Reaction: Seahawks set to hire Shane Waldron

The Seahawks deserve a lot of praise for hiring Shane Waldron as their new offensive coordinator.

As they were busy interviewing the likes or Kirby Wilson and Anthony Lynn — with the constant threat of an internal hire looming — it was easy to fear the worst.

The appointment of a new offensive coordinator was going to be critical. Hire the wrong guy and the damage in the relationship between team and quarterback could’ve been irreparable.

With respect to Las Vegas’ running back coach — with no history of play-calling, no offensive coordinator interview in seven years and prior spells with Carroll in New England and USC — that wasn’t the kind of hire that was going to satisfy Russell Wilson.

It had to be someone that could connect everyone.

Wilson needs to believe the next coach can get him to where he wants to go in terms of legacy. He turns 33 this year. He might say he wants to play until he’s 45. In reality, he’ll be lucky to reach 39. Philip Rivers has just retired at that age. This sounds strange — but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we’ve already witnessed most of Wilson’s career.

He doesn’t want to have any regrets. Either in terms of personal achievement, statistics or winning.

It had to be someone Pete Carroll was going to let get on with the job. No Head Coach is going to cede 100% control to any coordinator. They’re always going to have input. There’s a difference though between discussing a plan days before a game and interfering on a crucial 4th and 1 call, leading to a delay of game.

It was easy to picture a scenario where Carroll was too hands on if this appointment wasn’t right.

So why does Shane Waldron potentially serve both of these needs?

Firstly, he’s from the Sean McVay tree. The LA Rams coach has proven himself to be one of the great minds in the NFL. He’s also surrounded himself with a growing list of exceptional coaches.

Matt LaFleur was his offensive coordinator in 2017. Sure, he might’ve had a rough day on Sunday in the NFC Championship game. Yet his arrival in Green Bay has lifted Aaron Rodgers to within a game of the Super Bowl and delivered another MVP.

Wade Phillips was McVay’s chosen defensive coordinator when he started with the Rams. It was an inspired choice. A young 31-year-old Head Coach needed an experienced partner on the sidelines. It was a home-run selection, helping the Rams reach the Super Bowl.

When it was time for Phillips to move on, McVay hand-picked Brandon Staley. He went on to produce the NFL’s top defense in 2020. After one year, he was offered arguably the most appealing Head Coaching gig available in Justin Herbert’s Chargers.

McVay is vibrant and intelligent and seems to surround himself with the right kind of people.

On top of that — he’s one of the NFL’s great schemers. One of the big complaints in Seattle is how predictable the offense is. It’s a fair concern. In the Carroll era they’ve often relied too much on star players — Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Baldin, D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett — and not on game planning.

There’s no guarantee that Waldron is going to cook up solutions simply because he was attached to McVay for four seasons. It’s worth a shot though, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the McVay offense is predicated on getting the quarterback on the move and running the ball with great regularity. This should excite both Wilson and Carroll.

It’s also hard to imagine the Seahawks have just plucked an up-and-comer from a divisional rival without making this job as attractive as possible. Is Waldron really going to leave the comfort of McVay’s bosom to come and be told what to do by Carroll?

Or is he coming to Seattle thinking this is an opportunity to have a significant say in how the offense operates? Does he sense an opportunity to be Carroll’s heir apparent? Does he envisage a similar path to LaFleur? He left a similar job in LA to go and call plays in Tennessee and a year later was named Head Coach in Green Bay.

Presumably the Seahawks have had to sell this opportunity to him. It’s a division rival, after all. It hurts the Rams. In terms of intel, in terms of being less predictable, in terms of yet another member of staff leaving LA.

I’m guessing Waldron might’ve been a little sheepish calling McVay to give him the news. For these reasons, the move appears to be something of a coup.

And if you’re wondering what McVay thinks of his now former passing game coordinator, this is reassuring:

For me, this was a better appointment than Buffalo’s Ken Dorsey (for example). Neither individual has play-calling experience. Yet LA’s success is predicated on scheming. Jared Goff is not an exceptional quarterback. In Buffalo, a lot of their success this year is based on the physical brilliance of Josh Allen.

While Dorsey deserves credit for enabling Allen to reach a new level, the Seahawks don’t need a person to develop a young quarterback. They need someone who can cook up game-specific plans and avoid being too predictable. They need someone from one of the most creative, open-minded systems in the league.

It’s fine to have some reservations too. Is Carroll truly capable of getting out of the way? Waldron has never called plays, so there’s a bit of an unknown there. Had the Seahawks appointed someone experienced like Doug Pederson, there’d be no such concern.

Is it in any way telling that Staley didn’t try to lure Waldron to the Chargers? He made an approach for offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell, which was rejected. He then appointed Joe Lombardi. Waldron’s name was never connected to the opening.

There’s also Zac Taylor, McVay’s former quarterbacks coach, who hasn’t had the best spell since replacing Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati. Not every apple on the tree has been ripe. Taylor, for what it’s worth, beat Waldron to the Bengals gig (both were interviewed).

Even so, this is an appointment that enables the Seahawks to begin a crucial off-season with some momentum. It’s an appointment fans can invest some faith in and presumably it’s someone that can connect Head Coach and quarterback.

The focus can now turn to roster construction. What changes need to be made to enable the new offense to thrive? Do they have to completely change up their blocking scheme and the O-line personnel? Frankly I think that’d be a shame given one of the strengths of the 2021 draft is big interior linemen. You don’t need to have smaller, quicker linemen to run a lot of play action and misdirection.

The bigger issue is creating resource. With only $142,229 in effective cap space and with only three or four draft picks — they’ve got some work to do.

The starting center, cornerback, running back, left guard, SAM linebacker and tight end are all free agents. They have numerous players on expiring one-year deals. Players such as Poona Ford are restricted free agents.

Something’s going to have to give in the next few days. I’ll have an article on what I think they should do next on the blog this week.

Robbie and I will be recording a new podcast on Wednesday discussing the Waldron hire.

If you missed my appearance on the Les Levine show in Cleveland talking about the draft and the Senior Bowl, check it out below. My bit starts at 36:27…

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  1. Sea Mode

    Sweet news to wake up to! I’m happy to munch on a side of crow with breakfast for having said PC was likely just going to appoint a yes-man to do his bidding. Glad I was wrong!

    And getting someone who has inside knowledge of how to attack the Ram’s defense, while simutaneously weakening even more of McVay’s staff, is the cherry on top. Well done, PC and Seahawks.

    Though your point about Staley is a good one, this is at least nice to read:

    Jake Heaps

    Text I received from a source on staff with the Rams. “This is a bigger loss for us than people realize. Shane is a great match for Russ.”

    Yeah, I’m excited! 🔥

    • Rob Staton


      • RugbyLock

        This has got me a bit geeked out as well!

      • Big Mikr

        Wow. This is the first time in a while I think I have seen you truly excited about something on your blog. Nice to see a write up with a positive rather than so many letdowns this season. Praying this will kick start a great off season so we can go into next season with some excitement. First step in getting rid of the bad fast left over from our playoff ass kicking. Can’t wait for your article next week. Thanks Rob.

        • Rob Staton

          Well I’ve been writing this blog for 12 years. I’ve been excited many times.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m excited and hoping for the best. The offense could use an update to 2021.

  2. millhouse-serbia

    I dont understood american football enough to speak about this from perspektive of my knowlege… But what is concerning for me…

    Some people who knows this game say scheme Waldron runs need different type of O linemen. Ok, its not huge problem to make some changes in roster but only if its for at least next 3,4 years…

    But Waldron is type of coach that if he has great next season he is one and done with OC and is big candidate for HC next year… And it would be catastrophoc for us to change whole OL personel maybe even OL coach for only one season.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen people speculating about this on twitter. Don’t worry about it.

      For starters, they’re not just going to bring a carbon copy of the Rams offense to Seattle. It’ll be a hybrid.

      They’re already committed to Duane Brown, Damien Lewis and Brandon Shell. They’re not going to get rid of them for smaller, lighter blockers now.

      You can shift the pocket and do play action with any kind of O-line.

      It’s not that long ago that Sean McVay was stealing ideas from the Ravens and adapting his offense. It’s not some strict ‘only one way to do it’ scheme.

      They aren’t going to change the O-line personnel dramatically.

    • SeaCat

      Maybe he could groom Canales or Austin Davis to be an in house successor for his scheme if he gets a HC job. Then we just slot one of them in with his same OL/Scheme.

  3. uptop

    I’m really excited about this hire. He was under BOTH Mcvay and belichick, he’s a young mind with great tutelage.

    Also, I mentioned this in the last thread but under Waldron we should keep an eye out for Freddie Swain. He has suspiciously similar measureables and testing to Robert Woods. He could be poised for a good second year.

    • RugbyLock

      Top Billin on YouTube likes Swain as well. Hope you’re both right!


        Love me some Top Billin’.

  4. Sea Mode

    Kaylon, huh? Never knew. So we’ve got a DeKaylin and a Kaylon…

    I guess I hadn’t realized he graded out that well:

    Ford punished the opposition on the field this season, earning Pro Football Focus’ sixth-highest rank amongst defensive tackles with at least 600 defensive snaps, coming in behind only Aaron Donald, Chris Jones, DeForest Buckner, Cameron Hayward, and Jeffrey Simmons.

    Gave more details on why he chose Seattle:

    “After my Pro Day, I only had one [Top 30 invitation], and that’s the only team that invited me to fly out,” Ford said of the Seahawks. “That’s when I found out Clint Hurtt was the [defensive] line coach, and we go kinda way back because he recruited me while I was in high school when he was at Louisville. On Draft Day, I didn’t get a phone call that I was drafted and what not, but [Hurtt] called me and told me and encouraged me to come to Seattle and that everything would work out. I trusted his word, and I haven’t really looked back since.”

    Also mentions he is training with Cliff Avril. Looks like the Seahawks have an unofficial trainer away from the facility.

