Seahawks sign Kerry Hyder & Benson Mayowa

Well, we called for pass rushers.

Now we’ll see if the Seahawks have found some answers to a huge need area.

On the one hand, addressing this now at least eliminates some of the uncertainty.

Last year was a bit of a disaster for Seattle. Too much patience waiting for Jadeveon Clowney. Feeling like they had to trade up for Darrell Taylor. In part, the Jamal Adams trade was an aggressive attempt to improve the situation.

They started the season with no semblance of pressure and if it wasn’t for the Carlos Dunlap trade, the defensive unit probably would’ve continued on a historically bad pace, setting records along the way.

By retaining Benson Mayowa and adding Kerry Hyder, at least they won’t be left in the same situation.

And perhaps the addition of Hyder is indicative of a desire to avoid history repeating.

I have no idea what Dunlap’s situation is. Let’s assume, based on the news today, that he’s perhaps not that close to making a decision. He might be going somewhere else. Yet for the purpose of this scenario, let’s say he’s waiting to feel out the market.

You don’t want to be left in the cold again — waiting for him and ultimately missing out, just as they did with Clowney.

Now, at least they have someone. If they have to wait for Dunlap, at least they won’t be asking Mayowa to play an obscene number of snaps, reducing his effectiveness.

Sincerely, I hope there’s still a chance Dunlap comes back. He’s ageing but he’s also a proven quality player. He had a big impact in Seattle and brought out the best in Mayowa and Jarran Reed.

I don’t know if we can necessarily expect the same from Hyder.

He’s bounced around the league as a former undrafted free agent. He’s had spells with the Jets, Cowboys and Lions before joining the 49ers last season. He turns 30 in May so he’s not young.

In five years he’s had two decent seasons — recording eight sacks for Detroit in 2016 and 8.5 sacks for the Niners in 2020.

In his other three years in the league, he has three total sacks.

Dunlap has 87.5 in his career.

Throwing Hyder into the pot as a potential upgrade for Rasheem Green and L.J. Collier is a decent idea. Buying into him as a direct replacement for the far more proven and consistent Dunlap would be a potential downgrade.

And despite his 8.5 sacks in 2020, it’s worth noting his pass rush grade via PFF was a very disappointing 58.8. His run defense grade, in comparison, was a 69.9.

I’ll never complain about pass rush additions. It needed to be the focus for the Seahawks along with the O-line this off-season.

It’s still a little hard to stomach that while the rest of the NFC West boasts Aaron Donald, Leonard Floyd, Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead, Chandler Jones and JJ Watt — the Seahawks have zero game-wreckers up front.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the great failures of this franchise since the reset began in 2018. They’ve done a pretty awful job replacing Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril and having made the decision to trade Frank Clark — it’s been one band-aid after another, trying to find solutions.

I don’t know if these two moves present any big step forward in that regard. Mayowa has always been a fairly average rotational player. A good #3. Hyder is hardly the game-changer they need. We have to hope he can emulate his two eight-sack seasons moving forward, while continuing to deliver good run support.

But with no picks and a desperate need to make the most of free agency — to me it still feels like they badly need Dunlap back. He might be 32. He might not be quite as good as he used to be. He’s the best available though and he fits.

Bring him back and they might at least have a functioning D-line — even if they badly need a better long-term plan for beyond 2021.

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  1. Mike

    Hey! At least we got some depth pieces! Now to hoping we can actually bury them under someone better. Somehow.

    • BC_Hawk

      More than depth…hoping Hyder slides into the other starting DE spot in Pete’s D; 5/7Tech. Mayowa is depth at both DE spots.

      Now to find the perfect Dunlap, I mean DE for LEO/Edge….. I wonder if Dunlaps issue is term, and Seattle is reluctant to sign a 2+ year contract without seeing what they COULD have in Taylor…

  2. SamprasSultanofSwat

    A little disappointment that the Hawks didn’t sign Carlos Dunlap. But if Dunlap is in no hurry to sign. The Seahawks have to do something.

    Go Hawks!!!

  3. Jhams

    Any idea who they extended/restructured to fit this under them under the cap?

    • Rob Staton

      Nope. Nothing announced.

      • Scot04

        Hyder deal looks like will be much cheaper. On kjr they said 10M in 3rd year and cheap year 1 & 2. Will be interesting when full details out.

        • pdway

          right – it’s reported as $6.5MM over yrs 1 & 2 , so the $16.5MM is super mis-leading.

          Cheaper than Irvin last year….

          Got to have a #1 pass rusher though.

  4. Scot04

    Nice analysis on 2 recent signings Rob.
    Atleast they’re not waiting. Now you can still try to bring in Dunlap; but your not left without anything if he doesn’t sign. Based on contract details it’s a cheaper deal than i thought; so Dunlap still possible.

  5. cha

    Really hoping this is a move at 5Tech and they still want to bring Dunlap aboard.

    I could see the team putting Rasheem Green on notice with this move. He’s a FA in 2022 and he might not make the 2021 cuts if Hyder is used there and Collier improves in the least.

    • Scot04

      I’m right there with you on that hope Cha

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be seeing if you can get anything for Green. Even a 7th.

      He just aint it.

      • cha

        A 2022 7th. Conditional.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s definitely, definitely, definitely not a LEO — that’s for sure.

      You only have to look at the guy.

      He’s a five-tech.

    • uptop

      Hot take but Green was really effective in pass rush situations running stunts. The ET stunts with Green and Dunlap were lethal.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve got to be honest uptop — here’s my view on stunts.

        College teams run them all the time. I am absolutely sick to death of watching CFB tape and seeing bloody stunts. It’s a cheat way to create pressure. It’s a slightly less manufactured pressure than a blitz. Only slightly less, mind.

        I want guys who win 1v1 off the edge without any pissing about.

        I can get anyone to run a stunt.

        • uptop

          Really gotta disagree with you on this Rob, I agree with the need to end manufactured pressure from blitzing, but stunts, especially in pass rushing downs, are not at all a bad thing. Stunts use your front four, nothing more. You could say this is manufacturing pressure, but its manufacturing pressure in a smart way. It’s like saying you don’t want to scheme receivers open you only want receivers who can win one on one, it’s better to not be purist and to put players in a position where they can succeed.

          Of course we want players who can win 1 on 1, but turning your nose up to stunts is just silly. The Seahawks until last year rarely ran stunts, they started doing it semi-frequently last year with Dunlap & Green and it was very effective. While Dunlap has the skills to win one on one, a lot of his pressures did come on stunts. This isn’t something anyone can run, it does take decent players, and Green really looked good in that role last year. I think this is something the seahawks should run more this year, it keeps an o line and qb on their toes, which we can always appreciate with how we often run a pretty vanilla scheme.

          • Rob Staton

            There’s nothing silly about it. Whenever you introduce a counter argument by calling someone ‘silly’ — I kind of feel like what’s the point in having the conversation.

            Stunts are just manufactured, creative situations to create free lanes to the QB. Alabama lives off stunts. The SEC lives off stunts.

            It’s all manufactured stuff, relying on execution and the O-line not picking it up. If they read your stunts all you are doing is taking your pass rushers out of the play really.

