Pre-draft Podcast: 28th April

Kenneth Arthur, Danny Kelly and I talked draft for a good 90 minutes today. It’s long — but we cover a ton of ground. Have a listen:


  1. Volume12

    Rob, I know your a fan of his as well as I am, what’s the highest (round) you could see W.Virginia OG Quinton Spain going?

    • Rob Staton

      4 or 5

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Miller reports that Tre Jackson has failed physicals with multiple teams.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        That is a shame. He and Arie Kouandijo both have chronic knee conditions. Jackson is a guy I believe the Hawks would have a big interest in. I doubt they draft him now. There are too many candidates at LG to spend draft capital on a guy with bad wheels.

  2. J2 MED

    Oh man these podcasts are always fun. Great stuff!

  3. JMac

    Enjoyed your blogs this season!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  4. Trevor

    Great job on the podcast some good info for sure. Only a couple of more days to see how this all works out. Really hoping we can move up to get an impact guy like DGB with that 1st pick.

    • redzone086

      Dgb is going late first round. disappointing but just too much potential for teams to cross him off their boards.

      • RealRhino2

        +1 on the kudos for the podcast.

        Watched DGB tape while listening to the podcast, and I’m off the bandwagon. Not interested at 63 or earlier. I watched the Auburn tape on draft breakdown and came away less than impressed. Like Randy Moss without the quickness, ability to high point the ball, or great hands. IOW, can run fast in a straight line, but totally uninterested in blocking, and takes a lot of plays off. If we are moving up, I like your idea of a guy like Eli Harold or another defender. Dorsett or Smith if they are still there look better to me than DGB.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Are you talking about the 2013 SEC Championship?

          • RealRhino2


            • CHawk Talker Eric

              DGB’s stat line from that game:

              6 recs for 144 yards and 2 TDs

              • Trevor

                But other than that he was terrible. I wish we could get a couple of scrub WR to put up stat lines like that.

              • RealRhino2

                That’s fine. Lies, damn lies, and statistics, right?

                First, one of the TDs wasn’t a TD. He put the ball on the ground on the “catch” and the refs didn’t spot it.

                Second, as Tracy Morgan says, look at the game tape:
                :32 – WR screen. Gets a lot of yards on these types of plays without shaking anybody or breaking a tackle, usually.

                :41 – The “TD” where he puts the ball on the turf.

                2:03 – Long TD. Great play, just outruns the CB, catches in stride, no catching him once he’s in a full stride.

                2:33 – Short little rub route/slant, good run after catch, the best I’ve seen from him, actually shows a cut.

                3:24 – Run play, blocks for about a second and then just quits.

                3:46 – Here he’s the blocker on a WR screen, except he just flat-out declines to block at all, gets his man blown up at the LOS.

                4:04 – Again, another little slant, makes catch but falls 2 yds short of the first down with no shake, no power. Goes down on first contact a lot.

                4:11 – Contested slant, doesn’t box out, no catch.

                4:39 – Corner route, mistimes jump (happens a lot, IMO), outjumped by CB.

                5:00 – Again, no block thrown when QB takes off and runs.

                5:12 – Drop on easy ball.

                5:22 – Again mistimes jump/no jump.

                Entire game, I saw two plus plays. The long TD and his slant and run. The rest I saw an indifferent blocker, a tall WR who mistimed his jumps or didn’t jump so his height didn’t help, and a guy who picked up a lot of his yards on easy WR screens but didn’t actually make anybody miss.

                Now, it could be that I’m not giving enough credit for his size. I just didn’t see a guy who attacked the ball or reacted well.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  Thanks for putting DGB into perspective. Not a sure thing at all. Also consider that Seahawks already spent thier first round pick on a tight end, and just “discovered” Matthews in the superbowl.

                  I would settle for a medium size receiver with good hands, hustle and blocking ability.

                  • Tien

                    He’s got the size, speed (especially for a guy that big), and good hands to potentially be a dominant/#1 receiver in the NFL. Can he be coached up to be more aggressive on the jump balls and to beat press coverage (I’m not too worried about the blocking. He’s a WR so good blocking ability is a bonus and not a necessity.)? Just as importantly, are his off field incidents just isolated incidents of a young immature kid or signs of a more systemic issue? Those are the questions that an NFL team needs to answer for themselves before drafting DGB. I sure wouldn’t feel comfortable risking a first round draft pick on him but if we can get him for a price of a 2nd & 4th rounder, I’d be pretty excited.

                  • Steele1324

                    I don’t think it’s fair to judge DGB on one game. You look at potential and whether he is capable of doing the things you don’t see him doing.

                    He still made an impact in this game that you say he did not play well. Could he have done better? Yes, and we’re back to potential.

                    As I say about Funchess, what is the worst case scenario if you take DGB? You have a tall target who can still make some plays, even if he is not a superstar, even if he does not live up to the hype.

                    I am intrigued by both, but think you can get a good tall target without so many attitude/’does he have the motivation’ question marks.

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  So you’ve made your conclusion based on his performance in one game?

                  Ok, I hope some other GMs think the same way so he falls far enough.

                  • RealRhino2

                    No, I watched the tape on draftbreakdown of the IU and the Ole Miss game. He was better in the IU game, but my opinion hasn’t changed much.

                    If I get you guys right, all we have to do is teach him to (a) care about football, (b) develop natural instincts, (c) react better to the ball, (d) actually try to block, (e) be more quick in his routes, (f) time his jumps better, and (g) fight for the ball in the air, and we’ll have a heck of a receiver on our hands.

                    If only it were that easy with everybody. 😉

                    Seriously, watch the Ole Miss tape. Maybe it’s bad tape, but it showed virtually the same things as the Auburn game. TWICE he makes absolutely no effort to block on WR screens, gets his man destroyed at the LOS both times. Gets outjumped by what looks like a 5-10 corner. Helps his QB throw an INT by failing to react to a ball thrown slightly behind him. To his credit, he did block better when he tried in this game and ran down the guy who got the pick.

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  Just another guy’s opinion, but it’s Rob Rang:

                  “You go back to his tape when he was at Missouri. To me, he looks like a combination of A.J. Green and Odell Beckham Jr. He has the size – the height, at least – of an A.J. Green and the grace of an A.J. Green, but he has the ability to just kind of pluck the football out of the air so easily the way that Odell Beckham Jr. did this past season for the New York Giants. I fully appreciate (Green-Beckham). We’re talking about two of the elite wide receivers in all of the NFL, but that’s exactly what Dorial Green-Beckham looks like. He was the highest-rated prospect when he was coming out of high school a couple of years ago. Obviously there are off-field issues, and every team is going to have to take that into account. But my sources tell me the Oklahoma coaching staff has been very supportive of Dorial Green-Beckham publicly and privately. I still think he’s going to wind up going late first round or certainly in the early portion of the second round – and he will wind up being an NFL star.”