    • Rob Staton

      Poona Ford might’ve been the biggest positive from 2020.

      And while he’s not a big money re-sign or a foundational piece, he’s a good player and they need to keep him around.

      • charlietheunicorn

        He was a guy the blog really liked coming out of the draft. His height was really the only drawback in many peoples eyes. But he has become solid through hard work. These are the guys which get me excited about the NFL…. guys who come from obscurity and carve out a 5-10 year career.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Do you think he could take Reeds role (base 3T)?

      • Sea Mode

        No. Keep adding to the DL, not subtracting. Find another speed rusher (hopefully Taylor can be it, but hedge your bets).

        • Rob Staton

          Jarran Reed aint going anywhere.

          They prioritised him a year ago in FA and love his leadership.

          • millhouse-serbia

            I dont ask only for 2021…more for 2022 and beyond. Reed is FA after next season.

          • millhouse-serbia

            Question was more about what type of player Poona become? He was only nose when he arrived, but improved largy as pass rusher and think he played some snaps as 3T…

  5. Sea Mode


    Joe Schad

    Bucky Brooks says Najee Harris decided to practice against the advice of his agents because he couldn’t be at the Senior Bowl and not compete #RollTide

    • Rob Staton

      Love, love, love Najee Harris.

      A combination of a Rolls Royce and a monster truck on the field.

      Great personality.


      • Trevor

        He is exactly the RB the Hawks need if they want to be a truly balanced team. Now the question is how do you get him?

        If they could trade Adams and use that pick to get Harris I would be pumped. I know that would not be a popular move with most Hawks fans but I think the team would be better with Harris and say a free agent Saftey like Kenu Neal than with Adams.

  6. Sea Mode


    Todd McShay

    Western Michigan WR D’Wayne Eskridge is a name to get to know. He’s eating some really good DBs alive during practice today. He’s a potential top-50 pick in another loaded WR Class.

    • Rob Staton

      Well done for spotting him early. Great find.

      He’s destined to be a high pick though. Just looks fantastic.

      He has a shot at R1.

      • Sea Mode

        Will be interesting to see if teams have learned from passing on McLaurin until R3.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah… that was a tough one

  7. JLemere

    Looks like RW was high on Waldron according to Brady Henderson (ESPN), so if that is the case then looks like RW will ride it out with PC til the end of his contract, which means RW can have his contract restructure to open up some cap space and then JS can move on getting contract extensions for guys like Lockett, Brown, Dunlap, Shell, and maybe Reed. Then PC needs to decide if they are going to stick with cover 3 or have a defense schemed specifically for Jamal Adams and move accordingly with that decision (trade or extension). Then focus shifts to FA and the draft. Hopefully no more BJ Finney, Eddie Lacy, Luke Joeckel, Cary Williams, and Ed Dickson type signings.

    • Rob Staton

      so if that is the case then looks like RW will ride it out with PC til the end of his contract

      I wouldn’t leap to that conclusion. This is a positive step but it won’t make much difference if it doesn’t work out or the same problems occur that we’ve seen in the past.

      which means RW can have his contract restructure to open up some cap space

      Loaning on the credit card isn’t the smart move. Creating cap space + resource would be better by trading players or re-signing those who deserve extensions.

      PC needs to decide if they are going to stick with cover 3 or have a defense schemed specifically for Jamal Adams and move accordingly with that decision (trade or extension).

      This is definitely a big question to answer… and I know what I would do…

      Hopefully no more BJ Finney, Eddie Lacy, Luke Joeckel, Cary Williams, and Ed Dickson type signings.

      Fingers crossed

      • JLemere

        There is still time for Goodell and the NFL to see if they can raise the cap space and there could be a possibility that the owners might step in and provide support as well, but IF the cap space is dead set to be 175 million for 2021, they might have no choice in restructuring RW’s contract seeing that they will need to replace starters in the following positions: RB1, LG, C, 1T, SAM, CB1, CB2 and probably need upgrades/competition in these following positions: WR, OT, 5T, 3T, and maybe FS and SS depending on Adams.

        • Rob Staton

          Of course there’s choice. They can do other things. They don’t have to lend on the Wilson credit card.

  8. Sea Mode

    Fair point.

    Gregg Bell

    Russell Wilson has been sacked the 3rd-most, 6th-most & 5th-most times in NFL last 3 years with Brian Schottenheimer as OC.

    Rams have taken the 6th-fewest, fewest & 8th-fewest sacks the last 3 years with Shane Waldron as LA’s quick-pass-game coordinator

    And it seems what Russ mentioned about needing to be good in the short and medium passes as well as the deep has resonated. Keep the play action as the foundation, but bring in someone who knows how to scheme quick passes out of it as well. I like it.

    • McZ

      Some say, Waldron also hampered Goffs development. It’s also questionable, if you can introduce quick-passing with a shortish QB.

      In 2020, RW had career highs in attempts, completions, TD and – nearly – yds.

      He also had career highs at INTs.
      He was sacked 47 times.

      The three years of our “fixed OL” were the worst in terms of sacks. Lots of those came over the A-gaps. The Seahawks also depended much more on RW rushing last season, because – honestly – their RB corps is Carson and crap.

      This shows, were the problems are and how to resolve them. We need to fix LG and C. Having a prospect behind Duane Brown would be nice.

      And we need dependable, rushing-comittee RBs.

      • Roy Batty

        You have to look at the sacks with some perspective. How many were on Russ holding onto the ball for an eternity? How many are on his aging legs not producing the Houdini effect? How many were on Russ ignoring the quick underneath in favor of the deep shot that took waaaaay too long to develop? Then there’s the patchwork Oline for a good portion of the last 3 years.

        Scheme will play a huge role in sacks moving forward.

    • OP_Chillin

      I’d be shocked if his sack rate changes by much

  9. Sea Mode

    Per Pauline. Would be smart of Dayo (could he even transfer to somewhere else…?). I feel so bad for him.

    Word at the Senior Bowl is that Odeyingbo may take the extra year of eligibility extended by the NCAA and return to Vanderbilt for the 2021 season rather than entering the NFL Draft and being a likely day three pick.

    Also says the Dolphins and the Steelers have shown early interest in Najee Harris. Would be a great help to either.

    • Rob Staton

      Really feel for Dayo

    • cha

      Do we know when the Achilles injury occurred and how long it typically takes to recover?

      La’el Collins might have been a one-off but I wonder if Dayo could do something similar.

      Declare his eligibility, but tell teams he’d prefer not to be drafted, choose his team in UDFA, sign the 3 year deal, rehab with a professional medical staff his first year (maybe get some reps late in the season if the NFL keeps the IR rules the same way), and have a quicker path to a big extension.

      It’s a big gamble to be sure. But maybe it’s an avenue.

  10. charlietheunicorn

    Not exactly what I was anticipating, but certainty not an in-house move. I was more looking at Kafka from KC….. but, I’ll go with the benefit of the doubt and trust the process.

    Someone mentioned more play action passing, which in the past, RW was extremely lethal at these type of plays. They will also need a durable bell cow RB, not sure that guy is on the roster, but look for a … think in the bold of Todd Gurley. Guys with good power, burst and hands to make catches out of the backfield.

    Another side note, the Rams also have a way of getting TEs into the game and killing the hawks…. hopefully that rubs off on the team and becomes a true weapon in the hawks offensive arsenal.

  11. Sea Mode

    Don’t underthrow your WRs…

  12. Sea Mode

    Re-posting 32″ arm + 77.5″ wingspan CB club to look into, cause I have some clips coming below. As always, look for good footwork and aggressive tackling. Ordered by arm length then by wingspan. Asterisk means they just barely miss the mark, but too close not to include:

    Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State, 6’3 1/8, 213, 34 1/4 arm, 82 3/4 wing, 10 hand
    DJ Daniel, CB, Georgia, 5’11 5/8, 183, 33 arm, 81 wing, 9 1/8 hand
    Divine Deablo, S, Virginia Tech, 6’3 3/8, 226, 32 3/4 arm, 79 1/8 wing, 9 1/2 hand
    Robert Rochell, CB, C. Arkansas, 5’11 7/8, 195, 32 3/8 arm, 79 wing, 8 3/4 hand
    Ifeatu Melifonwu, DB, Syracuse, 6’2 5/8, 212, 32 1/8 arm, 80 1/8 wing, 9 hand
    Mark Webb, CB, Georgia, 6’1 3/8, 210, 32 1/8 arm, 79 1/8 wing, 10 1/8 hand
    Benjamin St-Juste, DB, Minnesota, 6’3 3/8, 200, 32 arm, 80 1/4 wing, 9 1/4 hand
    Damar Hamlin, DB, Pittsburgh, 6’0 5/8, 201, 32 arm, 77 1/2 wing, 9 1/8 hand
    *Bryan Mills, CB, NC Central, 6’0 3/4, 180, 32 arm, 77 1/8 wing*, 9 hand
    *JaCoby Stevens, S, LSU, 6’1 1/4, 216, 31 3/4 arm*, 77 3/8 wing*, 9 1/4 hand

  13. Bankhawk

    Rob, it’s been a stressful day from a stressful month here, and I really have to let you in on sonething: I know Pete, John and the org get credit for the hire, but the note you struck in your piece reporting the hopeful news was right on the money.
    I was needing that positivity, and you brought a smile to my lips and a tear of joy to my eye!
    I’ve also got a question to throw out there for general discussion: are there any players on the roster who might benefit from Waldron’s style (besides the already mentioned Freddie Swain) and either achieve more complete integration into the offense, or even have a bit of a renaissance? I’ve already seen mention of him doing nice work with TEs, and I was thinking that Penny could maybe get a boost out of this hire. Any others?

    • Rob Staton

      With the way they feature tight ends I’d probably say Colby Parkinson

    • TomLPDX

      Hopefully Ursua can elevate himself off of the practice squad and be a quick, fast slot WR. After 2 years he either knows how to play the intricacies of a WR or he doesn’t. This is his last year to prove it and I’ll be rooting for him to succeed.

