Podcast: An interview with Jim Nagy

This week I had the pleasure of joining Brandan Schulze to interview Jim Nagy, the Executive Director of the Senior Bowl and former Seahawks scout.

We talked about the loss to San Francisco, the Seahawks organisation, the Senior Bowl and some of the draft prospects involved. You can hear our conversation with Jim below and I’d highly recommend checking it out.

Also, it’s exactly 11 years to the day that I started writing Seahawks Draft Blog. So underneath the podcast embed I’ve added a mock and some thoughts on the draft with a number of interesting reports surfacing in the last 24 hours.

Draft notes & a new mock draft

Dylan Moses has announced he’s returning to Alabama next season. He was projected to be a top-10 pick before suffering an ACL injury in pre-season.

Recently Tony Pauline reported that Nick Saban was pushing for several Alabama prospects to return in 2020 as most hadn’t received high grades from the draft committee:

“Nick Saban is really pushing hard and re-recruiting these guys to come back for another year with the Crimson Tide… This shouldn’t be a surprise but part of the reason is this… I’m told the information getting back to these Alabama players – Jerry Jeudy aside and Tua Tagovalioa depending on his injury status – most of these Alabama underclassmen are not being graded as highly as a lot of people think.”

Yesterday Saban revealed that only Tagovalioa had received a top-15 grade from the committee. It’s not unusual for players to receive conservative grades. Saban is also known for encouraging his players to turn pro if they’re expected to be high picks.

Moses opting to return to college despite his injury could be the start of a series of similar announcements. For example, it’s fair to assume that Tagovalioa is hearing some concern from teams about his hip injury. Clearly he will be highly valued as a prospect. The injury, however, creates an unknown. And it’s unlikely he’ll receive any ‘off the record’ assurances behind the scenes that he’ll go as high as he hoped pre-injury.

If he decides to return to Alabama it’ll be a gamble. He’s had injuries in his career and any more will only create further doubt. He’d also be entering a 2021 draft that is likely to include Trevor Lawrence.

But we’ve seen players make pacts together in the past. Remember when Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence and Clelin Ferrell all committed to return to Clemson to win a National Championship? It worked out for them. They all went in the top-20 and Clemson won their title.

Could something similar happen at Alabama? Could we see Moses, Tagovalioa, the receivers (Henry Ruggs, DeVonta Smith) and the two offensive tackles (Alex Leatherwood, Jedrick Wills) all return in 2020? What about Trevon Diggs? That would work alongside Pauline’s report. I suspect Jeudy will still turn pro.

Here’s another dynamic to consider. Miami today brought Chan Gailey out of retirement to be their new offensive coordinator. Gailey has a strong history with Ryan Fitzpatrick, stretching back to when both were in Buffalo.

It’s likely only a short term arrangement. Are the Dolphins seeing the writing on the wall with this draft class and positioning themselves to spend another year with Fitzpatrick as the starter, before using the 2021 draft to fill their QB need? Remember, they have two 2021 first round picks thanks to the Laremy Tunsil trade. Tagovalioa or Lawrence in 2021 could be more appealing than settling for Justin Herbert or Jordan Love this year.

This move could be indicative that the feeling is Tagovalioa will return to Alabama and that Miami is best served building other areas of their roster with their collection of high picks in 2020.

If this proves true, it’ll dramatically change the look of mock drafts. The first round was set to be dominated by Alabama prospects.

We’ve already seen a number of players opt not to declare. Marvin Wilson (DT, Florida State) and Walker Little (T, Stanford) will join Dylan Moses and not turn pro. Tony Pauline has reported that Tristan Wirfs and A.J. Epenesa were leaning towards returning to Iowa.

I’ve put together a mock draft based on the kind of impact the above could have on the first round…

#1 Cincinnati — Joe Burrow (QB, LSU)
#2 Washington — Chase Young (EDGE, Ohio State)
#3 Detroit — Jeff Okudah (CB, Ohio State)
#4 New York Giants — Jerry Jeudy (WR, Alabama)
#5 Miami — Andrew Thomas (T, Georgia)
#6 LA Chargers — Derrick Brown (DT, Alabama)
#7 Carolina — Grant Delpit (S, LSU)
#8 Arizona — Isaiah Wilson (T, Georgia)
#9 Jacksonville — Isaiah Simmons (S, Clemson)
#10 Cleveland — Javon Kinlaw (DT, South Carolina)
#11 New York Jets — Trevon Diggs (CB, Alabama)
#12 Oakland — Shaun Wade (CB, Ohio State)
#13 Indianapolis — CeeDee Lamb (WR, Oklahoma)
#14 Tampa Bay — Kristian Fulton (CB, LSU)
#15 Denver — Jalen Reagor (WR, TCU)
#16 Atlanta — D’Andre Swift (RB, Georgia)
#17 Dallas — Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama)
#18 Miami (v/PIT) — Kenneth Murray (LB, Oklahoma)
#19 Oakland — Jordan Love (QB, Utah State)
#20 Jacksonville (v/LAR) — Cesar Ruiz (C, Michigan)
#21 Philadelphia — KJ Hamler (WR, Penn State)
#22 Tennessee — Prince Tega Wanogho (T, Auburn)
#23 Buffalo — Laviska Shenault (WR, Colorado)
#24 Minnesota — Justin Jefferson (WR, LSU)
#25 Miami (v/HOU) — Curtis Weaver (DE, Boise State)
#26 Seattle — Brandon Aiyuk (WR, Arizona State)
#27 New England — Hunter Bryant (TE, Washington)
#28 Green Bay — Tee Higgins (WR, Clemson)
#29 Kansas City — J.K. Dobbins (RB, Ohio State)
#30 New York Jets (v/NO) — Tyler Biadasz (C, Wisconsin)
#31 LA Chargers (v/SF) — Justin Herbert (QB, Oregon)
#32 Indianapolis (v/BAL) — Jacob Eason (QB, Washington)

Players not included (returning to CFB or projected to return)

Henry Ruggs (WR, Alabama)
DeVonta Smith (WR, Alabama)
Alex Leatherwood (T, Alabama)
Jedrick Wills (T, Alabama)
Tua Tagovailoa (QB, Alabama)
Dylan Moses (LB, Alabama)
Tristen Wirfs (T, Iowa)
A.J. Epenesa (T, Iowa)

The trades explained

New York Jets trade #48 to New Orleans for #30
The Jets need to improve their O-line in a big way. In this mock draft they make a big move into the back-end of the first round to get Wisconsin center Tyler Biadasz.