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    If you looked at combine numbers, other wide receivers grade out better. If you look at college receptions and yardage, other wide receivers had much more production.

                    The only thing he scores well at is height and a lot of wishful hopes of potential.

                    I won’t even go into DGBs personal problems as he is reformed and has lots of potential – right? I wouldn’t move up for him, and now wouldn’t even consider him in the second. This is a fourth rounder that everyone is hyping.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Alaska I’m not interested in changing your mind about DGB or any other player. You are as entitled to your opinion as anyone. But your argument about other prospects having better combine numbers or college production is simply absurd.

                    Other QB prospects performed better than Winston at the Combine, and other QBs had better college production last year. And yet, does anyone really doubt he’ll be the first pick? And not without some off-field concerns.

                    It’s okay if we disagree about DGB’s potential and draft day value. I don’t think I’m right and you’re wrong. But I will say that I base my opinion of him on more than any single game’s performance.

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    I wish DGB good luck, no matter who gets him!

  5. manthony

    U work for the BBC?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Football (soccer) announcer (I think lol)

    • Cysco

      Rob is The Stig, but he quit when they fired Clarkson.

    • Rob Staton

      I do work for the BBC Manthony

  6. CharlieTheUnicorn

    ZW does a great job of explaining the various OL prospects here and which the Seahawks might have their eye on. He focused on roster mirroring. All the normal prospects are listed, but a few guys might be more valuable to Seattle than “we” commonly think in our mock drafts.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      “Buffalo’s Kristjan Sokoli is a freak of nature and would be the most Seahawks OL-to-DL convert of them all. It seems almost too obvious to actually happen in real life. He’d also be the 6th 3 sigma”… ie 3 stnd dev from the mean OL.. “in the NFL”, since ZW started following SPARQ scores.

      He stated this looks way too obvious for Seattle to take, but I think he is onto something with this guy.

  7. footballnerd

    Your stuff is always so great rob. Thank you so much for all of your work.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man appreciate that

  8. Cysco

    I’m calling it now. Seattle trades up to #36 with the Jags. Word is that the Jags are looking to deal for more picks. Given all the picks the Hawks have and the closeness between the two franchises, it just makes sense.

    • Trevor

      I think they make a trade up with Wash at 38. Mcloghin and JS are buddies and Wash has stated they are looking to trade down for more picks. If DGB, Shane Ray, Randy Gregory or Marcus Peters is there at 38 I really hope we make that move. Ideally for our 2nd, 4th and next years 3rd.

      • Cysco

        Yah, I could see Was being a possible partner too.

        • Nichansen01

          Getting DGB would be awesome, but getting Shane Ray or Randy Gregory would be mind-blowingly insane.
          I am really hoping for a big trade up.

      • mrpeapants

        and Harold too

      • Jon

        I think Ray should be off the list. Not that his offense is worse than the others, but because he is allready in the banned substance program due to his issues.

        • Nichansen01

          Shane Ray would also give this offense the Chris Clemons element it was missing last year. Some analysists are saying (for whatever it’s worth) with the Dion Jordon suspension and toe injury, Shane Ray could fall the the third and possibly the fourth. If he’s there at 95 (slim chance), how can the Hawks not take him?

          • Madmark

            Walt’s has Shane Ray at pick 85 to the Bengals.

  9. footballnerd

    Does anyone no how many picks that would cost?

    • Cysco

      To get the Jag’s pick at #36? My guess would be NO’s 4th this year and our 3rd next year. Probably throw in a 5th somewhere.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        It will cost more than swap of seconds and a 4th and 5th in my estimation…. 3rd next year makes me think that is too steep of price. That is possibly 3 starters for 1 guy.

        • williambryan

          Also possibly 3 JAGs for 1 pro bowler… Optimism!

        • j

          It also hurts our flexibility for 2016. If we use that extra third this year, we can’t use it next year.

        • Trevor

          Charlie if you could go back and spend a 3rd rounder to pick Kelvin Benjamin instead of P Rich would you do it?

          You only trade up if you can get a true impact player that fits need and system. DGB, Ray and Gregory are all in that category if you are comfortable with the off field stuff.

        • Spireite Seahawk

          I wouldnt have an issue with using next years third, especially when you consider the likely 3rd compo pick for Maxwell is likely to be only a few picks later.

          It will be interesting how far the NO 4th rounder and next years 3rd rounder could take us.

          • Spireite Seahawk

            I feel compelled to point out I wrote the above before Rob said the exact same thing in the podcast.

        • Madmark

          When Rob wrote the article about trading up DGB and Dorsett by all mocks it was possible if they drop. I wanted Dorsett, a guy, that average 25 yards a catch and 1/3 of his Receptions was for TDs.
          My thinking that dorsett would have to be respected for his speed and that would really open the middle for Graham and prevent the box from being stacked. The Miami Pro day happed and payton was heard saying that’s our man and the next day Walt’s had him being taken at 31. I came up with the idea of the 63+112+ the 3rd next year to get into the early forties. I just don’t think other teams will let him get out of the 1st. If we are thinking about it so are the other teams. It be a bold gamble but if there is a run on the receiver this could mean a drop in the RB. I might just make the trade with Detroit for a 67+112 to get a Jay Ajayi.

          • Steele1324

            Dorsett will not get out of rd. 1. He is too popular. Devin Smith, who has more flaws, might drop a bit.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      63+112+2016 R2

  10. Ross

    Rapsheet said outright on Daniel Jeremiah’s podcast that Detroit wants a fourth round pick. I think the Seahawks could jump higher (thinking Miami because of their trade for Kenny Stills), but if ‘the guy’ starts slipping I think Detroit are a pretty ideal trade partner.

    • Cysco

      I just don’t think DGB will be there at #54. If he were, Detroit is the obvious target

      • James

        That’s what worries me, DGB is under the microscope, mentally, morally and physically. They are probably interviewing his pet parakeet, just to be sure. If he checks out, being a top ten talent, someone is going to grab him in R1. If he doesn’t check out, and falls into the 50’s, that means that red flags remained.

      • Rob Staton

        There will be 5-6 trade up targets I imagine.

  11. James

    …excellent podcast, Rob. You are dangerously close to getting us hot and bothered for DGB (more below).

