Scouting notes from week nine of college football

Before getting into the notes for this week, a few general Seahawks/draft thoughts…

The Denver Broncos look like a bad team. I don’t, however, think they’re going to be bad enough to deliver a top-five pick to the Seahawks.

Winning in London where they rode their luck a bit then did just enough at the end was big for Denver. That’s the kind of game a really bad team finds a way to lose.

They do have a tricky schedule to come (including two games against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs) but I suspect they’ll be in the 6-8 win range rather than the 3-5 win range you need to get into the top-five. This year, for example, the New York Giants had the #5 overall pick and only had four wins in 2021.

Increasingly it looks like Seattle will end up with the picks we kind of expected, only in reverse — with Denver providing a pick in the #8-12 range and Seattle picking later in round one.

I’m fascinated to see how this draft class shapes up given the lack of emerging players who we can seriously consider top-10 picks. This is a uniquely light draft — where prospective high picks have been injured or under-performed and very few players have promoted their stock into the top range.

Seattle currently owns the #10 and #22 pick as things stand — it might be that both players they claim with those picks (if they keep them) carry fringe first or second round grades. Or they might be forced to go for talent, just at positions we don’t consider ‘key needs’.

For example, the meltdown that will occur if they take Texas running back Bijan Robinson with a top-10 pick will probably crash the internet. Yet it’s not beyond the realms of possibility he would be light years ahead of any other player available if Seattle picks in the top-10 and the quarterbacks and defensive linemen worthy of early consideration are all gone.

They could trade up — but it’d be expensive and risky.

There are good receivers in this class they might consider. There’s a little bit of a risk factor with Quentin Johnson but I can imagine the Seahawks loving his upside. I’m a big admirer of Jalin Hyatt and Jonathan Mingo (who would be a good second round option). Jaxon Smith-Njigba has missed most of this season but he was incredibly impressive in 2021 (long speed could be an issue, though). I’m really interested to see how the under rated Bryce Ford-Wheaton tests if he turns pro.

There’s one brilliant tight end in Michael Mayer. Would they want to go down that road? Almost certainly not for a tight end but again — how much are you willing to compromise on talent to address positions of greater priority when you’re still only going into the second off-season of a build (even if that build is producing results faster than expected)?

Or it’s possible one or more of the top defensive tackles last. I think Mazi Smith will go a lot earlier than people think and Jalen Carter/Bryan Bresee a bit later. Especially Bresee who, while having an outstanding physical profile, hasn’t played at the level he’s capable of and has a fairly significant injury history.

Will a quarterback be available to them? It’s still possible — and should still be considered if it’s one of what I’d call ‘the big four’. I think we’re seeing the benefit of time with Geno Smith and the folly of being thrown in at the deep end (see: Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson). It might be wise to have ‘one in the chamber’ behind Smith, unless they genuinely believe Drew Lock can essentially do what Geno’s doing now down the line.

It’d be nice to have deeper, more reassuring options (for example a stacked top-20 loaded with talent at various positions but mainly D-line) but at least there are some options — plus some intrigue.

I hope, ultimately, they build on the success of this year by focusing on the premium positions while being ready to capitalise on a great opportunity, as they did with Ken Walker. Needs kindly seemed to match available talent in the 2022 draft. They might not be as fortunate in 2023 but I hope the focus remains on talent acquisition, not position-addressing. The last time they had two first round picks they ended up with L.J. Collier and trading down for Marquise Blair when the likes of Deebo Samuel, A.J. Brown and D.K. Metcalf were available. I’d rather just get as much talent as possible in the next draft than tick off a wish-list of positions.

Finally, before getting into the scouting notes, I’m glad the Seahawks (so far) haven’t pulled any moves like the Roquan Smith trade to Baltimore.

The Seahawks don’t need to dabble in rental trades for players who are due massive contract extensions in the off-season. Fresh off such an emphatically successful 2022 draft — retaining their picks should be key.

Furthermore — as we’ve discussed a lot already — they don’t have that much cap space in 2023. Adding a player you need to give a big fat contract to in 2023 simply decreases your chances of keeping Geno Smith beyond this season.

Florida vs Georgia

Highly rated Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter returned from his knee injury in this game and had an impact, while also highlighting some of the pros and cons of his game.

He showed flashes of real quality, swimming through the gap to penetrate and collapse the interior. One move in particular created a key pressure on a big fourth down play. He is the closest thing in this draft class to a Jeffrey Simmons type. He has an athletic looking frame (listed at 6-3 and 300lbs) and his quickness and agility — combined with his power — are key reasons why he will be a first round pick.