LA Chargers trade #37 to San Francisco for #31
Whether the Chargers move on from Philip Rivers and trade for someone like Cam Newton, or keep Rivers for another year, they need to draft someone in this class. Here I have them moving back into the late first round for Justin Herbert.

Indianapolis trades #34 to Baltimore for #32
The Colts need to keep their options open at quarterback after a so-so season from Jacoby Brissett. I’m not sold on Eason because he struggles to play off script and improvise — such an important aspect of the modern NFL. However, he has incredible arm talent and it’s possible someone will take the time to try and harness his potential. They move up here merely to secure the fifth year option.

The Seahawks pick explained

Improving the pass rush will be the #1 priority in the upcoming off-season. However, this is not a great class for pass rushers. There’s a distinct lack of twitchy, sudden LEO types with the length and burst Seattle badly needs.

It feels like a problem they’re going to have to solve in free agency or via the trade market. It’s pretty clear the Seahawks will be very aggressive to solve this glaring need. It’s unlikely it’ll be unresolved going into the draft. Therefore, they’ll have an opportunity to focus on other needs in rounds one and two.

Assuming in this scenario the Seahawks have already reshaped their defensive line, they decide to add another weapon for Russell Wilson. In this projection they take Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyuk. He’s a terrific prospect with great speed and suddenness to create downfield separation and detach from coverage working across the middle. He has genuine star potential and could be a big riser as the process continues — especially if some of the other big names receivers don’t enter the draft.

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  1. Gohawks5151

    Happy anniversary SDB! Cheers to you Rob. This is the best Seahawks site out there. Happy New Year to all.

    • Rob Staton


  2. TJ

    Congrats on your 11 year anniversary! I remember seeing your post on the Seahawk Addicts blog telling us to check out your new blog. Don’t think I’ve been on the other blog since 😀 You have given us a lot of compelling info and provided a platform for many great conversations.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for being there throughout TJ. Appreciate it.

  3. cha

    Thanks so much for so many great years Rob. You and the community have helped raise the fanbase’s collective intelligence. Not sure I can think of a higher kudos – that your blog accomplishes what it sets out to, without devolving into social media chaos.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Cha. I think that’s what I like most about this place. People disagree. But we move on. I get the odd weird message and have to moderate the comments section a bit more than I used to these days. Yet overall this community — and the fact so many of you get involved — is why it’s lasted 11 years.

      Blogs aren’t really a thing these days. Most people just tweet. I still maintain it’s very easy to fire off a quick tweet or record a podcast without putting any thought into it whatsoever. The good thing about long-form writing is you start off typing and by the time you’ve finished, you’ve redrafted the whole piece, considered angles you hadn’t planned to explore, possibly changed your mind a couple of times and the end product is a piece that is considered and has been crafted with thought and care.

      There’s still value in that, in my opinion. And I think that’s what still makes this place great. That some people at least seem to still want that, rather than mere rants on social media, hot takes where people immediately reach for a phone and Twitter as soon as a thought pops into their heads.

      Doing this blog for 11 years has been like taking on a second full time job. There’s no other independent Seahawks blog on the internet that churns out content as regularly as this. I’ve loved every minute. And thank you to everyone who has got involved.

      • cha

        Agree on the longform writing. And a nice benefit of that, the comments section spurs discussion and feedback from the community as well. So what’s great is (mostly) the comments section follows suit. Not just hot take thoughts followed by hot take replies.

      • bv eburg

        I also appreciate the long form writing Rob. Thanks for the amount of time and effort you put into this blog.

        • Rob Staton

          Cheers BV 👍🏻

      • Gerry Griesel

        Totally agree on the longform writing, happens a lot for me at work when we go to publish a peer reviewed article

        Thanks Rob!

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Gerry 👍🏻

      • Doug

        Thank you, Rob, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

        Could it be the 12th year of the blog will be the best ever?

        • Rob Staton

          Hopefully so. Would love to take it to a new level. We’ll see. Happy New Year 👍🏻

  4. Kingdome1976

    I like Brandon Aiyuk but to me he has more of a mid-second round feel.

  5. Greg Haugsven

    I remember hearing about him when he played his first two years at Sierra College (Rocklin, CA) which is where I live and am about a 5 minute walk from that school. He put up some good numbers this year and is also a great returner as well.

    • JimQ

      WR/KR-Brandon Aiyuk is #3 in FBS in punt returns this year with a 16.14-yd. average per return, just behind #2 in FBS, Jalen Reagor, with a 20.80-yd. average. Just for reference, WR/KR-Tyler Lockett was #1 in FBS with his nice 19.14-yd. average in 2014.

      WR/KR-Jalen Reagor would be an excellent Seahawk pick, but will likely be gone, so, Aiyuk is a good alternative with his punt return acumen being an “added value” to the pick as a WR.

    • Michael McKevitt

      Cool! Small world; I’m a Wolverine too. Thanks for pointing out Aiyuk’s time there, I never would have known otherwise. Seems I’ll have to be pulling for him to succeed wherever he lands (would be infinitely easier in a Hawks jersey!)

  6. Trevor

    Great podcast Rob it was awesome to get some insight from Jim Nagy on the Hawks and I found the discussion about Collier and how competitive he was last year to draw the Hawks interest was really cool.

