Samson Satele visits Seahawks

This is more evidence that the Seahawks are unsatisfied with the center play in pre-season. Satele started for the Dolphins in 2014 but with Mike Pouncey moving from guard this year, he found himself without a job.

The Raiders traded for Satele in 2009 when Tom Cable was Head Coach in Oakland. He’s played a lot of football over the years and would offer a solid stop-gap option with familiarity of the scheme.

At this stage the Seahawks adding a new center seems almost inevitable. It also suggests if Evan Mathis does opt for the Seahawks (his agent says he’ll pick a team this week) then one of Mathis or Britt could be asked to snap.

They’re tight against the cap which makes you wonder — will they do a deal with Kam Chancellor to create some room? Give him an extension, some more guarantees and maybe reduce his 2015 hit? That way you kill two birds with one stone. You get Chancellor in and you upgrade your O-line. It might be easier to justify to your other stars if you can claim you wanted to extend Chancellor anyway to make this kind of move. It might keep the wolves from the door next year (although probably not…).

While Satele is solid and has center experience — Mathis is the prize O-line free agent on the market. Having been linked with Seattle this week, it’d almost be a disappointment for Seahawks fans to miss out.

Pete Carroll said today Mathis’ meeting went well and he’s an option. “We got the information we needed“. He also suggested some complexity to a potential deal and that they’d need to make some other moves to make it happen.

Whatever happens, it’s time to start looking at the center class for the 2016 draft.


  1. Cysco

    I suspect that Mathis and the Hawks have a handshake deal in place contingent on the Hawks being able to work some deals around to make room. It makes too much sense for them to bring Mathis in.

    The question I have is whether Satele is a fallback or in addition to Mathis. You have to assume Satele would be a vet minimum guy.

    Is the OL in such shambles that they’d be willing to bring in vets for LG and C? Should be an interesting week.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    After trading Unger you would think the Seahawks would have drafted a center. Pretending that you can put any good linemen into that position is idiotic. They are the spark that starts every play. Not only do they have to get the snap count right, they also have to block while they snap, and try not to step on the QBs foot. It is a lot to ask when a big nose tackle is lined up across from you and intends to bull rush his way into the backfield.

    • Trevor

      I think they wanted Morse as Rob suggested but missed on him.

      • Rugby Lock

        IIRC Morse was playing center for the Chefs last week.

    • Rob Staton

      Had them taking Mitch Morse in my mock but he was gone in round two. Ali Marpet was also gone. If they didn’t like the other options there’s not much they can do. Having seen Frank Clark so far, would anyone seriously rather have Hroniss Grasu (for example).

      • Trevor

        I don’t think anyone can complain about the first 2 Hawks picks. They basically got 2 first round talents at the end of round 2 and middle of round 3.

        I do think they should have looked at bolstering the position on the veteran free agent before the 3rd week of pre season however.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s early days, but the Clark/Lockett picks look like Seattle’s best since 2012.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I like the Seahawks picks, I’m just questioning why they couldn’t pick a center in the mid-late rounds. There is a huge jump in trying to convert an offensive linemen to center. Heck there are often even different players for long snaps – that has always baffled me too.

            • Rob Staton

              Again, they probably didn’t like the options. Taking a bad center for the sake of it is as much a solution as not taking one at all.

              • Kyle

                It’s as economists point out, there are no solutions, only trade-offs

              • CharlietheUnicorn

                Taking a player that is a bad fit for your scheme, is actually a detriment. You are wasting a pick on someone while missing out on another prospect. You could miss out of 2 or 3 guys due to an ill advised pick perhaps.

            • matt

              Alaska- We traded 4 picks for Lockett. There’s the Center(among others) pick. JS/PC went quality over quantity(if you can call 8 picks that haha) in this last draft. Lockett will prove to be worth the added competition the extra picks would have reaped.

            • Steele

              I agree with AlaskaHawk. Lockett/Clark may prove useful (on the field), at the cost of the O line, which certainly could have been addressed with better options in the draft and FA. And there were many options. I think they were overconfident that they could replace Unger and plug in new guys, even guys who have never played OL.

              The scenario Rob suggests would be a win-win, but will take a lot of manuevering. Would Mathis take a cheap deal? How confident are you with Britt at center? Satele is a logical stopgap who knows the scheme, but how much better is he than the existing guys?

              • matt

                We drafted 3 OL prospects- 2 ,that we in the blog were targeting, in round 4 and SPARQ god Sokoli to convert to OL in the 6th round. We addressed the OL in strength and numbers in the last draft.

