Possible Seahawks target Germain Ifedi creating a buzz

Germain Ifedi (right) looked and moved like a first round pick at the combine

This week we mocked Germain Ifedi to the Seahawks at #26. Ifedi’s tape is far better than some people will have you believe, he’s a genuine physical freak of nature with incredible upside and athleticism.

Essentially, he’s exactly the type of player the Seahawks have drafted in round one.

Ifedi was one of the big winners at the combine. He looked like the Hulk, moved incredibly well in the mirror and kick-slide drills and he had the second best vertical jump at 32.5 inches (Connor McGovern beat him by half an inch). Jumping 32.5 inches at 324lbs isn’t easy.

Scouts Inc. moved him up to #21 on their big board after the combine. You need to subscribe to read their full breakdown — but here are some of the highlights…

They grade players using a 1-5 scale:

1 — Exceptional
2 — Above average
3 — Average
4 — Below average
5 — Marginal

Ifedi is given an exceptional grade for: Production, height-weight, durability and pass protection. He’s given an above average grade for: Intangibles, awareness and toughness.

The one average grade he gets is run blocking. The blurb reads:

“Raw run blocker. Has the size and natural strength. Comes from an offense that predominantly features two-point stances and is more finesse than power in the run game.”

They end with the following status report:

“Straight out of central casting with a massive, long and ripped frame. Ifedi is an early entry with three full seasons as a starter under his belt (started freshman season at right guard and primarily right tackle last two seasons). Ifedi has the tools to develop.”

Jason Spriggs is generally considered the big O-line riser because of his athleticism. However, Scouts Inc. grades him at #46 overall with several average grades for durability, pass protection, run blocking and awareness. He gets a below average grade for toughness.

When you consider Taylor Decker’s middling combine performance, Ifedi could be challenging to be in the top five at his position. His #21 overall ranking on Scouts Inc’s board makes him the #4 offensive tackle.

They aren’t the only ones speaking highly of Ifedi. He was mocked in the first round by Daniel Jeremiah too. At the combine Jeremiah made the following remarks:

“I think he can play tackle. I know that there’s some debate, some belief that he can kick inside and be better at guard. But guys, to me he is what you want your tackle to look like. He can bend. To me the awareness is an issue and that’s something he’s going to have to learn and develop but man all of the tools are there for him to maybe even jump up — maybe sneak into the bottom of the first round. He’s right on that edge.”

It shouldn’t be a major surprise that he’s creating a buzz. He’s always been one of the more underrated prospects in this draft. The fact he wasn’t moved to left tackle in 2015 seems to have created a false impression of his ability.

Here’s what I wrote about him in December:

He’s an enormous 6-5 and 320lbs yet moves superbly. His footwork is quite brilliant for a man his size — his kick slide is good, he moves freely to the second level. In the two games I watched he didn’t get beat once off the edge by a speed rush.

There’s very little ‘bad weight’ to his frame — he’s an enormous tackle and most of it is muscle. When a D-end tries to hand fight he usually absorbs the defender and it’s over. Technically he had some nice blocks — turning his man to open up a crease and moving people off the LOS to create a running lane. He has the athleticism to adjust on the move and if he ever moved to guard he’d have no trouble pulling or kicking out to the next level.

Ifedi’s size and raw athleticism makes for an interesting combination. If the Seahawks make the playoffs and you’re pinning your hopes on an offensive tackle being available beyond the 21st pick — this could be your best bet.

There’s usually a blossoming offensive tackle who makes a late rise. Lane Johnson experienced it in 2013, Ja’wuan James in 2014 and Ereck Flowers in 2015.

Because he doesn’t get hyped like a lot of other prospects — people tend to assume Ifedi isn’t that attractive. As a worst case scenario you’re probably getting a good left guard. It’s a safe pick with the potential to be a great pick if he works out at tackle.

If you missed it earlier in the week, here’s evidence of his athleticism vs Laremy Tunsil in the mirror drill at the combine:

And here’s four back-to-back snaps vs Alabama. Note the way he uses length and a strong base to stone edge rushers. On the third snap he drives the DE into the turf and finishes. On the fourth snap he identifies and reads a stunt and shuts it down.

For all the talk of him not moving to left tackle — look at the pressure given up on the left side vs the right…

It’s only four snaps but it gives you an insight into his pass-protection skills vs the toughest opponent Texas A&M faced in 2015.

We need to spend more time looking at Le’Raven Clark over the next few weeks as an insurance option. He and Shon Coleman (who we’ve covered a lot) likely present the best two alternatives if Ifedi is off the board. Clark also has a high ceiling. Ifedi is far better prepared to start quickly.

While many are projecting a defensive lineman to the Seahawks at #26 — it really goes against everything we know at this stage. If Russell Okung departs in free agency, it creates a major need at tackle. It’ll be difficult to address that need after the first round looking at the players available. The Seahawks have also preferred to use the middle/later rounds and the cheap free agent market for defensive linemen. The sheer depth on the D-line will undoubtedly provide some attractive options in rounds 2-4.

Unless they find a way to retain Okung — everything points towards an O-line pick at #26. Ifedi provides a rare opportunity if he lasts — a prototype at the position available in the late first.


  1. Spireite Seahawk

    That 4th snap was very impressive.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Ifedi was the first OL moving off the snap in all but the first play.

      • GeoffU

        That stuck out to me too. And without false starting! (as opposed to Okung at least once a game haha)

  2. Nathan_12thMan

    Yet again Rob, great piece. I particularly liked this bit:

    >durability and pass protection.


    There is obviously a long way to go until the draft, lots for us to learn and re-adjust to (FA specifically) but damn…your latest mock looks so sweet (OT, Feeney, Dahl, RB, DT, North, Deandre Elliott (CB), Punter) that if we see the Hawks do something weird or stupid I am gonna be SO disappointed.

    You are so right about OT, you gotta go there in the 1st with the highly likely loss of Okung. But to see the Hawks grab some sub-par FA for OT and draft some reach pick with our 1st or something…would be heartbreaking.

    Please Seahawks FO: This season, this draft, play it safe/smart. Make O-line a priority. Draft a OT in the 1st and Dahl in the 3rd. Please. If you do that you can pick up Punters with every other pick and I will still be happy.

    • RWIII


      • Robert

        12-4 and home field advantage!

        • Darth 12er


  3. Kip Earlywine

    Germain Ifedi and Cody Whitehair really jump out to me as guys that fit Tom Cable’s preferences. Ifedi reminds me of a more athletic James Carpenter, and Whitehair gives off Breno vibes.

    Shon Coleman is still my favorite option at OL though. I think he’s the second best tackle in the draft behind Tunsil. I know he has medical concerns (cancer), but a guy with his talent has no business lasting until the late 1st, especially in a draft as mediocre as 2016’s.

    While OL is a bigger need than pass rush, I’m a big fan of Emmanuel Ogbah and Leonard Floyd. I don’t think Floyd quite makes it to our pick, but Ogbah might and to me, Ogbah is the most talented pass rusher in the entire draft.

    But if you asked me who I expect to be taken at #26, I’d say Ifedi. He seems like a very obvious “Cable Guy” and checks all the boxes Seattle looks for at OL.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Ogbah has the athleticism to be the most talented pass rusher in the draft. But he isn’t there yet.

      Can’t really go wrong with either of Ifedi or Coleman. Coleman might have the edge in terms of year 1 impact, but Ifedi’s ceiling seems higher.

      • Kip Earlywine

        At DT, he stinks. But at DE, he reminds me of Jason Pierre-Paul.

        • Michael M.

          Kip, I’m terrified of Floyd’s lack of size. What can he do that Aaron Maybin and Dion Jordan couldn’t that will allow him to flourish in the NFL?

    • Rob Staton

      Ogbah’s combine was freaky. Great production too.

    • RWIII

      K.E. What you are saying is true. In fact Lindy’s has Coleman as the NUMBER ONE run blocking in the entire draft. However, He does has some medical concerns. He did not perform at the combine. Ifedi is younger than Coleman.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Still haven’t made up my mind about Ogbah.

      Honestly, I don’t see a guy who is very quick off the ball. Seems to have a sluggish get off. Maybe was small sample size thus far.

      Great height/length. But plays very high. Legs go on forever. Poor leverage even for a tall dude.

      Doesn’t appear to have the ability to dip/bend the corner on the edge rush. It’s speed/swim all day long. He either totally destroys the blocker with it or he looks like he’s patty caking.

