Seahawks @ Rams open thread

September 18th, 2016 | Written by Rob Staton

I’ll have some thoughts on the game at some point on Sunday. Here’s an open thread in the meantime.

If you’re in the UK I’ll be on national radio from 7:30pm (see tweet above) so check it out.

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  1. Volume12 says:

    Is Rees Odhiambo starting today?

  2. smitty1547 says:


  3. smitty1547 says:

    Webb is active for game

  4. nichansen01 says:

    New England thrashed Miami. Not a good sign for this Seattle offense.

  5. Volume12 says:

    I’m gonna get sick of saying this. RB CJ Prosise out. Again. Shocker there.

    What RB does Seattle draft this year in the mid rounds guys?

    • icb12 says:

      Elijah McGuire ul Lafayette

      Kareem hunt Toledo
      Mcnichols BSu

      Those are my mid round guys.

      But I suspect that some top guys will fall. RB is too loaded.
      I didn’t suspect Collins would be there in the fifth either.

      • Volume12 says:


        Not a bad list. It’s too deep and too talented a crop of backs for this team not to take one.

        I really like Wisconsin’s Corey Clement.

        And I wish Joe Nixon didn’t have the off-field concerns. Love his skill set and talent.

        Wouldn’t mind Florida St HB Dalvin Cook in round 3 or so.

        • Volume12 says:

          Cook would almost be the ideal guy to potentially replace C-Mike. Homerun speed, electric in the open field, lightning quick first step and burst. And he would bring everything Prosise should in the passing game.

          Question is, what’s his stock range gonna be? With his checkered past and injuries over the years, it’ll cause some teams to back off on him early. He’s an athletic difference maker that can flip the field in more ways than one.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          See I haven’t actually liked what I’ve seen from Clement!

          I really wanted to but just kind of struck me as unspectacular behind a fairly consistent OL.

          He has his merits as a Prosise fall back I suppose. I don’t remember him catching it much but I think I saw one game with a drop or two on +difficulty passes.

          He has lots of tools that I can respect and should stick as a back-up

  6. cha says:

    Gregg Bell ‏@gbellseattle 32m
    32 minutes ago
    Los Angeles, CA
    No apparent limp as Russell Wilson runs onto Coliseum field for pregame warmups here in LA. #Seahawks

  7. nichansen01 says:

    Another year another pathetic Rams passing attack exposing our secondary.

  8. KD says:

    Isn’t Donald supposed to be suspended for this game due to the ejection last week?

  9. Volume12 says:

    This O-line is so bad!

    Our tackles are garbage, and LG Glowinski hasn’t looked very good so far.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Yup. The offense has all been Russell being amazing. He deserves better than this as far as blockers.

  10. KD says:

    So many penalties

  11. nichansen01 says:

    Seattle’s defense has a tendency of being horrible at all the times it needs to be brilliant. And brilliant the rest of the time.

  12. KD says:

    What a cringe inducing first half

    • Volume12 says:

      Our offense isn’t very good right now.

      The running game suffers because of RW being. Need a pass catching back that can create his own yards.

      Why only 4 WRs? TE Brandon Williams hasn’t shown much. But, I guess that’ll be Gannett when healthy.

      We need Ifedi to run behind.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Pretty disgusting actually. Russell is having some success passing… Bevell please stop running the ball the run game is going nowhere. It is just wasting plays. In an entire half of football Graham only gets two looks? No redzone looks? This is ridiculous.

      Really disapointing that the offense has to let this very talented defense down week after week. Seattle has the worst o in the league right now. Who is worse? New England backups (no brady or gronk) just but up 31 on the phins. The niners. The NINERS. Put 28 up on this team.

      Pathetic pathetic pathetic offense.

      • Volume12 says:

        Still need a couple more weapons. One more receiver and another RB. Obviously though, they gottavfid their OT situationn.

        • nichansen01 says:

          Yup. Finding a left or right tackle shoudl be their number 1 offseason priority. Then another back is needed and another legit receiving weapon for sure. It would be nice to have a competent left guard as well. Glowinski has blown up time after time. Just looks constantly overpowered. Can’t wait for Ifedi to return.

