SDB Community mock: #12 Seattle

We’ve finally arrived at the #12 pick. Kansas City drafted Luke Kuechly, who received 30% of the votes to defeat David DeCastro (24%) and Melvin Ingram (12%). This is how the mock shaped up 1-11.

#1 Andrew Luck – IND
#2 Robert Griffin III – WAS
#3 Matt Kalil – MIN
#4 Trent Richardson – CLE
#5 Morris Claiborne – TB
#6 Justin Blackmon – STL
#7 Michael Floyd – JAC
#8 Ryan Tannehill – MIA
#9 Quinton Coples – CAR
#10 Riley Reiff – BUF
#11 Luke Kuechly – KC

I’ve selected twelve options at #12. We could’ve included more, but I think this is a healthy sample. I’ve tried to include prospects that overall have been considered possible options during the entire process.

You all know what Seattle’s needs are. You know the prospects below. Let’s see how this plays out. Vote away…



  1. kevin mullen

    Voted Upshaw, if he’s there. I wouldn’t mind a trade down and pick up Hightower though…

  2. Travis

    Voted for Ingram. Love his versatility and I believe he will be a better pass rusher than Upshaw.

  3. Kevin S.

    Voted Upshaw for the simple fact he probably has some of the best film in the draft. Film is everything…

  4. Don

    I went with Courtney Upshaw. I’d bitten on him about the time Rob started talking him up several months back and have become more convinced in the mean time.

    Aside from Upshaw, Cox in that spot is fine by me too. The other interest I’d have is similar to Kevin’s, namely trading back for Hightower.

  5. Darin

    I went Mark Barron.

    The NFL has become a passing league, and Pete Carroll prefers a big Nickelback, Atari Bigby last season. Barron and Chancellor and Barron are both good in run support and with Thomas, Barron and Chancellor Pete can go to a base 4-2-5 defense.

    I know pass rushers have been mentioned, but for some reason I think they have something crazy up their sleeve.

  6. Curlin

    Think I’ve settled on Cox at this point as the guy I’m hoping for. Long-term I have to believe getting a penetrating 3-tech will be critical if we are going to roll with Big Red … even if Branch isn’t exactly the biggest hole on the team, I don’t see him as the future at this critical position (though I’d be happy to keep him around as excellent depth). I also feel Jones fits best as a rotational guy anyway … think he provides depth at 3-tech and 5-tech, and perhaps can even come in alongside Cox in place of Mebane on obvious passing downs. Maybe pick up a guy like Irvin in rd 3 to fill the Raheem Brock role and lineup in Red’s slot in such instances and all of a sudden we have a pretty formidable pass-rush late in games trying to ice a lead.

  7. Regan

    I went with Cox even though i doubt he’s there at 12. We need to improve our pass rush and Cox is the best pass rush DT available. If it’s Upshaw i can live with that.

  8. Michael (CLT)


  9. James

    If Cox is there at #12, the Seahawks will have an array of nice trade offers. John could do some real damage with an extra 3 and 4.

  10. Ely

    Wow, I think that those palyers available would be the best case senario for the Hawks. I believe Cox will go to the Rams but my vote would be either Upshaw or Cox in this situation. Slight edge to Upshaw. I’m with James on trading down though.

  11. SHawn

    Cox will NOT be there at 12. I would be happy with at least 4 of the rest of these players, so I am really hoping like everyone else for a trade down.

    Been on the Upshaw bandwagon for too long now to pick someone else. My vote went to him.

    BUT, I just have this feeling its gonna be Chandler Jones. No way to explain it, just a gut feeling. Maybe its after a modest trade down, but yeah. Jones is gonna be the pick.

  12. Misfit74

    Gotta be Cox in this scenario, I think. Build with the lines.

    However, I can see Gilmore, too. Here’s the thing: if we’re intent on ‘adding to our pass-rush’, wouldn’t adding a top corner who allows us to cover longer conversely ‘help the pass rush’ get home?

    Then draft a guy like Branch or Curry in round 2.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we took Gilmore, though I do have a sense that our FO thinks they can procure DB talent in other rounds.

  13. Akki

    Cox. A couple years ago when Clemons and Brock were both productive in sack numbers, we still struggled to gain consistent pressure because we couldn’t get push inside and make the QB think twice about stepping into his throw. Penetrating 3-techs are harder to find than edge rushers. I hope Jason Jones can be it, but wouldn’t want to depend on him.

