Pre-season week 1: Broncos open thread

Write-up to come on Saturday. In the meantime use this thread to discuss the game.


  1. bigDhawk

    GO HAWKS!!!

    Anxious to see:

    Bailey at LG…

    Anyone at C…

    Lockett in the return game…

    Lockett in 4 receiver sets…

    Jimmmy…on the bench…

    Marshawn on the bench…

    CMike not fumble…

    CMike carry the ball in his left arm…


    Mohammed Seisay (I’m intrigued)

    Clark, Marsh, and Irvin on the field for 3rd and 17…

    Sokeli pancake block someone 20 yards downfield…

    a final score of 43-8.

    • CC

      You have a lot of what I want to see on your list!

      Ty Lockett is the guy I wanted in the draft and cannot wait to see what he can do. CMatt, Kasen and the possible 3-5th receivers is what I am looking for.

      And – NO INJURIES!!

  2. Screeching Hawk

    I’m so happy to watch a season anew! I’m exited to watch Tyler and Frank and to see how Cary holds up. Plus it will be very fun to actually see Christine Michael in action! Yippie Seahawks are back, and not a day too quicky! We Love you Rob Staton! I’m excited to hear your re-cap of the game! Hope to hear from you also Volume12! Oh yeah I want to see what Kasen Williams will do, and of course I’m supporting Jesse Williams retun from fighting kidney cancer and removal. I’m definitely pulling for the big Aussie! GOooo Hawks!!!

    • Kyle

      Indeed! I think this is becoming one of the most educated and most analytical Seahawks communities out there. Rob’s write ups are always the focal point of course, but so many people here contribute with analysis and suggestions of player to look for. We are getting a real feel for what constitutes Seahawks football here, and the kind of players they look for.

  3. chris

    1st pass play and graham is blocking! way to go bevell.

  4. Kyle

    give Tyler Lockett an inch…….

    Two data points is not much, but I like that forward velocity + change of direction.

    • Kyle


  5. Kyle

    Even with so many of these young, inexperienced players in, Pete Carroll’s influence is so obvious that it’s hardly worth the burden of pointing it out. Fast, swarming to the ball, fundamental, competitive, etc, etc….

  6. Trevor

    Glad F-Ball is back and Lockett looks special but that OL is a mess. Chris Myers and Evan Mathis are still on the market right?

  7. Phil

    Hope the OL shows up for the second half …..

  8. Kyle

    so, is Anthony McCoy going to be missed?

  9. Kyle

    Pete and John may have justified their selection of Frank Clark.

    • manthony

      Totally, he was out making plays left and right. Was in the back field alot, chased that screen play down, and he had that 4th down stop. Seemed to make a lot of big plays.

  10. Trevor

    First 2 picks both look impressive. Clark and Lockett both really showed well. But this is the worst I have ever sen this OL look and that is saying something. I think they just need to pick a unit and start letting them gel. Wilson is going to be running for his life if this is any indication of what is to come.

    • manthony

      Yeah particularly the right side was getting abused. Every game looks like its Britts first game. He gets beat with with speed rushes so commonly, but is vulnerable to the occasional bull rush as well. Sweezy still hasnt grasped Pass Pro either, but will continue to garner praise. Our oline is our weakest unit imo. We still got a few weeks to bring the rookies along, but those 2 guys and LJP looked the worst, and they are not rookies, so im a little nervous

      • Trevor

        Agreed Britt was a mess. I didn’t see any of the improvement they were hoping for.I felt they should have brought in at last one experienced guy like Chris Myers or Evan Mathis. Even the run blocking was awful because they have been switching player around so much. Wish Cable would just pick 5 guys and let them start to gel.

    • Kyle

      Failure is always an option. That’s what competition is about.

  11. Ben2

    Frank Clark looks AWESOME; Rawls will force us to keep 5 RB; Lockette on returns was worth all the picks it cost to move up because of the improvement differential from last year (verified)

    • Ben2


      • manthony

        I love Ricardo!