      Good to great pursuit ability. Chases down players a lot. Very sure tackler.

      Doesn’t seem to have much lateral quickness. Wonder if it’s due to long legs?

      I think Ogbah wins differently than a traditional edge rusher from what little I’ve seen. If he shows an improvement in transitioning edge speed rush to inside rush — or masters the ability to dip and bend the edge — I think he’s a 15+ sack per year kind of guy.

  4. Spireite Seahawk

    Whilst we were talking aboutbguards I can’t help but find myself looking at Tretola video and scouting reports. I know he has the arm issue but the dude has allowed half a sack in 25 games. Bielema talks about him like he did Wilson. I think there is a player there.

    Anyone else see him in Seahawks blue?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Call me crazy, but I don’t see a whole lot of difference between Josh Garnett and Tretola – similar size, similar effort, similar results. Oh Garnett’s a better prospect to be sure, but he’s not 2 rounds better than Tretola.

      For me, Tretola in R4 > Garnett in R2.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        How about both, with Ifedi as cherry on top in Round 1 ?

        • C-Dog


          • reggieregg

            Watched Alex Collins and Tretola is getting off to lb and sometimes the secondary. I like Tretola a lot.

  5. Bob Johnston

    Okay, I’m sold.

    I was intially thinking the Hawks would go defense (DT or LB) but now I don’t believe they re-sign Okung and Ifedi has grown on me. I watched a game tape of him awhile back and was happy with his pass blocking – “absorbing” pass rushers is really an accurate way of phrasing it. It’s just a shame that A&M never freakin’ runs the ball. Watching him pancake the defender on the 3rd play in this video was good to see. Ifedi has moved to the top of my wish list.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s a great way of describing it — absorbing pass rushers. His frame, length, balance and set enables him to do that perfectly.

    • matt

      “happy with his pass blocking – “absorbing” pass rushers is really an accurate way of phrasing it.”

      Just watched Ifedi vs, Ole Miss and was thinking the exact same thing-absorbs defenders. He uses his length very well, using full extension, pops defenders at the second level. Quick kickback off the ball, squares up with proper angles, and recognizes stunts with ease. Hadn’t watched tape of Ifedi in long while-forgot how much there is to like with him.

      • Ben2

        Watching him pick up that stunt was just as great – shows awareness and discipline. Now that I have a man crush on Ifedi he’ll go in the top 15. Be happy with Coleman as a consolation prize. If either is on the board I’d take em’ over Ogbah.

  6. Evan

    Anybody know if the hawks interviewed him at the combine?

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    Prescient tweet from Rob Rang back on 10/24/15 calling Ifedi a first rounder:

    @RobRang: #Seahawks fans begging for OL help may want to watch this A&M-OleMiss matchup. Aggies RT Ifedi, Rebels’ LT Tunsil are each 1st rounders.

  8. CHawk Talker Eric

    Here’s a portion of Ifedi’s Combine presser.

    When asked about playing OT vs OG, he said: “Whatever they want me to play, I’ll play it and I’ll enjoy it.”


  9. Greg Haugsven

    It helps with speed rush as well that he goes against Myles Garret in all day in practice.

    • Greg Haugsven

      They could draft him regardless of what ever happens with Okung.

  10. Volume12

    What’s not to like about Ifedi?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Only thing I could say is the past success of TAMU tackles. Does that system produce NFL players?

      • Volume12

        That to me is blown way out of proportion.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Maybe so, but it could also be a concern. Hopefully if they do drat him he breaks the trend.

          • Volume12

            I can’t see why it would be a concern,

            Everyone loves Auburn’s Shon Coleman, and rightfully so, but how many NFL O-lineman have they produced lately?

            • Michael M.

              Auburn has produced 7 O-lineman in the last 10 drafts.

              • Robert

                You’re an Internet research wizard! I failed miserably to pull up Walter Jones’ Combine numbers. Any suggestions?

      • Scraps

        I don’t think it matters, unless you can pinpoint something specific. Otherwise it’s probably people reacting to a coin-flip pattern: four or five flips comes up heads, and people think it matters.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Why? Because Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews aren’t pro-bowlers yet? You do realize they’ve been in the League only 2 and 1 seasons, respectively? Cedric Ogbuehi hasn’t even played a season.

        Maybe give them some time to develop before declaring all TAMU OT prospects a bust.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Not saying there busts. In general if players aren’t getting it after 2 years they probably wont. You draft first round players to be 8-10 year starters. The question was, what’s there not to like? Just giving an answer.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            It’s too soon to declare either Joeckel or Matthews a bust.

            • bobbyk

              Joeckel is absolutely a bust for his lack of production in THREE years as that high of a pick. If he’d been drafted in the sixth round, he’d be considered okay, but he’s a bust as the second overall pick in the draft. A second overall pick (non-QB) is someone who should be awesome by their second year at the latest, not still trying to find his way into his fourth year.

              Jake Matthews is absolutely not a bust through two seasons. He’s decent and clearly improving. To add to that the knee surgery he had, he’s going to be even more healthy for ’16 than he was for ’15. Players simply don’t get back to 100% the year after those types of surgeries. I’d love for him to be our LT in ’16, whereas I’d cringe at the thought of Joeckel.

        • Jarhead

          Yeah but they were both top 6 picks. You would expect that a top 6 pick should at least be able to play the position for which he was drafted. Russell Okung, Trent Williams, and Lane Johnson were are first game starters at LT. If we are making too big a deal out of it, I think you are not giving it enough consideration. You can’t just dismiss it so quickly. It warrants a decent look at the trend.

          • Michael M.

            Lane Johnson was most certainly not a “first game starter at LT”.

            • franks

              He started at RT from the first game and hasn’t missed one since, not counting the suspension and if Peters wasn’t ahead of him he would’ve been doing that on the other side, and he’s been a lot better than Joeckle and Matthews so far.

              • Jarhead

                Yeah Peters was a top 5 LT at the time. He has been a stud at RT and will slide right over to LT now that Peters is gone

      • Rob Staton

        Can’t use unrelated players as a reason to knock a prospect just because they went to the same school.

        • Jarhead

          Same coaches, environment, assistants, and culture. That all matters. Each player is different. It is like saying each child of a particular family are of course different- but they grew up in the same house raised by the same parents. That is something to consider. It at least warrants a deep look

          • Rob Staton

            It’s nothing like that at all to be fair. I’m like my brother because we have the same parents, same DNA and spent every day of our childhood together. How is this any way similar to two totally unrelated players who just happened to go to the same college? Ifedi physically is totally different to Matthews and Joekel.

            Is Kevin Hogan going to be a top NFL quarterback because he followed Andrew Luck at Stanford?

            • Jarhead

              Rob, that is very innaccurate. You are in professional sports locker rooms- there ARE like brothers. They don’t share DNA but they are trained within the same culture by the same people. They could be different players- but when you all are taught to do this thing this way because this is how we do it- that absolutely allows for comparison and similarities. A Seattle DB can thrive in our system because he listens to coaching and buys in. Then he can go to another place and be mediocre regardless of previous success. That has happened to a few of our DBs. They are different players but they were all similar in certain ways. To completely disregard that Ifedi could have a similar luke warm start to other TAMU tackles is the same thing as we who are worried about the recent history of TAMU tackles.

              • Rob Staton

                Luke Joeckel declared for the draft before Germain Ifedi even joined Texas A&M and was coached by Kevin Sumlin and his staff for one season.

                So basically, Ifedi shared a locker room and coaching staff with one player (Jake Matthews). That’s the basis for this argument?

            • Jarhead

              Plus, debating on whether a middling QB is comparable to probably the greatest QB prospect of this century is way off base. Come on, Rob. That’s just silly. A better comp would be Greg Robinson vs. Shon Coleman, or something like that. Players who are least in the same stratosphere of talent. To say just because Robinson hasn’t taken over the way many thought he would, does that necessarily mean that Coleman won’t also. And I make that point knowing it is directly contradictory to the point about TAMU tackles that I am trying to make. The bottom line is, I think this whole thing warrants a good hard look. I don’t want Ifedi. I would prefer Coleman. Or Neal. Or Martin. I just think they would offer more useful skill sets for OUR team and it’s chemical make up. I have no interest in Ifedi regardless of measurable or size or anything. But many, hell most, readers on this blog do. I just try to give some ideas that I feel warrant a decent look.

              • Rob Staton

                As noted in my other reply, Luke Joeckel declared for the draft before Germain Ifedi even joined Texas A&M. Joeckel was only coached by Kevin Sumlin’s staff for one season.