  13. Volume12 says:

    Hope Lockett is OK. Same with Rawls.

  14. Volume12 says:

    Why does C-Mike keep slipping? Poor balance? Shoes?

    Damn man that was gonna be a huge run!

    • nichansen01 says:

      I remember him slipping once against Miami and a few times in the preseason as well. Seems like a balance thing.

  15. Trevor says:

    Wow this OL is a weak unit. I think Ifedi will help but Sowell is out of his league. I know people liked to bash on Okung but our LT spot is a huge down grade this year. Scary part is even if we want to spend another 1st round pick on the OL I don’t see a starting LT in this years draft class who could come in an play year #1. I think the fact that Gilliam could not step up and take the LT spot really screws with JS plans.

  16. Trevor says:

    Rawls has not looked good at all since coming back from the injury. I know the garbage OL does not help but he seems to have no burst at all.

  17. Trevor says:

    I am praying the Locket injury is not serious. Any updates yet?

  18. rowdy says:

    Hawks are trash in every aspect right now

    • Volume12 says:

      Every facet?

      • rowdy says:

        Yep, haven’t given up a lot of points other then that nothing much to be happy about

        • nichansen01 says:

          Defense has been pretty bad all things considered. This the the team the niners shut out, remember. The niners gave up 41 points today.

          D was been embarssed by:

          Case Keenum
          Lance Kendricks
          Kenny Britt
          Tavon Austin

          You know, household names.

          At least Jon Ryan has had a good game. Thats the only positive I can think of at the moment.

  19. nichansen01 says:

    Fire Bevell.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Running Alex Collins twice in a row just killed that drive. Why did we keep him over Pope? Nooooo idea. Collins looked bad in the preseason and he looks bad now.

      • The Hawk is Howling says:

        So kidding, I wanted Pope over Collins as well. Stay in there guys it can only get better. This is really lame though.

      • icb12 says:

        2 carrys and he looks bad?

        Relax. It’s his first two carries ever in a real NFL game.
        Collins was always a guy who needs carries to get in rhythm.

        Leave him in, let him run, get in flow and I would bet he gets better.
        Not a “committee” runner IMO.

        • nichansen01 says:

          It is all about the situation. That was a crucial drive for seattle. Collins completely killed it. I have more problem with the call to run than the back himself.

    • The Hawk is Howling says:

      I can’t stand Bevell’s play calling either. It’s always hit and miss no damn consistently. I know people back him up after we have a good game offensively. Delusional I believe, this sucks!

  20. nichansen01 says:

    Deshawn Shead has been awful today.

  21. nichansen01 says:

    This looks like it’s gonna be the ugliest loss since Wilson’s rookie season.

    • nichansen01 says:

      I can’t even pin this on the offensive line. Poor poor poor playcalling and our awful pass defense. What happened to the legion of boom.

  22. Volume12 says:

    Not only is Sowell getting worked, how many false starts should this dude have

    And then Gilliam ain’t fairing much better.

  23. Volume12 says:

    Why are we only getting offensive PIs?

    Call it both ways!

    Phantom call.

  24. Volume12 says:

    RW lockin’ onto guys pre-snap is killing the offense.

  25. nichansen01 says:

    Cassius Marsh just ended any last hope of a w

  26. nichansen01 says:

    Bomb to lockett- we have a chance on the la 35 yard line

  27. nichansen01 says:

    And Christine Michael loses us the game.

  28. rowdy says:

    Hawks are the worst looking team in the league

    • Volume12 says:

      Other than Shead, how did this defense play bad? Because they gave up 9 points?

      • nichansen01 says:

        The defense is incapable or forcing turnovers it seems. Again, think in context of the situation. Only giving up 9 points is all well and good, even to a lowly opponents like the rams. But think in context. The niners shut em out. Cam newton just put up over 40 points on the niners.

        We couldn’t pick of keenum a single time. We couldnt sack him without drawing penalities. We got burned over and over by kendricks austin and britt. Holding a team to field goals is nice, but this game wasn’t too far (some stupid stupid mistakes on behalf of la) from being 28-3 as it was from 9-3.

