Saturday notes: Wilson latest, Sam Darnold & Trey Lance

Colin Cowherd linked the Seahawks to Sam Darnold on Friday

Where we stand on the Russell Wilson trade saga

Reading the tea leaves this week — and the point blank reporting from the likes of the brilliant Tony Pauline — this is my hunch on what’s going on…

I think the Seahawks know what’s on the table from the Bears. I think the last few days have been about exhausting all options and doing due diligence.

For example, Mike Silver proposed the possibility of a team like Carolina getting involved (or at least emphasised Seattle’s hope that it could happen).

It makes sense to see if you can get a better offer and open up the process beyond Wilson’s identified suitors. It doesn’t seem like it worked but it was worth a try.

More recently the talk has flipped to the need for the Seahawks to have a progression plan at quarterback. Silver, Dianna Russini and Colin Cowherd have all talked about this in the last few days.

Again, I think the Seahawks know what’s on the table from the Bears. I wouldn’t be surprised if their offer is at least somewhat appealing. They are desperate and are reportedly prepared to create a deal ‘the Seahawks can’t refuse’.

My hunch is Seattle doesn’t want to initiate an aggressive quarterback pursuit immediately after trading Wilson.

I don’t think they want to start a rookie in 2021 and go through the growing pains. The plan, if they deal Wilson, will be to try and compete immediately (realistic or not).

Cowherd pitched Sam Darnold as a target. I think that makes some sense, whatever your opinion of Darnold is. I’ll come on to my view on him later.

He’s 23-years-old. He’ll still be on his rookie contract for one more year and you’d have the flexibility of the fifth year option.

What you don’t want to do, however, is get into a trade battle for him.

Imagine you do the deal with the Bears and obtain their first (#20) and second (#52) round picks this year as part of the package.

Many people are suggesting the San Francisco 49ers are preparing to make an offer for Darnold. They own the #43 pick.

How do you outbid them? Do you end up trading away a big chunk of the stock you’ve just acquired?

I think the Seahawks are hoping the Bears will find a solution for them.

Can they get the Jets involved in a three-team deal?

That way the Seahawks get their quarterback solution, they don’t need to trade away their newly acquired stock and they don’t need to start competing with other teams for their preferred QB replacement.

I’m not sure how the Bears would pull this off.

But here’s the thing — they’re desperate.

Chicago fans have been whipped into a frenzy over this Wilson situation. Ryan Pace is already on borrowed time. Picking Mitchell Trubiksy over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson was bad enough. Flirting with a deal for Wilson and allowing fans to get their hopes up — only to miss out — would make things even worse. Especially when they have very little chance of convincing the Texans to trade Watson with the likes of Miami and Carolina better placed to make a deal.

The leverage the Seahawks have comes in the form of one powerful sentence:

‘Do you want a franchise quarterback or not?’

If the Bears want Wilson and they are truly prepared to do what it takes, they might have to find a way to get the Jets involved.

Seattle will want to use any trade compensation to build, not replace.

Why this needs to be sorted this weekend

The issue discussed above might be the sticking point currently. Yet all parties need a resolution as soon as possible.

The Seahawks, Bears or any other trade partner need to be able to start free agency with complete clarity.

For Seattle, if they trade Wilson they need to be able to use their new-found cap freedom to build up the roster. For a potential buyer, they’ll want to build around their new quarterback.

This isn’t something you can get around to half way through free agency or just before the draft. It needs sorting this weekend before the legal tampering period opens on Monday (launching the start of free agency).

If the Seahawks are going to do this, they need to be able to make some moves. As we’ve highlighted already in recent weeks, they have options.

The salary cap is a movable feast and there’s so much hidden flexibility.

The dead cap money has never been the issue many in the media have made it out to be. As Cowherd noted on Friday:

“Seattle’s not too caught up, I’m told, on the dead money stuff. They don’t care about that for a year. They don’t.”

Here’s a quick reminder on why it’s not a problem…

At the moment the Seahawks have about $17m in cap space.

If you trade Wilson that will go down to $10m (which would still be more than 12 teams in the league).

By dealing him now, you create $37m in cap space for 2022 because Wilson’s contract comes off the books. That would leave you with about $178m to spend next year which, at the moment, would be the most in the league by far.

As Curtis Allen highlighted recently, if you look at the existing contracts on the roster there’s over $58m in movable cap space. This is non-guaranteed money that you can play around with. Many teams are doing that at the moment.

It’s actually fairly straight forward to create tens of millions of dollars of cap space for this year.

So let’s say they borrow a somewhat conservative $20-30m from the 2022 cap. You would have around $30-40m to spend this year and $138-148m to spend next year. That’s an incredible situation to be in.

It’s better to be in the thick of the action on Monday, showing the fan base you mean business despite trading Wilson, than it is to be dragging this out and missing out on some possible new additions.

Of course, they shouldn’t be rushed into a bad deal. But this is why they need to exert pressure on the Bears. If you want Wilson, you need to come up with a specific arrangement by Sunday.

Then the Seahawks can do what they did in 2011 — enter the free agent market early and make some key signings to improve their roster.

Mike Silver suggested that a resolution should come by next week. I think the recent talk of quarterback replacements and possible new suitors is an indication that things are moving very quickly.

Clarity is needed soon, one way or another.

Is there any way to make this right with Wilson?

It does feel like we’re beyond that now. When Tony Pauline is reporting the Seahawks want to move on as much as Wilson, the writing feels like it’s on the wall.

It’s simply not realistic to ‘crack on’. You can’t go into the season with Wilson’s future being a weekly talking point. It would divide the locker room, destroy the culture, dominate the agenda and be a huge distraction.

Neither can you park this for 12 months only to go through the same song and dance again next year.

I see only one way to sort this out. It would mean Carroll ceding to Wilson’s wants and desires and then you’d probably have to extend his contract as a statement of commitment.

That would be the only way to send a message that Wilson and the Seahawks are staying together for the long haul.

The deal would likely have to match Dak Prescott’s contract or Patrick Mahomes’.

Personally, I don’t think it’s very likely. But I think that’s the only way they continue this relationship. If they try and co-exist with this situation mostly unresolved and with Mark Rodgers constantly in the ear of his media buddies, this will be a wasted season.

Notes on Sam Darnold

Last night I watched Darnold’s all-22 tape versus Seattle and LA. I also watched TV copy from four 2019 games.

I have no idea what the Jets were thinking last year.

Robbie Anderson was so critical for Darnold in 2019. He was by far his best weapon and a legit downfield X-factor. They let him walk in free agency and only replaced him with the mostly ineffective Breshad Perriman and second round rookie Denzel Mims.

Despite drafting Mekhi Becton, the rest of the offensive line was slapped together.

They had 37-year-old Frank Gore at running back and the defense was awful.

This was a shambolic roster. If I didn’t know any better I’d suggest they were tanking for Trevor Lawrence. It was no fit environment for any quarterback to thrive.

That’s the first thing to note with Darnold. It’s not making excuses to say he has been dealt an atrocious hand. Allowing Anderson to depart for Carolina alone was the pièce de résistance.

Even so, in the two 2020 games I watched I thought he played fairly well. They beat the Rams against the odds and he did a good job getting the ball out quickly, avoiding pressure and managing the game. Against the Seahawks he moved the ball well in the first half in the face of some heavy blitzing. The field goal kicker missing three easy kicks demoralised the team and the second half was a blow out.

Time and time again in the all-22, nothing was easy. The Jets offense was basic and uninventive. They didn’t have the talent to create easy separation or deliver a mismatch.

Darnold still produced some nice throws. There’s one against Seattle where the receiver does gain a nice release and is running across the field. Darnold spots him but still has to throw over traffic into the open area. The touch, accuracy and difficulty of the completion warrants raising.

As he throws, Jarran Reed is right in his face. You can see the open receiver #18 and that he’s slotted in behind the linebackers but in front of the safety:

This second image shows off the accuracy and the placement of the pass. Again, look at Reed’s proximity to the quarterback. Look where the receiver is and look at the defenders Darnold has to throw over to make this completion:

So while the receiver was open quickly in his route — the combination of pressure, the traffic he was throwing into and the need to anticipate the area to throw at, this was an excellent completion showing off Darnold’s capabilities:

Generally he threw with accuracy and timing. I was particularly impressed with his 2019 tape when he had better weapons. His arm strength is good enough to drive into tight windows and get the ball downfield. He doesn’t have the ‘flicked wrist’ velocity the best in the game have and there are times when he ‘effort-ball’ throws to try and create extra force. Even so, there are no obvious physical weaknesses.

He had one dropped pass against LA that was sublime — showing beautiful placement to the near corner of the end zone while throwing on the run. He had to extend the play on the move, keep his eyes downfield under pressure and the placement on the throw is just perfect. He has to torque his body to get this throw off. Both feet are off the ground, he’s twisted in the air and he still gets it forty-yards downfield on a dime.

The receiver just let it go straight through his hands:

If you want to see why the Jets were a mess last year, look at the routes the receivers run on this play. Three receivers are bunched together. They are clearly confused over what they should be doing. Two of them nearly run into each other — leading to Darnold having to scramble to extend the play:

Despite this, I was more impressed than I expected to be in terms of his field vision and knowing where to go with the football. His receivers gave him minimal help yet at times he still threw them open.

He’s only a 4.85 runner so he’s not a game-changer when plays break down. However, he does have some scrambling ability to extend plays and he does a good job keeping his eyes downfield.

Can he do what Shane Waldron wants? Look at this completion, where he leaves the pocket and moves to his right, then throws from an awkward angle to complete a pass to the receiver running across the 35-yard line:

This isn’t easy:

He also had a few ugly moments. This included a terrible throw straight at Jamal Adams who dropped what should’ve been an easy pick-six.

I’ve no idea why he didn’t see Adams lurking in the tall grass. He’s locked on to Braxton Berrios running an in-route and simply doesn’t notice Adams (who is stood on the logo reading Darnold’s eyes):

Adams’ ‘feet for hands’ moment leaves the ball on the turf but it should’ve been punished. It’s a terrible decision by Darnold under no noticeable pressure. It’s the kind of thing a top quarterback simply has to see.

Not only should he detect Adams’ presence — but if he comes off his initial read he’ll see #19 has gained separation from D.J. Reed and with no safety help, a big play opportunity was missed:

This speaks to one of the big issues with Darnold. He has 39 interceptions in three years compared to only 45 touchdowns. He had 22 interceptions in his two years starting at USC. He has been reckless.

It’s not the be-all and end-all. Peyton Manning had an incredible 100 interceptions in his first five years with the Colts. You can fix this, especially on a better team than USC or the Jets.

It is still something that you have to consider if you’re acquiring him. Can you live with the occasional ‘WTF?’ moment?

Alternatively — the Jets finished the 2019 season with a 6-2 record. In that period, Darnold had a 13:4 touchdown/interception ratio. That’s somewhat indicative that if he’s given the right environment he can produce results.

