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  1. LeoSharp

    The Seahawks also seem to have a preference for a longer broad jump at corner back. Above 10’03” and averaging close to 10’08” if you include some of the recent cornerback they have acquired

  2. JUJUS

    btw the site was down yesterday and I was itching like an addict without it…

    • Ed

      Probably part of the Amazon crash.

  3. JT

    OL is being measured and reported now. The arm lengths are measuring much longer than they did at the Senior Bowl, which has been a trend over recent years. Some extreme examples so far:

    Asiata – 32.3/4 -> 33.3/4 (1 inch increase)
    Banner – 33.5/8 -> 34.7/8 (1.2/8 inch increase)
    Bisnowaty – 32.5/8 -> 33.7/8 (1.2/8 inch increase)

    Other notables

    Bolles – 6’5, 297, 34″
    Feeney – 6’4, 205, 33.3/8″
    Garcia – 6’6, 293, 32.7/8″ (Disappointing – no increase from senior bowl)
    Davenport – 6’7, 318, 36.4/8″
    Dawkins – 6’4, 314, 35″

    • JT

      Update on Garcia – 6’6, 302, 33.3/8″ !!

    • vrtkolman

      There was a thought that Bolles would measure under 6’5″ and thus fall, guess that is out the window!

      • Trevor

        6-5 and 34″ Arms will certainly not hurt him at all and at 297 he is likely going to test incredibly well. Top 10 pick almost guaranteed.

        Did Ryan R measure?

    • JT

      D. Johnson – 6’5, 300, 35.2/8″
      R. Johnson – 6’7, 298, 36″
      F. Lamp – 6’4, 309, 32.2/8″
      D. Mama – 6’3, 334, 35″ (big man right there)
      J. Morgan – 6’3, 309, 34.5/8″
      T. Moton – 6’5, 319, 34.1/8″ (dropped 11 lbs since senior bowl 🙂
      R. Ramczyk – 6’6, 310, 33.6/8″
      C. Robinson – 6’6, 322, 35.4/8″
      C. Wheeler – 6’7, 306, 33.1/8″

      • Trevor

        Cam Robinson is huge. I know he has some issues but can you imagine the size of the right side of our OL with Ifedi and Robinson.

  4. DLep

    Dorian Johnson wow! 36 in arms.

    • vrtkolman

      Seems like favorable measurements for a lot of the OL prospects. Does that change anything regarding the perceived of this class? Too early to tell?

      • DLep

        Only speaking for myself, I liked Johnson but him being a guard I didnt think it would fit for us with Glo and Ifedi being presumed starters. But w that arm length, it completely opens up new possibilities in my view where you can potentially play him at RT. Definitely interested to see how he tests now.

        • lil'stink

          I agree. I’ve been high on him and seeing that arm length has me drooling. I think he’ll be gone by #58, though. Also sounds like JS doesn’t want to get any younger on the OL. If we draft an OL that isn’t Bolles, I hope it’s him.

  5. Ed

    Stick with chemistry to build OL (maybe some 5-7 rd competition) and get some playmakers on D (LB/S/CB) and maybe even on O (RB/WR/TE).

    • JakeB

      Schneider just said they’re gonna attempt to add some experience on the OL and they shouldn’t have cut jahri Evans last year

      • JUJUS

        Well if he said anything else he would have been tarred and feathered.

      • vrtkolman

        I’m surprised Schneider actually said that, this is the 2nd year in a row they have mismanaged the offensive line personnel. Maybe he’s learning?

        • Trevor

          Certainly hope so with 6 straight years with bottom 1/3 OL play he should be looking to change things up.

  6. Ed

    Sherman was a big topic on sports radio yesterday. With him lying about threatening the reporter, it seems like Sherman will be sticking to his bad off-field look for 2017 as well. I hope his on-field play improves. A lot of fans/media seem to be ready to ship him and his attitude off. This is the draft to prepare for the defensive core (Bennett/Avril/Sherman/Thomas/Chancelor/Wagner) to get heir apparents.

    • JUJUS

      Media is there to monetize the athletes words. They are literal scumbags who care about no one except themselves. Jim Mohr is the most untalented, lazy, and uninformed guy on the radio who literally only contributes dog questions and golf talk.

      • Ed

        Maybe, Sherman threatened him for no reason, then bold faced lied about him threatening his job. Outside of Jim Rome calling Jim Everet, Chris Everett, no media person ever does anything in an interview that an athlete should ever threaten their job.

        Sherman was in the wrong and continues to shun any responsibility. It was a problem in 2016, I hope starting now he changes his way of thinking, otherwise might be a bad 2017 for him and the Hawks in turn as well.

        • lil'stink

          There was no reason to bring it up again. Just move on. Sherman is just digging himself into a deeper hole for nothing and making himself look bad in the process. I love Sherm, but he’s not doing himself any favors right now.

