Sea Hawkers Podcast appearance

March 13th, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

Draft and Seahawks talk (starting 30 minutes in). Check it out:

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  1. Sea Mode says:

    More QB carousel…


    Former Chiefs’ QB Nick Foles is returning to Philadelphia on 2-year deal, per sources.

    And now, questions about where Chase Daniels lands.

    And just like that, another player that Chip Kelly traded away from Philadelphia is brought back to Philadelphia.

    5:46 AM – 13 Mar 2017

  2. Sea Mode says:

    Connor Barwin is visiting the Bengals. – Adam Caplan, ESPN

    Walterfootball suggests Barwin struggled in Philadelphia’s 3-4, but should rebound in a 4-3.

    Wonder what his price range will be.

    • millhouse-serbia says:

      Last season philly played 4-3 and he struggled in that scheme.

      • C-Dog says:

        Yup. The Philly perspective is that he struggled to fit their 4-3 scheme. I think the Packers are looking at him as well to possibly replace Peppers.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Thing I like about Connor Barwin is he’s a self-admitted hipster. Rocks the flannel and beard look. Goes to underground shows and shit.

      Super ironically good at football

  3. Josh says:

    It seems the market for Poe isn’t as robust as expected. I wouldn’t mind bringing him in. They have expressed some interest in mountain DT’s lately and he sure qualifies.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Teams are really concerned about his back, it seems. Reports say the Colts are willing to take the risk long-term, but he might be better off taking a one-year deal and cashing in bigger next year. We’ll see.

      • C-Dog says:

        Sounds like possibly he and Bennie Logan are considering one year deals with a chance to dive back in next year. If I were Poe’s agent, I’d have him looking 4-3 teams with a desire to get better at 3 tech so that he can get up field more, and maybe ease that back tying up multiple blockers all day on Sundays.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Look at Okung.

        Everyone laughed and laughed when he signed that deal in Denver

        He’s the highest paid OL in history now (right?)

        Was he his own agent again????

  4. Darth12er says:

    Oh man. I can’t wait to listen to this one today at work. That’s Adam guy is a nut!

  5. Ben in Ft. Worth says:

    RG III needs to come to Seattle. Just sayin’! We need a back up!

  6. Trevor says:

    Rob I have not really seen much from you on your thoughts regarding the Joeckel signing. Now that we have the details what are you thoughts. I went back to last year to see your comments on him and I am surprised you have not had much to say about the Hawks one big free agent signing.

    I am trying to find something positive with it please help!

  7. Trevor says:

    Wishlist for week #2 of Free Agency

    #1 Extend Kam – Get this deal done now JS and don’t let it drag on into the off season.

    #2 Extend Britt – Seeing how crazy the free agency market was for league average OL men make me think extending Britt now as a guy to build around make a ton of sense if you believe last year was not a mirage.

    #3 Extend Jimmy – Another core piece to the offense and I think he is going to explode this year with anothr year removed from surgery and a whole off season with Russ. I know you can franchise him next year but lets avoid the drama and sure up or cap situation going forward.

    #4 Sign a low level veteran OL contract like Schwenke to add to depth and increase competiton.

    #5 Sign a Vet RB to team with Rawls and Prosise. I prefer Blount but Murray, Charles or Lacey would be nice consolation prizes. The key will be the guys health and cap friendly deal.

    These are all realistic things IMO opinion that we can fit into our cap situation and would set us up nicely heading into the draft.

    • sdcoug says:

      It’s not a popular take here, but I’m leaning toward what Rad_Man posted last topic. Let Chancellor play out this season before making a decision. If his play is only average, if he’s repeatedly hurt, if he continues to pout, let someone else pay him too much for the last few downside years. If you still love what he brings after the season, you can try to re-sign him

      • Mr. Offseason says:

        In this situation getting Melifonwu would be awesome. Ideally, he’d start at corner this year and slide into SS role next year.

        On the other hand, it’s dangerous to underestimate what Kam means to this team. His leadership is invaluable and his ability to lay big hits in the middle of the field is unmatched. We know what happens when he is not on the field, so if we are going to lose him, we better have a plan and a damn good one.

        • Ty the Guy says:

          IDK about Obi at CB.

          I think you have to let Kam play out his contract. I’d love to pay him for what he does leadership-wise. He has earned every penny. But if you extend him now, I don’t see how you could increase his pay when there are legitimate concerns over his health/production going forward.

