Pre-training camp live stream

Rob & Robbie dive into some pre-training camp Seahawks thoughts in a live stream.

Half way through Adam also joins us. Check out the video below…


  1. BobbyK

    This is such a weird year. I have no expectations. I can see them winning the Super Bowl if things fall their way. I can see them finishing 7-9 and missing the playoffs. The safe bet is to say they’ll finish 9-7 or possibly even 10-6 with a Wild Card playoff loss.

    • Jordan

      17 game season.

      • BobbyK

        Then they’ll be 7-9 to 10-6 going into their week 17 game during the 18th regular season week of football.

  2. Albert Bryan Butler

    I live in Pensacola Florida, the home of the Blue Angels, National Naval Aviation Museum, and the Navy Flight School. My father was a 20 year Navy Veteran of both Korea and Vietnam attached to the Enterprise and the Ranger, before retiring and going to work for Boeing in Seattle. I spent a lot of time growing up in the San Diego area and have actually had Thanksgiving dinner at the mess hall in Mirimar at the TOP GUN school where my father worked when my maternal grandmother died and my mom was in New Orleans for the funeral. My father now lies forever in peace here at Barrancas Cemetery, escorted to the afterlife by an honor guard and M-14 gun salute, so that hell could be warned that he was coming.

    That said, there is much trepidation any time I hear the name Waldron. There is a Waldron way both here and at Fighter Town. There is a good reason for this. Rather then wax on endlessly about military history, I will just supply a link and this short summary. They pretty much all died and were a total failure, due to poor planning, outdated and faulty equipment and poor communication.

    That said, VT-8 bought the American fleet time to eventually make an anvil attack that completely destroyed the Japanese carrier force. And we learned from it.

    While those Devastators were out of date and the torpedos totally sucked, we did make small changes that made a big difference. The TBM Avenger was produced in mass numbers and deployed with Hellcats on light carriers built on cruiser hulls out of Portland Oregon. AT THE RATE OF ONE CARRIER A MONTH. The torpeoes, that had a ten percent detonation rate were greatly improved.

    Those two small changes made a big difference in the Pacific naval war. That said, I think the Seahawks have made a couple of small changes that can pay big dividends under Waldron. I don’t think this is a flight to nowhere.


    So, here is a summary of things I have gleaned about the new offense under Waldron based on Samuel Gold and Corbin Smith’s film study on YouTube. Let me know if you think I missed anything.

    * Roughly half of Chris Carson’s runs last year were inside zone and mostly out of the Shotgun. Also, the Seahawks ran a lot of outside zone and Duo ( a gap play ran exclusively to the strong side) from that formation. Seattle had the most success last year running out of single-back sets with a 4.8 YPC average. One of their most successful plays last year was Midzone Jet where Carson ran an outside zone against Jet Sweep action.

    * Unlike Kyle Shanahan, Shane Waldron will mostly utilize his Tight Ends to implement his zone concepts whereas Shanahan prefers to use a fullback. Gerald Everett will likely be lined up everywhere in gadget roles. “11” personnel will be still be featured but two Tight Ends will be used a lot in “12” personnel to make everything look the same in a balanced look. This is to keep the defense guessing. Condensed formations combined with wide receiver motion should help create angles in the run game and easier releases for crossing routes drags and digs. This could also feature Eskridge’s strength as a blocker in these tight splits.

    * The Seahawks running game will feature more outside zone this year, along with the inside zone and Duo concepts they already use to create more play-action opportunities. Outside ZoneFly and Midzone Weak made up 75% of the Rams running plays last year. 15% of the Seahawks running plays last year were outside zone. Expect that number to be closer to 50% this year with less power, man and gap plays. To do this Seattle will probably need to acquire another Tight End who excels at in-line blocking.

    *One of the staples of the offense will be a play called Glance out of a single back “11” formation. This will typically have Lockett running a Bench route, Metcalf running a Glance route, and either Gerald Everett or De’Wayne Eskridge running the Jet sweep/Fly action. Chris Carson goes to the flat. The running back angling toward the tight end makes it look like an outside zone concept. It will be run out of multiple formations and personnel groups. A lot of the same concepts in the quick game, such as Slants and Sticks (particularly a two-man stick concept called Omaha) will be recycled over and over again with different looks.

    *SO, Russell Wilson will have to get rid of the ball quicker, hopefully cutting down on sacks.
    In five-step and seven-step drops, there will be a lot of Sail, Dagger, Shallow Cross, and three-level High/Low reads such as H-Post and Smash routes. The system and the reads will be much simpler to facilitate a higher tempo to the offense.

    *Eskridge ran a relatively small route tree at Western Michigan. Mainly Crosses, Posts, and Slants. He will primarily be used to exploit his YAC ability on crossing routes the way the Rams use Robert Woods as well as sweeps and gadget type plays out of the backfield to keep defenses honest. His handwork allows him to beat corners who get too aggressive in press near the line of scrimmage. Then he can exploit his straight-line speed and running back-like vision that makes him an asset on kick returns.

    * Gerald Everett is a bit undersized at 240 pounds but uses his athleticism to make up for it in the Rams offense, particularly on run blocking. He won’t bully opponents and will be mismatched by defensive ends, but when chip blocking with another tight end (Tyler Higbee in “12” personnel) he takes good angles to get to the next level.

    * Gerald Everett is difficult to tackle in space. Per Pro Football Focus he was second amongst all Tight Ends last year in YAC. He is difficult for Cornerbacks to tackle. The Seahawks will be moving him all over the formation.

    To summarize, I think these few simple changes could make things go a lot more smoothly on offense. As for the defense, I just don’t know.

    • Big Mike

      “SO, Russell Wilson will have to get rid of the ball quicker, hopefully cutting down on sacks”

      This is the aspect of the passing game I think most needs to be focused on. The Seahawks’ short and intermediate passing game has been sorely lacking. It helps not only with cutting down on sacks, but keeps Safeties honest by forcing them to play up a step which helps the deep ball game.

  3. UkAlex6674

    Those records are in old money Bobby. I still forget about the extra game. Either way I don’t think we end up with a losing record.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s probably a floor of 10-7 because of the QB. That’s what history tells us.

      For me it’s whether this team is capable of being more than it has been for the last six seasons which is good enough to make the playoffs, then getting swiftly dumped out of the post-season without making much noise.

      I am not convinced at all that they are primed to go a step or two further in 2021.

  4. cha


    Mike Garafolo
    The #49ers and LB Fred Warner have reached agreement on a five-year extension worth more than $95 million with $40.5 million in guarantees, source says. The first-team All Pro is now the highest-paid inside linebacker in the NFL.
    9:35 AM · Jul 21, 2021·

  5. Jason

    Awesome, I just popped into SDB to see if there were any new posts and boom it’s a full-on video.

  6. Sea Mode

    Just saw the alert for the livestream pop up on my phone. You really used that pic for the thumbnail… 😂

    • Big Mike

      PERFECT pic for the the thumb imo

  7. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy
    · Jul 20

    Didn’t take long watching tape to get excited about Tennessee CB Alontae Taylor. Sudden & scrappy 6-footer with 32 1/4 arms and obvious 4.4 speed. @taeetaylor is most physical CB prospect and best ST player that @seniorbowl has evaluated for 2022 draft. 🔥#TheDraftStartsInMobile

  8. Nathan_12thMan

    Maybe I’m wrong and I very well could be but at this point I just want them to sign Adams. He’s a damn good, young player with a HOF ceiling. At this point the idea of losing a blue chip talent in order to have money for players… in ’22? Doesn’t appeal to me much. From a long term roster building perspective it absolutely does, but from a “win now” mindset it doesn’t and TBH Seattle should be in “win now” for the next few years. Don’t forget it’s entirely possible this is the last year RW plays in SEA (’21 threats could turn into ’22 reality if SEA underperforms again this season) and so am I not re-signing Adams to save $5m per year for a few years to spend on someone else? I don’t think so.