    • Scraps

      His play was excellent last year, and it will be excellent this year. Don’t listen to chatter about Sherman’s attitude affecting his play; that’s sportswriter talk.

  7. Steve Nelsen

    Listening to John Clayton this morning, he seems to believe that Seattle really has enough cap room to bring in just one veteran free agent; maybe two if they are inexpensive. That sounds like they will be fairly quiet.

    Listening to Schneider’s press conference, he seemed to indicate an interest for a veteran presence in the OL lockerroom; not necessarily a starter but someone who can mentor the younger guys. We tend to focus on the top-tier names when we discuss free agents. Who would be a possible backup mentor tackle?

    • nichansen01

      A think we go with one FA o-line and one FA d-line.

      • Ed

        Jared Odrick (DL)
        Matt Kalil (OT)

        Those would be my two guys.

  8. Steve Nelsen

    Listening to your podcast has me hyped for Tuesday Rob. I can’t wait to see how the DBs measure.

    I am excited about Kevin King. But, I was also excited about Stanley Jean-Baptiste a couple years ago. I am hoping for SJB to break out now that he has had a year in the system. And there are some hungry dogs besides SJB that have great opportunities.

  9. Trevor

    I know most fans would not agree with me but I think after looking at this year draft class that the Hawks signing of Fant as a UDFA was a stroke of genius last off season.

    Ideally Sowell would have not gotten hurt throwing Fant into the fire but he has a ton of athleticism and upside.

    I will throw this question out to the SDB community out of curiosity. If we took Fant off our roster and put him in the draft this year where do you think he would get picked?

    • JT

      6th-7th round, or still UDFA

      Love your input on the blog Trevor, but this is the area I disagree with you most.

      His upside is all theoretical based on his athleticism. He has yet to show that he can apply that to playing competent NFL football. He was possibly the worst offensive lineman in the NFL last season, but the year of experience playing meaningful snaps under Tom Cable is key. I think that could net him a late round pick if he were able to re-submit his name in the 2017 draft.

      • Steve Nelsen

        This is quite literally a $6 million question, Trevor. Signing Fant (an athletic basketball player) as a project was similar in philosophy to signing athletic defensive linemen or athletic tight ends as conversion projects.

        Seattle has had some modest success with this approach and some of the pro evaluators give Tom Cable top marks for player development for being able to turn some of these guys (Sweezy, Gilliam) into serviceable pros. But, all of them were below-average starters in their first seasons. And, none have turned into Pro-Bowl caliber players yet. And the optimism for Gilliam’s play after his 2015 season waned a bit with his disappointing failure to improve last year. What if Fant fails to improve this year like Gilliam did last year? What if the ceiling for any of these conversion guys is average NFL starter? So far, the results would say that is the likely best case outcome for these conversions.

        The best thing about these conversions is that they cost nothing. These guys are mostly UDFAs and late-round developmental picks.

        Seattle needs to have a plan B for Fant and Gilliam going into the next season. We might hope for one of them to make a jump to average in 2017 but it seems unreasonably optimistic to hope that both will. $6 million is likely the best case scenario for a veteran FA OT. There are a lot of teams with a lot of cap room who need help on the OL and some FAs are likely to get overpaid.

        Maybe one of our conversion projects will bloom into a pro-Bowl caliber player. If anyone can do it, Cable can.

      • Scraps

        Fant clearly showed progress through the year. If you didn’t see that, you are in the minority of educated watchers.

        • JT

          I think too many of the “educated watchers” buy the overly-positive coach-speak, or the media-hype of the basketball-to-starting-LT transition.

          “Progress” isn’t how I’d describe his play throughout the season, and John Schneider seems to have a similar evaluation.

    • JT

      Today JS commented on how offensive line talent is lacking due to players choosing defense or other positions in high school. He brought up Fant (ever the straight-shooter), and essentially called him a deer-in-the-headlights:

      “Look at us. Look at George Fant last year. I mean – God Bless him, but Holy cow, I mean the guy was playing basketball (the previous year) and he’s out there playing against Robert Quinn you know. So good luck.”

      It was nice to actually hear the organization speak candidly about his struggles, as the positives from Carroll & Cable are always clouded in coach-speak.

  10. Steve Nelsen

    “Can they get a great safety out of this draft? Very possibly.
    Can they get a great cornerback out of this draft? Very possibly.
    Can they get a great linebacker out of this draft? Very possibly.”

    That was my favorite quote of yours from this podcast. I got really excited when you talked about Seattle having 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds in a deep defensive draft. Can they also add another defensive lineman to the rotation?

    I would be fine with them using 4 of their first 5 picks on defense. Maybe even all 5 on defense if they can add a FA OT.

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