Reporter tentatively connects Aaron Rodgers to Seattle

Could Aaron Rodgers end up in Seattle?

CBS’s Jason La Canfora has written an article today suggesting as many as half the teams in the league could make a quarterback change in the off-season.

Inevitably, the future of Russell Wilson (along with veterans Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson) is brought up.

Here’s La Canfora on the Seahawks…

If they do bite the bullet and assess the myriad roster holes and embrace a rebuild of sorts, trading Wilson is the only way to go. He isn’t going to be doing an extension with two years on his deal, and 2022 would be the time to deal him. They might end up getting the next guy in that trade, and GM John Schneider has deep ties to the Packers and Rodgers, FWIW. My gut says Wilson is elsewhere in 2022.

It reads as speculation or an educated guess only at this point. It’s certainly not a report. It’s far too early for any of that.

It might also be a case of 2+2=5 here based solely on John Schneider’s previous gig in Green Bay.

I think it’s unlikely, personally. The idea of Rodgers coming to play in Seattle — a team he has actively enjoyed beating handsomely in Lambeau, while suffering multiple gut-wrenching losses at Lumen Field — is fanciful.

It feels like an ill fit. Rodgers, to me, is more likely to end up in Pittsburgh or Denver.

If Pete Carroll remained in Seattle, it’s also practically impossible to imagine he and Rodgers meshing. The quarterback is unlikely to want to play ‘Pete ball’. The very public way he’s handled his issues with Green Bay are hardly likely to be coveted by Carroll either, months after having to deal with his own QB saga.

That said, as things stand, I think Carroll will end his tenure in Seattle at the end of the season. So the possibility of any deal like this would depend on the next iteration of the Seahawks.

If Schneider stays as GM, I think it’s likely Wilson will be dealt. I think he’s had enough of Mark Rodgers. I think his meeting in North Dakota with Chicago’s Ryan Pace was indicative of a GM embracing the chance to move on, with Carroll reportedly rejecting the deal he presented after those talks.

In this scenario, it perhaps makes a Rodgers trade more likely. Depending on who he appoints as coach and the strength of Schneider’s relationship with Rodgers.

Whether Wilson fancies a return to Wisconsin in a swap deal, who knows? But it’s plausible he could go somewhere else (New Orleans? New York Giants? Philadelphia?) and the stock could be used on Rodgers.

If Schneider and Carroll both depart, I suspect a more likely plan would be to build around Wilson — with the incumbent franchise QB having a big say in who is appointed.

Either way, it’s clear change is coming to the Seahawks from next year. We won’t be watching another season of Carroll, Schneider and Wilson together — short of a miraculous turnaround this year that ends with a deep, successful playoff run.

It’s going to be an either/or situation. Carroll and/or Schneider or Wilson.

When La Canfora says his gut says Wilson plays elsewhere, it’s worth noting he was the first one to touch on the possibility of Wilson wanting out at the end of last season. He reported that at the Super Bowl. Mark Rodgers has his ear.

In March, La Canfora also said the following:

“A contentious offseason between player and team has moved the camps further apart, and done nothing to quell the superstar quarterback’s reservations about where the franchise is headed and how well he will be incubated from future sacks and beatings.”

That’s on top of all the other stuff, such as Jay Glazer and Greg Olsen saying what they did last week, or Tony Pauline reporting both the Seahawks and Wilson are ready to part ways it’s just a matter of timing, or the infamous Adam Schefter tweet on potential trade destinations (which, I suspect, was partly motivated by an Athletic article that heavily leaned on team sources).

As noted in my draft piece from Monday — it’s a horrendous quarterback draft class in 2022. So if the decision is made to part with Wilson in the off-season, getting a proven quality starter is an absolute must.

If Schneider takes the keys from Carroll in the off-season, a 38-year-old Rodgers would buy him a few years with a competitive team while he waits for college football to deliver some better long term options.

If you’re wondering what direction I’d go in for 2022, here’s my own personal plan of action for the next off-season.

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  1. Cysco

    If it came to it, I wonder if the Vikings would be willing to trade Kellen Mond. I know a lot of us were high on him last year and he’s probably a better prospect than any of the QBs in this year’s draft.

  2. cha

    The link goes to Pete Prisco’s picks.

    CBS Sports website has a strange linking style.

  3. JJ


    As discussed the 2022 qb class isn’t looking good. How about 2023? If we do end trading Wilson it is likely going to include draft stock for 2023. Stop gap for 2022 and pursue a qb in 2023 draft?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a bleak QB outlook for the next couple of years

  4. Billy

    Rob, always love your articles! If u had to guess what would your odds be in each scenario?
    Pete stay, russ traded?
    Pete retires, russ stays?
    Both gone?
    Both Stay?
    John S. done here or continues as GM?

    Just curious on ur leaning for each one?

    Thanks and keep up the good work

    • Rob Staton

      I think Pete will go

      JS… could go either way

      If either stays, Wilson will go

      • MattyB

        I agree with Rob options and im going to plump for PS moves on and JS take full control from the GM office, JS then has his chance to make/create final decisions. which in turn means Wilson is traded. I think this is more likely to happen due to the owners having very little interest in running the Club so who’s ear could Wilson bend to favor him.
        Finally going to have an exciting off-season as the previous have been bad drafts, bust trades and poor free agency. The main thing is Seattle need to resolve the power struggle this off season and which ever way its goes its going to be intriguing/nervous/and exciting.

  5. cha

    at this stage, the execution of Schneider’s offseason plan can’t be viewed as anything other than a colossal failure. Add in the fact former first-round picks Rashaad Penny and L.J. Collier haven’t done anything except spend time on injured reserve or sit out games as healthy scratches and one of the league’s most renowned front offices seems to have lost its way.

    Corbin finally coming around.