    I will forever call the Seahawks FO morons for trading what they did to get Adams only for him to be hurt (as he often is) for a bunch of games and then for the Seahawks to go one-and-done in the playoffs when they could have just kept playing McDougald/Neal at SS with the same results. If they had done that they then could have signed John Johnson (a top 5 SS) this off-season for a bit more than what the Browns paid (three year, $33.75 million contract). Offer him a deal that’s longer or with more money and you get him. Seattle then has their 2021 R1 and R3 picks and their 2022 R1 pick still and is paying say 12.5m APY for their star SS rather than $19-20m APY for Adams. Oh and don’t tell me they couldn’t have known. Seattle knew the quality of player John Johnson was (he played in the NFCW) and they also knew he was a UFA in ’21. He should have been one of their top priority FA acquisitions for this off-season. That’s how you upgrade from McDougald/Neal, assuming there isn’t a dope SS in the ’21 draft that you can get using your R1 pick.

  9. Sea Mode

    Sounds like the experience of the recent Vegas expansion draft and the fact that GMs knew to expect another expansion in the following 3-4 years left them a lot more prepared this time around. Trades won’t be announced until the 28th, but the Kraken GM already said there will be “a lot less than you think”, or something to that effect.

    It seems they prioritized cap space over picking stars so as to be big players in the upcoming free agent market, where the flat cap might make several big-name players available from cap-squeezed teams.

    I don’t follow that closely, but seems kind of underwhelming at the moment, especially compared to the haul that Vegas got. We’ll see if trades and FA make it any more exciting.

    • Jordan

      I think they were wise to stay away from the big ticket /big name guys available. Just because there were big names available doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the big money guys that you want to commit to.

      Price, Teresenko, Domi, Duchene, Johanson – significant concerns with all of them, and not who you want to spend money on. Good job not taking the bait, IMO.

      Cap flexibility is a great weapon to have, and they will be able to be proactive when there are big money guys that they do want.

    • GerryG

      I am sure the entire league watched LV in 2017 with mouth agape and shaking their heads at what they had done. GMs across the league gift wrapped Vegas a roster that wound up superior to most teams. They learned their lesson, and had recent experience to draw from on how best to navigate the process.

      In the meantime Seattle should have a really healthy cap going into FA when a lot of teams are going to be up against it. Hopefully they can capitalize and continue building a roster; clearly they need more help scoring.

      LV has unfortunately set expectations exceedingly, and probably unrealistically high.

      • Jordan

        The Kraken style looks to be leaning towards heavy, sound defensively, and tough to play against.

        They will have a hard time finding goals as currently constructed.

        On paper entering their inaugural season the Vegas roster looked worse than Seattle’s does now. IMO. The unexpected development of Karlson, Marchessault, and Theodore into stars changed everything. The Seattle guys who could be their version of that could be McCann, Appleton, and Dunn. Gourde is just a flat out excellent two way player.

        I do like the restraint with the cap, as Vegas has shown how quickly you can create cap issues for yourself. The also probably wish that they hadn’t had traded way their best young prospect.

        Seattle should likely be drafting their long-term 1st line Centre tomorrow.

        And frankly, if they are bad, ending up in the Shane Wright ‘ 22 sweepstakes, and Bedard/Michkov ’23 , could be best in the long haul.

        • GerryG

          Agree, they need to be focused on building a long term franchise, and not thinking every expansion team makes it to the cup finals year 1. Stock piling young talent, picks, and a healthy cap is what I want to see.

          • Jordan

            Agreed. As tempting as it must have been to see grab Teresenko and Price and then see how far Price could carry you in the playoffs. Because there was the opportunity to field a better roster than the one Price just took to the final. But, as you said, that’s not long-term thinking.

  10. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Free-agent LB Mychal Kendricks was sentenced today to one day in jail, three years of probation, and 300 hours of community service for his 2018 guilty plea on insider-trading charges. Kendricks is now free to resume his NFL career immediately and he wants to continue playing.
    10:17 AM · Jul 22, 2021

    Probably a huge weight off his shoulders.

  11. Tomas

    Feels really good to have you guys back. Rob’s comment to the effect that Pete is well-known as a pro-player, “players” coach … see no evil, hear no evil … is in fact a BAD, not a good trait, for a head coach, is worthy of more discussion, I think. Frequent praise of the Seahawks “culture” seems oblivious to the extended middle finger given Pete on national TV, Lynch’s late- career intransigence (arguable), and more than a fair amount of sniping from several notable players, the targets either being Pete or Russell. Somewhat unlike Rob I think, I’m downright alarmed the Seahawks would consider trading Wilson, or allow him to slip away, after next season. He’s an extraordinary QB with likely 4-5 good years left (Brady’s a freak.). Make him happy. Bright future in 2021 if: Waldron proves a genius, and Carroll is capable of not interfering with the offense. It should not be forgotten that the first name made public as Scottenheimer’s replacement was Adam Gaase. If Russ torpedoed that, he’s a hero.

  12. Sea Mode

    Dang, that’s rough. Not sure how likely it is to truly not be able to reschedule a game, but I could see lawsuits about that last part. I mean, how can they penalize both teams’ players if one team has an outbreak?

    Tom Pelissero

    The NFL just informed clubs that if a game cannot be rescheduled during the 18-week season in 2021 due to a COVID outbreak among unvaccinated players, the team with the outbreak will FORFEIT and be credited with a loss for playoff seeding, per sources.

    Massive implications.

    And the biggest penalty of all for players:

    “If a game is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled within the current 18-week schedule due to a Covid outbreak, neither team’s players will receive their weekly paragraph 5 salary.”

    You read that right: NOBODY GETS PAID.

  13. Sea Mode

    Anyone catch the segment?

    Jason Puckett

    From our weekly hit right to TV…. @MikeGarafolo

    Mike told us that the Seahawks will get a deal done with Jamal Adams and they offered him a deal that makes him the highest paid safety in the game.

  14. Paul Cook

    The Seahawks made their bed with Adams and they must sleep in it now. There’s really no other choice for them at this point. He’ll get big money, probably hold out for awhile, and then the Hawks will find some way for him to save face a bit.

    Then all we can do is hope he stays healthy and becomes the uber HOF type player that he thinks he is in his heart.

    It could be worse for us. It might pay off for us whatever one thinks of the compensation. We’ll see…

    • Jordan

      Certainly on a HOF trajectory to this point after 4 years in the league. Now playing for a winner and only 25 years old.

      • Rob Staton

        I think we need to stop with all this ‘on a HOF trajectory’ stuff.

        It’s far too premature to be talking about the Hall of Fame with Jamal Adams.

        • BobbyK

          Rob, Didn’t you hear? He’s so good they made a special rule that allowed him to be named to the HOF already even though his career is still happening.

          • Rob Staton


            I see this a lot… ‘he’s on a HOF trajectory’.

            He had a good three years with the Jets and then an injury hit season with Seattle, where he broke a fairly nonky record mainly because he blitzed at a record rate too.


        • Jordan

          Sure. But the guy above me introduced HOF into the discussion.

          4 seasons in : 1 X 1st team all-pro; 2 x 2nd team all-pro; 3 x pro bowl.

          Yes, I agree that it was far too early for Paul Cook to introduce Jamal and HOF into the discussion. But, objectively, that resume is similar to other HOF calibre safeties through the same stage of their careers. Especially when you consider that Ed Reed, for example, was a 24 year old rookie.

          • Rob Staton

            You said he was on a HOF trajectory.

            I said it’s premature.

            You don’t need to try and pin this onto someone else.

            And the futility of the argument is shown when people start comparing his situation to Ed Reed’s career status.

            Jamal Adams wasn’t very good last season, he was banged up and he had to be blitzed at a ridiculous pace to register a record which to me means absolutely nothing.

            If that becomes his ‘trajectory’ he won’t get a sniff of the HOF.

            So let’s just hold our horses even mentioning it.

  15. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Dolphins are signing ex-#Seahawks LB Shaquem Griffin to a 1-year deal, source said. Some LB depth and special teams help. Colleague
    had reported he was in for a visit. Now, he’s sticking around.
    9:14 AM · Jul 23, 2021

  16. cha

    7-26-19: Seahawks extend Bobby Wagner
    7-25-20: Seahawks trade for Jamal Adams

    They have two days to make something happen. I’m guessing Duane Brown extension.

