Seahawks combine review, takeaways & questions

Travis Feeney is one of the few explosive athletes in the draft class

Who is starting at tackle?
This is the first question the Seahawks have to ask. The key to the draft is the future of Russell Okung. With Cordy Glenn getting the franchise tag and reports today that the Raiders are intent to lock up Donald Penn — Okung is probably going to receive a sizeable offer from another team.

Even Mitchell Schwartz is being touted as an $8m APY tackle. The chances of keeping Okung or finding a replacement in free agency appear limited.

But isn’t it a great D-line class?
It’s a very deep class but it lacks more than a handful of exceptional athletes. There will be players you can get at #26 and #56 with similar grades. You can even find a good option in rounds three or four.

Bang the drum for a defensive lineman at #26 if you want. The smarter move is probably to use the depth to your advantage. The depth at offensive tackle is far weaker and if you don’t take one in the first frame — you risk missing out.

So what about this tackle class?
There’s an exceptional chance the top five (Tunsil, Stanley, Conklin, Spriggs and Decker) will be off the board by Seattle’s pick.

Such a scenario would leave three genuine candidates — Shon Coleman, Germain Ifedi and Le’Raven Clark. Coleman didn’t work out at the combine but plays with a tremendous edge, has battled adversity like nobody else in this draft (cancer survivor) and has excellent size/length (6-5, 307lbs, +35 inch arms).

Ifedi gets a bad press in the media but he has incredible upside and the potential to play either tackle spot or left guard. He’s pushing 6-6 and 324lbs with 36 inch arms. This is the profile of a Seahawks offensive tackle based on their draft history.

Ifedi also had the best vertical jump among linemen (32.5 inches) topping even Jason Spriggs despite being 20lbs heavier. He also had one of the top broad jumps (9-1). I wrote about Ifedi back in December. Tony Pauline yesterday reported the Seahawks and Broncos are interested: “Teams were impressed with Germain Ifedi’s workout, and there’s a feeling the Texas A&M offensive tackle could slide into the late part of Round 1. I’m told right now Seattle and Denver are the teams targeting Ifedi late in round one.”

Greg Robinson hasn’t lived up to expectations as a pro but he was considered an athletic monster at the 2014 combine. Ifedi had a superior vertical by four inches, a broad jump that was only three inches shorter and his short shuttle was 0.10 quicker.

Clark had a good workout at the combine and he’s an athletic 6-5, 314lbs with +36 inch arms. Again — size and length is Seattle’s profile. He’s technically poor but has the ceiling of a top-five tackle in the league. A team with a good O-line coach might fancy their chances of turning Clark into a stud.

These three ‘fall-back’ options might not sound all that appealing. The alternative — not taking a tackle and putting Justin Britt back on the right — might be even less appealing.

Coleman, Ifedi and Clark don’t carry anywhere near as much hype as the D-line class but it’s rare to find this combination of length, size and athleticism at offensive tackle in the late first round. To find it in three players? That’s not to be sniffed at.

What about the defensive linemen?
I’m not sure about the talk of needing to go D-line at #26. That’s somewhat missing the point on the class. It’s not that the options in round one are particularly fantastic. It’s the overall depth and quality. There could be +30 prospects carrying grades in rounds 1-3.

Pete Carroll noted to Pat Kirwan that they’re looking for players that can force turnovers. The one big complaint about this deep D-line class is its lack of quick-twitch pass-rushers (edge or interior).

Emmanuel Ogbah can impact plays and had 13 sacks in 2015 — but his motor is wildly inconsistent. The Seahawks spoke to him at the combine and with good reason. Has he got the grit-factor? He and Charles Tapper were the only two D-liners to run an elite 1.5 10-yard split. These two are the most intriguing edge rushers in the class with length (Ogbah 35.5 inch arms, Tapper 34.5 inches) and size (Ogbah 6-4, 273lbs, Tapper 6-3, 271lbs).

Ogbah also had a 35.5 inch vertical, a 10-1 broad jump and a 4.62 forty. Tapper had a 34 inch vertical, a 9-9 broad jump and the quickest forty among D-liners (4.59). They both flash on tape.

According to Bob McGinn’s anonymous source, Ogbah could be available in the late first round. Tapper is likely a second round selection.

If you feel comfortable with Ogbah’s motor and you’re able to find a solution at offensive tackle (or keep Okung) he makes sense at #26.

Jonathan Bullard had a better than expected workout, testing well among potential interior candidates. On tape he looks most comfortable as a five-technique. McGinn’s source suggests he’ll be available in rounds 2-3 and despite his performance in Indianapolis that grade seems pretty accurate. His best fit might be at DE in a 3-4.

There were several disappointing performances including Adolphus Washington and Chris Jones. Kenny Clark likely bolstered his stock with a good performance and looks like an early second round pick as a pure one-technique. Michigan’s Willie Henry could also provide some value — and Javon Hargrave continues to be an intriguing smaller school option.

Seattle drafted Jordan Hill in round three with a 5.23 forty (1.75 split) and a 22.5 inch vertical. He did have a decent 4.51 in the short shuttle. The Seahawks seem less concerned by SPARQ stars on the D-line once they cross the third round threshold. Keep an eye on Washington if he falls into round three — he’s a better pass-rusher on tape than he is a combine warrior.

Two others players are pretty interesting. Shaq Lawson is 6-3 and 269lbs with 33 inch arms. He had a fairly average forty (4.70) but had a fantastic three-cone and short shuttle. His ten-yard split time was 1.64. Carl Nassib is 6-7 and 277lbs with 34.5 inch arms. He ran a nice 1.62 split for his size and a good 4.37 short shuttle and 7.27 three cone. He did only jump 28.5 inches in the vertical though. Both players were productive in 2015 (Lawson 12.5 sacks, Nassib 15.5). Lawson could be a late first or early second round pick. Nassib could go in the third or fourth round.

Cutting down the running back class
Based on the combine workouts there’s really only three options — Derrick Henry, C.J. Prosise and Kenneth Dixon. Henry could be off the board by #26 and probably won’t appeal as a first round candidate. Dixon is being graded in rounds 2/3. Prosise might be available in the late third.

The Seahawks have a definitive size ideal at running back and demand a certain level of athleticism and toughness. Alex Collins (4.59, 28.5 inch vertical) and Paul Perkins (4.54, 32 inch vertical) didn’t really make any waves.

Prosise has the size (6-0, 220lbs), speed (4.48) and explosion (35.5 inch vertical) they seem to like. Dixon isn’t far behind at 5-10, 215lbs with a 4.58 and a 37.5 inch vertical. Both players are useful in the passing game and finish their runs.

Indiana’s Jordan Howard and Utah’s Devontae Booker didn’t workout so we’ll need to see how they test at their respective pro-days.

Round two could be a wildcard
While they might feel obliged to draft the best available offensive tackle at #26, they could have a ton of flexibility at #56.

The D-line class is deep enough to wait until round three if they want to. That could open the door for a receiver (Braxton Miller? Sterling Shepard?) an interior offensive lineman (Christian Westerman? Connor McGovern?) or another position.

The Green Bay Packers consistently draft receivers in round two and the Seahawks have used some of that philosophy with John Schneider. Golden Tate (2010) and Paul Richardson (2014) were both second rounders. They traded up in 2015 to take Tyler Lockett in the early third round.

With some uncertainty over Jermaine Kearse’s retainability, Doug Baldwin being a free agent next year and Paul Richardson’s injury concerns — it wouldn’t be a total surprise if they considered someone like Miller or Shepard in the late second.

What about a defensive playmaker?
The one player I couldn’t get off my mind yesterday was linebacker Travis Feeney. This is a guy who had eight sacks in 2015, has terrific size and length (6-4, 230lbs, 33.5 inch arms) and just exploded at the combine.

Feeney ran a 4.50 with an elite 1.59 split. He also had a 10-10 in the broad jump and a 40-inch vertical. According to Rand Getlin, he was also suffering with a hernia. Imagine if he was 100% healthy?

That’s part of the issue with Feeney — his health. He’s had multiple shoulder surgeries and who knows how he checked out medically in Indianapolis?

If he got the all-clear — he could go much earlier than people expect. In a class lacking genuine explosive athletes with freaky length and size — Feeney is a diamond in the rough. Health permitting, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Seahawks took him a lot earlier than expected to fill the hole left by Bruce Irvin.

And the interior offensive line?
Missouri’s Connor McGovern is 6-4, 306lbs with 33 inch arms and he put on a show with a 1.72 split, a 33 inch vertical and a 4.65 in the short shuttle. The Seahawks like their Mizzou O-liners and McGovern could easily find himself in Seattle to play guard or center.

South Carolina’s Brandon Shell could be a classic Tom Cable tackle-to-guard convert. He has the size Seattle likes at left guard (6-5, 324lbs) with 35 inch arms. Shell ran a 1.75 split and managed a 30.5 inch vertical.

Michigan center Graham Glasgow also had a good workout posting a 1.76 split and a 4.63 short shuttle (both excellent). He’s 6-6, 307lbs with 33.5 inch arms and nearly 11 inch hands. He’s the definition of gritty and hard-nosed. He’s also almost identical in size to Max Unger (with longer arms).

Cornerback options on day three
The Seahawks quietly have a deep crop of up-and-coming corners. Because of the technique they teach it’s difficult to pick it up and start quickly. Even a veteran like Cary Williams struggled badly with the adjustment.

Tye Smith, George Farmer, Stanley-Jean Baptiste, Mo Seisay, Marcus Burley and Tharold Simon could all compete in camp. There’s also a chance they retain Jeremy Lane and DeShawn Shead will be with the team in 2016.

This looks like another 5th or 6th round job — if at all. We also know the Seahawks like length and size and are unlikely to draft any cornerback with sub-32 inch arms.

Of the list working out today that fit the size criteria, here’s the ones that stand out:

James Bradberry — 6-0, 211lbs, 33 inch arms — 4.50, 36 inch vertical
Deandre Elliott — 6-0, 188lbs, 32 inch arms — 4.55, 41 inch vertical
T.J. Green — 6-2, 209lbs, 32 inch arms — 4.34, 35.5 inch vertical
Deiondre Hall — 6-1, 199lbs, 34.5 inch arms — 4.68, 37 inch vertical
Eric Murray — 5-10, 199lbs, 32 inch arms — 4.50 u, 39.5 inch vertical
Rashard Robinson — 6-1, 171lbs, 32 inch arms — 4.50 u, 35.5 inch vertical
Justin Simmons — 6-2, 203lbs, 32.5 inch arms — 4.62 u, 40 inch vertical
Daryl Worley — 6-0, 204lbs, 33.5 inch arms — 4.66 u, 35.5 inch vertical

Richard Sherman ran a 4.56 with a 38 inch vertical at 6-3, 195lbs. Justin Simmons is the best comparison physically and athletically, although he played safety at Boston College. Some people are ranking Simmons in day two after he beat Byron Jones’ long shuttle time.

Byron Maxwell ran a 4.46 with a 33 inch vertical at 6-0, 202lbs. Daryl Worley is similar physically but ran a much slower time.

Late round or UDFA sleeper?
We’ve talked a lot about Tennessee receiver Marquez North. He burst onto the college scene as a major recruit and just as quickly disappeared. A change of regime, injury and inconsistency led to a disappointing career for the Vols.

North still showed flashes of genuine talent. With the right mentor and pro-coaching he could be a great project for someone. North ran a 4.48 at 6-2 and 223lbs. He has a big catch radius (33.5 inch arms) and had a 35 inch vertical. He also shone in the short shuttle (4.13).


  1. Greg haugsven

    Your right bout Feeny, the term “Seahawky” gets thrown around here alot, and he sure feels like that.

    • Rob Staton

      He screams Seahawks. Let’s hope the medical worked out.

    • rowdy

      I have overton right there with him

      • matt

        Been saying for awhile that Feeney, Overton and Jatavis Brown are my 3 favorite late round OLB’s. Depending on the physical with Feeney he could go in day 2, I’d take him in the 3rd if the shoulders are ok. If we could draft Overton in the 4th that would be a get! Brown is undersized, but man can he get after it. Thinking round 4-5 for Brown. Regional combine #’s 4.47 40- 36.5 VJ- 10.5 BJ- 4.2 SS.

        • rowdy

          Are you the guy that posted his film when asked about him yesterday?

          • matt

            Yeah. I posted the same 2 video’s of Overton a month or so ago too. btw He looks like a great fit in our D. imo

            • rowdy

              Thanks man I tried to find more but no luck. I would love to see some full game film of him

              • matt

                Yeah man no problem. Same here. Hopefully draftbreakdown will come through with some film before too long.

                Check out Brown if you haven’t already:

                • lil'stink

                  Brown just seems like he could be a baller. I would love it if we drafted him.

                  • rowdy

                    Look like very similar players but like overton better, he looks more natural out there.

                  • Martin

                    I like him. I watched that tape and I seen bob sanders, I wonder how good brown is in coverage. It could be interesting to see him as extra db in a big nickel package.

            • Del tre

              Ever since I saw you comment on overton I’m convinced the hawks will take him. He is a beast who seemed to have the ability to take over games against decent competition.

              • rowdy

                Looks extremely versatile too

                • Del tre

                  exactly i could see the hawks taking deeney and overton linebacker is a good position to have depth at especially with how poorly kpl played overton could shift to kjs position while kj moves inside

    • Ukhawk

      He didn’t bench press, is that due to his shoulder??

      • matt

        That would be my guess. Health and strength are his 2 biggest concerns.

  2. footballnerd

    If Feeney is atgletic and productive why isnt he being mocked in the first or second rounds?

    • Rob Staton

      Injuries. Won’t fit every scheme.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Those testing numbers were kind of insane.

      Feeney was always athletic and disruptive at Washington. But I think he was hampered by having been passed around position wise. I think he had a role mismatch in school. Seen as a bit of a tweener.

      Health has been a concern too. I think overall that combination has robbed him of significant hype. And even at this stage in the process — draft mocking is still very much based on preseason ratings.

      Except for a few good places (this being one), most sites just regurgitate the same stuff week after week. The national sites are notorious for this. They are weeks and months late to the party and I have to wonder if they really even watch games critically.