    …here is what I would like to see John and Pete do: dance with the one what brung them. By that I mean, stay true to their roots, go with their philosophy of the first three years and stay with their checklist: a) some unique athletic talent that can be developed and emphasized; b) very high sparq ratings; c) highly competitive; d) mature and dedicated to winning. Mainly, Pete trusted his instincts, and trusted John to find his guys.

    I think that, once Pete and John had the team built and on the brink of a championship, they got a little bit away from their foundational philosophy (see P. Harvin) and started swinging from their heels and aiming for the fences. Percy was an epic fail, but the team was so well constructed, they won the Super Bowl going away anyhow. But there are troubling signs that the past two draft classes just did not reflect the same brilliance as the first three. So I say, go back to what you do best and do it.

    To me, that means a “safe” draft in that, just go get your guys, and fill your holes. In R2, draft the very best plug and play G/C you can find, likely Laken Tomlinson, AJ Cann, Ali Marpet, Mitch Morse or Hroniss Grasu, whoever they like best. Then, I would like to see Tre McBride in R3. After that, with the treasure-trove of picks R4 thru R6, just add a Leo, a DT, another OL, a CB and a S… and make them all guys who check off the list, don’t get too cute, just trust that your system is the best and stay with it. Other players I really like are Ty Montgomery if they don’t go with McBride, and Shaq Mason C/G from Georgia Tech, but there are so many other Seahawky guys… just stay on the straight and narrow, John and Pete.

    The one place I would take a risk is a trade up for DGB in R2. This is because, if the cost is as Rob suggests, #63, the NO R4 trade pick, and R3 from next year (when they have two picks in that round thanks to Byron Maxwell), it is not too much to pay for a potential game-changer…. for if they can land DGB, and if he stays clean, then he would have a massive effect on our offense and could, with Jimmy Graham, launch us into the stratosphere.

    • James

      *… Ty Sambrailo and Donovan Smith in R2, though outstanding prospects, are a little less of a sure thing, because they are looking at making the move from OT to OG, at least initially, with the thought that perhaps they could grow into Okung’s replacement. Not a bad idea, but these two guys do not have the natural frame for a G/C, and I would prefer to go by the book in this draft.

    • Steele1324

      James, I think McBride and Montgomery would be safe, almost boring picks. I do not see McBride “flipping the field”, and wonder if he is much more than what Kevin Norwood is supposed to be. Montgomery is almost a given, probably won’t be a major contributor as a WR until he fixes his technical flaws. Bottom line concern, as receivers, neither is a major upgrade in year 1. Kind of a slightly upwards sideways.

      • Rik

        Except Montgomery is projected as a future pro bowl returner. He would represent a huge upgrade and field tilter on special teams. Plus he’s a big-time YAC receiver.

        • vrtkolman

          He would fit the bubble screen receiver role that Bevell loves to utilize so much (for some reason of which I have no idea).

          • Robert

            Bevell cannot be trusted to manage his insane possession with the bubble screen. If we draft a YAC specialist, PC will have to instruct RW to audible out of incessant, poorly timed bubble screens.

      • Dawgma

        They drafted Richardson to ‘flip the field’ taking the top off a defense. That sure worked well. Frankly I’d rather have a good receiver making a contribution to this sorry group, no matter what profile they fit or how they do it.

        • Madmark

          They wanted speed to push the field vertically and that’s even more important now. This would open the middle of the field and make the nightmare of Graham even worse for opposing teams. Teams would really kill themselves trying to stack the box against The Beast.

    • CC

      ESPN article on DGB – not by Terry Blount so readable

  12. CharlieTheUnicorn

    If you are trading the farm away for a guy, why not target Shane Ray, if he does indeed end up in the 2nd round…. pass rusher is not a bad way to go, if you have to give up some picks.

    • James

      The scary thing about Ray is that, since he is facing a criminal prosecution, he is already in the NFL drug program, will be tested constantly, another slip and suspension is automatic. DGB was suspended from Missouri for drugs a couple of years ago, but this was not a criminal case, and he appears to have been clean ever since… I know that Oklahoma tested him regularly as a condition of his transfer. He would not be in the NFL drug program.

      • Steele1324

        Randy Gregory might be the more consistent player. Take no plays off.

        • peter

          No doubt. But consistent player vs. Him mot being able to play? James a great point that for all the talk of DGb’s problems he didn’t get pulled over on draft week being an idiot

        • vrtkolman

          If Irvin was light as a rookie, Gregory is even lighter than that. I think he’s only around 230 lbs? I can’t imagine what NFL lineman are going to do to him…

          • Steele1324

            Gregory will gain in an NFL weight room. A team will find ways to use him.

    • Madmark

      I would think 2 days before the draft and a big payday you would stay out of trouble. What happen tells me he’s not very smart and for that reason I wouldn’t draft him. We aren’t that desperate.

    • vrtkolman

      Getting pulled over with weed in the car 2 days before the draft shows horrible decision making. I think that should be considered as much as any looming suspensions that he could have in the future over this incident.

  13. Steele1324

    In case you missed it, a piece advocating trading down with this draft in order to trade up in next draft, which is deeper:

    • Volume12

      Next year’s draft looks amazing.

      There’s some great mid to late round options this year, but next year’s appears to loaded throughout, ecspecially at the LT position.

      • DC

        I despise trading away future draft capital. It’s like overspending with a credit card. When the bill comes due (Whitehurst, Harvin) it just plain sucks. Let’s keep all of next year’s picks.

        • Volume12

          Oh, I agree. I was just referencing the fact that next year’s class looks loaded regardless.

          The draft is a lottery, the more tickets you buy/the more times you scratch, the higher your odds of winning big.

        • Dawgma

          The link was advocating swapping This year’s picks for (higher) picks next year. That’s a fan tactic strategy I’m, since GMs have the attention span of a fruit fly an d dramatically undervalue future picks.

    • Rob Staton

      Impossible to say how deep next year will be at this stage. There’s some top end talent that is intriguing if they all declare — but trading up in round one is much more expensive than any other round.

  14. Volume12

    Might be a stupid question but how many UDFAs can be labeled as ‘priority?’ 1-3? Anyone know?

    • Old but Slow

      Your question resonates for me with past drafts when the draft went into several additional rounds. We could be trying to calculate ten or 14 rounds of players. We’ve got it easy today, “Why I remember when I had to walk 10 miles to school in the snow”. Well, maybe only 5.

      • Madmark

        Standard 12 rounds and ya more less after that more or less with trades. That was back when the Seahawks came into the league. You have to be about my age if you think about stuff like that because I do it to. Of all the great RB’s I watch my favorite today still is Earl Campbell.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Hey Mark do you remember RB David Sims?