        So yeah… overall the defense was a positive right? Maybe. But it doesn’t matter when you can’t score more than a single field goal on offense the entire game.

        Of course the season isn’t over. There is a three way tie for first place in the division at the moment.

        And what does it matter if we lost 3-9 or 6-9 or 3- 6 or 10-12 or 10-16? A loss is a loss just as a win is a win.

        Still.. going forward we won’t win many (any?) games unless we make changes on offense.

        • Volume12 says:

          And yet for as bad as the offense played they still had a chance to win it and had the Rams right where they wanted them.

          Who said anything about what does it matter how much we lost by?

          Teams aren’t testing this defense like they used too. They throw at one guy in single coverage. 3 sacks is a good #.

          So what SF shut them out. It was one game. Did we expect LA to never score again? Kudos to SF for having a better game plan. It’s the NFL man.

          And Can Newton putting up 40 on SF has no bearing on us whatsoever. They’re a different team. They call things and design things differently.

          • Captain Poopy says:

            Whoa!!! A ton of chicken littles here….

            Chill, it is ONE week vs a team that ALWAYS rises to the occasion to play us.

  29. KD says:

    Absolutely pathetic performance by the offense

  30. Volume12 says:

    That’s the way to earn the coaches trust C-Mike.

  31. Jarhead says:

    3 points against the Rams. 3 points… I wonder if anyone will be allowed to be held accoubtable after this one. Is everything still fine after a game like this? Considering we looked worse agianst a worse opponent

    • Ground_Hawk says:

      They lost the turnover battle. Hard to win when they can’t hold onto the football.

      • Volume12 says:

        And one game LA got shutout. That doesn’t define who they are.

      • Jarhead says:

        Lost the turnover battle? One was a strip sack to end the half. The other was a fumble to end the game. It wasn’t like we gave up the ball in our own territory that resulted in a bunch of points for them. I think we won TOP
        So yeah there was more than that

        • Ground_Hawk says:

          Sure there is more to it, an entire underwhelming offensive performance. How often have you heard PC preach about the importance of winning the TO battle though?

  32. vrtkolman says:

    There was absolutely nothing good about that game. Even the defense looked bad, we only gave up 9 points because the Rams have zero talent on offense (minus Gurley) and a terrible coaching staff. That coaching staff still outcoached us AGAIN! I’m tired of saying “well it’s the Rams game, it’s going to be hard!”. This Rams team is terrible and shot themselves in the foot all game long. We need to re-design our offense because it doesn’t work anymore. It hasn’t worked for much of 2015 either, nor the playoffs.

    This was a crushing loss and it’s the first time I have felt like we are just mediocre.

  33. nichansen01 says:

    we have scored 15 points in 8 quarters of football. Who is to blame here? Cable? Bevel? Carroll? Wilson? C-Mike? Suh?

    I don’t even know anymore, and frankly i don’t really care.

    So yeah… our defense is alright i guess. But the offense. Awful. Beyond awful really. Changes need to be made or say goodbye to finishing the season above .500… much less playoffs.

    The browns offense is better. The rams offense is better. The niners offense is better. I can’t name an offense in the league who has performed worse through two weeks than us. Can anyone here?

    At least I still have the huskies haha.

  34. Ground_Hawk says:

    Too many mistakes. Sensitive officiating. LA RAMS WIN THEIR FIRST SUPERBOWL OF THE YEAR!

    • Volume12 says:

      It’s week 2 with a bad O-line missing a big time starter, RW is hurt which affects the run game, we all knew this game would be tough, after 6 years you’d think we know better that Seattle football is tough, physical, at times slippy football, but we’re Clift jumping? O…K…

      • Ground_Hawk says:

        Who’s Clift?