      • NolaHawk

        With his history going back to working as a grad assistant under Charlie Weis, time spent on under McDaniels and now McVay, we should see more effective use of the TE’s in the seams and just outside the hash where you can exploit a defense’s reliance on Cover 2. Players like Freddy Swain and Penny Hart who are more quick than fast will benefit from underneath crossing and motion routes better utilizing their short area quickness and at least opening the opportunity for YAC opportunities that were sorely lacking this year.

    • John_s

      In this system, watch our for Cody Thompson. He is the perfect intermediate WR for this system.

  14. Sea Mode

    Meh, not impressed. May be great in a phone booth, but that’s no use if the guy can just run around said phone booth… 🤭

    • Rob Staton

      He’s too big.

      Twitter went all daft when his weight was announced. He’s too heavy. And he has short arms. No footwork. No mobility. Stops his feet on contact and he’s leaning off balance.

      • Sea Mode

        Literally the first thing I thought was, “he looks like a sumo wrestler” (in a bad way)

      • Sea Mode

        Compare his build to Aaron Banks’. Night and day. Huge base, monster thighs, no bad weight in his upper body.

        I know you’re probably dying for OL/DL vids to come out, and I hesitate to even link this one because the commentary is so bad, but at least we get a field-level view of Banks in this rep:

        • Rob Staton

          Watched that vid last night.

          It’s painful that the video linked is the best we have so far for OL vs DL.


          • Sea Mode

            Just saw that Chase Goodbread has a few clips on Twitter if you haven’t seen those yet.

            Here’s a willing pass pro rep from Kylin Hill to get you there:

            • Rob Staton

              If only we had picks…


              • Hoggs41

                I just asked you if he was to big and you said they signed DJ Fluker?

                • Rob Staton

                  That was in response to having big guards in this scheme.

                  I’m speaking specifically to Deonte Brown being too big even for a big guy

                  • Elmer

                    His draft stock will probably fall. 360 plus pounds is likely to be interpreted as fat and slow.

  15. Sea Mode

    Hey, found a lot of good stuff on YouTube:

    Reese’s Senior Bowl: WR vs. DB 1on1s (American)

    (54k views, btw, and NFL Network won’t broadcast it… smh)

  16. STTBM

    Great write-up, Rob! I agree, excellent hire, huge relief not to see Canales or Kirby W get the job.

    Tough choices have to be made, they need draft picks. I’d dump Adams, but I can’t see Carrol swallowing that much pride. I would also decide between Dunlap and Reed: my pick is Reed, he’s younger and I’m not convinced the other 3 DTs can replace him adequately. Love Dunlap, but he’s lost too much speed and is a huge injury risk. I can’t see paying him his contract amount under any circumstances. Renegotiate or cut him or trade him.

    KJ is a wonderful player and person, but can Seattle afford 10 million at SAM? Time to target cheaper FA options and mid round draft picks.

    Griffin has to be allowed to test FA. He’s sloppy, inconsistent, and his attitude is suspect. Plus, he still isn’t in top shape. He’s got a belly, and that’s inexcusable at the corner position. Bring Dunbar back if reasonable, put the money elsewhere. Seattle needs to let their corners play tighter, and get some help in coverage from the SS position more than anything.

    They badly need a stud LG, as usual, and better find a LT of the future. I’d try to get Hyde cheap, and get a back in the draft. Collins can run, he’s gotten faster, but can he learn a playbook, pass pro, etc? Seattle also needs another dynamic WR: odds are either Lockett or Metcalf misses time with injury next year, and that will be disastrous without a good third option. Dorsett is nothing you can count on.

    It’s time to move on from Irvin: he’s old, slow, and recently injured. Unless he’s league min or a little above, it’s time to add another LB and DE in FA, just got to find some cap space…

    • Malc from PO

      Agreed, fantastic write-up and I like the hire. It has a lot of upside; the guy has been in good programs and worked with good people and it feels like a reasonable fit with Pete’s and Russ’s stated goals. Might it not work? Sure, but it seems like a thoughtful, progressive hire that makes sense in the short term and has the potential for positive development. Can’t ask for much more than that.

  17. Sea Mode


  18. Tree

    After I listened to Heaps discuss the candidates a day or so back this was the guy I wanted most. Let’s see Russ moving, less sacks and predictability (rams and NE both made crushing picks bc they practiced against the exact look) play action, YAC, tempo, etc. Bonus for stealing from a division opponent and maybe helping the defense play better against the Rams.

  19. Big Mike

    I am absolutely floored and quite pleasantly surprised by this hire. It appears to me from the outside that Pete considered the situation pretty carefully and decided losing a likely HOF QB was not thee best way to move forward.
    Happy to have a plate of crow on this one cuz like many others, I expected a total yes man hire.
    Surely hoping that Waldron gets creative with ways to protect Russ better and develop some sort of intermediate passing game.

  20. Denver Hawker

    Going to be some work to change a system while COVID still going on. Hopefully they can at least get in for OTAs this year and not wait til August to start running a new playbook.

  21. TomLPDX

    Halleluiah! Pete actually appears to be doing the right and logical thing. Now let’s hope he keeps his meddling to a minimum next year. Really like this hire and hope it works out for everyone.

  22. Seahawk65

    This OC hire shows to me that all of the concerns about Russ’s discontent have been overblown. My read is that Russ’s opinion very much mattered. It’s not just Carrol stubbornly doing it the old way. Carroll and Russ are on the same page. The development of a more sophisticated run game along with an effective short game to go with the deep speed our WR’s possess will open up the whole field. If it works, and I believe it will, Waldron will set himself up for a HC job perhaps as soon as next year and/or fall in line as Pete’s eventual replacement. Finally, we have someone in place who can really unlock Wilson’s skillset. Great hire!

    • Rob Staton

      This OC hire shows to me that all of the concerns about Russ’s discontent have been overblown

      100% not

      It was critical they got this right otherwise there would’ve been a major issue. I hope they have got it right.

      • Seahawk65

        I respect your opinion, but not your math. 100% wrong? Isn’t there a chance that after all these years working together Russ and Pete have mutual respect? None of us have personal knowledge of the matter, but I think the success of the organization shows that Pete, John and Russ have a good working relationship. I’m not desperate to believe everything is peachy. I’m balanced enough to evaluate what I see. This year was disappointing, and there is a lot of work to do, but the Hawks right now are in better shape than Tampa Bay was a year ago.

        • Rob Staton

          1. It’s not being balanced to ignore everything we’ve been talking about and act like it was all overblown. That is why it’s 100% wrong. Nothing was overblown. This was serious.

          2. This time last year Tampa Bay didn’t have Tom Brady. So I don’t really know where you’re going with that.

          • Seahawk65

            Of course it was serious, and I believed, based on what I’ve seen out of Pete, John and Russ, that they would get it right. I think they have, but, like always, only time will tell. In terms of Tampa Bay, they didn’t look like a Super Bowl team even after they signed Brady. My point is, the Hawks look like they can contend next year.. So much matters on what comes this off-season, and how it all comes together next year. This year felt disappointing to me because the defense was so bad early and the offense flatlined late. Next year, we have a chance to do both well, just like Pete wants.

            • Rob Staton

              Of course it was serious, and I believed, based on what I’ve seen out of Pete, John and Russ, that they would get it right.

              So argue you had faith they’d get it right, not that anything was overblown. You’re even admitting yourself it was serious now.

              In terms of Tampa Bay, they didn’t look like a Super Bowl team even after they signed Brady.

              Neither did the Seahawks.

              My point is, the Hawks look like they can contend next year.

              What are you basing that on, exactly? The large number of out of contract players, no picks and $100,000 in cap space?

              Again, saying the Buccs didn’t look like a SB team weeks before they even talked to the greatest QB and winner to play pro sports — I don’t see how that’s relevant.

              This year felt disappointing to me because the defense was so bad early and the offense flatlined late. Next year, we have a chance to do both well, just like Pete wants.

              Right, that’s the hope. But again, that’s not what we were discussing. You said things were overblown and they were not.

          • OP_Chillin

            What you talkin about Rob, the Bucs went from 7-9 to the SB this year so it’s no big thing for the Hawks to go from 12-4 to winning a ring. That’s how it works, right?

    • BC_Hawk

      I think Russ was discontent about the offense as a whole, and it is more a reflection on Shotty than Pete. In 2020, Shotty was given the keys to the offense; create a dynamic/adjusting offense. It started with the move to the booth; focus more on adjustments then sideline distractions.

      For the first half of the season he killed it; the offense focused in on individual strengths, and took advantage of the lack of communication in the secondary’s we faced w/o preseason and such. Once teams figured our scheme out and defensive play improved, Shotty was lost and couldn’t adjust. The nail in the coffin was Russ forcing the ball and getting the turnovers; an absolute no no for Pete. After that, we went back to Pete Ball.

      At the end of the day, Shotty got fired because he couldn’t make in game nor weekly adjustments. The Seahawks loved him as a man (sounds like alot of them had religous connections to him), but his performance was not there.

      In my opinion, this offseason has been spot on so far; JS longterm ext, hiring a new innovative OC. Now, the hard work of restructures/extensions, etc starts. Bring on FA and the draft!

      PS: Loving the Senior Bowl and Predraft coverage. No better spot on the net for that stuff..great work!!

      • Rob Staton

        it is more a reflection on Shotty than Pete

        I’m afraid not. Other way round.

        At the end of the day, Shotty got fired

        He was not fired. It’s already been reported that a parting was unexpected.

  23. Sea Mode

    Well, looks like we’ll have to make do with whatever scraps we can find until then.

    Jim Nagy

    We will be posting practice tape on our YouTube channel next week.

    • cha


      Know your market Jim. The ravenous horde don’t want to wait no week.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s the NFL Network who are the real problem here.

      A poxy recap show, where they show a taste of practise then jump to some pointless interview or segment with someone.

