Seahawks 53 man roster projection & notes

Will safety Steven Terrell make the final cut?

1. Russell Wilson
2. Trevone Boykin

This position is set in stone.

Running backs
3. Thomas Rawls
4. Christine Michael
5. C.J. Prosise
6. Alex Collins
7. Will Tukuafu

Troymaine Pope played well in the first two pre-season games but let’s consider the whole summer. When the likes of Rawls, Michael and Prosise were missing time during camp — Collins was taking a lot of the workload and a ton of snaps. He gained rave reviews during the mock game they played. The Seahawks have cut productive pre-season RB’s in the past and Pope might be the latest casualty. Either way, it’s the #4 running back spot. They’ll hope this player rarely sees the field in 2016.

Tight ends
8. Jimmy Graham
9. Luke Willson
10. Nick Vannett
11. Brandon Williams

Graham appears healthy enough to avoid starting the year on PUP. Vannett’s injury at least sounds minor enough to avoid that status too. Brandon Williams was recently described by Pete Carroll as a core special teamer and appears destined to make the roster.

Wide receivers
12. Doug Baldwin
13. Jermaine Kearse
14. Tyler Lockett
15. Paul Richardson
16. Tanner McEvoy
17. Kevin Smith, Kasen Williams or Kenny Lawler

The first four names are a shoe-in. There are two big questions remaining. Who wins the #5 WR spot and will they look to keep a #6 too? Tanner McEvoy has been a playmaker averaging 25.6 YPC (per Field Gulls) in pre-season. He also drew the big P.I. call against Minnesota which technically was another explosive play.

McEvoy is incredibly raw and would present three gambles:

a.) Can he make plays when it matters during the regular season?
b.) Can he contribute to special teams?
c.) Do you want to risk losing one of your other, more polished receivers?

Carroll suggested he will miss the Oakland game with a groin injury and expressed some sadness about that. That hinted at a costly missed opportunity for the player and the team — especially if others stand out against the Raiders with extended playing time.

The idea of keeping a sixth receiver would allow them to carry McEvoy and avoid losing another. This could be especially important at the start of the season due to the injury issues at TE (McEvoy, if healthy, could be used as a bigger target). It’s also worth noting that the likes of Jermaine Kearse, Ricardo Lockette, Kasen Williams and Kevin Smith were all cut in the past and weren’t lost forever. They did, however, lose fourth round pick Chris Harper when he was cut in 2013.

Offensive Line
18. Bradley Sowell
19. Mark Glowinski
20. Justin Britt
21. Germain Ifedi
22. Garry Gilliam
23. J’Marcus Webb
24. Rees Odhiambo
25. Joey Hunt
26. Jahri Evans

The Seahawks carried nine O-liners last year. The first seven names listed are virtual locks at this stage. Joey Hunt took the second team reps vs Dallas ahead of Patrick Lewis. The Seahawks can save around $1.2m by keeping Hunt as the backup center over Lewis. They might prefer to keep a veteran presence at guard because this is a young, inexperienced group. Terry Poole is making a strong case but there’s a greater need for depth at guard with Sowell, Ifedi, Webb, Odhiambo and Gilliam all capable of playing tackle. Will George Fant make the practise squad? He’s played well enough to be considered for a red shirt spot.

Defensive line
27. Michael Bennett
28. Cliff Avril
29. Frank Clark
30. Cassius Marsh
31. Ahtyba Rubin
32. Tony McDaniel
33. Jarran Reed
34. Jordan Hill
35. Quinton Jefferson

Despite a lot of talk about Jordan Hill’s place on the roster, there’s very little reason to cut him and lose some valuable depth on the D-line. Hill underperformed last season but he had a 5.5 sack campaign in 2014. This looks like a really solid group but they’ll need Frank Clark and Cassius Marsh to produce when they’re on the field. They’re maybe one edge rusher short.

36. K.J. Wright
37. Bobby Wagner
38. Mike Morgan
39. Brock Coyle
40. Kevin Pierre-Louis

The Seahawks kept seven linebackers last season and six in 2014. I’ve listed only five here — but Cassius Marsh and/or Frank Clark are also expected to be used in several different positions. Eric Pinkins hasn’t really done enough to warrant a place and there isn’t a great deal of depth here. Steve Longa appears to be in with a shout.

Defensive backs
41. Richard Sherman
42. Earl Thomas
43. Kam Chancellor
44. DeShawn Shead
45. Jeremy Lane
46. Kelcie McCray
47. Tharold Simon
48. Marcus Burley
49. Steven Terrell
50. Tye Smith

The last three names are the ones to focus on. Burley is good at what he does and warrants keeping for some extra flexibility in the slot. He also had some nice special teams plays in pre-season. Tye Smith was stashed on the 2015 roster and they might want to keep him around again this year. Steven Terrell isn’t flashy but generally does what they want him to. He understands his role, the defense and the way they play on special teams. Tyvis Powell is probably a more popular pick but he hasn’t looked great when tried at corner and he hasn’t backed up a strong performance at Kansas City. They might stash him instead of Tye Smith, choose to flat out cut Terrell or carry one less receiver. Powell might be one of the difficult cuts they’re forced to make.

Brandon Browner hasn’t flashed at all in pre-season. Has the switch to safety underwhelmed or are the Seahawks keeping their powder dry? Many wanted to see the original LOB reunited and he’d be a popular keep — but this is an extremely competitive position group and Browner might be too much of a luxury.

Special teams
51. Steven Hauschka
52. Jon Ryan
53. Nolan Frese or Clint Gresham

I think a lot of people expected a change at long snapper after the Dallas game. We’ll see what happens.

The two things I’m least confident about:

a.) What they do at receiver (whether they keep five or six and who makes it)
b.) Which defensive backs they keep


  1. CC

    Nice to be back talking about the Seahawks!

    The Browner idea was a nice one, but it is hard to believe that he can beat out one of the younger quicker guys right now. Having him at camp was probably a nice thing, he could teach the younger guys and toughen up some of the receivers.

    I like the idea of McEvoy on the team. He lined up as the protector on the punt team and I have to figure that since he was a QB at some point, there could be a special play coming at some point. Kasen hasn’t been healthy – maybe he can go on the IR list and we stash him for a year. I read an article about NE doing that all the time – maybe Seattle can do that with a couple of guys.

