Seahawks add cornerback Cary Williams on $18m deal

The Seahawks were going to find it difficult to add a corner in the draft. A weak (and expensive) free agent crop wasn’t helping. We could see Trae Waynes, Jalen Collins and Marcus Peters off the board in the top-20. It won’t be a shock if Byron Jones joins them in the first frame — and potentially Kevin Johnson. That in turn could lead to a day two rush involving the likes of Eric Rowe and Alex Carter.

The Seahawks haven’t reached for the position under Pete Carroll and know what to look for. The addition of Williams and Will Blackmon suggests they knew it’d be difficult to find corners in the draft. They could be without Tharold Simon and Jeremy Lane to start the season. Their depth is decimated. They needed some veteran options, even if they make the usual day three draft pick or two.

Opinion is mixed on Williams and it’s true he struggled somewhat in Philadelphia. He was also playing on a defense that needed to be totally rebuilt when Chip Kelly arrived. He created enough of an impression in Baltimore for the Ravens to show interest upon his release. Ditto another former team in the Colts.

He ran a 4.47 at his pro-day with a reported 1.47 ten yard split. He had a 32.5 inch vertical and he’s 6-1/190lbs. Byron Maxwell ran a 4.46 at his combine and jumped a 33-inch vertical. He’s also 6-1. This could be viewed as a like-for-like replacement.

One other point — $7m probably isn’t his cap hit in 2015. We need to wait for those numbers.


So there we go. The cap hit is $4.67m in 2015, which is probably slightly less than a player like Tramon Williams.

Meanwhile James Carpenter is reportedly signing with the Jets at $4.75m APY and they’ll release Percy Harvin today, meaning the Seahawks get New York’s 6th round pick this year.


  1. Cysco

    Victims of their own success. The success of the LOB has caused the market for CB talent to skyrocket. The price sounds a little steep, but that’s market value. That $7 probably had to be a 7 instead of a 5 because of Baltimore and Indy.

    If he’s able to provide 80% of what Maxwell did, it’s worth it I suppose.

  2. vrtkolman

    I think it is telling that another top organization like Baltimore wanted him back too. Playing with Philadelphia’s horrible secondary didn’t help him any. I’ll laugh if he ends up putting up better numbers in Seattle’s scheme than Maxy in Philly.

    • Cysco

      I would think that’s almost a certainty. Maxwell in a #1 role going up against the likes of Odel Beckham Jr. and Dez Bryant twice a year. Vs. Williams as the #2 here. If Williams doesn’t put up better stats, something’s gone horribly wrong.

      • williambryan

        Or Maxwell is just really good (he is). Going up against those number 1’s so much will mean more opportunities to make plays. And with Chip Kelly’s offense, he’ll be on the field more to make more plays (and surely give up plays as well). I know nothing about Williams but the highlight video attached to this article is ok. I think maxwell is clearly better but I guess that’s reflected in the contracts.

        • Jake

          I think Maxwell is worth his contract and I’m excited to watch him play. Browner was just as effective for New England as he was for Seattle and I thought his style was more likely to be exposed as a system guy. Maxwell looks capable of playing in any system, he’s actually VERY sticky in man coverage, so I think he is capable of top-5 status. Now he has a chance to prove it without the benefit of the LOB. I am rooting for him.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Sorry Jake but if Sherm is worth $14mm/yr, there us no way Maxwell is worth $11mm/yr.

            • Jake

              He was worth it to Philly and Sherm is worth more than 14M with the new CBA, especially if he had been a FA. But he signed and extension and it was under the old CBA. Maxwell is being paid to become a star. He’s getting paid about what Brandon Carr gets and he’s better than Carr. I want to see how he does as “The man”, he certainly won’t face more passes than he did here with the way everyone avoided Sherman.

  3. lil'stink

    $7 million for next year? If true it seems that they really aren’t sold on Simon. Bummer

    • Cysco

      Simon is injured and is likely to miss time next year. Even if they are sold on Simon, they need someone to come in a play on opening day.

      • Rugby Lock

        You also have to factor in all the off season work he’s going to miss. I think he has real potential. It also hurts us that Lane will most likely miss most if not all of next season.

    • Rob Staton

      Simon is injured, let’s not forget. And he’s been injured a lot in Seattle.

    • RJA

      Almost certainly not a $7 million cap hit for next year, though.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Actually yes, $7mm against the cap in 2015.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s $4.67m against the cap in 2015.

  4. Cysco

    I was about to comment on how much he looked like Maxwell after watching that video, then re-read the paragraph that basically says he’s a Maxwell clone in measurements.

    The guy can play. Baltimore, Indy and Seattle, perhaps the three teams that understand CB talent more than anyone, were all in on him. That should tell us everything we need to know.

    It would be pretty funny to see Williams and Maxwell switch teams and stats.

  5. UKHawkDavid

    That sounds like a lot of cash so I hope Rob is right about $7m potentially not being the cap hit. I would have loved Cromartie but as Doug Farrar said “Pete Carroll has forgotten more about DBs this morning than I’ll ever know”.