            The Seahawks haven’t had a guy who scares the shit out of opponents off the edge since Frank Clark. That is what wins on NFL D-lines. You can have as many stunts as you want.

            • uptop

              It’s hard to get someone like Frank Clark without having risks, if youre not drafting in the top 15 youre going to have hits: Frank Clark, and misses: McDowell, Taylor. True edge talent is rare, its pretty obvious we dont have that and either cant afford or aren’t making good enough decisions to get them (Ngakoue). The stunts we used in the second half of the season were effective, and much more sustainable than the safety blitzes we had with Jamal. This is smart scheming that must continue and develop further. The stunts worked last year, and we need to take any opportunity we can take with pass rush.

              Just because colleges do a lot doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. The talent level is different, but the proof is in the pudding that it was effective last season. It’s like what Waldron said, they looked at concepts in the college and even high school level and plenty translates and works. This is just smart scheming regardless of players. Plenty of great d lines stunt, no d line just pins their ears back every pass rushing play and rushes, it’s vanilla scheming that will get adapted on.

              • uptop

                Another point, Alabama has some of the biggest, strongest, most talented recruits on defense, as does plenty of the SEC. They still stunt. They stunt because its effective.

                • Rob Staton

                  They stunt because they can take risks all the time because nobody can beat them

                  It’s not like that in the NFL. When the Seahawks have the physical and talent advantage Alabama has in CFB, they can risk a ton of stunts in a 47-20 blow-out too.

              • Rob Staton

                It’s hard to get someone like Frank Clark without having risks

                Actually no it isn’t. You can just draft TJ Watt, as some of us suggested doing. And he fit every physical measuring point they look for so there was no excuse.

                True edge talent is rare

                And yet seven of the NFL’s top 10 for sacks in 2020 has been available in the draft for Seattle or in free agency. So yes, if you want Myles Garrett or a Bosa brother it’s hard. Let’s not pretend you can’t find good guys though and make excuses for a team that has done an appalling job with their pass rush.

                The stunts we used in the second half of the season were effective

                You’re missing the point. A stunt is more manufactured pressure. Every team uses stunts. The point I’m making, fairly, is when you rely on blitzing and stunts — it’s to cover up the fact you don’t have anyone who can win consistently off the edge. That’s not good enough, however much you want to talk about stunts.

                Just because colleges do a lot doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

                I never said they shouldn’t stunt. See my answer above.

                This is just smart scheming regardless of players.

                Calling the use of stunts as smart scheming is like saying any time a player makes a 10-yard reception on a slant it’s good scheming. It’s just part of the game that everyone does.

                Plenty of great d lines stunt, no d line just pins their ears back every pass rushing play and rushes, it’s vanilla scheming that will get adapted on.

                You’re arguing a strawman.

                My point is not ‘never use stunts’.

                My point is — I don’t care about them. Everyone and anyone can do them.

                You need edge talent that wins matchups. That’s how you win in the NFL.

                • Danny P

                  TJ Watt didnt go nearly as high as his production has indicated he should have. That’s not a Seahawk problem. It’s hard to put rosters together. Look no further than DK. Dude was about to drop into round 3. Hindsight is a big ol can of worms.

                  • Rob Staton

                    They still had a shot at him and whiffed.

                    Pittsburgh’s gain.

                    Our loss.

                    It’s not hindsight either when you write articles saying how frickin amazing TJ Watt is, point out his athletic similarities to Khalil Mack, project him to Seattle in mocks and then he does well.

                    As for DK — he nearly retired during the 2018 season due to a serious neck injury. Bit different.

                  • Danny P

                    Every team except Pitt missed on TJ though. Top 10 would of been justified. So it’s not objectively a Hawk problem.

                    • Rob Staton

                      You’re arguing a strawman though.

                      TJ Watt came up in response to it being difficult to find good pass rushers in the range they draft.

                      I give an example.

                      You arguing he should’ve gone earlier is irrelevant to the point raised

          • Whit21

            My opinion on stunts vs 1on1 pressure is running stunts takes time and a big whiff on the o line to completely miss passing off assignments.

            If you beat someone 1 on 1 it takes less time to get to the QB.. You can avoid a stunt if a QB is keeping track of the blocking and can dump off or take off away from the stunt. A stunt is something you don’t want to do too much of.. Kind of like blitzing..

        • BruceN

          The counter argument is, the goal is to create as much confusion and pressure upfront with rushing only 4 guys. Stunts create that confusion (Seahawks OL had a hell of time dealing with stunts in the last couple of years.) I hear you wanting guys who win 1 v 1 along the DL and the edge but those guys will cost a fortune to sign or you have to finish in last place a few years and draft them (like the 9ers).

          • Rob Staton

            You’ve missed the point too though Bruce.

            My argument is not — never use stunts.

            My argument is — stunts are just stunts. Everyone uses stunts. They are manufactured situations.

            The key to a proper, effective D-line is creating straight up pressure.

            We can sit here all day and talk about stunts. Until this D-line wins 1v1, it won’t be very good.

            • BruceN

              Agreed. Stunts are not be all end all and have to be used with straight up pressure 🙂

        • Alaska Norm

          What? That’s like saying play action is a cheat way to buy a quarterback time. Stunts and blitzing iare a part of football. Good teams do both well. Sorry but that comment makes absolutely no sense.

          • Rob Staton

            Nope, you’ve completely missed the point. I’m not repeating myself over and over again.

  6. Blitzy the Clown

    If they’d done something like this at the same point last offseason, we probably wouldn’t be anywhere near the current situation (assuming Hyder had a similar season in Seattle that he did in SF).

    They probably don’t trade the farm for Adams. Maybe they still trade for him, but they wouldn’t be desperate enough to trade two 1st, a 3rd and a starting safety.

    There’s still opportunity to bring Dunlap back. I get the feeling he has a number and Seattle is under it, but so far so is the rest of the League.

    • Danny P

      I personally feel that’s a dead horse. Gave up a lot for the dude, yes. But a year had passed. Hes a special, special player. 3 time all pro at 25 years old and y’all constantly complain that’s hes a Seahawk? Hes a leader, immediately. At a young age. That’s a generational talent.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m sorry Danny — but you’re going to need a bit more to counter the valid, well developed thoughts on Jamal Adams than:

        ‘Generational talent’


        ‘Oh well it’s a year ago now’

      • Hawkdawg

        It’s all about price. He’s worth it up to a price. He’s not worth it without regard to price. No player is, or at least no safety is…

        I’d like to have him on the team, for sure, but not if he guts our cap and therefore flexibility for years to come. You can only have so many such players on a team.

      • Trevor

        Danny did you watch the Hawks and Adam’s play last year? If so then we definitely have different definitions of a generational talent. I would argue that if you take the sacks he got as blitzed, that he was flat out awful last year.

        • GerryG

          I somewhat agree, aside from the opener and second Rams game, he was great in those games.

          I never watched a second of him on the Jets, loved him in college. I was massively disappointed in his 2020 season. His coverage was abysmal, and most of his blitzes were worthless and caused holes in the secondary. I just don’t get it.