      • Jarhead says:

        We all just watched the same embarrassing game and it JUST ended. People are allowed to come on here and be upset and vent their frustrations. This should be the one safe haven for them to do so without being nitpicked. And quite frankly, no one is cliff jumping. They are watching a bad football team. We aren’t good right now, this isn’t just a blip. Or just the Rams. We should have blown this team out and we got manhandled. Don’t crap on people’s frustrations, especially when you have a bunch of comments out their that are just as bad

        • nichansen01 says:

          It is just one game… but in the nfl each game is more than 6 percent of your season. In the NFL, every game matters. Fans have every right to be frustrated after this performance. No one should be content with an offense than could only muster 15 points through 8 quarters. Thats like 7 points a game. No matter how good the defense is, we aren’t holding green bay to under ten points, we aren’t holding carolina to under ten points, we aren’t holding new england to under 10 points, we aren’t holding new york or new orleans or arizona or atlanta or phili to under 10 points.

          There comes a time when we have get real about the offense. You can’t be a good nfl team if your offense cant score. You can’t even be a mediocore nfl team if your offense can’t score.

          • Volume12 says:

            I’m not disagreeing about what they did on offense. They did play horribly.

            It all starts with this O-line.

            And this team needs a RB. It’ll get worse if not.

      • Ground_Hawk says:

        I’m not surprised that Seattle lost. The Rams always play the Seahawks like this. Disappointed? Sure, but not surprised. A relocated teams first home game at a new stadium, in a new city, against a division rival. You can bet they were going to bring it. Seattle had an opportunity and they weren’t able to capitalize, it’s a bummer, but life goes on.

        • Volume12 says:


          Little salty because Seattle didn’t play the way you wanted them too? Didn’t call the game better? Fire Bevell and TC right?

          • Ground_Hawk says:

            I’m calling the Seahawks complaint hotline as we speak. Lol

          • Volume12 says:

            Look, I get it sucks man. But, with RW hurt it’s not gonna be pretty.

            The OTs aren’t good, they don’t have a run game, and yet they were still in this thing at the end.

            It’s just the way they’ve played football for 6 years now. Frustrating? Yes.

            • nichansen01 says:

              Last time they didn’t score a touchdown an entire game was 2012. This is worse than last year or the year before. Much worse.

              • Volume12 says:

                It might be. They might have an off year.

                Keeping 15 rookies said to me this team could be in trouble.

      • daniel says:

        Not to mention several other of hour best play makers are hurt. I think we should stop complaing and instead start to discuss the causes of why are offense was bad the last two games and how to fix that

  35. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    The OC drives me nuts. Rawls goes out with injury, so let’s rush the ball 2 more times on long yardage situations… setting up a 3rd and 10. What happened to throwing to the TEs? Graham got a few targets, but was largely absent. Perhaps he was blocking inline more than I noticed.

    Shead had a decent game, had a couple of big breakdown, but to be fair 1 or 2 of the balls were on the money throws. Gurley was contained, ~ 65 total yards you take that every week. Take away – The defense played as expected and gave up 9 points.

    I could harp on the OL, but I thought the play calling didn’t do them any favors…..

  36. Forrest says:

    Hobbled Wilson vs the Rams is never going to be a win. The refs were garbage for both the Hawks and the Rams. Terrible officiating. There were positives here and there, but I’m reserving judgment because of Wilson’s obvious hobbling, and poor officiating on several big offensive calls. I would say that Wilson will be at least 90% next week, and 100% the rest of the season barring further injury.

    The defense was good for the most part. I can’t complain about field goals too much. The only issue I had was letting too many big passes go, but they dominated the Ram’s run game so I see it as a trade-off. The Marsh facemask was justified, but just barely. “Oh jee gosh dandy Batman, another Bennett offsides…” at the end of the game, but still.

    I really don’t like to be negative about anything, but Rawls looked bad…hope the injury isn’t too bad. Michael might be the better #1 at this point. Graham on the other hand looks really good for what his injury was. I expect him to come on big in a few weeks. That early bye week might actually be good for a change.

    We all the know the Rams play like desperate human beings whenever they face the Hawks, so my expectations for this game (as well as the result) were low. I think they win against the 49ers by 10 (defensive performance), but I’m 50/50 on the Jets game (depends on Wilson’s injury). Basically I think this game was a bit of a fluke. Without the injuries I think it would have been a 13-9 win (at least) for the Hawks, and it was almost a 10-9 win, so I’m still optimistic for the most part. Go Hawks!!

