Post draft Google Hang Out

I’m going to be taking a break after this post. It’s been a long draft process and I need to spend some quality time with my wife and son. If anything major breaks involving the Seahawks (eg a Russell Wilson contract extension) I’ll put up a blog. However, things are going to start winding down for the 2015 draft.

I want to thank everyone who continues to make this place more a community than a blog. I also want to remind everyone that we cover the draft (and the Seahawks in general) right through training camp and then into the college season. If you’ve enjoyed the last few weeks, come try the blog from August onwards when we really start to discuss players for the first time.

For now enjoy the podcast above and Go Hawks.


  1. James

    Enjoy the time off Rob! Thanks for everything, your opinion on all things related to the draft is one I’ve come to respect the most.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks James really appreciate that

      • Tien

        I want to echo what James said Rob! Thanks for all your hard work and I’ve learned so much since discovering this blog about two years ago. It’s been great to actually know so much about the prospects before the draft and then seeing them develop as Seahawks. Thanks again and enjoy your break!

        • footballnerd

          Thank you so much for everything Rob. Hope you enjoy your time off.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I just want to add my thanks. Rob you’ve done a great job keeping this blog alive and growing. I couldn’t believe that sometimes over 300 comments were submitted. The material is always interesting. Have a great vacation and enjoy yourself.

  2. FattyAcid

    Thanks for another great draft experience. One day the Hawks will take notice and make you their scout. Enjoy!

  3. Saxon

    Thanks for all your hard work! Please pass on our apologies to your wife for monopolizing you the last few months. Cheers!

  4. Turp

    Thanks for a great draft season, Rob. Your writing only gets better, and the best is yet to come.


  5. bobbyk

    Take care of your family and enjoy your time away. Thanks for a great draft season.

  6. Mike Kelly

    Another great year. Enjoy the time off! We will miss the posts but you should not be missing your family!! Till August Good Sir!

  7. bigDhawk

    Well deserved. Enjoy the break and see you at training camp.

  8. UKHawkDavid

    Thank you so much Rob; I’ve been visiting the site 5-10 times a day over the last few months and I’m really going to miss (for now) the community you’ve cultivated. Let me know if you’re ever in Orange County (California) and I’ll buy you a beer. Cheers.

  9. Producehawk

    Thanks for all the great work and enjoy the wife and kid time.

  10. Volume12

    Enjoy the family Rob. Take it from someone who’s lost almost eveyone close to them. Family is what really matters my man.

    Thank you for letting me be a part of this community/blog, I’ll miss visiting the site every day, but until then, cherish the loved ones, have fun this summer, and can’t wait until TC and the kickoff of the 2015 CFB season.

    Like you said, GO HAWKS!

    We all we need, we all we got!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I had nothing to do in a month of weekends before the draft. But in one of life’s little ironic surprises, I spent draft week/weekend in the hospital watching my mom recover from heart surgery. Key word is recover!

      At least the hospital had cable and wifi so I could watch the draft and check in on SDB, even if I didn’t have it in me to leave any comments.

      “Family” takes any number of forms, but always means the same thing. I remain grateful for my SDB family that I leaned on heavily when crisis threatened my immediate family. And y’all didn’t even know how much you were doing for me ๐Ÿ™‚

      In the grand scheme, these things may mean nothing. But even then, they mean everything.

      • Volume12

        Damn man, I’m sorry to hear that. I was wondering where you were.

        I know what that’s like to have your mom laying up in the hospital like that. Kind of puts things in perspective doesn’t it?

        My heart goes out to you buddy. I’ll be around if you ever need it my man.

        God bless CHAWK!

  11. Aussie Al

    Outstanding work Rob, you deserve a break. I only found your blog this preseason but it’s now a must read.

  12. OZ

    Rob, I would like to express my apology’s for being condescending in a pre-draft blog regarding the Huskies. I have been a daily visitor here for the last three years when I am not at sea. Sometimes then too, when I can get internet access. I really enjoy your time and effort. Enjoy your time away, it is well deserved. GO HAWKS!!!

  13. James P

    Thanks Rob, best place for all things Seahawk – first stop every day. Can’t wait for you to get blogging again but in the meantime enjoy your downtime.

  14. smitty1547

    well deserved best sight out there for the 12

  15. David

    Thanks for all of your hard work, this place is really special. Looking forward to August.

  16. AlaskaHawk

    This is the only sports site that isn’t blocked by the IT folks at work. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks to IT I know what Kim Kardashian wore last night but not which team won the game.

  17. Kelly

    Thanks Rob for all you do.It is really appreciated


  18. David M2

    I’ll be curled up in the fetal position for the next two months, maybe locked away in a very dark place, the only thing keeping me going… knowing Rob will be back.

  19. no frickin clue

    Thanks for all your hard work and great writeups Rob!

    Now that we’re in the NFL quiet period, and before you go, I think all of us would benefit if you would answer the burning question of the day: will Aston Villa avoid relegation? ๐Ÿ™‚ Two of its last three games are hardly pushovers!

    • Rob Staton

      I think Villa will avoid relegation ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Lewis

    Thanks for everything, Rob!

    With Dante Fowler done for the season, I wonder if there will be renewed speculation of Bruce Irvin being traded to Florida. I feel bad for them. He was supposed to help take their defense to a new level.

  21. Ed

    Keep Irvin. Trade Bennett. Get Wilkerson. Cut Mebane (to pay Wilson)

    DE (4) Irvin/Avril/Clark/Marsh
    DT (4) Wilkerson/Hill/McDaniel/Staten
    LB (5) Pierre-Louis/Wagner/Wright/Farwell/Coyle
    CB (5) Sherman/Williams/Simon/Burley/Smith
    S (5) Thomas/Chancellor/Pinkins/Shead

    • Volume12


      Didn’t you just say that Seattle needs interior defenders, but trading Bennet, and cutting Mebane helps how? Wilkerson needs to be in a 3-4 to excell. And if Seattle wanted Wilkerson, don’t you think they would’ve drafted him when he was sitting on the board in 2011?

      I think Farwell is done. Pretty sure he’s part of the coaching staff now.

      Bennett isn’t going anywhere. He wants a raise, not a trade. No different then the Lynch saga the past couple of years, and we all had to prepare for ourselves for his exit. Yeah, right. And I could care less if Jason La Confora reported it or not. He’s being used as leverage.

      • Ed

        Yes. Next year, because McDaniel will be expired and Wilkerson would either get paid or leave as a FA. That would heave Hill, who would have 1 year left I believe. Wilkerson plays DE in a 3-4, which usually holds against the run for the OLB to blitz. He actually would fit as a DT in our scheme, stout against the run with some rushing ability. We had Mebane and Bryant, but we needed OL, so Carpenter and Mofitt were our first 2 picks.

        Morgan then

        I agree to a degree. Own it or come out and say “I’m a Hawk, no worries.” It’s been going on for awhile now.

        • Volume12

          I just don’t think this team worries about run stuffwrs. You can find them anywhere in the draft really. They’ll find another under the radar guy in FA next offseason like they’ve done with Kevin Williams, Alan Branch, Clint McDonald, although he provided great pass rush, and like Rubin this year.

          Next year’s draft class will be loaded along the D-line, ecspecially with unique 3-techs. Seattle’s needs next year look to be along the O-line, interior rusher, and adding another HB. And the 3 positions that happen to be the deepest on first appearance’s are, no surprise, those 3.

          JS/PC always seem to know what positions they’ll need addressed and what positions coincide with those needs a year or two ahead of time as it relates to the draft.

          Clark, Bennett, Hill, even Marsh and Rubin will provide plenty of pass rush this year and going forward from the interior.

          • Volume12

            Oh I forgot. We’ll agree to disagree, but if Seattle wanted Wilkerson, they would have taken him. Interior pass ruhers are much harder to find then offensive guards. I suspect one readon they didn’t take him was because he’s not a 3-tech, but a 5-tech in a 3-4. Seattle has evolved their strategy defensive philosophy and gone with more traditional DEs, not including the LEO spot.. Guys that are 6’3-6’4, 265-274 lbs.

          • Robert

            I agree about supplemental run stuffers. Brandon Mebane’s ability to stalemate double teams to keep the LB’s clean is special. I think he is a core player near the end of the line. Hopefully a replacement begins to emerge this year, but I am not confident that will happen. Likely scenario is it’s a big priority next off season.

  22. JMac

    Good stuff Rob – will miss coming to this page – have you given any thought to another non-seasonal Seahawks page? Love fieldgulls, but these two sites have both been ‘go-tos’ over the draft season. Anyway, I’m sure you are busy, just a thought – I think you could have success.

    Enjoy your time away – and thanks!

  23. Cysco

    Wow. Fowler out for season with torn ACL. Really tough break for both the player and team. Hate to see something like that happen. Hope he recovers.

    • Volume12

      That’s git to be incredibly frustrating. I know most of us on here have somewhat adopted the Jags as our AFC team, at least I have, because of Gus Bradley, his culture he’s building there, personnel, schemes, etc. That sucks man. Was really hoping for Jacksonville to turn the corner and challenge Indy a bit and wanted to see DFJ turned loose.

      Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed.

  24. peter

    Rob, hats my man! I can’t believe you’ve grown this thing so much! The worst part is ill still have to check every few days just to see if you’ve posted something.

    1. Also your in season instant reaction and how prospects fit into Seattle world stuff is the best. I look forward to those pieces hours after the game.