    • rowdy

      Why wouldn’t you go after him instead?

  6. kevin mullen

    Solid #2, just like Maxwell. Looks like he plays the ball better in the air than Maxwell did.

    • Jake

      He’ll have to learn to take fewer chances and respect the deep ball a little more, but otherwise he is talented and the drop-off from Maxie (if any) should be minimal.

  7. redzone086

    So Hawks have brought back Scruggs, Smith, McCoy, and signed Williams and Blackmon. Not bad mostly depth players or camp bodies. I’m interested in how interested they are in Johnson. Also sounds like they have been deep in the pass rushers market ala Clayborne and Sheard. Looks like they swung and missed on Thomas but most of us knew he just was going to follow money before anything else.

    • Rob Staton

      “Looks like they swung and missed on Thomas but most of us knew he just was going to follow money before anything else.”

      Sounds like it was a close thing and we don’t know how big the Jags went to make this happen.

      • redzone086

        We’ve heard it was all but done and then it was tentative. So really it was a ploy by Thomas’s agent to work up more money or more guaranteed. Nothing else there. They also have a great income tax break.

        • Rob Staton

          “So really it was a ploy by Thomas’s agent to work up more money or more guaranteed. Nothing else there”

          We have no way of knowing if that’s what happened. The indications were Seattle was pushing hard. It could’ve forced the Jags to go above and beyond and then as a player — it’s hard to turn down.

          And Washington also has a nice income tax situation.

          • redzone086

            I know you are in love with the idea of Seattle getting Thomas but to say he was signed then hold back and hear the League threatening team if agreements are made then we all can read between the lines there. I really want them focusing on adding pass rushers. If offense can help defense well pass rush can save coverage time. I believe slot corner and pass rush help to be big defensive needs. I’m not sure Russell ever gets that go to guy because he is a field general and spreads the ball around. I’m not saying the offense is fine just that big splashes like Percy expect the ball.

            • Rob Staton

              “I know you are in love with the idea of Seattle getting Thomas”

              Nope, just offering perspective to the debate.

    • Jake

      I think you meant Morgan, not Smith (who might be following Norton down to Oakland). Also, Kearse, Lockette, and Shead have been retained via tenders.

      • redzone086

        I did mean Morgan and Lockette wasn’t tendered along with Walters.

        • Jake

          He was actually, it was a misprint before. Lockette and Shead were not RFAs, they were ERFA’s and were both tendered.

        • Jake

          He was actually, it was a misprint before. Lockette and Shead were not RFAs, they were ERFA’s and were both tendered. But yeah, thankfully the Walters era is over.

        • SunPathPaul

          Walters will be let go…no tender for him.

  8. TJ

    I really don’t know much about Williams, but if Carroll & Schneider like him enough to pay him, that’s good enough for me – they have earned my confidence.

  9. MoondustV

    If things continue on this way and we just extend RW’s contract after this offseason, maybe PCJS have spoiled their last chance of winning a Super Bowl in their era here. I hate to say this, but among the 4 teams made to Conference Final last year, SEA obviously has the biggest problems. CB,WR, OG, DT, TE… you name it. IND maybe have bigger issue, but they also have bigger cap room to fix it. GB and NE are already the favorites next season. And we just throw $6M APY to a sorry CB?

    Oh lord, I hope my predictions are inaccurate. I still cannot forget the game when Dez can simply get the ball over Cary Williams’ head. Maybe this will be our nightmare soon.

    • Rob Staton

      “If things continue on this way and we just extend RW’s contract after this offseason, maybe PCJS have spoiled their last chance of winning a Super Bowl in their era here.”

      I’m not sure the sky is falling just yet…

      Seattle has a loaded roster. Nothing that happens this week will change that. Williams is a physical comparison to Maxwell and played well in Baltimore.

      • MoondustV

        To be honest, past is all past. If Cary Williams can only stop the receiver after they have already caught the ball just like Maxwell facing the big WRs, I think he’s useless. Because of SEA’s strict zone coverage(Even fragile last year, I think) and the power of Sherman, #2 CB in SEA has to face great pressure. I don’t think this job is easy. In fact, Maxwell did poorly when he had to face Jordy Nelson in the opening game. He can only got rid of any possible YAC.

        I counted our roster, and I think actually many guys in the roster cannot get a job in the upper part of NFL. Sorry receivers like Kearse and Luke Willson, sorry OL guys like Okung and Britt… just like a busy company but only half of the workers are really working.

        Again, I hope my predictions are all wrong.

        • Rob Staton

          This is way too much doom and gloom for a team with back to back Super Bowl appearances.

          • MoondustV

            I’m also a soccer fan. I already saw the collapse of Borussia Dortmund. In fact I predicted this in the first half of the 2013-14 season when they actually finished 2nd. But take a look at where they’re now. The storyline is surprisingly the same. I just hope I don’t have to see it again.

            It only takes 1-2 offseasons to destroy a destiny team.

            • MoondustV

              Sorry, Dynasty team. #Correct.

