Podcast appearance on Seahawks Forever

Today I was invited to discuss the Seahawks’ approach to the draft by Dan Viens at the Seahawks Forever podcast. You can listed to the piece below:


  1. Palatypus

    Regarding the development of Derrick Hall, here is Mike Salk’s observations from OTAs.

    Darrell Taylor is by far the smallest of this group. He looked noticeably thinner, maybe trying to enhance his speed and pass rush ability. He was also quieter than last year, making me wonder if he received the message of a second straight second-round pick made at his position. After being absent on Monday, I was happy to see him there since he is definitely going to have to compete for time.

    Second-year linebacker Boye Mafe is one size up and he was the one starting opposite Nwosu. This will be a huge year for him as well, and it’s a chance for him to show that he is starting to understand the game in addition to his tremendous physical skills.

    Finally, there is the XL version in the form of rookie Derick Hall. Simply put, he looks like a monster. Maybe it was seeing the No. 58 on him, but he reminded me a little of old Giants linebacker Carl Banks. He is really big – even bigger than Aaron Curry was when he was drafted – yet watching him drop into the flats during 7-on-7 passing drills, he didn’t look out of place or overly stiff. He should be able to set an edge right away.


    • DW

      This might be my favourite except:

      “Parkinson, by the way, is a creature. Just an enormous presence.”

      Seeing pictures of Colby in workout clothes really is just incredible. His 6’7 frame seems to be filled out amazingly. The dude looks like he could play Bane in the next Batman film.

      His note on Bush having linebacker calves was also a good one.

    • Jeremy

      Darrell Taylor could very well be traded, I wonder what they could get for him.

  2. Big Mike

    Enjoyable listen Rob. Thanks for the link.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks buddy

  3. cha

    Listening to Dan, it struck me that just about every time you are on somebody else’s podcast, they intro you by saying something similar to Dan. “I want to go deeper so we’re going to talk to Rob Staton..”

    Stacy and Jake said something similar, those VSIN guys did, I’m sure the others that have had you on like Nathan have also intro’d you that way.

    That’s a big endorsement. An acknowledgement that you bring well thought-out analysis and commentary to their pods.

    • Palatypus

      LOL! It’s SO true.

    • Palatypus

      But when the ladies want to go deeper they talk to Curtis Allen.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man, I appreciate you saying that

    • LouCityHawk

      I was an off and on reader of this blog, mainly do to being disgusted with the Seahawks drafting…think about reading a restaurant blog if your town kept churning out awful spots.

      Recently I was going back in time and was surprised to read the coverage from 2019 where Rob was on Collier and Jennings, I’m positive that no one else was.

      Being into the process really shouldn’t be in dispute any more.

      • Peter

        My favorite two thoughts from Rob:

        Predicting Josh Allen top ten in November prior to the that draft.

        Patrick Mahomes top ten as well.

        Rob’s way on top of the takes.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      And yet seattle Media ghosted Rob as a guest predraft.

  4. vichawkfan

    Taylor was full of confidence going into last year, then crash. His mental game needs to step up.

    • Palatypus

      From the same article that I accidently cut off.

      Nwosu does it all. Taylor looks fast. Hall looks huge. And Mafe looks bigger than Taylor and faster than Hall. This might be the most intriguing position on the roster.

      • Mick

        We will need all four of them to contribute, so they better not lose Taylor because of his mindset. I also wonder what happens with Alton Robinson and Tyreke Smith.

        • Palatypus

          Unless Joshua Onujiogu completely goes balls to the wall in training camp, I think there is room for all of them.


          Being that we have a need for depth at DT, which is a position of wealth in the NFL, and we have depth at EDGE, which is a position of need in the NFL, I could see us trading a player or two.

          And we have a 3rd round pick from Denver in next year’s draft.

      • UkAlex6674

        From that description alone I expect them all to log 10 sacks each and all make the Pro Bowl 😀

        Seriously though this group sounds like it has some potential to be good.