  7. L80

    Jeezus, I surrender. These dudes just make me speechless with their decisions. We all live in a sinking submarine, sinking submarine.

    • God of Thunder

      Yeah what with the season starting tomorrow and all…

      I’m critical of the FO too, but let’s see what they do. Rob and others talked yesterday about adding pass rush and they’ve added some pieces. Hopefully there’s more to come.,

      • dcd2

        Well said, Point Break.

        They’re trying to put together a 5 Star, 7 course meal with a Happy Meal budget.

        Dunlap is really the only other FA that I think we consider that will get anyone excited. Maybe Sherm.

        Everything else will be vet minimums. Maybe they get a DT, or take a stab at Isiah Wilson. There isn’t much gas left in the tank to pull off much else.

        • God of Thunder

          Hoping for Dunlap and Sherm. But Dunlap is the priority. Thankfully the rest of the league isn’t in a hurry to sign him.

    • Danny P

      Awful D, Russ crappin the bed the whole 2nd half of the season, still win the hardest division in the NFL. How high are y’alls standards? That’s why were called fair weather fans. Took 40 yrs to win a SB. It’s that hard. If the trophy is the only reason why you watch, bummer.

      • Rob Staton

        How high are your standards?

        Because mine are higher than one playoff win in four years, against a 40-year-old backup quarterback, and being one of only six NFC teams not to play in the NFCCG since 2014.

        • Tomas

          A 40-year old back-up with a bad hamstring, at that. And, when the Hawks beat the Lions in the playoffs a few years back Stafford had a significant injury that impacted his throwing ability. The Hawks hardly blew the Lions away, as I recall.

      • Mario

        Goal is to not only win a trophy, but to create a culture of winning.. I guess a legacy. 49ers have it, Raiders, Patriots, Cowboys too. Why not the Seahawks?

        Watching your team piss away the best years of a franchise QB because they suddenly forgot how to evaluate draft talent and make boneheaded trades is beyond frustrating. Every season has become all too predictable, flash out of first round playoffs in embarrassing fashion. I doubt they make it that far this year though. But what’s really aggravating, is the seemingly lack of plan and foresight.

        I’ll put it this way. It’s like watching the same re-runs over and over again. Waiting for JSPC to move on, since this team IS in a rebuild. Some just don’t want to admit it.

  8. Jackson

    I think you hit the key point here: they didn’t wait around this time. I would love for Dunlap to be back, but I would hate it even more if we were strung along for an entire offseason by another pass rusher we recently acquired only to be forced into bargain barrel signings or make a panic trade (except this time we’re too asset poor to really even do that) once he decided to sign elsewhere.

    Another point about this signing is that I think this removes our 4th round compensatory pick for Shaquill Griffin from the board, at least as things stand right now.

  9. ThickHawk

    Nice depth…. but that’s really all. With little in the way of (current) draft capital, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to acquire a young buck that flashes. I guess we’d better hope that Alton takes the next step, and soon.

    • Mike

      At least the plan isn’t “let the noobs we drafted recently be our hope” any longer.

      Granted, this isn’t a solution. Its just less bad. We need Dunlap, another quality edge. Maybe a DT. Geno Atkins or Suh or Casey?

      • ThickHawk

        Oh, agreed. If we can land Atkins or Suh on two-year, 2022 cap-hitting deal, we’ll be in a far better place. But, we also need to address CB. I don’t think you can plug in Reed and Witherspoon and just dust off your hands. Not sure which of these two positions JS/PC feel they can best utilize their few draft picks toward.

  10. Henry Taylor

    Hyder’s pressure numbers were very good last year, stepped up in a big way for the 9ers without Boss. I would still prefer someone who’s done it more consistently.

    Cap move gotta be coming soon.

    • Volume12

      Dont think he’s as good as Dunlap, but I agree. 11 more pressures than Dunlap last year and his pressure % was 2.2 higher. Also 4 years younger.

      • Rob Staton

        11 more pressures than Dunlap last year

        Kerry Hyder — 721 snaps

        Carlos Dunlap — 593 snaps

        and his pressure % was 2.2 higher

        I’m going to suggest this though — it’s a little easier to create pressure when you have Armstead & Kinlaw inside than when you’re being pissed around in Cincinnati with nonsense backup duties and then having to be ‘the guy’ in Seattle.

        • Sea Mode


        • SeattleLifer

          Precisely, and having good play behind him on all levels along with a great d-coordinator = more time and better schemes to create pressure. Hence some apprehension when you say he had three total sacks during three other full seasons. But i suppose if you look at it as a two year deal for 6.5 million then – you’re probably getting what you paid for.

        • D-OZ

          2.2 on 128 more snaps is not bad. 🙁

          • Rob Staton

            Never said it was bad.

            I simply pointed out the different scenarios the two players faced.

        • Danny P

          But the past doesn’t always predict the future. Just look at the year he had last year. Anyone predict that? Let’s see how these guys do before judging em. Lots of youth on the d line.

          • Rob Staton

            Yes — many of us predicted last year

  11. CaptainJack

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    • Sea Mode


    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think you need to go that far.

      But I think if you’re a Seahawks fan and you’re basking in these two moves thinking ‘YES! THE PASS RUSH IS ROCKING NOW!’ then you are pretty much forcing your enthusiasm at this point.

      Donald & Floyd
      Bosa & Armstead
      Jones & Watt
      Hyder & Mayowa

      Yeah… one stands out there…

      • Danny P

        Yet the Hawks still won the division.

        • Rob Staton

          And then got their arses kicked in the playoffs… by a division opponent.

          But at least they got a NFC West Champs T-Shirt, Danny.

          • Dan Riggs

            Yeah, this isn’t enough. A good start but we need Dunlap or Clowney too. Either would be amazing. Perhaps Clowney will return now that he has a little more help.

        • James Z

          I don’t understand why you’re highlighting their success in the regular season when it’s all about post-season success. That game with the Rams was a legendary thumping. They had no plan, no answer, and quite frankly, not enough talent to do anything else but get crushed. They were boring and embarrassing to their fans and themselves.

          • God of Thunder

            It hurt … but the loss against Dallas the year before hurt worse. To me anyhow.

  12. Hoggs41

    Hyders deal is really just two years $6.5m. Im hoping this means Dunalp still comes back. Im guessing Collier might be pushed inside and a Reed trade could be coming.

    • Rob Staton

      People touting a Jarran Reed trade. Let me just remind you of a few things.

      — The Seahawks LOVE his leadership. They prioritised him a year ago in FA and re-signed him very quickly. He is more likely to sign an extension than be released. They value him, big time.

      — What exactly do people think the market is for a 29-year-old defensive tackle, who will cost you $8m, with only one year left on his contract? You might be looking at a 5th rounder. Please, nobody answer with this BS notion of a third rounder. It aint happening.

      — You only save $8.5m trading Reed. You would still need to do something else.

      — Trading Reed to accomodate Kerry Hyder would be… something else. Given when Reed actually has a proper pass rusher next to him, he’s capable of pushing 10 sacks.

