Podcast: Make a move for Adrian Peterson?

This week Kenny and I discuss who the Seahawks will meet in the playoffs and Seattle’s issues with the running game.

In the conversation I make reference to this article by ESPN’s Chris Sprow, reviewing the biggest decision each team in the NFL faces during free agency.

The article suggests the Vikings have to decide on Adrian Peterson’s future at the end of the season because he’s due a bloated salary. If he’s released, should the Seahawks consider adding him to get some star power in the backfield? Would it help repair the running game in 2017?

We get into that and a lot more in the podcast…


  1. Kenny Sloth

    You’re a machine, man.

    Just churning out gold, huh?

  2. bobbyk

    I can see them going with AP for a year. He and Rawls would compliment each other perfectly in terms of being horrendous blockers and almost as bad at receiving. I’m kidding on the “compliment” part. Prosise would be the perfect compliment as the receiving back. He wouldn’t have to carry more than a couple times per game (i.e. less chances for injury) with AP/Rawls splitting the load. The only thing that scares me in this scenario is the fact that all three of those guys are absolutely terrible at picking up the blitz.

    • STTBM

      What scares me is the idea of spending money on an aging player with injury history who looked utterly washed up before his latest injury BEFORE making sure the line is solid. The only way I want AP is if 1) we sign a really good G, and a solid T 2) we draft another lineman 3) we extend Bennett and possibly Chancellor. THEN we can worry about spending big bucks on an old running back like AP who still wants to get paid.

      Should have made a push for Demarco Murray last year…

      • Rob Staton

        Washed up?

        He had two and a bit unproductive games when teams were teeing off to get him because Sam Bradford joined the team at the last minute.

        Last year he led the NFL in rushing.

        • STTBM

          He looked washed up to me. Lynch was fantastic in the SB vs the Pats, and the next year wasnt quite himself. Alexander was a total stud still after his injury late in 2006, but by Game One the next season he was a shell of his former self. It happens–everyone ages, even the great AP.

          Of course its possible he still has something left in the tank–he is AP after all. But its equally possible that he’s past his prime and fading fast.

          • Rob Staton

            He was the leading rusher in the NFL last season.

            But two bad days — explained by teams teeing off on the run — and he’s washed up.

    • Kenny Sloth


      Adrian Peterson and Thomas Rawls have better hands than Marshawn Lynch.

      Theyre both excellent blockers as well. Not sure where you’re getting that idea?

      • STTBM

        Wilson and Carrol raved about Lynch’s hands–and they dont talk about Rawls. Peterson is not known for either blitz pickup or catching. Not sure why you think Lynch had worse hands than those guys…

        • Kenny Sloth

          Just watching him drop wide open balls.

          He got stone hands.

          He had a decent 2015 receiving, but that’s about it.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Just because you don’t know someone for a trait doesn’t mean they don’t have it.

          Peterson has soft hands and better career receiving stats than Marshawn who got tons of screens when he was with us.

          • Kenny Sloth

            That’s actually not true.

            Lynch has the better stats but had been in an insanely better offense.

            I just don’t think saying AP can’t catch is a terrible reason to not bring him into camp.

            • bobbyk

              Ask any Vikings fan if Peterson is a good receiver. Ask the fans who watch all 16 games every year. I live her and people hate his “ability” to catch passes or pick up a blitz. He’s not even good enough to be considered a bit below average. He’s terrible.

              That being said, he’s a great runner. He’s so good I would absolutely be okay if he were a Seahawk in 2017. I think he’s got another good year of running in the tank. I’m just saying that Rawls and Peterson are an awful lot similar in terms of their strengths/weaknesses. I think they would be a great duo if they split time (I assume AP would get at least 5 more carries per game than Rawls).

              CJ could provide the receiving threat out of the backfield. It’s just scary if any of those three have to pick up a blitz. They can’t.

  3. nichansen01

    AP? Please no.

    • RealRhino2

      Agree. Okay, certainly better than Rawls, but doesn’t he have essentially the same issues as Rawls? Doesn’t offer a lot as a pass catcher or blocker, and is injury prone. If we are looking for a 2-down back that will probably get hurt, just stick with the super cheap Rawls, IMO.