      Who is watching that, exactly? Just show the practises like you used to. You have the means.

      • cha

        I had to make some changes to my package and to get what I wanted I had to drop NFLN.

        Don’t feel like I missed much, except for the occasional live game not on the other networks.

        Morning shows where they decide to avoid the biggest storylines and highlights, instead preferring to debate which pre-game pump up music they prefer. Interviewing movie stars or musicians and asking them about their favorite team.

        Rerun after rerun of “A Football Life”

        Very rarely rebroadcasting games. You know how many people would love a 30-45 minute rebroadcast on Friday of Thursday night’s game without the chatter and endless replays?

        And now this. Ugh.

  24. Gohawks5151

    I love the hire. Totally agree that the Seahawks are going to have to change personnel is overblown. You can play action anything. They can just use power and inside zone as the base instead of the wide zone. Brown, Lewis and Iupati (If he stays) have shown they can pull and move enough to create the illusion of motion for the rollout stuff as well. I can’t wait for all the backfield motion stuff. Screens and iso’s too. I do think Parkinson, Swain and Ursua do stand to benefit this change too

    I’m not so worried about Waldron being passed up for jobs. As you can see in the market coaching jobs are about so much more than qualifications. Lombardi worked with Waldron just this one year. He had a long standing friendship with Lombardi.

    One thing I commented on last night was that the install of the Mcvay system seems to bear fruit pretty quickly. His first year in LA Mcvay turned Goff around quickly and the offense was lights out. Taylor with the Bengals while not having the lasting results, the pass game looked sharper than before. Lafleur in GB obviously had a great year this year and last year was even OK but seemed slowed by Rodgers being a grump per usual. Hopefully Waldron comes with a ready plan and they hit the ground running.

    • John_s

      It seems like one thing the McVay system emphasizes is route running over speed at WR. It’ll be interesting who Seattle brings in at WR to fill out the room.

      • LandOfBoz

        McVay used Cooks pretty well when he had him. Taking the top off with speed seems to help the Mesh concepts the Rams like to use.

  25. Lewis

    I’ve said it before, but I don’t think Pete cares what the offense looks like as long as it can run the Ball to stay on the field and make explosive plays in the passing game.

    • Lewis

      And protect the ball

  26. Henry Taylor

    This is a fantastic hire, I said I wanted someone from the Shanahan tree because I felt it was the perfect marriage of what Pete wants to do and what Russ is great at. McVay’s offence is different mostly in the personnel packages they use, but it’s the same thing in terms of what I was looking for.

    My #1 offseason hope now is to sign Corey Lindsay from the Packers (Alex Mack as a reserve) given the importance of the C position to those kind of run schemes. I’m also kind of excited what Rashaad Penny could do in this scheme since we’ve seen him be highly effective on those kind of stretch runs, they’ve even said they drafted him because they saw a bit of Todd Gurley in his game.

    • Sea Mode

      they’ve even said they drafted him because they saw a bit of Todd Gurley in his game.

      They said that? I thought that was Rob’s intuition.

      • Henry Taylor

        Possible that my brain has just remembered something Rob said about the Seahawks as something they said about themselves.

  27. Matt

    Great stuff, Rob.

    This is very, very encouraging. Props to Pete – pretty sure there was probably a bit of an ultimatum that inspired him to such a choice, but credit that he actually followed through with it.

    I sincerely hope that he lets Waldron “own” the offense. He needs to let that happen. He’s got a short-shelf life as a Head Coach; PC can own the defense and create his vision, but please, please, please let the OC own the offense.

    • Lewis

      I think he let Schottenheimer “own” the offense far more than most here believe (that’s just an opinion, mind you, not a fact). I think Schottenheimer is gone not because he didn’t want to do things Pete’s way, but because he had no plan to fix anything. The only “evidence” I have four that is the complete inability of the offense to adjust to anything.

      • Sea Mode

        Sorry, but this does not seem true listening to Russ and DK’s comments, the “philosophical differences” cited by the team as the reason for the firing, as well as Pete’s admissions that he pumped the brakes and was meddling.

        Not saying Schotty had all the answers, but I think it’s pretty clear there was a rupture between him and PC that frustrated them both and was the cause for the firing or “mutual parting”, however you want to frame it.

        • Lewis

          Because of the turnovers. I think the “meddling” was telling them to stop turning over the damned ball.

          • Matt

            “We still want the deep shots but don’t turn the ball over” is a fantastic way to make your QB scared to pull the trigger and to not trust his eyes.

            I think this easily explains the downfall of the offense. RW didn’t magically become a bad QB…he became a QB more consumed about not making mistakes and that can make anybody look terrible and indecisive.

            • pdway

              I think that’s a decent theory.

              you would think/hope RW would have the stature and confidence to rise above that (it ain’t like Pete is benching him for Geno) – – but indecisiveness was sort of the defining characteristic of his poorer play in the 2nd half of the season.

            • Lewis

              That makes a lot of sense. But at the same time, the OC should use scheme to help create mismatches and give the players opportunities to make plays.

              Throughout his career, Russ has excelled at throwing the Ball downfield because he is accurate and also because he was always so good at placing the Ball where only his guy could reach it (why does autocorrect insist on capitalizing “ball”?). Where did that go? Can he not do that anymore? Is he not intelligent enough to know to do that? Or if that’s not the plays that are being called?

              Man, how I wish they didn’t have a headset outage late in the season so we could have seen what he would have dialed up without someone in his ear.

              • Lewis

                Sorry, that supposed to say how I wish they did have a headset outage late in the season

      • Matt

        We will never know, but I wholly disagree about Schotty owning the offense. That doesn’t mean Pete called plays, but I think it was quite clear that Pete made the mandate about eliminating risk and turnovers without changing his preferred method of deep shots.

        I made the analogy in another thread, but it’s like a baseball coach saying he wants nothing but home runs, but the first priority is to “not strike out.” You want a hitter to look downright silly? This is the best way to do it.

        To Sea Mode’s point, Russ and DK comments were about as overt as your going to get from those guys and the finger was pointed squarely at Pete (in DK’s case – a direct “Pete” reference).

        Here’s my hope how this whole thing played out:

        1) Schotty decided to leave because of Pete not letting his guys “own” their job and wanting it done his way.
        2) Frantic search to find a new OC and the names that leak were pretty terrible initially.
        3) RW applies pressure, possibly giving an ultimatum to Pete about the offense moving forward.
        4) Search goes on longer than expected because Pete suddenly realizes “my OC left bc of me and now my HOF QB is giving me an ultimatum.”
        5) Pete, while maybe not relinquishing control, ultimately goes with a more innovative, younger mind from a very successful coaching tree.


        Does Pete let Waldron own the offense? Mind you, RW has been outspoken about “I don’t care if we run or pass, but we need to score points;” meaning, I don’t think RW is trying to force the air raid on PC. Like most of us clamoring for Pete to get out of the way, don’t care about Run-Pass splits – we care about scoring and making the most of your offensive snaps.

        So, I hold out hope that Pete, in the span of 2 weeks – got a harsh dose of reality of a) getting his ass kicked in the playoffs in the usual manner, b) his OC quits on him because of his stubbornness, c) his QB voices frustration and possibly an ultimatum which results in Pete maybe having a “come to Jesus” moment about needing to get with the times. I don’t think this is impossible, because Pete is at the end of his career. While he very may well “double down,” it’s not crazy to think he knows that he needs to take a chance on going a new direction.

        Who knows, for now…but we will find out in about 9 months.

        • Big Mike

          Well said Matt. I have a feeling, my opinion only, that your 5 step summation of the OC situation is pretty close to spot on.

  28. cha

    I’m really hoping Tyler Lockett will be utilized once again in the running game.

    He had zero runs in 2020. 4 in 2019.

    They completely went away from using him in that way.

    He has that shiftiness and ability to get low and disappear behind blockers and then explode through a seam.

    More of this please and thank you.

    • BobbyK

      I’ve wondered that, too. He’s still fast and shifty but it seems David Moore got way more work in those situations than he should have (should have gone to Lockett). After all, Lockett was a pro bowl return specialist so he’s got it in him.

      • Trevor

        David Moore has to go.

        • Hawkdawg

          When Moore gets going, he can make things happen. But he has a maddening tendency to dance too much before he does. And you can’t do that in a fast league.

          • BobbyK

            I’m fine with Moore on a rookie (or minimal contract) but he’s not a guy you give a few million to. Go with the inexpensive Swain at the third option. Do I love Swain? No. But he’s good enough to be cheap and they have bigger fish to fry in terms of their use of the cap. They need a legit LG and more ammo at RB. Dallas and Homer are worthless as RBs. Homer has use on ST and his pass blocking, but actually pounding the rock they’re horrible options for a team wanting to run the ball. Unless Waldron has ideas for using Dallas – considering he was also a WR at Miami. Then he might not be worthless, just worthless for Shottenheimer.

            • TomLPDX

              I think that is key with regard to Dallas, Bobby. If we can use him as a 3rd down back who can catch out of the backfield it would improve his stock. He needs to take lessons on pass blocking from Homer though.

              • BobbyK

                Yes. Dallas was almost embarrassing in pass protection last year in the limited opportunities he had. You can’t have that.

    • Matt

      Cha – I don’t necessarily disagree with your take but how about this as a rebuttal; what if they traded Lockett to recoup a little draft capital and find a replacement who is younger and doesn’t have the wear and tear Tyler has – in order to incorporate more of the Jet Sweep stuff?

      I love Lockett – but I don’t know if he could handle that role anymore. His contract is affordable which, IMO, makes him an interesting trade candidate. Obviously, his replacement will not be as good of a WR, but very well could be better in Waldron’s system.

      There is going to be at least 1 guy on this team dealt this offseason to recoup some draft capital. While I know Lockett and RW have a nice rapport, I don’t think they are particularly “close” and therefore, would be an interesting/realistic trade candidate.

      • cha

        For the record, Robert Woods is the same age as Tyler Lockett. I don’t think it’s a matter of age or physical ability.

