Seahawks free agency review & assessment

Kerry Hyder — one of Seattle’s solid free agent additions

With limited resources, a difficult financial climate and multiple key needs — the Seahawks have arguably done as much as they could in free agency.

They avoided another months-long saga regarding the pass rush by re-signing Carlos Dunlap and Benson Mayowa, while adding Kerry Hyder.

Losing Jarran Reed, a player who recorded 17 sacks from defensive tackle in 2018 and 2020 combined, might be a bigger issue than people think. Yet ultimately this team needs edge pressure and it looks like they found it.

They’ve upgraded at left guard, which was the position Pete Carroll singled out at the end of last season. They’ve added a tight end who at least has the potential to operate as an effective #3 target for the quarterback.

Those are the key moves. I think the jury’s out on whether Ahkello Witherspoon can be an effective starter. Chris Carson also needs to prove he can lead the rushing attack, after a 2020 season where the Seahawks had to mother him to the playoffs.

Overall when you look at the roster, the Seahawks have likely avoided any regression.

They appear on a trajectory where they will win about 10 games, which has been the norm with Russell Wilson at quarterback (although his future, at least according to Adam Schefter, is not entirely secure). With a bit of luck here and there they can win more than 10 games, as we saw in 2020.

A playoff place is in their sights.

There are two questions still to be answered though.

Are they capable of advancing on the last four years, where they only have one playoff win?

What are the long term prospects for a team that has been very much built for today and not tomorrow?

On the first point, it’s hard to say with any real confidence that the Seahawks have taken a step forward. Much will depend on the ability of the defense to perform adequately as they did in the second half of last season, albeit against some poor opponents.

In conjunction, the hope will be that Shane Waldron can deliver a consistent offense that is better equipped and capable of adapting when necessary.

It has to be hope rather than expectation currently. There’s no reason not to believe it can’t happen but Waldron has never called plays before. It also remains to be seen how his vision for the offense will mesh with Pete Carroll’s and whether the hybrid they’re left with can function on a high level.

We’ll not know the answer until September and beyond.

There are a couple of other question marks offensively.

For the last two years, Seattle’s running back depth has been severely tested. They ended the 2019 season starting Marshawn Lynch and Travis Homer. In 2020, they preferred to bring guys in off the couch (Bo Scarborough, Alex Collins) rather than start Deejay Dallas when Carson and Carlos Hyde were hurt.

With Carson so far unable to deliver a full season of consistent power-running and with Rashaad Penny still a mystery, this feels like a glass vase of a positional group. It looks pretty good at the moment but a little nudge and it’s in pieces on the floor.

At receiver, you need multiple options. Not just game-to-game but in case of injuries. Currently the Seahawks rely far too much on D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett and the rest of their depth is poor. While Everett could effectively be their #3 — in LA he wasn’t able to take on that role and Seattle under Carroll has struggled to feature the tight end in the passing game.

From last season the Seahawks have lost prospective targets Phillip Dorsett and Josh Gordon, plus David Moore, Greg Olsen and Jacob Hollister. Their only addition so far is Everett.

Ideally the Seahawks would be able to tap into another vibrant receiver draft class to find a dynamic #3. They may do so with pick #56. Yet their limited options make this a difficult prospect, especially with a couple of other areas that also need addressing.

Regarding the future, it’s impossible to be serious about this team and not express some concern.

At the end of the 2021 season, the following players will all be out of contract:

Duane Brown
Brandon Shell
Ethan Pocic
Tyler Lockett
Gerald Everett
Quandre Diggs
Jamal Adams
Ahkello Witherspoon
DJ Reed
Rashaad Penny
Michael Dickson

On top of this, several key backups or depth players are also out of contract.

At the moment, Seattle only has 25 contracted players for 2022. And while it’s true they have an estimated $72.7m to spend at the moment, that will soon evaporate when you start retaining or replacing the names above.

For example, if Jamal Adams signs a big new extension — you might have to wipe off a minimum of $18m immediately. They might structure his contract to avoid such a big hit in 2022 but the point still stands. That commitment alone will set you back to a high extent.

The simple fact is that at every key position apart from quarterback, the Seahawks have a big question mark beyond the 2021 season.

Meanwhile, they don’t have the draft picks this year to start planning ahead. Plus, they currently won’t have a first round pick next year either.

This isn’t just a case of being too aggressive, simply to try and max-out the here and now through the Adams trade.

It’s also a misuse of resources over a period of time.

Seattle hasn’t drafted well in years. You need to use the draft to build a foundation.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs, the two most recent Super Bowl winners, are a good example.

They are in equal parts constructed through the draft and free agency.

For every Tom Brady, Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaquil Barrett there’s a Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, both starting linebackers, most of their offensive line, an entire secondary, Vita Vea and Ronald Jones.

In Kansas City, they too had drafted their line and weapons. Obviously they selected the quarterback plus Chris Jones to provide interior pressure. They complemented everything by signing Tyrann Mathieu and trading for Frank Clark.

Seattle’s inability to draft well has prevented their intelligent veteran moves — the Duane Brown and Quandre Diggs trades for example — elevating them to a new level.

The 2017 draft was poor and a missed opportunity but let’s just isolate the last three drafts, right at the start of the reset in 2018.

The Seahawks drafted 28 players between 2018-2020.

How many hits have they had?

D.K. Metcalf for sure. Michael Dickson has been a success.

Ugo Amadi has been a decent role player while injury seems to have robbed Will Dissly of a chance to be a truly effective tight end.

It’s too early to judge the 2020 group fully but Damien Lewis showed a lot of promise as a rookie while Jordyn Brooks and Alton Robinson played in flashes.

That’s it though. That’s your lot from 28 drafted players.

They’ve used first round picks on Rashaad Penny, L.J. Collier and Brooks. They spent a second and a third round pick on Darrell Taylor. Marquise Blair was taken at #47 after trading down from the end of the first round.

They also spent day two picks on Rasheem Green and Cody Barton.

This is where the Seahawks needed to create their foundation. When you consider they’ve also already spent their next two first round picks and a third rounder this year on Adams (who is out of contract after this season) — you realise how little bang they’ve got for their buck.

This roster has had, essentially, six first round picks spent on it since the 2018 draft. And they haven’t got one sure-fire long term building block.

The Seahawks have squandered top picks on a backup running back and a backup defensive end. Brooks showed some promise in 2020 but he’s still a first round investment at the WILL linebacker position.

Things like the Taylor trade-up — completely risky with little reasoning other than desperation — are what has put the Seahawks in a situation where they are having to think so short term it’s unreal.

Even just taking the picks spent on Penny, Collier, Blair and Taylor — these are premium resources. You’re talking about essentially three first round picks, a second and a third.

Had the Seahawks done a better job here — some of the long term question marks would’ve been answered.

Nevertheless, the draft is an annual event. There’s always a chance to put things right.

If they had all seven native picks this year, they could realistically draft a left tackle for the future — to replace Brown in 2022 or 2023. They could draft another receiver. They could draft a cornerback.

Yet their inability to do a better job is likely what inspired them to make the Adams trade. They’ve thrown more picks and money at one ‘impact’ player, to make up for the wasted picks of the last few years.

So now they just have #56 and #129 (plus a throwaway seventh rounder).

So the opportunity to put down some roots simply isn’t there.

What happens if Brown retires at the end of the upcoming season? You have no first rounder in 2022. Is it back to the days of Bradley Sowell and Rees Odhiambo?

If you draft a left tackle at #56 this year, are you comfortable starting with Freddie Swain as your third receiver and Ethan Pocic as your starting center?

You’ve got to have some long-term planning in the NFL. There’s nothing wrong with being aggressive and pro-active. Yet getting yourself into a situation where numerous key positions are a mystery beyond this year with limited resource to address those pending needs is a recipe for trouble.

It’ll mean more short-term scotch-taping of a roster when you need to be drafting and harnessing your core, not trying to manufacture it with cheap one and two year deals in free agency and via trade.

The Seahawks found themselves in a similar situation in 2019. They had four draft picks and needed to put down some roots.

They ultimately opted to trade Frank Clark to regain stock and save money. They didn’t make best use of the Clark trade but they acknowledged they had to try and create resource and project ahead.

With that in mind, I still think there’s at least a reasonable possibility something significant will happen before the draft.

Trading Clark wasn’t conducive to immediate success two years ago. They tried to work around his departure by drafting Collier, signing Ziggy Ansah and then trading for Jadeveon Clowney.

There are really only three players you can project as similar candidates for a deal this year.

Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams.

Losing any of the three wouldn’t be ideal. Yet neither was it ideal to lose Clark.

At least, in the case of Wagner and Adams, there are players on the roster who could step in. They spent a first round pick on Jordyn Brooks and a second round pick on Marquise Blair after all.

With renewed stock, they could also look to the draft or the veteran market to add at either position too.

But this is also why a Wilson trade also remains something we should take seriously, rather than writing it off as a total non-starter.

Adam Schefter was again on ESPN following the big 49ers/Dolphins/Eagles trade fest referencing how he wouldn’t rule anything out.

Not to mention, Tony Pauline suggested the Seahawks are ready to move on from Wilson. Which, let’s be fair, wouldn’t be a totally unsurprising stance given the now annual Mark Rodgers-inspired drama.

Do they want to do this again in 12 months? Or right up until whenever the divorce occurs? Probably not.

If the Seahawks can manufacture a way to acquire a quarterback they are comfortable with — Sam Darnold for example — and gain a boat-load of picks for the next three years, they will be much better equipped to tackle the pending unknown that casts a shadow over the roster from 2022 onwards.

I’m not saying for a second this is my preference. Anyone who has read my near 5000-word Seahawks off-season plan knows that I would prefer to build around Wilson, saving money on Wagner and Adams instead and creating draft stock this year and next.

But I also know two other things:

1. Adam Schefter doesn’t report nonsense

2. The Seahawks require a solution to some long-term problems at several key positions

Just as trading Clark replenished stock and enabled Seattle to try and fill some needs, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility they will consider moving Wilson to create $37m in 2022 cap space while adding first round picks this year and next, plus in 2023.

From there, they could potentially trade down and draft for the center and left tackle positions. Or they could look at receiver and cornerback. Or they could add at all four, depending on what they get done and how the board falls.

Suddenly, you’re looking at a future where you have some building blocks in place and you have money/picks to use. Yes — they’d have to do a far better job at using the resources. That’s going to need to be the case anyway whether they have three picks or 10 picks this year.

It would come at the cost of losing a franchise quarterback. Yet here’s something to remember:

— In 2015 the Broncos won Super Bowl with a highly ineffective Peyton Manning at quarterback, spelling with Brock Osweiler

— In 2017 it was Nick Foles vs Case Keenum in the NFC Championship game, before Foles went on to win the Super Bowl while being named MVP

— Also in 2017, Blake Bortles was minutes away from winning the AFC Championship game with the Jaguars

— In 2018 and 2019, Jared Goff and Jimmy Garoppolo were the two quarterbacks representing the NFC in the Super Bowl

— Also in 2019, Ryan Tannehill played in the AFC Championship game

— Go a little further back into history and note that Eli Manning won two Super Bowls and Joe Flacco one other

Indeed when the Seahawks won their Super Bowl, they did so with a third round rookie starting at quarterback — and Wilson, although talented — was not at the time playing at a level of a top-five signal caller.

Meanwhile, leading NFL quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees — consistently in the MVP race — have only won a Super Bowl each.

Can we honestly sit here and say the key to being a legit contender is having a top-five quarterback, earning top-five quarterback money? Because while it’s been enthralling to watch Wilson over the years — this hasn’t translated to playoff success. Not in the slightest.

Part of me wonders if San Francisco’s bold, aggressive trade up to #3 is an acceptance that they’re better off having a cheap quarterback for the next five years who can operate the Kyle Shanahan offense (Mac Jones) to complement a deep overall roster.

Let me be clear again. I’m not saying this is right or wrong. I’m not predicting a Wilson trade will happen. I’m just presenting a scenario and talking through the options. I think we need to have conversations like this.

Building a more rounded team, with a cheaper quarterback with fewer demands, might be appealing to the Seahawks.

And even if it doesn’t happen this year — it could well happen in 2022.

I’m sure the reaction to this will be a mix of people in agreement and others getting very angry — because any challenge to the Seahawks is seen as a personal affront to some. Talking about Wilson’s future is consistently referred to as clickbait hysteria — even on a free blog with no adverts.

To summarise, I think Seattle has done a reasonable job in free agency to address needs and they are unlikely to regress in 2021. I also think there’s little reason to feel like they’ve taken a step forward or are more equipped to avoid another early playoff defeat.

Which I suppose begs the question — how many times do you need to see a movie sequel before you realise a few of the actors are different but it’s the same story?

There are also some serious questions about the roster beyond this season.

And the only obvious way to answer those questions is to do something uncomfortable between now and the end of April.

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  1. L80

    The Hawks have surely stepped into a bucket for the last few years, and while the foot is stuck, they have the ability to make up for those blunders as you have pointed out.

    For me, they should bite the bullet on Adams and get a couple of decent picks for him and also avoiding what would be another crippling contract next year.

    Also, try and get Wagner to re-structure. Obviously I would rather keep Wilson, but once again the NFL isn’t about loyalty any more.

  2. Trevor

    Awesome writeup as always Rob. A well balanced and objective summary of the off season so far.

    I think the chances of a Wilson trade to the Bears is even greater now after the Zach Wilson Pro Day and SF trade. The Jets are clearly going to take Wilson meaning Darnold will be moved and I think the price is dropping. The Bears could likely get Darnold for a 3rd and maybe Andy Dalton as a veteran presence behind Zach Wilson.

    Then the Bears could offer Darnold, Jaylon Johnson (3) 1st round picks and (2) 2nd round picks to the Hawks for Wilson. I think this is a deal the Hawks would make as it gives them a legit QB who could thrive potentially in the Waldron offence as well as young cheap starting caliber CB and a ton of draft capital + cap space moving forward.

    The Bears get their franchise QB and the Hawks get a path forward towards building towards another SB run. The funny thing is that if this trade were to happen I think the Hawks would be a much better roster than the Bears. But I guess Russ would get to run the offence he wants and get the stats he wants so everyone wins.

    • Rob Staton

      One to remember about the Bears…

      They once signed Mike Glennon to a big contract, held a press conference announcing him as QB1, made a big fuss of him. Then they drafted Mitchell Trubisky. So they are not opposed to deception. All the Dalton stuff currently means nothing if a Wilson trade is still viable. And they could also trade up in the draft.

      I also agree that the 49ers trade absolutely hammers the Jets in terms of bargaining for Darnold. Now the pool of options is severely limited. They’re basically banking on someone like Denver getting involved, which seems unlikely because they might as well just roll with Drew Lock for all that it’s worth.

      I’m not sure it means a third rounder will get it done but a pathway to involving the Jets suddenly becomes a lot more viable. I highly doubt they’d turn down a second rounder at this stage for him to be part of the deal.