    Really hope you get to Mobile for Senior Bowl week next year as it seems like it would be such a great networking opportunity for you.

    Happy New Years to all on the Blog and thanks again Rob for all that you do!

  7. Volume12

    Will echo the sentiments. Happy New Year’s to SDB and Happy Anniversary Rob.

    One potential fit I absolutely love and think he would thrive in is Laviska Shenault w/ Baltimore.

    • icb12

      I always thought Laviska to NO would be fun. Not sure how much longer Brees has.. but Laviska with Kamara, and Thomas could be exciting.

    • Eburgz

      I’d love that fit for Baltimore.

      I think Etienne would be awesome over there. The lighting to Lamar’s…. lightning.

      • Coleslaw

        Etienne needs to be in KC

  8. dcd2

    If you take those 8 guys out of consideration, it really changes the look of the 1st round.

    Curious to know who you think would be the best ‘fit’ from a WR perspective Rob. Last year, we debated AJ Brown vs Terry Mclaurin quite a bit, and why we thought they would fit the offense.

    Now that we have DK and Tyler with more defined roles, who sticks out as the guy you think would be the best compliment to the current WR corps?

  9. Zxvo3

    Really nice thinking Rob. Thanks for making this community think outside the box for so many years. But I have one question Rob, do you have D’Andre Swift higher than J.K. Dobbins on your board? If so, could you give me a reasoning why that is so?

    • Rob Staton

      Personally no.

      I prefer Dobbins.

      • D-OZ

        I prefer the Badger back. 🙂

        • dcd2

          Tomorrow will be a good test. Ducks D is no joke. They held Moss in check but for a 40+ yarder, and he had almost 1400 yards rushing this year.

          I read today that he has more games with over 200 yards this year, than games with fewer than 100.

          • dcd2

            That last bit is in regards to Jonathan Taylor, and it was a career stat. 12 – 200 yard games. Not sure how many sub 100, but fewer than 12!

  10. Denver Hawker

    Congrats Rob! It takes a lot of passion to sustain a blog that long and echo the sentiment about the writing process producing high quality content. Thank you for being so consistent.

    I’m starting to get more interested in the 33-64 range now. I expect the Hawks to trade back per usual and perhaps trade up with one of their back end R2 picks- giving them 3 picks scattered in R2 and perhaps an early R3. Opportunity to build the next core for another decade run.

  11. SoCal12

    Happy New Decade Rob! Thanks for everything that you do. Everyone’s already said what needs to be said, but here’s another guy that appreciates ya and your site.

    I’m curious if you think it’s a good idea for the Bama players to return for the revenge tour or whatever. I’m having a hard time seeing the logic behind it. I get the emotional value of redeeming yourselves or whatever, but it’s such a high risk sport that I feel like if you’re projected in the first two rounds you take it. Dont end up Matt Barkleying or Bryce Love-ing yourself. I can see it maybe for like Devonte Smith who could maybe boost himself to Round 1 lock. But like Tua already has a National Champ to his name, and may re-injure himself. So like I kinda get it, but still think it’s a really bad idea.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s always a very personal choice. Some players love their college teams, have aims and ambitions with those college teams. And in the case of Tua, he can totally rebuild his stock if he returns and plays a full season in 2020.

      It’s also worth noting for every Matt Barkley there’s an Andrew Luck who returned to Stanford. It didn’t hurt the Clemson guys a year ago.

    • Denver Hawker

      Not Rob- but I agree an R1-R2 grade seems like a ‘must declare’ grade to me given the amount of guaranteed money on the table. These players all have injury insurance policies though that lessens to risk of staying.

      I suspect a large part has to do with guys being mentally ready for the NFL. These juniors are 20-21 years old and may not be prepared for the professional rigor.

      Another aspect is top guys get paid most on the 2nd contract- so it’d be best to be firing at prime for at least two seasons going in to that deal rather than one.

      • Rob Staton

        Again though, some players grow up dreaming as much about success in college as the NFL. Once you leave you can’t go back. I’ll never say a player is wrong for trying to help his college team succeed.

        • Gohawks5151

          Unlike those jerks that sit out the bowl games! Haha kidding… kind of…

          • icb12

            I definitely understand why guys make the decision to sit out. I get it.

            But man, I was really looking forward to watching Eno Benjamin and Brandon Aiyuk play today. Disappointed that they are sitting this one out.

            • icb12

              yes.. replying to myself. Just… damn the sundevils could use those guys today.

              I really like what Herm Edwards has done with this team. The turn around from a couple years ago is awesome. Would like to see them pull this one out.

  12. Trevor

    Some really interesting DT at the Senior Bowl who could be options for the Hawks (Raekwon Davis, Neville Gallimore, Javon Kinlaw). Can’t wait for the 1vs1 drills and how some of the interior OL like Nick Harris do against that competition.

    • Sea Mode

      I mocked him to us a few days ago, but I really like the idea of Gallimore to the Hawks with one of the R2 picks. Can’t remember seeing any 300+ pounder change directions in pursuit like him. More speed on the DL. Add a freak.

      Another DT would become even more crucial if we end up tagging Reed.

  13. Trevor

    Hawks End of 2019 7 Round Mock

    Rd #1 Jalen Raegor (WR/TCU)- Perfect compliment to Metcalf and Locket also big time kick returner as an added value. May not last till end of round #1 but if there Hawks get a steal. Robs pick of Brandon Aiyuk would be a plan B.

    Rd #2 Mechi Becton (OT/Louisville)-One of my favorite prospects in the draft and I think will be a big riser during draft season. He is an absolute beast of a man with incredible size and power. He just looks like a Solari OL man and an ideal RT in the Hawks run game.

    Rd #2 Terrell Lewis (Edge / Alabama) -Injuries have to be checked out but I think he is one of the few guys that actually looks like a Hawks Leo in this draft class. Anxious to see his combine and 10yd split in particular.