        • manthony


          • Kyle

            Califreudian slip

            • CharlietheUnicorn

              “No-E” is his name

              • Phil

                At least at the end of his name ……

  12. Forrest

    O-line needs lots of work (center and right side primarily), but it should be sorted out by week one. The rookies looked stellar (even some of the O-line guys), the Frank Clark pick is all but justified now, if he continues to look like this all season then the pick was worth it in my opinion. Lockett shined as well, he’ll be fine. 2nd and 3rd team DB’s didn’t look too bad, but they need work. LB’s were quite. Hopefully Matthews and T-Jack are ok to go by the regular season. If the team uses the same formula as last year, then we won’t really get a great look at the starters until game 4. Overall: Good/great defense upfront, a little “rusty” in the secondary. Offense looked good other than the O-line (2nd and 3rd team O-line looked a little better imo), and sadly I think McCoy being out for two years affected his ability to catch easy balls. A+ for special teams and rookies.

    • Phil

      I would not say our DL played “good/great”. We could not stop the run in the first half. Our backups looked good against the Bronco backups.

  13. Volume12

    All in all, not a bad performance. Pre-season is all about situations and seeing what guys flash in live action.

    Would’ve won the game had we not turned it over on the 1st drive, ‘Sterling’ Archer didn’t fumble it in the red zone, had we just elected to kick it on 4th down, or probably if McNeil didn’t commit that bone headed penalty which was a weak call anyways. Now on to who flashed and impressed.

    Frank Clark is a f***n monster! What a selection he was. If this guy is just part of the rotation, he’ll be unstopable. He was dominant tonight and even showed signs of fatigue which is to be expected. Love this kid.

    Tyler Lockett is simply electryfing. What a weapon he is. He’ll be slowly worked into the receiving core as the year goes on like P-Rich was last year.

    Thomas Rawls impressd me too. Needs to just plant his foot in the ground and get upfield, not stop his feet when receivng the hand-off, but showed a lot of potential.

    Dion Bailey flahed quite a few times. Showsva willingness to stick his nose in there, and I loved the trah talking

    • Robert

      McNeil’s penalty looked like solid technique to me. At the snap, he went to jam the WR with a vintage RS stiffarm to the breastplate. The WR lowered his helmet and the punch glanced off it. Big time infraction! I wish officials were 35-55 years old. Eyes are better, mind is quicker…Officials in their 60’s is a dumb idea! Rant over.

  14. Volume12

    Thank you Screeching first off.

    As for the game itslelf, all in all, it was a good performance. Pre-season is all about situations and seeing what guys flash in live action. How many starters and sub package players were out? And that means back-ups and depth players filled their roles.

    Would’ve won the game had we not turned it over on the 1st drive, ‘Sterling’ Archer didn’t fumble it in the red zone, had we just elected to kick it on 4th down, or probably if McNeil didn’t commit that bone headed penalty which was a weak call anyways. Now on to who flashed and impressed.

    Frank Clark is a f***n monster! What a selection he was. If this guy is just part of the rotation, he’ll be unstopable. He was dominant tonight and even showed signs of fatigue which is to be expected. Love this kid.

    Tyler Lockett is simply electryfing. What a weapon he is. He’ll be slowly worked into the receiving core as the year goes on like P-Rich was last year. But he’s the real deal.

    Thomas Rawls impressd me too. Needs to just plant his foot in the ground and get upfield, not stop his feet when receivng the hand-off, but showed a lot of potential.

    Dion Bailey flahed quite a few times. Showsva willingness to stick his nose in there, and I loved the trash talking.

    RJ ‘Sterling’ Archer looks like a nice developmental QB.

    Tye Smith showed some good instincts and didn’t give up any chunk plays.

    Kevin Smith wowed me too. Had some nice STs plays as well.