      • Hoggs41

        I would rather keep Reed as long as we can get Dunlap back. Reeds numbers are not very good without a quality DE next to him. They have to gain draft capitol somehow and trading a guy is really the only way. I dont think they will trade Reed but its not impossible.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not impossible but there’s no value to it.

          If they need to gain draft capital then trade someone where you actually make a proper saving and gain some good stock

          • dcd2

            Ya, I’m with Rob on this one. PCJS really like Reed, and trading him just opens up a new hole.

            I don’t think he’s the guy to free up cap, unless they want to extend/restructure him. I really don’t think he’s a guy they’ll be looking to trade.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        All of this plus he’s only one of two starting caliber DTs on the team. If you trade him, who do you replace him with? They need to ADD quality depth the the DL, not trade what little they have away. Let alone for a late mid rounder.

      • Danny P

        Amen Rob. Leadership is big. These are grown men making big money. Locker rooms are a unique thing.

  13. drrew76

    Deal with Hyder is 2 years/$6.5 million with a $10 million base salary that voids in year three, per PFT report. Really good deal for the Seahawks it would seem.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, that looks great for us. Not sure why he would take the $10m base in year 3 knowing he is very unlikely to get any of it. I guess he didn’t have any better offers on the table.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Unless he believes in his ability to keep it.

        • Sea Mode

          Hey, if he’s tearing it up at age 32, then it’s a win-win for both parties. But at least the Seahawks are protected in case he’s not.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Amen to that.

            Every FA signing so far is for 2 years basically (except Mayowa?). It’s almost as if they’re planning to blow up the roster in 2023.

            • Hoggs41

              I wish the Everett signing would have been for two years.

              • Blitzy the Clown

                1 year makes sense if they plan on drafting a TE in a month.

                • dcd2

                  I’ll be stunned if they use a pick on TE.

                  Of course last year, I said I’d be stunned if they didn’t draft a DT and they took 2 TE and no DT.

  14. Sea Mode


    Tom Pelissero

    The #Eagles have signed QB Joe Flacco, per his agent @JLSports3

    • CaptainJack

      Officially Superbowl contenders

      • CHaquesFan

        Their team is ELITE

  15. Boomer

    Do we have any updates on Darrell Taylor’s health? If we can add him to the
    Defensive line equation I think we are looking pretty decent.

    • Rob Staton


      I would assume you’re never going to see Darrell Taylor and then if it ever happens, happy days.

      • Boomer

        Another high 2 round dline bust is just not acceptable.

        • CaptainJack

          It has come to be the norm

        • Mike

          Don’t forget, we had to trade up. That cost 2 picks for another dud.

  16. Scot04

    Mayowa a 4 year deal. 2 voidable.

    • Sea Mode


      • Hoggs41

        Good to see them go out of there comfort zone to create cap space. Now lets go get Dunlap and stop f$*ing around.

  17. Sea Mode

    Looks like two void years on Mayowa’s deal:

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn

    Seattle has agreed to re-sign defensive end Benson Mayowa to a four-year deal that voids after the first two years, a league source confirmed to The Athletic. Mayowa re-signing was first reported by NFL Network. Mayowa, 29, was one of Seattle’s best pass rushers last season.

  18. BobbyK

    Signing Hyder and resigning Mayowa can be taken one of two ways:

    1. If the Seahawks resign Dunlap, getting Hyder and Mayowa is awesome. The DL depth will be very good. Strength in numbers.

    2. If the Seahawks don’t resign Dunlap, getting Hyder and Mayowa is more worthlessness on the DL. Band-aids trying to hide a gaping wound. No game changing players. Just average play in a division where everyone else has stars rushing opposing QBs. Advantage everyone else but the Seahawks in the division.

    On their own, these signings could be very good, but going into a season without a guy at least as good as like is irresponsible. Again.

    • BobbyK

      …at least as good as Dunlap…

    • CaptainJack

      There are only so many players you can have active on game day. Especially if Dunlap returns, bye bye Green and Collier. Or perhaps Taylor is set to be cut.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I realize our recent experience is to the contrary, but I don’t see them going into the season with only the DEs currently on roster.

      I have a feeling he’s waiting on the market, and if the doesn’t meet him where he wants he’ll return to Seattle.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Dunlap that is

        • CaptainJack

          Dunlap is the key to all of this.

          • BobbyK

            Yes. Or someone his equal or better (not sure how they could get anyone better though since they have no picks).

            • Hoggs41

              Yeah if Dunlap is signed thats a lot of guys.


              Some would have to go as they arent keeping that many.

              • Rob Staton

                Well you have the competition

                Green — we know he’s not good enough
                Lattimore — probably for the PS unless he earns a job
                Taylor — may never be available

                So it’s not that much

                • CaptainJack

                  Rob, I’d add:

                  Mone – still a borderline NFL player
                  Collier – his last chance and if he doesn’t perform better he’s liable to be cut or traded for a conditional 7th

                  • Mike

                    History would indicate we will ride with these guys until mid training camp. When we determine “competition” is middling, we will sign whatever vet is left unsigned, or trade future draft stock in desperation.

                    Learning from past mistakes would involve signing the best fit guy for our system available right now (Dunlap). We can then add a vet at value later when caps get tighter and markets are colder. If Clowney, Kerrigan, Smith, Griffen, etc. are still on the market, take a flyer on them.

                • seanmatt

                  Plus, Green is on the last year of his deal. Unless he absolutely blows the team away in training camp, it would be smarter to keep players that we have under contract for next season. We have Collier for 2 more years and he provides depth at the big end and nickel DT spots. If we cut Green, he’ll probably end up being a street free agent for most of the year.

  19. Rob Staton

    Errrr…. this can’t be right…

    Nearly $5m guaranteed for a year of Mayowa?????

    Surely not

    • CaptainJack

      They must really like him. I don’t see it, at all. Only 6 sacks last year in his “expanded role”

    • cha

      A 50% raise after a 300% raise.

      What ???

      • Rob Staton

        It can’t be right surely

    • Sea Mode

      Hmmm, makes me question Dugar’s sources…

      Either way, I don’t think it’s that bad of a deal.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      What’s up with all the early misreporting on contract details? First it was a 2 year deal. Then a 4 year deal with the last 2 voidable/voided. Now it’s a 1 year?

      The same thing happened when Carson’s extension was first announced.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Maybe it’s a trap laid by JS to see who is leaking his info. Tyrion did it in Game of Thrones to figure out who was feeding info to Varys, Littlefinger, and Cersai. Worked like a charm.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          These are not the contract details you’re looking for [hand swipe]

        • Pugs1

          Nice reference, that would be hilarious if the case.

    • Rob Staton

      Rapoport has now deleted his tweet.

  20. CaptainJack

    The front office should immediately be trying to trade Rasheem Green to Jacksonville or Carolina.

  21. cha

    Baldy on Hyder

    • Rob Staton

      Sadly — I also remember Baldy on LJ Collier…

      • CaptainJack

        I posted my comment before yours even loaded up on my end.

    • CaptainJack

      I remember Baldy raved about how good and underrated LJ Collier was after the draft.

