SDB Community mock – #11 Kansas City

On Tuesday we’ll vote for Seattle’s pick at #12, concluding the community mock. Kansas City are next up after Buffalo drafted Riley Reiff with 60% of the votes. This is how the board looks so far:

#1 Andrew Luck – IND
#2 Robert Griffin III – WAS
#3 Matt Kalil – MIN
#4 Trent Richardson – CLE
#5 Morris Claiborne – TB
#6 Justin Blackmon – STL
#7 Michael Floyd – JAC
#8 Ryan Tannehill – MIA
#9 Quinton Coples – CAR
#10 Riley Reiff – BUF

The Chiefs could go in a number of directions. If you believe the speculation, they are fond of Ryan Tannehill and may have the opportunity to draft him. The team’s offensive line could still use further additions, with David DeCastro a possibility even if it is a little early for a guard. Yet most people believe the Chiefs will take a defensive player at #11 with several solid options available.

They could choose Luke Kuechly, who looks like the prototypical Scott Pioli draft pick. Although he’s not an obvious scheme fit in the 3-4, Pioli may just feel the guy is too good to pass in this range – offering a defensive leader for the long term. Even so, it’s still not a position of priority need for the Chiefs. Would they gamble on a nose tackle such as Dontari Poe or Michael Brockers? How about a corner like Stephon Gilmore? Or would they keep adding to the pass rush with Melvin Ingram or Courtney Upshaw?

It’s in your hands…



  1. Nolan Thomas

    Went with Gilmore because they lost Carr in free agency but I can barley tell you who plays for the chiefs so not sure here

  2. Misfit74

    I went DeCastro. Haven’t adequately replaced the play of Brian Waters, yet. Better value and longer shelf-life than MLB, too. Plus, Kuechly may be a bit undersized for the 3-4 they run in KC inside and they’re looking good already outside with Hail and Houston.

    My 2nd choice would be Gilmore of the options given.

  3. Nolan Thomas

    Btw just wanted to thank rob and kip this website is my first or second thing I read everyday and I check back thought the day so much good and easly readable information.

  4. James

    Kuechly is often mocked to KC, and it appears that our community mock is heading this way as well. To me, this would be comparable to mocking a 5’9″ CB to the Seahawks…not a good scheme fit, fellas! Kuechly is a pure 4/3 Mike, and does not project to ILB in a 3/4, which is what the Chiefs play. Kuechly’s sole weakness is his lack of girth in the seat, lack of power charging into the pile. This is essential for a 3/4 ILB and Kuechly simply does not fit. I believe that KC will pick Brockers. Nose tackle is their primary need, and Brockers is a beast. He will play at 6’5″ and 330#, and was the only player Alabama’s brilliant O Line could not block this year. He almost single-handed shut down the Bama run game. If not Brockers, then Poe, or DeCastro if they go OL. If they absolutely must pick an ILB, it would be Hawthorne and not Kuechly.

  5. Stay Off The Flowers

    Going with a surprise pick of Brockers.

  6. Stuart

    Chose Poe, not my favorite but I could see it. My 1st choice would be Fletcher Cox for them but he is not listed above.

  7. Rob

    I didn’t include Cox after Tyson Jackson re-worked his deal.

  8. Phil S.

    Nolan T.
    Yeah, I agree, this website is a “do not miss” daily read.
    I don’t know if “barley” plays for the Chiefs, but mixed with some good water and hops, barley will make a tasty beer. 🙂

  9. Norm M

    Went with Upshaw hoping that would give Seattle a shot at anyone else. Really hope we trade down, pick up Hightower, and get a third round pick to fill out the roster at running back and extra DB. Looks like it won’t happen in this mock. The followers are high stepping to the Upshaw beat.

  10. Stuart

    Rob, my info comes only from other blogs when it comes to KC at this point. That just goes to show how much bad information is out there. Now I totally understand.

  11. Darin

    I went with Gilmore, Pioli knows that with Peyton manning now in the division, that he can’t have too many good corners.

  12. Curt

    Rob, most of the mocks I see have Ingram and Cox going in the top 10. I personally like both of these players over the rest because of their play making ability (especially Cox). You didn’t have Cox on the list for the previous picks and wondered if you just wanted him on the list for the Seahawks to draft? Personally I think Cox would be a steal at 12. Do you think they (Ingram/Cox) really have a chance at falling to the Seahawks at 12? Just my $0.02.

  13. Rob

    Curt – I didn’t include him because Tyson Jackson just re-worked his deal. I doubt KC takes another five-tech who would play an identical role.

  14. Jazz

    I went with Melvin Ingram to try and convert him to an outside linebacker in their 3-4. This one is really up in the air for me though. They could really like Upshaw and I agree with the poster above that Kuechly probably won’t be the pick.

  15. Matthew Baldwin

    I think it’s between Poe and Gilmore.

    Poe – they switched to a 3-4 three years ago but never got a true NT to complete the transition.

    Gilmore – they lost Carr to FA and they play Manning and Rivers 4x. Even Carson Palmer can still light up a bad corner.

    I’d give the nod to Gilmore based on positional value. BPA matches need; not bad.

  16. Matthew Baldwin

    ….and I highly doubt they go Brockers with 2 LSU DL colosol busts on their roster; Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey.

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