QB scouting week five in review

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  1. Peter

    Really enjoyed this video.

    Fans can do whatever but sometimes it feels like names are getting thrown out like a game of charades or pictionary.

    IF…richardson declares I’m pretty high on draft him and coach him up. I feel four weeks into the season we are going to be well out of the Levis running draft ammo aside.

    Sitting a qb though old fashioned is not the worse thing. With the rarest of exceptions rookie qbs suck. In statements I never thought I would type Geno looks like he can hold the fort for a while. Also in that vein he looks like he may price himself out of here.

    If they are out of the running for Levis/Stroud and Richardson stays putting Seattle back to taking shots I think it has to be Hall or DTR. Even if it puts us back to that smaller running around type player.

    Not interested in Young. See a very bright, quick processing player (with all world talent) who is going to spend a frustrating amount of time injured in the pros.

  2. Palatypus

    The NFL Combine record in the 40 yard dash for a quarterback is 4.41 seconds by Robert Griffin III. Lamar Jackson ran it in 4.58. Russell Wilson did it in 4.55. Anthony Richardson has been reported to run it 4.48. But what if he gets together with a speed coach at IMG or ESSOS and cuts a tenth of a second off it?

    You have compared Richardson to Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahommes in terms of development. I would like to suggest another analog. This one is another SEC quarterback that had a lot of hype, underwhelmed, took his lumps, but then eventually became a top NFL quarterback. I am of course talking about Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott.

    This is the murderers row of quarterbacks that were taken before him in the 2016 NFL Draft:

    1 (1) LAR Jared Goff
    1 (2) PHI Carson Wentz
    1 (26) DEN Paxton Lynch
    2 (51) NYJ Christian Hackenberg
    3 (91) IND Jacoby Brissett
    3 (93) CLE Cody Kressler
    4 (100) OAK Conner Cook
    4 (135) DAL Dak Prescott

    Now, if you go back and look at his NFL Draft Profile, you’ll see some similar criticism to Anthony Richardson of his game right here: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/dak-prescott/32005052-4528-5723-d1b2-96e92ebc1241

    And yeah, based on what we’ve seen recently from Richardson a fourth round grade would be about right, except for one thing. Dak Prescott ran a 4.79 forty yard dash at the combine. There is absolutely no way Anthony Richardson comes away from Indianapolis in round four on anyone’s board. He is a ridiculously better athlete than Dak Prescott who will blow up records at the combine and go top 10.

    • Rob Staton

      Lamar Jackson didn’t run a 40 pre draft

    • Elmer

      This shows once again that it’s very difficult to forecast the NFL performance of college QB’s. There is no guarantee the Hawks will get it right.

      • 206

        I was gonna say! Lamar Jackson looks 4.3 fast on the field

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    I agree on Richardson’s upside. He’s just so raw and unready though that spending a top 15 pick in this draft…

    Not saying I wouldn’t do it. Just saying that’s a lot of money now for the potential of something fantastic later (no guarantee he ever achieves his potential).

    I really like DTR and I appreciate the Tyler Huntley comp (situationally speaking). I could see him as the kind of back up that other teams covet. If he could be had in the mid rounds 3-5, I say take him, even if they somehow land Levis (or Richardson).

    But if they miss on their top guy, and they like DTR too, why wait and chance losing him? Take him on Day 2 and be done with it. FWIW, I think DTR’s stock will be considerably higher come the Draft. I think UCLA has an even shot with USC at the PAC12 championship.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I would argue, I can’t think of a better use of a top-15 pick than on a quarterback with unbelievable upside

      • Blitzy the Clown

        No need to argue because I agree. Richardson might have the highest ceiling of any QB I’ve ever seen. Many of his throws are jaw droppers — some in the bad way to be sure, but others are inexplicably perfect.

        He just needs to declare.