  22. SeattleLifer

    The best take away from this signing? That Schneider has shown he’s willing to be a bit more proactive/with the times. That’s two (Carson and Hyder) free agents deals now that are heavily backloaded- something he has been loathe to do in the past.

    As tor Hyder the other years with just 3 sacks between them all is concerning. To be honest i have’nt paid enough attention to him so i just don’t know what he really brings to the team. I guess the price seems right for a complimentary player but it’ll be disappointing if we don’t end up with a Dunlap/proven edge talent and have to settle on Hyder as the defacto starter.

    • Rob Staton

      That Schneider has shown he’s willing to be a bit more proactive/with the times.

      Well in fairness, what’s the alternative??

      They have no money or picks

      • SeattleLifer

        Very true, desperation can push many to act out of the ordinary.

  23. Sea Mode

    IF they sign Dunlap, then I can get on board with the “pass rush by committee” approach since we don’t have any stars to rely on. Keep everyone fresher.

    Maybe they wait it out and see which one of Dunlap or Clowney is still available later on.

    • dcd2

      That’s where I am. This was all the DL was ever going to be. Not enough resources and too many holes. Pair that with a disgruntled franchise QB squawking to the media about his lack of protection and weapons and we had to prioritize the Everett and Jackson signings. Heck, even Pocic needed to be a priority.

      I REALLY hope that Dunlap is still in play. If they got him, and managed to get a comp pick or 4 (I don’t know how Hyder’s deal factors yet), I’d give them a passing grade for FA. If we’re grading on a curve and factoring the 2020 FA class in, then Dunlap gets this year to an A for me.

  24. Rgsd858

    Great stuff as always Rob thanks for everything you do. I was wondering what is your opinion on Ryan Kerrigan is a fit or comparable to Dunlap? Who do you think is better right now?

    • Rob Staton

      Dunlap, 100%

      Already proven in the scheme

  25. dcd2

    I am very happy with both of these moves. I thought it would be Dunlap and Mayowa, but there is now a possibility of adding a 3rd guy, fresh off a really nice year.

    Think of it like this. We’re trying to play a par 5 in golf. We are standing in the tee box with the Rams, 9ers and Cards. They all whip out their drivers and smoke them down the fairway, and we’re up. Unfortunately when we look in our bag, we’ve got a putter, pitching wedge, 7 iron and a thing to scoop the ball out of the water if you hit it there.

    We F’d up big time last year. There had to be a cost, and we’re paying it. We aren’t players in FA with negative cap space, and we aren’t players in the draft with our sorry lot of picks. The best they can do is make the most of a shit situation.

    Is our DL good? No, it’s probably well below average VS the NFL, and certainly worst in the division. We weren’t ever going to do better than average… but there’s a ray of hope. Average is still in play. If we get Dunlap, I think we can field an average DL. At least we didn’t repeat the Clowney fiasco of last year. We’ve got a backup plan.

    Now, work those cap numbers and SIGN CARLOS!

    • BobbyK

      While our DL sucks in comparison to our division opponents, our QB position can and does make up for it. Until they trade him and end up with most positions worse than everyone else in the division.

      • Rob Staton

        When it mattered, LA’s two lines made our QB advantage completely obsolete

        • SeattleLifer

          One can only hope Pete and John see this just as we do and chose to thusly act upon it in more than half measure.

      • cha

        Oh come on.

        The Rams started a backup QB and then played Goff with pins in his thumb.

        And they beat the Seahawks. In the playoffs.

        • BobbyK

          Did I say anything about the Wilson advantage neutralizing an (almost) entire team of more talent?

          I specifically said the Wilson advantage can neutralize the advantage the Rams on the DL. One position group.

          I never said anything about having a QB can mean RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, and DBs can suck in comparison to the other team but you’ll still win because your QB is better. And because the Rams were better overall – they won the game. The dominated the trenches and I never once said anything about their OL being better than ours. We know they are/were. You are a great writer. I figured you would have read and comprehended what I wrote better.

          • Sean

            Let’s not forget how superior the Rams are to us in coaching as well.

          • cha

            I must have misunderstood then.

            But in the biggest game of the year, the Ram DL dominated, the Seahawks DL couldn’t stop the run to save their lives and Russ didn’t make up for it.

        • Big Mike

          Didn’t just beat Seattle, beat them handily.

  26. Sea Mode

    I think Rapoport just deleted his tweet!

    • Rob Staton

      He did

      Obviously hasn’t got the facts right

      • Sea Mode

        Maybe it’s 2yrs/$4.6m? (with 2 voidable years)

  27. Rob Staton

    Rapoport has corrected himself:

    It’s still far too much for Mayowa

    What are they doing? Nearly $5m guaranteed

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I won’t care if they resign Dunlap.

      But really the only part that seems excessive is the guaranteed amount in year 1. Up to $4.4m per year for a decent rotational DE isn’t bad. Unless you were referring specifically to the year 1 guaranteed amount.

    • cha

      Again. That’s a 50% raise over last year, for a 6 sack season in a down economy.

      Negotiating against themselves.

      • Scot04

        If Mayowa costs us Dunlap it’s a brutal signing.
        They need Dunlap to make these two moves a plus.

      • dcd2

        Remember Takk Mckinley? That the Falcons cut because they couldn’t get a 7th rounder?

        How about Solomon Thomas who’s got 6 sacks in 4 years?

        31 year old Denico Autry?

        Morgan Fox or Henry Anderson?

        These are the players you get for $4-5M (Autry is actually over $7M).

        Maybe we could have saved money by getting Stephen Weatherly for $2.5M, but then everyone would be really banging their heads against the wall, as he had: 0 sacks, 15 tackles, a PFF grade of 53.7 and… ya, that’s it.

        This isn’t a bad value. Especially for a team who needs DL help in the worst way.

        • cha

          I’d rather have Dunlap – his effect on the others on the DL (particularly Reed and Poona, even Mayowa himself) is established and known.

          He elevates the others. Benson doesn’t.

          And Hyde’s effect and fit is an unknown.

          I’d be OK signing Dunlap and then waiting out Mayowa and driving his price down.

    • BruceN

      The deal has a mx value of $8.8M meaning he will probably not see the max value of the deal unless he gets 20 sacks and we win the SB. We have to see the fine print like the deal with Hyder.

  28. MyChestIsBeastMode

    If PC/JS think Darrel Taylor is full go then I’ll bet this is our DE group for the season sans Dunlap. Hope I’m right about Taylor’s health and wrong about Dunlap. More pass rush please!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      What does “full go” mean for someone who wouldn’t even practice after being medically cleared.

      And even if he thinks he’s a full go, I don’t think Carroll or Schneider would roll the dice on just that, especially considering he hasn’t played a single down, in practice let alone in a game, in more than 2 years.

      And if they are inclined to do that, then that would confirm our worst fears about the state of the franchise.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Full go is full go. As in, no restraints. PC was saying that he looked the part and was very close before our playoff game. He had a stress fracture in an awkward spot, that he toughed out for a year and certainly made it worse. Led to surgery with complications. Still, stress fractures are bone and bone heals much better than most soft tissue injuries.