          Extend Britt for sure. Should save some $$ by not having to compete in FA.

          I find Jimmy to be overpaid. Not overrated, overPAID. Extend him, but I don’t see how you could rationalize increasing his pay.

          If there is another vet OL you can get on the cheap for depth, great. If not then draft 2 guys to add to the competition and develop.

          Sign Murray or Charles. I think the RB market is panning out perfectly for us. Should be able to snag one on the cheap.

    • Peanut says:

      I might be alone on this thought, but unless Jimmy is willing to take a paycut, I’d led him go. Unless he proves himself worthy and becomes what we wanted, I personally don’t feel like he is that needed.

      • Hawks22Fun says:

        Dude…Peanut…bad day?

        Jimmy came off a serious injury that sidelined Victor Cruz for YEARS, and he almost had a 1,000 season!

        The problem with Jimmy is NOT Jimmy…it is Bevell…he does NOT use match ups like BilliCheat does enough to make it “Feel” like Jimmy is worth it here…he is the second best TE in the league, but plays games!!

        So no…plus you wouldn’t ‘cut’ him anyways, you would trade him…

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          It’s not Bevell it’s Wilson!

          He throws the ball not so good as Tom Brady and runs too much.

          Trade for Drew Brees and Sean Peyton so we can have 5000 yard seasons, TE’s that can’t block, and CAP. HELL.

          But hey, Jimmy will have a clean 100, 1000, 10 statline

  8. Sea Mode says:

    Good stuff in the podcast, Rob. Interesting that you dropped Moton from the shortlist. Just going with TEF and no wTEF this time?

  9. Jason says:

    Does NO look like a potential trading partner on a move back in the 1st round?

    Round 1, pick 11

    Round 1, pick 32

    Round 2, Pick 10 (42nd overall)

    Round 3, Pick 12 (76th overall)

    Round 3, Pick 39 (103rd overall)

    Round 6, Pick 12 (196th overall)

    Round 7, Pick 11 (229th overall)

  10. Sea Mode says:

    Highlights from notes by Pauline, who picked up where he had left off in Pac-12 film study:

    Christian McCaffrey […] is a dream prospect for an innovative offensive mind. Where does he end up in the draft? During the combine I consistently heard daily rumors that the Denver Broncos could take McCaffrey in Round 1 in large part due to the Elway/McCaffrey family relationship dating back to Stanford.”

    Solomon Thomas looked every bit a top-10 pick on tape. While he has to improve his playing strength, Thomas was a constant nuisance and his intensity is infectious. When I saw him Wednesday night at the Omni Hotel in Indianapolis, Thomas looked ripped and ready for a Mr. Universe contest.”

    And a couple late-round prospects:

    “My favorite player from the UCLA film was linebacker Jayon Brown. Entering the season he was stamped as a street free agent by scouts despite productive game film in 2015. As a senior, Brown looked very much like a three-down defender and was constantly around the ball stuffing the run, covering the pass or running down ball handlers in pursuit. Vertically challenged at under 6-feet tall, Brown will fall into the draft’s final day but will play on Sundays.”

    “When it comes to receiver talk from Washington State, the name of Gabe Marks is the first and usually only one mentioned. Yet before his late-season injury, River Cracraft impressed the heck out of me.

    Cracraft displayed himself as a tough and reliable receiver who consistently came away with the contested throw. He has better size than Marks, equal speed and does not drop as many catchable throws. Unfortunately he tore his ACL in mid-November and has a long road ahead of him.”

    • DLep says:

      is it weird that my one thought in regards to mccaffrey going to denver was that hey thats another team who wont be selecting ol and might give us a chance at lamp?

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Not wrong… Perhaps a touch misguided 😉

        (JS said they were too young on OL last year)

        • DLep says:

          Yes, he said that but has subsequently only added a generally regarded bust vet tackle (who was moved to guard because of difficulties playing tackle). Given the vet options are pretty slim the only likely possible manner of improvement at this point is via the draft. So I wouldnt say misguided, no.

    • Trevor says:

      I think McCaffrey is almost a lock to go to SF in Rd #2 if he is still on the board. seems like the ideal RB for they type of system Kyle Shanahan runs.

      • Trevor says:

        Denver makes a ton of sense though and would be ideal for Hawks.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I was going to put McCaffrey at #20 to Denver in this weeks mock.

