Robert Griffin III game tape vs Texas

Thanks again to JMPasq for supplying us with the tape. I’ll have an updated mock draft on the blog tomorrow, plus a few thoughts as usual. For now, enjoy watching Robert Griffin III defeating Texas.


  1. kevin mullen

    This dude has a Mike Vick arm, he can rip it. It’d be interesting if Philly has a chance to draft him, have him sit behind Vick for one year (half year if he keeps getting hurt) and Andy Reid to mold him…

  2. Matthew Baldwin

    Sidebar: read this today and Rob deserves props. He had Sheard dialed in before any national draft pundits, occasionally mocking him to SEA at 25. Kudos, Rob. Sheard is the real deal and you nailed it.

    Second-round rookie LE Jabaal Sheard leads the Browns with 5.5 sacks and five forced fumbles through 12 games. The Cleveland Plain Dealer already places Sheard “in the discussion” of the best pass rushers drafted by the expansion-era Browns. The former Pitt star has been an every-down player in Cleveland, grading out in the top-10 among all defensive ends, according to Pro Football Focus. He’s a building block for Dick Jauron’s defense.
    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

  3. Matt

    Rob is honestly one of the best that I have read. This blog and his insight are truly hidden gems because he’s not afraid to take a bold stance. The difference is, he backs it up with solid detail/analysis and has total conviction.

    Keep it up Rob. I hope the Hawks keep winning and we get aggressive and get our QB!

  4. Doug

    RG3 has such a frightening game but I fear he could get killed in the pro’s because he isn’t big enough to take the hits like big QB’s.
    But what a golden arm! Effortless LONG bombs that land in stride like a marshmellow. If he could be careful and conservative with his running he could do so much damage! What I particularly like is the way he senses the pocket collapsing and darts out of it, looking like he is going to run. THis freezes the opposing “D” for just a moment that allows receivers to pop open and he then throws it right into their hands. WOW.
    I could see him going mega-early.
    What I don’t get Is how so many media sources get all lathered up that Landry Jones is ALL THAT, some speculating that he will eventually be the best of this class. huh?
    Rob, I read your breakdown on him, and I can’t figure out why so many other sources think he is the real deal, a few have him going to us in the first, around the 15 pick.

    Could you see him coming to us in the first round, to sit behind TJack for a year, and then compete with Portis for the QBOTF slot? You spoke about his intangable weaknesses, such as awareness of coverages and an unwillingness to go to the second read. Is it possible that his coach has hammered him into just doing as he has been told? I have to believe his physical skill set is NFL worthy, as he wouldn’t be getting all these national props if he didn’t have them. But all the skill in the world is worthless if you can’t see who is really open.
    A darkhorse of mine is Kellen Moore, who lacks all the prototypical NFL size requirements, but possesses the intangables of incredible smarts and awareness, like a mini Joe Montana. He will probably rule the Canadian leage like Flutie…

  5. Rob

    Hey Doug,

    I think I’d put it down to hype. People look at Jones’ numbers and don’t study the tape. He has a bad patch and suddenly the hype becomes negative publicity. People are just looking at the numbers in both cases. A lot of people who have reviewed the tape have a similar impression to me – and I’ve not put Jones in any of my round one mocks.

    Could he end up in Seattle? No chance at all. He doesn’t fit what the Seahawks are looking at the QB position at all. I’m not as high as you on Kellen Moore – who really hasn’t faced much pressure at all at Boise State. I think his future could be in coaching though, he seems to be a football junkie.

  6. Tom

    This tape further shows RG3’s God given QB and playmaking abilities and re-emphasizes why I’ve been hyping him for weeks now as an early 1st rounder with more NFL upside than anyone but Luck.

    RG3 flicks his wrist and delivers the out route like Dan Marino, shows the soft touch and accuracy of Warren Moon on crossing routes and deep balls combined with the escapability, pocket presence with his eyes looking downfield and running ability of Steve Young.

    Lofty comparisons, yes, but those are the natural gifts he’s shown all season.
    You can’t coach those innate attributes. You’re born with them or you’re not. Will RG3 have the NFL mental game and work slightly on his footwork? Will he be durable enough? Those are the questions I have but he’s shown the toughness and smarts to succeed at the NFL level.

    RG3 makes every NFL route tree throw effortlessly and I’d say better than Luck who doesn’t always exhibit the arm to throw the deep out route. Yes, it’s more than arm strength but RG3 passes the “eye test” as a supreme collegiate talent and the guy I want to win the Heisman as best 2011 college player. If the Heisman was MVP, I’d go Trent, but best player, I’d go RG3.

    This cat sure is fun to watch chuck that rock around and I would love watching him In Hawk Blue on Sundays and in Februarys for the next 10 years.

  7. Tom

    The Davey O’ Brien award winner = RG3. He does it all so effortlessly.

  8. Jmpasq

    Matthew Baldwin

    Yeah Rob does a great job. Im a Giant fan and I read this draft blog even before my videos made appearances on the site

  9. Jeff

    Rob- Thank you so much for this draft blog. I have literally been addicted for a year now. Your ability to see players for what they truly are is rare in a sports writer.

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