      Feeney isn’t a 1st/2nd round guy. Health issues alone are going to push him back. I could definitely see Feeney being a late R4 to early R6 guy who carves a significant career in the NFL. Right now I see him basically being everybody’s Darren Waller pick in the R5 range.

      • matt

        “But I think he was hampered by having been passed around position wise.”

        Agreed that being moved around basically every year hampered Feeney’s production. I actually view his having experience at all 3 levels of defense as a positive. Shows off his fantastic versatility.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          So a Steelers type of player…. or honestly any scheme that Dick LeBeau likes to run that throws any number of guys at the QB from any position on the field.

          I think the shoulder injury concerns are real. He is a gamble when it comes to that, but if you are looking for him as a situational player or part time player, he could end up being very productive and you could possibly have him for 3-4 years.

  3. Landhawk

    Rob or anyone. ..any thoughts on Stanford receiver Devin Cajuste? At his size, he seems like a unique chess piece type of player for Wilson to throw to. Is he a mid rounder? I want the OL to be addressed first. Rob, great site! Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • MisterNeutron

      I like Cajuste quite a bit. While he lacked production in college, you have to take into account Stanford’s offensive scheme–they don’t pass a whole lot, and he did amass 14 TDs over the last three seasons. He’s huge, strong, athletic, quick, has good footwork (based on what I’ve seen), and is a definite red zone threat. He’s also a pretty good blocker, and could play a WR/TE type of role. Taken in the right round (maybe 4th or 5th?), I’d love to see him as a Seahawk.

      • Landhawk

        I just read that he had the fastest three cone time at the combine. If so, that is unique quickness for a guy his size. I could see him as a good possession receiver with high red zone potential. I’d like the Hawks to take him if they can get him in the right spot.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Interesting idea. Athletically he compares somewhat to Cooper Helfet movement wise. But Helfet destroyed him on the bench.

        Very much less athletic than Luke Willson (albeit his was pro day numbers not being a combine invite).

        We have to assume that at least a couple picks are going to be guys that weren’t in Indy this weekend. Happens every year. Cajuste looks like an ok, not wow kind of TE convert. But I fully expect Seattle to go a different route with some exotic prospects that killed their pro days and weren’t here.

        I don’t see any way Cajuste is a 4th/5th round guy for us. It’s too early to take on conversion projects. We’ve waited until R7 mostly except for Sokoli who was R6 and that was because he was freakishly athletic compared to his intended position group.

        I could see us interested in making that conversion. But I think it’s a UFDA option only. I’d expect him to be taken as a WR much like Brice Butler was a couple years back.

        • MisterNeutron

          When I first took notice of Cajuste, I figured him as a late-round or UFA guy, but at that time I had no idea how athletic he was–his pSPARQ scores (according to Zach Whitman’s site) place him in the 83rd percentile for WRs, and close to 90th for TEs.

          That, along with him having better ball skills than I had previously thought, is why I project him a few rounds higher than before. If Seattle manages to get an extra 5th round pick, he could be worth it–he could start at WR and learn more TE stuff as he progresses. This TE class is pretty weak after all, so maybe the investment is worth it.

          • Michael M.

            Cajuste is only 6’3″ and 216 lbs. for me that means he’s too small for TE, and his 4.62 is a little slow for a WR. Definitely an UDFA at best I would think

            • Lenny

              Cajuste has the 4th highest sparq score of any WR this year so far. 40 times aren’t the only way to measure players.

              • Landhawk

                NFL. Com has Cajuste listed at 6’4″ and 234. 33″ arms and 10 3/4 hands. He ran a 4.62 fourth but may improve that on pro day. He had a 36″ vertical, 123″ broad jump and ran the fastest 3 cone drill at the combine @ 6.49 seconds. So, he’s big and very quick. He may be a big WR or a move TE in the league but whatever you call him, he’ll be a unique player. PC/JS like unique players. It will be interesting to see if the Hawks are interested. I think they might be.

                • MisterNeutron

                  NFL’s measurements are more realistic–he looks (and plays) that big. His certainly flashes in his game film. I’m hoping Seattle gives him a serious look.

                  • Volume12

                    Attyla, absoutely a couple draft picks are gonna from pro days.

                    Last year the DT group that wasn’t at the combine, where crazy athletic. Let’s see if it’s the same.

                • oz

                  Seattle sure scouted the heck out of Stanford last year.

                  • Landhawk

                    Devon Cajuste had the 4th highest sparq score of all receivers at the combine despite being the biggest in size. This was the wide receiver, not the tight end group. This information is from Zach Whitman’s website. Whitman said “Stanford WR Devon Cajuste had an insane 3 cone drill for his size, one of the best ever recorded at the combine”. Cajuste appears to be a great athlete and he may merit further investigation. I think he will be on the Hawks radar and I would take him in the draft if we get the right value and have our OL picks already in the fold.

              • bigDhawk

                On tape he’s not really a separation guy. He’s sneaky at finding gaps in zones, but doesn’t break away from anyone. Separation receivers seem to be how we’re building our core these days, Jimmy notwithstanding. Admittedly I’ve been intrigued with him as well, but right now I don’t see the fit given how our offensive roster is being built.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          Funny, just going back through the drafts to see how deep we draft combine invitees:


          R5: Invitee (T. Smith)
          R6: Non invitee (Gwatchum)
          R6: Non invitee (Sokoli)
          R7: Non invitee (Murphy)


          R5: Non invitee (Staten)
          R6: Non invitee (Scott)
          R6: Non invitee (Pinkins)
          R7: Non invitee (Small)


          R5: Invitee (J. Williams)
          R5: Invitee (T. Simon)
          R6: Invitee (S. Ware)
          R7: Non invitee (T. Powell)
          R7: Invitee (J. Smith)
          R7: Non invitee (M. Bowie)


          R5: Non invitee (K. Toomer)
          R6: Non invitee (J. Lane)
          R6: Invitee (W. Guy)
          R7: Invitee (Sweezy)
          R7: Non invitee (G. Scruggs)

          Twelve non invites. Seven invites. Two of those invites were position switch targets (Smith/Sweezy). Were it not for 2013, this list would be heavily dominated by Non combine invites in the day three range.

          From a tendencies perspective, Seattle pulls from the Combine pool in rounds 1 though four, with some carryover to R5.

          So the odds are not good that a day three project guy will come from the combine. I think the odds of Cajuste being a hawk are statistically poor. They’ll opt for some mega pro day tester instead.

          It’s probably worth noting this when framing discussions about some of the ‘sleeper picks’ expected from this combine. Seattle again has a lot of late round picks (Comp picks in R5/R6 only and a native R7. We’re picking very late in these rounds.

          • C-Dog

            Justin Zimmer wasn’t an invite.

  4. AlaskaHawk

    Last year I was adamant that we needed to fix the offensive line. The Seahawks efforts toward drafting seemed underwhelming considering they had traded away their all pro center and didn’t draft an offensive linemen until the mid rounds or later.

    This year I’m going to wish again for the Seahawks to fix the offensive line. It is their biggest issue, and it effects both run blocking and pass protection. It wouldn’t bother me a bit if they picked Ifedi in the first round, and any combo of guard and center in the second and third. In fact it is probably the one single thing they can do that would improve the offensive performance.

    • cha

      I could see them letting Okung & Sweezy go because they’re too expensive and then drafting one of the 3 of Coleman, Clark and Ifedi as was discussed above. Picking up a lower level veteran option and exiting the first wave of FA and draft with a semblance of

      Gilliam LT
      1st round pick LG
      Lewis C
      Glowinski RG
      Veteran or Britt RT

      Mix and match the 1st rounder, veteran and Britt at LG/RT as camp progresses.

      That is to start with, then see how the secondary FA & cut market shapes up. Jets cutting Giacomini after they draft some OL, etc. kind of thing. A Center they like available on a reasonable deal…

      I’d also love to be a fly on the wall to see if they discuss their OL process vis-à-vis putting Nowak in early 2015 and sticking with him even though they had to simplify the line calls all the way down to the basics. What could they do to not repeat that again in 2016?

      • AlaskaHawk

        The Seahawks have spent veteran money in other areas. I don’t think they will be paying for a veteran, not while there money is tied up in Graham and defensive bodies. Plus the wide receivers like Baldwin and Kearse are due for bigger contracts. No I think the Seahawks will go cheap on the offensive line. As for Britt, I have lost confidence in him and don’t expect him to be on the team after his rookie contract.

        Which brings me back to point #1 – the Seahawks my as well use their first three picks on the offensive line. The improvement has to be made, and it will help the team immensely.

        • Hughz

          There are no guarantees offensive linemen will work out. Even some of the top rated draftees have struggled. It may be easier to replace Irvin through the draft and resign Okung. Man I’m torn as I write this though…hard to see them paying okung.

  5. Hawksince77

    Three more names not mentioned above (unless I missed it) that might be considered in the first two rounds for the Seahawks:

    1 -William Jackson, CB (6-0, 189lbs, 32 inch arms — 4.37)
    2 – Nick Martin, center
    3 – Deion Jones, LB

    • Rob Staton

      I like all three players but not convinced they’ll be ‘Hawks.

      Jackson will go in R1 — unlikely Seattle goes CB in R1.
      Martin — love him. But he’s not the type they’ve drafted in R1 and doubt he lasts until #56.
      Jones — didn’t run as fast as expected, or fast enough for Seattle in R1

      • Hawksince77

        I know the Seahawks haven’t drafted the secondary early – Thomas the only exception, but there is an opening at the RCB spot, and last year was a near-disaster. I am not convinced that they are convinced they have a long-term solution (or even a 2016 solution) on the roster. Shead is the Swiss Army knife of the secondary, and not primarily a corner. Lane was a late round pick who was injured and I am not sure he is a staring RCB. The jury is still out on Simon, but he hasn’t demonstrated consistent excellence at the position.

        As for the slew of others, who knows? None of them have the background that screams starter.

        And for history, they have succeeded with over-achievers such as Browner and Maxwell, both who have been exposed after leaving Seattle. This argues both for and against drafting a CB early. On the one hand, the RCB doesn’t have to be a world-beater to succeed in this defense. On the other, perhaps they are ready to invest genuine talent at the position.

        Final CB point: PC loves his secondary, being one of the core skill groups in his scheme, and getting an exceptional athlete at the position may prove enticing.

        As for Martin, only if he makes it to 56. Given the priority of the o-line, pairing him with Ifedi could be awesome.

        I also see Jones as a potential second rounder for Seattle, not first. Not sure how likely he will be there, or obviously, what Seattle thinks of him.

        • Rob Staton

          They’ve never taken a cornerback earlier than round four.

          This of all years, it seems especially unlikely with so many other needs. And it’s clear their CB’s need time to learn the technique, so a R1 CB likely doesn’t start early.

          • Hawksince77

            Speaking of 4th round CBs, any chance Seattle pursues Thurmond?

            • Michael M.

              I think they’re smart enough to let someone else pay the premium that will undoubtedly accompany his first healthy NFL season ever.

              • Hawksince77

                And he played safety in Phili, so not sure what that means for his value to Seattle.

  6. Alicamousa

    Great round-up.

    Starting to sound like we’ll have to let Okung go. It’s a shame, but it is what it is. Can’t keep everyone. In light of that, I think I’d cheat towards Coleman at 26 if he’s still around. Might not have the ceiling of Ifredi/Clark, but he’s still a monstrous human with top-tier tape. Plug him in at left or right tackle and we’re good to go. Still badly need interior help, but there’s no step back on the edge.

    How they address FA will be fascinating.

    • rowdy

      Why is that? To replace him with a rookie that will take a year to learn the zbs. I actually think the opposite. Plugging 2 to 3 rookies on the line will put us in the same place as last year.

      • Jon

        It seems to be because Okung will cost to much$

      • Alicamousa

        Based on the numbers the other tackles around the league are getting. If Schwartz is worth $8m p/y, I’d expect Okung to be getting that at the absolute minimum.

        If they can find a way to keep him around, absolutely fantastic. But if we do have to go out and find a tackle in the draft, I think Coleman is the most pro-ready. Even if he does have to learn the ZBS.

        • rowdy

          If you won’t pay okung you’re not paying sweezy and they want to replace Lewis. The oline seems to be like dbs as in it takes a year to learn. I think okung is a priority and him being injured he should sign for no more then 8 mil. Let him walk and we’re looking 2 to 3 new linemen and that would be starting over imo

          • 75franks

            but if we get 3 new lineman(that are actually talented and olineman) then the line is set for years they can all grow together. id be ok with some early struggles if it meant a quality oline for years to come. go hawks

          • Greg haugsven

            We also have the Raiderz and the Jags who have to spend money to get over the 89%. And I believe both of the need a LT. I feel like one of those 2 teams pounce on him.

      • reggieregg

        Not if you are starting from a different talent level. I’m tired of trying to mold bums give us some guys that can already block.

      • bigDhawk

        You would have an argument if we could count on Okung to stay healthy. The problem, though, is we can count on Okung to likely miss time every year, which means we are playing rookies or backups anyway, the same situation we are trying to avoid by signing him. So why not just suck it up and move on, spending the year to break in a solid player who we CAN count on to be a bookend for years. I agree with Rob – this is an unusual year where there are multiple OTs that could be available at the end of round one that have the potential to be franchise players. That is something we should not pass up lightly. My vote is for Ifedi all day at 26.

        • reggieregg

          Rob…. how do the positions across the offensive line rank in order of importance in your opinion? Are we overvaluing the tackle spot? In my opinion even with Bailey out there at left tackle and Gilliam at the right the most pressure always came right up the middle. If we have a chance to get the gcg combo that we want for the future is that not the best route to approach the.board with regardless of what we do in FA?

          • franks

            You’re right there was more pressure up the middle, that’s where Britt and Sweezy and Novak were.

            But usually guards and centers can be found later on. Right tackles used to be available later, too, but that seems to be changing, defenses are lining up their best edge rusher over the weaker tackle.

            Getting a tackle who’s competent in pass protection gets harder to do the longer you wait. Will pass-pro will get more emphasis this draft, please yes, Cable’s had enough misses so far for me. A lot of draft stock has been wasted on maulers who can’t pass protect.

