Report: Seahawks to go ‘OT heavy’ in draft

Offensive tackles like Joel Bitonio could be on Seattle's radar

Tony Pauline at Draft Insider is quoting a source that believes the Seahawks will focus on offensive tackles in this years draft.

Last week sources told me they expect an offensive tackle heavy draft from the Seattle Seahawks next month. The hope is to select a versatile edge blocker as protection in case the team cannot resign Russell Okung when his contract is up in two years.

It’s an interesting dynamic.

The Seahawks need to add a tackle of some description having lost Breno Giacomini and last years backup LT Paul McQuistan. Even if Michael Bowie or Alvin Bailey start at right tackle this year, the depth at the position isn’t strong.

But the idea of also needing a possible replacement for Okung is an interesting one.

His 2014 cap hit is worth $11.2m, but it drops to $7.2m in 2015 before he becomes a free agent.

Having missed considerable time due to injury (19 games in four years), the Seahawks aren’t really in a position to talk extension this year. They can’t afford to dedicate around $10m a year to an injury-prone tackle. Okung is basically playing on a two-year prove it deal.

He needs to prove he can stay healthy.

We’ve also seen a number of high profile tackles entering the free agent market recently. Usually if you have a starting left tackle you keep them. Yet Miami allowed Jake Long to walk, Baltimore were comfortable letting Eugene Monroe find his value, Jared Veldheer left the Raiders and Brandon Albert walked away from the Chiefs.

If Okung can’t stay on the field, he might be in a similar situation in 2015.

So what would an ‘offensive tackle heavy’ draft look like?

It could mean anything. The Seahawks could identify a tackle at #32 to get the ball rolling and add a couple of later round prospects too. They might wait until #64 before going through Tom Cable’s list. Or they might even ignore the position completely in the first two rounds if the value isn’t there — instead adding two or three players in rounds 4-7 (Seattle has an extra 5th round pick).

In the past they’ve gone after needs aggressively — so don’t be surprised if they force the issue this year. Which is why I think they, more than some other teams, will show interest in a Joel Bitonio type player (as we’ve been discussing the last couple of months). They need someone who can start in multiple positions but has the potential to play left tackle if needed.

They’ve also shown a desire to add big, hulking lineman. Antonio Richardson and Ja’wuan James both fit the bill — and Cable worked the pair out last week. They could be targets at #64.

Morgan Moses is another big bodied pass protector who can start at right tackle and switch over to the left. Cyrus Kouandjio is due to hold a pro day today to try and convince teams he’s fully healthy and capable of improving on a rotten combine.

Yet it’s also clear they’re looking at later round options too. Pauline is reporting Ulrick John (OT, Georgia State) will visit with the Seahawks. He runs a 4.93 at 6-7 and 290lbs. William Poehls — a 6-8, 334lbs monster from Montana — will also make an official visit.

There’s some depth at OT this year and quite rightly they have faith in Cable’s ability to find starters later on. If the desire is to add a player who can potentially develop into an Okung replacement at tackle — I’m not sure you necessarily draft that guy two years in advance with a first round pick. That role might be saved for a developmental style player.

And the options in round one — barring a big reach — are limited following the news of Brandon Thomas’ ACL tear. Moses could be long gone with teams like Carolina picking ahead of Seattle. Bitonio could be there if they like him, but for me it’s no guarantee. After that? You’re really talking about Richardson and James — and I suspect there’ll be much greater value elsewhere at #32.

Essentially the Seahawks could attack the OT position early. They could wait until the later rounds. It could be a mix of the two.

Either way they’re going to add more than one versatile offensive lineman in this draft.

And I still think we’re looking at a situation where WR and OT are the most likely picks at #32, with a few potential wild cards in the conversation should they fall (eg Ryan Shazier).

Jarvis Landry vs Texas A&M

Increasingly I’m hoping the Seahawks find a way to add Jarvis Landry. I know — the speed. Tomorrow’s a big deal if he works out at the LSU pro day. He needs to get into the 4.6’s at best. I expect he’ll do it if he’s 100% healed from a hamstring pull.