              • SeaTown

                Chill out. We aren’t even at the draft yet. Geez.

          • Drew

            And also the #1 defense and #1 rushing offense

        • lil'stink

          I think you are hitting the panic button a little too soon. Don’t underestimate how good our core group of players are. I’d rather have a good young group of guys and little cap room than the situation in Indy, where they have a lot of cap room but are using it to sign older guys past their prime. As for the “sorry” players you mention – while an upgrade would certainly be nice at certain positions, we proved we could make it to the SB with those sorry players.

          I think people are getting spoiled by our recent success. You can’t have pro-bowl level talent at all positions. Every team has weaknesses.

        • Robert

          Hahahaha…enjoy football much???

    • vrtkolman

      NE and GB could easily lose more than we do this off season. NE could lose Revis and Browner and their defense regresses back to being average at best. GB could lose a bunch of CB’s too. They don’t have problems all over their defensive roster?

      • MoondustV

        All NE have to do is:
        1.Find solutions in DT after they released Wilfork
        2.Find 1-2 CBs
        3.Draft a guy who can team with LaFell.
        I don’t think it’s hard, even their cap room is really tight.

        All GB have to do is:
        1.Draft 1-2 ILB who can do better than A.J. Hawk
        2.Find 1-2 CBs.
        3.Extend Bulaga’s contract
        Maybe easier than NE’s.

        But our list…
        1.Find at least 2 CBs in FA and draft(Mostly Done)
        2.Find a LG
        3.Find red zone threats
        4.Find LEO
        5.Find DT players
        6.Extend RW and Wagner(Maybe not this year)
        Oh lord.

        • vrtkolman

          Yeah replacing Revis and Browner would be pretty easy, your right. Green Bay can just draft 4 impact defensive players who will start next year, no problem there.

          • MoondustV

            They don’t need to be as good as Revis or Kuechly. Average players can also shine in the right system. But look at our blank spot. In fact, if your D only needs to play 25 mins a game, I don’t mind they’re only average level.

            • vrtkolman

              Average players can shine in the right system but Cary Williams is a sorry CB who will automatically suck with Seattle?

              • MoondustV

                I don’t think our defense against passing games is successful last year. It’s simply too fragile. NFL teams already knew that throw to your TE when KJ is covering or find a big guy against Maxwell in the outside. They can easily pass over 250 yds a game.

                Being a #2 CB in SEA isn’t easy. I don’t think average CBs can do this job. At least, not Cary Williams.

                • Rob Staton

                  The sky is not falling Moondust.

                  • Jake

                    That’s his goal… when the sky falls – Moondust will become a valuable commodity.

                    • Rob Staton


                  • Jake

                    sorry, maybe he’s a kid and his #41 Maxwell jersey is now in the retired heap next to his #11 Asshat, #15 Flynn, and #59 Curry. I was pissed when BMW flamed out – fresh after getting a #17 jersey.

                  • Bruce M.

                    The Moondust theory is an interesting take on a Number 1 defense last year, filled with mostly young or young-ish players….

                    Losing Carp bothers me very little. Maybe I should be bothered more. I never understood how he fit Cable’s system anyway, and therefore why Cable drafted him. He’s a power scheme guard, not a ZBS guard…

                • Drew

                  If that’s the case, how did we have the #1 pass defense last year it if so easy to pass against our fragile defense? Your argument holds no merit outside of a few examples.

        • bigDhawk

          1. With the additions on Williams and Blackmon we probably have the depth we need at CB until Simon and Lane return with Burley, Shead, Pinkins, and Dion Bailey all capable of competing for either the right or slot CB positions on opening day.

          2. We have Alvin Bailey who can start at LG. We only need to bring in competition for the spot , not a player to fill a complete vacuum.

          3. We have enjoyed three years of unprecedented success without that obligatory red zone threat, and PCJS seem content to wait for the right player. Granted, they made a push for Julius Thomas but I was never on board with throwing a ton of money at an injury-prone JT who can’t provide blocking support for our run-first offense. If given the chance Matthews or another towering receiver like Waller can probably be a better RZ threat than Thomas, anyway, since Russell is better at throwing the alley-oop – where verticality wins – then hitting the timing pattern where JT would be the most effective mismatch.

          4. We have Avril, Marsh, and Irvin who can all share time at LEO. If we find a true LEO in the mold of Chris Clemons – which I have advocated in the past – then great, but again this is not a gaping vacuum requiring the addition of a player to fill a void.

          5. We always find DT players.

          6. With Maxwell gone the Wagner extension is all but fait accompli. Wilson doubly so, with or without Maxwell.

          • Drew

            Shead isn’t a slot CB but can play outside, but plays safety as his primary position. Pinkins and Dion Bailey only play safety, and definitley not corner. Neither are fluid and quick twitch enough. I’m hoping they both make the active roster this year.

            • bigDhawk

              We drafted Pinkins to first give him a look at CB. With his bad foot last season I don’t think the team got that look yet and it is still a possibility.

        • Drew

          If you think our pass rush has issues….look at New Englands in the SB. They’re pass rush was worse than ours, Russell had all kinds of time.