  14. Ben2

    I like Upshaw as a 4-3 end… I feel if we play him as the SLB we’ll be weaker in coverage and won’t increase overall speed OR we’ll end up playing some type of 5-2 OR he’d play for Red on passing downs…maybe my mind isn’t creative enough and Pete would make it work…having trouble seeing it. I went Ingram because he’s faster and might be a better fit as SLB but I think some of the same issues above apply…Red’s lack of rush at the end spot makes it hard…Hightower or Cox might be best fits. I almost want Floyd instead…

  15. Leonard

    Courtney Upshaw seems like the best fit to me. I’m a little surprised there are so many votes for Barron. He is the best safety in the draft by quite a bit but taking a nickle DB that high in the first seems like poor value. Especially when there is such a need at pass rusher.

  16. FWBrodie

    Before I vote, is this who we want or who we think it will be?

  17. Phil S.

    I went with Chandler Jones in a trade down. Would prefer Shea McClelin in that scenario but he was not listed.

  18. Stuart

    If we stay at 12, my choice has been COPLES but since he’s off the board then COX is my easy choice. Problem is he most likely wont be available. The second mock we saw today was exciting to me, trading down, getting what we wanted in UPSHAW and moving back into the first round to pick up HIGHTOWER. That was fun to think about!

    It’s funny how in this past week or so certain players are getting to be hot names and others are cooling down yet no games have been played etc, the hype machine. We all have our favorites but it will all be forgotten once we make our pick Thursday night. Then that player will become our favorite.

    This draft process has been more fun than I can ever remember. Thanks to Rob and Kip and all you bloggers! This afternoon I laid down for a quick nap and all I could do was play all the different senarios over and over in my mind. No question my dream job would be a GM in the NFL. I do this for love but wouldnt it be something to get paid huge dollars doing something that you love?

    With their first pick in the NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select……..

  19. Veilside

    Went with Upshaw. I feel he provides the best combination of run defense and pass rush without sacrificing too much of either. Also he will be faster than Red at running down bootlegs and RBs kicking it outside if playing on the LOS. He may not be as fast as some of the other prospects but I have a feeling he won’t need to be to fit into our scheme.

    I like Cox but signing Jones as an interior pass rusher makes this pick a lot less likely to me. Pass rushing SLB seems to be the better direction to go if we can upgrade speed and coverage skills at WLB which is what I predict we are going for in rd 2 or 3 along with RB.

  20. Belgaron

    This draft has missed on Cox and Gilmore who are flying up draft boards late, they will both go top 10 according to recent reports.

  21. Belgaron

    If this were my choice, I’d have no hesitation going with DeCastro at 12. No true Seattle fan needs to be reminded of what a dominant G adds to an offense, especially with Okung poised for a breakout year. Then you have the fact that he could easily have a sterling 10 year career, outproducing many first rounders from this draft.

    That said, I think they should go BPA and take whoever is at the top of their board when 12 comes up. I hope they don’t go need over BPA.

    But what will they do? I wouldn’t be surprised if they went Upshaw, Ingram, Tannehill, Barron, Coples or Kuechly. I would be surprised if it is someone else like Floyd or any of the DTs, or CBs. I’d still like to see them go LBs in rounds 2, 3, and 4. An influx of talent there will push the D to the next level, especially if they go D in the 1st.

  22. David

    Hey Rob, with the current RB’s the Hawks have (Lynch,Washington,Sutton, and i think Taua) do you think the Hawks still go early for RB? or WR?

    And where do you see Dwight Jones going? think the Hawks could get him in the 3rd? or 4th?

  23. Vin

    Im on the same boat as Kevin…if Upshaw is there @12 and he is one of the 2 schneider is talking about, then take him. But I would not be at all upset if we traded back and picked up Hightower.

  24. JoeV

    I picked Cox and went with the late draft buzz. I watched some of his tape and came away really impressed. Im pretty sure a pass rushing DT has higher value than a 270 lbs OLB. Thats just my opionion. If cox is gone and we can trade down and pick up Upshaw or Decastro i would be all for it. Nothing generates a good feeling like the thought of a dominating running game like we had in 05. Upshaw is a beast for sure but i think he only has a handfull uf teams that would consider him in the first.

