Report claims Todd Gurley was Seattle’s #1

There was never any chance of Todd Gurley landing in Seattle, but the Seahawks still ranked him as the #1 prospect in the draft.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen are reporting Gurley was highly rated by the Seahawks as the top player available in the 2015 class.

It won’t be a surprise. Despite picking up a serious knee injury Gurley was still taken in the top-10 picks. There was talk pre-draft he could’ve gone even earlier. We’ll never know what a team like the Jets would’ve done had Leonard Williams been taken before the #6 pick. Teams loved Gurley’s rare combination of speed, power and size.

It does make you wonder though — had Seattle not recovered from a 3-3 start in 2014 and ended up picking in the middle of the first round — would the aggressive move be a trade up for Gurley instead of a deal for Jimmy Graham?

Replacing Marshawn Lynch will be the toughest thing John Schneider and Pete Carroll ever have to do in Seattle. The way they rated Gurley suggests if they see a fantastic back available in a future draft — they might not shy away from yet another bold move to fill that need.

Looking ahead to the 2016 draft — and it’s still way too early to make a firm judgement — there isn’t a Gurley-level talent preparing to enter the league.

Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott has fair size and speed but he plays with a lot of power. He’ll often fall forward after contact. He’s also capable of making the big play. There’s nothing overtly special about Elliott or unique but he has every chance of going in round one with a big season for a Championship caliber team. The question is can he play the way he did in the playoffs last season for long stretches during the current regular season? A legitimate Heisman candidate — but it was interesting to see the Buckeyes come out throwing against Virginia Tech.

Arkansas’ Alex Collins is a terrific player with a nice 5-11 frame with good mass and power. Like Elliott he always seems to get yards after contact — but he has a home-run hitting ability too. It’ll be very interesting to see how he and Elliott test for speed. He flashes plenty of power and might be a cheaper — and possibly more effective — alternative to Elliott. A very interesting player with a pro-future as a day one or two pick.

Derrick Henry is enormous at around 6-3 and 240lbs. He doesn’t play with a mean streak though — he’s positively finesse at times and doesn’t always dominate the way he should. Eddie Lacy was a wrecking machine for Alabama and you kind of feel like Henry should be more like that with his size. Even so — he’s deceptively quick running in a straight line and a natural athlete. It gives him a level of uniqueness the other two players above lack. Is he a bell-cow at the next level? Probably not. He could be a nice compliment to a back of a different style working in a committee system.

2017 could be very interesting for running backs. Nick Chubb, Leonard Fournette, Samaje Perrine and Royce Freeman will all be eligible. If Lynch is prepared to continue next year — the Seahawks might be able to delay this search at least in terms of the early rounds.


  1. Reyhawk

    Off topic but how come Polk hasn’t gotten a legitimate chance anywhere? I feel like he always falls forward and doesn’t go down on first contact. Is it still health issues? Back on topic, it will be interesting to see how we address this position in the future. Hard to envision this offense without Lynch. Keep up the great work Rob!

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      Chris Polk? He had a degenerate knee condition I thought. There is a question as to whether he can hold up in the NFL more than a few years.

  2. rowdy

    No suprise at all that Gurley was ranked as their top player. He’s the unique talent that they covet. I’m sure they rank every player for the draft even when they don’t draft til the end of the second.

  3. redzone086

    My thought is that really shows how the felt about Turbin and Michaels as a grouo for the future.

    • cha

      Agree – I recall reading a couple years ago that they rank the prospects vs their current roster. So in that sense you can see how big a step Gurley would be over Michael & Turbin while grooming to take over for Lynch.

      In that same vein I’d be curious to see where Cooper & White were on their board.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I’m glad they decided to pull the trigger… mediocrity was no longer going to earn a roster spot. It was bold to ditch 2 out of 3 guys…. but to get to and win a SB this year.. they need every weapon they can find… including a stable of RBs that threaten defenses in different ways.

      • arias

        I think Lynch played a role in that too, going to the coaches immediately upon Jackson getting cut and lobbying them to sign Jackson.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I always wondered why they carried Michael as long as they did. Use them or lose them is my motto.

        • arias

          2 seasons and 3 training camps is too long?

          I think 1 season is way too soon to know for sure what you have and give up on a pick. You never know if guys will mature and things will just click.

      • rowdy

        Rawls is mediocre but I see your point. Next year there’s a chance we could replace all are rbs

  4. Trevor

    This just in Brady to Gronk and Edlman is near impossible to stop. Looks like 2nd half of SB after Avril went down and the pass rush went silent.

    I think a bigger concern for our secondary rather than Kam missing is the lack of a quality slot corner as I think Bailey is going to play well. I have no confidence in Burley or Smith in the slot. Pete needs to perhaps make an adjustment and find a smaller quicker cover guy in the next draft for the slot.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I like Seattle’s problems over what the Patriots face. Their secondary and rushing defense got abused by the depleted Steelers. When the Steelers are 100%, that offense is going to be scary.

      The Steelers defense wasn;t quit on the same page. It is pretty hard to cover Gronk, so I was not surprised he did so much damage. The surprising part was how soft the rush defense was for the Steelers. They are a fav of mine to make the SB, but now I’m starting to lean towards the Broncos.. they at least have a defense to lean on.

      • Volume12

        The Steelers also start out slow. But yeah, their defense is not what it was.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Defensive line was struggling for both teams. Steelers had many good runs, and Rothlisburger had up to 6 seconds in the pocket. Steelers defense couldn;t generate any pressure.

