Seahawks sign Michael Bennett to one-year deal

Ladies and gentleman… here is your upgraded version of Jason Jones. This new model is healthier and recorded nine sacks last season.

Percy Harvin. Cliff Avril. Michael Bennett. With a draft to come. The Seahawks are playing free agency like a boss. They’re letting the market come to them then beating the crap out of it.

Cliff Avril doesn’t get the mega money he’s looking for, so he signs a two-year ‘prove it’ deal in Seattle. Why? Because he knows this team will give him the opportunity to do just that. Prove it.

Michael Bennett doesn’t get the mega money he’s looking for, so he signs a one-year ‘prove it’ deal in Seattle. Why? Because he knows this team will give him the opportunity to do just that. Prove it.

This isn’t the kind of reckless ‘dream team’ spending that created a mess in Philadelphia. This is cold, calculated domination. If these deals don’t work, they move on. The length of contract in both cases means neither player will have any impact on the teams ability to re-sign Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas or anyone else in the future.

This isn’t blowing $7m on inside linebackers (Miami), multi-millions on Paul Kruger and Desmond Bryant (Cleveland), over-paying for Ricky Jean-Francois, Donald Thomas and Eric Walden (Indianapolis), or giving Mike Wallace $30m guaranteed (Miami again). This is patience and execution. This is opportunism. Playing the market, not being played by the market.

And it helps when you can attract these kind of deals because you already possess a young, vibrant roster.

There will be naysayers who claim you don’t win anything in March. That is true. But again, this isn’t a reckless splurge chasing a dream. Other teams ploughed into free agency and as a collective washed away over $200m in one day. The Seahawks instead traded for Harvin and solved their greatest need (pass rush) with two of the best available free agents at a knock down price. And what an incentive for Avril and Bennett to make the most of their time in the Pacific North West.

Seattle might not win the Super Bowl next season. But they’re positioning themselves for one hell of a run.

So far they’ve added one of the best playmakers in the league, replaced Chris Clemons (ACL) with a top-tier free agent and now upgraded the nickel three-technique position swapping Jason Jones for Michael Bennett. I’m half expecting a trade for Darrelle Revis tomorrow for a stick of gum and some old socks.

Cross off another need on your list. By my count that leaves two — starting defensive tackle and WILL. Will Alan Branch now re-sign? It makes a lot of sense. Take a WILL in the draft? Again, it makes a lot of sense.

This confirms Seattle’s trust in the role Jones played in last year and almost certainly suggests they’ll continue to use size at defensive tackle for the base defense. While a multitude of teams fret over finding a quarterback, or a cornerback, or a pass rusher, or all three… Seattle’s biggest need is merely one giant space eater.

And what about that pick at #56? They can pretty much do whatever they want now. Offense. Defense. Kicker.

Win Forever? They just might.

Michael Bennett’s nine sacks from 2012: Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6, Clip 7, Clip 8, Clip 9.

Meanwhile in other news today…

Tyrann Mathieu still worries me

He appeared on NFL AM this morning and conducted a slightly bizarre interview. It all started well enough and to be fair he took a bit of a grilling and opened up about his drug use. Yet there were some really worrying quotes that slipped out near the end.

He admitted he needed to get away from Louisiana after the incident that led to the end of his college career, and he travelled to stay with Patrick Peterson’s family in Florida. Yet when asked about the possibility of being drafted by New Orleans, this was his response: “They’d have to come up with a pretty good plan to keep me out of harms way.”

Excuse me?

He was then questioned about his four reps of the bench press at the combine (why even do it?) and he admitted it hadn’t been his focus going into the event. His focus had been “staying clean”. When pressed on this, he admitted he was still battling to keep away from drugs. That it was a “struggle” to stay away from marijuana. I find it pretty alarming that he’s still having issues there, to the point it seems to have impacted his combine preparation.

Near the end of the interview he said he’d been smoking weed from the age of 12-13 and was introduced to it by a family member. It just seems like this has been a part of his life for such a long time now, he’s really struggling to leave it behind. It’s ingrained into him. Almost like a compulsive smoker who struggles to quit because it’s become second nature.

You want to hear that he’s taken the wake-up call after his departure from LSU and kicked the drugs for good. You don’t want to hear he’s still battling those demons. A team isn’t going to want to babysit him through this struggle. He was a fun player to watch in college and I sincerely hope he can get his life and career back on track. But I can’t draft the guy on this evidence. If he can’t even be trusted to go back to Louisiana — his words — then I think you let somebody else deal with this. It’s a shame, but it is what it is.

Keenan Allen – what’s going on?

He didn’t work out at the combine. He was expected to work out at his pro-day today. But he didn’t. He didn’t do a single drill or work out.

This is starting to get worrying and it’s why I’ve had him as low as the late second round in previous mock drafts. You’re talking about a receiver who’s underdeveloped because the passing game in California was so inept. He basically spent a career running short digs and curls, constantly coming back to the quarterback. It’s hard to project how fast he is but I’m sceptical — he looks like a 4.5 guy to me which is unremarkable. And despite being billed as a big receiver, he’s one inch taller than DeAndre Hopkins with smaller hands and a smaller wingspan.

And now he’s a serious injury concern because this knee injury is just lingering and lingering. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he drops like a stone. It’ll take a pretty big leap of faith to see him go as early as some are projecting.


  1. Sam Jaffe

    There’s the Jason Jones replacement. Remember–when he played as a rookie he was a big DT. He’s also very good friends with Red Bryant (he chose to come to the Seahawks as a UDFA because of Red’s presence). I like this signing the best of all three: I think Bennett was the most under-rated of all the free agents. They still need to re-sign Branch, though–that cap is starting to get snugly.

  2. Nolan

    The Seahawks must be mad at rob they never want him to be able to do a mock draft again

    • williambryan

      Love this!

    • Cameron

      Notice he hasn’t written one yet? May as well wait a couple of more days, because right now the Hawks would make a, excuse the pun – mockery of anyone’s mock draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I had actually posted the mock seconds before this was announced! Pulled it again (saving it for tomorrow!)

      • Nolan

        Damn your sneaky rob I been checking for it all day must have just missed it

        • Rob Staton

          For what it’s worth… I’m changing the pick at #56 after tonight’s big news πŸ™‚

          • kevin mullen

            Please say its Leon Sandcastle.

            • D

              I love Leon Sandcastle. Good feet, nice hair. Sure to be a star!

            • Nolan

              I don’t get the Leon sandcastle joke

              • Nolan

                Oh I see

                • glor

                  it’s a “Prime Time” commercial

              • glor


          • Nolan

            Who was the pick rob?

            • Rob Staton

              That would be telling πŸ™‚

              It was a linebacker, but one we hadn’t had penned to the Seahawks before.

              • Nolan

                Who was it on the one that got skipped for aviril?

              • Eric

                I was thinking Sio Moore, but I can’t remember if you mocked him to SEA before. I think you did.

                Which leaves Jon Bostic or Cornelius Washington? But I think you picked Washington once.

                Jon Bostic? There is the Dan Quinn connection.

                It’s like being a kid on Christmas eve!

                • Troy

                  His silence is telling. Haha

                  • Morgan

                    I bet it was Arthur Brown! Though I doubt he’d last after his apparently amazing pro day. Carroll has a history of going after those players that ‘got away.’ He raved about Brown during the recruiting process a few years ago.

                • Kip Earlywine

                  Probably Moore.

                  I think Seattle probably avoids LB barring a surprise drop from Arthur Brown or perhaps Zaviar Gooden. Where’s the speed at LB this year?

                  Also, I am still trying to confirm this, but I’ve heard second hand that Pete plans to use Avril at LB next season. Obviously, he’d still be our part time LEO, but it sounds like WLB could be in the mix as well. Makes sense- Avril could probably manage a Julian Peterson role very well, and Quinn has been adamant about being more “aggressive” on defense this year.

                  • Rob Staton

                    I think we’re getting bogged down on speed at linebacker. Didn’t K.J. Wright run a 4.75?

                  • Attyla the Hawk

                    I do think speed is a premium for the WLB though. Wright wasn’t fast but exceedingly long. And productive while displaying good instincts.

                    I think if he were still at the Mike or Will, we’d be hearing Pete again talk about getting speed at LB in his post season presser.

                    If a guy isn’t going to be fast, they probably need to be very quick to recognize plays and have an instinctual flow to where the ball is going to be. We’ve already had the fast but oblivious LB experience and we replaced him with a slower player with faster cognitive quality.

                    Moore and Collins don’t have blazing speed. They do have acceptable NFL average speed. But they have length. Functional length. To me, they remind me of LB versions of Richard Sherman. Not the fastest guys, but guys whose physicality and functional length make completion windows tough. Guys that can play an inside technique and extend to bat away balls on the outside shoulder.

                    I’ve not watched either of them enough to comment on how well they read plays. I’ll have to start cracking on that because most of the footage I’ve watched is now for players we’re never going to draft.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Game speed matters IMO and I think Brown and Greene both make absolute sense for Seattle.

                  • Phil

                    Kip – please let us know what you hear regarding your attempts to confirm this rumor. I think that in addition to signing Avril and Bennett, the ‘hawks are going to explore some scheme changes to get more pressure on obvious passing downs. (Let’s hope that deleting the 3-man rush is one of them.) I’d love to see Avril, Bennett, Irvin, and Clemons playing at the same time when it’s 3rd and 10.

                  • Morgan

                    You are right about KJ, Rob. He was probably the worst-testing draft pick this regime has drafted. He was mostly middle of the pack in all timed drills. But he did fit their ‘built like a chimpanzee’ mold. Tall, long arms, etc.