  4. Julian L

    Rob, what’s the funky piece of danse music you have at the end of your podcast version? I was at Uni in Sheffield (Sheffield Hallam) in the early days of the Progressive House and Trance music scene. I was there just before The Republic and Gatecrasher, so showing my age, The Music Factory, Silks and Cairo Jacks and the Leadmill were my scene. I think a lot has changed since then! Good times.

    • Big Mike

      Showing your age? LOL…..I saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, February 1964.

      • Julian L

        Nice one, that is a claim to fame!!

        My best GOAT claim is, as a boy I saw Maradona playing live for Napoli a few times, when at his peak in the 80s. My Dad had a military posting there. I’m pretty proud of that one.

        I think a lot of us are older than Rob. Though, I think I’ve heard him say he thinks he’s old or perhaps just getting old, or maybe not, I’m just ageing too soon!

        • Peter

          Holy crap that would have been amazing!

      • Peter

        Big Mike quite the amazing thing to see.

      • TomLPDX

        Ding, ding, ding!!! The original broadcast!

        Remember the Jets game getting interrupted by Heidi??? I do…

        • Big Mike

          Me too. And I’ve seen every Super Bowl ever played.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s from a thing I’ve subscribed to which enables me to use graphics and audio on podcasts etc. Not sure of the name but it’s not commercial music.

      Didn’t realise there was someone else with Sheffield connections in the community!

      • Julian L

        Yes, and my Grandmother was from Sheffield and she never let me forget it!

        • Rob Staton

          I can already tell she’s a legend

  5. cha

    Wed Press Conf w PC

    [q] Practice indoors or outdoors? “Sometimes.”

    [q] Geno is good? “Recognition of great team effort. Penny could have been too. Guys up front coming through. Excited for Geno. Fantastic start.”

    [q] Playing week after coming back from London? “Outstanding challenge. We go back and forth almost that far sometimes. That might be the plan – have an opponent try it.”

    [q] Collier play Sunday? “Yes realistic. Generally takes a couple weeks. In really good shape. See how week goes.”

    [q] Charles and Abe good? “Maxing out what we could have expected from them right now. Run and pass. Growing fast. Marvelously handling it. Chilled and poised.”

    [q] Blythe a leader on OL? “Really been obvious. Andy and Shane knew him. Said he would take command and be in control, help QB, exactly on point. Biggest surprise as any. Blocked well, terrific effort downfield Penny fumble.”

    [q] Pass pro from Cross and Lucas? “Capable of doing it. Technique and footwork. Don’t put yourself in bad positions. Eliminate bad sets. They can handle it. Project how well they will be able to play, future so bright. Great start off to.”

    [q] Penny long TD runs, what ingredient? “Suddenness and power. Runs right through tackles. Maximize opp to get to top speed. Feel it when he gets it he’s gone. Underestimate power. Not many that fast at that size.”

    [q] Blythe communication skills? “Totally relied on Shane and Andy. Championed him. Better than they even said.”

    [q] Noah Fant impact on offense? “Had a few plays back by penalty. Doing great. Terrific weapon. Expect to see more. Early to add numbers up when you have 3 guys. Blocking better anticipated.”

    [q] Jason Myers performing this year? “Great. Whole mechanism didn’t work on miss. But having a great start.”

    [q] Pass rush, not having opps or execution? “(deep sigh) We’re gonna improve at some stuff. Bulk of plays and fits handled well. Suspect about explosive plays. Missed plays, missed reads. Stuff gonna go away. Sharper and more consistent. Will max out opps better. Not pleased at all with where we are – should be off to a better start. Keep working at it. Also gotta get rid of penalties. Can fix those. I want those out of our game.”

    [q] Mafe played more? “He did, strong. Get more play this week. Start to factor so early, surprised.”

    [q] Penalties – learn where line is? “Yes, being poised about the moment too. Uncertainty of it too. Clean those up. Hasn’t been drastic one we needed to do to survive the play. Jackson had a couple against NIners, being physical. Major factor. Way better shape if we don’t have those.”

