Rondale Moore is a high pick in the making

Rondale Moore is a special athlete.

It’d be easy to pigeonhole him as a K.J. Hamler, diminutive speedster at 5-9 and 190lbs. He’s so much more.

For starters you just need to look at his lower body. He has enormous, powerful legs for his size. It shows up in the weight room. He can squat 600lbs. He had a 42 inch vertical jump at SPARQ. He has crazy explosive power for a player at 190lbs.

The thing is, it doesn’t slow him down. He also ran a 4.33 at SPARQ.

Here’s a workout video from a couple of weeks ago…

Teams are going to love his potential, which is sky high. The only thing that could hold him back are injuries. He missed most of 2019 with a hamstring issue, only playing four games. For someone who’s going to need to be fast and free at the next level, you don’t want to see any nagging hamstring injuries. If he can play a full, healthy season in 2020 — he’ll have every opportunity to challenge the first round of the draft.

As a freshman he had 1258 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. He added two more scores and a further 213 yards as a runner. He also had 662 kick return yards at an average of 20.1 YPA and 82 punt return yards.


On balls thrown nine or fewer yards downfield, Moore saw over 20 more targets than anyone else (118 in total) and was one of two receivers who produced a receiving grade above 90.0. Moore also broke a tackle on over a third of these catches and averaged 7.5 yards after the catch per reception.

He’s a multi-purpose threat who can change a game any time he has the football.

So why did he end up at Purdue with this kind of physical profile?

The truth is every big team in the country was recruiting him. Yet he actually cites A.J. Dillon as an inspiration. He saw Dillon — another big-time tester who was just taken in the second round — make a name for himself as ‘the guy’ at Boston College. He decided to try and tread a similar path and not just become Texas’ next athlete to underwhelm.

I suspect teams will like that thinking come draft time.

So what does he show on tape?

The thing that stands out is he finishes runs. He doesn’t seek out the sideline that often. He’s always cutting back inside knowing with his speed he’s a missed tackle away from a scoring opportunity. He’s just so powerful and if you fail to bring him down on first contact you’re in trouble…

He’s so difficult to tackle, partly due to his size but also his quickness and explosive traits…

He’s also incredibly elusive and can juke away from tackles and run through attempted arm tackles.

Unsurprisingly he’s a massive threat on screens and end-arounds…

He gets on top of flat footed defenders in the slot and creates easy separation time and time again. He has great foot quickness and doesn’t dance too much at the start of the route. He knows when it’s time to get a shift on and release.

If there’s one area he can perhaps do a little better it’s high-pointing. Jalen Reagor is undersized too with similar explosive traits. He could go up and high-point above bigger defenders, especially in the red zone. That was a unique thing about Reagor’s game and it’s why he was the #21 pick (and why we spent so long talking about him during the college season). Moore doesn’t have to mimic that — but he does have a tendency to let the ball come to him sometimes. He has the power to leap high and pluck it, so it’d be good to see him win some of those battles too.

Even so, you’re going to have to account for him on every snap. He will break tackles that lead to enormous scoring runs. You just don’t see many smaller receivers with this level of power. To be this quick and this explosive is rare and he undoubtedly possesses first round potential.

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  1. Rob Staton

    How is everyone today?

    • Volume12

      Meh. Not sleeping. Bills & rent piling up. What else is new?

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        Same about the not sleeping. CV-19 has hit my ER hard. Plus Daycares are closed so my 2-year old keeps me up during the day, when I’m on graveyards. We got hit hard here in Texas. Worked 102 hours this last pay period. I’m ready for things to go back to normal. I read this blog and comments every night at work. It’s such a wonderful distraction.

        • Bayahawk

          Stay strong, Ben. It sounds like you’re dealing with a lot right now.

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            Thanks Bayahawk. I just finished my 1st full year in the field. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what has transpired. we just keep fighting the good fight. I appreciate the well wishes. It goes along way in our to us healthcare workers. Love reading this community blog every night.

            • Big Mike

              Appreciate your efforts Ben and those of everyone else in your field.

            • Huggie Hawk

              Support to you Ben! Thanks for keeping the posts going Rob. And thanks to Pete for the Will Ferrell zoom call, I got at least a days entertainment out of that.