                  • xo 1

                    Phil – I can’t seem to reply directly to you for some reason but I love the vision of Cliff, Clem, Bruce and Bennett getting after a QB. The tape of Bennett rushing from the inside excites me most. I can envision Bennett being a long-term keeper. I’m disappointed his contract is only a one-year deal, although I understand why he’d want that and can recognize that potentially makes him even more hungry. Having let him get away once before, I’m hoping he stays awhile.

  3. Sam Jaffe

    Did you see on Field Gulls the transcript of a radio interview with Schneider? He said that they still plan to do some extensions of existing players after they get some help on the DL. I would say they got some help on the DL. So where can they possibly get any more money? Is it possible that they’ve done some sort of restructurings with Miller/Rice/Flynn and not announced them? Is that allowed?

    • Rob Staton

      Very possible. They could also cut Obo and Farwell to save a bit. Flynn has seen he has almost no market so might accept the situation and take a pay cut (and major props to him if he does).

      • xo 1

        The odd part about Flynn is that guys like Cassel, Kolb, Moore, Case Daniels, et al., are getting major play. You almost wonder why he isn’t knocking on JS’s door asking to be released. He wouldn’t get the same contract but he could get a shot to start (much stronger than he had here, in retrospect, since none of those teams are going to be picking up a Russell Wilson) and the money has been surprisingly strong. His biggest worry ought to be getting cut loose too late to score a chance. Of course, maybe he wants to go along for the ride.

    • Belgaron

      It will be a great move to lock in Kam before he has another steller season. I think he was a bit dinged up last season and he’s had to adjust to the new hitting rules, especially as a guy who can’t afford the fines. By paying him, they will allow him to play with less fear of fines; not that he will get more, he’ll just be able to not stress the ridiculous ones that aren’t his fault. Like the ones they call in the game but end up not fining because they are clean hits.

    • Kip Earlywine

      John Schneider is acting like a guy that just lost his cap guru. The spending spree has been mind blowing and will apparently continue with extensions.

      Extensions are very smart btw, good chance for some below market deals.

  4. Vin

    Holy Ish! This insanely awesome. I just hope this doesn’t backfire. Super Bowl or bust! I also heard that Antoine Winfield was in for a physical….don’t know if that was before or after this signing. What a great time to be a Hawks fan.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      How would it backfire? Both of these guys were signed to very minimal contracts?

    • Belgaron

      It seems like a very smart move to bring in two young guys who are playing in contract years. These are not “dream team” moves, they are opportunistic moves stemming from their success. Great players know they’ll have more opportunities playing in this defense to not have to carry the load (and the double teams) of being a focal point of opponent’s game plans playing for bad teams.

  5. Colin

    Wow. This is insane. This team is going to win an insane amount of games this year if they stay healthy.

    • Belgaron

      Health is a benefit of going young which appears to be part of their ongoing strategy. If they continue with the solid drafts, they will have the depth to weather the season with minimal injuries (knock on wood).

  6. geoff

    This offseason is nuts. Super bowl or….well, or try again next year!

  7. Vin

    So I’m guessing this means the end of Branch…..where would the funds come from…who will back up Red? I wonder if maybe the D switches to a tradional 4-3 with CA and Irvin as bookends?

    • Leonard

      They still need a bigger run stuffing DT so don’t rule Branch out unless he gets a big multi year offer from another team.

    • Rob Staton

      If Michael Bennett only gets $5m… I think Branch will be pretty cheap.

      • Ryan

        Branch 2 year $6 million and we draft a WLB with #56 count that my prediction

      • Attyla the Hawk

        If Bennett is the Jones replacement, then really it’s an almost even money trade.

      • xo 1

        I wonder if they’ll go back to Branch or look at Richard Seymour. Branch may be a better bet to play lots of snaps, but Seymour is still a much better player when he is on the field. If the Hawks like their chances of picking up a promising big body in the draft, I could see them going with Seymour and a young guy.

  8. MJ

    Rob, could the Hawks trade R2 & 3 plus next years first for a top notch DT in this year’s draft?

    Honestly, barely any draft picks will make the team. Why not go ham and go for a Sheldon Richardson? I would totally sacrifice a draft for that. All key positions outside of DT (premium positions) are covered (and with youth).

    Thoughts? Even plausible?

    • Sam Jaffe

      That wouldn’t work. Nobody would take a 2nd and a 3rd for a first rounder. It would need a 1st next year, a second and a third this year. And that might net you a late first rounder (long after Richardson is gone). I think Seattle is going to load up on two DT’s in the draft–historically it’s the non-first-rounders that enjoy the most success. Another reason not to do that is because it involves a certain amount of future-mortgaging. As Rob has pointed out above, none of these flashy signings have mortgaged any future. The Seahawks can still fail this year, but nobody is going to blame John Schneider. He has just pulled off the unimaginable.

      • MJ

        That’s why I put “plus next year’s first.”

        I don’t know how high they could get, but it’s an interesting idea. Very little roster room. Just a talking point. No conviction with the statement.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’d have to spend a 2014 #1 to move back into round so it’s probably unlikely. I think they have the luxury now of getting the cigars out, sitting back and saying ‘bring it on’. Draft whichever player is at the top of that board. Whatever the position.

      • glor


      • MJ

        I’m thinking Jordan Reed could be really intriguing at 56 (if he lasts). This team is getting downright scary.

        • Misfit74

          I’ve been banging that drum, too. 2nd or 3rd round move TE would be fantastic. I also wonder if we might bring in TE Fred Davis.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        My first thought when news of Bennett signing, was

        Ryan Swope is back in play

        Although I agree, WLB is the last remaining divot on the roster. Still I’m not sure we don’t just go flat out BPA+fit all the way.

        I don’t recall a roster being this dead on solid across the board

        Swope could be the first ‘reload’ prospect to be added to the team.

        • Rob Staton

          Hey why not. I could see pretty much anything at #56 now.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            It’s very weird being in this position. It just seems like this team has had craters in it’s roster since virtually forever.

            It’s a brave new world!

            • xo 1

              Indeed. I anticipate a BPA approach, but focusing value on the guys with larger contracts. That is, I can see any of the following positions being picked in the first three picks: a RT candidate (Mills?), a TE (Kelce? or maybe a purer bigger receiver type like Escobar or Reed), an interior defensive lineman, or a wide out who drops. But in writing this, I realize I wouldn’t rule out the right WILL or a corner or safety or the right QB (least likely, I think, although I do expect a QB later in the draft). And as noted in an earlier thread, I could see Lattimore in the fourth, so we really are in a brave new world! Bring us your awesome ballers and we’ll deploy them.

              Maybe we’ll pick K Dustin Hopkins – dude is a great athlete and a terrific prospect. Maybe we save some cap space that way.

          • Phil

            Rob – Here’s another of my hare-brained ideas — I like thinking “outside the box”.

            What about picking Barkley at #56 if he’s available? If PC is a firm believer in his former QB and he thinks he’s undervalued, why not pick him and cut Flynn? In the pre-season, if Barkley shows that his shoulder is fully healed and if he flashes at QB, then he becomes a valuable asset not just as a backup to RW (I know he isn’t a read-option QB) but as future trade bait.

            I think the big question is whether he could fall to #56….. If he does, I think he’s really undervalued. I remember folks on this blog last year (myself included) thinking that it might take two first round picks to move up in this year’s draft to get him.

            • Nolan

              If he is there you definitely take him because you can developer him and use him like a Matt Schaub and trade him later … Of course though he would be getting paid more then russel Wilson and that would be awkward. I doubt he will be there though no way he gets past Arizona and buffalo twice

            • Rob Staton

              If he’s there at #56 I think they’d take him. But I suspect he will be a top-ten pick and I’m certain he’ll go in round one.

  9. Sam Jaffe

    And by the way, the justice of Michael Bennett returning is so sweet. He was UDFA that blew everything up in the preseason. Then Ruskell gets fired and apparently the janitor was put in charge , because someone cut Bennett early in the season, assuming that he would be practice squadded. Instead, he turns into a great player in Tampa. Welcome back Michael. Now if Steve Hutchinson would just re-sign for veteran’s minimum…

  10. geoff

    Rob, what do you think about running back in the draft? With Washington gone now, we’re going to need a 3rd RB and they might be primed to take a risk on a big upside guy. Not sure what the draft has to offer in this area, but it might be something to look at, in the mid rounds anyway. I still see DL, TE, WL as most probable in rounds 2 and 3.

    Who knows though, they’re pretty set to take the best player available right now.

    • Rob Staton

      Why not? Giovani Bernard in round two looks sweet to me. Imagine if Eddie Lacy fell…

      • Derek

        I agree. No one on the roster with skills like that. Can be our punt returner too. Great 3rd RB.

      • Bob (12th_Bob)

        Oh man, Bernard is a stud, surprised nobody is mocking him in the first 2 rounds yet. Later I’m hoping we take a shot with Knile Davis, that size and speed is unusual, injury a concern but why not gamble?

      • Nolan

        Isn’t Eddie lacy falling likely been a rough offseason for him with injury and being out of shape at the combine…

    • williambryan

      I would really like to see Lattimore drafted and maybe even put on IR right away. To me he is the closest thing to Lynch we will see and Lynch probably only has 2 maybe 3 years of peak performance, not to mention the contract and cap situations in 2 to 3 years.

      • Rob Staton

        I’d happily draft Lattimore and give him his chance. IR for a year like you say… then let the guy go to town. Worth the risk. And if anyone can come back from that horrific injury it’s Lattimore.

