Podcast: New coordinators, the draft & more

This week I was invited onto the Pedestrian Podcast (courtesy of the UK Seahawkers). We got into a number of different Seahawks topics over the course of 70 minutes. Please check it out below and have a listen. Later today I’ll write-up some thoughts on Mel Kiper’s first 2018 mock draft, published this morning.


  1. swisshawk

    In the wake of recent points made by Rob (espacially that there probably will be just 11 first round grades and that the value could come in the second round) I got the idea for a new mock:
    -Trade Earl to Clevland for #33 and #40 (great player/”leader” for their D and lots of money to make him highest payed safety)
    -Trade #18 to Bills for #54, #55, #87 and #119
    This moves would give the Hawks the ammo to get younger on D while also accomplish to fix their running game (hopefully).
    33 HB
    40 OL
    54 DE
    55 LB

    • Trevor

      If the Hawks move Earl I think the best fit is to the Jags. They are an elite Safety from being an historically dominant defense. I say Early to the Jags for #28.

      The Browns would be awesome too I just don’t think Dorsey would make that kind of move year #1.

      • John_s

        Sign me up for the Jags trade

      • lil'stink

        No way the Browns make that trade unless they are certain ET3 signs an extension with them. And if I’m Earl, I would say “nope”.

  2. Trevor

    I have spent the last couple of evenings watching whatever I could find on Edmunds and Settle from V-Tech.

    Last year we all fell in love with Hassan Reddick after Rob was on him way earlier than the national media. Edmunds is a much better prospect IMO and the equivalent talent level wise to Khali Mack, Luke Kuechley and Von Miller in the type of impact he will have.

    He is not only a great athlete with exceptional length but he knows how to play the game and takes great angles, is quick to read plays and explosive speed closing. He was not used a ton as pass rusher but has limitless upside off the edge IMO as he has great flexibility, 1st step quickness and length. The scary part he is only 19.

    He is the best looking defensive front seven prospect I have seen since Khail Mack and the only prospects I have liked more in the last 5 years are Deshawn Watson, Zeke Elliott and Jalen Ramsey.

    Instead of trading back to get extra picks what would it take to move up to #8 with the Bears to take Edmunds if he is available? There is no way he is getting out of the Top 10 and if I was Indy I would take him at #3.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, reposting from the end of other thread:

      Yeah, I have to agree on Edmunds, unfortunately. Not keeping my hopes up at all. I will, however, admit to having thought up trade scenarios where we send #18 + R4 + Bennett to move up to around 12 and get him if he is somehow still there… 🙂

      But Price specifically is the one giving me pause about not trading down because I’m thinking about filling the biggest holes on the roster like they always do.

      There’s a hole at DT, but they can keep Sheldon to fill it.

      There’s one at DE, but they can feature Dion Jordan more and grab a project later on.

      There’s one at TE if Jimmy leaves, but we have Vannett and can add either in FA and/or draft later on.

      There’s somewhat of one at RB, but Carson’s injury turned out to be way less serious than Rawls’ and he might be their guy next year regardless along with Mike Davis and an improved OL, which means…

      It might just be sooo tempting to lock down that LG spot with real premier talent and have it be a strength for years to come. Sure, we could go for a R2 talent at OG or bank on Odhiambo/Roos, but none of them seem like complete players in both run blocking and pass pro who are likely to really help elevate the line to the next level.

      In the end, the single best pick who would improve the run game most, while also providing good protection for Russ, might just be Price?

      • Trevor

        We know Gruden likes Sherm and they Raiders need a CB

        How about #18 and Sherm to Raiders for #10?

      • GoHawks5151

        Free agency will be telling. Signings on the OL and DL will allow you to go defense and RB early and vice versa

        • Volume12

          What if they don’t go RB early? What if all of these backs projected to go early don’t hit the 120 SPARQ threshold this team appears to have for the position and the backs in say round 3 do?

          • Volume12

            Because if Kam Chancellor is gone they’ll chase his replacement.

            • Rob Staton

              I’m not sure they will if they keep Earl and re-sign McDougald.

              • Volume12

                Its not our dads LOB anymore is it?

                • Trevor

                  Nope it will be interesting to see if PC adjusts his schemes at all to adapt.

                  • Volume12

                    Don’t hold your breath. Hasn’t yet and doubt he ever will.