    • RJA

      We don’t know anything about the structure of the contract. I would bet anything that he never requires a $6 million cap hit unless he seriously impresses next year and we think he’s worth it.

    • Jake

      What are we losing exactly?

      CB – maybe it went from an A+ to an A- (due to injuries, but Cary Williams can simulate Maxie just fine.
      WR – same cast of misfits, hopefully they continue to improve as young players sometimes do I hear.
      OG – Carpenter? We’re lamenting the loss of Carpenter? Bailey is his equal, so depth/competition is all that’s needed.
      DT – Williams is the only UFA, a healthy Mebane & McDaniel are the starters with or without him – Hill was coming on. We just need some more depth (or we could re-sign him for a pretty modest contract probably).
      TE – same cast of misfits, plus potentially McCoy. I would have thought Miller would have been a loss, but he was gone most of 2014 and it wasn’t a hindrance. His greatest asset was as a blocker, but our running game improved without him – so no big deal really.

      Returner has improved – If nothing else, Walters is gone and Blackmon is signed.

      It’s March 10th and Beastmode is back! FA hasn’t even officially opened so we still have FA and the draft (11 picks).

      • MoondustV

        CB: Targeting Cary Williams is far too easy. Just find a guy over 6’4. And we all know QBs will target him. And considering the QB/WR combine we have to face next year…

        WR:P-rich is done for minicamp, maybe longer. And we don’t have any WR who can simply get seperation or win 1v1. Chris Matthews? Who can be certain that he’ll continue the glorious performance after SB49?

        OG:TBH, Okung, Britt and Sweezy are all below average. Okung’s injury history, Britt’s nightmare of protecting RW3, Sweezy…

        DT:In fact, we don’t feel bad after we lost Mebane last year, which also means that he’s abundant, at least for his $5.5M cap hit.

        TE:We simply don’t have any average good hands or route runner.

        I always thought that we made it to SB49 is a miracle, because I thought we already lost the season in Week 11. Why miracle is a miracle is that it cannot be replicated easily. I’d like to be more practical.

        • Jake

          Ok, well I guess you’re just depressed. In my opinion, only 5 things from last year are not repeatable:

          1. The brainfart at the 1 yard line.
          2. The ENTIRE LOB going from perfectly healthy and in form to hurt and a shell of themselves within 2 weeks of the Super Bowl.
          3. The NFC Championship game final 5 minutes.
          4. The FOUR interceptions Russ threw in the NFC Championship game to NEED the final 5 minutes.
          5. Losing to the Rams.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Last season the Seahawks had numerous injuries and after Green Bay they limped into the Super Bowl. Even during the SB they suffered two more injuries to starters on defense. Despite all that they were within a yard of winning. This year they have a shot at fixing the perennially ragged offensive line and upgrading wide receivers. Seems like the Seahawks have a good shot at getting back.

          The one factor you didn’t mention is coaching. Pete Carroll is a great motivator. Lost the defensive coach, gained some new offensive coaches. This is the big unknown. I am convinced that the offense would be more productive with better receiver routes.

          • MoondustV

            Darrell Bevell’s plan of building offense simply fell apart after week 2 last year. If he returns to the 2013 scheme, I’d be happy.

            I don’t think we were only 1 yard away from another Super Bowl. In fact we never stop degrade after the win over Broncos. That’s normal, but also sucks.
            I sincerely hope PCJS do sth to stop the trend.

        • Jake

          Cary Williams is 6’1″ – same height as Maxwell and an inch taller than Lane. Well above average height for an NFL CB, so he is well within the profile for a Seahawks CB.

        • Volume 12

          CB: Just find a guy over 6’4? Yeah, because there’s a plethora of those guys in the NFL. What team do we play next year that has a 6’4 receiver again? Now, obviously that doesn’t mean a team won’t add one in the draft, but there’s what 3-4 of those?

          WR: If you want separation our of WR with size. Check out UCFs Gresham Perryman, I can’t remember which guy on this blog first shouted him out, but wow! I’ve watched every game I could find on this guy, and he’s open on almost every route he runs,

          OG: In a ZBS scheme, you don’t have to stand-out lineman. They might be below average pass protectors, but not run blockers.

          DT: If we didn’t feel bad after we lost Mebane, then why is DT a glaring need?

          TE: May be our biggest weakness. But to say that Luke Wilson won’t taken another step in his development is pre-mature.

          I thought we made it back to the SB, because after week 11 we turned it around. But then again I was sitting in on that team meeting where very guy bought in and started playing for each other and re-captured the ‘essence’ of what it takes to be a champion.

  10. Alaska Norm

    PC an JS must be pretty confident that their DB won’t be there when they pick in the first. I was really hoping the Collins or Peters would drop a bit and be there at 31.

  11. peter

    Good signing all in all. The cost is a bit much but so it goes. Probably takes us out of the sheard sweepstakes.

    Any thoughts anyone on Leo/de candidates that the team could actually get either in FA or draft? I like marsh but past avril/bennett I’m not sure about the depth or upcoming talent for that role.