    • Phil

      Watching Brady to Edelman, I wondered if one way to counter the short throws over the middle — underneath the LBs — would be by rushing 3 and having one of your DL drop into coverage instead of rushing Brady. If you varied who the dropping DL would be, you might mess with the timing on the route. If Edelman did catch the ball, the dropping DL might be in a position to make Edelman pay for making the catch, or maybe the DL might deflect the pass leading to an incompletion or a turnover.

    • Steele

      I agree with Trevor. Pats looked like vintage Pats—including a defense that bends but doesn’t completely break, but does enough to get the job done. Revis/Browner was a one season exception that helped make up for problems on their front D line. This season for the Pats, it is just back to the usual. They’ve improved their front line and pass rush, CBs just okay. That damned dink-dunk+Gronk/Chandler is going to be a nightmare again. That plus the cheating. I predict Pats make it pretty easily to the AFC championship, and probably to the SB.

      And just as the Pats are the same, the Hawks are too. They still don’t seem to have fixed the vulnerabilitie vs. the Pats, the issues at the slot, which I had wished they had addressed in this offseason. No Kam makes this problem worse. Bailey is not Kam.

      I am leery of the idea that all the Hawks needed to beat the Pats is for those who were injured in the SB to come back. The matchup remains too problematic. I will not be pleased until JSPC very specifically gears the team to destroy the Patriots.

      • arias

        The Hawks aren’t the same, the pash rush is much improved over last year. Not that last year was bad, but now the team has the depth it didn’t have last year. You think Brady would have so easily scored two touchdowns in the 4th quarter if Brady actually faced pressure? I don’t.

  5. Ed

    Wow. Now the radio issues. The BB, TB legacy continues?

    It was great seeing football again, except for the fact that they kept talking about the SB.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      They can ask Butler what he thought about tonight’s game? He got smoked.

      • cha

        Spot on Charlie. Everyone’s so caught up in the controversy, nobody this morning seems to notice the Steelers made 4 or 5 huge blunders last night in all 3 phases of the game. If they have some version of “tell the truth Monday” it will be brutal in that building.

  6. Volume12

    Not a surprise they ranked Gurley #1 on their big board. I still think they take a back this year. Rawls is unproven, and Freddy Jack is 34 and only on a 1 year deal. Question is, what range?

    I thought I heard PC say last year or earlier this year that they had OBJ and Aaron Donald 1 and 2 on their big board in 2014. And both ended up as rookies of the year.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      They may use their #1 pick on a RB again (ala CMike). They may also make a trade for someone already in the League. Free agency doesn’t seem likely as the pickings are rather slim for 2016.

      It’s been a few years since SEA had a legit shot at their top rated prospect.

      • redzone086

        If I’m Seattle there isn’t a rb coming out that I consider a starter so what are my other options? What rb would you trade for thats already in the league and what would you give up?i.e. graham for unger and a pick.

        • arias

          Any running back worth anything in a trade would likely be more than I’d be willing to give up.

  7. CA

    I like Henry closer to 230 or 225 but really like Alex Collins and Ezekiel. I think what ends up happening thoug in the southern schools is they can get RBs to run behind the hosses but struggle in the NFL(Richardson, Ingram etc). I said in my last post to get an OL in r1 and a RB in r2 but getting the RB they want might be really important. If Okung leaves they could always go OT in r1 but I think OL RB need to go 1 and 2.

    • Volume12

      I agree with that as well. I know they’re not known for taking CBs early, but I could see a corner as the surprise early selection this year. Seattle’s defense was built from back to front after all.

    • RealRhino2

      Thinking about this. As much as dreamcasting is fun, realized it’s just too early. If Lynch is done after this year, I think we go RB first. I’m a Collins fan, myself. Really like his feet and balance.

      OTOH, like others my knee-jerk reaction is to draft an OL as high as we can. But then I think some more. Gilliam actually might be an LT more than a RT. In a cost-saving move could we try to switch him over if he does well in pass pro this year? If Glow/Sweezy can handle RG and Britt works at LG, then we are looking at maybe RT and C. Too early to take one in the first? I guess if there is an OT we hope could play LT but at worst can be a mauler at RT.

      Might be time to spend a #1 at CB.

      • CA

        I can’t argue against any of that. It’s fun looking at the team and thinking “where would it be nice to have 1st round talent?”. An early round CB would be new for this front office, but regardless of whether Bailey can play LT the need for an OT or C would still be there. Center will definitely be addressed. Life without Marshawn is not fun to imagine, but with an older Fred Jax sharing the backfield I can’t see him retiring so much earlier than Jackson.

        • Volume12

          The nice thing about C’s is good one are historically available in rounds 3-5.

          Right now my favorite C is Michigan St’s Jack Allen, followed by a possible LT convert in Boise St’s Rees Odhiambo. Allen is a mauler. Flat-out nasty and was a wrestler in HS.

          • CA

            I was watching Allen closely, I like him as well. The Oregon center deal breaker was him getting absolutely demolished on the goal line stand against MSU

  8. oz

    It’s going to be an interesting off season.


  9. peter

    Programming note:

    (mostly to get a laugh out of v12)

    Tevin Carter SS out of Utah. Tonight.