          • nichansen01 says:

            Yup, makes sense after denver was able to sign watson and Leary.

          • Kenny Sloth says:


            I’ve come around on CMac after being vehemently opposed to the notion that someone will take him in the first for most of the year

            His patience and versatility are LeVeon-like.

            You know what you’re getting; a competitor, someone who wants to win, hard worker, agile, cat-like movements, really.

            I forget because of our reliance here on sparq and athletic traits that not every football player is a size/speed

      • vrtkolman says:

        If SF does get Cousins next year, they would have a nice offensive core. Cousins and McCaffrey seem like they would complement each other well.

  11. Sea Mode says:

    Can anyone find this guy’s Pro Day numbers? He was at shrine game so we have measurements:

    OG, Jake Eldrenkamp, Washington, 6042, 301, 10 hand, 33.5 arm, 78.75 wing

    Got caught at Pro Day chatting with Seahawks assistant OL coach Pat Ruel, that’s all. -link-

  12. Sea Mode says:


    I’m told RB Adrian Peterson is still in Seattle, visiting with the #Seahawks.

    8:08 AM – 13 Mar 2017

    • nichansen01 says:

      I’d much rather Murray.

      However, age didn’t stop this FO from signing Fred Jackson.
      I was a bit disappointed with Jackson, he never really fit into the offense at all, besides getting the ball on third and 25.

      I hope that’s not how we would use Peterson.

      • Volume12 says:

        Peterson can’t pass block nor do his hands really equate to a 3rd down back.

        I can’t see why they’d use him on 3rd down over Prosise.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          Charles, Lacy, Peterson, Murray for me. In that order. Really don’t want any of them, Lacy athe least has tread on the tires but can’t put down the doughnuts.

          • Volume12 says:

            I really like Charles. Big fan of his. Someone that has to be accounted for in any formation or alignment.

  13. Sea Mode says:


    Free agency is still alive, but draft workouts have started: #Panthers are working out #Florida CB Jalen Tabor and S Marcus Maye at UF today

    10:08 AM – 13 Mar 2017

    • Nick says:

      Marcus Maye, Marcus Williams and Shalom Luani are my three safeties of choice if we pass on Obi/he gets drafted ahead of us.

      • nichansen01 says:

        Marcus Maye- I think he’s a tad underrated. I see a solid second rounder. Williams is a second rounder also, but he needs to bulk up.

        • Nick says:

          Couldn’t agree more. I wouldn’t mind them trading back, losing out on Obi…and getting him.

          TJ Watt
          Marcus Maye
          Akhello Witherspoon
          Nico Siragusa

          That’d be a nice haul.

      • DLep says:

        Any thoughts on josh jones? Seems to be a riser.

      • Derron James says:

        This guy I’ve known for years because he worked at a local store said to me he is Marcus Williams uncle and apparently he played I coupl sports but he had to chose one and he chose football.

      • Bigten says:

        What are people’s thoughts on Eddie Jackson from bama?

  14. Derron James says:


  15. Derron James says:

    Apparently Seattle offered 1.5 million less than Detroit which is 8 mill.

  16. Sea Mode says:

    Hmmm… was just thinking…

    What might it take to get Shon Coleman from the Browns, who just signed or resigned a bunch of OL? Jermaine Kearse and a late pick maybe…?

    • Ty the Guy says:

      They could use Kearse. I wouldn’t mind letting him go either.

      So do we ever think Ifedi will be able to move back to RT?

      Is continuity the only argument there?

      • Hawks22Fun says:

        Sea Mode…I would LOVE to trade the Kearsed one for anything…

        …and Ty, I still don’t understand why he didn’t “compete” at RT last year…

        We shall see… Perhaps Odhiambo comes back healthy to start and wins the LT spot… Odhi/Joekel/Britt/Glow/Ifedi…

        Hopefully they actually ALLOW competition this year… #Year2Growth

        • Hawks22Fun says:

          So the “Kearsed One” ended the season 1 of 14 in the Red Zone…

          1 of FOURTEEN… when do the coaches WAKE UP???

          Wouldn’t you or I after seeing 1 for 8, or 0 for 9…just pulled the guy out???