              • Steve Nelsen

                Thank you for your service Ben. 💪

        • Rob Staton

          We’re with you Ben! Every step of the way.

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            Thank you guys. That means a lot. This is the best group of guys and community I’ve ever been a part of. Thank you for keeping it going through these rough times Rob. It makes a big difference with the Stay at home orders in place.

            I’m really loving the Jordyn Brooks pick over Patrick Queen the more I hear about him. Im also excited to see what Freddie Swaim can being to the field. He runs in the 4.4’s if memory serves me correct. Would he be a slot guy or possibly take over Malik Turner’s role?

            • Scot04

              Hang in there Ben.
              I like the Brooks pick as well. I’m warming up to all our picks more and more as the draft has had time to settle.
              Now we just have to finish everything up in Free-agency

    • Alex H

      Waiting for resolution on the Clowney situation. Probably will be waiting for a long time….

      Aside from that, only real interesting thing on TV is The Last Dance.

    • OregonHawk

      Not sleeping well either, but mine is due to a teenager …

      We finally enrolled our rebellious daughter in a therapy boarding school, the hardest thing we have ever done!! She was going down the wrong tracks and getting into trouble …

      Other than that, still working, minimum hours though , being careful

      • Rob Staton

        Hope it works out OregonHawk, stay safe.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Right there with you, OregonHawk. Our son has been at a TBS for almost a year. Sounds like he was experiencing some similar behaviors Not sure about your kid, but our son’s behavior was primarily driven by mental health issues. Being there has done him a world of good though, and he seems to be in a much better place and will be home this summer. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I’d be happy to talk about our experiences.

    • Jon

      I’m a chaplain and we just took in 40 Covid patients from community nursing homes at our facility. Doubled our capacity overnight for surge. I am so thankful for all our drs and nurses!

      • Rob Staton

        Hope all is OK Jon. Stay safe.

    • Roger Davis

      Rob, I’m felling good, hope you are too!

      Next, Rondale looks to be a keeper, no question. I’ve always had a soft spot for small runners.

      How on living in the era of Covid-19…

      I’ve an incurable cancer. Follicular Lymphoma it’s a cancer of the lymphocytes, a serious part of our immune systems, particularly vs viruses. The most common cause of death from my cancer is pneumonia (26%).

      Chemo for this cancer is vicious on our lymphocytes. It basically almost destroys them by the time the 6 months of chem is finished. They SHOULD come back to the level they were before chemo within a year and then to double that number within two years.

      Mine didn’t, now 40 months after finishing chemo my Lymphocytes are still “dangerous low.” This is uncommon(ish) but not unheard of.

      Because I KNOW that dangerously low lymphocytes (the condition is called lymphocytopenia or just lymphopenia) makes me 75% more likely to die if I get two different types of skin cancer – I googled to see what “lymphopenia and covid-19” would turn up.

      WOW, if turns out: “Lymphopenia was present in 83.2% of the patients on admission.” And, “The virus might directly infect lymphocytes, resulting in lymphocyte death.”

      Had I not “done the Google” I’d never had known! If any of you have any existing “conditions” that you know of from some non-related illness “do the Google” – it might just save your life!

      Needless to say, I’m self-quarantining, visiting Rob’s Blog every half hour and praying to every god known to have ever existed that the Seahawks sigh Clowney! Health is one thing BUT the Seahawks are forever!

      Go Hawks!

      • Rob Staton

        Hi Roger — thanks for sharing your story and for passing on that advice. Just know we’re all with you as we all work our way through this. Stay safe, stay in touch. And thank you for reading.

        My family are grand. The two kids are having a great time. My dog ate a wooden spoon which hasn’t done his gut any favours but we might be suffering more than he is as a consequence.

        • Kenny Sloth

          My dog ate a wooden spoon sounds like a euphemism for “Tank for Trevor”

          Glad you’re doing well, Rob, and thanks for doing what you can for this community right now especially

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Beautiful day here in the Southland. I am a banker, so hours have been crazy with Care Act, PPP, etc.

      My two teenagers are online schooling to complete their respective high school grades. Way too much gaming going on with my kids.

      Some days I sleep crazy good. Some nights, I do let the unknown get a bit loud in the mind.