        • Nolan

          I’m for this as well if its a 6th or a 7th chances are that guy would be on ps or cut so why not use it as a future pick.

          • Rob Staton

            I’d take Lattimore in R4. It’d be a dice roll but the upside is huge. Well worth taking the chance for a 4th IMO.

            • SunPathPaul

              Agreed. The upside for the sneaky pick due to ‘BIG’ injury, (the worst I’ve seen on film-Yikes!)

              But he would insure Lynch and Turbin, and with Us he could take more time to Heal.
              Maybe give him a few runs, to get him acclimated -maybe at home, but be patient…

              It’s funny, but I mentioned Seattle might go for scoring power because we lucked out on RW, then they did with Percy. RW leading this offense to a “Quick Strike LeaD” like I mentioned, especially with our 2 new DE’s Avril and Bennett, we can sit back and FEAST on the opponent’s carcass while we score OVer & ovER!!! YES YES YES

              So ecstatic to be a ‘Hawk!!!!

            • Nolan

              Interesting would he have been a 1st rounder if he wasn’t hurt? What would his range have been

              • Rob Staton

                Without any knee injuries I think top-25 for sure.

                • Davison Phipps

                  It was a long time ago now, but didn’t Willis McGahee enter the league under similar circumstances? He was still a first round pick. Lattimore might not last past day two.

                • Nolan

                  Very intriguing lots of backs have fallen due to injury and comeback to have great pro careers, frank gore, Willis McGhee, micheal bush so it wouldn’t be unprecedented. I know lattimier is the kind of player we want, I would be pretty excited if that happened I love gambling like that to.

            • Geoff

              I could absolutely see us doing that. It’s basically what we did with Thurmond.

            • Misfit74

              Agreed. Love Lattimore.

      • JC

        Walter Thurmond fell under similar circumstances. His knee was shredded, returning a kick i believe, and tumbled for a second round grade into the fifth. There’s no reason to think the Hawks wouldn’t do that again unless their experience dealing with his injury issues have put them off.

    • Trudy Beekman

      I think Percy mostly eliminates the need for a 3rd RB on the 53-man as he’ll be used out of the backfield some. I was curious about some later round guys and big, violent runners in particular. Vid below is a 3 min highlight reel of Spencer Ware laying wood, so to speak. This is a bad man and he finishes runs with abandon … also has good balance. Poor man’s Eddy Lacy in his running style. Can’t tell much else as there is no other tape, but he did lose his starting job at LSU and only averaged about 4 a carry for two seasons. Haven’t seen him projected as anything but an UDFA, but he’ll be someone I root for no matter where he goes.

      • Miles

        When thinking about runningback I figure we don’t need a power back because we have Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin. We don’t need an elusive back because we have Percy Harvin. But one thing Harvin can’t do (as per punter Chris Kluwe) is catch punts well. There’s a runningback in this draft named Onterio McCalebb. The guy is lightning quick but he’s only 5’8″ and 160-something pounds. If he made the roster as our third runningback, he could be our punt returner, which I think is a valuable asset. I just don’t like the idea of using two of our top receivers on special teams. You almost have to put Percy Harvin on kick returns but I don’t think Golden Tate returning punts is ideal.

      • Bobby Cink

        I’ll disagree with the notion that we don’t’ need a 3rd RB on the roster because of PH’s presence on the roster. We need a power back to back up Lynch. And I’ll go ahead and disagree with Miles’ notion above that Turbin fits into the power back territory. He definitely doesn’t run with the same violence as Lynch (who does, though?) so I am thinking a big bruiser that could take the reins should Lynch get injured this year.

        • Miles

          Turbin may not use his hands the way Lynch does but he is a big, quick back. I’ve seen the guy break tackles plenty of times. If your definition of power back is Brandon Jacobs, than okay, he’s not a power back. But I think he’s the perfect compliment for Marshawn Lynch and will be our No. 2 back until Lynch is gone. Then Turbin could become our starter. I think he showed last year that he could be a starter for many teams. Ie. the Packers would love to have the guy. If we’re going to address runningback in this draft, it should come in the form of a Leon Washington-type who can return punts. Onterio McCalebb. πŸ™‚

  11. Jeff

    I’d still gladly take a flyer on Mathieu in round 6 or 7. The talent is there and the reality is that few guys picked that late would be able to make the Hawks roster. At least Mathieu might provide some value. He screws up you cut him and move on. Not a whole lot of harm done. He stays clean (i.e. figures out how to avoid getting caught) and you might have a huge steal. The guy is a playmaker, I’d rather risk it then draft someone without the talent to truly compete for a roster spot.

    • Nolan

      Um Pete and John don’t draft guys with our talant.. 6 and 7th rounders make our team. Also if New Orleans would have to come up with a plan to keep him clean then the Seahawks would to considering weed is legal and very available here.. The other thing is that if he is in a car with another teammate and they get pulled over could take down another player as well.

      • SunPathPaul

        If he came to Seattle, because the NFL only test for marijuana once a year…he could easily EXIST in Seattle due to its’ legality and availability. That will NOT danger another teammate NOR himself- if within Washington.

        So, the test is whether the talent is worth the Stoner CB…. He might possibly fit here better, because of this, than anyone! Except maybe Denver… (Legal in CO too…)

        As long as he doesn’t smoke before practices or games, if we want his talent – esp to fill the slot CB role, then why not IF he fits the role!!?!!

        • Rob Staton

          I think we should let the Broncos find out.

          • Nolan

            I’m with rob on this, let someone else figure it out. I smoke weed regularly and I enjoy it I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I however have never failed a drug test and I haven’t ever been caught smoking. I think if you fail tests and or get caught it shows a lack if caring about the situation. This is a dude who has said he needs a babysitter in certain situations he isn’t the kind of guy I want on my team.

            • Eric

              Maybe I’m off the mark, but I’m guessing you currently don’t have to be tested for work? Also, I’m guessing you’ve never had a national spotlight focused on your every move? And I’m guessing you’re older and more mature, and presumably could handle the situation better?

              I was going to post a detailed comment regarding Tyrann and this situation, but didn’t because it’s complicated and personal (personal in that it’s not the same thing for every “stoner” out there). I may take the time and attempt it now.

              By his own admission, Tyrann grew up smoking. So did I. He’s also not quite 21 years old now, and it’s been 2 years since this came out. I think it’s cruel and unfair to dismiss him as not caring because he got caught, especially under his particular circumstances.

              His comments regarding playing in NO and needing help to steer clear of trouble has everything to do with bad friends and running with the wrong crowd and returning to those negative surroundings in which he grew up, and precious little to do with any inability (or lack of desire) to stay clean.

              Accordingly, it is a logical fallacy to equate him coming here to him returning to NO. The availability of cannabis is irrelevant – I assure you he can get weed just as easy anywhere in the US as he can in places where it’s been legalized. His honesty and candor should be appreciated. Instead, he’s being vilified.

              • Rob Staton

                I think vilified is the wrong term. Maybe you have a point in that I’ve never personally had the need to stay away from a bad influence. However, what exactly does he mean by ‘protection’? Because if it’s just a case of someone saying, “come on Tyrann, have some weed” then he should be mature enough by now to simply say no and move on. If it’s worse than that and he may need serious protection here, is this an issue you’re going to have to deal with whether he’s based in New Orleans or anywhere else? And what about if you play in New Orleans and have to stop over?

                He admits in the interview that he had to focus in order to stay clean going into the combine. Will that be the case in the NFL? Is he going to need to make concerted efforts to stay away from drugs? And will it act as a distraction?

                At LSU when he was originally removed from the team, he went on something of a PR campaign stating he was now clean and was going to rehab. That he was going to knuckle down, stay at LSU, concentrate on his studies and hope to play for the Tigers in 2013. A few weeks later he got caught with an obscene amount of weed. And that was that. So while I appreciate his honesty here, I kind of feel like we’ve heard this all before. When he’s drafted will he resort back to old habits? Will he be drawn back into the drugs?

                And perhaps my biggest concern is he’ll drag one or more people down with him. Either that or he’ll end up being a negative flash point in the media, drawing attention away from all the positive stuff going on with the Seahawks now. As a coach on a now serious contender, I don’t want to have to talk about Tyrann Mathieu getting back into weed. And I’m sorry – but that threat remains. It’s been such a strong part of his life. Again, I appreciate his honesty… but it doesn’t mean I have to like what I hear in terms of whether I want him on my football team.

                I hope the guy proves me wrong, is a fantastic success in the NFL and I have to hold my hands up and apologise for doubting him. But I’d rather another team take the shot on that happening, personally.

                • Eric

                  With respect Rob, I think you missed my point about the milieu in NO, where he grew up. All those homies he ran with, even recently, since he was a fresh faced pre teen. Those are powerful attractors, and they are difficult to turn one’s back on. There is so much that goes into it. Loyalties, strong ties. And there is tremendous guilt, whether you or I or anyone else understands it, in turning your back on your friends who are, for all intents and purposes, the only family he really knows.

                  So when he says protection, he means, please don’t let me fall back in with them because I’m not sure I can keep myself from doing that.

                  Does this mean he needs a 24/7 chaperone everywhere he goes? Doubtful, because he didn’t grow up everywhere. He grew up in NO.

                  • A. Simmons

                    I disagree. I have had plenty of experience with pot smokers like Mathieu. All it would take is serious stress or pain to make him seek pot. His desire for pot would probably be greater when he was alone than with people. A lot of pot smokers like Mathieu smoke alone to relax. It’s a powerful psychological addiction that has become part of their identity even though they don’t admit it. They don’t want to give it up. Why should Seattle take the chance on this type of behavior on their team?