    • Rob Staton

      “Probably takes us out of the sheard sweepstakes.”

      Not if Williams’ cap hit this year is around $3m.

      • Jake

        Also, I think another mid-level contract could fit in just fine. By not going big on Thomas, Suh, or insert name – there’s probably room for two contracts totaling about $11M on the 2015 cap. Wilson and Wagner’s contracts won’t hit the 2015 cap too hard since they’re extensions only the bonus is included in their 2015 compensation. I’m torn between Sheard and AJ (as if I matter to JS/PC), but I tend to lean towards defense. So, Sheard it is!

    • Volume 12

      Harvard’s DE-LEO Zach Hodges. If you haven’t checked this guy’s back-story out yet you should. And then tell me if he doesn’t sound like ‘Seahawky.’

  12. AlaskaHawk

    Wouldn’t it be better to take a bigger cap hit this year on a multi year contract, so that Seahawks could pay Wildon more next year?

  13. Trevor

    I still think our #1 priority has to be a big target to move chains and red zone.
    Option 1: Jordan Cameron (I know concussions are concern but he is a top 5 TE talent and this team ha shown they will take a medical risk$
    Option #2 Andre Johnson (Great leader and still has a couple of years left in the tank)

    Both would be a dream scenario but one of the two is a must.

    I know a lot of people will say take a receiver with the 1st and 4th pick in the draft and I actually would like to see an early round and mid round pick at WR too.

    Buy they tried that last year our first pick was PRich and our 4th was Norwood. They may still turn into good receiver but they had little or no impact last year. Counting on a rookie wide receiver to be a big contributor is not realistic when you are picking at 31.

    The Hawks have a Super Bowl quality roster IMO if they can and a mismatch receiving target I think that could put them over the hump.

    • Jake

      After the past two years, I think it’s safe to say the Seahawks do in fact have a Super Bowl quality roster with or without a shiny new receiver. No opinion on that matter necessary, since they have only lost Miller – who missed most of 2014 anyway. Further, they were already over the hump with the talent on the roster last year.

      Having a different receiver on the field wouldn’t have made a difference if Beast Mode runs it in or anything else that actually makes sense happens. An all-time brain fart at the worst possible moment cost the Hawks a second Super Bowl, not the lack of an expensive receiver because coaches failed, not players. Kearse is 6’1 209 & Browner is 6’4 225, coaches failed to use a guy in the right weight class (Matthews – 6’5 220) to get the job done. Even switching Lockette (6’2 215) and Kearse might have helped get Browner back a half-yard. Or novel idea, bring in Matthews on the other side (draw Browner completely away) and easy money with Revis and Browner both on the other side of the field. That’s all assuming they still do something dumb and run the exact same play. At least good personnel decisions would help deflect some criticism towards the players, but a bad play + bad personnel = tragic coaching blunder.

      • AlaskaHawk

        How about run a play that has worked in the past? Did I miss a whole bunch of touchdowns off of quick slants last season? Wilson Roll out with option to pass to corner or run it in might have worked. Lockette running to outside would have worked since Butler jumped the route. Skant pass has never been in RWs specialty.

        I really hope RW works on red zone plays and clock management this year.

        • SunPathPaul

          Straight up Jake and AlaskaHawk! The coaching lost that game. Why do something that we don’t do often, and with the wrong personnel to accomplish it!!??!!??

          I hope we draft 2 WR’s and Ricardo Lockette and Kearse have to earn a roster spot this year. We need consistent talent and depth at WR…and maybe the coaches will take the time to learn who those WR’s are, and what they can and can’t do!

          • Volume 12

            Although, how many times did we watch Seattle run Lynch on a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th and 1, and watched him get stuffed?

          • Jake

            It’s in the past… but still hurts. I wanted them to come out in I formation, fake handoff to Beastmode (he goes in head down right into Wilfork’s gut) Russell roll out run, run blocking and everything – no pass option. That play always works. Worst case – one on one Russ vs. anyone in the open field… Russ wins that 9/10 times.

        • Robert

          Agreed…But line up Wilson under center, not in the shotgun! Faking the handoff to the Beast would force the Pats defense to crash the LOS hard, leaving a pile of 7 defenders sprawled on the turf. RW could have then rolled right for a good look at a deep and shallow crosser in the endzone. He either completes the pass, throws it in the 3rd row to stop the clock or runs it in! Bevel eliminated RW and Beasts special talents by calling the Zero Read Slant and then pinned our hopes on Kearse winning a physical confrontation with Browner to obstruct Lockette’s defender???

          • AlaskaHawk

            You must be reading my mind. Well said.

    • lil'stink

      I wonder if Darren Waller couldn’t be that guy.

  14. drewjov11

    Can Jake long play guard at this point in his career? Is he good enough or healthy enough to play right tackle and have Britt move inside?

    • hawkfaninmt

      I had the same thought… I hope so! He definitely has the NFL experience, draft pedigree, divisional knowledge, and plays a position that could be a need for the Hawks. I would imagine playing for a contender would be more important than money given how much he made off of his rookie contract alone.