I also think this game showed again that he needs to become more consistent. You could pull a highlights package of 4-5 plays and use it for the basis of saying Carter’s a sure-fire top-five pick. Yet there were also a lot of ‘nothing’ reps where you’re left wanting a bit more.

This is why I’ve so far couched my rating for Carter. The flashes are great and I’ve no doubt they’d show up at the next level too. But you want to see more than the occasional flash. You want to see evidence of a more rounded game.

Can he be more than a one-gap penetrator? Can he be a plus run defender to warrant any-down value? Can he stack up blocks and draw extra attention at the LOS at the next level? Can he play with better leverage? Does he have the potential to take over a game rather than just flash every now and again? And when he’s given opportunities to shoot into the backfield, can we see more consistent production?

He only has three sacks in college football. It’d be nice to see a bit more production and consistency. I appreciate he’s been injured this year — but prior to jumping to the league, can he take another step in college to end this season on a high?

He has the physical tools to be a formidable force and that could be all that is needed in this light-weight first round to go very early. I suspect he’ll have growing pains early in his career though and there’s going to be some projection on what he can be. How high he goes will depend on a team’s willingness to take a chance on him delivering on his potential and being more consistent.

Elsewhere, UGA safety Christopher Smith was again impactful. He broke up deep passes in this game, ran to the sideline with great quickness, his read/react is very good and he comes up to the LOS and makes tackles. He’s trusty, fast and tough. As I’ve suggested before, depending on how he tests, he can be a second round pick.

Cornerback Kelee Ringo gets beat too often. Yes he has physical tools and that makes him a really intriguing prospect who will almost certainly go in the top-45. Yet at times he’s as close to a liability as Georgia can have. Ringo jumped too early on a deep ball from Anthony Richardson and gave up an explosive play downfield — a habit that we’ve seen a few too many times recently. Ringo’s phsyical tools are through the roof but to max out his draft stock he has to start doing the fundamentals better.

Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson was hit in the thigh on his first snap and twisted his knee awkwardly falling to the ground. He played through the pain but couldn’t run in the first half. He still flashed great escapability, physical tools and arm strength. He was very creative to extend plays. Richardson can throw downfield with precision and velocity and he was incredibly difficult to bring down even when defenders burst into the backfield.

There were also some throws where he was a split second too late or misfired slightly.

By now we all know about Richardson — the obscene upside and the need for further development. It was reported over the weekend he is leaning towards turning pro.

I can’t see anything changing my opinion at this point. His physical upside is so extreme — as high as any quarterback I’ve watched entering the league. I think it would be a good use of a high pick to select him, let him develop behind Geno Smith with the possibility he eventually takes over. Richardson has the talent to be a Josh Allen level player. Like Allen, he also needs time, refinement and guidance to deliver on his potential.

I’m not sure he’ll be there for the Seahawks unless they pick very early. Even with his inconsistent play — he’s already performing at a higher standard than Allen did at Wyoming. I suspect someone will take him in the top-five because the upside is simply too good.

Florida linebacker Ventrell Miller doesn’t get much help on a struggling Florida defense but he’s a magnet to the ball carrier and a pillar of consistency. He’s been impactful all season. In this game he showed some ability as a blitzer, played with his usual aggression and did his best to slow down Georgia’s running game. I’m not sure he will have the physical profile or speed to interest the Seahawks but he’s having a very good season. Miller has also been playing through an injury all season and he’s been the heart and soul for the Gators.

Georgia tight end Darnell Washington is a tank. He’s not the quickest but his frame is fairly remarkable. In this game he again showed real potential as an extra blocker who can settle into soft areas of zone coverage and provide a big target on mid-range throws and in the red zone. He had one careless drop against Florida but otherwise provided a nice outlet. He will be a useful player at the next level although testing will determine how early he’s drafted.

Linebacker Nolan Smith is regularly projected as a first round pick but I’m not convinced. He’s a decent player, undersized and I just think there’s nothing particularly special about him. For me he’s a day two pick. I felt the same way about Nakobe Dean and he lasted into round three. The same might happen to Smith.

Michigan State vs Michigan

This was the best game I’ve seen from Michigan pass rusher Mike Morris. In previous games I think he’s played with a lack of urgency despite an increasing buzz in the media. This was a very different story. He led the pre-game speech to the team and came out roaring. He had a nice sack on an inside move before half-time, ran around like his hair was on fire and created pressure from the edge. More of this please.