          • Madmark

            Yes I do short career but he was exciting in his time.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Oh yeah. Led the NFL with 15 TDs in his 2nd season. Blew out his knee at the start of his 3rd. But man was he exciting to watch.

              • Madmark

                I remember when we got Curt Warner and he had that great first year and seattle got into the playoffs. The next year he blows out his knee and he just never looked the same.

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  Yeah I called the King Dome Heartbreak Hotel in those days

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  Not gonna lie – I really wanted Dickerson but those friggin Rams.

                  • Madmark

                    Today still my all time Seahawk player is Kenny Easley. I think he was as good as Ronnie Lott. I still have my Jersey although the rubbery material for the numbers are a little shredded from washing machine. They sure didn’t have that quality that my 12th man shirt has today with my name on it.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Love Easley. Don’t know if statistics back this up but the ’84 Defense has to be the second best after the current group.

                    Jacob Green, Joe Nash and Jeff Bryant up front backed up by Keith Butler and Bruce Scholtz, and of course, Kenny Easley and Dave Brown in the backfield.

    • j

      You have a budget of 75k – priority FA are just the guys you give large bonuses to.

      • Volume12

        Thank you J. Your the only one who understood my dumb question.

    • Madmark

      As far as I know, you can have as many guys in camp as you want until the 90 man roster cut.

  15. Madmark

    After looking thru the CB I found one that’a 6’2″ 192lbs. 32 3/4″aems 9 7/8″hands has 4.57-40 and a 36″vj. He got grit o’plenty. Would you say he’s a good candidate for Pete as a CB and would you draft to be coached up?

    • Brandon

      What’s his name?

    • EranUngar

      I have no idea mark…

      IMO the main attribute that makes Sherman the CB he is is not how tall or wide his shoulders are, it’s what he carries above those shoulders. I can find athletic, long arms, 6-3 guys on almost every high school basketball team. That does not make them all pro corners.

      Yes, it seems that the Seahawks have a preferred size for that job but at best it means they won’t take guys who do not fit those measurements. It certainly does not mean that they will be interested in everybody that manages to fulfill those physical measurements.

      Grit is nice but this is a professional sport and it would be really nice to know if he knows how to play it. I would like to think it matters.

      All i can say based on the little info you provided is that there is nothing in there to indicate the Seahawks will not draft that guy. That’s a far way from saying they could/would/should be interested.

      • Madmark

        That was the point to see if anyone was interested. I think he’s a guy Seattle would definitely be interested in. You got to have grit if you play offense, defense, and special Teams. He’s a 3fer. That makes him Seahawky.

        • EranUngar


          I see a guy who could be the next Sherm…or the next Simon…arrrr

    • john_s

      Ok so i’ve fallen victim to the mock draft simulators and if we can get something like this I will be a happy camper. I picked Lippett up as a WR. I would let him sink or swim and if it doesn’t pan out, move him to CB. I think Alex Carter ticks the boxes for an LOB member, he has the arms and the demeanor.

      63: R2P31

      95: R3P31

      112: R4P13

      130: R4P31

      134: R4P35

      167: R5P31

      170: R5P34

      181: R6P5

      209: R6P33

      214: R6P38

      248: R7P31

    • Steele1324

      Tony Lippett has been a favorite of mine from the beginning. And what a value. You get a Sherman clone and—I insist—a receiver with some length who is underrated, a guy with natural ball tracking stills and love for the game.

      • peter

        But which position are they drafting him for? Lippet isn’t some all world athlete whos going to play both positions…

  16. Rob

    Rob when are you releasing your final Mock draft?

    • rowdy

      He said today

  17. Ho Lee Chit

    Here is a thought for all of you trade junkies. Chip Kelly wants to move up for Mariota. There has to be a way the Seahawks can benefit from this situation. Suppose we trade our second round pick #63 to Philly for Jordan Matthews (6-3, 212) 67 receptions for 872 yards and 8 TD’s last year. He went #42 in last years draft and a lot of us liked him DGB is going to be long gone. I am not a fan of trading up or using the early picks this year on WR’s. But for those of you that are … here you go. Kelly gets a little more ammo in his hunt for the #2 pick in the draft.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      If PC wanted Matthews he would’ve drafted him at 40 last year when SEA had that pick and Matthews as on the board.

      Instead they traded down with DET and took Richardson.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        How do you know they were not hoping that Matthews would still be there after the trade down? In any event, the suggestion is designed to satisfy the cravings of those who feel we need a bigger outside WR.

        • John_s

          Matthews played most of the time in the slot in Philly

    • Madmark

      It doesn’t matter philly is not going to give up a guy with that kind of production in his 1st year. He’s just getting started and that was chip draft pick.

  18. CHawk Talker Eric

    Pat McManamon is reporting that CLE has offered their 2 R1 picks to TEN for #2.

    • Cysco

      Not surprising

      • AlaskaHawk

        Add next years #1 and they will be getting into the ballpark of a deal.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Okay just read that Titans want two #1s, a #2 and next years #1. That seems fair. Not sure it is worth the trade for the Titans. They are in danger of being like St. Louis but without the great defensive line.

          • RealRhino2

            I would tell the Titans to pound sand. Honestly not sure Cleveland isn’t better off with the 12 and 19 by themselves. Just because the Redskins were stupid doesn’t mean everybody else has to be from now on. How is that even supposed to work? The Redskins paid it, so now that’s the market, even though everybody acknowledges that it seems to have been a bad deal for the Redskins?

            • Madmark

              Its a bad deal for the Redskins because there prize got injured.

  19. New Guy

    A little off-topic, but what’s going to happen to La’el Collins if he can’t convincingly explain his situation between now and Thursday evening? Who’s going to want to draft the best offensive lineman?

    More first round drama.


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Not at all. He’s not implicated in the least at this point. Wasn’t even in the same state at the time of death. Also, he’s chosen to return to LA to cooperate with authorities instead of attend the draft.

      • New Guy

        Ian RapoportVerified account
        Originally, La’El Collins planned to submit to paternity tests on Monday after the draft. It’s clear the situation requires urgent attention

    • CC

      This is unfortunate all the way around – a young woman is killed, Collins isn’t a suspect, but there is a lot of press about this. I feel bad for the woman’s family as well as Collins having to deal with this right before the draft.

  20. CHawk Talker Eric

    Brett Tessler ‏@TesslerSports 9 minutes ago
    Kristjan Sokoli (DL, U of Buffalo) just finished a final private workout for one of the teams who also brought him in for a pre-Draft visit.

    • Madmark

      That be crazy if Cable could do it again with the LG spot.

      • CC

        Agreed! I guess Bailey can fill in if Sokoli needs more time to learn.