                • Phil

                  Rob – I agree completely. The part of the interview that struck me was his admission that he’d been cautioned several times that his use of weed was unacceptable but that he continued anyway. This guy has had a tremendous amount of feedback that his behavior is unacceptable and yet he has continued that behavior. For some to think that NOW is the time he is going to change seems to me to be pushing the limits of credulity.

              • Eric

                BTW that wasn’t my detailed comment. I’m still working on that.

                • Nolan

                  I am as pro weed as it gets, but this dude is a loser. He has had multiple chances and blew them. He got kicked off the team for drugs which means he probably got caught more then once, he then got busted again. Then staying clean takes so much focus for him he blames it for under performing at the combine. It’s not weed that I have a problem with it him using it it causing him problems continually and then him not being able to fix it.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Let’s try not to get too personal here. After all, there’s judging whether you’d be willing to draft a guy and then calling him a loser. I personally hope he combats this habit and has a successful career. I just wouldn’t want to be the team banking on that happening.

                  • Eric

                    For what it’s worth I do agree with you Rob. I wouldn’t draft him either. But for me it’s because his negatives (immaturity) outweighs the positives. IMO his positives are mostly hype. He flashes brilliance, but he lacks any kind of consistency. Not unlike another LSU Tiger in the draft (albeit with less downside).

                    The passion in my earlier comments pertained to his interview today. I heard a kid who admitted his problems, and who (I hope) genuinely wants to break with all that. I’ve been there. I felt his pain.

                  • Leonard

                    I wouldn’t judge the kid too harshly for being immature at 20 years old. If he can convince Schnieder that he has grown up enough I would draft him as high as the 3rd round. He was the biggest ball hawk in college football and one the the best return men as well. He could be a great nickle corner or maybe even back up Earl at FS. He is a play maker. I would even find a way to use him on offense a few plays a game.
                    The Hawks locker room would be a great influence on him and it would be made very clear that if he screws up, he goes home. Again, only if he can sell himself to Schnieder.

                  • Nolan

                    Your right loser is to strong and to personal. What I should have said is I don’t want a guy who hasn’t learned from his mistakes.

        • A. Simmons

          I don’t want the risk. It was annoying enough last year having two guys suspended for PED use and another one almost suspended. We don’t need a pothead on the team. Or a guy risking league suspension. No one wants to worry if our nickel corner is going to end up out of the league after a few years.

  12. Sam Jaffe

    You’re being too hard on Mathieu. What I hear from those quotes is someone who is being brutally honest. That’s the hardest thing for an addict to be. Addiction is based on self-deception. That he’s saying things like that openly is a sign, to me, that some of his rehab sessions are sinking in. I still think he would make a great Seahawk–as a UDFA.

    • Rob Staton

      If the guy says he can’t even go back to Louisiana and would need ‘protection’ that is enough for me. He sounds like he’ll need constant babysitting. Let someone else deal with that. It’s not like he’s the second coming of Revis either – he’s an undersized corner with 4.5 speed. At LSU he made some big impact plays that everyone remembers. He also got burned a lot too.

    • Connor

      Problem is Marijuana isn’t physically addictive so that tells me he is being a little immature. If he wants to put weed over football thats his choice if he decides he wants to play in the NFL he can stop smoking anytime he wants, its completely up to him.

      For me the problem isn’t him smoking weed, the problem is he doesn’t seem completely dedicated to doing everything possible to become a successful NFL player. He needs to prove that he can work hard and make the sacrifices required to play in the NFL.

      I still like him as a Nickel corner who can make plays and would like the pick if we got him 5th or later but I think someone will take him before that.

      • Joe

        I agree with Connor and Sam. He was being brutally honest, but is definitely has a lot of growing up to do (he’s only 20 years old). I think it’s a little bit ridiculous to call his smoking habit “battling his demons” when you cover a team that’s in a state where these demons are legal. Do you really think that there are no players in the NFL that smoked their fair share of weed in college, and probably do occasionally now? C’mon. Let’s be realistic, as much as people don’t like to believe it, NFL players are normal people just like you and I.

        I would be fine with the Hawks taking him in the fifth, maybe even fourth. I think he could benefit from the young, yet sorta veteran defensive backfield we have now. I could easily see them taking him under their wings.

        Yeah, he didn’t have a great 40 time, but he has serious game speed. The potential reward is bigger then the risk. Would a more conservative pick that might not make the squad a better option?

        • Rob Staton

          So how would you describe it, Joe? He has a drug problem that cost him a promising college career. It could cost him a pro career too. Whether it’s legal in the state of Washington or not, he has to stay clean here. It’s no different than being a pro-athlete with a drink problem. Alcohol isn’t illegal, but if you’re addicted to it you’re battling your demons.

          As for what he shows on tape. He had some high profile, impact plays for LSU. Nobody would deny that. But let’s not ignore the times he got beat or pushed around on the field because there were plenty of examples there too. He’s not even close to Janoris Jenkins (for example) on the field and he’s got even more problematic issues off it.

          • Nolan

            Rob you make a great point the legaltiy of his daemons isn’t the issue it if he lets those problems effect his career and life when they become an issue. He has let weed get himself kicked out of school, and admits he needs a babysitter that doesn’t sound like someone who has grown up or who is ready for high pressure situations. Again it’s not just because his daemons are illegale it’s not even that it is a drug it’s that it is ruining his life and he barley cares to fix it himself instead he wants a team to keep him out of trouble … No thanks.

            • seameat

              Only have a minute to post, but wanted to mention marijuana is mildly physiologically addictive, and is very psychologically addictive. I think the guy is very new to recovery and is still “toxic”. Anyway, this is a topic that cannot be discussed in a post and I will not try. However, his comment about NO may be simply a part of the recovery process which the addict stays away from “triggers”. Triggers being people, places, or things simply put. If NO is his party town and grew up and knows several “people and places” it is not the best environment for the dude. That is good he recognizes that, at least. However the team is not responsible for his recover or addiction and he should have the plan.

          • Eric

            So would you feel better about him if he made a public mea culpa and asked (begged) for help staying clean? Because that’s what I heard him saying today. Maybe not in those exact words, but then he’s a proud, prideful and immature YOUNG man. I doubt he could clearly articulate any coherent thoughts on what has to be an emotionally charged issue.

            But hey, let’s just write him off. Everyone else is ready to.

            • Rob Staton

              I am not writing him off. I just wouldn’t draft him. That’s the thing here. He could be a success. I’d wish him all the best as a member of the Broncos for example. I just don’t want to be the one taking the chance. I’ve gone into a lot more detail in an earlier reply and I’d refer you to that. Really there isn’t anything I want him to do. Tyrann has his issues and I hope he combats them. Good luck to the guy. I just wouldn’t be the one to take that chance. And I think a lot of teams will share that view. He has to hope at least one out there has a different way of thinking.

              • Eric

                Fair enough. I respect your opinion and politely agree to disagree.

      • A. Simmons

        Marijuana is psychologically addicting. An addiction of that nature causes addicts to turn to it when depressed, stressed out, angry, lonely, or any other state of mind that causes discomfort. They use it to unwind. Usually that isn’t a big deal. But the NFL doesn’t allow it. They suspend people that use it too often. This guy couldn’t stop himself to stay on his college team and make big NFL dollars, why is he going to be able to stop himself in the NFL making tons of money? I don’t get why some think he will suddenly turn it all around given he couldn’t with his college and NFL career on the line.

        • Aaron

          So worst case scenario you draft a guy in the mid to later rounds to come in and compete for the nickel spot who ends up having a Ricky Williams type experience in the NFL.

          Best case scenario you get a guy in the mid to late rounds who takes over the nickel spot immediately after winning it in training camp, and he becomes a factor during the season by creating turnovers etc. In this scenario he would be yet another guy bringing that flash factor to this young athletic roster.

          Either way we’re playing with house money at this point. Why not swing for the fences? That seems to be the PC/JS modus operandi.

          • Aaron

            Here’s what Deon Sanders said about him after visiting with him just prior to the combine and working him out: (“He doesn’t need a babysitter. He’s an every down corner in this league. He’s a starter from the get-go. A straight baller.”) – paraphrasing. Whatever you think of his maturity or reliability, that’s high praise coming from Deon.


            • Rob Staton

              Deion isn’t very critical with guys he meets though in fairness.

              • Nolan

                Deion like most players is not going to disparage another guy in the game particularly after he just spent time with him. I wouldn’t take Deion’s word over the player, the player is the on who said he would need a protection plan that wasn’t a media created thing it came straight from his mouth. Also who is running his PR and management Master P?

                • peter

                  Also it’s starting to get to be a long while between Deion’s opinions of a player and their manifest ability are one and the same….

                  Just because the guy takes people fishing and fancies himself a modern life coach doesn’t make it so….

            • A. Simmons

              Deion Sanders? He’s a clown. His praise is worth next to nothing.

  13. dirk

    Maybe we just signed our new 5-tech that moves to the 3-tech on passing downs. (Hope you are working out Red!)

  14. Madmark

    To me 2 signings of a defensive lineman says that their not that impressed with the talent in this draft at this position. I think the take advantage of the other areas that are deep like CB, WR and OL we will see at 1 of each of those spots drafted and a Will linebacker. I heard they was working on a deal with Alan Branch but don’t take my word for it cause I never would have guessed the first 3 FA signings we’ve done was even possibly.