  17. no frickin clue

    Let’s ignore the fact that the Adams trade was a gleeful mix of unbridled optimism, poorly-considered negotiation strategy and panicky slap-dash decision-making. Let’s further suppose we double-down and sign him to a massive long-term extension (maybe 4 years, $82 million, $42 million guaranteed? I mean if we’re throwing dollars around like confetti and all).

    My question is: when does this come back to bite us? We can construct a deal that doesn’t hurt at all in 2021, since my scenario above is an extension. Does it begin to hurt in 2022? Maybe in 2023? I’m just thinking about the cap dollars we’ll need in those other years, and the other guys we might not be able to re-sign when they hit free agency.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s already hurting.

      The Seahawks have become a team resigned to not being able to build through the draft and with smart, bold FA acquisitions. That was how they won originally.

      Now they are stuck with a small handful of really expensive players, holes at key positions and they look like a team primed for a painful complete rebuild shortly —- especially if RW orchestrates a move.

  18. cha

    Ugh. Rob maybe you can have another friendly podcast debate with Corbin over this one.

    1. After surging in the second half last season, Seattle’s pass rush should be even more potent with impressive talent and depth at defensive end.

    -Jarran Reed
    +Kerry Hyder

    That is more potent? Swapping their only inside pass rush weapon with a journeyman?

    2. The Seahawks should have a better idea of how to best deploy a fully-healthy Adams in his second season.

    No mention of how many times the Seahawks will have to expose their defense due to blitzing Bobby Wagner as an A-gap decoy?

    Corbin theorizes that blitzing Adams heavily again “will take pressure off the rest of the secondary.” How do you figure?

    They blitzed him 98 times and 73 of them he didn’t record a pressure. How did that help the secondary?

    3. Despite losing Griffin and Quinton Dunbar, Seattle has better cornerback talent than advertised and competition should yield two quality outside starters.

    How is this a legitimate point in the claim that ‘the defense will be vastly improved’ ?

    4. A pair of high-upside second-year linebackers will provide much-needed speed to the middle of Seattle’s defense.

    A second year player and a ‘rookie’ who hasn’t played an NFL snap, and has major injury question marks will replace KJ Wright. How is this an upgrade again?

    5. Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. has far more flexibility personnel-wise, which should make the defense better week-to-week by default.

    The Bear front was acceptable, but it is not like some revelatory new way of thinking about defense. No one…NO ONE…has used ‘creative’ and ‘Ken Norton Jr’ in the same sentence with a straight face.

    If these pieces are utilized properly by the coaching staff and young players such as Brooks and Blair take a major step forward, this should be a top-10 defensive unit, if not better.

    Wow. I know it’s been sunny in Seattle for the last month, but…wow.

    • Big Mike

      Spot on as usual cha

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah… feels like an exercise in trying to create positives that are flimsy at best.

    • GerryG

      Corbin definitely has a solid background of the game having experience playing and coaching, but he also is trying to make a living being a beat reporter in the modern social media-internet clicks world. As such, glowing optimism pays the bills. Seahawk fans want to believe they are a contender, and will lap up endless content that reassures their belief.

  19. Big Mike

    Point 2: “The Seahawks should have a better idea of how to best deploy a fully-healthy Adams in his second season.”

    Besides your spot on point about blitzing the hell out of the guy and what that does to the rest of the secondary I also have to ask Corbin just how long will he even stay healthy? I mean dude missed 4 games and was hugely ineffective making “business decisions” in a couple of others including the playoff shellacking by the Rams.

  20. Sea Mode

    Still digging around for RB depth:

    Brady Henderson

    The Seahawks signed RB Cameron Scarlett, who went undrafted out of Stanford in 2020. The Portland native spent camp with the Titans last year and was waived before the season. Seattle had an open roster spot.

    • Rob Staton

      One Chris Carson injury away from the running game falling apart

    • CaptainJack

      Watched him at Stanford. This guy won’t be the savior to the running game in case of a Carson injury. Camp body

  21. Forrest

    Dede Westbrook? I get buying low and how he could fit into the system, but thought we’d have De’Wayne Eskridge playing that role.

    • CaptainJack

      Why do Seahawks fans hate wide receiver depth so much???

  22. Forrest

    With Michael Thomas injury continuing, scratch off the Saints as possible contenders. Also, Rams look set to have no one who scares you at RB (remember watching Stafford sling for good numbers, but losing seasons in Detroit. I keep saying, who scares you in the NFC? It’s Tampa and…. Packers will at the very least get a late start with Rodgers. 49ers QB won’t gel with a QB in time. I’m loving my bet for the Hawks to win the NFC at 17-1.

    I see the Hawks using the remaining cap to trade for a key defender at the deadline. Whatever their biggest weakness is half way through the season they’ll address it to make a run (probably at DT).

    We have a great opportunity this year.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you’re looking at this slightly through neon green tinted glasses.

      The Rams have upgraded at QB and still have Donald and Ramsey. The Packers will be a contender if Rodgers plays. The Niners are a year removed from the SB. Tampa Bay are strong. New Orleans have won plenty of games without Brees and/or Thomas over the years. Plus there are always teams who emerge.

      Plus I doubt any of these teams are looking at Seattle with fear. For all the flaws of these other teams… the Seahawks are the same. They have their own flaws and issues.

      And most importantly for Seattle is the need to prove themselves in the playoffs. They’ve become post season also rans. They might win another 11-12 games next season. I wouldn’t be that convinced they’d be ready to turn it into a long playoff run because they haven’t done that in six years.

      • Forrest

        Three words – home field advantage. I remember the 12s when the Saints came here and we pushed Jimmy Graham around. I remember when the 49ers came here and Cam demolished Vernon Davis. We can’t be expected to go far as a wildcard. We need to win the division and (unlike last year) have the 12s to strike that fear.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure — but the Seahawks haven’t been a fearsome force at home for a few years. Their record at home is meh, with some of their worst performances coming at home.

        • GerryG

          You can’t just say “The 12’s” (which is one of the worst expressions in sports, right up there with roll tide, and boomer sooner) and magically conjure up home field advantage.

          • jeff


            I mean I completely agree with the non-parenthetical part of your comment and that ‘the 12s’ is awful, but as someone who does not like either OU or Alabama (or even college football all that much), Boomer Sooner and Roll Tide are classic. Especially Roll Tide. I can’t even think of a close second at the moment.

            Go ‘Hawks!

  23. cha

    Baldy and LaCanfora preview the NFCW

    Seahawks talk starts about 13:00

    They squarely talk about the challenges facing the Hawks

    -Are they more than just a ‘good team’ ? Well…

    -Will PC be PC again? Will he reel the offense in? Waldron is an innovative hire but will PC insist on returning to his style the minute things don’t go to plan?

    -Philosophical differences remain w RW

    -The ‘asset allocation’ of this defense is concerning (tip of the cap to Rob there)

    -DL was a strength in the LOB days, not now

    -Collier hasn’t done anything yet for a first round pick

    -Bobby Wagner is covering for a lot of weakness in other areas

    -Kerry Hyder a rotational piece

    -D not top-15 / Offense may have to consistently score 35 to keep ahead of the D

    • Bigsteviej

      Risking repetition —

      Cha — thanks for all the informative stuff you post here.

      Rob — thanks for everything you do.

    • Big Mike

      Thanks from me too cha.
      Baldy and Jason nailed it. As for Pete reverting to Pete ball, I’d be shocked if he didn’t. If and when he does, look for RW to go tortoise like he did the latter part of last season and then depart next offseason. When and if that happens, we’re gonna find out very quickly how much he’s propped up this franchise.

    • CaptainJack

      I predict another start of offensive brilliance combined with defensive ineptitude. But this time the defense doesn’t tighten things up when the offensive hits a mid season wall… 9-8

      • Rob Staton

        9-8 would surprise me because even at their lowest ebb with Wilson on the team they were 9-7 in 2017. And last year, despite all of the issues, they rode a powderpuff schedule to 12 wins.