          The problem is Russell trusts him…and not P.Rich and Jimmy and Lockett enough…his “over trusting” of Kearse cost us games last year…we should trade him for literally “Anything”…and I care NOT that he is a local guy… if a ‘local guy’ stole your car, you wouldn’t give him a free pass..

      • Aaron says:

        Would we have to eat Kearse’s cap hit if we traded him? I honestly don’t know what we’d get for Kearse. Apart from a few sensational catches in the playoffs, he’s a WR3 at best.

        As far as Ifedi goes, I’m not keen on changing more than 2/5ths of the o line this offseason. If Ifedi moved to RT and Joeckel played RG then that would work. However, Joeckel has never played on the right side to my knowledge. On the other hand, that didn’t stop them from moving Glow to the left side when he was RG2 in 2015 and played RG in college.

        I’ve heard mixed opinions on Ifedi playing tackle. Anything from “he’s a natural RT” to “he’s too stiff to play tackle” to “put him at LT.” He definitely looked like a tackle trying to play guard last year. His movements and stance in pass sets looked like a tackle not a guard. I think he needs to move to RT, but for the sake of continuity I hope he stays at RG.

        I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I’m honestly at a loss about what they need to do on the o line since the Lang thing fell through. They still need one more difference maker there but all those guys are signed now. Outside of Bolles and Ryamcyk, who will not last until 26, there isn’t a day one difference maker at tackle in this draft. They’ll find depth and development o liners in this draft to backup the starting five, but not a day one difference maker. The only option left is a trade.

    • Jason says:

      I was thinking this same thing as well. I doubt they would give up on him so early though.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        The Browns have a ton of lineman. They drafted Cameron Erving as well. Son Coleman is a great idea to trade for.

    • lil'stink says:

      Coleman showed enough promise last year and is dirt cheap for the next 3 years, and Cleveland has a bunch of picks already. Not sure why Cleveland would consider trading him.

      Kearse also has little to no trade value with his contract for next year. I think we would essentially have to pay someone to take him off our hands. Maybe a team takes Kearse and our 7th so we can move up a few spots in the 7th, or something like that.

  17. Jujus says:

    Rob I love you and every time you are on a podcast I listen. But please get Cassius name right. “Cash-is” is how you phonetically pronounce it.

    • southpaw360 says:

      Rob can say it the way he says it. I can’t roll my letters when I speak Spanish and I get made fun of so I don’t think you should say anything about the way someone says a word. Rob keep up the awesome work!

      • Jujus says:

        Its not Tomato/Tomatoe. Its the guys name, there is the right way to say his name – the way the owner pronounces it.

        this isnt a language issue, its simply knowing the correct pronunciation.

    • pqlqi says:

      errr…. there are several pronunciations, with “kash-uh s” and “ka-si-uh s” both considered correct, with the former, I think, more of an Americanism. In the original Latin, cassius is pronounced as the latter “ka-si-uh s”, and it makes Marsh sound a bit like a Roman centurion – I prefer it.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      W H O
      C A R E S

      Probably noone but his momma. And likely not even that much.

      My daddys name Will Smith. We call him all kindsa shit. Willy-Bob, Wilbur, Joe-Bob, Bubba, Willy. I call him pop most times but…

      Dude’s from another country. He’s speaking American names with an English accent

  18. Volume12 says:

    Gonna be interesting to see if DT Grover Stewart is a VMAC visit. Seattle scouted Albany St this year.

    6’4.5, 320 lbs. 4.8 40, 30 BP reps. Waiting on the rest of his #’s.

  19. Volume12 says:

    UCF CB Shaq Griffin. Only seen 1 game of his, against Arkansas St, but so far I’m a big fan.

    His speed shows up on tape, great recognition skills. He’s a smart/heady player. Displays some nice physicality, real solid technique, love the ball skills.

    Comes across as a guy that just wants to have fun and loves the game. As someone who also has a little brother that has a physical disability (although their twins and Shaq is 16 seconds older) this is such a cool story.,amp.html

    • LeoSharp says:

      Really like his tape too, prefer him as an option to Kevin King so they can also get Obi Melifonwu

      • Volume12 says:

        That would be a dope duo.

        I could see Seattle being all over this guy in round 3.

        That’s where I think their corner will come from. With one of their comp picks. It would match their trend and profile of not taking 1 before the 4th. Essentially it is a 4th. And then one more in round 6 or 7.