  25. Madmark

    Before F/A i had Upshaw gone before 12 and they say your draft in Febuary probably is usually more correct. So when I did up that draft I really haven’t seen anything to change my mind. I decided to trade down and get Dont’a Hightower. The only thing i see now is I probably couldn’t trade down very far and still get him. I think this guy could fit into any scheme PC comes up with.

  26. FWBrodie

    You know whats funny, all those “handfull of teams” that everyone thinks would be interested in Upshaw are pretty damn good defenses.

  27. D

    Cox, but he likely won’t be there. If he is count me in for “take the trade down offer”.

  28. Richard

    Courtney Upshaw but not for all the obvious, previously stated reasons. I would still choose him even though he does not appear to be the fastest speed pass rusher at end. I would still choose him because he would be the most effective at disrupting the QB and the play that is called. If you were standing in at QB and you were looking across at the 2012 Seahawk defense, which of the five players would you consider would be the most disruptive to your plan? Upshaw, Cox, Ingram as well as Brockers and probably even Coples who would cause you to alter your offensive scheme?

  29. Norm M

    Please, please let there be a trade down and still draft Upshaw. It seems the more I read about how far Upshaw is slipping the more I think we can pick him up later in the draft AND fill our needs in the 2nd with a RB, LB combo. Only time will tell. If Cox is there at 12 though we would be fools to pass him up. There will be no way that will happen.

  30. AlaskaHawk

    I took the contrarian position and traded down to draft Nick Perry. He is fast and the strongest player mentioned. Should be a fun draft. As for which player will cause a team to alter their offensive scheme, I’m thinking none of the above. They are good but will have to prove themselves in the NFL that they are elite and worth planning against.

  31. Chris

    Since this site is probably the most pro-Upshaw site on the planet, I propose any ties or near ties go to the other player. If another player can beat or tie Upshaw amidst all the Upshaw propaganda, they deserve to win.

  32. Rob

    David – Expect to see a RB drafted in rounds 1-3. If the Hawks get Dwight Jones in round three or four – which is possible given his falling stock – they should dance a jig.

    Chris – Upshaw propaganda? Hey, maybe next year we’ll suggest every player in the first round as an option and get nowhere near what the team might be thinking. But then there are already several national and amateur blogs that provide that service.

  33. SeaMT

    Voted Cox. Upshaw or Hightower wouldn’t ruin my day either…

  34. Doug

    If Cox was available he would be the easy pick, but he won’t be.
    Brockers and Poe need more time, Brockers however, I believe will turn into a gem, but Poe will turn into a shiney turd.
    Barron and Gillmore…. not a pressing need, they offer less value altho I would be happy to have either on the team.
    Perry/Jones/Mercilus all equal, but viewed as less than a prize
    DeCastro – I would take in a minute, but we have been reassured that a pass rusher will be our first pick

    Which leaves us the big 3, Ingram, Upshaw and Donta bigtower.
    Ingram and bigtower would be OK, but not #12 worthy

    OZ, I don’t think there will be a collective gasp if we trade down, I think in fact the majority would applaud, allowing us to get Upshaw/Bigtower and another pick.

    But if forced to pick from the group as presented to us, the easy and obvious pick is COX. He will be a no doubt stud for years, who could play the edge as well. Imagine looking out for that! Oye.

  35. Doug

    I think I saw where out final stats for the last year ranked our Defense at #9 overall, and our Offense was somewhere in the 20’s, like 26th overall. This is one of the factors that leads me to thinking that DeCastro shouldn’t be ruled out of this equation too easily.
    Just sayin….

  36. Rob

    And being in the 20’s wasn’t down to one guard position. They aren’t taking another OL in round one.

  37. woofu

    Insider vs Insider LOL

    The Hawks called Jacksonville about trading up today. J.S. and P.C. are high on tannehill. They want to move up to seven to try to take him. I do not know the outcome of the call, but I do know they want Tannehill.
    Last edited Yesterday 7:06 PM by ALUMNI56

  38. Rob

    Where’s that from? And who is ALUMNI56?

  39. NYCHawkfan

    Bottom line – draft a contributing player. It’s no surprise the Hawks struggled last year with Carpenter and Moffitt both unable to play the full season. That can’t happen this year. Be it WR, DE, LB, RB, the position is basically obsolete…just get a player that makes plays and stays on the field. My gut leads me to think this will be Carroll’s shot at the first round pick. Year 1 was hole filling and BPA (Okung, Thomas). Year 2 was Cablefest (Carpenter, Moffitt). Year 3 is Carroll going with his gut. Who’s it gonna be? Barron? Floyd? It will be a playmaker.