    • glor

      There are no d-linemen or we are picking #56, I think it’s just the realization that they don’t want to have to rely on picking any one person or position if the value isn’t there for the pick being used. BPA is what I see happening.

      • Miles

        Totally disagree with both of you. I think there is lots of value on the D-line in this draft all the way through. I think the Hawks are going to pick up two or three in April. Maybe more. Schneider simply saw an opportunity to pick up two of the best pass-rushers in free agency on the cheap.

        • glor

          think you were missing what I was saying, I wasn’t saying there were no d-linemen, I was asking the question of “are there no d-linemen or is it because we are picking 56th?” suppose I should have put the ? vs the comma

          • Trudy Beekman

            I think it’s a combination of what all you guys just said.

          • Miles

            Okay I see what you were saying now. Sorry bruh. I suppose picking 56th makes it less favorable to rely on that pick for a good interior lineman. But I also think there’s a good chance an impact player is going to be there for us as deep as this draft is. I also think our second round pick could be someone like Zach Ertz or Ryan Swope, or Khaseem Greene, simply because I think we can get good d-lineman later in this draft. Therefore, the 2nd-round pick could give us a luxury player if he falls.

  15. Ely

    So Rob; does this mean the mock will be one more day? Wouldn’t blame you but I am so excited to see some mocks when it seems that all the bases are covered. I’m not sure there has ever been a draft where we can’t even tab a position much less a player. Exciting times! I don’t even care that we don’t have a first anymore! As everyone is saying at fieldgulls: let the season of no pants begin!!

    • Ely

      I’m going to be Donald Ducking it all year in my Wilson jersey!

    • Rob Staton

      Yep mock will be tomorrow!

      • Turp

        Until we sign Antoine Winfield for 2mil after we cut Obo. Saturday mock!

  16. TJ

    Seattle is now in a position to simply take best available player regardless of position. This is an enviable position to be in. The question now becomes, what will they do with all those draft picks? Before the Harvin trade, I believe they had 10 picks. With very few holes, do they package picks to move up into the earlier stages of the middle rounds? Perhaps even a move up into the earlier portion of round 2?

  17. Rob Staton

    Anybody else celebrate with one of these tonight?

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Yes, but my hair is a bit longer so I was much more dramatic.

    • Scott Allen

      I’m not Jewish but this Free Agency has been like Hanukkah. Everyday this week has caused me to make the silver lions F’ Yeah!

  18. JW

    ” Seattle’s biggest need is merely one giant space eater.”

    Jenkins? Wonder if he can drop that far.

    • Rob Staton

      He can drop that far. It’s an option.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        There are probably 4 to 5 good space eaters that should be available at 56, and probably half of those at 89.

  19. Connor

    Rob, Any chance John Jenkins falls to us in round 2? I would love him to fill Alan Branch’s role. Normally I wouldn’t be very high on a player with his size but after watching the tape he moves really well for his size.

    Also with the Bennett signing do you think Margus Hunt could still be an option if he makes it to round 2?I thought he was the ideal Jason Jones replacement and obviously has the unique qualities JS/PC love.

    This draft is so unpredictable I don’t have the slightest clue what we are gonna do. Which makes it super exciting cause I know John and Pete will come out of this draft with some good players, just don’t know who.

    • Rob Staton

      Certainly. A lot of the ‘new’ 3-4 teams have gone after free agent nose tackles. Jenkins is tall and big, not just big, which is what Seattle wants at DT. He’s inconsistent enough to put doubt in your mind, but on a pro-conditioning program and with some extra upper body strength (get on the weights) he could work. I think he could be there at #56. It’s an option they might have.

      I’m not sure on Hunt – he could be a second round pick or a 6th round pick really. It’s wide open. I read somewhere that teams are thinking of him as a possible tight end convert. I think his age (26) works against him. I think they pretty much could draft whoever they want at #56.

    • Bobby Cink

      I think Jenkins becomes Pittsburgh’s #1 priority in Round 2. Hampton is old and their 4th round pick out of UW last year (can’t remember his name) is no longer with the team cause he made some really poor choices. I’d almost say “book it.”

  20. Milwaukee Hawk

    I agree that these signings give us flexibility, but since Bennett is only signed for a year and Avril for two years, our needs remain the same. The only difference is that we no longer need one of the drafted players to step in right away.

    That being said, with us near the cap limit, I’m interested to see what kind of offensive line talent is available in the draft particularly someone that can play RT. Seems like cutting Breno would give us around 4 million in cap space and he (or McQuestian) is the weak link along the line.

    I think that if we could get a quality RT prospect, Breno could be out the door and a 2nd/3rd rounder may be competing with Carpenter to be the starting RT come fall with the loser of that competition moving to guard.

    • JW

      Carpenter is already at Guard, and he’s very likely there to stay.

      They likely will draft a tackle at some point. But I can’t see them cutting Breno right now.

      • Miles

        I agree. I think people within the Seahawks organization really like Breno, otherwise he wouldn’t have started all 16 games last year. They could have also cut/traded him. He does have issues with penalties but that’s something he’ll get grilled about in training camp. The bottom line is Giac is going to be our starter until someone comes in and shows they’re better. With the depth of o-line in this draft I’m sure the Hawks are going to draft someone in the middle rounds, whether it’s Brennan Williams or Jordan Mills. Hopefully they can come in and push Breno to be better.

        • JW

          I don’t know if they “really like” Breno. He’s the best they had so he started. At some point that will change.

          • Miles

            If they didn’t like Breno, Frank Omiyale would have been a perfectly good stop-gap for the season. Breno is a good run blocker and probably a below average pass blocker. He was more valuable to us than other teams because we ran the ball more last season than most teams. Now that we are going to have a more balanced offense, it will be interesting to see what happens there.

            • Rock

              They allowed Frank Omiyale to walk in free agency. He was a late add to the roster for depth and nothing more. He has probably played his last NFL game. We have to have one OT from the draft to replace him on the roster.

              Breno Giacomini is heading into the final year of his deal. Schneider has stated his next priority is to extend some of our guys. If Breno does not get extended in the next couple weeks you can be sure they will draft his replacement. He could kick inside to RG but I think they like Moffitt, Sweezy and McQuistan more. Look for Terron Armstead or Brennan Williams in round 2.

              • Rob Staton

                Or maybe they wait until next year and re-sign Breno? No real need to rush and do anything at this stage.

                • JW

                  Perhaps we’re mincing words here. But I don’t think they have to “really like” Breno to play him over Omiyale. Omiyale is not a perfectly good replacement for very many players. All they had to do is see that Omiyale wasn’t as good as Breno. They played the better player. It doesn’t really say anything about ‘really liking’ a guy to me. He’s just a guy. Looking at the numbers, he is also one who is relatively expensive for what he does- depending on your view either he’s not very good or he plays an unimportant position, or both. I’d be a little surprised if they extended him rather than find a cheaper (and/or better) option.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Personally, I’m really surprised we’re still talking about this. The guy had a very, very solid season after some early penalty issues. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they re-signed him, whether that’s this year or next. No pressure to do either. It’s a position — in my view — that is completely unproblematic. So why make it a problem trying to replace a guy who isn’t exactly going to warrant a major pay rise when it’s time for a new contract?

                    I dream of a day when we stop talking about the right tackle or backup quarterback.

          • Rob Staton

            I see no reason to think they don’t really like Breno. They clearly felt comfortable enough to go through the growing pains with him early last season.

            • Nolan

              Breno was not nearly as bad as carpenter was at RT and they drafted Carp in the first round all the people who think drafting a guy means we get someone better would be wise to remember that.

              • Miles

                The only real bad game he had last year was against Chris Long and the Rams. That’s understandable, albeit it was a terrible game for Giac. Other than that the second half of his season was pretty good. We shouldn’t be taking for granted our right tackle on a line that gave way to a 1,590-yard rusher. Giac was part of that success too, like it or not. That’s not to say we can’t find an ultimately better option in the draft somewhere, or that Giac is now a “fixture” at RT. It’s simply to say that the guy is by all accounts an above-average tackle in this league.

            • Turp

              What do you think about adding Jordan Mills for tackle depth?

              • Rob Staton

                I know he’s been linked. From what little I’ve seen he intrigues me.

  21. Wes

    This has got mean more looks with Red Bryant either playing DT or on the bench right? Could he get cut even? I have to say I got really sick of the scheme and expecting pass rush from only one player on 1st and 2nd downs. Great signing though!

    • Rob Staton

      I think all this means is Michael Bennett will replace Jason Jones, with possible snaps at LE and the three technique sprinkled in too. Red Bryant remains a focal point of this defense.

    • Nolan

      We should totally ditch the scheme it hardly worked last year.

      • Leonard

        I wish someone would make a “sarcasm” font. It would just make it easier to interpret so many things on the Internet.

    • dirk

      I agree, I think that Quinn has looked at the tape and sees a need for more pass rush on early downs. A Bennett, Mebane, 3-tech (Howard, Scruggs…?), Avril front 4 with Irvin coming in for Mebane un the nickel looks explosive.

      Red is on notice.

      • Snoop Dogg

        Rob, I definitely want Red Bryant to succeed, and the scheme to continue, but I dislike how I feel that he is not “competing” like the rest of the team. Last year he was not only bad against the pass, but also bad against the run end the last half of the season. I think he needs competition, maybe even from a player like Michael Bennett.

        • Rob Staton

          I think we can all do a better job of understanding Bryant’s role, which really is to seal one edge and make it difficult to run up the middle. I think K.J. Wright has to take as much blame for the run defense on that side, because he’s supposed to be rangy enough to shut it down when the play bounces away from Red. And Bryant isn’t on the field to pass rush. He basically did his job last year. Not spectacularly well. But he did it nonetheless. And he played hurt from Chicago onwards.