      I’m wondering now whether this could theoretically be finalised pre-draft but not become official until the Jags are on the clock, therefore affording Chicago to include a fourth first rounder (2024).

      • Trevor

        Never thought of that idea about waiting till the start of the draft to add another pick in the mix.

      • dj 1/2 way (SEA/PDX)

        Draft pick math

        The general consensus is that a pick next year is worth one round less. So, a 22 1st is worth a 2nd, a 23 1st is worth a 3rd and the 24 1st is worth a 4th. I would rather see some 2nd round picks tossed in then a 2024 1st.

        It seems every year that the strength of the draft is centered on the second round. It is killing me not to have any 2nd round picks this year. Sure would be nice to have a couple this year. Could we get one in a Russ trade and a Jamal Adams trade? Pretty please.

        • Rob Staton

          You don’t lose a round per year

        • Gary

          I understand that the delayed gratification thing is hard for some people. But a first round pick is still worth a first round pick once that draft rolls around and everyone is salivating for a chance to get a player that we have never even heard of yet today.

  3. Bigsteviej

    Great read, Rob. Thanks again for all the good content.

    Implicit in the Seahawks not regressing is that they’ll be lucky in terms of injury, because if they’re not they’ll suffer from having a paper-thin roster. Although one could probably say the same of most NFL teams in this low cap year, it’s particularly true of the Hawks. Although Duane Brown played in all 16 games last year, he’s done so in only 2 of the last 6 years and he’s not getting any younger. As you’ve noted before, Lockett got pretty banged up towards the end of last season — if they lose one of their two WR’s who’s going to step in? A piece of good drafting is getting players in the later rounds who can step in for several games and replace your starters. I don’t see that depth on the current Seahawks.

  4. seaspunj

    With Wilson as the QB and the current roster, this team is not a contender. It is more like a chip and a chair at the poker table. This isnt the way building a superbowl contender and more like a barely make the playoffs and maybe we get lucky method. I am guessing JS/PC sees this approach as the viable option with their cap situation.

    I am gonna predict the RW3 era ends sooner than realized and he is traded probably next season. BTW the Bears offensive line is terrible so even if RW3 gets moved there he will still be running for his life and getting sacked.

    The past drafting has really hurt the Seahawks and this franchise has made some aggressive trades to compensate for the lack of impact players missed from the draft.

    This team has gotten older with the free agency signings which can be effective for a season or 2, but the reality is that this franchise has been playing catch up from past drafts and may not have enough time for the new draft picks to turn this around.

    This franchise can make the playoffs but won’t be a legitimate contender, unless they draft with precision accuracy and get impact players in important positions for the next 2 to 3 drafts. Are Seahawks fans ok with this if it means RW3 still your QB?

    At some point you have to ask when will the Russell Wilson era end? As much as I dont want to see RW3 gone I think this will be his final season with the Seahawks and next season there are major changes and a rebuild occurs.

    • GerryG

      Totally agree, they are not a contender, yet the roster/cap/draft capital of the team is such that you would think they are one, and are going all in this year, because this is their shot. IF they really were contenders, then you could somewhat justify next years impending roster cliff of doom. Instead, they are facing another early playoff exit, and zero plan for the following season.

      • Big Brew

        Week one, last year, Espn had the Bucs at 13th for power rankings. I believe the Hawks are still a contender, as anyone in the too 10 are, in my humble opinion!

        • Rob Staton

          I’m sorry — but just because the Buccs were ranked 13th by ESPN means jack.

          They had/have a complete roster.

          They have drafted superbly and complemented those picks with great veteran additions.

          They could’ve been a shambles for 17 weeks and still been a force in the playoffs had they got there — because the roster was good enough.

          Seattle’s isn’t. They are not close. They have been propped up by the QB for years. And they had a piece of piss schedule last season.

    • Scot04

      Sounds like many analysts think next year is when a Wilson trade will happen. To me sooner than expected will be this year either before or at the start of the draft. Either way it continues to be an active offseason throughout the NFL. Definitely hasn’t been a boring one.

  5. Bankhawk

    Adams, or Wagz; Wagz, or Adam’s? Quite the conundrum. Wagz gets you some cap relief, mate a 2nd + change. Adam’s saves money and gets back part of the pirate’s treasure we surrendered for him.
    None of it is ideal, and I know a Wilson trade is a half-step nearer to possibility at this point, though I still feel in my gut that it will be an event tantamount to ‘A Grand Alignment Of The Planets’ if it goes down. Sort of like it is either fated to be, or it’s not.
    Well, it hasn’t been a dull off season, and Rob, you’ve been a superb chronicler (with handsome contributions from Robbie and Cha!) to our own homegrown version of ‘NFL Game Of Thrones’.
    I’m all in for casting Mark Rodgers as Lord Varys, anyway! 🤭

    • Rob Staton


    • Brett

      Rob – nice balanced piece there. Banks’ comment begs a question we’ve sort of brushed off lately. It relates to culture. You described the kind of culture we want and used to have in your offseason kickoff piece. Young, hungry, angry defense that scares people combined with potent ‘shots’ offense that keeps the other guys guessing. That’s a culture I think many of us would like to see return to the team.

      The question is, between BWagz, Adams and Wilson, who is the worst culture fit? In an unusual market where we got hit by a pandemic but are likely on the verge of a huge increase in the cap over the coming years, might the concern re. contract size be overdone? With TV revenues set to roughly double, it may become a non-issue during the back years for contracts like Adams.

      Between those three, one could make a strong case that Bobby is precisely the kind of leader you’d want for a young, developing defense. You made this argument yourself when offering up rationales for trading Bobby earlier in the offseason. Adams is a unique player whose enthusiasm and spark have been missing from the ‘Hawks D for while. Wilson seems like the odd duck here when compared to the culture paradigm Pete & John built in the past and you rallied for this year.

      It’s the old “who’s got your back” culture of the LOB era versus the current “who’s got my back” of the current RW era. From this perspective, Russell & his entourage may be the worst fit of the three, even allowing for his superb skillset and past play.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure these three are directly tied to culture or attitude.

        But to me Adams is just a chatterbox.

        • Brett

          Fair enough. But how does Russell fit? I can see making excuses for him on the theory that you can’t win it all w/o a great QB. But as you yourself have pointed out, that’s something of a canard. Where exactly does “me first” fit into the offseason vision you laid out of young-hungry-mean? Do we just tolerate his behavior because he’s special? Wasn’t this the essence of the complaint leveled by Sherm & others?

        • Brett

          Also, it seems a bit off to argue that the Captain of the Offense, the Captain of the defense, and the highest paid safety in the league aren’t directly tied to culture and setting the tone. No?

          • Rob Staton

            Not necessarily

            Their personalities and play don’t have to dictate culture.

            Marshawn wasn’t a captain. He was the culture.

            • Brett

              Agreed re. Marshawn. But the fundamental question remains the same… does Russell fit the culture?

              (Talking new Russell here, not old Russell)

              • Rob Staton

                Does a highly competitive individual fit the culture?

                Yes he does

      • Hawkhomer

        Another great read Rob. So glad you keep pumping out stuff. Keeps my mind off of other things. Thank you.

        I agree with you Brett. The culture of the Seahawks has definitely changed. If you have listened to any interviews with Sherm lately he is quick to point out that we won the Superbowl when Russ was still a game manager and the defense carried us. This is the way. I would like to see RW move on. Draft young hungry speedy defensive guys and get yourself a game manager.

        I am not sure Adams or Bobby are the tone setters that Sherm or Kam were. I actually think Blair could be if given the opportunity and if he stays healthy. Time will tell.

        • Lewis

          KJ is the closest thing we have to that right now. Moving on from Bobby will be a challenge, but it has to happen sometime.

  6. Denver Hawker

    Quite the perspective on the current situation when viewed through the lens of the last few years drafts.

    I remember when the draft was exciting. Now it feels like the walls are closing in. Hawks seem to find ways to cheat death the last couple seasons but have maxed out the credit cards to make the mortgage payments. It can’t continue this way.

    I see you’ve also got an early start on 2022 FA needs. Bad drafting and short term vet signings leave the cupboard quite bare. Wilson continues to cover up an unremarkable roster. Sure there are assets, but every team has a few assets.

    Here’s where I’m at even though I know it’s wrong thinking: I’m not convinced the FO can draft well anymore to build a solid roster. I know they’ve done in the past and got cute/screwed the last couple years, but I’m not convinced. Trading Wilson potentially means staring at a losing team unless they can correct the drafting problem. Right now, I’ll take the 10-win playoff loss for a couple years over the higher risk trade scenario.

    • Big Mike

      Very well said Denver. I’m not sure I agree with 10 wins with RW is better than a bottoming out due to possible continuation of shitty drafting though. It might hasten the departure of Pete Carroll which I believe is now necessary. OTOH, I understand why you feel the way you do. Watching the team struggle through who knows how many 6-11 type seasons would be tough too. A fan conundrum.

      • Denver Hawker

        I so badly would love to bet on the come, but can’t do it until they’ve proven they can recreate the draft magic or sign top available free agents.

  7. DC

    Quite honestly, if you’re going to trade Wilson, trade Wagner and Adams as well. Without a QB we need to have a loaded roster and having Wagner and Adams on the team isn’t going to tilt it to a SB contender. Trade all 3 and Pete will have enough ammo to get those kids fresh out of college to buy into his system and make a serious run the next 5 years.

    Certainly would be exciting.

  8. Big Mike

    Well laid out, logical article as usual Rob. Great read.

    “Part of me wonders if San Francisco’s bold, aggressive trade up to #3 is an acceptance that they’re better off having a cheap quarterback for the next five years who can operate the Kyle Shanahan offense (Mac Jones) to complement a deep overall roster.”

    I think this exactly what they’re doing and it’s something that some people have been predicting a team would try for the last several years. We are about to see what that experiment will bring in terms of success or lack thereof. I wonder if Shanny would’ve done it with a top 5 or so QB rather than a middle of the road guy.

    • CallMeAL

      Its not easy walking away from a top 5 guy. Your talking about someone who most likely is a fan favorite, inviting a lot of criticism, scrutiny and of course the legacy of the coach and GM. Most likely wouldn’t happen, unless of course your the Seahawks….

    • Scot04

      I think it’s more SF taking advantage of their situation. Injuries killed their season. They take advantage of their high pick to move up and grab their young QB. He can learn behind Garoppolo or beat him out.
      If Garoppolo plays well they’re happy and if he doesn’t they have a guy they felt was worth trading up for.
      They didn’t mortgage their future at all
      They still have 7 additional picks on top of the 3rd overall; so it definitely wasn’t a desperate trade. They’ll have another top defense this year and 8 total picks to help fill in their roster. Pretty impressive and well thought out.
      Just makes it more difficult to understand what the Seahawks were thinking when making the Adams trade.

  9. Rob Staton

    Bloody hell, Daniel Jeremiah making a big deal that Elijah Molden and Quinn Meinerz are now in his top-50:

    Molden should’ve been there from day one. Meinerz has been a top-50 talent for three months.

    • Trevor

      He is always 3 months late it seems.

      • Rob Staton’s & the NFL Networks leading draft analyst…

        • God of Thunder

          We see it year after year so I think it is calculated. Perhaps DJ has to offer small but significant changes or his board would be about the same.
          … or he could just be late.

          The guy I don’t understand is Bucky Brooks. I rarely see anything critical. How can even rank amateurs like me understand how potential draftees’ stock wax and wane unless there are some negatives discussed? Say it: “his guts are predictable” “he’s quick but can’t get separation” etc etc.

        • OlyHawksfan

          Jokers. I always check in for a good laugh this time of year as they consistently mock cbs to Seattle. “South Alaska’s first pick…uhh…ummm…cb…nobody cares anyway”.

          • CHaquesFan

            I’ve noticed that too and found it hilarious. Most of the mock drafts from the past few years have them picking LT, RG, or CB, when none of those positions where positions of need.

  10. Cambs

    Managing to not regress has that huge asterisk, though. They were lucky last year; their Pythagorean win expectation was only 10-6, and that with good injury luck against a soft schedule. Meanwhile, their division rivals appear to have improved (49ers contingent on hitting on their QB pick).

    The Seahawks could easily remain exactly as talented as they were at the end of 2020 yet submit a 7-10 season … especially if Russell is playing discontented.

    • Rob Staton

      I think a regression to 10 wins is more likely than another 12-win season for sure.

      Or given there’s an extra game this year, 11-6 rather than 10-6.

      (I hate how that looks written down)

      Regardless, the bigger question is this one…

      Do the Seahawks look and feel like a serious Super Bowl contender? I would argue no.

      • CallMeAL

        It’s funny you would even consider having to argue that the Seahawks are not a Super Bowl contender lol. It’s pretty much a given than most here don’t feel that way.

        • Rob Staton

          Trust me… there are plenty of people who froth at the mouth at the mere suggestion that the Seahawks are anything other than a legit contender!

          • no frickin clue

            The fans who are frothing at the mouth are like the aging starlet who can’t understand why she’s not getting the leading role opportunities in the movies anymore.

        • Jordan

          It can so hard to say what a Super Bowl contender in the NFC really looks like on a year to year basis though. Since Seattle winning the NFC back to back it has been a series of one-offs. None of which have been the Saints or Packers.

          If Quinn’s Falcons, Rivera’s Panthers, Pederson’s Eagles and Shanahan’s 49ers can all have a one year jump to win the conference before reverting back to mediocre or worse, I believe RW/PC can do it again as long as they keep punching their ticket to the dance (which they do as consistently as anyone).

          It’s really just too early to say what will happen come the fall. But as the aforementioned examples show, in the NFC especially, we just don’t know. Though the 2021 Hawks will enter the season with shorter futures odds on winning the conference than any of those aforementioned champions.

      • Big Mike

        OK so here’s a question for you guys…………IF the Hawks traded Adams and got enough stock to draft Williams out of NC to play RB and got a young C prospect and some help along the d-line with those picks would it be enough to become a Super Bowl contender, particularly as an NFC team? Obviously that assumes they hit on the C and d-line choices.

        • cha

          I’d need a couple more breaks to fall their way not unlike the Dunlap trade.

          A 3rd WR who adds a dimension of scariness to the role.

          An inside pass rusher who is the real deal.

          And some combination of the players who we’re waiting on to deliver on their potential would need to do something we haven’t seen yet from them (Poona, Mone, Collier, Taylor, Brooks, Penny, Dissly, Blair).

          • GerryG

            Agreed Cha, and regarding the WR3, honestly, I think they need two guys that are WR3 level, or even WR2 level.

            Even with some additional draft help, this D is not going to be anything better than solid. To be a contender they need to be unstoppable on offense, scoring 30+ per game. For that to happen (assuming you did draft a reliable weapon at RB, and a day 1 starter at C) I think they need 4 WRs that legitimately frighten people. We have seen Lockett slow down when he gets nicked up. They need depth to actually sit him if needed. They need to be able to lose DK or Lock for a month, and still score. And against teams with a great secondary, they need to be to still move the ball.

            • cha

              I think they can overcome those with coaching.

              Which brings me to possibly their greatest need to take another step….