    Rd #3 Nick Harris (C /Wash)- Just so sound technically and a great competitor. The Hawks new Center for the balance of Russ’s career with the Hawks. A little undersized and I prefer Ceaser Ruiz but Harris will be really good.

    Rd#4 Zach Moss (RB /Utah)- With all the RB injuries the Hawks grab an RB who just look and runs like a Hawks RB to me.

    Rd#4 Troy Dye (LB Oregon)- Long athletic WIL Linebacker to replace KJ when he moves on. Love how he plays in pass coverage which is critical in todays NFL.

    Rd #5 Lamar Jackson (CB/Nebraska)- Long prototype Hawks DB that Pete will like to develop. Physical and really solid in run support. A little stiff and reminds me a lot of Tre Flowers coming out.

    Rd#6 Tippa Galilea (Edge /Utah St) -Hawks take a flier on a really athletic Edge / SAM LB. He has a troubled past and is really raw but might be worth a flier.

    Rd#7 Chase Claypool (WR/ND)- I have no idea if he lasts this long but I dont think he will have the top end speed to warrant being a high pick. Huge WR who I would convert to a pass catching TE. He is as big or bigger than Hollister already. He has great hands and is awesome in the red zone. Could be a late round steal.

    * Hawks trade 2021 1st round pick for OJ Howard

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for the mock. I can’t say I’ve watched all these guys, but the one I have watched is CB Lamar Jackson. (though it was 2018 games) I did not like him one bit. Seemed like he didn’t want to tackle at all, which is why I’m surprised to see you describe him as “physical and really solid in run support”.

      *waives hand*

      He’s not the Seahawky CB you’re looking for…

      • Trevor

        I never saw him in 2018 but watched 2 games this year and did not see that at all but that’s what makes the draft so much fun.

    • Bankhawk

      Claypool certainly impressed me in Notre Dame’s bowl (I hadn’t watched them prior). I was wondering how long he might last, and also took him for a TE myself on first look.

  14. icb12

    I am interested on what will happen with Kareem Hunt with all the turnover in Cleveland.
    He’s an RFA.. so if they put an original round Tender on him and Browns don’t want to match, it would cost whatever contract offer plus a 3rd rounder right?

    Seems like it would be a worthwhile shot to add proven talent to the RB stable for the Seahawks.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m more interested in OBJ with all the turnover in Cleveland… perhaps new regime won’t be as reticent to the idea of offloading him since he was acquired by Dorsey.

    • GerryG

      No thanks Kareem Hunt, he’s a pos

  15. Sea Mode

    Happy New Year, Rob and SDB!

    Just echoing the sentiments of everyone above: thanks so much for the great content and community you’ve built. And thanks for letting me clutter the comments section…

    Can’t wait to find out your plans for SDB moving into the new decade.

    We all we got! We all we need! Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Happy New Year!

  16. charlietheunicorn

    Curtis Weaver (DE, Boise State)

    Everything I’ve read about this guy, seems like he could be a fit in a Bruce Irvin type of roll on the defense. He most likely would make LB Griffin expendable and inject some youth in to the DE/LB position. Kendricks may or may not be back now (injury + contract), so LB might be warranted… especially someone who is explosive and has good production in college, even if he is from a “small” school.

    • Robert Las Vegas

      I truly believe that if Kendricks can escape his legal situation he will probably be a Seahawk next year from what I have read Pete likes Kendricks. For all those who do mock drafts the 49ers will probably trade back they don’t have a 2 or a 3 from my 49 friends they all say they are definitely trading back. Rob please tell me your take on the tackling from the defense this year? It seems to me there missing more tackles this year compared to previous years am I wrong on this? Oh yeah I like your draft and who you had the Seahawks drafting the guy makes big plays you can’t have enough weapons

    • Rob Staton

      Weaver definitely isn’t a Bruce Irvin type to be fair. Irvin was ultra fast, a former safety and was practically the ideal LEO at West Virginia. Curtis Weaver has dropped down from 300lbs and it does show to be fair. He does a very good job rushing the edge and I can’t wait to see his combine performance to work out what his true profile is. But he’s not a LEO.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Yeah Weaver isn’t Irvin in the least. I watched 3 BSU games this season and got a decent look at Weaver. To me, he’s Chris Clemons’ level athleticism mixed with Cliff Avril level execution. He’s a baller who finds ways to impact most every game, though you gotta take into consideration the level of competition. I was impressed with his performance vs Wyoming which has a decent OL.

        I don’t think he’ll test out like a twitched u SPARQster, though I bet his agility drills will be better than his sprinting. He’d be a nice addition because his specialty — getting after the QB — is exactly what SEA need. But he’s not Frank Clark. Like i said, he plays like Avril, even if he’s not quite the same level athlete.

  17. Aaron

    Great win for Herm Edwards and ASU, and a solid win for the Pac-12. Now the Pac-12 is 3-2 with the chance to make a couple good statements against Texas tonight and Wisconsin tomorrow (though I wouldn’t be mad if Wisconsin beat the Quacks) 💜💛

  18. EranUngar

    I have only found SDB in 2011 when I started investing more time in football and have read every word you published here ever since. I was never a long term constant reader of anything else online before that discovery and no other place captivated my attention like that since.

    It is such a rare place where you can share your views or counter other views in a safe environment that keeps it all “in the family” as if we all strive for a similar goal of knowing and understanding with a plurality of views and opinions adding to the whole.

    You created and maintained a very rare entity and we are all better for it.

    Whatever it is that you do to keep it like this, lease carry on with it.

    Thank you Rob and Happy anniversary.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for being a valued part of the community for eight years, Eran.

  19. Ralphy

    Thank you Rob for running this amazing site for all of these years.