                Satele and Mathis are being offered a chance at a championship at a fraction of their worth. JS/PC are kicking the tires on talent still on the street. We don’t really have any money to spend, above the veteran minimum, unless we make a cut or trade of the most likely candidate in Kearse…or in spending the money Kam’s long term holdout would open up.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  But none of them are centers, and that was the Seahawks biggest need on the line.

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    There were centers available in the draft. There may be more available from cuts. I’m not excited about these free agents looking for a payday. We got some young linemen, the current line will probably get the Seahawks into the playoffs. It just bugs me when they knew there was an issue losing Unger, they don’t draft a center despite drafting other linemen, and now they might have a problem. If it really is an issue then find a center- not a guard or tackle, not a defensive convert, a center that has played the position in college.

                    • Rob Staton

                      “There were centers available in the draft”

                      The top three center’s were off the board before Seattle’s first pick.

                      Again, taking a bad center or a player you don’t like just to fill a need is not a smart move. It’s even worse than not addressing it or letting one of your existing group have a shot at the starting gig.

                  • matt

                    Sokoli was drafted as a center. Nowak is a young center prospect. We brought back Lem and Lewis. Who in the 4th round would be head and shoulders above those 4 competitors?

                  • CharlietheUnicorn

                    I can;t say Nowak played poorly in the second preseason game. I didn’t notice any obvious mistakes. Perhaps he made some protection calls incorrectly, but the line seemed to function crisply at the snap.

                  • manthony

                    Mathis wouldnt be THAT expensive, said to be willing to take 3.5 Mill to come here.
                    Cable and JS, do not have any ‘wow’ picks on the line, so being able to bring in someone of Mathis talent at 3.5 has to look appealing, itd essentially give us a poor mans version of Walter and Hutch. Okung has never played with a LG of his caliber and thatd be awesome to see.
                    Our front office had a pretty good offseason, im not gonna lose sleep because they didnt find an instant replacement for Unger.

                • RealRhino2

                  I’m not sure I’d say what we did was address the OL in strength and numbers in the draft. I’d say we did the equivalent of grabbing a bunch of yard sale items and hoping that sheer numbers nets you something useful. Given the reaction in the media, one wonders whether we could have gotten Clark (or even Lockett) a bit later and really addressed the C issue with one very good prospect rather than a handful of projects.

                  I also liked Shaq Mason or Max Garcia in later rounds. Even if not ready to start Game 1, you’d have a guy who might be able to press his way into the starting lineup midway through if Nowak/PL/LJP struggles.

            • Bruce M.

              You seem to be assuming that a center in the mid-late rounds could start his rookie year. It happens, but not often, and it happens successfully even less often. The Dallas center comes to mind, as I recall….

              • Volume12

                Dallas C Travis Frederick was the 31st overall pick and the last true C to go in round 1 I believe.

                • bigDhawk

                  And the ‘Girls were roundly panned at the time for reaching.

          • matt

            “It’s early days, but the Clark/Lockett picks look like Seattle’s best since 2012.” Rob

            Agree completely! It’s been a few years since we’ve hit big in the draft. Clark and Lockett are both big time players!

            • AlaskaHawk

              I agree with them being good picks. Hopefully the smerf will make it thru a full season.

          • CharlietheUnicorn

            Can I throw in the CB Tye Smith for consideration. I’ve not seen anything about him totally looking outclassed or out hustled in games when he has played. He has some amazing closing speed. He might end up being one of the “big” stars from 2015.

            • matt

              Liked what I’ve seen from Tye Smith thus far, but it’s way too early to call him a big hit. CB’s have typically taken awhile to really show up. Sherm-half season, WT3- 2 years, Maxwell- 2+ years, Browner played in the CFL. Smith is still fighting for a spot on the 53 man roster, and I think he’ll make it!

              • Volume12

                I agree about CB Tye Smith. In 1-3 years from now, he’ll be one of the many classic Seahawk steals at the CB position in that 5th round range they love so much.

                • bigDhawk

                  He looks like Jeremy Lane 2.0 to my eyes, which is a good thing.

  3. Trevor

    I was really hoping they were going to get Mathis but if it means giving Kam a new deal then I hope they pass because it is going to cause huge problems going forward as Bennett and the rest start lining up at Schneiders door. I think extending Mebane makes a lot more sense as it looks like he as recovered fully from the injury and we dont have his replacement on the roster for 2016.

    I never dreamed I would say this because Kam was my favorite player but I think they should let him sit for the year if he wants and fine him the max allowable to prove a point. I still cant believe the supposed leader of our team is the only signed player in the NFL holding out and he has 3 years left on his deal.