    2. I love how this year you covered so many angles including players that may not have been a good fit but just to give us,all a new perspective.

    I look forward to future pieces next year like “everything old is new again, should Seattle consider a two pronged RB attack?”. Joking….or maybe not?!

    Take care, and I’m looking forward to the next great post!

  25. Robert

    Congratulations on 4 million! Thank you for all your hard work. Real sports journalism is so rare in this Internet world of click baiting with sensational headlines purposely taken out of context or just brazen lies from an “anonymous source.” The quality and integrity of your articles and community discussion is unmatched and that is a massive understatement! Enjoy your family!

  26. New Guy

    Thanks for all the good work! Very enjoyable hang all during draft season.
    Hope you donโ€™t mind if we continue to chat while youโ€™re getting some time away.

    I foresee probable shakeups coming in receiver corps. If these players live up to their potential I wouldnโ€™t be surprised if itโ€™s something like this:

    C. Matthews
    D. McNeil
    Kasen Williams

    Thatโ€™s five right there. If there is an active sixth spot is could be a shootout between Kearse/Norwood. Of course, P Richardson on PUP (or IR?).

    Those first five guys are tough and hang onto the ball. Of course, the wild card here beyond capabilities, injuries, practice squad requirements and previous emotional ties, is who Russell builds relationships with. He does have a relationship with Kearse to date but if these other new guys (in particular Matthews, McNeil, Kasen Williams) show themselves to their ability in practices some new relationships could be forged. Lockett is a given to make the squad. Seeing if he can really get open in the NFL will show how much playing time at receiver he will get. But he will be active every week.

    It’s too bad about Hill taking a hike. I looked forward to see if he could come back to what he once was. Still, we get to see the same type of experiment in Kasen Williams… So far, so good.


    • Volume12

      Just my guess, but I see the WR core as, in no particular order…

      Tyler Lockett
      ‘Hardball’ Matthews

      P-Rich on th PUP
      Kasen Williams on the PS or red-shirt him on IR

      Norwood and McNeil are on the bubble IMO.

      • rowdy

        I think yours is close to what will actually happen with norwood being close to taking Kearse or rockets spot. Do we just refer to him as Rocket now? I think the rookie takes the name for himself lol. But they could line up lockett and lockett with wilson and willson!

        • Volume12

          LOL. Nice, I like that.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I was looking at the field gulls site. They have an article about UDFA players that tried out at mini camp. There is the one wide receiver from Arizona, Hills. Other then him there weren’t any other wide receivers. It seems like PC are happy with the number and quality of receivers they have already aquired.

            What was more surprising was there were 3 more guards tried out. It seems like a lot of effort when they just drafted three guard/center types. I don’t know what to think, mostly that they overdrafted guards and underdrafted receivers.

            • Volume12

              WR Kasen Williams was highly impressive. PC said they want him back. I think he’ll be their developmental receiver going forward in place of Austin Hill.

              Williams is jacked man. Dude has muscles on top of muscles. He’s not as fast as Ricardo Lockette is, but just as aggressive/physical and plays angry. At the very least I suspect Seattle has Ricardo’s replacement in Kasen going forward.

              • Volume12

                What do you mean they overdrafted guards? Just curious.

                Most of these guus are nothing but camp bodies and players to fill out the 90 man roster you have to have heading into Training camp.

                Sokoli is Cable’s next project, Glowinski can play every position on the O-line except for LT and is a hedge for possibly losing Sweezy next off-season, if not, he’s fantastic depth. Poole can play all 3 of the interior spots, yes even center, and again will either give Seattle fantastic depth, or be the LG of the future.

                Seattle just secured the the future of thier O-line at LG, C, RG, and RT last year with Britt. This offensive line is now deep, extremely versatile/diverse, young, and highly athletic.

    • Steele1324

      Too bad Hill didn’t pass his physical. Optimistic about K.Williams and McNeil. Ross Apo will at least be a camp body.

  27. Clayton

    Enjoy the family time! Go Seahawks and thanks for all the insight.

  28. James

    Fellow 12’s, I’m afraid that honesty requires that our final grade for this draft is C-minus. For a group that follows John and Pete’s draft history more closely than others, we simply swung and missed far too often. As usual, John is about eighteen steps ahead of us.

    I’m sure someone will post claiming that they correctly nailed every single Seattle draft pick, including the trade of 4 picks for Tyler Lockett, but truly, my memory is that we basically went 0-fer. The few times that familiar names were drafted were more the result of other factors than the players being successfully scouted and linked to the Seahawks by this blog (more below).

    The consensus discussion on this board is that Pete would once again go for a tall SE if at all possible, and the lust for DGB knew no bounds. He was picked well ahead of #63, so we will never know…

    The other consensus pick was OL, and the names most often submitted by us were Ty Sambrailo, Mitch Morse and Ali Marpet. Again, most were not available at #63, so we will never know…

    The point is that few of us thought that Leo/Edge DE would be the top pick, and fewer still identified Frank Clark as the one. Once again, hindsight shows classic Seahawky sparq characteristics that should have had Frank on our lists. Of course, the DA did not clear him of DV charges until right before the draft, so that certainly impacted his potential as our pick.

    We all knew that Seattle had to go KR in this draft, and most tagged Ty Montgomery or Tre McBride (who I was totally wrong about… he only went R7). The tape clearly showed Tyler Lockett as far superior to the others as a KR, but none of us could see just how much he would appeal to Pete, and cause John to give up 4 of his precious draft picks in exchange.

    As far as our new OLs, Poole, Glowinski and Sokoli were all frequently mentioned on this blog, but only after they surfaced as VMAC visitors and were tabbed in press reports. I wonder how alarmed John got when their names surfaced in the press as linked to the Seahawks in the week before the draft? The leak surely did not come from Seattle, so I wonder if their agents talked too much, or if it was just close observers or other team scouts who saw Seattle sniffing out these guys so closely that word got around?

    In any event, let’s all come back strong next year and get that grade up to a B+. We all know that we will never get A’s with John so difficult to read. (one good guess is that we again trade our R1 pick. if you can get talent like Jimmy Graham in return for a #1, we may never go round one again.)

    • David M2

      In the famous words of V-12 and one distinguished Ron Burgundy… agree to disagree.

      I think this was the Hawks best draft since 2012. Frank Clark was the one guy I wanted in this draft class more than any other. I think the guy does deserve a second chance. The Hawks came away with some very dynamic picks this year and I think we may be pleasantly surprised with how this class performs.

      Time will tell.

    • Volume12

      I disagree James. Let’s get technical, shall we?

      I had them taking Frank. Clark in the 3rd, took him in the 2nd, I tried to say that a smaller receiver/STs ace was the quickest way to upgrade the receiving core, and while I did have them taking WR Ty Montgomery in the 2nd, they still took a smaller wideout whose probably the best returner in the draft in Lockett, who by the way was being discussed on here in depth since November, or December?

      Again, I said Seattle would really like the W.Virginia O-lineman, Spain and Glowinski. Had them taking a CB in round 5, they did, had them taking a developmental edge rusher in the 6th, they did, had them taking Sokoli in the 6th, they did. Had them taking a safety in the 7th round, and they did.

      I highlighted Sokoli as someone Seattle would potentially like back on Buffalo’s pro day, waay before they were connected to’him, brought up the fact that Bruce Feldman called DE/LB Obum Gwacham a ‘poor man’s version of DE Ziggy Ansah.’

      Rob stated back in Janruary or February that Seattle liked OL Terry Poole.

      Not to mention that others had Frank Clark in their mocks, banged the table for WR Tyler Lockett, OG Mark Glowinski, someone brought up CB Tye Smith awhile back as well, and HB Thomas Rawls and WR Kasen Williams.

      Sorry if we couldn’t nail every pick for you, and thanks for reading the posts and not just skimming through them.

      Your right, someone did say something, but it ‘s almost because it feels like your impying that the blog as a whole let you down or something.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Yeah, Lockett and Clark were 2 names that featured often on SDB. Clark was the subject of 2 of Rob’s posts that I can remember, the second even contemplated SEA taking him early.

        I didn’t “have it” so to speak because I really hoped for DGB, but several times I said Lockett is a natural playmaker who would make a fine pick at 63. I went into greater depth regarding Clark, comparing his Combine performance/measurables with the likes of Clemons, Avril, Bennett, and Irvin, and calling him a hybrid of Bennett and Irvin – closer to Bennett’s size/length, with Irvin’s short area burst. I thought he’d make a good pick at 95. Doesn’t matter to me they did it inversely.

        We’ll never know if they’d have taken any of Morse/Marpet/Sambrailo instead of Clark, although I suspect at least one of them was their #2 option after DGB went too early (assuming he was their #1).

        Incidentally, for anyone wondering the JJ point value result of the trade with WAS, it was +3% for SEA despite the 4-for-1 trade.

  29. rowdy

    Actually there was a lot of talk about going dline if the wide outs and o linemen went early and frank clark was talked about a lot. Rob had a piece on him like 2 months ago. Poole was reported by Tony months ago and glow and sokoli were on the radar after the combine/proday. Lockett was one of the main players talked about by everyone. I’m not sure why you’re grading it a c? Because you think there bad picks, reaches or just don’t fit the team?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes, I even threw out the suggestiong that they would make defense their first pick because I figured the wide receivers would be picked over by the end of the second round and it was too early to pick a kick returner. I think the readers did just fine with our picks because we all know that the Seahawks are unpredictable. Of more interest is what our grades of the Seahawks picks are.