    I just wanted to say I think you are off on Eason. What he is likely to do at the combine is going to have teams drooling. I don’t see how he doesn’t go in the top 15 (I think it willl be higher). His size and arm strength is better than most in the NFL. We’ve seen Trubisky, Allen, Wentz, Jones and so many more sky rocket between December and April and I think its likely he will do the same. On top of that NFL teams already know him well due to being the Gatorade player of the year so its not like some of those others who have come out of nowhere.

    I think when teams look at him they are going to see that he kept a commitment to Georgia even thought Richt was gone. He had a good freshman year in the SEC under a coach that didn’t recruit him but then lost his job as a Sophomore due to an injury. He then had to play under Peterson in his depression year and still put up fairly good numbers despite a terrible OC and non stop drops from his WRs.

    I know you don’t like the decision making and I agree with you but it worsened as the season and coaching staff unraveled. I won’t be surprised if he goes in the top 5.

    • Rob Staton

      I could see teams falling for his arm. But it’s worth remembering Drew Lock also had a live arm. And Lock was better in college and adept at moving around to extend plays. He’s a much better, more mobile athlete who can improvise. He lasted into round two.

      Nothing about Eason’s college career/performance says top-15.

  20. line_hawk


    Miami is such a mess. they could have had Tunsil & Derrick Brown.. now they have to do with Andrew Thomas & Curtis Weaver. Plus, Fitzpatrick is going to win them at least 5-6 games.. which means they are not going to be in a position to draft Lawrence or Tua even with two first round picks without sending a truck load of picks. I sense hiring Gailey is a smokescreen for drafting Herbert or Love. Fitz starts this year; Herbert or Love spend a year on bench.. everyone wins.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Someone said Lamar Jackson looks like Sam Jackson’s grandson and I can’t unsee it

  22. jopa726

    1. Do you think Joe Burrow and LSU can beat Clemson in Bowl Championship Game? Seems like there is a lot of talk lately favoring Clemson?

    2. Every year, someone asks you this, so, I might as well be the first one. Do you think this is the year, the Seahawks actually trade up in the first round, instead of out of it?

    • Rob Staton

      1. Yes I think LSU will defeat Clemson. They are clearly the top team in CFB this season.

      2. I do not think the Seahawks will trade up.

  23. Bankhawk

    Rob, thank you so much for 11 years worth of sweat, hard work and solid perspective. Best to you and the family in the New Year!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — and thanks for reading and being part of the community.

  24. Aaron

    While LSU pummeled Oklahoma, I don’t think anybody would’ve wanted to see LSU vs Utah. I’m glad we were spared that. Utah would’ve lost by over 50, no contest. A team with great players but very limited.

  25. icb12

    I like this Devin Duvernay kid.
    Haven’t watched any Texas this season.
    I see he will be at the senior bowl.

    He just looks like he’s going to be a solid pro.

    • Aaron

      That ILB for Texas that was making almost every play looks NFL ready and he’s only a sophomore. He’s 6’4″ and 245lbs…wow!

    • Volume12

      My absolute favorite thing about this game happened yesterday. Todd Mcshay continues to tell on himself.

      Told everyone that the player to watch in tonights game was gonna be Utah CB Jaylon Johnson. He’s not playing in tonights game. And also said to keep an eye on him as a prospect that may declare early. He already declared for the draft hence why he chose to sit out.

  26. Easthawk

    Happy New Years from the east coast everyone 🙂 May 2020 be our year! Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Happy New Year 👍🏻

  27. Volume12

    KJ Hamler declares for the draft.

    The thing about Tua being the only ‘Bama player to get a top 15 grade is the fact that 15 players is a very small amount. Only gonna take a 2-3 GMs to surprise people and some of those 15 fall down the board. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which leads me to…

    Jerry Jeudy is good, not great. IMO, Ruggs and DeVonta Smith are both better NFL prospects. I think what Jeudy did in 2018 didn’t translate to 2019. I just don’t see elite traits.

  28. Volume12

    I’m really torn on Utah EDGE Bradlee Anae. He grew on me as the season progressed. Love the motor and fire he plays with. Has good strength, some outstanding technique, quite the array of moves. But I worry about his length and at times the athleticism. Looking forward to his pre-draft process (SR. bowl & combine).

    • Volume12

      Still very much intrigued by Wisconsin’s Zack Baun.

  29. Donovan

    Echoing all SDB denizens: thanks so much for this wonderful resource and community, Rob!

    Amazing that the first 14 players in the mock are all from College Football Playoff or SEC teams.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Donovan 👍🏻

  30. Shady_Hawkster

    Chiming in with thanks and cheers to Rob and the SDB community. Here’s hoping this next decade is as much fun!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks 👍🏻

  31. brendon

    Holy Moly! Aiyuk is a bad man! Ideal supplement for Lockett, sudden, fast and great return ability. Hope he is available for the Hawks! I’m currently reading up/watching highlights of senior bowl receivers. Aiyuk is one to target!


    Cheers to you Rob! Cheers to 11 Years providing this awesome blog! Thanks for all the time you put into it!

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Congrats on 11 years Rob. Here’s to a dozen more

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Kenny 👍🏻

  33. Bankhawk

    Did Jim Nagy just compare Brandon Aiyuk to Deebo Samuels? Yo, Bubba-I’m in!

  34. Aaron

    Happy New Year from the PNW!!! Hope everyone has a safe an fulfilling year. I guess hindsight is 2020 (yeah, this joke is gonna get real old real quick this year) that SDB was going to such a welcome reprieve from the groupthink of Twitter. Congrats on the milestone Rob, hats off 🥂🍻

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Aaron

  35. millhouse-serbia

    Happy New year to all of you.. and happy anniversary to this great place…

  36. millhouse-serbia

    Three things stood out to me from this interview…

    1. This team is just start to scratch the surface
    2. Bryan Edwards is Seahawks type of recover and you know what he said about Blair last year
    3. Uche and Baun aren’t LEO…but it really surprised me that he see them as off ball LB…especially Uche…

    • Rob Staton

      I asked about Uche and Baun in particular to confirm what I’ve been saying here for a while. People have talked about them as options for the Seahawks but they just aren’t LEO/EDGE types in this scheme.