        I’m not making the argument they should ride with Taylor sans Dunlap. I think PC/JS would though if they thought he was full go given that they praised him so highly and we’re not exactly balancing the budget at the moment. It seems like a move they’d consider as shrewd.

        • New Guy

          MyChestIsBeastMode –

          That doesn’t count as studying for level two. Remember level two is graded unlike level one which is pass/fail. Residency directors use it as as a main determinative for candidates. You don’t want to end up doing residency in Northern Mississippi in your third choice of specialty.


          • MyChestIsBeastMode

            Step 2 is done (says with smile).

            • New Guy

              Then freely spend the week talking to your upper classmates on social media regarding their matches.
              I know it’s not easy being a Med student in the days of Covid. Hopes it’s easier to all of you in the upcoming year.


  29. Roland Tamayo Jose

    It would be huge if they brought back Dunlap, it would cap this offseason free agency period with a bang!, its amazing what a little advocating (RW) can do to wake up this organization to realize what an amazing position that they are in right now to have all the power in the organization with no one to answer to or fire them for the past couple of seasons since the reset; they are in a unique position unlike any other so they had better cherish it! GO HAWKS!

    • CaptainJack

      I would have been cautiously optimistic about Hyder + Dunlap coming back but Mayowa does not excite me in the slightest and Hyder being the “guy” instead of just having a support role does not inspire confidence, especially with the giant question mark over Taylor’s leg.

    • Sean

      Seriously? If they sign Dunlap, then we are the same d-line as last year plus Hyder…who is basically a question mark. That is not a really aggressive off-season for the d-line. And we maybe replaced griffin ‘s contributions with witherspoon. To me, on paper this looks like we are in a holding pattern on D if we get Dunlap back. Oh and we might get a dip in LB production if KJ moves on. I hope it all works out, but if adding Dunlap is the last chip to fall, we look to be pretty average, assuming CB works out OK.

      • Jhams

        Can’t be all that aggressive when you have no picks or cap space.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Hyder had a very nice season last year. Why is he a question mark?

        • Rob Staton

          Because he’s a 30-year-old pass rusher with two good-ish seasons.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Sounds a bit like Jarran Reed but nobody thinks he’s a question mark.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s nothing like Jarran Reed.

              When Reed has played next to a legit DE, he has about 20 sacks in 2018 and half of 2020.

              He’s a former second round pick who’s been with Seattle his entire career. I had him as a top-20 talent in 2016. He was extended on a big contract as a priority a year ago.

              Kerry Hyder is a journeyman who has bounced around the league. He’s had two eight sack seasons as a rotational DE and three one sack seasons.

              We don’t have to pretend he’s more than he is. Look at the price tag.

              • Blitzy the Clown

                With respect, he clearly wasn’t a top 20 talent, was he? He’s had ONE good season and a couple of ok ones. Who cares which team he’s been with? I care about production. And in that sense, there’s not a lot of difference between them.

                • Rob Staton

                  Are you being obtuse for a reason?

                  I thought Jarran Reed was a top-20 talent in the draft in 2016. I wasn’t alone. That’s a perfectly plausible opinion to hold, regardless of how his career turned out.

                  And the point I raised is one player was an Alabama star with a rich draft reputation who went in round two and could’ve easily gone in round one and has been with one team throughout, earning a nice salary in an extension and in the last two years with a consistent, proper pass rusher on the roster — he’s stacked up nearly 20 sacks in a season and a half.

                  The other is an UDFA journeyman.

                  If you aren’t willing to acknowledge the difference between the two then you’re not willing to debate honestly and I’ll move this along pretty quickly.

  30. DougK

    May not be significant but Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner tweeted their pleasure getting Mayowa back. Diggs also tweeted indicating he’s juiced about Hyder (knows him from Detroit?). Looks like the team leaders are stepping up for the recent signings.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m sick of all this tweeting

      Get together, sort everything out, then do a fricking press conference putting this to bed forever

      Otherwise — I don’t want to see any bloody tweets about how happy you are

      The Seahawks and Wilson have a duty to the fans to get this sorted and then make a statement informing everyone it’s sorted

      Instead they’re just kicking the can down the road, playing silly games

      • Positrac

        Any chance the entire RW drama this offseason was specifically so we would not have to listen to J. Adams bitch about his contract?

        • Rob Staton

          Oh… I think that moment will come…

  31. no frickin clue

    It seems like the rest of the NFC West is going out and buying Maseratis, Ferraris and Bentleys. Our team has gone into the same store and come out with a Nissan Sentra.

    Dependable in a pinch, not exactly the shot of adrenaline we were hoping for, but who knows, maybe the low-end torque will surprise us and give us more than we expected.

    • Rob Staton


  32. Rob Staton

    I’m going to bed now.

    I have a bad feeling about what might happen in the comments section overnight (as tends to happen when the blog isn’t just a wall of positivity)

    Please read the perspective in the article and try to understand where I’m coming from

    See you tomorrow

    • Jeffers

      I honestly thought the article was pretty neutral, bordering on positive. Pretty hard to argue with stuff too.

  33. Big Mike

    I have a bad feeling not re-signing Dunlap may point to a new contract for Adams with the thought he’ll provide the additional pass rush needed.

    • TheOtherJordan

      What I didn’t understand until Seahawks twitter educated me is Adams is like three players in one. So in reality 20 million a year is a bargain because you’re getting a safety, lb, and pass rusher for less than 7 million a year. I really feel you don’t appreciate his true value.

      • Ed

        You can say that, but in saying that you are either wasting another body rushing (that won’t have an impact), or having to have another safety cover for Adams. And Adams in coverage is pretty bad. If you told me they would be in nickel all the time and have 3 safeties, Adams being basically a linebacker that’s blitzes or covers the flat, that’s still 15 million (to resign) for a weakside linebacker.

        • TheOtherJordan

          Personally, I hope he never plays another down for Seattle. The way some fans talk about the guy, you’d think we should play with 10 guys just so it’s fair to the other team.

      • Positrac

        When J. Adams is out with injury then we are down 3 players.

    • Jordan

      I certainly hope an Adams extension is forthcoming this offseason or next

  34. Hebegbs

    These signings are at least something guys. Sure it doesn’t match up to the rest or the NFC West but what conference does? It’s better than yesterday. If they are done now with it then we are screwed. But the Clowney saga was nauseating and perhaps Dunlap thinks he should pull a Clowney. We can’t do that again 8 days in to FA. At least we have 2 more guys that can do something than we did yesterday. Now go get Dunlap…

    • Rob Staton

      Aren’t you just making the same point the article makes though?

      The third line is:

      On the one hand, addressing this now at least eliminates some of the uncertainty.

      It then points out they couldn’t do what they did with Clowney.

      And then it argues they need more.

      (Now I really am I off to bed)

    • Hebegbs

      Yep I was. You hit on all that in your article no doubt. I was mostly talking toward other comments in the blog community that are raising the flag in alarm. I for one am happier today that they did something than yesterday so I choose to have a little positivity where I see some do not have much. That is just how I took some of the comments.