      I give the Seahawks an A for the players they aquired. Heck they even made it threw mini camp without getting injured. Unlike Dante Fowler.

      I give them a C for how they went about it. Trading away a first round pick for Graham. Trading away three picks for Lockette. The price was high. Don’t get me wrong, I like the players, I just don’t like giving away draft picks. Also a C for not choosing one more wide receiver to compete.

      But hey thats just the way I roll. Opinionated and guilt free!!!

      • rowdy

        I expected another receiver too but figured they like mathews and McNeil better then the options after the 4th round. As far as trading the picks, I didn’t mind because we couldn’t use them all. If anything I wanted them to trade picks for more next year but that’s not easy to do

        • Haystacker509

          I agree rowdy, I don’t expect all picks to be starters let alone in the rotation so I’m happy we turned 11 picks into our selections. I think this draft stands on par with one of the best for depth, explosive ess, rotation, Seahawkiness! This OTA and preseason is going to be the most pivotal in the Carroll era I think. Breaking in a convert C ( way harder than a convert to RG or LG), finding a solid base rotation of upfront 4-6 lineman/pass rushers, who’s stepping up to replace/spell Irvin & Wright? (wright signed an extension last year but who says he plays it all out?? So replacement depth?
          The offensive side of the draft aside from Lockett (who’s my favorite pick honestly for ROY with his multiple skills) are the most intriguing and exciting with potential then I can remember. I wish it was early August soooooooo bad!!!!

          • Volume12

            I honestly don’t think there’s any worries about depth this year. In fact I’d argue that Seattle’s depth this year is close to or on par with the 2013 roster. There’s going to be some very talented players that unfortunately will get cut this training camp.

            Sokoli will need time at C, but Patrick Lewis IMO is an excellent up and coming center in the NFL.

            Bennett, Clark, Marsh, Hill, Avril, Irvin, Gwacham, even KPL and Rubin will provide some pass rush. This team is going to send waves of rushers at the opposing team. And with the best secondary in football, good luck to other team we face trying to combat our pass rush for more than 3-5 seconds.

            Pinkins actually comps dead on to LB Malcom Smith. It’s all about ‘roster mirroring’ with Seattle. Something that we should debate/discuss more on this blog when looking at CFB prospects this coming season.

            Gwacham and KJ can spell Irvin. KPL and Pinkins can spell KJ at the WILL ‘backer spot.

            One of the most exciting things about Frank Clark is how exotic and creatively Seattle can/will use him. As a LEO, a 5-tech, rush him from the interior like Bennett, and he can rush from the SAM position too, kind of like how Green Bay uses Julius Peppers or the Jets use Quinton Coples. Clark is going to be a monster in this defense under PC!

            • rowdy

              Agree about the depth but I think gwachem won’t be a factor this except for special teams

              • Volume12

                Yeah, your probably right about Gwacham. But going forward or in case of an injury/emergency, he could fill in. What a project though for PC. Obum is just a sponge man, coming to work with a notebook, gotta love that. You can just tell he wants to be great.

                • David M2


                  I completely agree with you.

                  I’ve said it before, but Clark was the one pick I wanted more than any other pick in this draft. I was happy as a pig in shit, just like with Wilson and Irvin He kind of reminds me of Jason Pierre-Paul. I don’t think he’s quite as tall as Pierre-Paul, but very similar length/weight and he’s a powerful player who’s motor doesn’t quit.

                  With what looks like solid up and comers in the LOB, coupled with a defensive line that is going to be insane over the next few years, this is going to be a defense for the ages, as if it isn’t already. Would love to see some more depth at safety added next year maybe, but that’s the only place of need for depth that stands out to me currently. I always fear Earl or Kam going down.

                  From the looks of it, our LB crew is looking pretty good too, even if Irvin walks next year it looks like the Hawks are developing depth with their LB’s.

                  Also really interested in Cottom, if he can catch and block I don’t see how he misses out on making the final 53. H-Back type of player who could add some more dynamic elements to the offense and he’s got speed for a big man. I’d hate to see Tuku or Coleman go as a result, but if I had to guess I think they may keep Coleman because he’s more dynamic. I think the Hawks value the FB position more than any other team in the league and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them keep two FB’s on the roster.

                  WR group is going to have some fun competition this year for the TALL WR’s with Hardball and McNeil, also that kid out of Utah, I forget his name but I don’t currently see him on the roster, is he still around?

                  If they make the expected move for Kasen Williams it’ll be interesting to get to see him compete and if he does and he plays up to his highlight catch from the other day, as well as some folks hopes and expectations here on the blog, I think there’s going to be some Bubble Boys on the roster this year (Click Here For Unnecessary Seinfeld Plug) and my guess is sadly Kearse and Lockett will be those guys. I just think there could be some moving and shaking with the WR core this year.

                  All in all, with the addition of, Grahm at TE and Lockett (the Swiss Army Knife) this offense just got a little scary. Add in a tall WR or two on the outside and it’s going to be fun watching them play this year.

                  Hey, we may not of been able to go back to back last year, but if we get to do it for the next two years. I’ll be happy… I think we all will.

                  GO HAWKS!

                  • Volume12

                    Great aritcle DM2.

                    But, I have to disagree about Kearse and Lockett. Their actually very good role players, and I just don’t see an UDFA or arena league receiver beating out either one. Receivers are notoriously fickle, and it’s hard to find guys that are content to be relegated to special teams duties/ace, or only getting 4-5 targets a game.

                    It’s one reason teams loved Ohio St WR Devin Smith. How many guys in the college ranks enjoy being a gunner? Maybe a handful? And to be a succesful one, you gotta have that junkyard dog mentality. That’s not something that can be coached or taught.

                    Kearse is fine IMO.

                    And Tukuafu is just so damn versatile. This is a guy that can play on all 3 phases. I think they may end up carrying 2 FBs, because Tukuafu could essentially be your 9th or 10th dfensive lineman.

  30. Haystacker509

    Hey guys the Bears released LB Khaseem Greene. Wasn’t he talked about on here by Rob a couple years ago? Would he be a good camp body perhaps? Since we’re experimenting with Eric pinkins at outside backer perhaps Greene would be worth kicking the tires?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      His game didn’t translate to the pros.

      Also, with Pinkins moved to OLB and Obum on the roster, they already have 9 LBs for training camp.

    • Troy

      The Bucs picked him up.

      • Miles

        I remember really like Khaseem Greene throughout the draft process, but I don’t think the Seahawks were that interested. When it comes to LB, the Seahawks have “their guys” and nobody else. I think the Seahawks had a chance to draft Greene on multiple occasions and they didn’t do it. They must not be very excited about him.

        He was once a big name on this blog but he’s obviously been underwhelming thus far in his NFL career.

  31. AlaskaHawk

    Looks like the Patriots are getting penalized for deflategate. Tom Brady with a 4 game suspension. Team with a million dollar fine and loss of 1st round and 4th round draft picks. Thats a pretty hefty penalty.

    • arias

      The irony is that the team will save 5 times the million dollar fine by the suspension of Brady without pay. lol.

      Steeper is the 1st and the 4th.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Some fan comments:
      Have you even read the Well’s report into the footballs? All the evidence to completely exonerate the Patriots is there for all to see, the balls deflated naturally in the cold weather – it’s called transient pressure. Read the appendix by the scientific firm for hire Exponent (which also produced reports that asbestos and cigarettes don’t cause cancer – integrity? yeah right) and you will see.

      The conclusions produced by Ted Wells are an absolute disgrace from this data. The punishment is so far out of line with similar proposed cheating scandals that it is obvious there is a clear agenda to smear the Patriots.
      This was a witch-hunt orchestrated by the NFL which is corrupt to its core. There is only one way for the NFL to regain any integrity. Roger Goodell the commissioner has to go.

      • Nathan

        It’s a good thing they didn’t lose the first rounder this year, I’m sure they won’t picking at 32 next year, if they still had the pick.

        • Robert

          They will have to settle for #31 because we are gonna OWN #32!

          • arias

            Hard to see them “settle” for #31 when it’s hard to see them going back to the SB.

            • Robert

              I am rooting for a rematch! So I will be rooting for the Patriots until the Super Bowl!

  32. Haystacker509

    WWL reports free-agent DT Kevin Williams is visiting with the New Orleans Saints

    • arias

      I can only wonder why. New Orleans isn’t anywhere close to winning a SB. Is Seattle no longer interested in re-signing him?

      • Miles

        I think the likely scenario is that the Seahawks are interested but don’t want to pay him any more than he was paid last year. But if I was in K-Will’s shoes, I would definitely want more money. He was the most versatile, hard-working d-lineman we had last year and he played his ass off when Mebane went out. The guy definitely deserves a pay raise but the Seahawks simply can’t do that. If he wants to play here again he’ll probably have to take the same amount he took last year, if not less.

  33. Volume12

    Anybody checked out Arkansas WR Keon Hatcher? He had very good production last year for a team that constanty runs the ball, he’s tough, gritty, the size Seattle seems to like in thier receivers, plays with a ‘bring it’ to the defense mentality, good run blocker, great hands, good red-line receiver. He’s someone I’ll definetly be paying close attention to.

    I also like Wazzu WR Dominique ‘Dom’ Williams.