Defensive tackle Mazi Smith had possibly his quietest game of the season but still looked a class above. There aren’t many nose tackles who come back onto the field for 3rd and long. Smith’s ability to shoot gaps at his size is virtually unheard of. Here he was pushing the pocket, winning with quickness again. He will destroy the combine. He can be even better when he learns to time his get-off to match the snap. He has shorter arms which will put some teams off but he’s a freakish athlete and the most disruptive defensive tackle I’ve watched this season.

Kentucky vs Tennessee

This was an absolute car crash of a performance from Kentucky and one I’m sure will lead to an overreaction from draft pontificators regarding Will Levis’ contribution to said car crash.

It’s absolutely the case that Levis played badly, had three turnovers and he deserves to be criticised for his part in this horror show.

His first interception was just a good play by the safety — hammering the receiver as he caught the ball leading to a tipped pass. That was unfortunate. His next two picks were late throws that were more ‘throw and hope for the best’ than anything close to timing and rhythm. These were mistakes by a pressing quarterback chasing the scoreboard.

What I will say though is I’m not sure any NFL evaluator is going to take even a second look at this tape. You can’t glean anything from a game like this where Kentucky were so hopelessly dreadful in every aspect.

Levis had no chance. He was throwing to overmatched freshman receivers who appeared allergic to contact. His one trusty receiver, Tayvion Robinson, dropped an easy back-shoulder fade on third down when the score was only 13-6. The Kentucky offensive line gave up another four sacks and eight TFL’s in another disaster-zone performance. The scoreboard pressure was constricting almost immediately. Why? Mainly because for whatever reason Kentucky’s secondary kept blowing the same coverage. The safety and corner on the left hand side kept being drawn to the same player, leaving Jalin Hyatt running wide open downfield. It was ridiculous how it happened twice for touchdowns — the exact same issue repeated.

Their punter kept kicking crap punts. There was one play where they had about 15 defenders on the field as they desperately tried to substitute to combat Tennessee’s up-tempo style.

Everything was a mess. The final score was 44-6 but it felt like 144-6.

Tennessee were everything Kentucky weren’t. Their defense, smelling blood, smothered them at the LOS and attacked in numbers. Their offensive scheme is so fine tuned it could win them a National Championship — that’s a distinct possibility now. They have two high draft picks at receiver and their right tackle should be getting mocked in round one.

The quarterback Hendon Hooker will continue to get a ton of praise and hey, he deserves it for the success he’s having. Yet there are so many easy wide open throws for big touchdowns. The scheme and talent makes his life so easy — half-field reads, instructions pre-snap from the sideline, guys running downfield with no defender in sight. In this game Tennessee specifically ran to the line after every play to stop Kentucky substituting and it worked. They couldn’t keep up. I’ve never seen a team use tempo to this extent before.

Levis can only dream of such an environment.

I don’t really blame him for pressing and making mistakes as things spiralled out of control. I’m not sure who would’ve succeeded at quarterback for UK in this game, against this opponent. That’s not to excuse or overlook Levis’ flaws — which we discuss as much as his positives. I genuinely believe though that it’s virtually impossible to take anything away from this game.

I still think if/when Detroit lands the #1 overall pick in the 2023 draft that they will view Levis as an ideal fit for what they want. Everything about his approach and profile fits in with the Lions and their staff.

Elsewhere, Running back Chris Rodriguez ran through tackles and collected yards after contact as per usual. He lacks cut back explosiveness and a second gear. He may have limitations in terms of next level upside but he’s fun to watch and his testing results will be important. He’s a bruising, physical, punishing runner.

I wrote about this last week but I think Tennessee duo Jalin Hyatt and Darnell Wright are destined to be high picks. They’re the best receiver and offensive tackle duo I’ve watched this season.

Stanford vs UCLA

Bruins running back Zach Charbonnet is a tremendous player worthy of at least a second round pick. He’s physical, shows great agility and quick feet to dodge tackles and he has the explosive traits you look for in a running back. He has amazing contact balance and ideal size. He continues to show he has value in the passing game.

I had him in round two a year ago and was surprised he returned to UCLA. He’s been a blog favourite for 15 months. He’d be a tremendous player to pair with Ken Walker as a highly dynamic 1-2 punch.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson was beaten up in this game, played through the pain and laboured throughout with an injury. Even so — he still threw the ball well and made gains with his legs when the situation called for it.

I’ve been a DTR fan for a long time too and although he lacks amazing physical tools and size — his creativity as a runner is an X-factor and he doesn’t have a weak arm. If nothing else, he would be a very useful Tyrod Taylor style backup.