        So I think somewhere between the two is most likely with room for more if the defense is at least vaguely competent.

    • Poli

      Imagine trading/paying that much for Adams, and Wilson still has to score 35 a game…

      You’d think making a trade like that, Adams would be the final piece to having a good defense.

      • Big Mike

        Very good point

  24. cha

    I never know what to make of Seattle. There are so many reasons to talk myself out of them being great, but the track record is undeniable. I don’t think Seattle’s approach will change much. If the Seahawks haven’t opened things up for Russell Wilson by now, I doubt it happens.

    • bmseattle

      I’m curious what the “media” would say is “opening up” things for Russ.
      When you look at pass attempts, sacks, and QB rushes for Russ last year, he was near the top of the league.
      The main problem, as I see it, is that Russ was mediocre for most of last year, not that he didn’t have opportunities.

      • J.P.

        Probably mean Let Russ Cook.

        Personally, I don’t care what Wilson wants anymore. The team HAS tried to open up the offense multiple times over the years and he’s never been able to sustain high level of play over the full season. It’s why no one wants to give him any MVP considerations when it comes time to vote.

        Whatever Waldron is selling, Wilson just needs to buy, buy, buy like Rodgers did with Lafleur in GB. Way I see it, scramble and chuck is getting this team nowhere in the playoffs. Unless all you care about beating up on mediocre teams in the regular season, they need to do something else than Let Russ Cook. Wilson is older, he looks slower, weaker, he’s gonna be 35 before we know it. This team needs the system to elevate the offense and it needs the QB to buy into the system, to execute the offense at a high level. Rodgers is honestly a different QB than he was a few years ago. All the complaints I had about his game, he’s corrected, all those flaws I still see in Wilson and they were magnified last season as he seemed to regress on every front.

        • Mick

          I don’t know, Russ looks fitter in the videos of this year’s preseason than he looked last year. I wouldn’t write him out.

  25. cha

    Jeremy Fowler
    All-Pro pass rusher Chandler Jones requested a trade from the Arizona Cardinals this offseason, per sources. Jones has been unhappy with his contract and future with the team. Cardinals don’t want to trade him and expect him to report to camp. But certainly a situation to watch.
    10:47 AM · Jul 25, 2021

    Wow. It’s almost as if refusing to negotiate an extension and instead giving $46m to over the hill veteran free agents backfired on them.

  26. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Andy Benoit – who has worked for Sports Illustrated, the New York Times and CBS Sports – has been hired as the assistant to Rams’ head coach Sean McVay/Special Projects. Benoit now will be a regular sounding board and researcher for McVay.
    3:20 PM · Jul 25, 2021

    Not sure what to make of this.

    He’s said so many utterly stupid things about the Seahawks over the years I just tuned him out.

    • Big Mike

      McVay surrounding himself with yes men?
      Serious question

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s barely believable

  27. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    To make room for newly signed WR DeDe Westbook, the #Vikings announced they waived sixth-round draft pick Jaylen Twyman because of a non-football injury. He was recently shot 4 times (story here:

    Stash for the stretch run?

    • GerryG

      I really dont think he had a shot to make the roster anyway

      ((I’ll see myself out))

      • Big Mike

        Way to fire them off Gerry.

        (I’ll show myself the door as well)

  28. JimQ

    DL-Jaylen Twyman, 6-2/301, @ Pitt. 2019: 13 games, 41-tkls, 12-TFL, 10.5-sacks, 2-PD.
    Looks like a player that should be worthy of a shot to crack the Seahawks 53 man roster, certainly worth of a
    checkout & we all know the Seahawks DL badly needs some interior help, so why not give him a chance? This
    should be a slam dunk signing if the Seahawks brass feels he could fit into the interior DL mix competition.

  29. cha

    You don’t say…

    Around The NFL
    Training Camp Buzz: Jamal Adams, Seahawks not “close at all” on extension, but safety expected to report to camp (per

    • no frickin clue

      Zoom call between Adams, Adams’ agent, and Pete Carroll:

      Pete: Jamal, we’d like to make you the highest-paid safety in the game.
      Agent: he’s not merely a safety.
      Pete: Jamal, we’d like to make you the highest-paid linebacker in the game.
      Agent: he’s not merely a linebacker.
      Pete: ok, what is he then?
      Agent: grossly underpaid. Criminally underpaid. So underpaid, it’s disgraceful.
      Pete: do you have a number in mind?
      Agent: how much is the cap this year?
      Pete: $182.5 million.
      Agent: That.
      Pete: Excuse me?
      Agent: All of it. All $182.5 million.
      Pete: you realize that if Jamal gets paid $182.5 million, he will have no teammates on the field with him?

      (Agent and Jamal confer)

      Agent: Jamal wants to be on the field with his teammates. Against my advice, he is willing to sign for the paltry sum of $25 million per year. That’s more than fair.
      Pete: How about a base salary of $8 million and a roster bonus of $1 million per game? That still equals $25 million if he plays the entire season.
      Agent: well what if he gets injured? When he’s playing two positions at the same time, his risk of injury is double.
      Pete: exactly. We don’t want to pay a king’s ransom for someone who could easily be forced out of the lineup.

      (Agent and Jamal confer)

      Agent: Jamal has a Twitter account and he’s not afraid to use it.
      Pete: So we’ll see Jamal at OTAs?
      Zoom: Jamal has left the call.
      Zoon: Jamal’s agent has left the call.

      • Big Mike

        Average fan that’s never been involved in running an NFL team to Pete: “Why the F did you trade for the guy without having a contract in place?”
        Pete: “always compete………..we’re fired up for the season……….”

      • RugbyLock

        Too funny Clue!

    • Paul Cook

      I was reading an article by Brock Huard awhile ago. He said that the Hawks FO don’t stray in dollar amount much at all after their initial offer. Is this true? He was basically implying that the offer they have on the table for Adams will be about as high as they will go.

      Not “close at all” doesn’t sound good at the moment given Huard’s comment. I wonder how much of a drama this will turn into.

      • Rob Staton

        More than the media are currently letting on, I would imagine

        • bmseattle

          I think we should all just wait to see what John Clayton has to say about it.

          • cha

            As you wish

            • Reports are that the Seahawks aren’t close to a deal with safety Jamal Adams but something might get done by the weekend. The Seahawks should be willing to go to $16 million a year to make him the highest-paid safety in league history. He should show up for training camp.


          • Rob Staton

            “Jameis Adamson needs to sign his contract already”

            • bmseattle

              I was thinking “Lamar Assman”.

      • cha

        There’s no doubt the Rapaport tweet about “the Seahawks are willing to make JA the highest paid safety but not higher APY than Bobby Wagner” was a tactical leak.

        • Rob Staton


    • BobbyK

      Anyone desperate enough to give us two 1st round picks for him?

      Didn’t think so. But I can dream.

      • Big Mike


    • Henry Taylor

      Expected to report to camp despite no deal is at least better than what I was expecting.

  30. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    According to his agency, it’s a 4-year, $72M deal with a $30M signing bonus.
    Quote Tweet

    Ian Rapoport
    · 57m
    The Washington Football Team and star DL Jonathan Allen are closing in on a massive long-term extension to keep him with WFT for the foreseeable future. They are finalizing the deal.

  31. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The reworked deal for Aaron Rodgers includes him having a say in his future in 2022 and 2023.
    Quote Tweet

    Ian Rapoport
    · 27m
    The #Packers and QB Aaron Rodgers are in the final stages of a reworked deal to bring him back for the 2021 season, source said. It should be official soon. Rodgers had planned to arrive for camp thanks to a thawing over the past few days. Now, he will.
    1:10 PM · Jul 26, 2021

  32. Sea Mode

    Brady Henderson

    The Seahawks are signing WR Darece Roberson, a source tells me (@TomPelissero first reported). He went undrafted in 2020 out of Division II Wayne State University, whose website lists him at 5-10/170. Roberson was with the Cardinals earlier this offseason.