  34. Volume12

    Since it’s probably safe to assume that Seattle will be in the market for a HB next year, you guys have got to check out/keep an eye on HB Kareem Hunt.

    Insane production, highly mature, gritty, explosive, ‘Seahawky’ size, not even 21 yet. This dude is unreal!

    • rowdy

      I think the depth next year is the reason they didn’t pick one this year. A lot of good talent will come out. They did sigma brandon cottom to the 90 man though who i think is very intriguing for a fb. I think he has a chance to take the spot this year depending on coleman works out after the injury.

      • Volume12

        Absolutely. Next year though if most of the juniors come out, and they alwyas do at the HB position, your right, it will be loaded.

        And with Turbo and C-mike becoming FAs, not only would it be smart to take another HB, you could develop him for a year or so behind Lynch as well.

        Did you get to check out Kareem Hunt? He reportedly ran a 4.49, squats 500 pounds, high jumps over 6 feet, long jumps over 11 feet. He misssed 3 games in 2014, but every game he did play in he rushed for over a 100 yards. Was 2nd in the nation for explosive runs behind Melvin Gordon and had he not missed those 3 games, would have run for 2100 yards.

        His feet and balance are unbeleivable! In the godaddy bowl game he rushed for over 200 yards and had 5 TDs. Coming from Toledo, not only does he dominate, he also gets better as the game goes on.

        • Volume12

          Forgot to mention FB Brandon Cottom. He’s very exciting. What a freak man.

          I’d agree with you again about him being potentially a devastating weapon/someone to keep our eye on in TC.

          And to change gears here a little, how how about some of these O-lineman that are probably PS members? Idaho’s Jesse Davis was a SPARQ demon and is a developmental LT/RT, and they might have another Sweezy or Sokoli on ther hands with OG Kona Schwenke. This offensive line could end up being more athletic than some of the D-lines in the entire NFL.

          • David M2


            Ready my reply to you above in case you missed it, but I completely agree with you about both Kareem Hunt and Cottom.

            Man would Hunt be a pickup next year!

            • Volume12

              Right? I’m assumig you checked out Kareem Hunt’s highlights? Is dude a stud or what?

              • David M2

                Yeah, I caught the article on Field Gulls about Hunt and some others and he was definitely my favorite. You know after I wrote that last piece and thought about it for a while, I agree with you that it would be Tuku that they would keep over Coleman because of his defensive versatility.

                • Volume12

                  I love Derrick Coleman too though. He’s such an underrated weapon in the passing game and really opens up Seattle’s playbook. And then Cottom seems like he’s very unique and that H-back style like you said, so it’s going to hard to see any of them potentially get cut.

                  I will say this though. Seattle seems like they’re pretty well loaded at the FB position. Which seems kind of weird to say, but if you got a good one, man can you do some different things scheme wise.

                  • David M2

                    Yeah, I know. I’m torn.

                    Love Coleman too, such a motivational story. I could easily see R. Lockette sticking, because he’s valuable as a gunner and gets his blocks in as a receiver too, he’s a special role player and PC loves his special teams. I just have a funny feeling that Kearse may be on the bubble, however we’ll really get a better feeling for the competition once camp gets going.

                    Man I can’t wait for things to start. I’m more excited than a sissy in hot dog factory.

        • rowdy

          Hunt has an unbelievable combo of balance and power, looks very seahawky! Definitely someone I’ll keep an eye on.

          • Miles

            The draft next year is going to be loaded with RBs and that’s why I’m glad the Hawks didn’t take any RBs this year.

            One player the Seahawks could show interest in right now, however, is Ahmad Bradshaw. That guy is a legit runningback. I know he had a significant injury last year, but if you can get him at vet minimum that would be some excellent competition. If he can return to the form he was at last year before the injury, or somewhere near it, I would definitely consider keeping five runningbacks. Lynch, Turbin, Michael, Bradshaw, Cottom/Tukuafu/Coleman.

            • Volume12

              DM2, it wouldn’t let me reply to your post, but these sayings of yours are hilarious. IDK where in the hell you came up with them, but their uique man.

              You know who I’m really high on right now? That Leonard Floyd cat from Georgia. What a freak. Would he be unbeleivable in this defense or what? His burst and explosion are 2nd to none. And while he is skinny, it’s what makes him unique IMO, he’s actually a very good run defender and sets the edge nicely. He’s a violent tackler that is a boundless ball of energy, whose relentless and goes 100 mph. Does need to sharpen his tackling techniques (tackles too high), but that doesn’t necessarily matter, because whoever Seattle drafts on the defensive side of the ball, they’re going to be indoctrinated into the ‘Seahawk/PC’ style of tackling. This kid is special IMO.

              • David M2

                Thanks V-12,

                Anything I can do to humor you guys in the off-season to make it go a little quicker.

                Leonard “The Freak” Floyd looks special. Looks like he has amazing length in his arms, can’t wait to see his measureables. Has that, as Rob like to say it, “cat like quickness”. Looks like he can drop into coverage and play the pass.

                My guess, barring any setbacks or off field issues, and if he put together a solid season next year, Bosa is going to go #1, but Leonard Floyd isn’t going to be far behind. If this guy can put together a sub 4.6 forty I’m guessing he’ll be off the board within the top half of round 1. Who knows, maybe if he falls somewhere into the 20’s the Hawks could give away their 2nd and 3rd rounders to move up to get him, but maybe that’s also why they drafted OG this year to prep him to take over Bruce Irvin’s role.

                What are your thoughts?

                • Volume12

                  Yeah, Floyd could definetly could go in the top half. But, he’s so raw, and undersized, I could see teams passing on him because of that. It will be interesting to see. Alos really like Va Tech’s Dadi Nicolas whose in the same mold, and Tennessee’s Curt Maggit, who has battled with injuries in his career, but when has that ever scared Seattle?

                  I’m just of the mindset right now, that Seattle will more than likely replace Bruce in the 1st round this year. I thik they’ll re-sign Okung, but let Sweezy walk.

                  Hybrid edge rusher/SAM ‘backer, HB, and a 3-tech to potentially replace Tony McD, are the 3 things I’m going to guess will be their needs. Yes, it’s way too early to project that, but the writing is on the wall in terms of where the needs and talent are.

                  • Volume12

                    Oh, I I see what you meant. You meant OB right? I read it as OG, and was confused.

                    Yes, I do think they see him as a Bruce Irvin type. We know what an athlete Obum, he’s fluid in space, so it makes sense to let him put his hand in the dirt, teach him some rush moves and tehnique, and then move him. But either way, I think they got a very uniquely talented edge rusher that PC can mold and ‘play around with.’

                  • David M2

                    I meant Obum Gwacham. I completely agree with you that they will resign Okung and let Sweezy walk. Of course I don’t want to see Sweezy Walk, but if the MG and TP step up and learn quick the team has to move on.

                    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Hawks use a 2nd round pick on a RB. Where do you think Hunt is going to go in the draft next year? Do you think he’ll be around in the 2nd when the Hawks pick?

                  • Volume12

                    Again it wouldn’t let me respond to your post DM2.

                    Yeah, I think Hunt will be there in the 2nd. Other than Zeke Elliot, I don’t see any HBs going in the 1st this year.

                    That’s funny that you think Seattle will go HB in RD2, beause that’s exactly where I see themtargeting one. Then a 3-tech in round 3, because that position seems loaes right now.

                    Yeah, I don’t want to see Sweez walk either, but a LT or RG? They already have a RG who can replace Sweez. And actually the LT position isn’t that deep for 2016. I know ITS said it was, but I’ll eat crow, I was wrong. And if we’re to believe Cable, why shouldn’t we, then we should be on the lookout for 6’4-6’5 offensive lineman. I do however think there’s some pretty good developmental/high upside LTs later in this coming draft.

                    DM2, I need help. I have another man crush. Auburn DE/OLB Carl Lawson. This cat is a physical specimen in the mold of Dante Fowler. Tore his ACL last year, but was the no 2 recruit in the country coming out of high school. Can you help me fiind some tape on him? I just remember watching him in 2013, but would love to break him down in context.

                  • David M2


                    We’re burning out the reply chain!

                    Absolutely, I’ll go film hunting over the weekend and put together some links on the guys we’ve been discussing recently.

  35. Robert

    In this article, Tom Cable discusses how the proliferation of Spread offenses in college football are compromising the development of player’s fundamental skills. I share it here because his comments provide insights into how the FO may be devaluing prospects based on the offensive system their college team is running. This could be a significant factor we are not giving proper weight to in our own analysis of Seahawks’ Draft prospects! I realize it’s a ghost town here, but I am hoping for some feedback…eventually.

    • Robert

      Volume! lume lume ume…Are you still here? ere ere ere…crickets….

    • AlaskaHawk

      Cable is a bit of a strange duck. I can see why he wants the most athletic linemen he can get. However, I had a hard time believing that there are no offensive linemen to be had in the 4-6th round, that wouldn’t be better then a 7th round defensive prospect. That is simply ridiculous. If the player was really that good they wouldn’t have fallen to the 7th round to begin with.

      If you want to convert a defensive linemen then give him a year to retrain. Sweezy was playing on the line immediately and he missed a lot of blocks. After three years Sweezy has been very useful because he learned how to play the position. He hasn’t become this monster great offensive player. His biggest attribute is that he has stayed healthy and hasn’t missed games. But he could just as easily be replaced by any one of the guards the Seahawks picked this year.