      But that begs the question in the first place. Other than w/r/t injury, wouldn’t say RB is the THE problem. At most I’d like to see us pick up a durable short-yardage thumper. Perrine? Rawls and Prosise are plenty good enough if they are healthy. The issue is the LINE. Fix the line and everybody becomes better.

      I remember when Denver was killing it with Gibbs’ emphasis on the ZBS, and T.D. was the greatest back who ever lived. And then he got hurt, Olandis Gary took over, and only dropped off a little. 4th-round pick. And then Mike Anderson took over, and he was just as good. 6th-round pick. And then Clinton Portis took over, and he was even better than T.D. was for a while. Late 2nd-round pick. Good backs, sure, but the line was the key.

      • DC

        Exactamente. If you actually have the right personnel and cohesion on your ZBS OL then you can have a garbage man as your RB. Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating, a mailman at the very least. Rawls led the entire league in ypc last year behind that crap line. He was clearly more effective than Lynch last year. Our problem isn’t the RB talent it’s their health. Add someone good to the mix for sure but bolster the line. AP would just take money away from where it will help the most.

        If people keep writing about trading 5 draft picks for Fournette then we might as well start up the Joe Thomas trade talk again (no worse odds imo). I understand that before this season’s trade deadline we heard;
        “We. Are. Not. Going. To. Trade. Joe. Thomas.” — Hue Jackson. True to their word they did not. However the year before we got this;
        “Thomas was famously almost traded to the Broncos a year ago before last-minute negotiations fell apart. Pro Football Talk reported on Monday that the Browns were looking for a second-round pick and that several teams were exploring the salary cap maneuvering that it would take to make the deal happen.”

        There’s a package out there that would wrest JT from the Browns, of that there is no doubt. If I need to play Cleveland GM to paint that picture I gladly will.

  4. vrtkolman

    I’m still hoping Carolina makes a big mistake and cuts JStew. I would take him over ADP in a heart beat.

    • STTBM

      I love that guy, but he’s always hurt.

  5. Hawkfan086

    Rob ,
    Curious which costs us more to aquire Adrian Peterson or Lenard Fornette? I would think it’s AP. Between the two I’d say go get Fornette.

    • bobbyk

      Adrian Peterson is a 31-year old who will be a free agent. A trade for Fornette will cost moving up to a top five pick.

      • Hawkfan086

        Right so 3 years 42 mil for AP and draft for the oline or spend our free agent money on they oline and our draft picks on Fournette plus a few late picks seems like either way we move forward. But does a young RB and a veteran oline sound better than a young oline and an aging RB? I would think yes.

  6. Frank

    Averaged less than 2 yards a carry this year, won’t do any better behind the SEA line with Bevell’s gameplan. Nobody would.

    Rawls if he comes back to 100% is a very good RB.

    • Rob Staton

      He wouldn’t be playing behind this line.

      • Frank

        Right, but Rawls work behind this line is the reason people want to replace him.

  7. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The only way you make a move for AP, would be if you are convinced the rushing attack is only lacking a RB. I have some doubts that is the case, it would be a waste to pick him up, if other “problems” are not addressed in the off-season (OL, TE, play calling, etc).

    • Rob Staton

      It wouldn’t be a case of either OL or AP. It’d be a case of OL and AP.

      • STTBM

        I’d rather see us fix the line first–in other words, spend what it takes to get a really fine G like Zeitler AND a T who will at least be solid if not a Pro Bowler to man one tackle spot while Fant learns and hopefully Ifedi mans the other T spot. THEN, if there is money left after extending Bennett, then and only then would I want to see Seattle spend money on AP.

        My nightmare would be Seattle signing some more Webb/Sowell guys because they threw too much at a guy like AP.

        • Rob Staton

          But why can’t you try and address both situations at the same time? And who is suggesting not to also focus on OL?

          Some of the arguments against AP so far are kind of missing the point. It isn’t about him being a solve-all situation. It isn’t about not ‘going after the OL first’. It’s about finding the ways to rebuild the running game and considering different options — including investment at RB.