    Loves his momma. Lost his dad young. High performing ex WR out of Compton. Third place finisher at the california state high school championships…event 200 meters. Third place finisher at the 100 meters at the Los Angeles city tournament.

    6-1 220. Loves to hit. And playing for one of the most fundamentally sound defensive coaches in college.

    Also 6-3 corner Brian Allen. Ex WR. Looooong frame. Jr with limited exp. But may declare.

    And of course I’ve lessened my stance on him a bit but….Devaente Booker. I know the 2017 class is amazing but Seattle may not have that luxury for RB with lynch’s age and basically nothing else. So for me in looking at every RB seeing if they can bring anything to the table this season.

    • Volume12

      You and these damn Utes man! LOL. Yes, I really like Carter. That adversity, size, and athleticism is very ‘Seahawky.’

      • Volume12

        I do think Seattle at least adds a no. 2 back this draft.

        Peter, IDK if you follow BYU as closely as Utah, but keep an eye on that game against Boise St. Seattle scouts will be there.

        Look for freak athlete DL Bronson Kaufusi-6’7-6’8, 280 lbs., former Bball player, tons of energy.And Boise St OL Rees Odhiambo. Dude looks athletic, and can probably play 3 spots on the O-line.

        • peter

          Thanks for the heads up about those guys. I’ll definitely check them out

        • bigDhawk

          Speaking of BYU, any scoopage on SR WR Terenn Houk, 6-5, 225? Could be my new Derren Waller man-crush this season.

  10. jim

    jeez, reading the comments here – waiting for game 1 and everyone is going into deep think about next year’s draft already..

    John Schneider’s influence in the NFL world is just astounding, I’m so freaking happy he’s ours!

    • Volume12

      It is called ‘Seahawks DRAFT blog.’ If you like CFB this is the spot to turn up at.

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    Not to put unreasonable expectations on him, but I am so looking forward to Tyler “No E” Lockett after watching Antonio Brown work over Marcus Burley and return punts last night.

    Am I pie-eyed on the cool-aid thinking Lockett could end up being SEA’s own AB? (minus the League leading #’s since SEA just doesn’t pass enough)

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Wow what a freudian slip. I meant of course Malcom Butler, not Marcus Burley!!

      BTW that wasn’t a knock on Butler, who played well enough to prove his SB performance wasn’t a fluke. May Hardball Matthews have the same showing.

      • peter

        I’m pretty stoked to see no-E and Clark. It send he’s got the return game down but even better then Tate is ready to be a WR now. Hopefully they get him into the game plan sooner then later.

    • Ishmael

      I’ve been thinking it too man. He’s just so, so, smooth. But look, having watched Brown last night, if he ends up even half the player that Brown is we’ll have done well.

      He looks like he should have gone in the first-round. Amazing bit of draft wizardry to get him in the third, worth everything we had to trade away to get at him. I’m a lot more confident going into this season than I was the last.

  12. JeffC

    Aldon Smith and the Raiders, the perfect match.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      This is a 1970s Raiders move right here… they also won Championships (or were contenders).

  13. GoHawks5151

    Yeah. The Running back future situation is scary. I like Elliot out OSU more than most. Hits the hole with power and speed. Runs in a zone scheme at OSU but they also run a lot of Power (man) runs. Nice, subtle lateral quickness. Seattle does both as well. Can catch the ball. I’m guessing the lack of runs was more in response to how VT packed the middle of the defense and other match up nightmares that talented team causes. Just started watching Collins but I like him too. Not too crazy about Henry. Finesse runner who runs tall.

    But if we are looking in the athletic freak territory like Gurley, i think its the 2017 draft. Fournette from LSU and Freeman from UO are better in the size, speed, SPARQ categories.

    • AlaskaHawk

      What makes you think that Seahawks won’t pick up another veteran running back after Marshawn quits? They seem comfortable paying 10 million+ for outside free agents.

      • GoHawks5151

        They may. But they seem to draft offense and sign defensive free agents. Only dished out +10 million to Rice, Harvin, and Graham as far as offensive players go.

    • Trevor

      For the record I really like Elliot a lot as well. Loved how he stepped up in the playoff last year. I really think he could be a star.

  14. Volume12

    Seahawks sign Nick Moody and may have cut Kelcie McCray. If that’s the case, do we keep that 5th rounder? Please tell me yes.

    • Trevor

      Good point I hope we do.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Head scratcher of a cut by SF. Moody had a really nice preseason. He’s a hybrid LB/SS type in the mold of Kam and Pinkins – big enough to jam the box, agile enough to (conceivably) cover the intermediate zones, loves to hit.

      But it looks like he’s insurance for Morgan’s hamstring.

      If they cut McCray, I don’t think SEA would get that R5 back. It wasn’t conditional.

      BTW, don’t know if you saw that Leon Allen suffered a nasty injury last night, ending what was shaping up to be a very promising season for him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Also, wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be watching Jabaal Sheard tear it up for NE last night after Frank Clark’s preseason.

        • Steele

          It might have been possible to get Sheard and Clark as well. I hate seeing Sheard in NE.

      • Volume12

        I did. I liked him as a mid-late rounder. Feel bad for the kid. That injury was gruesome!

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Joe Theismann gruesome

          • Volume12

            IDK what the condition entails, but it was.


            • cha

              Where’d you hear it might be Mcray? Stanger Twitter speculation or ???

              Please post links or attribute news to someone.