      • Volume12

        I completely agree about what Cable is saying. They just don’t teach the game the righ way anymore, and it starts at the pee wee level and high school.

        Draft guys that haven’t been taught bad habits. Guys that are a ‘blank page’ so to speak. Their easier to mold into your styles and philosophy. Guys that are willing to learn and be coached up.

        Look at the wide receiver position for example. Seattle takes guys that are tough, gritty, just old school types of receivers. Some of these bigger wideouts have no clue how to play the game or use their size to their advantage, because they aren’t taught how to maximize what makes them unique.

        • Steele 1324

          Who are these unfundamental ungritty big wideouts who don’t maximize, Volume?

          • Volume12

            Darren Waller, Devin Funchess, Jaelen Strong, Arrellious Benn, Mike Williams, Roy Williams, Reuben Randle, Breshad Perriman, Braylon Edwards, Ereck Decker, Dezmin Lewis, Deontay Greenberry. Those are just some of the names that come to mind, but it was more of a generalization.

            And it’s not necessarilly a knock on them, but how their being coached. Just because they have size doesn’t mean they play with any fire.

            The only position that benfits from a spread offense are some of the undersized/dynamic wideouts, and if they don’t posees the work ethic or toughness, they aren’t going to fit in a system like Seattle’s.

            • Steele 1324

              How do you know they were poorly coached? Were you in on their training, witnessing it personally? How do you know they won’t play with fire now that they are pros? Why must a receiver be undersized to play in a spread?

              What receiver—on any NFL team—will make it without “work ethic” or “toughness”?

              • Volume12

                Saying they were poorly coached was probably the wrong term to use. They don’t play with any fundamentals that I personally see. Not one of those guys could run a route. Please don’t underestimate the ability to learn and grasp a route tree.

                Do you really think that passion and fire can be taught or learned? You either have it or you don’t

                Again, I didn’t say a receiver must be undersized to play in a spread, but the receiver position is the one position that translates well to the NFL, coming from a spread offense. And if you look at college teams that run the spread, the smaller receivers are the ones that fit in the best.

                Your right that any receiver that isn’t tough or doean’t posses a work wthic will flame out, but how many times is Seattle going to say they want ‘tough, gritty, survivor types’ at the wideout position, before we stop looking at guys that don’t posess it? You can compare a guys work ethic. Some players have a fantastic one, others don’t, you know that.

        • rowdy

          Good call on the bad habits! It could easy to teach good habits then forget bad habits

    • rowdy

      I heard that and thought the same thing.

    • vrtkolman

      I wonder if he regrets picking Britt last year. Britt played in a spread offense and plays the same position in Seattle that he did in Missouri. To be fair, I thought Britt developed really nicely and looked like a good right tackle in the playoffs. I have high hopes for him next season. For most of the year though, he provided nothing in pass protection. If it is going to take a long time to develop someone, why spend an early pick on him?

      • vrtkolman

        Also worth mentioning, all the other tackles drafted last year were terrible. Even Jake Matthews, a top 10 pick, was awful. Britt might have been the best out of all of them last year. Zach Martin was drafted as a tackle I believe but he only played at guard last year.

      • rowdy

        It seemed like that’s what he was saying. Kinda like a couple years ago when Carroll talked about looking for guys who could handle the locker room, seemed to be a jab at some draft picks.

  36. New Guy

    Does anyone know why we haven’t yet signed Kasen Williams to the 90-man squad?


    • rowdy

      I been wondering the same thing and think it has to do with his ankle. Maybe it’s not all the way healed but they needed a camp body after hill failed his. Another team signed kasen first but he failed their physical. Maybe they thought it was good enough to run routes and practice with but not fully healed for real action?

      • Steele 1324

        Both Austin Hill and Kasen Williams are long shot injury experiments, reminders that they do not care very much about the back end of the rotation at all. Low priority. Injury keeps their price low. They are probably going to do nothing, exhaust all other options, before even thinking of calling Kasen. And even then, a camp body at best.

        • troy

          The Raiders signed Hill

  37. Miles

    Here are the free agents that are still left, who the Seahawks could show some interest in.

    WR James Jones – Possession-only receiver that can hedge Seahawks bets with younger receivers.

    TE Jermaine Gresham – Guy that people hoped would be the next Jimmy Graham coming out of college, but has been decidedly underwhelming. The freak athleticism is still there though. Maybe a change of scenery can spark this guy’s engine. At the very least he’s good competition for Helfet. But between here and a team that is TE-needy, Gresham probably chooses the latter.

    TE Zach Miller – It seems that ankle injury is pretty bad considering he’s garnered zero interest that we know of. But if the Seahawks can get him back and slot him in as the do-everything tight end he was, our tight end group will be the best in the league. Not only would we have Jimmy Graham dominating the middle and the red zone, but Miller would be blocking like he does and catching some passes as well.

    RB Ahmad Bradshaw – Pete Carroll loves to have multiple talented runningbacks in his system. Bradshaw is a special type of runningback. If you watched him at all last year with the Colts, it’s easy to see this. Signing this guy would make it hard not to keep 5 runningbacks in 2015. But, if they wanted, they could make a decision between Bradshaw and Michael. This year is make or break for Michael, and it feels the Seahawks have been looking for that effective second runner that can spell Lynch and cause problems for defenses.

    C’s Dan Connolly, Chris Myers, Brian de la Puente and Lyle Sendlein – I’m putting all these players together because none of them really separate themselves from the other, but are equally appealing in terms of a potential starting center. The Seahawks need to fortify this position still, I think. Between the three, Chris Myers is my choice because of his experience in zone blocking and his high PFF run-blocking grade. Connolly started at guard against us in the Superbowl and Brian de la Puente has been starting for the Bears. Lyle Sendlein started at C with the Cardinals last year and could perhaps fill in well for a year. Any one of these three would make me feel better.

    OT Jake Long – This is a once-All Pro-caliber offensive tackle that has had two ACL tears. He was the first overall pick of the Rams. He may have been burned too significantly by injuries, but if Seahawks can get Long on the cheap with the thought that maybe he could be the starting left tackle when Okung’s contract expires, it may give the Seahawks lots of versatility and great LT play. It does carry a degree of risk though.

    WR Kris Durham – Seahawks drafted Durham but he didn’t pan out while he was here. Turned into a serviceable big threat in Detroit, so maybe he’s developed some tools to help Seattle as well? The Seahawks really don’t have a track record of signing players from yesteryear. Once the Seahawks move on, they generally move on.

    WR Wes Welker – A highly unlikely selection by the Seahawks because he’s not Seahawky. He doesn’t have the athleticism the Seahawks like, but he’s obviously a smart route runner and he’s got some grit to him. He’s also getting older and his production dropped significantly last year even with Peyton Manning as his QB. I don’t think another small receiver that isn’t even athletic is what the Seahawks are looking for, but he’s an option.

    • Volume12

      I don’t see Seattle signing any of these guys. A veteran backup QB is what this is missing right now.

      Have to disagree with you about Ahamd Bradshaw. He is not special. Always injured, not the style of runner Seattle seems to like/want. C-mike is much more talented than this guy. Your right that Seattle does want that effecrive runner to spell Lynch, but that’s Turbin and C-mike, or one of the many talented backs in the 2016 draft.

      We’ve never seen Turbo and C-mike having to carry the load for a full game as a 1-2 punch, but the limited sample size we have seen from those 2 together is pretty damn encouraging. C-mike is the type of back that will get better as the game goes on. He does need to learn how to put 5 points of pressure on the ball, but your right, this is his make or break year for him.

      • Miles

        You don’t even see the Seahawks wanting Miller back? He’s been a focal point of the offense for three years; what is there to not want?

        I think Bradshaw is a gritty, smart runner who is good at breaking tackles. Admittedly I’m not sure how he would fit into the Seattle running game; I just like him. Do you have any insight into how he’s different from the mold Seattle prefers?

        I think Turbin is a good speed back, but I feel that if Lynch were ever off the field for a long period (knock on wood), there would be a huge void left. So far, all Turbin has shown is that he can spell Lynch to change the pace as a speed back, but I personally don’t feel he’s a special runningback. C-Mike has special athleticism but he’s done nothing special other than a couple of nice runs in the preseason. This season he needs to get on the field! How he hasn’t really gotten on the field yet as a second-round pick is highly concerning to me. That’s why my interest in Bradshaw.

        • vrtkolman

          I’m not sure on Miller. He is a good blocker but provides nothing in the passing game. If they want a 6th blocker, why not just use Gary Gilliam?

        • Volume12

          Yeah, I could maybe see Zach Miller, depending on what happens with Anthony McCoy.

          As for Bradshaw, just don’t think he adds anything that their missing. Why would you sign a 30 year old, banged back HB? See what ou got in HBs Demetrius Bronsin and Thomas Rawls if anything.

          He’s different from the mold Seattle likes beause he’s not a one cut runner, no explosion, and his balance is funky.

          There’s not many teams that have the talent Seattle does in their backfield. And Turbin isn’t a change of pace back. A change of pace back is Danny Woodhead, Darren Sproles, etc. Turbin has good speed, but he’s the same style of runner that Lynch is.

          Of course their would be a huge void left if Lynch missed an extended amount of time. As it would be for any team that loses it’s superstar and identity. But Turbin and C-mike could carry the load.

