Saturday notes

On Sunday I’ll be sitting down to study tape from Southern Miss vs Houston, Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State and Georgia vs LSU. I expect to have something on the Southern Miss game the same day, with further pieces on the other two later in the week. I’m particularly interested to see Austin Davis perform – he had a big day in upsetting #6 Houston and I’d like to pass on my congratulations. When I spoke to Davis last summer, his determination to win a conference championship was palpable. This is a guy that will do what it takes to achieve his goals. He is the heart beat of that team. Aside from being an above average athlete and technical player, his intangibles will interest a lot of NFL teams.

The LSU-Georgia game provides a further opportunity to study defensive talent like Jarvis Jones (LB, Georgia) and Morris Claiborne (CB, LSU). I’ll once again be focusing on Landry Jones in the Sooners-Cowboys game, a player I’ve maintained from day one won’t be a first round pick.


  1. Aaron

    Watching the Conference USA game, I have this strong gut feeling that Southern Miss’s style of play is the exact clone of Pete Carroll’s Seahawks: Stop the run, be a hard hitting bend-but-don’t-break defense, have a beastly run game, strong special teams, being the underdogs/kinda being disrespected on the defensive side. On top of that Austin Davis seems to be the perfect Carroll-type quarterback: One who limits turnovers, has the ability to move, a point-guard quarterback. Though his interception and his fumble were inexcusable, Davis was the more impressive QB today against Case Keenum (4 touchdowns is impressive by any standards). Lets see how he handles himself in the bowl season. (Liberty Bowl?)

  2. Kip Earlywine

    I had a chance to watch Griffin today in the Baylor-Texas game. Something I saw today caught my eye (its something that’s never talked about), and it solidified Griffin’s status as a first round worthy quarterback.

    Griffin has a mildly diminutive frame which would indicate fragility- however- I couldn’t help but notice that Griffin almost never slid, and actually would lower his shoulder into contact like a running back. Given those two factors, you would expect Griffin to be an injury machine. And yet despite those things, Griffin has had very few injuries in 3.3 years of starting. That leads me to believe he’s durable enough to maintain his playing style at the next level.

    Griffin’s intelligence, elusiveness in the pocket, accuracy, deep ball and mobility are all top 10 pick worthy. Given that his only real major issue is his mechanics (which aren’t fatal), part of me wonders if Griffin could be ready to go as soon as he learns the NFL playbook.

    Griffin is like T-Jack but better in every way. And in regards to intelligence (indecisiveness/mistakes), the difference is simply enormous. If Seattle puts it out there that they aren’t interested in Griffin, its going to be a smokescreen in the same mold as Shanahan’s reported love for Blaine Gabbert.

  3. lol

    I’ll save you the time on that Landry Jones tape: he sucks.

  4. AlexHawk

    Rob or Kip where can you guy’s see Austin Davis going, I mean we have seen some pretty inflated qb grades last year alone (Ponder 12th, Kaepernick 2nd). Could you see him making a similar rise on draft boards once people sit down to watch him play. And nice points Kip I had never really though about that the only other QB I can think of who didn’t really slide was Locker and he was injured a lot more than Griffin the 3rd has. And I could strongly see Griffin going to Miami as Cam Newton esque attempt to sell tickets.

  5. Rob

    I’m a big Austin Davis fan, but I don’t expect him to have a surge like that. He’s not got the hype on his side – the big name draft pundits pumping his tires every week. A smart team will draft the guy, let him sit for a while and end up with a starting QB or at worst a solid backup. I hope that’s Seattle and I hope they see the same thing in the guy.

    Landry Jones was awful – just watched the tape. If you want further evidence that Seahawks Draft Blog is ahead of the curve, read these articles from this season:

    You’ll see a lot of similar articles on national blogs this week. Initiate the bandwagon.

  6. Aaron

    I’m thinking 2nd-3rd round Davis might get drafted, with or without the hype. Thoughts?

  7. Rob

    I’m not convinced he’ll go as early as that, but he’s got a chance to stick in the NFL. I’m thinking round four at this stage.

  8. Ed

    Don’t think we are getting closer than 12.

    Indy/Miami/KC/Cleveland need QB (Griffith/Luck/Barkley)
    St Louis/Jacksonville WR (Blackmon)
    Minn/Arizona/ OL (Kalil/Reiff/Martin)

    That’s 7 offensive players that will probably go top 10 (include richardson and that’s 8). Coples/Claiborne I think round out top 10.

    I really hope we go for kirkpatrick

  9. Rob

    If all of those offensive players go in the top ten, there will be better defensive players available than Kirkpatrick at Seattle’s spot. There’s no value in just being big – his coverage skills are very sloppy.