              • Volume12

                It’s just a hunch.

                I’ll post links when I have one.

                • Volume12

                  Here you go cha. I know you don’t believe me, but here’s proof buddy.


                  Notice the 2nd game.

                  • cha

                    I must be missing something – nothing about Mcray on that link

                    Sorry to be a proof Nazi but fan boards drive me nuts sometimes. People post “Russell Wilson traded to Cleveland” after reading some Podunk writer saying they SHOULD trade RW to Cleveland.

                  • Volume12

                    It wasn’t in reference to that. Rather the Seahawks being in attendance at the BYU vs Boise St game. Last time I posted what games they’d be at you also asked for me to post a link.

                    The McCray is just me spitballing. Moody is built like him, and if the McCray trade was in fact conditional, looks like it is, then bring him in, see what he’s got, and if he doesn’t show anything then they waste nothing.

                    No one here has ever posted anything remotely close to the example you used. Everyone here is pretty well informed IMO.

                  • CharlietheUnicorn

                    they might IR Morgan

  15. Trevor


    It amazes me that since I found your blog I have gone from thinking about the draft the week of the combine and week of the draft to now thinking about it even as we are about to kick off week #1.

    I am not sure whether to thank you or curse you! Either way keep up the great work.

    Quick question. I think OT, RB and SS (if Kam traded) will be our 3 biggest offseason needs. Is there any chance either of these 3 guys will be around the end of round #1 or in Round #2 assuming no injuries and medicals check out?

    OT Coleman (Auburn)
    RB Collins (Arkansas)
    Safety / LB Craven (USC)

    I know it is early but I am just wondering if they are worth following closely.

    Also you mentioned a Safety / LB Hybrid out of Oak but I cant remember his name?

    Last thing if things dont work out with Kam and he shows up in week #10 what do you think we could get if we trade him before the draft? I have heard a #1 + another pick but that seems crazy to me for an old safety who wants a big extension as well.

    • cha

      DT too with Mebane, Rubin up after 2015 and the ever-present Bennett contract rumbling (especially after Dareus signed for the GDP of a small country)

      • Trevor

        Very true good point. Hope they draft one and re-sign either Mebane or Rubin.

        • Volume12

          Oklahoma’s Eric Striker.

          Collins will be there, and will probably be around at the end of round 2 He’s a late 1st rounder at best. More of a 2nd round guy.

          Cravens could be. His range is mid 1st-early 2nd.

          And possibly Coleman. Favorite player in this entire draf class. IMO he’s the best LT, but teams will be scared off more than likely by his age and medical history. He’s top 15-early 2nd as well.

          As for DT. This team has never drafted one before the 3rd round. I’d expect they target one there . Run-stuffers should not and usually don’t go higher. I’d expect them to re-sign one of Mebane or Rubin.

          • Trevor


            It is real early but If they could get Cravens in the 1st and Coleman in the 2nd then go with a DT with one of your 3rds and RB in 2017 that would be the perfect

            • Volume12

              That would be sweet. I just can’t see this team going for a S early. They have Bailey, Kam will be back at some point, and a guy like Striker, Karl Joseph, Tevin Carter could all be had in the 3rd-5th.

  16. Volume12

    And then there’s this:

    Moody- 6’1, 236 lbs., 4.68 40, 1.62 10 yard split, 9’10” broad jump, 33″ vert
    Kam- 6’3, 231 lbs., 4.59 40, 1.61 10 yard split, 9’08” broad jump, 32″ vert

    And FWIW, Kam IIRC ran a 4.69 at the combine that year.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      See my reply above…

      • Steele

        I think he’s more depth for Morgan than any surefire Kam replacement, but the flexibility is there for them to tinker with him. ST for sure. The knock on Morgan, according to SF, was missing on some plays, some bad angles, etc. They preferred the less athletic Skov.

        • Volume12

          Your probably right. I wasn’t necessarily saying he was a replacement for Kam, but more along the lines of what you said about flexibility.

          Thought the athletic comp was very interesting though.

  17. Volume12

    Anyone else like S. Carolina WR Pharoh Cooper? I see quite a bit of Golden Tate in his game.

  18. CharlietheUnicorn

    Everyone needs to take a step back when it comes to projecting Seahawks position picks in 2016.

    Where are they going to have holes and where are they spending big-time cash? I’ll just toss my hat into the ring, but it is way too soon to get focused on specific guys, unless you have a man crush on a prospect.

    I think a Punter and/or Kicker are a very real possibility in 2016. The current guys, both are good, are quite expensive.

    They also need a DT, LEO/DE/LB pass rusher, LT and C prospect most likely. They need at least 1 RB to supplement what they have or could possibly have in 2016. I also would like to see them grab a QB in the mid rounds to develop, unless they think BJ Daniels is the definitive answer.

    Personally, I do not see WR as a big need and I wouldn’t invest a high pick in a guy, unless he is a top WR that fell into their lap. A developmental TE could also be an option, but not a high priority.

    • matt

      Agreed it’s way too early to focus on specific positions for the Seahawks. It’s time to just soak in some College ball and get a gauge on how talent stacks up.

  19. Nathan

    Just listening to PFF Podcast.

    Sam Monson raved about Clark and Lockett.

    Said Locketts body type was the only thing stopping being picked as the 2nd receiver in the draft, after Amari Cooper.