          • Miles

            VrtKolman, I see a significant amount of use for Miller in the passing game. He may be slow but he’s a good route-runner with soft hands. Of course his best attribute is his blocking, which we covet. If we had Miller back, we’d have everything in our tight end group: the dominating big threat in Jimmy Graham, the highly effective run blocker who can also move the chains in Zach Miller, and the speedy Luke Willson who can exploit the middle of the field and get lots of YAC. I’ve been salivating for this all offseason. I can’t believe no one’s onboard with me on this! Volume12 can see it but he’s not banging the table like me. ๐Ÿ˜›

            So what are the options at backup QB? The obvious option is to re-sign Tarvaris Jackson. But what else? Currently Michael Vick and Matt Flynn are on the market. But Vick is a turnover machine who’s really not a dynamic player anymore. He also burned the Seahawks bridge with me when last year he took over for Geno Smith in a game, played bad, then after admitted he wasn’t prepared. You can never do that as a QB that’s on an NFL roster. You’ve got to prepare every week like you’re going to be the starter. It just showed that he doesn’t take his job seriously enough.

            Then there is Matt Flynn, but he was with us once and the Seahawks aren’t going to do a do-over on this one. He has played largely poorly in his chances since getting traded. There is no demand for his services and there’s a reason for that. On top of that, he talked a lot of crap about Pete before he walked out too. I doubt Pete is going to welcome him back after that.

            The other options that are worth mentioning are Jason Campbell and Kyle Orton. Campbell has a good arm and would be able to launch ’em deep for Lockett. Other than that I don’t see many great positives. But I’d take him over Vick and Flynn, that’s for sure. Kyle Orton started last year and played pretty manageably in some limited time. I think if your QB goes down, you don’t feel horrible having Orton in.

            But who are you going to try to get back; Campbell/Orton or Tarvaris? Jackson knows the system, is respected by the lockerroom and the fans, a real humble guy, and a better all-around player than everyone available.

            The only hindrance to a re-signing is a market may start to build up for T-Jack. The Patriots may need a QB to fill in as a backup for four games; they may outbid the Seahawks. I believe they have the cap room to toss in a couple of extra Ks for the Seahawks’ backup. The Bills have said they are wanting to add another player; could it be Jackson again? T-Jack has also said he’d like to play for the Vikings. There are options for him. And I’m willing to bet the reason he hasn’t re-signed is because he’s gauging those options before signing a $1.4m deal with the Hawks.

            The option that is most appealing, as we will have ten picks next year, is to trade a fifth or a sixth for Matt Barkley. This is a young QB that can grow with Russell Wilson, that knows Pete Carroll, that had a nice college career and at one time was regarded as the top quarterback in college. The Eagles got Bradford, Sanchez, Tebow and Barkley on their roster and they simply don’t need Barkley anymore. If they are willing to make a deal for a fifth or a sixth, which they should be happy to get in return, I would do that if I were the Seahawks. I would take Barkley over Jackson for the long-term value.

      • mrpeapants

        bradshaw is a beast! but your right injuries have de railed his career.

    • rowdy

      I could see long being a Winston type pick up but cut at the final roster. The rest are to injured or just bad fits.

  38. AlaskaHawk

    The thing I’m most suprised about both during the draft and post draft has been the small number of wide receivers and tight ends invited to camp. Draft wise I consider Graham to be a wide receiver, he isn’t a tight end because he can’t block and he is too light to be blocking on the line. Lockett will be a good combination wide receiver/ kick returner in the smurf category. Other then those two there haven’t been any solid mini camp invites that were healthy.

    So it is a little puzzling. In some other areas, running back for instance, there were six invites to mini camp. Apparently they signed a fullback after camp. So lots of looks at running back, but no looks at players in wide receiver area.

    I’m happy with Baldwin, Mattthews, Graham and Lockett (the rookie). Also Willson at tight end. I’m not sure who else will make the team. I suppose Lockette and Kearse will be back for another year of occasional use and occasional drops.

    Norwood is a maybe. Miller and Helfet a maybe. Who am I missing?

    • Forrest

      I think it’ll look like: WR1 Matthews, Slot WR Baldwin, WR2 Richardson (Kearse until he’s healthy), WR/KR/PR Lockett, Backups: Norwood and K. Williams. TE1/WR Graham, TE2 Willson, TE3 McCoy/Helfet.

      Matthews starts the year as the “big bodied #1.” Baldwin works a full year in the slot (and excels), Richardson heals up (probably for the whole season) and comes back as the #2; Kearse will play the role until then, Lockett starts both returning roles and plays situational WR, Norwood plays the quality backup role, and Williams squares out the core. At TE: Graham will play as a traditional TE for the most part, but will occasionally line up as a mismatch WR, Willson will continue to develop but will serve primarily as a TE2, and McCoy and Helfet will fight for the backup role.

      The rest of the offense looks solid as well. RB is set (for this season). FB will probably be a battle between Coleman and Cottam. O-line looks good; definitely healthier, and the QB “drama” will be settled soon. Wilson will get paid one way or another and backup will get settled before the season starts.

      On a side note Baldwin was on the radio recently, and he indicated that he wants to settle in Seattle (and even move his family up here), so I think he’s staying a Seahawk for the foreseeable future (resigns after his contract runs out). ๐Ÿ™‚

      • New Guy

        I think you may be close on the WR’s. However, I’d add McNeil into the equation. Have you seen his (arena) tape? He’s a fearless, sure-handed jump ball competitor. He’s 6′-2″ and pretty fast.

        Probably just has to learn his pro route tree in order to earn playing time. Maybe Baldwin can whip him into shape.


        • Miles

          It’s also difficult to underestimate the terrible-ness of the competition he faced in the AFL. The AFL is not a place to judge whether a guy can make the NFL leap. I’m not a good football player, but I feel like even I could make plays at that level.

          … Or maybe not but you can see what I’m driving at.

          • New Guy

            Hi Miles,

            Yes, the Arena League is certainly not the best place to judge whether or not someone can make it in the NFL…. but John and Pete apparently thought he was worthwhile to give it a shot. McNeil looked ‘out of place’ good compared to the Arena League competition.


      • rowdy

        K. Williams? McNeil definitely before him. If he was injury free I could see it but it looks like his injury will never fully heal.

  39. Steele 1324

    Bruce Irvin wants to go to the Falcons. If not immediately then in 2016 (after he reluctantly plays another season). Bennett is hinting at a holdout.

    Great offseason.

    • Miles

      Irvin is going to be playing for his livelihood this year because it’s a contract year. I’m not worried about Irvin. He’ll be a beast this year and then we’ll trade him out for a nice comp pick.

      I’m a little worried about Bennett because I feel like he’s going to hold out. But I also think he can’t win this and the Seahawks have enough leverage to just let Bennett sit all year if that’s what he wants to do. Which he won’t.

      • Volume12

        IDK man, isn’t it still May? Seems kind of silly to read too much into this. If Bennett doesn’t like his deal, then he shouldn’t of signed it. The Seattle Seahaks have too much depth and young guys willing to bust their ass, compete on a day to day basis, and a HC that can scheme, coach, and turn a turd into a diamond then worry about ‘click bait’ or a someone like Irvin, who’s probably not a core piece anyways.

        Bennett isn’t going to sit out. He wants more money, but is willing to sit out and not get paid? That’s the dumbesdt thing I’ve heard. This is Marshawn Lynch all over again. How many years did we hear he wanted more money and would sit out?

        Even if Irvin isn’t a beast this year, there’s a reason they signed KJ Wright.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I agree on Bennett. A lot of this is preseason chatter, fanned by Atlanta sports writers trying to get some clicks. After they are done chattering about Irvin and Bennett they will move on to chattering about Wilson and how he could go to any team willing to pay him mega $$$$$. You got to have something to write about.

          I was a little puzzled at the amount they paid KJ. I like him but they paid a premium. Now the Seahawks face the dilemma of signing Wagner who is worth even more. And they couldn’t sign Irvin. I would have offered KJ 4 million, and Wagner 6 and Irvin 4. And replaced whoever wouldn’t take it.

          • Volume12

            Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright are core pieces. The LB is undervaued in today’s NFL as it should be. Run and chase, drop into a zone, learn how to work through trash, stack and shed. PC has never valued the MLB position, but he was surprised how much this team missed B-wagz when he was hurt this year. That speaks volumes.

            KJ Wright is a uniquely sized LB, that is versatile, a team player, and a role player, I also suspect he’s invaluable in the locker room. You have to have role players in todays (salary cap era) NFL. Not every core player is going to be elite/superstar level. KJ IMO would make a better SAM then Bruce anyways.

          • Volume12

            They could’ve re-signed Irvin. JS didn’t pick up the 5th year option, because he wanted to restructurw the deal so the cap hit was reduced on Irvin’s 1st year/2016 . And now Irvin seems butt hurt or took an offense to it.

            I like Bruce Irvin a lot, not more than KJ or B-wagz, and Bruce is becoming one of the more dynamic LBs in this league, but other than the 2 sacks in garbage time and the 2 pick sixes, one of which he rippes out of Wagner’s hands anyways, what he has really done for Seattle when they needed him?

            • AlaskaHawk

              I don’t see KJ as special. He does fine against the run, but wasn’t having much luck covering tight ends off the line. He isn’t a threat during blitzs. Tackle wise Wagner will be a lot busier. The Seahawks set a precedent by paying KJ a 4 year 27 million dollar contract. That contract would please 90% of the linebackers in the league. Wagner should be able to get at least 8 million a year since he makes twice as many tackles as KJ.

