The case for why Peyton Manning won’t be a Seahawk

This man will not be Seattle's next quarterback

It was finally confirmed today that Peyton Manning will leave Indianapolis and become a free agent. What a shocker, nobody saw that coming. You can almost hear the collective gasp of anticipation among Seahawks fans as they hope against hope that their team will be the ones to win the Manning sweepstakes. This is a great solution, right? Get a future Hall of Fame quarterback, let him go to work and lead a blossoming young team to the promise land? A quick fix to make the Seahawks a competitor? The answer to the team’s prayers?   

Not exactly.   

Any team would love to build around the younger model of Peyton Manning – he’s the very definition of a franchise quarterback. However, there’s no way of knowing that this version of Manning is anything remotely like the one that churned out AFC South division titles like they were going out of fashion. He’s old, he’s been injured and there’s no way of knowing how long he’ll hold up. Could he break down in training camp? Will it be week three of the season? Will it be at the end of year one? With respect, all of those options are just as likely – if not more likely – than Manning rolling back the years to regain his former peak.   

Any team that signs Manning will have to make concessions. In Seattle’s case, they’d have to adapt their playbook in quite a big way. You’d have to remove a lot of the naked bootleg’s and developing routes, you might have to temper some of the downfield stuff. Even play action might be less likely with an emphasis on keeping Manning clean and getting the ball out quickly to the receivers. The player himself would also want to add some plays and modify things to fit what he’s been used to. After all, if you’re going to sign Peyton Manning you’re going to want to make life as comfortable for him as possible. You’d also have to change the blocking schemes to max-protect, because one hit could mean curtains. You’re kidding yourself if you believe you can just plug him in and let him run whatever offense you have. Some would argue, ‘why not change?’ for the sake of having Peyton Manning. In reality, there are lots of reasons.   

The Seahawks are building a young, hungry contender. It’s patently obvious that a zone blocking scheme, heavy run game with developing routes, bootlegs and play action is not a Peyton Manning offense. I watched the video below featuring Brian Billick and Charles Davis where the former Ravens coach suggests Seattle has no identity on offense and this is something Manning could provide. In fairness, Billick is completely wrong. The Seahawks have a very defined vision on offense and know exactly what they want to do. Manning doesn’t fit. So do you change everything around, modify the playbook and blocking, sign Reggie Wayne and make this the Peyton Manning show only to discover he can’t take the strain of the NFL anymore? What then? Change back in a rush?   


There are other teams out there – some with new coaching staffs – in a better position to take on Project:Manning without needing any major repair work if things go wrong. Arizona for example are in the process of rebuilding their offensive line and can adapt their blocking schemes. Manning and Ken Whisenhunt are close and Peyton would be afforded the opportunity to control most of the offense. There’s room for Reggie Wayne to join Larry Fitzgerald and the dome/warm weather will appeal too. If Manning can’t continue, it wouldn’t be a major re-tool to fit John Skelton back into the starting position. In many ways, Arizona makes a lot of sense. The Cardinals don’t really have a clear identity on offense and the Kevin Kolb trade proved to be a failure. Seattle on the other hand has priotised the run and the passing game to a degree is being used to supplement that. A lot of passing play calls in Seattle are used as an extension to the run, with mobile quarterbacks encouraged to improvise and tuck and run when required. That isn’t Manning – and the Seahawks would have to detach from their blueprint to accommodate Peyton.   

It’s also important to understand the men re-building this Seahawks roster. Can you see Pete Carroll and John Schneider signing Peyton Manning? I think this tweet from Hawk blogger sums it up best: “From ESPN: “GM John Schneider has a track record of finding diamonds in the rough, not entering a bidding war for the Hope Diamond.” Personally, I don’t think Peyton Manning would be that interested in the ‘always compete’, ‘win forever’ mantra. I don’t think Carroll is his kind of coach, or Manning Pete’s kind of quarterback. Manning’s used to doing things his way, but it’ll be Carroll’s way that wins out in Seattle. Simply put, it’s just not a great match.   

Arizona, Kansas City, Oakland, New York, Miami. These are the teams I think will be making the strongest push for Manning. We may have to wait a while to find out what’s going to happen, because nobody is likely to sign the man while his health remains in doubt. Brief footage emerged this week of him throwing a football at Duke University, but teams will need further reassurance before a contract is inked. I expect the Seahawks to sign or trade for a quarterback. That player will compete with Tarvaris Jackson to start in 2012. It may be a bridge-type player and they may draft at least one quarterback in the round 4-6 range next month. It may be that next year is the time to go ‘all-in’ on the quarterback they want. Yet despite all the media talk today, I wouldn’t expect #18 to be appearing regularly in the Pacific North West.   

Other free agency predictions:   

Vincent Jackson (WR) – San Diego, Jacksonville, Washington   

Marcus Colston (WR) – Jacksonville, New Orleans   

Matt Flynn (QB) – Oakland, Miami, Cleveland   

Mario Williams (DE) – Houston, New England   

Red Bryant (DE/DT) – Seattle


  1. Derrick

    Given the Saints’ situation (likely lose of key offensive FAs Evans, Colston & Mechem, possible lose of draft pick(s) and/or suspensions to Sean Payton, is there any chance Drew Brees might want out…particularly in light of the fact that he is reportedly “livid” about the franchise tag and the two sides are far apart? And, if so, do you think the Seahawks would be interested?

  2. Pat

    “Arizona, Kansas City, Oakland, New York, Miami. These are the teams I think will be making the strongest push for Manning.”

    Ugh, I wouldn’t want to trade anything higher then a 6th round pick for the QB on any of those teams except maybe New York

  3. Rob

    The thing is Pat – that’s just my uneducated guess at who might be interested. For all we know, there are teams out there we’re not talking about who have major interest in Manning. Maybe a Dallas? Maybe a Houston? The information we’ve had is that the potential deal would be very exciting and like you say, dealing with those teams wouldn’t fall into that category. Interesting times.

  4. cliff

    I’ve been looking at the teams that could possibly sign Peyton making their current QB available and at other free agent QB’s that would make sense.
    1) David Garrard, 2)Carson Palmer, 3)Jason Campbell, 4)Matt Cassel, 5)Joe Flacco (not mobile enough but it could happen), 6)Chad Henne (too many turnovers), 7)Mark Sanchez (talked about too much, not interested), 8)Shaun Hill, 9)Kitna?, 10)Kevin Kolb, 11)Kyle Orton, 12)Tebow, 13)Tony Romo, 14)Michael Vick

    thats pretty much all that would make sense in anyway..

  5. Hawksince77


    Can’t argue with your conclusions – seems the most likely scenario (Manning not coming to Seattle – Arizona or Miami looking like more probable landing zones).