When you watch the tape, Landry is pretty much the most competitive, sparky prospect in the draft. He high points the ball superbly. He wins contested passes. He has huge, reliable ten inch hands. He’s capable of the spectacular catch and he’s at a superior technical level compared to most receivers in the draft thanks to his time working with Cam Cameron.

Take a look at his tape vs Texas A&M. For me, he’s a 4.63 away from being back in the first round mix. At worst he’s a tremendous value pick in round two.


  1. Rob

    Rob would you rather have Landry over Latimer, Coleman or Moncrief? Say all 4 are there at 32, who would you pick? Such a great year for WR’s I would honestly love to have any of them. But of the following 4 I’m interested in seeing who you’d take.

    • James

      Rob, Danny Kelly over at Field Gulls has an in-depth breakdown of the WR crop as it might appeal to the
      Seahawks. What are your thoughts about his rankings of the 4 likely suspects?

      – Martavis Bryant is Danny’s clear preference of the four. He lauds him for being the perfect size, a fluid athlete, a playmaker who achieves easy separation, and a natural catcher (sounds good to me!). The knock on his “character” was apparently only a lack of academics, which he supposedly fixed this season.

      – Kevin Benjamin is his next highest-ranked prospect, mainly due to his overwhelming physical superiority, creating an unstoppable mismatch, but criticizes slow feet and a lack of separation.

      – Cody Latimer is a close third, noted as an elite athlete, physical and willing to mix it up, great hands, but “only” 6-2, which places him well behind Bryant as a playmaker, and is not as explosive on the field as Bryant.

      – Donte Moncrief comes in fourth, due to inconsistent effort and flawed fundamentals, very poor route discipline, but a strong and super-fast athlete.

      • Rob Staton

        I think the issues with Bryant go beyond academics. He was left at home for the Bowl game the season before last — and that was a major wake up call. He has a young daughter and at that point I think he realised he wasn’t going to provide for her if he let his career go to waste. The concern for me is when he gets paid. Does he revert to before with financial security? Or does he keep striving to improve? Seattle loves grit, they don’t want passengers. I’m a big fan of Bryant’s athletic package, but mentally I’m not convinced he’s a Seahawk.

        I think Moncrief is pretty good at working his routes to be honest.

      • Robert

        I listened to interviews with Bryant and Latimer. It’s obvious who we want in the film room with RW and co. Bryant sure can run with those long legs, though. Remember when Sherman blew past ET3 to catch Gore? 40 times tell us that ET3 is much faster…depends. Bryant has the 40 time AND the stride factor! Hopefully, the lights come on in the film room and the energy levels surge past the apathy of his interviews…

      • Hay stacker509

        Just like the post the other day I just don’t see Seattle taking moncrief in either the first or sec

        • Hay stacker509

          Second. Stupid smart phones (no pun intended on that one haha) just like everyone else’s guess. For the value of size, speed, athletic skills if say
          Those three with their talents seem to me IMO are the only 3 worth taking at 32 if there’s no LT’s of value at 32.

      • Madmark

        I been listening to everyone rag on Moncrief and I’ll say keep it up because that’s why I can get a Bitinio at 32 and Moncrief at 64. His route running actually look good to me. The problem was he would be 4 steps pass the defender on the go route and Wallace just didn’t have the arm to get it to him. That’s why he had 20INT last year. You can’t have a receiver flying down the field on a go route and stop to come back for a ball under thrown by 5 yards. One thing Moncrief won’t have to worry about in the NFL is were the hell the ball is going to be thrown.

        • Michael M.

          “One thing Moncrief won’t have to worry about in the NFL is were the hell the ball is going to be thrown.”

          Sure won’t. Unless of course he’s drafted by the Jags, Raiders, Browns, Texans, Vikings or Jets… Did I miss anyone?

          • Madmark

            OK you have a point there.

  2. Mark

    WalterFootball reports that the Seahawks have visited with Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, OT, McGill University. A little looking and he is an interesting project in UDFA territory. DL convert, physical, need coaching, sounds Seahawk-y to me.

    • CC

      It sounds like LDT will get drafted in the mid rounds. He had 5 or 6 teams at his pro day, he isn’t under the radar anymore.