    The Seahawks are releasing cornerback Saivion Smith, a source tells me. So there’s the corresponding roster move.

  33. Bankhawk

    A camp body? 🤷‍♂️

  34. cha

    IG: JosinaAnderson
    One source’s opinion this morning on the Jamal Adams – #Seahawks contract situation: “We are hopeful that the contract will get done soon. He’s in town. A lot was given up to get him. I feel there is love on both sides. We’ll see.” Physicals this am, followed by a team meeting.
    8:06 AM · Jul 27, 2021

    • Rob Staton

      I just keep seeing and hearing contradictory things on this…

      “Should get done”

      “Not close”

      “Like each other”

      “We’ll see”

      “Wants playmaker money”

      “Seahawks won’t pay more than Wagner”

      Sounds like a trickier situation than many are suggesting.

      • cha

        Tomorrow will be very interesting.

      • cha

        Jeremy Fowler
        No official word but Seattle has some optimism that Jamal Adams will report to Seahawks camp today despite no new deal, per sources. Team confident it can get extension to finish line eventually.
        9:23 AM · Jul 27, 2021

        • bmseattle

          I think a huge monkey wrench in this could be the condition of his shoulder.
          What if it isn’t fully healed…or worse, if the Seahawks medical staff fears a chronic or recurring condition?

          shoulder injuries are no joke.

        • Rob Staton

          All this reporting to camp stuff is fine and dandy.

          He won’t take the field and work out without a new deal. Fact.

          It would be madness to do that.

          So either the Seahawks will cave or Adams will. Let’s couch it in those terms because that’s where we are at.

          • cha

            Randy Mueller dusted off the “he’ll just have to play for the $9m this year if they can’t agree on a deal” chestnut on Mitch’s podcast. No mention of the 2 first round picks traded and the 20% idiot tax for not negotiating before the trade.

            I think that’s why he’s no longer a GM.

            • Rob Staton

              Yeah I’m sure that’ll be fine. He’ll just play for $9.6m. There definitely won’t be any issues there. Especially if he gets injured again. Nope. That’ll be just fine.


  35. cha

    Brady Henderson
    As we await word on Jamal Adams and his contract, an update on Aldon Smith: I’m told Smith is reporting for training camp, and that he’s worked himself back into shape. We’ll see how much he does when the Seahawks begin practice tomorrow, but a source said he’s “ready to go.”
    11:54 AM · Jul 27, 2021·TweetDeck



    Smith had an excused absence from minicamp because he didn’t feel physically ready to take part. As for his alleged-battery charge in Louisiana, a spokesperson with the St. Bernard Parish Clerk of Court’s Office tells ESPN that Smith’s arraignment has been moved back to Aug. 24.

    To clarify, we’ll see how much *if anything* he does tomorrow. I’m not reporting that he’ll for sure practice tomorrow. Perhaps they’ll want to ease him back in a bit. But word from people around him is he’s gotten back into shape. So if not tomorrow, I imagine it won’t be long.

  36. cha

    IG: JosinaAnderson
    Based on what I know on figures, I think difference in the gap can be overcome. As 1 source told me a few days ago…”it’s closer than it’s been.” Now, still have to be finalized & trust me I understand the economics of value in one’s skill set, but I hear hopeful tones as of now.

    · 33m
    As @JosinaAnderson reported, Jamal Adams has reported for Seahawks camp (bottom left).
    2:26 PM · Jul 27, 2021

    • Rob Staton

      Her sources are notoriously player/agent based.

      I take her as saying the gap can be bridged as ‘the Seahawks can bridge the gap’

    • pdway

      To me, him showing up today, and generally being quiet about the whole thing is a sign it’s going to happen.

  37. Frank

    Showing up al least shows some amount of good faith that a deal will be reachable. I’m not worried about them putting something together, the Seahawks have to cave after trading so many high picks. We’ve seen them blow it before, but someone would need to lose there job over trading all those picks and having him walk. I’m actually more concerned with the salary cap situation when DK wants to reset the market as I think he’s about as team friendly as RW is. I don’t think RW, Adams, or DK have an argument for being the best players at their positions in the league, while Bobby can at least claim that but all will get payed as transcendental talents. Seriously, do we have even one team friendly contract that isn’t a rookie deal, and can you really be a real contender without that?

    • Rob Staton

      Showing up, in this instance, given the new CBA, was inevitable.

      Whether he’s in the building or not, they still need to get a deal done or this will become a mess.

  38. Brik

    Xavien Howard has officially asked for a trade. The type of big move that could put our team over the top. I know a lot of people will want to trade Jamal Adams for him, but I don’t think that trade makes our team favorites. Need to find a another way. Maybe DJ Reed and a 2nd round pick for Xavien Howard. Depends because he’s making decent money and wants more, who knows what teams would give up. Not to mention if the Dolphins have any desire to give him up. One thing I have found is when players want out of a place, the teams that are the most difficult to deal with are usually the ones that end up as the crappiest organizations.

    Want to also brag a little because I’m psyched that I just got Seahawks season tickets!! 4 hour drive doesn’t matter.

    • Sea Mode

      The replies here make a lot of sense. The dude is complaining about his compensation just 1 year into a big extension that made him the top-paid CB at the time (despite being injury prone), and he is still the #6 paid CB in the league. He’s making it sound like he’s the #20 paid CB or something. Just butt-hurt I guess about Byron Jones making a mere $1.4m more than him. (“it’s not even close” lol) Says he signed a contract he didn’t understand at the time. I want NO piece of that.

    • Rohan Raman

      He’s a good corner, but the injury history and the fact he’s more of a man coverage guy makes me hesitant.

      • Rohan Raman

        That being said, I would not be surprised if the Cardinals traded for him. Their biggest hole is at CB, assuming Chandler Jones plays.

        If that happens, we’re not getting a single easy win out of the NFC West all year. Not that it was expected we would, but that would confirm it.

        • Brik

          Cardinals got the 1st round pick for him, but they don’t have anyone at CB to dangle. The Dolphins seem like a team that can win this year, I don’t believe they would give him up without someone who can improve their team. Perhaps if they traded Chandler Jones…

      • Poli

        He’s great in zone as well×575.png

        • Poli

          The only thing that’s a problem is his injury history

  39. cha

    Yeah but everything’s happy in Seahawks land and the media just blew things out of proportion.

    Jeff Darlington
    Brian Gutekunst on future offseasons with Rodgers beyond this one: “I think what he’s done for this organization, he deserves the conversation every year about where we’re headed, where he’s headed. He’s earned the right to have those discussions.”
    6:44 AM · Jul 28, 2021

    • Rob Staton

      I 100% prefer how GB has handled the Rodgers drama from a media perspective.

      Mature, open and not treating their fans like idiots.

      • cha

        I cannot grasp how thoroughly screwed up and manipulative this offseason was.

        They literally tried to gaslight the fanbase with Jedi mind tricks.

        Pete essentially threw RW under the bus whenever he was asked about Russell’s statements. ‘He ran his mouth off, he was upset, he’s competitive, he needs to keep all that in house, he wants better protection he’s gotta get the ball out quicker’

        And then to have RW crash his press conf for a hug and an ‘impromptu’ snap with PC and JS. Very clearly staged.
        So disingenuous.

        • Rob Staton

          Just be honest with the fans

          Don’t treat them like idiots

          • BobbyK


    • cha

      Tom Pelissero
      I opened Aaron Rodgers’ press conference by asking: “What was this all about for you?” He has been talking for 5 minutes and counting, detailing the entire timeline of his issues and talks with the #Packers. No way to reduce it to tweets but we’ll have it all on
      10:14 AM · Jul 28, 2021·

  40. DW

    Per Bob Condotta:
    “The Seahawks have placed D’Wayne Eskridge and running back Travis Homer on the physically unable to perform list and guard Pier-Olivier Lestage on the non-football injury list.”


    • RipleyRay

      Our top draft pick being injured and unable to participate in training camp is a yearly occurrence with this team. It shouldn’t be a surprise to me but it is every year. I simply can’t and won’t ever understand it.