                I don’t think Jake Matthews (on his own) being average/decent in the NFL is any reason to knock Ifedi.

                • Jarhead

                  There is also Ogbuehi. I think that TAMU lineman come in to the league a little bit soft, and it shows when they step on the field. I still feel that certain schools foster a certain culture that you can use as part of your evaluation process.

                  • Darnell

                    Keeping on theme with TAMU, Dennis Franchione and his staff were so crappy at player development that a freaky massive athlete like Red Bryant was a 4th round pick and Michael Bennett went undrafted – then Dan Quinn turns both guys completely around in a matter of months. Coaching matters bigtime.

                  • Rob Staton

                    So you’re judging Ogbuehi after half a season in the NFL, coming off a torn ACL?


                  • Jarhead

                    Rob, that is about as shaky as your Hogan/Luck argument. I have been on this blog for 6 years and I love it, man. This is the best Seahawks website period. While we disagree, I love that you made this haven for Hawks fans. We posters don’t say this enough

                    • Rob Staton

                      Appreciate the kind words man — but you can’t judge a guy after he plays half a season coming off his a torn ACL. And you know my point about Luck/Hogan. Just because two players come from the same school/coaches, it doesn’t mean two players with very different physical skills (but the same coaching) will have the same pro career. Matthews (who isn’t actually that bad) and Ifedi are very different people and players.

        • Darnell

          I think it can be an interesting point to debate in some instances though.

          Especially if we are to believe the inverse to be true with the likes of Joe Thomas, Kevin Zeitler, Travis Frederick, Kraig Urbik, and Rick Wagner.

          Though I am not sure Ifedi to Joeckel to Matthews is the best situation for that debate given the relatively recent coaching change and in all fairness to Joeckel and Matthews it is too early to come to a definitive conclusion on either.

        • bobbyk

          Agreed. That’s like saying Russell Wilson was a dumb pick because nobody in the history of Wisconsin QBs ever amounted to anything in the NFL.

    • Ukhawk

      He’ll be a good player, but there see better ones. I prefer Coleman based on superior tape, stats, nastiness, run blocking production, drive in overcoming cancer, team captain

      • Greg Haugsven

        I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then. I hope it wouldn’t be true if we drafted him but it should be at least a concern.

    • RealRhino2

      Well, I like him, since I was thinking he could be a R1 guy for months now, but:

      1. Plays primarily out of two-point stance (if there is one thing that does count against him being a TAMU guy such as Matthews, Joeckel, etc., that’s it, to me).

      2. Not well-versed as a run blocker at this point (again, TAMU).

      3. Not sure he’ll ever transition to the left or be great against true speed rushers. His kick slide is funky, more of a stomp slide, so he may have trouble covering the ground necessary quickly enough.

      I don’t care that Coleman “beat” cancer. The idea that that somehow makes him better or tougher is ludicrous to me (what was his other option, *not* try to beat cancer?) But I think I would have a slight preference for him because I think he’s more ready to come in and handle the nasty run blocking Pete wants, could also start at LG if he’s not ready for tackle, and I think I feel better about his possibly staying on the left side.

      But you say tomato, I say tomato….wait, that doesn’t work in print (true story: heard of a singer/actress choosing that song as an audition piece, but she’d never actually heard it. Goes in singing, “You say to-may-to, I say to-may-to….”

      • Volume12

        I disagree that Texas A&M doesn’t run block. They had a guy, who’s a late day 3 option go for over 1,000 yds this year. First time since they’ve been in the SEC.

        • GeoffU

          I don’t quite get this either, didn’t watch them play this year to know the details of what they do, but they threw the ball 482 times and ran it 505 times.

        • Jarhead

          But how often do they line up in a power set and go for it? It may not be a case of that they never do it, but it is a case of experience running a certain play style. To list off that an RB rushed for 1000 is a non-sequiter. It doesn’t mean that he possesses the skill set or experience of a player who came from a pro style power offense. TAMU is still a spread offense. He would have to completely change his play philosophy to assimilate to Seattle. That matters

          • Volume12

            ‘Not well versed as a run blocker-A&M’

            Might not matter that Carson rushed for over 1,000 yards, but that says to me that A&M does and is effective running the ball.

            Okung came from a spread offense too. Any O-lineman or prospect for that matter is going to learn a team’s style. It’s not like Seattle will pass on a guy because they don’t come from the style of offense or defense they play.

            • Jarhead

              Yeah but we hadn’t even really established our identity yet as a running team. That was Carroll and Cable’s first year. I think this is where everybody disconnect is- I am not debating on whether the Seahawks will draft Ifedi. It is entirely possible. I am debating on whether he can hack it in the pros, on our team, and whether he will turn in to another wasted pick ie Michael, Richardson (he has not contributed the way you would expect a 2nd round investment should regardless of injury), Moffitt, and guys like this. I want good football players. I don’t think Ifedi will pan out. There are guys who will likely be available who I would feel more confident about becoming better football players. The argument should be about will they/won’t they draft a guy. Sure they could draft anyone. For me, it is always- will they become a good football player and make the high investment pay off

              • Coug1990

                This seems to be cherry picking for an argument. You can look at every single team since the draft began and you can cherry pick players that did not pan out, including high draft picks.

                We all want the players our team drafts to be superstars. Seriously, what team and it’s fans doesn’t?

                • Jarhead

                  Not superstars. Solid players. I you can see I listed high round picks that absolutely didn’t pan out. Mistakes. I didn’t once mention the stars that we found. Which makes me think that we have that possibility each draft to get an awesome player with those picks. It is more than just luck, it is calculated risk. I honestly don’t care about any other teams picks but ours, so I won’t make and apples and oranges argument about draft busts vs booms. But I just want us to keep acquiring solid players

              • Volume12

                And that’s your prerogative if you don’t think ifedi will pan out. No one is gonna hold it against ya.

                But, the debate was over if him coming from a certain school should be a concern, which is way overblown IMO.

                • Jarhead

                  The OP was what was not to like about Ifedi. It has like 20 comments on it- it had evolved.

                • franks

                  The problem with Ifedi is he hasn’t shown what Coleman has on the field and his experience is in 2 point stance gizmo system texas A&M is currently running. Recent history of Texas A7M tackles not living up to the hype is more context and it wouldn’t mean much by itself, but then you look at his tape and his numbers and start to liken him with Mathews and Joeckel, who were combine guys in the same program, this isn’t an irrational perspective.

          • franks

            They don’t reaally that’s why you don’t know what you’re getting with him. Statistically it’s probably a bad bet.

      • Darnell

        Pete believes in grit and that can be manifested in a number of ways.

        He likes “overcomers”. Being down 14 in an NFCCG would be nothing for Coleman as he knows it is possible to overcome tougher situations than that. Struggling for air at the end of an 80 yard 2 minute drill? no biggie. Dude won’t complain about trivial things.

        It can be overcoming cancer, your environment (Bruce Irvin), a physical handicap (Derrick Coleman). They just like guys that have been through the wringer a little bit.

        I think there’s something be said for guys who’ve earned where there at : Brady (late round pick, didn’t get much love at Michigan), Russ (too small third rounder), Brees (too small,2nd rounder, Chargers let him walk), Rodgers (dropped in the draft and sat) as opposed to a silver spooner like Manziel, or someone who never actually had to compete to win their job like Bradford.

        • franks

          I think that’s a stretch, myself. But there’s something to be said for putting in your time.

      • franks

        What I like about him is he’s competition for LT who gets bumped to RT if Gilliam wins. Ifedi OTOH gets a try at RT where he may or may not succeed, ad if he doesn’t he goes to guard.

        • franks

          And then you spent a first round pick on a guard when there were two difference making DTs you had a shot at, a big time big play WR, etc.

  11. Volume12

    Nebraska CB Daniel Davie with a 39″ inch vert at his pro day, reportedly ran a 4.37 40.

    Arizona St WR Devin Lucien with a 4.4 40, Kentucky’s Cory Johnson ran a 5.0 40, 9’6 broad jump, 27.5″ inch vert, at 6’3, 298 and a bad hamstring.

    And Seahawk scouts at Troy’s pro day.

    • Rob Staton

      Any news on arm length for Davie?

      • Volume12

        I believe he had 32″ inch arms when they were measured at one of the regional combines, but I could be wrong.

        He’s got the kick-step down pat.

