Seahawks cut Stephen Williams

Pete Carroll’s search for a quality ‘big guy’ continues.

Stephen Williams was a revelation during the pre-season. He’s been anonymous in the first four weeks of the regular season.

Carroll has often talked about his appreciation for big receivers who can make plays downfield. One of his first acts as Head Coach was to visit with Brandon Marshall. They showed some interest in Vincent Jackson. They made a project out of Mike Williams.

Seattle has some talent at receiver, but they don’t have a jump-ball specialist who is a major threat in the red zone. We saw in the Pro-Bowl how good Russell Wilson looked throwing to guys like that.

It remains a big need for the Seahawks and there are some options in the 2014 draft.

On a more positive note, this could mean good news regarding Percy Harvin.

And what does it say about how the team feels about Benson Mayowa? Despite the pass-rush depth on the roster, he remains. They clearly believe he has a big future. What other explanation is there?


  1. James

    Williams only would have lasted until Percy returns, still this was somewhat of a surprise. As noted, he had contributed nothing during the regular season, and absent an injury, had no future on the team for this season. Next year might be a different matter, with Rice, Tate and Baldwin an open question, and whether the 2014 draft finally brings a tall WR undetermined. Others have posted that Spitz, the center, cannot be released by NFL rule until he has been on the roster for three games. If true, Williams might come back when Unger returns and Spitz is released. If Hauptmann goes when Okung returns, and Spitz goes when Harvin returns, then Mayowa might survive after all?

    • Miles

      I think you’re right about your roster projections here. But it’s wishful thinking to think we’ll get Williams back. No doubt there are other teams who have room on their roster for Stephen Williams. Despite his lack of production this year, it’s ideal to keep him around with his athleticism and potential if there’s room. If the niners snap him up tomorrow I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised; in fact if I were a Niners fan I would be pushing for it big time. Williams is a fairly experienced receiver who’s shown the smarts to thrive on the field, and he’s fast, and tall.

  2. Stuart

    Not shocked. Didn’t he drop a big pass in the few opportunities he’s had this season? Since he was not a contributor weekly, no biggie. Plus he is like 27 years old? If he was 23, probably a different story…

    With the probable loss of Rice (salary), I would love to see us go TE/WR or WR/TE in rounds 1 and 2. Really happy Mayhowa is still a Seahawk.

    Rob, any idea what the record is for a team releasing players that are picked up my other teams? I miss Allen Bradford. We are so deep that we miss our 3rd teamers…Golden times to be a Hawk fan!

    • Rob Staton

      Whatever the record is Stuart… I have to believe Seattle has beaten it this year. Every guy gets snatched up!

  3. Nolan

    Rob would you rather have BJ Daniels or Stephen Williams? Also what do you think about the pro prospects for Kieth Price?

    • Rob Staton

      I trust the team on this one. I like Keith but not sure he has a future starting in the NFL.

      • Miles

        It’s very possible we could see Keith Price take on BJ Daniels for the backup spot next preseason.

    • Kyle

      I think this is us dealing with our backup QB situation next year as we probably know we don’t get tjack for another year. Also with a make shift o-line this could be us dealing seriously with the high injury risk of Wilson where we would have to get another QB anyways if he goes down.

      When you think about it…we probably aren’t worried enough here about that vs losing games. Especially when you consider the worst pass protection is coming from his blind side.

  4. MarkVI

    I hope they take an OT in round 1-3 as well

  5. cover-2

    Williams was just another Ricardo Lockett type player, more athlete than football player.

    If you want a WR that has good size, strong hands, boxes out DB’s, and can catch the ball at it’s highest point, then check out Arizona St (WR) Jaelen Strong. Strong is 6-4 205 lbs. red-shirt sophomore. He had an outstanding game against USC, he came down with 2 or 3 jump balls with the CB’s draped all over him. The only game tape of him on the internet was his game against Stanford, which was not a great game for him, good stats but he had a few drops. Highly recommend watching his game against USC if it gets posted up on youtube.

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