    • Big Mike

      Well what other choice does he have? I mean it’s so obvious that even my casual fan mother says “there’s something wrong”. And that’s to say nothing of the Peacock either. That’s more likely Carroll but those first round whiffs are likely more Schneider.

  6. Submanjoe

    If Wilson is traded and Pete leaves but Schneider stays, who hires the next coach? Does the coach have a say? Not that most any coach wouldn’t be okay with Rodgers. This is a lot to unpack and seems far fetched. Is it a straight Wilson for Rodgers swap? Is that a fair deal for Seahawks?
    Rodgers would probably have to pick the next Seahawks coach to make it work out.
    Talk about the grass is always greener on the other side, is this what we’ve come to?

  7. Rad_man

    If they trade Russ and pick up A Rodgers, who will be 40 during the next season, I will puke.

    At least go younger.

    But if they made the coaching (and presumably owner) changes that would make Rodgers want to play here, one would think Russ would want to stay as well? So make those changes and maybe no need to trade Russ, who at least gives you a year on contract to see if it can work out. If not you have other options like a tag or sign and trade as a work around. You can’t work around old age. It just is.

    • Rob Staton

      He’ll be 39 in early December next season

      He’s only 37 now

      • Rad_man

        well, that changes everything. 🙂

        He’s old AF and doesn’t seem to love football or be committed to it enough to think he’ll play long enough or train hard enough to be good into his twilight years

        not interested in the slightest.

        • Rob Staton

          Are you serious???

          He’s fallen out with GB but not sure how anyone can second guess his commitment

          He’s one of the best competitors out there. He’s a living legend at the position.

          • Gavin Smith

            And on top of it, his IQ and pocket maneuvering is as good as Brady and he has a better arm than Brady’s. Aaron Rodgers have taken Packers to 3 NFCCG with a subpar offensive unit (worse than the ones Russ has had). His ability to read Ds, dissect, play with discipline and patience is something Russ is still learning as a pocket passer. A 39 year old Rodgers has much better chance of taking Seahawks to the SB with the current offensive unit (maybe add a couple of OLs) and definitely invest in Defensive side (fire Ken Norton) and you have a chance.

          • UP Hawk

            There are far worse options than going the Peyton Manning/Tom Brady route and having success. Quarterbacks are playing longer and longer and as much as Rodgers’ personality rubs me the wrong way- I accepted and celebrating a Super Bowl win with Carrol as coach. If this is the end for Wilson, how better to transition without guaranteeing a period of losing and rebuilding?

          • Brik

            After his terrible first game Rodgers said something along the lines of he doesn’t really care anymore. Could’ve been screwing with opponents though, he seems like a mind game master.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t care what he says

              What I see is a guy who cares

              And remains one of the best ever

  8. Ross

    Aaron Rodgers in Pit with those WR weapons and Najee is a frightening thought.

  9. Mick

    Rodgers to Seattle? Not impossible but not extremely likely. I wouldn’t be too delighted about it. He’s a top QB but I don’t like his style. And we fought against him for too long.

    Wilson out of Seattle? If the team keeps being managed and coached the way it currently is, almost certain. I would also prefer he stays and we build around him. I have no idea who we would replace him with, probably the only two names I’d be satisfied with are Mahomes and Josh Allen. That’s not going to happen.

    • Luis

      I think the only realistic trade player for player plus picks for balance is Carr.

  10. Williambryan

    What did Greg Olsen say??? And Glazer? I missed that.

  11. Leo

    I was really surprised when Jeff Simmons said that Schneider was more likely to move on from Russ than Pete last week. Jeff isn’t a guy who talks out of his rear. JS really wants to hitch his wagon to a 70 year old head coach instead of a HOF QB in his prime? If that’s really true, his judgement is much worse than I thought.

    He does have a comfortable set-up here, where he gets the credit for any good move and Pete takes the hits when he misses. Somehow he still ranks highly in all those anonymous polls of best GMs while our team-building has been subpar since 2013. Who knows, maybe if Pete had a better GM identifying talent, he would have the personnel to play his style, and we would be lauding his old-school philosophy right now.

    It would be nice if we had an owner who was actually interested in figuring out what has gone wrong. You know that Paul Allen would have had these two under a microscope a long time ago.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a case of JS hitching his wagon to Carroll

      • haziq

        Imagine having a future HoF QB in his prime on your roster, and you trade him because you don’t like his agent.

        That is some Jerry Jones-level ego-driven nonsense. I pray JS isn’t that stupid.

  12. Pran

    What does Rodgers get moving to Seattle and in a ultra competitive NFC West. I don’t see him coming to NFC W at all, as a matter of fact he hates the division for all the losses in playoffs.

    • Rad_man

      SF maybe is the only making half sense but they’d be punting on fields

      • Rad_man


    • Rob Staton

      He won’t choose his next destination based on division

  13. Big Mike

    I don’t buy Rodgers here at all. He’d be going from a legacy franchise to an afterthought franchise (at least until the last decade anyway). Pittsburgh makes a ton of sense as maybe THE legacy franchise (screw you NFL). With his ego, I guarantee that matters to him. Whether the stealers are willing to pay the price for him is another matter. It’s not how they’ve operated over the last half century but with no apparent option at QB and a likely miss of the playoffs again this year, being bold and going outside their comfort zone may be in the cards.

  14. Paul Cook

    It’s impossible to game these rumors out as there are too many unknowns and moving parts. I will say this. If RW wants out, I’d take Aaron Rodgers in a New York minute. Rodgers could have another 4-5 good years in front of him as long as his arm strength holds out and he stays in top shape. The league is geared to protect QB’s and promote the passing game. Look at Brady. He’s still awesome, and Rodgers is the greater pure talent.

    Another thing, I just don’t see aspiring business titan RW going to Green Bay and it’s late season inclement weather. Anything that brings us Rodgers and jettisons RW would seem to have to be a three team deal at least.