  20. AlaskaHawk

    Robert Wheelwright with Wisconsin just caught his second touchdown

  21. Matt

    Dalvin Cook of the Noles is another special talent to add to the 2017 class of RB’s. While he doesn’t have the size the top 4(Chubb, Perrine, Fornette, Freeman) have, his quickness, speed, vision and ability to make people miss is very impressive! Hope these kids can stay healthy toting the rock the next 2 years.

    • Volume12

      Tennessee’s Jalen Hurd and Alvin Kamara are 2 others. Kamara is already one of my favorite backs and he’s a R-SO, making him eligible for this year’s class.

      I do agree with you about Cook by the way.

      • matt

        Looking forward to watching Kamara-who I haven’t seen since HS- and Perrine play against each other later!

  22. Volume12

    My boy Chris Wormley is straight beasting it today! Dude is an athletic disruptor.

    • Volume12

      Has 3 sacks today and already 7 TFL on the year.

      • matt

        So there is a reason to watch the Wolverines this year? 😉

        • Volume12

          LOL. With the Seahawks selecting Clark last year, you have to think they know all about this kid. 6’4-6’5, 300 lbs.

  23. Volume12

    Think I’m checking out this ND vs Virginia game.

    ND WR Corey Robinson-6’4, 210-215, (son of NBA HOFer David ‘Admiral’ Robinson) intrigues me. Moves like a Seahawk receiver, one of the best downfield blocking WRs in the country, full of potential, freak athlete, and he’s in that 4th round range right now. He’s not Randy Moss skill-set wise by any means, but his body type sure is. Long, lean/sinewy.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Keep an eye on UVA CB Maurice Canady 6’1″ 185. He had a decent game vs UCLA last week.

      Also, ND LT Ronnie Stanley and DT Sheldon Day.

      • Volume12

        Yup. Sheldon Day surprised me last week.

        ND HB CJ Prosise is also interesting. Looks like a natural and is pretty dynamic.

        That Edge rusher for UVA Trent Corney is a freak! Wanna see what he does at the combine.

        • Volume12

          That other corner Tim Harris I think is also 6’1-6’2. He’s a jr and Canady a sr.

          • Volume12

            UVA WR Canaan Severin is killing it. May be one to monitor.

            • CHawk Talker Eric


        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Trent Corney is a physical specimen for sure, but he doesn’t really seem to have a nose for the ball.

          Prosise is definitely one to watch.

    • Screeching Hawk

      I’m pretty sure Paul Allen has a time machine because all Billionaire’s do right? Or am I mistaken? Pete Carroll should go back in time right before Randy Moss beat up that mean racist kid and bring him back to 2015. He can change his name to Mandy Ross and we cam put him on the practice squad and in 3 years will have a true #1. I’m willing to wait, who’s with me on this one? Volume12?

      • David M2

        Rec’d for Mandy Ross!

  24. Volume12

    This is Arizona DB Will Parks. One of my favorite S/CB hybrids and nickel back candidate. Watch this kid’s speed, quickness, and coverage. Jaw-dropping explosion.

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    Wow, Jacksonville State took Auburn to the last play of overtime.

  26. Volume12

    Wow! Ya’ll seen the stat-line from TCU WR Kolby Listenbee? He’s one of the fastest players in the country and we know Seattle scouts were in attendance last week for the TCU vs Minnesota game. Talk about a field-tilting deep threat.

    Rob, again, is he redundant to P-rich? Or is he more along the lines of a former SDB favorite from last year?

  27. Ed

    Dallas resigned Crawford for $9 million per. Bennett will be Kam next year. If we can get a 1st for Kam this year and maybe for Bennett after the season, count me in.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I am of the opinion, Bennett will be traded after the season.. possibly to the Bears

    • Trevor

      Ed if we could get a 1st for Kam and a 1st for Bennett in the off season count me in. I don’t think we would ever get that but if we could I would be all for it unless both Kam and Bennett come back on current deals happy which seems like a long shot. Both guys are very unique and will be next to impossible to replace however.

      • Ed

        True. As will Lynch. But with Kam already missing games, Bennett is upset but still playing. Next year that won’t be the case with a slightly above average DL making $9 million. Even a high second or two

  28. CharlietheUnicorn

    Notre Dame RB C.J. PROSISE looked like an very interesting prospect. I’m not saying this guy is an every-down RB, but his size and speed to play either RB or WR are incredibly intriguing to me. He is a ST star and has some elusiveness…. reminds me of a larger Darren Sproles type of back… great for the passing attack oriented team in the NFL. Some one to keep an eye on in my estimation, specifically in the later rounds.

  29. rowdy

    Not a player to scout for the hawks but real good to see jake browning looking good for the UW. Last week it looked like the coach’s held him back and this it could be the weak team he played but definitely better then miles!

    • Volume12

      I think if Browning keeps developing, he’s an NFL prospect for sure. I like this kid. And that Gaskins is interests me too.

      • onrsry

        Don’t forget Kevin King. 6’3 , S/CB and 2 interception in 2 games. Had a good open field tackling too against Sac St. SEA likes long DBs.

        Myles Gaskins very very fast,pure speed and he uses that,ran to the sideline then into the endzone for his 2nd TD.Defender tried to mirror him but was too slow. It’s too early i know but I think he will be a good Jamaal Charles type back.