    • JeffC

      If the cap doesn’t go up dramatically, this has the potential to become a fiasco if they extend Kam. Danny Oneill did mention that one difference between Bennett and Kam is that Bennett has been to free agency twice and finally got his “lifetime” deal with us. So the club would take a harder line with him. Kam has never made it to free agency and Oneill felt that there was a possibility seattle would take the “each contract to be negotiated on its own merits” approach, and perhaps work something out.

      However, Bennett is their best defensive player right now.

      • arias

        I don’t agree with O’Neil’s reasoning. Kam would have been a free agent if he had waited a year to do his deal but opted for the 17 mil guaranteed that he was offered. That’s nothing like saying he never had his free agency because he was still in a rookie contract. He had his chance at free agency and decided to forgo it for security. Now he regrets that move.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I have a sneaking suspicion this is Bennett’s last year in Seattle. He showed up, but squawks quite a bit. I could see them trading him for w/e they can get after the season…. and continue to churn the roster.

  4. Phil

    Rob – I like your idea of offering an extension to Kam while lessening his cap hit this year. Sounds like a way for both negotiating parties to save face. It could be that what he really wants is some reassurances that he has a future with the Seahawks, and some additional guaranteed money IN EXCHANGE for some additional years under contract may be a win-win proposition.

  5. cha

    Does anyone know what has happened to Patrick Lewis? He’s not even in the conversation it seems. He had some pretty decent games last year for the Hawks.

    Is he hurt? Were the Hawks just hamstrung and had to scheme around a bad player?

    • Volume12

      He was probably the best option at the time. Doesn’t really fit their prototype along the O-line. They seem to want a hieght of at least 6’3.

    • Rob Staton

      Seemingly hasn’t done enough in camp.

      • Screeching Hawk

        “Seemingly”? Man you british people have such a vast comprehension on the English language compared to us over across the pond. I wonder why? Psyche, I love it Rob! Keep it coming. Jarryd Hayne the Australian rugby player is tearing it up, I really wanted him on the team!

        • matt

          Hayne looks like a natural return man! Punt returns are right up his alley coming from rugby!

          • Screeching Hawk

            I know right? Go on and you can see all three of his punt returns from yesterday, the guy is a stud and even though he’s a 9’er I’m pulling for the lad.

            • matt

              Watched the first half of SF/Dallas. Hayne is a difference maker. The niners still have a lot of good looking talent. The NFCW is clearly the toughest division in football!

              • CharlietheUnicorn

                This is still preseason. Once the ST coaches start scheming for him.. let’s see what he can do. As a RB, Hayne looks decent so far.

                • matt

                  If an opponent has to scheme for a return specialist you’ve already won the battle.

                  • CharlietheUnicorn

                    Devin Hester was always accounted for as a ST returner…… because if you gave him the ball, he might score.

                    As for Haynes, let’s see how he does when they squib kick it to him or short punt it or all the other little tricks kickers and punters have these days.

                    I’m definitely intrigued to see how he does fair-catching the ball…. being forced to FC or run will be a change for him from rugby.

                  • matt

                    I’m not a rugby guru, but I’m pretty sure Haynes has seen any kick or punt in rugby as he will see in the NFL. Fielding awkward kicks/punts and avoiding people in the open field is the name of the game…the game being rugby. 😉

        • bigDhawk

          I say lets get rugby players and convert them to OL. Start a new trend, get ahead of the curve, all that.

  6. Lewis

    Anybody know the Steelers’ status with regard to backups? Is the Pouncey injury liable to increase demand for a guy like Mathis?

    • Screeching Hawk

      I was thinking the same thing Lewis when I saw he got hurt yesterday in the same game as Jordy. As Aaron Rodgers said its unfortunate when a player gets hurt in a meaningless game. That’s the way the ball bounces unfortunately.

  7. Screeching Hawk

    There is no “Legion of Boom” without “The Chancellor” we would then have the “Legion of Awesomeness” instead. I’m for changing his deal and giving him for guarantees. Kam probably I hope I’m wrong won’t last deep into his thirty’s with how hard he plays. He knows it and so do the people giving him advice. With how much Love he gets from Earl and Richard maybe they would change the structure their deals to allow that. I can’t believe that some people are not behind Bam Bam

    • Rob Staton

      People aren’t behind ‘Bam Bam’ because he’s already signed a big extension, is putting himself before the team and threatening to waste millions making a point.

      • Screeching Hawk

        I understand it is frustrating with him being this way. I just can’t be upset with him, I love him as a player too much. I also believe that there is more to the story then we know.

        • Lewis

          It’s cool to think that way as a fan, but from a business POV, rewarding players with three years left on a contract for holding out is a terrible idea.

          • Screeching Hawk

            Does a contact that becomes reworked have to be public knowledge? I’m assuming it does. Anyone?

