Ryan Lindley (QB, SDSU) vs TCU

June 26th, 2011 | Written by Rob Staton

3 Responses to “Ryan Lindley (QB, SDSU) vs TCU”

  1. Kip Earlywine says:

    Can’t say I’m overly impressed by Lindley so far. He seems to run a very simple offense, because on almost every play its one read and pass- regardless of that first read being open or not. I guess its a little better than making 1 read, waiting, then passing (aka “locking on to WR”), but its not good enough for the NFL. He needs to challenge himself more. Both Hasselbeck and Locker do a lot of 1 read stuff, but at least they will throw the ball away several times a game when they don’t see an open target. In this game at least, Lindley doesn’t, and a quality opponent makes him pay for it just as you would expect.

    Lindley doesn’t have 1st round tools either. His height seems fine, but his frame seems skinny and he doesn’t have a strong looking arm- although he does have a solid deep ball despite that. He doesn’t seem quicker than average with his legs either, and his footwork on dropbacks looks ugly.

    He struggled with accuracy in this game too. Probably the only definite positive about Lindley I can think of is a good release. Its quick and the ball comes out high enough.

    Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’d probably give Lindley a 3rd round grade.

  2. Troy says:

    Lindley reminds me a bit of Charlie Whitehurst. I could be completely off with that comparison (I usually am).

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