      • rowdy

        I really liked his high school tape, had a lot of russell to his game. Seemed very mature for high school. Maybe not the athlete russell is but has a well rounded game that’s very intriguing. I’m glad he got the starting job and I think your right about him developing. He showed a lot of grit in the 2 games he played.

      • Screeching Hawk

        Go Dawgs !!!

  30. Volume12

    Some exciting prospects tonight.

    Looking forward to watching Michigan St O-lineman Jack Conklin and Jack Allen. DT Joel Heath. I have a feeling Seattle will select a Tony McDaniel type of defensive lineman this year.

    USC HB Tre Madden.

    BYU DL Bronson Kaufusi. Boise St’s OL Rees Odhiambo, DB Darian Thompson, and OLB Kamalei Correa.

    Miss St CBs Will Redmond, Taveze Calhoun and WR De’Runnya ‘Bear’ Wilson.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Deayon having a good game as cornerback for Boise St. with two interceptions.

      • Volume12

        Yeah I like him. Flys around the field, ballhawk, his arms look long, but at 5’9, would the Hawks touch him?

  31. bigDhawk

    Replacing the style of running game we now enjoy with Lynch will be impossible. In the same way that no SS will ever duplicate the intimidation Kam brings against receivers over the middle, no RB will ever duplicate the intimidation Lynch brings against defenses in the second half. Not even Gurley will do what Lynch can do. Rather than finding a RB comparable to Beastmode, we will probably need to adjust our scheme to maintain our run-first philosophy.

    The addition of Fred Jackson is intriguing. He will add a John L. Williams element of great pass blocking and great pass catching in the flat. And I’m wondering if that is what our running attack will look like in the future. Just thinking out loud here, but instead of finding the next Marshawn Lynch, perhaps we need to exploit current market inefficiencies and find the next Mike Alstott – a great, dominant, athletic FB to go along with a couple above average, scheme-fit RBs. And I wonder if a player like that is even currently playing offense in college.

    Jackson will be a very interesting test case to watch this year to see if a pass-catching back will compliment Wilson’s skill set. Just food for thought going forward.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I see a lot of room for different types of running backs. It was intriguing watching Rawls and Smith in preseason, and their skills. It would be great to get that quick back coming out of the backfield for passes underneath. By the time Marshawn leaves the offensive line has to be solid. Seahawks need to help themselves by continuing to draft linemen and build them up. Given another year they should have a good line and backups.

    • Screeching Hawk

      John L. Williams- he’ll yeah he was one of my first favorite Hawks in the early 90’s. Glad someone brought up his name. A fullback who caught screen passes out of the backfield. They we’re still running I-formation in those days right? I was pre teen at the time.

      • cha

        The screen game could be a real effective way to negate some of the Rams DL vs Hawks OL challenges. Let them overpersue and then find Fred Jackson for nice gains. It could develop into a really effective weapon given how many other players like Lynch, Graham and the WRs defenses have to account for.

      • rowdy

        I been wanting a scat back for years but it doesn’t look like pc/js are interested in that kind of back.

      • bigDhawk

        Holmgren ran his WC offense out of the I for his entire time here as well. Pete is a throwback kinda coach when it comes to schemes so this is one possibility how our running game could evolve in the post-Lynch era.

    • Volume12

      I still like Derrick Henry. He’s a dynamic athlete that might be the most unique back in the country. Le’Veon Bell esque size, Matt Forte or Jamaal Charles like hands, tremendous speed, one of the better pass blocking backs in CFB, team leader, and would make a perfect/game-breaking no 2 RB with the potential to be a 1.

      • Screeching Hawk

        Really Volume12? Cool I’ll look into Henry the running back from Alabama. I trust your judgement because you really really love American football and I trust your instinct. I personally want Marshawn to run till he’s 40 and I have this loving feeling that he can. He is one special dude!

      • matt

        I’m a big Henry fan too, and don’t understand where the doubters are coming from. He’s a complete back who smells the end zone. The comparisons to Lacy are natural, with both coming from Bama. Lacy has a bit more power, while Henry has more speed. Similar all around big power backs who can play 3 downs and rough up a defense, catch passes and protect the QB. I’d be surprised to see Henry last past day 1 in the draft. It’s early in the process, but Henry and Elliot look like the clear cut top 2 RB’s eligible for this upcoming draft.

    • Dumbquestions

      Thank God someone brought up the John L. comparison. That was my first mental comp after Jackson was acquired. I really hope it works out that way.

    • Screeching Hawk

      I know right! Fred Jackson the only thing is every time someone talks about Jackson I’m going to initially think about Tavaris or I mean that’s what I’ve been doing the past week now. Know what’s cool to me being a Hawks fan? My last name is Wilson, my favorite Grandma’s maiden name is Jackson(Tavaris), and my favourite Uncle who passed away seven years ago, his last name is and was Daniels close enough to B.J. Daniel for me. I’ll always Love you Uncle Jeff and I miss you so much !!!

      • Screeching Hawk

        Jeff was a Hawks Fan as well. Though he never saw us get so damn good!

      • Screeching Hawk

        I messed that up I’m such a fool. BJ Daniels is our third string quarterback my uncle who passed away is Jeff Daniel. Win one for my Uncle Jeff boys ! Go Hawks

  32. AlaskaHawk

    Oklahoma vs Tennessee is exciting in over time. WR Shepard having a great game. QB Mayfield would be a good backup.