  35. TheOtherJordan

    Fine to add the sides as long as you don’t forget the steak.

    • AlaskaHawk

      That’s a great comment. We need the steak, and we don’t need the expensive Flaming Safety cocktail.

  36. Hoggs41

    Looks like Mayowa is max $8.8 for two years. Guaranteed $4.61m this year. Signing bonus is most likely around $3.6m with a rough base of $1m. That would put his cap hit about $1.9m this year. Remove the $660k from the guy he is replacing and your looking at around a net cap space loss of $1.25m. Not bad.

    • God of Thunder

      That’s actually good.

  37. Denver Hawker

    This might be totally wrong, but I see the Dunlap signing last year a reaction to losing Irvin. I do t see Hyder playing the LEO spot, but perhaps he could. Still think they’d like to sign Dunlap, but to your point Rob, aren’t willing to get caught waiting until there aren’t anymore options.

    Hyder signing says more about Green and a Collier to me than Dunlap.

  38. BruceN

    “Throwing Hyder into the pot as a potential upgrade for Rasheem Green and L.J. Collier is a decent idea. Buying into him as a direct replacement for the far more proven and consistent Dunlap would be a potential downgrade.”

    Agree 100%. If Hyder is a replacement for Dunlap it would be a total whiff.

  39. CallMeAL

    I just watched the Tennessee vs Georgia games from 2018 and 2019. Now, I’m not claiming to be a talent evaluator but I wasn’t impressed with Darrell Taylor and I’m not sure what the Seahawk’s saw in him. I thought he was slow off the snap, couldn’t set the edge, wasn’t aware of where the ball was at on running plays, didn’t get penetration on passing plays and was easily blocked by Georgia’s RT in both games. On one play in the 2018 game he was looking around and wasn’t even aware the ball was snapped. I will say he looked much faster in 2018 than he did playing injured in 2019.

    If he plays this year, I wouldn’t be expecting much. I think he’s going to need time to develop and appears to be something of a project.

    • DougM

      Last year before the draft I watched the 2019 game and had the same impression. His only production that year was against non-NFL caliber offensive lineman. In that Georgia game he even got beat by their tight end, Charlie Woerner. He was playing with his injury that year though.

  40. Demitrov

    Hey Rob, haven’t posted in a few years but still read this site religiously because it’s the best Seahawks analysis out there. I sympathize with your frustration regarding this team. I don’t know why they can’t do the obvious and just trade Adams and Wagner. Get a bunch of draft picks and go BPA in the trenches, WR, CB, or RB. Use the cap space to get Dunlap and help and then make a pitch to Wilson and get him to commit long-term and let him lead the offense. I think that’s pretty much what you’ve been suggesting for a while correct me if I’m wrong. Instead it seems like they think that they’re just one more move away from wining a SB and they need just a little something to get themselves over the edge. But they’re not just one move away, which anyone whose watched this team for the past few years should admit. Most of these games are not fun to watch even when they win. They are just not in sync and fight themselves the entire game, and then get blown away in the playoffs. And that is what’s so frustrating. I want to be excited about this team and the direction it’s headed but I think they’re gonna muddle through this season and if the results are more of the same Russell will leave and we’ll be stuck with Pete and no franchise QB and the bottom might fall out of this team.

    • Trevor

      I feel the same way.

    • Big Mike

      “……it seems like they think that they’re just one more move away from wining a SB and they need just a little something to get themselves over the edge. But they’re not just one move away, which anyone whose watched this team for the past few years should admit.”

      I think you’ve summed it up perfectly.

    • Rob Staton

      100% agree

  41. DougM

    Using Rob’s board and trading down I came up with this draft.

    101 D’Ante Smith
    104 Payton Turner
    117 Aaron Banks
    129 Cade Johnson
    131 Ben St-Juste
    155 Chris Rumph
    161 Chris Evans

  42. charlietheunicorn

    Low cost, good upside pickups.

    Get Dunlap back in the fold and bring back Irvin for a bit of insurance…. then not a bad rotation on the defensive line. Simply need one big horse in the middle paying DT on rotation with who they already have on the team. Not #1, but also not as bad as 2018-2020 (roughly).

    • dcd2

      Speaking of Irvin. Do we have a SAM on the roster? No Irvin, no KJ… is Barton the de facto SAM?

      That’s a bit concerning.

      • charlietheunicorn

        JC said he thought KJ might come in for 4.5M deal….. Irvin will be close to vet minimum 2M deal…. so you could afford both if it comes down to it and the deals stay low. I wouldn’t argue with that price point for either player. Blue light specials!

        • Scot04

          If I have the choice between adding KJ & Irvin vrs Dunlap; I’m taking Dunlap every time. We have enough money in at LB & Safety already. Without Dunlap all we’ve done is add a 5tech and a rotational DE in Mayowa. We need all 3.

  43. charlietheunicorn

    This taking things to the next level right here!!!

    MyChestIsBeastMode says:
    March 23, 2021 at 5:12 pm
    Maybe it’s a trap laid by JS to see who is leaking his info. Tyrion did it in Game of Thrones to figure out who was feeding info to Varys, Littlefinger, and Cersai. Worked like a charm.

  44. GerryG

    I feel like the guys we signed represent the ceiling of our younger players: journeyman rotational guys that can be nice contributors on a good line. This is the type of line that gets Jarran Reed 2 sacks, not 8.

    Hopefully more is coming. Way over the cap now, and still need LB, CB, WRs, C, and a RB that can play 16 games.

  45. Pran

    Dunlap’s criteria may not be money unfortunately. He may want to play for a contender just like Clowney. Seattle is no longer a free agent destination. we need to either overpay or shop in flea market.

  46. God of Thunder

    Or he might want a longer term

  47. Mick

    Both signings are fine for depth, but if Dunlap ends up with Ravens, we will be sorry.

  48. Brik

    This isn’t what I was thinking when it came to the pass rush. Besides the draft picks, the only difference from last years free agency is we traded Irvin for Hyder. Please get Dunlap, or even Ingram although his injury history is concerning. I feel like these moves mean that they have no intention of upgrading the pass rush anymore. That’s why I agreed with Dunlap being the priority, now I have no confidence they’ll add to the D-line.

    • Sea Mode

      If they get Dunlap, the other moves will make sense for nice depth.

      I will say, though, it does make sense to me to try and sign the cheapest guy first so he doesn’t ask for something closer to what his more expensive teammate is going to get. I know, it’s not an absolute or anything. Just trying to find a sliver of hope that Dunlap is still in the cards…

    • Tomas

      I share that fear, Brik – no Dunlop this year. I’m also concerned that Pete thinks the OL has been adequately addressed.

  49. Dave1401

    I have similar feelings to the signings last offseason. These recent deals are fine in isolation, but when you aggregate them you end up spending 20m in cap on 4/5 average players when you could have had 1 or 2 elite talents. Overall roster construction is still whack. Way too much of our cap is spent on non-difference makers.

    Miss 2012-2015 when we had a top-heavy cap and the rest of the roster filled out with UDFA/cheap draft picks. The team feels old to me. Where’s the youth?