    One of the things I have noticed in all the reports is that nobody (at least, nobody that is talking) knows what Manning wants. What if, after surveying the field, Manning decides he wants to play for Seattle?

    As a fan, of course I am thinking ‘why not? what’s not to love?’ – an understandably naive position. But what if?

    Let’s say Manning approaches PC/JS (reports are that Seattle has had internal discussions related to bringing Manning in) and agrees to run their offense. Agrees to ‘buy in’ to PC’s ‘Win Forever’ mantra?

    The only reason I bring it up is because if I was in Manning’s position, Seattle would greatly appeal. The other franchises in question are not well-run or generally well thought of. Seattle has a legitimate shot at a championship within Manning’s timeframe, and more than enough weapons and defense and running game to make Manning a winner.

    Having said all that, my absolute preference would be to obtain a QB that Seattle can build a future around (and that wouldn’t be Manning). If I could dictate reality, I’d make Portis a budding star at the position and have him the starter for the Seahawks in 2012. Why? Because he is already here, he is cheap, doesn’t cost any draft capital, has the arm and athleticism, and would be fun to watch. The chances of that being reality? About the same as Manning coming to Seattle, I’d say.

  6. SHawn

    Could the mystery QB we trade for be Terrelle Pryor if Manning or Flynn go to Oakland? He seems to fit the athletic QB mold we are looking for. It could end up being a 3 way competition to start next year between Tavaris Jackson, Josh Portis, and Terrelle Pryor.

    Manning to Dallas seems unlikely but Jerry Jones loves to make splashes.

    Another few scenarios that no one will believe possible… Manning goes to BUFFALO and we trade for Fitzpatrick. Or he goes to MINNESOTA and we trade for Ponder. What about Baltimore and we could trade for Flacco? None of these are something I would really want to happen, but there are a lot of QBs out there that would be an upgrade over TJ.

  7. SHawn


    He is retired from football and now coaches football and teaches math in Tacoma.

  8. Evan P

    Mario Williams seems like a perfect fit in Seattle to me. We have the money and the need, and he still has many good years left. Why isn’t Seattle considered a likely landing spot?

  9. Rob

    Hawksince77 – I think it’s very unlikely that Manning would make that approach. After all – why would he? He has no ties to Seattle. He’s not going to need to beg for a job even with the injury. And even if he expressed that desire, Seattle would need to undergo significant changes all based around Peyton staying healthy. Like the possibility of trading for RGIII, this one is just a flat out non-starter unfortunately.

    Shawn – If it’s a quarterback from Oakland, I’d doubt it’d be Pryor.

    Evan P – Purely down to the fact I think he’ll end up signing a deal of deals. I know Houston are up against the cap but they can find ways to manipulate that. New England may go big on this one. Washington, Dallas. Who knows. I expect Williams to become the best paid defensive player in the NFL and I don’t expect Seattle to be writing that cheque. Sorry.

  10. SHawn

    If you say so Rob, but I would rather have Pryor’s youth and upside over Palmer’s aging arm and bad attitude. He would come cheaper too. But he might not be ready to start, and I think if we trade for a QB it will be a proven starter. I can hope though, and its fun to toss ideas around on here.

    What are your thoughts on Pryor as a prospect anyway?, just in case I had a spell of psychicness.

  11. AlaskaHawk

    My thoughts on Peyton is that who ever takes him will also have to take his two free agent wide receivers – or have a heck of a good wide receiver set lined up for him. He is going to go to a team that has a good offensive line to protect him and a good set of receivers to throw to.

    So good offensive line and receivers will automatically drop Seattle off the list (don’t shoot the messenger – I am a hawks fan). We are simply not up to his elite level.

    I would think he would look pretty hard at Miami, the Jets and Houston. Perhaps Dallas if they are willing to get rid of Romo – and they should be by now. Probably the best spot for him is the Ravens, but I don’t think they are willing to give up on Flacco.

  12. Pacificsands

    The mystery team is the Atlanta Falcons.

  13. Rob

    Shawn – I’m not a big fan unfortunately. He always flashed big time physical potential (which is ultimately why he ended up in Oakland). But it’s between the ears that the problem lies. He’s not the type of player Carroll and Schneider will invest in.

  14. SHawn

    No clue on Pryor’s abilities here, just remembering what I saw at Ohio St. If intelligence is the problem, then I would definitely agree with you.

    On the flip side of that coin, I am still among a handful of fans who REALLY want to see us get Kellen Moore in the draft. Not higher than the 4th or 5th rd, but I still want him. His grasp of the game is better than anyone in recent memory coming out of college. He already has the mind of a savvy vet and if he can bulk up to where he needs to be to survive in this league he could make a real impact. Of course most will argue that he is destined to be a career backup and someday coach, but a career backup that can come in and not throw INTs is a pretty good deal in the 4th rd. I hate that his size is his pretty much his only limitation, its the one thing that can’t drastically be changed. Why isn’t the real world like Madden???

  15. James

    The bombshell would be the Falcons, as noted above. Something is not right with that franchise, the coach will be gone after another year of the same, the owner is the type who might go for broke, Manning could take them to the Super Bowl and Pete and John would love to have Matt Ryan.

    Technically, Jake Locker is a “starting” QB, due to Matt’s late season injury. Manning could go back home in triumph to finish his career. The Titans fans would be in rapture. And Locker coming back to Seattle would set off the next Beast Quake.

  16. CP10

    I’m sorry if someone already brought this up but could the mystery team be the Denver Broncos? They have a lot of cap room and Manning could present the only opportunity for them to move on from Tebow without without causing a city wide riot. As far as Tebow to Seattle, it appears the Hawks are looking for a mobile strong armed qb who doesnt need to light the scoreboard up just not turn the ball over. Tebow may not be a very accurate passer but he seems to posses the qualities we are looking for. Schneider also said he is looking for a qb that tilts the room when he is in it and there aren’t many people that tilt the room more than Tebow.

  17. Cody

    I really think Peyton will go to the Cowboys. Jerry Jones isn’t exactly a careful spender, and after years of mssing the playoffs due to poor finished Jerry and everyone else might have had enough. And Tony Romo would be an awesome Seahawk

  18. Doug

    He’ll go to AZ, and we will get KKolb. And that would be cool!

  19. Ben2

    Eh….I’m not into the manning idea….I’m gonna buy into Pete’s philosophy of building a team and I think this means not pursuing manning. In two years I’ll reassess. It’s a rebuild.

  20. Ben2

    Kolb sucks

  21. Belgaron

    My best guess for a destination would be the Jets as he could make quite a bit more chedder doing endorsements, commercials, and shows and he could hang with his brother. The major question is could he be happy on a Rex Ryan led team? They are both fierce competitors so maybe they’d make it work.