        • Volume12

          I actually like Sokoli just fine as a hybrid D-lineman. His supposed move to OG is nice and all, but his real talent is on the defensive side of the ball.

  21. AlaskaHawk

    Note to everyone, RealRhino2 has convinced me that it is not worth picking DGB. The only reason we have even been talking about him is that he is tall. Just comparing him man to man as a receiver he falls well short (har) of the mark.

    You want someone tall, go to Denver and get Osweiller. Use him as a duel threat backup QB/wide receiver.

    • rowdy


    • Steele1324

      Alaska, we have been on and off DGB for a while now, arguments on all sides, points well taken. In terms of potential and talent, DGB has a high ceiling. Yes, he is a risk, but he has qualities that can’t be taught. It’s not just size. He needs to be coached up to play up his size far better. Character and motivation are the main question marks. Same with Funchess.

    • peter

      I saw this thought earlier but I’m not sure what Wr’s were more productive relative to size then dgb? Kevin white maybe…amari cooper okay but past that , who? Conley is the better athlete but way less production. Justin hardy kills everyone in production but has a JAG physicality

      • Volume12

        One of the most underrated receivers in this class, and a personal favorite of mine who will be in my mock…. Wazzu WR Vince Mayle. Insane production!

  22. David M2

    Thought you guys may enjoy this little mock that my buddy Josh put together.

    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jameis Winston QB -Florida State: Big Ben similarities with the arm and pocket presence. Can sling it all day like Ben. Lovie Smith bets he can keep him inline and mature. He has a monster sized receiving corps with Evans/Jackson/Sefarian Jenkins, which he missed badly with Benjamin gone in 2014. However, will poor decision making on and off the field derail him?

    2. Cleveland Browns via TN Titans- Marcus Mariota QB- Oregon: TRADE! Clueless TN finds another desperate franchise to pay up for the right to roll the dice on a potential franchise QB. Surprise, Surprise it’s the Cleveland Browns! Cleveland sends the most depleted roster in the NFL 3 #’1s. Two this year #12 and #19 and the 2016 1st rounder. Which will likely be high. This is poor Mariota’s worst nightmare- TN or Clev. Oh, the days of Hawaii or even Eugene. I like the upside on Mariota in the right system and location but this is not it. Look for around Week 5 to be thrown to the wolves.

    3, Jacksonville Jaguars- Dante Fowler OLB- Florida: Nope, not Leonard Williams or Cooper here. Fowler is a local Gator and Bradley/Caldwell are defensive oriented by nature. Last year they went heavy on O. I am a believer in Fowler and FL has a nice history of defensive studs. Jevon Kearse, Wilber Marshall…among others.

    4. Oakland Raiders- Leonard Williams DL- USC: Williams is happy to stay on the West Coast and Del Rio is another defensive biased guy. McKenzie is calling the shots and makes him happy. I think Williams will be one of the overrated players in this draft in regards to where drafted. Has the talent but won’t be as dominant as expected. Should have drafted Cooper.

    5. Atlanta Falcons via Washington Redskins- Vic Beasley OLB- Clemson: TRADE! Redskins and new savvy GM McCloughan strikes a deal with one of the worst GM’s Dimitroff. Dimitroff, can’t help himself and desperately wants to guarantee a top EDGE rusher to his new Defensive Guru HC Quinn. Atlanta gives up their #8, 3rd and 6th this year to move up 3 spots. I think the Falcons are that high on Beasley and he loves them. Not sure if its worth it. McCloughan will be shopping #5 to anybody for more picks.

    6. NY Jets- Amari Cooper WR -Alabama: Jets are thrilled to land Cooper. Marshall and Decker could both be gone by the end of the year. Cooper and Beckham Jr will be battling it out for years as to who’s the best WR in the Big Apple. I love Cooper, have watched him destroy the SEC for years. The Jets next tall task is finding a QB to pair him with, otherwise it’s a travesty to his skills.

    7. Chicago Bears- Danny Shelton DL-Washington: New regime in Chicago. The young GM Ryan Pace paired with the old conservative Fox. They got excited for a minute that Cooper maybe available and think hard about White. However, they know their defense is abysmal. Might as well start with some size for the 3-4 and Shelton has that. Nice potential foundation piece to work around. Could be another Knighton situation though for Fox. Lot’s of fines for being overweight etc. They might be kicking themselves passing on Bud Dupree or Kevin White.

    8. Washington Redskins via Atlanta-Bud Dupree OLB-Kentucky: McCloughan and Redskin fans are giddy to trade down 3 spots score some extra picks and land another EDGE rusher. Dupree has his risk. Athletic, but raw and not polished. Boom or bust for the draft position but the extra picks justify the move.

    9. NY Giants- Brandon Scherff OG- Iowa: Classic Giants pick. They always gravitate to big mauler O-Lineman. Scherff was flat out dominant and pancaking everybody in the Big 10. Lets see if he can work on that pass protect though.

    10. St.Louis Rams- Kevin White WR- West Virginia: Thinking hard about another O-Lineman they can’t pass on White. The Rams WR group is a joke. White is big and fast enough to snag the expected Foles errant bombs, and he’s a YAC monster. This combo could be fun if Foles is still the QB, and or doesn’t get hurt after a few games. Bring them to LA! Just get rid of that overrated Fisher first please.

    11. Minnesota Vikings- DeVante Parker WR- Louisville: Vikings feel they may have a franchise QB in Teddy B. How could they not pair him up with his college buddy Parker? If they go Waynes here instead of thinking WR because the class is so deep, we can get one later, I will laugh. Just like I laughed at their handling of AP. Plus, you can’t count on Mike Wallace as your 1 WR. Charles Johnson, Parker, Wright, Wallace, Patterson to go with Rudolph give Bridgewater options. Parker is no sure thing also but at least he has prior rapport with the QB.

    12. TN Titans via Cleveland Browns- Todd Gurley RB – Georgia: Titans use their first pick from the Brownies on the most explosive RB prospect in years. Chris Johnson was amazing in his prime and Gurley could be that much needed replacement. Bishop Stankey sure as hell isn’t. Just like Clev will try and fix last years bad pick of Manziel with Mariota. TN tries the same thing with Gurley over Stankey. If TN is going to rock the MettShow they better have a ground attack. I still think Gurley to Atlanta at #8 is the other possibility..if no trade of course.

    13. New Orleans Saints- Randy Gregory OLB- Nebraska: Saints are all about improving their putrid Defense. Here you go Rob Ryan you sexy beast. Keep Gregory inline and productive, or Sean Payton is going to kill you. Another risky character type but EDGE rushers don’t grow on trees, and every team needs to disrupt the QB, or its game over.