    • Colin

      The guy can’t stay healthy. No thanks.

      • Volume 12

        I Agee. If there’s concerns over Jordan Cameron staying healthy, then would frightening be the right word to use for Jake Long?

  15. hawkfaninmt

    How is it possible that there is absolutely no news out there on Jordan Cameron?!?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly a sign of a cold market due to the concussions and teams hunting for short term value. Seattle and others have to be wary. He needs to prove he can stay healthy. Any team offering even a medium term deal with some guarantees might get it done. Concussions don’t tend to go away — and yet he’s exactly what Seattle needs.

      • Trevor

        Rob any chance you think they could get him on 2 year incentive laden deal based on his health more so than production? Might offset any concerns about us being a low volume passing attack.

        • Rob Staton

          I think there’s an opening for someone like Cameron to be very productive within Seattle’s scheme. A prove-it deal will definitely appeal to Seattle and possible Cameron — who is young enough to capitalize in another tilt at free agency. It’s just whether anyone else stumps up that contract now. If he gets a nice offer he almost has to take it.

          • Jake

            Let’s keep hoping there’s no talk of Cameron and JS can be patient. If he were to sign a prove it deal, I’d be all aboard – despite my belief that we don’t NEED a FA TE. I mean, at $4M there’s just no reason not to upgrade the position, since it doesn’t eliminate a draft pick or another mid-level contract.

  16. Madmark

    One thing PC/JS don’t do is panic. This is a young playoff team and that’s the best you can hope to build to compete every year. The sky is not falling and this team is not even close to what has happened to the 49ers. They’ll sign a couple veteran CB, bring in a couple practice squad CB from other teams and draft another one. Its not unlike the 3rd year when we was looking for a QB. We have a lot of talent on this team that are locked up for the future and we have actually become a destination that players want to come to which was never a factor before. So don’t moan and groan until the draft is over.

  17. line_hawk

    Not a big fan of the signing. The secondary now accounts for 25% of the cap which is just ridiculous. We should have rather gotten Sheard, Paea or a combination of interior lineman. The biggest factor in Seattle’s super bowl run was their defensive line rotation. I bet if they had singed Clinton McDonald, they win last Super Bowl too. No amount of good cornerbacks is going to account for a subpar (SB) defensive line. Do you believe that Cary Williams would have done a better job in the Super Bowl covering Edelman than Tharold Simon? Williams is good not great and that’s a lot of money for a good cornerback (especially when we have an expensive secondary). I would rather sign a couple of second class corners and let them compete. And take the money saved and get help on dline and/or save it for future Wagner/Irvin contracts.

    I just hope that we don’t turn into Steelers 2.0 in a couple of years when so many of these players on their second/third contracts start declining.

    • Rob Staton

      “The secondary now accounts for 25% of the cap which is just ridiculous”

      His cap hit is likely to be much less than $7m in 2015. That’s how much he earns and can be spread out over three years via bonus.

      • slothrop

        Spotrac has the contract with $7 mil guaranteed – $3.5 mil signing bonus, $3.5 mil first year (cap hit of $4.67 mil). 2nd year base of $5 mil, 3rd year base of $6 mil.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          The Williams deal is basically a pretty team friendly 1 year deal looking at the dead money.

          It’s about perfect for the situation we’re in. A mid level one year commitment to limp through the Simon/Lane injury shortage. Blackmon is a depth signing. I’d expect a possible week 2/3 UFA signing at CB on the dirt cheap to fill out depth.

          Allows Seattle to cull the day 3 CB prospect market without having to resort to burning an early draft choice at the position.

          Don’t know what we have in Pinkins yet. He’s in that second year range where we typically start to see a prospect like him get some playing time. On the practice field, he looks like a giant. Was strikingly long/tall even compared to the DBs we had playing alongside him. Can’t discount the possibility that Pinkins factors into the rotation.

          Also still have Burley. Will be interesting to see if he pops in year 2 of the system.

          • line_hawk

            If we believe the Spotrac numbers are true, then if they cut him after one year, then the dead money will be ~2m. Considering his cap hit is $7m this year, that looks like $9m for a one year rental. (if they cut him after year one)

            I understand they lost a couple of very good players through injury/free agency. But, sinking money into the secondary when we already have a great one is not a solution. Heck, if Browner gets cut, I would have just brought him back on 1-2 year deal at $4m.

            • line_hawk

              Oops, I got the total number wrong. If they cut after a year, the total cap hit is $7m ($4.67 in year one, and $2.3m dead money) and not the $9m I wrote above.

    • Volume 12

      Sign a couple 2nd class/tier FAs? Isn’t that what they just did?

      CB Cary Williams is actually pretty effective covering the Edelman types. He gets inside their head. Body slammed TU Hilton with Eagles, and there’s a hilarious gif of Williams just punking Edelman.

      Williams also has this ‘club/forearm’ to the back of the neck move, which has to be aggravating and annoying as an opposing receiver.