I’m not sure he has the upside or X factor of an elite QB. Can he carry a team on his back? I don’t think we’ve seen evidence of that.

To me he looks very capable of being a decent, solid player. Which is fine. If your expectation at the position is Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson — you’ll be disappointed.

Yet having had Wilson for the last nine seasons, Seahawks fans have come to expect a certain level of play. Darnold’s upside is more akin to Matt Stafford than any of the elite names listed above. I do think Stafford has more natural talent though.

We’re only three years removed from Darnold being rated by many as the best quarterback, perhaps even the best player, in the 2018 draft.

The Raiders GM Mike Mayock thought he was the top quarterback. He wasn’t a flawless prospect but it’s easy to forget just how highly regarded he was.

He was considered a franchise saver to some. Nobody challenged the Jets when they took him at #3. Obviously not everyone agreed. Cleveland preferred Baker Mayfield at #1 and the Giants, who needed a franchise quarterback, opted to select Saquon Barkley instead at #2.

Overall I think he’s a worthwhile investment for someone as a reclamation project. Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need. That was clearly the case with Ryan Tannehill. Provide Darnold with a superior supporting cast and a better culture and there’s no reason why he can’t win you football games.

For Carroll he would be ideal. He’s mobile, throws well on the run, can hit big plays downfield, he won’t speak out, he’s measured and calm.

Would I rather have him or say a rookie with a veteran bridge? I think he gives you a better chance to be competitive in 2021. Yet I think some of the rookies have the potential to be better.

Regulars on the blog will know we’ve been talking about Kellen Mond and Davis Mills for some time. Mond in particular has a lot of ability. The thing is, I’m not convinced he’ll be there at #20 for the Seahawks. In my next mock, I’m going to pair him with the 49ers in round one (if they haven’t made a subsequent move by then).

Yet if you draft Mond you’re probably going to have to start 2021 with the possibility of an Alex Smith type winning the job. I just don’t think that’s the route Carroll will want to go down, compared to adding what he would consider a ready-made starter with long term potential.

Could they draft someone like Mond and still add Darnold? Possibly. I’m not sure that would be conducive to Darnold’s success though at a time when you’d need to be building him up.

Thoughts on Trey Lance’s pro-day

The overwhelming reaction from the workout was positive with media types everywhere heaping praise on Lance.

I watched every throw. I was nowhere near as convinced.

His accuracy was highly inconsistent with too many throws behind the receiver or a fraction high. Remember — he’s throwing against thin air here.

I can’t recall a recent pro-day with so many balls hitting the turf. I saw overthrows and under-throws. He’s toesy with his feet and his technique needs further work to sharpen up his accuracy.

On tape you see some of this show up. North Dakota State does a good job scheming to create wide-open targets. When he has to read plays, go through progressions and throw with anticipation — I thought Lance was lacking.

This isn’t a huge surprise given his limited number of starts. That in itself though is a cause for concern — especially when his accuracy was more miss than hit in a scripted environment designed to show off what he can do.

He has a great physique and all of the traits you want. In part, I think that’s why he got such a positive review. He looks the part. I think people were smitten with his physical appearance.

He did throw some nice passes, especially one long down-field bomb to the sideline that was inch perfect. His throws had velocity. Yet to me he looks incomplete and a significant project. He may need the same two-year learning curve that Josh Allen had — yet he doesn’t possess Allen’s super-human profile.

Allen was a gift from the football gods in terms of height, athleticism, arm strength, hand-size and mobility. Lance is good but not that good.

The hype is too much for me. It’s always possible a team becomes enamoured with the upside and takes him very early. I think he’s a fraction more appealing than Jordan Love and deserves to go in the same kind of range.

If you missed my interview with Payton Turner on Friday, check it out here:

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  1. Hawk Mock

    Great stuff as always.

    Do you really think Mack is part of the Bears proposal? Seems like they’d want to be able to have Wilson be the man on offense while Mack leads the defense to have the best chance. I think I’m just preparing myself for 3 firsts, Quinn and Darnold when I really want 3 firsts, multiple 2nds, Mack, Kmet, Darnold and Johnson. Being an armchair GM is stressful when your franchise QB is up for grabs! Lol.

    • Rob Staton

      If Mack isn’t part of the deal then they get to enjoy another year of Nick Foles. Their choice.

      • DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

        Also, Mack is critical for Pete to win with defense. Just like last year when a HOF QB and coach split, all eyes will be on these two to see who won. Pete wants to win his way. My hope is that includes Javonte Williams and not Jamal Adams.

  2. Mick

    Rob, what’s your take on Watson? Do you think he will stay this year with Texans, because they won’t sell him? And in such a case, do you find it plausible that he will be attracted to come to Seattle and be a part of a big roster change next year, when we have loads of money?

    I’m not a big fan of Darnold. I don’t know if we can do better though. Alex Smith would be a big health risk. Jimmy G or Bridgewater could be cut, but they don’t have the pedigree. I would have liked Cam more than Darnold.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he will be dealt but not to Seattle. They don’t have the draft stock to beat out Miami.

      • Nolyon

        Any chance of a 3 team deal

        Bears get Wilson
        Hawks get Watson and a mid round pick/player
        Texans get tons of picks from the bears?

        • Rob Staton

          No chance at all. Literally 0%.

          If all the Texans are getting is tons of picks from the Bears, they would just trade Watson to Chicago and cut out the middle man.

  3. UkAlex6674

    As much as Nagy and Pace don’t want to be remembered as the ones who chose Trubisky over Mahomes etc and then didn’t manage to trade for RW when there is the potential to do so – PC won’t want to be remembered as the one that traded a sure fire first round HOF QB in his prime years, will he?

    • Rob Staton

      If that were true he would’ve put things right by now

      • Roy Batty

        I don’t think Pete gives a crap about his legacy if it involves gutting his beloved defense to placate the QB who just went after him and the team on national TV during what was supposed to be promotional pressers for charitable giving on the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award tour.

        More than a few in the national media have called him out for making a mockery of that tour.

        • James Kupihea

          Mockery…of a tour…for throwing a leather wrapped ball down the field in matching outfits lol..

  4. SeaTown

    Great update on the Wilson saga! Do you think the Jets have any urgency to move Darnold now vs closer to the draft? I mean wouldn’t that give away that they are taking Zach Wilson at 2 (probably a poor secret anyway)?

    • Rob Staton

      If they wait to the draft they’re also up against the clock and lose leverage once they take Wilson.

      • SeaTown

        I think I was listening to ESPN with Dan Orlovsky, Mike Tannenbaum, Mike Greenberg, and Adam Shefter. Tannenbaum was under the impression that Wilson is head and shoulders better than Darnold but Orlovsky thinks the Jets should use draft capital and build around Darnold. Interesting debate.

        I tend to agree with Orlovsky.

        • Rob Staton

          I think you can argue both sides

  5. Brian Sanders

    I have been on Russ to NYJ for Darnold, two firsts this year and a first next year. Mike Florio intimated that Mark Rodgers likely has a few teams in the hopper other than the 4 he revealed as potential trade options and I would agree with that as a way of saving face so to speak. Why wouldn’t Russ and Ciara want to be the daily news in the Big Apple? Don’t know where this is going, but Darnold is plenty good enough with coaching and scheme and is frankly still an unknown ceiling!

    • Rob Staton

      1. The Jets won’t be interested. Firstly, Joe Douglas is from the Ozzie Newsome tree. They build through the draft. Secondly, I’m led to believe the Shanahan lot don’t think Wilson is a fit for them at all. They want players to play in the structure of the offense, not keep going off script.

      2. The Jets are a disaster zone. Nobody would want to go there voluntarily.

      3. Defensive minded Head Coach. Wilson’s four teams all had offensive minded head coaches

      4. No supporting cast. The Jets might have the worst roster in the league.

      The Jets are a total non-starter unfortunately

      • Brian Sanders

        Thanks for all that clarification and yes, that is unfortunate because we need the picks. I did consider one of Camp Russ’ choices, the Raiders. 1 and 2 this year, 1 next year along with Carr and Abrams.

  6. Denver Hawker

    Just to be thorn, could you reasonably argue for Chicago to trade #20 for Darnold and just keep him?

    Or are they that desperate to land a franchise QB. If everything you say is true about Darnold, I would reasonably think they could prefer to save their resources and just add him instead.

    • SonGoku

      I don’t think so. HC and GM are on the hot seat and I don’t think they bet their future on Darnold. Some reports already stated that they are more than desperate and ready to mortage their future to get Wilson or Watson. They know if they don’t do that they probably have no future in CHI at all.
      CHI also tried to go a similar route last year and got Foles, which did not work out very well. It’s probably their last shot at getting a franchise QB.

      • Happy Hawk

        ” I don’t think they bet their future on Darnold. Some reports already stated that they are more than desperate and ready to mortage”

        That is what the Hawks are about to do. Makes me ill

    • Rob Staton

      Ryan Pace can’t do that

      He needs legit, not reclamation

  7. Ed

    I would push to get Raiders involved. Tempt Gruden. If not, I think I would push for more picks than players and almost do a restart (unless players are under 25). PC has had crap drafts for a few years now. Getting high priced players in return will not fix the problems of continued failed drafts. Oline is terrible. Dline is weak. RB is bad. TE is brittle. DB is thin. You have 2 WR with a coach that prefers to run 2 yards in a pile of dust. PC should get some better scouts or better drafting philosophy (maybe view SDB once a day) and put a better team together. They may have had a good record last year, but a lot of Wilson magic early that made PC jelly, so he tightened the reigns and here we are. Let him go, get better at drafting.

    • Big Mike

      I’ve been on board with the Raiders all along in hopes of getting Carr who’s a proven NFL starting qb. Unfortunately it’s been very quiet on that front and me thinks that as Rob has pointed out often, the Bears are desperate so it seems they’ll pay the most.

      • Rob Staton

        I think that’s it.

        The Raiders would be interested, as would the Cowboys (pre-Dak) and Saints.

        But the Bears are probably blowing everyone out of the water through sheer desperation.

      • Submanjoe

        I wouldn’t rule out the raiders yet. The bears talk could be a feint. It seems to me Gruden would be much better suited with Russ who could pull rabbits out of his hat and win some games with his unstructured style of play. Like it seems to me Nagy would not like a qb who improvises as much as Russ does. Now whether or not this matters, that’s another issue. The allure of the sexy name may be all that matters.

        • Sean-O

          Out of the four teams Russ named I thought the Raiders made the most sense. They’ve got a brand new, shiny stadium to open this fall & what better way to make a splash.

          I’m not in love getting Carr back but a middle of the pack QB is better than what’s out there free agency or via CHI (Foles).

          A three way deal with SEA-LV-HOU would be awesome. Each team would get a QB (Russ to LV, Carr to HOU & Watson to SEA) & HOU would get all the picks LV would have to throw in.