Jake Bobo had a bad drop in the game but was also UCLA’s leading receiver. He’s big, athletic and generally trustworthy. I think he lacks the change of direction skills and suddenness of some of the receivers in this class but even so — he’s had an impressive season and warrants serious NFL consideration as a big WR3 type.

Tanner McKee continues to struggle on Stanford’s hopeless and directionless journey to persistent mediocrity. In every game this year he has 2-3 throws that flash genuine talent but then there’s also a lot of dross. I still think he looks too much like Mike Glennon for my liking but like Glennon, I think someone may take him in round three.

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  1. Canadian Hawk

    Thanks Rob.

    Terrific summary.

    Look forward to seeing your big board, your 1st mock draft and who you think might be the hidden gems or “Sea-Hawky” picks.

  2. Blitzy the Clown

    Nick Chubb


    • Big Mike

      I see your Nick Chubb and raise you a Creed Humphrey

      • David Thompson

        Yestaeday’s spilled milk, today I’m happy with Kenneth Walker and Abe Lucas, along with most of their draft classmates.

  3. Volshawk

    Good stuff. This isn’t a draft question, but thought I’d mention it since you talk about Tennessee’s scheme. Last night, Tony Romo mentioned Heupel as a name to watch in the next NFL coaching search season. Obviously, I’d prefer the man stay in Knoxville, but was wondering if you had any thoughts on how his philosophy would translate to the NFL. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Well it’s possible he could adjust to the pro’s but there’s no way he could bring what he’s doing at Tennessee to the NFL

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Speaking of Bobby Hill (Heupel)…

        Have you seen ECU QB Holston Ahlers?

  4. AlaskaHawk

    I would like to see you add Max Duggan , TCU to the watchlist. He now has 22 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. Thanks to his hard work TCU is in the #7 spot.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve been watching and commenting on Duggan for weeks.

      Not someone who particularly excites me

  5. Ben

    I’ve been talking with my Dad about what to do in the draft, and we keep coming back to the point that, no matter how much you want to draft a position, you still need to pick a *person* that plays that position, and QB might be the place that there’s the most talent if someone like a Mazi Smith and Will Anderson go as early as we think they will. Anthony Richardson is my personal preference if he’s there to pick. The physical traits are just so incredibly tempting and I think Shane Waldron might stick around if he has clay like that to mold.

    If we had something like a Richardson and then someone on the defensive line that dropped a bit farther than predicted, or if we wanted to double down on offense and grab a Jalin Hyatt who’s there in the early 20s I wouldn’t complain either.

    I do think that Geno is the QB for the foreseeable future. He’s playing too well for that NOT to be the case right now. Ideally, he’s Kurt Warner or Steve Young or Rich Gannon and just needed the right situation to really thrive. But as much as I’m going to root for that outcome, I’m not going to count on it. If there’s a guy like Richardson, who by all accounts has the mentality and attitude to learn and master the kind of offense that can really thrive in the NFL, waiting in the wings for if/when Geno leaves.

  6. Daniel

    A player that I think is flying under the radar and should receive a bit more praise is Bo Nix of Oregon. He has become at Oregon what people hoped he would have been at Auburn. He’s completed 72% of his passes this season and has a 20:5 TD to INT ratio. Two of those int’s were a bobbled catch and a meaningless Hail Mary. He also has 11 of Oregon’s 23 rushing touchdowns. Now that the coach of Auburn has been canned, some of Nick’s underperforming should be viewed in lieu of some questionable coaching. If he continues to perform at this clip, especially with Oregon about to enter a stretch of football where they play decent Washington, Utah, and Oregon State teams, I wonder how high his draft stock will end up being?

    • Rob Staton

      Bo Nix was dreadful for years at Auburn. He looked dreadful against Georgia this year. His throwing motion and technique is funky. I’m glad he’s been able to have a bit of success in the PAC 12 slop fest but he’s not suddenly a NFL prospect for a few good games against bad opponents

  7. Marcus


    Would you be willing to expand on the risks you see with Seattle trading up for a QB? I can imagine what some may be, but curious to hear your perspective.

    And another couple if you’ve got the the words to spare… It appears the Seahawks’ two firsts could give them the capital to trade up to the 4-6th spot range.

    What’s your take on whether or not they’d find a dance partner for a deal with the draft talent shaping up how it is?

    And do you think that 4-6 range would let them pick the number two QB on their board (assuming their number one goes in the top three)?

    • Rob Staton

      The risk is simply that you’re using multiple picks on one player, rather than adding multiple players.

      They have the stock to trade into that range but it could be astronomical, it depends who ends up in those spots. It cost San Fran two additional firsts to get to #3 overall.