  22. Christon

    After the dust settles with Peyton, Flynn, then Luck, and RGIII at the top of the draft – assuming they all go to QB desperate teams – do you think that the second tier QB’s may each all slip? Assuming the Hawks take a pass rusher with their first pick – would they take Tannehill if he were there in the 2nd, Cousins in the 3rd, or Oswiler in the 4th if they were to fall to them that far? In my view – Weeden might be the seventh and final QB selected in the draft and he might fall as far as the sixth based on his age and the lack of need for QB starved teams.

    I’m just wondering if you think the market will indeed fall for QB’s (after the top two picks) and if does – where do you think the value becomes too great that the Seahawks can’t pass-up on taking a QB anymore?

  23. Misfit74

    “’s Jim Trotter backs up a report from colleague Peter King that the Seahawks are willing to go all in for Peyton Manning.
    Seattle is ready not only to pay Manning and sign cohort Reggie Wayne, but also to “adjust the offense to what Manning is accustomed to running.” The Seahawks also have an aggressive front office and a deep-pocketed owner to match offers from the Dolphins. What they don’t have is a domed stadium or protection from elements in December and January.”

  24. Barry

    Hey Rob, I understand your points on Manning. But I also think your looking at this very black and white. Back when Indie had a top running game with Edge Manning worked seamlessly with that offence. And dont forget for the last decade plus Manning has been the exhibit A for young Qbs to watch on a play action film study . Thats something the Colts lost in recent years and would greatly aid a older Manning at this point in his career.

    I agree Manning would defiantly want to incorporate some of his own offence into what the Hawks want to do and honestly that would be smart. Besides we already run multiple TE sets and thats something Seattle’s been trying to do more of. But last year Carlson ended up on the IR. But with Morrah emerging with didnt lose too much.

    My final thought of getting Manning on the roster is the transition to the future(QB) while winning and getting to that point where both John and Pete have talked about so often lately, where the team can just sit back and take the BPA in the later round of the draft. A reasonable 3 year deal would seem to make sense to bridge that gap till we have the team that we feel its possible to see them having a 10 plus season year in and out.

  25. kevin mullen

    Musical chairs, here we go:

    Manning signs with AZ, Kolb gets cut.
    Kolb then resigns with Philly, VY tests FA.
    VY then signs with Jets, Sanchez on trading block.
    Jets trade Sanchez and Bart Scott to Cleveland for #37 pick
    Jets package #16 & #37 for ‘Hawks #12 & #76
    Jets select Blackmon #12
    ‘Hawks select Coples #16, Zach Brown #37, Kendricks #43.
    And that’s how we revamp our LB corp. Glad we settled that…

  26. Matthew Baldwin

    Kevin – I’d love Coples, Z Brown and Kendricks.

  27. Ben

    Somebody’s leaking to King, Trotter and others tonight that the Seahawks do have interest in Manning and it sounds like they might work at the VMAC. It sounds like your sources might have given you some bad intel.

  28. mattlock3

    Ben (and Rob),

    It’s possible it’s not necessarily bad intel. These two scenarios aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s possible the Seahawks really do serious interest in Manning, and want to make a big run at him (as a Jets’ reporter for ESPN said today, “they’ll go after him with checkbook blazing”). However, in case that doesn’t work out, they also have a backstage handshake deal with a team that could end up with Manning. If they miss out on him, well, here ya go, they have another plan.

    In all that I keep reading about how the Seahawks would have to change the system they’ve already established if they wanted to sign Manning, I think one big thing has gone unnoticed (or ignored) – this front office has seriously demonstrated a willingness to be flexible in whatever way necessary to give the team the best chance of winning.

    Do you think Pete came in planning to move a failed massive DT to DE, trade for a flaming-out old too-small DE, and play with an unbalanced line? Nope, but when they had no other choice, he adapted. Looking back, do you think Matt Hasselbeck was his QB of choice? Nope, but when he was stuck with him, he adapted his offense. When he was stuck with Charlie, he adapted his offense. If PC/JS are anything, it’s far from rigid. I think if they think Manning provides the best chance of winning, they’ll definitely change their offense (Trotter’s tweet could be evidence of this).

    Another note: this perspective that whiffing with Manning–or only experiencing a year or two of success with him–would drastically set the team back is WAY too black and white, and completely ignores the repeated obvious MO of this front office. They always have contingency plans. They don’t lock themselves into anything. We can’t hail their intelligence, flexibility, and preparedness, then turn around and fret that they’ll throw all their eggs in the Manning basket and get caught with their pants down if it doesn’t work out. If they do decide to go balls to the wall for Manning, there will be a contingency plan. If he doesn’t work out, so be it–they’ll move on to the backup plan.

  29. Jake

    Signing Manning doesn’t cost the team anything (except money). He’s 36, so if anything it helps the team long and short term. Manning is awesome (short term). PC gets an extra year or two to find his QBoTF (long term). He is an improvement on T-Jack (obviously) and he is accustomed to the zone blocking running game and possesses the ability to give it to Beast Mode 20 times a game just fine which is all T-Jack does well.

    So what are the drawbacks to signing the future hall of famer? That we can’t run as many bootlegs? I’m sure Darrell Bevell is capable of the slight adjustment in play calling.

  30. Jake

    Sorry, forgot one more thing… While I clearly think it could work and we’d be a great fit for him – I seriously doubt he winds up a Seahawk. I could see Manning trying to use us as leverage to get a bigger deal from Arizona though.

  31. Rob

    Regarding reports of Seattle’s interest in Manning – we’ll see what happens. We don’t have to wait long. I’m not trying to compete with Peter King and Jim Trotter… but we’ll see how this film plays out.

    And the Cards will be interested, so don’t be surprised if these ‘leaks’ are out there to try and raise the market a little. Maybe Arizona are hoping to get a cheap deal done? Maybe this stops such a deal happening if Seattle is leaking they want to make a mega offer and helps set a market beyond what Arizona are willing to pay? Don’t assume that John Schneider’s buddy is putting this info out there to delight those Seattle fans who want #18. This is a business.

  32. Steeeve

    I don’t really see Manning and the Seahawks as a personality match. Pete is clearly the alpha dog here, and I think he’s earned the respect of the locker room. Manning would not have any interest in coming here unless he’s “the guy”. Just don’t see it happening.

    Actually Atlanta would make a lot of sense, as far as the “unexpected” teams go. I think the fan base is rapidly losing faith in Matt Ryan to be the guy to take them to the next level, and they have a darn good receiver group with Julio Jones and Roddy White. He would get to play 9+ games a year in a dome, and another in each of the usually-warm Tampa and Carolina. People talk about Miami being a match for the weather, but they still have to play in New York, New England, and Buffalo, the latter being the two worst environments for a QB other than maybe Cleveland.