  8. line_hawk

    The moment they trade Wilson and create $178M (insane) cap space, the 2022 roster (players under contract) will be more or less a blank slate quite similar to what Carroll inherited in 2010. In this scenario, they need a couple of good drafts to get the roster to a respectable state just like 2010. Signing expensive free agents now would be a waste since 2021 is a wash (with or without Darnold). If they do find long term free agents due to a depressed market, great. But, if they are paying the likes of Hendrickson/Shaq Barrett/Reddick 20M, it will be a huge mistake.

    Of course, Pete has become a compulsive gambler ever since the Harvin trade, so he will tend to keep making splashes and get 7-8 win seasons. But, this team needs to be blown up.

    • Rob Staton

      Signing expensive free agents now would be a waste since 2021 is a wash (with or without Darnold)

      I don’t understand this attitude.

      It’s not a wash at all. Sign some quality players.

      • line_hawk

        You cannot build a contender via free agency. You need at least some building blocks through the draft and you supplement the holes via free agency. I don’t know who they are building around if they trade Wilson. Making Corey Linsey the highest paid center and Jamal Adams the highest paid safety would be a waste if the rest of the roster is this bad. Its like shooting in the dark and hoping it all comes together in the end.

        The best way is to blow it up, hit on a couple of drafts, then go FA. But, since that is not happening, at least don’t be aggressive in FA. Let the market come to you. If there is depressed value, by all means go ahead and get them. Otherwise, roll your cap space to next year and accept that they need this year to develop the younger players.

        • Rob Staton

          Nobody’s saying ‘build a contender’ through free agency

          Making 2-3 great signings is just adding good players. It’s talent acquisition. Not ‘building through FA’

          • Brett

            A-la BB, Avril & Bennett in the 2011-2013 window.

            • Mike

              I agree, quality FAs that are young enough to be a new core can be added now. Maybe skip on the vets on the tail end of their careers though.

    • Big Mike

      No worries, they’ll spend (waste) most of that 20 mil you referenced on Adams.

      • Peter

        Hey now. Why are you always so down on a guy who would be a world beating player in a 3-4? Just because PC has never and will never run a 3-4 and blitzing a safety every other play completely blows up his patented scheme……How can you not like his trade value? Compared to Percival Harvin the Adams trade is a master class in resource management…

        • Rob Staton

          It was a poor trade

          • Peter

            Oh no doubt. I just like busting Big Mike’s chops a bit. I hated the trade when I read it on your site and that domino falling has caused a franchise changing outcome…..You know better than I that if they had those picks and not Adams they could look at Russ in the eyes if they wanted and say “We. Will. Get. You. Great. Talent.” but instead a season on and they have to seriously (probably) consider trading a near first round HOF QB in his prime to fix this team….awesome.

            Lately I’ve been thinking about trades and though it’s a huge loss I think a 2 and a 4 this year for Adams and I’d cut bait with him. He’s going to be too expensive. Not a fit. Not actually great in anyway that Seattle needs hims to be. And a Second and a Fourth might get you Javonte Williams and Cleveland in the draft which either and certainly both would be way more valuable than Adams.

            • Big Mike

              …”that domino falling has caused a franchise changing outcome…”
              Could not agree more.

      • God of Thunder

        Generally love your posts Mike, but too often you want to make me slit my wrists!

        • Big Mike

          Watching Adams “per
          form ” last year made me want to slit mine

          • Tomas

            Shoulders can be problematic (orthopedic surgeons have told me) even after surgeries considered successful. Adams had surgeries on both shoulders this post-season, is that right? If we don’t trade him, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a while when he returns to action.

  9. CallMeAL

    These are real interesting times to be a Seahawks fan. My off season interest hasn’t been at this level since the early years of PC and JS. Rob, another great article, I think your spot on thinking the Seahawks may want Darnold or someone similar as part of the deal. Your thoughts on Darnold are very interesting, and I agree, it makes sense that PC wouldn’t want to go with a rookie. But I was wondering how you would compare his play now to what RW was able to do in year two? If you surround Darnold with the talent RW had, is he good enough to lead us to the promise land?

    As for trading RW why haven’t we heard of more teams showing interest in him? I mean RW is rated by many to be a top 3 quarterback, I would think regardless of RW’s desire to go to four teams, other teams would at least be making some serious offers. Carolina and Miami are two teams with draft capital and are know to be seeking a franchise quarterback, yet appear to be showing no interest. Possibly holding out for Watson?

    Again, another great article, your thoughts on the trading of RW are the best out there, as are your player evaluations. You really should be doing this a full time job!

  10. Big Mike

    A reminder folks, the Chicago Bears are on the schedule to visit Lumen Field this upcoming season. If RW is their QB….oh my!

    • dcd2

      That would be a hot ticket!

    • Uncle Bob

      Can you imagine………………..

      Aaron Donald was mic’d up for that disastrous playoff loss, and the mocking statement from him keeps ringing in my mind. “Keep hangin’ on to that ball 3, keep hangin’ on….”. Warriors exploit weaknesses. So, expecting Mack to be part of the trade, can you imagine the field day he could have trying to build his sack stats?

      I still find it odd that RW chose to throw his O line under the bus, and then name the “fab four” teams, only NO having a decent O line. The Dallas line (now off the board anyway) is only a memory, the Raiders, since being “chosen”, have mostly disassembled theirs, and despite my having a distant cousin on the Bears line, they ain’t much to get excited about. Given all that, I think it’s another indication that RW has his mind made up to move on which fits with the recent commentary of “The Seahawks want to move him as much as he wants to move”. I hope Rob is correct that it happens in the next few days, I’m tired of all the rhetoric.

      • Rob Staton

        Well, I think it should happen in the next few days

        Whether it does or not, who knows? The Seahawks should do a lot of things

        • Uncle Bob

          Yeah, I get the “should” thing. That’s what’s gotten me even more impatient. They “should” have done a deal with Sherman to get value back instead of waiting and getting nothing. Likewise with Earl, another missed opportunity. While they got a tiny something for Mike B. they dallied too long there too,. It would be a shame if they repeated this time as well.

  11. John

    What about Minshew? Apparently he played quite well with very little around him in Jacksonville, and he’d be cheap!

    • Rob Staton

      He could be an alternative option, at least for competition

    • Pugs1

      Cheap contract yes. I think he would cost at least a 2nd round pick. Jax has very little motivation to trade him. He’s a cheap backup for two more years and would probably net them a third rd comp pick when he walks. Someone is going to have to make it worth their while to move him. I’d be willing to move a 2nd and possibly a mid round pick in the future for him.

      • Tomas

        Thumbs up to giving careful consideration to Minshew. Those who would dismiss him out-of-hand must be prepared to explain his 37/11 TD/int ratio. His eccentric “Joe Dirt” persona shouldn’t mask his high football IQ, or killer instinct on the field. He lacks Darnold’s height and Hollywood jawline, and his arm isn’t as strong as Sam’s. But neither is he an interception -machine like Darnold, and this was true at the college level as well. I’m not sure interceptions can be coached out of a QB; remember, Arians was supposed to fix Winston at TB two seasons ago. The QB whisperer had no luck.

        • Rob Staton

          I like Minshew but let’s not try too hard to hammer Darnold as a means to pump him up

  12. DanO

    As always Rob, another great article looking at the current soap opera and a reading of the tea leaves to figure out when we are heading in a very short period of time. I agree on the Darnold angle you have described as a need for the Seahawks.

    My question to you is what kind of package do you think the Jets would require from the Bears to get something like this done?


    • Rob Staton

      Maybe a player exchange, or a pick and a player

  13. Christopher Wood

    So the Tennessee Titans traded a fourth and a seventh round pick to the Miami Dolphins for Ryan Tannehill and a sixth round pick. Does anyone think Darnold deserves the same trade compensation? I knew nothing about Tannehill while he was at Miami so I’m not sure if they’re stats align to any degree.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Darnold warrants a lot more than that to be fair

      • BruceN

        I can’t imagine he would fetch a first. Do you think it would take a 2nd to get him? Or less likely a 3rd?

        • Rob Staton

          Probably a R2

        • charlietheunicorn

          The speculation was he would maybe fetch a round 2 pick and maybe a 2013 mid round pick max.
          Jets of course want more, but realistically, that is his market.

          As Rob mentioned, he may not be as bad as some think, he actually has shown some flashes and is at least a top 20 QB… with potential for top 10 is an OC and a team which actually had weapons and OL to protect him.

          • DC

            Considering what we’ve already given to the Jets, I think a pick swap of Seattle’s #56 to the Jets for #66 and Darnold is plenty.

            • Rob Staton

              Well in fairness if they gave us our first round pick back this year along with Darnold, we’d have still paid too much for Jamal Adams

              • DC

                We got taken to the cleaners in a panicked desperation. That is exactly where will will be again if this RW trade is executed. Will we go back to the exact same cleaner and say “thank you sir may I have another?”

                I wish Pete & John’s vision extended further out than a single season. We’re never getting back to the top the way they’ve been doing things lately.

  14. Sean-O

    It definitely feels like it’s CHI or bust. Which is unfortunate because a lot of other teams (MIA, CAR) sure seem like they could be in a position to offer more.

    Back to CHI, there’s a thought that with CHI having pick #20 (and future 1st round picks would be low too) that a bunch of #1 picks wouldn’t cut it. Plus, with SEA’s recent draft decisions I get why fans are worried that SEA might screw the picks up anyway.

    Why not explore a combo of picks & current CHI player?. Mack gets mentioned a lot but why not try to get back some young, proven players like Roquan Smith, Jaylon Johnson, Mooney, etc. to go along with a couple of picks instead?

    • Peter

      Well Mack fills a glaring need. I like Smith a lot or at least during the draft I did. But too me it’s kind of a wash having invested so much both in draft stock and actual cash in LB to go get another one who is soon going to be extremely expensive.

  15. Forrest

    It’s Trey Lance! The Hawks think he’s Josh Allen.

    • IHeartTacoma

      He’s an interesting young man. Apparently went to NDSU instead of Minnesota because the Gophers saw him as a safety, not a QB. That is such a throwback mistake, I hope he continues to prove them wrong.

      • DC

        Most QBs who are inaccurate don’t become accurate.

        • Pugs1

          While I wasn’t blown away by his workout, he did complete 67% of his passes @ NDSU. I like him as a prospect, but not in the top 10 where he will probably get picked.

  16. Peter

    Excellent piece Rob.

    I’m pretty meh on Darnold. And the two biggest downsides for me is that he isn’t protective of the ball and now that PC wants to play some vintage style 17-14 football I’m not sure how an almost 1:1 td/int rate is going to work that way. And to make Darnold go they have to get a real RB. I get the Penny apologists will remind me of that one time he did that one thing, but dude just doesn’t rate yet. For a RB being on the field is as important as potential.