          • Rob Staton

            I think they’re all pretty important given the 2015 performance.

            However, it’s evident you can find good interior O-lineman in rounds 2-5. That will certainly not be the case at tackle. If you want a tackle you have to go R1. If you want a center or guard you can wait and get good options. The thought of Bailey starting every week petrifies me.

  7. Attyla the Hawk

    Nice round up Rob. Good insight into the depth of the class and how it might fit.

    I think we agree that the first domino to fall has to be are they taking an OT in this draft. If they are, then this looks like a year where a legit OT player (not OT that will switch to OG) will be on the board when we pick. If I’m looking at this class, I think that Conklin may be the only guy projected in the teens that if he should drop will be a guy we run to the podium for.

    This looks like a class where if you are getting an OT, then you better get there quick.

    Will be interesting to muse about the “can’t leave the draft without” candidates as the process unfolds.

    Next up is the UFA signing period. I’m guessing this may shed some light on how Seattle is leaning in the draft.

  8. MisterNeutron

    As their draft order stands now, I think this is a decent hawk-mawk based on what we know now:

    1. Germain Ifedi, OT
    2. Charles Tapper, DE
    3. Connor McGovern, OL
    3c. Travis Feeney, LB
    4. Willie Henry, DT
    5c. Kenyan Drake, RB
    6c. James Bradberry, DB
    7a. Marquez North, WR
    7b. Some DL-to-OL convert? Another WR or RB? QB?

    This mock sees them going trenches + LB early, and waiting until a later round for a WR. I rather like Devon Cajuste as a big-bodied WR/TE hybrid, but I’m also a big Sterling Shepard fan.

    I just like the idea of Kenyan Drake as a pass-catching RB version of Percy Harvin. Would they prefer a power back like Jordan Howard? I dunno. Maybe they’ll unearth a power back from the UFA pool.

    Should be a few options for a later-round DB; I picked Bradberry because of his length and athleticism.

    • Trevor

      That would be a solid draft! I prefer Coleman to Ifedi but either would be fine. Also prefer Prosise or Marshall at RB. Love the rest of the picks.

      • franks

        I too would prefer Coleman but that’s based on what I’ve read here. Rob do you still rate Coleman as highly as before? Do you see Ifedi as the better player or the guy that there’s more consensus on us picking?

    • Nathan_12thMan

      Assumption with the 1st pick is that Okung is gone. We just got cheap on O-line if that is the case. Helps us re-sign a Seahawk or two, or sign a FA, or a mix of the two. Assuming the OT isn’t a bust I like this pick (in regards to OT, don’t know Ifedi well).

      The second round pick is kinda a bummer just because we have needs elsewhere, for all we know Frank could explode onto the scene (7+ sacks), Bennett and Avril could show up yet again with great seasons but fact is (especially with Irvin leaving) we are short a DE, and this league is all about passing the ball so pass rush is a must. I like the pick.

      3A is another pick that I like. Addressing the O-line is a must. However what position is he able to play on our team? Because really I am betting on Glow being ready to earn RG, and I am relatively happy with P. Lewis at Center…so can McGovern play LG? If not then I don’t like the pick. Replacing Britt at LG is a MUST. Unless that is addressed in FA, then drafting a O-linemen who is versatile and can play Center (an upgrade over Lewis) is a good pick. But then it makes me wonder about Dahl…he seems to be a really good O-linemen, very versatile, and available either in the same spot or lower (potentially 3B).

      3B Is a really good pick. Replacing Irvin with a player like Feeney is great. Assuming he is medically cleared and isn’t like KPL (injury prone) then I would love this pick.

      4. Gotta grab a DT, 4th round is a good place if they like him. With so much DT quality depth in the draft it will make re-signing vet DT’s cheap (Rubin, maybe Mebane, maybe a non-Seahawk vet DT?) which allows us to take advantage of the depth of talent in the draft but it not be a big priority for us in the draft.

    • MisterNeutron

      I also like Chris Moore quite a bit at WR–he was the 5th SPARQiest WR according to Zach Whitman, and his game film impresses. He could easily last until a later round.

      Also, much of the above mock comes courtesy of Rob’s great insight and recent analysis and news, along with what others here have posted.

      One other note–I don’t think that Seattle will trade that 1st round pick this year, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they try to deal that 2nd round pick and move early into the 3rd while picking up greater depth in later rounds. Here’s one scenario that could make sense:

      Seattle trades 2nd round pick (#56) to Tennessee for their 3rd (#64), 5th (#128), and 6th (#159). Sound uneven? It actually computes very well using the draft value calculator, and would net Seattle non-comp picks in rounds 5 and 6.

      • Greg haugsven

        I like it Neutron, Id sign up for that.

        • Volume12

          Neutron, glad ya came around on Connor McGovern. j/k.

    • RWIII

      M.N. That would be a very successful draft.

    • franks

      That would be a sweet draft, sign Loadholdt and the biggest problems are fixed.

      I don’t think Pete and John are leaving without a corner though.

  9. Nathan_12thMan

    Starting Tackle: Okung is the priority this off-season. Either re-sign him or we can’t, but either way it will be nice to find out where we stand. With him gone the questions become: Can Gilliam play LT? What OT’s are available at 26? and what OT’s are available in FA? Last but not least; what OT’s are in college that will be declaring for the ’16 draft and how do they look? Because if the OT ’17 class looks deep then maybe you sign a FA (Breno?) for a year or two and then draft the Okung replacement in ’17.

    D-line: Something critical here is a tweet I read yesterday: Daniel Jeremiah @MoveTheSticks Bad year to be a DL free agent.

    To me this screams “great year to re-sign Mebane and Rubin” then draft a DT in the 3rd round. I know it is wacky but I also really wonder if The Monstar (Jesse Williams) could make the team in ’16. He is cleared of cancer, has months to work out, wants to play football, would be minimum cheap and could finally get on the field and produce like we hoped he would when we drafted him. Could be our new CMike redemption story (doesn’t live up to hopes, comes back, is productive).

    Running Backs: It is kinda scary that only three options stand out. I love Dixon so if we could get him that would be fantastic, I am not familiar however with Henry or Prosise as much though. Would just love to see us grab a really good back who has RB1 potential (not that we necessarily need it).

    Round two Wild Card: I wouldn’t hate taking a WR here as long as he isn’t a Norwood (bust) or PRich (injured). My opinion however is that improving the O-line is a must. If I had to choose between a LG to replace Britt and a guaranteed good WR who has 800 yard 5 TD potential I would take the O-linemen. I’d rather Russ be protected and have 4 seconds of pass pro than have 2.5 seconds and a new talented WR.

    I completely agree about Feeney. In your last post I mentioned my love for the idea of grabbing him. Replacing Okung and Irvin in this draft successfully could be huge. If Feeney clears medical and doesn’t have a spotty injury laden career with lots of IR visits then I’d love to have him.

    Upgrading the interior of the line is a must. I am confident in Glow and Lewis so to me the key spot that is a MUST to upgrade is LG with Britt.

    Corner Back: Yeah, fans have to remember that we traded our 2016 6th round pick for Mohammed Seisay…so that is a CB pick right there. We also traded our 5th round pick for SS Kelcie McCray. So that is a SS pick right there. Does that mean for a fact we don’t draft CB or SS? No way, but just remember that if we don’t.

    UDFA Sleeper: God I love the idea of there being another Rawls in UDFA like Marquez North could be. I am just going off what you said (don’t really follow college ball) but finding that UDFA sleeper is so awesome, especially when it is a 6’2 220lb WR with quick feet and a big catch radius. I hope the Hawks grab him. Let Kearse walk and after the draft call his agent and give him the pitch:

    “Okay so I am sure you are aware of how we lead the NFL in UDFA’s on our 53 man roster and you see the UDFA’s and low draft picks we give shots to that are now quality players right? I assume you are also aware that we are light at WR and you could very easily earn a job here if you bet on yourself right? We’ve got Doug, and Tyler as proven healthy WR’s, that is it. Add PRich for potential if he can stay healthy, and that is all we got…3 WR’s on our roster [maybe 4 if we drafted one]…perfect opportunity for you to come in, ball out, earn a spot and lock that spot down.”

    • Rob Staton

      “D-line: Something critical here is a tweet I read yesterday: Daniel Jeremiah @MoveTheSticks Bad year to be a DL free agent.

      To me this screams “great year to re-sign Mebane and Rubin” then draft a DT in the 3rd round.”

      Agree 100%

      • Trevor

        I agree completely because the only true disruptor Rankins will be gone in the top 10 I think. We know what we have in Menane and Rubin add some youth in the 3rd round and we are set at DT along with Jordan Hill.

        • rowdy

          I like the idea of another 3rd Rd dt from Penn st like hill. Austin Johnson would be a good fit imo

          • matt

            Sheldon Day had a nice combine performance. 4.97 40(1.69 10YS). 30″VJ. 7.44 3C. 4.50 SS. Think he’s a good fit as an interior pass rusher. He looked smooth when he went through the pass coverage drills. It was a bit puzzling as to why he was asked to go through the drills, but didn’t look out of place athletically.

            • rowdy

              His number surprised me to, I like Johnsons tape better but at the end of the 3rd I can see both

              • matt

                Johnson seems like a base down run stopping DT, with little pass rushing skills. Nothing wrong with that. Would be great value late round 3 and future cheap replacement for Bane or Rubin. Day would be the pass rushing DT that Hill is supposed to be, but can’t stay healthy enough. Hill is on the last year of his rookie deal. Don’t see him getting resigned unless he finally puts it all together-doubtful. Really like the activity level of both Day and Johnson.

                • BassmanOz

                  Jesse Williams is still on the books too I believe. I really hope he makes it this year. He’s probably a run-stopper rather than a pass rusher but could be good value.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Awesome point. Might even factor in with outside/street UFAs.

      Also teams may look to jettison DT talent after the draft. Probably going to be a lot of value FAs in that position group.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Oh totally! I think re-signing Rubin is a must, Mebane I have some questions about, but I think the Hawks would value their knowledge and experience with him over the potential and slight youth of a different FA DT.

        Here is the list of guys: but you are so right. After the draft some DT’s will probably get cut, and maybe one or more of them will be quality guys that you can sign for relatively cheap. That is a huge deal. If we re-sign Rubin but don’t re-sign Mebane some fans might get worried (even if we do draft a DT) but you are right on the money, when camp cuts start going down and a quality DT gets cut in favor of a newly drafted DT the team took, we can come in and scoop that DT up for relatively cheap to replace Mebane.

        • C-Dog

          I think this draft is setting up nicely to bring both Rubin and Mebane back and draft DT in the 3rd or 4th, absolutely.

          I think there could be an outside chance they might bring in a younger vet DT if the market is cold for them. Ian Williams, I think would make a really nice 1 tech. Tyrunn Walker could be a guy they look at, as well. I have a weird itch that they could kick the tires on Quenton Coples as an interior rusher. I can’t really shake the urge to scratch that. It just seems like a Seahawky thing to do in free agency if his market is cold, and they look at him on a prove it deal.

          • Nathan_12thMan

            Yup, perfect time to re-sign Rubin and Mebane (I wonder the contract lengths, 2 yrs for Mebane and 3 for Rubin?) and as you said draft a DT in the high-mid round area (3rd-4th) then take advantage of this DT heavy draft and as you said; check out the remaining FA DT’s. Very possible some nice DT’s get cut during the preseason personnel cut downs.

            This could be a year that stocks our DT reserves full with talent and locks up Rubin and Mebane to team friendly deals for the next few seasons. Along with the potential for the DT draft pick to be a quality player.

            I really do hope Jesse Williams gets a shot though in camp.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, if Jesse clears, I think they are definitely going to give him a chance. As I remembered it when they took him in 2013, Carroll was really hopeful about him competing for base package 3 tech, but his knees couldn’t hold up. I thought he looked really good in camp this year, like he was finally getting it. He’s a dark horse, no doubt, but I think they give him a shot.

              As for Mebane and Rubin, I guess it depends, I think it’s more likely they give Rubin a two year deal than Mebane. Although, it wouldn’t surprise me if they offered them both a couple years. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are patient and see with the whole market offers. I do think, at some point, they want to get younger, whether it’s the draft or free agency. If a younger talented vet finds a cool market because of the draft (i.e. Ian Williams, Jaye Howard, etc.) there is a chance they get someone in on a multi year deal that might be decent, especially if Okung is not re-signed. If I were a betting man in Vegas, I think I would throw money at Rubin for two years, Mebane for a year, and maybe someone like Adolphus Washington, or Javon Hargrave getting drafted in R3. I don’t think they take a DT who isn’t thought of as a pass rusher type. They might even wait until round 4, considering how thin RB and WR is, if they feel it’s more pressing to add there. I totally see the possibility that this draft could cool the DT market, and Seattle, who likes to acquire proven vets, takes advantage of that.

              Brian Nemhauser with HawkBlogger believes in the opposite, and I understand why. That Seattle should use it’s first 2 picks on the DL, and use free agency to address the OL. Get solid and wise on the OL, get young and hungry on the DL. I’ve been thinking very heavily that way myself. But honestly, looking at this combine, I see a lot of solid 1 tech players Seattle could land. I just don’t see a ton of 3 techs outside of Nkemdiche. Really, I just see Nkemdiche, and he makes me incredibly nervous.

              • EranUngar

                I am also a member of the Nemhauser pick DL first club. A solid 1 tech and a potentially disruptive DE like Tapper, Ogbah, Lawson or Nassib could work.

                However, since the ideal solution of a pockett disruptor NT is not there this year and Okung may be too expensive, we may have to go OT first and address DL issues on day 2.

                I have to admit that i am not in love with either direction. One direction may add a lot of future talent to the OL but will leave us with a transition year building the OL from scratch again. The other direction (Old and wise at OL) will be very expensive and leave nothing to address DL and other needs. As much as the interior of the OL was disscussed here, the lack of solid Tackles will be even more hazardous to RW’s health.

                • Rob Staton

                  I really don’t understand the D-line at #26 movement to be honest. For two reasons:

                  #1 — The depth on the D-line is so strong this year but it’s one great big ‘middle class’. 20-or-so prospects with similar grades. Who exactly are you running to the podium for at #26 that is far superior to the player who might be available at #56?