    The depth and speed of this particular team is exciting – I think this is going to be another great year!

    Go Hawks!

  2. CharlieTheUnicorn


    QB: Boykin was very impressive in the Dallas game. He looked extremely quick/fast when he decided to run. He flat out beat LB and CBs to the endzone on his scramble. Perfect fit for back-up QB imo.

    OL: Evans appears to be a long shot to me. I would rather keep Poole, I guess one or the other better show up in preseason game #4.

    DL: I’m not buying that Hill will make the team. He just hasn’t made enough plays when I was watching the games (Live or on the Tele)

    CB/S: I’m thinking Browner is a goner. Powell may make it over Terrell, who really is mostly a ST player. I love Powell’s upside longterm. Terrell is maxed out development wise..

    Would Seattle consider keeping Hunt or Lewis as the LS… ??? That would be my way of squeezing another OL onto the roster… Frese is not very good. Then you could Have hunt, Lewis and Britt all on the roster. Hunt would be my primary LS in this case.

    • Rob Staton

      ” I’m not buying that Hill will make the team. He just hasn’t made enough plays when I was watching the games (Live or on the Tele)”

      Why cut him though? You need to keep a certain number of DL’s and there’s nobody else you’d desperately want to keep at that position. Just seems like an unnecessary veteran/depth cut.

      “CB/S: I’m thinking Browner is a goner. Powell may make it over Terrell, who really is mostly a ST player. I love Powell’s upside longterm. Terrell is maxed out development wise..”

      I think they really appreciate Terrell’s dependancy and ST value. He’s survived many other moments when people expected him to be cut.

      • C-Dog

        I think it would be a shocker if they cut Hill. They need some veteran depth to that inside rotation. He knows the system, and has been productive. His presence allows Jefferson to backup Bennett at 5 tech.

        • cha

          Should be noted that Hill is in the last year of his rookie deal. Time to make some money!

          • C-Dog

            Yup, if he can stay healthy, that bodes well. But health has been that unfortunate issue.

      • dave crockett

        Both Hill and Terrell bring skill sets that their competitors do not. Hill is the best “clean up” interior pass rusher. That is, in that group, he is by far the best at hand placement and disengaging from his blocker to get to a QB who has been flushed. The real question is whether the team expects his health to improve enough for him to get back to form.

        Terrell is the only safety with the speed enough to hope to replace ET as a single high safety. The others are better suited to twin safety looks. Add in that he is a core special teams player and you can understand why they like him so much more than most fans.

        • daniel

          good points

      • LordSnow

        I also can’t see them cutting Hill. While the starting offense stumbles in the first two games got the most attention, the lack of consistent pass rush to me is a huge issue and could be the problem we end up discussing all season long. While Hill had no sacks last year, he has already shown when healthy that he can provide excellent interior rush against pro olines. They know what he’s capable of doing, and you can’t cut him to keep a backup who may not even be part of the regular rotation when the games become real.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        The notion of cutting Hill just puzzles me. He’s healthy (we think) and in his contract year. There isn’t a better scenario for getting the most out of him that he has to give us. And he plays a position of true need.

  3. bankhawk

    I cringe at the thought of Powell being poached by another team in the attempt to stash him on the practice squad. Part of me says do whatever it takes to keep him. Tough cuts is about right!

    • James

      Powell is certain to be poached if put on waivers… he will never make it to the practice squad. Terrell, on the other hand, could make it through. Other bubble players who are unlikely to clear are Brandin Bryant, Alex Collins and Tye Smith. Players who might clear are: Poole, Brooks, Lawler, K Smith, K Williams, Pinkins, and R Robinson. Fant is interesting, because he has tremendous future potential at a key position, but is not ready to play this year, so does a team spend a roster spot to stash him for a full year? My guess is he would be plucked off the waiver wire, so will have to be kept on our 53 man, albeit inactive for games.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        If they think Fant can develop into even a serviceable back up Tackle then he’s valuable enough to hold a roster spot for in place of one of the DB’s or receivers who won’t be active anyway. Hard to know what their internal assessment of him really is though.

  4. LordSnow

    Can’t argue with any of these selections. I agree with all of the assessments.

    My personal most disappointing players of preseason have been Browner (but I’m not surprised considering his age), Ryan Robinson (seize the opportunity when it’s been handed to you), and Kasen Williams (shows how one bad injury can kill the hype). Also disappointed in Eric Pinkins; thought he would give us our version of Buchanon. Pleasantly thrilled with Glow, Ifedi, Cmike, and my #1 pleasant surprise has been Justin Britt. Never liked him as a pick. Like most of you, I’ve hated his first two years. Totally doubted this position switch. But if he keeps this going and anchors the middle for years, I’ll gladly eat crow.

    • James

      …agreed. I have never be so glad to be so wrong on a player as Britt. I have yet to see a single play over these first three games where he was not either outstanding or good enough.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Britt and CMike are definitely the two better than expectations stories of the off season. And it didn’t require draft picks or an FA signing. And it would also appear that their improvement will stick. It’s such great news.

  5. C-Dog

    John Clayton was pretty firm in his belief on the radio last week they are keeping Browner, and haven’t been tipping their hands during they pre season games how they are intending to use him. I heard this before the Thursday game, though. It was telling he was only used with the third string. If they are keeping things under wraps, they are doing it really well.

    • Colin

      Also, if they were going to release him, they would probably have done so early on to give him a chance to catch on with another club. They’ve got something up their sleeve with Browner, that’s for sure.

    • Hughz

      I was shocked last year when a few vets were kept even though they were outplayed in preseason. I won’t be shocked again. Browner will likely be on the team.

    • JakeB

      If he made the first round of cuts I would think he’ll be on the 53. I get the feeling he’s already gone though.

    • JakeB

      Looks like it’s been confirmed now. He gon

      • Colin

        Clayton is a great source for an inside scoop, but man his predictions the last few years have been dreadful. I too sucked up the ‘he’s gonna make it, they’re just hiding him’ mumbo jumbo.