              • GerryG

                yes, indeed

        • Lewis

          Close, but I feel like the secondary is still a big question mark. We could use a playmaker in the passing game back there. Though an improved D-line could help there (and Vice-versa)

        • Scot04

          It’s not just the extra draft capital, it’s the money you can now use to address more important positions. I definitely don’t think trading Adams dramatically weakens our team. I do believe it gives them the flexibility now and in the future to add more needed pieces though.

  11. Rob Staton

    Here’s a thing that is going to become really, really, really, really, really, really annoying…

    ‘Draft Twitter’ (shudders) pissing and moaning about any suggestion the Niners traded up for Mac Jones instead of Lance/Fields — despite Jones being a far better fit for Shanahan and, to be honest, a better player than both.

    • Denver Hawker

      They all seem to have worts and comes down to fit which you rightly point out. Mac might go the niners at #3 and could have just as well gone at #12, but will never know. Same could be said of Fields and Lance if another team was drafting at #3.

      I’m surprised Mond hasn’t entered the R1 conversation at this point, perhaps accuracy concerns?

    • Big Mike

      I have 2 friends who are hardcore 9ers fans (sadly) and both want Jones.

      • IHeartTacoma

        Big Mike — Game of the year tomorrow at 4:15.

        • Big Mike

          Y”ep. Not gonna be an easy one either but I think they find a way.

    • GerryG

      For real.

      Ive already seen people saying they didnt need to trade up THAT far to get Jones. That is asinine imo. If you are going to spend draft capital this early in the process to move up and get a QB, then you bloody well be sure that nobody else can swoop in and steal your guy out from under you.

  12. Jordan E

    Reading this reminds me of my initial reaction to Jamal Adams trade. Hawks have been pretty bad with drafting over the years. With Jamal you get a proven playmaker whos floor is a pro-bowl caliber player.

    Yes, before we discuss trading Jamal or Russ for picks.. lets think about how risky it is… If we use those picks to draft similarly with how we have over the years we would draft a couple of busts or fringe starters (Penny, Collier, Malik, Blair). Hawks got lucky with DK pick. Most of our early rounders have been busts.

    • Jordan E

      Add trading Bobby or Lockett to that list… would replace those guys with a Cody Barton type player or one of our 4th round receivers who dont make the roster each year.

    • Rob Staton

      That is completely the wrong way to look at the situation though Jordan.

      Let’s give up on the draft and spaff all our picks and $18-20m on a blitzing safety because we’ve done a bad job recently.


      That’s not how you build a team.

      • JJ

        Adams is a swiss army knife. He can play all positions at once. Our roster is severely lacking depth and we do not have the resources in the draft or money to adequately fill out the roster. I still have not seeing any counters to Rob’s assessment of the team.

        I don’t know if they have the guts to do what needs to be done, but some serious soul searching needs to be done by Carroll and Schneider.

        • Jordan E

          I’d point to the Rams also… They have somehow still been good these past years after trading so many of their picks away.

      • Jordan E

        Sure, so my point is that the assumption that more picks will lead to a better Seahawks team may be flawed… It depends too on how well PC & JS can draft and build the roster. From the past few years, the avenue of rebuilding the team and/or building it through several draft picks is a risky one at that. Not trying to defend PC or JS… but perhaps its more a reflection that their time may be done in Seattle and/or they need to seriously reexamine how they go about drafting players…

        Yes, the way you want to go about building is a team is through the draft. Clearly. However, whether we could actually do that is an important thing to ask. Trading Russ or Bobby or Adams or Lockett or any of proven players can also be a bad decision based on the past track record of draft picks.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure, so my point is that the assumption that more picks will lead to a better Seahawks team may be flawed…

          I have literally NEVER made that assumption or argued that point.

          If we’re going to have a debate about this, let’s at least be accurate please.

          Trading Russ or Bobby or Adams or Lockett or any of proven players can also be a bad decision based on the past track record of draft picks.

          You’re so one-sided on them not being able to draft better, it’s like you’ve forgotten who drafted/built the best Seahawks roster we’ll ever see.

    • GerryG

      Look, this team is going to wallow into obscurity if they continue to draft this poorly, whether they have 3 picks or 10.

      That doesnt mean a SS is worth the same draft haul as one of the best EDGE players the league has seen in the last 15 years (Mack)

      • Jordan E

        Gerry, thats valid. Yes, I do agree that a SS isn’t worth what they gave up in the trade.

        And yeah the bigger looming issue is that this team will wallow into obscurity if they keep drafting this poorly. That is definitely a reflection on PC & JS.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Hawks got lucky with DK 🙄

      Just like the Hawks got lucky with Russell
      And with Wagner
      And with Clark
      And with Lockett
      And with Reed
      And with Lewis

      Not mention later round picks like Carson and Ford.

      But otherwise they totally suck at talent evaluation and can’t draft to the point where they ONLY way they can build a roster is to trade away all their draft capital for players who proved themselves elsewhere. That sound about right?

      • Jordan E

        Not quite trying to take it to that extreme. But yes, the Hawks have drafted good players over the years. So have most if not all other teams in the NFL… If you look at recent years though, it is clear the Seahawks have not excelled in the draft compared to how they used to or even other top tier teams.

        Yes, they got lucky with DK. If we really did think he was that good, we likely would have drafted him earlier and not with the last pick of the 2nd round.

    • Scot04

      My initial reaction was the exact opposite. I couldn’t believe you would give up that much draft capital for a safety. I didn’t care how good he was. I just kept thinking what else we could have gotten for that same amount of draft capital.
      So Jordan even if you want to say they’re not good drafting with their picks; I would argue they could of added at a much more important position with that draft capital. Maybe even two players. Adams just made 0 sense.

      • Jordan E

        My main point I was trying to say is that draft picks are great and all but also the Seahawks have not done that well in recent years in the draft as well. So before we go about trading Russ, Bobby, Lockett & Jamal let’s just also consider who the Seahawks would actually draft…

        Ima a huge Seahawks fan myself, but I am really losing confidence in JS & PC ability to build a true contender and to do so through the draft. Let’s just hold off a bit before we consider trading Russ, Bobby, Lockett & Jamal.

  13. CaptainJack

    Rob, I just can’t give the Seahawks a positive review for free agency. Witherspoon was a player who never really established himself as a full time starter in San Francisco. Everett was also second fiddle to Higbee and we are paying him six times more than Buffalo paid Hollister. I have no doubt Everett is a more talented player than Hollister, but is he six times better? I was infuriated by giving up a draft pick for Gabe Jackson, who is past his prime. The Hyder signing was a good move. Not questioning that. But then being unable to negotiate with Reed, cutting him (our best interior pass rusher of the Carroll era) and seeing him sign with the chiefs ruined any positivity I may have had after the Dunlap and Hyder signings. So for me, it’s a D grade, and only avoids an F grade because they managed to bring Dunlap back and Hyder signed for cheap.

    • Belfasthawk

      I disagree a little here Captain. There were blows – I like Reed too and I am not sure Whitherspoon is great but…

      *They resigned Carson for less apy than Tarik Cohen and at just a tick more than what David Johnson and Gio Bernard get. That is good business.

      *They cut Dunlap and resigned him and Hyder at less than the original cap hit (a move I know you support).

      *Everett was rated by some as the third best TE in Free Agency and he was less than half of Jonnu Smith, Hunter Henry.

      *Gabe Jackson is only 29 and is an upgrade on whoever played there last year. He is likely to offer much more in terms of snaps and ability than whoever they would have drafter in round 5.

      *Didn’t allow themselves to outbid Jax for an inconsistent Griffin.

      It could have been better but it could have been much worse. They didn’t have a great deal of money and, imho, they cut their cloth well.

      • God of Thunder

        Agreed. Considering that poor drafting and the Adams trade as well as Wagner’s astronomical LB cap hit has boxed the team in, the FO has handled Free Agency very well indeed. Better than expected really.

        Mind you, Rob’s point(s) about treading water for a few years with one playoff win still stands.

        This looks like a team that can go 12-5 or even 13-4 … without being a true contender for the SB. (Not saying they can’t win it; RW is a great QB and as a dark horse Seattle can win it. But to be an upper tier contender, big changes probably have to be made.)

        • Roy Batty

          This year’s FA period seems to be strictly Schneider working his magic without Pete getting involved much. Sound money decisions for quality. Then we have the upcoming draft, where ALL decisions regarding who actually gets drafted is entirely on Pete. John will set up the trading of picks, but Pete and only Pete makes the call on the player. That speaks volumes as to who a new owner needs to can and who to retain.

          I have wondered if a decent/good team, not named Detroit, was in need a GM, if John would have skipped town in a heartbeat? He would have ultimate authority on the money and player acquisition side, instead of being an accountant/car dealer under Pete.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Seattle paid Hollister $3.25m in 2020 and he did virtually nothing to earn it. Paying him any amount in 2021 would’ve been throwing good money after bad. He just didn’t factor in the offense in any meaningful way. Will Gerald Everett? I don’t know. But his skill set says he at least has the chance to, unlike Hollister who had two seasons to, but didn’t.

      29 is not past the prime for an offensive lineman. Not even close. Many OLers remain effective well into their mid 30s. I’m not saying I love the trade, but it’s hard to deny Jackson’s an upgrade over Iupati (who if you’re concerned about being past his prime…)

      As for Reed, it’s obvious Seattle weren’t willing to extend him. And considering KC signed him for only one year, and for half what he would’ve made staying in Seattle, well I’d say that pretty much represents what he was worth. I’m not happy about losing him, but that’s mostly because he plays a position at which Seattle’s depth is paper thin.

  14. Mick

    Very interesting Rob. Once again it’s hard for me to understand all the negative comments on twitter and elsewhere towards you. Very well justified reasoning, discussing alternatives, questioning decisions should not lead to that.

    To the FA: we’ve made a couple good moves – keeping Carson, fixing the pass rush before the season start, coming with hopefully viable solutions at LG and TE. We’ve managed to miss a couple of things: no improvement at C (hopefully via draft), no improvement at WR-3, not strong enough at CB. Losing J. Reed might prove costly, we need a replacement (Al Woods is more a rotational player imo) and I wouldn’t rely on the draft, given our limited number of picks. We also need a LB to replace KJ Wright.

    Besides the Wilson saga, I wonder why there’s no activity with Adams. Could be that we are seriously considering shipping him, and therefore no extension yet? Playing him a year and losing him for free next year would be extremely stupid.

    • Roy Batty

      With Adams, it might turn into a duplicate Frank Clark scenario, as Rob suggested. Tag him, then when he holds out because he refuses to sign the tag, they find a willing trade partner who agrees to give Adams a hefty, long -term contract.

  15. Strategicdust

    Nice work, Rob. The key to trading any or all of the three players you mention is how well would they draft. I agree you can’t give up on the draft, it truly is the way any team needs to build their roster. This front office, except for a few players, have squandered those picks. If you’re trading key players, they have to hit big on almost all of those picks to justify losing their talent. If they continue their questionable drafting, you’re going to end up with a team of Rasheem Greens and LJ Colliers. My hopes for this front office:
    * Stop locking into specific positions and overlooking talented players that fall in the draft.
    * Stop drafting injured players, you can’t take those chances anymore
    * Stop trading draft picks to move up for injured players.
    * Forget that people think you’re told how smart you are for drafting unknowns or trading your high picks for additional power picks. Sometimes you just need to take what’s in front of you (Jonathan Taylor) instead of hoping two or three lower picks work out.
    * Stop trading higher picks from next year for questionable picks from this year. Your track record on those types of transactions are not good and you can probably live with not having that extra player.

  16. Hawkhomer

    Rob, who is the nastiest tone setters in this draft that we legitimately have a possibility of drafting? Defense or offense. We just need some Alpha guys.

    • Rob Staton

      Javonte Williams
      Landon Dickerson
      Ben Cleveland

      • JJ

        I really want Cleveland on the hawks. Been my draft crush for months now.

        • Mike

          Ben Cleveland.. if he is actually available I hope to god we take him. He just seems like the tone setter we need. I just imagine him and Lewis bludgeoning people. We need a good center too, but Cleveland is just a physical presence that has real BAMF potential.

  17. Rob Staton

    Here is Jeremiah’s new top-50. I still don’t understand how someone who claims to study the draft properly can adapt and change a top-50 so dramatically as he does:

    What I will say though is if it plays out like this (I doubt it will) the Seahawks will have some fantastic options — on the O-line, at receiver and with defensive linemen such as Daviyon Nixon.

    • cha

      Rapsheet jumping on it like it’s a good thing.

      Ian Rapoport
      : A Fire Fire Fire new Top 50 with a ton of movement and some new names:

  18. BobbyK

    What are the long-term prospects for a team built to win now who has also basically been screwing over its future? Welcome to the comPete Carroll Clusterfudge of a Show! Not good enough now and doesn’t care about the future. What a “great” combination.

  19. Rob Staton

    This is a valiant attempt by the Jets to try and retain any kind of market for Sam Darnold but it’s not going to work…

    Meanwhile, apparently his market is down to a third or fourth rounder…

    This is all… positive… for a potential Wilson trade (if the Seahawks really do like Darnold)

    • Ryan

      I could live with Mond or Lance backing up Darnold for one year, and then seeing what you’ve got in the rookie, as long as it doesn’t cost too much.

    • BobbyK

      I like Darnold. I think he’s the best of the available QBs we could get for ’21 if there’s a Wilson trade.

      That being said, no sane team gets rid of a franchise QB in his prime. Only the dumbest of the dumb teams do that.

      So of all the sh!t available to us after trading our winning lottery ticket, Darnold is my favorite sh!t.

      • Roy Batty

        So Darnold is your day after Thanksgiving BM?

  20. Rob Staton

    Oh no… Chazz Surratt just ran a short shuttle that will interest Seattle…

    Please don’t do it, PCJS

    No more linebackers

    • Mick

      If it’s not someone for OL, then go for RB or WR with #56. And get a LB with #250 or from FA.

    • CaptainJack

      He’s not big enough to be a starting NFL linebacker. He’ll be a solid special teamed. Think BBK

    • Sea Mode

      He’s small and short arms, though.

    • Ryan

      I don’t think they can avoid seeing the holes at IOL and WR3. Thankfully that aligns pretty well with this draft, hopefully we won’t have to reach there.

  21. cha

    Seahawks Twitter: Seahawks only have 3 picks? Ha! Genius Schneider will find a way to walk away with double that!

    Also Seahawks Twitter: Trade Jamal Adams? Blasphemy! Treachery! Treason!

    • God of Thunder

      A) could very well be true!

      B) I’d trade Adams ASAP… even at a loss. But minimum I’d want a 2nd and a 3rd.

      • Ashish

        I think we should able to get at least 1st and 3rd for Addams. He has 9.5 sacks ..