  33. Steve in Spain

    I definitely disagree with the “diamonds in the rough/Hope Diamond” crack – this FO loves diamonds, period, and has been happy to pursue established stars like Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, Sydney Rice, Robert Gallery to go along with its diamonds in the rough like Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin. This FO is not shy about pursuing elite talent. I think they’d love to have a superstar like Peyton atop the roster.

    They are obsessed, however, with value. They refused to overpay for Brandon Marshall or Vincent Jackson. Perhaps they also had interest in Carson Palmer; if they did, again they refused to overpay.

    I do think the Seahawks will make an offer to Peyton Manning. I cannot imagine the Master Recruiter electing not to COMPETE for what would be the recruiting coup of his career.

    However, it will be a fair-value offer. JS has been doing the media tour, repeating again and again that the Seahawks will not panic about the QB position. I think this is to prepare the groundwork in case the Seahawks get outbid for Peyton. The Seahawks have their story ready in case they lose out – “hey, we gave it our best shot to get Peyton but we weren’t prepared to set the organization back by overcommitting financially…”

    If there is a deal set up with another team, I doubt it would be for a Schaub or Romo or Vick or Ryan. Again, the reason is because of value. Any of those guys would cost us two first-round picks minimum. I can’t see JS surrendering such high-value picks in the middle of a rebuild – it goes against this organization’s fundamental philosophy of building through the draft.

    If there is anything to this rumor, I’m pretty sure it’s for Tebow. I suspect the Broncos just want to make TT disappear and aren’t interested in auctioning him off; they’d be content with recovering par value for him. I think a Charlie-type deal could be swung for him – swapping picks and throwing in a mid-rounder perhaps. I also think Denver would be a great landing spot for Manning. And it’s certainly a place noone’s been connecting Peyton to up til now.

  34. woofu

    Win one for Archie?

    The mess that are the Saints right now, and the FTag on Brees is curious. Payton gets fired and Brees gets traded while Peyton takes over with no more need for the green dot on his helmut as part of the contract. Bounty-gate would vanish for the Saints. Thanksgiving at the Mannings would be two rings on one side of the table and one ring and a Saints hat on the other, meanwhile Mrs. Manning intoning,,,,your dad loves you both, boys.

    Seriously, if the insider trade thingy plays out the Ryan/ Flacco scenarios make some sense.

  35. Rob!/evansilva/status/177406409992974336

    On SportsCenter, ESPN’s Adam Schefter named #Dolphins #Cardinals #Redskins #Jets as the 4 most “legitimate” spots for Peyton Manning.

  36. Phil

    Peyton to Seahawks? No thanks.

    Mario Williams to Seahawks? Please let it happen!

    Peyton to another team, who then trades a QB to the Seahawks? Maybe, but –for two reasons — I don’t see the traded QB being someone who going to cost the Seahawks multiple picks (e.g., Flynn, Romo, Flacco). Reason one is that I think the Seahawks’ primary focus this year is on improving the pass rush. I think the front office believes they can go another year before going “all in” for the QB of the future. So, I don’t see them giving up multiple picks (someone mentioned two first rounders). Reason two is that I can’t see a teams like the Falcons or the Cowboys “trading” proven starters like Flynn or Romo for a QB who has had 4 neck surgeries in the past year and could be one hit away from an early retirement.

    But, I could see a team like Arizona (who appears to have given up on Kolb) signing Peyton and then trading Kolb to the highest bidder. They wouldn’t be putting all their eggs in one basket since they would still have Skelton as the potential starter if Peyton goes down. I guess the question would then become whether or not the Seahawks would want to trade for Kolb, or whoever the displaced QB is. And, that depends on who the QB is.

  37. Bill Bobaggins

    I am so strongly opposed to getting Mark Sanchez that it makes my stomach churn. I think that he would set this franchise back so far that it would be the downfall of JS and PC. I know that this isn’t a post about Sanchez, but since his name is mentioned, I wanted to get my opinion out. I’d rather take a flyer on Tannehill, Osweiller or Cousins in the draft.

    Regarding Manning, I have mixed feelings. He’s not a bootleg QB, but he runs a nice play action and we’ve seen what he can do with a strong running game (Edge days). Granted, he’s not that young anymore and his mobility may be in question. He hasn’t taken a ton of hits over his career and so I wouldn’t worry too much about his durability (outside of the neck issue).

    That being said, I’d take an older Manning over a young Sanchez ANY day of the week.

  38. Ben

    Is Schefter saying that the Seahawks aren’t legitimately interested or legitimately likely to get him? Even if we enter the Manning-stakes full-bore I think it’s unlikely we land him. You said previously, though, that your source told you that the Seahawks had NO interest in Manning. This is sort of a big deal. I think some of the rumor-mongering can get in the way of the amazing draft work you guys do and it can harm your credibility if you get it wrong.

  39. Ben

    And I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about us pursuing or signing Manning.

  40. Ed

    Don’t think he touches an NFC team. He is competitive, but wants to play in a superbowl against his brother. So top teams I think he goes to (Miami/NY/Houston). If he goes to NY, get Sanchez for a 4th this and 4th next year. He is perfect for this offense (20 throws alot of playaction) and still young. He has shown he can play in the league, and he would be an upgrade over TJack.

  41. Bill Bobaggins


    Referring to Sanchez being an upgrade over TJack…are you talking about the Sanchez who had more INT’s than TJack last year? Or a lower QB rating than TJack? Or a lower completion percentage than TJack? Or lower yards per attempt than TJack?

    Sanchez is part of the NY hype machine and would NOT be an upgrade over TJack.

  42. Ed


    I am. Last year, the Jets tried to become a pass first offense and make Sanchez into Drew Brees. That is not Sanchez. Did you watch his first two years when he lead his teams to the AFC championship twice. When he tries to do too much, he can be worse than TJack. When he plays within himself (playaction, roll outs, short to medium passes mostly), which is the offense we play, he is a big upgrade over TJack. And if we can get a young qb with playoff experience for a 3rd or 4th, we should jump at the chance.

  43. RJD

    Paul Allen has more money than God and has the ability to outspend any owner in sports. If you don’t believe that he’s willing to open his checkbook for an opportunity to get Peyton Manning you’re a fool. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and they’re going to go all in wooing him to South Alaska. He might say “no” and go to Miami or somewhere else, but make no mistake. The Seahawks are going to be major players in this thing.
    They’re gonna draft a quarterback too in the 2nd, or 3rd.

  44. Rob

    The oracle has spoken.

  45. Ed

    Best case scenario

    QB (Manning)
    DE (Williams)
    LB (Upshaw/Keuchly)

    Probable scenario

    QB (TJack and Cousins/Osweiler)
    DE (Bryant)
    LB (Upshaw)

  46. RJD

    HA! HA! LOL! Thanks Rob. I prefer barstool oracle.