    Alex Singleton filled some holes, got off some blocks, and may be a nice find.

    Cassius Marsh was disruptive all night. You guys will hear me say this a lot this year, but disruption=production. He just needs to finish when he ‘gets home.’

    Thought the backup DTs flashed too. T.Y. McGill looks like a nice developmental pick, Jimmy Staten played well, and the ‘Monstar’ is a space eater man.

    Rod Smith seems like he could be a nice little weapon as an H-back.

    The O-line looked awful, but baby steps guys. I don’t think there’s an O-line coach out thete that relishes a challenge more than TC. If this team let’s Okung go, it will be the biggest mistake they’ll ever regret IMO.

    Feel bad for T-Jack and cossing my fingers that ‘Hardball’ is ok.

    Right now LG, C, an interior rusher with size, and a couple DBs appear to be the biggest need for next year’s draft. I suspect they’ll take a HB too and replace Turbin/C-mike, but 2017 is the year too find ‘the’ guy at the running back position.

    • Old but Slow

      These games are particularly hard to judge, because of constant personnel changes on both sides. Did Milton look better than Bailey at LG because of ability, or because he faced inferior talent? That kind of question will be for the coaches to determine, but the offensive line obviously needs work. And those kinds of questions will be for all positions.

      Clark seems an obvious plus. He has it. Lockett, of course. And some good plays from guys like Dion Bailey and, surprisingly, Singleton, the LB who was waived a week ago and then resigned..

      The guys who are on top of the worry list must include Christine Michael and Anthony McCoy.

      • manthony

        Christine should be worried. He had some spots, ive continually heard(i think initially from Rob) that one of the bigger knocks on him was he didnt switch the ball to his left arm alot, on his biggest run, i think it was a 10 yard run or so, he looked fluid and did switch it. On his fumble quite the opposite, it looks like he may be overthinking a little bit out there, Rawls looks like a much more natural runner, cuts well and hits the hole low.

        Denver passed pretty well today but i dont think that will continue once the season starts and the LOB is in there.

        I think our boys up front will get to the QB more this year, hopefully. Avril getting a Sack in his first series back should do wonders for his confidence going forward. Frank the Tank also got a sack in his first series.

    • Robert

      I see that this piece continues to evolve and get better. Hopefully our OL can fallow your good example!

      • Robert


  15. Kyle

    For everyone who says that the OL looks awful, just remember that this OL is designed to run block, not pass block.

    • Phil

      They didn’t look any better run blocking IMHO.

    • Robert

      Did you see Britt’s complete whiff on the run block assignment? He lunged where Miller was and crumpled to the ground in a heap. I have never seen anything on this planet fall so slowly. I think I am more disturbed by how unathletically he fell than the whiff itself!

  16. Kyle

    How did Sweezy look when he was thrown into the shit? Not good at all. Give these guys a chance, they need coaching and time to develop.

    • manthony

      Sweezy still doesnt look good imo, he’s definatley not our best Lineman like some proclaim, Okung is clear cut the best. Sweezy isnt even the obvious 2nd best.

  17. Tricities25

    When is it fair to question cable? The line almost got Graham and Wilson killed.

    Clark and Lockett alone will make this one of their best drafts to date. Immediate impact guys and positions we desperately needed. The d-line in particular looked like the most improved unit, the nickel pass rush package with the addition of Clark and a healthy Hill is scary.

    • Robert

      I liked a lot about our DL play. But the run D looked like it missed big McD!

  18. Tricities25

    Kyle it still needs to be serviceable. Wilson gets killed it won’t matter how well they pass block.

    • Tricities25

      *run block

  19. matt

    Clark was an absolute beast all game! Consistently got into the backfield, and, more importantly, finished plays. His ability to read and diagnose plays are advanced for a rookie. He’s everything I hoped he would be!