  22. pdway

    My most positive spin is this – the offense gets back to where it was in the first half of the season – where it was one of the very best in the league. The regression there was due to the injuries to Shell (who played really well before he got hurt), Pocic (who was at least adequate pre-injury, and maybe we still upgrade him), and Lockett (who’s sprained knee injury may have been more key than we thought) – – and we’ve upgraded LG and TE. RB’s should be no worse than last year (Carson, et all, are not aging or anything), and Russell is hopefully still Russell. Add to that, an offensive coordinator, who, at least on paper, seems like a modern era guy who should help.

    And the defense – given the essential re-signing of Dunlap – will be decent.

    That’s the recipe for at least a fringe contending team for us – top-flight offense and adequate defense.

    I guess the problem is, we have so little margin for error. Everything has to click, and turn out the right way, in terms of scheme fit, health, and top performance from the essential players (russell, carson, brown, dunlap). We are not going to overwhelm anyone with sheer talent w this roster. And that does go back to the drafting points you’ve made – there’s just no way to spin that positively.

  23. Gaux Hawks

    hey rob, if possible can you add your updated draft board to this article? seems to be too far back to access.

    • Rob Staton

      I will do a proper update soon, yes. Got about 4-5 players to add.

  24. Sea Mode

    A little lighter than expected (maybe he shaved off a few lbs. to run faster at pro day), but holy smokes look at those agility numbers on top of the explosiveness:

    Jim Nagy

    Official pro-day results @TarHeelFootball Part II:

    RB Javonte Williams
    HT 5095
    WT 212
    Hand 9 3/8
    Arm 30 7/8
    Wing 74 7/8
    40-yd 4.58/4.55 (NFL scout ⏱)
    VJ 36.0 👀
    BJ 10-3
    SS 4.09
    3C 6.97
    BP 22x

  25. Hoggs41

    One question to ask is did we get better and I agree we havent regressed but not sure we are better. The other question to ask is which team is better than us in the NFC? Tampa for sure but I cant say that there are many I would consider. Green Bay maybe? Teams may be even but not many better.

    • Rob Staton

      Well I can think of one team who hammered us twice last season

    • BobbyK

      But can Hawks count on getting as lucky as last year in terms of opponents, certain games, and being as healthy as any Seahawks team ever late in the season?

      • UkAlex6674

        Every team has large elements of luck ech season whether good or bad.

  26. Sea Mode

    So far…

    TE Brevin Jordan
    HT 6025
    WT 247
    Hand 9 3/4
    Arm 32 7/8
    Wing 79 1/4
    VJ 31.0
    BP 17 reps

    • Trevor

      Going to be a star.

  27. cha

    But with Ford emerging as an elite all-around talent, Mone and Woods ready to eat up space in the middle, and Lattimore, Collier, and Green providing a trio of athletic pass rushing alternatives coupled with Hurtt coaching his tail off, the Seahawks should be confident the interior defensive line won’t miss a beat next season and beyond.

    A little rosy for my taste.

    Poona Ford has a long way to go before you can style him ‘elite’ at anything.

    Trusting Lattimore, Collier and Green to be ‘athletic pass rushing alternatives’ isn’t a strong argument either. This will be the third season for Collier, fourth for Green and we haven’t seen much beyond JAG.

    And Lattimore has one game of NFL experience. He’s on a trajectory that Mone was last year. Mone played well after having little to no NFL experience. But Mone managed 228 snaps last year, and was celebrated as a success.

    Again. Reed had 848 snaps last year.

    Poona had 671, by far a career high after logging 506 in 2019. Breaking 700 snaps while simply maintaining his 2020 level of play will be an accomplishment, let alone breaking 800.

    • Simo

      Agree with all your points here. Reed is a more significant loss than the article suggests, I sure wish they could have found a way to retain him!

      I imagine the plan is to bump Collier and Green inside on passing downs while Mayowa, Dunlap, and Hyder rush from the edge. I know very little about Lattimore, not even sure he has any pass rush skills? And I’m not sure Poona is ever going to be a consistent pass rusher!

      The edge rush should be improved this year, but the inside rush no so much!

      • Scot04

        They could have traded Adams and kept Reed. I would have been good with that.

        • Big Mike

          Oh yeah

    • Pran

      must be sarcasm!

    • GerryG

      I agree with all your points Cha, but also believe Reed was quite over paid, and something had to give.

      I feel like we are beating a dead horse here, but good grief, this is where have draft picks would really come in handy. Add a young stud to the DT tackle rotation, and I would feel a lot more solid on letting Reed go, and surviving with DT on the roster.

      • cha

        I don’t disagree about Reed’s price but I think fans are going to miss him more than they realize in 2021.

        Much more.

  28. Trevor

    If the Hawks trade Russ and pick up Darnold, CB Jaylon Johnson and a bunch of picks who has the better roster Seahawks or Bears?

    I think the Hawks would to be honest. I have no idea why Russ would want to go to the Bears in the cold and wind to face GB twice a year where he sucks. That Bears roster is not good and they will have no cap space or draft picks. If the Hawks do trade Russ to the Bears I think Russ will retire with one SB and a bunch of years with great stats.

    • dcd2

      He’s really painted himself in a corner with his list. Chicago being the only one who seems remotely interested has all of the flaws you mention.

      • Trevor

        Clearly cares more about being able to run the offence he wants and putting up stats than winning. There were far better options if winning was his main priority. Think about how much he has struggled in the cold, wet and wind. That is Chicago weather.

        • Sea Mode

          I agree that there are other teams better-positioned to take the next step than Chicago.

          “Emerging OL”… is that the euphemism people used for ours when it was still crappy…? Our offensive pieces are way better. Their defense is better.

          Russ wants to be the offense, carry the team, put up MVP numbers, and try to be the savior figure in a major market for endorsements.

          • JJ

            That’s why I always thought Miami would be on his list. They are primed for a run. I know a defensive minded coach is not likely what he wants, but if he wins in Miami that is legit pathway to MVP, super bowl and marketing himself.

    • IHeartTacoma

      I think Russell’s salary, ego, and declining game make him difficult to trade. We assume other teams will give up a lot to get him, but that might not be true. I guess we just need one sucker: See Adams, Jamal.

      • UkAlex6674

        Declining game? Really? His declining game is still better than 95% of starting QB’s in the league. Having the capital to trade for him is the sticking point for teams who may he interested.

        • IHeartTacoma

          I think he was the 5th or 6th ranked qb last year, so out of 32 that’s at least 80th percentile. Almost makes up for that pick 6 in our one and only playoff game, which I can’t get out of my head.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Every franchise QB has a high salary and an ego. And Russell had a bad second half of a season. Hardly a “declining game”. And let’s not forget he named only 4 teams he’s willing to waive his no-trade clause for. Dallas doesn’t need him. New Orleans can’t afford him. Who knows what the Raiders think about anything? And then there’s Chicago.

        It’s not like every team in the League had a chance to belly up to the bar and make an offer.

        • IHeartTacoma

          We’ll see if last year’s second half was an anomaly or not. Then, with 100% hindsight, we’ll make our call.

  29. Ashish

    Good summary of the offseason Rob and a peek in future. I’m not hearing any news or activity to trade Adams or Bobby. Is there a plan or strategy to deal them during draft? May be I’m expecting too much from hawks.

    I mean common, why don’t they see how they build their team. QB, MLB and SS are eating all their cap space. If you get rid of SS and MLB, you would have able to keep Reed playing 3 mil more, could have got Reddick, may be Center plus some draft picks.

    • Sea Mode

      Don’t remind me any more, please…

      And of course Reed signs with KC for cheap. OF COURSE…

      That little slight from his agent at the end of Rapoport’s tweet though, what was that really about?

      Ian Rapoport

      For Jarran Reed and the #Chiefs, it’s a 1-year deal worth up to $7M with $5M guaranteed, source said. Very nice in this market, with a chance to cash in next year. Had it been about the money, he would’ve stayed in Seattle.

      • DC

        Ouch. Not so subtle. Seattle is no longer a preferred destination for FA’s like back in the day with ex-players doing this publicly, not to mention the RW drama.

        • JJ

          When was it a preferred destination?

          • Peter Jakubisin

            Thank you. Because one time years ago two great DE’s came cheap because the market didn’t see their value doesn’t make it a preferred destination. I’ve been a fan since Largent times, took a break off in the nineties, but feel like seattle has missed chances on FA’s going back a long old while now.

      • GerryG

        I just dont get the last part of the tweet. He was released, most likely because wouldnt restructure, or felt slighted about an extension that is lower than he felt was fair.

        And settling for one year, at a discount, to play next to two top tier DL is all about $, next years money after he puts up double digit sacks because Jones/Clark get all the attention.

        • Sea Mode

          That’s what I’m trying to figure out: the money would have been the same, so what was it that upset him about the Hawks?

          Maybe they had told him they would look at a long-term extension for him after this season and then decided in the end that it was best not to at this time?

      • Ashish

        Sorry Sea Mode… I’m so disappointed with front office and losing trust in JS/PC. I hope they prove me wrong.

  30. BCHASE

    Eagles could be an interesting trade partner for Russell Wilson. They now have 4 first rounders (two next year) and Jalen Hurts that they could offer up.

    • Rob Staton

      Russell isn’t extending his list of teams though

  31. JimQ

    Rob: I know you get a lot of “opposition” with your Seahawk evaluations but I for one feel you are on the correct path with your observations. Amazing how many “Seahawk fans” are pulling the covers over their head and blindly thinking all is well. If all things are “good”, why aren’t we hearing ANYTHING from the Seahawks management? All the clues say something has to be in the works between now and the start of the draft, I feel that is very obvious by the organizations complete silence which is a bit unusual.

    Question: What site is best for pro-day trackers, I’ve been using and it seems to be frequently updated. Is there a better site anywhere else online?

  32. Sea Mode


    • Trevor

      Without the medical concerns (concussions) Phillips would be a top 10 pick all day long I think. He is my favourite pass rusher in this draft.

  33. line_hawk

    The Kerry Hyder hype train seems to be gaining momentum. Hyder is more on Quinton Jefferson/Benson Mayowa level than Cliff Avril/Michael Bennett level. So, I hope we aren’t setting him up for failure by expecting too much out of him.

    • Rob Staton


    • Simo

      If he can be a 6-10 sacks/yr guy and provide some consistent pressure, then he will be worth everything they paid for him!!

      • line_hawk

        My expectation of him is somewhere between 2019 Quinton Jefferson and 2020 Benson Mayowa production. In other words, 4-6 sacks. Anything beyond that would be him playing beyond his contract/expectations.

    • GerryG

      Agreed, this a great value signing, and helps the line a lot, because it means not counting on Collier, but this is not a sneaky pro bowl signing.

      • DancingBuddha

        collier was sneaky good as an inside rusher. if he can play at the same level while adding another 5-10Lb, we could have a real win out of the Reed cut here

  34. Sea Mode

    Zierlein now has 5 QBs in the top 10!

    Still thinks it’s Lance for the 49ers, which was his initial reaction after the trade went down. Not sure on what basis he calls him a “perfect fit” though:

    Lance was the projected selection for the 49ers in my mock draft 1.0, when they held the No. 12 pick, so it won’t be a surprise if he’s the player they’re targeting after trading up. He’s such a perfect fit for Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

    Would the Cowboys pass on Pitts if he fell all the way to 10…?

    Cardinals getting a top CB to replace Peterson would be a solid plan for them.

    Some really great DL options available if we were to get pick 20…

    • DC

      Come on now, you know if we get pick 20 we’ll just trade out of it! LOL

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see any justification for taking Lance at 3

      • DancingBuddha

        the way theyre focussed overtly on everyone but fields makes me very sure fields is the target

        • Rob Staton


          There’s no reason to deceive. We know who is going #1 and #2.

          • DancingBuddha

            isn’t it just good practice to bluff a bit to guard against someone throwing some crazy offer at the Jets and jumping them, though?

  35. dcd2

    Deon Jackson looks fast! He’s got the physical profile we’ve gone for too.

    Duke running back Deon Jackson was a steady contributor for the Blue Devils across three seasons, showcasing his ability to run the ball with physicality and proving to be an asset on passing downs. Jackson is a powerful back that does well to play within himself, stay the course, and make consistently sound decisions with the football. He runs hard and competes for yards after contact. Jackson is a good route-runner that is experienced executing from the backfield and out wide. He’s a sufficient pass blocker that brings value in a variety of ways considering the different roles he can fill.

    ~Joe Marino

  36. Hoggs41

    Updating the cap hits so far from the 13 players we signed:

    Jackson…$9.6m (but pretty sure he reworked his deal but nothing reported yet)


  37. CL

    Do you guys think the Hawks might make a push for Darnold even if Wilson stays for this year?

    • dcd2

      No way. You’d be spending your only decent draft pick for a backup that you don’t control next year. Plus you wouldn’t get any actionable info with him sitting behind RW, and you cause a media & locker room firestorm.

      • CL

        Just noticed that Darnold’s fifth year option is around 18.8m misguessed that one

        never mind yeah

  38. DancingBuddha

    This will annoy many fans, but I’m far more comfortable losing Wilson than Wagner and/or Adams. This team has proven it can win with a defense focussed team that has a good ground game and a good to very good Qb. They have not shown anything to imply they can leverage an elite QB and weak defense into even a contender status. Maybe its time to “know thyself” and stop trying to do what worked for the Pats and Niners and go back to what works for the Seahawks

    • Scot04

      I’m not annoyed by it, but can you explain in more detail why you feel the money you would be spending on LB and S is a better option.
      I agree they’ve proven it can win with a top 5 defense. However, I don’t see how that justifies paying that much for Wagner and Adams.
      When we won with defense we also had one of the most expensive offensive lines in football. Our defense was young cheap and hungry, with chips on their shoulders.

    • Mick

      If Wagner were 10 years younger and Adams were Chancellor, I’d be closer to agree with you. As things stand right now, no way.

    • IHeartTacoma

      You mean Russell Wilson, Franchise QB™?

    • Peter Jakubisin

      I’d agree with this but they didn’t have anywhere near a top 5 defense before Dunlap came around and when Wagner, who is amazing, and Adams on the field they were a historically bad defense and Wilson somehow was still winning early in the season.

      Now if they want to trade all three and get a game manager….but…build a top 5 defense with a world beating running back I might be hear for that. But if ypure going to use 8 picks in 4 years on safeties. And two high picks in 4 drafts on d line players who may never play I’m not here for that.

      • DancingBuddha

        Adams was on the field for exactly 9 quarters before he got hurt. he was then out till Dunlap’s first game.

        I think the narrative around him not being a big time impact on the defensive turnaround is highly mistaken.

        • UkAlex6674

          Good point about Adam’s impact. Never realised that he came back same time as Dunlap came in.

          • Rob Staton

            I’m not convinced he had that big an impact

            Having an actual DE who could rush the passer was a huge difference maker. I’m just not convinced at all that aside from games such as Atlanta in week one that Adams moved the needle much at all

  39. DriveByPoster

    All this talk about RW, the Dline, contract extension options & possible trades is all well & good but I think we are ignoring the real elephant in the room! Who is the best punter available to the ‘hawks at pick 56? They need a good post-Dickson backup plan because that guy is definitely going to want paying at the end of the season!