      • Patrick Toler

        Right now we have a nice deep group of complementary pass rushers. If one of these guys can take a big step beyond expectations (Taylor, Mafe, or Hall seem like the best candidates), our pass rush could be scary. Combine that with a talented CB room and a high scoring offense? Look out.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    Sometimes I feel like Pete would be more comfortable with a veteran quarterback that he’s seen play at a pro level. But those guys are more expensive than a draft pick and they are usually available for a reason.

    • BK26

      Exactly. They usually aren’t as good or promising. Pete might be more comfortable but the team won’t be as good/the ceiling will be lower.

      Mini van’s are safe in the Daytona 500.

      • AlaskaHawk

        So is Geno Smith a Mini Van or a Maserati? He fits that veteran QB description.

  6. LouCityHawk

    I might be the only one, but….

    I really want to read that apology now, cause none of the “It’s Carter, LOCK IT IN!” crowd has even so much as offered a shoulder shrug.

    • Sten

      I think they’re not rabblerousing since we did draft a defensive player with our first pick

      • Big Mike

        With all due respect Sten, I say “bullshit”. I feel like they simply won’t admit they were wrong. A common malady in the social media age.
        Add in people who don’t like Rob and for them to admit they were wrong and he was right would be tantamount to doubly admitting being wrong.

        • AlaskaHawk

          They won’t admit they were wrong unless Carter fails in Philly. That gives them a 3=4 year window of ignoring others.

          Besides, why pick on the Carter decision when most likely one of our top four picks won’t make it either= probably due to injuries?

          • LouCityHawk

            Some pundits definitively stated “Carter will be the pick, lock it in”.

            At least some of the rank and file commenters or Twitter users have done a mea culpa.

            I’ve called a couple of pundits out, and they have left me on read.

            I’m not saying people who said “Carter should be…” but if you have an article titled “why Jalen a Carter will be the pick” and you don’t come out and talk about why you were wrong…you might have a pencil neck(and I’ll leave it at that)

          • McZ

            It’s all about context.

            The chances of Carter failing in Philly are modest.
            The chances of Carter failing in Seattle would have been huge.

            In principle, Carter would have been the interior force we were searching for. But with a coaching staff that lost the locker room at least twice in the last five seasons, it’s hard to tell how they could have managed a problematic player like Carter.

            In Seattle, there isn’t even a clear viable starter list on the front-7, and Carter would have to solve a long list of problems stemming from this. While in Philadelphia, Carter will definitely start as a second fiddle in a strong squad and needs to prove himself, possibly being a specialist first.

            I worry, that the same guys in the Carter-camp are also Pete-addicts and cannot bring the contextual points together.

        • LouCityHawk

          Truth telling +5 for Big Mike.

          I don’t agree with Rob 100%, I value his insights and respect the hell out of the work he puts in.

          I also have no problem disagreeing with him and never found him responding to me in a way where I’d ask if he wants to take it outside.

          I have no good words though for pundits who call their shots and act as if nothing happened when they are 100% wrong.

        • Sten

          They talked themselves into it to the point where there was no turning back, and media totally missed the boat too which encouraged them. People don’t give Rob enough credit, going back years ago when he basically predicted the Russ saga playing out like it did

    • Rob Staton

      I really want to read that apology now, cause none of the “It’s Carter, LOCK IT IN!” crowd has even so much as offered a shoulder shrug.

      I’m afraid it’s gone forever now 😂

  7. cha

    Tide finally starting to turn among the general fanbase on Jamal Adams.


    Once you get through the “Jamal will be awesome this year” posts, there are a tidal wave of commenters acknowledging the reality of the situation.

    Also, throwback SDB link to 2020!

    • Rob Staton

      It’s amazing how much shit this community has had over the years for opinions that have proven to be completely valid and fair

      • Big Mike

        It’s amazing how much shit this community has had over the years for opinions that have proven to be completely valid and fair

        This X1000, especially as it concerns Adams

      • Romeo A57

        The Jalen Carter draft take will be the prime example of SDB being the best prognostication for the Seahawks. Rob does his research and looks at Seahawks tendencies and needs. So he says that there is no way the Seahawks would draft Carter at 1 5 and basically gets ridiculed for it. Many pundits say that Carter plays a position of desperate need for the Seahawks so they will definitely draft him. Many fans parrot this and determine that the Seahawks will draft Carter and were vehemently opposed to any other options.