    • Steele1324

      I am getting impatient for fresh talent at D line and other positions also, but CB is a short term priority. At least they didn’t throw Revis money at Cary. They’ll get to the D line. It is also a good draft for D line, so we’ll probably have to wait another month before that gets settled.

  18. Rob Staton

    I’ve just updated the blog post with Williams cap number for 2015 ($4.67m).

  19. bobbyk

    The teams that win today are usually the ones that lose in the fall. We lost Carp today, too. That’s addition by subtraction for me. One nice thing about Cary Williams is that he won’t count against our comp picks in ’16. The sky isn’t falling and I still wouldn’t trade rosters with any other team.

  20. rowdy

    I hate this signing as much as anyone but you guys have to stop with this doom and gloom talk!

  21. Miles

    Here’s the numbers on Williams’ deal:

    2015: $3.5 million
    2016: $5m
    2017: $6m

    2015 is guaranteed and 7 mil is guaranteed total. So, I guess that means if we wanted to drop him in ’16 it would only save us $1.5 mil with the $3.5 million cap hit..?

    • Miles

      Just saw Rob’s post with the cap number. The aforementioned figures are just CW’s salaries.

    • Jon

      if we release him in 16 it would save 3,833,334 I according to over the cap.

  22. Ehurd1021

    Why are so many people pissed about Seattle’s free agent signings this year? The team got camp bodies and depth on a already stacked roster.

    You don’t build teams through Free Agency you build them through the draft. SEATTLE HAS 11 DRAFT PICKS in the 2015 draft — they will draft their needs on the offense (which is stacked if you are talking about WR’s, OG’s and some really solid talent at TE) and they will do the same with getting depth and talent on the D-line.

    Its going to be a struggle and a challenge but this doom and gloom about a team, FO and staff that just went to back to back SB’s and fail short by 1 yard for the repeat is silly.

  23. vrtkolman

    $4.67 million cap hit isn’t bad at all. One thing I like about Williams is he’s very solid against short and intermediate routes. If there is one thing that was infuriating about our coverage (and individually, Maxwell) was the amount of underneath stuff we gave up for 7+ yards a pop. He gets beat deep but with Earl covering his side that would be limited somewhat.

  24. Trevor

    I am not a huge Williams fan but the guy is a cocky and plays with confidence. You need someone like that opposite Sherm. He is a solid press corner who plays short routes better than Max in my opinion. He struggled at times with deep and go routes but ET is the best center fielder in the NFL and will help with that.

    When I first heard of the signing I was pissed as I was hoping we would spend the $ on TE/WR or a pass rusher like Sheard but this team is built around a strong secondary and power run game. Williams and even Blackmon give us a year or two to develop Simon further or our next mid to late round pick in the draft.

    I would love to see Nick Marshall and Nelson out of Oregon St as mid to late round picks. I think Nelson would battle Burley from Day 1 and that was the week spot in our secondary last year.

  25. Kyle

    Walter Cherepinski mentioned that Williams has had attitude problems in the past which made him something of a locker room poison. I don’t know how true this is, but unlike the situation with Harvin, the LoB will self enforce, so IF he does have any attitude problems, Sherman, Kam and Earl will deal with that.

    • Rob Staton

      Most telling thing for me — his two former clubs (Colts, Ravens) wanted him back. Speaks volumes. I doubt, for example, the Vikings will be rushing to bring back Percy….

      • Kyle

        Indeed. It certainly mitigates the urgency to use a day 2 pick on a CB. Nevertheless, If Peters or Jones is available (increasingly doubtful) with the 63rd pick, it would still be worth consideration depending on how the rest of the board falls.

      • Steele1324

        I’m not sure if it speaks volumes. Teams do a very good job rationalizing and forgetting, especially when they are desperate.

        • Rob Staton

          Are the Colts and Ravens desperate? Not for me.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Well, Irsay is a little wonky… 😉

          • Steele1324

            The Ravens are desperate to fix their secondary, one of the main culprits in their losing effort last season. It was a revolving door of band aid types, decimated with injuries. They are expecting Jimmy Smith and others to return from injury, but looking for answers, with limited funds.Their interest in Cary W is simply going back to a known quantity (or in my opinion, a known evil).

  26. AlaskaHawk

    I like the Williams signing. It is a good price for a decent to excellent cornerback. His salary won’t cause discontent in the locker room. Good job!

    Also only one negative poster and I think he just came by to stir up trouble. Job well done!

    So Seahawks have enough money for a second free agent. Paea could be had for 7 million or so if they pry him away from Washington. Or is doubling down on defense too much? Tight end market is very limited and we don’t really use tight ends much anyway (are you ready for a slant pass to the middle?). Seems like it will be easy to find wide receivers, offensive line and a second tier defensive lineman in draft. So either a tall Tight end or wide receiver, or rotational LEO. Good receivers are expensive, so are good edge rushers. I think a veteran DT would be most economical. Maybe pot roasts (Knight) price will fall. He seems situational to run but he could push up the middle.