  40. Sea Mode

    Hey, look. It isn’t against the law for FO to give a press conference during the off-season, even though they know they’ll just be bombarded by questions about the QB…

    • Rob Staton

      I’m concerned for the Niners… the NFL will presumably throw the book at them for communicating with the fans in this blatant manner.

      Could they take a second round pick off them? That would be crushing.

      Very glad the Seahawks don’t have any time to update their fans on important topics, avoiding such risk

      • Sea Mode


        Albert Breer

        49ers coach Kyle Shanahan asked on going to Alabama Pro Day tomorrow, and not North Dakota State or BYU, says it was important for the team not to tip its hand before the trade was done.

        “Now that you’re up at 3, you don’t have to hide as much.”

      • Ryan

        I can see that offseason Seahawks press conference now:

        “Coach, how does it feel now that you’ve solved all your issues in free agency?”

        “Coach, can you tell us more about what having a healthy Jamal Adams means to your team?”

        “Coach, does the depth you’ve created on this year’s roster remind you of the Super Bowl team?”

        “Coach, can you talk a bit about how hard it is to stay on top of a division like the NFC West for so long?”

        So enlightening.

        • GerryG

          Come on now, im sure they will slide in a tough one

          “Coach, Luke Willson brings such a unique energy, so much so you dressed him most games despite barely playing him, can you tell me you plan to replace such a key factor this season? Any chance he returns?”

          • Big Mike

            literally LOL’d

            • Big Mike

              …and then cried a little after remembering they had Alton Robinson inactive for several of those games

        • Rob Staton

          ‘How good is Bobby Wagner?’

          ‘What are the covid protocols this year?’

          ‘Something something, social justice, something something’

  41. Rob Staton

    I feel that we’ve been on top of quite a few things again this year.

    Mid-January I had the Niners trading up for… Mac Jones

    We were talking about Zach Wilson right at the start of the CFB season, before most people knew he existed.

    Had Jaelen Phillips and Azeez Olujari going early for some time. Both tested amazingly well. Never been a fan of Gregory Rousseau, who did a great LJ Collier impression today.

    Javonte Williams been a high pick for us for weeks.

    We were talking about Kellen Mond & Davis Mills a long time before the national media.

    There are other things.

    • Ukhawk


    • cha

      * The RW discontent is real

      * The Seahawks are going to have to get cap-creative this offseason

      * The $39m dead cap isn’t a poison pill to a trade

      * The 5T spot needs addressing badly

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you


        — The pass rush will be an issue

        — The season will probably end in an early playoff loss

    • Big Mike

      Just so you know Rob, I was in Reno when you first started touting Zach last fall and came very close to dropping some coin on BYU because of that (and several other things I’d heard) but chickened out at the last second cuz I hadn’t seen him/them play. Still regret it.

  42. JimQ

    An interesting match of available draft picks (including several 1-st rounders) and a potential QB coming back to the Seahawks in an Eagles trade? They also have 11 picks in the coming draft. Might be one to watch as the RW drama continues? I would think JS would be happy with all those available draft picks.

    I’m not sure Jalen Hurts would be “great” but he’s probably at least a little better than average and a QB selection of Mills as a B/U would likely be an attractive option to build on for the future at QB. As for Seahawks management – the utter silence is getting very strange, what the heck is going on?

    Any thoughts on the Eagles as potential trade partners for RW? I could see Ciara being happy with Philly.

    • Rob Staton

      I actually think this would’ve been plausible with Doug Pederson still in Philly. Won a SB, experienced coach, Andy Reid disciple.

      Not sure with the nervous wreck, diet-coke version of Frank Reich that it’s as viable. But he’s still an offensive minded coach.

      If I were Wilson, I’d rather compete in the NFC East than the NFC North that’s for sure. Or the AFC West for that matter.

      And they very much have the ammo — although I’m not convinced Seattle would want Jalen Hurts. They might still prefer a Darnold type.

      But it all feels moot until someone, on the record, announces Wilson is opening up his list of teams. Two well sourced people have said that he isn’t willing to.

      #12 overall would be appealing though, more so than #12. You are guaranteed to get a top pass rusher or a receiver. If you get #37 too, you could get a great center too or a LT for the future.

      • cha

        Wouldn’t shock me one bit if Philly went QB at #12.

        They’ve always been about stacking QBs.

      • JimQ

        I was thinking the 2 1-st round picks and a 2-nd this year, a 1-st next year and QB-Hurts (or another better player, I haven’t looked at their roster) would maybe get a deal done if RW was talked into it. I’ve only suggested this as a viable trade due to the draft picks Philly has to work with very much fits the Seahawk need for more top end picks, Philly has the ammo. just need a deal worked out and get RW’s okay. You never know, it could happen although I wouldn’t bet money on it. I sure would love those high picks if possible.

        • Rob Staton

          I think the Eagles are starting a major rebuild. I’m not sure this is their plan.

        • cha

          Fletcher Cox or I’m taking my RW and going home.

  43. Sea Mode

    That’s news to me:

    Jim Nagy

    Scouts re-measured Dalman’s arm length and it was 32. Doesn’t change our opinion. Hand size matters more at center than arm length. Isn’t that right, @CoachPaulAlex?

    • JJ

      Seems like 5-6 draftable centers this year.

  44. Rob Staton

    This is very interesting and something to keep in mind:

  45. Rob Staton

    I LOVE stuff like this.

    The best coaches in the game explaining tactics:

    I would do anything to just spend a year sitting in meetings with a guy like Saban, listening and learning.

    • Hoggs41

      It humbles you a lot. Most of us in here have watched a ton of football in our lives and we think we know stuff. Spending time with a coach like this would put you in check really quick to let us know we dont know shit.

    • Ashish

      Amazing…. need to find next coach has similar mind set. I’m so surprised PC is not able to adapt within a game left alone plan the game well. PC sounds more like Saban says, I will play nickel.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s part of the issue with PC

        I get the sense his response to this would be…. ‘we’re going to play our defense’

        Not… ‘how do we adapt and game plan specifically to hammer this opponent?’

        • Matt

          Pete’s hubris is his downfall. Also, I don’t think anybody would accuse PC of being a great football
          Mind, relative to his peers.

    • cha

      I never seem to understand how this is such a revolutionary thought.

      Sometimes the smartest things you do are the simplest.

      They bring out 3 big guys? You bring out your 3 big guys.

      I swear, this is how half of the internet blogger analysis guys gain traction. Pointing out things that some coaches are so full of themselves they can’t or won’t make the obvious adjustment. Paralysis by analysis.

      • Ed

        It’s all over the NFL though. BB always games plans and takes away top offensive threats. You play GB, he will double Adams and make Packers beat you somewhere else. Most coaches play their normal scheme and get roasted by Adams and Rodgers and don’t adjust. PC included. High school ball, maybe some college I understand. Can’t have that in the pros.

  46. no frickin clue


    Any thoughts on Elijah Mitchell as a late-round RB candidate? Height and weight are in the ballpark. The competition in this highlight reel leaves a lot to be desired, but he has some burst getting through the line. Wonder what his short shuttle and 10-yard split times are like.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t studied him, apologies

    • dcd2

      Nagy just posted his numbers:

      HT 5102
      WT 201
      Hand 9 1/2
      Arm 31
      Wing 75 3/4
      40-yd 4.38/4.39🔥
      VJ 37.5👀
      BJ 10-8👀
      SS 4.19
      3C 6.94👀
      BP 17

      • no frickin clue

        yikes. faster than he seemed to me on tape. wonder if he shed some weight before pro day.

    • Sea Mode

      This guy fits our physical profile better:

      Jim Nagy

      Official results @DukeFOOTBALL pro-day Part IV:

      RB Deon Jackson (sleeper 🚨)
      HT 5110
      WT 218👀
      Hand 9 1/4
      Arm 30 1/4
      Wing 73 1/4
      40-yd 4.41/4.43👀
      VJ 36.0
      BJ 10-3
      SS 4.37
      3C 7.15
      BP 18x

      Production is so-so, around 700 yds/season and 100-250 or so receiving.

      Looked at some quick highlights. You can see the athleticism, but something about the way he moves just doesn’t seem very natural for an RB to me. Like he doesn’t have a great feel for the position. Just a first impression, though.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m hoping someone, somewhere puts together all pro-day results in a database.

        I’ve got all of the O-line numbers but none of the RB/DL/LB/CB

  47. Ben

    Feels like the quiet before the storm. Something will be happening to get under the cap.

    Wilson or Bobby restructures and we find out who’s sticking around.

    Paycut for Gabe Jackson

    Extension for Duane, Adams, or Lockett

    Trades or an unexpected cut.

    Random ideas:
    Rob, you’ve mentioned teams being less willing to part with picks for vets due to cap space, and I think that’s pretty astute. One option would be paying part of the contract of an outgoing player, pushing it to next year, and trading them. As long as Russell restructures we could likely absorb part of a cap hit for Bobby or Adams if it facilitated a better trade.

    We need to either restructure Wilson or trade him. If we keep Wilson, we have to go for it. We can’t compete with teams that are charging their credit cards, when our future with Wilson may only be this year.

    If we trade Wilson, we should tear it down, highest priced vets should get moved for picks, and we should absorb as much short term cap hit as needed to maximize returns if that’s what the market needs.

  48. SeaJ

    I think it’s a forgone conclusion that either Russ, Bobby, or Jamal won’t be on the team this year, and I’m eager/excited to find out which one of them it is. Anybody else feel the same way?

    • Rob Staton

      I am more hoping they do something rather than expect it

    • Sea Mode

      Sure feels like something is brewing, yes.

      Though I can also perfectly imagine a scenario where they extend Jamal, come out talking about how they’ll be watching highlights of him while they are waiting all the way until #56 to draft, and rave about how great it was to add Gabe Jackson and Kerry Hyder which, along with retaining the key guys from last year, they believe will put them over the top alongside a healthy Darrell Taylor… 🤷‍♂️

      • Rob Staton

        The one thing I’m clinging to is I just can’t see JS going into a draft with three picks

        If it happens I’ll happily admit I didn’t see it coming

        • dcd2

          Barring a trade for RW, I’m not seeing how they add. I think there’s almost zero chance they trade Jamal. Maybe deal Bobby, move Brooks to Mike and bring back KJ? I don’t know if I can buy that.

          I can see trading down or even trading a 2022 pick to move into the the 3/4/5th, with the idea that they will potentially recoup some stock with a RW deal.

          I’d guess that all 3 of them are with us this year and Jamal is the only one back for 2022.

    • dcd2

      Did you listen to the Pedestrian Podcast with Doug Baldwin about a week ago? It was pretty cool to hear about how he and they guys took immense pride in things like special teams and blocking (as WR’s on a run play).

      I thought it was a great interview, and really dove into how much those guys cared for each other on a personal level. How they didn’t want to let down their brothers. Feels like that is missing.

    • Sea Mode

      Matt Miller

      I’m here to get Divine Deablo more love from the scouting community.

      4.42-4.45 pro day times. ELITE tackler. Hard core special teams player. Think he can play some LB and some safety.

  49. Kip Earlywine

    On the surface, it was a very good offseason in terms of helping the team in 2021 – a huge improvement form a year ago. Losing Reed was the only move I completely hated, but it sounded like Reed wanted out and there wasn’t a lot they could do. Overall, B+ offseason so far.

    With that said, the state of the franchise is conspicuously light on long term investment, not to mention key parts of the roster are now getting disconcertingly old. It really does look like the team is planning as though 2021 is a last hurrah before trading Russ and doing another rebuild.

    At least that’s what you’d think. But Pete turns 70 this year and reportedly said he’s too old to start over. So what exactly is going on?

    • Kip Earlywine

      Maybe a 6-10 season would change Pete’s mind? It feels like it wouldn’t take a lot for him to do a 180 and start blowing the team up. It kind of feels like the Seahawks are driving a truck further and further out over a frozen lake, with no idea if the ice will break or not. And when it does, it’s over. That’s the feeling I get.

      • Rob Staton

        I think JS is ready to make some big moves, including moving RW.

        I think PC is more inclined to stand pat and keep churning.

        I’m not sure how this will play out over the next 3-4 weeks but I’m positive JS didn’t sign a new contract to be totally ignored, even if he doesn’t get his way this time.

        • Kip Earlywine

          Yeah I agree with that. Ultimately, JS answers to Pete. And with the nearly non-existent ownership structure currently, Pete effectively has power on par with Jerry Jones. I think the “hamster wheel” aspect of the team right now is driven by Pete.

      • Peter

        Like the analogy.

        People talk of Pete being too old to rebuild but I truly get tge sense that he might be forced to in two years regardless. As you stated with no real long term planning plus minimal depth, and plus minimal picks this year. There’s a very real sense that Duane Brown will be gone. Carson could be done in two years. Who knows how good Wagner will still be. The best player on tge Dline is 32.

        What can Seattle really hang its hat on looking forward? A monster receiver and a QB in semi Flux every year? You and I have been commenting here back when Seattle had no identity post Mora. I honestly have no idea what this current team is anymore and what it is supposed to be moving ahead

        • dcd2

          I honestly have no idea what this current team is anymore and what it is supposed to be moving ahead

          I don’t think they know either.

          • BobbyK

            Absolutely. As a fan, it’s frustrating to witness because we’re invested in the team, too.

        • Ryan

          Well, if you don’t draft well, and you piss off your franchise quarterback, you will pretty soon have to rebuild whether you want to or not.

    • cha

      With that said, the state of the franchise is conspicuously light on long term investment, not to mention key parts of the roster are now getting disconcertingly old.

      It’s entirely possible there are team orders in place not to build up major long-term debt since the ownership group is in flux and will change in the near future.

      • TomLPDX

        Cha, you are the first one to really address what I have been thinking for a while now. Minimize long-term commitments (which translates into money held aside in escrow) and doing short-term deals. Get rid of the large overhead that can affect the price of a team (in the short-term), minimizing the cost to transfer ownership.

        • Big Mike

          Any chance that would mean no long term deal for Adams? I can certainly hope.

          • TomLPDX

            Yeah, we can only hope.

    • SeattleLifer

      I can’t pull the trigger on calling this off-season ‘very good’. For me in order to label it as such we needed to go above and beyond to make up for the past: poor drafting, poor trading where it counts with higher picks and poor free agency. Was this time around a little better? Probably, but a bit better is’nt getting us closer to a Superbowl and it has’nt brought in any draft picks so far.

      As it stands we are behind on the cap with grim draft capitol and we’ve again signed a bunch of average type vets, some meh in house guys and some guys that need to be better than they have shown in past years. Now i’m not saying we’ve done terrible this off-season, we’ve made some solid additions/re-ups and all but i just can’t see calling this off-season so far any kind of significant success towards getting us to a Superbowl.