  37. nichansen01 says:

    “why are you surprised… this is seahawks football after all*

    only scoring three points all game is not seahawks football.

    Although the criticism of the defense is a little unwarranted. Is every game that isn’t a shut out a failure for the d? Of course not. They played well overall.

    • Volume12 says:

      Scoring 3 points isn’t.

      Playing close games, keeping things close to the vest until the 4th quarter, starting out slow, grinding out wins is.

    • Steele says:

      In terms of pass rush, turnovers, lockdown secondary play, they are nowhere near what they used to be. They may still manage bend-but-not-break, and an occasional flash or stop, but a Seahawks defense should impenetrable, and so dangerous, they change games and SCORE points. We have not seen this in a very long time.

      It was bad enough—when the D was still great—that the offense would sputter, force the D to win the game, then get tired by 4th Q. But the current D is average and same thing. The offense is so bad, the D gasses out, game over.

  38. Ed says:

    Another great game plan and adjustments by Bevell. He is terrible. He looks great when Wilson bails them out of trouble or can run wild, but as far as gameplan and adjustments, Bevell is on par with a high school coach. Bevell always makes the Ram D look like the 85′ Bears. Pathetic.

    As for the D, not much pressure for most of the game and Shead got picked on big time. Move Lane there. Too many big 3rd downs Shead gave up

  39. Steele says:

    There is nothing much good about the Hawks on either side of the ball. Really nothing.

    Ifedi alone won’t fix this o-line, which is still short on talent. The absence of Beastmode is a clear problem, but not even he could make much behind this o-line. CMike is same old fumbling, slipping CMike, and I never thought differently. Rawls is gimpy. I don’t think the receiving corps is great either. Lockett, to me, has been overrated as a WR, and this season, he’s regressed. Russ was hesitant even before he got hurt. Bevell and Cable have no answers.

    The defense is not good. Wasn’t impressed last season, very unimpressed so far. The veterans like Sherm and ET give up big plays. It is far from the dominating defense of years past.

    So this is just week 2. There are a lot of injuries. It was the Rams, who magically play great every time they line up vs. the Hwks. But I was hoping to see something/anything that looks championship caliber. Nope.

  40. James says:

    Will Tell-the-Truth Tuesday actually see some truth being told? The fact is, we have the worst offense in the NFL, and that is with an elite QB and good WRs… we are worse even than the Cleveland Browns. We are wildly inconsistent and might gear up again 2nd half of this season, but the truth is that our scheme is flawed, and our approach on the OL is flawed. Just look at the top offenses in the NFL and realize that you are watching an entirely different game than what the Seahawks are playing, complex and sophisticated, unpredictable, oh-wow big plays that take your breath away with their innovative surprises; clever move after clever move that outwits the opponent. Instead, here you get the blank stares like, what is wrong and why? They remind me of the blank stares on the faces of the old veer option coaching geniuses who suddenly can’t score a point and can’t fathom that people have finally figured them out.

    • Steele says:

      Is this going to be the third consecutive year that there has to be some kind of team meeting to address a malaise or bizarre lack of unity or collective fire? It looks like it.

    • Rob Staton says:

      “The fact is, we have the worst offense in the NFL, and that is with an elite QB and good WRs”

      The overreactions are stronger than ever today…

      • Glor says:

        has any team in the NFL put up fewer points than us? Besides the Rams who just beat us. But yes, season is still young and we will get better. It is frustrating to see this O-Line playing this poorly.

  41. Glor says:

    We all know the offense is garbage. But as someone else has mentioned, I think Kris R needs to go. Our D isn’t getting the turnovers that we were getting pre KR

    • Volume12 says:

      I just think teams aren’t testing us anymore. Sherm shuts down one side of the field. So teams run play action to the backside, get Shead in 1 vs 1 coverage down the sideline. That’s it.

      And I don’t think ET trusts Shead. It leads to Thomas over from own saying and trying to do too much.

      If we could find one more corner, I think the defense would get more TO’s.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Please people, stop calling for random firings after one loss.