    • SHawn

      Would love this pick. Somewhere in the 4-5 range. Needs time, but could be elite after some Tom Cabling.

      • House

        I agree with the the 5th rd range. I read something saying he will need refining, but is 6’5″, 296 lbs with very little fat on him. He could easily carry anoth 10-15 lbs and bring strength with that weight

  3. James

    That ever-elusive 6-4 Split End is so much more difficult to find than a good O lineman. If Bryant or Benjamin is there at #32, I believe that is the way the Seahawks will go, and wait for the OT either R2 or mid-rounds. If both Bryant and Benjamin are gone, then it could well be Bitonio or Moses R1. LDT from McGill U in Canada will require a draft pick, in my view….too good an athlete to still be there as an UDFA.

  4. David M

    Gil Brandt tweeted this: @Gil_Brandt: WR Allen Robinson having big day at #PennState pro day. 42 VJ, 11 BJ, sub-4.5 40. Stock will be up after today. #NFLDraft

    Very impressive! Didn’t Christine Michael have a 43″ vert?

    • Michael M.

      Yup. Best RB vert since at least 2005. Dude better get on the field this season!

    • pqlqi

      11 BJ? Too many jokes, head exploding…

      pun intended.

      • Kenny Sloth


  5. Burner

    Walter has mocked Bitonio to us in his latest draft. He must be a fan of this blog 🙂

  6. James

    Let’s remember to take Tony Pauline’s report with a grain of salt…. “sources told me that they expect”. This is certainly not from within the Seahawks. John, Pete and staff have no history of leaking their own draft board. A “source expects” is most likely another draftnik who is guessing that since Seattle needs an OT to replace Brenno, that is the direction they will go…or maybe the same speculation coming from a low-level scout in another organization. I can assure you that this “source” is not someone who been inside the Seahawks war room. The media find a way to characterize their sources to imply that it is an insider (when your read it carefully you will see that it is not) so that the headline of their posting gets repeated around the blogosphere, when in fact it is nothing more than speculation. The name of the game for today’s media is that they need hits, and this gets them some (advertising revenue is based on digital media hits nowadays). Rob and the readers of this blog know full well that the Seahawks will go OT, and have been discussing it for months.

  7. Kory

    Why would Carolina take Moses? Arn’t they the one team we can surely pencil in for a wide receiver?

    I hope we go O-line early. We really need to build from the inside out and try to get Russell Wilson some security. Any wide receiver we bring in will benefit from good offensive line play. That extra half a second really allows a guy to gain that much more separation from the defender.

    • David M

      Carolina is Ina bad situation, half o line is gone, and no WRs.. Don’t know how they let that happen to begin with

      • Michael M.

        Really too bad that Carolina’s offense looks to be falling apart just as their defense emerges as one of the best in the league. Their RB situation is also pretty funny considering how much draft capital they’ve poured into that position in the past.

  8. Griffey, Mays, & Largent

    Bitonio would be a sound pick at #32. I don’t want them to reach for another O-lineman like Carpenter. Bitonio seems like a safe value pick. However I do really like both of the LSU wide outs. Hoping Landry falls to us in the second. But if Beckham Jr is there at #32, pull the trigger. I do not like Benjamin at #32, would rather have Coleman at #64. Cooks and Lee might drop, but I want someone who can high point the ball. What do you think guys?

  9. kevin mullen

    OT heavy? No pun intended I’m sure…

    It would be intriguing in the sense that in SF in 2011 went OT-OG with their two first picks and basically set their OLine for years to come. If we truly are a run-first team, adding impact OLineman would keep our run game in top5 in foreseeable future, regardless who’s back there. CM is probably applauding this rumor.

    Personally I still would love a 6-4 to 6-6 Receiver that can grab rebounds inside the 20, so to speak. I’ll trust Cable to find diamonds in the rough in the latter rounds.

    • MJ

      Those 2 SF picks were in the top 15.