    Since this is trending 2011, for me, I’d rather an Alex Smith/ Minshew competition and use draft stock to build either/or trench and get a stud RB. Maybe RB is fungible, maybe not. But under PC that position is extremely important. I don’t love and barely even like Smith but dude has a fairly obvious fire to play. And he and Minshew have been better caretakers of the football than Darnold.

    • Rhawk

      I just hope the FO has trading for minshew or picking up smith as an option so they don’t waste all the resources they get from chicago on trying to get darnold

    • BobbyK

      Put talent around Darnold and he’s not going to be asked to do what he did for the Jets. What has he done for the Jets his first three seasons? Play from behind. Is that conducive for turnovers? Yes. Especially when you’re playing on a team with crap weapons, a crap OL, and a defense that’s not very good.

      Pete wants to pound the ball and limit QB screw-ups. Like Rob has mentioned, look at turnover Peyton Manning and his 56 INTs through his first three years. Projecting a player forward is much better than judging everyone Sandy Koufax prior to his historic run (he sucked for many years prior to becoming Sandy Koufax).

      Darnold has never had anything. He’s never had a running game. He’s never had a weapon like DK or Lockett. There are possibilities with Darnold that you will not get with Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, or some of these other retreads.

      I was a Matt Hasselbeck fan. I really liked him. I never thought he was Brady or Manning by any stretch, but he was good enough to be good/solid. I’m not comparing Matt to Darnold as far as skills, but I am comparing the two to actually being two guys who are fine. Not retread category like Nick Foles, Marcus Mariota, etc.

      If we’re dealing Wilson, then I’m on the Darnold train to replace him. It’ll significantly weaken the QB position, but what they will gain can/will extremely improve the roster, too.

      In a perfect world, Wilson and Pete are happy and they never made the Jamal Adams trade and own all their picks in this draft. But we don’t live in a perfect world and must play the hand we’re dealt. If this next hand means Darnold is our QB, Mack is the cornerstone to our D, and we’re making 4 picks in the first 3 rounds… there are worse hands to be dealt.

      • Peter

        Great response!

        You’re not wrong about much of any of this. A lot of this is my own subjective taste and a bit of “if this then that,” about Darnold. I never rated him coming out of USC and to your point there he had weapons unlike in NY.

        I have zero interest in Dalton. But my interest in Smith and I do disagree here with you on this point is Smith for his career has almost always played with an uninspiring but ball controlling point guard style that PC seems to covet. Plus in a competition I do think there are way worse players to learn from were he to lose out to another player.

        Again maybe there are more possibilities and I do truly appreciate Rob’s breakdown of Sam Darnold. I’m not going to be a sky is falling wtf kind of person if this happens….but….this is just subjective to me Minshew is probably cheaper a better caretaker and though JAX has a bit more than the Jets it’s not like the JAX roster is stacked.

        • BobbyK

          I’d be happy with both Darnold and Minshew on the team. The competition would be good. We’ve been spoiled that Wilson never misses any games, well – most QBs miss time so having a good backup will be more important than ever in the potential post-Wilson era.

          • God of Thunder

            Same. Let them fight it out.

          • Pugs1

            I’d be happy with either and a rookie to battle with. I personally think both woul be overkill.

      • Big Mike

        LOVED you referencing Sandy Koufax Bobby. My absolute all time favorite baseball player (yes I am old). Casey Stengel called him the best pitcher he ever saw.

  17. Sea Mode

    Brilliant work:

    • Roy Batty

      You gotta admit, that Ken Jennings tweet is comedic gold…and spot on.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Cold Blooded in that thread too

  18. Mr. Bitter

    I’m intrigued by the idea of Carolina making a last-minute push for Wilson.

    Rhule/Brady are definitely the type of progressive, offensive-minded coaches RW wants to play for, and the Panthers could easily offer a trade package to rival anything the Bears can muster if Rhule and Co. are as motivated to get a legit franchise QB as many reports suggest they are.

    Assuming the Bears are offering 1(20), 2(52), ’22 and ’23 1st-rounders, and Khalil Mack, could a CAR package starting with 1(8), 2(39), ’22 and ’23 1st-rounders, and Brian Burns get them into the conversation?

    • BobbyK

      Better add Chinn in the conversation.

      • Mr. Bitter

        I considered adding Chinn, but he’s integral to Phil Snow’s 3-safety scheme in the robber role. Besides, you guys can just resign Jamal Adams, the greatest box safety since Roy Williams.

        I ultimately didn’t include Chinn because – aside from name recognition – Burns is arguably a more valuable asset than Mack. Burns’ 2020 stats are nearly identical to Mack’s, and he’s just scratching the surface. Similar production, but Burns is 8 years younger and much cheaper than Mack.

    • Rob Staton

      If they were the kind of coaches he wanted to play for, I might argue he would’ve put them on his list…

      Rhule is an absolute hard arse

      • Mr. Bitter

        Huh. I wasn’t aware that Rhule had that reputation.

        I just thought RW-to-CAR made sense from a pure football standpoint. It’s universally agreed that RW would be a hand-in-glove fit in New Orleans, and Brady is basically an extension of Sean Payton. Connect-the-dots stuff.

        I realize that it’s unlikely that a team not on THE LIST will acquire Wilson, but you never know. Just tossing ideas around.

        • Rob Staton

          Watch him at the Senior Bowl. He never stopped yelling at everyone

          Sargent Major Rhule

          • Mr. Bitter

            Just YouTubed it. Wow.

            Yeah, maybe a programmable sort like Mac Jones or Sam Darnold would be more to Rhule’s liking.

            • Rob Staton

              Mac Jones handled it very well. Gave a bit back. Didn’t seem impacted by it

              But I can imagine it’s a real chore playing for Rhule

              • Mr. Bitter

                Makes me question whether Deshaun Watson would accept a trade to Carolina. Watson may have had his fill of tyrannical leaders. I’m fairly confident Watson will be in Miami when the dust settles. Not buying the Tua love fest.

    • Trevor

      Of those 2 offers I prefer the Carolina offer. Much earlier picks and Burns is a true speed rusher on a rookie deal so we could sign another premium pass rusher as well.

      • DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

        Are we missing the other reason for the delay? If Miami and Carolina are both all in on Watson then the loser might go all in on Russ. Can the Seahawks package Russ and Adams to Carolina?

        • Rob Staton


  19. Roy Batty

    Well, Rob, you went and did it. I just finished drinking my homemade extra spicy chai and almond milk elixir, then read this article. All those draft picks, the possibility of Mack, and the 2022 cap space has made me an over-anxious 5 year old toddler on Christmas Eve.

    The idea of so many FA’s becoming available this year with many, if not most, being signed to one year deals, makes the 2022 FA market that much more appealing. All that cap space at such a perfect moment.

  20. ElPasoHawk

    More pressure being exerted on the Bears?

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s Florio musing

      This is too far down the road for the Seahawks to do that. If they are going to build bridges they’re more likely to extend his contract

    • cha

      The only thing remarkable I find about that report is that Florio knows who Gregg Bell is.

      And that Florio has been spitting fire at those who are denying this is a huge story.

  21. Ralphy

    I’ll probably get crushed for saying this but why not bring in Jameis Winston? Former first overall pick, dual sport athlete (like RW also drafted by a MLB team), and he threw for over 4000 yards in his first two seasons and 5000 yards in 2019. He obviously has a problem with INTs but PC can work on fixing that. He would be cheap and has the talent.

    I know he has a reputation for not being intelligent but he had a 4.0 in HS, was accepted to Stanford, and scored a 27 on the Wonderlic which is the same as Peyton Manning and one below Brees and RW.

    • Matt

      The hang up with Winston is the turnovers and the extraordinarily weird persona. He was notorious for doing some really weird things in the locker room – I don’t think PC would touch him with a 10 foot pole at this point.

    • Rob Staton

      They could do worse

      I just can’t imagine him playing Pete ball. He plays like a headless chicken

      • Ryan

        Chris Harris always compares Winston’s play to one of those giant inflatable tube men that auto dealerships have here in the states.

        • Rob Staton

          A beautiful comparison

    • Mr. Bitter

      Winston’s decision-making (on and off the field) is stupefying. If Sean Payton lets him walk, I would take it as a pretty clear sign that Winston isn’t salvageable.

      • Ralphy

        Yeah some odd things with his personality but maybe he can eliminate those with age/maturity and PC guiding him?

        • Mr. Bitter

          Anything is possible, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Winston is 27. People usually are who they are by that age.

          • pob12

            Winston was #8 in qbr in 2018 and #16 in 2019. Not a perfect stat, but it’s definitely possible you could coax league average play from him.

  22. Curtis Miso

    Awesome article. Curious what you thought about Tua coming into the draft last year and what you think of him now after seeing him play in the NFL last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Wasn’t a fan of his at Alabama and even less so now. A limited player with a low ceiling

  23. Hawks31

    Great stuff, Rob!

    Isn’t there already a precedent with Pete Carroll signing a FA/Traded vet QB and then drafting a rookie like Kellen Mond to compete? Signing Flynn and then drafting Wilson? They didn’t care about Flynn’s confidence back then. I really like Mond. I think you are spot on, on his talent.

    Thanks again for your hard work.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes but that was eight years ago, two years into the Carroll era.

      He’s now pushing 70

  24. dcd2

    Pete has always loved his reclamation projects with former first rounders.

    He isn’t my first choice, but after going back in time a bit and looking at some reviews from 2018, I remember why people were so high on him. I also can’t discount the Gase factor (how many have thrived once escaping?) and the pitiful collection of ‘talent’ in NY.

    Appreciate the breakdown of how he’s looked, with some pros and cons. I’m finding myself moving from nauseous to just queezy thinking about Darnold behind center next year.

    I’d still prefer to get Minshew and a Rookie and let them fight it out. Though if Rob has the truth of it and Mond is gone before 20, that complicates things.

    Going with Darnold feels like we’re just giving him the job. I think that’s a the heart of much of the animosity toward Pete and RW from former (& current) players. The here-you-go, kid-glove treatment worries me. Make him earn it.

  25. Happy Hawk

    The draft won’t have anything to offer given the available talent and our picking position until the 2023 draft. Let the QB merry-go-round start! Round & Round it will go and where it stops only losers without a real QB know. The Bears know better than anyone how this goes. Can’t rationale people see the best way forward is for RW and PC to have a meeting of the minds and agree the best way to another SB is together…not apart!

    • dcd2

      I don’t think many are rooting for a breakup.

      If a divorce is probable, burying our heads in the sand won’t help. In fact, the rational thing to discuss is the way forward if we do lose our QB. If they reconcile, great. That doesn’t seem very likely though. There hasn’t been a peep from either side to indicate that they are working toward getting back together.

    • Trevor

      You realize the Hawks drafted Russ in the 3rd round right?