      I am thankful for my health. Thankful for communities such as this to express and listen. Thankful to have a job (so far…)

      I do wonder what is the most effective WR mesh in 2021. What do we do with Lockett’s upcoming contract. How much to we save for DK in 2022. What is the most important trait of a seahawk receiver?

      These questions are fun… at some point I’ll research the inquiries.

      Be well and safe everyone.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Ditto thankful for a job!

        Glad you’re here and managing ok.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      My company mandated everyone work from home. Luckily, in my line of work that is not hard to accomplish. The downside is that everyone higher up the food chain seems to have reached the conclusion that we are all at home all the time, so we may as well work more hours. Weekends included.

  2. Hawkdawg

    I’m good. Just fyi, the very first website I open in the morning after I boot up is this one.

    This dude is a powerhouse! And that speed….

    • Rob Staton

      “…the very first website I open in the morning after I boot up is this one.”

      Awesome 👍🏻

  3. Jon

    Seems a little like Percy Harvin with a better attitude and work ethic.

  4. millhouse-serbia

    I am here, I am fine. 😁

    Guys is there any AFC team that you root for? Is there team that Seahawks fans love or hate more comparing to other AFC teams?

    • dcd2

      Not much love for the Raiders & Broncos, as they used to be division rivals. Pretty sure no one likes the Pats, so it will be fun to watch them slide back a bit this year.

      Chiefs are my new favorite AFC team, as the kept the 9ers from getting another ring last year. Can’t wait to see CEH in that offense.

      Ravens are another one that is just an entertaining team to watch.

      I’ll always have a soft-spot for the Chargers too. I used to work game day security when I was stationed down in Camp Pendleton and getting to see those guys up close every Sunday was sure fun. Most of my interactions were: “Good luck today” or “Give em hell” with the “Thanks man” replies, but it was really cool for me. They also had the best Duck QB: Dan Fouts and drafted Herbert, so I’m hoping he can pan out.

    • Volume12

      AFC team is the Chiefs. They were my pops favorite team.

    • ElPasoHawk

      Favorite AFC team is the Bills, was a Bills fan as a kid and became a Hawks fan when Bills fired Knox and Hawks hired him. I’m much happier as a Hawks fan, it’s been a thrill ride from the good Ground Chuck years, thru the dark period after him, the hopeful years under Holmgren, and now the fulfillment of that hope under Carroll. Go Hawks!

    • Big Mike

      I grew up in the 60s and started watching football in ’64. I liked the Packers but when they weren’t on I gravitated much more towards the AFL. I was a huge fan of the Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders as they were the teams that were most often on in the afternoon AFL game. When the Hawks were in the AFC West it was more difficult for me cuz I liked all those teams except the Donkeys who I’ve for some reason never cared for. Not that I didn’t root for the Hawks, of course I did as I grew up in Washington State. But it’s easier now to root for those 3 teams since we moved to the NFC.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      I root for Jacksonville. My kids love Mahomes… so KC is always a hit here in Carolina.

    • GerryG

      I hate every other franchise, however there are players/ teams that I enjoy watching for certain periods: Rogers 2010-2016, Mahomes, the Ravens D back in the day, etc

      I did like the Jim Kelly Thurman Thomas Bruce Smith Bills when I was growing up, gave me something to root during that dark time of Seahawks fandom.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ve always liked the Ravens. Really like Harbaugh

  5. ElPasoHawk

    Rob, do you think with the extra roster spots that teams will be more willing to use draft capital on return specialists? I ask because of the Hawks picking up Swain who seems to have more potential as a returner than as WR prospect.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not studied the new rules that closely but I think it’s mainly to carry an extra O-liner or two?

      • ElPasoHawk

        Two extra active players, one of which has to be an OL. Two extra practice squad spots, two of which can be added to the active roster every week. I could see a game tilting returner being the other game day roster spot. I always loved watching Devin Hester and would love to see that type of player on the Hawks roster.

        • John_s

          Team will still have to be cautious about the player’s who they call up. They can call up a player twice but the player will be subject to waivers after the second time they’re sent down

  6. Greg Haugsven

    Not to get off topic but for the true football fans, I just rewatched the 2012 EPL season finale in 2012 with Man City vs QPR. What absolute insanity at the end.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Is that the year City won the championship over United?

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yep, on goal difference no less

  7. Jeremy

    Put this dude in the weight room with DK!!