  10. AlaskaHawk

    I’ve been saying we will pick at least two offensive linemen this draft. It isn’t just the need for a right tackle. We also have a history of injuries at three other positions. The injuries have hampered our performance and add to the risk of QB injury. That’s why it’s prudent to draft for both RT and LT. There is need at RT and we can’t rely on the health of our LT. Fortunately we have a lot of good choices even deep in the draft. And if they don’t work out they might make it at guard.

  11. CC

    We have a need at OT more than at WR. We played at WR without Sid and Percy all year. Now with Golden gone and Percy back, we are basically at the status quo (or better) and we have Anthony McCoy back as well. I would love to see a tall receiver, but RW was pummelled by STL and a couple of other teams because our O-Line was playing with injuries. It would make sense to draft 2 OT this year – one in the first and maybe one later, maybe even in the 2nd if the right guy is there.

    The WR class is deep – there are 6-3 and 6-4 guys no one is talking about – not because they can’t play, but because they didn’t have good QBs or weren’t on good teams. Kearse turned out pretty well as an UDFA and Lockette may well step up. The biggest need is OL.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t disagree with the general point — but I suppose you could argue the O-line performance wasn’t a talent issue — it was more about injuries. Seattle are essentially two receivers down for the year, while the O-line has really only lost one starter. I’d say both positions are of equal importance — just let the board determine the order in which they’re addressed.

      • CC

        Agreed – it does depend who is there. Except, now we’re down a RT.

        I’m not sure Moffit was a reach – he just didn’t have the heart to play.

      • Ray bones

        I find it interesting to hear you say that both positions are of equal importance when clearly they are not. Protecting your franchise player, Russell Wilson, is the single most important job on this, or for that matter, any team. You can have the best WR corps in the history of the game and a 2nd string QB probably won’t win it all with them. However, as RW proved last year, you can win it all without a true #1 WR. I say address the holes on the line before adding additional weapons. ESPECIALLY in this sack happy NFC west.

        • Colin

          A healthy Okung and Unger will make a world of difference. Let’s not forget that.

        • Michael M.

          Sack rates are determined more by the QB and passing scheme than by the guys trying to protect him.

          Fun fact: In the 8 years that Matt Hasselbeck played with Walter Jones as his blind side protector, he never once posted a sack rate UNDER 5%, while Peyton Manning has never posted a sack rate OVER 5% in his entire career.

          Russell Wilson in this system will probably always be sacked/hit at an above average rate. I’m all for better pass-pro, but I don’t know that we can so boldly declare that O-line is “clearly” more important than WR, nor can we necessarily say that more sacks will equate to more games missed due to injury. Care to take a guess at which QB has been sacked the most times in NFL history? Of course you know it’s Brett Favre! Some guys just have a knack for staying healthy, while others pull a butt muscle running untouched into the endzone. You just never really know.

        • xo 1

          The community has noted that WRs can take some time to ramp up, but last year’s draft also demonstrated that even offensive tackles drafted at the top – Fischer and Joekel – can struggle in their rookie season. I like Bitonio and Morgan as prospects, but if the goal is to keep Russell upright next season, there are more certain ways than drafting an offensive lineman high.

    • MJ

      The problem is who will be available at 32. I will go nuts if we draft Antonio Richardson over a Cody Latimer, Ryan Shazier, etc. I don’t disagree that we need an OT, but my main concern is repeating the Carpenter/Moffitt draft where we reach to fill a need. That would be catastrophic IMO.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Those picks were made completely on the recommendation of the new coach Tom Cable.

      • Colin

        James Carpenter really wasn’t a reach. He just didn’t pan out.

  12. John

    I’m a huge fan of Odell Beckham, but after watching LSU tape I found myself liking Landry more. Don’t get me wrong, I love the athleticism and versatility of Beckham, but Landry just makes plays. And I’m a sucker for the way he seems to just snag the ball out of the air. I think he will succeed and I think he was born to play in the NFC West.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Bryant, Landry or Latimer at #32 – in that order.

  13. Stuart

    My want is a #1 WR but my need is OL in R-1, assuming the player we want is still available.

    The WR pick is glamour, feel good compared to drafting OL.

    Injuries aside, we are not deep on the OL and it’s very possible that OKUNG will not be resigned due to his inability to stay healthy. I believe we have OKUNG for at least 2 more seasons, $11M+ in 2014 and $7M+ in 2015.