    Lockett is a game changer. It’s really cool to see the one player I wanted us to draft make such a huge impact in the return game! The speed is legit! Bradley Roby(4.39 40 time) had the angle on Lockett(4.4 40), but could not catch up. Tyler runs as fast as he needs to to make it happen.

    Glowinski was impressive. He washed defenders down to open a couple big holes. The bobbling catch that Kevin Smith made on a crosser-Glowinski raced downfield and tracked a guy to hit. Love the athleticism and energy he displayed!

    • Robert

      I missed all that from Glowinski. Thanks for posting your positive observations! I kind of have a mostly empty space reserved for good news about our young OL.

  20. Madmark

    I’m not going to sugar coat it. The OL looked terrible even the veteran’s. They couldn’t open any holes on run plays like 1st down, so evaluating the RB fairly was mute. Then with 2nd in long they just got run over by Denver’s pass rush. The OL is my biggest worry going into this season.
    My hope for McCoy to make it sank with this game. He not only drop 2 catchable balls but got a holding call and he just looks to slow now. I believe that his career is pretty much over here in Seattle. I am encouraged by McNeil who 10 days before this game was switch to CB. The hands to the face was an iffy as the smaller receiver ducked low to get released and McNeil’s hand hits the side of his helmet. Is he a starting CB, No but if he’s only 10 days into this there is a lot of promise with a year on the practice squad and you can see Sherman who did the transition in college and has personally been mentoring this guy. Clark and Lockett have turn out to be everything Seattle believed they would be when they drafted them. Those are the biggest 2 positives that came out of this game. The special teams play was just way better than last year and the constant pressure from Clark was an absolute delight to watch. I realize it’s just game 1 in preseason but as I stated before my only real concern is the OL right now.

  21. Daniel

    Was it just me or did Rawls’ vision not look very good? From what I here Turbin and Michael had a problem adjusting to a zone blocking scheme. Maybe Rawls is having that same problem. Or maybe the O-line just made Rawls look worse than he was and his vision was fine.

  22. neil

    I think TJak is through. He looked old and slow out there. Tes I know Mccoy dropped two passes on him, but he looks like he has lost all maneuverability. For all his experience in the arena league Archer didn’t impress me. With the O line being a big problem again this year, maybr the Hawks should put Daniels back in competition for qb. He appears to have more speed and manuverability than Archer and may be better suited to emulate Wilson in the offense.

  23. adog

    Just caught glimpses of the game. Obviously the Oline did not look good, but i think it’s important to remember that a zone scheme is not effective if it is basically just being played straight up. Much like defenses that don’t tip their schemes in the preseason, i think the offense is safe-guarding some of their core blocking schemes. So that may attribute to some of the inefficiency we saw out there. the player that stood out for me was BJ Daniels. I think he makes this team with Matthews banged up.

    • bigDhawk

      Straight up or no, at some point Britt is going to have to block an elite pass rusher around the right edge.

      • Robert

        I know, like at least punch him as he runs by to alter his trajectory a little.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    Sucks for Britt to get beat so bad so early on that play. Good news, there aren’t many Von Millers – 6’3″ 250lb overpowering someone 3 inches taller and 75lbs heavier.

    Watch the replay you’ll see Britt take a nice first slide step, squaring up against and mirroring Miller pretty well considering how quick Miller is. And then Miller shoves his hands into Britt like he’s going for a new personal bench press record. Boom! That shot to Britt’s upper body stands him up, puts him off balance, and Miller is by in a flash. That’s embarrassing and I’m sure Britt will see it for what it was. It’d be one thing if Miller simply beat Britt around the edge with quickness and speed. It’s another thing entirely to be overpowered, shoved back off your stance and set up so nicely.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I should add that my comment is meant to be optimistic, not harsh or overly critical. Britt’s an amazing athlete who may not be quicker/faster than Miller, but he’s definitely stronger. I think Miller surprised/stunned him a bit with that shot.