    • lil'stink says:

      People still have him as a 5th rounder or lower, I thought he would have jumped after his combine. Seems like he has everything we ask out of a CB, and he even seems like a decent tackler (which seems to be a general weakness in this CB class). The NFL site still has him as “lacking in long speed” even after he ran a 4.38 40, what does a guy have to do? 🙂

  20. JakeB says:

    OT Jylan Ware from Alabama state might be a little taller than a normal Cable guy, and I’m not seeing a bench press number off hand, but he had 29″ vert and 9’5″ in the broad

  21. swisshawk says:

    Which lineup would you prefer?

    #1 Fant Glow/Odi Britt Ifedi Joeckel
    (select tackle later in the draft, let him groom behind Joeckel to howpefully replace him in 1 year, ex collins)

    #2 Odi Glow Britt Ifedi Fant
    (select guard early and let him compete for either spot or provide depth)

    I just don’t want a high pick “wasted” for another backup guard without moving a current “guard” outside. And please John, pay Britt as the only “veteran” OL on this team (I couldn’t imagine myself saying this just 5 months away, but anyway…)

  22. Volume12 says:

    If Seattle doesn’t reach a deal with one of these FA RBs, I would not rule out Texas RB D’Onta Foreman in round 2 (if there). I know they had a scheduled meeting with him.

  23. nichansen01 says:

    Let us accept Joeckel as a right tackle and Fant as THE MAN at left tackle. Rewatch the tape, Fant shows flashes, and he always plays with intensity, and very intelligently.

    • RWIII says:

      Agree with Nich. Joeckel RT. Fant LF.

      BTW: This could Kam’s last year in Seattle. This year Kam’s salary is 6.8mil.Top safety s are getting 12mil. Do the math.

  24. RWIII says:

    A few thoughts. I am beginning to think that Seattle might be able to keep Luke Willson. It seems like the free agency market for T.Es. has hit a wall. Luke Willson’s water hole is (drying up.) Due to the talent level in the draft there does not seem to be a market for Willson. Looks like Willson’s dream of 6mil per year is turning into a fantasy.

    Number two. From what I am hearing/reading this draft is loaded at the running back position. Especially in the middle rounds. John Schneider has limited cap space. So why are we looking at these retread running backs. Murray had only a 4.0 yard average behind the 2nd best-selling offensive line in the NFL. Can you trust Eddie Lacey to stay out of the all you can eat buffet line?. I like both Adrian Peterson and Jamal Charles but how much do they have left in the tank? Can you depend on Peterson/Charles staying healthy for an entire season. Maybe/maybe not. Peterson/Charles in their prime were fantastic. But those days are now ancient history. Maybe JS can trade their 1st round pick and flip it into either an extra 3rd or 4th round pick. Use that pick and snag a fresh healthy running back. Also If Sidney Jones is still on the board I might use their 106 pick in the third round and grab him. But only if JS has already taken another CB. Their is a good chance Jones could miss the entire 2017. Jones will but out 6-12 months. So if you took Jones at 106 it would be a luxary pick. I could see JS doing it he used he 1st round pick to acquire more picks.

  25. RWIII says:

    Few thoughts on Daniel Jeremiah’s mock draft. Jeremiah has Lamp going to Indianapolis at 15. Cam Robinson going to Denver at 20. Bolles at 25 going to Houston. Which means Ramczyk would be available in Jeremiah’s board at 26. But Jeremiah has JS taking Kenny King. Jeremiah has McCaffrey going at 11 to New Orleans. Another player I like is Takkarist McKinley. Jeremiah has McKinley going to Detroit at 21. My concern with McKinley is that he is due to have shoulder surgery. Jeremiah has Reddick going at 23 to the Giants. Rob says Reddick is top 15. I tend to go with Rob. BTW As far as OL is concerned I would rank Bolles number 1. Lamp 2nd. Lamp is projected to be a guard in the NFL. Which is why I think Bolles will be taken before Lamp. I think Ramczyk will go before Cam Robinson. Before Ramczyk got hurt he was a possible 15 rank. It’s interesting how Lamp is getting a lot of attention.

    Don’t think Denver will go OL. They already have made a big splash in free agency. However the Jets have major holes in their OL. They have already cut three starters from their 2016 OL. Including Seahawk favorite Brent Giacomini. Maybe Giacomini ends up back in Seattle.

  26. rowdy says:

    We signed lacy for 5.5 mil?