  47. Dave

    RJD I would trust Rob over your inclinations anyday. You are assuming and Rob seems to have some inside information you’re not privy to. Love the site Rob. Your analyse is well researched and sound. Hope all of your predictions come true. Too bad people that come on here as guests to your site have to resort to being fools themselves.

  48. AlaskaHawk

    Plans can change, and PC seems more changeable than most when it comes to roster moves. I look forward to an intersting two months. And I prefer barstool oracles too!!!

  49. RJD

    I know fool was a little harsh.
    I don’t think people like Paul Allen got into this to be “thrifty” 100% of the time. If there were an opportunity to take a chance on somebody, now would be the time to do it.
    I agree with Rob most of the time, just not in this case.
    Worst case scenerio, Peyton goes to Arizona.

  50. Smeghead

    I think our offense would fit Sanchez quite nicely, distributing the ball to playmakers (Marshawn, Rice, Miller, Baldwin types) which would reduce mistakes and take some pressure off the QB…

  51. Smeghead

    Ed – I see your best case scenario as putting all your chips into the pot. If those FA’s got injured (for large parts of a season/ putting them out of football) your organization could be severly hampered for a long time. The comfy cap we’re now working under would become extremely tight in my opinion and the damage could last years.

    The worst scenario as you describe it while not perfect does offer some advantages…

    I really like Manning and Williams and part of me wants them I just don’t think they are right for the Hawks, right now. Williams maybe if the price was right but Manning I fear would be too disruptive for lots of reason already articulated.

  52. Ed

    I agree to a degree. I know the Manning thing won’t happen (he will go to an AFC team), but could you imagine our biggest needs being filled by Manning and Williams. Our team would become a top 5 team to win the superbowl. It would not preclude us from taking a qb like cousins or osweiler in the 3rd either

  53. Smeghead

    Yeah, it is tempting when you think about the upside of those players and what they could do for our team…

    And I agree that they could/should get a developmental prospect QB as you mentioned should they go all in. As far as that goes I cannot get past how impressive (to my untrained eye) the tape and stats are for Russell Wilson. I would love, love, love to pick him up if he is still there in the 3rd, or even better 4th… and then when I watch Osweiler I can’t get that excited about him…. not sure why that is… my second favorite would be Cousins still I think although I think in the end he’ll get picked up in the 2nd and not a likely spot for us to go QB…

  54. Misfit74

    “On NFL Network Wednesday, reporter Jason La Canfora insisted that “people should be talking about Seattle and Arizona. They’re gonna come after Peyton Manning strong.””

  55. TJ

    While I agree with those who think that Sanchez would be better in Seattle’s offensive system, there is no way the dominos will fall that way. Put yourself in Manning’s shoes. Would you want to play for Rex Ryan? No way. Same could be said about Shannahan. Cross those two teams off the list of possible destinations. I don’t have a clue how everything will play out, but I can’t see Manning playing for a smart-a** loudmouth like Ryan or a control-freak like Shannahan. My bet is he ends up in Arizona.

  56. Dave

    It would really be lousy if we invested so much into Peyton and acquired him (will not happen) and he sustained a season or career ending injury. We have been working our tails off to make this team young and strong quick, and to see so short sightedly for a quick resolution to come out broke and taking major steps backwards. Does anyone exactly know how much a P.Manning pickup would actually cost us?

  57. Smeghead

    No argument there TJ… I think Miami or Arizona are the most likely..

  58. Ed

    Don’t think NFC. Jets/Dolphins/Texans. With the Jets, Manning can run the offense and let loudmouth run the D. With the Texans, Schaub has one year left, so they can trade/cut him and still have yates to learn from manning.

  59. FWBrodie

    Is there a sports reporter left on the planet that bothers to cite an actual source or differentiate opinion and fact anymore? Twitter has these guys so insecure they feel the need to just spout off random inferences, cite “league sources”, and then “confirm” what each other are saying so as not to be left out. It’s a joke. I hate it. What happened to journalistic integrity?

  60. shams

    @FWBrodie, it’s twitter. Caveat lector.

  61. Misfit74

    Caveat emptor, too. Interesting, I had never heard ‘Caveat lector’ before now.

  62. Bird Man JR

    Let’s be honest here. The Seahawks are all in on one QB, and his name aint Peyton. His name is Matt Barkley. They will sign/draft some lesser QB option this year and make the big move next year. Pete Carrol already has the people he wants in his head, as we have seen from the past 2 offseasons. He has worked hard to build up the support for HIS QB and will execute his plan to get HIS guy. He was ready to do what it took to get Barkley this year, and he will be ready next year.

  63. Rob

    Reports today that Paul Allen is offering Manning a $30m bonus to come to Seattle, but he’ll have to pass a medical and try out. What this says to me – please feel free to disagree – is the Seahawks are making it quite clear Manning won’t be signing in Arizona unless he’s willing to make this a non-financial decision. Two other teams could probably pay such a bonus – Washington and Miami. Arizona can’t. The Seahawks appear to be setting a market value that will keep Arizona out of the equation. That’s how I read this situation. I’ll be the first to write an article admitting I’m wrong if he becomes a Seahawk.

  64. PatrickH

    Albert Breer has reported that the Seahawks have contacted the Manning camp today. So the source that said the Hawks have “minimal interest” in Peyton is at least wrong in one area. It remains to be seen if PC/JS will be able/wiling to outbid the other teams.

  65. Matthew Baldwin

    Rob – where did you see that Paul Allen $30m report?

  66. Rob

    Matthew – It may not be a trusted source. It crept up under the Twitter moniker or ‘coltsinsider’.

    Patrick H – I don’t expect people to accept this when I say it, because people want Manning. However, I think Seattle’s reported interest will prove to be little more than a smokescreen to ensure the price is suitably high to scare off Arizona. The Cards can’t compete financially with Seattle, Washington and Miami. As soon as the price range reaches a certain level, there’s a stronger chance the Seahawks won’t be facing him twice a year. Worth considering.

  67. jason

    rob you know that twitter 30 mill is bull why even post that….

  68. Ben

    With a reported 8-10 teams interested in Manning, I don’t think the Seahawks need to feign interest in Manning to drive up his price. We already know that Miami, the Jets and the Chiefs are interested. Arizona, Denver and the Redskins are probably also giving Manning a good, hard look. There’s no reason for the Seahawks to risk such a big, public push for Manning that’s only going to have a marginal effect on driving up his price for a divisional rival that may not even be a major contender.

    The Seahawks official twitter account just posted this: “Free Agent Spotlight: One QB stands out among the rest of soon-to-be unrestricted free agents: Peyton Manning

  69. Rob

    Hey if I’m wrong I’ll write a similar length article accepting the crow. No issues at all with that.