        • Volume12

          I think Seattle has their eye on this kid…

          Troy RB Brandon Burks-5’10, 207-210 lbs. His thighs are huge!

          2015 stats: 201 att., 1005 yds, 5.00 YPC, 7 TDs
          29 rec., 304 yds., 10.48 YPC, 2 TDs
          1304 yds from scrimmage.

          • Volume12

            BTW, Burks did all that as part of a platoon. Troy uses a 3 headed monster at RB.

          • TannerM

            He can take it the distance – had a 92 yard touchdown run, plus three more for over 50 yards.

      • TannerM

        Accord to an ESPN NFL Draft profile, he has 31 1/2″ arms… but that same profile has him with a 4.55, so they might be off.

        • Volume12

          I don’t think Seattle has an arm length requirement for RBs.

          Never heard that they do.

          • TannerM

            Sorry, that was for Davie.

          • rowdy

            He is below the weight requirements though

            • Volume12

              Not at 210 he isn’t. 207 was his last listed weight. You can always put a few pounds on him when he gets into an NFL W&C program.

              I mean honetstly, maybe they were checking someone else out, but he is Troy’s no. 1 eligible draft prospect.

              And in a somewhat disappointing RB class, maybe they’re looking for a sleeper.

        • Volume12

          Oh wait, your talking about Davie huh?

    • TannerM

      Also Noah Spence ran again at the EKU pro day. Supposedly got high 4.6-mid 4.7 in the forty in poor conditions.

      • Volume12


        • Volume12

          Meant to say, yeah I think he goes to TB, Miami, or the Jets.

      • TannerM

        Then again, Luke Rodgers of 247sports said he got 4.84…

        • Volume12

          I put more stock in what Tony Pauline says.

          Maybe I’m biasecd, but he’s my favorite/best draft insider.

          • TannerM

            Considering I hadn’t really even heard of Luke Rodgers before I saw him mentioning Spence’s time, I’d say you’re probably good with Pauline.

      • oz

        4.75-4.79 for Spence. per NFL.com

    • RWIII

      Tony Pauline has Daniel Davie ranked as 99th on his board at the Cornerback position.

      • Volume12

        That’s fine if Pauline has him there.

        I don’t think Seattle goes CB in the 5th round this year anyways.

        I trust what Pauline has to say more than I do a guy at 24/7 sports.

  12. Scraps

    Pete and John are so far ahead of me, I always say in the draft that they know better, and then I’ll feel better, whatever my initial reaction is for the draft picks.

    So that aside: I’m sold. I’m going to be anxious if #26 is coming up, and Ifedi is still on the board….

    • Nathan_12thMan

      On one hand i feel that way, look at what we have gotten in past years…we have had some of the best drafts and we have a great FO when it comes to the draft and UDFA.

      On the flip side there are guys…Britt, CMike, a bunch of wideouts, trades for guys like Percy and the jury is sorta out on if the Jimmy trade will end up being a good one or not (not that they could see the injury coming). Then there is their MO for how they treat the O-line, comments they make that keep me up at night (metaphorically) in regards to how they aren’t going to change how they assess and address the O-line.

      So while I try to have faith, while I know they can hit home runs and have a pretty good scouting department and drafting FO…I still fear our weaknesses. We are still the team that took Britt in the 2nd just two drafts ago. I mean he was projected for the 5th to 7th round and we took him with the 64th overall. And what did we get? Literally the worst RT in the NFL in ’14. And when moved inside last season how does he play? Like crap. A 5th round pick on him could very well have been a reach, let alone a freakin 2nd round pick.

      I realize it is 20/20 hindsight but it would kill me to know some player picked below 64th has ended up being better than him, and I bet at least one has; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_NFL_draft

      • Hawksince77

        Don’t disagree with any of your points, but would add another consideration. There are two parts to the equation: scouting/drafting being the first, and then evaluation within the team/practice/playing environment. In other words, what I believe makes the team special is not so much the first step (scouting/drafting) but instead, how they evaluate the players once they are on the team.

        We see this in two ways – one, when a fifth round CB begins his rookie year 3rd on the depth chart, and then ends up starting after Trufant and Thurmound get injured, and never gives up the position again. Or when a 3rd round rookie QB starts over a high-priced FA.

        And second, when they quickly cut bait: Harvin, Carey, for instance. Or when they move players from their original starting position (both Carpenter and Britt, for instance).

        They don’t live with their mistakes. They change things up that don’t work, even when it costs big money, or perhaps pokes egos.

        They field the team with the most UDFAs on their 53-man roster (I think that’s right). Players don’t get by on past performance, or their name, or their draft position, or their salaries. To me, that is the key to their ongoing success.

        Free agency and the draft are very important, and obviously making good decisions during this process is better than making bad, but the success of the team isn’t completely dependent upon hitting every selection out of the park. If they hit 3.80, just like in baseball, they will continue to win.

  13. Lewis

    Great article. Maybe it’s just me, and I haven’t gone back and double-checked, but it seems like most of the mocks post-combine are projecting more defensive linemen going in rd 1 after the combine and, to a lesser extent, fewer OL. I find it hard to believe that will actually happen, given the depth and relative uniformity among the d-line prospects.

  14. franks

    Rob the O Line is far and away our biggest question mark and you’re hyper-focussed on it. So many good reads here. Thanks.

    Mock Draft scenario–

    Rubin and Michael re-up, Mebane and Jon Ryan go and we don’t land Mario Williams. Marsh keeps his spot.

    Lane resigns and Donald Penn, whom Brian Nemhauser’s been touting as a more affordable LT, signs a 2-3 year deal at maybe 6.5 per. Loadholt stays in Minn.

    R1-A’Shawn Robinson DT. Unusual to spend this kind of draft capital on a position Pete normally fills with budget F.A.s, but he’s a sure thing and on the cap side rookies are cheaper, 2 or 2.5 mill? And he’s a monster out there and collapses the pocket like Mebane hasn’t in a while. 2016 Seahawks destroy the run like they ever have before.

    R2- Josh Garnett. All-Rookie LG.

    R3.a. Javon Hargrave DT. True 3 tech gives us nice rotation at DT.

    R3.b. Harlan Miller CB/NB. Small school playmaker, a little slight, 31″ arms. Tons of INTs, gambler who plays the ball. Sea-Defense wasn’t forcing T.O.’s last year and Burley could be upgraded.

    R4. Brandon Shell G/RT. Football genes, big and powerful with a nice broadjump. More of a guard for now, but could swing out to RT with more technique, experience.

    R5. Victor Ochi LEO. Small town edge rusher. 4.85 40, 1.60 10 yard split. Nice Shrine game. Will he last this far?

    R6.a. Nembot, Stephane RT. I’d rather red-shirt a sixth rounder than a first.

    R6.b. Trevone Boykin, QB. Too short.

    R7. Nick O’Toole, Punter.

    And then we sign Hass.

    • Rob Staton

      Not a fan of the Donald Penn suggestion. He’s 33 in April. $6.5m a year for a 33-year-old tackle who was never in great shape during his peak years isn’t all that appealing.

      We discussed Hasselbeck in the last post at length — we don’t need to continue it here. If you’re pinning your hopes on his return, prepare to be disappointed.

      • franks

        He’s no Walter Jones but he’s shown that he can hold down LT. Few enough good LT’s that I think it’s worth it, if PCJS have their eye on someone else in R1. Whatever you pay him, that’s money’s good for the playoffs. Started 140 consecutive Regular season games, played in every one since 2007 his rookie year. Much preferable to Okung in my mind, for that reason. I want a starting LT starting in the playoffs.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ll pass. Too much money (and it probably won’t be enough) for a guy well into the tail end of his career. Better options in the draft.

          • franks

            I agree there are better draft options. But only in the first round.

            • badjujus

              Brian Nemhauser is a poser. I used to follow him but he doesnt know what the seahawks look for analytically or athletically.

              The fact that he is suggesting we sign a 33 year old @ a position of need is moronic, ontop of that we would lose a comp pick.

              • franks

                I like his column and he does it for free. Actually has a really good offeeason layout I just read.

                • Jujus

                  Hawkblogger posts drivel that has no bearing on reality. I doubt he even knows why we drafted sokoli, what sparq is, the length we require for corners.

                  He caters to a casual fan base that is looking for affirmation of their fandom.

                  Rob caters to the hard-core passion driven fans that weep at the idea of Russell getting sacked as much as he did last year.

                  Sure hawkbloggers site is fancier but it also teaches you nothing. Rob will open ur mind.