  37. McZ

    Did a 7-round mock yesterday, no trades and comp picks included, and came away with:

    Julian Okwara, DE, Notre Dame
    Netane Muti, G, Fresno State
    Calvin Throckmorton, OT, Oregon
    Evan Weaver, LB, Cal
    AJ Dillon, RB, Boston College
    Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor
    Tanner Muse, S, Clemson

    If that is what we get, plus comp picks, plus some late round trade value like TJ Vasher, WR, Texas Tech… I could agree to stop worrying.

    • McZ

      Have to say, the skill position top cream was consistently gone by pick 36. One exemption: the RBs find no love, picked Etienne at 61. The rest of the crop has always seen a couple of very good players falling through to R6 and 7. Lots of late round gold.

      Picking at 26, I was constantly able to pick a top Edge player. Not picking there will let you fall back on third string talent like Uche and Baun.

      In three out of four occasions, I would have been able to pick Grant Delpit at 26. S depth is available, and the single drft I did picking S high was really crappy.

      There are lots of serviceable IDL and OL players in R3 and 4. Players like Charlie Heck, LT, NC are consistently falling to UDFA. Great depth, which should help hedging for the offseason and bring in competition.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Like the Dillon pick. He’s got that Mike Davis energy

      • Ralphy

        Nice work on the mock. Did you not mock Delpit to the Hawks when he was available?

  38. AlaskaHawk

    I’ve enjoyed your analysis for at least 9 years. Besides your knowledgeable comments – it is fun when people bring up local players that I have never heard of! Thanks and looking forward to more.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Alaska

  39. drewdawg11

    Man… I don’t get it. I just don’t. That kid from ASU is decent. I don’t think he’s worth a pick in the top 45. I know that these things are fluid, and you can’t pick the same guy every mock draft, but if that were to happen I would be very disappointed. Still, you wrote about Collier last year and I hated that pick as well, but the hawks liked him. The kid who is going to absolutely blow up and probably be way out of reach for us is Yetur Gross-Matos. Long arms, really athletic, and he plays with a high motor every time I see him. He’s a guy with whom I want to go to battle. His upside is really high, and he’s still highly productive. That’s the dude that helps this defense next year. I just think that scouts will value him as a guy who goes well before our pick. Still, is the draft fell like this, I would take almost anyone after our selection instead of B.A.

    • Rob Staton

      That seems like a bit of an overreaction. Even Jim Nagy says he’s graded higher than N’Keal Harry. He’s incredibly fast, sudden and explosive and has been a major playmaker for ASU. You’ll need to share with us why you’ve taken an ‘anyone but him’ stance.

      As for Gross-Matos, there are things to like.
      But too often he’s passive, has games where he’s anonymous and there are legit question marks about whether he is the kind of twitchy DE who goes early. I find it strange you’re so anti Aiyuk and so pro YGM.

      • drewdawg11

        I’m against taking a guy you can find later that early, and I’m pro taking DL prospect with immense upside and solid production at the highest level earlier. I am a UW alum, so I see most of these pac-12 players regularly. I don’t think I’ve ever once said that BA has looked like a first round pick. That doesn’t mean he’s not good. I just think it’s a waste of capital to take him early. It’s much more difficult to find guys like possess the traits YGM possesses. He’s a young player who still has some room to grow and refine his technique, but the ability for that talent to pay off means that you may get a potential steal. I’m not one of the twitter idiots, but I do agree to a certain degree that this organization tends to punt their initial selection. In your mock draft, Gross-Matos doesn’t even
        Make the first round, but I don’t see that coming to fruition. Still, if he were to be available at that point, I would absolutely take him over BA, and it wouldn’t be close.

        • Rob Staton

          You’ve said twice now he’s a player you can find later. You’ve provided no evidence to back that up. No specific reasons why he isn’t a high pick.

          Provide the evidence please.

          And neither have you disputed any of the concerns I raised about YGM. You can’t just assert a view and not put any meat on the bones.

          • John_s

            I love Aiyuk. He’s in the DJ Moore (1st rd); Deebo Samuel (high 2nd rd) mold. His ability to take it to the house on the slants is special. It only takes him a step or two to get to full speed. He’s going to be a great pro.

            • Rob Staton


              And Jim Nagy noted teams are grading him higher than N’Keal Harry.

          • drewdawg11

            I stated in my opening post that YGM plays with a high motor and that he’s young. He’s got a lot of upside that doesn’t really come along very often. You say he’s disappeared at times and I guess stats-wise he has. I went back and watched a bunch of film and saw a kid who was still really productive and could refine his technique a little better, but he was a marked man by several teams. He’s not chase young off the edge, but who is? He’s a better upside talent than Epanesa, but I like him too. Brandon, to me, is a very good player but he was not a consistent, dominant force in college. What’s our biggest need for 2020? You said it yourself, it’s DL. Now you can say that you don’t draft for need, and that’s true. Still, if you’re telling me that Brandon is a better player than Yetur, I have to respectfully disagree with you. That’s what I’m saying.

            • Rob Staton

              My view isn’t based on ‘stats’. I’ve watched at least six Penn State games this year if not more and most of last season. My assertion that he disappears is based on what actually happens on the field. There are many games where he has no impact.

              I’d recommend reading my articles to appreciate why I think they will address DL before the draft.

              You’ve still not offered any real reasons why Aiyuk isn’t an early round prospect.

  40. TomLPDX

    Hey Rob, congratulations on 11 years of top notch analysis and commentary! I think I’ve been here for at least 10 of those years mainly as a lurker in the beginning and I have learned so much from you and the folks that are part of this awesome group. I have a greater understanding of the game and the position groups, the process of evaluating talent and the thinking that goes on at the head coach and GM level.