  8. dcd2

    Another day in paradise. My wife has found no shortage of projects that need doing.

    Get to do a fun one with my daughter today. I made double barn doors for an entry into a new wall I framed in our laundry room, and had a bunch of left over scrap. I told her that we could use it to make a house for her stuffed animals and she’s thrilled to help. Should be fun.

    Hope everyone else is hanging in there.

    Who would you comp Moore to? Golden? Duvernay from this class maybe?

    • Rob Staton

      Sounds fun!

      I don’t think he has the downfield contested catch ability that Golden had. But I think he’s much more dynamic than Duvernay. I think he’s probably a more explosive and sturdy version of Tavon Austin with a bit of Golden thrown in.

  9. LeicesterHawk

    Thanks for continuing to put up great content Rob!

    This is a genuine question (I do not have enough data points to have an opinion).

    If you were a 5* recruit with the ability to pick which school you went to. Do you think it better to go to a college which is regularly in the final 4 but know you won’t see the field for at least a year or two. Or go to a smaller school be the ‘guy’ and be able to put an extra year of tape out there?

    I mean the above purely in preparing you for the draft and NFL, I know the ability to win a national championship would sway some toward that but I’m asking purely as a business decision.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d probably look at the schools that have developed players at my position the best. For example — Clemson and receivers. I’d also look at coaching, style, culture fits, scheme. Not sure what’s best in the end. There’s a boost that comes with being high profile and successful but you can also get buried on a depth chart. But at a small school you might not have enough success to shine.

  10. Sea Mode

    From Feldman’s Freaks list 2019:

    The 5-8 Moore earned his Freak status last summer before ever playing a game at Purdue when he squatted 600 pounds despite weighing only 174 pounds. Moore has added about 10 pounds this off-season, according to Purdue strength coach Justin Lovett, who describes the sophomore as a rare talent.

    “We wear Catapult (Athlete GPS Tech) like most teams. What we found is that Rondale will hit a minimum of 21 mph every time he steps foot on the field, regardless of designed practice tempo,” Lovett says. “Rondale also routinely doubles the volume of the next closest player. This means he is running faster than everyone else while doubling up on reps. He is full speed all the time. His practice load would be higher than most game loads we typically see. His game loads blew us away when we saw them for the first time. We have been forced to keep a pitch count on him so to speak just to keep him within acceptable practice and training volume ranges.”
    How special is Moore?

    “I was in Denver with the Broncos, then at UGA with Todd Gurley, two of our assistant strength coaches spent time in NFL and got Super Bowl rings,” Lovett says. “Collectively, we had NEVER seen ANYONE like Rondale from an athleticism standpoint before he showed up! When we asked to measure his height on his official visit he said, ‘How tall is fast?’ I figured right then that we might be in for a ride!”

    • cha

      Thank Sea Mode. Interesting read.

      One thing though, reading that piece made me wonder. I wonder if he will need that constant pitch count type supervision. At that small of a body and taking that much of a practice load, he’ll have a pulled muscle constantly.
      Could he be “peaking” as an athlete now? Which is too early to have a lasting effect on the league. Might be a one contract player.

      Sorry for the Debbie Downer.

  11. charlietheunicorn

    DeeJay Dallas came from Miami.. which changed their offense this past offseason to a more “pro” style offense… while watching tape on the guy, were there any other players who stood out on the team?

    • Volume12

      TE Brevin Jordan, but I kinda get the feeling from listening to JS that they aren’t into the 5 star recruits if they aren’t gritty or haven’t been battle tested.

      • charlietheunicorn

        But they like athletic freaks, so if he has the numbers they like, I wouldn’t scratch him off the list just yet. Let’s see when and if CFB gets going this season. I actually think this could be very helpful for Seattle, to see guys uncomfortable with an a-typical CFB offseason/season and draft process. I think this will show more clearly who is ready/contender for the NFL and who is a pretender.

  12. Greg Haugsven

    If Moore could repeat his freshman season he could be a top pick. Just not sure how high he could go at 5’9″

  13. HoosierHawk

    Don’t post on here often, but felt the need to personally thank you Rob for all you do for us rabid Hawks fans. The information you provide us with is second to none and it sure as heck helps me pass the time here at home. You keep putting out articles and I will keep reading them. Hell, put up a grocery list and I’ll read it four times and analyze it every which way I know how.