                  #2 — As much as ‘draft media’ preach ‘watching tape’ and ‘best player available’ — the fact is the NFL doesn’t work quite that way. Upside, physical ideals and attitude are just as important as tape. Best player available? Sure — usually at a position of major need. If the Seahawks assess this draft class they will know they can find a contributing D-liner in rounds 2-4. They will not, without a shadow of a doubt, find an offensive tackle in that range. They’d be left hoping on a Fahn Cooper or Alex Lewis later on. Neither carries the upside or physical ideals of Coleman or Ifedi. Not even close.

                  If they don’t sign Okung and the priority is to a) find a tackle and b) add a pass rusher — it just makes sense to do it in that order.

                  • bigDhawk

                    Agreed. We can get just as young and hungry with about the same results on days two and three of this draft as we can on day one.

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, I agree.

    • rowdy

      Watch some tape on howard, he didn’t work out at the combine but his still an option. Dixon is still my favorite but I don’t think they pick him in the second and he shouldn’t be there for are next pick. Howard is a seek and destroy back, he wants to hurt people.

    • Hawksince77

      One question: why do you think Lewis at center is okay? He was a last minute desperation add, adequate at best. It seems that both center and LG can/should be upgraded through FA or the draft. O-line struggles this past year can’t all be laid at Britt’s feet.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        I am no scout or expert but here is my answer/opinion:

        Our weakness on the O-line first and foremost came from bad communication and a lack of cohesion. This was a unit that had 2 weeks of preseason work under their belt before week 1 (against the demi-god Ram front 7 no less).

        But second to that was the interior of the line. Okung was our best O-linemen, Gilliam developed and improved each week and is clearly a starting OT in the NFL. So where is the weakness? Britt (LG), Nowak (C), and Sweezy (RG).

        Britt: I HATED Britt at RT in 2014, rightfully so; “But that was still an upgrade over Britt, who was rated by the game charters at Pro Football Focus as the fourth worst offensive tackle at stopping the pass rush among 56 qualified players. If limiting it to just those that played right tackle, he was the worst.” His transfer to LG had me happy and hoping we’d get something out of that reach of a draft pick. He played awful the first 6-8 games of the season. He was a turnstile. Now I do buy into the theory that the sleeve on his arm and how he avoided using that arm indicated he was playing hurt. Once that sleeve came off he played better, but for a stretch where he was playing well we were also playing (i believe) a bunch of 3-4 defenses. So the competition and scheme was up against was ideal for him at LG. But then he went back to looking awful in the playoffs. He is the worst linemen on our offense. LG is a MUST upgrade spot. I reserve the right to be wrong, who knows maybe all off-season and camp he improves his technique and ends up being much improved in ’16 but I just haven’t seen enough from him to warrant taking that bet.

        Sweezy: He had a good ’14 but in 2015 to my eyes he didn’t look any better (no development), in fact he looked worse. He probably suffered a LOT from the lack of cohesion with the new line (new RT to his right and C to his left) but still…for a player that cost $600k and a 7th round pick he plays well enough to keep, but for $2-4mil a year? Yikes. Especially when Glowinski (23 y/o 2015 4th rounder costing $600k) looked like a starter when he played at Right Guard against the Cardinals.

        Lewis: My opinion of Lewis is the same as Coach Carroll’s public opinion of him; “He is solid.” They saw a clear improvement over Nowak when they put in Lewis, the communication and consistency of play improved greatly. Is he still the smallest C in the NFL? Yeah. Is he “good”? That is arguable either way. Is he solid? I’d say yeah. I think he has a starting job in the NFL at Center somewhere, or at least a really really good backup Center job. My point with him is that if we had to roll with him at C for ’16 I would be fine with that as long as we made smart moves at LT and upgraded LG. When I think of Lewis I think “he didn’t win much, but he didn’t lose much either.” That isn’t true of Sweezy and especially Britt IMO.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I pretty much agree with all your thinking about the interior of the line. Lewis is the most solid of the three, but if you believe in always compete, there are a couple experienced centers that could be had in the third round. Bring them in and try them out! Agree that Glowinski can step in at right guard. That just leaves left guard and a backup tackle to fill.

          I say backup tackle because there has to be someone who can fill in for Okung and Gilliam. I’m not convinced that Bailey is the answer for that role. He does better inside. And if they don’t sign Okung then Seahawks have to pick a tackle in the first round.

          • Nathan_12thMan

            Thank you for agreeing with me, always appreciate that. 😀

            Always compete is a must, but with our needs (lots of guys will be leaving our team) I fear using a top 4 round pick on a position that we already have a starter at.

            However if we look at this mock by a commenter (MisterNeutron) above:

            1. Germain Ifedi, OT
            2. Charles Tapper, DE
            3. Connor McGovern, OL
            3c. Travis Feeney, LB
            4. Willie Henry, DT
            5c. Kenyan Drake, RB
            6c. James Bradberry, DB
            7a. Marquez North, WR
            7b. Some DL-to-OL convert? Another WR or RB? QB?

            McGovern Rob thinks could easily play Guard (I assume RG) or Center. Then there is Joe Dahl who could play RG, potentially Center, and MAYBE even RT. Either would be a great pick in terms of O-line depth and versatility. Maybe either would compete with Lewis at Center and potentially even win (most likely more dominant athletes).

            Backup Left Guard and RT I feel like can be filled by Britt. Don’t get me wrong, even as a backup he scares me (especially at RT) but still, if the cost of Bailey is too high to re-sign then I am not sweating blood with Britt benched but our backup RT/LG. With Lewis either starting (and the draft OG/C our backup) or Lewis benched allowing him to be our backup C/RG I think we’d be pretty set. We’d also have Sokoli who I think is backup RG/maybe C in 2016.

            Bailey is a tricky player. On one hand when he filled in for the most part in ’15 I liked his play, especially when he was the starter and got all week to practice (like the Cowboys week when he went up against Hardy and did very well). On the flip side sometimes he comes in from the bench mid-game and sucks for a while, but isn’t that to be somewhat expected when you come in mid-game from the bench? And yet he couldn’t earn a single starting job on the roster in the preseason before ’15. So he is a tricky player.

            • franks

              That’s exactly how I see Lewis, and you can only put so much money and draft stock into the OL without taking away from the rest of the team. I’d rather have Lewis starting than Britt, Sweezy or Bailey, and he’ll do better with more talent around him and a full training camp to grow together as a unit.

              But if Okung comes back, I think you have to sign Bailey No Matter the cost, because Okung will go down late in the season if not sooner.

              I think we make a good offer to Bailey either way.

        • Fatty Acid

          I shudder at the idea of Lewis being the teams starting C for another year. As you said, he’d be a great backup, but we have to get better there. I don’t expect them to fix the problem through free agency, nor do I expect Sokoli to win the job just yet. It would be so disappointing if they didn’t draft a center to compete. In fact I’m expecting it. Always compete, right? If Lewis wins, good for him, but he should be pushed to win.

          • Darth 12er

            I’m expecting it too, let the best man win. But don’t sleep on Sokoli – that’s what I tell myself to help me sleep at night.

  10. Nick

    I had given up the idea of Shepard because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. The thought of him in a Seahawks uniform along with Doug and Tyler makes my mouth water. Do you think there is any chance he lasts until 56? And do you think they draft a player that is so similar to the receivers they already have?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly — they seem to have a type. Shepard might last — Lockett did after all.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think Lockett showed the NFL, if you like a player… you grab him. Damn the measurables, if he is indeed a truly unique or special player. I’m sure other teams desperate fro play making WRs won’t pass on him for 2 rounds again (Shepard).

        • Nick

          That’s very much my thinking. I can’t see him getting past Green Bay in Round 2.

    • Naks8

      It would be sweet. We could have Shepard as our primary pr and Lockett as the kr. Then you have speed demons running all over the place to scare defenses on play action passes/quick crosses/screens/etc

  11. unitas77

    Rob any info on Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa, ie what round you think he is drafted. He reminds me of Mike Williams or Sydney Rice, big targets. With the hawks reported interest in Dorial Green Beckham last year he tested well and would add size to the receiving corps.

    • Rob Staton

      Not watched him yet unitas77 but will get to him.

      • unitas77

        Do you think Kenneth Dixon’s 13 fumbles violates the all about the ball mantra and would cross him off a draft-able list

        • Rob Staton

          Very possible.

        • MisterNeutron

          That, along with his massive workload in college–he didn’t break the all-time TDs scored record (only to lose the record shortly thereafter) on accident–he had 801 rushing attempts and 88 receptions in his collegiate career. So the 13 fumbles can be excused taking that into consideration, but I wonder how much of a toll all touches and blocks have taken. Or maybe it’s not much of an issue.

          • matt

            Fair point Neutron. You could be right.

        • matt

          Force turnovers. Take care of the ball. Are 2 of PC’s mantras. Dixon looks like a great fit as a 3rd down RB for us, but he has fumbling issues. Move along. Just like Abdullah last year-great prospect, but don’t see us drafting a player who consistently fumbles.

    • Donald

      I like Keyarris Garrett a lot. He reminds me of a faster Sydney Rice also. Garrett or Doctson would be great picks in the 2nd rd, but Doctson wont last to #56.

      • Volume12

        Garrett would be like a 3-4 round reach in the 2nd. He’s a late day 3 prospect.

    • bigDhawk

      I saw the Tulsa vs Memphis game game this year because I was watching Paxton Lynch. But Garrett stood out on the other side. He had several big plays and a couple TDs, as I recall. He is not a possession receiver, but could be a splash artist in the right system. He has an odd body shape for a tall, guy, though – big, thick neck and thin, undefined arms. Not sure if that matters. If he’s on the board at the end of the draft I’d be interested, but I wouldn’t necessarily target him for our system.

  12. Jarhead

    See, this combine has made everything so murky. In the first I would be happy with Coleman, Neal, or Martin. No on Ifedi (TAMU high profile lineman have all washed out in the last 4 years, including Matthews), and Clark can hopefully be had for a 3rd. Maybe. No on Ogbah, because I feel he is redundant on skill set and would cause you to miss out on other potential talent are positions. If we are going to bolster the pass rush, I would rather us do it in a more unconventional way. Not just adding another slow developing DE when that is actually a position of strength. I would be all for Feeney, Prosise, Westerman, or perhaps even Glasgow and Shell for the interior depending on how the first 2 rounds pan out. I just think we need to hedge our bets and go high impact positions where we are starving for talent. C, DB, OT, should be were we make our first selections. I would shudder to think we passed on a solid OT or C, or a long, rangey hard hitting DB for a sexy NASCAR packing. And the draft is now only 3 months away? Hahaha

    • Rob Staton

      Clark won’t be there in the late third. He likely won’t be there in the late second.


      “Teams were also impressed with the workout of Le’Raven Clark, and many feel he has moved into the second round.”

      • Jarhead

        That is just so sad to hear. I think all things considered, that would be a classic reach. I know you can’t coach intangibles, but the learning curve is so steep on an NFL OT. I would be loathe to take such a project in Round 1 when there is no guarantee that he will ever be remotely useful. This is the year I wish we would buck the trends and just draft Martin R1 and solidify the middle of our OLine for the next 10 years.

      • mishima

        My gut says the Hawks will consider Clark at 26. Not to worried about their first selection, expecting the unexpected. Concerned they’ll miss out on Glasgow, who might rise into second round.

    • rowdy

      The TAMU connection also worries me.

      • Rob Staton

        Jake Matthews — 6-5, 308lbs, 33.5 inch arms, 30.5 inch vertical, 1.72 10-yard split
        Luke Joeckel — 6-6, 306lbs, 34 inch arms, 28.5 inch vertical, 1.83 10-yard split
        Germain Ifedi — 6-6, 324lbs, 36 inch arms, 32.5 inch vertical, 1.78 10-yard split

        Ifedi had a better broad jump than both.

        Very different players.

        • rowdy

          I was referring more to the school, coaching/scheme. I like ifedi and wouldn’t mind him being the pick but the schools track record isn’t the best the last couple years.

        • Jarhead

          I am of the same mindset of rowdy. Each player is different but more like the trends. You could throw Ogbuehi in there as well. Some universities are NFL factories at certain positions. But there are also things like Wisconsin RBs- never pan out. That’s what I am worrisome of

          • Rob Staton

            Ogbuehi had an ACL pre-draft and basically recovered to finish the last few games for Cincy. Bit harsh to label him as a bad pick. He might be fantastic and that’d make two average guys and a good one. Which wouldn’t be too bad.

            • Jarhead

              Granted, the jury is still out- but even prior to the draft he was no lock to be a solid talent. Your assessment of him, I believe, went along the lines of how he struggled to follow in Jake Matthews footsteps and take control of the LT much like how Matthews did after Joeckel. But he is a coin flip at best

            • Jarhead

              Also, labeling Joeckel even as average is no small stretch. He was a number 2 overall pick- that should mean instant starter/impact player/likely pro bowler. Granted he plays for the Jaguars, but still. And Matthews has not really shown that he is capable either. He has spent most of his career at RT, and only until midway through last season spent consistent time at LT. I understand what you mean about not judging too quickly- but much like a Wisconsin RB, sometimes you can stake a reputation for certain universities and their positions that are highly touted, but ultimately struggle. Florida QBs, Wisconsin RBs, TAMU O Lineman, and even LSU DL for the last couple of seasons. These are all trends that I would pay attention to

              • Rob Staton

                Joeckel is average. It’s hardly a stretch to say that is it? It’s way too soon to judge Ogbuehi as a coin flip too.

                I’ve never believed in ‘guilty by association’. Ten players could bust at a college and the eleventh be a Hall of Famer.

                • RealRhino2

                  100% agree with you, Rob. People say bad things, for example, about Alabama running backs. What? Eddie Lacy’s been pretty good, Mark Ingram’s been pretty good, and so far T.J. Yeldon looks pretty good. Superstars? No. But tell me just how many superstar RBs have come from ANY college in the last 10 years. If your sample is just a handful of guys over a decade, any trends you think you see are likely meaningless.