        • JakeB

          It’s a bummer to see him have to leave, but I think ultimately it speaks to the health and strength of our secondary. No one else is Earl or Kam, but even if we lost one for a while I feel fine about McCray or Powell.

          • C-Dog

            My hunch is they like what they see in McCray to help with tight ends, and the upside of Powell.

  6. kevin mullen

    Take Burley out and insert Ty Powell, otherwise this list is pretty spot on. Disappointed that Pope couldn’t do more with his opportunities in the last game but maybe there’s a chance we can stash him on our practice squad.

  7. Darnell

    I like it.

    I think, if I’m guessing, I’m removing Terrell and inserting Browner. Terrell is a solid special teams player, but that’s it; Browner is excellent on special teams and great in the redzone.

    Spitballing here: but I’m probably going with 5 WRs, as #6 can pretty much be anyone who’s on your practice squad. With that spot I’m bringing back Ob Scho – he’s edge rush depth/lb depth/core special teamer. As Rob noted, it somewhat feels short an edge rusher

    • C-Dog

      I’my kinda anticipating they are going to be looking at adding edge/LB help, possibly even this week after the Tuesday cut downs. I think a Schofield type for sure.

  8. osoviejo

    Jimmy Graham is not eligible for the active PUP list. So, he’s going to start the season on the 53, even if it take him a few games before he’s ready to play. IR is an option, I suppose, but that would push him out eight weeks or so, and barring a setback he should be ready well before then.

    • James

      We have to assume the Seahawks are pretty certain that Jimmy will be ready to go within the first few games, or they would have kept him on the PUP, which is better for the team than IR-return.

    • James

      Are the IR rules the same as last season? There were only two ways to get a player on IR: 1) waive as injured and if he clears, then put him on IR; or 2) keep him on the initial 53 and then place him on IR (which was the only way to protect a guy from waivers). In other words, let’s say we want to place Kasen Williams on IR. He has to be waived injured now, and risk another team plucking him; or kept on the initial 53 at the expense of another player, and only then placing him on IR.

  9. Allan

    For WR, Kasen or Kevin will make it to PS so they might well take McAvoy as an intriguing option to compliment the solidified group. Lawler to PS and will stick there due to body size.

    For DB there is no way Powell makes it to PS and I think he makes it based on his ST instincts (Urban Meyer predicted he would make the team out of training camp fwiw). I don’t like it but Browner stays for reasons in the chemistry and good-will categories.

    For RB, Pope & Brooks could make it to PS along but wouldn’t last for weeks and weeks there. It’ll be tough to lose guys that would’ve both then an upgrade to last year’s team (when Rawls when down with injury).

    Fant, Poole, Hill all looking vulnerable en route to PS. Still wondering what Schneider is looking for from other teams’ cuts though.

    • James

      Poole might clear waivers, hard to believe he has shown enough to take up a roster spot on another team. Fant has too much potential, he would not clear waivers I’m afraid.

  10. line_hawk

    The defense in general seems to be on the decline.

    The line backers depth is incredibly thin. Yes, Marsh and Clark can back up SAM but who backs up Wagner and Wright. At this point, I dont’ trust KPL and Coyle to be healthy for a stretch of games and they seem more ST guys than linebackers. They are downgrades from Malcolm Smith, Schofield and such.

    The lack of pass rush also scares me. Having big bodies to stop the run is fine but the Hawks kryptonite the last couple of years has been lack of pass rush against top QBs. Now, they lost Irvin and didn’t add anyone else. Except Avril and to some extent Bennett (who are both a year older), there is no one who can consistently rush the passer. Hoping Marsh or Clark develops into a pass rusher this year but this is new territory.

    • fransgeraedts

      I would not say decline. Bennet and Avril still seem to be getting better. Clark could break out. Reed could become outstanding. However i do share your worry about the pass rush.
      I have a question about that? Could someone not trade for Bosa? Could the hawks nota trade for Bosa? Offering next years first round pick?

      • Phil

        I was wondering about Bosa, too. Just not sure what his issues are. If we could get him w/o using our 2017 #1, I would be interested. I think some other team will offer more than JS is willing to spend. If he is available after a few games in which Clark and Marsh have not been productive, then maybe a trade using our 2017 #1 might be considered.

        • Phil

          Whoops. Bosa just signed with SD.

    • LordSnow

      Brock was just saying on 710 that Paul Kruger might be a good fit at the right price. Have to assume they do something there before the season starts.

      • vrtkolman

        If Kruger couldn’t make the Brown’s woeful defensive roster, I’m not sure how much he has left.

        • sdcoug

          Isn’t it likely this was more about a new regime shedding a fairly large veteran salary? It’s a lot of money for two sacks, but I’m not sure that means he couldn’t perform at a level to make their roster. Surrounded by a much more solid cast, he might fit in well here (for the right price)

          • DC

            Ahtyba Rubin and Jabaal Sheard are two former Browns defenders who went on to greater success with the Seahawks and Patriots respectively. Now The Patriots have traded for Barkevious Mingo. With Cleveland serving as a defacto farm club it would make sense for Seattle to perform due diligence with Paul Kruger. Rubin should have good intel.

    • C-Dog

      I expect the pass rush to be fine, but LB depth is a bit of a concern, and the SAM spot has me a little nervous. I think they will probably add some veteran help to help out on the edge.

    • Josh emmett

      I expect to see some changes on defense. More like 2011 and 2012 pre Bruce Irvin. Frank Clark has not looked good setting the edge as well as Mike Morgan. What did they do when when their linebacker core was weaker and young? They played a defensive tackle at the right defensive end spot to set a nasty edge in the run game. They seemed to be stacked at 3 technique and not so much at NT. Might see Jarren Reed or Quinten Jeffereson playing defensive end opposit of cliff avril against good running teams this year. Id like to see Jefferson/Rubin/Reed/Avril. Then Morgan would be able to use his speed and fly to the ball instead of taking on 300 pound tackles. I also have love the variety of pressure packages I’ve seen with double A gap blitzs, nickel blitzes, and safety Blitzes in the preseason. I don’t expect to see anything different for the Miami game but I would love to see them stack the line up with big boys for the Rams and beat Gurley down.