  26. BruceN

    Rob, fantastic article. With each passing day with both parties staying quiet It appears we are nearing a trade (working out the final details and players/picks). I feel like Pete and John are going to do a reload/infusion of younger talent similar to their start with the Hawks with all the picks. I saw your comment about PC being 70 years old but in Carroll years that is more like 55-60 years! Seriously, I like the idea of drafting Mond but after prediction of going in the 5th by PFF’s early draft review now he’s shot up to go way early and may not be available. I liked Darnold coming out of USC and felt the dysfunctional NYJ mis-used him. Would be ideal to end up with a pair of the trio of Mond-Darnold-Mills. Although drafting a QB wouldn’t do much for Darnold’s confidence as you pointed out. With one of those guys, a good running game and a solid defense (after adding Mack and extending Dunlap) this team can be very competitive. After all, Ram’s offense did fine with Goff as their QB.

  27. Hoggs41

    With Darnold I wonder how he would succeed with a top 5 rushing attack? Its a young QB’s best friend.

  28. epurc

    I am guessing 80% of the people on this thread would prefer we keep RW, and I have to say, it’s hard to imagine what the bull case is for the trade.

    We get a lot of capital but it feels like our ceiling for the next 2-3 years is what the Rams were pre-Stafford trade. I guess that got them to a Super Bowl once while they briefly had a big scheme advantage on offense, but hard to feel terribly excited about going that route.

    And by taking this path with RW, we also more-or-less preclude any strong QB candidate from ever wanting to join the hawks.

    Getting a bunch of picks will be a fun distraction, but this all really feels like a recipe for 5-10 years of pain :\

    • Scot04

      Unfortunately when your QB wants out because of philosophical differences with the Headcoach who won’t let any control go we get left with this. We can only try to hope for the best package in trade possible, because Pete will never change
      But who needs Wilson, we have Jamal Adams…

      • epurc

        i know I’ll look back in 5 years and say, yeah, we got rid of a HoF QB in their prime and we might not be good again anytime soon…….. but at least we didn’t violate our 70-year-old coach’s core principles 😐

  29. cha

    As Curtis Allen highlighted recently, if you look at the existing contracts on the roster there’s over $72m in movable cap space.

    $58m now…*sniff*

    I’m thinking back to my other piece about taking stock of the organization, and how it starts with 4 games left in the regular season.

    I woke up with some trepidation that the FO hasn’t done that. That this whole RW thing has completely disrupted their plans and they’re struggling to adapt. There is a distinct possibility that if the Seahawks can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat in the next couple days that 2021 will be a write off season.

    Not unlike last year when they let pass rusher after pass rusher slip through their fingers after publicly ID-ing that as a priority.

    I’m hoping they already had a plan to create some cap room and play the market.

    RW stays or goes, they’re going to have to do some things they’re not used to doing this offseason. I dearly hope they’re ready.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Either way, 2021 was going to be a write off season. Not enough improvement to become a bonified SB contender and not enough suck to get a high draft pick(s). Currently 2nd or 3rd round of playoffs exit is very likely, unless the NFCW become much better than everyone anticipates….. then very narrow shot of missing the playoffs outright.

  30. Ashish

    If you’re Seahawks GM, how you will handle Russ situation?

    Even with some known issues Russ is one of the top 5 QB. I would rather build team around Russ. But I guess situation is getting worst.

    • Rob Staton

      Well I already posted by off season plan a month ago. That spelt out what I would do

      • Ashish

        Thanks Rob

  31. Rob Staton

    Shaquill Griffin with Cowherd:

    • Mick

      He sounds out the door already. Not going to miss him a lot.

      • Rob Staton


        • Robbie

          LOL he looked semi annoyed with all the Russ questions. But yep, he’s gone!

      • Ashish

        Agree on this with Seahawks

  32. TheOtherJordan

    This feels possible and I think gets its done:

    Allen Robinson To the Jets, 2020 pick 23 Rd1 and Sam Darnold to the Bears.

    2020 Pick 20 Rd1, pick 23 Rd 1, pick 52 Rd 2, Sam Darnold, Khalil Mack, and Chicago 2022, 2023 Rd 1 picks to Seahawks. Russell Wilson to Bears.

    Ironically, a trade might now depend more on the Jets than the Seahawks or Bears.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a bit optimistic to think the Jets would pay a first and Darnold for Allen Robinson

      • dcd2

        Especially on the tag.

    • Robbie

      I feel like the Jets get fleeced in this deal. I could see this if we sent a 3rd round pick to the Jets as part of the package. Or shoot make the Bears give up theirs LOL

      • Scot04

        I could see Chicago trading Robinson for a 1st.
        We get two 2021 1sts and, a 2022 1st, 2023 1st, Khalil Mack and Darnold
        Jets get Chicago’s 2021 2nd
        Chicago gets Wilson

        • Rob Staton

          Well Mack’s off the table now

          And I can’t see Robinson netting a first. He’s not that good and it’s a loaded WR draft

          • Submanjoe

            I’m sure I’m being to optimistic. By adjusting Mack’s salary as they did, they free up space to pursue Russ as well as lessening Mack’s cap hit for Seattle if he is a part of a trade. Am I wrong?
            Sure it gives Chicago a bigger dead cap hit but, Wilson is…worth it.

            • Rob Staton

              Maybe. I just think $17m and $12m for Mack was already a bargain.

              • Submanjoe

                I agree. I agree too that Mack has to be in any deal with Chicago for Wilson. I wouldn’t be surprised if no deal happens this weekend though. This could all go on and on.

  33. Mick

    CBS 7 rounds mock draft:
    – Bears trade a 2021 first-round pick, a 2021 fifth-round pick and Khalil Mack to the Seahawks for Russell Wilson – LOL (even if they meant several other 1st picks next years)
    – Seahawks have Mac Jones available and no QB but go OL with pick 20 – another LOL
    – 49ers get Mond with pick 96 (no chance he’s still there), we get Trask at 56 (no chance he’s still there).

    • Rob Staton


      Trask won’t go anywhere near R2

  34. Matty

    I reckon Jody Allen has full trust in Pete’s decision making and JS running the front office and the fact we haven’t heard anything from these guys directly would indicate there all on the same page regards RW.
    As mentioned in the article, I’m not too sure RW can return with all the media articles regards the Seahawks failings, O line, sacks, mentioning desired teams and his personal legacy, which has got to have pissed off Pete as I have always felt his desire to win is as big as Russell’s.

    Deal of the Century please is the best resolution now.

    In a strange way I feel more excited about the future with a full reset as all I could see with Russ next season

  35. Kevin Mullen

    Russ, Lockett, & Duane Brown to Jets for Darnold, Becton, our original 2 1st’s (Adam’s trade) plus their #2 overall pick, and their 3rd rounder.

    Then we can assess if Zach Wilson is the pick or start trading down from there.

    • Rob Staton



      He’s not going to the Jets

      • Erik

        Jets have huge incentive for Seahawks to fall apart in 2021 due Adams trade. I wonder how

  36. Rob Staton

    I’m going to assume this means there’s no way Khalil Mack will be part of a trade

    • Rob Staton

      This does leave the door open for Akiem Hicks though

      And/or Fuller

      But I don’t understand how you trade Wilson without wanting Mack in the deal

      • NAF

        Rob- does this just mean the bears would own the dead cap money if traded?

        • Rob Staton

          Well the dead money was already high and now it’s higher.

          This officially takes Mack off the board in a trade

          • Ryan

            Oh man that sucks.

            Beginning to worry that they will not find a willing (enough) trade partner, and this just becomes a long awkward season with little money, few picks, and another drama-filled offseason on the horizon. Ugh.

      • Mick

        I really don’t see the trade happening without Mack…

        • Volume12

          I dont see Mack being included. Never really did tbh. Maybe I’m wrong though. 🤷‍♂️

          • Rob Staton

            Not sure why you’d say that TBH

    • cha

      Oh no, this is not good news.

      • DC

        Maybe it means the FO isn’t as delusional as I thought & they understand that this is a full tear down & rebuild if Russ gets shipped. Get all the picks you can get & if you take players in return, grab 2nd/3rd year guys with lots of promise and low overhead. With that massive amount of cap space you can pick and choose who you want in FA.

    • Brik

      We are taking on a huge amount of debt trading Wilson. Maybe this was the deal since they couldn’t get us a QB. They’re gonna pay more money to Mack so we don’t pay as much when we get him. Honestly I’m not sure if that’s how it would work, but I hope it doesn’t rule him out.

      • cha

        Definitely possible, but it 99 times out of 100 it would announced as part of a trade package, not a standalone adjustment.

      • Rob Staton

        They were already doing that. This basically rules out Mack

    • Scot04

      Horrible news. Although after us getting screwed in the Adams trade, who knows anymore. I agree with Rob without Mack this makes little sense. Maybe
      Chicago realized they’re the only team bidding and said no to Mack.
      Looking more and more like this drags out.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, shoot. This is not looking good.

    • Mr. Bitter

      Do you think there’s any possibility that the Saints are somehow still relevant in all of this?

      • Rob Staton

        Maybe but there’s no smoke there

        • Mr. Bitter

          There’s no smoke, but sometimes these things come out of nowhere. I have to believe the Saints are still lurking.

          Sean Payton is smart enough to know that a Taysom Hill/Jameis Winston Frankenstein monster at QB isn’t going to do it if he hopes to take advantage of what is likely the last year of his Super Bowl window.

          If Payton and Loomis were truly resigned to the fact that they can’t acquire a franchise QB, why tag Marcus Williams? Their recent moves seem to me like moves made by a brain trust that still thinks they’re just a Russell Wilson away, with no interest in a rebuild (on the fly, or complete).

          I get that their current contract restructuring spree is necessary to get under the cap, but if the Saints aren’t planning on going all in on a franchise QB, why aren’t they exploring trade options for Michael Thomas? Why haven’t they offered extensions to Lattimore and Ramczyk to create more ’21 cap space? Maybe Lattimore and Ramczyk have been earmarked as trade bait.

          • Rob Staton

            I disagree actually. I think their recent moves protected everyone they value and it looked to me like they were shaping up to roll with Jameis.

            And Sean Payton hasn’t lost a game without Brees

            • Mr. Bitter

              Jameis Winston is awful. If Payton has so much faith in Winston, then why didn’t Winston start during Brees’ absence last season? He couldn’t beat out a fringy gadget QB for the backup job, yet I’m supposed to believe that Payton is totally okay with relying on Winston to lead the Saints to the Super Bowl? I’m not buying it.

              The Saints lost to the Eagles in Hill’s final start last season. Hill was 3-1 as the starter, with the wins coming against the injury-bitten Broncos and Falcons (twice). Truly impressive.