          The problem we have is conventional wisdom doesn’t put Bryant at end. So when the run defense is bad, it’s Bryant’s fault because it’s supposedly all he’s there to do. I’ve not heard one person ever say Mebane has struggled against the run. It’s just as much his responsibility.

          Bryant gets a raw deal but there’s a reason he got paid and a reason why PC sticks with that plan. And I’d wager anything he sticks with it again in 2013.

          • Snoop Dogg

            Very interesting…. Do you think PC might want to upgrade K.J. Wright if he can’t get the job done? I doubt it but the possibility is interesting considering he might want a big payday when his contract runs up.

          • Belgaron

            I’ve been implying it without coming right out and saying that I thought Mebane looked out of shape and less effective than he’s been in previous years. He’s still young enough to perform much better if he is motivated to prepare this off season. But so far he’s taken a step back after getting his contract imo. When you combined it with Red’s feet you got horrible statistics versus the run for the bulk of last season. They started off as strong as they were the year before but then really fell apart, this was all well chronicled by Mike Sando.


            • Belgaron

              ok, my bad, that is an old link from 2010. I can’t find it right away but he mentions it a lot in passing such as this.

              “Week 13 6-5 13 The Seahawks are allowing 155 yards rushing per game over the past five after allowing 70 per game over their first six. (Sando)” from

  22. Miles

    I really like these moves! That being said I would prefer the Hawks didn’t re-sign Alan Branch. The guy just really declined from 2011 and that is a bad sign for a guy entering his 30’s. People will say his production declined because Red Bryant’s did and that may be true, but I would just be weary of Branch moving forward.

    I think the draft is so deep with younger variations of Branch that we can get someone who could be better that way. Recently, Bennie Logan has looked very appealing as an every-down interior lineman. I also like Everett Dawkins a lot. There are too many options to opt for Branch.

  23. Aaron

    It’s interesting that this interview and accompanying issues pop up regarding the HoneyBadger today, because with all these incredible FA signings I’ve been thinking about potential high-upside draft picks, and he is near the top of my list. I agree that his comments make you raise an eyebrow, but I also agree with Sam that you have to give some credit to him for being honest and open. Let’s be real, the biggest surprise is not that had these thoughts, but that he voiced them in a nationally televised interview. One could say that’s yet another knock against his judgement. But at the same time he wouldn’t say those things if he knew he was going to continue smoking Marijuana (as many NFL players surely do.)

    Regardless, I look at the interview and frankly hope that it pushes his draft stock down a little further, and gives us a chance to pick him up at maximum value. He seems to me to be a good PC/JS fit, particularly if you get him in the later rounds. (High upside, rare intangible skills, turnover machine, — low risk in terms of price tag.) Despite his downside risks, what he does well — he does very well.

    Along those lines, the other guy who I think is a great value pick, and perfect for PC/JS is UCLA TE Joesph Fauria. He would be a great red-zone specialist. Scored a crap-load of TDs for the Bruins. Former basketball player who can out-jump just about anybody and catch the ball at it’s highest point. (Sorry, I’ve posted this before, but he’s my favorite late-round guy in this draft.)

    I actually wouldn’t mind if they drafted a tight-end early (Escobar, Reed, or Kelce) and still picked up Fauria in addition a few rounds later. Kelce looks to be a superb blocker on the video I’ve seen. He would be great for the read option attack, especially now that we have Harvin in that mix.

    • Miles

      CBS Sports ranks Fauria as a 7th round pick. I don’t know what that means but it could mean he’s a project. Yes he’s the nephew of Christian Fauria but bloodlines only help a player so much. If the Hawks are serious about improving the tight end position, they should draft one in the early to mid rounds. Not that they even need to improve the position this year, in my opinion. But it’d be nice to bring someone in to compete with McCoy. A Chris Gragg perhaps. Or Jordan Reed… although I’m weary of him because he wasn’t as fast as we thought he’d be at the combine. Disappointing.

      • Aaron

        Miles, I respect your opinion on Fauria, but I have to say that his bloodlines have nothing to do with my assessment of him. Being a Pac-12 fan I watched him a few times this year. He ended his career as the leading TE for yardage in UCLA history. He scored 12 touchdowns last year on 46 catches. That’s why I say he could be a great red=zone specialist. The fact that he could fall to the 7th makes me want him all the more. πŸ™‚

        • Miles

          I sure hope he can be that guy if we draft him in the seventh round. He was one of the first guys I looked at in this draft class, and it looks like he has some good numbers. I would be lying if I said the sentimentality of another Fauria on the roster didn’t mean anything to me. πŸ˜›

      • Rock

        I doubt we will shop for guys to replace our backups. When you draft someone you hope they can come in an push your starter out of a job. Kelce is a guy I like as a replacement for Zack Miller.

        • Miles

          I don’t think you’re going to get a guy who will come in and push Zach Miller out in his first year. Miller is a solid, solid tight end making lots of money. If the Hawks draft an elite tight end out of this class it won’t be to replace Miller but to complement him. For example, can you imagine Zach Ertz or Tyler Eifert on an offense that already has Miller, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Percy Harvin, Golden Tate, etc. etc. etc. That would be insane. You would have almost too much talent on offense.

      • Eric

        Miles, please watch this video, particularly at the 2-minute mark. Then please let me know if you think he’s worth a R7 pick (or even as a UDFA).

        • Miles

          I haven’t actually seen this tape I don’t think. Thanks for passing this along. He looks like a great pass catcher and he’s also very athletic (that hurdle was pretty awesome). I do have legitimate concerns about his blocking ability though. Is he enough of a receiving threat to overlook his sloppiness on run plays? This may be wishful thinking, and it’s purely speculation, but what if we already have a guy that’s as athletic or more athletic than Fauria in Darren Fells? If that guy figures out how to run routes and catch passes he may contribute even this season.

          • Eric

            Thank you for watching and giving me your thoughts. In truth, Fauria’s strictly a red zone threat at this point. But I think he’s one of the best red zone threats in the draft. He has good hands, is pretty athletic for his height and runs nice routes. However he’s slightly built (6’8″ but only 260lbs) and no, he can’t really block to save himself. But…and this is key for me, he is NOT afraid of contact. He also could add at least 10lbs in the weight room, which would help with the blocking. His middling BP performance (17 reps) shows he could benefit from time with a strength trainer.

            I watched all the bball film I could find on Fells. Physically, he’s the same height as Fauria, but about 20lbs heavier. I’m no bball expert, but I thought he moved around the court very well for a power forward, with great hand-eye coordination. You gotta love a big man who can dribble in open court and bang in 3-pointers with aplomb. But it remains to be seen if those skills will translate to the gridiron.

            On the other hand, Fauria is a footballer, with bloodlines to boot! Personally, I wouldn’t take him anywhere but the 7th or as a UDFA. However, I think he’s worth bringing into camp to see how it all shakes down.

  24. Connor

    I like Golden Tate but with this being the last year on his contract it seems like there is a decent possibility he could walk in FA next year. I wonder if there would be any takers in a trade for a decent pick before the draft.

    With this Receiving class being so deep if we could get at least a 3rd or 4th rounder for Tate and take someone like Steadman Bailey that would be a great swap. Get Bailey on a rookie contract and I honestly think Bailey is a better overall WR right now. Not as explosive after the catch but more polished all around.

    • Miles

      You may be right about Golden Tate walking next year. It depends on the year Harvin has, really. If Harvin shows he can do it all like we think than Tate might go elsewhere, and maybe he should. The guy deserves to be in a starring role. It pains me to say that because I love the guy as a person and a player, and love the way he came into his own last year. I’m hoping we can keep him, but if not, I understand that as well. I’m still holding out hope we draft Ryan Swope in the second round as insurance. That would go against conventional wisdom to draft a D-Lineman, but I don’t care; I love the guy.

    • A. Simmons

      This is the feeling I get as well. The way Harvin’s contract is set up where his guaranteed money doesn’t kick in until next year, along with Tate’s contract year this year, it looks like John and Pete put Tate on notice. What they’re saying to Tate is “This is the player we wanted you to become”. Now Tate has a chance to compete directly against Percy for NFL money. If he can’t, he’s out. Percy gets to show he’s better than Tate will ever be and make Tate expendable. Tate got put in a gladiator match this year.

  25. Cameron


    With the plethora of talented pass rushers available in this years draft, does it make any sense to think that may be contributing to the relatively soft market for players like Avril and Bennett?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a great point Cameron and I think you’re on to something here. There’s some good depth in round one at DE and many teams may have simply decided they’ll tap into that market rather than spend millions on an older, more expensive player.

      • Milwaukee hawk

        Could it also be the diminishing number of teams that run the 4-3 base d?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure what the percentage split is these days to be honest.

  26. Lenny253

    Hey Rob,

    Maybe we could get 2nd and 3rd rd mock draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I have done a second round projection for this week.

  27. Bryan C

    One thing I was wondering about is, with the plethora of DE talent we now have, could our DL this season look more like the NY Giants of 2011 in that all of the guys rotate in to play a snap or two then back out with multiple sub-packages? It would seem that all of the guys would stay fresh that way and you could optimize their talents and health over the season.

    It is very likely we make the playoffs this season and we need a pass rush in the playoffs. Could you imagine the pass rush that this team is capable of on a cold New York snowy day next February?