        With Carroll’s posiivity coaching style and mentality, I could never see how he would want someone with Carter’s character concerns anywhere near this team. I was very surprised that many media members closer to this team than myself, didn’t raise that concern to the public.

        It will patiently wait for it to come out that JS was never going to draft Carter with the fifth pick

  8. Steve Nelsen

    Great interview Rob. I particularly liked the way you talked about not being nervous going into Day 3. The Cam Young callout was spot on and I think the two offensive linemen will generate a lot of buzz this offseason.

    I am glad you can laugh about the Jalen Carter nervousness now. I know you were aware of the opinions of him by coaches and team personnel so I think you showed admirable restraint in not bashing Carter pre-draft when you were getting so much criticism but simply saying you didn’t think the Seahawks would take him. Well done.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Steve, appreciate it

  9. TomLPDX

    Excellent interview Rob!

    I haven’t seen this posted so here is the link to the YouTube video of this podcast.


    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tom

  10. AlaskaHawk

    Hey Wait – It’s finally June 1. Time to play hide and seek? Jamal Adams, where are you???? Still on the Seahawks roster?

  11. Palatypus


    I just wanted to remind everyone that today begins the college softball world series and the University of Washington is facing off against their PAC-12 rival Utah Utes.

    It seems like only yesterday my friend Sandi’s daughter Marki Kreger was playing in the World Series against Florida State in Tallahassee. Sadly, the Montlake Mutts fell to the eventual champion Seminoles that year. But I loved seeing her face plastered all over Seattle Metro busses. You might remember her older sister Rikki as the star safety of the Seattle Mist. Back in those days she was the personal trainer for Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell.

    And on a completely selfish note…

    In the thread for the last article I mentioned that my cousin’s daughter, who was a top five finalist for NCAA Division I Freshman of the year in Softball last year, had made the jump from Louisiana Tech in Conference USA through the transfer portal to Mississippi State in the SEC.

    Well, better late than never, but La Tech finally updated her bio page. But I have to warn you. Reading this is an exercise in intimidation.


    Not only would I not be surprised if she is the SEC player of the year and a first team All-American, I fully expect it.

    Go Dawgs.

    Woof !!! Woof !!!

    • Palatypus

      EDIT: It’s Creger, not Kreger. I get my Kregers mixed up.

    • LouCityHawk


      UW is always my backup when my Hoosiers go out.

      And I’ll say this as a personal admission. Until this year I have never given women’s sports other than Rugby much of a chance, a game here or there. The women’s Hoosiers basketball team produced one of my favorite teams and players of all time last season.

      Now I find myself enjoying the WCWS much more than I’ve ever enjoyed the men’s.

      So give it the tasters choice challenge. You might find your own Grace Berger, who is now one of my top ten favorite college athletes, ever.

      • Big Mike

        Women’s college softball and women’s college hoops are both good watches.

        • Hawk Finn

          Co-sign on softball, but prefer volleyball to hoops

      • BK26

        Not going to lie, as a Hawkeye fan…this last year in basketball was unbelievable. We’re a school that isn’t supposed to have nice things. 3 player of the year winners in the last 5 years for boys and girls, Murray getting first team all American and a top 5 pick, but watching Caitlyn Clark was the highlight of sports for me for quite a few years.

        As a father to a little girl, I’m excited for that. Excited that is happening for her.

        • LouCityHawk

          The women’s Hoosiers game at Iowa was probably the best basketball game I’ve seen this year, and my team lost.

          Coach Fry was a big advocate of mine, so Iowa gets a soft spot even if every basketball Coach from Alford forward has made me savor victories like a fine wine.

  12. Brodie

    Good to see some more guys with a bit of a platform include you via sharing their platform. I think it’s pretty crummy that Brock referenced you and your research probably a dozen times leading up to the draft (sometimes cryptically) and appeared to often ‘borrow’ thoughts from SDB, but they never had you on. It wasn’t like their guest list was chalk full of amazing minds that have an impressive resume regarding player evals, insider info or Seahawk trends… quite the opposite in most cases.