                  • C-Dog

                    I think Brian Nemhauser has a good football mind. I’m sure he realizes they drafted Sokoli because of his SPARQ numbers, and they want to continue getting more athletic on the OL. Not sure he would agree with that, not sure entirely I would agree with that either, but that’s their way. He disagrees with the way PC/JS go about a few things, here and there, and has his points. He can be critical, and I like reading his take because of that. I don’t agree with everything thing he writes, but there are some things where I think he is spot on.

                    Do I think they should bring back Matt Hasselbeck? Not really. Do I think they should consider adding some quality veteran help to the OL? Sure. Do I think they should consider drafting DL early? Sure. Do I think they should trade Kam Chancellor? Not for peanuts, no way.

                  • Volume12

                    Nemhauser is an intelligent football mind.

                    He just happens to be a ‘glass half empty’ kind of thinker.

                  • franks

                    Why don’t you start your own site and do a better job. Why do you need to hate on him like this, what affirmation do you need.

                  • franks

                    Seriously man we’re all casual fans here discussing our casual views on a game. That’s the reality.

                  • Hawksince77


                    You are dead wrong about Hawkblogger. His site is interesting and well-informed. He provides thought-provoking scenarios for us ‘casual fans’. He makes a reasonable case for every position he takes.

                    And it’s not a case of Rob versus Brian. They reflect very different perspectives and approach the Seahawks different angles, both of which are meaningful.

                    If you don’t like Hawkblogger, fine, don’t read his site. But keep your personal attacks to yourself.

                  • Del tre

                    Just because you think one way doesn’t mean other people’s perspectives aren’t valid. I’ve read many hawkblogger articles often times they have advanced stats including sparq and he actually goes to OTA’s etc. Brian doesn’t just cater he looks for legitimate stories for example how and why the Hawks will likely be targeting veteran free agents which there have been other stories reported on

            • Del tre

              Not exactly? There is no guarantee ifedi or any of these linemen pan out they are rookies at the bottom of round 1 for a reason. This is a week offensive draft and I think everyone on this site seems to be ignoring 2 things, there I a strong veteran free agent market for interior o linemen, and right tackles are much easier to find than gifted left tackles. Honestly expect Pete Carroll to go defense it’s what he does its the Seahawks identity and the Hawks were nowhere near as dominant on d because of lack of pass rush and a weakened secondary look for him to draft d end depth, d tackle starters, and corners. This is going to be a defensive draft we will see in free agency

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Two things wrong with this scenario:

      1. Donald Penn will sign somewhere (most likely OAK) for far more than $6.5M APY (sorry Hawkblogger).

      2. SEA won’t sign a soon-to-be 41 year old oft-injured Hasselbeck who missed games last season as a back up. I mean, why would they???

      • franks

        Because he still has it.

        Did Brian make up the 6.5, I thought I did.

  15. southpaw360

    I’m sorry I’m tired of the Hasselback talk. I can’t stand the guy. I couldn’t stand him while he was with the Seahawks and will be not happy if he comes back. I have a back story on him living it first hand that he is a phony. Can’t stand him as a person or a football player. Please draft someone to be the back up. We can save a little money by not re-signing T Jack. Please draft/udfa a developmental back up QB. I say no to Matt Hasselback.

    • Rob Staton

      99.5% sure they don’t sign a 41-year-old Matt Hasselbeck to be the backup.

      It’ll likely be T-Jack or a rookie.

      • Miles

        What is this story of Matt being phony?

    • Hawksince77

      How about RG3 cheap?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        @BleacherReport: At least 10 teams are taking a ‘hard look’ at signing RG3, according to @mikefreemanNFL

        Get in line.

        • Volume12

          I really like Arkansas QB Brandon Allen. What a gritty dude. He’s a gamer.

          But, is his hand size a concetn for them?

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I thought he had the nicest throwing motion at the Combine.

            • oz

              Funny how that stood out to me too.

        • Hawksince77

          Okay, but what are those teams willing to pay? Is anyone looking to start RG3 next year? I don’t think so.

          As far as I can tell, nobody sees him as a 2016 starter. He’s flawed in every way, including the lack of an NFL QB skill set. What’s that make him worth?

          On top of that, he has major attitude issues. What his career needs is a major resuscitation, one perhaps a year with Seattle could provide.

          From Seattle’s perspective, they could run the same offense with RG3 backing up Wilson. As opposed to TJack or Hass, for instance.


          • TannerM

            There’s probably quite a few teams out there with QB problems that would be willing to pay. I can think of the Rams off the top of my head, even if they are claiming they like Case Keenum (my initial thought was: “HA”). The Texans are in need of somebody who can actually throw and are a little too high in the draft order to actually get a difference maker. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns took a look at him rather than be forced to take a QB with their first round pick. How many failed quarterbacks have they drafted now?

            • Miles

              Close to 20.

      • franks

        For TJack money, okay.

      • reggieregg

        It would be so ironic if RG3 got to go play with the entire defense he was traded for! Seems like he is the reason LA has the dline they have now. All those draft picks

    • franks

      You’re right he only took us to the SB. Let’s focus on his personal shortcomings.

      Not a fan of going into a season as arguably the SB favorites, with a UDFA backup so we can save one million. I’m sorry that’s just not a good idea.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        IND went into 2015 as one of the early SB favorites with Hasselbeck as their back up. That wasn’t a good idea either.

        • franks

          Are you kidding me Hasselbeck killed it last year.

          • franks

            And he wasn’t th only one who went down behind that line, Luck has been getting hurt repeatedly it seems and Whitehurst is strong, young and healthy too.

          • Rob Staton

            And that’s why Indianapolis just dumped him for Josh Freeman…

            • franks

              No, they dumped him for Freeman because of his age. Let’s see how Freeman does before proclaiming they were right.

              • franks

                They have been making a lot of dumb moves, is the context.

              • Rob Staton

                You said he killed it last year. If he really did “kill it”, there’s no way the Colts dump him for a guy who was on the street for a year or so in Josh Freeman just because he’s a few years younger.

                It’s time to move on man.

                • franks

                  He absolutely did kill it, he exceeded their expectations and then he got hurt after 8 games behind that lousy O Line. They don’t think he can do it again because they’re hung up on the 42 and maybe they think he’s fragile. But 3 out of 3 Qb’s didn’t make it that year.

                  These are the same guys who traded for Trent Richardson.

                  • Rob Staton

                    So because they traded for Trent Richardson, they made a mistake deciding a 41-year-old backup quarterback isn’t for them?

                    We’ve talked enough about this now. It’s dominating two threads. If you’re pinning your hopes on this happening, prepare to be disappointed.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Oh yeah, he killed it alright. All the way to an 8-8 finish and no post season. His 4 wins came against JAX (5-11), HOU (9-7), ATL (8-8), and TBB (6-10).

                    And if he got hurt behind the Colts’ lousy OL, what’ll happen to him behind SEA’s OL?

                    We just have vastly different definitions of ‘killing it.’

                  • GeoffU

                    And how’s he going to do behind our lousy O line? Same thing or worse than he did the year he left, which was not a good year. He does not fit the Carroll style of offense AT ALL. This team needs explosive passing plays and he was always mediocre with the deep ball even in his prime.

                  • franks

                    *Removed for bad language

                    Franks — please don’t swear when you post.

                  • franks

                    My fault thse were Luck,I dont watch that team.

                  • franks

                    Sorry for the swearing but I think I made a good point there. That team has not done well with personel.

    • Jarhead

      Hahaha I thought I was the only Seahawk fan who felt this way. He and Alexander were both soft and I couldn’t stand either one of them. With Jones and Hutch on that left side- how did “I’m up, they see me, I’m down” Alexander not rush for 2500 yards and 35 TDs? Good lord. This post was refreshing. Haha

      • sdcoug

        Oh man, I still have visions of post-payday Alexander dropping into the fetal position before first contact. Guy would start turning his back toward the line when he was still a yard away from the first defender. Brutal. I was really worried about that huge extension at the time

        • sdcoug

          “I’m up, they see me, I’m down.” Hahahaha. So accurate

        • franks

          Took the money and ran, or the hits caught up to him, dunno but he was a different player after he signed that contract. He did set the record for TDs though. Hard to say he shoulda done better but that made me laugh haha I’m-up-he-sees-me-I’m-down Alexander

          • oz

            After the Hawks drafted him coming out BAMA, His HC commented on how well he was able to avoid a direct hit. We saw a lot of that. I never forgot that comment every time I saw him take a dive.