        As far as trading assets for draft stock, I don’t think anything should be off the table. But what can you get for 1 year of Lockett that would NOT significantly downgrade your team?

        • Matt

          Totally fair. I’m simply commenting on the notion that I don’t think Lockett, with his recurring health issues, could handle being incorporated into the run game (not necessarily an age thing). I absolutely love and agree with the idea – I’m just speculating if that could be done better with a different WR.

          Of course there would be a downgrade on that front. But I would remind you, Lockett’s season was buoyed by a handful of games. He was a non-factor for a better part of the season despite the good season stats (if that makes sense).

          Clearly, there is a point of the return for Lockett doesn’t make sense. If you are talking anything lower than a 3rd rounder – then I think you are totally right that you are merely downgrading your team with no real upside to improve it. However, get a pick that can get your in sniffing distance of a Dwayne Eskridge or another R2 WR – and I think it’s an interesting debate.

          Cheers Cha – love your stuff, man!

          • cha

            with his recurring health issues

            I…what? He’s missed 1 game in 6 years.

            Lockett’s season was buoyed by a handful of games. He was a non-factor for a better part of the season despite the good season stats (if that makes sense).

            My original point was to get Lockett more involved in the run game. He has been used in fits and starts but I’d hardly chalk that up to something he’s doing or not doing. I think he’ll benefit greatly by this OC move.

            Clearly, there is a point of the return for Lockett doesn’t make sense

            Agree. But I can’t for the life of me seeing a team offer a second round pick for just one year of Lockett though. Maybe it’s a team that sees him as the last piece of the puzzle and has draft stock to burn? Stranger things have happened.

            Even then, I’d only consider it in the light of having another weapon already acquired before the draft…a RB, TE or WR that can offset some of the immediate loss of 100 catches. A young player at this stage of RW’s career, as tantalizing as he could be, would be a downgrade.

            I’d argue a Lockett extension lowers the cap hit is a better use of resources if their goal is to take a step forward in 2021.

            I think the more immediate impact/return can be had in trading a veteran would be with considering trading someone like Jamal Adams.

            • Ok

              I like reading ideas. Lockett running at least a few times a season would be good, just to switch things up. Lining up to ‘show them who we are’ over and again has been a little disturbing.
              I have a feeling, based off of little, that Tyler is near the end of his career. I’m not sure he would go for a trade. I’d be surprised if he plays 3 more seasons. He’s a smart guy, not big, does a good job of avoiding hits. Sounded like he was close to opting out. I could just see him saying enough is enough. I certainly wouldn’t fault him for that. Again, all guesswork/bs

            • TomLPDX

              I’d argue a Lockett extension lowers the cap hit is a better use of resources if their goal is to take a step forward in 2021.

              This is my exact feeling about Lockett. He is too integrated and effective in the offense to trade him for someone who won’t be as effective just to get a draft pick. Lock has many years left as a top performing WR and is sorely undervalued in the league.

  29. pdway

    Gives us a lot of hope. Ever since McVay got there – it has been a maddening experience watching their receivers seemingly always w yards of space, making catches against us. We will see if Waldron can step up to being the actual playcaller – all those in-game adjustments that seemed like a weakness for us – we really don’t know if he has that skillset or not.

    But just the idea of a more creative passing game makes me feel good. Would love to see them add that 3rd WR that’s been discussed here, and O-line help w our 2nd round pick makes good sense too.

    For all the issues on this team, we have a lot of really good pieces too, if this change brings RW back to his early season ’20 form, we’re right there w the other top teams in the NFC.

  30. Volume12

    I need to go & watch E. Carolina OT D’Ante Smith. Everyone raving about him.

    • Trevor

      What are your thoughts on him Vol is he worth a close look?

      • Volume12

        I think so. 35″ arms too. Ridiculously quick.

  31. BobbyK

    This is an exciting hire. I’ve never understood vanilla game plans in terms of having one set plan (over exaggerating) each week where your opponent knows what you’re planning. Look how Buffalo destroyed our defense in the first half of our game. They passed almost every single time. It worked. They never did it to that extreme again but it was a great plan. Some plans call for attacking pass heavy, but some call for stone age football with an effective play action game. Bill Belichick is the best ever at altering plans week-to-week. I’m excited about this hire. When the Rams went to the Super Bowl, they relied on Gurley pounding it and fancy big plays. Perfect combination. The reason we got beat this year was because they pounded Akers on us and outmanned the defense. There’s not always only one way to skin a cat, so to speak.

    • pdway


  32. Trevor

    Way Way Way to early dream draft for Hawks

    -Trade Jamal Adams for a 1st and 3rd. Sign Keanu Neal in free agency to replace him at a much cheaper price.

    Pick #1 Najee Harris – The true Bell Cow lead RB we have not had since Marshawn
    Pick #2 Aaron Banks -Lock up the LG spot for years to come
    Pick #3 Dwayne Eskridge -Perfect WR for todays NFL with his quickness and speed. Hawks need another legit weapon.
    Pick #4 Janarius Robinson -Ideal build and looks like he has the physical tools to be an elite edge rusher.

    • Matt

      Trevor…love the thinking here. Here’s what I’d love to see:

      Trade Jamal to Miami for #18 and a 2022 3rd rounder.
      Trade Tyler Lockett for a Late R2/Early 3rd (realistic because he is affordable).

      Trade back that #18 pick into Late R1 or even early R2 and recoup another 2nd or 3rd out of it (for this year).

      Maneuver to acquire:

      RB: Javonte Williams
      WR: Dwayne Eskridge
      OG: Banks or Cleveland
      OT: Radunz or Spencer Brown (Future LT)
      TE: Kenny Yeboah

      I think this is a perfect combination of preparing for the future while adding that presence in the running game and a guy in the Passing Game, who can run jet sweeps, etc. I think you let Freddie Swain battle with an outside FA as your #3 WR.

      • Mick

        I think we should be realistic here. Adams stays. I can imagine two scenarios: 1. Schneider goes all-in this year with next year’s picks and 2. Schneider trades down repeatedly to get more picks. With option 2 we have no chance to get someone like Javonte Williams or Najee Harris, but I wouldn’t be shocked by this approach, going for diamonds in the dust is typical for their way of drafting. Anyways, we won’t know much until free agency gets settled.

  33. Gohawks5151

    Listened to Brock and Salk this morning and Brock had some interesting thoughts on the draft stock. He thinks that Schneider is going to get back into this draft possibly with 2022 stock because there are so many new GM’s and there will be less information than normal about this year. Also, he brought up trading Jamal and Bobby! I agree that day 2 has great opportunity.

    • Denver Hawker

      Yes, we should trade next year’s R1 for another R2 this year…oh…wait…

      Not sure what draft stock he’s referring to. Best we get is an R3 this year for next year’s R2.

      Trading Jamal and Bobby would be the better way to get picks if that’s what he’s after. I question Bobby’s trade value though given his age and contract.

      • Big Mike

        Please trade Adams. You’ll get a decent haul, you won’t have to commit a large chunk of the cap to him and he’ll go somewhere that his game is a better fit for. Win-win.

  34. Rohan Raman

    Any thoughts on Jaret Patterson as a Seahawks target at RB? Strong, physical runner who doesn’t shy away from contact and rarely puts the ball on the ground. Personally, I think he resembles Chris Carson without fumbling issues. Of course, Javonte Williams is the back I’m hoping for in the 2nd round, but Patterson could be a nice Day 3 snag if Hawks go Aaron Banks or Ben Cleveland in 2nd round.

    • John_s

      Larry Rountree III out of Mizzou is a guy i can see Seattle targeting outside of the top 3 rounds.

      • Volume12

        Watched a game of his last night. Really like his game. Decisive, tough, has some good agility, good in pass pro. Kinda reminds me of Aaron Jones.

        • John_s

          Aaron Jones is a great comp. I was thinking Thomas Rawls as well

  35. amanuel abraham

    Can’t complain about the hire, It should produce dividends in more than one aspect.

    Will love to see Russell Wilson in a scheme predicated on the play-action. With an improved interior offensive line, I think Wilson will be able to see the field closer how he did at Wisconsin that lone year he played there that fielded a offensive line featuring future nfl players.

    I’m excited to see DK thrive on unpredictable short-to-intermediate routes, allowing him to better thrive off his physicality – only to devastate going deep later like we know he can do. For the same reasoning about the short-to-intermediate is why i’m intrigued by FA Gerald Everett.

  36. Paul Cook

    Feeling a little more relief and enthusiasm in the blog now. I hope the OC hire works out well. I have a hard time imagining our offensive scheme being worse than it’s been with some of the offensive talent we have. Let’s get another RB, another OLman from the draft, a savvy FA pick up on the OL, and a better 3rd receiver. I think the TE situation will work itself out. Seems doable if you have all your ducks in a row and are prepared to make some somewhat controversial moves.

  37. Sea Mode

    I’m sorry, but how the heck does “ThatFranchiseGuy” get access to the full practice film, all angles? Do you just have to apply/pay something ahead of time or what?

    Senior Bowl Practice Film Breakdown | American Team OL VS DL

    • Sea Mode

      And “Pittsburg Sports Live” to all the on-field cams? A few good OL-DL reps here:

    • Trevor

      Anyone standout Seamode?

      • Sea Mode

        Hey, Trevor. I’ve only watched some WR/CB stuff (links and notes posted above) so far. OL/DL has been hard to come by until just now.

        At the moment, the CB that stands out to me the most for the Seahawks is:

        Benjamin St-Juste, DB, Minnesota, 6’3 3/8, 200, 32 arm, 80 1/4 wing, 9 1/4 hand

        After that, Bryan Mills, CB, NC Central, 6’0 3/4, 180, 32 arm, 77 1/8 wing*, 9 hand might have something, thought the size really isn’t that great.

        Need to see more of Melifonwu as well. Other than that, I’ve pretty much scratched the other guys off the list already at CB. They all looked slow and flat-footed.