    Thank you and happy new year to you and your family and to our SDB family

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tom, for the kind words and for being part of the community for a long time. It’s much appreciated and it really means a lot when I read about the value and enjoyment people have taken from the blog.

  41. Volume12

    Is TCU CB Jeff Gladney the most slept on corner this year? I kinda think he might be. That’s an NFL corner if I’ve ever seen one. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he’s the 3rd or 4th corner off the board.

    Jack Del Rio as the DC in Washington? I hate that about the NFL. 80% of these teams just recycle the same names.

    • Sea Mode

      I think WAS is set up well for a turn around. Bruce Allen finally out, Rivera is a good guy to build a culture. Not sure Del Rio was needed since Rivera could run the defense on his own, but ok.

      Reports are out there that Trent Williams might be open to returning now that Allen was fired.

      Re-sign Williams and Scherff, get Guice and Jordan Reed back off IR and draft a WR1 to lead McLaurin and PRich. If they do that, Haskins (Alex Smith…?) could have some semblance of a supporting cast.

      Defense has some decent pieces and gets Rueben Foster back off IR as well. Grab some secondary and edge help and they can have a winning season.

      • Volume12

        They have some good WRs. McLaurin, slot WR Steven Sims has been awesome, and Kelvin Harmon has been good too.

        If they take Chase Young that D-line is gonna be insanely loaded with young talent. Him, Montez Sweat, Jon Allen, Da’Ron Payne, Matt Ioannidis, and Tim Settle? 🔥

  42. Volume12

    Look. Jaylen Waddle is probably the best athlete outta these ‘Bama receivers, fantastic returner, but comparing him to Devin Hester and Dante Hall? Come on man.

    Najee Harris is definently one of the most improved guys from last year to this year. Super impressive.

    • Volume12

      Good lord!

      Patrick Surtain, jr is an absolute unit at corner. That is a large and long human being. Stays healthy, he’s gonna go very early next year.

      Loved his daddy. Him and Sam Madison were one of the best corner duos for a long, long time at Miami.

    • Trevor

      Really anxious to see what Bama underclasman declare. It is a hard decision for these kids a guy like Raekwon Davis came back and I think if anything it hurt his draft stock.

  43. Volume12

    OK St. WR Tylan Wallace returning to school.

    • Sea Mode

      Makes sense with the injury.

  44. Trevor

    Tyler Johnson has to be one of the most under rated players in this draft. Incredible again today against an SEC opponent. How does he not even get a Senior Bowl invite?

    I know it is not something you could ask but I wish you could have asked Jim Nagy about that one Rob. I wonder if there are off field issues or something?

    • Volume12

      Against a really good defense too. He’s a gamer and one of those guys who the NFL will over think on.

      I said it above, but I can’t stress enough how impressed I’ve been with Najee Harris.

      • Trevor

        Harris is Another guy who is going to be a steal for someone. Bama backs seemed to have a ad rap for a while there but he definitely does not have too much mileage and you would think Henry and Jacobs have quieted the negativity around Alabama RBs.

        Where do you think he ends up going? I was thinking end of Rd #2 or early Rd #3 depending on how he tests.

        • Volume12

          I would say the same. In regards to Harris.

  45. Greg Haugsven

    The interesting thing about Brandon Aiyuk is he is exactly in between our two main receivers as far as height and weight.

    Tyler Lockett… 5’10” 180
    DK Metcalk…6’4″ 230
    Brandon Aiyuk…6″1″ 205

    • Sea Mode

      I just watched a bunch of the WRs back to back today, and all I can say is:


      He’s got it all. Size, speed, acceleration, incredibly strong hands, jump ball ability, PR ability…

      If he’s somehow available and the Seahawks trade down, I’m gonna be more angry than missing out on Terry McLaurin last year…

      • Trevor

        + 1000 my favourite WR in the class including the Alabama guys. I love Mclaurin too and I hope the league lets Raegor fall even half that much and the Hawks are ready to pounce at the end of Rd #1.

        The WR corp would be setup for a long time with Locket, Metcalf, Raegor and Ursua.

        • Sea Mode

          He really would be the perfect profile to complement to our current WR corps.

  46. Volume12

    Is it a hot take if I say that DK Metcalf has Julio Jones like upside?

    • TomLPDX

      Having watched DK this year work so hard to be better, I’d say he has a higher ceiling than Julio…so much raw talent. Once he hones the small details the stars are the limit for him. ( I really like DK and his determination, kid has IT).

    • Rob Staton

      He definitely has that upside but Julio is a much more natural receiver. Metcalf fights the ball, doesn’t post-up like he could do and doesn’t make the most of his size in the red zone.

      • Sea Mode

        Maybe he could train with Calvin Johnson this off-season like Chris Godwin did coming out a couple years ago?

  47. Volume12

    This Rose bowl is about to be 🔥’s

    • Mike

      Biadasz (All American center) has allowed 4 pressures in 325 pass plays this year..

      10 year high tier starter in the NFL for sure..

      • Rob Staton

        In fairness Wisconsin run it a lot so there’s not as much chance to rush. But Biadasz has some positives to his game. Wouldn’t go as far as to label him a 10-year high tier starter though. Cesar Ruiz is superior for me.

        • Mike

          Time will tell Rob…J Taylor has accumulated the most yards of any rb in 3 years in NCAA history..most of those have come off Biadasz left or right hip..

          btw..just as I wrote that last post..he gave up a bad beat that led to a int..so I jinxed him..lol

  48. Sea Mode

    Pete Carroll Wild Card Wednesday Press Conference notes

    On Eagles:
    – Happy New Year! Playoff football!
    – PHI has changed a bit in their guys. They won the division and are coming off four straight wins.
    – The wind will be a factor again in PHI. Similar to last game. Unusual conditions in that stadium. Good to know about it ahead of time and adjust accordingly.
    – Wentz turned the ball over 4 times last game. Hopefully our pass rush can make that happen again.
    – They are finding their way with their injuries at WR. Coach Peterson is good at using his guys, plays to his personnel really well.
    – Eagles defense is on a roll the 2nd half of the season. They are really consistent. Don’t necessarily do it with pressure, but they just play good football. Starts with Fletcher Cox up front, experience with their safeties. Smart, understand the game and are hard to deal with.
    – Malcolm Jenkins came free late and got to Russ several times last game. He’s a very savvy football player and you have to make sure you take care of that aspect. Has 5-6 sacks this season. He’s dangerous.