    Just initial thoughts that came to mind.

  15. Big Mike

    Hey cha,
    I read your post about the HOF at the end of the last thread. Glad you enjoyed it. I was there summer of ’18 as part of a cross country and back motorcycle trip and really enjoyed it. That interactive display you talked about was not there when I visited. It sounds really cool. The room with the busts had a lot of natural energy in it. I also loved the football cards room as I was a collector as a boy.

    • cha

      I enjoyed it but I don’t think I would plan a trip around it. We were 2 hrs away and decided to do it and it was fun.

      Here’s something for the ‘I remember when the Seahawks were bad years ago so we shouldn’t point out the massive blunders the team is making because they are 10-6’ crowd:

      Cortez Kennedy made the playoffs once in his career, a one and done the year before he retired. In his HOF induction speech, he told a story from his 2-14 DPOY season. A Seahawks staff member told the defense in the locker room before a game ‘we’re not going to win today boys, but let’s not embarrass ourselves out there.’

      A few minutes later Kennedy thanks Shaun Peyton for getting him a Super Bowl ring. Tez had gone to NO after retirement and worked on the staff with the DL for the Saints.

      There you have it. A legacy Seahawk in his HOF enshrinement, telling an embarrassing story about his team, and praising another franchise for getting him a championship.

      If that doesn’t boil your blood, not much else will.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah I planned the trip and made it, along with the baseball HOF and the Rock & Roll HOF, 3 of my many stops along the way. I agree I wouldn’t make it a destination, and if you asked me which one I thought was best, to me it was baseball by a comfortable margin. But I love that sport too so……..

      • Big Mike

        That story about Tez is just so damned sad………..

        • MychestisBeastmode

          “My story is more sad.”

          -Felix Hernandez

  16. James P

    Did JLC reference Rodgers specifically? Is there any chance he’s talking about Jordan Love? Wilson to GB for Love and some (hopefully high) draft stock, Rodgers to, say, Pittsburgh to recoup some of that stock for GB?

    • Rob Staton

      John Schneider has deep ties to the Packers and Rodgers

  17. Hawk Finn

    Whitney Mercilus to GB. Apparently turned down more money elsewhere. I’m sure Hawks were “in on it all the way but just couldn’t get it done.”

    • Rob Staton

      I remember when people were comparing Kerry Hyder to Michael Bennett and noting how similar the depth was to 2013

      💩 💩 💩

      • Hawk Finn

        “But these rose colored glasses
        That I’m looking through
        Show only the beauty
        ‘Cause they hide all the truth…”

        • Rob Staton

          And those wearing the glasses have now conveniently forgotten they bought the glasses and are now acting like they never had the glasses

  18. Steven Rocha

    I think the Seahawks ownership will not allow Russell Wilson to leave. If it means coaching/front office reset then that will happen.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure it’ll work that way

  19. Ty the Guy

    Pete Carroll’s approach is a sustainable, winning formula in the NFL. Old school, yes. But a strong run game that controls the clock is advantageous to the whole team. A defense that stops the run and forces turnovers, aka “bend but dont break,” will keep any offense in the game.

    Obviously those things haven’t been happening for awhile. The defense is the most concerning, since Pete is a defense-oriented guy. But the offensive approach does not require (and is not well suited for) an elite franchise QB. It needs a game manager that doesn’t turn the ball over.

    Russ can and has fit that mold, but Mr. Unlimited does not want to go down in history as a game manager. He wants to be the GOAT. AND THAT is the issue here. As fans, do we hitch to the old school head coach who isn’t getting results recently? Or back the talented QB, who will hold onto the ball too long looking for the big play that can add to his legacy?

    Side Note: How about we slide Adams to his natural fit at LB. Plug him in at LEO a few times a game, because we aren’t disguising safety blitzes anyways. Put Ryan Neal at SS, because he can actually cover and catch the ball once in awhile. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      As fans, do we hitch to the old school head coach who isn’t getting results recently? Or back the talented QB, who will hold onto the ball too long looking for the big play that can add to his legacy?

      Maybe you could do a better job of categorising what Wilson actually is as a quarterback, rather than this rather tepid, dismissive review?

      Because if we actually break down what Carroll and Wilson bring to the table, the question becomes very, very easy to answer.

      • Ty the Guy

        Wilson is a Top 3 caliber QB in the NFL (how’s that for a category?)

        He’s durable, mobile, has no limitations in any throw or playbook concept. His touch on the deep ball is comparable to any QB in probably the NFL’s history.

        IMO, it’s Wilson over Carroll. You’re right Rob, it’s easy.

        But, I do put some blame on Wilson for wanting to “cook.” At times it feels as though he doesn’t take what the defense gives and is pushing too hard. That could be because he feels the need to carry the team, with all the other issues on the team. It could also be because he is fixated on his legacy. Admittingly, it’s hard to be mad at him for that.

        • Ty the Guy

          Rob, I’ve pushed back against the thought of a PCJS-less franchise for so long.

          I think it’s time.

          Pete hasn’t adapted very well. Russ has been relied on too many times to pull a Houdini.

          Schneider is still living off his first 3 draft classes’ success.

          The unknown is scary, but even with the stars on this team, it feels like a rebuild (not a reset) is needed.

      • Gavin Smith

        Actually it’s not a wrong question to ask. How are you so sure that Wilson’s legacy is tied to Super bowl rings? Where does he say that? Maybe in a candid moment if you ask him: If you were given a choice and you can have only one: “MVP” or “SB ring”, what do you think Wilson says? – My feeling is he says MVP because it will cement his legacy and shoe him into HOF without any question marks. Yes, Wilson wants to win, but he wants to be the reason Seahawks win and he wants those highlights reel and stats and make him at the top of his position. Maybe the friction b/w Wilson and Pete is actually a friction he can have with any coach if he’s not consistently able to dropback and pass at all 3 levels of the field.