                  You’ve got to treat each guy individually, and at least by this point we are going in with eyes wide open, knowing not to be fooled by a quick passing scheme that might not ask its OL to do what they’ll need to do in the NFL.

  13. Scott Burrington

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is the bad press that Germain Ifedi is getting? Is it deserved at all?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s OTT.

      For some positions, athletic prowess is enough to ignore so many flaws (see: Vernon Hargreaves). For others, they’re written off pretty quickly.

  14. Trevor

    Sometimes your first instinct is the one you should go with. After all this I would still prefer Shon Coleman in Rd #1 and I think there is every chance he is on the board when we pick. I just pray he is not the 2016 version of Bitonio. If he is there at 26 just take him. Don’t trade back and try to get cute.

    • matt

      Agreed. Coleman is the right pick at #26.

    • Michael M.

      I was all about Bitonio (as many of us were) but I don’t think they “missed out” on him with the trade back. If they had wanted him I think they would have just taken him. Pete or John (can’t remember which) said in an interview that it was P. Rich all the way, and I am inclined to believe it.

      • Jarhead

        Honestly that inside information only makes me question their evaluation process in some regard. Who looked at Bitonio vs. Richardson and said- ‘give me more Richardson please’?

        • Michael M.

          That would be Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

          • Jarhead

            Yep. And 1 ACL tear and 1 torn hamstring later, how is that grand insight working out for them? Not like a beast like Bitonio could have helped us against Carolina in the playoffs. PCJS are often flawed in their assessment of players. They have their hits, but by no stretch of the imagination are they peerless talent evaluators.

            • Michael M.

              They are very very good talent evaluators. Among the very best in the NFL. Now, I’m not defending the selection of P. Rich, I’m simply stating that I think that he was higher on their board than Bitonio was.

            • icb12

              1 ACL tear and 1 Hamstring simply indicate we have no idea how it is working out at all…

              If PRich is healthy all year and goes absolutely bonkers on the field, are we even having this discussion? If he stays healthy and proves to be crazy productive for the foreseeable future… do we continue to have this conversation.

              If he goes on to have a fantastic career as a wide receiver.. what will we say? Man Pete and John blew that one? Or… Dang, good job guys, wish he had been there in 2015!

              Because he was injured; we simply have no idea if Pete and John were correct in their evaluation of his talent. Injuries happen.

              Heck PRich averaged 40 yards per reception in 2015! Best in the NFL. 🙂

              • Jarhead

                But wishing him healthy AND giving him top level production is quite an assumption. You could say if ANY pick or FA acquisition had top level production then we would never lose a game. On Richardson- he was undersized with a previous knee injury coming out of college. I always saw him as being too small and too sleight of frame to last in the NFL. Now, I gave credit to PCJS for their hits, but there have been plenty of Britt’s, Harvin’s, C. Williams’, Michael’s, Richardson’s, and Flynn’s too. Players that were overdrafted, overpaid (regardless of lack of options), and have washed out. I said they weren’t without peer- I never said they weren’t good at what they do

                • reggieregg

                  Neither injury had anything to do with his size… I wish people would stop tying v the two together. I hope he balls out in 2016!!

            • Nathan

              He might be good, but I saw him get absolutely folded in half by Geno Atkins, and had to go off because he got injured in the play.

              I’m sure he’s a good player, but whose to say Carolina couldn’t have done the same to him.

              • Nathan

                In fact, the injury ended his season.

              • Jarhead

                Haha Geno Atkins makes 99% of NFL lineman look like adolescents. So get real with that comp. And if you are willing to put he and Britt in the same league, then I don’t know what to tell you. Britt may be the single worst lineman in football today. It is at least a competition

                • Jarhead

                  Regardless, the point is- I think they missed on Richardson and Britt. I wish we had other players. We don’t so that is that. All I hope is that they make some sound choices on good football players this offseason. But I am certainly not going to ask how any OL they bring are going to look against players like Atkins and Aaron Donald. Cause it will probably be bad. Haha

                  • Del tre

                    I disagree Richardson has been solid and will be solid do you think Walter Thurmond was a bust because he had injuries for a few years?

                  • Rob Staton

                    How do we know they missed on Richardson?

                    Injuries happen man.

                  • bigDhawk

                    @Rob –

                    Two things. PRich had a significant prior injury history, so it was not unreasonable to expect more injuries in the NFL given his unusually frail physique. Second, even before the ACL injury at the end of his rookie year PRich had not lit it up anywhere near like Tyler Lockett did as a rookie. Given the production we’ve got out of Lockett so far and the sample size we have from most of PRich’s rookie season, I think it’s safe to say PRich was a bust as a second round pick. PRich needs to step up his game to Lockett levels this year to have any shot at mitigating his loss thus far.

                    • Rob Staton

                      “PRich had a significant prior injury history, so it was not unreasonable to expect more injuries in the NFL given his unusually frail physique”

                      Sure — and so did Frank Gore. He was a warrior in the NFL. Prior injuries aren’t an indicator of what happens in the future.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          They were looking for explosive WRs… and there are not a heck of a lot of them. I understand the logic with the move. Sadly, P Rich has battled some injuries in his young career. Lockett ended up being what they probably though P Rich would be when they picked him in the draft.

        • AlaskaHawk

          They love the smerfs at wide receiver.

      • matt

        I believe that JS/PC got ‘their guy’ with PRich. It was a mistake. Robinson, Moncreif, Landtry to name a few WR’s would have been better choices. Hindsight is easy! haha I think the reason we passed on Bitonio was because his profile, along our OL, fits best at RG, where we had Sweezy for another 2 years. This season if Okung signs elsewhere we have a big need at OT. The board is matching up for us to get a promising OT prospect early.

        • Jarhead

          You could be right. I have long felt that our FO overvalues measurables like SPARQ, scheme fit and even supercilious things like arm length. Yeah they can make it more clear cut in your yes/no process- but sometimes you have to scheme around a really amazing football player instead of always looking for someone to fit your scheme. Yeah Britt had all the measurables but does anyone think he is more qualified to play LG than Bitonio, just because he is 6’5″ and 324 lbs? I totally understand what you are saying, and that is one of the most frustrating things about this FO

          • Michael M.

            I think most people would agree that PC/JS are among the best in the league at adapting the scheme to fit the unique talents of the players.

            Also, I don’t think arm length is “supercilious” (did you mean superfluous?) and you could argue that it’s one of the greatest attributes for players like Richard Sherman and K.J. Wright.

            • Jarhead

              Actually I meant superficial so I have no idea what happened there. No impact. Haha Now, you could argue yes indeed arm length is facet of Sherm and KJ’s game. But more than anything I would say Sherm’s intelligence and ability to put himself in proper position is most important (arm length helps in passes defended and interceptions certainly) and with KJ, he is poor in pass coverage against mobile TEs. I don’t think any could argue that. His agility and once again, his ability to be in the correct spot to make plays are what make him valuable.

              As for PCJS- for which players have they adjusted their scheme to fit a players skill set? They didn’t with Graham, or Wilson, or Lynch, or Irvin. They made those players fit into the scheme already established. Yes some of those players were marvelous fits. But it is very apparent that many feel we didn’t properly play to Graham’s strengths. And even insomuch as we should entirely change his role and responsibility in our offense. A case could be made that the only player they have made an effort to scheme around was Harvin. And that was an unmitigated disaster.

              I am not here to try and debate the ineptitude of PCJS, as I think they are amazing football minds. Look at our recent success. It is an amazing time to be a fan. But what I feel begs the question, is how they looked at Richardson and Britt and say 2 players who perfectly fit their scheme, and felt better about that going forward than Bitonio and say Jarvis Landry and who they would have to bend their hard and fast rules to accommodate those two unique talents. That is what I question. Which I think is entirely fair

              • C-Dog

                That said, which are some very valid points that I wouldn’t all disagree with, I’m not entirely ready to give up on P-Rich. If he can somehow manage to stay healthy in 2016, I think he could be a pretty good player stretching the field from the outside. Granted, it’s entirely a gigantic IF at this point.

                Britt on the other hand, looks more like a player who might be in a battle for a roster spot depending on how free agency and the draft shakes out.

                Also, I think JS even admitted last year that they didn’t feel as prepared to attack the 2014 draft after the Super Bowl as they had been in the past. They definitely went after athletes in P Rich and KPL, can’t really fault them for that. They forced a reach in Britt. Didn’t have a 3rd because of Harvin. Marsh they probably looked at his skill set, and liked that.

                Last year seemed to be about getting back to more the norm. Clark was raw but flashy, could be in for a break out year this season. Lockett was a home run. Glowinski could end up becoming a solid starter this year. Maybe this is a chance Tye Smith turns into a solid nickel back.

                This year, with 4 picks in the first two days, I really like them to come away with some players. Lots of options for OL, and the defense. This is a good year to have these picks. If they land the right DT in R4, considering how deep that position is, they could come out of this with 5 solid contributors.

                As for Graham and Harvin, I like how they are aggressive going after players that they think are difference maker athletes. Many fans were impatient with Graham, likely feeling burned by the Harvin debacle, but I think a lot of other ones also felt it was naturally going to take him a while to blend into the offense, and for the offense to blend into him. I think it was starting to really do just that before he got injured, which is what made it so frustrating.

                Anyhow, I guess I would rather have them continue to be aggressive than settle back and be passive. Though, I kind of think now with all these big contracts in place, I tend to feel it’s more likely they go back to building more through the draft than trading for big name veterans. But we shall see.

          • matt

            Understand your frustrations Jarhead. We all have our guys we’d like to see Seattle draft. Was a feeling of jubilation when we traded up to take Lockett last year! To be fair Britt was drafted to play RT. He was a reach who hasn’t worked out. Gilliam looked promising last year. He’s an UDFA SPARQ/length project that has filled the bill. UDFA’s are the glue of the Hawks. It makes a whiff on a pick sting less. Scheme fit is pretty darn important. JS/PC have their positional ideals for a reason. Yeah it sucks a CB with less than 32″ arms is crossed off their list. We are very lucky to have JS/PC running the show.

            • Jarhead

              I wouldn’t say it is frustration. Just kind of in the mindset of wishing there was some flexibility. Where I wish sometimes they would chose just a really good football player with middling athleticism over a SPARQ god who can’t get to even second string on the depth chart because they can’t play. I know they have their ideals- but I just don’t see football being that cut and dry. And in my above post I remarked about how I feel about PCJS and their contribution to this franchise. I love them. Just don’t always agree with them.

              • Volume12

                WR Tyler Lockett was a risk too!

                He was mis-diagnosed by doctors that told him if he didn’t quit playing football, he risked dying.

                Point is, every single selection Seattle has made in every round of every draft under PC/JS have been ‘risks.’

                Okung had concerns coming from a spread offense, ET was said to be too small, alwys went for the big hit, etc.

                No risk, no reward. No regrets.

                • mishima

                  Agree to a point: always swing hard for a dynamic talent, just wish they would dial it back a little on the OL. Would gladly settle for some proven talent/depth on the interior. I think even JSPC would admit that having to run Nowak/Britt out there wasn’t the ideal situation and should not be repeated.

    • bobbyk

      Agreed. The more we think, the more we out-think ourselves. If Shon Coleman is there – just take him. Let him play LT, LG, or RT. Just let him play.

  15. Ukhawk

    Just remember, Coleman floated by some as the best OT in the class and was once expected to be long gone by 26. Better movement skills than Ifedi and Clark. Say thank u and run to you he podium. He starts at RT and Gilliam goes let; saves us a bundle

    In the 2nd I’d go BPA and my preference would be one of Garnett, Kelly, Martin

    • Corn Bread

      My name is Corn Bread and I approve this message!

    • bobbyk

      I don’t think Gilliam is as good as many of you. I’d prefer he stay put if Coleman can demonstrate the ability to play LT. If it’s not going well early on, then by all means switch to Gilliam, but I think we’d be best served letting them compete for a week or so before giving jobs. When guys are given jobs – Carp, Britt, Moffitt – we haven’t exactly had good results. Granted, the difference is that Gilliam is a vet, but has never played LT in the NFL either (at least Coleman did in the SEC this past year).

      • Ukhawk

        Dare I say I see Gilliam moving to a he left and Vritt starting at RT until any other player is up to speed?!

        • Ukhawk


          • Volume12

            Coleman does not move better than Ifedi.

            I love Shon Coleman myself, but eatch when he gets to the 2nd level or on the move. His shoulders are too far over his feet.

            • Ukhawk

              Respect your opinion v12 and will review the tape. Seem to remember Shon mirroring better and moving his man off the LOS more effectively in the run game. Agree he did not personally look as good at the 2nd level as on the LOS. However I believe that is fixable. Furthermore i think he got there more often and was more effective than Ifedi

            • RealRhino2

              Agree with this. First time I saw them, Coleman looked like a lunger, Ifedi a dancer.

        • reggieregg

          I’d argue that Coleman is better than Britt right now!

  16. James

    Rob – is it possible you’re selling Chris Jones’ combine performance short? The vertical was admittedly bad, but he ranged from average to very good in the 3cone, short shuttle, broad jump, 40 & 10 split. This for a DT with outstanding size and length. The vert was bad but everything else was really solid. He also appeared to move very well in the field drills. I tend to agree that waiting on DT until day 2 may be best, but Jones had some great tape this year, and has a lot of potential. I wouldn’t be disappointed in the Hawks taking him R1

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Chris Jones had great size and length. Displayed it in the 40.

      • Michael M.


      • Michael M.

        Needs to learn to keep that size and length within the system and not to ‘freelance’ so much.

  17. C-Dog

    If Seattle drafted Ogbah at 26, I would be pretty happy with that. Ifedi seems to make the most sense, especially if Okung isn’t kept, and maybe even if he is. JS/PC seem pretty firm on adding a RB, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see them add one at 56.

    In terms of interior rush, Willie Henry, Javon Hargrave seem the most appealing to my eye, assuming Rankins isn’t surprisingly sitting at 26. Tapper would be great, and almost want to say he could be a consideration now at 26. Don’t think he will be there at 56. Washington and Johnson, and others could have good value in the 3rd or beyond.