          • STTBM

            You can address both situations–but its sounds like a stretch that Seattle could 1) extend Bennett and Chancellor 2) Sign a surefire Lineman like Zeitler for north of 9 million a year and 3) pay AP a likely Kings Ransom.

            I fully expect them to both draft a back and sign a hopeful starter-quality back. I just am not excited about paying a huge amount for a soon to be 32 year old back coming off his third major injury since college, a guy who hasnt looked great since the regular season last year.

            The only way I want to see him in Seattle is on a cheap(ish) short-term contract AFTER we’ve signed a couple starter-quality O-linemen. And I dont see AP taking peanuts to play, he’s too proud.

            Of course, anything is possible.

            • Rob Staton

              “Of course, anything is possible.”

              There you go.

              There’s so much to discuss on this topic, it seems a bit weird we’re focusing on the specific order of how they address the running game. I think there’s enough bodies in Seattle’s front office to handle two telephones during free agency.

  8. Trevor

    Just watched the Utah bowl game and I guess Bolles will be making his decision on whether to declare soon.

    Certainly looks every bit the part of an NFL OT and plays with a real edge. Would love him to bet the pick in Rd #1 but really cant see him being there unless his age scares some people.

  9. LeoSharp

    I really don’t think a talented running back would be able to play any better behind this Oline. When the blocking has been good the running has been good. If Collins is able to step up in the next game then some healthy competition for his spot might be the best way to look at it.
    Picking up a Running back in the draft like Kareem Hunt (my personal favorite) outside of the top 2 rounds opens up the board and gives Rawls a Procise a chance to get healthy and stronger in the off-season and have a chance to be consistent contributors next year without them automatically losing reps.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not about just addressing the RB position — it’s about OL and RB. Bringing in a guy like Peterson wouldn’t be instead of improving the OL.

      I still believe RB is more important to this team than most. They need a spark there IMO — not just a day three body.

      • Trevor

        Agree Rob I think in a perfect world they would draft a big power lead RB. Then use Rawls as a 5-6 carry a game change of pace kind of guy similar to the role Turbin had and Prosise is a receiving / 3rd down type of guy utilized all over the field as an offensive weapon. Like how NE use Dion Lewis.

        The Patriots really have the ideal situation with Blount /Lewis at RB and Gronk / Bennett at RB when they are healthy. Gives them so much flexibility in the running and short passing game.

      • LeoSharp

        I completely agree it’s a joint issue and that RB is very important to this team however I think Peterson would be too expensive despite his age and injuries also his fumble habits could get in the way a bit.

        I don’t think there’s enough cap space for a quality signing at OL DL and RB. You’re more likely to find an impact RB in the later rounds of the draft than any other need that this team has, also the available talent for the lines is so much higher in free agency than at running back.

        IMO RB is the 3rd biggest need and that’s only due to the constant injuries. If you hit on the greater needs in free agency then the team is likely to be significantly better on defense and offense anyway.

        • Rob Staton

          They can’t spend big on OL, DL and RB — but they could easily bring in Peterson and a veteran O-liner with $40m in free cap room. Then they could use the draft for DL considering it’s a strong class there.

  10. Trevor

    Rob if the Hawks really want to fix the run game do you think the following trade would make sense? Would the Titans consider it value wise?

    Titans get our 1st 2017, 2nd 2017, 1st 2018

    Hawks get Titans 1st 2017, Rams 2nd 2017

    2017 Draft
    #15 Bolles RT
    #35 Foreman RB

    Then add a quality veteran OL like Zeitler and we should be well on the way.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s unlikely. I like Bolles a lot — but it’s hard to see them giving up the 2018 first for a deal like this.

      • Trevor

        Perhaps you are right but it allows them to get both a lead RB and the best OT in the class. If they stay at their current spot they may get one but definitely not both spots filled in the draft. Giving up next years #1 would be tough though.

        After Bolles there really do not appear to be many guys whom can come in and help day #1 at OT.

