Saturday’s quarterback round-up

Austin Davis (QB, Southern Miss) led the Golden Eagles to an impressive 27-3 victory over SMU. This was a Mustangs team who recently defeated TCU with prolific offensive production, on Saturday they managed three points. Davis whad 266 passing yards going 27/37. He had one touchdown pass and an interception and added 31 yards on the ground from nine attempts.

Matt Barkley (QB, USC) had three touchdown passes, no turnovers and 224 yards through the air as the Trojans defeated Notre Dame 31-17 in South Bend. People have said Barkley can’t win the big games, this is the counter. For the season he’s throwing 68% completions, has a 16-4 touchdown-to-interception ratio and he’s on pace to top 3000 passing yards for the first time in his career. Scouts look for progress, all of those numbers are way up on his true-sophomore year.

Landry Jones (QB, Oklahoma) suffered a shock defeat to Texas Tech which ends any hopes of an achievable BCS Championship appearance. Jones finished with five touchdowns and a pick, with 412 yards going 30/55. I haven’t seen the game so can’t judge his performance. The numbers suggest defensively Oklahoma blew this game. However, this is a loaded team and losing sloppy games like this has been a problem for Jones in the past.

Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford) didn’t have to exert too much energy in Stanford’s 65-21 win over Washington. I have the tape of this game and will be watching it later this week. Luck went 16/21 for 169 yards and two touchdowns.

Ryan Tannehill (QB, Texas A&M) also had a comfortable day defeating Iowa State 33-17. Tannehill’s stat line read 23/42 for 249 yards and three touchdowns. The 5.9 yards per attempt average was surprisingly low, however.


  1. PatrickH

    I have watched the Oklahoma vs Texas Tech game. Can’t blame Landry Jones for the loss. He was inconsistent when pressured (include throwing the pick), but his receivers also dropped several passes. The Oklahoma defense was also no match for the Texas Tech offense. Even so, they came back in the 2nd half and almost forced overtime, except the kicker missed an easy fieldgoal.

    One interesting thing about that 2nd half comeback. Oklahoma lined up several times in the I formation with Jones under center. This was the first time that I have seen Jones ran a pro-style offense, and he seemed ok doing it.

    By the way, how was the Bears vs Bucs game? What’s your opinions on Cutler and Freeman?

  2. James

    Pete and John have hand-picked Charlie Whitehurst and Tarvaris Jackson, and decided to pass on Andy Dalton, when he fell right into their laps. What makes us think they can find one in this coming draft, since Luck and Barkley will be gone? Luck will go #1, and Barkley probably 3 or 4, and the Seahawks, even if they only win another game or two, will be selecting around 7th or so. Dang it!

    • troy

      They handpicked Whitehurst and Jackson to be stopgaps, nothing more. The length and size of their contracts shows this.

      As for Dalton, he’s doing well but was never a first round quarterback and certainly not someone a new front office wants to attach themselves to as “their guy.”

    • Matt

      Dalton has been “ok” for 5 games. Same over reaction as Ponder’s first drive. Let’s see if Dalton can do anything more than dink and dunk against an atrocious schedule thus far. We clearly need a QB and this has to be the year they get one.

      • Meat

        Agreed. Bengals schedule is weak thus far. Whitehurst and Jackson are what we think they are and they are not the future. I just hope the Hawks are able to get that QB of the future this offseason. I have to say, it could be worse. Watching Indy play last night was just (trying to think of the words that describe my feeling) putred.

    • Chris

      If things stay on the same course I am willing to bet the Hawks will be able to get Barkley.

      Look at the standings currently of teams which have worse or equal records to the Seahawks.

      Dolphins= 0-6 Will go QB for sure. Probably Luck unless the Colts draft him.
      Colts= 0-6 Unless Manning is forced to retire they wont take anyone but Luck.
      Rams= 0-6 Has Bradford. Wont go QB
      Cardinals= 1-5 Traded for Kolb. Wont go QB
      Jacksonville= 1-5 Drafted Gabbert. Wont go QB
      Carolina= 2-4 ROTY Cam Newton. Wont go QB
      Eagles= 2-4 Vick. Self explanatory
      Denver= 2-4 Depends on how the Tebow experiment plays out. Possible competition.

      Thats 8 teams of which only 3 are possible competition for Luck and only 2 are possible competition for Barkley or Jones (who could be valued higher on some teams draft boards than Barkley anyways).

      I would say the biggest threat for not being able to draft Matt Barkley isn’t other teams but whether or not he decides to stay on at USC for his senior year. Otherwise I truly believe the Hawks will be able to draft him or Jones; whoever they value higher.