      • BobbyK

        Unbelievable x 3

      • Big Mike

        Good Lord the fall will be hard for this franchise when it happens. Wonder if he’ll play at all and if so, guessing in a very limited capacity.

        But hey I’m sure the Seattle media will be asking the tough questions about why their topm draft pick is always on the PUP list each camp. 🙄

        • Paul Cook

          I just had to shake my head and sardonically laugh to myself when I read that. FFS…Collier, Taylor, Eskridge, etc…it just gets old to see our high draft picks lose valuable practice reps and get themselves up to speed with the NFL game. Toe injuries can be painful, nagging, and persistent. And you know when positive Pete said they hope to have him back next week…well…you know the rest. We’ll see it when it happens.

  41. cha

    Jamal Adams not on the practice field w the DBs.

    • cha

      Aldon Smith is on the field practicing

    • cha

      Darrell Taylor practicing w DEs not LBs

      • Rusty

        Did you see this in a specific video you could share? I was trying to spot him on various twitter videos but never did

        • cha

          I was there

          • Rusty

            Oh! Lol awesome, I guess I always assumed you were also from the UK for some reason. Hope you had a good time

          • pdway


      • CaptainJack

        Thank god

    • cha

      Jamal Adams sighting

      On the sidelines without his gear on

      A short cut Jersey over a hoodie

      • Rob Staton

        I’m already bored of Jamal Adams’ Diet Coke holdout

        • CaptainJack

          Jamal Adams is a boring player

  42. CaptainJack

    I had a gut feeling Eskridge was a terrible pick. Felt the same about Collier and Penny. And he’s out injured. Not saying I was right but I probably was.

    • Big Mike

      Well considering their tack record with top draft choices, not exactly going out on a limb my friend.

      (intended as a comment on their drafting, not as a shot at you)

      • CaptainJack

        No it’s not going out on a limb. Older rookie. Below 5’9. Subpar college competition. Only a year of real production. Injury history. Tons of red flags….

        • no frickin clue

          If memory serves, I recall reading that he was driving the DBs at the Senior Bowl crazy and constantly getting open. If that’s accurate, that would at least seemingly dispel concerns over being in a weaker conference. The injury history remains.

          • CaptainJack

            It doesn’t dispel anything. Collier had a great senior bowl also.

          • Rob Staton

            I saw all the WR snaps at the Senior Bowl and I didn’t see that.

            Not to say Eskridge didn’t perform. Just saying I don’t think that description is that accurate of what happened.

            • Sea Mode

              Accurate. He did show well, but in very limited reps as he was only there for a day, so it’s not like he dominated the entire week like Deebo Samuel did.

              I’m still a fan though and don’t think an older WR is comparable to the past picks. Taylor had well-known major injury flags, and they still traded up to reach for him bigtime. Collier was also a desperation reach and they really needed a different profile anyway (speed rusher). Eskridge we waited for in a reasonable draft range and IMO is a perfect fit for what we need in a WR3 next to Lockett and DK.

              I also think an older WR prospect is not as risky as an older DL prospect, since the learning curve is notoriously steeper for DL, whereas many rookie WRs in recent years have contributed immediately.

        • Jordan

          Fair, to be sure.

          However, I do trust this front office when it comes to WRs in that late 2nd – early 3rd range.

          • CaptainJack

            Well, they hit on Lockett and Metcalf. PRich was a C- type of pick. If you want to count late third, Darboh was a big miss. That’s only four data points. But we all kind of knew Lockett and Metcalf were great picks at the time. The Eskridge pick required a lot of “the power of positive thinking” to get excited.

            • GerryG

              P-Rich was a medical red flag that should have been avoided, but he was very talented, and performed well any time he was on the field

            • Starhawk29

              Don’t forget Golden Tate was drafted in the 2nd as well. And Metcalf could very easily have been injured his rookie too. Don’t forget he fell partially because of medical issues. I hate seeing Eskridge go down, but I won’t judge the pick until he takes the field.

            • Jordan

              PRich wasn’t late 2nd. Darboh was late 3rd.

              The late 2nd-early 3rd is Metcalf, Lockett and Tate

    • Henry Taylor

      I wasnt a fan of the pick either, talked myself I to it like I always do. But I do still think they’ll regret not upgrading at C when the opportunity was right there for them.

      I also think there’s a real possibility that Cade Johnson winds up the better player.

      • Rob Staton

        Ethan Pocic injured…

        • CaptainJack

          Don’t worry Rob, we resigned Kyle Fuller!

          • no frickin clue

            Good thing we play in a division that is totally devoid of strong defensive fronts. 🙂

            • Big Mike

              Especially the Rams at DT. Weakest area on their team.

      • CaptainJack

        Totally, there’s not that much separation between Johnson and Eskridge. And I’m sure Terrace Marshall will be good for Carolina.

      • Ashish

        I wanted center too, but was happy when all pundits claimed it was good pick. Still early to judge it.

  43. Rob Staton

    I know it’s only Madden but what’s worse?

    Spending what they did for the NFL’s sixth best rated safety?

    Or the fact three of the top five were readily available?

    • GerryG

      The answer is yes

      • Scot04

        Was a horrible trade and always will be regardless of what happens now with his signing.

  44. Paul Cook

    There’s something about JA’s personality that concerns me a bit. I like his confidence and intensity, but he’s got a little too much diva in him for my tastes, a little too much TO in him. This won’t bother me much at all if he consistently performs at a high level on the field, and remains on the field most of the time.

    But divas can be a drag if and when the team goes through a rough stretch of time. Their act can wear thin, and they generally don’t make for good leaders.

    I hope I’m wrong about this. I want him to be a leader for this team not just on talent and athleticism, but also on personality. We’re going to paying him a lot of money.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see TO in Adams. But I think he just talks a lot. Almost like a Jack Russell, yapping relentlessly. While Kam Chancellor was a big bad ass Rottweiler.

      • Ashish

        Apart from that hold out Kam was just awesome. I remember that 2 hold out game cost Hawks the season. Such a difference maker, awesome player.

    • Big Mike

      Sherman yapped constantly yet totally backed it up and was on the field nearly 100% of the time. Adams ain’t no Sherm in terms of durability/availability (4 games missed and 2 more he shouldn’t have played in he was so ineffective) let alone in terms of talent at their respective positions.
      Sherm is a first ballot lock. Adams…………..well I keep reading here that he’s on a HOF trajectory 🙄

    • Sea Mode

      Well, apparently either they know they are stuck with him and pretty much have to say this or he actually means it:

      Brady Henderson

      Bobby Wagner, talking about the “extraordinary” impact Jamal Adams had last year, said his energy inspires others to up their games. Added: “We can’t wait for him to be back out there on the field. He’s deserving of everything that he’s looking for and we as players support him.”

  45. Big Mike

    Rashad Penney joked (with reporters I’m guessing) that when he works out in the offseason he’s not interested in putting himself through the kind of strain as his Seahawks teammate Chris Carson.
    “I don’t try to look like Chris Carson, do his workouts.” Penny joked. “I try to do what I can do and get to where I need to be”.

    Well now we have a good idea why he never made it back from the knee in jury last year.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness I don’t blame anyone for not doing what Chris Carson was doing, given Carson was training with an utter clown doing circus workouts for social media likes.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah I almost mentioned that but really the point to me was that it feels like his approach to training and/or rehab is a bit on the casual side.

    • cha

      Penny looked fantastic out there. Like he was shot out of a rocket.

      • Big Mike

        Seen that before in game situations………….when he’s been healthy. Maybe this’ll be the year hen actually stays that way.

  46. New Guy

    Does Jamal Addams have any buddies on the Seahawks team? Who does he hang with?
    I’ve never heard any other of the guys talking about hanging with him. He seems rather isolated.


    • CaptainJack

      Totally obnoxious personality. Who on the team would want hang out with him?

  47. cha

    Some observations from the first day of camp (keep in mind this is the first day, no pads and guys are full of energy)

    -It’s not hard to see why Aldon Smith keeps getting chances. Even standing with world-class athletes he stands out. Freaky size and length. Fingertips down to his knees practically. Smith had a play with fantastic burst and disrupted Etling.