            • JeffC

              As soon as the player doesn’t report (and is the only one in football not reporting who is under contract), it can’t help but become public knowledge.

              If he had reported as Brock Huard suggested (rather than unfriending him), it maybe could have been done in secret. Unlikely though. Things like this tend to leak and then Ian Rappaport breaks the story.

      • Trevor

        Incredibly well put!

      • Screeching Hawk

        Some people were saying the same things about Marshawn last year. Granted he didn’t hold out long because they took care of him quickly. So unfortunately and I hate to say it because he is my favourite but “Beast Mode” actually started this not Bennett or Wilson. I know were all Hawks geeks, but realistically it’s the players business literally.

        • matt

          I’m a big fan of the enforcer Kam too! Kam’s holdout is COMPLETELY different than Lynch’s last season. The years remaining on the contract, coming off a prorated rookie contract and that the initial signing bonus was paid by the Hawks/Bills. JS/PC cannot give in to a player that wants to restructure after 1 season into a 4 year extension. They have to lay down the law to set a standard.

    • cha

      Love from Earl? Earl publicly called for Kam to “come home.” Mebane too. And Mebane was a cut candidate this offseason, as the Hawks asked him to restructure and he said no.

      I wouldn’t count on any love from the players on this one.

      • Screeching Hawk

        I am really starting to think that this is from when he hurt his knee on the last practice on the last play before the super bowl and then admirably played through it? His knee might not be right yet? So this is all a way for him to hopefully get healed without everyone thinking he’s damaged. I hope I’m wrong. I want him back so badly!

        • Drew

          Even if he was, he’d just go on the PUP list until he was healthy to start playing, just like Earl and Simon

    • Jeremy

      Honestly, I can see Kam’s point. The NFL is on track to make 12 billion this year….12 billion. Why on earth is the hardest hitting football player in the entire league only going to make 4.55 million?? What a joke! (endorsements aside.) Rework the man, that’s just not right. I don’t care if he signed his contract, teams cut people from their contracts all the time. It works both ways. Get the flipping done already. We need him!

      • JeffC

        Are you willing to cut Mebane so Kam can have Earl Thomas money? Are you prepared for Sherman, Thomas, Bennett, and Avril hold out next training camp to get reworked because they did it for Kam?

        Schneider, I’m sure has already considered these questions. It’s why he has to be a GM first and a fan second. You don’t want the same problem the Raiders had a few years ago, Dallas, New Orleans, etc where you have to unload talent to fit into a mandated cap.

        • CharlietheUnicorn

          All the 1st world problems of a SB contending team and the glorious salary cap.

        • Jeremy

          Are you prepared for Kam to sit out the entire season? Everybody assumes that others will hold out as well if Kam gets more money. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. They can float money around to pay Kam more that doesn’t cost them Mebane…ala Kearse. I never said they had to cut Mebane or that Kam should get Thomas money….

          Besides, the salary cap is projected to go up around 7-17 mil in 2016, and Harvin I believe is still taking up 7.2 mil of dead money that will come off next year. It’s not the end of the world if they give Kam a well deserved raise.

          • Tien

            They can’t give everyone extensions or new contracts…and still stay under the salary cap. None of us can predict the future but Bennett was already complaining about re-negotiating this year. If the FO gives in to Kam and gives him a raise with three years left on the contract, why wouldn’t Bennett also hold out next for a bigger contract? Why wouldn’t any other player think they deserve a new deal based on their perception of their worth, which may or may not line up with true market value? I love Kam also but for us to be a perennial contender, I’m hoping the FO stays firm and makes him choose between showing up or not getting paid this year.

          • Screeching Hawk

            I’m completely with you Jeremy my man! We need “The Chancellor” I’m just hoping he’s actually healthy and ready to BOOM it up!

          • JeffC

            Yes I am prepared for Kam to sit out the entire season. If seattle’s defense cannot be top 5 without Kam Chancellor, then this team is a paper tiger. Because if you depend upon one player, then you haven’t done your job as a GM. However, I’ve been watching football since 1974, I have never seen a complete defense depend upon a strong safety, as good as kam is. And if you are so attached to Kam that you can’t live without him, then you better take a look at your emotions, because Kam has been getting injured more often as he’s hit his peak years, and with his style of play, I doubt he holds up through a second contract if he gets one. The team should, and apparently is, preparing itself to go on without him if it comes to that.

            Since seattle holds the higher cards in this equation, the ONLY way JS should renegotiate with him is if he somehow can prevent an absolute fiasco of demands from the next leg of players who want money up front. When you say we are assuming that others will hold out as well…well c’mon dude. What is Kam doing? So what conclusions SHOULD we reach?