    [q] Coaching penalties? “Very in tune with how they’re calling. Last week calling PI video by NFL with subtle aspect going on. 5 or 6 plays that is NOT pass interference.”

    [q] Illegal contact calls on sacks? “Calling a few, done something to hinder the guy. They look back at QB, what’s going on. They don’t not call because QB got sacked.”

    [q] Grouping on D, Brooks, Coby package, see? “Worked with all offseason. Didn’t get to it much in games. Still expanding that.”
    [q] Asks more of Coby than others? “More the front, 5 man look than 4.”

    [q] Ryan Neal play more? “Yes. Deserves to play more. Officially back. A little sore today. But back. Big plays by goal line. He’ll make those plays. Like what he brings. Involved more.”

    [q] Expense of someone? “you’ll have to see.”

    [q] Saints offense different QB? “Same stuff. Dalton experienced, got the ball out. Both guys have background to make plays.”

    [q] Growth in last 2 weeks? “Expectations high as you can get. Gotta get it right. Play capable of. Better football in us. Eliminate stuff giving to the opponent. 11 penalties. Imagine that day if we weren’t backing up. Really within our control. Lot of young guys getting penalized. What they can and can’t do, keep pounding them with illustrations to make them aware.”

    [q] Mariners playoffs? “Exciting.”

    [q] Sidney Jones chance to start Sunday? “Sure he does.”

    • Julian L

      Seemingly no mention of Myles Adams? Disappointing. Not that I think he’ll make a huge difference, but on a Defensive line that’s clearly struggling, we might hope to see if Adams has anything to add and help the line move forward with in the future?

    • Peter

      Appreciate these.

  6. AlaskaHawk

    Speaking of baseball, how about the new extended playoffs?? More games, more teams, more money!!! At least for the owners and TV stations.

    Maybe football should adopt the extended playoffs that other sports have done. How about:
    30 minute games with three per matchup. Played every other day?

    Or a round robin tournament bracket soccer like olympic soccer? Or is that to European? har har

    I would gladly get rid of that 17th game for an extended playoff period.

    • Rob Staton

      I wish we could go back to 16 games and six playoff teams

      • Peter


        And count me out on Thursday matches as well.

        • Rob Staton

          A year ago I imagined the possibility of losing interest in the NFL for the first time.

          Purely down to the abject greed of the 17th game — ruining the symmetry of the league and meaning all modern day records will soon be redundant. And for what? Even more money.

          And the other thing was the bloody taunting rules they had last season where if a player glanced briefly towards an opponent after making a play they’d throw a flag. Ridiculous.

          • Peter

            The taunting rules have actually sucked some if the fun from me.

      • MyChestisBeastMode


        • Big Mike


    • Rowdy

      I disagree because it’s pretty obvious the lowest rated team in the playoffs shouldn’t be there.

  7. Julian L

    I’ve been watching something of Clemson Tigers this College season as I’m intrigued by DJ Uiagalelei. It looks to me that he’s been having a pretty decent season after a poor one last year. He’s got a good arm and dynamism. Maybe he’s coming into the Draft reckoning?

    Other players that have stood out to me on the team, that are perhaps not the players you’d expect, are Tyler Davis and Jordan McFadden..

    Davis is a 300lb Defensive Tackle, who’s got some pop and a really good motor, often taking on double teams or using a swim move to get into the backfield.

    McFadden might be an Offensive Tackle convert to Guard. He reminds me of Zach Tom from last year. Fluid and mirrors well on his feet, stocky he holds up bull rushes well, but might lack the excessive length to be outside at the next level. Kicking inside he could be a decent zone scheme / pulling left guard?