    -It looks like the Seahawks are trying some kind of LEO/EDGE hybrid with Smith and Taylor. Two point stance and partially setting the edge, partially rushing. The big difference from my eyes is the player didn’t follow the offense to the strong side, just stayed on the right side of the defense and played his role depending on what was lined up on his side. That’s not something to carve in stone, just what I saw out of the very first scrimmage.

    -Taylor was 240ish in rookie camp and said he wanted to get up to 260’s for training camp. I could be wrong but he doesn’t look 260’s.

    -Reed and Penny took punts – Penny stayed after practice to take some punts.

    -DJ Dallas showed nice bursts.

    -Marquise Blair looks fantastic. From my untrained eye no limitations on movement or change of direction. Got work in at strong safety – something about the starter not participating in practice (cough).

    -The DB group are like Russian nesting dolls. From gangly trees like Flowers and Witherspoon at 6’3″-6’4″ down to squat powerfuls Diggs, Reed and Brown at 5’9″-5’10” range. Reed can jump out of the gym. They did a ‘run to a spot and high point the ball’ drill and he went up and got ball I thought ‘no way’ when it came out of the coach’s hand.

    -Jordyn Brooks looks great. Fast, rangy, a hunter-killer type. Cody Barton and BBK look like Cody Barton and BBK.

    -Speaking of those guys, Cody and BBK played WILL/MIKE in scrimmage. No use of Barton at a SAM type backer that I saw.

    -Carson got around the edge and up the sideline and Mone took off running after him 10+ yards downfield. 360lbs moving! PC raced over to give Mone an attaboy for the effort.

    -Kerry Hyder looks ridiculous wearing #51. Just saying.

    -Gerald Everett doesn’t look like a TE but a big WR. The QBs found him a couple times in scrimmage.

    -Dickson on the side field practicing with Ott and Myers. Routinely popping 60 yards with ease.

    -Colby Parkinson looks ripped. On one play though he blew a block. A first-year Jimmy Graham “oh this guy right in front of me, I’m supposed to block him?” gem.


    -Bald eagles flying overhead and Lake Washington in the background. Spectacular.

    -Crowd definitely not as pumped as usual. I think pandemic fatigue is real.

    -Shocked – spotted nearly as many DK jerseys in the crowd as RW jerseys. First time in ages RW hasn’t been the clear #1 fan jersey.

    -Seahawks/VMAC have a top notch setup for fans. A bus system that works like clockwork, mister fans set up to cool off, water and sunscreen dispensers that are touchless, Starbucks tents with ice tea and coffee with a ‘suggested donation’ of $2, interns handing out schedule magnets and popsicles, Blue Thunder kicking up the music, etc. Great experience.

    • Big Mike

      “-Marquise Blair looks fantastic. From my untrained eye no limitations on movement or change of direction. Got work in at strong safety – something about the starter not participating in practice (cough).”

      If only we’d kept the draft picks. Could’ve drafted the Center this team needs badly AND a WR.

      • CaptainJack

        Is Ryan Neal still on the team? We might have two strong safeties on the roster better than Jamal Adams!

    • j hawk

      Thanks Cha, any reports are very welcome. Great job!

      • Sea Mode


        • Big Mike

          From me too

    • CaptainJack

      DBs will be fine it seems. Dline is what I worry about, especially DT but I’m not sold on Hyder or Smith contributing either.

  48. Sea Mode

    Week 1…

    Adam Schefter

    Colts’ QB Carson Wentz is out indefinitely as he undergoes further testing on a foot injury that he suffered at the end of Thursday’s practice, per @MikeWellsNFL and me.

    Colts’ second-year QB Jacob Eason took the starter reps at today’s practice, with Sam Ellinger as his backup.

    • Bigsteviej

      It’s as if the Colts went to a yard sale, bought a blender for $3, and then were surprised when it broke after only a few protein shakes.

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport
      From Inside Training Camp Live: #Colts QB Carson Wentz is expected to miss the rest of the preseason and faces the prospect of foot surgery, sources say. He’s hoping to play through it, but surgery to repair would likely mean he’s on the sidelines when the season starts.


      • cha

        Michael Silver
        I’m told the Wentz foot injury involves a bone and a ligament… Colts had been hoping for better news, are bracing for possible surgery
        12:43 PM · Jul 30, 2021

        • Big Mike

          One of the favs in the AFC………….first game vs. Hawks. Maybe change that from an “L” to a “W”.

          • cha

            That’s the sad part about this team. You cannot mark a game against a backup QB as an automatic W.

            Colt McCoy
            Dwayne Haskins
            John Wolford
            Nick Mullens
            CJ Beathard

            All these guys moved the ball on the Seahawks last year.

            Indy could hand the ball to Taylor and run it up the gut as much as they darn well please.

            • Big Mike

              Thanks for bursting my bubble, even tho you are correct of course.

  49. Sea Mode

    Dane Brugler

    There isn’t a Kyle Pitts in the 2022 draft class (shocker).

    But overall, this looks like a MUCH better TE draft class with a few super-talented underclassmen and a deep group of seniors.

    Jim Nagy
    Replying to @dpbrugler

    Agreed. By far the deepest TE class in past five years.

  50. Paul Cook

    As they say in the stock market…hope is not a strategy. But I can’t help but feel that way about our D-line. You have to employ a lot of hope to imagine them being an above average, even adequate enough unit this year.

    You have to hope that guys like Collier, Greene, Robinson, and Mone take steps forward. You have to hope that Dunlap plays the way he did last year, that he still has a lot of gas in the tank. Ditto for Wood. You have to hope that Hyder is well utilized and plays the way they intended him to play. You have to hope Taylor gets up to NFL speed and remains healthy. You have to hope they get some valuable reps out of Smith.

    In many ways, I feel the best about Ford amongst the bunch. I at least have a good feeling about what I can consistently expect from him.

    This is going to be a real hit-or-miss year for us on the D-line, methinks. We’ll see…

    • Rob Staton

      I have very, very low expectations for this DL

      • Paul Cook

        I’ve read a bunch of articles by the local sports press and pundits that imply that we have the best depth on the D-line we’ve had in years, and some real potential to be surprised by this unit, as in certain players really stepping up and contributing.

        I’ll admit to having/wanting to retain that “snow globe” optimism that a fresh 0-0 record can engender, but I tend toward more towards your point of view. I can’t help but believe were much more slanted toward being offensively dependent than the other way around. There’s a lot riding on our offensive approach, philosophy, and execution this year.

        Hope you had some nice down time before the inevitable ramping up of your quality content.


        • GerryG

          We do have depth, but don’t have a real difference maker aside from Dunlap.

          And actually at DT we are really thin

      • WallaSean

        Put me on the hopeful side.
        I think the biggest problems over the past couple of seasons have been depth and system fit. Clowney would have been a great 5T, but they had play him at edge too much. Mayowa on the field too much, Reed too. Irvin and Taylor getting hurt reduced the rotation, the Al Woods suspension. None of the 5T guys have been effective as inside rushers.
        I see a possibility of getting back to a rotation all along the line that helps us late in games. I also see some of these guys we see as rotational really starting to excel in the roles they get plugged into.

        • Rob Staton

          Depth is important.

          You also need talent.

          The Seahawks have Dunlap as the only proven, quality pass rusher and he’s into his 30’s. They’ve just moved off a DT who recorded 17 sacks in his last two full seasons. They’ve added Aldon Smith, and who knows what his status will be, and journeyman Kerry Hyder.

          I can’t be optimistic about this. They have a bad DL that is reliant on Dunlap and blitzing to cover its arse.

          • WallaSean

            I think they prioritize depth on the DL, and that is why they have played it this way. They gave the big money to Wagner because he is on the field every play, they passed on the rest and settled on Dunlap because they know they want a rotation and don’t want to depend on just one guy. I don’t like blitzing so much, but when he’s healthy at least Adams can be on the field as a threat every play. Just my take on what their plan is.

            • Rob Staton

              They ‘played it this way’ because they had no picks and barely any cap space or options.