    If Ifedi, Ogbah, Rankins, Coleman isn’t at 26, I’m liking the idea of trading back more, and more. Especially, if that increases the chances of getting OL, LB, RB, and Pass rush within rounds 2 and 3.

    Feeney is the one I am pretty excited about.

    I still say no to Nkemdiche. That said, I’m not sure the Seahawks say no to him. Hard to ignore that workout.

    Matt Judon, though. Okay. Lots of college production in Div 2. 6-3 275lbs, 30 reps of 225lbs, 4.73 40 , 1.66 split, 35 vertical jump. Only thing that doesn’t check the box is that split for an edge rusher, but what about inside? What are people’s thoughts? Rob?

    • Del tre

      Why would you say no to that kind of talent especially with a coach who is good at managing personality. Hard to be selfish on the Seahawks especially the defense when you have Avril and Bennett and Sherman and earl and Kam and Bobby and kj all top 5 players in their position I don’t think nkemdiche would be a bad choice I think him and Willie Henry would be fantastic and possibly push the Seahawks line to greatness

      • C-Dog

        Didn’t seem like Nkemdiche handled interviews all that well when asked about the hotel “incident.” Admitted to taking plays off. Kind of comes across as a brat to me. Albeit, a talented brat. I think he could end up being a total head case. How much does he love football? I don’t know. I think there is a Manzel air about him, personally. This is a deep year for DL. I would look more at the guys who SPARQ’D up at the combine, and also showed consistency, and production, i.e. Hargrave, Kaufusi, Tapper, Ogbah, Henry. But I think, without question, Nkemdiche is probably the purest 3 tech in this class with the highest upside.

        • Del tre

          its all about environment sometimes maziel could have likely succeeded if he weren’tin cleveland losing plus poor coaching plus josh gordon as a friend yeah the kid was in a bad place for him seattle could maybe change Nkemdiche but admitting to taking plays off kinda kills his chances to be a hawk not gritty

  18. milwaukeehawk

    Any insight on Stephen Weatherly from Vanderbuilt? Worked out as OLB, but look at the guy’s measurables: 6’4”, 267 lbs, 34.5″ arm length, ran a 4.61 with 1.59 split. Seems like just from athlete point of view lincredible and could be used as a DE in our system. Haven’t seen much about him so guessing a late round flyer, but the guy helped his chances in Indy.

    • Rob Staton

      He had a good workout — I’m intrigued to watch his tape.

      • Jujus


    • Robert

      Very impressive interview and a high character person! Hard for me to find much film on him. After a great 2014 season, he said his production fell off in 2015 because teams started focusing on him, which “caused LB cunningham’s numbers to go through the roof.” I would be interested to see if his agility drill times indicate stiffness or flexibility. Good frame looks like he needs more weight and strength. Arms look like pipe cleaners.

  19. purpleneer

    Fully agree that OT is the priority, for that reason. I’m not comfortable waiting past the second on DT though. There’s depth, but mostly with guys who are rather one-dimensional. That’s not a problem that can’t be dealt with, but it requires more quality in the depth because a really pass-heavy offense (whether by playing catch-up or just giving up on trying to run) takes the run-stoppers out of the rotation. It’s also less of a problem if the offense is better at putting games away by prioritizing the much more sustainable approach of getting first downs.
    It seems like the draft board could go a number of different ways and DT is a group where the rankings could differ by a lot, but I want the team to target at least one any-down player there, and there’s not many of them. I was disappointed in Chris Jones’s vert, but still want him to be a Hawk.
    And as much as those WRs could be nice in the second, I like SMU’s Michael Thomas quite a bit. So if it was OT in the first and we miss on Jones, I would push for Javon Hargrave in the second.

    • Rob Staton

      “I would push for Javon Hargrave in the second.”

      I think he might be there in R4. Lots of good players filling out rounds 2-3. Some guys have to stick around.

      • purpleneer

        Maybe, but I wouldn’t be comfortable expecting him to even get to the our 3rd. And as much as there’s quite a few good DTs, they’re mostly guys who are rather one-dimensional. I’m concerned about finding any-down defenders who help against both the run and the pass. You’ve repeated yourself how much the DT depth is filled with run-stuffers and rush-specialists who give up stoutness against the run.

  20. matt

    Kaufusi quietly had a real nice combine:

    6064 285 34 1/2 9 3/4 4.88 1.70 4.89 1.69 4.87 25 30″ 9’3″ 7.03 4.25

    6067 277 34 1/2 10 3/8 4.84 1.63 4.86 1.62 4.84 21 28.5″ 9’6″ 7.27 4.37

    Kaufusi could be an interesting interior pass rushing prospect in our defense. He’s probably a better fit for another team though.

    • Rob Staton

      Big difference in the splits though.

      • matt

        True. A sub 1.7 10YS from an inside pass rusher is pretty good though. Not sure either are up to the task or are a great fit to be an inside rush threat, but think that’s their only fit on our team.

        • C-Dog

          Carroll seems to really like those guys that are long inside rushers. Bennett, Jason Jones, Anthony Hargrove has all filled that spot. Clark was looked at there, and he didn’t have the college experience, but his workout was off the hook ahead of theirs.

          In fact the fact they’ve interviewed Lawson, Ogbah, and Calhoun has me also wondering if the Frank Clark experiment inside is something that is going to continue.

          • Volume12

            Shilique Calhoun and Carl Nassib are pretty similar.

            I have a feeling that Calhoun and the Michigan St prospects are gonna have hug pro days.

            • C-Dog

              I am starting to wonder more about Nassib and Kaufusi as potential DT pass rush candidates. Kaufusi did a bit of that for BYU. Nassib, I don’t think so much, but I think he has the frame to fill out more.

              • Volume12

                Kaufusi maybe. He is intriguing, but I can’t figure out his upside.

                Nassib, I do like somewhat. That vert might not be enough for Seattle.

                Only positions they draft that don’t have to have explosive verts or broads, are O-line and 2 DT’s that where 305-315 lbs,

                • EranUngar

                  Nassib can be anything you say for better or worse.

                  You can say he is a nobody. He never started a game in his life, ion high school or in college till 2015. He is a walk on that entered college as a 6-6 215 at the end of the roster. After adding 60 pounds in the weight room he got his chance to start this year and posted great numbers but this is his ceiling and he will never make it in the NFL.

                  Or, you can say that he is a very late bloomer with NFL blood line (brother of QB Ryan Nassib – NYG). He is a very smart kid, 2 times academic all-ten with 3.5 GPA in biology. Known to play with his hair on fire, incredible character, weight room rat, team fist player. Had 15.5 sacks (school record), 19.5TFL and 6 forced fumbles(PC wants to get the ball…). He did all that in his first year as a starter and he could get so much better.

                  Either description can fit. Pick the narrative and spin you like.

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, I like both players. Kaufusi is becoming more interesting to me considering how BYU used him all over the front seven. Inside, outside, linebacker. If Seattle isn’t going the course of drafting traditional DTs high, I kind of like the idea of adding versatility to the pie.

  21. Michael M.

    I know this idea gets brought up all the time, and it’s something we’ve never seen PC/JS do, but a trade up in R1 makes almost too much sense this year.

    In the PC/JS era, have we seen a draft with fewer “tilt the field” kind of players? Seriously, out of the entire RB/WR/TE crop there are maybe 5 guys that are true difference makers IF they pan out. The D-line options are plentiful but not outstanding, and the two players that were supposed to give this class the legit top end edge rushers (Bosa and Spence) posted pretty underwhelming combines.

    Lets say Conklin (or one of the other ‘elite’ talents) makes it to pick 17. The Falcons and are on the clock thanks to that overachieving first half against terrible competition. Dan Quinn and their front office is smart enough to know that they’re not really all that close to being legit contenders, and yet they find themselves with only 5 selections in the entire draft (tied with the cowboys for fewest in the league). Meanwhile we’ve got nearly twice as many thanks to three comp picks.

    I know we will probably never see the ‘Hawks trade up in round 1 under this regime, but if this kind of situation presented itself, maybe, just maybe it would be too good to pass up.

    • LantermanC

      If they’re not sold on Ifedi or Coleman, then I agree. If either Conklin or Decker or Stanley slide to 20, I wouldn’t mind a trade up. Seems like to get an elite tackle, you need to be a top 20 pick and I can’t see us picking there for a while (or hope, rather). That being said, I’d be more than happy with Coleman at 26.

      • reggieregg

        Honestly this year seems a little deeper at left tackle because isn’t their usually no starting LT left after pick 12 to 15. What’s your opinion of Decker…starter I sure wish we could somehow snag that guy. Also I read somewhere that Conklin was actually the 2nd LT in the draft…teams were impressed. Which would you rather have?

      • oz

        Decker-stock down. 5th or 6th OT prospect for me….

        • reggieregg

          I wish we’d just take the gcg combo that we want instead of playing the value game. What’s more valuable than real starters.

  22. CharlieTheUnicorn

    T.J. Green — 6-2, 209lbs, 32 inch arms — 4.34, 35.5 inch vertical

    I’ve not heard his name mentioned much. He appeared to be a later round guy, but with these type of combine numbers, you have to take another look at him. He only has 1 year of starting and played mostly FS. He can cover, but is not the best tackler. He could use a bit of coaching…… Seattle coaching could take this guy’s game to the next 2-3 levels. I would look at him as a round 4 or 5 wildcard pick for Seattle.

    • matt

      Don’t know much about Green, but 4.34 speed at that size is rare. Has to be on our radar.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        From some scouting reports on line: Former WR, that was converted to safety. Plays the ball very well in the air. Has great hands. More of a free safety type.

    • Wall UP

      You’re reading the same thing I have been thinking. The tip off was Mitchell’s DB drills from a wide receiver. CJ fits that mode with more speed and length. I have them slotted @ 125, Green then Mitchell.

      • Volume12

        Greene is gonna move to corner at the next level, so he could be a fit for Seattle.

  23. Lenny

    If the market for tackles is going to be so expensive do you start to consider cutting Graham and using the cap space to sign Okung, Lane, Rubin and/or Mebane? That would open up so many options for the draft.
    There is no guarantee that Graham plays at all next year or is ever the same again. I’d love for Wilson and Graham get on the same page and see what happens but they played pretty well without him last year.

    • Del tre

      That’s just ridiculous you don’t cut an all pro tight end who you spent a round 1 draft pick on. Jimmy graham was really starting to take off in the Pitt game before he got hurt. Look the Seahawks could just spend money on cheap veteran free agents for o line and honestly I fully expect them to. The Seahawks have always built the offensive line around cheap options so expect to see someone like Mathis or incognito at left guard someone like breno giacomini at right tackle and possibly even Unger back at center

      • Minnesotan

        This is the NFL. Stars get cut for salary allocation reasons all the time.

        We’re scheduled to pay Jimmy Graham 6% of our salary cap this season. Here’s what we get for that:

        * We get 10/16ths of a season after he’s PUP’ed. That’s his ceiling to start with
        * We get a significant likelihood that, recovering from one of the most devastating injury types in sports, he returns later than week 7 and/or at less than full strength, and/or at elevated risk of reinjury … and that whatever injury-related detriments he carries into 2016 might permanently diminish his remaining career
        * We get a complement to enhance a passing game that showed out without him
        * We get the right/opportunity to keep him in 2017 in his age-31 walk season at $11 million non-guaranteed, which means that he will surely be a cap casualty consideration again in 2017. His salary could literally be head to head with ADB’s in a year’s time. I know which guy I want if I have to pick one.

        I’m not saying it’s not possible that Graham returns value on the dollar this year under those circumstances, but the downside risks are pretty considerable. It seems likely to me — hopefully I’m wrong! — that $9 million allocated elsewhere (whether O-line or otherwise) can buy a better risk-reward package with (to steal from the baseball guys) a greater expected WAR.

        • Del tre

          why is this all the sudden one of the most devastating injuries in sports? Because Victor cruz who has been fragile his entire career struggled with it? And Graham is already ahead of schedule and the hawks aren’t just going to throw him in the fire midseason. He is a compliment to the passing game more so than anyone else on the team. None of that is really all that makes sense when you consider graham is a generational talent and db could be replaced by lockett or a bunch of other receivers. you aren’t going to find many tight ends that can do what graham does its him and gronk thats about it. AND YES IT DOES MATTER what you paid for him rawls outpreformed beast mode all year and didn’t get more carries because of it. The value of Graham far outweighs anyone you could sign in free agency he is a safety net across the middle. Greg olsen is cam newtons, witten is romo’s, Gronk is Brady’s and Davis was Kaepernicks and peytons. Great qb’s usually have a great tight end that can keep drives alive and right now
          Luke wilson could never do that
          Cooper Helflet shouldn’t even be on the team guy is stonehands all the way and drops the ball if he gets hit.
          Anthony McCoy is constantly injured

    • RealRhino2

      Yes. I don’t know why people say cutting Graham is ridiculous. IT DOESN’T MATTER what you paid for him. That’s all sunk costs, and getting tied to that is how bad decisions are made. You have to make decisions going forward. Because Graham has no dead money, he’s in the same boat as if he were an unrestricted free agent we were looking to sign.

      You are the GM of the Seahawks. Jimmy Graham is an UFA coming off a major knee injury after half a year of reduced production, and his agent tells you his asking price is $9MM for next year, take it or leave it, and he might only play half the year. You sign him?

      Or do you take your FA money and resign Mebane, Rubin, and Okung?

      I keep hearing people say things like, “There’s no Jimmy Graham in this draft” or “He’s one of the dozen best athletes in the NFL.” Who cares? Those comments mistakenly presuppose that those things are necessary/sufficient commodities to win. It doesn’t make any sense.

      But it sounds like the Hawks want to keep him, so probably a moot point.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s definitely a moot point. They’ve clearly stated on multiple occasions he’s going nowhere.

        • RealRhino2

          Just like Colin Kaepernick…. 😉 (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, ey?)

  24. Saxon

    Anyone else intrigued by Driskell for a developmental QB? I remember when he was coming out of high school and how highly touted he was – 5 star prospect – etc. He’s a tremendous athlete: 4.5 forty at 6’4″ 235lbs. He bounced around college a little bit and was injured but played decently for Florida his sophomore year and threw for 4000 yards 28/7 TD/INT at LaTech last season.