    As for Rondale Moore, this dude is legit. I have a buddy who has season tickets to Purdue so I went to many a game Moore’s freshman year. Everyone on the opposing team, in the stadium, in the state knew he was getting the ball every other play and they still couldn’t shut him down. Kid gets the ball in his hands and turns into a running back. Like you said, not running out of bounds. He looks to break tackles, cut back across the field, and if necessary, lower his shoulder and get the hard extra yard. This is a BAMF that you spoke of that the Hawks want and need. My two cents. Once again, thanks for all you do for us Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  14. Trevor

    Thanks for these advanced scouting reports Rob I will have a lot more detailed list of players to track this college season.

    We could really use Moore on the Hawks squad this year for his return ability.

  15. TomLPDX

    Hey Rob, as you may remember (or not), I’m a Texas A&M guy and the stuff I’m hearing from the media about Kellen Mond being a potential 1st round pick next year has me rolling on the floor laughing. I actually refused to watch the Aggies last year because Mond is the worst QB I have ever seen and I knew every game would end in heartbreak, which most of them did. The Aggies won’t be competing for any titles as long as Mond is the QB. I will be paying attention to your QB ratings that you’ll be doing over the season and will definitely be interested in your read on Mond.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah… that to me felt like a typical ‘media doesn’t know any 2021 prospects so just lump a big name in there’.

    • Levi S.

      He’s all tools. His technique and decision making need a whole lotta work for him to be NFL ready, But he does have the arm strength, the mobility, and the accuracy – all things that are difficult to impossible to teach someone. He’s definitely not going to be a first round pick barring significant improvement, but I bet a team will take a chance on him solely because of the pure upside and traits.

  16. Happy Hawk

    The 2017 draft is being ravaged. Most of the first round choices that year are not having their 5th year contract options picked up:
    Trubisky – 2nd pick
    S Thomas – 3
    L Fournette – 4
    C Davis – 5
    H Reddick -13
    G Bolles – 20
    c Harris – 22
    G Conley – 24
    Tak McKinley -26
    Taco Charlton – 28
    R Foster – 31

    Others in that draft are superstars: M Garrett, P Mahomes, McCaffrey, D Watson, Tj Watt

    Not an exact science when picks 2-5 that year are not having their options picked up.

    • Volume12

      Most of the first round choices that year are not having their 5th year contract options picked up:
      Trubisky – 2nd pick

      Others in that draft are superstars: ” ” P MAHOMES, ” ” D WATSON, ” ”

      Bears fans: hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok, and flat out deceived

      • cha

        One thing I think Chicago deserves credit for, is not compounding their mistake. They’re in deep trouble with the salary cap. They went all in trading for Mack in the Rookie QB salary window and it didn’t work. They could have activated the 5th year and been even deeper. Instead the brought in some competition and didn’t activate the 5th year. So now they have options.

  17. Coleslaw

    Rob what’s your take on the old “seahawks don’t want to extend DEs long term” idea? Do you think the negotiations with Clowney put out that flame? They offered him long term but no where near the typical $20APY fir premium DEs.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know. I don’t really know what their off-season plan is all about to be honest.

      I think the draft class is perfectly fine just looking at the picks 1-8.

      But the defense remains wholly inadequate and they are no closer — and might even be further away — from a Super Bowl.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I think they just like defensive line by committee and when you pay a guy $20m a year you cant do that. They prefer to spread it around like they did in 2013/14 then put all your eggs into one basket, and personally Im a fan of it. I also seem to think we are underestimating having Dunbar here and Diggs for a full season. Those twp from the start will make the back end much stronger than last season. Maybe Im a homer but i am very optimistic about next year even if there is no Clowney. Im not sure if we can beat KC or Baltimore but I think we could beat anyone from the NFC.

        • GerryG

          A note on roster building via that philosophy (DL by committee): I’m note sure paying Bobby Wagner that much $ makes sense, especially with another expensive guy next to him.

          I do agree that the secondary should be improved this year, Diggs is a big deal, if he plays all year. I’m still concerned about Nickel, and I don’t want to see base D all year again.

          • Greg Haugsven

            If KJ does move to the SAM that would basically eliminate the base D thing. I agree on Wagner but I’m just not sure they had a choice when the Jets and Mosely jacked up the market.