                • Rob Staton


              • lil'stink

                McDougald was nice but seems like a tier 2 sort of guy. Would like to have him back but one has to be willing to let those guys walk if you can. I’m hoping they saw enough out of Hill where they think he could be the guy. Hill seems like he could be a much better run defender than McD as well (who seemed pretty average at best in this regard to me). And stubborn, old man Carroll isn’t likely to change his scheme, so a run stopping SS might be more valuable than McDonald’s versatility.

                • Rob Staton

                  Personally, the last thing I’d be thinking is they have to let McDougald walk. Not many good safety’s in the league. He played well.

                  • Misfit74


    • Volume12

      Edmunds is Anthony Barr 2.0

      • Rob Staton

        I think he’s better than Barr.

        • Volume12

          He probably is. Just the same type of mold. A guy you can bring pressure with through the A-gaps. Long, young, versatile.

      • Trevor

        He looks a lot like Barr physically but I think he has way more upside. He is much more fluid and instinctual than Barr IMO.

        Edmunds, James and Davenport are my ideal picks for Hawks on Defense.

        If the Hawks could add Edmunds at LB, Derwin James at SS and keep Earl + S Richardson the Defense would be SB quality IMO. That is about as likely as me winning the lotto but one can dream.

        • Volume12

          Pretty sure PC loved Barr coming out of HS. So part of your dream may not be too far off.

          • Trevor

            Vol get creative how can we get James and Edmunds with one pick in the first 3 rounds? Any ideas

            • Volume12

              Not really my thing. The trading of picks. But you’d probably have to package a 1st and day 2 pick next year. They’re both blue chip talents.

              I don’t think Sherm or Kam have any trade value at this point coming off their injuries. And if you trade ET then you need a ferocious center fielder or else PC can’t play his version of the 4-3.

              • Trevor

                Yeah they really are kind of in a tough spot.

                • Volume12

                  I mean if they came away with both of those 2 though? 🔥🔥🔥

  3. GoHawks5151

    I do not really get the criticism for Ken Norton Jr (At my work not necessarily here). Granted i have a personal bias towards Ken (I wore #51 all through school and grew up in a boxing household). I think it is such a reach for people to label him as “not” a strategist or tactician just because he is better at the discipline, coaching and motivational aspects. While Pete was at USC that is exactly how many described him and to this day still kind of do. A ball of energy, players coach, master motivator. Hardly has the first word been master strategist. No one holds Pete in the same genius light as Belichick despite the obvious ways he changed the game. Look no further than Bruce Arians and Ron Rivera winning Coach of the year during our super bowl appearances. I feel like Ken gets a bit of this treatment. I’m not foolish. I know that Pete Carol RUNS the D. Always has, despite who was the DC. But Ken is not without merit. He has been part of several good staffs (Jimmy Johnson, George Seifert) and was raised as a coach in this system. I know many say that Richard beat him out for DC the first time because he was smarter and a better planner. I wont pretend to know who is smarter but I find it just as likely the Richard was hired for the exact same reason many assume Ken is now and that is his personal connections. The LOB was the focus so it made sense for him to be elevated. With Bobby being the boss now it makes sense Ken now is. It is stated that Pete will be more involved in the D and that is great. He is also way too open to be a dictator and we will get to see the wrinkles Ken brings into the D. Its gonna be fun.

  4. Sea Mode

    Whew… this is that WR I posted about yesterday getting a lot of hype at the Shrine practices.

    WR Daurice Fountain, Northern Iowa, 6-1 5/8, 210, 34.5arm, 79 wing, 9.5 hand


    One more quick note on UNI WR Daurice Fountain… said his pre-testing prior to beginning combine training included an 11-1 broad jump and a 40-inch vert.

    2:21 PM – 17 Jan 2018

    Still doesn’t even have a combine invitation yet… what is going on with the league office!? smh 😉

    • Volume12

      That’s an impressive frame.

      • Trevor

        Crazy arm length.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Knuckles are scrapin on the ground. If he has a decent vert that has high pointing written all over it.

  5. Daniel Bryan

    We aight!


  6. H

    Big fan of this podcast so its always cool to hear you in there Rob
    I also really liked listening to you say such nice things about my (english) football team.
    Go hawks!

  7. Volume12

    Mel Kiper with Josh Allen #1 to the Browns is his latest mock? Is this like his Jimmy Clausen obsession all over again?

    • Volume12

      I’ll save ya’ll the ‘insider fee.’ LOL. Its 2018 Mel. There’s ways around it.