    I know he needs to work on his accuracy and his mechanics break down (especially on the move) but if he could be unlearn those habits he might be a serviceable backup to Mr. Wilson.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Prescott and Driskell are both guys that have had their names linked to the Seahawks. This could be the year they draft a QB to truly develop. The guy would be very inexpensive and have 3-4 years in the system to learn and improve. I think RW can be a great mentor to a young QB with upside.

    • MisterNeutron

      I’d be happy with Driskel as a developmental QB, but they’d still need a solid, NFL-ready back-up to replace Tarvaris if he goes elsewhere. I’d put the odds of Tarvaris finding a starting gig elsewhere at about 25/75. He’ll probably be back, but he could also get more money on another team as a back-up behind a mediocre starting QB.

  25. Rik

    Any chance they pick up Joshua Perry in the 3rd round to replace Irvin? He doesn’t have Irvin’s speed but he ran a 4.68 40 at 454 lbs, which is pretty impressive. And his production in college is outstanding.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, he’s a player I really like as a big thumber who could set an edge. I kinda think he comps to KJ. KJ started out at SAM, so it seems natural. I think Carroll talking about defensive playmakers is really interesting, though. Guys like Neal, and Feeney seem very likely. Apple is interesting, and anyone up front that can disrupt the pass.

      Apparently in addition to Ogbah, and Lawson, they’ve also interviewed Calhough. Tapper, Nassib, Fackrell, Judon could also be likely targets. Tapper for sure.

    • matt

      I don’t know about a replacement for Irvin, but Perry does profile similarly to KJ Wright…

      • reggieregg

        If I remember correctly kj played that spot pretty darn well too! Perry might fit there.

        • oz

          I think Perry may be firmly on the Hawks. Projects very nicely to our defense. A nice chess piece.

          • oz

            Hawks board.

    • Rik

      Um … 254 lbs, not 454 lbs.

      • C-Dog

        That’s okay. I do that all the time.

  26. Gray

    Hey Rob, which team(s) do you think will be interested in Derrick Henry before #26?

    • nichansen01

      Jets, Texans and Colts should all be interested.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Steelers, Lions and Redskins

    • Rob Staton

      NYJ, Houston, Minnesota.

  27. Jason

    Super good article Rob – thanks for the work

  28. KyleT

    My updated mock for the seahawks after the combine:

    FA projection(cap hit / year): Okung (6,8,10), Rubin (3,4,5) and Mebane (4) return

    1 Ryan Kelly, C
    2 Javon Hargrave DT
    3 Keith Marshall RB
    3 Fahn Cooper OT
    4 Willie Beavers LG
    5 Travis Feeny OLB

    OL: Okung/Baily, Beavers/Sokoli, Kelly/Lewis, Glowinski, Gilliam/Cooper
    DL: Avril, Rubin, Mebane, Bennett, Hill, Hargrave, Marsh, Francis, Clark


    • Wall UP

      RT/LG would have to go first. Being the greater value and need.

      • Greg haugsven

        Like the FA part. Feel like we could do better at picks 2 and 3. Like Kelly and 3b, 4, and 5.

      • KyleT

        I’m surprised there’s not more chatter here about Kelly. We are still talking Martin, even though Kelly had the better combine, has the size we like at Center, great tape. Could lock down the position for years. We can get a decent LG in the mid rounds.

    • Del tre

      Can’t lie I don’t agree with some of those selections. Spending round 1 picks on a center when wiswinski and Unger are on the market is doubtful especially with a stop gap player in Lewis. I like the Javon Hargrave pick I would love to see the Hawks draft him but I think you could slide him back to round 3 at least he also has short arms but the Seahawks are known to look at production in college. Also HOLY FUDGE 6 SACKS IN A GAME AS A DT I would be happy with them reaching to the second round for him clearly he is a monster.I really struggle to see them going running back in round 3 there isn’t a ton of depth at skill positions in my opinion most of what you can get in rounds 3 and 4 you can get in a UDFA signing. Personally I see this pick being either Chris Jones or Willie Henry. After that I don’t really know where to go.
      Personally I would like to see Worley get drafted around the 4th round to be developed I would also like to see kj dilion he is very seahawky to me reminds me of shead he can do everything. Overton is also a huge interest I think he could be a day one starter for Bruce Irvin the guy is a beast and should be available after round 5

  29. HI Hawk

    North is about the same size as Shead and Farmer. Could we take all that athleticism and make a corner ready to play in 2018?

  30. Naks8

    Good review rob. I like it. Start with tackle and then go from there. If we resign okung or get some other tackle then we can pretty much go for best athlete and get our offensive and defensive lineman in rounds 2-5. The combine helped us narrow down “seahawky” guys to help us guess who our options in round 1 might be. This guy needs to make an impact on one of the three phases of the game and I don’t think we can “redshirt” or wait on the development of this guy. Here’s to getting a difference making rb/wr/lb/dt/safety/corner in round 1

  31. Naks8

    Anyone hear anything about the development of Poole? I think last year a huge issue was his strength. Is he ready to challenge for lg? Or dare I say rt?

  32. HI Hawk

    Jackson III, good for you kid! Sad to see him disappear as a 2nd\3rd round hope. But, who knows maybe Pete decides now’s the time to jumpstart the LOB with a first round pick. I still want that guy bad, or Neal as a distant second choice. Need the LOB to reestablish themselves as the best in the league without a doubt.

  33. Wall UP

    Rob, I hoped you’re all rested and lag free from your travels. Or does that begin in the near future?

    I agree wholeheartedly with your prioritization of their potential picks. That dream just might have a chance for Coleman to be there @ 26. It just might come true. Ifedi has all the measurable and did do well at the combine. But, on film he just doesn’t use all those attributes for some reason. Perhaps Cable can bring that potential to the fore if he’s there 26th pick.

    Regardless if Okung is resigned or not, this selection would solve the LG/RT quandary as to how shore up those positions of the OL. With Coleman, there’s also the possibility at LT after a year in the league. Ifedi could not provide that 3rd option. I just hope they don’t become too intrigued by Ifedi’s measurables that might just be fools gold. Yes, 3yrs younger may be the tipping point. We’ll see.

    I hate to see him with the Panthers. They need a future LT.

    What do you think of CJ Green as their 125th pick for the RCB position? 6-2 209lbs 32″ arms with 4.33 40 and 120 broad. If Neal and his 11ft broad isn’t available in the upper 2nd, then Green and Freeney may be back to back picks at 4 & 5c. Special teams would be off the charts with two Special Team aces added. Can’t have enough speed.

    Best case scenario would be:

    26. Shone Coleman RT/LG/LT
    56. Christian Westerman C if Keanu Neal is gone before a possible trade up.
    90. CJ Prosise RB
    98. Javon Hargrave DT
    125. TJ Green FS 4.34 or Malcolm Mitchell WR 4.45 both ST kick returners’ that played both sides of the ball that will be DBs at next level. If Keanu is picked at 56 then Jack Allen or Graham Glasgow as centers @ 125.
    172. Travis Freeny @ WILL with KJ @ SAM eventually with more work in the weight room. That would make up for a Kearse departure if he’s not resigned.
    215. Marquez North WR
    223. Chase Farris LG or Avery Young LG/RT
    245. Joel Heath DT/DE

    • Volume12

      Feeney fits perfectly as a SAM and has the size.

      • Wall UP

        Wright is 247lbs playing @ WILL and Irving @ 260lbs @ SAM. I wouldn’t say he’s perfect for SAM, length and speed are perfect, but not the weight. He could probably start his career on the left side and add 10-15lbs of muscle, without jeopardizing speed, before manning the strong side. At 6-4 230lbs, wouldn’t you agree Freeny could use a few more #s?

        After a second thought, I might flip Prosise and Hargrave. That could depend on the run on DTs & RBs. Same holds true with Heath and Farris/Young. Heath would be a greater need and should be available @ 223. Farris is a good prospect for LG, tools are there, just needs more experience with the final pick.

  34. C-Dog

    On a separate note, after this combine, who do you think out of their own FAs might Seattle look more intently at re-signing.

    I’m going to say Kearse, given the limited supply of WR, and the uncertainty of how P-Rich can hold up, and whether Lockette can even play ball again. I also think Carroll intimated a bit that they would like to get a deal done with him. The flip side of that is how much they are willing to spend, and how that effects extending Baldwin, which I assume they are going to try to do.

    Rubin assumably can be reasonably be kept. Mebane as well.

    Lane, might be tough.

    Okung might be tougher, although I think they might still make a push to sign him as well.

    Sweezy, seems a little up in the air. Some believe he’s going to have a big market. John Clayton contends almost daily that he doesn’t think he will have much of one.

    Irving should be out-y.

    • Miles

      I think given this is like the worst WR class in at least 12 years, the Seahawks are going to get priced out on Kearse and he will sign elsewhere on a nice contract. I think the Seahawks will then go one of three ways.

      1) Strongly consider Braxton Miller at the end of Round 1/early round 2.

      2) Try to get Anquan Boldin on a modest 1yr deal.

      3) Roll with the crew you got and hope Kasen Williams and Kevin Smith can continue to develop in 2016.

      There are not a lot of names to add in terms of WR. If they go draft, they will have to pick early if they want immediate impact.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I can see 3, probably most likely. There are those who think Kevin Smith could become something similar to Kearse in this offense, the ability to play all the WR spots. Maybe something like 2. I don’t think they go Braxton Miller R1 or trade back to get him at the top of 2.

        I think they might make a push to sign Kearse. Whether he signs is a whole other thing.

  35. Miles

    I feel like the Seahawks need to draft Deiondre’ Hall. That is as Seahawky a corner as it gets. Slower guy, but ridiculously long arms, explosive, diehard trash talker, can jam at the LOS. I just feel like if the Seahawks don’t get him, they’ve completely missed.

    • reggieregg

      He’s gonna be a stud if Pete gives him the game!

  36. Ukhawk

    Rob. I had u down to blow the Seahawks media combine away and now I see a DNP?! All this Chita chatta about your bench press prowess. Thought you’d want to at least answer for all your off the field stuff. Don’t you want to compete? Perhaps the year you attend the combine. 🙂

    • Rob Staton


  37. Nathan

    Do the sides at the top of the draft(quarterback needy ones aside), now forget about positional needs and just grab whichever of the potential pro bowlers(possibly only 8) are left when they pick?

  38. EranUngar

    Picking OT at 26:

    I agree that if we fail to keep Okung, the first pick has to be the best OT available. I can understand the concerns about Coleman’s health and age that made him available at 26. Clark & Ifedy pose a different question that needs to be addressed:

    Both have amazing athletic abilities that are equal or superior to any of the other top OTs in this draft and yet they are clearly a step back in their technique and performance. Why is that?

    They are not converts or new comers to their position. Both started for their schools for years. They have all the tools to be great and yet they are not. Why do we assume that with proper NFL training they will get much better when they failed to be as good as their top peers with college training? Why do they still exhibit technical faults that others in their draft class do not?

    Ifedi was a 3 year starter for Texas A&M. The same breeding ground that produced Ogbuedi, Matthews and Joeckel. We can not blame poor training that stopped him from being as good as the other top 5 OTs. It’s a point we need to remember when we evaluate his future.

    Clark on the other hand played for Texas tech. here is a quote from an NFC personal director – “He’s got elite foot quickness, he’s long and he’s smart. He’ll keep getting better once he gets to a pro offense and away from that stuff Texas Tech does and he’ll become one of the top five tackles in our league.”

    If i need to make that call – If Coleman issues are not problem, he is the best bet for a day 1 starter. If not, Clark has the better potential to learn and improve while Ifedi could be a slower learner or a Greg Robinson.

    P.S. – If we can’t keep Okung, need to shift Gillian to a new position and start a rookie at RT, consistency and cohesion are not in the cards for the start of 2016. The question is – Do we add a pick inside and try to mold a future unit or we use the Okung money to bolster the inside with a vet or two?

  39. Ukhawk

    Pretty interesting/surprising SPARQ figures for Dline now out. So much so I’m wondering if there is a bias….

    These guys in Top 6:

    These guys in bottom 6:
    Washington (last)

    Nkemdiche missing SS & 3 cone but would’ve clearly been in 95th percentile. Shame about the attitude

    • C-Dog

      Hargrave is becoming increasingly more of an enticing interior rush candidate, IMO. Great college career. Great SPARQ, and arms just at 32 inches.

      • Ukhawk

        Exactly. Near identical or slightly lesser measurables to Rankins

        See also not bad results from Henry, Ridgeway, Jefferson who will be there even later

        I’m more relaxed about DT in terms of the fact highlighted by a rob that the depth will be there.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, me too.

  40. Volume12

    Rob, couple questions.

    What do you make of Seahawk twitter feeling some type of way about Texas A&M OL Germain Ifedi and trying to prove or point to why he won’t work? It’s almost like they think tape/ film is the only thing Seattle goes off.

    And, I see that this DB class is crazy athletic, but honestly, who’s there that meets the Seahawks criteria that is worth an early round selection? I’m not talking to S-LB converts. Some are saying, go DB in one of the 1st two rounds. For who? Jaylen Ramsey ain’t gonna be there, TJ Greene ain’t worth a 1st or 2nd. SMH when I see this.

    • Rob Staton

      1. I think Seahawks fans on twitter have already decided who they want the team to draft and anything that goes against that will mean reaching for the pitchforks.

      2. You’re right. It’s a late round job on the back end this year if at all.

      • EranUngar


        Ifedi does pose a question.

        He has all the physical attributes to be a top 10 pick.

        He was a starter for 3 years at Texas A&M and enjoyed the same level of coaching that produced Ogbuehi, Matthews and Joeckel.

        And yet, he did not make the top 5 OT list.

        Why is that and what should that tell us about his coach-ability and upside?

        • Rob Staton

          Tunsil, Conklin, Stanley, Decker all better and more accomplished.

          Doesn’t have to be a knock on him per se. It’s a good quartet. And Spriggs is athletic enough to crack the top-20.

    • Ukhawk

      A: Explain reason why the Hawks should change their MO in terms of what’s made them one of the most successful teams in the draft?