      • Marcus

        Thanks, and concur. Basically, comes down to opportunity cost. I suppose it’s worth it if they think the dude can be their dude of the future.

        The latest draft order that I’ve seen has DET, HOU, and CAR picking 1-3. I could see any or all of them selecting a QB. PIT, JAX, and LV are currently in that 4-6 range. Of those, it would come down to how they feel about their current QB situations.

        Most trade value charts I’ve checked give Seattle the value to get the 4th or 5th spot with their two firsts, assuming they end up with something like a 12th and 25th. That said, a seller’s market could drive that price up a lot.

        As you’ve already highlighted, Rob, the board may work against them. I’m curious to see how they react.

        • Rob Staton

          I think, based on the work I’ve done to try and understand what this class is at the top end, that trading up should be at least a consideration. But it’s early, I’m sure by the Senior Bowl and combine we’ll have a great idea on what might be best.

          • Marcus

            So much is still ahead. And we have a team that’ll keep us entertained in the meantime.

  8. Zach

    I’m starting to wonder if this coming offseason we might see the Seahawks trade one of their 2023 first rounders (or seconds, perhaps) for a younger player, perhaps near the end of their rookie deal, who wants off a bad team. If the draft this year is light on impact players at the top, it might make sense to cash out a top-50 pick to get someone who has proven they can produce at the NFL level, especially if their next contract wouldn’t kick in until 2024 or later. I know the Jamal Adams trade was a disaster, but giving up a known commodity of a late first or second round pick for a player at a position of need doesn’t seem terrible on the face of it to me, in light of what Rob has written about this college class.

    • Peter

      I’d rather keep the picks.

      It’s not just JA. It’s clowney, richardson, Harvin.

      If it’s a fourth or fifth I’m into it. Second round pick for a good player getting ready to get paid when there’s little cap room vs. A rookie second rounder next draft financially doesn’t make sense.

      • Marcus

        +1 on keeping the picks. Unless they’re part of a package for a trade up the board for a premium dude at a premium position (e.g. QB).

    • Chris

      You dont want to trade for players near the end of their contracts, unless it’s cheap. When a contract is up, the resigning is at around fair market value. By definition, that is on average a sideways move. Highest return per $ spent is the real goal.

  9. cha

    They might not be as fortunate in 2023 but I hope the focus remains on talent acquisition, not position-addressing.

    I think this will really need some managing if the draft is shaping up as you suggest – talent/production matching in the top 10 (with a supreme talent lacking production like Richardson joining in) and the balance of the first/second leaning more towards traits and projection.

    It could be reasoned that if you are projecting everyone based on traits and testing and have similar grades on a group, might as well go with positions of need. That is logical.

    But then you have the x-factors like Tariq Woolen.

    PC says they didn’t know that they were getting such a finished product in Woolen publicly. I’d hope they would look at a player like him and – if they have internal notes that Pete hasn’t divulged OR if they learned something new that Woolen showed but they didn’t pick up in scouting until after they selected him – adjust their drafting strategy a bit.

    I could see the Seahawks with two firsts and two seconds, splitting the baby and taking a couple picks they feel comfortable with and a couple shooting the moon on potential.

    • Big Mike

      I’ll say it again cha, despite plenty of criticism I’ve directed at Pete, I really have always believed his ability to teach corners is truly special/elite. He’s had too many guys that stepped in and played well beyond their draft position or previous level of NFL play (Michael Jackson) to be coincidence. And I would guess you’re probably right in that they have a way to identify guys that fit his teaching both physically and mentally/attitude.

      Your splitting the baby scenario makes a lot of sense, very logical. Some comfortable, quality picks to continue to build the foundation and a couple of semi-reaches based on athletic upside with the potential to be truly special. Something that can be done with an abundance of picks.

  10. cha

    Little things you don’t catch on the broadcast…DK clearing the way for Walker by faking the fade route.

    • TomLPDX

      He should get an Oscar for that performance. Masterfully done!

      • Big Mike

        Agree. Very smart play.

      • Sea Mode

        Brilliant. I bet he picked that one up from Lockett. Cause being himself he probably would have instinctively preferred to just put hands on the guy.

    • Kyle R

      That’s awesome cha thank you for this! It is little things like that, than can make a big difference you can’t see on the TV copy.

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    I learned something about Anthony Richardson this weekend.

    He’s tough. The hit he took on the first play was nasty. Directly at his right hip/femur. And he went down awkwardly out of bounds, his right leg folding unnaturally under him, including his foot/ankle.