        After Fournette, Cook, Foreman I don’t see any other lead RBs. Lots of good RBs wo could add to the RB by committee but not lead RBs in the NFL which is what I think Pete would prefer.

      • Trevor

        Foreman I guess also really depends on how he works out at the combine and assumes he shows the speed and explosion he appears to have on tape. Not that of a 2 star recruit.

  11. Trevor

    If the Vikes cut AP why would we at least not take a very good look at him. He may be a great 1-2 year signing if he is willing to buy into the team concept and wants to try and make a run for an SB to cement his status as a legend. Can you imagine the chip he would have on his shoulder.

    I would be all for it if we did not have to give up draft picks and the deal was fairly modest.

  12. Trevor

    Rob what are your thoughts on Dalvin Cook? He seems to be really under appreciated for the career he has had at FSU. I love his game and think he is a true 3 down back similar to Jamaal Charles with a little more power.

    Would he be a fit in Seattle if he somehow fell to the mid-late first round?

    I only ask because though he is said to be a great leader and team but I know there were some off field incidents when he was a 19yr old which may turn off some teams and have to be checked out. So there is potential he could fall.

    • vrtkolman

      I’ve seen comparisons to Marshall Faulk as well. I don’t think he’s that far off from Fournette, although both are different players. Both are stars in the NFL IMO, can’t go wrong with picking Cook if he’s there.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah I like him. Sparky little player. Not as good as Zeke or Fournette but talented. I think he’s a top-15 lock.

  13. JT

    Something to add to the AP debate – all his career success has come from running under center. He’s been unused and unsuccessful in shotgun formations. His career stats prior to this season are:

    under center – 2,257 carries, 11,204 yards, 5.0 ypc, 94 rushing TD’s
    shotgun/pistol – 115 carries, 461 yards, 4.0 ypc 3 rushing TD’s

    It’s well-known by Vikes fans that AP is completely a singleback/I-form RB, and the numbers back that up. I have no idea how much AP will cost on the open market, or if his superhuman athleticism & recovery is still there after yet another season lost to injury. Regardless, AP might be an iffy fit with a shotgun-oriented offense like Seattle’s.

    • Rob Staton

      Part of that might be the guy stood next to him the gun isn’t mobile and/or very good.

      Aside from that one year with Favre, his QB’s have been guys like Ponder and Tarvaris Jackson.

      • JT

        Maybe a small bit, but I doubt it. You don’t need a Russell Wilson at QB to run effectively out of SG, and the numbers are overwhelming. AP’s struggles in SG have been exacerbated in recent seasons with a mobile QB in Teddy B who excels out of SG. It’s been a real struggle for the Vikes’ offense, as Teddy is much better as a SG QB, and AP is only comfortable lining up deep in the backfield and getting the ball with a head of steam. He admitted himself that he is very hesitant running out of shotgun and that he doesn’t like getting the ball at a standstill.

        • Rob Staton

          I still find it hard to be too concerned about AP running out of the gun. He’s done fairly well overall in his career….

  14. Ed

    What about a late 1st and swap 2nds for Henry. I think he showed he can play in the league.

    • Rob Staton

      Tennessee aren’t trading Henry a year after they drafted him.

      • Ed

        I would tend to agree, but I think he was more a backup plan if Murray was still garbage and I think Murray showed he is not.

        • Rob Staton

          I think “exotic smashmouth” requires two runners personally.

  15. vrtkolman

    I think Minnesota and Denver are fairly similar programs to Seattle, in that both have massive resources put into their defense while skimping on the other side of the ball. The major difference is that Seattle has Russell Wilson and they do not, which is why Seattle is the only team out of the three that made the playoffs.

    Both Minnesota and Denver spent a decent amount of coin on the O line last off season. Alex Boone and Andre Smith have pretty good sized cap hits for Minnesota now, while Denver has to deal with Donald Stephenson and Russell Okung’s bloating cap figure next year. Both lines are a disaster.

    Does this mean throwing money at the problem doesn’t work? Perhaps, but not necessarily. Both teams probably overpaid for mid level guys. Okung could have been a steal, but he’s been a total liability instead. Oakland has big money invested in elite linemen like Osemele and Hudson, and their line is elite.