    • Rob Staton

      KJ Henry has really stood out to me for Clemson

      • Starhawk29

        Almost commented about him on your post the other day. Looks to have pro bend and burst with an NFL frame

  8. Sea Mode

    Joey Hint back on the PS? That’s something I thought we had moved past…

    • Sea Mode


  9. cha

    Evan Lazar
    The #Patriots announce three roster moves on Wednesday:

    – Signed OT Marcus Cannon to the 53-man roster from the practice squad

    – Signed QB Garrett Gilbert to the practice squad

    Signed OL Sebastian Gutierrez to the practice squad

    • Sea Mode


  10. Blitzy the Clown

    A bit off topic, but I was able to watch the latest episode of HOTD last night and I want to comment that like GOT, it is brilliantly cast. It is extremely difficult to maintain character integrity between different actors playing the same role at different ages, but I think they’ve done a fantastic job with Milly Alcock-Emma D’Arcy and Emily Carey-Olivia Cooke.

    Also, specifically in the most recent episode (spoiler alert), I thought the entire sequence of Aemond taming Vhagar — from him sneaking out in the dark, to his utter bombshell of a statement that the price of his eye was but a bargain in exchange for claiming the dragon — was as good as anything in either series.

    I’m not a huge fan of the dragon scenes because cgi and all. But I thought certain parts of Aemond’s night ride of Vhagar were truly excellent from a sfx perspective.

    • Rob Staton

      The casting has been absolutely sensational

      The acting likewise has been top notch

      In particular a big shout out to Matt Smith, Paddy Considine and Rhys Ifans for their acting masterclasses

      But nobody’s put a foot wrong. Just a brilliant, brilliant show

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Paddy Considine is beyond brilliant. Hard to describe how good he is. Give him the Emmy already.

        I didn’t like Smith as much early on — though that’s probably because I wasn’t as keen on Daemon’s character. But the last couple of episodes have turned me around on that. The finishing sequence from the most recent episode with hm and D’Arcy…whoa

        And of course it’s good to know Mr. Hightower will feature in future episodes.

        • Rob Staton

          Completely agree on Paddy Considine. Just amazing. The glue around the whole series that just brings everyone else together

          I look forward every week to HOTD

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Is there a more compelling fictional family than the Targaryens?

            • Rob Staton

              I love this world — it’s so interesting

              Just wish the clowns running GOT hadn’t rushed the last few series

              • Palatypus

                Guess you’re not invited to the wedding.

            • BK26

              (This is the state of my fandom – I get more into commenting on HOTD than the Seahawks hahaha).

              The actor that will be the new Aemond (Ewan Mitchell from The Last Kingdom) is going to nail it too. This show has been perfectly casted, written, and shot so far.

              And the you Aegon was David Tenant’s son. Dr. Who connections, Peaky Blinder connections, Star Wars, and then Rhys Ifans?

              I was stoked for this last episode because I knew the Vhagar scene was coming.

              • Rob Staton

                They did a great job with Vhagar

                You got a great sense of the scale of her size

              • Blitzy the Clown

                I love Osferth! No doubt Mitchell will make a fantastic adult Aemond.

              • Gross MaToast

                My god, you guys are such nerds. I come here to read some quality football stuff and for my trouble I’m subjected to this? I mean, why aren’t we here asking that with the complete collapse of the Seattle defense, just how good WAS Bobby Wagner? It can’t be discussed enough.

                But I’ll say this, hating Aemond is going to be easier than hating Joffrey and the idea that they’ve quite successfully rushed through a decade to set up what’s to come is very promising. I hope we don’t have to wait an extended amount of time for season 2.

                Also, glad LJ’s almost back – this could finally be the year he announces his presence with authority.

                • Big Mike

                  Complaining about others being nerds and then turning around and joining that same discussion puts you firmly in total Nerdland Gross.

                  LJ’s back??!! Championship babeeeeee!!

  11. cha

    Rob check your email

  12. Henry Taylor

    Here’s a well made and very balanced approach on what’s going right about Seattle’s offense and what it means for the future.


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