        From outside the 32″ CB list, Ambry Thomas has been the best and Tre Brown is feisty with a shredded build, but they are both just so small.

        At WR, Eskridge is on another level compared to everyone else out there, kind of like Deebo was.

        My next favorite is Tylan Wallace. He’s not the quickest or fastest, but just a dang good player who makes plays.

        Shi Smith has had some good reps too.

        After that, Nico Collins is really quick but to my eye lacks long speed. And I was kind of surprised by a name I didn’t know: Austin Watkins of UAB. He has decent size and some speed. Need to see more.

        • IHeartTacoma

          Minnesota has turned out some good players recently. Five in last year’s draft, including Winfield and Johnson who look good for Tampa Bay, and Coughlin who looked pretty good for the Giants when they played (beat) Seattle.
          So, someone at Univ. of Minnesota is recruiting well. Let’s keep an eye on this St-Juste kid.

        • Volume12

          He don’t have the length, but UCF CB Aaron Robinson sure plays like a Seahawk corner. Gritty.

        • Trevor

          Thanks Seamode looking forward to checking things out tonight when I get home from work.

  38. Chris

    So with a new OC, it’ll be interesting to see if the play design still stays vanilla. Players around the league have made comments about how simplistic our offense is. Is this a Pete thing? Or was it a Schotty thing? The Seahawks definitely had issues adjusting the plays as the year went on, but why? Lack of good designs from Schotty? Pete saying keep it simpler to minimize turnovers? Defenses fooling Russ with different looks to hide two deep safeties?

  39. Volume12

    Really like N’Wstrn CB Greg Newsome II.

    • John_s

      Man this is my guy too!

      Also check out this guy. Quinn Meinerz

      • Rob Staton

        Patrick Jones has played like crap in the 1v1’s. Very disappointing.

        • Rob Staton

          Creed Humphrey on the other hand — wow.

          • Ryan

            Sure would be nice to have more picks this year.

  40. Volume12

    ESPNU is showing the SR bowl. Started half hour ago.

    Penn St’s Shaka Toney has been impressive. And he’s raw, but ND’s Ade Ogundeji has fantastic UOH. Intriguing prospect.

    • Rob Staton

      Bloody hell. I have the NFL Network, but not ESPNU.

      • Volume12

        Got lucky. Vice versa for me.

    • Volume12

      Wisconsin-Whitewater C/G Quinn Meinerz is a dude! Plays w/ his hair on fire! My goodness

      • JimQ

        Just about to post on this guy and you beat me to it Vol. He sure looks like a dude & “my goodness” indeed.
        OC-Quinn Meinerz, Wisconsin Whitewater, 6-32/320, with 82″-wing, 33″-arms, 10.25″-hands -great size and length, he’s a been a wrestler & co-captain, really controls LOS, good agility, small school DIV-3, 1-st team All-American. SLEEPER, generally unranked by most sites but I’ve seen him projected as a Rd-6/7 pick. He will move into the later rounds from being in senior bowl. Might be an answer at center for the Seahawks, pot belly and all. Could be the definition of a BAMF if he’s nasty enough.

        • Volume12

          Good write up man.

          He might move up into day 2. 😂 love the crop top & pot belly. Peak fitness.

          • Volume12

            * peak physical condition

      • John_s

        Yep he was a sleeper. He’s no longer one.

  41. Whit21

    The only thing i would like to see with waldren is a completely different offense.. As we all have seen the playbook didnt change much between bevell and schotty.. Run formations changed from year to year and frequency of run changed dramatically from this year to last year.. but the route concepts didnt change much.

    Hopefully that is the reasoning to bring in Waldron. Bring in a more creative OC for route running and offense that they want to run in LA but cant with Goff. Especially how much they tried to run off tackle or lateral running plays, Mcvay’s offense strives and opening up the field and make it seem the field is wider than it actually is..

    Probably the best news for seahawks this off season unless they get a good midround or 2nd round o linemen…

  42. Rob Staton

    The new podcast is now live at the top of the page

    • jason

      Dammit, I have actual work to do.

  43. millhouse-serbia


    Richie Grant /UCF having another terrific day. Very explosive. Good range and a terrific closing burst.

  44. Sea Mode

    Ben Cleveland out with an ankle.

  45. Sea Mode

    Someone uploaded the ESPNU broadcast of National team practice to YouTube:

    Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice : National Team | Jan 27,2020

  46. CL

    Cowherd said in a video, that two Seahawks told him privately, that they’re frustated with Pete’s offense.

    Did I just miss that, or is it something new?

    I thought things would be kinda ok after Waldron got the new OC, but I’m not so sure anymore.
    Unless they talked to Cowherd before they hired Waldron.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep, this is new.

    • Sea Mode

      He did mention that this was before the OC hire. “Brian Schottenheimer is gone, maybe it changes.”

      And he also said his two player sources are starters.

      • Rob Staton

        Well the only two Seahawks players to appear on Colin’s show this year were Russell Wilson and Jamal Adams.

        • Mike

          Greg Olsen has been on at least once

          • Mike

            And he’s a fox analyst and was on the fox pregame show with cowherd this weekend

            • Rob Staton

              He would seem more likely than Jamal Adams then. But RW is almost certainly one of the two.

              • Mike

                Yeah I agree. Russ is definitely one of the two.

                I don’t know if it was the pregame show or cowherd’s show earlier this week, but there was something about Greg Olsen being disappointed about the routes the Seahawks asked him to run.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        Rob I was listening to Mike mayock the GM of the raiders this morning saying it’s challenging to modify your roster if you don’t know the salary cap number which is of kinda of interesting.thats one reason you have to have a great draft.if you are one of the 13 teams according to overthecap that is already over the cap this draft is huge.should teams be closely check out the roster of saints or Philly

  47. cha

    Great discussion Rob.

    If the Seahawks dare trade Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams, they better be ready to go all in on the defensive line. No messing around. No adding Benson Mayowa and calling it good. No telling everyone that Alton Robinson, Darrell Taylor, Rasheem Green and LJ Collier are good enough. This isn’t a time to convince yourselves Bruce Irvin coming off a season ending injury can be your feature pass rusher.

    No way. No freaking way.

    You’re trading away a heart and soul player and a player you’ve massively invested in. You’d better bring home some serious talent on DL. Go big or go home.

    • TomLPDX

      As much as some people hope and wish that Bobby and Jamal will be traded, it won’t happen, it won’t. Get real.

      • Rob Staton

        You can’t say that.

        They have $100,000 to spend and three or four picks.

        Something has to give.

        • TomLPDX

          Yep, something definitely has to give. Pete isn’t moving on from Jamal. I seriously doubt they move on from Bobby either…they can’t get anything for him. They will move on from KJ because he played himself out of Seattle, and good for him (KJ is my favorite Seahawk at this point over his entire career, only behind Kam). Honestly Rob, do you really think they will do that (trade Jamal and Bobby)?

          • Rob Staton

            Pete isn’t moving on from Jamal.

            You can’t keep saying this.

            The fact is they might trade Jamal Adams. That remains a possibility until he signs a new deal.

            They will move on from KJ because he played himself out of Seattle

            That doesn’t save any money

            Honestly Rob, do you really think they will do that (trade Jamal and Bobby)?

            As I said — they might have to. You can’t fill several holes in your roster, where you are literally losing starters, with $100,000 and three or four picks.

            • TomLPDX

              Not going to get into a shouting match with you, you’ll win because I’m only coming from my gut feeling. My gut tells me they aren’t moving on from Jamal…they’ve invested too much in him. Bobby cost to much for us to keep and too much to cut. He is with us for 1 more year at a minimum. He is n’t worth $18M but he damn sure is worth $10M. Choose your poison.

              As for KJ, yes, it does save money NOT bringing him back. He would cost us so much money to bring him back on a competitive salary ($6-8M over 2 years). The majority of Seahawk fans love KJ, and for good reason…he is everything right about being a beloved player of high character and ability. He’s earned his chance to make some more money before he retires no matter where he goes, I’ll be rooting for him no matter what.

              • Rob Staton

                I’m not having a shouting match.

                It’s fine to say what your gut instinct is. I’m simply saying it’s futile ruling anything out when you have $100,000 in cap space, three or four picks and only about 30 odd true contracted players for 2021.

                • Sea Mode

                  This just made me think of: last time we were desperate to recoup picks we traded Frank Clark, our best young defensive player and sack leader. Of course, it’s different from Adams, because we drafted Clark, but still could be seen as a precedent of sorts.

                  Part of me wonders if they viewed Adams as a rental when they traded for him, knowing they could recoup a good portion of the picks in a year’s time. Basically, it cost them a R1 pick for a 1-year, cheap rental to give some kind of life to the defense after a failed off-season and make a run this year. Of course, they could never say it, but maybe the plan was always to trade him away anyways.

                  • Rob Staton

                    This just made me think of: last time we were desperate to recoup picks we traded Frank Clark, our best young defensive player and sack leader. Of course, it’s different from Adams, because we drafted Clark, but still could be seen as a precedent of sorts.

                    Pete Carroll: “Frankie’s a Seahawk, he isn’t going anywhere”

                    Franchised him. Intended to sign him. When the price went too high, they traded him.

            • Hoggs41

              You have said they wont trade Bobby. Now you say different?

              • Rob Staton

                That was long before it was revealed they have $100,000 in cap space for 2021.

                Circumstances change opinions. I shouldn’t have to explain that really.

                • Elmer

                  JS has a tough job ahead of him. IMO RW is the only untouchable. Of all the other “expensive” players probably none is more important to the success of the team than Bobby Wagner. The other side of the coin, of course, is what you can get in return without acquiring a lot of salary dollars in the process. Tough job.

        • Elmer

          Are there any UFA’s who, if we lose them, would give us supplemental draft choices?

          • Rob Staton

            Any comp picks accumulated this year won’t come into effect until 2022. The Seahawks have zero comp picks in 2021.