        We are all talking about Pete’s thirst for power and control. What if Wilson’s aspirations don’t match the teams? Do you still want him? Something to ask

        • Rob Staton

          It’s ridiculous to think he would want a MVP over another SB

          • Gavin smith

            I will challenge you and bet you on this. As I said, he will never say it in public but his actions and everything he has said implies he wants MVP and thinks him not passing in volume is the reason why he hasn’t got it! You are very sure he wants rings; but am saying he wants MVP more

            • Gavin Smith

              Btw, you didn’t answer my Q. If his mindset is that, would you still want him here?

            • Rob Staton

              Challenge away.

              But it’s crazy talk to suggest Wilson would pick a MVP award over another SB ring.

              You are 100% wrong to assert that. You couldn’t be more wrong.

        • Biltzy the Clown

          I think another SB ring would cement his place in the HOF faster than an MVP award. Assuming that’s his sole motivation, which I highly doubt.

          Everything we know about Wilson suggests his primary directive is to win. Not awards, but games, championships.

    • Mick

      Ryan Neal at SS is the right idea. Adams at LB isn’t.

    • Chris

      Adams at LEO would make other teams salivate. They’d just keep running at him until he was pushing daisies. He’s far far too light to play LEO.

      • Ty the Guy

        I disagree. Adams “unicorn” ability is around the line of scrimmage. And of course I dont mean Adams permanently at LEO, but he’s basically already playing there when he blitzes.

        9.5 sacks says he has skill getting around OL. Just trying to find a use for a $17.5 million safety that has offenses salivating at the sight of him in coverage.

        • Dave1401

          >9.5 sacks says he has skill getting around OL

          No it doesn’t, he’s not a defensive end matched up on tackles. Even his skill at getting around RBs and TEs is debatable. Most of those sacks came when he was unblocked

        • Rob Staton


          Adams’ 9.5 sacks were because they set the table for a free run off the edge by blitzing Bobby in the a gap. Wagner blitzed 100 (!!!!) times last season.

          Adams did not, and never will, beat tackles off the edge.

          What’s next? Let’s play play Ugo Amadi at three technique?

          • Ty the Guy

            Well, trade him for a 2nd round pick then….

            My thoughts are that he has been suspect is coverage. Everyone is complaining. The trade was horrible value. You won’t get that value back. So how do you best utilize a box safety in this defense????

            He is a hitter, a blitzer, an athletic risk taker. Without solid CBs, he adds to the dysfunction. Ryan Neal seems to be a more reliable cover guy. Is there a way to play them both? Good coverage helps pass rush. Good pass rush helps coverage. How do the Hawks achieve that? Y’all shot my thought down real quick. But what if you had a lineup of Reed/Diggs/Neal/Brown/Adams/Brooks/Wagner? Or in nickel you swap Brooks for Amadi/Blair? Just a what if…

            • Rob Staton

              Well I never wanted Jamal Adams in the first place

              But playing him at freakin LEO isn’t the solution. He’s a DB

              • Ty the Guy

                How bout at the WILL after Bobby retires?

                • Rob Staton


                  No no no

                  Stop it

          • Ty the Guy

            Also, none of the actual DEs are beating tackles off the edge either!! lol

  20. Ben

    Can’t see GB ponying up to trade for Wilson when they have Jordan Love costing them nothing on his rookie deal (note: in a Rodgers/Wilson swap scenario, I wouldn’t want Love as a return piece). As reasons already mentioned, I also cannot see Rodgers coming to Seattle. He’s looking for one more ring to cap off his career and Seattle isn’t close to competing for that.

    • Rob Staton

      What if they think Jordan Love is a bit crap?

      • Ben

        Then let GB wallow is WB purgatory for awhile.

        • Ben

          *QB purgatory.

          Damn fat fingers.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Don’t you think that Chicago would be most likely to offer something for Russell Wilson? They did make an offer last summer. I don’t think Chicago quarterback situation has changed.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s 0% chance Chicago makes an offer


        Because they now don’t own a first round pick in 2022

        So what exactly are they offering??? Justin Fields and two future picks? That it?

      • Big Mike

        They’ll roll with Fields imo. I believe they’re out of the market. Could be wrong of course. New Orleans is still the most likely landing spot for Wilson.

        • JJ

          What about Philly or NY Giants?

          Rumor is gettleman is on the outs and next GM might want to make a splash.

          • Big Mike

            I could see both of those, especially NY but do we want Danny Dimes as our QB? Or Jalen Hurts?

            That’s why I’ve always been in favor of a trade with Vegas if Seattle got Carr back. Unfortunately, with Gruden gone I suspect the likelihood of that has decreased tremendously.

            • Paul Cook

              Yeah, getting someone decent back to compete and hold the fort till we can try drafting another young QB is quite problematic. As I said before, one of the only teams that fits that bill is Cleveland with Baker Mayfield. They want to win now, and Mayfield is still better than just about all these other names.

        • TomLPDX

          I’m on the NOLA bandwagon as well. Makes to much sense.

  21. L80

    Well, since everyones job in Seattle is in Jeopardy why not have a bonified Jeopardy host QB the Hawks?

    I mean maybe have Ken Jennings become GM. He’s obviously a genius and could make better trades than the current “genius”.

    We could become The JeopardyHawks….Since it seems like everything is a gamble….Jeezus.

    • Big Mike

      The first sentence was funny as hell. If you’d have stopped there…………..

      • L80

        Needed to include Schneider. He’s been ummm underwhelming to be nice. Its been damn near a decade of dumbassness.

        Dumbassness, it s a Seahawk word.

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    FWIW. My gut says Wilson is elsewhere in 2022.