              During the Bridgewater/Hill starts spanning the last two seasons, they faced just two teams with winning records. (Rams in Seahawks in ’19)

              • Rob Staton

                Payton really likes Jameis

                Listen to any of the NO podcasts and radio guys

                Rightly or wrongly he likes him

                • Mr. Bitter


                  Bruce Arians, who is brutally honest to a fault when dealing with the media, said in his 2019 Week 17 postgame conference that Winston is “often outright terrible”. I have to think fellow QB whisperer Payton realizes that too, but has the media savvy to keep it to himself. If he’s looking to acquire Wilson, it’s in his best interest to not let Seattle get even a whiff of desperation.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Well with respect, Sean Payton knows a bit more about quarterbacks than you or I

    • BruceN

      Terrible news. I certainly hope PC/JS didn’t make him an optional piece in the package. Or may be the Bears knowing they have no other competition are playing hardball. Regardless, I’m not sure Pace can survive this off-season without getting either Wilson or Watson. The Chicago blogosphere are screaming to get Wilson at any cost. BTW, What did you think of Cliff Avril’s comments earlier today?

      • Rob Staton

        I didn’t make anything of them

        With respect to Cliff Avril, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen

  37. skamann

    Could this be last minute financial manipulations to make the deal work for Seattle? Trading Mack would now create a much bigger dead cap hit for the Bears.

  38. no frickin clue

    I think this means we should prepare to be underwhelmed by the haul. Alternatively, the offer consists entirely of draft picks, not players. Or at least not game-changing players.

    • Big Mike

      “I think this means we should prepare to be underwhelmed by the haul (?),”.

      Have felt this way all along. This is the same Pete Carroll that made the Jamal Adams trade. Pray I’m completely wrong.

      • Hawk Mock

        If true, and the haul is super underwhelming, wouldn’t the trade already be made? If the Hawks are asking for three 1sts and change with no Mack, wouldn’t the Bears jump all over that? Or, are we assuming the ball is in our court, the Bears are offering something like that and the Hawks will accept because, well, recent history suggests they’ll get fleeced?

      • TomLPDX

        I’m praying, Big Mike.

        Hearing about a potential trade to DENVER???!!!

        • Rushless pass

          I’ll take Bradley Chubb and a boatload of picks

  39. Volume12

    So did Cowherd mean 3 1st round picks plus 2 former players who were 1st rounders when he said 5 1st round picks?

    Because, unless something has changed, pretty sure u can only trade 3 years out when it comes to picks.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Until something goes down, everyone is talking out their “arse” with some wild speculation.

      I just can’t see a trade where you take on a large salary back for RW….. that makes less sense than trading him in the first place. The only “benefit” of trading RW is you free up a tremendous amount of CAP space starting in 2022. Taking a big salary on, that is 2022/2023/2024 would be counter productive for a rebuild/retool.

      • Rob Staton

        $17m and $12m is NOT a big salary for an elite EDGE

        • Hawk Mock

          If Mack isn’t involved, I’m going to be super bummed. If you’re getting rid of your offensive MVP, then pivot to building a D with Mack, Wags and Adams. Maybe sign Sherm and Shaq Barrett and let’s have a good to great D again. Is Hicks a good 2nd option to not having Mack involved?

          • dcd2


            For how shit our DL has been post-Clark, the idea of getting a Mack level telnt back lessened the angst of losing a HOF QB. If we aren’t even getting that, then I’m just deflated.

            Please tell me that we aren’t going to get less for Russ than the Lions got for Stafford.

            PS. Please tell me that Nick Foles is not part of any trade.

    • DC

      Assuming it’s going down regardless, I could live with their 1st, 2nd & 3rd round picks in 2021, 2022 & 2023 plus Jaylon Johnson & Cole Kmet. Something like that.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not interested in either of those two

      • DC

        The Bears aren’t speaking with me so you’re fairly safe.

    • Rob Staton

      He possibly just doesn’t understand you can’t trade more than three picks

  40. Happy Hawk

    They still have J Graham, G ifedi, and M Trubisky to deal and then we can draft S Beuchele and let the competition for replacing RW begin.

    • Rob Staton

      Just as long as they fill that massive hole at SAM linebacker…

      • BobbyK

        The days of QB, LT, pass rusher, and CB are over.

        It’s all about SAM and SS these days. That’s where championships are won.

        Carroll and Schneider are simply ahead of the curve. We’re the stupid ones.

        • Rob Staton

          Well said

    • cha

      Ifedi and Trubisky are free agents.

  41. schleems18

    I would not be opposed to a year or two of Ryan Fitzpatrick at 8-9 mil/year.

  42. Volume12

    Sam Cosmi & Dillon Radunz both had very good pro days. The 1.68 10 yd split for Cosmi is highly impressive.

    • Rob Staton

      Unfortunately what isn’t highly impressive is his play

      Awful technique, soft, goes through the motions

      • D-OZ

        ???? C’mon man!!! I have watched a lot of Longhorn’s film and Cosmi is not soft.

        • Rob Staton

          Soft, passive, doesn’t get after anyone

          • Rob Staton

            From NFL scouts:

            “Athletic zone type. Needs to play stronger and be more physical.”

            “He doesn’t know how to use his hands. His pad level is always so high”

            “He’s not very long, and I didn’t see a competitor.”

            • Rob Staton

              From Lance Zierlein:

              Average fire off the ball and into his block

              Not a people mover or consistent finisher as drive blocker

              Has a tendency to play too mechanically, with inconsistent finish and fire

              • Mr. Bitter

                Yeah, but did you see that time he caught a TD on a tackle eligible? What an athlete!!

  43. Volume12

    Really hope Florida St CB Asante Samuel Jr has the length Seattle covets at the position. He’s 1 of my new favorite players. Incredibly fun tape.

    Best tackling corner in this class, highly competitive, locates the ball well, closes well, plays like a guy much bigger than he is. Absolute dog.

    • Rob Staton

      Well his dad had 29.5 inch arms

      So I would say doubtful

      • D-OZ

        How long are Reed’s arm’s?

        • Rob Staton

          Not long

          But if we’re now saying the Seahawks are going to tear up everything they’ve done because of DJ Reed’s half a season as a starter, I think that would be a mistake

          • D-OZ


          • DC

            Not as a prediction but certainly a suggestion that sticking to their draft profiles for CB & RB haven’t been overly successful of late. Maybe the formulas could be adjusted to produce better results?

            • Rob Staton

              Maybe but we’re talking about predictions

  44. Burner

    Schefter – Bears will be saving just over $23 million of salary-cap space this week by converting the 2021 base salaries of LB Khalil Mack, S Eddie Jackson and OL Cody Whitehair into signing bonuses, per sources. The moves will give the Bears more firepower heading into free-agent week.

    Clearing the way for a run at Wilson? Would this rule out Mack as part of the package?

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, I’m afraid he’s all but out.

      My only last straw of hope is that it says “will be saving…this week”. Maybe that’s a way of telling the Seahawks (if indeed Mack was ever included in a package) take it or we’re moving on too…

    • Ben

      Brought Mack’s cap hit up to 36 million if traded, it’d be tough to fit Russ on the team unless he is also restructured.

      With the restructures, before trading for Russ they would be back to 34 million over.

      They could immediately restructure Russ (2020 cap hit: 5 mil) or the Seahawks could restructure for them (1.075 mil)

      So with Russ they would be at 39 to 35 million over.

      To get back under the cap, they’d need to restructure/extend/cut nearly anyone off a rookie contract.

      But without Mack, the Seahawks would get no surefire stars and wouldn’t even have two firsts in a year until 2023. And might not see a first rounder inside the top 20. Would be a disaster. I gotta think the Bears are out, making a trade of Russ pretty unlikely. Pace is a gonna get roasted alive.

      • Rob Staton

        The Bears are not ‘out’. It was never Khalil Mack or else.

        Three firsts, three seconds and players would be an unprecedented haul. And if they work Sam Darnold into the equation too, then it’s not ridiculous.

        • DAWGfan

          If they offer 3 firsts, 2 seconds, and Whitehair/ Montgomery I would be ecstatic.

          • Rob Staton

            Whitehair just restructured so not happening

            • DAWGfan

              In no way is the restructure a deal killer. Does it make it more unlikely? Perhaps, but if it was a requirement then the Bears would have to eat some $ and it would benefit Seattle in terms of his cap hit next year.

  45. BobbyK

    If Mack isn’t included in a Wilson deal, I really don’t see how the Bears can put up a “desperate” package attractive enough to get our franchise QB. They don’t have any other “gotta have” players and they don’t pick until #20. I mean, I don’t think I’d trade Wilson if the Bears offered every one of their picks for the next 3 years. All first picks will be in the 20s-30s and that’s Ifedi, Penny, Collier range for the way we seem to like to draft. That’d be a suicide mission. Maybe the only way I’d do that trade is if we could get someone like Ozzie Newsome out of retirement so he could make all the picks. I don’t trust Schneider/Carroll to do it.

    • TomLPDX

      Or Scot mccloughan

      • BobbyK

        Yes. Someone competent. Or the way Schneider/Carroll were almost a decade ago.

        • STTBM

          Not sure they ever were competent. They got lucky on a bunch of players in 2012, and it was Bevell who wanted Wilson. They had no clue Chancellor and Sherm would even be starters, let alone HOF players. They thought Irvin was worth pick 15! Wright exceeded their expectations, he was a great pick, same for Wags.

          They simply got lucky.

          Okung and Thomas were no-brainer picks, and they inherited the Thomas pick. Really the only great picks they’ve made since, in 8 years, are Tyler Lockett, Jarran Reed, Damien Lewis, Chris Carson, DK Metcalf. That’s not enough to build a team.

          Even adding Baldwin and P Ford as UDFA, that’s a sad-ass list for 8 years.

          Wilson utterly on point calling out the Front Office on their pathetic draft and Free Agency moves over the last 8 years to fix the Oline too.

          • Big Mike

            It was Schneider that pounded the table for RW.

          • DC

            You don’t assemble a Superbowl roster from the ground up in 3 years by being lucky. They did incredible work through 2012. Give credit where it is due.

            Problem is that they’ve more or less ‘shit the bed’ since then.

    • Trevor

      Just posted something really similar. That Bears roster sucks.

  46. Trevor

    Since Mack is off the table I was looking at that Bears roster to see who might be of interest. Only 3 players stuck out. Jaylon Johnson, Kyle Fuller and Hicks.

    But what I really thought was wow that Bears roster sucks. There is no shot Russ is taking that roster to a Super Bowl. Why the heck would he want to go there and have to play in the cold, wet, wind where he struggles and in GB every year where he sucks. Makes no sense to me.

    I was almost 100% certain Russ was going to be traded but I just don’t see how the Bears have the ammunition without Mack in the deal. Russ is going to have to expand his list of teams to include Carolina and Miami then hope one of them steps up because I don’t see the Bears, Vegas or NO making it an offer worth taking.

    • BobbyK

      Agreed. That Bears roster sucks. They have really drafted poorly (we thought Schneider/Carroll were bad – which they have been, but others have too). It’s really a credit to their coach that they made the playoffs, not the GM so much. When I look at that Bears roster, I see what should be a 5-11 type team. Of course, they did finish the season 3-8 in their last 11 games (including playoffs) and it’s not hard to see why.