    A couple of the guys you mentioned in articles prior to anyone or (as far as I know) were the only Seahawk writer to pair player to team were:

    Mock Draft #1! (November 22nd 2022!!)

    Pick #55: Zach Charbonet

    April 10th:
    #185 Anthony Bradford (G, LSU)
    The combine really brought Bradford and Alabama guard Emil Ekiyor to my attention. I thought they both looked excellent. I then went and reviewed their tape and I think both players are being slept on. I think it’s very unlikely Bradford will last to this range and he’ll likely go in the fourth round area. However — I think there are some really good guards and tackle-to-guard converts set to be available on day three. Bradford is 6-4 and 332lbs with 33.5 inch arms. He’s an explosive tester, scoring a 3.17 in TEF and a superb 105.2 in weighted TEF. If they want to stick with bigger, more explosive guards (and they might do, given Damien Lewis and Phil Haynes are set to start this year) then Braford fits that profile perfectly. He can be a quality backup in year one and potentially take over as a starter in year two, with both Lewis and Haynes only contracted until the end of 2023.

    November 16, 2022:

    Pick #86 — Kenny McIntosh (RB, Georgia)

    It might be possible for the Seahawks to bring back Rashaad Penny on a team-friendly deal after his latest injury. As such, this might not be a necessary pick and as I’ll note in the next section — there are plenty of other players I’d like to consider.
    However — I’ve never seen a player like McIntosh before. We’re talking about a 210lbs runner who levels opponents and runs through contact — so much so that even Kirby Smith is telling journalists he thinks McIntosh is a “bad MF-er”….

    And though I can’t seem to find it, I know this is the first place I saw Cameron Young’s name, and it was in a mock that you had us taking him in the 3rd or 4th round. I remember commenting and asking what you saw in him as he was largely unranked or down in the 300’s on most mock sites.

    Just a shout that you hit on some names throughout the process that were completely missed by almost everyone else.

    Enjoy some down time and thanks for all of your hard work.

    • LouCityHawk

      Brock is a reader and occasionally in the comments here. He should give some attribution…

      I know (firsthand) that a couple other of the National guys read Rob’s stuff as well.

      My guess for no attribution is that Rob is a lightning rod for some reason I’ve never understood. I say I don’t like McDonald, I want some edge setting and run D, Rob doesn’t delete my comment/Ban me/make me feel like a shit. I say 13 wins is ceiling (still do), Rob says that is rich, I don’t get upset, I just hope the Hawks win 14 and prove us both wrong. They are over there sniveling about some perceived slights or something, if only Rob actually got to live rent free the way he does in other peoples minds.

      • Rob Staton

        Brock is a reader and occasionally in the comments here. He should give some attribution…

        😂 Let’s be clear, there’s no evidence at all that Brock posts on here (although he’s very welcome!)

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Brodie, really appreciate that message

      Jake Heaps was really supportive and had me on 710 regularly, the other hosts don’t seem to have any interest and it’s the same on KJR. No biggie, I love going on both stations but also appreciate I’m a British guy and have strong views so it maybe doesn’t always fit

  13. cha

    Am I imagining things is or Charles Cross significantly slimmer and more toned?


      • LouCityHawk

        Definitely more toned, might have added weight. Thighs and shoulders are noticeably bigger. Moving more fluidly and with greater confidence as welll.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Do you see the comment? They call him“Sweet Feet” and that is a good nickname for a LT.

    • Rob Staton

      He certainly looks mored toned

    • Big Mike

      A good sign

    • Palatypus

      Thanks, I’ve been looking for this.

  14. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Pete Carroll said again today there remains no firm timetable on returns for Jamal Adams and Jordyn Brooks and that they won’t have any for 6-8 weeks or so. But he said each remains doing well in rehab and each has sight set on being ready for season.
    3:01 PM · Jun 1, 2023

    Bob Condotta
    Carroll said each will be in attendance for mandatory mini-camp next week. Said Vice President for player affairs Maurice Kelly visited each in Texas recently to check out how things are going.