    In the case of Seattle, I’d rather them go big or go home. Spend the money on a real impact guy like Zeitler. Signing a mid level guy like Rick Wagner probably won’t be enough to improve the line next year. An aggressive trade up for Bolles alongside an elite player like Zeitler could be the difference maker.

  16. Kenny Sloth

    Where are you guys getting that Adrian Peterson and Thomas Rawls are bad at catching passes and blocking.

    Theres literally zero evidence of this.

    Marshawn Lynch had objectively horrendous hands.

    Ya’ll are forgetting how we evaluate.

    What can they do, not what they can’t.

    • STTBM

      Lynch had great hands, for the most part. Its why Seattle was comfortable splitting him outside as a WR and sending him deep, as they did to nearly beat NE in the SB.

      Rawls isnt great at receiving or pass pro, as evidenced by Seattle drafting a back specifically for third downs and two-minute offense. There’s a reason they dont throw him the ball much.

      • Volume12

        STTBM is right Kenny.

        Peterson is an awful pass protector. He comes off the field on 3rd down obvious passing situations. Has his whole career.

        • Kenny Sloth

          How is it we have so many guys that only do one thing well.

          CJ can catch it. Alex can block. Rawls can run.

          Yeah APs kind of a mental mistake guy.

          But nobody’s saying he’s the miracle fix-all

          We just need a steady professional back there.

      • Kenny Sloth

        No, no, and no.

        Lynn’s drops were ugly but he has a decent career percentage because they didn’t actually pass it to him beyond 5 yards hahaha

        rawls has played like. Less than 10 games for us.

        Of course he isn’t great at these things. That’s not his wheelhouse.

        But let’s not pretend CJ Prosise is the ultimate technician and was a good blocker coming out of college.

        Prosise might be the worst blocking back in the NFL.so there’s very little weight to that argument.

        • Volume12

          I agree that’s not who he is. And they obviously wouldn’t be bringing him in for that either. Rather, just pointing out he’s always been a 2 down back. And one of the best the game has ever seen.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Does he have an insane snap to carry ratio?

            Like always toting the rock when he’s on the field?

  17. Volume12

    AP needs to retire.

    • Kenny Sloth


      And not hit children

  18. HawkFan907

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a deal for a RB. I don’t feel like AP is a “thumper” though like he used to be. I’d want to find a back who loves contact and sets a tone. AP is too far past his prime IMO to want to do that. JStew, although pretty old, would be a better option if he gets cut.

    I still feel like we need more physicality in the running game. Bring Giacomini back for depth, and grab maybe Damien Mama in the middle rounds to fill that “huge” OG role that we are used to. I’d like to see Vannett get more play as a blocker as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Jonathan Stewart would be ideal — but with Carolina having a mass of cap room there’s little motivation for them to cut him. If he’s a free agent, Carroll would be all over that. He’s a big fan of Stewart’s.

  19. AlaskaHawk

    Why not go back to the well and get a proven running back and receiver? Seahawks can trade with Bills for Percy Harvin. He would be a cheap addition – and he is way more valuable then Adrian Peterson. He can run back kicks, he can do bubble screens and fly sweeps, he is a great receiver. The man is ready to play!!!

    • QAll I see is 12s

      Your not funny.

      Ok, it’s pretty funny.

    • bobbyk

      Don’t joke about Percy. He may try to punch or choke you.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, Alaska…

      What do you guys think about a new “Percy Harvin”, WR/RB Curtis Samuel? Looks pretty dynamic to me. Actually a bit bigger (5-11, 200) than Harvin (5-11, 192) was coming out too.

      I think that might kind of kill a few birds with one stone: get a Tate build (5-10, 199) WR, a KR/PR backup for Lockett, a pass-catching RB to back up Prosise.

      Think he will be available early-mid 2nd round?

      • Sea Mode

        Hoping he is a much better route runner than Percy.

        Check out this release at the top of the screen: https://youtu.be/r7aVm95vE8A?t=65

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