    • Rob Staton

      The Bears were 5-1 to start the season. Just like the Seahawks

      They made the playoffs with Trubisky/Foles

      It isn’t that bad

      I don’t know why but the Seahawks might prefer multiple players (Fuller, Hicks) rather than just Mack. We’ll see. But I was banking on getting Mack if this happened.

      • Ben

        And it’s been discussed Fuller doesn’t like to play press, so seems like a bad fit.

        Akiem Hicks is a 31 yo on a last year of contract, so maybe worth a third?

        If Jaylon Johnson, Kmet aren’t of interest it leaves Roquan Smith but probably would have to move Bobby, so helpful but a bit lateral..

        I just can’t see it at this point.

        • Rob Staton

          Hicks aint worth a third

          Not now

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think you need to overreact and say ‘that’s it’

          Mack wasn’t the be-all and end-all

          • Ben

            Essentially though it just leaves it to picks right? If no players are worth much long term or as trade pieces, all there is are draft picks that are unlikely to be high and we’re already missing draft capital so it’s practically just replacing the mistake of the Adams trade.

            We’d be up one 1st and 3 2nds over three years compared to a regular draft.. It just just doesn’t seem like a clear route to success that one would want to see trading a superstar QB. They could still do it no question, but I’d be really shocked if they did, but maybe there is no choice..

            • Rob Staton

              I think you’re getting too hung up on Khalil Mack.

              If a team gives you three firsts and three seconds, that’s an incredible haul. If they throw in other players, including potentially working the Jets into the equation for a QB, even better.

              Again, it was never Khalil Mack or else

              • Ben

                Perhaps so! Incredible haul, but just doesn’t feel like great route to a good team again. That said, you’re probably right to say they aren’t *out* but it does seem less likely.

                Appreciate the all the hard work and great interviews!

                • Mike

                  An incredible haul doesn’t mean could realistically address any of the longstanding positions of need with any of those picks. QB, DE, OT, CB. Pick 30 (and later) means we can draft some more LBs, RBs, and WRs. Maybe some OGs.

                • Rob Staton

                  I don’t think it’s any less likely. Again, I think you’re focusing too much on Mack. For all we know he was never part of Seattle’s plan

  47. STTBM

    Rob, perhaps Chicago is moving Mack’s cap hit to next year so they can absorb a bunch of Wilson’s cap this year when the trade goes down? Also, As you said, Seattle will have TONS of cap space next year if they trade Wilson, easy to eat up a bunch of Mack’s hit that year, resetting their cap for years, and allowing them to spend what space they have this year to get help in free agency now, plus extend a few guys.

    I can’t imagine Seattle not demanding Mack as part of the trade. That would be so utter Fail, and so like their drafts and free agency of the last 8 years….

    • Rob Staton

      I’m afraid that’s not how it works.

      Essentially Mack had a big dead cap hit this year. That is what it was going to cost the Bears to shift him out.

      Now, that number just got even higher.

      They merely made it even harder to deal him. Which you wouldn’t do if you were dealing him

      • STTBM


        So Chicago maybe determined not to cough up Mack, putting the screws to Seattle? Then eff ’em, in my opinion….but it looks like Seattle either dumps him to Chicago or it’s a disaster…leave it to JS and PC to screw even this trade up….my God, they could screw up a wet dream…

        • Rob Staton

          Well it’s possible Seattle didn’t want Mack

          • STTBM

            That doesn’t mean that Seattle is in their right mind.

            • Rob Staton

              Well this is a team that listed BJ Finney as a priority a year ago

              • STTBM

                …and then made him pass a physical before camp to be guaranteed, so he sat on his ass and got fat, too scared to hurt himself and risk his money to get in shape….

                Finney is a bum who utterly played Seattle for money. He basically lied to them: all he cared about was money for nothing. He easily could have purchased an insurance policy against getting hurt in training in the off-season.

                But Seattle could have bought him one, or included it in their contract.

                Both Seattle and Finney deserved each other.

    • cha

      Mack’s dead cap before the restructure…. $21.4m

      Mack’s dead cap after the restructure… probably $37m

      No need to fit me for a tin foil hat. I’m just saying.

      • skamann

        If Mack is included in the deal for Russ, the Bears have a $37m dead cap hit and Seahawks have a $39m dead cap hit. Maybe the restructure is by design and is why the Seahawks are reportedly not concerned about the dead cap hit. The Bears end up with a very cheap salary for a franchise QB and the Hawks end up with a very cheap salary for a franchise EDGE.

        • Ben

          Bears still end up with a huge cap hit to deal with, even with Russ at 1.7 mil for the year. It’s possible, but why would they, it just hurts them more when they would need to win now.

          I could have seen the Hawks restructuring Russ, and then taking Mack and saving the bears cap space, and the hawks just have one massive hit this year. But this way just ain’t gonna work it seems.

  48. schuemansky

    Rob, everybody is only talking about the Bears.
    The Saints did everything they had to do to get their cap in the right direction. By trading Lattimore and Ramczyk they could acquire the ammunition to get a deal done.
    What do you think?

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, it’s possible

      But it’s so quiet there. No smoke

    • Scot04

      They could just put Ramczyk and Lattimore in the deal for Russell

      • BruceN

        Very good players. But aren’t they on the last year of their cheap contracts and looking for big paydays next year? With Adams, that would be three players looking for big contracts.

        • Sea Mode

          Yes, but with Russ off the books for 2022, we would need some quality talent to spend all that money on anyways.

          • BruceN

            They both play premium positions (T and CB) that will command BIG bucks. Especially next year after the big TV contract is signed.

    • cha

      The Saints’ salary cap situation, illustrated.

  49. Rob Staton

    Trading Akiem Hicks saves the Bears $10.5m (but the Seahawks only get him for one year, plus he’s 31 now)

    Trading Kyle Fuller saves the Bears $11m (but the Seahawks only get him for one year, plus he’s 29)

    That would cover Wilson’s salary and it’s interesting that neither restructured their contracts

    But I can’t say ageing players on one-year deals is that enticing. They’d also cost an absolute fortune ($23.4m)

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe they really do want Roquan instead (but why….?)

      • cha

        Can’t get enough LBs

        • D-OZ

          Pete loves his LB’s. He has got to make up for a miss ya know…

      • BobbyK

        If you judge them by last years free agency plan, it all makes perfect sense. Do the dumbest possible thing you can think of – and do it.

      • Sea Mode

        7 years younger than Bobby, with 1-2 years left of club control? I wouldn’t make him the centerpiece of the deal, but I wouldn’t mind him in it either if it finally allows them to feel like they can move on from Bobby for another draft pick.

        He’s elite in coverage and good in pass rush, but is his run defense really as bad as PFF says it is?

      • Ryan

        Need another LB because they’re switching to a 3-4 so they can blitz Adams more.

        I am joking.

      • dcd2

        If there’s one word that sums up PCjs approach to roster building recently it’s: Why

      • Rob Staton

        Just remembered we’ve got Darrell Taylor so pass rush isn’t a need

        • NAF

          And don’t forget about “in the best shape of your life” Collier. I don’t see what could go wrong with those two holding down the ends positions.

          • Rob Staton

            LJ Collier coming off a long run up for a MAJOR three sack season

            • Big Mike

              Cmon guys, I just finished dinner. I’d like to keep it down.


  50. Frank

    Agree it’s seems a little more far fetched to see a Chicago trade with Mack essentially off the table. Wasn’t blow away bye Lance pro day, his footwork looked over thought and like he was trying to hard to incorporate coaching. Accuracy couldn’t be described as a plus, but better WRers should have been able to make a play. Really nice touch over the middle, and deep with more of a struggle on outside throws. For as much as the announcers where talking about every throw being a frozen rope, I saw him as taking a bit off in a very natural way. I see someone between a Josh Allen and Lamar, and potentially the perfect fit for Pete ball. He looked a little nervous today, and wasn’t a great performance but showed off the tools to be something special. I wouldn’t be disappointed starting next year with him and really getting back to pounding the rock. PC said when he first showed up, he wanted to lead the league in QB rush yards. I don’t know if Lance can do that, but he protects the football and establishes the run threat in a huge way. Maybe not my favorite QB, but my favorite fit for PC.

  51. Ben

    The only team that makes clear sense from both sides is the Dolphins IF the Texans are unwilling to budge on Watson due to ineptitude, in conference, or embarrassment to trade back for their own pick.

    They could move Tua for a late first, and could easily afford give the Hawks (Not that they would)

    #20 (say the Bears get Tua)
    2 seconds

    And they would still have all their picks next year!

    Hell the Hawks could pay for Russell’s contract, give them some mix of Adams, D Brown, or Lockett and maybe add in more picks, Raekwon Davis and/or Robert Hunt.

    Not an offensive minded head coach, but Chan Gailey is gone at the least, if Russ wants to win, he could do a lot worse. It’s not as if Brady didn’t run the offense even with Belichick.

    If I’m the dolphins, you have a very good roster and an low percent chance of having a superstar QB, might as well buy one now and have FA money to go for it.

    • Rob Staton

      Again, there’s a reason why they’re not on his list

      It’s a Belicheck disciple team, run the same way. Not fun. Weird offensive coaching structure. Conservative.

      • Ben

        Then a trade seems unlikely to occur at this point, at which point Russ will get to decide what he wants.

        Is it a better team around him, better scheme/coaches, more money (extension) or just more control?

        If he wants greatness, Brady became the greatest in that “system” no matter how unfun.

        Maybe he doubles down, goes public, and forces his way off (causing the hawks to lower the asking price), or maybe he stretches his options.

        I get maybe we don’t need to waste breath on the Dolphins, but if Russ wants a new team that can win and a trade is possible for the hawks to stomach, that’s the simplest route.

  52. Scot04

    Is it just me or did the Bears restructuring of Macks deal kill any excitement for a bears trade. I know it definitely did mine

    • WestSide72

      Nope…I am in a weird mood…was convinced a trade was imminent and now just feel deflated…maybe something happens in the next 24 hours but I really want a fresh start.

    • TheOtherJordan

      It’s not over. Don’t underestimate that fan base. If that GM rolls with Foles at QB, the fans will be in full revolt. Given all the hype, he is under tremendous pressure to deliver something big and I don’t think that means a rookie QB. Chicago sports radio is gonna be entertaining on Monday.

    • drrew76

      It removes the only elite talent at an important position that Chicago could offer, so absolutely it puts a damper on things.

      Not at all excited about the prospect of several late first round picks, the hit rate across the league for those level of picks just isn’t high enough.

      • TheOtherJordan

        I’m gonna wait to see the trade compensation (if it happens) before I get upset or excited but I understand why people are disappointed in not getting Mack.

      • Scot04

        Yep, I’m trying to figure out other options with Bears. Without Mack definitely not excited. Still feel something should happen, just unsure of the parts. Bearswire had a 3 team trade proposal.