  70. AlaskaHawk

    I just had a thought about how bad Matt Flynn must feel right now. THis is his big payday, and when he steps up to the podium, everyone rushs right past him to shake Peyton Manning’s hand! There goes his big pay day, how can he compete when Manning is in play? It’s like being the last player picked in dodge ball.

  71. david

    I never liked Flynn anyway so its hard to feel bad for him, hes got alot of hype surrounding him, and until he plays a whole season i wont be convinced, and im hoping he doesnt come here.

  72. Rob

    In light of a comment by a user earlier, I have modified this article. It is my determination to provide entertaining articles and provide a community Seahawks fans want to be part of. Sometimes it takes a wise and valued reader to make us remember that.

  73. Mike

    Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but I’m starting to believe the hype here. What we know about Pete Carroll is that above all he wants to win. He has a system and a long-term plan, but his ultimate goal is to win a title. Why wouldn’t you take the chance? I understand the negatives, but the potential rewards are too high to not give it a shot. If it fails, it won’t cripple the franchise in the same way that whiffing on a 1st round QB would. Carroll will be pumped and jacked if they can win, and I think he’ll do anything to make it happen, include giving up some control and modifying the playbook. More play action, less roll outs. Let’s do this! I was on the fence, but now I am excited. Instead of QBOTF are we looking at GOAT?

  74. glor

    I don’t buy any of the reasons that you give for not going after Manning. I mean, right now we have TJ to groom a QB we draft this year. Would you rather have TJ grooming that potential QB of the future or Manning? I say take your shot, win now, not in forever and let one of the all time greats show a youngster the ropes. I don’t think manning is going to mind grooming a 2nd round draft pick, someone he knows won’t be playing until he is retired vs the situation in Indy with Luck coming in.

    Anyway, those are my 2 cents.

  75. shams

    @Rob, what did you change about the piece?

    Man, this site is hopping! WOOF!

  76. Mike


    In response to your point about the Seahawks perhaps being misleading in order to drive up the market and possible bid the Cardinals out of the sweepstakes, isn’t there an equal possibility that your source or sources were misleading to you in order to conceal their interest?

    Something’s not lining up. From this site and local press, all we’ve heard is that the Seahawks have no interest. We’re now hearing that they’re the first one out of the gate.

    I can’t wait for this to get to Favre-ian levels of coverage, where his every movement and flight is chronicled. Buckle up…this will be interesting.

  77. Rob

    I guess we’ll find out very soon how this story ends.

  78. dave crockett


    as always, loving that you are on top of things…

    Having said that, four reasons that these rationalizations for Seattle’s alleged disinterest in Manning strike me as laughably weak bordering on stupid. (Again, I recognize that you’re just the messenger here Rob. This isn’t about you.)

    1. NOBODY is better equipped than Seattle to take on Manning’s injury risk. Half-a-dozen specialists have put career reputations on the line to clear his neck. That’s no magic wand, but regardless Seattle has no answer on the roster and no reasonable hope of drafting a top tier QB anytime soon (unlike Washington). Seattle can ONLY lose money in the absolute worst possible scenario. Manning would not be blocking some demonstrably better option–and remember, Seattle HAS to sign someone this off-season because TJax is a lame duck. So we are LITERALLY talking about Manning vs. maybe-mystery-trade-QB. (Not Manning vs. RGIII or Manning vs. Kevin Kolb. Not even Manning vs. Matt Moore.)

    2. Manning is as good a fit for this offense as anyone currently available. Doubt me? Give me names–not character traits–and it needs to be somebody available right now. Jason Campbell? He’s the “rich man’s” TJax and has worked with Cable. Any “lack of fit” is uniform across any of the veteran QBs we might acquire. The very notion that Peyton Manning is somehow unable to run this offense is a flat out joke. Pete Carroll hasn’t been in Seattle long enough to even know where the public library is, and he’s been through two OCs, two offensive line coaches, and a QB coach. But, somehow going to more max pro is just too big a shock to his sensitive system? I doubt it.

    3. Seattle would NOT require big roster changes for Manning. Gee, sign Reggie Wayne and dump Deion Butler and maybe BMW? Hell, I’d do for TJax much less Manning. And as far as bootlegs go, if it’s such a big part of the offense how come we’ve never seen them? TJax didn’t run even BEFORE he got hurt. So, I’m not buying how indispensable a QB who can run boots and play on the edge is to this offense.

    4. Signing Manning has no impact medium term (4-6 years out) unless Seattle gives him a long term deal. Barring catastrophic injuries (plural) Seattle virtually cannot change its QB drafting profile in the short-to-medium term. We’re going to be looking at 2nd tier candidates Manning or no Manning.

    So color me very unimpressed by the information provided by your source. If this is the current thinking in the FO I will be sorely disappointed. AND I’M NOT DESPERATE FOR MANNING, I SWEAR. There are legit reasons not to sign him: a) actionable intelligence about his health (not just panic), and b) if he requires a deal that is effectively longer than 3 years. But I gotta call it like I see it. I read a LOT of BS in this post.

  79. seattlesetters

    The only problem I see with NOT pursuing Peyton Manning is that we don’t have a QB now, drafting one this year still leaves us without a QB and waiting for next year has an extremely high probability of yet again leaving us without a QB. The only way we get a QB next year (for sure) is to have the worst record in the NFL. Anyone willing to bet on that? What are the odds?

    If we almost assuredly are not going to have a QB for the next 2-3 years, can anyone tell me why Peyton Manning wouldn’t make a better stop-gap than Tarvaris Jackson? I get the whole injury thing, but I’m figuring if we sign him, he passes a physical. I’d rather have a slim chance at a Super Bowl victory with Peyton Manning over the next 3-4 years than a snowbird’s chance in hell with T-Jax or whatever other crash-test dummy the FO might bring in to “compete.”

  80. Richard

    What if he accepts? I don’t see why the team would want that diversion, but I wanted RGIII and Burfict so I’m adaptable. Can PC be PC enough to concede some of his long term goals while this other marquee stealing guy is running his team. A future hall of famer that wants to go on his own personal journey of getting back 3 more times to the Super Bowl.

    If Paul Allen is willing to step in and secure Mr. Manning his 3 more chances at Super Bowl (s) I guess that will be alright. Pete can keep building his team while his coaching staff and team go out and wins a few titles for funnsies.

    What would a Seahawks offense look like? Two blocking backs alot of dump off passes. I heard he would want to bring players with him, who are they? Does the draft focus change if they sign him?

  81. RJD aka The Barstool Oracle

    Rob, I hope that 30$ million signing bonus story is true. I just don’t want Arizona getting him. We’d all have the pleasure of hearing Cardinal stories all season long…gross.