      Also, FWIW, Avril blew up the left side of DEN’s formation on the very next series. It wasn’t on Sambrailo the way Miller’s sack was on Britt – it looks more like there was some sort of breakdown among Virgil Green and Julius Thomas as to who lost containment on Avril. Either way, the point is good players will make good plays. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be good players and we wouldn’t be talking about them.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Should add in defense of Britt – Clark blew up Sambrailo as bad as Miller did to Britt on that TFL against CJ Anderson.

        • manthony

          Julius is in Jax now, or some other farm team back east

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Right. It’s TE/FB hybrid James Casey.

      • Robert

        Miller stunned Britt again on a running play later in the game when he cut sharply inside to join a party behind our LG. Our RB was on the ground while Britt was only about half way through his lazy fall to the turf. He cannot even fall athletically!

  25. rowdy

    With all the praise rawls is getting I thought smith looked better. Besides the fumble cmike look great too. The rb were hard to Guage with the poor run blocking though. Rawls was the only one to get a clean hole to run through but overall I would like to see more of smith. The rookie cb smith looked like he could be special too. McNeil seemed to hold his own to, costly penalty but a tick tack one at that, very impressive for playing cb all but a week.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      C Mike looked ok. But I didn’t say “wow”. The only real play of note was the big time fumble.
      Rawls had some tough runs and had 2 or 3 runs that I said “wow”. He was not breaking tackles, but got 3-5 yards routinely.
      Smith looked good in both the passing and rushing phases of the game. He was consistent. Moved really well for a man his size.

  26. CHawk Talker Eric

    Really nice double TE set play on the second drive. Graham left covered by Miller, Willson right covered by Ward. Graham makes a nifty inside move on Miller before running a simple out to get open; Willson runs a slant and gets picked up by Ward.

    If instead of covering Willson, Ward decides to help Miller, who’s blown his coverage of Graham, RW sends the pass to wide open Willson and most likely a TD. Either way it’s pick your poison for the defense.

    • Volume12

      That’s just it. 2 TE sets will draw better coverages and are harder to defend than 3 WR sets.

      How about our boy Frank Clark last night? Dude played the whole game and was highly effective agains Denver’s starting O-line. Thought he was going to be a good one.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Clark was lights out for a rookie in his first game. He was equally effective playing inside and out, much like Bennett. Not only did he lead the team with 9 total tackles, the 6 assists he had tell you he was everywhere the ball was. He looks well conditioned; he played 51 snaps and looked as fresh on the 50th as he did on the 1st. Only Tye Smith played more with 52 (and Marsh had 50, nearly 10 more than the next guy). There is much to like about Clark’s game.

        Slightly off topic, but BWags looked pretty flat. He got drive-blocked out of several running plays where CJ Anderson picked up big yards. Some of his angles were off – either that or his speed just wasn’t there.

        • Robert

          I noticed that too. Usually BWagz stays pretty clean because Mebane stalemates double teams. And Mebane must be double teamed or he’ll play the entire game 3 yards across the LOS.

  27. smitty1547

    The O – line was terrible, as for O-line being a run blocking scheme how about we do both, they are professionals the rest of the league seems to do both. Rookies were great, hope injuries to Mathews and T-Jack are not to serious.

  28. James

    If I was Pete Carroll, I would be utterly alarmed by the play of the O line; but I am not Pete, who seems to have handed the keys of the kingdom to Tom Cable, so long as he can give him the best rushing attack in the league. But as Hawkblogger and others have pointed out, Cable has never in his career produced an O line in the top 15 in the league in pass pro. I don’t see some of these guys miraculously improving during the next three weeks before we have to face the Rams blitzkrieg.

    I would like to see Pete intervene from on high and do something dramatic like moving Britt to LG and Bailey to RT. I think the pass pro would improve dramatically, and the run game should remain just as strong. Other than Glowinski, the rookies Sokoli, Poole and Davis are not ready, and we need to see more of Drew Nowak and Keavon Milton, both of whom are much stronger than their elders, but can they pass block any better?

