiring, what might it take?

              I’m all for adding another DL talent if things go south with Clowney.

              • Cameron

                He’s going into the last year of his deal, $11.5 million with no guarantees. Age 32 and coming off of a down year (5.5 sacks in 2019), but with 13, 13, and 11 sacks going back 3 years prior. PFF had him at a solid 73.4 pass rush grade for 2019 still, for what that’s worth.

                For 1 year remaining for an aging player, I’d like to think we could get him for no more than a third rounder, though trade value in the NFL is notoriously unpredictable.

                • Ralphy

                  Agree that he’s worth adding and that it would take at the most a third round pick.

                • Rob Staton

                  The Redskins have already made it clear they are not interested in trading him.

  11. Greg Haugsven

    With the schedule release coming I’m hoping we play the Cardinals at home very early in the season.

    • Big Mike

      We can only hope………

    • Darnell

      Without looking it up, I feel like the Hawks always win @ AZ and the Cardinals occasionally win @ SEA.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I believe we have only beat them at home once since 2013.

  12. RWIII

    In less than an hour we will know the schedule. Can’t wait.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It gets released at 4:30. The TV special is at 5.

  13. Rob Staton

    A lot of Seahawks fans didn’t want to hear any criticism of Earl Thomas. And they hammered the Seahawks for moving on.

    If you were one of them, have a read of this:

    • Trevor

      The only mistake the Hawks made with Earl was not trading him the previous off-season. The second he went to the Cowboys locker room he had to go.

      The Ravens will be lucky if they can off load him and the contract.

      • smitty1547

        I 100% agree with Trevor an I’m an owner of a Earl jersey, I would have left him in Dallas that day.

    • Porter

      Yikes that is an ugly sounding situation. Good thing the hawks are a not a part of it. I was definitely sad at first to see earl go, but not anymore!!

      Rob you’re the best for giving us amazing articles everyday. I always appreciate the upcoming draft insight, but I especially love how you always tie the topic back to what it means for the Seahawks.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man

    • GerryG

      When I read the initial report this morning about his wife confronting him about his drinking, and then the whole gangbang with his brother etc the first thing I thought of was the Seahawks moving on, and them knowing more than we do. They should have taken a second.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think they were ever offered a second. The best offer was a third from Dallas.

        • GerryG

          Ahhh, I misremembered , regardless in hindsight they probably should have just traded him. Oh well.

    • Hughza

      Serious question, do I throw out my Earl Thomas rookie season jersey? I’m very disappointed in his actions. Completely changes my perception of him. I can’t help but think the Hawks has some insight. Validates not signing him.

      • cha

        Only you can decide that one Hughza.

        Maybe just don’t wear it at all this season and see how it feels in year.

    • Scot04

      I just hope the Ravens can’t get out of the contract. Don’t need them getting any more cap space.

  14. RWIII

    To be honest after Earl Thomas flipped off Pete Carroll. That is when he lost me as a fan.

  15. Rob Staton

    Like the look of the schedule.

    No stretch run that looks scary as of today.

    Nice pockets where you can realistically target collecting 3-4 wins in a row.


    • Greg Haugsven

      Week 1 at the ATL.

      • Greg Haugsven

        They should be favored in the first 5 games before the bye week.

        • Rob Staton

          I doubt they’ll be favoured against Atlanta.

          • Bigten

            Curious why you would think that we won’t be favored. Falcons went 7-9 last year, and really didn’t do THAT much this offseason to overcome that. Nor did they have a good draft. So curious what makes you think they will be favored over us.

            • Rob Staton

              Because it’s their home opener and if you remember last season they were hammered by injuries.

              • Von

                I will be there, assuming anyone is let into the building

    • Trevor

      That is the best schedule the Hawks could have hoped for I think.

    • cha

      Agree. Great mix of home and road, tough games and not so tough games.

      4 prime time games. 3 at home. Surprised about that, esp since the Hawks are so ordinary at home these days.

      Week 17 @ SF. Bring it.

    • Volume12

      Weeks 7-12 are where they’ll be tested. I do like that they come off a bye in week 6 before that stretch.

      • Logan Lynch

        That extra stretch going from TNF to MNF weeks 11-12 is big too. Early bye, mini bye there and then finish strong.

        • Volume12

          Oh yeah. I didn’t even notice that. Good point.

  16. Rashi

    Wow love Seahawks schedule.

    Especially cause the 49ers have to play at New Orleans and Green Bay.

    Also they play the Saints after 9 straight games.

    • Tony

      love the schedule.

      Week 2 vs pats, catch a new pats qb early before Bill solves that issue. Weeks 12-15 is an easier stretch with eagles, giants, jets and skins. The end game vs 9ers should be must watch TV. Schedule doesn’t have that juggernaut stretch like we’ve seen in past.

  17. Ishmael

    I don’t understand why so many players and teams lie about this stuff. A 4.33 is completely deranged. The only way he gets clocked at that is with a gale behind him and his dad on the stopwatch. Similarly the 4.9% bodyfat. It’s just silly. Down into bodybuilders peaking for competition stuff. There’s no way that’s a healthy or productive playing weight, or that it’s even remotely possible to maintain through a season.

    I don’t know, am I wrong about this? I just don’t understand the point. Surely teams know it’s ludicrous, and even if it gets the media hype train going what does that ever really do? He’s clearly a very good athlete, that should be enough. He doesn’t need to literally be superman to get drafted.

    • Rashi

      College football is all hype. Hype of having freak athletes at your school helps with recruiting. Allows them to talk up their s&c programs. College football teams market everything.

      • Sea Mode

        I get your point, but if there’s any one school whose athletes actually might have most of the freakish athleticism they claim, it’s definitely Penn St.

  18. EranUngar

    Love the schedule.

    Love the 9ers schedule even more…

    Starting week 7, SF plays 4 of the next 5 games away – NE, SEA, NO, RAMS. The only home game in that stretch is week 9 vs GB after the SEA game.

    That is one tough stretch….

    • Volume12

      Pretty sure the 9ers have the 4th toughest schedule.

      • Big Mike

        Correct. I saw that on NFLN. Pats with the hardest.

  19. Rashi

    Man Trey Lance is so good, he might be better than Justin Fields.

  20. Volume12

    BC has another absolute unit at RB? What’s in the water at Chestnut Hill? Let’s watch shall we?

    • Volume12

      Hahaha. He turns the corner like a bus.

      • Volume12

        1 v 1 he’s almost impossible to tackle. Has a weird running style.

        • Volume12

          Only 1 game so it’s almost impossible to evaluate, but he’s ok. Runs too far over his feet at times. Will definitely check him out this year. I think he’ll improve.

          • Volume12

            Their TE, Hunter Long, is pretty interesting and they got some dudes up front. Lindstrom’s little brother @ C.

  21. Donny Henson

    Bruce Irvin’ cap hit is @ 5.9M. according to Overthecap that leaves Seattle at 16.6 M before rookie contracts, which with the first three picks being roughly 5M in total, will leaves us at 11M. Thats not enough for Clowney, backup QB, a DT, and another skill player. This leads me to wonder if we plan on cutting another player or two down the road or asking a player to take a pay cut.

    • clbradley17

      Just read an article that says taking everything into account, rookies, inury money needed, dead cap space, Irvin’s contract etc., we only have $5 mil. of cap space for 2020.

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