SDB community mock draft – #3 Minnesota

The Vikings need to help Christian Ponder, so will they draft a left tackle?

Time for a community mock. We’ll do a pick a day until we reach Seattle at #12. There will be four options to choose from for each selection, and we’ll extend it for the Seahawks choice. ¬†We’re going to start at #3 today, considering it’s a nailed on certainty that Indianapolis will draft Andrew Luck and Washington will take Robert Griffin III. The purpose for this is to get a general feeling of the SDB community and explore a situation where it’s not just one man’s opinion on who will be available at #12.

So first up – the Minnesota Vikings.

Most projectionists have the Vikings drafting Matt Kalil with the #3 pick. Left tackle is a big need for Minnesota and the position has taken premium status in the modern NFL. Even if you ignore all of that, Kalil might be the best player remaining on the board. It’d be close with Trent Richardson, but with Adrian Peterson already on the roster (albeit returning from a knee injury) the Vikings probably won’t be drafting a running back here. Christian Ponder suffered with injury issues at Florida State and Minnesota needs to make sure he’s well protected in the NFL. Kalil has the potential to grow into one of the elite pass protectors in the NFL. Really, it should be a no-brainer.

But what are the other options, for the sake of due diligence? Minnesota has a need at cornerback, so Morris Claiborne could be on the radar. Leslie Frasier is a defensive minded coach and if he feels strongly enough about the LSU prospect, he might be able to persuade the front office to go in a different direction. Even then, I suspect his priority will be to protect the team’s quarterback investment. The Vikings also need to find more playmakers, despite having Peterson and Percy Harvin on the roster. They lack a true #1 receiver having lost Sidney Rice in free agency last year, so would they consider Justin Blackmon? Drafting Trent Richardson would be a complete luxury, but can we 100% rule out the Vikings going in that direction after Peterson’s injury? If any running back in recent history is good enough to at least ask the question, it’s Richardson.



  1. Colin

    They’d be foolish to not take a guy as dominant as Kalil. They already invested heavily in Ponder, so they need this situation to work out. I assume there are already lingering doubts to as if Leslie Frasier is the guy for Minnesota.

  2. Justin

    In my mind the top 3 picks are a lock, it is at 4 that it gets interesting.

  3. Darin

    Kalil is the Vikings pick unless they get blown away by a team who wants to move up to ensure they can land Tannehill. Even then I don’t know if the Vikings are willing to move down and risk losing a franchise left tackle.

  4. Mike

    My girlfriend is a Vikings fan, so I had to watch every game last year. Needless to say, it was painful. They need help everywhere in a big way, but at #3 Kalil makes way more sense than the others on this list. They invested in Ponder last draft, now they need to make sure he isn’t killed.

  5. Vin

    Assuming the Vikings stay @ #3, it would be foolish, imho, for them to take anybody Kalil. Their defense isnt a Claiborne-away from being elite. Blackmon might be a good pick-up, but if Ponder cant stay upright or is always under pressure, doesnt matter how great a receiving corp you have. And as awesome as Richardson is, and considering how bad I think AP got hurt, running back isnt a position I think they can afford to take so early.

  6. Vin


    I meant that they would be foolish to take anybody but Kalil…

  7. Michael

    I believe they are going to find ways to maximize the offensive strengths and pick blackmon. Left tackle is huge but look at what miami has done after taking long. Look at buffalo ok not fair. How about the chiefs or the broncos who took left tackles in rd one. I bet the Vikings are pondering what to do but they most definitely need to do for Pondee what cinci did for Their qb and thats get help fast. No left tackle will win if the qb has no oportunity to stretch the field.

  8. Lenny253

    Who cares

  9. Bjammin (formerly Ben 2.5)

    If you’ve got holes and identity struggles all over, a stud LT is the perfect place to start. If I’m a GM, unless there was a Calvin Johnson to make it a tough choice, you put that cornerstone there. If Adrian Peterson makes it back to close to normal, you’re well on your way to reestablishing a healthy identity. Then again, there’s lots of ways to build a team. Still, no real obvious alternative.

  10. Colin

    Where would Seattle have been had they not selected Walter Jones?

  11. David

    Kalil is a great pick here. Wonder how much they would consider Richardson due to the leg injury Richardson suffered not sure if he will ever return as the same running back that he was. Not sure how the view Toby Gerhart in the grand scheme of things.

  12. David

    Oops meant the leg injury Adrian Peterson suffered.

  13. Bryan

    Kalil is the pick. I wonder if they would consider using Gerhart as a fullback to get both him and AP on the field at the same time.

  14. BJA

    Hey Michael, dont forgot about the Browns with Joe Thomas and 5 years later after getting him 3rd overall they are picking 4th

  15. Ben2

    Kalil. If the Viqueens really want a good RB one of the 2nd tier guys will be available w/their 2nd rd pick.

  16. Ben2

    BJA – the Browns also drafted a top tier CB in Haden and are picking at 4 so does that mean the Vikes shouldn’t draft Clairebore either? Nah, just shows how IMPORTANT a good QB is and how stupid they were for not trading up to get RGIII. If you can’t draft a good QB why not Kalil – he’s BPA, plays a premiere position, and Minnesota has a hole at LT= Kalil

  17. BJA

    Ben2- Dont get me wrong I think Kalil is the best player at a position of need for the Vikes so i do think that they should pick him. Its just interesting that everyone wants a LT and how many teams that have picked a LT over the last 5 years in the top 10 even have winning records now. I really dont know, and id like to but am too lazy. But it made me think

  18. Kip Earlywine

    This is a really cool idea Rob. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the first 11 picks play out. I think we have a very intelligent readership to tap into and it wouldn’t surprise me if this exercise ended up being more accurate than many big name mock drafts.

  19. Nolan Thomas

    Seems pretty clear Kalil

  20. D

    Kalil. Even if Claiborne is a great CB Kalil is a greater LT. Since they both play premier positions that is a wash. Vikes is a mess, possible trade down candidate? C’mon Jets, you know you want to…

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