    • Butter

      I think Carroll is going to bring in Bob3 as RW’s understudy, and trade him to Chip Kelly for three #1 next draft.

  16. Hawksince77

    I’d love to have strong opinions, but until FA gets started, it’s so tough to call. But a few thoughts for today.

    After thinking about it, there are players easier to replace than others. With that in mind, I think they let Okung walk. Gilliam has been groomed as his replacement, and a starting RT can be had at 26 (Ifedi the obvious possibility).

    What can’t be easy to replace? Premier pass rushers. Irvin has been talking about wanting to stay in Seattle. It’s hard to imagine with Atlanta and Jacksonville with the need and the money, but who knows? Pass rushers don’t come cheap, in dollars or draft capital, and they have a shot to re-sign the guy.

    If they can:

    – re-sign Rubin and/or Mebane cheap
    – get Lane for something reasonable
    – rework Bennett’s contract (he’s earned consideration)

    would they have enough to retain Irvin? Could they craft a deal that he would take over competing offers?

    • franks

      18 million, apparently, for Rubin/Mebane, QB2, Lane and/or Irvin, if we don’t sign any outside F.A. Possibly more depending on how you rework ADB and Bennett but I don’t think we can keep Lane and Irvin without gettting in trouble later.

      • Hawksince77

        That’s what I was afraid of, Lane or Irvin, but not both. That would be tough.

        • franks

          I dont think our system gets that much out of Irvin. He’s gonna get at least 10 sacks on the right team. That’s why the price is so high.

    • GeoffU

      But Irvin is not a great pass rusher, that’s why he moved to SAM, and that’s why the team’s willing to move on. He’s fast around the edge and that’s it.

      • franks

        Not in our system.

        • GeoffU

          Do tell what system he’d be a great pass rusher in?

          • franks

            A system where they blitz linebackers.

            • GeoffU

              That makes about as much sense as lobster.

      • Robert

        I thought he moved to SAM because he was a terrible run defender early on. He couldn’t hold down the edge vs Atlanta after Clemmons went down. But they wanted him on the field in base downs as well as passing situations.

        • C-Dog

          I think that’s absolutely right. They want a way to have him on the field as a starter, and with Clemons, and then Avril signed, the best chance was at SAM, and then rotating in at DE. To his credit, he developed into a really solid SAM backer. IMO, Seattle is probably going to loose a really talented player in Irving.

          • Robert

            I’m confident Irvin could now be an excellent LEO because his run defending and ability to set the edge and work through blocks have improved dramatically as he learned the SAM position. But Avril is too good to dislodge.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I doubt we can keep either Lane or Irvin. Both are going to get lucrative deals from other teams that we won’t be able or willing to match. Anyone thinking Lane can be had on a ‘prove it’ deal is probably dreaming. He’s healthy and has already proven he’s a starting corner. There is nothing he needs to prove to get a team to sign him to a multi-year deal.

  17. Dingbatman

    Rob. I’ve often heard it takes a year or so for OL to learn the pro game. We’ve heard a bit about Glowinski but not much discussion of Sokoli, Poole or even Nowak. Do you think one of that group ever steps up to the next level?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to say on Sokoli or Poole — we saw so little of both. I’m not optimistic.

      • Naks8

        I thought the issue with Poole was strength. Hopefully we hear about him as at least competition

        • franks

          Starting to hope that’s true and the newer stronger Poole beats out Kenny Britt for a roster spot.

          • Michael M.

            When did the ‘Hawks sign Kenny Britt?

            • Robert

              Justin Britt…just call him Just!

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        If even one of those three is ready to contribute and even start this year, that would be fabulous. One can only hope. I suspect that all three will be depth players this year.

  18. Darth 12er

    On NFL Live today, an insider said Malik Jackson wants upwards of 15 mil, and Irvin should get over 10. I’m starting to think Okung will be too rich for us as well.

    • franks

      Don’t want Okung even for the minimum. We need the same guy starting in the playoffs who started all year.

      • Darth 12er

        Totally agree frank. I’ve been back and forth with him for too long. I “think” I came to the decision I’m ok if he walks- prefer it actually. I’m tired of thinking any of these guys will go team first and cut us a deal…there’s just way too many millions out there, and I don’t blame them. Thx for the effort, give us our third, and good luck to ya. It seems we may actually get a good replacement in the late 1, even better!

        • franks

          That’s right, we get a third-rounder too, and we save against the cap, and above all we’re not going into the postseason with a backup anchoring the line.

          • C-Dog

            Not to play devil’s advocate, but I will. What’s to say Gilliam or other vet or rookie doesn’t hold up 16 games either? Injury is a pretty common aspect of the game. I think with Seattle’s physical style, the next person is could be hit with the injury bug as well. In college, Okung was a pretty healthy player.

            • David

              There seems to be an awful lot of confidence around here that Okung can and should be replaced easily in the draft with a first rounder. While it certainly could happen (let’s hope so), it is also just as likely to get a guy who, yes, may be more durable but could easily by a downgrade from a multi-year veteran starter, at least in the first year.

              It seems prudent to take some caution in the thinking that because Okung wasn’t a 4x All-Pro that he can be replaced by a rookie just because the Hawks use #26 to replace him. Yes a rookie will be cheaper but does anyone remember Greg Robinson – the can’t miss prospect that the Rams took as the 2nd pick in the entire draft who couldn’t even crack the starting lineup to open his rookie season and was, by all accounts nothing more than mediocre in his transition to the pros? And he was the 2nd overall pick, the consensus top tackle in the draft, not #26 and the 6th or 7th best tackle in the draft. Just saying, I remember how horrible the line started this year and I don’t have a ton of confidence that it will instantly get better just because they grab rookie OLineman with 2 out of their first 3 picks.

              • David

                I guess the point I am making above is that if a drastic improvement of the line from last year is the goal, it doesn’t seem that merely replacing the best guy on the line from last year with a rookie (even a late first) is a slam dunk, We’ll be lucky to break even. The only way I can see the line drastically improving is to keep the best guy on the line (Okung), sign a capable veteran to replace Britt and use draft picks to create competition at the other spots (C, RG, RT).

                • David

                  That way, if the rookies have issues transitioning initially we are at least backstopped at Lewis, Glow and Gilliam (at least won’t be worse than last year) with the hope that the rookies can step in and be an improvement. By just replacing Okung, Britt and/or Lewis with rookies – there is no backstop. The line could easily start off worse than last year.

            • franks

              It could happen to anyone and that’s just football, but it happens to Okung every year.

    • Michael M.

      I don’t think there’s any way Malik Jackon lives up to a 15 million a year contract. Am I missing something? Is he really on the level of Gerald McCoy and Geno Atkins, or is this purely a supply and demand thing?

      • Darth 12er

        Idk either, but it’s no wonder Bennett is so unhappy- but hey, he signed it.

  19. lil'stink

    Any chance we have any interest in Willie Beavers? Seems like he has the athleticism to play tackle, and he has the size profile we seem to like in LG. Although he might not be a mauler in the run game (yet). Some are projecting him to be a third day pick, but that it seems like he might be more of a day 2 pick.

    I don’t think we trade out of the first round this year, but if we did perhaps we could snag Ryan Kelly and Beavers?

    Of course, it all depends on what happens next week.

    • Rob Staton

      Beavers, to me, was even worse on tape than Le’Raven Clark without the upside. His athletic performance at the combine was very poor. Doesn’t have the same length. A guard project for me.

    • oz

      I like Cole Toner from Harvard as a day three prospect. Might have to take him in the 4th though.

  20. Ealafa

    @ Volume12 and Rob

    How is the 2017 defensive tackle group looking and can you give me some names to be watching four.

    • Volume12

      Mizzou DT Harold Brantley, Michigan St DT Malik McDowell, Florida DT Caleb Brantley, Michigan DT Chris Wormley, Udub DT Elijah Qualls, NC DT Naz Jones, LSU DT Dalvin Godcheaux, UCLA Eddie Vanderdoes, Cal DT Malik Jefferson, Florida St DE/DL DeMarcus Walker, Utah DT Lowell Lotuleilei, just to name a few.

      • Volume12

        Appears to be loaded with 3-techs, but too early to sa with any certainty.

        • sdcoug

          Lowell must be of relation to Star?

          • Michael M.


            • sdcoug


        • Volume12

          Auburn DT Montravius ‘Monty’ Adams and ‘Bama DL Jonathan Allen.