            Plus in order to get comp picks you need to essentially avoid signing players in FA. It’s hard to see how the Seahawks will do that this year.

      • Jordan E

        Agreed. Id be truly shocked if either Adams or Bobby were not with the team. Knowing the teams track record (aside from Clark), Hawks would prob let them walk instead of trade em if there going to leave

      • GoHawksDani

        I think they might trade Adams:
        Not with the team for that much time
        Can get at least an R1 for him
        He’d demand big salary

        I don’t think they’ll trade Bobby…Pete is loyal to his guys. I think they’ll extend him and ask for a bit of a cut. Like 16m APY over the next 5 years, so instead of 17 and 20m, he could cost like 7m next year (and 17, 18, 18, 20 for the remaining years). And in return he could get 40m instead of 7m GTD (7-12-12-9m GTDs with an out for the last year). This would create 10m space, would keep Bobby with the team, wouldn’t create a hole for MLB.
        For Bobby why would this worth it? Because he’s not a top5 MLB anymore. It would give him +3 years with the team. He would get more GTD which is the most important part of their contract (especially when they’re getting older). It would give him good-guy points (which can help with their other PR/business stuff). And it would give him and the team better chance to reach SB one more time.

        I won’t be mad if they trade Bobby, I might trade him myself if I’d be the GM.
        If someone would became mad and offer an R1, lol gimme that.
        For an R2 it’s a solid compensation, I’d take it, and probably would need to draft an MLB there
        For an R3, I’m not sure, but likely would take the deal, and I’d need to draft an MLB in R2 or R3
        Anything later and it’s creating problems. Barton is not a starter. BBK neither. We’d only have 1 starting LB, with very little CAP and not a ton picks

        Lets say we trade Bobby for a R4 and Adams for an R1 and R5
        We’d have R1, R2, R4, R5, R5, R7 and like 20m CAP

        Biggest needs: CB1, LG, C, MLB, RB1, DE (don’t have huge hopes for Taylor)
        Medium needs: LT, SS?, WR3, CB depth, DT
        Would be nice: A great FB, better TE than Hollister

        Not sure about how many Seahawky CB reach FA but it would probably cost 6-10m to get one from there. From the draft…unless it’s R1, I’d draft 2 CBs in R4 and R5 and hope one of them will be better than Flowers (maybe pick up 1-2 reasonably priced FA too)

        LG should probably come early, I’d spend R2 on that player
        As for C there are some FA options for more cash, some potentially cheaper but worse FA options and maybe draft options early, but I wouldn’t draft a C this year with this many holes. I’d either re-sign Pocic or try to snag some FA in the mid-range of guys

        We still have R1, R5, R7
        There is not really an intriguing FA MLB that popped when I checked quickly the FA list. The guys are either older or not very good. We could probably trade back from R1 into R2 and pick up and R3 along the way. Use that R3 for an MLB.

        R2 could be used for RB1 but there are a ton of pretty OK/good FAs: Breida, Fournette, White, Conner, Edwards, Drake, Gurley, Aaron Jones, Carson, Lindsay, Coleman, Davis, Yeldon, McKinnon, Bell. So I might go for 2 reasonably priced durable guy from this list with the help of Penny and push RB question down to 1-2-3 years later

        And it’d be cool if we could get Anthony Sherman for FB. Or Kyle Juszczyk even better 😀

        I’d pick DE if possible with the R2 (we got for the trade-back)
        DT for the R5 pick (some big guy maybe that can help with run defense)

        only an R7 left and maybe maximum 3m?
        Still no WR3, future LT, backup SS, good TE, SAM

        And it’s with trading both Bobby and Adams
        They messed up the roster badly

        • Jordan E

          Do you really think Bobby is not a top 5 LB anymore? He was a first team all-pro this year and the #2 LB per PFF…


          • GoHawksDani

            He didn’t play like it most games. Maybe it was the scheme, or Adams blitzing too much, or secondary having issues, but he took a ton of bad angles, were blocked out of plays totally, looked lost in what should they play, miscommunications, broken tackles, etc.
            KJ was like 3x better than Bobby…and I was not a KJ fan at the start of the year.
            Bobby might still be a top5 MLB. I doubt it, but he might still be. But he’s definitely much worse than he was in recent years.

  48. Rob Staton

    Deonte Brown isn’t good.

    There, I said it.

    • Sea Mode


    • Mike

      Sometimes I feel like these interior line man just get hype for being big.

  49. Rob Staton

    Managed to watch a fair bit of the OL vs DL 1v1’s over the last two days, piecing things together.

    When the Senior Bowl posts the full tape we’ll get a better idea. I remember a year ago being wowed by how my perspective changed on some guys being able to see every rep vs whatever the TV shows you.

    Even so, I will share some thoughts later in the week.

  50. dcd2

    Decent camera angle and plenty of reps of the WR vs DB 1 on 1’s:

    Day 1 –

  51. dza990

    I think Russ and Shane need to shack up in Mexico like Russ did with DK and brainstorm how to blow the doors off the NFC defenses in 2021. It looks like a much tougher schedule next year across the board.

  52. Sea Mode

    Amari Rodgers is really good! Early candidate for best hands in the draft. He caught my eye with two very strong-handed, contested catches in today’s 1v1s. And he appears to know his craft, as expected for any WR coming out of Clemson.

    Had 1000 yards and 7 TD this season in 12 games. Turns 22 in September.

    Look at the acrobatics on some throws and the natural hands catches, as well as the speed and power to be elusive and break tackles in the open field. Great size in the Golden Tate mold (5094, 211). Actually, 12 lbs. heavier than Tate.

    Tracks and adjusts to deeps balls and catches them over his shoulder effortlessly. Good weapon for both the deep and the short passes. Likes to lower his shoulder even though he’s already stepped out of bounds. I like it a lot.

    Statistical Monster | Clemson WR Amari Rodgers Highlights
    (bad video quality but has better replays than the other 2020 highlights)

    He could be a guy to look out for that might actually be available to us on late day 2-early day 3.

    • Sea Mode

      His size is actually deceiving for the way he runs and plays. He’s not far off Seahawks’ RB territory if you think about it that way.

    • Sea Mode

      Much more field-level highlights to appreciate his size and feel his power. (audio NSFW):

      Comeback Season 💪🏾 OFFICIAL Amari Rodgers Clemson Highlights ᴴᴰ

      (Watch him run through Jeff Okudah)

      Great fit for the Hawks #3. Can swap in and out of the slot with Lockett. Would give us three very different and complimentary body types at WR, but all versatile.

      • dcd2

        Agree. He looked the best of the bunch for the 1v1’s today too.

      • dcd2

        Demetric Felton from UCLA has looked great in all of the 1v1’s I’ve seen as well. Getting separation easier than everyone except Eskridge.

    • Rohan Raman

      As a Clemson fan, i’d be over the moon if we got Amari Rodgers. However, I suspect he’ll go to the Jags to appease Trevor and provide him with some familiarity.

  53. Sea Mode

    Let’s see who ends up the fastest of the whole week

    Jim Nagy

    The following are the fastest WRs from Tuesday’s Reese’s Senior Bowl practice (taken from 7-on-7’s, team drills, and WR/DB 1-on-1’s) per our partners at @SlantsAI.

    Demetric Felton – 19.78 mph
    Kadarius Toney – 19.43 mph
    Frank Darby – 18.49 mph

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I didn’t know Felton is transitioning to WR. But I can see it. He’s a bit slight for an NFL RB but he’d be a decent sized WR, and he has sick moves in space.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Keep a close eye on him. If he has hands and good quicks, might be a guy with a fit in a “mcvay” offense. Tyrik Hill can do both…. and everyone is trying to find another guy like that.

  54. JJ

    Any rumors on who the hawks have been looking at or spoken to at senior bowl?

    • Rob Staton

      There are no such meetings this year I’m afraid, due to Covid. So not as many rumours.

      • JJ

        Guess we will have to make some up.

  55. pugs1

    Throwing this out there. I’m not saying they would or should but do you think they could get two number ones for DK? While Kupp and Woods are good the Rams offense works without a dominant #1 WR. I’m not sure how Russ would react but two number ones would solve the draft pick issue.

    • Jordan E

      Probably. But why? Makes no sense for cap reasons, talent and potential of DK, actual production with the hawks and fit with the locker room. Likely would use of those to hope to draft a DK which would be very unlikely.

      • Mick

        DK is one of the few players that should not be touched.

    • Rob Staton

      You’re not trading DK. Young, huge upside. He’s the future.

      • Pugs1

        Rob, I hear you on not trading DK. He is all the things you say plus he’s on his rookie contract. Which seems to be the only players who bring back multiple picks. But hypothetically what could the Seahawks get in draft compensation? For example would you or anyone be tempted by a trade to Miami for picks 18 & 82 this year and a 2022 #1

        • Rob Staton


        • Rokas

          Russ would be thrilled.

          • Rob Staton

            I know, right?

            ‘Hey Russ — we just traded away your top target. But it’s OK, we’re bringing Phil Dorsett back and we’re spending $20m a year on a blitzing safety instead’

            • Thomas Wells

              The kind of surplus value you get from a player like DK, an all pro level talent and producer on a second round rookie contract, may be one of the most valuable assets in the NFL. And this team is strapped for cash as well as picks. We need to add more players that provide surplus value, not trade them away.

  56. charlietheunicorn

    “He don’t have the length, but UCF CB Aaron Robinson sure plays like a Seahawk corner. Gritty.” ~V12

    I keep coming back to whether JS will get more of a “green light” say on acquiring talent outside of the “normals” we have identified in the past… specifically physicals…. height, weight, arm length…. so they (PC) would allow for grabbing a guy with the most talent at each precious Seattle pick this year.

    I think a good example of what I am talking about is CB DJ Reed. Came from an unlikely source, but proved to be invaluable down the stretch. Draft or FA acquisitions, that is my hope they go hands off and grab guys who might lack 1 crucial portion of their profile (height for example) but show up in all the other measurables and phycological fit the mentality of the team.