    I was sure he would be done for the day it was such a hard hit and fall.

    But he played every down after that. And it wasn’t easy for him because he wasn’t a threat to run and the Georgia defense knew it.

    And even though he was effectively defanged that way, he still managed to rip off some amazing throws (I remember one specifically that was a +20 yard frozen rope downfield that I still don’t understand how he generated the velocity and accuracy he did because arm barely moved.

    And, and, this is important, his attitude and spirits remained high throughout the game. As a team leader should.

    If he’s within striking distance of our pick through Denver (who btw I think is destined for a top 10 pick), I have no problem spending both R1 picks (and even some small change) to move up and get him.

  12. GoHawks5151

    Saw a report that the Rams offered 2 1sts for Brian Burns and were turned down. F those picks though

    • TomLPDX

      They were for 2024 and 2025.

      • Mick

        Yeah was just about to say, do the Rams still have firsts?

  13. Blitzy the Clown

    Gotta love trade deadline Tuesday.

    Btw, that’s not a bad deal at all for TJ. Seattle don’t need him, but he’s an exciting joker TE.

    Adam Schefter

    Trade terms, source tells ESPN:

    🏈Vikings get TE T.J. Hockenson, a 2023 fourth-round pick and a conditional 2024 fourth-round pick.

    🏈Lions get 2023 second-round pick and a 2024 third-round pick.
    9:33 AM · Nov 1, 2022

    Still hoping Seattle moves Sidney Jones for a R5/conditional R4, or Gabe Jackson for a R7/late R6.

    • cha

      There’s the approximate trade value for Noah Fant, if anyone was wondering.

      Last 2 seasons and YTD this year:

      Hock: 67 catches 6 TD, 61-4, 23-3
      Fant: 62-3, 68-4, 20-1

      Except Fant’s 5th year option next year is $2.5m less since he was drafted later, I’d bump one of the 2024 picks up a round in Seattle’s favor.

      I’d be very tempted to take that offer if the Seahawks were approached with that deal.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        That’s funny cha. I swear I was just running that scenario through my head!

        Would I take the same deal for Fant?

        Yeah, I think I would. Swap our mid/latter R4 for a late R2 this year (that’d be three R2 picks this year!) and a 2023 R3 (at worst losing our 2023 R4 in exchange).

        Fant has been solid, but not necessary. I think I’d rather have the picks.

        • cha

          The Seahawks could easily justify it with clearing 2023 cap room AND building up ammo for a potential move up for a QB (or to replace ammo spent in the trade). They could point to getting 8 games of Fant + some picks to go get their QBOTF as an extended part of the RW trade.

          They have Dissly under contract through 2024 and Parkinson will only cost them $1m and change in 2023.

          On the downside, the 13 personnel formation has been fantastic this year. They’d have to figure a way to counterbalance the loss of that if they traded Fant.

    • Ashish

      Bengal CB Awuzie suffered ACL end of season – call JS for Sindney Jones pair with Trey Flower.

      Bonus – Bengals are not doing good so should be mid range pick.

  14. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Colts have fired OC Marcus Brady.

    Not a shock. He once got lost in his own museum.

    • Hawk Finn

      Lol. Nice one, Indy

  15. cha

    Jeremy Fowler
    #Seahawks are signing WR Laquon Treadwell to the practice squad, per source. Former first-round pick was last with Arizona.

    • Hawk Finn

      Not surprising. PC spoke of him glowingly in the draft process. Guess we’ll see how he fits here.

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Field Yates

    BREAKING: The Bears are trading for Steelers WR Chase Claypool, per source.
    10:33 AM · Nov 1, 2022

    Yee haw! Trade deadline Tuesday!

    • cha

      A seconod-round pick!

      With a continuous pipeline of WRs that has come into the league, I might have to side with Pittsburgh on this one.

      • Sea Mode

        Yup. Seems like they’re a dime a dozen in drafts these days. I mean, they probably still need to draft another one this year, but still.

  17. Joshua Smith

    I’m finding it more and more likely Pete will want to hitch his final wagon to Geno.
    I’m still a reluctant fan but I think that is more my bias against the guy. I may be the last person to step on board the Geno hype train.
    But he is playing so well it’s not fair to be critical.
    And the forever optimist Pete must be pounding on Johns door asking him to resign Geno to 3 years. Not wanting to restart with a rookie or also drafting a rookie IF it plays out that way but not aggressively going for a rookie QB.
    At this point I can’t argue that logic. If Geno plays solid football and we build a defense is there a logical reason it wouldn’t be successful? How many games does Geno have to play well before we say “let’s build around Geno”? He’s 33, mobile but not considered a true mobile QB. Has accuracy, he’s making the quick throws off play action that Russ didn’t seem to want to make.
    Ultimately, I’m not there yet. But I’m also not sure what I’m waiting to see.from him before I come around…

    • Jordan


      But let’s keep in mind that a lot of the talk around Geno prior to the season was so vitriolic that it may have sullied that waters and made it hard for people to come around on him. There were some goofs out there saying that Geno wouldn’t even be in the NFL were it not for the Seahawks (never mind how many inferior QBs are employed throughout the league).