    What’s the chance this is Mark Rodgers signaling through the media that, it’s his client or the coach? Sort of like what we suspect happened in the offseason when the 4 teams Wilson would be willing to waive his no-trade clause for was leaked to the media.

    I also wonder how much of Schneider’s apparent willingness to deal Wilson was/is because: (a) he’s grown tired of Wilson’s whole ‘scene’ including Mark Rodgers, (b) his assessment of Wilson’s game-play effectiveness has changed for the worse, and/or (c) he recognized the growing problems between them, realized they couldn’t continue together, and decided it was easier for Wilson to go than Carroll.

  23. cha

    Just got their QB of the future /s

    Mike Garafolo
    · 15m
    #Seahawks claimed QB Jacob Eason off waivers from the #Colts

    • Paul Cook

      Sure. Why Not? He’s got the size. He’s got the arm talent. He just doesn’t seem to want it that bad. Lacks in leadership and decision making. But at least there’s some talent there.

      • Rob Staton

        Eason is dreadful

        Someone needed to say it

        • TomLPDX

          So what’s the point then? Why sign him? Better than Luton?

          • Rob Staton

            I guess they’re just having a look

            But he is dreadful

            And this is a team that stashed Sean Mannion at the initial cut down for week 1

            • TomLPDX

              It just seems like a colossal waste of time to begin with. They need to be focused on the trenches (both sides) and they waste their time on crap like this. I have lost all confidence in this management team to do anything approaching intelligent. So FRUSTRATING!

              • Rob Staton

                I wouldn’t overreact too much to this

                They’ve had a look at all sorts of players over the years

                And they are starting a backup QB they’re clearly not fully sold on

                So it’s understandable

                But Eason is still dreadful

                • TomLPDX

                  Oh, I’m not. It is kind of like the straw that broke the camel’s back. They have been screwing around like this up for years now and they are worse for it. Such ineptitude.

        • Aaron

          Jacob “I only throw fastballs at receivers” Eason

    • JJ

      2022 Seahawk starter

      • Big Mike


    • AlaskaHawk

      If only we could figure out a way to really score with some high picks in the draft. Hmmmm……

    • uptop

      Please god no, he was hard to watch at UW

    • Mick

      Eason, Etling, Sean Mannion, none above the forever backup category. I don’t think we’ll ever see Eason (or Jake Luton) play for us.

    • Aaron

      Seeing him for a year at UW made me realize he’s got a great arm, but that’s about it.

  24. Paul Cook

    Eason’s kind of like the Josh Rosen of his draft, though his stock fell hard at draft time, unlike Rosen’s.

  25. AlaskaHawk

    I think I’m in agreement with others that I prefer Pete Carroll be let go after this year. I’m really not sure that we will get a great head coach, this may be a long slog through some almost great coaches for awhile. But I think his mistakes have mounted up to the point that he needs to be replaced.

    On Wilson, sure keep him around if you can. But what I see is a 3 year rebuilding process. Which puts him into his next contract. So you are not only convincing him to stay but also resigning him for what is probabl his last big pay check. This could get expensive as he has never given a home town discount.

    I think we have to ask what does Wilson think is best for Wilson. That question will come up again at the end of the year since nothing has really improved on this team. And it will come up at the end of his current contract. I doubt he sticks unless he is paid a bundle of dollars.

    Where does that leave Seattle? Probably looking for a new coach next year and a new quarterback in 2 years.

    • Rob Staton

      People keep saying it’s a three year build.

      It took three years for PCJS to literally build a legendary roster from an expansion franchise level situation.

      Now they have a legit QB and some other pieces.

      It’s not a three year rebuild.

      • AlaskaHawk

        That’s taking into account a bad draft year coming up and the number of veterans they have to sign at end of year, which includes both offensive tackles.

      • Chris

        PC/JS also had four first round picks those three years, compared to us having 2 in the next three drafts. But at least we’re set at SS for the next three seasons.

        I do hope we keep Wilson, but I just have a hard time with viewing the future of the Hawks from his perspective, even if PC/JS leave town. The allure of playing with Sean Payton might just be too high.

        • Gavin Smith

          Exactly, w/ Wilson at helm, assuming he’s the “reason” team can get 9 wins minimum a year, you are looking at late round draft picks and a lot of roster holes to build while Wilson will eat a heavy % of the cap. Rob, I know you want this to happen but rebuilding does take time. Even with Dak/Cowboys, they are good now because of so many high round draft picks. Given Seahawks consistency in going to playoffs (which is often overlooked in this website), it makes the job harder. I don’t see a new HC/GM combination competing for SB in year 2 of reset.

          • Rob Staton

            You can easily get back on track with one very focused, productive off-season

            People arguing this is some massive rebuild taking years are wrong

        • AlaskaHawk

          Lets just say that the Seahawks quit messing around with defense as their first pick and drafted offensive tackles in 2023 and 2024. A lot of people would say a first round tackle is a good investment. The two first round picks they have would be enough to replenish their tackles, assuming that they become starters. They should be able to find starters in the second and third rounds, and maybe a 20-30% chance in later rounds, Overall that is 4-5 starters per year. Plus whoever they sign as a veteran.

          This talk about getting rid of Schneider, when I think about all the veterans that need to be resigned or let go it gives me the shivers. We need an experienced hand on the contracts.

          • UkAlex6674

            It’s dangerous to assume they should be able to find starters in r2 or r3. And it’s all very well saying there is a 20% to 30% of finding starters in later rounds – Tre Flowers was a starter from a later round pick for example. Having starters from a draft is one thing, having starters that are any good is another (and I still think Flowers is a good player in the right scheme/environment!).

            • AlaskaHawk

              Your right about it being dangerous to assume any draft rookie will succeed. First rounders have about a 60% success rate and it drops from there. Lets hope the next draft scout/coach will make better choices.