  27. Volume 12

    Looks like WR Andre Johnson may be on his way to Indy. Kind of glad actually.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Wonder if we might turn our gaze to Stevie Johnson. He’s a cap cut, so has added attraction there. A good route runner that gets open. That’s an ability we might value. Age is still ok (28).

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Along with Gore. Wow, Indy suddenly has a mix of very young and very old on offense.

      Wondering if there’s still a chance to trade for VJax. Maybe during the draft?

  28. Steele1324

    Guys, please. I encourage you to dig deeper. Please do more than look at his highlight reels and conclude “dude is good”. He is the kind of guy who might make a spectacular play, preceded and followed by ones in which he gets toasted and abused.

    Cary Williams is trouble, on the field and off. Wildly inconsistent at best, and that is stretching it. The Philly secondary gave up 30 TDs, and the third most 20 yd+ receptions in history. Cary was responsible for much of it—not just because he had poor support around him, but because he failed to make plays on an individual basis.

    Sure, his physicals might be similar to Maxwell’s, but where Maxwell is disciplined, this guy is a mess.

    He is a locker room nightmare, fights with his own teammates, fights with his coaches, causes trouble on the field with stupid penalties. It goes without saying that he has outraged two fan bases.

    I hate this signing but have no choice but to see what Kris Richard sees in this guy to justify bypassing other FAs, who I think are better. It is going to be a reclamation project with risk. He is going to have to clean up his game and his act, and be kept on a short leash. He will have to unlearn his bad habits and develop like a rookie, at age 30.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      And yet both IND and BAL wanted him back to the point where there was some competition over signing him (which no doubt drove up his price).

      Before concluding the end is nigh, might we wait and see how he does in this organization, under the tutelage of SEA’s secondary coaches and his fellow LOBers?

      His cocky swagger and brash attitude may yet prove to be an asset.

    • john_s

      What off field incidents are you referring to? Locker room nightmare? Which of his teammates did he fight? Riley Cooper and DeSean Jackson? Gotta give me to better people than those two. Fights with his coaches? You mean when he said that Chip Kelly needs to rethink how much running they do during the week because it fatigues them on gameday? LeSean McCoy said that same thing.

  29. Turp


    DAVIS HSU retweeted
    Jay Glazer @JayGlazer · 2m 2 minutes ago

    The Saints and Seahawks are trying to finalize trade Jimmy Graham and a 4th rounder for Max Unger and Seattle first rounder

    • SunPathPaul

      I just saw he was available…wow! Would we all like “I’m Jimmy” Graham as our redone threat???
      As our #1 pick at 31 this year??? In exchange for a 4th this year…he gets $10 million a year…

      Sounds good…You guys???

      • SunPathPaul

        We would trade Max Unger to clear that $6 million of space for Jimmy… WOW

        Hope so…Cameron’s concussions seem to risky…

        • SunPathPaul

          They just mentioned this trade on NFL network…so legs I hope it has!

  30. Lewis


  31. Steele1324

    Okay, everyone. Those of you who have been pounding the table for That Big Play Playmaking TE, say hello to Jimmy Graham. Is he among the few to compare to Gronk and Julius Thomas? Yes. Clearly, the Hawks FO feels it was urgent. Majorly urgent to move Unger, and pass up a first round pick that could have landed Cameron Erving, Todd Gurley, the 1st round WRs, maybe even Marcus Peters.

    • SunPathPaul

      Awesome! UNSEEN! Here we go! Man, love it!!! Stunning!

  32. SunPathPaul

    With the stunning trade for Jimmy Graham, now we can target 2 explosive WR’s in the draft!
    No need to draft or look at TE now, so we add two dynamic WR’s and BOOM!

    DangeRuss Offense, here we go!!! Unger goes, but his replacement played well…

    • sdcoug

      Certainly stunning and out of the blue! I want to read more details and analysis first, but maybe we sold high on Unger? Our run game seemed to take a bit of a step back when he wasn’t in there, but also seems like maybe his body is starting to break down a bit? I would guess the FO has a good plan in place to make sure we’re covered (Lewis, draft, etc)

      • Steele1324

        Jimmy Graham had a bad shoulder injury at the end of the season and played through it, but looked like garbage. It is important to know if he is healthy, if this is a persistent issue.

        If he’s healthy, the question is, was that worth it? How are they going to replace Unger? With a veteran, I would guess, and it had better be a damned good one.

        Some of us expected to trade out of rd 1 anyway, but there is a lot of talent we will not have a shot at. Todd Gurley for instance, will likely not be a Seahawk.

  33. FattyAcid

    Hmm, I don’t like losing 2 starters from the offensive line. I’m expecting a heavy OL draft now. I do like this move though.

  34. Kyle

    So what are the implications for the draft now? Adding CB depth is still high on the list, but even with the trade for Graham, another receiver is still a priority i think. However, interior OL has been bumped up in priority, although I am not necessarily sure the departure of Carpenter and Unger demands that the 63rd pick need be an OG or C.

    • Rob Staton

      Expect a write up tomorrow on this.

      EDIT — or today 🙂

      It’s on the blog now.

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