  40. peter

    Good lord. I hope this Tannehill crap just blows away. Doug, I agree that our Offense was pretty weak, but perhaps having a QB that doesn’t throw nearly as many picks as TD’s would help. Plus recievers that run routes (Tate) Recievers that stay healthy (rice) and just a touch of late season continutity on the line, regardless of draft pick, so we can release Miller from blocking duties….and a Qb that could just maybe lead a fourth quarter comeback.

    For the record I like Decastro, but the Oline though not world beating though I don’t know who’s line is….might possibly be the least of our problems. You can only take so many Oline players in the first round, before you end up being Miami, Cleveland, and St. Louis…I mean I’ve seen mocks with Kalil falling to St. Louis, how many combos of first and second round talent are they going to try before they consider getting a better oline coach? If some how Lynch couldn’t run behind our line, and our QB’s sacks were all attributed to the porous line I could see decastro, or martin, or reiff, but Lynch can run, and TJAX bless his heart for all his “warrior spirit, and quiet leadership,” makes some stupid as heck decisions in the pocket with the same offensive co-ordinator he’s had for along time.

  41. Colin

    I can’t see them moving up to 7 for him. He wouldn’t even be a 1st rounder this year if Barkley and Jones came out.

  42. Joel Sacayanan

    I sure hope all this Tannehill talk is just smoke. I want a trade down to take McClellin/Perry. Tape does not lie. Tape does not overhype.

  43. woofu

  44. woofu

  45. MJ

    Woofu – I have read a couple things by that guy and frankly I don’t think he even follows the draft that closely. His nugget on Flecther Cox seems way off and I truly can’t see PC or JS making a massive trade for someone like Tannehill, who was wildly mediocre on a team with a ton of talent. It bugs me he was awful against good teams. Furthermore, making a big move up for Coples seems out of character as well, considering how many pass rushers will be at 12.

  46. Meat

    I think everyone agrees best case scenerio with players that will be available at 12-20 would great for the Hawks to trade down. However, half of the teams in the first round probably wants to trade down. I have a feeling, like last year, the Hawks will attempt to trade down but due to the fact so many teams want the same it won’t come to fruition.

    I personally would be happy with about four of the players on the board (for this mock), and trading down to 17 or so would garner one of those four plus an additional pick in the 2nd or 3rd perhaps. That would give the hawks another chance to draft a running back and LB in the 2nd or 3rd AND possibly obtain Upshaw, Barron, Jones, or Gillmore with their first round pick. Now doesn’t that sound awesome! Chargers and Cowboys would (should) love to draft Barron, trade partners! Get er’ done.

  47. Hawkfaninmt

    I have heard rumblings about the hawks tradin up to 7 for both tannehill and Cox… the name I haven’t heard mentioned in a trade up scenario is Blackmon. if he were to fall to 7, I wouldn’t be too upset to see them trade up and take him depending on the cost. I think BMW was underutilized in 2011 and over achieved in 2010. Sidney Rice’s injury probs are well documented. Since the end of last year, i have felt the hawks need to add a WR that will be an amazing number 2, but could transition to a great number 1. Blackmon fits that description to a “T” IMO.

  48. Meat

    @peter- agreed. Enough early round picks have been made to improve the O’line the past couple years that this year it just does not make sense with other needs. I read articles the past couple days from local papers along with ESPN radio that the Hawks don’t have “Needs”, which is silly imo.

    Hawks offense was ‘VERY’ weak last year.
    Ranking in Pts: 23rd; Total Yds: 28th; Passing yrds: 22nd; Rushing Yrds 21st. The blame is not just QB play, the team needs more playmakers and improvement-upgrade in most positions.

  49. Rob

    I was told a QB will NOT be taken in the first two rounds. I seriously doubt that has changed. So I wouldn’t read anything into it.

  50. woofu

    Talking to another team, if in fact they did, means only that they have shown an interest in that teams position(s). It does not have to mean their first rounder.