              This is why it will be so hard for the Seahawks to mount a superbowl team in the next few years. I didn’t even discuss the cap situation which is not particularly good next year.

  26. sgtPeppy

    Robert Saleh’s take on Seattle’s Cover 3 Defense:

    “I’ll try to answer this the best way I can. Back in the day in Seattle, when we reinvented the wheel, I guess, with three deep and we started doing something that nobody had ever seen before, it took everyone forever to figure it out. I mean, to be honest with you, there’s a few teams still trying to figure it out. And because of it, teams could just not figure out how to really attack it, and it took a couple of years. So obviously we went to a couple championships and had five consecutive No. 1 defenses in Seattle. Teams started figuring it out, and then I’ll give Kyle Shanahan credit because he was with Dan Quinn in Atlanta, and he just started (testing) all this stuff against the scheme because Dan took it to Atlanta. And he exposed it to Seattle. And from there, the floodgates opened.

    “And so now teams understand exactly how to attack it, but at the same time, it’s on the defense to make sure you’re putting enough wrinkles in so teams can’t throw haymakers at you every single play So for example, Josh McDaniels is one of the best coordinators in all of football, as it pertains to finding your run-pass weakness, finding the defender who’s got the hardest job with regard to a run-pass conflict and attacking the daylights out of him. So as a D-coordinator, you’ve just got to do a really good job of finding ways to move the issue from player to player so Josh and a good offensive coordinator doesn’t catch the defense.

    “So to answer your question, it’s the job of a defense to make sure you have enough wrinkles so offenses can’t continue to throw their haymakers at you. But at the same time, you don’t want to get so complex that your players can’t play as fast as (***). And so there’s a fine balance there, because every coach can run every coverage in football, but can every player? And that’s where the balance comes in.

    Twitter credit:

    Sounds like the whole league thinks Pete’s D is a few years outdated…We need a D-coordinator who knows how to throw wrinkles into a scheme to keep the offense off balance…rather than sticking to the same old predictable looks where the other team knows exactly how to attack us.

    • Big Mike

      “….o now teams understand exactly how to attack it, but at the same time, it’s on the defense to make sure you’re putting enough wrinkles in so teams can’t throw haymakers at you every single play….”


      • TomLPDX

        The other main point is that you need to have good personnel to execute it. We don’t.

        • Denver Hawker

          I’d go a bit further to say most of a defenses success comes down to execution. In the first 6 games we’ve seen missed assignments, shit tackling, missed opportunities even when in the right position, and just plain bonehead decisions by the 11 on the field.

          I don’t say this in defense of the scheme by any means, but the players aren’t executing. There is enough consistent regression that it’s fair to pin that on coaching and not the players.

          • Denver Hawker

            Well that reads a bit confusing: I mean to say the players aren’t executing well and I blame coaching for that.

    • Sea Mode

      Spot on. And the “wrinkle” they’ve tried to add to it (Adams) has failed miserably so far.

  27. New Guy

    Why would anyone, let alone a good QB come to Seatle in 2022?

    Their prospects would not be good. And why would Russel Wilson want to stay – for a new coach and/or GM with little or no draft capital, few playmakers outside of DK & Lockett, a weak defense with players that don’t fit into any recognizable system?

    And there is no strong direction from ownership on the horizon.

    Seattle is a hot mess. The current crop of free agents sees it. Their management knows.

    Right now it looks like Wilson is gone, PC/JS is gone. The incoming crew will have little to work with.

    A quiet, unenthusiastic stadium will be a pall on the organization. Jodi will be selling a year late.

    We had a great run. Loved it. Only great, unforeseen events could change this.

    Patience, stalwarts.


    • Matthew

      The value of the franchise is well beyond who the current QB/HC/GM, and Jody Allen will never be hurting for money. I think she’s simply content to hold onto the franchise as a place to park wealth.

  28. no frickin clue

    I think Russ’ sole focus after this season will be figuring out the best landing spot for 2022 that will enable him to fulfill his desired legacy. If that happens to be in Seattle, fine, but it probably means that Pete needs to be gone (for offensive philosophy), and that John needs to be gone (because what faith would Russ have in John’s ability to surround him with new talent, after the last few drafts)?

    If Pete shows an inclination to stick around, I think Russ and Mark Rodgers focus less on trying to win the PR battle this offseason, and more on just getting the F out of there, scorched-earth-style.

  29. Palatypus

    So, who is Jason Newstead in this scenario?

  30. Sea Mode

    Is he stocky kind of like Curtis Weaver or just a tank of a big guy? Arm length for NFL?

  31. Sea Mode

    We already knew, but still insane

  32. Ukhawk

    Wilson to Miami may be another landing spot ??

    • AlexHawk

      I’ve started to think the Eagles might be a potential landing spot. The draft capital they could have is pretty crazy (potentially three Top 10 picks) so they wouldn’t have to mortgage the future to make a trade for someone like Wilson (or Watson).

    • AlaskaHawk

      Miami makes a lot of sense to me. I liked Tua in college but he is not built for the pros.

  33. UkAlex6674

    Anyone else looking forward to Broncos/Browns tonight? Given the injuries stacked up for both sides it should be a good old fashioned slug-fest.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it has all the hallmarks of an absolute stinker

      • Henry Taylor

        The perfect TNF matchup. 2 teams that really need an extra few days to get ready, but forced to produce a dreadful showing below their abilities.

  34. GoHawksDani

    I’m pretty sure PCJS won’t be fired. They might leave, but I don’t see them being fired.
    If they miss the POs, they can say that they reached the POs almost every year, now not, because of the Wilson injury, or some bs like that.
    If PC doesn’t wanna fight anymore he might retire, but I don’t think he’ll be fired.
    As for Wilson…it’s tough to say. Moving between teams is risky. And SEA obviously will demand compensation from the other team.
    If RW wants to go to XYZ teams, but they cannot give enough comp, and SEA would be OK with a trade for other teams but RW doesn’t wanna go there, they’re in a stalemate. What could the sides do? Russ demand a trade and sit out the season? He might, but that’s one less year to reach the SB, and it could taint his legacy. And PCJS? They can’t force the trade to RW and can’t force him to play.