              I don’t have a great feel for Irvin. He seems to play the linebacker position okay. He is definitely not a great blitzer, what ever skills he had in college didn’t translate well into the NFL. He is probably easy to replace with a second round pick next year.

            • vrtkolman

              Agree with you, I think KJ is underrated around here. They probably did overpay, but he (along with Wagner and Kam) ranks among the surest tacklers in the league IMO. He’s good against the run and he is definitely a playmaker. He led the team in forced fumbles last year. I think he is getting a bad rap because he struggled covering tight ends last year (which is warranted), and also he was very poor as a MLB in Wagner’s absence. In his defense he shouldn’t be playing MLB though.

              • Volume12

                Exactly. And he might be out of place a little bit as a WILL. Put him at the SAM, and dude will flourish.

                KJ had a down year last year, admittedly, but everyone does now and then. In 2013 before the injury against/in SF, he was our best LB.

                Your probably right in that they did overpay, but I think they did because there isn’t many 6’4, 245-250 lb ‘backers with his length, coverage skills, defending the run, team first, outstanding presence in the locker room, who is just entering his prime, guys out there that are like that.

                If KJ did move to SAM IDK why, but I have a feeling he’d be a pretty effective ‘blitzer.’

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  Tory Slater cleared waivers and made it to SEA’s IR.

                  In his place, they signed NC ST DL TY McGill. 6′ 299 4.96/2.95/1.75, 25 BP, 29″ VJ, 8’11” BJ, 7.00 3C, 4.81 SS.

                  A little teaser…

                  Surprised they haven’t signed Kasen.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    Look at that, the 27th ranked defensive lineman.. according to SPARQ. He is one of the few left to be had. In the 61st% of DL in NFL athletically. Love the pickup, even if he turns into another OL project ๐Ÿ˜‰

                  • Volume12

                    That’s a solid pickup he was a pretty exciting player in the couple NC St games I caught last year.

                    Thanks for the heads up buddy.

                  • Volume12

                    So, ‘saved by the bell’ aka Tory Slater gets the red-shirt treatment? Seems like a shrewd move ro me. This team is bursting at the seams with young, hungry talent man.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Very savvy move by JS/PC. Who would add an UDFA with no practice film to their 90-man this early in the off-season?

              • Nathan

                I’m sure KJ even said he had a figure in mind, that he would’ve been happy with, and they went over it.

  40. Francehawks

    Big big merci Rob for all your works. Thanks to you I can performed my English and of course follow my favourite team with quality analysis from you.

    Enjoyed your familly!


  41. CharlieTheUnicorn

    It is fairly obvious where Seattl will invest draft capitol in 2016.

    #1 RB (This is the Marshawn replacement draft pick)
    #2 LB (They need 1 or 2 solid guys… top round talent)
    #3 QB (Need a back-up, that is young)
    #4 WR (The elusive tall WR or extreme freak athletically)
    #5 CB (Need to grow some more talent to replace what will leave in off season of 2016 FA)
    #6 TE (Blocking TE specifically)

    OL, DL, S do not seem like “need” positions in the 2016 year.

    If Seattle got any one of these guys… I would jump through the roof
    My favorite player is Miles Jack, LB, UCLA / 2nd Favorite Joey Bosa, DE/DT, Ohio State / and of course 3rd favorite guy is Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

    • Volume12

      Another 3-tech or interior pass rusher will be high on that list.

      They probably will take another TE somehwhere in the draft, but taking a tight end purely for blocking?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        A TE that excels at blocking, but has some ability to catch the football. This frees up the other 2 TEs to do their thing in the passing game.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          In the way that PC helped develop the hybrid DE/OLB position of LEO, I think we’ll see the development of a hybrid TE/OT (Gary Gilliam) to be used in run heavy sets as a blocker/play action threat.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Also, expect Graham to prove himself a very capable blocker. Pass-centric NO just didn’t use him that way. Not so in SEA. Cable will have him engaging LBs and DBs by the end of camp.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I really would like to see Gilliam used more often on passing plays. I hope they work with him in the off season.

          Regarding running back position, I was surprised to hear they invited six running backs to camp. Seems like they are taking a good look at who is available now. The million dollar question is how long they will sit on CMike. Way too many seasons lost already on him. I guess he is cheap insurance in case Lynch gets hurt. It would be nice if he had more game time. So we got Turbin one more year and CMike for two years. Let’s see who survives training camp.

        • Volume12

          Charlie, I see what your saying. Fair point.

  42. Volume12

    Anyone checked out this Kenny Lawler kid from Cal? Good size, catches everything, flashy, dynamic, he’s a pretty exciting WR prospect.

  43. Volume12


    Recently we were discussing HB Kareem Hunt. Well if he doesn’t come out, I’ve got one of my 2016 sleepers I had to unveil for ya. I might like this guy even better.

    If you get a chance check out LA Tech HB Kenneth Dixon-5’9-5’10-212-215 lbs., this dude is unreal man! Check out his production over the last 4 years too. Had 22 TDs last year, and has flatout dominated the competition every year. This is a kid that Arkansas, LSU, and if I remember right Ole Miss wanted badly.

    • Robert

      Great looking RB! Brilliant combination of efficient jukes, good power and great hands fighting. He consistently punishes would be tacklers. I saw him throw a devastating shoulder punch that flattened the defender. You don’t see that much anymore. He must have studied some old film. He plays with great instincts and seems to innately know how to exploit imperfections in would be tackler’s position, movement and balance. Thanks for sharing!

      • Robert

        Check out 3:45 for a gnarly shoulder punch!

        • Volume12

          Your very welcome.

          HB Kenneth ‘Bonehead’ Dixon is special man. Comes from an outside zone mixed with a power run game, just like Seattle es. His production is insane! He’s also quite the character.

          This guy is a grown a** man. Just a bully on the field. Keeps his shoulders level to the field, extremely confident, almost bordering on cocky which I love. Plays with a ton of swag. He’s one of the best pass protecting HBs in this years class, a phenomenal receiver as well. He actually goes up, fights for the ball, and highpoints it!

          He’s got an arsenal of moves, as Robert pointed out, takes pride in making the 1st and 2nd defenders miss. This is guy that gets better as the game goes on, just punishes a defense, and because of his pass blocking and receiving skills he’s a3 down back. HC Skip Holtz has taught him well.

          Dixon comes from a tiny town in Arkansas that not many people make it out of. He’s been affected by and lived through tornadoes in his youth. Reportedly has an amazing work ethic too.

          I love me some Kenneth Dixon. He’s one of, if not my favorite prospect overall for 2016.

  44. peter

    Kenneth DIxon is definitely one to watch next season. There are several RB’s I’m going to keep my eye on next season but one that definitely caught my attention so far is James Connor out of Pitt.

    1795 yards. 26! Td’s. If this last draft showed me anything is production matters from the front office. Granted the ACC aren’t world beaters but that’s a level of production not to scoff at. 6’2″ 250 though I think he looks more like 230. For his height I’m a big fan of his choppy leg steps and the fact that he switches easily between hands to deliver a stiff arm or a shoulder at the end of tackles/runs.

    Good vision. Pretty good second gear. I’ve watched a ton of videos and haven’t seen them throw him a pass in any of them nor do his highlights show any pass blocking, though why would they? They’re highlights after all.

    • Volume12

      Connor is interesting as well and definetlty someone to monitor. He also plays, or at least played DE for Pitt.

      It will be interesting to see if Seattle flips the script and takes a HB that isn’t 5’9-5’11, 210-225 lbs. I feel they might if they thought a prospect was special or unique enough.
      The HB class looks pretty loaded and exciting for 2016. Maybe not at the top of the draft, but rounds 2-4 will be littered with backs.

      • peter

        Honestly I think they go with an oldie but a goodie in the form of a two back system. I think its unrealistic to think they pick high enough for an elliot and lynch has been so special that he would be impossible to duplicate production wise.

      • David M2


        Per your request here is some tape on the guys.

        For convenience sake I put together a spreadsheet that anyone on the blog with the link can edit. This way we can add our new guys that we are looking at. Put in links to their content and maybe organize things a little bit to make Robs life easier so he doesn’t have to go hunting for clips to watch.

        You can access it by clicking this link here:

        Seahawks Draft Blog 2016 Watch List

        There are YouTube Links attached to the titles of the videos under the videos column. Please play around with the spread sheet and let me know everything is working okay on your end in regards to editing it.

        • peter

          David M2,

          That spreadsheet looks like a,great idea. Last year,at times it was cacophonous at times with the links and trying to re-access information. Who will have ability to view that sheet? Will You and Rib take suggestions if players to link to? Again it looks like,a fantastic idea

          • David M2


            You can add to it personally and edit it yourself. In fact anyone on the blog with a link can. Any suggestions you have just add them in the player column and then we can all continue to add additional info from there.

            • peter

              Thanks David for the info…my new goal is to use less of my phone when posting! Good grief the commas and autocorrect!

              • Volume12

                Thanks DM2.

                That sounds and looks like a great idea. Very helpful my man. Nicely done. Hopefully Rob likes it too.

                Peter, I also believe that Seattle will go with a 2, at times even a 3 back system aka RBBC once Lynch steps away. Your right, trying to find his like for like ‘replacemt’ is pointless and futile. I suspect they’ll go with the lead power back, a power back with good speed, but great receiving skills, and the high upside/freak athlete like C-mike. Divy up the carries game by game, and just the feed hot hand week in, week out.

