Seahawks Draft Blog Podcast #1

September 6th, 2010 | Written by Rob Staton

Download the first podcast for 2010 by clicking the link below:
Seahawks Draft Blog Podcast #1 (Expired, please check podcast #2 or #3)

5 Responses to “Seahawks Draft Blog Podcast #1”

  1. CFraychineaud says:

    Your voice is awesome! Okay, so mostly it’s just the accent. I like the podcasts, should be easier for you to get alot of info in, without spending as much time doing it out like a report. Keep up the good work.

  2. Marco Santuci says:

    British people get far too much credit for sounding smart. Everyone thinks because they have ‘proper’ sounding accents, that they much be cultured and well informed. Not true!

  3. Marco Santuci says:

    Oh, and well done chap. Keep it up! Have you thought about having some rotating guests on your podcast? How about Kip and some other guys?

    • Rob says:

      There’s going to be guests, the first one was a run through to see how it worked out. I’m hopeful of getting some really good content for the podcast and some interviews.

  4. Marco Santuci says:

    I want Kip!!!!