      Gabe Jackson – an improvement? Yes but just about anyone would be and he has shown to be in decline, was the 40th ranked guard earning close to 10 million(hence why he was let go) and we had to give up a precious draft pick for him – so maybe not some great deal and huge improvement when you look at the totality of it all. Witherspoon – a former third round pick who underwhelmed with his last team – probably a slight downgrade. Pocic? – yikes, that’s my opinion on him. Carson – I think they knew he was their only option free agency or draft wise. People love having him back and his new contract but I wonder what he would’ve gotten had we not payed him what we did and i struggle to see his performance last season as anything special and that was with the team babying him heavily. So we got the same there – an injury prone RB who if you are truthful did’nt provide what we needed out of him last year. Hyder – probably a good pickup per the price point paid but as has been stated before he has’nt been looked at as a true difference maker and his contract obviously reflects it, so no significant upgrade action there. Simmons – another backup in house type that has’nt proved a thing(except in his case that he gets injured easily). Everett – probably our best signing, a young upside pickup for a pretty fair price – except it’s just a one year deal, kinda lame on that front but he is a bonfide upgrade. Woods – a DT who did’nt play the year before and is 34 years of age making 3 million who has zero ability to rush the passer. He’s supposed to be a part of replacing Reed? Yeah no upgrade there – backwards. Dunlap – a solid signing for a guy who really helped last year but he is getting older and given that a) his old team had started phasing him and he did’nt get the big contract he was looking for in free agency this year. He was certainly needed but time will tell if he can continue to produce for a couple more years like he did last half season, a needed get but again comes with a bit of the caveat that he could decline due to age.

      Losing Reed was another case of malpractice on John’s part. Giving a guy waaaay too much on a two year contract because you could’nt risk him hitting free agency last go around and once the ugliness of the contract showed up this year(when we desperately needed cap $) we were forced to let him go for nothing all the while eating 5 million in dead cap. Terrible contract negotiating, terrible roster management.

      So while the jury is still definitely out (I fully believe Pete wants Russ out) so far i would be very hard pressed to consider this off-season any kind of big victory so far.

      • dcd2

        It’s almost like they had very little money and a great many holes.

        What did you want them to do? I see comments like this looking at all of the downside in each signing and wonder what would have made you happy? Who did we miss out on, or screw up in bringing back, or overpay in your eyes?

        The big name guys were well out of our price range. Zeitler took less money to play elsewhere. Carson and Dunlap were literally the best guys out there that we could get. People were mad about releasing Dunlap, and now we have him for an extra year at almost the same price. We got Dunlap, Hyder, Mayowa and Carson for the price that Dunlap would have cost.

        If KJ or Bruce signs, with someone else for about $4M/year we’ll also get a 3rd or 4th rounder for Shaq.

        The Reed situation was a mess, no doubt about that. That was their one big blunder of the off-season in my mind. I am more in the boat of Kip above. I’d say B+, considering how little they had to work with.

        • SeattleLifer

          Well this was’nt about what makes me happy – if it was it would have been very simple : get a new head coach and gm.

          On to what I actually was writing about, a truthful perspective on what we’ve done so far in free agency. You actually hit on some of the truth – we had little money and many holes, one has to at least add horrific draft capitol to that as well. So to answer your question of ‘what did i want them to do?’ I’d want them to be willing to get out of their normal operating habits to do whatever it takes to make a real difference to improve the roster and to ensure we have some draft capitol so we don’t end up with yet another gap year where we end up with very little good cheap talent on rookie contracts(and/or few if any true consistent big impact players).

          For starters trade assets to get back into the draft(most notable Jamal Adams), next manufacture some money to be able to get more true difference makers in free agency than what we’ve actually picked up on the by and large cheap so far(restructuring, extensions, demanding a paycut from or trading Bobby Wagner) and just say no to below average/mediocrity/injury histories/aged/over-priced/diminishing talents etc’s like Pocic’s and Simmon’s and Wood’s and Witherspoon’s and more because this team needs real difference makers with upside to do anything more than hope to scrape into the playoffs, especially with Russ starting to slow and show some wear and tear.

          I don’t see any problem with speaking out for more from a franchise that has been heading the wrong way for a while (to the point where it’s future hall of fame QB wants to leave i might add). Pete and John are piling mistake upon mistake these days just trying to keep the boat from sinking into mediocrity with holes all over the place – the problem is they keep steering straight into the rocks time and again! I’m not going to stand pat and watch them try to duct tape it all knowing major work needs to be done and just say hey they did a bit better than last season’s horror show of an off-season so things are great😀. This offseason needed to be above and beyond to make headway to correct the on field talent drain that has been going on for years and all they’ve really done is do a bit of a better job of doing things in the same old ways and to me it’s not enough and without addressing the lack of draft picks they are also ensuring a worse future as well. Not good enough. And frankly even with what they have done it’s not near enough – they need a LB still, a third WR(if not a fourth) another CB, a real center, a backup/future LT, a pass rushing DT and perhaps another true pass rushing DE. They needed to do whatever needed to be done to be able to address these other holes at the very least if they were’nt ever going to pick up any true difference makers anywhere.

        • dcd2

          I appreciate the response, and am going to work down your post from top to bottom.

          Get out of normal operating habits and land difference makers

          Have you ever seen John giving out contracts with void years on them? They are spreading the cap hits for every new signing that isn’t a one year deal.

          We are one of 32 teams competing for these FA’s. We couldn’t offer many of them ‘the most’ money, and in the case of Zeitler, he actually took less to play elsewhere. I don’t like it, but I don’t hold it against JS.

          What difference maker(s) specifically would you bang the table for? Thuney, Lindsley, Hunter Henry, Leonard Williams, Golladay? Any one of these guys would have used over half of our FA budget, and left us with five extra holes to fill (TE, CB, DE x2, G)

          I absolutely agree with you, that PCJS made a complete mess of last year. They actually had the money to get some really good players and didn’t. I don’t know if they were worried about COVID and thought it was better to have a bunch of average players instead of a few good ones, because they expected 10 guys per week on the COVID IR… Regardless, they squandered all of their money, got no cap carry-forward and somehow made the talent level fall. This outcome (2022 FA & Draft) was borne of that ineptitude.

          Trade Jamal for picks and demand Bobby take a pay cut or trade him

          I would argue that trading for Jamal was the worst move of last year. They screwed up FA, got desperate, ruined the 2022 draft, and set themselves up to be paying top of the market to a safety. I would also argue that he is exactly what you are clamoring for. He’s 25 years old, he’s one of the best in the NFL at his position and when he’s healthy, he is truly one of the only difference makers on our defense.

          I really can’t see them trading Jamal. Pete will want to see how he can work him into the defense more effectively. We used him as a blitzer last year because we couldn’t get any pressure with 4. With Hyder/Mayowa/Dunlap and anything else we can get out of the DL, I don’t think they’ll use him like last year. They need to make a call on him by about week 8. Pete will give him every chance to succeed up until the trade deadline (assuming he doesn’t hold out).

          Wags wouldn’t fetch much in a trade and creates another glaring hole at LB. You’d be trading a difference maker (aging and expensive) for a 3rd round lottery ticket. If Barton had shown anything to date besides special teams value, I think it would be more likely. Demanding a pay cut could lead to a Jarran Reed situation, where we lose him for nothing.

          Say not to below-average/mediocre/aged/over-priced…

          Pocic, as Rob has mentioned, is a draft hedge. He’s $1M cut or a cheap option if things don’t go our way. You can’t go into the draft with no center. I’ll put some faith in Witherspoon. They ID’d Reed last year and he worked out pretty well. Again, we needed a warm body at CB and he’s: young, a former 3rd rounder and 75% cheaper than Shaq.

          For DT, I honestly don’t think Pete really cares about the position. If it’s an amazing Calais Campbell, Aaron Donald talent, sure. Last year we went into the season (not FA, not the draft) with 3 DT’s. Poona, Reed and Mone. That’s it. They signed PJ something just before and gave Snack Harrison a cup of coffee before he left town. I hate to lose Reed for nothing, but they instantly went out and got Dunlap and Woods. That’s a nice quick pivot to me, and probably makes us a better DL than Reed and Green.

          Even with what they’ve done it’s not enough. Holes at LB, WR3, C, LT…

          It would have been much worse if we’d have signed Thuney or Linsley. The best way to free up more cap would be to extend Russ, and they appear to be doing all they can to NOT go down that road.

          I get where you’re coming from. We all want them to ‘fix this thing’. Again, I think this is the fallout from butchering last off-season. With no cap space and no picks, it wasn’t getting truly ‘fixed’ this year. For what they had to work with, I’ve been happy with what they’ve done. I respect if you disagree.

  50. Rob Staton

    Kellen Mond is really good.

    Just thought I’d say it again.

    • Rob4q

      Since Mond has been compared some to Kaepernick, how did you feel about Kaep when he was a prospect going through the draft process? I seem to remember some really liked him and others though he would be a massive bust…

      • Rob Staton

        Liked him. Mocked him to Seattle

        • MyChestIsBeastMode

          I remember that. The 9ers always seemed to pluck guys you identified as targets for the Hawks.

    • Ryan

      Pro Day tomorrow if I remember right.

    • TomLPDX

      Yep, he is…and has a lot of upside. Saw a comment earlier from someone that said Mond was not accurate…that, my friend, is NOT an accurate assessment! The man has a tremendous upside given the correct coaching and environment!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’m not very familiar with the TAMU roster but other than Ainias Smith, do they have any decent WRs?

      My point being, it’s not like he was throwing to the likes of Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle.

      I like his arm. Plenty of zip, nice touch. Just needs to work on his timing. He’s eager enough to run, and good enough at it, to keep LBs and safeties honest if he gets moved and has to extend a play. And he looks pretty athletic. Second only to Fields in this class.

      • Rob Staton

        He had no draft worthy WR during his time at Texas A&M

  51. dcd2

    Good news – bad news for Chris Rumph. Has the length and was heavier than expected – but didn’t do any of the drills due to a hammy.

    Maybe this scoots him down boards and he’s an option on day 3.

  52. Sea Mode

    Finally, an update from Pete!

    • dcd2

      That second reply 😆

      Replying to

      Trade Wilson for a crap ton of picks and build the defence like ‘13

    • Big Mike

      Too bad someone didn’t say, “trade Jamal”.

  53. Zachary Williams

    Hi Rob,

    Want to say greatly appreciate the content and your perspective. This arguably has been one of the most jarring off-seasons as a fan and while I think its fair to say you are one of the most “critical” voices of Seahawks media, no one can fault you on your honesty. It’s refreshing and in my opinion, something fans should be grateful for; at the end of the day I think you channel the most difficult conversations that any fan would have arguments with their best buds over… So with that, I apologize that there has been backlash and I hope you continue to push the narrative that it’s important to have these critical conversations…

    In the spirit of critical conversations, I am hoping you will give this a read and see if I can convince you on some topics that you’ve brought up in the past. I’ll try not to regurgitate your own articles back to you, but I guess I’m curious to see what you think.

    So we start with the questions you posed in your article below:

    Are they capable of advancing on the last four years, where they only have one playoff win?

    I’d like to focus with the first one as I feel this comment will be as long as your article!

    Are they capable of advancing on the last four years, where they only have one playoff win?
    It’s a question that I think is very difficult because every year the Seahawks have the potential or capability of advancing in the playoffs. That’s the nature of this team in all honesty, they are so rarely out of any game that projecting consistent playoff success feels like a given– and yet they’ve won 1 playoff game in 4 years so what gives? I think if you are Pete and John it may be important to remind yourself that even with the LOB and the best defensive in our generation, you still made it to the Superbowl on an incredible tip drill, and a god-delivered OT miracle. Even at your height, you were inches from fate being reversed. I say this just to keep things in perspective.

    If the Seahawks are going to return to glory I think this offseason has played out as well as you can genuinely hope for. They are so much deeper at the defensive line position, the crux of the 2013-2014 team. Losing Reed wasn’t ideal, but this team is better at the position overall. Al Woods, Mone, and Ford will be able to fill the gap in Reed’s play with the potential of elevating it. Dunlap, Hyder, and Mayowa are certainly not as scary as the 49ers, but I have no doubt that they can maintain/build on their sack rate from last year. This group can rush with four which ultimately is the biggest difference– a significant difference. Can we agree that this is the deepest we’ve been in the past 4 years?

    Carson signing is such an underrated move and another indication of playoff sucess. If Pete wants a team that completes the circle of toughness, Carson is the only back that can deliver this philosophy. I stood rows away from the return of Beastmode and being 1 yard short of winning the division. I’ve heard Pete enough times to know that he firmly believes had Carson and Penny been available in 2019 not only do the playoffs go through Seattle, but maybe a championship game as well. I will shout it from the rooftops, this team is successful when they are balanced! Can Penny be unleashed in Waldron’s scheme? Can Carson stay relatively healthy? I agree this position is a glass vase–but one of those really fancy glass vases found in the Tacoma Art Museum. Oh so pretty, oh so fragile. If you can unleash Penny and maintain Carson’s health, I think playoff success is that much more feasible.

    And to my last point, I think we must pay attention to Waldron and his scheme. At the end of the day with or without Wilson, I think it’s this scheme that will predicate how far this team goes. I have faith in the defense being a top 15 group. I think that’s fair. I want to have faith that this offense is a top 3 group…With Wilson. They have the firepower and drafting a WR3 will be cement this. The question– to Wilson’s point– is how can they ensure they are creative, high tempo, and dictate the game as drivers instead of passengers. There line is improved with quality depth behind it. They have three tight ends who have yet to be unleashed, but have flashed. Waldron has been praised endlessly by Mcvay (something that I hope makes the blog) and I think will be a breath of fresh air. The scheme is built on misdirection, running the ball, and play-action passes–All strengths of Wilson. I don’t mean to bury the lead, but this team is better simply by being less of a vanilla offense and adapting to the creativity of the NFL. I don’t see why the Seahawks can’t put this to use and win doing it.

    In summary, this team are positioned to advance further in the playoffs because they can rush with four, have faith in what could be a lethal RB pair (recognizing this may be the team’s Achilles Heel), and are going to be offensively more dynamic. Again, been a huge fan and felt it time to engage in the community.

    • Tomas

      Waldron may be great, but he’s never called plays. The Lions passed over Waldron to hire Bevell as OC – in fairness, the Lions make lots of misjudgments, that may have been another example. My biggest concern with Waldron is that he’ll be limited by Pete’s inevitable (?) interference, with the result being a compromised, weakened version of Waldron’s scheme hitting the field. Hope I’m wrong Zachary, and that your optimism on all points proves out.

    • Sea Mode

      Not Rob, but if I may:

      Al Woods, Mone, and Ford will be able to fill the gap in Reed’s play with the potential of elevating it.

      We had Ford starting last year, so I’ll call that status quo even though he might have to take on more snaps and could become less effective.

      But I don’t see how you can just affirm seemingly out of the blue that Woods, who has 2 sacks over the last 5 years and Mone, who has 0.5 sacks in two seasons, somehow might be able to “elevate” over Reed’s play, who had 6.5 sacks last year (and might have gotten close to 10 again had there been any edge rush at all during the first 7 games of the season).

      Can they help stuff the run up the middle? Sure. Will they be as effective in pursuit to the sideline or rushing the QB up the middle. Highly, highly unlikely.

