Russell Wilson tape vs Ohio State


  1. woofu

    I ended up watching the 1st and 2nd rounders Konz and Zeitler in pass-pro.. Solid play from both.

  2. peter


    as per your reply I can see the lack of improvisational skills form Wilson, it’s actually something that bothers me about my favorite QB pick in the draft (favorite meaning someone the Hawks could actually draft) Osweiler. They both appear to me to make these suspect choices when the play breaks down. Oddly Cousins for his faults seems to make better choices in those situations….and both Wilson and Osweiler seem to be rhythm passers who if given the choice will make the same sorts of plays all day.

    For two good examples of this, the tape above, sort of shows nothing about Wilson, which is fine because QB’s have these types of games and the game for Osweiler against USC where he hits the swing pass, all the live long day, since USC seems to be paralyzed in the brain to stop it.

    I thank you for providing film of Wilson however, and t be fair I’m not sold on him any higher then in the fourth and better still in the fifth, assuming some sort of trade for picks, I legitimately do not know if he will ever have a career in the NFL, but as boring as this philosophy may be to some of us since we don’t have a brees/rodgers/etc on the roster, I think the new NFL will require teams to have solid to good QB play from their backups in the future, and I do think Wilson fits that bill at what I hope to be a good cost, if he turns into the next Brees, awesome, but if he comes in for two game stretches because the starter is injured and acquits himself admirably, ddoesn’t look like Caleb Hanie/Whitehurst/Painter, then I’m all for that as well.

  3. rossco17

    Rob – I love me some Montee Ball. Will he be available in the 2nd or 3rd? I think I’d take him over Polk and that’s saying a lot. I haven’t seen much of Doug Martin, however.

    Also, #54 DL on OSU – John Simon – he dominated in this game, it appears. Very disruptive player. Is he entering the draft?

    Wilson’s got a good arm – zippy throws and a quick release. But accuracy is certainly an issue. I like him less than before after watching this.

    Thanks Rob – love this site.

  4. rossco17

    Nevermind regarding Ball – I didn’t realize he went back to school. We’ll see him in rd 1 next year, i think.

  5. Doug

    Seneca clone, live arm though…
    no thanks

  6. peter

    And of course the disagreement….

    There’s things to be sure of his game to dislike but his stat line and output are way, way better then Seneca’s ever were. It’s not even close.

    I understand Cosell compared him to Seneca Wallace, but Wallace was a fair to middling QB in college at best who has displayed that for the entirety of his career…Wilson, is a 72% completion passer with more TD’s in one year at one system then Wallace could muster in two years with the same system…

    Wallace’s comletion percentage actually goes down between his first and second year…

    I just don’t get the Seneca Wallace reference, is it his size?

  7. woofu

    ,,,,short people got no reason, got no reason to live.

    Of course it is his size. Nobody is going to put that aside. Well maybe Holmgren might draft him to replace McCoy’s current back-up. I thought he was so erratic and inaccurate in the clip vs. OSU above that I went back and watched two draftable OL’s in pass-pro. I’m no expert but Cosell is.

  8. peter

    The OSU game was statistically his worse game of the year.

    Cosell’s great, his opinions are for the most part well reasoned, I’m just not vibing with two ideas recently from him, one Flynn=Whitehurst…Whitehurst is fast as sh*t on his roll-outs and has a cannon….Flynn is good on his rollout, but I wouldn’t call it fast, and as for a canon, who really knows it sure seemed like from his strengths a cannon arm wasn’t one of them. And that Lindley makes “wow” throws, which I’m not even sure how you quantify that let alone use that as any kind of mile marker for QB assessment, he did go on to say that Lindley was a smarter version of Derek Anderson, again I’m not sure how that translates

  9. woofu

    OT,,,Upshaw just ran two 4.81’s which makes him a 4-3 DE.

  10. peter

    I also don’t think size should be put aside….But on a recent thread over at Fieldgulls it was remarked about how many QB’s in the “perfect” size frame washout or never start…I think the evidence on size is clear, that there is no direct or at least founded corollary…Targument on size basically boils down to this for me:

    QB’s need to be 6’5″ and 230, except when they don’t, see:Brees, Rodgers, Vick,

  11. peter

    OT….if he has the makings of a 4-3 DE then does he have the speed for hybrid LB?

  12. woofu

    I think you will get a series of Flynn like contracts on “maybe guys”. Charlie and TJ got the same kind of deal and are processing out of the picture (Charlie) and next TJ if Flynn beats him out. I expect that will continue untill somebody gets the “big deal” to stay. It could be Flynn, it might not be.

    Meanwhile a couple of projects with big upsides work the development bench.

  13. woofu

    OT,,,It would appear to be doubtful for the first half of round one. No more valuable than Kuechly at #12 to me.

  14. peter

    Unfortunately I completely agree do to the playoff year and this last year, the Seahawks are in the situation you describe above….Plus in a good way if they do continue to improve the defense I don’t see them doing worse then 7-9 again, which puts them in the awkward spot of having to consistently do the two year deals to find the right person, trade a whack ton of picks, hope that someone falls, hope that 6 top tier QB’s come out at the same time (super unlikely) or continually search for developmental players deeper in the draft….