            • Screeching Hawk

              You do make some understandable points JeffC, I just wish this whole thing with Kam would end like how about 3 weeks ago! Drama, something is going to happen we can just be thankful that he didn’t tear his ACL. We’ll hopefully he didn’t. Like I’m speculating something else could be going on that is under the radar, as a figure of speech.

      • mrpeapants

        didn’t he make 16 mill the last 2 years?

  8. Screeching Hawk

    There is no “Legion of Boom” without “The Chancellor” we would then have the “Legion of Awesomeness” instead. I’m for changing his deal and giving him for guarantees. Kam probably I hope I’m wrong, won’t last deep into his thirty’s with how hard he plays. He knows it and so do the people giving him advice. With how much Love he gets from Earl and Richard maybe they would change the structure their deals to allow Kam what he is wanting. I can’t believe that some people are not behind “Bam Bam”?

    Now I understand the whole honor thy contract way of looking at it, but remember he was the first extension of our defensive backfield. Look he’s become the metaphoric “Soul” of our defense. He especially gets Earl and Richard so pumped with his big hits and intimidates all who are io the opposing side. It just wouldn’t feel the same. I know in my heart it will all be good!

    I’m really happy with Lockett and Clark so far. I’d of course like Mathis but has he even played center in the NfL? Either way a deal best be done soon. You’re the Man Rob!

    To conclude I feel bad for Jordy Nelson, if he was a Hawk he’d be one of our favorite boys. Go Hawks, Seattle’s not Atlanta’s just in case there was some confusion. Smiley Face

  9. Screeching Hawk

    Hey Rob is there any way you can add an “edit your comment” option for us. I for one get frusterated when it doesn’t read as I intended it to. I also say some weird silly things that may annoy or possibly affend people sometimes. I’m sorry about that everyone the truth is I’m manic depressive and I love Ale and lager way too much. I’m wanting to be a better man it’s a process. I appreciate all you guys and gals for you’re passion for our team!

    • bigDhawk

      And perhaps bump the comments font size up a tick or two. It’s just on the verge of making me squint. So much quality football talk – I’d like to be able to read it a little easier.

  10. matt

    Here’s the thing about Kam’s contract, and pretty much all of the extensions that we’ve seen signed on top of rookie deals, the 4 years/$28 mil extension he signed- the signing bonus is spread over 5 years. This is a genius strategy by JS that keeps the yearly cap number low. Kam’s cap number is “only” $4.5 mil this year-Ok that’s lower than what he’s worth. The fact that Kam got a large signing bonus(don’t know the $ amount…) in the last year of his rookie deal-where we do not have to guarantee him any more money- is completely forgotten. The hard line stance that JS/PC are making with Kam is well warranted. This is an issue that will pop up every year if we don’t take a hard line stance right now. Kam will show up sooner or later-or he won’t get paid and accrue another year played if he doesn’t.

    PC mentioned in todays press conference that we’d see a few names come up today and tomorrow coming to talk with us. Satele and Mathis are the first to come. I think this is a ploy to strong arm Kam. To me this is spending the money that a prolonged holdout from Kam would open up.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      I think it benefits the Hawks and (Satele and Mathis) together. They get interest going in the marketplace and Seattle can kick the tires and try to solidify the position.. turning the OL around from a liability to a strength.

      I’m very intrigued by Mathis, due to his SPARQ and all the fancy metrics that have been ban-tied about. If they can get him on a modest deal, so he can get a ring, and they can improve or upgrade the OL… I’m all in for it. Getting to the SB is hard… and Seattle needs to get back into that rare air to return.

  11. Screeching Hawk

    I see what you’re saying in a way if our intentions really are to sign Mathis or not it’s a ploy because if we sign Mathis that could possibly mean that Kam would have to sit for a year. If the money is coming from the cap space from Kam’s contract that is freed up right now since he’s not in camp. I wonder how it works I mean with that variable being is there a certain date we can void Kam’s contract for the year since he’s doing his thing? Man it sure is frustrating but if we come out of this with “Happy Healthy Kam” and Mathis, Hawks win again!

    • matt

      Kind of…we can’t void Kam’s contract without owing him his guaranteed $. Every game week that Kam sits out we gain that game check back in cap room…I believe. Kam has to report to the team after the 10th game at the latest in order for this to be an accrued year by Kam. Meaning if Kam sits out the entire season we get $4.55 back in cap space and Kam would still be under contract for the next 3 years.

      • Rugby Lock

        I believe the Hawks could petition to have that credit put towards next years cap. I am also a huge Bam Bam fan but I do not want the Hawks to redo his deal as it will mean more players coming back to have their deals redone also.

  12. CharlietheUnicorn

    I’m shocked that this line was uttered in the article.