    IMHO, the most important thing we can do is protect our franchise QB, Russell Wilson. He had to scramble for his life much of last season. When he gets hit hard, I swear I feel it on my couch, it sickens me.

    As suggested by the community, Rice may be coming back, Willson can line up wide and we may also get Finley.

    When Russell Wilson has time in the pocket, he can make an average WR look great.

    So, my vote in R-1 is for protecting the franchise QB.

    At 64 select the best WR left available, in any order; Landry, Coleman, Latimer.

    • CC

      Right there with you – if RW has to run for his life that isn’t good.

  14. SHawn

    What would it take for us to try a move up for an OT? We have discussed moving up for an elite talent before on this blog. Lewan could fall right into trade range (late teens) if the run on WR starts early.

    Or maybe we take a big risk and try to really move up the board. All the way to #3. If Greg Robinson is there, and he probably wont make it past St Louis if they keep the pick, but if he is, Im curious what Jacksonville would ask for. I think he could be better than Okung within a year. Dont just replace, upgrade.


    • SHawn

      I dont think we have the draft ammo to get it done honestly. We would likely have to send a player, and Im not sure I see us doing that. I wonder who we could spare though.

      • CC

        I think we’ll need all of our draft choices this year and we’ll need to hit on a few, along with a few UDFA as well. I know we have some “red shirts” but we have some depth to account for.

      • Robert


  15. CC

    Devin Street – 6’4″ Pitt 4.5 – likely a day 3 guy – IMO he can be a good target for the Seahawks, he’s a little thin though. – the catch against FSU at the 2:40 mark is pretty nice. He had a poor QB, but the QB looked for him every time he needed a big play.

  16. Cameron

    I think what I like the most about Jarvis Landry is that he’s just a good all around receiver. His production is not schemed, or otherwise reliant upon gimmickry. He just flat plays the position well. There’s not a route he can’t run. He may never be a great deep threat but he’ll sneak behind coverage now and then just because of how brilliant he is at selling routes. First 2/3rds of the field? He’ll own it.

    Half of his catches last season could by all rights easily have been incomplete and no one would be blaming Landry. Mettenburger made him work time and time again.

    I predict he’ll improve his numbers but won’t completely erase doubts about his athleticism. I don’t care. I love this guy. He’s one of those guys who raises his game when the points count. You can’t have enough of those types of players on your team.

  17. David M

    Anquan boldin: 6-1 220 4.71 40
    Jarvis Landry 5-11 205 4.7 40?

    These two seem very similar to me, sure, Landry is a bit smaller, but just the toughness and attitude they bring to their game. Not the fastest, but both sure as hell make some outstanding plays. In the NFC West, it is all about being tough, and when it comes to making a catch in traffic on a crucial 3rd down, i sure don’t see Landry getting alligator arms

    What was Jerry Rice’s 40 time? Wasn’t it a 4.7 look at the career and receiver he was.

    • David M

      Even Fitzgerald ran In The 4.6s, he’s one of the best to play the game

    • JeffC

      As much as I can’t stand him as an analyst, it sure would be nice to have another Chris Carter. If we came out of this draft with Bitonio and Landry, that would be an unbelievable draft.

      • David M

        My how perfect that would be. Two players that can start right away, and both have a big impact on the offense

  18. David

    My only problem with Landry is that maybe he doesn’t fit the athletic requirements of other Seahawk receivers (re: Field Gulls SPARQ article).

    I think he’s got Niner written all over him.

    • hawkfaninMT

      Wasn’t he injured or something at the combine leading to a poor performance?

      I expect his numbers, and consequently SPARQ score, to go up dramatically after today.

      • David

        That’s a good point. Hopefully he’ll improve?

        • hawkfaninMT

          Or not improve so he is still available at 64!

  19. Ben2

    Can’t remember where I read it but Okung was seen this offseason wearing a walking boot. Men weighing more than 300lbs with foot issues that get bull rushed by explosive athletes worries me. Gotta play the board though – Bitonio or Moses (unless OBJ falls to us at 32) but if those 2 offensive linemen aren’t there go best WR available or Shazier

  20. EranUngar

    OL or WR ?