    My best guess for potential outcomes are this:
    A, PC retires, JS either go to another team or gets fired, and RW stays (20% chance)

    B, PCJS stays, RW demands a trade and they are able to find a suitable team with decent enough compenstation. RW leaves, PCJS gets a stopgap QB who they can force to play their game (maybe Winston or Hill from the Saints in the trade) (50% chance)

    C, Both parties cry some, they try to divorce, but the stars are not aligning and the situation is not that bad that any of them would be willing to part by compromising their needs (Wilson to a less desired team or FO to accept less comp) (30% chance)

    • Paul Cook

      Where is the option and odds that they both leave, PC/JS and RW, or just PC/RW? I certainly wouldn’t put those odds at 0%

      • Rob Staton

        The only thing I’d put at 0% is PC, JS and RW all being in Seattle next season

        • Paul Cook

          Agree, or at least only a microscopic chance.

          I’m in the camp with you that PC retires and moves on after this season. Not overwhelmingly so, but certainly over the PC stays and the PC is fired camps. I do think he’s smart enough to know when to exit stage door left. We have his USC exit as an example, though I certainly think he wanted to return to the NFL and found the perfect escape.

          If this turns out to be so, it’s probably going to happen within days, even hours of season’s end. He’s going to want to do the franchise a solid in this way.

          I’m in the both leave camp because I think RW already has one foot out the door. If PC leaves, there’s going to be tremendous instability and uncertainty. I just don’t think RW wants to deal with this crap sandwich of uncertainty. I wouldn’t bet everything on this, but it’s my odds on favorite scenario as of now.

          It would take a helluva sales pitch by JS/new HC, or new GM/new HC team to get RW to buy back into a rebuild/reset plan, IMO. I think whatever that new team might be, RW will express his desire to move on, and that he will be acommodated.

          But we’ll see…

  35. cha

    This week’s ATBGE (Awful Taste But Great Execution Award goes to Barry Ament.

    • Big Boi

      What’s He pointing at? The WR sprinting past him?

      • RugbyLock

        The direction the ball went after it bounced off his facemask…

      • cha

        The cornerback who’s been on the team for 6 days so everyone knows it was him who blew coverage.

  36. Forrest

    DeShaun Watson fits what the Hawks want to do on offense. They really thrive with a dual threat. However, I could see Pete (if he stays) settling for someone who can step up in the pocket to buy an extra half second (Rodgers for example). They’re sick of long sacks killing drives and leading to third down inefficiency. My fear is Jalen Hurts, Daniel Jones or Tua.

    Eagles have the most to offer in draft capital (and maybe an interior rusher).

    I could also see Russ in Pittsburgh (would they part with Harris or TJ Watt in a trade?), New Orleans (would they include Lattimore?) , NYG, Denver or Miami.

    Somehow we need to:
    *Get a veteran QB who fits what we want to do
    *Get rid of Adams and his contract
    *Move on from Wagner and his contract
    *Get a true press CB (or two)
    *Get an interior rusher
    *Solidify the LT position
    *Get a young, hungry rookie RB who hits the hole hard and has some bulk to wear down defenses. I don’t believe Carson is that guy anymore.

    Love the posts, Rob! Great stuff as always!

    • Rob Staton

      Watson is going to move in season, seems something is imminent

  37. WI_Hawk

    Trade Wilson an sign Marcus Mariota – QB problem solved (assuming Mariota can stay healthy).

    • Rob Staton


    • Big Mike

      Ooh cool, an overrated Oregon Duck to go with our overrated Washington Husky (Eason). Seahawks corner the market on overrated NW QBs.

      • Big Mike

        (and before any butthurt Duck fans come in, yes, he’s better than Eason……….not saying much tho)

  38. Rob Staton

    Bill Barnwell pitching a trade idea that basically has another team trading a ham sandwich for K’Lavon Chaisson.

    Chalking this one down as a win. Always thought he was massively overrated by the national media.

    • Paul Cook

      Definitely a winner so far. You clearly had the overrated tag on him.

    • 12th chuck

      former first round pick, not living up to expectations, sounds like a Seahawk kind of guy

      • Big Mike

        Luke Joekel doesn’t like your post.
        I do tho 😀

  39. Starhawk29

    PFT mentioned the browns as a potential landing spot…not a bad thought. Great OL, receivers, offensive head coach, seems like they are a good QB away from SB contenders.

    • Paul Cook

      They stole that idea from me. 🙂 I don’t think Cleveland is in the dumps on Mayfield, more that they are in win now mode and want proven commodity to get them to where they want to go. I had Mayfield as one of my most interesting watches this year. They were thinking SB contender in Cleveland coming into this year.

  40. cha

    PC just said Alton Robinson wasn’t hurt vs PIttsburgh, he just ‘got out of the rotation just because it happened. He should have played more last week.’


    • Big Mike

      Good to see the coaching staff is on top of rotation. Their attention to detail is top notch.

    • Big Mike

      OK I actually figured this situation out……..Alton isn’t as good at dropping into coverage as Dunlap. Pete is just diverting the opponents from what Seattle is doing with the DE position by pretending Robinson should’ve played more. Brilliant!

    • Rob Staton

      Elite coaching and execution

      • JJ

        How does this happen? Same with Neal.

        • TomLPDX

          Like Rob said…elite coaching

    • BobbyK

      Another stupid Pete Carroll decision:

      Remember when Darrell Taylor was penalized on the kick-off against Pittsburgh? What the hell is he even doing on special teams. He’s your best pass rusher and he should be playing more snaps on defense, not getting gassed on kick-off coverage. Wouldn’t a worthless player like Mayowa be better served on the kick-off team? He’s not going to ever be effective rushing the QB anyways. Of course, maybe they’re saving him for all the coverage he has to play?