  10. Ed

    You mean all the lb’s. I know we need another rusher besides clemons, but I’m just not sold on the lb’s or de’s for that matter. We will see.

  11. Karlos

    If CB Morris Claiborne is on the board at our pick (doubt it) & we can’t move up snag him. Im tired of seeing big plays given up. I know getting to the qb plays a part but when I think of elite cover guys on this team Im lost.
    If we trade into the 1-5 range I expect 1 of these players names called:
    1. Andrew Luck
    2. Robert Griffin III
    3. Matt Barkley
    I don’t see the need to move up if it’s not for a qb & honestly I think T-Jax bought himself another year as our starter. He hasn’t been horrible like most thought & Hypathetically speaking the field goal against Atlanta is good, Marshaw & Tavares play against the Browns, & we finish strong against the Skins we’d be 8-4 as well as this years best story. I know what Harbaugh is doing in San Fran but he didn’t have the roster turnover or start as many young players. My wish is an aggressive move up the boards for RG3… Honestly I’d take him over Barkley because he is a threat in so many ways but he’s under controll. I think of Taz off Looney Tunes, he can tear up alot in diffrent ways but he’s disciplined & tamed to do it a certain way.

  12. Tom

    I agree with Karlos.

    I hope we get either Claiborne or RG3. When we played any of the upper echelon NFL QB’s we gave up too many plays and need another press type corner.
    Ben / Ryan / Romo were all in the 300 yd passing range against us. Eli had 400+ and even Rex had 300+. Otherwise, we didn’t play the elite passing games this year so the need doesn’t appear to be as pronounced but we need another CB and pass rusher for the D.

    Give me some RG3 love. I saw a vast majority of the game against Texas and while he threw his 1st home interception of the year into the endzone, RG3 was up against the best Big 12? defense.

    RG3 makes every throw on the route tree with ease. It’s effortless precision. RG3 will stand in the pocket and take a shot and deliver a strike, he can throw nice slants and middle of the field crossing routes that are on the money and allow the wr’s yac.

    When moving inside or outside the pocket, his eyes are downfield and he has the pocket presence to feel pressure and know when to hang or dart outside. Those innate instincts can’t be coached. You have them or you don’t. The trajectory on his deep balls is perfect. Not a 60 degree loft but in that 30 degree range and on the money with the receiver never breaking stride.

    I’d love to get a playmaking QB in the draft like RG3, would love it. If not Claiborne would be sweet or a bonafide 3 tech pass rusher or someone to line up next to Red and bring the heat and replace Brock as he’s aging. Those are the top priorities as I watch games.

    Was beast mode fun to watch last Thursday night or what? It looks like the brass want to extend Lynch, so guys like Trent/Miller/Polk don’t look to be too high on their priorities.

  13. Colin

    I would argue Tom that the lack of pass rush was a more contributing factor to getting lit up rather than the secondary. If you look at the last few years, the pass rush has been abysmal and the secondary got lit up consisistently. That really hasn’t been the case as much this year. The secondary has been vastly improved, but a stud corner would sure put them in the upper echelon, no question.

  14. Tom

    I think we need both, no doubt. I guess it’s back to the value quotient and taking the bpa at the pass rush or cb position in rounds 2 and / or 3 if we get a QB in round 1. If Pete and John can nail those 3 positions, we’re going to get really good in quick fashion.

    The Texans have typically had a pretty decent pass rush and they gave up the most pass yds in the NFL last year. The addition of Jonathon Joseph for their secondary and drafting Watt and Reed for the pass rush have benefitted them as they’re now 4th this year. Converting from a 4-3 to 3-4 worked wonders. That’s why I called it the chicken vs the egg paradox.

    For the Hawks we’re in the buffet line. Grab a QB, a pass rush, a CB and sprinkle in a few bpa for other positions. We’re getting bigger and more physical and that’s football I enjoy watching and rooting for.

  15. BiggieHawk

    I think people mistake what Pete said about the QB.He said he views the QB as a point guard, getting it into his playmakers hands…THATS WHAT QBS DO.He wasn’t describing a specific type of player who fits his scheme.He wants a complete team that doesn’t depend on having 1 player carry the team by throwing 50 times a game.
    Whether it’s Jackson, Aaron Corp or Sanchez or Palmer.Some bloggers over think the way he used term and try spin it into some new catch phrase.He wants the same type of QB every coach wants, a leader who can read defense,makes smart decisions,limit mistakes and complete passes and above all win.Every QB can be viewed as a point guard it’s not a specific type it’s an analogy. Nothing more.

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