  28. Derek

    Do you think with the defensive talent and deep wide receiver class, Ertz could fall to us in the second? Would you take him there? Also, I know its a late two, but is it possible to trade that for a 1st in 2014? With our current roster I could see them doing that or something similar.

  29. Barry

    Great post once again Rob! I am absolutely floored but not one the cheap price but the short length that actually works for everyone. I was nervous after all three big deals were announced. Needless to say I can only wait with great anticipation as to what our front office will do in the draft.

    With no first round pick it seems the Hawks will not only be in many discussions on draft day due to the Harvin deal. But also due to how suave and smooth John and Pete have yet once again proved to be with personnel moves that impact our team in such excellent and subtle ways. I think not just do to the last three drafts the Hawks have had but also because they are in such total control that they will be watched through and till the back end of the draft by many other teams and the media.

  30. SeanZpsi

    How much experience does Bennett actually have in the 3-tech role? Are we not overlooking the fact that we still do not have a proven inside pass rusher? Not trying to be pessimistic, or doubt Bennett’s outstanding outside pass rush, but I think it is too fast to assume that Bennett can slide over inside to that role effectively.

    • Rob Staton

      He wouldn’t be a permanent three technique, rather he’d play nickel three-tech like Jason Jones and line up on the edge for other downs.

      • SeanZpsi

        Is there tape showing Bennett being successful in that role, or is it assumed with stuff like his physical characteristics and pass rush technique?

        • Rob Staton

          If you look at the article there are nine sack clips listed for you to watch and on some of those he lines up inside. He also started his pro career at defensive tackle with Seattle. He had experience in this role and matches up physically too.

  31. burkholderj

    You were right Rob it was Khaseem Greene all along!

  32. James

    The way things are going, I am starting to believe that James Carpenter will be the 3rd Pro Bowler from our offensive line, that Walter Thurmond will be healthy all season as the top nickle CB in the league, and that Jaye Howard will emerge as an unblockable wrecking-ball on the D-line.

    • Eric

      I’d be thrilled if Howard steps up on the DLine. But if I’m guessing who that will be, my money’s on Scruggs.

      • Rob Staton

        My money would also be on the guy who was actually active during the season.

        • Miles

          Don’t you think Jaye Howard could be a guy to watch this year Rob? I don’t think he was a fifth-rounder for nothing. And now that his college d-line coach is the d-coordinator in Seattle, he might actually see the field this year.

          • James

            I believe he was actually a 4th rounder. There is a lot of athletic talent there. Dan Quinn can tap it, if anyone can.

          • Rob Staton

            I’m not convinced with Howard. When Jason Jones went on IR he wasn’t activated. That spoke volumes to me. I think he might struggle to make the camp cut.

  33. Rich

    Bennett has always played a little three technique. He even blew through our line and made a nice tackle for loss. I think the game was last season but it may have been the year before. Passing downs only of course.

    I would say “no” to Mathieu too, Rob. Thanks for posting that information.

    • Morgan

      We are in need of a punt returner and a slot corner. Couldn’t Mathieu fill both those needs?

      • Turp

        I’m with Rob on Mathieu. I’d rather let another team take the chance on him. Seems like a washout pick to me…he made some big plays on a talented defense, but gave up a lot of big plays too. Not worth it.

    • Turp

      Bennett looks pretty good on those stunts inside. I like his tape more than Avril, actually. At least in 2012.

      • Kip Earlywine

        I expect Bennett to have more sacks next year of the two. At end he plays an awful lot like Osi does.

        • Turp

          I was just mentioning the same thing to a friend today – I’d take a sack bet on Bennett vs Avril next season. Bennett is a strong dude with a great motor.

  34. Leonard

    I’m going to make a guess about drafting a DT in rounds 2-4. We will either select someone from Georgia or someone named Williams.

  35. A. Simmons

    I’m hoping we get a stud LB in the second. Then pick up an off the radar DT in the third. Or maybe with the luck Schneider is having find cheap talent, some stud DT will magically drop to us.

  36. Derek

    I think this Bennett move could also be a way to better contain Kaepernick. I am sure he will see looks inside but I could imagine when we face the 49ers, we could go to a more traditional 4-3 look and have Bennett and Avril on the ends to contain Kaepernick. Or even Irvin and Avril on the edges, and Bennett and Mebane inside. That combined with the speed we have stockpiled at WLB, plus whatever we add, does not look good for the 49ers.

    • Chris

      They’d just jam it down our throats. Their O-line is beastly.

  37. Kip Earlywine

    7 of Bennett’s 9 sacks last year came at DE. Just 2 came at DT.

    Jason Jones was the opposite. He struggled at DE but was disruptive inside.

    I suspect we’ll still see the team target a pass rush 3-tech in the draft. Ideally, you would reduce Red Bryant’s role and give Bennett a lot of looks at 5-tech, with some 3-tech mixed in. It’s no longer a need, but it still makes a lot of sense. Especially since Bennett is on a 1 year deal.

    That said, I think Seattle will target 3-tech in round 4 barring a coup at #56. There are some Jason Jones type projects that carry mid round grades this year that are worth looking into. I’ll explain in greater detail when I publish my blogpost on this in a couple days.

    • Sea-Town

      Is it possible that Jaye Howard emerges this year as that 3-tech?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Seems like Scruggs won out over Howard last year. We will have to see how training camp and preseason goes this year.

        • Miles

          The thing about interior d-linemen is that they typically aren’t going to put up as many sacks as outside-rushing counterparts. Interior d-lineman have a much harder time getting to the quarterback, because obviously you can’t speed rush from the outside. There’s usually someone in your way. So by the time the d-lineman can get off the guard/center, the quarterback has already released the ball (or been sacked). The hope with interior d-linemen is that he can get a consistent push on the interior of the line, preventing the quarterback from stepping up in the pocket and helping the outside rushers to corner him into a sack. πŸ˜€ So if Bennett doesn’t get a ton of sacks this year, but Avril and Irvin do, that’s a really good sign.

  38. woofu

    Cap question.

    We saw teams rushing to meet this years cap like Dallas. Shedding contracts and restructuring to meet the start of the new year. Once they do that, when can they start running over cap such that they have to do that again next year?

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s a date before the new league year where you have to be under the cap. Not sure if that extends until the start of the season or not. It may just be that particular date with cap charges if you don’t comply. Good question though. Anyone know for definite?

      • Attyla the Hawk

        All teams must be under the salary cap at the start of the new league year. That 4pm Eastern time start.

        All contracts have to be submitted and approved by the league office. Usually, any attempt to be over the cap would be stopped here. However there have been instances where teams do employ trickeration to get past that.

        There are penalties, that include fines, but can also — if the transgression is big enough — lead to the forfeiture of future draft picks. In recent history, both San Francisco and Pittsburgh have been levied draft forfeiture penalties in addition to the team fines.

        Oh, and of course the league forces you to get under the cap immediately or risk more penalties.

  39. Hawkfin

    Another great move, So pumped for the year!

    I think DT is still very much in play in the 2nd, but now we really are able to take best player.

    If we do go LB there, then B. Williams/DT in the 3rd would be perfect. Small school, so he could drop there probably.
    Or Jenkins in the 2nd makes a lot of sense too. I agree – Space Eater, but I think someone who can also bull rush up the middle. I’d say both Jenkins and Williams give that.

    I wonder if this move means something for Clemons? I don’t see anybody talking about that.
    Don’t we save a ton of money if we release him? We have two guy’s that could play DE now, plus Irvin, and maybe we still look to draft one. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s let go now, and then we maybe gain the money people were wondering about?

    I love him, he’s done so much, but at his age and with the major injury? I could see it if it works, which I don’t know?
    Leon was a great guy too that did a lot for us, but that didn’t stop them from making the right move and cutting him.

    Anyway, if Bennett does play DE more or something like a Clemmons cut, then DT is still very much in play. But, who knows. Maybe Branch still comes back too.

    It’s looking like LB in the 2nd from what I see so far too!

    As far as RB – I’m not agreeing with much out there. First, I love Turbin. Second coming of Lynch in my eyes. I think if anything, it’s a 6-7th round pick for a RB that’s 3rd on the depth chart. And if we do, it should be a speedy scat back with potential for a starter.
    I do like the Knile Davis thought someone had, “IF” it’s late enough pick though.
    I see MORE of a need at FB.

    • Sawker_Dawg

      With the addition of Avril and Bennett, I’m wondering what our DL will look like next year. I’m assuming we re-sign Branch or get another surprise FA signing. It is somewhat clear until Clemons gets healthy. Avril would be the Leo, Irvin would be the pass rush specialist and Bennett takes the Jason Jones role. Everything else would be the same as last year, although for some reason I can’t remember how Scruggs and McDonald fit into the rotation because they were in there but that’s 5 roles for 4 positions. Can anyone expand on what the rotations/roles were for pass rushing situations and who was playing them?

      When Clemons gets healthy though, we have too many options at DE so I would say before we get to that point, he would get cut. At his age an ACL injury is not good to come back from. Even if he did come back healthy this year and we kept him, we would still have redundancy between Avril and Clemons next year. I don’t see us keeping both for two years. I’d be sad to see Clemons go but I’m thinking it is a distinct possibility.

      • Rob Staton

        Clemons or Avril may not be on the roster in 2014, but it’s almost certain they will be in 2013. Cutting Clemons saves barely anything and if he recovers, will remain an asset.

      • xo 1

        With respect, I think this under-appreciates how good Clemons was last year. He was one of the top two DEs in the NFC. If comes back, he will play. The possible redundancy would be a high-class problem that Dan Quinn will have to scheme around.