  11. EranUngar

    At least one of the following – Siliga, K. Williams, Vannett, McEvoy, who are currently injured, could be stashed in IR to be possibly activated later per the new NFL rules about it. (they do not need to designate the player “to return”)

    That is one backup player extra to keep under club control.

  12. Kirill

    Where Brandon browner at

  13. J

    Don’t see what Evans brings except for veteran presents. He’s a candidate for tomorrows cuts in my mind. Fant gets the spot to me, with Webb being guard depth to allow us four tackles.

    • James

      I agree, Evans is one and done at best. Odhiambo can be the backup guard. Fant is a very strong candidate to start at LT in one or two years. It would be madness to cut him in favor of Evans, as LTs are nearly impossible to find in the draft beyond the top ten picks. Pericak or Sokoli can be kept on the practice squad as a 4th OG behind Odhiambo.

  14. Marc

    I’m rooting for Pope, McEvoy, Fant and Bryant to make the team. These guys can all play and if they’re cut, I would expect to see them on other teams. I would expect the Hawks to find some strong side linebacker help as a bridge to the 2017 draft.

    The season is almost here!

  15. nichansen01

    Tyvis Powell looked awful against Dallas. Didn’t do anything against Minnesota. But if he’s cut there is no chance he makes it to the practice squad.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Can you elaborate on his Dallas performance. I was super faded and I blinked and it was 2 minute warning in the fourth.

      • lil'stink

        IIRC there was a series in the 4th quarter where it seemed like Dallas went in Powell’s direction (he was playing corner) every play and Powell couldn’t stop anything. I think he was the defender on the late Dallas TD.

      • David M2

        Kenny, you can go to pirate bay and torrent download all of the games if you missed anything and want to catch up. It’s nice cuz they are condensed down to two hours or so

        • David M2

          Kenny, you can go to pirate bay and torrent download all of the games if you missed anything and want to catch up. It’s nice cuz they are condensed down to two hours or so.

          It’s the poor man’s DVR.

          U torrent software is good. You can get the software for your computer or the app for your phone thru the playstore

  16. AlaskaHawk

    I like to root for the underdog, so I really liked Pope in the first two preseason matchups. Seems like we need a fast, change of pace back. On the other hand it also seems like we have a number of fast running backs, with Rawls and Michael topping the list. With all the other backs in the pipeline, I don’t see a need for him now. I’m not worried about stashing him or just cutting him loose because the position has become so devalued.

    With all the cuts going on over the next few weeks I wonder if the Seahawks will look for another offensive tackle. I’m not convinced that the guys we have our the tackles of the future. Webb seems slow to me, more of an interior linemen. Gilliam and Sowell are okay but I haven’t seen enough of them to know how they will hold up to a full season of work. The rest of the tackles are on the bubble and to me that means they can be replaced with another player for a tryout. Does anyone else think this could happen?

  17. East Side Stevie

    Seattle will definitely scout other teams for practice squad canidates maybe even last minute veteren competition in hopes of shaping up the final 53 or even making the final 53 like we talked about them looking for a linebacker the other day. But not all of these guys that are on the roster now will make the practice squad they could look to other teams, possibly somebody they had their mind on in the draft and didnt get. You never know that other teams have been scouting seattle and as soon as we cut some of these guys boom another team picks them up like we all know has happened in the past. So a lot of different things can happen it could be un predictable.

    • James

      The two positions most likely for a waiver wire claim by the Seahawks appear to be SLB and DE/Leo?

  18. James

    In the past, the Seahawks have made 7 O-Linemen active, the 5 starters plus a swing OT and a swing OG/C (see Lem J-P). It appears they will have to plan to keep 8 active this year, since neither Lewis nor Hunt can play OG with any likelihood of keeping Russell Wilson alive. The only possible OG/C swing types on the roster are Sokoli and Pericak, and no one is projecting either of them making the 53. If Joey wins the backup C job (as he should), then he will have to be kept active just in case Britt goes down.

    Active vs Inactive is not the only consideration for the final few spots on the 53. Obviously special teams play has been thoroughly discussed, and the ability to slip some players through waivers to the practice squad whereas others will be plucked, and contract status is the other factor. A guy in the final year of his deal who is unlikely to return in 2017 (Hill, Evans, Siliga, Burley, Browner, Lewis, etc) is more likely to be passed over for a rookie under club control.

    • LordSnow

      What are the rules for poaching once a player makes the practice squad? Can they still be poached or is that only when the player is in the process of clearing waivers?

      • DC

        Any team can sign a player off of another teams practice squad to their active roster.

      • James

        They can be poached at any time, if they are placed on the 53 man roster. However, leaving the practice squad is voluntary, another team cannot claim a player off the practice squad and “force” him onto their team, unlike the waiver process. Therefore, a player on the Seahawk’s practice squad, if convinced it is better for their future prospects to remain here, can decline the offer to go to the other team’s 53 roster. My understanding is that there have been players on past Seahawks practice squads who have declined to move to another team’s 53 man. If a player believes he is all set to be on the Seahawks 53 man next season (maybe due to veterans likely to leave due to contract expirations, etc) then he may elect to stay.

        • GeoffU

          Seems rare someone would elect to stay, pay is so much better being on an active roster and they get three weeks paid guaranteed no matter the results.

        • LordSnow

          Appreciate the info, thanks.

    • James

      There is one scenario where the Seahawks can continue to just make 7 OL active: Webb has a lot of experience at both OT and OG, so he could in theory be the backup for both positions, and the other guy (Hunt?) would just be the backup C. This would be an unusual scenario, and not something Cable has tried out thus far in the preseason, but it could work…

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        What happens when they play jumbo package of 6 OL? I think it is prudent to have 8 active OL, unless they can squeeze one OL on the roster as the LS as well. Worth a shot.

  19. GeoffU

    I think Fant probably makes the team, with Hunt going to practice squad or Evans getting cut.

    Browner is a strange situation that’s really hard to make anything of one way or the other.

    • James

      Keep both Fant and Joey. Hunt, though undersized, has graded too well in the preseason to slip through waivers. Pro Football Focus, for what its worth, has had him the highest graded C in the preseason. Scouts will have noticed and he can’t be cleared.