    • Volume12

      Spot on James. I too thought Glowinski looked nice. He’s a fantastic wedge man on STs too.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        It wasn’t a good night for the OL. The only starter who looked halfway decent was Okung, and even he got beat by Shane Ray on at least one play. Eh, I guess Bailey was ok too. At least he didn’t do anything that stood out as bad. Not so much for LJP, Britt and Sweezy.

        I guess it’s not the worst thing – it is preseason after all. There’s another month before we get down to the real thing.

  29. Volume12

    So do some still think Okung shouldn’t be re-signed?

    • bigDhawk

      He was part of that first half OL mess last night. His presence didn’t make anything better.

      • Volume12

        IDK about that. But if Seattle needs better pass blocking O-lineman letting Okung go and trying to replace him with a rookie LT seems like a backwards stragety.

        There aren’t any good LTs left in college or the pros except for the guys Rob pointed out. All the good LTs out of HS are playing 5-techs in college.

  30. Volume12

    Is KPL hurt again? Because if he is, IMO his size won’t hold up in this league. And no he’s not 230+ pounds. Watching him live in person he’s smaller than Malcom Smith IMO.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Another shoulder injury (other one). That’s why they brought in Singleton, who I thought acquitted himself rather well.

  31. Jarhead

    Wow. I still can’t believe after the game I just watched that people are STILL in the belief that Michael is an NFL RB. Just wow. Blocking is one thing, but against the other teams 2nds 3rds and Rookies he should making SOMETHING happen, right? And his biggest impact was the ridiculous fumble that showed he still has not fixed his ball control problems. With the way Smith and Rawls looked in the 1st action ever, as opposed to Michael and his 3rd year in the league, this should be your reality check people. He is a bust. The worst part about it is that he is ruining any sort of trade value that he may have ever possessed to some desperate RB hungry team. Can’t wait until he is finally cut. What a waste of a pick. As for Clark- he did better than I expected. He controlled inferior players they we he should. Was active and making plays. Always in pursuit. He hasn’t done jack all against anyone with an ounce of true NFL caliber talent, but he dominated guys trying to make a roster. That is what he should be doing. There should be “hopefulness” about his potential. Stop penning him into DROY though. This is the preseason. We need to temper our expectations. My boy Sokoli looked rough the first couple of plays. Maybe jitters or anxiety but it was pretty yikes. Then he hulked up and went full on monster for the rest of the game. His pass pro was solid in either stoning guys or running them by. And he was over matching and powering through guys in the run game. He is in the embryonic stage of this, but once again I am excited to see what Albanian Hercules can accomplish. Wish we could of won it but better to get these oops moments out in preseason

    • Hawksince77

      Wasn’t Clark’s first play against the Broncos first team a tackle/forced fumble?

      From what I understand, Clark did well against everyone yesterday.

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        Yes. Clark showed up the whole game, no matter who he faced. The only criticism was that he took some plays off when he got double teamed. But, for the 1st time in the NFL, he “flashed” big-time.

    • Hawksince77

      And not sure who still thinks highly of Michael. He lost most of his final fans last night, I think.

    • rowdy

      So clark was okay and sokoli hulked? Must of watched a diffrent game. Other then rawls one carry there were no running lanes the whole game. Smith looked like the best back with his 2 carries and 4 catches imo. Other then the fumble by cmike he look good getting positive yards after being hit in the backfield every carry.

      • Volume12

        Right. Sokoli looked good against inferior competition, but not Clark? I’m confused. Clark was effective the whole game. Using this kid in a rotation and having him fresh will be huge. His skill set screams effective NFL lineman.

        I’m not sure Sokoli even makes the team.

        The only rookies that are locks appear to be Clark, Lockett, Glowinski, Tye Smith, Rawls, and Singleton on the PS.