  82. MLT

    In regards to comparing TJack to sanchez. Maybe the #’s looked similar last year but how many wins does TJack have in playoffs? How many 4th quarter comebacks does TJ have? Oh and has sanchez ever had a guy like lynch behind him? #’s don’t always tell the whole story, sanchez is far more clutch in pressure situations and we really need that. We cud have made the playoffs last year if we did. And seattles media would be a lot easier for sanchez to handle and coaching staff also. I’m all for it if qe can get him cheap!

  83. Ed

    AFC people, he is going AFC. He wants to win a another superbowl, playing against his brother. Not beating his brother to get there. Best we can hope for:

    Manning goes to NY, they trade us Sanchez for 3rd and next years 4th (no need for qb before 5th)

    Manning goes to Houston, they trade us Schaub for 3rd (still draft qb in 4th)

  84. glor

    Man, are we in High School? Manning and his bro, manning are big boys. I’m sure they could handle both playing in the NFC.

  85. Ed

    No we are not, but it will be an AFC team for those and many other reasons.

  86. Belgaron

    Rumors talking Kevin Kolb to Seattle

  87. Ed

    He is not going to an NFC, especially not Redskins. It will be Texans/Dolphins/Jets


    we will get 1 of those qb’s this offseason

  88. AlaskaHawk

    Why would anyone want schaub or Sanchez? Schaub is on the decline at the end of his career and Sanchez never had a career.

  89. Mike in OC

    My take on why the Seahawks are being so aggressive right off the bat for Manning is that they want to see if there’s any interest at all. If there isn’t, they can move on before the real free agency period begins and focus their attention on Mario Williams.

    Getting him would be my ideal situation. Then they can be more flexible with their # 12 draft pick. If Richardson drops to them, they can nab him. If not, they can either bolster their Defensive Line (Poe, Still, Upshaw) or trade back a few spots and pick up a dynamite ILB in either Keuchly or Hightower (both showing real intelligence on the football field).

    For QB, I’m still a big Chandler Harnish fan as a value pick in the later rounds (Kirk Cousins wouldn’t be bad either at Round 3 or later). Go ahead and bring in anybody, like Sanchez, Matt Moore, or whomever to create the competition for TJax this year.

  90. Rob

    I still firmly believe that Seatte’s seemingly aggressive initial interest is to try and set the market for a player they don’t necessarily want or expect to play in Seattle – but equally don’t want him in Arizona or San Francisco. The Seahawks know if they come out blazing it’ll potentially put pressure on the team’s who can’t compete financially. Arizona could be put into a situation where even if they sign Manning, his success/failure/ability to stay healthy will cripple the team if it doesn’t work out. They could be put into a situation where they’re having to come up with $30m bonuses because that’s what Miami/Washington/Seattle are putting on the table. Even Peyton Manning would find it hard to turn down that kind of money. Carroll + Manning just doesn’t seem logical and making big free agency moves like that would contradict a lot of what this front office has talked about (competition, getting younger, not putting it all on the QB). Whatever anyone says – you sign Manning to get Manning’s offense. He doesn’t fit in, he isn’t just a cog. He’s an offense. I can’t imagine Pete Carroll turning everything over to Manning.

  91. Mike in OC

    In either case, whether it’s to set the market higher or to see if there’ s interest, I’m hoping for the outcome to be his signing on any team not in the NFC West (including here) so that the rest of my dream scenario (above) can happen.

    Thanks again for the website and keeping the conversation lively.

  92. woofu

    Well I was wrong. They cut him. But I was right also, he’s still hurt so they cut him.

    The problem with going after Manning is and will always be he is not a room tilter. He is a VMAC tilter and would be closer to the owner than the FO. When you line up the suitors you can plainly see the owners fervor.

    I don’t think that works out to well in the end.

  93. AlaskaHawk

    Looking at the records of great Qbs after they were cut, people like Joe Montana, they have a winning record and continue to play until injuries force them out. If we had a good offensive line and more receivers then I would say go for him.

    What it would take is that we hire Manning, hire his two wide receivers, and pick up a couple offensive linemen in free agency or draft. Also get our tight end situation figured out. And pick up a spare running back. Given that offensive makeover, we could go to the superbowl.

  94. Belgaron

    I have no emotional context to the Manning story. If it is announced that Seattle has made his short list, that may change but right now it is unlikely given the plethora of options he has that Seattle will make it to the top of the list despite providing nearly a perfect situation to come into. It sounds like Miami and Phoenix are on the short list already. However, I find the whole thing interesting so I wanted to add a few comments.

    There are two reasons Seattle is coming out aggressive. First, if it happened it would make a HUGE impact on their plans, so they need to know right away if they need to plan for this. They have plans B, C, and D ready to go but they can’t move forward on them until this one is made clear. The timing has forced this to be option A even if they would have perhaps preferred to have a different option A. Second, it is reported that Manning wants to resolve this quickly. He’s a no nonsense guy who would like to figure out how this will affect his life and he clearly wants to move forward.

    I have seen many reports about Pete Carroll and Manning would not be able to work together. And I’m just curious as to what evidence any of these thinkers would cite? Fans and opponents of USC were unhappy with the leeway he allowed his players but other than that I can’t think of any stories about people not getting along with Pete Carroll. Also, you can’t argue with Manning’s finished product nor his workhouse methodology. Any football mind would be willing to let him do his thing for the potential glory of the franchise as well as the impact on the younger players. PC is historically a defensive guy anyway. The argument that they couldn’t get along seems patently ridiculous to me.

  95. Rob

    Belgaron, I will answer that and hopefully explain why it isn’t patently ridiculous. Let me refer you to a man who has worked with Carroll – Scott Enyeart – and what he told me when I asked about PC and Manning potentially working together:

    “”There are a number of reasons I don’t see Manning ending up in Seattle. One being the severity of his injury – even if he gets medically cleared to play in 2012, its a long shot to assume he can revert back to his old form. That’s a huge risk and a risk I don’t feel this front office or coaching staff will take. The other reason I don’t think Peyton becomes a Seahawks is “fit”. Manning’s “diva” attitude and ego are well documented, Pete Carroll has shown if you can’t buy in, you’re out. And quite honestly, I don’t see Manning being willing to do it Pete’s way.”

    Now there’s no doubt at all that Manning is a consumate pro. He’s not a trouble maker, far from it, but Scott is right when he refers to a diva attitude. Manning wants control, he wants total power. He wants every quarterback snap in practise without fail, he wants to dictate tempo and play calling. He has basically had the freedom of Indianapolis throughout his career – Dungy and Caldwell were the anti-Pete Carroll… both very placid, calm characters who let Manning do what he wanted. Carroll isn’t walking on egg shells around Manning and vice versa. Everything Carroll preaches about competition is out the window the moment Manning walks in and takes over the offense. Cable and Bevell are suddenly outcasts in their own offense.