    On SF game:
    – What flipped in the 2nd half on offense? Schotty picked up the tempo, protection got better and Russ was able to do his thing.
    – Shaquem is still available for rotation. Lots of base from SF didn’t let us get into nickel much.
    – Non-call on Hollister: “They wish that they would have called PI.” That was the feeling PC got from his conversations with the league. Nobody would have complained had they called it. Hard for the on-field refs to throw the flag unless it’s egregious, but there’s no way it would have been overturned had they called it on the field.

    On Seahawks:
    – Travis Homer hits it with consistency. Downhill and gives you everything he’s got. That’s all we’ve ever seen in practice. 1000%. He’s throwing his body about it as much as you can do it for a smaller (200lbs.) guy. PC told him to go easy in the game where he was the only RB we had left, and Homer looked at him like “no way”. He runs the punt team, which is a big responsibility, especially for a rookie. Startling suddenness, even more than we expected of him coming out.
    – Marshawn to Homer: “you inspire me”. Classic mentor moment. Homer has grown up looking up to Marshawn, so to hear that from him is really powerful. Credit to Marshawn.
    – Joey Hunt has done a beautiful job of taking over. One of the smartest guys on our team and was ready to go immediately when called upon. Sometimes he gets in difficult positions with guys bigger than him, but he knows what he needs to adjust.
    – When everybody gets to see Ursua play, you’re going to really be excited about him. Excellent natural athlete, quickness in and out of breaks, catching range, leaping ability, RAC ability. Will be a great inside WR for us, and we can move him around too. It has taken time for it to all click for him, but once he gets there, he will be great. The plan is for him to be ready to go regardless of whether Turner makes it back.

    On injuries:
    – Marshawn is good to go.
    – Malik Turner has tests today and, if all goes well, should be back tomorrow.
    – Chris Carson does not need surgery. It is an extensive recovery, but he was happy not to have surgery. Will be back for training camp.
    – Penny is expected to make it back for camp as well, but it was a “legit” surgery, more than “just a simple ACL”, and the process is more unpredictable.
    – Pocic developed over time a core injury that just became too much for him. Will have to get fixed up.
    – Duane Brown is working at it, going for it.
    – Clowney is doing the best he can. Will go.

    On PC at USC and Hawks:
    – Ed Orgeron was a huge factor at USC. The love and unbelievable passion he brought to the program was unmatched; never felt quite the same after he left. That’s why he’s been successful everywhere he’s gone (Ole Miss as the exception).
    – Does it feel like it’s been 10 years to PC with the Hawks? No, it’s flown by. PC had never been anywhere 10 years. We’ve been through a generation of players, and that’s an amazing thing to see happen.
    – PC had it going good at USC and loved it there, but he wanted to see if his way of dealing with people would work in the NFL. “I wanted to see what it would be like if you treated people like they’re your very own family, and you care for them that much, and you look after them, and you try to help them find their best in every way that you can. Not just coach football and all that. And see what the result would be at this level.” PC has learned so much about the method behind what he was already doing and why it works and it’s been really rewarding.
    – Hurts PC to see USC weren’t able to carry on as well and have as much fun as they did.

    • Trevor

      Thanks for this Seamode you are awesome as usual!

      • Sea Mode

        Gotta kick of 2020 the right way! Thanks for all your recent mocks.

    • Volume12

      Good to hear about Carson.

      I also saw that Diggs was practicing today.

  49. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Seahawks cut Xavier Turner off the practice squad to make room for [WR Brendan] Langley, which adds some receiving depth.

    • Trevor

      Anyone know anything about him or the other receiver they signed Smith?

  50. Trevor

    Is Antonio Brown on the Commissioner Exempt List? Is a complete lunatic but I wonder would the Hawks take flier on him just for the playoffs if he was eligable?

    • Sea Mode

      From what was reported when he worked out for the Saints last week, if anyone signs him, he would likely be immediately placed on the Exempt list.

      Ian Rapoport

      From @gmfb: The #Saints are working out FA WR Antonio Brown today. He is not currently on the Commissioner’s Exempt list. The NFL said this season, “If he is signed by a club, such placement may become appropriate at any time depending on the status of the investigation.”

      Dec 27, 2019

      • Trevor

        Makes sense. I doubt he will play in the league again to be honest.

  51. Trevor

    Rob have you had a chance to check out Mekhi Becton OT / Louisville?

    • Rob Staton

      Not really but I know Tony Pauline thinks he’s being overrated.

  52. Austin Slater

    Rob we are spoiled as Seahawk fans to have you a part of the family. Appreciate all the hard work!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks, appreciate it Austin.

  53. AlaskaHawk

    I sure like Johnathon Taylor , running back for Wisconsin. Over 2,000 yards rushing this year.

    • Greg Haugsven

      You just wonder about his mileage at Wisconsin. He was worked like a dog for the three years he was there.

  54. Paul Cook

    Thanks for the effort you put into this site, Rob. I’ve been a long time lurker/reader. I’ve enjoyed it. I don’t post on any Hawks or Husky sites except this one, and only very recently. I mostly just read and catch up on what’s going on. A bit of a sports junky in that way.

    Anyway…another interesting read. Happy New Year to you, and I hope more years growing this online community. Thank you.

  55. Greg Haugsven


    If the Redskins do part with Ryan Kerrigan he could be a good option as well for pass rush help.

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