    “Whatever happens, it’s time to start looking at the center class for the 2016 draft.”

    We know, when you have the Seahawks figured out in the draft.. they pull a fast one and zig when people thought they should zag… please see the Frank Clark pick in 2015 draft for an example.

    • Screeching Hawk

      Who would trade our third or possibly second round draft pick with our 31st pick(Super bowl winners) next year to score Ezekiel Elliott? He’s awesome and if he keeps it up he’d be a possible everydown running back. I know there are always going to be needs but as a run first team it would be worth it I believe. There is the possibility that Marshawn plays through his contract. The man is a very special specimen, so typical logic on when running backs start to loose it like the dreaded thirtieth birthday I don’t think apply to him. We shall see. For me it will be the sadest day in Hawkville when he hangs up his golden cleats.

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        Elliot is going top 20 and most likely top 10 if he has a solid to spectacular year. I believe this is Lynch’s last season in my heart of hearts. If he gets another SB…. he is 99% going to retire. I do not believe in throwing a bunch into the RB position (draft pick wise). I, however, believe they need to get a legit back-up QB from the draft. It is time.

        • Volume12

          A lot depends on how Gurley and Gordon fare this year. Zeke is a good back, but he’s not top 10. Top 20 possibly. Still think LA Tech HB Kenneth Dixon is the most complete back in the draft. His running style says ‘I want it more than anyone else on the field.’ Dude’s production over 4 years is unbeleivable. Has nice ‘wiggle’ and lateral agility fot a power runner too.

          • Trevor

            Vol12 you really think Kenneth Dixon will be a better pro than Zeke Elliott? Did you watch the Bowl Playoffs last year? Dixon is a nice back but a mid round option IMO. I think you have to take into the account the quality of competition when you look at production in college.

            • Volume12

              Do you watch Urban Meyet’s offense? Name one player who came from his scheme that’s been successful in the NFL not including lineman.

              Look I like Zeke, let’s see him string together a couple productive seasons in a row. He’s not this next great back some are making him out to be . Zeke needs work on his pass-catching and run-blocking. Will Dixon be the better pro? That’s conducive to what scheme and coaching staff get ahold of him.

              Take into account what about the level of competition? He crushes it and flat-out dominates. He’s a TD machine. Most in CFB of the current players. If he scores 20 TDs this year he’ll break an NCAA record.

              Yes, he’s a late 3rd-4th round option, but what does that matter? That’s value man. And it is becausr he comes from C-USA.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think the Clark pick was that unexpected.

      They’ve generally gone after needs. Some picks were surprising, but we’ve generally been able to identify the areas where they’re likely to target and the types of players they covet.

      • Volume12

        Not at all was it shocking. Wasn’t part of the reason we lost the SB due to the fact we had no depth at DE?

      • bigDhawk

        And to be fair to yourself, Rob, you did talk about Clark significantly before the draft (and I was on record as being unimpressed by the tape I saw at the time, which I’m happy to be wrong about so far). Those of us who follow this blog were properly informed about Clark as a possible early round target, so it should not have come as a complete surprise.

  13. drewjov11

    Screeching hawk, do you have ADHD? Lol! Stay on topic.

    • Screeching Hawk

      I think I probably do, I know I’m Bipolar and yes I do have alot of thoughts in my head about the Seahawks. If you mean the topic of the thread then I understand and will work on staying on topic for this blog. I just love talking about our team. I don’t blame you if it’s annoying so thanks, I’ll work on it M8.

  14. HOUSE

    There are several interesting and INTERTWINED situations going on right now…

    Off Line: We are looking for an upgrade… I think that the WISEST decision is to sign Satele and leave Britt @ LG. By bringing in a vet to play C, we have the ability to leave a guy like Nowak/Sokoli in learning mode and prepping them for starting next year. Leaving Britt @ LG will also allow him to lock up that position for the next 3 years.

    Kam: As discussed, we need Kam… The LOB ain’t quite the LOB without Kam. Whether we structure a deal to lower his 2015 cap and allot $$$ into guarantees after 2015, we can’t have him sit out… Dion Bailey has looked good, but he isn’t Kam. I would however love to see ET/Kam/Bailey in a 3-man Safety set…

    Lockett Picks: I understand ppl being frustrated with trading the 4 picks to move up and take Lockett… Please, get over it! We currently have a 90-man roster and of those 37 being cut, I’m sure some of them will find homes on another roster. The FO believes Lockett filled more than 1 void and he will be used as such. We would’ve potentially drafted 3 other guys that would be getting cut. With a roster as DEEP as ours (we do have some holes), QUALITY over QUANTITY is what we need!!! We took 8 guys in this draft and 3-4 will probably make the 53-man roster. We’ll have a bunch of picks next year and I can see a similar trade pulled off for another NEED

    • Tien

      Totally agree with you about Lockett! He’s already looking like a dangerous returner and once he solidifies as starting WR, we’ll all be looking back to him and Clark and realizing what a great draft we had this year!