                And yes, Zeke Elliot is merely a dream.

                • Volume12

                  Just checked out that spread sheet. That ish is awesome man! How cool is that?

                  I think Mizzou DT Harold Brantley should be added for Rob’s sake. Rob’s been high on this guy going on a year and a half now. Merely a suggestion.

                  • Haystacker509

                    M2, that spreadsheet is awesome!! Anything any of us can do to help Rob out is great. Seriously, I’ve never been or seen a website where so many people can come together, talk reasonably, argue a little but everyone respects each other’s opinions and no major cussing… And M2 does a spread sheet like that?! Simply awesome gentlemen, simply awesome

  45. AlaskaHawk

    Wonderful link and spreadsheet David M2. Thanks. Should be an interesting season with all the trade rumors swirling around.

  46. Volume12


    I tried to add a couple a names or two last night, but for whatever reason couldn’t. Was wondering if you could help with that.

    2 guys from Ohio St:

    SAM LB Darron Lee who is only a R-SO, but this kid is a freak. He’e a great pass rusher, energetic, physical, good in coverage, and a solid run defender. He’s got a little Shazier and Bruce Irvin to his game.

    And WR Michael Thomas, who has good size at 6’3, 210-215 lbs., from LA, is the nephew of Keyshawn Johnson, plays angry and with a chip on his shoulder, fantastic run blocker, cocky, seems to have a Doug Baldwin type of personality, interesting backstory as well.

  47. David M2

    Thanks gentlemen,

    V-12 go back in and try editing again. I realized yesterday that I hadn’t turned on group editing when I thought that I had and you may have been trying to work on it when it was off. All said, it will be a work in progress.

    I’d like to incorporate SPARQ into it. Does anyone out there have any input on how to do so? I believe Davis Hsu over at Fieldgulls has it worked out.

    Anyways, I’ve been trying to reverse engineer SPARQ and if anyone has any insight or better math skills than I, your input would be much appreciated.

    • Volume12

      I’m not sure you can with SPARQ until the conbine and pro days. At least that I know of, unless you took the high school Nike SPARQ summit scores into accoynt, but guys grow and develop so much since then it might not be worth it.

      I take it your looking for SPARQ demons?

      • David M2

        I just wanted to incorporate it for reference. It’s something we can address down the road. Keep posting players for me to add. The midweek isn’t good for me, but during the weekend I’ll have some more time to sit down and work on it.

        I’ll also put together a simple editing instructions tab at the bottom of the spread sheet so that everyone can edit with ease.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Very nice spreadsheet David.

          Definitely add a “sigma” SPARQ column (reverse engineered formula, see SPARQ is an integral measurement tool for SEA in evaluating prospects. PC is all about explosive athletes making explosive plays.

          SPARQ score, length, VMAC visits…

  48. rowdy

    Absolutely horrible news about jesse williams! That guy just can’t catch a break. Let’s hope he can fully recover and at least get to see the field in an nfl game with us or anyone else. Hoping for the best!

    • Miles

      If he can just play in an NFL game it will be one amazing accomplishment for him. I just want him to focus on getting better; this is unbelievable news and it’s so sad. My friend told me that the survival rate for his specific type of kidney cancer is 99%. So, the good news is the odds are definitely on his side if I am not mistaken.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I wish Jesse all the luck in the world. That is a pretty good survival rate, I hope he can recover and lead a full life.

  49. Miles

    Hey can we please sign HB Lache Seastrunk? He was waived by the Titans today.

  50. Volume12

    This should keep ya busy buddy. I’ll continue to add more once you get these guys in there. Oh, WR Rashard ‘Hollywood’ Higgins is 6’2, 190 lbs by the way.

    Let’s also remember/focus on ‘roster mirroring’ with Seattle. Meaning they seem to want 2 of every player.

    SAM LB/DE Curt Maggitt from Tennessee-6’3, 250
    Louisville DT Sheldon Rankins-6’2, 305
    Stacy Coley, WR, Miami,fl-6’1-6’2, 190 lbs.
    Pharoh Cooper, WR/OW, S.Carolina- 5’11, 202 lbs.
    Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor- 6’2, 300 lbs.
    Vernon Adams, QB, Oregon-6’0, 200 lbs.
    Cody Kessler, QB, USC-6’1-6’2, 207 lbs.
    Dexter Charles, OG, U-dub-6’5, 300 lbs.
    Ricky Seals-Jones, WR, Texas A&M- 6’5, 210-215 lbs.
    Jihad Ward, DT, Illinois- 6’6, 295 lbs.
    Torrodney Prevot, SAM OLB, Oregon- 6’3, 230 lbs.
    Corey Marshall, DL, VA Tech- 6’3, 262 lbs.
    Leonte Carroo, WR, Rutgers- 6’1, 205 lbs.
    D’Vario Montgomery, WR, Iowa St.- 6’6, 230-235 lbs.
    Anthony Zettel, DT, Penn St- 6’4, 284 lbs.
    Charles Tapper, DL, Oklahoma- 6’3-6’4, 282 lbs.
    Emmanuel Ogbah, DE/SAM OLB, OK St.-6’4, 265-270 lbs.
    Desmine Hilliard, OG, Baylor- 6’4-330 lbs.
    Jordan Payton, WR, UCLA- 6’1, 215 lbs.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Drool over this…

      Baylor Bear Shawn Oakman performing a 40″ box jump while holding onto 70lbs of dumbbells.

      Caption says “70 pound dumbbells” implying each is 70 lbs or 140 lbs total. Based on the size of the dumbbells he’s holding, I’d say it’s highly unlikely each is 70 lbs, but rather each is 35 lbs, or 70 lbs total.

      Either way, impressive athleticism from someone 6’9″ 280

      • Volume12

        Yeah, he’s a freak. If Arik Armstead went top 20, there’s no way this guy gets past that.

  51. rowdy

    I been watching tape of thamas rawls and I just don’t see much in them. I know he’s a udfa but a lot of people were high on him. I don’t really see his game translating well to the NFL. the thing that worries me most is that he seems to run away from people not around or through. so many of his runs he bounces outside Doesn’t run through the gap.

  52. Volume12


    I know you were looking for SPARQ numbers, well this kid has the chance to be the 2016 version of WR Kevin White.

    USC WR Isaiah Whitney- 6’4, 206 lbs., 4.43 40, 43.5 in. vert, 1.53 10 yard split, 2.53 20 yard.

    Let’s see if the tape matches the athleticism this year.

    Also wanted to give you 3 more WR names to add to the list. Baylor WR Corey ‘CoCo’ Coleman, LSU WR Travin Dural, and while this kid is only a R-SO he’s a redline monster, and supposedly has freakish strength numbers, Marshall WR Deon-tay McManus.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      And he’s not even the better big WR prospect on the Trojans.

      De’Quan Hampton, 6’4″ 220, 4.50 40, 35″ vert, can squat 455lbs.

      247sports says he’s the #1 college WR prospect in CA, and #2 in the nation. ESPN has him at #5 in the nation.

      USC also has 5-star athlete sophomore WR JuJu Smith who is the next Anquan Boldin,

      • Volume12

        Both nice receivers, but neither even eligible.

        If a ton of juniors don’t declare, this year’s draft could be bad. Thought it would be better, but man was I wrong. But the junior clads could make it exciellent.

        Gotta say right now, I like Baylor’s WR CoCo Coleman, LSU WR Travin Dural, and Colorado St WR Hollywood Higgins as my 3 favorite ‘Seahawky’ receivers.

        • Volume12

          Arkansas WR Keon Hatcher and UCLA WR Jordan Payton as some likely 4th round options.

  53. CWUHawk

    I’m confused how you get A. Boldin from Juju smith…. he’s a freak and a sure fire NFL talent, but physically he doesn’t compare size wise and is much faster and quicker, would have figured more of a Desean Jackson type than Bolden , just my take tho….

    • Volume12

      Or even along the lines of another Nelson Agholor.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Unless I’m confusing him with someone else, JuJu runs a 4.7 40, but plays much faster. He’s 6’1″ 210#. He’s also a very physical receiver.

      Boudin was 6’1″ 216# and ran a 4.7 at the Combine. Seems like a reasonable comparison .

      But that’s just my take.

  54. Ehurd1021

    Not sure if anyone has taken the time to look at CB #2 Wayne Lyons (6’1″ 195) out of Stanford?

    • Volume12

      He’s an intriguing corner. Has a big personality. A little quirky. I actually think he transferred to Michigan.

  55. Volume12

    I mentiond earlier that WRs Corey Coleman, Travin Dural, and Rashard Higgins were 3 of my favorite ‘Seahawky’ receivers, well, scratch that.

    I’m developing a man crush on Notre Dame’s William Fuller. Crazy production, insane speed, home run hitter, gritty, takes the top off a defense, real good catch radius, from one of the worst neighborhoods on the eastern seaboard, north Philly, broke numerous records, steps up under the bright lights, consistently has improved his game. He’s a guy that just seems to love working on/honing his craft, and he’s still developing physically IMO, while possessing some unbeleivable upside.

    He’s a guy that’s in the same mold as P-rich, hell I think they’re the same size, but P-rich might never recover, and besides that, this guy screams ‘roster mirror’ candidate at me.

    I absolutely love me some Will Fuller.

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