  41. Ashish

    Hope Seahawks gets new owner and they take best decision for franchise. I have lot of respect for PC but i don’t trust him anymore and want him to go with respect. New team should be build around Wilson and strong defense.

    • BobbyK

      Yes. You build around Wilson. That should be a no-brainer.

  42. Rob Staton

    Today has been a frustrating day

    I’ve listened to three bits of audio and read one article, by the team or their partners

    And they’ve given me a stinking headache

    • Justaguy

      Clowney is having a good night

      • Rob Staton

        Of course

  43. OP_chillin

    Running backs…

  44. Geno-he-didnt

    Some actual bully type stuff going on there with the Browns running game.
    We are so woefully outmatched on both lines, in comparison.
    It’s truly bizarre roster construction with stated playing style. Just weird.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The interesting thing about the Browns running game is that their best two running backs are out. That’s their third string guy. He doesn’t look great, but he is good enough to get the job done.

      • Big Mike

        3rd string RB goes for 147. Think their o-line is any good?
        It’s ALL about the line of scrimmage and the QB. Seahawks have one of those 3 pieces.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Good OL Play to be sure, but D’Ernest Johnson earned his praise last night full stop.

  45. cha

    Epiphany – the Seahawks didn’t trade for Jamal Adams because they needed pass rush or needed to make a splash.

    They traded for him because he’s the living embodiment of later-day Pete Carroll on the field.

    All sizzle. No steak.

    Not stupid in seeing the full picture but less interested in how to actually fix it and more interested in affirming some bland generalities about a positive viewpoint.

    He said this yesterday about the Steelers game:

    “I’m not here to prove anything to anybody. I’m here to prove myself right. I’m grateful to continue to play this game at a high level. I don’t get caught up in outside noise. I don’t get caught up on mistakes. Because at the end of the day, we are human.”

    -Not acknowledging the need to play better while simultaneously acknowledging he made mistakes? Check

    -Adolescent smarm ‘I don’t care what anyone else thinks’? Check

    -Blind statement of devotion and purpose? Check

    -Blame apportioned to the press for asking about his game-changing screwup? Check

    • AlaskaHawk

      My conspiracy theory is that Pete was going to leave sooner so he used all the draft picks and money on Adams to screw over the next head coach. It was a revenge pick. But then his contract got extended and he thought ” Oh sh*t I’m stuck with Adams.”

      Second conspiracy theory: Pete is getting senile and trying to recreate his original draft. HIs first pick will be a left tackle in the next draft.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        My conspiracy theory is that Pete and John are intentionally tanking the franchise so as to lower its market value and make the organization easier for them to buy from the PGA trust.

        Yes, I’m joking.

    • Big Mike

      “………continue to play this gamne at a high level….”

      Bwa ha ha ha………………….I guess if your overall PFF ranking is in the 60s.

      • Big Mike

        How many safeties are ranked by PFF? Maybe 85? Yeah that’s a high level alright Mr. Peacock

    • Gross MaToast

      It’s gotten so bad that your $17.5 million player, the guy that cost you two #1s, a #3 and a player, has to defend his play.

      Seattle Times headline:

      “I can do it all, man”: Despite struggles, Seahawks’ Jamal Adams says he hasn’t lost confidence.’

      I take issue with every word in the quote, with the possible exception of, “man.”

      Pete told us that the Coffee Cup was, “too pumped” to make plays. And he got no pushback!

      This might be the worst trade in NFL history. It’s on the short list, regardless.

  46. swedenhawk

    I’ve had the same suspicions that Adams was brought on to be Carroll’s ‘guy’ in the locker room. Especially since Wilson is seemingly the only one capable of challenging Carroll’s authority. As if Jamal is the anti-Russ… or the bizarro-Pete?

  47. 206

    Just saw an article about Arch Manning on ESPN. I wonder if he will turn out.

    • uptop

      He’s worth all the hype, he is going to be very very good. Even though he’s Cooper’s son, people forget that if it weren’t for injuries Cooper would’ve been the best of the Mannings.

  48. BobbyK

    I can’t think of a player in Seahawks history I dislike more than Adams. I hated Kelly Stouffer because of the trade that brought him to Seattle, I hated Bozworthless because he was like Adams – all show, limited game – gigantic contract, I hated Jerramy Stevens and only a few others like Tarvaris Jackson, but I seriously think Adams has already reached the upper echelon as to being my worst Seahawk of all time.

    • AlaskaHawk

      If you look at the two #1st AND a #3 round pick, PLUS whatever he is making now, he would have to be superman before anyone would be pleased with his play. Those are the sort of numbers you pay for a successful quarterback. Not a safety. Those are Khalil Mack numbers from when he got traded to Chicago. Just look how well they are doing LOL. And he was a great player – unlike Adams.

      • Fudwamper

        I forgot they gave up Bradley, That makes it so much worse. McDougald is one of those guys that just gets the job done quietly but is vastly underrated by everyone. We could have kept McDougald two 1sts and a 3rd plus used the 17 million on a DE or OL and DT. But no. We get a JA.

    • Fudwamper

      I don’t hate Adams. Honestly I don’t mid the energy he dances around with. Everything I don’t like about Adams has really nothing to do about him. I don’t like the trade for him. It was franchise crippling. I don’t like how he is always the focus on the broadcast. I hate when people talk him up as a great player when really he is just a great athlete. Ryan Neal is better football player.

      I really wish Adams was better but he is not. I would have loved to watch him play in in Buddy Ryan’s 46 D.

      It really has to do about the trade and contract not even coming close to what the player brings to the table.

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