    14. Miami Dolphins- La ‘El Collins OT- LSU: Dolphins are sick to their stomachs missing out on Gurley. Lamar Miller is good though and Collins is very good. One of my favorite lineman and I think a relative safe pick. Collins has that history of dominating in the SEC. That usually translates to the next level.

    15. San Francisco Forty Niners- Kevin Johnson CB- Wake Forest: I was torn here between Peat and a CB. Its all a guessing game with Baalke anyway. This is likely some other teams pick but Johnson would be a solid add. Best press CB in the draft. Knocked a bit for his speed he makes up for it with great technique/extreme aggressiveness. Very disciplined on and off the field. Much different from Peters in that regard. Oh, and it fits a massive need. Possible trade back scenarios that would warm Baalkes heart: Denver at #28 for whoever Elway may fancy. Dallas at #27 if they are desperate for Gordon.

    16. Houston Texans- Trae Waynes CB- Michigan State: Back to back CB’s. The CB class this year has no real stars but does have depth. Teams desperately need them and the Texans are no different. Kareem Jackson is soon to be a FA. Jonathan Joseph is getting older. Playing Andrew Luck twice a year you better have some CB’s. Although, the Texans desperately need another WR they can wait till later. Waynes is the 1 rated CB from some pundits and is expected to probably go higher. I am not a fan but demand trumps all. Bring on the Andre Johnson/TY Hilton match ups to test him.

    17. San Diego Chargers- Melvin Gordon RB- Wisconsin: This very well could be another trade out and exciting spot. The Chargers definitely need another dynamic RB since it’s been a long time since LT. Rivers is getting older if he stays in SD or not, and the balance needs to be addressed. Gordon, although another Badger RB is much more talented than the Daynes, Balls, Whites of recent years. Gordon needs to work on his receiving skills, but the rest of his game is solid. It will be interesting to see if Dallas can resist.

    18. Kansas City Chiefs- Andrus Peat OT- Stanford: This is where its even more difficult to predict. When the better teams start selecting, the choices become more about preference than need. And who the hell knows what team prefers which tackle or WR over others? I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Reid and crew draft in state guy Shane Ray here. Chiefs do need OL help and Peat is highly ranked. He played at a good school and has the requisite size and versatility. Many mocks have them focused on WR, but that can wait after the Maclin overpay.

    19. TN Titans via Cleveland Browns- Ereck Flowers OT- Miami: Tempted to pick any defensive player here for new DC Lebeau. The Titans need help everywhere but lets draft another OL! Titans last few 1’s have been OL, so lets get it right. We have Gurley now and Mett is a statue. So lets ground and pound and keep our awful D off the field. Flowers is a behemoth and can do it all. Again, its all about preference and fit so Humphries, Clemmings, Erving…on and on could all fit.

    20. Philadelphia Eagles- Breshad Perriman WR- Central FL: If the Eagles are still here this is a good spot to grab the Maclin replacement. Perriman, Dorsett, Agholor, Green Beckham, what do you think Chip??! Perriman has massive upside, but drops way too many balls. Also, coming out of Central FL is not a big plus but- Brandon Marshall was a steal from there. I know the Eagles love Agholor as well, plus his return game, but Perriman is too enticing for a gambler like the Chipster. Too bad Bradford was a bad one! Sanchez your up again…

    21. Cincy Bengals- D.J. Humphries OT-Florida: I thought about Marcus Peters and a bunch of other names here. Bengals are hard to peg every year. Andre Whitworth is almost done and the OL needs depth since they invested so much in RBs the last few years. Bernard and Hill are still the focus, so lets get another OL to man the trenches. Anything to minimize the Red Rifle or whatever they call that QB. They do need to get another WR badly, to counter the Green doubles. And another QB eventually.

    22. Pittsburgh Steelers- Marcus Peters CB- Washington: Somebody say Peters? Tomlin is happy that Peters falls because of character issues. Bye Ike Taylor. Bye Troy Polamanu. We need to revamp the secondary. Will Peters learn to control his overly aggressive nature on and off the field? Steelers and Tomlin usually do well with these types.

    23. Detroit Lions- Cameron Erving C- Florida State: Detroit has been dreadful trying to run the ball for a long time. Erving is a nice add and can move around. Plus, he can replace long time leader Dom Raiola. Lions are also very much in the RB market and could trade up if they want Gordon badly. I have them linked to Tevin Coleman in Round 2 for the much needed new RB. Bummer about Erving, was hoping he was around for Denver at #28.

    24. Arizona Cardinals- Arik Armstead DL- Oregon: Armstead is a polarizing prospect. I am not big on him at all. He could be good, but he needs a team to develop him and be very patient. The team also needs to have a badass leader who will kick his butt and show him how it’s done. Armstead’s upside comp is Calais Campbell and he’s that guy to mentor him. This could be a brilliant pick if that happens. Cards also bank on finding some RB help in the next round.

    25. Carolina Panthers- Nelson Agholor WR-USC: Streaking up the draft boards of late it will be interesting to see where Agholor ends up. The Panthers desperately need another productive WR to pair with Benjamin and this guy would be a good fit. Nothing flashy, but very smooth and as a added bonus he can be a returner. Dorsett or Strong would be another sensible pick, but Agholor is better suited to the Panthers.

    26. Baltimore Ravens- Dorial Green Beckham WR- Oklahoma: Yeah, I know Ray Rice. I am not crazy. One of the great wildcards of the draft. 6’6 225 with speed and comps to Megatron will get you noticed. It will also get you drafted much higher than others. It will also make teams that are confident/capable and have a track record of success with these types roll the dice. The Ravens have an obvious hole at WR and need a monster RZ beast. Steve Smith could immediately mentor this kid and show him the way. That could be very, very, scary, for the rest of the league. They just need to handle him like the Cowboys did with Dez initially.

    27. Dallas Cowboys- Byron Jones CB- UConn: Who? and UConn? What? The Dallas Cowboys did what? These would be the reactions if Jones gets picked by the Jones’s. Again, I think they are very much in play to trade up for Gordon. However, I think they continue this uncharacteristic behavior of being patient in the draft and finding talent. Jones is legit, and the Cowboys need big help in the secondary, and at CB. Scandrick is not happy, Carr isn’t that good. Jones, like Agholor has screamed up the boards. Malcom Brown could also be the pick. I was torn. I had Brown going to them before but now he goes to the ………

    28. Denver Broncos- Malcom Brown DT- Texas: Brown could easily stay in Texas and play for Dallas. He would be a solid fit but Dallas passes and Denver swoops. Brown is the Pot Roast Knighton replacement and upgrade. Elway-always flexible and cunning will take the BPA approach here and Brown is it. Jordan Phillips, another monster from rival Oklahoma is also on the Broncos radar, but I think they prefer Brown. Phillips had back surgery a year ago, and is just not flat out as productive. If not Brown or he’s gone, every OL in the draft has been pegged to Denver for a reason. So it could be Clemmings, Ogbuehi or others. Don’t rule out an Elway move up in the draft to say SF #15. Snatching somebody very surprising. They have the extra ammo and want to use it.