    • matt

      Shepard looks like he might have a future in the NFL. Great quickness and playmaking ability. Mayfield looked absolutely terrible for 3.5 quarters then got it together to pick up an exciting win. He has a LONG way to go before being an NFL prospect. IMO

  33. Volume12

    Name to monitor. Only a jr, but Baylor WR Corey ‘coco’ Coleman is a stud. Freak athlete, battled adversity, productin through the roof. He killed it today with 6 rec.,182 yds., 4 TDs. Missed 3 games last year and still had 1119 receiving yards and 11 TDs. Grew up with his father in jail (still is), and this spring he ran 4.40 40, 45.1 vertical, 11’3″ broad jump, and 6.62 3 cone.

    Last week he went for 5 rec., 178 yds., 1 TD. YAC and red-line monster!

  34. red

    WR De’ Runya Wilson from Mississippi State had nice game against LSU. Like how he uses his size to box out corners, LSU CB West who will be a first or second rounder had a lot of trouble with this guy one on one.

    • Volume12

      One of my favorite receivers eligible for 2016.

      That BYU-Boise St game was the best one of the day IMO. 2 gritty teams.

      Bronson Kaufusi is exciting man. Has a motor that just doesn’t stop. His frame looks like it could hold more weight, plays the edge, can play in the middle of a D-line, stands up over the tackle, great length. What a weapon he could be in this defense. He’s got mid to late round PC/JS project pick written all over him. Put this kid at 3-tech and turn him loose.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      LSU DE Arden Key.

      • Volume12

        Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check hjim out. Is he draft eligible?

  35. CHawk Talker Eric

    Overall, that may be the best Saturday of CFB that I can remember.

    So many games won (or lost) on the final play(s).

    Also some pretty amazing (and amazingly frustrating) QB performances.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I was rooting for Boise State with their great performance. Saw a few receivers that could make the team, and awesome hitting in their secondary. Then BYU pulls off the miraculous game ending pass for the second time in a row. Crazy game.

      • Volume12

        Yeah that secondary caught my eye as well. Hard hiting, fast, play the ball in the air. Hmmmm…

  36. Volume12

    The wait is finaly over.

    Game time boys!

    Go Hawks!

    *sidenote* are we still the ‘Legion of Boom’ without our/the boom?

    • matt

      Stoked to see the new toys Graham, Lockett and Clark in action! Go Hawks!

  37. mwsmith1547

    That kid from LSU Fournette looked good last night, fast and can move a pile, at least a college pile

    • matt

      Fournette is ready for the league right now! He looks more cut up, quicker, faster than last year and kept the impressive power. He’s a very special athlete. I wish the NFL could make exceptions to the 3 years of college before being eligible for players like Fournette. I think if a true sophomore has a first round grade they should be able to enter the draft-especially a RB with their short careers. This 3 year rule is out dated. 20 years ago we didn’t see nearly as many true freshmen ready to produce as we do now. HS strength programs are superior to where they used to be when this rule was made.

  38. John_s

    And Lockett takes one back again!

    Remember those guys who said the Seahawks have up to much for “just” a returner?

    • John_s


      • JeffC

        Lockett might be their best offensive player right now…and I’m not talking about returns.

  39. CHawk Talker Eric

    Lockett love
    No-E is fine with me

  40. Volume12

    Wow! ‘No E’ is the real deal. What an electric weapon this kid is.

    Whoever doubted or didn’t like Lockett need to go back and watch some tape man. Skill over size all day long.

    We have something special in this cat.

  41. AlaskaHawk

    Offense looks rusty since the Stars haven’t played together in preseason. Offensive line is getting its Baptism. When will the Seahawks learn to throw downfield? Too many runs and short throws to the side. That Same stuff didn’t work with Harvin.

    Defense having trouble with St Louis speed on offense.

    • Volume12

      I’m not sure why their not throwing it up for Graham to go up and make a play. Russ has to start trusting him.

      I wish P-rich was back. He’s our deep threat and would really add an element that would open things up.

      Just my observation but man, would RB Derrick ‘King’ Henry be a weapon in this offensr or what? He’d be a nice speed element along with an intimidation factor. Imagine defenders having to tackle this kid at full speed.

      • JeffC

        Where was this “hidden” playbook we kept hearing about all preseason? They were “holding back” and ready to punish everyone with it.

  42. JeffC

    If the Rams can move the ball like this against our defense…I shudder to think what the packers will do on their home turf.

  43. CHawk Talker Eric

    There’s really no excuse for lining up in the neutral zone, Bennett.

    So far not a good debut for Cary Williams. It’s too soon to say the same for Dion Bailey, but he’s really struggling on his reads.

  44. JeffC

    Now with the running game taken out of the equation, we get to see if RW has taken the next step, because the worst case scenario is upon us for this game.

  45. AlaskaHawk

    Carey Williams strips the ball from Foles, recovers it and scores defensive touchdown. Great play.

    Wilson is throwing the ball better in the 4th quarter. Seahawks score 18 points in 17 minutes.

    • JeffC

      Great call by Richard

  46. JeffC

    Onside kick to start OT? Has PC lost faith in his defense?

  47. JeffC

    Happiest man in America right now: Kam Chancellor

    • James

      Can Kam coach? Two games in a row where the Seahawks were brutally out-coached, first by Belichick, and now by Fisher (which is getting to be a habit). Rams had clearly inferior talent everywhere except the D line and took the win due to superior coaching decisions and game plans. Both Bevell and Richard badly outcoached in their play calls, and Richard had misplaced personnel and huge coverage gaps all over the place, and could not pressure an immobile QB with a rookie OL when it counted. And what is Pete doing with the high-risk go-for-broke calls at the end of the SB and in OT here? He must have seen that his squad was being out-coached, including Fisher over himself, and needed a miracle to win.