      Had a good line and spent early draft capital on it.

      Alternatively no DBs drafted early unless the prospect is a pro bowler waiting to happen

      • EranUngar

        Interesting questions UKhawk.

        “Had a good line” is an observation that i agree with. I was one of the very few that said it in 2013-2014.

        The common view here was that we had a horrible line with the often injured Okung and Ungar, terrible pass blocking and bone headed penalties by Breno and don’t get me started about Carp (He was Britt + injuries)

        Everybody was happy to see Breno and Carp go and not many tears shed over Unger.

        Right now, Britt is horrendous and Sweezy is no lose. We have a much better option with….Glow, based on 1 NFL start against a lifeless ARI team that could not care less about that game.

        We’ll meet here next year, we’ll talk about the great line we had with Sweezy before Donald and Short made minced meat out of Glow just like they do with 9 out of 10 guards they face every year….

        Life will be interesting.

        • Ukhawk

          Appreciate your views. Agree it may get worse before it gets better but all I am really saying is that for a while (pre 13) you had a pro bowl LT and pro bowl C to work around not to mention an all pro RB who broke more tackles than anyone. Carp and Breno grew and were effective while here. And now weve basically downgraded in a lot of spots.

          Now it’s start over time. Let’s not sugar coat it. You can stop gap it, resign Okung, get a vet, etc but it will take some time as it does ultimately require major surgery. Glass half full though I think as Russell can function well even behind a below average line and, if they rebuild it, they’ll eventually be much much better. But yeah it’s going to be a challenge which I’m sure JSPS will relish

  41. Ed

    Would be very happy with a draft consisting of (maybe a trade back):

    1st Coleman (OT)
    2nd Miller/Shepard (WR)
    3rd Prosise (RB)
    3rd Glasgow (OG)

    Two splash and two lineman that would help Wilson and the splash players.

    • Troy

      Only problem with that mock is no defense at all with a deep dline class, I’d switch out the round 2 for best available dline but other than that great mock

    • Lady Hawk

      Hey Ed,

      I really like your thinking here.Very good picks. Coleman is the best bet at #26. I really do think that it would be a good idea to hedge our bets and pick up Shepard if he is there at #56.Good depth at WR and depth also in PR/KR. Procise is my favorite back in this area, Dixon right there too, but I think he goes before this pick in the third. LOVE me some Glasgow.He is the epitome of grit and tough.That is exactly what is needed in the trenches.Boy, if you could get Travis Feeny or Keanu Neal in the forth (probably gone though) would be a home run.

      Rob, I want to thank you for all you do here.I very a rarely post, but I read the blog daily and wanted you to know what a tremendous job you do and how much it is appreciated.

  42. Trevor

    Just saw a post combine Mock where Matt Miller of Bleacher Report has Rd #1 Nkemdeche Rd #2 Shon Coleman

    My first thought was to cringe but if our goal is to build up the OL and DL you might actually be getting the best DL and OL prospects in the entire draft if attitude and health issues pan out.

    If things worked out that way I would be scared to death for what could happen but the potential would be off the charts.

    • Rob Staton

      That would be a very intriguing pair of picks. I suspect highly unlikely in both cases — but if it happened a lot of people will get excited.

      I don’t see Coleman lasting until #56. He’s too good for that. Even if he doesn’t crack the first — Joel Bitonio range is probably his floor unless the medical checks were concerning.

      Nkemdiche — I think it’s popular to put him with Seattle because the national assumption is they don’t mind taking guys with character flaws. I would argue they take calculated risks. With Harvin they felt comfortable due to the background of Bevell in Minnesota and PC in recruiting. As soon as it went south they cut loose. With Clark they clearly did a lot of homework there and his case is very different to some of the issues Nkemdiche is facing.

      I think there’s enough concern with Nkemdiche to get him off a lot of boards and I suspect that would include the Seahawks. At least until round two. It’s a shame because he’s a top-10 talent but it just doesn’t feel like a Seahawks move. And listening to his interview at the combine it seems to me Nkemdiche might be in a state of denial at all costs rather than fronting up and tackling his problems head on.

      • Trevor

        I agree completely I just thought it was an interesting combination of picks. I think the biggest issue with Nkemdeche is motivation and that just does not seem like a Seahawks pick. That being said when you watch that Alabama tape he has the talent to dominate.

        Going to be interesting to see who we sign / retain in free agency so we can narrow the focus a little.

  43. Trevor

    If we re-sign Bennett to a new deal as is being speculated and don’t redo Kam’s deal I don’t see any way he is back in camp this year as a happy team player. He is too proud a guy for that.

    Jacksonville has a ton of cap space, a lot of young players and a coach who needs to win this year.

    A deal that just makes a ton of sense is Kam and our 4th Round pick to Jacksonville for their 2nd round pick early in R #2. It saves us $4.5 mil in cap space as well.

    This would give us the $ to resign Okung at LT We could take Keanu Neal in Rd #1 to replace Kam then have 4 picks in Rounds 2-3 to sure up the OL / DL and draft Freeney to replace Bruce.

    So basically we would be trading Kam for Neal (a younger version of Kam) and Okung. Sounds like a good deal to me and the Jags get a veteran leader and presence in the locker room for their young team. Everyone wins.

    • Rob Staton

      Just my two cents, but I expect Kam and Bennett back for the Seahawks next season.

      • Trevor

        Quite possible but I think they will need to redo Kams deal as well if that is the case. They very well may but there has been very little talk about Kam from Pete or JS and they seem to be making a point of how well Bennet handled things last off season.

        • Tien

          I hope you’re wrong about Kam, Trevor. He does seem prideful (only way that foolish holdout last year makes any sense) but after a so-so year, I’m hoping he realizes that there’s little chance of him getting more money from the Hawks and that his best option to just show up and play great safety. If we do have to trade and replace Kam, that means we’ll have to pass up on a quality OL in the first round and that would be a big bummer because for me, fixing the OL is our highest priority this offseason.

          • Trevor

            Yes but if you can re-sign Okung with the Cap savings it is not as big a deal then take the best interior OL prospect with the 2nd rounder you get from the Jags or take a DL prospect and wait till the end of the 2nd round to go OL.

            In the sceario I laid out the Hawks could resign OKung, take Neal in the 1st and still have (2) 2nd round picks and (2) 3rd round pick.

            • Trevor

              23 mil in cap space after trading Kam to Resign Okung, Mebane, Rubin, Lane (No big $ outside free agents)

              Rd #1 Keanu Neal (replace Kam)
              Rd #2 (Jags pick #38) Shon Coleman
              Rd#2 (Our Pick) Charles Tapper
              Rd #3 Graham Glasgow or CJ Prosise
              Rd #3 Comp Travis Freeney (LB to replace Bruce)
              Rd #4 Traded to Jags as part of deal

              2016 OL LT Okung, LG Coleman, C Glasgow or Lewis, RG Glowinski, RT Gilliam

              Neal replace Kam and Freeney Replaces Bruce. Add Tapper to the DL rotation.

        • Rob Staton

          I doubt they’re actively doing anything until after FA. Bennett etc probably just getting to know the situation after the change of agent. Don’t think there’ll be as much drama as some imagine. Kam lost and has no leverage.

          • Trevor

            Really hope you right!

          • EranUngar

            Kam lost. We lost too. 2015 Kam was not the Kam we knew. He made some very important key plays but the intimidation was gone.

            It may be the result of missing all of training camp or it could be Kam playing like he is not being paid to risk his longevity. If you needs to compile a clip with Kams 20 biggest hits it will not include anything from 2015. Kam played solid but those bone jarring hits were gone. It may be due to physical shape or mental, either way it’s a problem.

            Add to it the loss of leadership and some bad blood with Earl etc. and i believe that trading Kam and adding Neal could be a real option. If he is anything but eager to play under his current contract he should be traded before he turns into a locker room cancer.

            Personally i’d be very happy if it happens. I thought that maybe a great year by Kam after he returned will wash away the bitter taste of his actions. His year wasn’t that great and the taste lingers. If he is all about the “green” we do not need him in blue and green.

            • Rob Staton

              He made a powerplay and lost. I’m not convinced there’s any bad blood at all with the team and they’ll just move on.

              • Trevor

                I think the only bad blood and animosity is with the fan base.

                People like me who loved Kam but blame his idiotic holdout for us starting so poorly then loosing home field and as a result having to go to Minn in frigid temps then Carolina. I don’t think I am alone in that feeling and it will take Kam getting back to himself in 2016 to get that awful taste out our mouths.

        • oz

          Kam to me is trade fodder. I think they will bring in a safety to compete. By the way Rob. Can’t they place the transition tag on Irvin?

          • oz


            • EranUngar

              Ex Deathbacker, currently more of a “its only business” got to think of his career etc….

    • Sea Mode

      Or start Neal as deathbacker as Rob has suggested many times and McCray at SS.

      I’m definitely not against the idea. If we are going to sell on Kam (because of contract dispute or performance fall-off or both), better sell high now.

      • Trevor

        Not sure Neal has the speed to play LB for us but maybe. I just think he would be a great tone setter in the back end.

  44. Tien

    Great write-up as always, Rob!

    If the scenario plays out like you envision on draft day, I’d be really happy with Coleman or Ifedi. Even if Okung is somehow signed in the offseason, when are we going to get another chance at drafting a quality LT, picking late in the 1st round? I know that Clark is a high potential guy but man, he seems to much of a gamble for us to pick in the 1st round. I totally agree with your assessment to wait on DL, no need to reach, especially if we can resign Rubin and/or Mebane. After your write-up about Neal, he’s very tempting at #26 also but since our OL is/has been our weak link, I think we’ll probably need to pass on him for one of the Tackles available.

  45. Trevor

    Even though Nkemdeche is head case I hope he does not end up with the Cardinals at the end of round #1. That is all we need is another freak interior DT to deal with in our division. He may blow up in their faces but if not him and Calais Campbell would be a tough combo to deal with.

  46. Trevor

    Rob if teh Ravens cut Eugene Monroe as expected what do you think he will fetch in market? Would he be significantly cheaper than Okung? Could he be an option at RT perhaps and move Glliam to LT?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s always been a big soft lump. Wouldn’t be interested at all.

      • Trevor

        Good to know I have never really paid attention to him other than the fact he was a starting Tackle. Doesn’t sound like a Tom Cable guy.

  47. no frickin clue

    Obviously they can’t test for this per se at the combine, but if you were going to look for players who have the nasty streak in them that JS covets, who would those guys be? After the loss to the Panthers in the NFCCG, I seem to recall JS talking about how the team had lost a bit of that nastiness.

    • Trevor

      For OTs the two that stand out to me are Jack Conlin and Shon Coleman both like to get to 2nd level and punish guys in the run game.

    • RealRhino2

      If the Panthers can take Cam Newton #1 overall after he stole a laptop and got kicked out of Florida, I think we can take Rashard Robinson in the 3rd round after (allegedly) stealing a laptop and getting kicked off LSU.. So he seems pretty nasty…..

      Kidding aside, I like the guy.

  48. GoHawks5151


    Its been stated by many that former fave of this site, Duke Williams from Auburn, pretty much cemented his spot a UDFA after combine. But beyond a mountain of character flags, he never seemed like a guy that was going to test well at the combine, kinda like Jarvis Landry (I know Landry improved his times at his pro day, but who doesn’t…). Always just seemed like a good football player. At this point does he offer the Seahawks (or any team) anything worthwhile?

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll depend on the character checks. He can play — but is he too much of a head case?

  49. Ukhawk

    I see Coleman over Ifedi because

    1. Watch the shared matchups of Ifedi had vs Coleman on Draft Breakdown. Auburn outgained TAMU on offense by >2x vs Ole Miss and Bama

    2 Coleman is much more a monster in the run game which is the Hawks MO. Moving guys off the LOS and always looking to get to the 2nd level. Yes he can improve but Ifedi on the other hand is simply not an adepted run blocker, does not often get to the 2nd level and rarely did TAMU run to his side.

    3. Coleman played LT, Ifedi didn’t and projects to Guard in the Pros. Yes he has measurables but he generally wins with size, he holds a lot and seems to go for the draw rather than dominate. Coleman on the other hand is constantly nasty, convict entry driving his man backwards and displays high effort every play.

    4 Coleman was PFF All-SEC Team for 2015, Ifedi not even 2nd team. PFF “Tackles: Shon Coleman, Auburn (+15.7) and Dominick Jackson, Alabama (+18.2). Coleman earns the nod at left tackle, in part to Laremy Tunsil only playing 376 snaps, but he only gave up 11 pressures all season on 304 attempts. Jackson gave up 12 pressures of his own while leading the conference with a +12.2 run blocking grade.”

    • Ukhawk


  50. Ukhawk

    March 1, 2016 at 2:23 pm
    I see Coleman over Ifedi because

    1. Watch the shared matchups of Ifedi had vs Coleman on Draft Breakdown. Auburn outgained TAMU on offense by >2x vs Ole Miss and Bama

    2 Coleman is much more a monster in the run game which is the Hawks MO. Moving guys off the LOS and always looking to get to the 2nd level. Yes he can improve but Ifedi on the other hand is simply not an adept run blocker, does not often get to the 2nd level and rarely did TAMU run to his side.

    3. Coleman played LT, Ifedi didn’t and projects to Guard in the Pros. Yes he has measurables but he generally wins with size, he holds a lot and seems to go for the draw rather than dominate. Coleman on the other hand is constantly nasty, consistently driving his man backwards and displays high effort every play.

    4 Coleman was PFF All-SEC Team for 2015, Ifedi not even 2nd team. PFF “Tackles: Shon Coleman, Auburn (+15.7) and Dominick Jackson, Alabama (+18.2). Coleman earns the nod at left tackle, in part to Laremy Tunsil only playing 376 snaps, but he only gave up 11 pressures all season on 304 attempts. Jackson gave up 12 pressures of his own while leading the conference with a +12.2 run blocking grade.”


    • Ukhawk

      Sorry autocorrect sucks

  51. 503Hawk

    Rob, would you put together a simple NFL calendar w/ important dates, such as start of free agency, draft, camps, etc

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