      I’m hoping Geno Atkins might be healthy and willing to rejoin forces with Dunlap. Or, if we make a trade and recoup some picks, then we can look to draft a DT.

      • Zachary Williams

        Hey Seamode,

        Yes, you are absolutely right that we cannot expect Woods, Mone, and Ford to fulfill Reed’s sack production (although I’d be careful about Ford to be honest). My main point is that when it comes to Reed’s production and responsibilities as a DT, I don’t see why we can’t expect similar work from a combination of the three i.e. maintaining gap control, defending the run, pushing the pocket, etc. These attributes are already strengths of Woods, Mone, and Ford (who has the highest upside on passing downs). I am sad to see Reed go, but I also feel far less worried about replacing his production given our current depth.

        Now when it comes to replacing Reed’s sack production I would look more towards Hyder, Carlos, and Mayowa. Even Collier is a person who may be tapped to rotate as an interior pass rusher and is someone I think you can expect to build on his 2020 season (Huard has already suggested just that). In general, they have the players to make up for Reeds sacks and then some!

        All in all, I believe that the line has improved in quality and quantity arguably to levels of 2013/2014 where you could rush with four and rely on multiple guys in a healthy rotation. No, they aren’t Cliff and Bennet… But they are talented, hungry, and have proven last year that they have a great deal of untapped potential.

        When it comes to Ford may I ask why you feel he will be less effective with more opportunities? I don’t think the Seahawks make his 2 year deal unless they feel confident that he will continue to develop as a solid addition to the defensive line (otherwise why not let him test the market or tender him?). I believe there is a lot to like with Ford’s interior presence…do you disagree?

        I would be very intrigued to see Geno join the squad after the draft. I wouldn’t put anything past John at this point, but I feel they’d continue with the roster of players they have over adding another 30+ interior pass rusher. I would applaud the move if it happened, I just find it unlikely.

        • Sea Mode

          I like Ford as much as the next guy and am glad they gave him a deal, just that once a DL starts playing over a certain percentage of snaps, he risks becoming fatigued and therefore less effective, especially later in games. He will also be lined up next to a lesser player on the inside, so who knows how that might affect his opportunities as well.

          That said, IMO this line is NOWHERE near 2013-14 levels, neither individually nor collectively. Basically, we retained the status quo from last season, downgrading Reed for Woods, and added Hyder. While I think the Hyder signing was solid, especially at the low price he came at, I don’t see the edge rush all the sudden becoming scary or anything with his addition. (would love to be wrong, of course!)

          As for Collier or Green taking a big step forward in development, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  54. mac

    Personally, I think Sam Darnold isn’t worth a 2nd round pick. I don’t believe he has what it takes between the ears to make it in the nfl.

    I would be much happier in drafting a qb or addressing it via trading for someone else.

    The Seahawks will get bailed out with a schedule that will look tougher than it will end up being, make the playoffs and lose. Pete will talk about how it feels like 2012 and if our guys could’ve gotten back in time, we could’ve made a run at it.

    End of season prediction:
    Seahawks 10
    Giants 27

    • Tomas

      Mac, agree with your low assessment of Darnold. His penchant for throwing interceptions could be dangerous to Pete’s mental and physical health.

      • BobbyK

        It’s tough when you’re playing for a horrible team playing from behind most of the time and you don’t have any legit weapons to throw to.

        If Darnold was a Seahawk, both DK and Lockett would each be the best receiver he’s ever thrown to. I have a feeling he’d look quite a bit better than he has.

        • Tomas

          Sam threw quite a few at mighty USC, as well. Minshew played for a lousy Jaguars team and had a 37/11 TD/INT ratio. I just don’t trust Darnold, but agree he couldn’t have been in a worse situation than NY.

  55. TomLPDX

    Good lord! I started reading this article this morning around 9am…there were already 85 comments. Once I finished reading the article, there were 135 comments. Now there are 220 and growing and I finally hit the end! We are diehard fans! GO HAWKS!

    (it was hard but I refrained from commenting through my read of the thread, although I could have said multiple colorful comments throughout! I know I’m not the only one who has dealt with this phenomenon!)

    • Paul Cook


  56. Sea Mode


  57. BobbyK

    How pathetic is it to trade your franchise QB and still go into the 2022 draft with only a total of one pick in the first round?

    Mismanagement 101
    Presented by “Screw Forever” Pete Carroll

    • Cortez Kennedy

      About as pathetic as trading almost as much for a glorified linebacker who doesn’t fit your defense as a team’s “all in offer you cannot refuse” for your for your franchise future HoF quarterback.

      • BobbyK

        Too true.

    • Ryan

      To acquire a Top-3 quarterback on a rookie deal, SF paid:
      R1 pick, R1 pick, R1 pick, R3 pick

      To acquire a strong safety with 3 years of his rookie deal already used, SEA paid:
      R1 pick, R1 pick, R3 pick, Bradley McDougald

      Pete was desperate.

      • Jordan E

        I think we overpaid for Adams but pickz in the 20+s not comparable at all to a top 5 pick.

        • Rob Staton

          But the Seahawks didn’t acquire a top five pick

          They acquired a player expecting $18-20m a year at a non premium position.

          • Big Mike


          • AlaskaHawk

            Sometimes I think Pete Carroll is subconsciously sabotaging the Seahawks. How else could you end up with no first round pick for two years, or only three draft picks this year? Dark thoughts indeed!

  58. Jleau

    Really nice article, and I very much appreciate the blog. May not always agree, but your positions are always well thought out.
    I think you may be selling management short here. They’ve done much better than adequate. Not saying we’ve taken a big step forward, but they have given themselves options. Russ hasn’t been extended so it certainly seems everything is on the table heading towards the draft. My sense is they will pick the path that provides the best chance of success over the next 4 years. Trade or not is impossible to predict. One that I can’t look past is the harsh reality that both QB and team are in. The best chance at a SB for both is probably apart. Management whiffed on a lot of decisions and the window with Russ is closed.

    If the right deal doesn’t materialize, management has a shot for things to fall just right. Probably not, but then again hardly anyone was backing Tampa at the start of the playoffs.

  59. Jeffers

    Something I’ve noticed recently is that whenever anyone mentions the Jamal Adams trade they only talk about the two firsts and the 3rd, rarely mention McDougald, and basically never mention the 4th round pick we got back. Are people basically considering it two separate trades with us giving up the two 1sts and a 3rd for Adams and them trading a 4th for McDougald?

    • CaptainJack

      No. It’s just really easy to forget McDougald. If we had cut him in favor of Ryan Neal I wouldn’t have minded.

      • GoHawksDani

        McDougald was better for the Hawks than Adams. He was actually playing at a pretty high level

        • Big Mike

          He was better within the structure of Seattle’s D. He’s not a better player within that structure than Adams would be in the proper scheme for another team (like he was with the Jets).

  60. Cortez Kennedy

    If they trade Wilson, even if it truly is a “deal they cannot refuse” I just have no faith in Pete Carroll not wasting the newly acquired draft capital and future cap space.

    Basically, at this point, I’m very interested in what John Schneider would do as the man after hiring his coach (with input from Wilson). Obviously, that ship has sailed for 2021 and was never an option with the current ownership situation.

    So I’m treading water along with the Hawks regardless of the direction.

    • Jordan E

      Exactly :/

    • Big Mike

      I hope you don’t drown cuz I got a feeling you’ll be treading for a long time.

  61. BobbyK

    I hope the Seahawks sign Duane Brown to an extension. Left tackle is a position some greats can play at a high level close to their 40s. Jason Peters is winding down but he’s also 39 years old. Andrew Whitworth is still playing at a high level and he’s almost 40 as well. I see no reason to try to extend Brown by a couple years. Granted, injury happens to older players more often but I think Brown has some good years left in the tank (if he chooses to continue playing).

    • TomLPDX

      Duane is the last, remaining BAMF on this team. Live forever, Duane!

      • BobbyK

        I think Wagz is a BAMF too. He’s just overpaid vs. his production. Hopefully Alan or whoever dresses Adams to be a BAMF can actually produce it for what was wasted on him – but he’s more of a pretty boy supposed BAMF.

        Poona is close to a BAMF. Damien Lewis has potential. DK physically gets after DBs. Dissly is a good blocker. Carson is a BAMF for a few games per year before he’s hurt.

        Used to be a lot of BAMFs on the roster, not they’re sprinkled in few and far between.

        • Denver Hawker

          I might be the contrarian of the group, but I don’t see any BAMFs on this team really. There are good players and they play hard/smart, but none have the attitude or strike fear in the opponent. DK is on his way for sure. I actually think DJ Reed could be one too down the road.

          I’ll take it further to say Russ’ “be in neutral” style has neutered the BAMF potential. There seems to be much more business like approach, do your job style of play on both sides. I think a part of the BAMFs of yore was a creativity and freestyle- we don’t really see that anymore either. Guys are just about trying to execute the play, not really elevate it. No nastiness either, lots of nice guys.

          Could just be a league wide thing though too- younger generation gone soft.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think any of these guys are BAMF’s

          Players need to be scary to be a BAMF

          Kam, Marshawn scared people

          Browner was a BAMF

    • dcd2

      I agree that Duane makes sense to extend, but he may not want to commit. With the current state of affairs and not knowing where things are headed, he might just prefer to wait and see what shakes out.

  62. HOUSE


    What are your thoughts on Orlando Brown? I know he was granted the ability to seek a trade and apparently 6 teams were interested. I bring him up because I could potentially see Jamal Adams fitting the scheme in BAL.

    I was sitting here earlier thinking about trade compensation…
    Jamal Adams & Brandon Shell for Orlando Brown, 2nd rd pick (58) and maybe a 4th or 5th rd pick

    BAL: Gets a SS that fits their scheme, provides additional pass rush ability. They also get a serviceable Brandon Shell to replace Orlando Brown (a guy they know they won’t be able to retain as he desires to play LT).

    SEA: The Hawks get to walk away from Jamal Adams and doesn’t have to deal with the headache of dealing contract with him. Marquise Blair, who we used a 2nd rd pick in 2019 on, get the opportunity to start and we get to truly evaluate him. Orlando Brown could start at RT (with the promise of moving to LT at some point). We’d also get some draft capital back.


    • Scot04

      House. reply below meant for you in regards to Brown trade.
      Rob mentioned Baltimore as a possible trade partner for Adams awhile ago.
      I got excited when Orlando being possibility available came out and proposed similar

    • mac

      I’d like that trade but I wouldn’t see the Seahawks getting a pick out of it. Getting a decent tackle is a of greater significance than getting a good safety.

      • Scot04

        Most I’ve heard is a 1st for Orlando. I based my trade on that. Estimating Adams at a 1st & 3rd.
        So Adams for Orlando and a 3rd. Honestly though I would do it straight as well.
        Likely take 5yrs at 17-18M per year for extension and Trade. Seahawks hate anything over 3years. But It upgrades 2021 RT and fills longterm need at LT.
        Makes too much sense, so won’t happen.

    • Lewis

      The best part is that Jeff Triplette is retired

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks need picks, not another expensive unknown. Brown is a good RT but I’m not confident at all he is worth huge money to play LT

  63. Scot04

    I proposed a Orlando Brown and a 2021 3rd for Adams.
    If Shell included pick upgraded to a 2nd.
    Contingent on extension and him playing RT for 2021.
    I forgot where it was but Rob did say comment.
    I think the main thing is we’d be doing what Robs been saying. Relocating money to the trenches.
    So in my opinion it’s been a good idea since they said he was possibly available.

    • HOUSE

      Thanks. I must’ve missed it. I’m here in Newnan, GA and we just got hit with a NASTY tornado on Friday. Trying to get some decompress time and jumped on this article

      • Scot04

        Sorry to hear about being there with the tornado. Hope you and all your family are ok.
        Plenty of good write ups and podcasts you missed you’ll be able to catch up on though.
        So atleast you have a little something to take the mind off from the day to day.

  64. cha

    Chris Simms: Mac Jones to Niners makes sense to me

    “Mac Jones is NFL ready right now”

  65. Sea Mode


  66. Rob Staton

    Schefter re-tweeting a Matt Miller tweet about how many players he has in his ‘top-300’.

    1. Don’t have a top-300. It’s absolutely meaningless.

    2. What has Matt Miller ever done, seriously, in the last 15 years to warrant being on ESPN? Which player has he been ahead of the curve on? What piece of insight has he provided on the draft? Or insider knowledge? I can’t think of anything.

    3. The one thing he’s probably best known for is saying Russell Wilson was one of the worst picks in the draft in 2012.

    For someone like Miller to get the platform he does and someone like Tony Pauline to not get that platform is absolutely stunning to me.

    • Trevor

      Sadly most often it is who you know not what you know.

      • Big Mike

        And how good you look on camera.
        ESPN is a joke now anyway. I despise them and their running college football (and they do). Never watch the network at all unless it’s a game broadcast. I mean really, this is the network that went all in on Stephen A. to make him their big star. Says it all doesn’t it?
        As for the draft, I’ll watch NFLN because even though they miss Mayock, anything to not give ESPN my ratings is choice #1.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure Matt Miller looks any better on camera than Tony Pauline to be fair…

        • Roy Batty

          ESPN promotes their people more than the actual sports they cover. When they focus half their crap on Steven A’s hot takes, you know its all down hill.

        • Bigsteviej

          The biggest news for me here is that ESPN is still on the air. Who knew?

  67. Gary

    We all agree the Hawks desperately need a WR3. But do they even know what they have in John Ursua? The Hawks wanted him so badly that they gave away a 2020 6th rounder to move back into the 7th round of the 2019 draft (when an hour later they could have had him for nothing as a UDFA), then he doesn’t even see the field and gets 11 snaps (!) in two years. Another total waste of an asset and a careless disregard for the value of future draft picks if you have no intention of even trying the guy and hardly a fair opportunity to show what he might be able to do. He just turned 27 and it’s way past time to see what they have in him. What if the answer to WR3 is right there on your practice squad? It as least behooves them to find out.

    • Big Mike

      Well said. I know it was preseason but he sure looked good playing those games.

    • GerryG

      Two years spent with the team, no other team wanted to draft him, he was on the PS so any other team could have stole him to roster, I think its pretty clear he’s not the answer

  68. Rob Staton

    Two moans for the day…

    1. Overall athleticism doesn’t matter. I keep seeing these tweets about a players overall athletic score. It’s about very specific traits and testing number for individual positions.

    2. I am so bored of seeing people desperately try to argue why Lance/Fields will ‘definitely’ be the pick and not Mac Jones. Clearly these people haven’t actually studied Lance or Fields. But then most people who pontificate about the draft clearly don’t watch enough tape to justify having a strong opinion.