        We get 2021 picks 20 (Bears)& 23 (Jets), 2022 1st,& 2023 1st (Bears) plus Darnold (Jets)

        Bears get Wilson

        Jets get Nick Foles, Jaylon Johnson, a 2022 2nd & 2023 4th (Bears)

        Atleast it’s interesting.

        • Rob Staton

          I have no idea why he/she thought NYJ would take that

          It’s interesting that Cowherd said five firsts and then mentioned Darnold. No mention of Mack. Which makes me wonder if that’s the kind of value Seattle wants. A cumulative value of five firsts plus Darnold

          • Scot04

            He said 5 1sts with a trade in place to get Darnold. I’m assuming our 2nd for Darnold. (Hope I’m wrong)

            However, if they get five 1sts (three of which are 2021 1st rounders) and Darnold without giving up anything other than Wilson; I’m on board.

  53. Jason

    “rumours” that Russell is in contact with the team regarding a re-structure, which would mean he’s definitely staying”

    Fits with the Mack re-structure. Guess it’s all over, everyone go home…

    • Rob Staton

      ‘NFL Rums’ clearly the top insider

      • Jason

        I’ll take what I can get at this point, heh.

    • CaptainJack

      this would be the best possible outcome for Seahawks fans who want the team to compete next season. Of course, the Twitter account nflrums doesn’t really seem legitimate to me.

    • cha

      Just picking up the Gregg Bell article and running with it.

      • charlietheunicorn

        We need a Josina Update ASAP

        That will help us get to the bottom of this story.

  54. king.

    There are a couple of comments suggesting that the Bears’ roster ‘sucks’, which is a lot stronger take than any I would give.

    The defense is top ten. It doesn’t suck, though it might deteriorate rapidly if Mack weren’t commanding double teams.

    Wilson would elevate the offense quite a bit, just like he’s done for years in Seattle, but I think people are right to question how good the overall roster really is.

    It certainly won’t be better if they were to give up their best player and 3 years of prime draft capital.

    Now they are pushing money into future years to clear cap room this year.

    They are desperate. GM and coach are on the hot seat.

    At this point, I’m not even sure why they are on Wilson’s list, except Chicago is a major market and Chicago is a storied franchise.

    • BobbyK

      They did lose 8 of their final 11 games last year so “sucks” is pretty appropriate. In fact, when they started 5-1, there were many people here who were like WTF and knew they really weren’t that good. Then they proved us all right.

      Your take about them deteriorating rapidly without Mack is spot on. With Mack they are a top 10 defense. They are an older defense though. Projecting forward – they’re not going to be improving. They have key guys like Hicks who are getting older. I don’t see many players on that defense that I would like to add to the Seahawks roster if they can’t have Mack. Johnson is the only one I’d really like and that’s more due to his age and remaining three years contractually.

  55. Frank

    I’m less excited about the possibility of Donald as opposed to a draft pick just because of the lack of years on the rookie contract. I’d love to hear the sales pitch to RW on going to a big market Jets team and how willing they would be to hand over large amounts of player control and offensive scheme input. Carolina makes some sense to me, as a solid rosters with a need at QB but isn’t a big market. I just keep wondering about teams not listed in his preferred destinations, that might make for a more plausible trade for both sides. The big problem of course is that teams with a desirable pick available for drafting a QB, would rather have a rookie contract and likely aren’t a stacked roster elsewhere. Perhaps RW for Baker Mayfield and picks?

  56. king.

    At this point, after weeks of believing Seattle had to move Wilson, I believe both sides are going to come together and agree, not to get all snuggly, but that there aren’t any options out there that make sense.

    I think they will agree to kick the can down the road a year and revisit. In the meantime, they will make nice in the public eye because neither wins with a year of acrimony.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s way beyond that now

      • Todd

        Why is it way beyond that now? PC and RW are not Donald Trump; they are adults with the emotional capacity necessary to repair a strained relationship. Maybe it’s worth trading RW because, realistically, how many more years can he do his run around the pocket dance until he starts looking like 38 year old Ichiro? But to say they can’t repair the relationship is to characterize them as children.

        • Rob Staton

          How very snarky of you Todd.

          I’m happy to explain. You don’t go from what we’ve witnessed over the last five weeks to just cracking on with the job.

          There are only two options now.

          A big moment where both parties come together and make a big statement of commitment. They agree to work together for years to come. I have suggested several times this would probably have to include a contract extension to finally eliminate the talk (at least for the next few years).

          Or they trade him.

          There’s no ‘oh well we tried see you in July’.

          That aint happening.

          • Todd

            I don’t think they need a huge commitment. It wouldn’t be optimal, sure, but lots of people manage to coexist in awkward scenarios. There has been lots of smoke, and surely there’s some fire, but most of that smoke is media-generated. To de-snark my previous post, I think the case for trading RW (and I wouldn’t trade him myself) should be based more on the fact that his QBing relies strongly on raw athleticism, which will decline at some point in the not too distant future, rather than on tenuous assessments of relationship statuses and emotions. They can patch this up, see how this year plays out, and reassess next year. Again, not optimal, not even close, but not infeasible. I feel like Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have coexisted awkwardly for 8 years now and they still compete.

            • Todd

              BTW, I’m sorry I was so snarky. I do that sometimes, and it was unjustified. Your post was actually insightful and well written, with a lot to chew over. I do disagree with the proposition that they can’t do a bridge year of sorts–in fact, I think that’s exactly what will happen–and I also disagree that getting Darnold is plus picks is enough. I would force CHI to deliver Watson or the #1/#2 picks of 2021 (plus another asset or two) so we can have a franchise QB (caveat: assuming that works under the cap). I would be stunned if Darnold develops into anything passable.

              I strongly agree with your assessment of the Jamal Adams trade. Way too high of a price.

              • Todd

                I meant #1 OR #2 from 1R of the 2021 draft so we can get Lawrence or Z Wilson. Otherwise, I’d personally rather ride out the storm, even if it’s tremendously awkward, than have Darnold and the huge cap space (which was way more than I anticipated, and one of the most insightful parts of your write-up). The Rams (Goff) and 49ers (Garrapolo) got lucky but haven’t shown the ability to consistently compete like the Pats, Hawks, Packers, Chiefs, etc.

            • Rob Staton

              but most of that smoke is media-generated

              The biggest piece of smoke came when Wilson’s agent literally went on the record and named the four teams he was willing to be dealt too.

              That wasn’t media generated.

              It was Russell Wilson generated.

  57. charlietheunicorn

    Wait a second. Bears are switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3?
    Wouldn’t that make Mack less impactful on defense?
    And the Seahawks use the same basic line-up (4-3) so what would his ceiling truly be in Seattle???
    Is he big enough to hold up on the end of a 4-3 line at 270 lbs?

    He has been productive the last 3 seasons, sacks and force fumbles…….

  58. Ryan

    It’s a shame we haven’t been hearing more “smoke” out of Las Vegas and New Orleans. Some real competition would’ve been great to push the Bears over the finish line.

  59. Rory

    Man, I have some serious Russell Wilson-football-trade-drama fatigue setting in. Just mend the damn fences or move on.

    I know it’s not that simple, but dayum already!

  60. DC

    I see about 4 scenarios where we have a ‘franchise QB’ on the roster & to me that is & has always been a goal.

    #1 Russ stays. Easiest to imagine obviously but seemingly nearing the end of an era here in Seattle.

    #2 Seattle gains the #2 pick in the 2021 draft and selects ‘Wilson’, the other one. Not likely for many reasons.

    #3 Seattle trades Russ & sets the table for 2022 by collecting heaps of draft picks to pair with massive cap space. Wheeling and dealing like the days of old, they repair and fill out the roster, culminating in a major trade for the twighlight year/s of the despicable Aaron Rodgers.

    #4 Seattle trades Russ as above. We all expect the picks to be near the back end of round 1 & squirm in our infinite stupidity at having made this trade. Our fears our realized in the 2022 draft as the Bears advanced far into the playoffs & our pick sucks. But then… something that has never happened before happens early in the 2022 regular season. Russell Wilson gets a serious injury for the first time in his career and our pick ends up being in striking range of a new ‘franchise qb’. PC & JS trade the house to move up the last few spots to get their guy and… and…

    Tune in next week to find out the thrilling conclusion of ‘General Hawkspital’.

  61. ElPasoHawk

    3 1’s, 3 2’s, and 3 3’s = 5 1’s. 3 team trade:

    Jets get: BWagz and Jaylon Johnson, Bears 2022 4th
    Bears get: Russ
    Hawks get: Roquan Smith, Bears 2021, 2022, 2023 1st, Bears 2022, 2023 2nd, Beard 2023 3rd
    Sam Darnold, Jets 2021 2nd

    • Gary

      Where do I sign?

  62. Rob4q

    I still think something like this is gets is done…not as much as we hoped for, but still a great haul!

    CHI get
    Russell Wilson QB (SEA), Josh Doctson WR (NYJ)

    NYJ get
    2022 2nd (CHI), 2022 3rd (CHI), Rasheem Green DE (SEA)

    SEA get
    Joel Iyiegbuniwe LB (CHI), Riley Ridley WR (CHI), Trevis Gipson EDGE (CHI), Sam Darnold QB (NYJ)
    2021 1st #20
    2021 2nd #52
    2021 3rd #83
    2022 CHI 1st
    2023 CHI 1st
    That’s four 1st round picks (three picks + Darnold), a 2nd, a 3rd, and three young, cost controlled players with upside.

    SEA then trades:
    #20 + 2022 4th to GB for #29 + #62
    #29 + 2022 6th to TB for #32 + #137 + #215
    #56 + 2022 5th to ATL for #58 + #108
    #167 to INDY for #169 + #255

    And drafts:

    32. Walker Little, OT Stanford
    52. Brevin Jordan, TE Miami (FL)
    58. Quinn Meinerz, OC Wisconsin-Whitewater
    62. Payton Turner, EDGE Houston
    83. Trey Sermon, RB Ohio State
    108. Ben Cleveland, OG Georgia
    129. Marquez Stevenson, WR Houston
    137. Robert Rochell, CB Central Arkansas
    169. Erroll Thompson, LB Mississippi State
    206. Ta’Quon Graham, DT Texas
    215. Javon McKinley, WR Notre Dame
    255. Peyton Ramsey, QB Northwestern


  63. Gary

    You know that phenomenon where the hometown fans value their own players more than others do. I fear that could be happening here with Russell’s trade value and the proposed “haul”. I mean, he will be 33 and is clearly on the downward side of his prime. Based on nothing more than perhaps preparing myself psychologically to be underwhelmed by the return, I’m bracing for the actual deal to be for much less than many of the trades being proposed here, and for us to be subjected to Positive Pete trying to spin it as the best deal available. Hoping to be wrong, just fearing the worst. #SquanderedAssets

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