              And they’re in that situation through bad drafting and team building.

              • WallaSean

                Sure, they got into the Adams situation because of the draft wiffing and injuries, but have they not repeatedly passed on every option to pick up an edge guy at 18 or 20 a year? And furthermore, are we really sure that we are worse off with Adams and Wagner than if we had Armstead and Fowler Jr locked up for the same deals? I’m not sure, but I ‘m pretty sure that is not where they wanted to go.

                • Rob Staton

                  The point I was making is that they lost/moved on from Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril and failed to replace them adequately. Then they traded Frank Clark and failed to replace him.

                  Their draft picks, spent on Rasheem Green, LJ Collier and Darrell Taylor, have been poor.

                  When they went into an off-season in 2020 saying fixing the pass rush was the priority, they simply swapped their only player who even remotely troubled opponents for Benson Mayowa.

                  They have misused their resources across the board for years and they entered the 2021 season with no picks and barely any money to spend.

                  So their ‘plan’ this year was more band-aid work and hope for the best because they basically had no choice. They paid peanuts for Hyder and Smith, cut Jarran Reed and then replaced him with a guy in his mid-30’s.

                  This isn’t the work of a team making calculated, exciting depth additions to create a ‘bullpen’ of pass rushers. It’s a team desperately trying to stick together a pass rush.

                  • WallaSean

                    All true. The point I was making is that there is some upside with the DL depth overall. I think this fits in with their overall plan, We are looking for a top 15 defense, a slight improvement. I think it will happen.

    • CaptainJack

      Or you could hope Robert Nkemdiche suddenly pulls it together. The interior DL group is shockingly bad.

      • UkAlex6674

        I’m not putting Taylor in the bad pick category until he has playing time under his belt. I personally feel this will work out.

        • Rob Staton

          blind faith, then?

        • Big Mike

          I’ll have hope for Taylor when I actually see him take the field. Until then, nope.
          Also keep in mind he will be a rookie this year even if he does play. There will be growing pains at best. LJ Collier level of play is about the best I believe can be hoped for.

          • cha


            The least talked about issue so far by the press or PC has been the SAM/hybrid EDGE spot. A season after the Seahawks invested parts of $6m on Irvin and $10m on KJ to fill the spot, they enter 2021 in a very precarious position there:

            -Darrell Taylor – as you mentioned, a question mark until we see sustained play

            -Aldon Smith – impending legal trouble and suspensions are near impossible to avoid given his history. The Seahawks know this – they only gave him $137k guaranteed, so they can cut ties without any financial hardship.

            So who does that leave?

            If those two wobbly options aren’t 100% week one I’d argue they should “go full KJ” with Jordyn Brooks. Play him at SAM in base with Barton at WILL, and then boot Barton to the bench and move Brooks back to WILL in nickel.

            I re-watched Barton at SAM in the Philly playoff game in 2019. It wasn’t pretty. Unable to set the edge, constantly muscled out of the play. Body positioning himself in coverage to signal pre-snap that he’s not blitzing but covering (lack of confidence).

            That’s not to say he doesn’t have lots of work to do to improve at WILL, but I would surmise that is where he would be better served to stay – it’s his natural position. He has been trained at WILL/MIKE all his career and his safety background and growing confidence from a great year in special teams will be put to far better use as a ‘read and react’ guy than a ‘this edge is locked down’ guy.

            Brooks has better length. He has better bend and lower body power. He’s spent plenty of time at the LOS. He’ll be better in coverage than Barton. And it could open up about 10% of the SAM snaps a chance for him to blitz while a Bobby or a Adams covers the man he lines up off the LOS on.

            And it wouldn’t be a huge role. With Blair and Ugo at nickel, I think the Seahawks could utilize more chances to run a basic 4-2-5 type or move the chess pieces around a bit.

            Aside from bringing back Bruce or KJ that may be the most sensible utilization of what they have on the roster.

            • Brik

              I think you’re right with our base being centered around 4-2-5. We will only have 2 LBs out there most of the time, Wagner and Brooks. They will be focused on stopping the run. We will have Blair and Adams playing as Hybrid safeties/outside LBs. They will focus on keeping the play inside, funneling to Wagner and Brooks. This is a passing league now, so we need more speed out there at all times.

              • cha

                Sure but wouldn’t shock me one bit if they went heavy on 4-3, especially early.

                They start the season against 3 of the best rushing teams in the NFL. None of those teams are afraid to run power sets.

            • WallaSean

              I think they view this SAM /Edge role as very important, they want someone like Irvin and have shown they will chase after it. They want the SAM role on first down and short yardage and if they have the right guy, he is in the DE rotation in passing situation. If they just have a 1st down SAM like Morgan, they play more nickel and dime, with Kendricks more base 4-3, but with Irvin they can move him around like they prefer. I think they are kind of chasing after unicorns looking to fill this role and a 5T playing like Bennett, but I think it is pretty clear that they covet both of these roles.

  51. cha

    Off the market

    Adam Schefter
    Former All-Pro edge rusher Justin Houston reached agreement on a one-year deal worth up to $4 million with the Baltimore Ravens, per sources. Houston turned down significantly more money from other teams in order to pursue a championship with the Ravens, per source.
    7:48 AM · Jul 31, 2021

  52. Rob Staton

    James Jones asked Aaron Rodgers on NFL Network today for an under-the-radar guy who can really help the Packers’ offense.

    Rodgers: “I gotta say the center, Josh Myers. For a guy to come in as a draft pick, as a rookie, and to be that comfortable, it’s pretty impressive.”

    • Scot04

      Yep. The Adams trade just continues to sting. Would have so preferred to just go with the safeties we had to start the season and saved the picks. Never did & and never will understand the trade; other than it was pure desperation.

      • Big Mike

        But, but……..I was told Adams is on a HOF trajectory.

  53. mac

    I feel that Nick Chubb’s contract is a gigantic bargain.

    • Rob Staton

      And will be like a dagger through the heart for this front office, since it was revealed how much they massively regret not taking the RB who perfectly matched their profile.

      • bmseattle

        Even more frustrating about the reasoning behind *not* taking Chubb (ostensibly for health reasons), is that they don’t seem to care much about drafting guys with injury issues in recent years.

  54. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter
    · 4h

    Former Rams and Vikings QB Sean Mannion is signing with the Seahawks, per source.

    • CaptainJack

      Go beavs!

  55. Sea Mode

    Hmmm, good to know…

    Bob Condotta

    [Aldon] Smith says he needed to get in shape during the spring. Says he was “fat” last year in Dallas.

  56. Sea Mode

    Did someone say “long-bodied 3-tech…”? Just one to potentially keep an eye on.

    Jim Nagy

    A high ceiling prospect we expect to breakout this fall is versatile
    @UHCougarFB DL Logan Hall. Modest production but he jumps off the tape. Long-bodied 3-tech is mismatch over OGs because he can win with explosion or slippery counters.

    • CaptainJack

      He won’t be a seahawk. A team will draft him that knows what they’re doing. That doesn’t fit the bill of the PCJS regime.

  57. CaptainJack

    Eskridge injury issues continue. Great selection PCJS!

    • Alex

      Well hopefully he’s healthy soon. It does feel though like the general attitude lately is looking for things to complain about. Even if he were playing well and healthy it feels like people complain about Jamal adams, seems to be an infatuation here that goes beyond common criticism.

      • Big Mike

        Can’t cover, injury prone. That’s just facts

      • cha

        Seahawks have to go 5 for 5 in order to make this whole adventure work.

        It’s a pretty tall order.

        Calais Campbell
        Stephon Diggs
        Yannick Ngakoue

        These three combined fetched less in trade than the Seahawks gave up for Adams.

        There is no argument – none – that could be make that the Seahawks would be better off with Adams than those 3 players and the balance of what they have left over in draft picks.

        • Big Mike

          Good Lord

      • Rob Staton

        Barely anyone has talked about Jamal Adams because I haven’t written anything since the draft.

        There’s no need to criticise ‘here’ to try and white knight for the player.

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