      • Colin

        Hunt will make the 53 when Lewis is cut. I’m not sure why, but they have been REALLY hesitant to play Lewis the last couple of years (hence Drew Nowak getting the starting nod last year…)

        • 75franks

          i feel bad for lewis, he has saved our butt the last couple years and now its like hes not even in the conversation. for as loyal as PC and JS have been with players its strange that lews doesn’t get some love.

          • SeventiesHawksFan

            Lewis was properly paid for ‘saving our butts’. And he was given the opportunity by them in the first place. JS and PC’s obligation is to better the team is to field the best team. Lewis may be the best guy and teammate in the world but if he doesn’t have the physical tools they really want in a center, then they are obligated to seek his replacement.

            • cha

              They did the same with Lem J-P. Cut, sign, start a few games, cut again, lather, rinse, repeat.

            • 75franks

              you are absolutely right. but I still feel for him.

      • GeoffU

        I haven’t really been paying attention to Hunt, just assumed with his size drafted round he’d be easy to get to practice squad. However, good to hear he’s doing well. Good problem to have. I’d rather keep the young guys over Evans then.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I didn’t even notice Hunt was playing, I guess that is a good thing.

        • C-Dog

          Pro Football Focus has definitely noticed Hunt. He’s one of the highest graded OL in the preseason. I think he’s making the team.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            He is technically sound. His knock is his weight / anchor against much larger DTs. 340 lb range, while he is right around 300 lbs.

          • James

            Joey was not invited to the combine, but at his pro day did more 225 reps than any OL at the combine (I think his # was 34), which was also more than Glow (the strongest guy on the team according to Cable) did a year earlier. Joey is deceptively strong, and his secret is he gets underneath his guy with perfect technique and turns him at will.

            • Miles

              Another thing that may benefit Hint is we are presumably going to have better, more powerful guard play. That means if he is asked to play even this year, if he has to go up against any monsters, he can get help from powerful guards who can chip and hit the Aaron Donalds and Kawaan Shorts of the league, allowing Hunt to take the pressure off and just pass block.

            • j

              Because he has 30 inch arms while Glow has 33 inch arms.

  20. Kenny Sloth

    I would really like to hold onto Brandin Bryant he’s looking a lot thicker than he did in college. Bubble is much thicker. I think he’s got all the talent.

    Tyvis Powell is another I want to see stick around. See What he got for the future. Seems like solid backup potential at the least. I like his tenacity and tackling ability on ST as well

    DeAndre Elliot would also be cool to keep. Rob had him as a potential late round option all offseason. I didn’t really like his tape and preferred other corners in that range. But he signed with us and is an excellent athlete. I’d love to see him after a year in our program.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I’d love to see Bryant and Powell make the roster as well. Bryant’s future upside potential at a position of need is just too intriguing. I’d that both in place of that sixth receiver or some combination of Terrell / Burley. I can’t argue with Rob’s projections though. He’s acumen on the subject is just really fabulous.

    • James

      I am with you on Brandin Bryant. Players like him, Powell and Fant project as potential starters/key backups by next season or the next. The roster spots they will take up, to be retained on the 53 man roster, can be filled by practice squad players… for example, the backup SLB behind Morgan and Marsh won’t be needed for emergency relief, and a decent player can be placed in-waiting on the practice squad. The same with the DE/Leo behind Avril, Clark and Marsh… that player also can be placed in-waiting on the squad. Same with the 4th OG, cut Evans and keep Fant, and hold Sokoli and Pericak for deep backup.

  21. CA

    Keep Palacio!

  22. GeoffU

    Aaaaand, Browner’s gone. So much for that.

  23. Vista

    The Seahawks cut Browner, Kyle Coleman, Montario Hunter, DeAngelo Tyson. Waived with injury designation Deshon Foxx. Also placed Siliga on IR.

    • cha

      Sokoli too

      Adam CaplanVerified account ‏@caplannfl 2h2 hours ago
      #Seahawks waived G Kristjan Sokoli, per his agent, @TesslerSports.

    • James

      Anyone… how did Siliga go directly onto IR? I don’t recall him being waived injured?

      • cha

        And why place him on IR? He’s just on a one year deal.

    • Vista

      Foxx was waived with an injury designation so he will likely end up on IR

  24. James

    The sparq-god is dead, long live the sparq-god. Who could not love a long-haired Albanian who also happened to be the best athlete in the history of pro football. We all eagerly waited for the emergence, but then the sick feeling began to creep on, like when you reluctantly realize that your gorgeous, hot tamale girlfriend is crazy as a loon and you must run away, fast. The same with watching Kristjan block, he never seemed to collide with force or ever move his man backwards. Alas.

    • C-Dog

      I think there’s a decent chance he ends up on the PS.

      • James

        I hope so. His agent wants a move back to DL, but that isn’t happening this season, and never with the Seahawks.

        • C-Dog

          Actually, a move back to the DL could be interesting. If some team takes him on their PS, and grooms him. I sensed he was a bit reluctant switching to the OL coming out of college.

          Cable: Are you willing to play OL?

          Sokoli: I prefer playing DL.

          Cable: I didn’t ask what you prefer, I asked if you are willing.

          Seems to be the pre daft conversation between the two.

    • Darth 12er

      I wonder if they released him with an injury attached to him, and they can just reclaim him. Anybody know?

      • Vista

        No idea. All we know is that his agent said that the ‘hawks released him.

        • Mr. Offseason

          The league changed its rule on IR-designated to return per @bcondotta. Now, teams can place players on IR throughout the year and can eventually choose one of the players on IR to return. So instead of designating a player to return right away, they can put him on IR and make that decision later. This is what the Seahawks have done with Siliga. If no other major injuries happen (*knocks on ALL the wood*) the Seahawks could bring back Siliga this year.

          A very wise modification to the rule, I think.

  25. East Side Stevie

    thank god montario hunter is gone

    • Mr. Offseason

      I can tell the guy has a ton of athleticism, just very sloppy at this stage. He’s a very obvious CFLer.