    • Denver Hawker

      Mark Schlereth is very vocal in agreement with #1. He laughs about guys winning the weight room when it’s about production on the field. I think a lot of regular Joe’s believe a superior athlete can just be taught to play the position, which really is insulting to players that have spent years honing a craft and getting it done.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s not really the point I’m making though. It’s about knowing which tests are important for which position — not an overall ‘athletic’ score

        • Ed

          Come on Rob, everyone knows it’s about how you look in shorts, not in pads. Ha ha. Simms and even Riddick when I watch ESPN (hardly ever), talk about game tape. That’s pretty much all. Others talk speed, cone, how far and how strong the arm is, and trump game tape. That’s why so many continually draft so poorly. Scheme and fit play a part too, but man, so many practice like Tarzan play like Jane.

          You really should start a draft only blog. Go back 10 years (or wherever you feel most comfortable) and stack your history of player evaluations compared to the Kiper, etc…. and just put it all over the web. Eventually maybe you get some serious tread and can take the place of some of these hacks.

    • cha

      Can I get in on this?

      1.No, the Bears didn’t make a ‘terrific offer’ for Russell Wilson. Three first round picks and two starters. It’s been revealed by more than once source that Kyle Fuller was one of the players, who was cut. And by the way, “starters” is a way to mark up those players tremendously while hiding their identities. Ethan Pocic and Tre Flowers could be styled “starters.” What is their trade value?

      2.Please stop with the talk about the 2021 DL being anywhere near the 2013 DL. Just stop. Kerry Hyder is not Michael Bennett. They don’t have a Brandon Mebane, after letting Reed walk. They have no one with Chris Clemons’ snarl. Mone and Woods cannot match the beef of Red Bryant, McDaniel and McDonald. Although, they do have a rising superstar in Cedric Lattimore. I wish Corbin Smith would wake up and talk about this guy some more.

      3.The ‘genius’ of JS in converting 4 2019 picks into 11 selections was greatly assisted by trading Frank Clark for 29 and then trading down from 21 three times. Quit telling us that it’s no problem that they only have three picks because the Seahawks will supposedly walk away with 6 or more picks. The Seahawks have neither their native first round pick or somebody else’s to work with, and they badly need young cheap talent. Unless they want to sell out their entire 2022 draft class, of which they’ve already blown their first round pick, they’re going to have to ship out a popular player to get more picks. That’s just the reality of the situation.

      • Rob Staton

        Yes, Yes, YES

      • Sea Mode

        Tried to politely shut down #2 in the comments above…

        #3: something’s gotta give…

      • Trevor

        Awesome post cha!

        • Big Mike

          Indeed. This is how it is no matter what people want it to be or not to be.

      • Roy Batty

        The FG’s article on why Adams is a great get and why he is so cheap is mind boggling.

        • Rob Staton

          FG tho…

        • cha

          I’ll say it again…

          Seahawks had their $17m MLB and/or their $10m SAM blitzing to draw A gap protection to get your 2 first round picks strong safety open looks at the QB.

          That is the very antithesis of cheap.

          That’s like buying a Ferrari to drive to the grocery store for milk.

          • Rob Staton


            • cha

              I have an Accounting degree as well.

              Cash flow is a bogus argument. It’s very important when your revenue is variable. A very very large chunk of the NFL’s revenue is not variable – it is fixed.

              And furthermore, the Allens/Vulcan are one of the wealthiest ownership groups in the NFL. Keeping their franchise flush is and never will be an issue.

              Arguing that Adams gives you better cash flow than McDougald and 2 first round picks is like arguing that it’s better to have a full belly of filet mignon today and you’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow than it is to have groceries for the next month.

              • Rob Staton


  69. Sea Mode

    Looks like he might have a little more dawg in him than Obi did:

  70. Sea Mode

    Agility is nothing to write home about, but otherwise hits all the marks. Perfect frame to add 10-15 more lbs. (I read he played at just 274 lbs. in 2019!)

    Jim Nagy

    Official results from @ECUPiratesFB pro-day:

    OL D’Ante Smith
    HT 6053
    WT 305
    Hand 9 7/8
    Arm 35
    Wing 85👀
    40-Yd 5.29/5.32 (NFL scout ⏱)
    VJ 29.0
    BJ 9-5👀
    SS 4.81
    3C 7.96
    BP 24x

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t focus on agility.

      Just the explosive traits and the length. Good broad, would’ve hoped for more in the vertical and bench. But the broad is really good.

      • Sea Mode

        Correct. And that broad carried his score to close enough to the mark it needs to be at.

        He’s a big, loooong guy, so I’d be willing to give him a little boost on the bench reps as well. And the best thing about that weight, which will certainly keep climbing in the pros, is that there is no bad weight at all on him. That’s the way you want to see someone build themselves up.

  71. Sea Mode

    Not really a fit for WR in Seattle, but I can appreciate the chiseled physique!

    Nagy says he’s always smiling and has “unreal energy”.

  72. Rob Staton

    Jayson Oweh is pretty much everything look for in a LEO:

    • Sea Mode

      On paper, absolutely perfect.

    • CaptainJack

      Really glad to have an often injured 5’11 strong safety who runs a 4.5 40 and only has two career interceptions instead of a first round pick this year

      • Big Mike

        53rd ranked!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I came to this realization recently as well.

  73. Sea Mode

    Article’s not really worth the read, but here are two tidbits that are interesting:

    KJ would like 2 yrs.

    The two sides have been talking for the last few days, sources tell us. Specific dollars have not been discussed.

    The number of years that the long-time Seattle Seahawks standout might want has been discussed. His side came to the table thinking about a two-year deal; Dallas’ initial thinking was for one year.

    KJ shares agents with Dak:

    Are the Cowboys exhausted from their Dak Prescott-related wrestling with [Todd] France, so much so that they’ll pass on too much more wrestling? Or is COO Stephen Jones and his staff so comfortable with France after two-and-a-half years of interaction that they can eventually get on the same page again?

    What do you all think? Worth it to bring him back if it has to be 2 yrs to get it done or should we just go younger?

    • cha

      No, unless the 2nd year is totally non-guaranteed and a very team-friendly number.

      Even then, I’d focus on getting a third CB, a third WR, and another interior DL (Atkins?) first.

    • dcd2

      If he signs a decent deal (>$4M) we get the comp pick for Shaq. That should be a 3rd or 4th.

      I think he’s gone and we are done in FA until after the comp pick window closes.

  74. Sea Mode

    Albert Breer
    · 10m

    Ohio State QB Justin Fields just clocked a 4.44 40-yard dash, per the watch of one scout on the ground in Columbus.

    A second scout there had Ohio State QB Justin Fields at 4.43. That’s BLAZING fast for a quarterback his size.

    • Roy Batty

      So he’s extra fast when he bails too early on a play.

      Those times will temp some team, though.

  75. cha

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn
    Replying to
    Dunbar wrote in response to a comment about the seahawks that the two sides have had “good talks” and “they want me back I love it there.”
    9:19 AM · Mar 30, 2021

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, but better be cheap!

      • cha

        I could see something structured like Mike Iupati’s deal last year.

        $2.5m total cap hit if he reaches all incentives.

        $1.2m salary – only $200k guaranteed

        $800k bonus

        $500k in per game roster bonuses.

        Minimal hit if he’s all banged up again.

  76. CaptainJack

    In my personal view, we’re collectively underrating Justin Fields. He’ll be a better pro than Zach Wilson. That’s my “take”. And he could very well become a Jet. Niners may have traded up precisely due to intel that New York was going to go for Fields and Zach Wilson would be available at 3.

    • CaptainJack

      Sorry but I’m not in on the Wilson hype at all. If he goes to Shanahan’s offense he’ll succeed. He will likely flounder on the Jets.

      • Henry Taylor

        He’ll be in Shanahan’s offense either way.

    • Matt

      Strongly disagree. I’m a big Justin Fields fan but I would have major reservations about him being on my team. I will be rooting for him, but his weaknesses are not easily fixed and are the biggest hurdles to having success in the NFL.

      Weaknesses: Consistency, Accuracy, Reads/Progressions

      TONS of talent, for sure. I am just not sure those weaknesses are easy to fix. And to be crystal clear, “Reads/Progressions” have ZERO to do with intelligence. That has far more to do with comfort/trust in seeing something that is not yet open and going with it. I’m of the mind that this is not something you just learn to do. Kind of like hitting an offspeed pitch in baseball – you can either do it or you can’t.

      I do worry about Wilson in New York, but I think he would easily succeed anywhere else.

      Cheers Jack. Love the dialogue on this blog.

      • Big Mike

        “Reads/Progressions”…………that is a death sentence for QBs imo. If true and if it stays that way, I’m with you Matt.

        • Matt

          He may very well be good at reads/progressions but was never asked to do much of it in the tOSU offense.

          And to reiterate, reads/progressions have nothing to do with intellect – plenty of on paper smart QBs who are never comfortable moving their eyes and trusting that something will be open.

          I think he can have success in the NFL, but it will require patience and tailoring an offense unique to his skill set – which is what coaches should do. I’m not a Kaepernick fan but Harbaugh designed an offense that simplified reads (2 reads) and utilized his athleticism.

          He has everything else – tough, great leader, athletic freak.

      • GerryG

        Danny Kelly mentioned in a pod that a lot of his plays were long slow developing, waiting for the guy to get deep, and wonders if that may bias the “cant progress through his reads”. I didnt watch a second of CFB this year, so have zero clue

        • Rob Staton

          That’s not the issue I saw personally.

          Lack of anticipation, several ‘WTF?’ moments where he’s thrown into a danger zone and I’m just wondering — ‘what are you reading?’

          Technical flaws with his feet and release that need major work.

          The deep ball stuff, slow developing plays I had no issue with. He can sling it.

  77. CallMeAL

    Corbin Smith Seahawks 7 Round Mock Draft

    I attempted to take a balanced approach with the goal of adding a few picks to the draft arsenal without compromising the opportunity to add a potential day one starter with the Seahawks lone pick in the first three rounds. As a result, I only traded down once, but I was able to pry a fourth and a seventh-round pick away from the Buccaneers while still staying in the second round.

    Round 2, Pick 64 – Quinn Meinerz, C/G Wisconsin-Whitewater*
    *Acquired from Buccaneers

    The Seahawks may have re-signed Ethan Pocic to a one-year contract, but that won’t stop the franchise from pursuing a long-term starter at center such as Meinerz, who impressed against top competition at the Senior Bowl. Much to the delight of scouts, his physicality and dominance at the line of scrimmage carried over from Division III opponents to Mobile, as he dished out several pancakes against Power 5 conference standouts in the run game and held his own in pass protection drills. He didn’t play any center for the Warhawks in college, but looked like a natural at the position, opening the door for him to be an early contributor. He also put on a show at his pro day, running a 4.99-second 40-yard dash and a 32-inch vertical jump at 320 pounds. If he’s still available at this stage of the draft, Seattle has a chance to add an instant starter with a nasty attitude and a high ceiling to cap off the second round.

    Round 4, Pick 129 – Shi Smith, WR South Carolina
    Unlike center, Seattle has yet to do anything to address the receiver position in free agency, leaving a dearth of experience and talent behind stars DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Luckily, this year’s draft class is once again loaded at the position and Smith presents quality value early on day three. Built similarly to Lockett, the shifty 5-foot-10, 186-pound Smith dealt with poor quarterback play for much of his collegiate career but still posted over 2,200 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns. Possessing 4.43 40-yard dash speed and elite quickness, he’s an underrated route runner who creates havoc after the catch once the ball is in his hands and has shown a propensity for highlight-reel grabs. His lack of size and struggles working off press coverage could limit him position-wise to playing almost exclusively out of the slot, but he has a chance to develop into a formidable third weapon in Seattle’s passing arsenal.

    Round 4, Pick 137 – Darius Stills, DT West Virginia*
    *Acquired from Buccaneers

    After releasing Jarran Reed in a cost-cutting move last week, the Seahawks could use reinforcements in the defensive interior. Though undersized at 6-foot-1, 280 pounds, like current starter Poona Ford, his lack of height actually proves beneficial winning the leverage battle, he’s a twitchy athlete who exhibits a consistent burst off the line of scrimmage, and he excels at splitting gaps with a quick first step. At West Virginia’s pro day, he posted a sub-5.00-second 40-yard dash time and 7.21-second 3-cone drill, both respectable times for a defensive tackle. He’s a serviceable run defender who will need to harness his run fits and sometimes his aggressive nature gets the best of him maintaining gap responsibilities, but his pass rushing upside coupled with a relentless motor would make this a very intriguing day three selection landing a potential future starter in the 3-tech role.

    Round 7, Pick 250 – Josh Ball, T Marshall
    At some point, the Seahawks will have to find an heir apparent for Duane Brown at left tackle and while a seventh-round pick might not seem like the answer, a size/traits prospect such as Ball could develop into an eventual starter. Once a top recruit for Florida State, off-field issues led to his dismissal from the program and he wound up at Marshall, where he started at left tackle the past two years. At 6-foot-7, 308 pounds, he exhibits light feet and has rare movement skills for a player of his size, but he will need to be coached up fundamentals-wise, particularly in his pass sets. He also needs to improve his strength before he will be ready to take on NFL defensive ends as a run blocker, but there’s plenty of untapped potential here to take a late-round flier in a deep tackle class.

    Round 7, Pick 251 – Camryn Bynum, CB California*
    *Acquired from Buccaneers

    Losing Shaquill Griffin in free agency, the Seahawks still have long-term needs at the cornerback position with D.J. Reed, Tre Flowers, and Ahkello Witherspoon all scheduled to be free agents next March. While Bynum has only 30-inch arms, his athletic testing exceeded expectations, as he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.49 seconds, posted a 6.98-second 3-cone drill, and leaped 129 inches in the broad jump at Cal’s pro day. He doesn’t always play to those times on film, but he’s physical player who will eagerly come up and make plays against the run and also exhibited plus-ball skills and route recognition skills at the college level, intercepting six passes and registering 28 passes defensed. In a zone-heavy Seattle scheme catered to his strengths, Bynum would have a chance to play meaningful snaps right away on special teams and could work into the lineup in quick order on the outside.

  78. Sea Mode

    Just a bit of good fun, y’all. Cause it is the 9ers we are talking about, after all… 😂

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, I’ll be fair now and show a good throw and also say something nice that Rapoport reported:

      Mac Jones convinced Devonta Smith, who wasn’t going to be doing anything at the pro day today, to catch passes for him. Does say a lot about the kind of respect he commands from his teammates.

      Also, just look at the way Smith glides. Wow.

      • Mick

        Maybe this helps the 49ers get Devonta with pick 3. Not sure it wouldn’t be a smarter move.

    • Sea Mode

      Time to pull out that old: “Find someone who looks at you the way PC looks at Jonathan Allen” picture…?

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, it was better left subtle, but since someone went ahead and did it anyway… 🤣

      • cha

        That is pure gold

        • Big Mike

          Still enjoy this

      • Rob Staton

        Not surprised draft twitter over reacting to that, seeing as their selling their soul on Mac Jones not being the #3 pick.

        The reality is every QB overthrows downfield on shots like that at a pro-day. The whole point of a lot of shot passes like that at a pro-day is to show off arm strength and range.

    • Roy Batty

      That NFL Memes post on Watson is too damned funny. Savage.

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