    • Screeching Hawk

      House! That was brilliantly stated please comment more often, I Like your style! Dion is looking up to the part I agree but he ain’t no Kam, no one is!

    • Volume12

      House, I suspect they’ve envisioned 3-man safety sets for a couple years now. IMO they would’ve pulled the trigger on WAZZU S Deone Bucannon had he been there 2 years ago.

      • HOUSE

        We used a few 3-S sets when Jeron Johnson was playing. Kam would cheap up and stack the box and Johnson would cover the intermediate. Area29 was free roaming and that DEF had very good production in 3rd down situations…

  15. HD

    JS always plays the board till the final spin…they’ll be sorting things out at the 53 cutdown…Interesting Mathis has not signed…but some think he would take less to come to Seattle…You may be right…the Chancellor restructure to sign Mathis for more guaranteed next year…that’s wild…but then it’s been that kind of year…..Seattle does need to draft a center next year.

    • Volume12

      There’s some very intriguing C prospects for the upcoming draft too. Think JS knew that ahead of time? LOL. History show you can get great quality at the position in the 3rd round.

  16. Ed

    Don’t break the bank or philosophy for Mathis (especially long term) or Cam. Satele would come cheap and I thought should have looked at him (maybe we did and passed) last year. Let Britt and Gilliam develop. Maybe Gilliam can become our LT next year if we let Okung leave. As for Cam, I would say trade him, but probably won’t get the value. So, let him holdout until week 10, then he has to come back to get a contract year out of the way and he is fresh and healthy for the late run to the SB.

    • bigDhawk

      It’s “K”am, not “C”am. (I’ve made that mistake before, too.)

      As for letting some of our current OL noobs develop, I’m not sure I want t see that. I see this season as a critical, championship opportunity, and if we have the chance to upgrade the OL with reliable veteran leadership – even if just on a stop-gap basis – I think it is the right move.

  17. Trevor

    Just read this article on the Kam holdout and thought it was a very interesting read. I think he is dead on and there are two scenarios. Neither is good if you are a Hawks fan.

    • bigDhawk

      A trade would only happen if we got significant compensation in return AND Kam got the extension he wants from his new team. There is no way another team is going to pay a premium to sign an injury-risk player to a long-term, high-price extension. I don’t see it happening.

      • Trevor

        I dont think a trade is going to happen either because teams will view Kam as damaged goods. That is why I think he either sits the year or comes back before week one. Then who knows what the attitude will be like and after missing camp so many guys who hold out get hurt with things like hamstrings etc.

        • AlaskaHawk

          IF he comes back he probably won’t play significant time for a couple weeks while he gets into playing shape and gets his reads back.

    • JeffC

      If the team were really going to entertain trading him, then they might as well break their pledge to only renegotiate in the last year of deals and resign/restructure him. because by trading him the other guys would know that simply by holding out, they would get what they want, and the whole idea of preventing early contract holdouts would fall apart.

      • Trevor

        If PC/JS were going to cave they would have by now.

        How does Kam come back and save face in that locker room? I dont think the Hawks saying they will not fine him is going to do it. Fire his agent? Maybe but does that change anything for him.

        Anyways this is my last post on Kam. Too much time spent thinking about my favorite player who I thought was the ultimate leader and team guy that turned out to be a sham. Even if he comes back now the Chancellor jersey never sees the light of day again.

        Let the Dion Bailey era begin. I dont think our secondary can be called LOB without the Boom though.

  18. Trevor

    Also just listened to Bennett interview on 710 comparing his relationship to a marriage where he cant leave his wife because he loves the kids. That can’t be a great attitude to have in the locker room. Can you imagine what it will be like if they give into Kam.

    I love Bennett and think he is a top 5 DL in the NFL but his and Irvins attitudes are getting real old. If we were not a favorite to win the Super Bowl I would say trade Kam, Bennett and Irvin. Load up on high picks and extend our companionship window 5 years.

    Problem is there is no way we win an SB without Kam, Bennett and Irvin. Puts PC/JS in a tough spot and sucks as a Fan. Wish these guys could be happy making $5mil + per year and being on a Championship Team in a great city with a great organization. Does not seem like much to ask to a regular guy like myself.

    • Volume12

      Bennett appears to be a leader to my eyes. He’s outspoken and embraces his individuality. It’s not as simple as trading guys away and then expecting rookies to put up the same production. Bennett can b**ch and moan all he wants, he ain’t going nowhere and he knows it.