    The story I am going to watch for is how the draft has changed in view of the devalued contracts. So many posters still are applying the old value chart as if the #1 Qb would be getting Bradford cash. Tanny would be paid less drafted 7th than TJack is making. Luck for example is projected to be $5.5 Million/yr drafted #1 overall. Bradford was double last years #1 Qb whats his name. 🙂

    The risk is going to transfer to gauranteed cash from cap dollars.

  51. Madmark

    I can’t see the Seahawks trading up we’re short picks this year as it is. Flynn is still unproven and i can’t see trading 2013 picks just because we may need them to draft another QB. Its time for the offense at every position to stay healthy and stepup to the plate so to speak. If it doesn’t happen then I see a CHURN next year on offense.

  52. Madmark

    Hehe i think pete went to watch Tannehill throw to take a look at WR there that he might take latter in the draft. Jeff Fuller is big reciever that could easily take big Mike Williams place in the red zone. Its possibly he could fall to UDFA.

  53. Ryan

    Darkhorse- Stephon Gilmore. In a “QB driven” league, where would opposing teams throw to? we play some tough QBs this year. he is big, physical, and has 4.4 speed.

  54. myjackrebel

    I’ve got a creeping suspicion that Tannehill is in for a draft day slide.Every team that is showing interested in Tannehill is doing so only to coax a trade.

  55. woofu

    Other than Mercilus the best draft name may be sleeper Tim Fugger from Vandy. That Fugger can hit!

    As far as trading choices TY or NY, it remains to be seen just what they are now worth, not only considering the salary cap but also the new 90 player limit. Having 90 means you can bring in UDFA without dumping depth. This could mean that depth comes ultra cheap and hence taking bigger chomps at the cream at the top more attractive.

    Hit on three winners at the top of the draft at the expense of later choices is not as risky perhaps. We shall see if John may change his philosophy with the times,,,and a better squad in hand.

  56. DavidinBellingham

    I am not buying this talk of trading up for Tannehill. It Seems unlikely after getting Flynn. I don’t think a trade up is likely and I will take any reasonable wager that the Hawks won’t trade up for Tannehill.
    I want to go on record criticizing the miss use of the term cannon fodder at that other site. Cannon fodder is not misdirection, such as a smoke screen. Cannon fodder is a term for expendable soldiers.

  57. MJ

    So, if Chandler Jones is a top 20 pick, does he have to give Jason Pierre-Paul half his paycheck? Great to see Kiper and McShay project him to the Seahawks. Good lord. I like Jones, but holy cow, trying to copy cat one other player who was a success is a tremendously easy way to fail in the draft. Amazing how big time pundits fall in this trap.

  58. Belgaron

    ’00 Seahawks 292.5 yards per game, 185.0 passing, 107.5 rushing, 20.0 points per game
    —– Shaun Alexander 331 yards rushing

    +++++ 2001 NFL Draft, pick 17, Steve Hutchinson

    ’01 Seahawks 298.2 yards per game, 177.2 passing, 121.0 rushing, 18.8 points per game

    +++++ 2001 Shaun Alexander 1318 yards rushing 343 yards receiving 16 TDs

    ’02 Seahawks 363.7 yards per game, 254.9 passing, 108.8 rushing, 22.2 points per game

    +++++ 2002 Shaun Alexander 1175 yards rushing 460 yards receiving 18 TDs

    ’03 Seahawks 351.7 yards per game, 226.1 passing, 125.6 rushing, 25.2 points per game

    +++++ 2003 Steve Hutchinson recognized–Pro Bowl, All-Pro
    +++++ 2003 Shaun Alexander 1435 yards rushing 295 yards receiving 16 TDs
    +++++ 2003 Shaun Alexander recognized–Pro Bowl

    ’04 Seahawks 352.1 yards per game, 221.2 passing, 130.9 rushing, 23.2 points per game

    +++++ 2004 Steve Hutchinson recognized–Pro Bowl, All-Pro
    +++++ 2004 Shaun Alexander 1696 yards rushing 170 yards receiving 20 TDs
    +++++ 2004 Shaun Alexander recognized–Pro Bowl, All-Pro, NFC Rushing Champion

    ’05 Seahawks 369.7 yards per game, 216.1 passing, 153.6 rushing, 28.2 points per game

    +++++ 2005 Steve Hutchinson recognized–Pro Bowl, All-Pro
    +++++ 2003 Shaun Alexander 1880 yards rushing 78 yards receiving 28 TDs
    +++++ 2005 Shaun Alexander recognized–Pro Bowl, All-Pro, NFL Rushing Champion