        • Jarhead

          Well if you could read or just decided to pay attention, then you would see that I wrote that Clark handled the opposition the entire night. But you in particular 12 are so enamored by your own opinion and shooting everyone elses down who doesn’t agree with you, considering you were exactly who I was referring about anointing Clark, that I not surprised that you read my post and came away with that inpression. I am a Sokoli fan, he is someone who I have no issue cheering for. Clark is someone who, regardless of his on field play, I will not be able to enthusiastically support because of his past. Regardless of the FOs assurance that they have no issues with past transgressions. And 77 I will only direct you to some of the above posts including one replay to me already about people writing that Michael looked good except the fumble. And 12 I guess we will see if Sokoli makes the team. You seem so sure, but I am still rooting for him. Clark I could care less about as long as he doesnt beat up another woman “allegedly” and totally embarrass this whole organization like Aldon Smith did with San Francisco

          • Jarhead

            Well sometimes auto correct works and sometimes it doesn’t I guess. Oops. But whatever I think the gist is there.

  32. smitty1547

    Smith and Rawls played well but locks?

    • rowdy

      I think smith passed with flying colors and is a lock as long as he doesn’t start blowing coverage. Not to sure on rawls though, he had his moments but smith the rb looked better to me in that game and from what I’ve read looked way better in there scrimmage.

  33. Trevor

    All I can say is that I hope Schiender is on the phone to Evan Mathis Agent tonight. That line is a disaster and there is no way to sugar coat it. The run blocking was awful and the pro pro was embarrassing. Britt was supposed to be improved in year two but I see nothing that shows an ounce of hope for him even being an average right tackle in pass protection.

    Proposed solution to my probable over reaction from week #1 pre season.

    Cut Mebane and get the $5 mil in Cap Space. Sign Evan Mathis for 2 years / 8 mil. This also solves our cap issue for 2015. Starting OL (Okung LT, Mathis LG, Lepierre C, Sweezy RG and Bailey or Gilliam RT). I thought Gilliam and Glowinski and Okung were the only OL who even showed up last night.

    Then keep Britt, Glowinski, Sokoli, Gilliam, Nowak and Milton as backups to develop.

    • footballnerd

      Who would replace mebane

    • John_s

      Britt is a guard IMO. I would love to see what Poole can do at RT against a first string D. If he can acquit himself I would love to see Britt moved to LG.

  34. WNE

    First time writer. Jarhead, thank you for your honesty because I was perplexed by your inclination to downgrade Clark. I do not believe people who have one strike when they deny the facts pertaining to their soon to be second strike. I do believe people should get a second chance, especially when the woman who refused to annihilate him (the victim) was not a spouse protecting the family checking account and wasn’t being paid to put a lid on it. She seemed like a decent person and the female prosecutor was spot on in her analysis and conclusions.

    Does anyone use PFF? I watched the game and thought Poole performed decently. Sure enough, he was ranked 7th and in the green (positive) out of some 80 tackles – when three Dallas lineman blew the lid off of the red and were in the bottom 10. Not starters, sure, but still. Gilliam was in the top 15. Cameron Erving and TJ Flemming were ranked below Jesse Davis. OMG. That takes a lot. Donovan Smith, a lineman we were allegedly hot for, was blood red. Interestingly, Carolina traded up to get a shot at Daryl Williams, who I think we wanted, and he was stellar. Still wouldn’t go back in time and trade Lockett for Williams, though. At guard, Shaquille Mason and Ali Marpet were as bad in pass pro as Jesse Davis was. And Nowak and Lewis were blood red. I do not think Britt and Sweezy had enough snaps to qualify. Glowinski was neither green nor red, meaning he was average. That, I would probably take. Sokoli did not have enough snaps either.

    In other words, it is too early to tell. PFF is pretty good – they say Britt and Sweezy were bad last year, very bad. Sweezy was nailed by his pass pro scores, did better but not great in run blocking.

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