      This isn’t Percy Harvin we’re talking about. It’s no different than Lynch. They’re just cut fom different clothes. Show up, produce, be a great teammate, work hard, and PC will deal with all the BS that comes from his ‘cast of characters.’

      • Trevor

        I agree and I love the way Bennett plays but it is sad to hear the supposed leaders of our Defense talking like they are playing for the league minimum or something.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast. AKA the business side of professional football.

        • JeffC

          I guess my perception of the interview was more positive. He’s not happy with his contract – we all knew that. But he said he wants to be a professional and keep doing his job, playing hard, etc. As long as he does his job what more could we ask?

          • Trevor

            I agree that he plays hard and I love his game. As long as he keeps it up I agree. But I would hardly call complaining about your contract and the team every time you get a mic in front of you professional

  19. Trevor

    On that note what do you guys think about this trade. Kam, Irvin and Bennett to the Falcons for Vic Beasly, Jake Matthews + 2016 1st and 4th and 2017 2nd round pick.

    Before you jump on me this is just for discussion I know this is not reality and does not take things like cap issues into account.

    It instantly fixes the Falcons defense and solves some of our issues as well.

    • Volume12

      Nah. For one I just can’t see them trading Bennett or Bam Bam. And what if Beasley or Matthews don’t pan out?

    • JeffC

      If they were a 5-11 team, I could see it. But not for a super bowl contender.

    • lil'stink

      I’m all for spitballing when it comes to trade ideas involving Kam but this move could potentially take us out of SB contention this year. No point in sending Bennett or Irvin anywhere right now.

      • Trevor

        Like I said in my initial note we are in win now mode so keeping all 3 makes the most sense as they are dominant defenders. But one is holding out. The other threatened to hold out and is constantly complaining he is underpaid and the 3rd has already said he wants to play in Atlanta.

        I miss the 2014 season when these guys were young, hungry and focused on winning not weather they should be getting 28 million or 35 million.

        Like Vol 12 said that is the nature of the beast with professional F-Ball I guess. Wonder how those guys suiting up on Saturday for a scholarship feel.

  20. Volume12

    WR ‘Douggie Fresh’ brings up a great point about Kam and others threatening to hold out. Says it’s the price of success, which is new to them all. Coming off back-to-back SBs has really put that price at a premium.

    Bruce is out with a concussion and KPL has gotten the reps with the 1’s/starters. He’s got the speed, athleticism, and playmaking ability for that SAM ‘backer role. Hope he holds up because I really like the kid.

    • James

      From the “you better think this through first” file…. didn’t John and Pete trade for one Percival Harvin, being disgruntled with his contract and demanding a new more lucrative one? And did not the Seahawks reward him with a new contract? The precedent was set even before Beast Mode (which of course is not a renegotiation for new money). Far better to just establish right up front that you do not re-do any deals in any way prior to the final year, and under no circumstances will anything be negotiated during a hold out.

      • Screeching Hawk

        You know you are right James giving “The narcissist” Harvin that contract did show that if you have top level talent then you can be a whiner and still be rewarded. That sucks big time, the harvin trade really did screw us. However the 2nd half kickoff return was a nail in the coffin to the broncos and at that exact moment when he broke away to coast into the end zone I kne we had won our first of many superbowls. Damn that was a good day, and no I didn’t even have to use my AK. SMILEY FACE

        • Volume12

          That’s the way it is my friend. The more talented players are giving more leeway. There’s 60 some odd players on an NFL roster and all of them think they’re great or the best at what they do, but in realiity it’s only about 5-6 guys that are the ‘real deal.’ Or in Seattle’s case 10-12 guys.

  21. sdcoug

    Kam will be back.

    In an attempt to earn more money, you’re going to sit out an entire season in your prime? Not gonna happen.

    One: He stands to lose multi-millions in salary/fines this season. The very money he is holding out to gain

    Two: No one ever increased their future value by missing an entire season of action

    Three: The narrative still doesn’t change next off-season, as the Hawks still control his rights. Sit now, sit then.

    • Volume12

      Exactly. Just like Bennett and Lynch. Those game day checks and reputations are too much to risk.

    • JeffC

      Yup, exactly.

  22. smitty1547

    Collins out of LSU sure looks like he would have been a great late round pick, FO should have just manned up and dealt with the criticism that came with the pick. True reward out weighed the risk. If he had done it you cut most 7th round picks anyway and it court he would have been the guy from LSU.

    • JeffC

      I heard that the agent for collins contacted each team and said they would sit the whole season if he was picked with a late rounder. He would only accept a free agent signing.

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