    —– 2006 Steve Hutchinson signs with Minnesota, ending his career w/Seahawks

    ’06 Seahawks 311.1 yards per game, 190.9 passing, 120.2 rushing, 20.9 points per game

    —– 2006&2009 Hutchinson NFL Offensive Lineman of the Year w/Vikings
    —– 2006-2009 Steve Hutchinson Pro Bowl, All-Pro w/Vikings
    —– 2006 Shaun Alexander 896 yards rushing 48 yards receiving 7 TDs
    —– 2008 Shaun Alexander cut

  59. Donald

    I will go on record to say I hope they Seahawks pick Tannehill if he is there at 12. He probably wont be, but If they did pick him, then I trust PC/ JS enough that they know a good franchise QB when they see it.

    Yes he has some growth and learning to do, but look how good he is after only 19 games. It would be like drafting Luck after his sophmore year. Would anyone turn down the chance of drafting Luck two years ago after 1-1/2 years of experience? No. I say Tannehill will be every bit as good as Luck with two more years of experience. He has the athletic abilitity and arm strength. He can throw on the run better than Luck, and can scramble like Elway.

  60. Yoon

    Hey Rob…are we going to see your final mock today? IIRC, you were going to do one more before the draft.

  61. James

    Kiper and McShay are not the only two on the Chandler Jones bandwagon. Mike Mayock and Greg Cosell also say that he is the best pass rush DE, ahead of Ingram, Coples, Upshaw etc. Interesting that the top 4 national draft analysts all project Jones as top 12, for what it’s worth.

    Hightower seems to have also shot up the boards this week. A 6-2 260 middle linebacker who can blitz and play the elephant, with exceptional motor and intangibles, certainly fits Pete’s standard for bigger-faster-stronger. Hightower is only just now reaching full recovery from his ACL surgery two years ago. Wait until you see how quick he will be by the fall, like he was his frosh year at Alabama.

    If the Seahawks truly believe that Portis can develop at QB, I doubt they select a QB until the late rounds. If Seattle picked someone like Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson or Nick Foles in round 3/4, this would push Portis to the practice squad, where he would surely be plucked away to be some other team’s #3 QB. I think the Hawks want to give Portis another year and won’t add another QB to the mix until next year, after T-Jack’s contract has expired. If the Hawks add a QB, it will need to be someone who could be placed on the practice squad, like Chandler Harnish, Ryan Lindley, etc.

  62. SeaFan12

    OK this might not be the best place to say it, but I just read an article on why I absolutely believe that Rob and Kip are wrong on Upshaw. All along they’ve been saying their “source” has told them we are high on Upshaw and will likely pick him if available at 12. This is a quote from Schneider last year after we unexpectedly took James Carpenter: “We tried to stay under the radar with this guy. We told our group yesterday that we were very proud of them that his name never got out.”

    So we’re really supposed to believe Rob/Kip have a source that told them it will likely be Upshaw? Sorry guys, but even if Schneider meant it never got to the big news sources, I have to believe he’s told the staff not to mention any names we will take at 12. Looks like the “source” has given Seahawks Draft Blog a nice smokescreen for the last few weeks.

  63. Jazz

    Fleenerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! or Hightower in late first with trade and then I hope we get Russell Wilson later in the draft. That will be my perfect draft.

  64. Jake

    James and Jazz,

    Dream scenario for sure. One I would love, but prepare for the “steady” Upshaw. I was more excited when we picked OL (Okung and Carpenter) than I am for the eventual Upshaw selection. I don’t understand why hitting a single is the plan considering we won’t be picking this high again for some time. Hightower and Fleener are both potentially elite at positions of moderate to high need. Upshaw is potentially very good at a position (??) that has to be created to maximize his ability.

  65. FWBrodie

    In regards to the Tannehill/trading up to 7 rumor: though I wouldn’t be shocked if the Hawks wanted to move up to 7 to secure the pass rusher they covet (Ingram IMO), why would they show their hand to Jacksonville? Tannehill sounds to me like a perfectly believable alibi to feed a team you probably couldn’t trust to keep their mouths shut. Maybe they think Jacksonville wants a pass rusher too and wouldn’t like the idea of one of them going off the board at 7, but would feel better about the teams after 7 leaving them a draftable guy if the Hawks took Tannehill. That rumor has too many details for them all to be right.