    • Sea Mode

      I see where you’re coming from, but I feel it’s nowhere near as bad as last year:

      2020 → 2021

      TE: Greg Olsen (35) → Gerald Everett (26)
      DL: Bruce Irvin (32) → Kerry Hyder (29)
      OL: Iupati (32), Finney (28), Ogbuehi (27) → Gabe Jackson (29)

      In the end, we needed to fill some starting positions and have too few draft picks to do it. So a few under-30 FA acquisitions feels necessary and smart. I’m not worried at all about borrowing a bit from next year’s cap space.

      The youth…? The youth is currently sitting at home posting on Instagram (Taylor), sitting on the bench behind his star replacement (Blair), and playing like Tarzan on ST while like Jane on defense (Barton). Yeah, I feel you there.

      • Big Mike

        The rest of the “youth” will be drafted by the Jets this year and next.

        • Rob Staton

          And #23 is going to be a great range for pass rush this year

  50. Julian Langdon

    It was an interesting point I heard Mike Rimmer make on PFF recently, that teams aren’t looking to draft offensive and defensive starters after the 4th round, but they start to priorities traits that’ll help them on Special Teams. I presume this is because statistically the chances of finding these starters in later rounds drops considerably. So with that in mind and the fact that Seattle only have 2 picks in the first 4 rounds (and one of them at #129), they do need to get back into the draft earlier.

    I’m encouraged with the work the Seahawks are making in the trenches this off season and other than bringing back Dunlap, I think their work in free agency might done there. On the latest recruit, I like Kerry Hyder as Michael Bennett type. To be completely free of inhibiting needs during the draft, they probably should still hire a WR.

    With all this done, the options for creating the cap space would include some of extending Lockett, J Reed, trading Wagner or Adams. I don’t think at this stage for well discussed reasons they’ll extend Russell Wilson. Trading J Reed puts the DL a step backwards and as Jeff Simmons has said (on the Hawkblogger podcast), you won’t get a serious pick from a team for J Reed, as taking on his contract doesn’t present great value to trade for. Extend him, he might want to, rather than sweat on being a cut candidate?

    So finally it’s Adams or Wagner. I think Seattle will be in a dialogue with Adams now over his new contract, but Adams as much as the Seahawks will have to make a decision very soon over what terms he’ll accept. If he’s not taking an offer by the time the Seahawks have to be under the cap, they’ll have to trade him. There is depth in the secondary behind him, which fortunately for Seattle means they have some leverage with their negotiation.

    But if Adams stays, then Bobby Wagner seems the only player that can be traded, for a day 2 pick and cap relief. Trading Bobby would release more cap space than Adams, and presumably a new Adams contract would lower his hit in 2021 also. I think a Bobby trade might also make it more likely KJ can be employed by the team. It would make it more necessary.

    So in summary on the ‘big’ assumption Jamal Adams signs a fair contract in the next month, some moves could be;
    Extend Lockett and J Reed (lower the cap hit)
    Sign Dunlap and a num 3 receiver
    Trade B Wagner (maybe for a 2nd!)
    Bring back KJ Wright and yes of course Bring Sherm Home.

    • CallMeAL

      Everyone thinks trading Wagner is going to net a decent pick. My question is who is going to want to take on his contract this year especially considering he’s lost a step and is in the decline?

      • CallMeAL

        And a lot of teams just don’t value linebackers like they use to…

      • Julian Langdon

        Yes, good point. The same dilemma as with the Reed contract, though I can’t get over the position taken by so much of the Seattle media that J Reed has to be the one to be replaced, when we don’t have an equivalent player to replace him on the roster, or at least a 1st round pick as in the case of Bobby.

        It very much seems that there are some players that the Seattle media deem must not be named, when looking at options for change. In Britain it seems more desirable, if not journalistically essential for opinion writers to pick up on the more controversial positions possible. It makes for better print?

    • j

      Trade Lockett, keep Wagner.

      Lockett will get us a 2nd at least, clears 12mm in cap, and has one year left on his deal and probably will sign elsewhere if he has a good year. Hes looking at at least 15mm annually and with DK due for an extension we can’t afford both. And this is a real good draft for WR. Trade Lockett, draft DWayne Eskeridge, Dyami Brown, Rondale Moore, etc. with the pick we get, bring back a solid WR like Tate or Humphrey for about 5mm with the money we save from Lockett, that is a big win.

      Cons are Lockett is a fan favorite and it would piss off Russ.

      I can’t see Wagner netting us anything more than few day three picks and he is signed long term.

      • Rob Staton

        They are not trading Tyler Lockett

        Why does this keep coming up? (facepalm)

        • Roy Batty

          People keep looking at the savings and ignore the massive, and I do mean massive, hole his trade creates.

          The list of 100 reception receivers is small for a reason.

      • Mick

        Lockett is way too important and too productive to be traded. Might as well trade Metcalf, equally bad move. I don’t think we’re trading to get back in the draft – unless we’re lucky and get a good offer for Adams. I think we’ll trade our next years 4th from the Jets for something like a 5th and a 7th, maybe with the 7th next year. And likely we’ll trade down from 56, I hope not too much.

        • Volume12

          They need 2 or 3 4th rounders this year. IMO, the sweet spot in this draft is rounds 3 & 4.

          W/ a small draft class, if it ends being that, Seattle can also add a bunch of priority UDFAs as well.

  51. Tree

    These are solid value signings. I like that our DL are all guys who should be getting better or are in their prime still. Hopefully, we can sit back now and strike if we get can get an impact value signing at DE, pass rushing SAM, WR3, and/or Center and presumably we can fill two those holes in the draft (but no room for error there). I think TE, WR3, and C have been the biggest common weakness in the last two playoff losses. I know the draft is strong at C and WR but getting TY and maybe the KC center would really let us take the BPA.

    • Volume12

      I like em too. Hyder is perfect for the bear fronts Seattle likes to use. Very intriguing group.

      If they add another DE who do they cut? They only carry 5 DEs. Makes me wonder if a SAM is the way to go.

  52. Big Mike

    What happened to the livestream with Robbie announcement? Are you guys not able to do it now?

    • TomLPDX

      Just going to ask the same question. Got a 404 error when I did a refresh on the page

    • GerryG

      It went the way of the Hawks super bowl window im afraid

      • Big Mike

        Oh snap!

        (brilliant GerryG)

    • Robbie

      Sorry guys, I messed up on the time and I’m not available to do the live stream at that time. We are working on details to get it done soon. This one is on me, sorry about that.

      • RugbyLock

        Slacker! We need to cut this guy!! LOL!!!

        • Robbie

          haha seriously!! Such a failure 😀

      • Big Mike

        Probably something unimportant like you know, the wife or your kids. Slacker


  53. HOUSE

    Jordan Simmons just re-signed a 1-year deal with SEA. I personally think he provides good depth and upside

    • cha

      Depth yes. Upside, meh.

    • Roy Batty

      They didn’t tender him, so gotta be vet min, right?

      • HOUSE

        I believe so. I haven’t seen details on the contract

  54. RugbyLock

    Top Billin had some good things to say about Hyder.

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