          Those 2 along with Mizzou’s Harold Brantley might be the best fits for Seattle’s 1 gap scheme.

          • KyleT

            Loved Jonathan Allen’s tape last year

    • Rob Staton

      Keep an eye on Harold Brantley at Missouri.

      • Ealafa


  21. RWIII

    Two points.

    1) I see a lot of mock drafts that have the Seahawks taking a Defense Tackle with the 26th pick. The Hawks need to draft a defensive tackle. But if they wait until the 3rd round they still can get a pretty good player at that position.

    2) This is actually a question. Where do you think Sebastion Tretola will land in the draft? From what I have read the guy is a pile driver. But Tony Pauline gives him a 7th round grade.

  22. sdcoug

    Martellus Bennett in town. Rampant speculation in 3…2…1…

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      1 more year and CHI Town is looking to trade him. Nope, not coming to Seattle to play, just visit.

      • Volume12

        He’s a presenter/speaker at an event in Orcas Island this weekend.

  23. CharlieTheUnicorn

    What are the strengths of the 2016 draft?

    What are the strengths of the 2017 draft?

    This could point the collective towards who would be a bargain and who are must picks….. for example, don’t miss out on DT in 2016, because 2017 is very poor….

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to look ahead without knowing which juniors will declare or who will perform in the 2016 college season and emerge.

      • Volume12

        Exactly. Plus you never know if guys are gonna live up to the hype, under-acheive, or get injured.

        From the looks of it, I think there’s better interior rushers next year.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          But the depth at DT this year is a once in every 7-10 years type of deal. There could possibly be guys as late as early 4th round that a few teams might have first round grades on. That is really impressive for the overall depth at one position group..

          • Volume12

            Sure. Can’t argue there.

            But, it’ not deep with interior pass rushers.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, and I think this plays into the favor of the Seahawks in two potential ways.

            1. They wait on DT until rounds 3 or 4, and get a player who can become a quality starter.

            2. This class drives the free agent market down, and they get an established player who’s really good on a favorable salary.

          • reggieregg

            Exactly why we need to double dip in that pool of DTs!!

  24. Volume12

    Seahawks interviewed Arizona St WR/HB/OW DJ Foster at the combine. Killed his pro day today. Improved his 40 time from a 4.57 to a 4.41-4.45.

    And is FA WR Rishard Matthews coming aboard, or just speculation?

    • icb12

      I’m a big DJ Foster fan. That’s good news!

      • Volume12

        I like him much better as a RB. In the mold of a Reggie Bush.

        Seems to me they might be looking to add a Bush style back to pair with Rawls. Makes sense though right?

        Foster, Prosise, Burks, Marshall. Backs like that.

        • Volume12

          Actually Foster seems to be more of a ‘do it all guy.’

          A true OW aka Offenive Weapon.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Percy Harvin, without the baggage 😉

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          He is a guy that can be a jack of all trades. His conversion to WR was less than glowing in CFB…. but he does have hands and can run routes. He is the guy the Patriots will be eyeing in the 5th or 6th round.

          • Volume12

            The Percy comp w/o the baggage ain’t a bad one. Little more of a RB.

            Seems to be a smart kid with some swag and passion. I could see Seattle liking this guy in a jack of all trades type role. His frame might be able to carry some more weight too, need be.

            I think this offense could use a guy like this.

            • icb12

              Late to the party,
              But yeah, I agree with pretty much all of the above.

              I definitely think the Seattle offense could use a guy like that.
              He may not be the best, but he will be valuable to any team that picks him up I think.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, I think Russ likes the check down option in the flat. I can see them drafting a traditional RB and still go OW on a player like this.

              • Volume12

                I like Georgia back Keith Marshall more and more. An explosive one cut runner.

                Yes, the vert wasn’t great, but if his ankle was 100%, how much would that have improved?

                Foster actually looks like a really good WR with some OW capabilities.

    • Ukhawk

      Is there a list of all combine Seahawks interviewees?

      • Volume12

        No. I actually got this from Bob Condotta.

        • Ukhawk

          V12 = nuggets cubed… Love it. Thx! Keep em coming

    • lil'stink

      Not sure how much faith I would have in Omar Kelley as a source but Matthews would certainly be interesting here. Are we really willing to pay him $5-6 million APY? That raises a lot of questions for me.

  25. smitty1547

    I know I’m getting way ahead of myself, but A&M must have a hell of a prospect at LT now. What do we know about him?

    • Volume12

      Avery Gennessy.

  26. smitty1547

    Any talent a soph, or Jr?

    • Volume12

      What do you mean? Is he a SO or JR?

  27. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I know everyone is caught up in the Dradt OL in the first….
    but could Seattle pass up on OLB Leonard Floyd if he happened to be available ?

  28. Darth 12er

    Volume12 – you seem to be quite knowledgeable. Do you scout for fun, living? Do you maybe have a blog as well? For the record..not looking to replace..but if you have something similar I’d be interested in checking it out.

    • Volume12

      No man, just for fun. I played my whole life, except for college. If I wasn’t such a complete dumpster fire when I was younger, maybe I coulda. Well, that’s a whole different story.

      I do not have a blog. Thought about starting one, but when I discovered this site, I figured ‘ain’t no way in hell I could compete or do what Rob does.’

      I appreciate the sentiment though my man. Thank you.

      Feel free to ask away.

      • Josh

        Have you asked Rob to do some guest articles? If I recall Kearly used to to do some write ups here back in 2012.

        • Volume12

          No I haven’t.

          I’d love to, but if Rob wants me to, he’ll ask.

          I would be open to do doing one in like May, June, July. When Rob takes some much needed timeout with the fam.

          • Rob Staton

            Always happy to take guest posts.

  29. Alicamousa

    Seen a couple of people talking about Peter O’Toole if we go a punter, but I’d be a very happy boy if we took Tom Hackett. I’d seen a few people talking about him talking about using a rugby style kick, which confused the hell out of me until I went and looked at some tape – it’s actually an Australian football style kick. He’s a funny kid who I reckon would fit in well in the locker room, and he’s a genuine field flipper – beautiful drop punt on him.

    • Alicamousa

      *Nick O’Toole, sorry. No idea where I got Peter from.

      • C-Dog

        Did you watch Lawrence of Arabia recently, or What’s New Pussycat, or My Favorite Year?

        • Alicamousa

          Ha I did actually! Lawrence of Arabia the other night. Funny how that sort of thing gets into your subconscious.

        • Robert

          Hahaha, good call, C-Dog! We want you working double-time to unravel Pete’s Draft clues this year!

        • franks

          Serious ESP going on at this site sometimes.

  30. reggieregg

    Why is Coleman not a “Cable” guy? I watched both guys against Alabama. For starters Coleman played LT and I don’t see why he couldn’t in the nfl if not he for sure lands at guard he has that seek and destroy in him and that pop on impact. They actually ran the ball to his side! Ifedi has a good kick borderline offsides…lol… but I didn’t see the mauler more of an absorber. Yes Ifedi’s physical attributes or his upside may be higher but Shon Coleman brings it on every play. He is no slouch by any means. Bang bang bang in my drum for Coleman! I love everybody’s insight the blog is very informative thanks!

    • C-Dog

      I think he is very much a Cable guy. In fact, I think Ifedi will likelu climb up considerably and be out of position for Seattle to draft considering his upside and performance at the combine. Coleman, Spriggs, Decker, and Clark will probably be more closer in Seattle’s range.

      • mishima

        Crazy, but I would take Clark over Spriggs.

        • Volume12

          Not crazy at all. I think I would too.

          Clark is a real possibility if Ifedi is off the board.

          Kind of has this surly demeanor. A no nonsense guy. Loves fishing and hunting and being in the woods.

          • reggieregg

            Springs looks like a basketball player…haven’t watched tape but he looked like he had no lower body. Can’t see how he anchors down against a bull rush!

      • oz

        I agree…

        • oz

          With C-DOG that is.

    • Ukhawk

      My take too

  31. Robert

    Year after year, this FO baffles fans with their counter-intuitive decisions. Cap strains force them to let Okung go to a higher bidder. Obviously, we’ll draft the best Tackle we can find with our 1st round pick. Britt is a bust at RT and LG. Add it all up and whataya get? Robert Nkemdiche in the 1st, Drango in the 3rd or someone for LG, Britt back at RT with some TE help and some prospects from FA and Draft to fill gaps, com-Pete and/or develop. Not my prediction, but definitely a possibility!