    • Elmer

      Here is kind of a related question. They appear to have about 12 CB’s on the 90 man roster. Why? I can think of a few possible answers, as follows:

      1. The injury to Woolen is significantly more serious than they are saying publicly.

      2. They are not as high on Witherspoon (so far) as their comments lead us to believe.

      3. For the level of excellence that they want the team to achieve, they are not sold on the CB depth (Jackson, Bryant, Brown, Burns, etc.).

      4. They are simply churning through bodies, looking for special teams gunners.

      • cha

        The always have that many at this time of year.

      • UkAlex6674

        They are going to be high on a no.5 overall draft pick.

  15. Mick

    Traveling so only had time to listen to the podcast now. Thanks for sharing Rob, you are quite an established presence in Seahawks media.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mick

    • Old but Slow

      This past year has seemed to have an effect on the public presence of this site. Quote Rob Staton and people listen. For years this has been my secret go to site for making me look a lot smarter than I am when I jawbone with my cronies. Now they’ve read it before me.

      Congratulations, Rob, you have set a standard for Seahawk coverage and you have every schlock writer in town scrambling to keep up. And we, the fans, reap the benefit.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      It’s pretty cool listening to someone interview Rob instead of t’other way around

  16. samprassultanofswat

    Here is an interesting article: From Profootballtalk

    Pete Carroll: Seahawks will be “very aggressive” on kickoff returns


    • cha

      Seahawks decided not to live stream the press conference yesterday 👎👎

      • Big Mike

        Afraid there’d be questions about Jamal?

      • cha

        Up now


        • cha

          I vented my spleen on the team a little in the comments section if you care to read it.

          • Big Mike

            It was a spot on comment

  17. STTBM

    Nobody’s talking about it here, but Carrol said in an interview that they don’t know when–or even if–Alton Robinson will return from injury, that it’s been a long hard road for him. He also said Mones injury recovery has been up and down, and is also uncertain.

    Injuries happen, it’s part of the game, but this news makes me sad. We all saw Robinsons talent, and were frustrated by Carrol and that idiot Norton burying him on the bench. I had hoped to see him get his chance this year.

    And we need Big Money, having nobody even 330 lbs at NT. Mine is listed at 345.

    The Human Cost of this game is atrocious. I wish them both better days ahead…

    • LouCityHawk

      Cameron Young is looking real good in OTAs, he is my 2nd favorite rookie in this class. He is a bigger boy than you think.

      I’m thinking I might have to get a Young 93 to hang next to my Hall 58

    • cha

      Where did Pete say that about Alton Robinson? Was that in the press conf yesterday and I just missed it because the audio was so bad?

      • Palatypus


        — Carroll said it remains unclear when nose tackle Bryan Mone, who suffered an ACL injury in December, will make it back saying his recovery has been “a little bit up-and-down.’’ Carroll noted that Mone is “a huge guy (officially listed at 6-5, 345) so it’s harder on him than it is on other guys. He’s working really hard. He’s been here the whole time and he’s dedicated himself to it. So we’re hoping that he’ll make it back.’’

        With Mone out, veteran Myles Adams and rookie Cameron Young typically work with the first defense at nose tackle.

        — Carroll said it also remains unclear when, or even if, edge rusher Alton Robinson will make it back from a knee injury suffered in the preseason a year ago. Robinson, a fifth-round pick in 2020, had surgery and missed the rest of the season. Carroll called it “a little bit of an unknown’’ if or when Robinson will be back saying “it’s been a long, hard road for him, I know that. I don’t really have much else on it.’’

        • cha

          Thank you.

          Rats. Last time Pete talked like that it was Chris Carson.

          • Palatypus

            I’ve been thinking lately, that the way this defense has been put together the last two years, it would take a real Russian General to screw it up.

            • Big Mike

              Comrad Clint?
              Comrad Pete?

              • STTBM

                Rocky and Bullwinkles Fearless Leader…

  18. Palatypus

    This feels like Pete is going to do dumb things like when he throws a challenge flag.