  66. Jake

    What’s funny about this draft is how we were disappointed that there were no “elite” players left for us at #12 back in February. We were all lamenting the fact that the talent pool dropped off after about 5 or 6 guys. Kudos to Rob, Kip and the rest of us armchair GMs for bringing to light a ton of potential contributors that could be future Seahawks in every round. After all the discussion, it seems that Rob is going to stick by his source and project based on inside information. I respect that position, it is commendable to stick to your guns. I think as a fan this so hard to do because we trust our front office – they’ve been good so far; but we have so much access to highlights, game compilations (“tv film”) and scouting reports by media experts we respect. This all adds up to us forming our own opinions and makes it frustrating when the team picks someone else (especially players we don’t like). So sit back, drink a lot and enjoy the draft ride fellow 12’s!!

  67. Rob

    Yoon – just putting the finishing touches to the mock.

    SeaFan12 – It is not a smokescreen. Listen – we were given some info. We weren’t told “This is the pick”. We never are. Last year my guy actually apologised (not that he had to!) for not supplying the name of James Carpenter. He merely told us ‘leaning towards offensive line’. Sometimes that’s how it works. I’m not standing here saying Upshaw is the pick. I’m standing here saying he is liked and an option. I also rate the guy, so I project him to #12. It’s not a smokescreen, it’s not bad info. My relationship with the source is not one based on bad info. There’s a mutual trust. Rick Gosselin did an accurate mock every year purely on sources. We have a great source. We’re not guaranteeing anything at the same time. But this is no smokescreen.

    Jake – I will say, I’d probably have Upshaw in the top-15 and probably to Seattle even without the info. The guy can play.

  68. Misfit74

    Really warming to Chandler Jones, actually. Awesome size, wingspan. Dude is a monster: . Going to watch some more film of him now.

  69. Drew

    Hey Rob what do you think of Pete Carroll tweeting Seahawks Draft Clues on Twitter? His first tweet saying “Look at all this floor space” and second tweet saying “Did I catch a niner in there?”. I think I have solved the riddle as it is referring to a pash rusher (who can catch/tackle a 49er) who has a high floor (a safe pick). This screams Courtney Upshaw to me, and I hope i’m right!

  70. Jeriod Klovas

    Rob first off I love this blog. I have been a daily reader for over 2 years. You definitely are very persuasive. You have rallied the troops, you have got a majority of the voters to agree with your choice, C. Upshaw. I hate the pick, he is a tweener, had a good season, and an even better National Championship game, but I don’t see his lack of athleticism transfer to the next level. I really hope we do not draft him, I want either Coples, or Decastro, with a LB in the 2nd, and Vontaze Burfect in the 4th. We shall see tomorrow.

  71. FWBrodie

    Misfit, there’s a Jones gametape against Pitt I believe (or UConn) that you can’t get to without the link, but Rob posted the link somewhere on this blog. Just a friendly FYI.

  72. MJ

    ‘Did I catch a niner in there?’ = Chandler Jones, #99.

  73. woofu


    Is he stoned or just stupid?


  74. Thomas

    My vote: Dont’a Hightower, LB – Alabama

    Rob –
    Longtime blog reader here, in fact this site is right there at the top of my list as far as favorite Seahawks sites go. I sincerely appreciate all the good analysis and hard work both you & Kip put into this site – it’s one of the best football blogs on the web – bar none, and my day isn’t complete until I’ve perused the latest posts and comments.

    That said, I just can’t seem to get excited about Courtney Upshaw. I’ll have to defer to your expertise in this case, although – with all due respect – I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    For my money, Hightower makes much more sense for this defense than Upshaw. I believe he is a superior pass-rusher to Upshaw and complements the defense better. He can play both inside and out at LB, which holds truer to Carroll’s philosophy. He’s just as good as Upshaw at stuffing the run, but better in coverage. Upshaw is.. slow. Etc.. etc. My gut tells me Dont’a Hightower and Luke Kuechly are the two picks Schneider was referring to, and I doubt Kuechly is there at #12. The tweener pass-rushers seem like too much of a crap-shoot at the next level.

    Anyway, thanks for all the hard work leading up to the draft. I can’t wait until tomorrow! Go ‘Hawks!

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