  26. East Side Stevie

    I just went to the ESPN app sheil kapadia wrote an article that #Seahawks are trying to trade Lewis. The thought has to be instead of cutting him and getting nothing we can at least get something in return. He will find another team and he deserves it no doubt he has the abillity to continue playing in this league.

    • Ground_Hawk

      It makes sense to get something, instead of nothing. If they do get anything it would probably be compensation similar to what Washington gave NE though.

  27. cha

    Sheil Kapadia
    The Seahawks have released RB Zac Brooks, per a league source. Brooks was a 7th-round pick out of Clemson in this year’s draft.

    • nichansen01

      Makes sense. Pope far outplayed him, and Pope was a street free agent pick up.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He never jumped off the screen to me.

    • James

      His timed speed never translated to the field. Never saw him make someone miss, never saw him outrun pursuit around the edge, not a single winning play the entire time = waived.

  28. nichansen01

    As intriguing athletically as Brandin Bryant is… he hasn’t made a single notable play i can remember this entire preseason (besides tackling eric pinkins).

    • Mr. Offseason

      Recovered a fumble vs. Dallas.

    • RealRhino2

      I understand that thought process, but I also hope we don’t put way too much emphasis on the small sample size of “making a play” in a preseason game. How many snaps is the guy getting? What are his chances to make a notable play?

      When I focused on Bryant I saw him doing some good things. One series against Dallas he was rushing every play, and it seemed like (until he got gassed after 4-5 plays) he had really good get-off, used his hands to get off blocks with ease and was starting to penetrate, but Dallas threw quick or ran away from him, so it never turned into anything you’d notice unless you were watching him.

      • Mr. Offseason

        Thanks for the insight RealRhino. I keyed on him in the Vikings game and saw absolutely nothing out of him. But I am glad he showed something in the Dallas game. The only questions are, is it enough to make the main roster? And if not, will there be enough interest around the league to keep him off our practice squad.

      • David M2

        Remember, the Hawks lost Bennett for 4 or 5 years I believe it was to Tampa Bay. Wouldn’t want that to happen again if Bryant has the potential to be anywhere near or better than what MB is.

  29. Vista

    Just because he is a former Seahawk, Drew Nowak was cut by the Chiefs

    • Mr. Offseason

      Practice squad?

  30. Vista

    Terrance Knighton was cut by the Patriots

  31. Trevor

    It is amazing how much I miss this site in the off season. Hope you had a nice summer Rob and some downtime with the family. Looking forward to another incredible year following the Hawks / Draft on SDB!

    • Sea Mode

      Amen to that! Missed it along with football in general, but the break was certainly needed after an intense draft season and I hope we are all recharged for a new season!

    • David M2

      Comments sections stayed open pretty much all off-season this year, which wad awesome

  32. Trevor

    Some thoughts on the 2016 draft as we enter the final pre-season game. I think this has the potential to be our best draft / UDFA class in years with some immediate starters and contributors starting day #1

    Pick #1 Ifedi- I thought he was an Oselmele clone with pro bowl Guard potential and I am so glad they decided to keep him at guard to sure up our interior pass pro. I can’t think of an OL man since the days of Hutch and Walt I have been more excited about. He is a incredible athlete with near perfect size and length with a mean streak to match. Cable said yesterday he has never coached a lineman like Ifedi which is an incredible compliment. He will have some growing pains and holding calls but the sky is the limit.

    I can’t believe I am saying this but with Ifedi, Britt and Glowinski playing like they are with their size, athleticism and power the interior of our OL could be one of the strengths of the entire team.

    Pick #2 Reed – He is who he thought he was. An Alpha dog for the middle of our DL to replace Mebane and keep that run defense stout. He was a steal in the second round. I hope this toe injury does not linger because he has the chance to be special and really dominate as a run defender and pocket collapse. The fact that PC had him tabbed as a starter as a rookie in a position he places incredible value on speaks louder than anything else.

    Pick #3 CJ Prosise – He has been hurt more than you would like for sure but when he has been healthy he flashes that is for sure an looks like he could be the ultimate 3rd down or empty set weapon in our offense. He is smooth with great hands, has burst and power as well.

    If he can stay healthy, the upgrade from Fred Jackson to Prosise could be the 2nd biggest after the interior of our OL. I think he is going to be a big weapon for Russ as the season progresses. I absolutely love the RB combination of Michael, Rawls and Prosise as a group they have the potential to be a top unit in the league IMO.

    Pick #4 Vannett – Loved this pick the day of the draft and after seeing him as a pass catcher / route runner in camp I only like it more. Can develop into Zach Miller 2.0 with more upside. Too bad about the ankle sprain as I thought he could be a big contributor as Graham rounds into shape. With Graham, Willson, William and Vannett our TE group is talented and deep.

    Pick #5 Odihambo Has not flashed like I though he might but looks like a solid swing guy to develop. I think he will improve a lot with a year injury free under Cable.

    Pick #6 Jefferson- Love what he has done so far in camp and looks like a great pick and rotational guy to our DT rotation. Has great length and appears to have enough base to hold up in the run. Has played with great effort and is a lock to make the squad IMO.

    Pick #7 Collins- After his combine I was shocked th Hawks took Collins. I will be even more shocked if he makes the squad. I see a runner with no burst and problems holding onto the ball. I think there is almost no chance he make the roster and prefer Pope over Collins for sure.

    Pick #8 Hunt- We are shopping Lewis. This says it all! He had great tape in college and has played really well in the pre season. I hope Britt can stay healthy and he will see the field as a rookie but he looks like a solid pick and as he get stronger can develop into a smart, really solid pro. Can’t ask for mush more in a late round pick.

    Pick #9 – Lawler – I hope they can sneak him to the practice squad. He just does not look like he has an NFL body yet. He has nice hands and seems to run good routes but not strong enough. He also does not contribute on special teams which is key for WR #5.

    Pick #10 – Brooks- Like Collins I never understood this pick on draft day. Seemed like a good kid and wish him the best.

    Powell, Macevoy,Fant Bryant- All four have unique skill sets that PC / JS look for with the potential to make the 53 as depth and development guys with big time upside. I think at least 2 of them will be on the 53 man and hop whoever is not can get on the PS but I doubt they will not get picked up.