      1. Browns- Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
      2. Giants- Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
      3. Colts- Bradley Chubb, DE, NC St.
      4. Browns- Saquon Barkley, HB, Penn St.
      5. Broncos- Sam Darnold, QB,USC
      6. Jets- Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, ‘Bama
      7. Bucs- Quenton Nelson, OG, ND
      8. Bears- Calvin Ridley, WR, ‘Bama
      9. 49ers- Denzil Ward, CB, Ohio St.
      10. Raiders- Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
      11. Dolphins- Mike McGlinchey, OT, ND
      12. Bengals- Tremaine Edmunds, LB, VA-Tech
      13. Redskins- Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
      14. Packers- Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA
      15. Cardinals- Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa
      16. Ravens- Brian O’Neil, OT, Pitt.
      17. Chargers- Da’ Ron Payne, DT, ‘Bama
      18. Seahawks- Derwin James, S, Florida St.
      19. Cowboys- Vita Tea, DT, Udub
      20. Lions- Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio St.
      21. Bills- Mike Hughes, CB, UCF
      22. Bills- Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan
      23. Rams- Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn
      24. Panthers- Bil!y Price, OG, Ohio St.
      25. Titans- Harold Landry, DE, BC
      26. Falcons- Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M
      27. Saints- Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
      28. Steelers- Rashaan Evans, LB, ‘Bama
      29. Jaguars- Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma
      30. Eagles- Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA
      31. Vikings- Connor Williams, OT, Texas
      32. Patriots- Rasheem Green, DL, USC

      • RealRhino2

        Obviously FA plays a role, but in that scenario the Bills aren’t taking Lamar Jackson?

        • Volume12

          Uhhh… Haven’t you heard? He’s a WR bro. 😉

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        If vita there at 18. Pete would run up to the podium! lol

        • Volume12

          I love Vea’s footwork. No false steps whatsoever. I could see him being a 6-8 sacks a year guy.

    • Rob Staton

      I had Allen to the Browns at #1 in my mock.

      Not my choice — but all of the noise is that John Dorsey likes him more than the other two.

      • Volume12

        He’s closer to a TE than a QB at this point. Just my feelings.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Lamar Jackson should play WR but Josh Allen ‘has all the tools’

  8. Volume12

    LSU RB Derrius Guice has been getting timed at 4.4 during his combine training. Fantastic prospect and an amazing story.

    • Volume12

      And now weighs 221 lbs.

    • Trevor

      If he truly runs a 4.4 he will be RB #2

      • Volume12

        RB 2 for me. Runs harder than Barkely does. Lightning in a bottle. Runs the way he does because he’s trying to escape his upbringing.

        • Trevor

          RB #2 for me is Sony Michel but I like Guice a lot and how can you not root for a kid like that.

          • Volume12

            I’d go…

            1A. Barkley
            1B. Guice
            2. Jones II
            3. Michel
            4. Chubb
            5. Freeman

            And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Seattle really ends up liking Bo Scarbrough depending on how he tests.

          • Volume12

            Jones and Michel both have great backstrories too.

            Jones lost his pops to a heart attack 5 years ago, has a tattoo okf his face on his bicep and the last words he ever said to him was ‘never be satisfied.’

            Michel’s parents immigrated from Haitii, worked for everything they got and instilled that work ethic in him, and he’s a rapper,

            • Trevor

              Hawks love those Haitians!

              • Greg Haugsven

                I would be happy with any of Jones, Michel, or Guice. Im luke warm on Chubb, Penny, and Johnson.

                • Greg Haugsven

                  If they did trade back to #33 they should be able to get one of those three.

                • Volume12

                  I like Johnson and Penny. I knew there was a couple names I was forgetting. Just higher on the 5 I listed and Scarbrough would be my wild card.

        • Gohawks5151

          Source? Not sure if I should laugh…

      • Rob Staton

        I am very, very sceptical on that reported forty time for Guice.

        Source probably his agent.

  9. Millhouse-serbia

    Why everyone.says for edmunds that he is 19years old? On wiki he is 1997.

    • Volume12

      Not sure how true that is. It just says ‘born in ’97.’ No month or day.

      • Millhouse-serbia

        But i.dont see how he can be 19 and eligible for draft. He need to.have at least 3 years on college.

        • Greg Haugsven

          The birthday I saw was 5/8/98. He would turn 20 right after the draft. If that is true and he becomes a star he could sign an extension age 22 as he could play his rookie year at age 20, second year at age 21, and third year at age 22.

        • Volume12

          He probably played his FR year as a 17 year old turning 18. His SO year he was 18 turning 19. And thus being his JR year he was 19, about to turn 20.

  10. Trevor

    Kameron Kelly (DB/SDST) is a guy I cant wait to see at Senior Bowl. Screams Seahawks CB when I watch him on tape.

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