  19. cha

    Pete’s comments yesterday about injured players and not pushing them too hard in camp…and the work of camp injuring players who aren’t in 100% football shape…

    I have to wonder how big a part that has played in not getting the defense up to speed for the regular season. They regularly give guys ‘rest days’ right in the middle of camp, when they’re trying to install a new defense with new players. It’s an easy thing to point to as to why they start so poorly.

    I wonder if they’ve outsmarted themselves. Pete’s core philosophy in coaching was that every practice is a competition. The blaring music, the dancing and laughing, that wasn’t a “cool atmosphere” so much as an accelerant for the LOB guys.

    Now it has become a hallmark to preach how much fun the team is. But without the killer edge of competitive behavior and Game Day being the easiest day of the week because all they have to do is warm up and play 60 minutes instead of these crazy intense practices.

    • STTBM

      Frpm what I saw last few years, cha, the defense sucked for multiple reasons thelast few years, but poor personnel in key positions and utterly inept coaching and schme seemed by far the largest part.

      Seattles defensive coaching staff, other than the secondary, could neither scheme no adapt worth a damn. Hilariously awful job from the coaches.

      Better roster will help, but we lost Desai, who seemed our best coach, so Im not really expecting the Stupid to subside. I aveno faith in Carrol or Hurtt as coaches.

      I think they are going to push the competition thing and its not going to be a problm. Resting guysis better than rushing them back early from injury as Carrol used to do. Remember KJs first injury? Lagged all year because they pushed it.

      • 12th chuck

        not to mention piss poor tackling. I am sick of a 3rd down getting converted to a first down. Not so much last year,

    • McZ

      I think the NFL outsmarted itself by lessening the practice burden year over year, injuring more players in the process. The less you practice and harden, the more it will happen in-game. So, the days of LOB are gone. Forever.

      They actually have no problem starting into a season. The Denver game was quite solid.

      They have a problem putting two consecutive good halves together. This requires on field leadership. And how do get some, when there is no settled core?

      Before this isn’t solved, don’t ever think of competing.

      Finally, injuries… the Seahawk are prone to draft players putting them into wrong spots.

      • Sten

        The NFL’s decision making regarding less padded practice time (while agreed to by the players union, so their fault too) makes even less sense when you consider they’re totally committed to playing more and more Thursday night games, you know, the ones that killed the LOB in one fateful night.

  20. Big Mike

    Well, today was the day I was hoping against hope the announcement would be made that Adams had been cut (maybe injury designation or some such) since today is “post June 1st”. I mean I knew better I really did and have said so numerous times, but I had the tiniest grain of hope and after all, what’s fandom without hope?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I hear ya Big Mike

      Maybe this will cheer you up a little


      • Big Mike

        Well it did and thank you. Would’ve been even better were he fully healthy and a full participant this week bit I’m going to think positively about his recovery.

    • 509 Chris

      They’ve gotta be negotiating a pay cut at a minimum. The brass tacks is the team can’t afford the roster even after the shifting Lockett money around and they could easily still use a mid tier linebacker or interior d linemen. I know it’s sounding like a broken record at this point by Adams is about the only semi reasonable avenue left to find some dough.

      • Palatypus

        Well, if they wait long enough he’ll get hurt again.

  21. samprassultanofswat

    I think Cameron Young is going to be a really good player. But who is going to play behind Young? Can you count on Bryan Mone? Forrest Merrill? Michael Morris?

    Clint Hurtt told Michael Morris: “Don’t back up from the table. Just keep on eating. I think Michael Morris can play DT. But is he big enough to play nose tackle?

  22. samprassultanofswat

    In regard to Jamal Adams. I keep thinking about a question I asked Rob. It was about Jamal Adams. I asked Rob how big a loss was Adams in run defense. Rob said something to the effect that the lost Adams in run defense was no loss. So in other words if Adams would have been healthy the run defense would not have been much if better.

    Now stopping the run is suppose to be Jamal Adam’s Speciality. So if Jamal Adams impact is does not really help the Seahawk run defense. Why are the Hawks paying him that outrageous contract?

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t call stopping the run Adams’ speciality

      His speciality was as a blitzing force within a creatively schemed defense that uses a lot of different looks

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