    So all in all another incredible draft / udfa class. So nice to see PC/JS hit on back to back drafts after a couple of weak classes. This team is going to be loaded and deep. Can’t wait for season to start!

    • C-Dog

      I’m still hopeful for Collins, and thought he looked good against Dallas. I think he got kinda over worked in the first two weeks of camp because of all the other backs who couldn’t suit up.

      • James

        Although Collins is a step slower than Rawls, C-Mike and Prosise, he still brings a nice skill set. He has good instincts for the zone game between the tackles and has the short quick steps to make a guy miss in the phone booth. I actually thought he showed decent speed on several of his 2d half runs against Dallas. The RB position needs to be deep, due to high injury risk, so Collins is a solid #4 guy. He will probably be inactive for every game, unless an injury occurs. Ideally, he would be stashed on the practice squad, but due to his outstanding SEC career, and decent showing in preseason, he will be plucked by another team needing a #3 RB, so he would not clear waivers.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I thought he was working through some nicks during his workouts pre draft, but even then Collins doesn’t appear to have the second gear of say Marshawn.

          But that’s ok. Lynch was a 4.4 runner coming out. Few have his size speed combo. There different kinds of running backs. Seattle seems to recognize this and are trying to work him into some short yardage situations with little success thus far.

          Collins has excellent footwork and put up some great pass protection tape at Arkansas

          • Volume12

            Nice to have ya back Trev.

            As for speed for a RB. If he isn’t a 4.3 runner, not much difference between a mid 4.4 guy to a mid 4.5 if that makes sense.

          • East Side Stevie

            Do you think collins has more fat on him then marshawn? Maybe collins is more compareable to Eddy lacy. To me marshawn was more bulk and muscle not a whoke lot of % of body fat to marshawn. Collins a bit more sluggish possibly because of extra weight. But I think collins looks very good in college tied an SEC record with consecutive thousand yard rushing seasons.

            • East Side Stevie


            • Volume12

              Yeah, I think so. Lacy isn’t a bad comp. More Chris Ivory or Spencer Ware to my eye though.

              Collins lacks the burst of a C-Mike or Rawls, but he’s just a very solid, natural runner. Nothing extrodinary stands out so far, but he’ll be a nice backup to have and a different type than the other 3 ahead of him. He’ll continue to get better as he learns/gets used to running in a ZBS scheme.

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                In the Cowboys game, he made some nice cut back runs…. gashing the Cowboys after they over committed …… he showed nice balance and was a bit elusive in small spaces. He was very close to busting some 20+ yard runs. Collins is a long term answer.

              • East Side Stevie

                volume, did you know about the Sec record and collins?

                • Volume12

                  Absolutely. Collins was a guy I liked last preseason as I was scouting (I use that term loosely) college prospects from my coach. ?

                  Thought he was the superior talent to former teammate RB Jonathan Williams.

                  I’m just as big a fan of CFB as I am the NFL. Admittedly so, I watch too much CFB and tape on prospects. If ya got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask my man.

                  • Volume12


          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Lynch was exceptional in 3 aspects…..

            vision, to see and exploit holes
            footspeed/quickness, very rarely got caught with his feet standing still… always moving
            breaking-tackles, he was so low to the ground and ran with such a wide base he was incredibly hard to stop or neutralize.

            We may never see another RB like Lynch. Be glad we got to see him for 5 years.

            • Volume12

              Lynch, AP, and Gurley are the best 3 backs to enter the NFL in 10+ years.

              They don’t come around often.

    • Hawkfan086

      I second everything you said but add that Boykin is a major udfa steal and that he has looked like a very capable starter for another franchise if they are willing to pony up on a great offer.

  33. nichansen01

    Why not keep Collins AND Pope and then only keep 5 wide outs? Especially since Pope can be a backup return man as well.

  34. nichansen01

    I think there is a pretty good argument for keeping Burley and Terrell over Powell. Smith I am not so sure about.

    Burley can get interceptions and also blitz and sack the quarterback. Terrell has speed and had a nice sack against Dallas. Also a good special teamer. It would be cool to keep Powell… but man he looked bad at corner. Though he would be more of a backup safety.

    I don’t think Smith has done much this preseason… but if I haven’t noticed him… probably a good thing for a corner. I mainly remember him missing some tackles in the run game against Minnesota.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I thought Powell’s technique at corner was quite excellent actually. Aside from the result his footwork and press technique were not bad at all for a safety. Its really the physical reps and muscle memory he needs, especially in the red zone.

      I like him much more than Terrell who has not been a great special teams

      • Kenny Sloth

        Contributor.*** 😛

  35. Vista

    Some interesting news out of Minnesota. Teddy Bridgewater went down with a knee injury in a non contact drill. An ambulance came and picked him up ten minutes after the injury took place.

    • vrtkolman

      It looks real bad based on tweets coming out from practice. Players were cursing and throwing helmets while the media was asked to leave. Vikings fans just keep getting heartbroken, that franchise needs something good to go their way soon.

      • Vista

        Apparently Bridgewater had to be sedated before going to the hospital. Zimmer said it doesn’t look good if he will play this season.

  36. Brad

    Am I the only person who thinks Tharold Simon is the most overrated ‘breakout’ and big potential player on the roster? I don’t recall ever seeing anything positive from him (other than his great length). I also don’t see Cassius Marsh as the quarterback killa we hoped for – I think he’s a core ST player and that’s about it.

    • East Side Stevie

      I think a lot of us on this blog are torn between simon. Some like him some do not. Just how its going to be we will have to keep playing the waiting game with him.

      • Volume12

        I definetly see the potential in Simon. It’s just that his injuries derail his momentum and he can’t ever get his feet under him figuratively and literally.

        Seattle and teams like Denver draft the right way. Instead of reaching, they’ll draft solid backups if nothing else.

        • East Side Stevie

          At some point you just have to cut a man loose. Ask houston about the injuries holding a player back even though he has alllllll the potential to play in NFL. Insert Arian foster.
          Now I know it isnt right to compare Foster to Simon, 2 different players, positions and skill level. But my point is we cant wait forever and moving on from simon must come a reality, we will re load in the upcoming drafts (especially at corner I see lt a position of need in the next draft at least a 4th or 5th round draft option) with solid back ups because lets face it Simon will
          never start for us.