    29. Indy Colts- Eddie Goldman DT- Florida State: Man, these FL schools produce a lot of 1st round names. Now we are on to the good teams drafting very late. This is prime trade back area, but the Colts have a major issue. Stopping the run! Sick of seeing Blount run over them again, and again, it’s time to try and address that. Goldman is huge and helps. The Colts also suck at running the ball and could go OL with a Clemmings, Tomlinson selection. Defense first for me with them though.

    30. Green Bay Packers- Eric Kendricks LB-UCLA: LB is a big need for a pretty solid team. It’s who do they prefer? Perryman? McKinney? Dawson? Anthony? I don’t know what Ted T is thinking. Kendricks has the track record/pedigree and skills. No definitive star Inside LB’s this year like previous years so it could be anybody. Packers and Teddy usually go BPA, so it maybe somebody entirely different. They also could trade back and get the LB they want and add picks.They are good at this stuff. (Non related Side note) MCCarthy-nice job punting on the goal line multiple times with Eddie Lacy- ya dooooosh. Could have had the 31st or even 32nd pick instead!

    31. New Orleans Saints- Landon Collins S-Alabama: Maybe it’s Jalen Collins instead from LSU? Maybe Shane Ray? Could be anybody. Phillip Dorsett anybody? I picked Collins the first Safety off the board (wow late) because he’s safe and from a productive conference/school. I will say it again, this is another prime trade back for more picks. Sexy Bob Ryan wants more picks.
    This will always be remembered for the Jimmy Graham trade spot. They could go with another arrogant ginger TE in Maxx Williams. That would be classic!

    32. Houston Texans via NE Patriots in a TRADE!- Jaelen Strong WR- ASU: God, it makes me ill typing the Pats at #32. Lynch on the 1 and what? Anyway, typical NE move here, smart of course. Bill Belichick immediately after the SB win takes a call from former assistant coach and pal Bill O Brien. After BB says “Yeah Thanks OB, been there done that, any interest in our #32? I have already talked to 12 other teams, but I will give you old pal, first crack at it. Bill O’Brien-“Oh wow, ok..yeah what do you want Bill? BB-Your 2 and 4 this year. Bill O’B- “Ok lets do it”. Texans jump all the way up from mid 2nd to snag a much needed WR to pair with Hopkins. And BB starts on another phone call…

    • Tien

      Fun mock and I can totally see the reasoning behind each projected trade & pick!

      • Volume12

        Well done my man. Interesting and a good read.

        • David M2

          Thanks V-12 my buddy Josh put it together I will send your compliments his way.

    • Cysco

      I wish this post were a little longer

  23. john_s

    Lots of rumors flying around, here’s another – Randy Gregory may fall out of the 1st round and it’s not because he tested positive for marijuana –

    “At least three general managers view him as a top-five talent. But according to more than a dozen coaches, scouts, personnel chiefs and GMs, there is concern about Gregory’s ability to handle the mental rigors of professional football. And just how far he drops in this week’s draft will likely hinge on the individual psychological profiles (and the results of related testing) put together by each team, according to multiple veteran evaluators. He has been taken off a several team’s draft boards, according to multiple sources.”

    • Steele1324

      If Ray and Gregory fall, could that boost Harold, putting him out of reach? Beasley remains the pass rusher of choice at the top

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think Fowler is the concensus top pass rusher

      • john_s

        I could definitely see Harold moving up the draft boards. I think Fowler, Beasley and Dupree are top 15 locks. Then Harold bottom rd 1 / top rd 2 and Ray and Gregory fall to 2nd round or later.

  24. J2 MED

    Unrelated, but apparently, Chicago just put TE Martellus Bennett on the Trade Block…

  25. Steele1324

    Okay, guys. On this, the last day before the day, time for mocks. Here is a no-trade version:

    2-OL Mitch Morse-OL. Safe pick, but solid

    3-CB/WR Tony Lippett-CB of the future, excellent situational WR

    4-WR Dezmin Lewis. Tall target, Senior Bowl standout

    4-WR Drez Anderson or Chris Conley. Your deep threat here. I prefer Drez, who has a natural big play mentality, leadership qualities and personality, grew up with the game, similarities to his dad, Flipper Anderson. Conley has more flaws but they can be fixed

    5-WR/PR/KR Mario Alford or Ty Montgomery. Alford is a less expensive Tyler Lockett, and is even faster. If Doug Baldwin leaves for free agency, Alford is a good slot replacement. Montgomery- developing as a receiver, capable of polished short and intermediate game, great returner.

    5-C/OG Shaq Mason

    5-LEO Shaq Riddick or Darius Allen

    6-OL Rob Crisp/Laurence Gibson/Mark Glowinski. Crisp is my choice for Carp’s replacement, if he checks out medically.

    6-DL David Irving. 6′ 7″ beast, an Ndamakong Suh type monster for the D line.

    6-S Akeem King/Adrian Amos/Clifton Geathers or CB Devante Bausby

    7-DT Joey Mbu/Kaleb Eulls/Quayshane Buckley/Tory Slater or LB Jeff Luc/Damien Wilson. The pick here depends on whether depth is needed behind Wagner or at nose tackle if Mebane goes

    UDFA: DE/OLB Josh Shirley, WR Lance Lewis/Tyrell Williams/DeAndre Smelter, CB

    • Volume12

      Crisp as Carp’s replacement? I like Crisp as an OT, but he’d get destroyed on the inside.

      • Steele1324

        I meant Okung, not Carp.

  26. CHawk Talker Eric

    Keep an eye out for USC ILB Hayes Pullard on Day 3/UDFA

    • Volume12

      Pullard is a pitbull on the field man. Recruited to USC by Ken Norton,jr. and PC. He’s very intriguing.

      I wonder if he gets by Oakland?

      • Steele1324

        If they need some depth behind Wagner, why not the Seahawks?