    • Ashish

      JS/PC are counting on LJ, Green and Taylor going forward. They probably need some to contribute this year and mentor current group.
      My 2 cents on what they are thinking

      • Rob Staton

        JS and PC are not counting on Collier and Green.

        They are just not.

        • Ashish

          I would be disappointed if that the case. I mean what they have done so far to improve pass rush (I know you are asking same question) and what they are hoping for, may be 53 players cut or they might able to do trade. Options are slim.

  18. Alec B

    Hey Rob,

    What do you think of the rumors of Marquise Blair competing for the slot corner position? Does he have the short area quickness and coverage ability to be an above average contributor there? I know they would probably like to get him on the field with his speed and hitting ability but it will be tough with Diggs and McDougald at safety.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I wonder if he would just see time there against certain match ups or if they are looking for a larger role there.

    • Rob Staton

      I just can’t see it. He’s a hammer safety.

      • Derek

        If they put Blair on the field I’m thinking they put Diggs at nickle, he’s a much more versatile player.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t know why they’d do that, given Diggs is by far their best secondary player and his best position is FS.

          • Derek

            Well, I can’t really argue that, what do you think PC was alluding to regarding adding competition to nickel corner? Some veteran he has in mind? There isn’t a lot of talented depth at DB on the roster besides Blair and Flowers.

            • Rob Staton

              To me that sounded like a plan internally. Like they might find a way to get Flowers/Dunbar/Griffin all on the field at the same time, or have one of the safeties compete with Amadi.

              • BoiseSeahawk

                Still can’t get over the Blair pick last year.
                He may be a hammer but he’s also a twig.
                Unless the player can bulk up I don’t understand the investment. He’s an injury (to himself) waiting to happen.

  19. Bankhawk

    To Ben Ft. Worth; admiration and supportivness. To Roger Davis; hopes that friends and family are near you, peace of mind be your constant companion, and that you stay virus free! I’m wishing Jadeveon Clowney could read your post and know how much good his decision could bring to some of us out here (while acknowledging he’s only one partner in the dance-not trying to lay that situation at his doorstep at all.) through all this.

    And I sure am wishing we could get Russ a weapon like Ronald Moore;can you EVEN imagine? I expect us to be working through ‘Repairing The Pass Rush: The Sequel’ next off season, though.

  20. charlietheunicorn

    Percy Harvin has a similar skill set….. KR, speed, makes guys miss in open field. Can do WR and RB duties… jet sweeps… try to get the ball to him in space and let him create. Not quit as sturdy in the lower body, but very good at setting up blocks and accelerating once he makes up his mind. Did have injury history, which I know nothing about with RB/WR Rondale Moore.

    Percy was also was 5’11 and 192 at the combine. Not far off at all size wise.
    Very interesting comparison imo.

  21. Lewis

    Rondale looks good, though it sounds like odd he had a good season, he will be out of our reach perhaps.

  22. Steve Nelsen

    I’m doing good healthwise but I am having problems sleeping – lots of nightmares. I worry about work; my team and those we serve. I read your blog every morning with coffee, check on new comments when I can and at least every evening before heading to bed. I read every post and every comment.

    I’d enjoy a post about the Clemson RB. He surprised me when he didn’t declare. All the RBs were there when Seattle picked this year so he might be there when we pick at 32 next year.

  23. Bankhawk

    Travis Etienne catches my eye too: how close does he come to ‘Seahawky physical parameters. Who do folks out there see as probable for the FBS playoffs this year? Guessing it can’t be too far off ‘the usual suspects’.
    Anybody have a’Dark Horse’ fave?

  24. Donovan

    Notable athletic achievement: Hfathor Bjornsson, aka The Mountain, just deadlifted 501 Kg / 1,100 lbs.

    At 6’9, 450 lbs, think Pete could coach him up to be some D line help? 👍🏻

    • Kenny Sloth


  25. Cheese22

    A couple weeks ago I wrote to highlight how Jonathon Taylor was the first guy I’ve seen use a high step as a way to avoid being tackled. It’s a move that could really benefit a lot of backs and I have seen plenty of times where a ball carrier could have avoided being tackled by doing it.
    Now, I see Moore using another move that has all but died out and that’s the stutter step…or high knee stutter step.
    I wonder how many of these guys have seen Walter Payton run the ball or even heard of Gale Sayers. There’s a lot to be learned from some of those “old timers.”