    I really do enjoy watching WR tapes. I can’t really say i watch OL tapes and can tell who should we pick.

    Having said that I know the following –

    1. After watching all those amazing highlight tapes I have one thought that keeps coming back – Baldwin and Kearse are UDFA? are you kiding me? thier 2013 highlights tape is better then everyone i saw.

    2. While i do not understand how to evaluate OL players i firmly believe that winning the LOS fight is the most importent factore for the success of a run first team. Better OL means better running game, better running game means more effective play action passing, more time for the QB, less sacks etc.etc. etc.

    3. For the Seahawks, a top 5 oline means much more then a top 5 recievers group. If the talent is there and the right value is there i would be perfectly happy with OL in the first and in the 4th/5th. The OL was our weakest link in 2013 and losing Breno and McQ didn’t help.

    4. Between the current talent and TC’s working his magic they should know if they need those high pick guys or they can get more value by drafting OL later. I’ll be happy either way.

    5. We are fine with the current TE,RB,LB and DB. We have 7 picks. 2 OL, 2 WR, 1DE/DT and 2 BPA sounds fine to me.

    • Rob Staton

      I disagree on point number three. Seattle has run the ball effectively under Cable with the existing line and in pass pro, Wilson’s escapability means we aren’t reliant on perfect blocking like a lumbering pocket passer would be. Plus we challenge our receivers to win contested passes, PC loves playmakers and the way they value the WR position has shown up with the Harvin trade plus the coveting of guys like Marshall, Jackson and Rice.

      • Ben2

        Russ’s escape-ability is big for us (meaning top 5 o-line not necessary) BUT I can’t help remember playing the Rams last year…and the Texans for that matter. I understand that Watt and Quinn are probably 2 of the best D- line guys in the league, but it was ridiculous. It was like a jail break and Russ was the abusive warden….I was afraid he was going to get injured. We need more O-line depth – it’s just do you find that depth on day 1 or later? I think it depends on how the draft falls…

      • EranUngar

        My view regarding top 5 OLine is not centered on pass protection. A top Oline playing ZBS will make running the football less about Lynch making something out of nothing and will increase YPC. That alone should do wonders to “being on schedule” and force less “obvious passing” situations. As long as the defense has to stay honest and protect the run RW traits will be much more effective.

        Again, that’s my personal view and you may be right to discard it.

        PC believes the big plays wins football games and they will look for the players that can provide those. Rice was brought in when we had nothing other then cap space. Harvin was brought in to win the SB on a team that had it all already. I’m not sure those same moves would be done in other circumstances.

        • Kenny Sloth

          That’s not what you said, though. You said the group was our weakest link last year. Which, when considering the injuries, is not true. Even with the injuries, we really didn’t lose too much in run blocking. We were certainly less consistent, but were still getting the job done.
          The backups were struggling with pass pro when called into action. Therefore teams stacked the box and made life crazy difficult for Lynch towards the end of the year. Receivers had a hard time getting open in time, because our air game is designed off of longer developing routes, mostly.

    • Ross

      Disagree with #5 – who is taking Thurmond’s spot at nickel CB?? Not Lane. I have no idea about Simon, but he’s a big tall guy, right? So probably not him. I think we have to take a nickel CB in the draft.

      I think OL, WR, DE, and DB are all priorities

      • SHawn

        Why not Lane? I believe he played fine there last year. Id like to see us also address a backup for Earl. Its too important of a position for our defense not to have a good FS with range and instincts. I remember we were looking highly at Mark Barron a cpl years ago. Who is there in the middle rounds that fits the bill? I wouldnt expect us to use an early pick on Pryor(1) or Buccannon(2).