        • David M2

          Well, Norton’s in Oakland they may pick him b4 the Hawks get there chance if in fact he does get drafted

          • David M2

            *their chance

  27. Steele1324

    Another no-trade version:

    2-OL Mitch Morse

    **3-OL Ty Sambrailo. I think he may be there.

    4-WR Dezmin Lewis

    4-WR Drez Anderson or Chris Conley

    5-WR/PR/KR Mario Alford or Ty Montgomery

    **5-RB Matt Jones/Corey Grant/Akeem King. The question at this spot is, do we want a Lynch-like replacement in this draft or a shifty change of pace back who is a good receiver, and a returner? Jones is the former, Grant and King are the latter.

    5-LEO Shaq Riddick or Darius Allen

    6-OL Rob Crisp/Laurence Gibson/Mark Glowinski

    6-DL David Irving

    6-S Akeem King/Adrian Amos CB Devante Bausby

    7-DT Joey Mbu/Kaleb Eulls/Quayshane Buckley/Tory Slater or LB Jeff Luc/Damien Wilson

    UDFA: DE/OLB Josh Shirley, WR Lance Lewis/Tyrell Williams/DeAndre Smelter

    • Steele1324

      Correction: in rd. 5, I meant RB Akeem HUNT, not Akeem King.

  28. Robert

    I have a couple more thoughts on Conley. Georgia only threw 36% of the time. If they threw 50+%, Conley’s stat line would likely put him in the late 1st – early 2nd round talks. When I add up his physicals, measurables and tape, I see a lot of upside. When I dig a little deeper and add in his intelligence, character and work ethic, I have to greatly increase the likelihood of that potential being realized quickly. When I compare that vision to other players on our team, I see an opportunity for great improvement. When I consider how Graham, Beast and RW stress a defense and think Conley would exponentially increase the stress on the defense with his ability to just take off and draw the FS opening up the field underneath for Graham and others. And he can just use the generous cushion he will usually command to make plays underneath. When I add it all up, I think Conley is the best WR choice for the Seahawks in this draft. And I wouldn’t wait around hoping he drops to the 4th.

    • Volume12

      He’s for sure an option, and I love his character. Wouldn’t shock me at all to see Seattle selcect him, but does he have the grit/toughness?

      When I watched Conley, I saw a guy almost afraid of contact.

      • Steele1324

        Legitimate point. Can toughness and physicality be learned? On the other hand, Volume, I see Conley making contested catches in his tape, so I am not sure you can say he is terrified of contact.

    • Dave

      I’m a huge fan of Conley. I was just reading the SI preview of the draft and his NFL player comparison was Ricardo Lockette (what!?!). That was disheartening. Anyways, I hope we grab him at the end of 3rd round or at the top of the 4th.

      • Steele1324

        Dave, yes, that is a disturbing comparison, but style-wise, I can see it. Conley has far greater upside and raw ability.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I think Conley would be a good pick in the 4th. He has a lot of potential. 🙂

      • Robert

        6’2″ and 212 pounds with good speed…sounds a lot like Lockette to me! If that’s his ceiling, I say wait until the 7th.

  29. James

    In thinking about where some of the guys we have most talked about might be available in the draft, I would like to hear where ya’ll think Hroniss Grasu will go? He has been projected anywhere from mid-R2 to late-R3.

    I just wonder how much demand there really is for a 296 lb Center? Most teams, even the zone teams, expect their Center to handle 1-Techs and Nose Tackles, and Grasu, as good as he is, may be shy about 15 lbs of sand in the pants to meet the needs of most teams. Hroniss can maybe add 10 lbs with a couple of good off-seasons of pro weight training, though some scouts have said his frame is close to maxed out, but just how highly will he be rated by most teams?

    In Tom Cable’s scheme, it seems to me that he needs his Center to have movement skills and elite leadership traits… something Grasu is exceptional in. Cable usually schemes for Guard help when his Center has to take on those 350 lb DL monsters. But I kind of suspect that, due to his heft (or lack thereof), most teams are not going to spend a R2 or R3 slot on him, especially with guys like Finney, Gallick, Dismukes, Mason and Garcia still available in R4 and R5? This is my way of saying that it would not surprise me to find him still on the board when the Seahawks R3 pick comes around.

    One other question about the Center position…. does anyone know anything about Nick Easton from Harvard, who is a sparq-god if there ever was one. His numbers are off the charts, but how does he play?

    • James

      *… this is even more of an issue with Dismukes, who reportedly weighed only 289 lbs at his pro day. The tape shows both Grasu and Dismukes as natural Centers with all the fundamentals, but Grasu is the far superior athlete, and shows much more functional strength to boot. I expect Dismukes to fall down to the R5/6 range, despite his stellar college career.

      • Volume12

        You have Grasu’s range about right I’d guess. Maybe he slips into the 4th.

        Your right, Grasu and Dismukes are a little undersized, but sl is Patrick Lewis who they seem to be pretty high on at thia point and time.

        Most NFL C’s are 305-310, they don’t have to huge. Both Grasu and Dismukes could add another 10 pounds if possible, and nothing an NFL weight &conditioning program can’t take care of. Both are great fits for a ZBS scheme, their shorter stature just means they’ll win with leverage. The smaller an offensive and defensive lineman are, the less surface area there is to target for opponets.

        Love Grasu’s character and athleticism and Dismukes is just a gritty/tough street fighter type. Don’t be surprised if they wait until the mid rounds to target a C.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Mason is a little redundant to Lewis, but he’s the best run blocking center in the draft and probably will go in the late Day 2/early Day 3 range.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Part of the question is how many centers will get drafted? It’s a limited need, which is why they usually go mid to late draft. Even less need then running backs.
            Also there is competition from the group that thinks they can convert a guard to a center, converting someone like Ali Marpet.

  30. Steele1324

    The closer we get to the draft, the more I feel that Vince Mayle could be a Seahawk.

    If you think Ty Montgomery is a good fit, so is Mayle for similar reasons. He is under the radar as a receiver. Good personality, good student. He is still relatively early in his development. He has transitioned from basketball to football, transitioned from defense to offense, played in a spread offense. This is the kind of story that would appeal to Pete Carroll. And PC knows Pac-12.

    Not blazing fast, but at 6-3, has the frame for the big WR game as a possession receiver. I see too many body catches, but he CAN high point. Good on special teams.

    Like Montgomery (as a WR), Mayle would be a quiet kind of developmental pick that won’t make many people excited.

    • Steele1324

      Drew Boylhart of the Huddle Report thinks Mayle has potential to be a #1.

      • Volume12

        Whoa! Wait a minute. I bring him up the other day, stated he was one of the most underrated receivers in this draft, a perfect scheme fit, and you said he was a slower Kearse, and saw nothing to get excited about.

        And now because a couple articles state he’s going to be good you agree?

        • Steele1324

          I’m not saying I agree with Boylhart. I prefer many others.

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