      • cliff

        Its still early and you need to add the Browns and Kansas City to the competition list there.

  3. Colin

    Today’s game was completely indicative of our situation. For the most, good talent at the majority of the postions (this is just general, not real specific) but lacking at the QB spot. What happened? Seattle lost to an inferior team because the guy at the most important position played awful. Yes, Seattle didn’t have Lynch, Unger or Miller, but they should’ve beaten Cleveland. Charlie has ended any thought of him being the future.

    Can’t say it enough, Seattle must get a QB next year. MUST MUST MUST.

    • Rugby Lock

      Agreed… either through the draft or trade… Anyone know much about the backup at GB?

      • Colin

        I’d stay away from Flynn IMHO. People have bought too much into one start. It’s hard to defensively gameplan for him when you have no previous tape to work with.

        • Wes

          He’s rated as the #2 backup available by some (only behind Young). Do you think the Hawks get either of those guys for next year? I guess we did pass up on Young last offseason, but maybe the situation is different now. Do you feel think Flynn could be a descent started QB for us. If so, we can start using my phrase ‘Win for Flynn’!

          • Rob

            I have to agree with Colin – over rated based on one performance.

    • Meat

      YES! There is a reason Charlie was not given the job and it wasn’t just because “T-Jack knows the playbook”. After Thurmond out for the season now our DB situation is bad. Seattle may not get ran on much but stopping the pass is a major concern. QB, CB, and a pass rusher.
      But will there be enough talent at QB for Seattle in this draft? I had Seattle getting 5 wins this season before it started and it still looks like that is what they will get to. Trade up from spot 7/8 to 3-5? Move up only a few spots can’t but cost another first round? I am just wishing.

  4. Dan C.


    With Thurmond’s season (and likely career) ending injury last weekend, and Trufant’s issues (who I think will be cut this offseason), how do you think this affects our draft next year? While it is not a popular theory, would you argue for selecting a CB over a QB if we end up picking around #7-12?

    Tarvaris and Charlie really suck, but we will get absolutely torched unless we fix the secondary (although I LOVE Thomas and Chancellor). I do realize that it is easier to sign/trade for a CB, but there are so many good ones this year!

    • Steen

      Since when did Thurmond’s injury become possibly career ending?

    • Colin

      I don’t think Thurmond’s injury is career ending. It’s not a ligament issue like he had in college that really was a career threatener, it’s just a crack in the bone. I see no reason he can’t come back next year ready to go. Just a shame it had to happen to him, he was progressing into a pretty darn good corner.

    • Chris

      I hope we do if we dont go QB because this DE class is very limited while CB like you said is stacked with talent.

      Dre Kirkpatrick, Morris Claiborne, Chase Minnefield, Janoris Jenkins, Cliff Harris, Alponzo Dennard.

      Hell we almost surely will have the opportunity to snag one of these guys early round 2 anyways so I hope we do.

      • Dan C.

        I am speculating on the career-ending injury, but I first heard it was much worse. Sounds like he is getting surgery, but the year is over.

        Regardless, we can’t go into next season with Browner and Thurmond starting. I think we can all assume that Trufant is gone and unless we get someone in free agency, we will really be hurting.

    • Rob

      Hi Dan,

      The QB need beats out every other need by some distance and it’s not even close. This is a team with several needs but until they find a legitimate long term starting quarterback nothing else registers IMO.

  5. Jarhead

    I still see very alarming sentiments in all the posts I read about Seattle. Watch the games, our defense is doing okay. This is a VERY deep CB class and we can get an immediate starter even as late as the 3rd. We don’t need Revis, just someone competent. What are we DEAD LAST in the league in? Time Of Possession!!! Our line is young and will gel. But we are missing a grinder RB! Trent Richardson is the best option with a 5-10 pick. Our offense doesn’t have to be the Pats, Pack or Colts. We can use a game manager who can make plays with his legs. We don’t need an edge rusher just yet. And we can get an appropriate QB outside of the “Big 3”. With Richardson behind our O-Line next year, we will be punching teams in the mouth like SF now. And the NFC West is going to become a smashmouth division. Think about it. We may not get the sexy QB pick, but don’t mortgage the future on a guy who can’t be “The Guy”, cause that would be a fate worse than Tarvaris Jackson… Think about it

  6. Jim

    I’m figuring the Seahawks will pick somewhere between 6-12. Both Miami and Indianapolis will pick QBs, and Denver will too if they fall that far.

    The top two and possibly 3 QBs will already be gone. So if the choice is #1 running back Trent Richards or #4 quarterback, which should we pick first?

    • Rob

      If Indy aren’t picking first to get Luck, I’m not convinced they’ll automatically take the next best quarterback.

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