      If we remove the name, forget that he was up on the shelf for a decade after washing out with one of the worst organizations in the league, and just objectively evaluate him as 32 year old QB “player x” ; that is 100% a player that you commit to.

  18. Sea Mode

    Just a note to file away:

    Doug Kyed

    #Patriots OL Isaiah Wynn’s career grades by position:

    LT: 80.6
    RT: 59.1
    LG: 41.2

    Wynn was flipped from LT to RT this offseason, and the experiment hasn’t gone well.

  19. Sea Mode

    1. Kay Adams!

    2. PC wanted him to do WHAT…?!

    • Sea Mode


      Up & Adams

      Replying to @UpAndAdamsShow

      @NFLFilms please drop the footage!

      asking for everyone 😂

      • Palatypus

        You know, whenever I see Jaime Erdahl instead of Kay Adams with her marvelous Ryan Pickett sized hands on GMFB, I hear the voice of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in my head saying, “Anything is better than the Erdahl!”

    • GoHawksDani

      Pete is crazy 😂

  20. Sea Mode

    Hooray for our draft position!

    Adam Schefter

    Another big trade: Denver is dealing LB Bradley Chubb to the Dolphins for a package that includes the 2023 first-round pick that Miami acquired from San Francisco, sources tell ESPN.

    • Sea Mode

      Adam Schefter

      Trade terms, source tells ESPN:

      MIA trades:
      ⁃2023 1st (SF pick)
      ⁃2024 4th
      ⁃RB Chase Edmonds

      DEN trades:
      ⁃OLB Bradley Chubb
      ⁃2025 5th

    • Sea Mode

      Albert Breer

      The Dolphins got three first-rounders back in the deal the 49ers did with them to go up for Trey Lance. Miami traded all three of them.

      • ’21 pick packaged to trade up for Jaylen Waddle.
      • ’22 pick sent to Chiefs for Tyreek Hill.
      • ’23 pick sent to Broncos for Bradley Chubb.

  21. Ashish

    Surprised we are still waiting to hear trade news for Sidney Jones – Commander traded CB William Jackson III to Steelers

  22. Sea Mode

    😂 wonder why…

    Los Angeles Rams

    it’s always make a trade admin and never how are you doing admin

  23. GoHawksDani

    What do you think the Hawks should do if:

    They end up with #8, #22 and of course the rest of the picks.
    You’d know that the top 7 would go like this:
    Levis, Stroud, Anderson, Richardson, Young, Smith, Robinson

    Trading into top3 wouldn’t be possible
    To trade #8 to #4 you’d have to give up #22 your earlier R2 and next year’s R1
    You could get Smith or Robinson for #22 or earlier R2.

    Would you stay put? Who’d you pick?

    Try to trade back? Would you do it even if it’s not the greatest return? (As other teams could also know that this year’s value at #8 is similar to #15 for example). How far would you try to trade back?

    Would you pull the trigger and try to trade up? For who?

    Unless Broncos turn really bad this could be a real life scenario and it feels like a really hard one.
    Picking someone at #8 seems like a reach for basically all players left. Trading up would be a huge risk that could elevate or cripple the franchise. Trading back if possible could mean losing a top10 pick and we might (hopefully) won’t see anything close like that in the future

    • Jordan

      8. Carter or Murphy
      22. O Torrence; Skoronski convert to Centre; could be some WR value there – Johnston, Smith-Njigba, Addison, Downs, Hyatt; not something they would typically do – but get their coaching with Ringo or Porter Jr across from Woolen at cb.

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    Confirmed: Falcons are planning to trade WR Calvin Ridley to the Jaguars, per sources. Sides trying to finalize trade before deadline.
    12:02 PM · Nov 1, 2022

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Adam Schefter

      Here is the trade the Falcons and Jaguars now are finalizing, per sources.