  21. Robert

    Last year was a perfect storm for cruddy line play when 3 starters missed significant time with injuries. LT and C were still playing hurt/sub par when they returned. This year, we can expect better health on the OL, significant contribution from Bowie and Bailey and improved guard play because Sweezy is in year 3 and Carp has the opportunity of an injury free off-season and an ultimatum from PC, the master motivator. The observation I found most disturbing was when teams would crowd the LOS with LB’s and SS, who had little to fear from our passing game in their zone (short-mid middle of the field). Percy will stretch D’s wide AND occupy LB, SS attention. Wilsson should factor more releasing behind LB’s to keep them honest and open up our running lanes. I expect the offense to be TOP 5 and much improved this year!

    • David M

      Not to mention a full season with Kearse, he was on fire the nd of last season, plus Percy healthy, Luke Willson is in his 2nd season, will have a lot more playing time (they say a player in his second year is where really makes an upgrade in his play). Don’t forget Anthony McCoy, who showed some flashes before he got hurt, he could have a breakout season as well. And we can’t forget C.Mike,along with Harvin as the most explosive player on the team..

      Plus draft picks, it we walked out of the 1st 2 rounds with Bitonio and Landry, or Bitonio and Latimar, or Bitonio and Coleman, you don’t know how happy I would be. But I would really love to see Landry or Latimar on this team.

      With a healthy O line, I can very easily see a full season of top 5 offense

  22. Nate

    My dream first 2 would be Zach Martin and Latimer/Moncrief/Bryant. Realistic is Bitonio and Latimer/Moncrief/Jeff Janis.

    • xo 1

      Zack Martin would be terrific – versatile tough guy very likely to contribute next year. Not sold on Janis – he sounds like a first-rate athlete with Division II hands. Worth taking a flyer on but not in round 2.

      • Nate

        Agree on Janis, just worried he is climbing the board into rd 2, would rather 4 or 5. Should add that my dream is players that have a small chance of falling, otherwise real dream would be Clowney then WR, obviously or vice versa for example trade for Evans and then DeMarcus Lawrence/Marcus Smith Cyril Richardson 4th. In other news, if we re-sign Rice and or they trust Kearse/Matthews/Lockette, if they’d consider Nate Slaughter mid?

  23. CA

    The front office is looking for WR that are going to create explosive plays, no matter how they come. They want to win the turnover margin as well as the explosive play margin, whether that comes from outjumping a DB or shifting yourself out of tackles, I believe they are keeping that in mind.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Exactly. I was thinking about this yesterday.

    • bigDhawk

      Agreed. I’m reminded of something I once heard Michael Irvin say: You don’t have to beat a defender early…you only have to beat him late. For all his play-making acumen with the 90s Cowboys, Irvin was not known as the fastest guy on the field. But despite his lack of elite breakaway speed, he was a HOF receiver because he always found a way to be open when the ball arrived. And apparently you don’t need world-class speed to get that done. I think Landry is that type of player. He is not going to outrun anyone on a straight line fly route to the end zone, but when the ball is in the air he will be the one in the best position to come down with it. What else do you really need in a playmaker?

  24. House

    I am still leaning towards a OL (Bitonio) in Rd 1. The Percy Harvin trade was clearly leaning towards the upgrade from Tate. It didn’t exactly work out during the season, but a healthhy Harvin > Tate. With the emergence of Kearse and the unknown of Matthews (Mike Williams 2.0?) snagging a WR in the 2nd rd seems to be the logical pick. Now if Bitonio isn’t there and Beckham/Latimer/Benjamin are there @ #32, you go BPA.

    I suspect trying to recoup a 3rd rd pick is on the agenda. Grabbing an additional OL in the 5-6 rd for development seems to be the “right answer” .

  25. bigDhawk

    I ask this in all seriousness – is Alvin Bailey a legit option to at least back up Okung at LT, or even take over the position in two years? What little I saw of him in the preseason at LT was mighty impressive…granted, against preseason competition, but still. Yes, we need depth and competition at tackle, but for all the talk of possibly replacing Okung in 2016, I’m just wondering if we already have the leading candidate on our roster. I want to see much more of Bailey in 2014.

  26. Belgaron

    They’ll take at least 2-3 O-linemen this year in the draft plus sign at least 2-3 more UDFAs. They will trade out of the first. Neither of these moves will shock anyone. Their top pick will shock some. This is what I’ve come to expect; might be boring might be textbook excellence in team management.

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