    I’m not totally sold on Wilson to be clear…I just feel that if your going for development or a “why not” pick, I’d rather it be spent much later on Wilson then say the second or third on a guy like Cousins a fine prospect but no more likely to me to be starting any sooner then Wilson, and the Second/Third round doesn’t scream confidence to me in a qb pick any more then a 4th or later…it says more like “well, he’s here and so are we…”

  15. Colin

    He had a couple of throws that needed to be “downhill” and all Wilson is capable of is throwing the ball upward in space. His height is now a major concern for me. I like the kid but he’s not worth a 4th anymore IMO. He’ll struggle to be more than a backup from what I’ve seen. With Osweiler at least you have someone who can scramble occasionally and make plays. It’s a shame to see someone with as much talent as Wilson has be limited due to height.

  16. peter

    But if you are picking in the fourth I’m not sure you are asking any more then being a backup….That’s all I’m advocating Wilson for…again if he pans out and lights the world on fire awesome for us, but if Flynn is Tjax is Flynn, and one gets cut or traded in the preseason, them we would still need a backup that doesn’t crap his pants as soon as he comes in to the game, and/or a third QB in front of or behind Portis

    And I do like Osweiler quite a bit but my opinions about him are almost the converse of Wilson, in that he will probably need to be picked in the second, which with the Seahawks holes, I think that may be a wasted pick, as that if our situation more or less resembles last year, we should just bite the bullet and trade picks for Barkeley/Wilson/? at which point picking Osweiler in the second with his need to still be developed would be a waste.

    Osweiler makes a ton of sense for a team like Greenbay, where he can sit and sit and sit, and either be traded or Rodgers starts to suck for some unknown reason, you can play him. Or The eagles where Vick can’t stay healthy, is a smidge old, and he would still have the time to learn befroe he starts….

  17. Nolan Thomas

    @RobRang: Per @dpbrugler, the #Seahawks were well represented at QB Ryan Tannehill’s Pro Day. HC Carroll, GM Schneider and OC Bevell all there.

    Smoke n mirrors or real interest?

  18. Ben2

    Does the 4.81make Ingram, short arms and all, #1 on Seattle’s board or does PC/JS not give a crap cause they love the tape?

  19. woofu

    PC/JS have stated they wanted to increase the speed in the front seven. 4.81/40 is pedestrian at best and outside the first round for any LB. I get the hybrid interest and the tape is very good but imo it makes for a tougher decision at the next level. Hightower is nearly as big and faster,,is he a #12?

    If they were already sold on Upshaw why go looking at Tanny?

  20. Colin

    I think scouting Tannehill is just due dillegence. They are going to look at every possibility for that 12 spot.

  21. Rob

    On Wilson – I’m not a big fan in terms of NFL product. I’ve been quite consistent with that view, even though for the last three years he’s been one of the most fun QB’s to watch. I remember watching the first game of the 2009 college season – NC State vs South Carolina. Wilson flashed everything he has at Wisconsin – but you just couldn’t place him in the pro’s. The height bothers me, the accuracy bothers me, I think he trusts his arm a little too much and just throws in a general direction, not throwing into tight windows. I think he’ll always struggle to stick in the pocket and make plays. So although some teams will like him in that R4-5 range, personally I would pass.

    Nolan Thomas – If I had to guess, smoke and mirrors. I believe there are quarterbacks not expected to go in R1 that Seattle have graded higher than Tannehill.

    Ben2 – It’s all about the tape.

    Woofu – there are other ways to increase speed in a front seven – ie/linebacker. And let’s be honest here, just because Carroll is at the A&M pro-day doesn’t mean there’s any legitimate interest in Tannehill. Sometimes you just want to figure out a guy because one day you’ll be facing him. Let’s not forget, Seattle hosted Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, Josh Freeman under Ruskell – and passed on all three.

  22. Ely

    First off if we take a QB in the later rounds I really hope it’s Chandler Harnish and not Wilson. I would love to see more tape on Harnish but the little I have seen that was posted on this site looked very good.

    Also Upshaw is a little on the slow side but looked extremely powerful. The thing that threw me off in watching a little of the pro day was that one of Alabama’s coaches said he thinks Hightower would be the more fearsome Pro with his length, speed and versatility. Also when I watch the tape on Upshaw, Hightower sticks out more to me.

  23. peter


    A lot of talk will center around if/when Seattle should pick a QB….for the sake of information…who if any and where if at all would you like Seattle to pick a QB?

    I’ve heard pros and cons to a lot of QB’s, but if you were picking? Osweiler in the Second? Harnish in the Fourth? Neither…Austin Davis in the 6th or an UDFA?

    I’m just curious…

  24. Rob

    Peter – From a personal point of view, I’d draft Brock Osweiler in any round where I felt I couldn’t get him in the next one. If that’s round two, so be it. But that isn’t going to happen unfortunately, and what’s more likely is we see a guy taken in R4-6. In that range keep an eye on Wilson, Harnish, Davis and maybe one or two others Kirk Cousins and Osweiler are the ones to watch if BPA in R3.

    For what it’s worth, I really like Harnish and Davis even if they only end up as long-term backups.

  25. peter

    Thanks for that….

    Harnish, because of tape you provided does look the part….Davis, I’m not sure on..I was sure on Cousins, but there’s a blandness that doesn’t sit with me….

    I like your thoughts on the pick, and spot for Osweiler, not just round three but the idea you take him where you won’t be able to get him in the next….I’m pretty stoked to here about his pro-day.

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