SDB Community mock – #10 Buffalo

With the 9th overall pick, Carolina drafted Quinton Coples. He just edged out Fletcher Cox (39% vs 33%) in the closest vote we’ve seen so far. We’re just two picks away from the Seahawks, with Buffalo and Kansas City yet to make their choice.

#1 Andrew Luck – IND
#2 Robert Griffin III – WAS
#3 Matt Kalil – MIN
#4 Trent Richardson – CLE
#5 Morris Claiborne – TB
#6 Justin Blackmon – STL
#7 Michael Floyd – JAC
#8 Ryan Tannehill – MIA
#9 Quinton Coples – BUF

The Bills went big in free agency to improve their pass rush, making a huge offer to Mario Williams and then adding Mark Anderson. Buffalo suddenly has one of the more feared defensive fronts in the AFC. However, will they be susceptible to even the most modest of rush attacks if they don’t improve their offensive line?

Demetrius Bell played left tackle for the Bills last year, but he’s since moved on to Philly. The team needs an offensive tackle, simple as that. Riley Reiff would make a lot of sense here and while he isn’t the elite pass protector teams look for in this range, he’ll solidify the line and help keep Ryan Fitzpatrick upright. If they don’t fancy Reiff, then Cordy Glenn and Jonathan Martin could be alternatives.

I’ve also included cornerback Stephon Gilmore and linebacker Luke Kuechly. The Bills could go defense and wait on a tackle, but they’d be taking a gamble. Many expect Michael Floyd to be a consideration but he left the board at #7.

So which direction do the Bills take?



  1. Michael (CLT)

    Where’s Upshaw as an option. Who said they won’t take an OLB?

  2. Michael (CLT)

    This list of available is really weak.

  3. Madmark

    They added the pass rush in F/A big time. gilmore steps in being the best man to man cover corner. When the schedule came out and i saw Buffalo game 14 in Decemeber, I thought thank God we have Flynn who played in Green Bay. After i read a little more I find out we playing in Toranto, Canada. Question Rob is Toranto’s stadium open or a Dome?

  4. Rob

    Michael (CLT) – Do you ever stop complaining?

  5. MJ

    Haha oh man…I can’t imagine the Bills wanting to pump more money on the D line when they have major holes on the O line and nobody opposite Steve Johnson. C’mon man!

  6. Misfit74

    I think the Bills are unhappy in this scenario that both Blackmon and Floyd are gone. Surely they go either OT or MLB, though I think they like Sheppard well enough that he could man the middle in his 2nd-year and also have Kirk Morrison who has played the position before.

    The pick is likely Reiff or Glenn, if not some surprise OL prospect. Heck, maybe even DeCastro.

  7. Dave

    OT is the clear need but 1. 10 might be to high for Reiff or Martin and 2. They’ve needed a T for years and that didn’t stop them drafting Spiller and Dareus. I know very little about Buddy Nix’s tendencies but in that position I would go BPA which is probably Upshaw or Fletcher Cox and fill needs with later picks. Trading down a few spots would be ideal

  8. Michael (CLT)

    I guess not.

  9. Jazz

    Bills are a 4-3 and Upshaw in a traditional 4-3 would be an end. They will not look for a first round end that would be overkill.

  10. woofu

    I like Cordy Glen for some strange reason over Martin or Reif. Can’t put my finger on it.

  11. Dave

    To me there’s no such thing as overkill when it comes to having quality DE’s you can rotate

  12. Stay Off The Flowers

    I think you mean CAR at #9.

    I chose Gilmore. Why? Because he won’t win and I think they need to go D even though everyone’s choosing Reiff.

  13. Ben2

    Martin protected Luck’s blindside at Stanford and it is an elite academic school… Fitzpatrick is a Harvard guy which is an elite academic school…weird connection but why the hell not?

  14. Kip Earlywine

    The Bills won’t take Upshaw. If the Bills took a pass rusher at #10 it would be the biggest shock of the first round after they invested $140 million at pass rusher in FA.

    I have them going with Martin or Reiff. Reiff would surprise me as a lot of front offices grade him as a guard now (and many don’t have him in the 1st round).

  15. Ben2

    Hence Martin! Although Kips reasoning is more logical…

  16. SHawn

    I said Kuechly. He is a little overhyped, and the Bills love those guys.

    And the T options are thin in this draft, they might be looking to trade for a fringe Pro-Bowler if they are serious about competing this year.

    My mock has Floyd dropping right here. The Bills need another WR above every other need.

  17. James

    The Bills are switching to a 4/3 defense this year, but are in good shape at the Mike LB, so I don’t believe Kuechly would be their top choice.

  18. SHawn

    Not a huge need position, but they might believe the hype and buy into him being a 10 yr lock. Kuechly could compete with Sheppard, McKillop, Morrison, Scott and Barnett for all 3 spots. Probably wins one of the them. I could easily see him inside with Sheppard playing WILL, Morrison playing SAM.

  19. Madmark

    I’m thinking buffalo will draft defense with rookie contracts at this time because in time that maro contract is going to be expensive latter on. Mike Adams felled piss test get him at end of 2nd round. REALITY baby

  20. D

    Glenn, huge upside and seem to have done well against quality pass rushers.

  21. Stuart

    Tough spot for Buffalo. Yes they need OL help but who is really worth it at 1.10? My preference for Buffalo would be to trade down and pick up the OL help later in the first. While getting an extra 2nd rounder. Then I would take Cordy Glenn-1st and then draft the OT in the 2nd “Massie”. Massie’s stock has been soaring. Why not 1 and 2 on their weakest area? The Seahawks loaded up last draft 1-3.

    BTW, Cordy Glenn is HUGE! So huge that when I look at him, his head seems small. Heres an additional thought, take Glenn in the first, Massie in the 2nd and with their extra 2nd pick up Mike (potsy) Adams. Sure it’s a bit overkill but they would have to worry about the OL for years to come. The more I think about that, the more I really like that scenario.

  22. Hawkfin

    I could see DeCastro here. I think Reiff drops.

  23. Vin

    I voted for Martin. I think Bills need to give their QB more time.

  24. Misfit74

    CAR: DT, WR, or DE. OL is the least of their worries in round 1. See: Otah, Gross, Kahlil all = studs.

  25. Misfit74

    Crap this is the Bills, lol. OL, WR two glaring needs. Donald Jones is not a viable #1 or #2 WR and Nelson is a big slot guy. They prob go OT here.

  26. Matthew Baldwin

    I think BUF goes OL. But then again, I thought they’d go OL in 2010 after trading away a disgruntled Jason Peters but they went with a scat back instead (CJ Spiller).

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