    • charlietheunicorn

      *psychological profile……. (I hate you lack of edit function!)

  57. Roland T Jose

    I want to see the shane waldren offense, I am sure he has learned from many offensive coaches over the years not just mckvey.
    Great point about developing the type of offense that gets the best out of the players that are on our team! Our weapons are different from what the rams have, they don’t have quite the deep threats that we do!

  58. Sea Mode

    For all those on the Meinerz train, you’ll enjoy this:

    • clbradley17

      What a knockout punch for an OL! This kid is from D3 and been great the 1st 2 days playing a new position at center, pancaking D1 guys.

      From Tony Pauline:
      Tuesday – “Meinerz played a lot of snaps at center at the first Senior Bowl practice, and overall, he played well. The bigger stage wasn’t too daunting for the Division III product. He’s certainly hard to move, and he plays with excellent leverage and physicality. His lacking length hurt him a couple times, but he’s a player to watch throughout the week.”

      Wednesday – “Day 2 of National Team practice belonged to Quinn Meinerz. The Division-III product stood out against FBS competition on the interior. He’s not the longest player, but he’s strong, plays with excellent leverage and control, has a ton of power at the point of attack, and maintains good leg drive. Meinerz has picked up the center position quickly, and he’s not only playing like one of the best non-FBS linemen, but one of the best linemen, period.”

      Meinerz has 33″ arms, Humphrey’s are 31 3/4. which could take him out of consideration for the Seahawks. If we can trade Adams and others for day 1 + extra picks, would love to see us draft RB Williams or Harris, followed by FSU DL Robinson, Eskridge at WR and this guy at C/G, in no particular order for the last 3. We also need to draft a CB, possibly more DL/OL, maybe another blocking TE late. JS – please trade down for additional 7ths with a day 3 pick, so we don’t make the same mistake 3 years in a row by trading away next year’s 6th to get back into the 7th. The last 2 times we did that was for players who barely saw the field, and Sullivan was cut recently. So we lost this year’s 6th for nothing.

      • Rob Staton

        His technique is all over the place at times in the 1v1’s but he was still winning a lot of reps. Think he’s a work in progress but he’s stout.

  59. Sea Mode

    Tell me how the Ravens getting two R3 comps helped incentivize the Texans or the Ravens in any way to hire him… Once again, this system makes zero sense. Maybe it’s supposed to help incentivize teams to hire minority candidates to coordinator positions in hopes they then get hired away as HC somewhere?

    Also, who gets to decide on which and what percentage ethnicity qualifies? Are we going to have more “how X is he/she?” conversations in the future?

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Ravens will now get two third-round compensatory picks for the hire of a minority coach. It’s the second of the cycle, the first African American.

    • cha

      Seahawks desperately need draft picks.

      I demand that Scott Fitterer sends a spit swab to immediately.

      • Sea Mode


      • Big Mike


    • Henry Taylor

      It’s a stupid rule the NFL hopes will have a fast effect on manipulating an increase in minority HC. The truth is they need to correct the problem from the ground up, more opportunities for minority coaches (and not just ex-players) coming into the league and less opportunities for coaches sons and guys who’s Dad owns FedEx (Arthur Smith does seem like a good coach, but that’s ultimately why is he’s where he is today).

      The issue with this is that it will take much longer to for the impact to be felt and therefore not the good pr they’re after.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a ridiculous system.

      You are rewarding the teams who aren’t promoting certain candidates. The teams making the hires have no incentive.

      • clbradley17

        Really frustrating as we’re starving for picks, the Rams and 49ers got 3rd rd. comp. picks for losing asst. coaches Saleh and Holmes. So the Rams have 2 3rd rd. comp. picks + a 4th, and the 49ers have a 3rd and 5th comp. picks.

      • Sea Mode

        And are we now going to hold on to Ken Norton Jr. (or Clint Hurtt, or whoever) even if he’s not doing a good enough job just on the off chance that some team decides to give him another go at DC?

        This feels like a total PR move so that every time a “minority” candidate gets hired, the league can pat itself on the back via its own media and point to how much they support and promoted said hiring.


      • Denver Hawker

        It’s a tough one for me.

        I 100% agree it is an issue in the NFL where players are mostly POC, yet so few coaches, and GMs represent POC, nor are developed as such.

        Solving the issue with incentives has good intentions, but I’m afraid does a disservice to POC as now it looks like charity, or worse, only hiring them for the incentive.

        Many companies I work with have had D&I mandates for Board and Senior leadership positions last couple years. When I speak with the new hires about this topic, their grateful for the opportunity, but also feel tokenized for PR. Some embrace it as a necessary step for legitimizing them in the chair, but most sound a little embarrassed and know they took a seat from a better qualified candidate.

  60. millhouse-serbia

    Nick Bolton: Highest-graded linebacker over the last two seasons (91.2)

    If he is there when Seahawks pick, and he is by far BPA on their board, do you think they take him?

    • Rob Staton


      Doesn’t tick any of their boxes and there’s no way they take a LB early again.

      • millhouse-serbia

        After i read some of scouting profiles i thought thats perfect Seahawks Mike.

        Traits most analists praise were speed, explosivnes, great tackler, leader on and of the field, diery player etc…

        I know most important things for Seahawks are 40y, VJ, SS…6,0 +, 230-240lbs

        And i was like he ticks all the boxes.

        And then i read your coment and i was like are we speaking about same player…

        Then i went back to your mock draft and saw he run 4,80 40y and i was like, ok thats the reason. 😁

        • Rob Staton

          Cody Barton short shuttle — 4.03

          Nick Bolton short shuttle — 4.42 (at 235lbs, he’s bigger now)

          • millhouse-serbia

            Yeah, i totally get why you said he doesnt tick any of their boxes when i see those numbers for SS and 40y. I didnt know them, and while reading some of scouting profiles i thought he would exel in both those drills if there was combine.

            • millhouse-serbia

              Bolton is a slightly undersized linebacker with excellent speed and explosiveness. He has the lateral quicks to avoid blocks… He has big-time lateral range

              Now you see why i thought he is perfect Mike for Seattle 🤣

  61. Sea Mode

    Amari Rodgers has the chip on his shoulder, overcoming adversity, NFL bloodlines, and should have a super high medical grade too:

    “He always feels like he’s overlooked and undersized”

    Read he has had problems with concentration drops. Will need to look into it, but so far he looks amazing. Oh, and did I mention he ran a 4.49 40yd and jumped 38″ vert. at 209 lbs. as a senior in high school…

  62. Sea Mode

    Reese’s Senior Bowl: OL vs DL (American)

    Dang, Volume 12, that D’Ante Smith has got some body… and can move his feet too…

    Hey, Rob, did you catch the body language of Deonte Brown too? Terrible… (0:33 second mark)

    Lol, Marvin Wilson below the belt @2:18. I know they told him to go for the sack, but… 🤭

    William Bradley-King, Janarius Robinson, Jordan Smith, and Payton Turner all showed a little something, but I’ll wait for Rob’s analysis.

    • Big Mike

      ” I know they told him to go for the sack, but… 🤭”

      Damn that’s some funny shit Sea Mode!

    • Rob Staton

      Deonte Brown is a pudding.

      He’s too big. I can’t believe how much hype he was getting going into the Senior Bowl.

      I’ve got a whole bunch of notes on what I’ve seen. I will post them tomorrow.

      • Robert

        “He’s a pudding.”
        Unexpected description, but it really paints a picture.
        Looking forward to tomorrow’s article, and maybe spending some time viewing the tape over the weekend. Thanks, Rob!

  63. millhouse-serbia

    Deshaun Watson has officially requested a trade out of Houston, per @AdamSchefter. Safe to say, the offseason will be one like never before.

    • Big Mike

      Will JJ be next?
      Man Houston probably will end up with the #1 overall in ’22. What a mess.

      • TomLPDX

        Total dumpster fire at this point. Does Houston even have a 1st round pick in 2022? I think JJ has already said he wants to go to a winning team. Could you imagine him going to Pittsburg with TJ?

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, play GM for a couple teams you think should make a serious run at him and what they might offer as the base package. You can leave out the mid-round change.

      1. Miami: Tua + #3 + 2022 R1
      See if you can’t get Najee Harris at #18.

      2. NYJ: Darnold + #2 + #23 + 2021 R3
      Trade away the picks from Seattle and still have a full draft class with no lost capital from next year.

      3. Indy: #21 + #54 + 2022 R1 + R2
      Not sure they have enough picks to get it done, but you have to try.

      4. SF: Jimmy G. + #12 + 2022 R1 + R3
      They’ll probably turn down the above offer, so do you contemplate swapping Nick Bosa and JJ. Watt as part of the deal…?

      • clbradley17

        Don’t want to see either of the QBs from Texas in SF, not Deshaun or Dak. There’s a chance SF does try and use the picks you listed and go up to #2 or #3 to get Wilson or Fields.

  64. Sea Mode

    Dillon Radunz looks the part. Otherwise, pretty underwhelming on both sides of the ball from the National squad.

    Senior Bowl O line Vs D line 1 on 1 Film Session || 2021 NFL Draft

    Banks got beat out at Tackle, but that’s not where we want to see him lined up.

    Ade Ogundeji from Notre Dame is loooong. Really nice size and frame for the edge. Not sure if he has the speed though. Could be a project. Had 6 sacks this season (in 10 games).

  65. L80


    Lost my mom at 94 last night and am searching for anything positive. Hoping for this hire to benefit our beloved team. My mom loved the Hawks since I moved from SoCal in the 70’s and she adored RW.

    I bought her a jersey in 2013 that she proudly wore every Sunday for 9 years.

    RIP Mom…….

    • Rob Staton

      Sorry for your loss

      • L80

        Thank you Rob. It’s not only my loss it’s Our loss as she was a devout Hawks fan. Not like you, I or all of us here, but in her own way, a special fan.

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