    A team like Miami or Arizona won’t have those same issues. One is a new staff in rebuild mode, the other has a Head Coach who is a close friend of Peyton’s running a team with zero offensive identity. It might seem ‘patently ridiculous’ on the surface, but the reality is this team is much more likely to get a QB who is ‘all-in’ and fits the long term plan than a quick-fix 36-year-old coming off four neck surgeries that requires a lot of concessions.

  96. Misfit74

    Here is a nice list of reason why Manning would want to come to Seattle:

    Interesting about the medical staff…and Hasselbeck’s opinion of working in Seattle w/ Carroll and Co.

  97. dave crockett

    “…but the reality is this team is much more likely to get a QB who is ‘all-in’ and fits the long term plan than a quick-fix 36-year-old coming off four neck surgeries that requires a lot of concessions.”

    Like who? Who would be a FA or trade target for this FO? I have read a LOT here about who it isn’t. If it’s not Sanchez, not Leinart, not Manning, not Campbell (because of Cable), not Orton, etc. then who? I’m having a tough time imagining who they have in mind. Is it TJ Yates? That seems like a kid they’d like, but I have a hard time seeing Houston parting with him.

    I’m not a Manning or bust guy, but this FO has not built up enough goodwill to turn up their nose even at an injured Manning. Despite sterling work in other areas, their two attempts to address QB have been “disastrous” and “meh” respectively, and that’s being charitable. If early returns are any indication their eye for QB talent may be akin to Holmgren’s eye for defensive line talent. (Remember Lamar King and Anton Palepoi?)

    We’ll see how this plays out, but I find it worrisome that these guys sound more concerned about consolidating fixing the QB position. I find it hard to believe that a guy who every other word out of his mouth is from Bill Walsh would be afraid of dealing with a diva QB who is a powerful figure. All of the FA options (save Flynn) are in essence 3-4 year options at best, whether it’s Manning, Orton, or Campbell. The FO has painted itself into the corner of just about having to sign one of them.

  98. Rob

    In fairness Dave, I’ve only personally said not Manning for the reasons above and not Campbell because of Cable. Clearly there are QB’s who would mesh with Carroll and this team’s philosophy. I don’t have names, but Manning to me is a non-starter.

    And I will add this – Manning’s team have seemingly ruled out Washington today. That’s not a surprise because Peyton was never going to entertain playing in the same division as Eli unless the Redskins were his only option. So when you take a major spender like Washington out of the equation, which team is going to help drive the price to keep Arizona out of negotiations? Which team forces Miami to spend the big bucks? Without a mega deal from Miami, IMO Peyton ends up in Arizona. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right. We’ll see. But I suspect Seattle don’t want Manning, they just don’t want him in Arizona.

  99. AlaskaHawk

    I would be surprised if Manning acted like a Diva after being cut from his team.

    As far as running the plays, lets be realistic about this. No matter what a coach may call from the sideline, the QB always has the option of changing it based on the defense. Manning is a 4 time MVP. What does Cable bring to the table? Is he going to chastise Manning if he changes the play and it doesn’t work?

    If Manning comes to Seattle, than Cable will be a trainer – which is a very important role. He would draw up new plays and he would work Mannings favorite plays into the book. They will see what works and what doesn’t.

    Every play ultimately rests on Mannings throwing arm. Ideally it will be a partnership between Cable and Manning. As far as PC goes he should like Manning. The mantra is win forever, and Manning has already proven he can do it.

  100. Rob

    He already is a diva. Not in a Terrell Owens type of way, but definitely in a control-freak/must do things his way kinf of situation. He’s always been a diva, with coaches that didn’t get in his way or have any input into the way the offense would be run. Manning essentially was the Indianapolis Colts, which is why when injured they became the worst team in the NFL.

    I understand why people pine for Manning, but everything said above is true. Bevell and Cable would essentially become glorified water-boys with Manning in town. This would be the anti-Pete Carroll/John Schneider move to bring in a 36-year-old injured veteran who for all we know won’t be able to play this season. Heck – teams are falling over themselves to sign the guy and now he won’t even have to pass a test to get a contract. We’ll see how it plays out, but don’t be surprised if Seattle’s interest remains a talking point right up until the point Miami offers enough to take Arizona out of the bidding.

  101. Rugby Lock

    PFT is reporting that Manning does NOT want to play for the Redskins… and the list gets smaller… Personally, if Manning is cleared he would make this an 11-13 win team overnight through just his ability. As many have said he would allow PC & JS to keep looking for their QBOTF. It also makes a lot of sense that the Hawks are hard after him just so Arizona or SF wouldn’t get him. Also read that the Faiders are going to cut Wimbley… If they sign Manning then Wimbley would come much cheaper than Williams which would make signing both much more realistic. Improve QB and pass rush so that they could go BPA in the draft… nice…

  102. AlaskaHawk

    I agree with you on the medical points. In fact – for his own good I wish he would retire now. Hopefully he won’t have a season ending critical injury. I am really afraid the next big hit will leave him paralyzed.

    I will still argue that being laid off changes a person. He may have been a diva, but he has a new role to play with the next team. Even if the worst happend, Cable still has a very important role in training and prepping the team before they go on field.

    Have you ever considered that Cable could learn from Manning? Lets not forget that Manning went to the playoffs 10 out of 11 times.

  103. Rugby Lock

    I think just about EVERYONE in the Seahawks could learn from PM. The other QB’s would have to review sooooo much tape it would have to have a positive effect. Brock Huard, who backed up Manning for two seasons, related a story on his show about PM wanting to review pre-season tape when preparing for a team once!! His work ethic and preparation, which he demands from his teammates, would make them all better players.

  104. Rugby Lock

    Just read that the Furdy nihners and Alex Smith are a couple years apart on the contract. If PM say goes to Miami (very possible IMO) then I think Alex Smith would be a nice consolation prize… Upgrade our QB AND stick it to the furdy nihners.. 🙂

  105. Misfit74

    Peyton’s way works. Tarvaris’ way doesn’t. I couldn’t care less if Manning has things that need to go his way, be his way, or have catered to him. All part of the sacrifices you make in order to land a potential Super Bowl run behind a Hall Of Fame Quarterback – our teams biggest need. Golden opportunity and personality issues like his most of the teams in the NFL would gladly love to have as ‘problems’.

  106. Charlie

    @AlaskaHawk, Mannings injury leaves him at no greater risk of paralysis, than any other player in the league, that’s one of the reasons he wants to still play. Otherwise it would be like when Mack strong, Mike alstott, and patrick kerney retired, who i believe all had neck injuries that could result in a lot more damage later on.

  107. RJD aka The Barstool Oracle

    Well, turns out we’ve been spurned…Oh well, lets set our sights on Osweiller or Cousins shall we?
    I figure PM wanted to bring a bunch of his old fart teamates with him. No thanks.

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