      • Barry

        ^ Completely agree

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        The onside kick in OT was baffling. That was not something Kam would have changed, if he had been playing. That being said, when you put up 31 points (offense,defense and ST), you should win the game.

        • Ehurd1021

          According to PC it wasn’t supposed to be a onside kick, more of a squib.

      • Ehurd1021

        The two or three bust in coverage’s are a direct result of Kam not being here. Usually Kam is locked up man on man with Cook all game, especially in passing downs. You have the defense running coverage’s in situational football they haven’t in 5 years and that’s the result, especially when you have a defense that customarily dictating instead of reacting because of the the safety play of Kam in the box. I think saying Richard was out couched is far from the truth… you have a defensive line that hasn’t been able to put consistent pressure on offenses for 2 seasons now and a defense that’s missing the most unique safety in the NFL.

        Now as far as the offense goes…. it looked horrible and Bevell’s playing calling is the reason why.

        • Barry

          A safety in the box is more indicative of the corner play then safety play. Richards wasn’t the one missing tackles out there that’s the truth. They must have felt comfortable having a ave size safety on the Rams best receiver who happens to be a TE.
          Earl looks a step slow the whole game and that can happen not playing in the PS. Only thing I can say about Wagner after that game is I hope he’s play isnt like that the rest of the season after getting paid.

  48. Barry

    A few things I saw in this game.

    Wagner was out of position way too many times and missed a lot of tackles. The D as a whole missed too many tackles that we are known for making.

    Bevell still is behind what the D is doing and does not schematically beat another team. He lets his players play but rarely surprises the opposition with a call that gets a mismatch. We have relied on Lynch to run over people and Wilson to run around and make a play. Teams have caught on that Wilson will not step up because he cant see.

    Lockett looks great.

    The middle of out D line got pushed all over.

    Where was a game plan that involved Graham? And if he was taken away especially in overtime where was he counter punch? Once again Bevell didn’t have an answer only reverting to the outside screens.

    • JeffC

      The scariest thing to me about this game: the Rams flat out beat us. Not much trickery, just beat us and we were not in this game without the turnovers. They’re part of the game, of course.

      I don’t think much distance separates these two teams, and that’s concerning.

      • Barry

        Thats what I was telling my roommate, about the turnovers. They deserved to win. I’m just frustrated with the lack of calls that out position the other team. We just line up and expect lynch or Wilson to always make a play.

        The clock management also drove me nuts.

        • JeffC

          Agreed, and next week? Can this team really stop Rodgers if it can’t stop Foles? Another thing: lots of missed tackles today everywhere. and on the interior, without looking at replays, I feel this team may miss McDaniel as much as Kam. Rubin looked like he missed a lot of tackes.

          • Barry

            Agree again, McDaniel looks like a loss. Rubin just looks good on paper.

  49. Phil

    Where was Clark? Never heard his name called. We gave up a first down on 3rd and 17 and another on 3rd and 15 — didn’t expect this with Richard’s pressure D.

    • Ehurd1021

      Where was the pressure from anyone not named Cliff Avril or Bennett in the run game. The entire D-line didn’t look good.

    • Barry

      Saw at least once when he pressured Foles into a bad throw to the sidelines. Also had a nice stop on the LOS. Where are out stud DE’s when its crunch time?

  50. Ed

    Tired of Bevell.
    Tired of Bevell.
    Tired of Bevell.
    Tired of our OL drafting philosophy.

  51. Forrest

    More than anything else this was a poorly coached game. A lot of head scratcher moments and questionable calls. The “onside kick” was a stupid call, and too many big plays were given up on defense. The offense looked “ok,” but some work needs to be done (primarily play calling *glares at Bevell*). I think the coaches overthought the game plan, and didn’t adjust properly.

    I think we’ll see a better team next week, and thankfully the Ram’s have the scariest D-line that they’ll face all year, so I don’t think the O-line will have it any harder than they did today (and all things considered they didn’t look terrible…just not great).

    Positive notes: Graham and Lockett looked great as did most of the receivers, the run game looked pretty good, the defense looked great about 45% of the time today, and ST looked good. Also 31 points isn’t too shabby.

    Negative notes: Coaching was terrible in all three phases of the game, the other 55% of the time the defense looked either really confused or straight up bad (still created three turnovers though), and overall everyone looked rusty.

    Next week I expect a much more Seahawky game (low scoring), and a more polished game plan and execution.

  52. Madmark

    I’m going to give credit to the Ram’s they finally solved the problem at QB. Really nice basketball pass to the RB as nick was getting sacked. I thinking you add a Gurley to the mix they are poised to make a run for the Division. Did we miss Kam yes but I have news for you it makes no difference.
    I read that Paul Allen, the owner, has called off all negotiations with Kam Chancellar. He has stepped in and effectively taking the decision from the the coach or the GM.
    As far as the Seahawks well we played one of the toughest defenses in the league and we looked shaky like we always start. They need to clean up the penalties but then I say that every year. The offense needs to get going sooner. They do have the grit to stay in a game even thou they are being run over.

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