          • Volume12

            Very true. I get what ya mean comp wise.

            Maybe, and I’m just spitballing here, PC and his staff are so patient and willing to develop guys over the long haul, that I wonder if they get gun shy on giving up on a player they’ve not only invested time in, but that they genuinely like as a person.

            I know JS has previously stated that KC DB Ron Parker is the guy he refers too as ‘the one that got away.’ FWIW.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Spencer Ware **

    • Ukhawk

      He’s just needs game time. It took Thurmond, Maxwell, Lane a few seasons of regular games to get to a good level.

  37. cha

    Word coming through that Lewis will be cut after the Hawks didn’t find a trade partner for him.

    Gregg Bell ‏@gbellseattle · 17m17 minutes ago  Renton, WA

    Seems any effort to trade Patrick Lewis failed. As written possible yday expect #Seahawks to release 2015 starting C

    Bright side Tanner McEvoy is back in practice.
    Gregg Bell ‏@gbellseattle · 21m21 minutes ago  Renton, WA

    Tanner McEvoy back after 2 days out (groin). OC Bevell says #Seahawks need to see more blocking for undrafted rookie to be viable TE option

  38. vrtkolman

    Perry Riley Jr. was cut by the Redskins. I would be interested in checking him out. He could be a solid linebacker in this defense.

    • Volume12

      As was DT Stephen Paea.

      • C-Dog

        Paea was a weird fit for their 3-4. He had a really good year a couple years ago in Chicago, though. If Seattle wasn’t already so loaded up at DT, I say go after him. I agree with Riley Jr being a fit for this defense. Love to see some linebacker help.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, either they got some upcoming talent on that D-line or Paea was a massive disappointment. For a GM like McCloughan, who loves to have physical teams that win in the trenches, I was a bit surprised. Not that Paea is some world beater.

          • C-Dog

            I always thought he was a decent player, but a DE in a 3-4 probably isn’t a great fit. Plus they paid him a ton of $. I think he needs to be a 4-3 DT.

  39. Vista

    The Seahawks released George Farmer, Trovon Reed, Pete Robertson, Quayshawn Nealy, Kevin Smith, and Josh Shirley

    • Vista

      Trovon Reed and Kevin Smith were waived with injury designation.

  40. CharlieTheUnicorn

    With Bridgewater going down with a significant knee injury, who will the Vikings bring in for some insurance at QB ? This is probably the one position that is the thinnest across the NFL and especially in the FA pool. Could Heaps find his way to the Vikings?

    • J


      • The Hawk is Howling

        That was a clever thought J. Makes a ton of sense and the owner and management know who he is. I wish him well.

        Go MF Hawks!

    • icb12

      Smith/Petty (would they consider petty with no experience?)
      Eh Manuel?

      • cha

        “Eh Manuel?”

        Eh, Indeed.

        • The Hawk is Howling

          Ha ha he!

    • Nathan

      Another gift for the carindals.

      They face Garopollo and another backup.

      We get Brady and Rogers.

      • James

        Crazy things happen every year, but certainly on paper the Cards have a much more favorable schedule than we do. We will be hard pressed to beat NE in Boston w/Brady, and GB there in the dead of winter. The Cards get the backup QBs against NE and the Vikes. This makes it essential that we win both games against the Cards, and certainly must get over our ineptitude against the Rams.

  41. East Side Stevie

    I think Tjacks days are over in the NFL

  42. Mark

    Graham is not eligible for PUP.

  43. Volume12

    3 days away from some CFB!

    Oklahoma vs Houston
    LSU vs Wisconsin
    UCLA vs Texas AM
    NC vs Georgia
    ‘Bama vs USC
    Clemson vs Auburn

    That’s a ridiculous slate of games.

    • Trevor

      Hey Vol! Hope you had a great summer and are geared up for another fun year. Love your insight!

      That is an amazing week #1. Any draft eligible sleepers to keep an eye on Week#1?

  44. The Hawk is Howling

    I know Volume 12! So glad to have this game back once again. I’m rooting for the Dawg’s of course!

    Go Dawg’s

    Go Hawks!

  45. Mr. Offseason

    Eric Striker was released by the Bills. Now he’ll probably end up on their practice squad, but with how thin we are at Linebacker does anyone else hope the Seahawks put him on our main roster? He may be small (5’11”, 225) but his tape is undeniable.

    • C-Dog

      Unless the team feels confident the SAM can be managed sufficiently by the combo of Morgan/Marsh, I’ve kinda been anticipating then signing some help there. Hasn’t happened yet though, so maybe they feel good there. Personally, haven’t been overly impressed with Pinkins, and KPL. Longa and Coyle are okay, but think they are both middle backers. Not sure Striker has the length and athleticism they seek for edge talent.

  46. East Side Stevie

    Saints signed Paul Kruger

  47. James

    Thank goodness that John and Pete are smart enough, and secure enough, to take the long view rather than the short-timer view. This team is amazing at identifying and acquiring young talent, in the draft and UDFA, but the thing is you have to have the guts to keep them. It does you no good to have a promising rookie on your roster but then freak out when thinking of him being an immediate starter. So many cowardly coaches flinch and go with the lesser veteran, who can fill in better in the near term, and release the rookie, and then find themselves devoid of talent a year or two down the road. This is why Pete preaches over and over again, to the blank stares of the ink-stained wretches, that you have to have the fortitude to play rookies. For example, the hand-wringers are all a-twitter with the fear that you have to keep Patrick Lewis over Joey Hunt, Jahri Evans over George Fant Brandon Browner over Tyvis Powell, because it an injury occurs to a starter, you need a veteran backup in the short term. And this thinking is how you wind up a year from now with Joey Hunt, Tyvis Powell and George Fant playing for another team, while Lewis, Evans and Browner are long gone into retirement. You have to have the wisdom of the game to keep Joey, Boykin, Fant, Powell, and Brandin Bryant, if you want to build a dynasty.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Great write up James. Sometimes you need to hold onto that which is uncertain yet promising.

      Go Hawks!

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