      🏈Jaguars get WR Calvin Ridley

      🏈Falcons get a 2023 5th-round pick and and a conditional 2024 4th that can rise on these conditions.
      12:07 PM · Nov 1, 2022

  25. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Broncos are trading for #Jets pass-rusher Jacob Martin, source said, one of several players expected to fill the void left by Bradley Chubb. Denver is giving up a 4th round pick in 2024 in exchange for a 2024 5th.

    • Roy Batty

      Martin is a warm body. That is all. His stat line is about as inspiring as a bag of Lay’s potato chips.

  26. Volume12

    Florida G O’Cyrus Torrence is a real interesting option as a late 1st-early 2nd

    • Sea Mode

      A guard that early…?

      • Peter

        Late first for a guard? Not sure how that’s a problem pick.

        If the value is there or in the opposite, not there for other positions if Seattle picks 22-24.

    • Rob Staton

      Personally think all this talk of him in round one is way overrated

      Sloppy body, effective at what he does but no great upside

      Struggled vs Carter on Saturday

      Not for me

  27. Palatypus

    Shittsburgh currently 4th in draft order according to Tankathon. Then trading Claypool.

    I got a bad feeling Will Levis is going to be a Stealer.

    • Ashish

      Long way to go – we all can speculate based on current situation. I trust in Russ – he will come through for Seahawks. Let’s Ride (Go hawks)

      • Palatypus

        I trust that Ryan Pickett will be worse than Russell Wilson.

    • Tien

      The Lions and Houston are really bad
      Both need QBs so I can see one of them picking Levis.

  28. HOUSE

    Looks like we stayed out of trade talks. Was hoping we could’ve moved Sidney Jones.

    There were some interesting moves today. Some teams aimed to really improve, some head scratching ones as well.

    • Jordan

      I’m definitely not a fan of giving up a high 2nd for Claypool. I don’t see him as that type of player, and he seems to have loser body language.

      • HOUSE

        I think that was one of the worst trades in my opinion. A 2nd rd pick for a guy that got bumped down his depth chart and is heading to a team that doesn’t throw the ball a ton… I definitely think PIT ran away with this trade.

        Nyheim Hines was a sneaky good pickup for BUF.

        Shocked Brandin Cooks and Kareem Hunt didn’t move

  29. Alex Higgins

    In my view, the upcoming draft requires the Seahawks to get another WR and another inside LB. The depth at those positions is non-existent and Tyler Lockett cannot go on forever.
    Obviously, another pass rusher would be nice but those guys don’t grow on trees. Seems that a good young G or C would be a lot easier to find.
    And they may need to draft a QB. Or… do they? The Geno intrigue is growing. What to do? What will they do?

  30. Rob Staton

    FYI to the commenter who keeps trying to post a long post starting with:

    “Rob I have never seen you carry the jock strap for a player harder then you are for will Levi’s”

    If you want to be welcomed into the community here, and join in the conversation, this as an opening gambit as your first post in this community isn’t going to cut it.

    I have no horse in this race. I say what I see. I’ve done my homework and earned the right to deserve a more respect than this from a first time commenter who won’t have watched a tenth of the CFB tape I’ve watched over the years.

    • Palatypus

      Just to be clear, I am carrying that jockstrap…

      …and launching water baloons with it!!!

      • HOUSE

        Palatypus… You’re hilarious!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • HOUSE


      The person is a complete adolescent imbecile. On top of being a rude little prick, the individual doesn’t know the difference between THEN and THAN. They would never provide any valuable contribution to this group.

      You have done an amazing job building this community and putting in thousands of hours of analysis and tape to show how much you care. Keep doing what you do! I appreciate you.

  31. Sea Mode

    Seahawks PR

    The @Seahawks waived CB Sidney Jones IV this afternoon.

    • cha

      Rapsheet says they tried to trade him and didn’t find a market.

    • Troy D

      Did him a solid. He will find a roster by next week Im sure. Or maybe he waits (if he can) to see if injuries happen among playoff contenders.

  32. HOUSE

    When deadlines come and go, I like to look at some of the releases right after. There are a couple defensive linemen that were potential trade pieces that got released.

    – DAL released DT Trysten Hill. He was a 2nd rd pick in 2019. 6’3”/309lbs. Was active every game until this past week.
    – SF released Akeem Spence. 10-yr vet. Play in 5 games this year.

    I’m pretty sure after the release of Sidney Jones, that was opening a roster spot for Tre Brown, but never a bad thing to see if roster drops come in for a visit.

    • cha

      Was Hill the guy who deliberately tried to hurt Chris Carson with that dirty roll-tackle a couple years ago?

      • Rob Staton


      • HOUSE

        Holy crap… I TOTALLY forgot about that. NEVERMIND

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