  26. Ishmael

    That squat looked like a proper Quarter Squat Gang effort, but that’s still a hell of a lot of freedom units to have on your back. Fun kid to watch, looks like he’s got quite short little legs which seem to help keep the centre of gravity low. He must be a nightmare to try and tackle.

    What’s the best case scenario for a player like this? A really souped up Darren Sproles?

  27. millhouse-serbia

    Dalton signed 1 year deal with Cowboys.

  28. Gohawks5151

    This kid is a freak. He and Rosseau are my favorite from the class. If we could get either of be a happy many. Devonta Smith too

  29. Zeke

    John Clayton saying Everson Griffen’s market should be $3M. Also says KJ to SAM.

    Would you say they might be better off opening up the extra 6.5 by releasing KJ?

    • millhouse-serbia

      3m? Really? I thought more like 8mil…whatvare they waiting if thats true???

      • Rob Staton

        It’s $3m guaranteed.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it makes any difference now.

      The opportunity to significantly upgrade the defense properly has passed.

      Now it’s just a case of waiting out Clowney and hoping some DT remains available.

    • Steve Nelsen

      They had a roster bonus on KJ a short while back. If they were going to cut him for cap reasons it would have been before that. At this point, KJ is on the roster for the 2020 season unless someone beats him out. They can always free up cap space if they need to by converting some of Russell’s 2020 salary into guarantees.

      I don’t know if Clayton is right about Griffen’s cost but if he is, Seattle could afford him and Clowney. Griffen’s family is really rooted in Minnesota. There is still the possibility he signs with Minnesota or decides to retire rather than move.

      • Bigten

        Someone mentioned that it could have been because KJ wouldn’t have passed a physical having just had surgery. I think this makes sense. So we actually would not have saved any money releasing before that cut off date. Not saying that it’s likely we cut him or even that we should, but the narrative of we missed the window, I don’t think is the correct thinking.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think they will cut him

        • mishima

          If cut before 3/22, they would have saved his $1M roster bonus.

          Wright still qualifies for $1.2M injury payment, if cut and can’t play (fails medical/physical).

          • Greg Haugsven

            I cant see the market for Griffen being only $3m. Clayton doesnt know what he is talking about half the time.

            • charlietheunicorn

              Clayton gets it more right than wrong when it comes to contracts. He is predicting a 38-40M / year deal for Mahomes, unless Obrien screws up a second market (LT is the first) and gives Watson 40m/year.

              There are concerns with his mental health, so that could be a drag on his worth. He also is on the wrong side of 30. It is unknown if there are any physical issues. He might have had surgery this offseason and it has not been reported, which is why he is still unsigned by anyone.

              • Rob Staton

                Does he get more right than wrong?

                When’s the last time he called something?

                • charlietheunicorn

                  35M for RW for one.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Everyone was saying that!

                    It was obvious

    • cha

      Busted shoulder Ziggy got $6m guaranteed last year.

  30. GerryG

    what are the odds we see a substantial number of kids enter the supplemental draft? I’ve seen this idea floating around a few spots, and it really makes a lot of sense if the college season is scrapped. Anyone have a list of eligible guys? The only one I remember that I knew well was Travis Et.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s very likely at all. I suspect there will be barely any difference.

  31. Ralphy

    Wow that was a fun video. I was expecting him to remind me of Noel Divine but he’s so much more powerful. Defenders are on their heel. I love the Deion Sanders/Marcus Allen stutter step that he does.

  32. millhouse-serbia

    @profoptballdoc on Prince Tega Wanogho:

    I think he was a 7th rounder due to knee issues. @Eagles know what they got. Taking chance they can get knee swelling under control.

  33. Scot04

    Found it interesting the Chiefs GM asks Mahomes what 3 players he would like added just after draft started, and he gets his 1st choice. I wonder if Schneider asked Russell about players he would like before the draft.

  34. millhouse-serbia

    There’s lot of talk it wont be college football this season. So it is possible theae Robs reports wont need edit before 2021 draft (exceptntesting numbers).

  35. Zorn is King

    Sounds like Steve Smith, one of my all time faves. Will keep an eye out!

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