    • RealRhino2

      Reminds me of a little thought experiment I was running in my head as I drifted off last night. Position by position, who are the guys you would draft ahead of the OTs we are talking about, if they were available? In other words, let’s say Okung leaves, we want a tackle in the draft. At #26, Shon Coleman, Ifedi, Spriggs and Clark are available (if you want to run it with T. Decker also available to see if that changes things, fine). But, surprisingly, ALSO available at #26 are a few guys at the top of their position group (or near, forgetting the ones that are definitely going top 15). Do you take them instead of your favorite OT on the board? For:

      RB – Ezekiel Elliott?
      WR – Doctson or Treadwell?
      C – Ryan Kelly or Nick Martin?
      DT – Vernon Butler or Sheldon Rankins?
      DE/Edge – Lawson? Ogbah? Spence?
      LB – D. Lee?
      CB – Apple? W. Jackson?
      S – Neal?

      Right now I think (I think) I would take take only Elliott and Rankins ahead of a tackle, though some of the edge guys are tempting. You?

      • Butter

        It’s really painful for me to think about possibly drafting an OL out of necessity and miss out on a potential game changing DT in this draft.
        I would take Billings or Vernon Butler if they are still on the board @ 26th.

      • Ground_Hawk

        I think that because both Lawson and Ogbah had good production this year that they would have to be considered, after Irvin likely leaves.

      • Ukhawk

        Great question.

        I personally wouldn’t take either. RB2 can be found later. As much as I want to like him, Rankins production is not exceptional plus thee is massive depth and Hargrove for example is physically not much of a drop off.

        For me, only maybe WJack3 if they think he is likely to be elite. Would have a massive impact on strengthening the defence

        Can’t see anyone else who would be available and make a bigger upgrade / impact than OT

      • Darth 12er

        I would just take the best OT available regardless. As much as that pains me, I feel like it’s a must. Okung back or not. I can’t remember a recent draft that has so many OT prospects that could really hit in the first.

      • Robert

        I like the question of your thought experiment! I wonder how the FO ranks developing players on the roster: Pinkins and KPL, Sokoli, Poole etc, the CBs, the WRs etc. Sweezy’s abysmal pass blocking despite great athleticism remains a mystery to me. Does that mean all Cable’s uber athletic conversion projects are likely to develop into decent 1st level run blockers, great 2nd level blockers and cruddy pass blockers? Russ mitigates some DE pass rush with his threat to bust a move on the DE and gouge the D for a 1st down scamper. So I have little idea on how our FO projects our current players. But I believe better interior pass protection is a priority. I think they would like to move KJ back to SAM and have a great athlete and TO machine at WILL. Adding a great DT is probably a priority with current starters aging and un-signed. I think Pete realizes that Cable is deficient at protecting his QB and will add a great G prospect in the 2nd or 3rd. I think they expect improved pass protection at RG from Glowinski. I’m leaning towards a DT with our 1st pick and I think he will be a base down run stuffer with improved pocket penetrating/ collapsing ability. Robert NK would be my prediction, but there are too many unknowns about his personality makeup.

      • Hawksince77

        I would love William Jackson, if Seattle could fix their offensive line without using their first pick. But the offensive line comes first, and I don’t see how they replace Okung without using their first pick, even assuming Gilliam slides over to the left.

  32. Eastolyfan


    Is there any projection yet for what the Hawks get for 2016 draft in extra draft picks?

    Your mock has two thirds. One above has 2 thirds and 2 sixth round picks.

    • Volume12

      A 1st, 2nd, 2 thirds, a 4th, a 5th, a 6th, and 2 7ths.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m pretty sure they’ll have:


      • Eastolyfan

        Thanks Rob

  33. Ben2

    Awesome! Just saw Rob and his blog referenced, linked and quoted on an ESPN article – Robs gettin big!

    • bobbyk


      • Jarhead

        Yeah I just checked and found the article. That is pretty awesome. Congratulations, Rob. You have a great thing going here and I am glad your site is getting some recognition.

      • Ukhawk

        As per years past, I think Rob has nailed the best educated guess of what the Hawks will do in FA and the logic behind it. Better than the so called experts. Lots of variables and plausible scenarios, we will see how the puzzle gets filled in.

        I’m most excited about rebuilding with tough, young talent and gaining loads of picks to carry on the process next year. The team is going to be stronger than ever in a few seasons, staying competitive during a long window of opportunity

    • 503Hawk

      Kudos Rob!

    • Darth 12er

      Very cool, well deserved

      • Volume12

        About time.

  34. Eastolyfan

    Here is a fun little twist on your mock draft.

    1. ot. Germain Ifedi, Texas A&M
    2 dt. Christian Jones, Mississippi State
    3. olb. Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame (sits a year)
    3. c. Christian Westerman, Arizona State
    4. rb. C. J. Prosize, Notre Dame
    5. og. Conner McGovern, Missouri
    6. wr. Marquez North, Tennessee
    6. olb. Jatavis Brown, Akron
    7. cb. Cyrus Jones, Alabama (nickel)

    • reggieregg

      I’d take that in a heartbeat….I am all for rolling the duce on Jaylon Smith!

      • reggieregg


  35. troy

    What if all the top OT are off the board and it fell something like this?

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    98: R3P35

    125: R4P26

    172: R5P33

    215: R6P37

    223: R7P4

    245: R7P26

    • BHarKnows

      Unless they did something for the OL in FA there’s no way they wait until round 4 to address the biggest need

      • Volume12

        DJ Foster is a WR. A receiver that can be used in the backfield occaisionaly.

    • icb12

      I would be doubtful that Rankins makes it to 26, Neal falls to round three and Feeney all the way to the 6th.

      Stranger things have happened; but I remain doubtful that any one of those happens, much less all three.

      • Rob Staton

        Keanu Neal won’t fall to R3. Book it.

    • franks

      From what I’ve read here, Rob sees Rankins as top 15 and Neal unlikely to make it to 26. I like Cooper in the 4th though. Rankins would be the best first rounder since ET if we got him.

      Here’s my try. Mock with an early run on OTs, Mebane stays, no f.a. O-linemen:

      R1-26: DE Tapper

      R2-56: DT Adolphus Washington

      R3-90: RT/G/C McGovern

      R3-98: G/C Glasgow

      R4-125: LT/RT Joe Haeg

      R5-172: WR Ricardo Louis

      R6-237: G Tretola. Sweezy pass-pro? No problem this late,

  36. mishima

    Rob, do you expect Decker to slide? If available, who would you take between Decker and Ifedi? Also, which mid-round OTs will make the best guards?

    Seems there’s the known quantities of Stanley, Decker, Spriggs with high floor/low ceiling, then the potential of Ifedi, Clark, who could prove to be better OTs than all.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Decker could slide — because Spriggs and Ifedi have more upside and athleticism, plus the height will be an issue for some teams.

      I’d happily take either really. Think both would be excellent for Seattle at RT.

  37. smitty1547

    Loved the updated 3/3 mock from Walterfootball.com (hey it’s all we had before Rob came around)
    Had us taken
    Lee, Spriggs, Garnett, and Bradbury.

    Had Nkemdiohe falling to 49 to Bills, Ifedi to 65 Browns, Clark 70 to ravens, Dion Jones 75 to Raiders, Shon Coleman 80 to Bills, Glasgow 84 to Redskins, all in RD 3

    Javon Hargrave 98 to Cowboys, Miles Killebrew 99 to chargers, Lawler 126 to Carolina all in Rd 4

    • reggieregg

      Give me Darron Lee any day. I like the that pick.

  38. Volume12

    Seahawks also met with UCLA WR Jordan Payton at the combine.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Kearse 2.0

  39. cha

    3 hours ago
    Bob Condotta ‏@bcondotta
    Seahawks have reportedly made tenders to Patrick Lewis, DeShawn Shead, Cooper Helfet and a few others:

    Seattle also tendered DT A.J. Francis, LB Eric Pinkins, DB Steven Terrell and CB Mohammed Seisay. Seattle has two other ERFAs who have yet to be tendered in CB Marcus Burley and DT Jesse Williams.

    • Volume12

      I didn’t see Patrick Lewis. C-Mike gone huh?

      • Volume12

        Oh those 2 are RFAs. Not ERFAs

  40. Robert

    Any thoughts on Spencer Drango as a mid round plug and play Guard? Assuming back issue is not an issue, he might be on the radar?

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