    • Rob Staton

      The savings to cut Clemons are minimal at best.

      • Hawkfin

        Cool, thanks. I thought I heard somebody on here say otherwise. In fact, I thought it was a big number.
        Thanks for that info Rob.

        • A. Simmons

          I’d like to see proof that Clemons number is next to nothing. He’s on the second year of a three year deal. If he misses most of ths year or can’t perform, we just wasted the second year of his deal. He’s about turn 32 as well. He was slowing down last year. After the 4 sack game against Green Bay, he had 7.5 sacks the rest of the year and not many at all the last half of the season. On top of that we were run over by San Fran and Miami while Clemons was playing Leo. I see Irvin dinged for his run defense all the time, while for some reason Clemons gets a pass even though he was in for the fall off of the run defense after the first six games. He’s hardly a stud run defender. I don’t see him as the asset some see him as. I think Avril or Irvin could replace him.

          • Rob Staton

            According to Davis Hsu cutting Clemons saves just over $2m

            For the sake of $2m I’m keeping the guy who’s been easily our best pass rusher for the last three years.

            • Misfit74


            • A. Simmons

              Is it the guaranteed money or the signing bonus that causes the low cap savings? I’ll have to look at Clemons contract. I guess we can have a line like New York had in 2007 if Clemons makes it back.

  40. James

    The former Honey Badger was over-rated as a Heisman finalist a couple of years ago. He is not an elite shut down corner. However, he is an electric playmaker and I believe would excel in the slot, and he would certainly be an exceptional punt returner. The question, of course, is, “is he clean, or is he still messed up?” If he is clean, he would be a 3rd round value to the Seahawks, due to his ability to meet their needs at Nickel and PR. Pete can read these sort of guys better than anyone, so it will be interesting to see what he thinks.

    • Misfit74

      Too small. I don’t even think he’s big enough to be our slot corner and plus the baggage…pass.

      Although not too big himself, he’s one of the best slot corners in fooball, I think Antoine Winfield is a good short-term solution this year if we can sign him affordability.

  41. James

    When Clemons went down, I remember thinking that the Seahawks are going to need two, not just one, top pas rushers from the draft or free agency. One to replace Clem, and the other to be the backup if Irvin goes down. John the wizard has already found both of them… wow. It seems clears that the Seahawks cap strategy is emerging as “the second contract” strategy. Those players approaching their second contract: Kam Chancellor, KJ Wright, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Russell Okung, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson, will have to be paid. The cap should jump up in two years, so that should help, but the only other source for the money for their second contract will have to come from guys currently on their lucrative second contract: Marshawn Lynch, Sydney Rice, Zach Miller, Matt Flynn, Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant. Most of those guys cannot be renewed as their contracts expire over the next two or three years, for their money will need to go to the emerging younger guys.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve been hearing talk about getting Rice and Miller to restructure their contract. What incentive do they have to restructure when they have guaranteed money and we just signed Harvin for 12 million a year?

      • The Ancient Mariner

        You don’t restructure Miller — his cap hit drops significantly after this year. Rice, they might ask to take a pay cut, though.

        • AlaskaHawk

          My question is, why would Rice voluntarily take a pay cut? What’s in it for him? Especially when we are willing to pay Harvin a good salary? I’m just trying to figure out why a player would take a cut?

          • xo 1

            Neither player’s full salary is guaranteed in 2014. Miller has a $4 million guaranty WITH an offset. He also has a $1 million roster bonus. He would rationally consider renegotiating down to the amount he thinks he would get on the open market. If Seattle releases him before the March roster bonus is due, his dead money is $2 million plus the amount below $4 million he signs with for another team. Essentially, unless he thinks he can get more than $4 million per on the open market, and leaving aside ego, he should agree to go down to $4 million (and I can’t tell if the offset counts the signing bonus). The Ancient Mariner is right, however, that there is only a couple million to try to get back from Miller, if he stays.

            As for Rice, he has no guaranteed money or a roster bonus. He has a $8.5 million salary in 2014 and $9 million in 2015. The dead money is relatively small – $2.4 million in 2014 and $1.2 million in 2015. The Seahawks can clear $6.1 million in cap space in 2014 and an additional $9 million in cap space in 2015 by releasing him in 2014. We’ve seen wide receiver as one area where young, dynamic guys got paid this year (Bowe, Harvin! and Wallace). I don’t think anybody would put Rice in that camp, but he isn’t old.

            That’s a lot of cap space for an average receiver. So this year’s performance will likely inform that decision greatly. My guess is that he stays but agrees to a lower salary. But it is hard to predict the market a day ahead let alone 365 days ahead.

  42. Hawkfin

    Why so much talk about Kick Returner and Nickel/Corners?

    G. Tate and Harvin will do these, and we have some nice young guy’s at depth. J. Lane of special note!

    If we waist anything higher then a 5th round pick I’d be a little upset.

    • Steeeve

      We need nickel corners badly. Lane is more of an outside corner. He doesn’t have the quickness to cover slot receivers. We have Thurmond but he is always hurt. Trufant was abysmal last year. I remain unimpressed by Byron Maxwell. Like it or not, there’s a good chance we draft multiple corners this year; one for outside depth in case Browner leaves, and another for the slot.

      • Connor

        I like Jamar taylor out of Boise st. as someone who we could slide in at nickel corner. Would probably mean spending our 2nd round pick on him but if there isn’t a good DT/Will option I would have no problem taking him. I think he could be this years Casey Hayward.

  43. Lenny253

    I was all for the honey badger but now that I think about it, our Weed culture might be to much temptation.

  44. Hawkfin

    Sorry, I don’t agree with a lot of the views from the counter arguments…. πŸ™‚
    BUT, that’s just my personal view of things. That’s ok, and you guy’s are sharp so I could very well be wrong and you all right. We’ll see what Pete and Co. do.

    But again, IMO
    -I don’t agree that Turbin is anywhere close to a scat back. I want a Spiller type back for our #3 or a Bush type. No way does Turbin fit this mold. He is NOT that fast. Maybe he looks it compared to Lynch.
    Turbin in my mind is very similar to Lynch in my view, but younger version with a bit more speed and a bit less power who can catch out of the backfield decently. But, not fantastic. Look at the horiable drop he costed us earlier in the year.
    I think he’s got major potential to be a #1 RB with an all around skill set.
    I’m not going to compare Lacy at all – Lacy will be a 1st round “stud type” pick. We’re talking about a guy that’s 3rd on our depth chart here IMO. later pick.
    I will take a look at that one guy you mentioned though. Thanks
    If it’s late (5th or later) I can be on board for any RB pick.

    -As far as the Corners, I also don’t agree with those good folks. Lane I think will improve and can do anything corner wise. He’s a smaller shifty guy that fits the Nickle better IMO. He has a hard time agaist the big wides. But even at that, he looked really really good to me. He’s a scrappy fighter and I think could improve more. Better then Trufont for sure.
    I like him.
    I also like Maxwell myself, and I really like Thurmond if he could just stay healthy which is possible.

    You might be surprised if we don’t add one, but I’m fine if we do. I just think it should be 5th round or later. The talk keeps going to an early pick, which I strongly disagree with. That’s my main point.
    We’ll see what Pete has in store I guess. He’s great at finding DB’s late in the draft.

    • Sawker_Dawg

      I would tend to agree that Turbin is not a scat back but I’m not sure how you are defining fast. He ran a 4.44 and 4.47 40 yard dash at the combine last year. While that is not blazing fast, he still has speed. Maybe everything is all relative and that was what you meant but it came across different. It’s unfortunate that the one drop early in the year cost us because that seems to be a lingering memory of a guy who is actually good at catching the ball out of the backfield. Do you remember the catch and run late in the Atlanta game that set up a TD?

      I’m not convinced the Hawks will pick up a 3rd RB with Harvin on the roster. It would seemingly be for injury insurance only as Washington was the 3rd RB but also returned. I think PC and JS would be more than happy to shift that roster spot to some defensive spot similar to carrying only 2 QB’s.

      • Hawkfin

        I had Turbin at 4.5 in the 40 last year from what I remember.
        But, I kind of agree on most your points and I LOVE Turbin. I think he does catch well and is fast enough. I think he could be an every down back for sure, and thus one of my points being that we should be waiting on RB for a long time in the draft.

        By my Spiller/Bush comparison, i was thinking somebody who continoully runs under the sub 4.4 and even faster then that. “True scat backs” with potential. Example being the listed backs I gave.
        I think Knile Davis fits this mold, and would welcome that kind of back more so if we go RB late.

        If we go “Pounder RB” like you say, then I’d rather have that in FB, because I just don’t see the need myself. I think Turbin can pound if given the chance.

        Anyway, I think maybe our speed differance was in question. I want someone in the 4.3 or lower that has a decent body frame to work with. And I also think it should be a late pick to do it.

        • JW

          4.3 or lower? And a decent frame? Gee is that all you want? Those dudes are exceedingly rare.

          • Hawkfin

            So Knile Davis it is then! πŸ˜€
            Onterio McCalebb, K. Williams, J. Franklin types

            Ok, so maybe 4.4’s. Maybe somebody not at the combine.
            Shifty speed is more what I mean I guess – So maybe 20 shuttle or three cone speed, etc

            keep digging though. With all the things I say, I’m sure there are more great nuggets to drag out. πŸ˜‰

            • Chris

              I kind of like that Kerwynn Williams kid and he’d be a great back-up KR/PR guy. I guess I would worry some about his size (or lack thereof) though.

  45. Eric

    Since there’s been talk of drafting a RB in the later rounds, and at the risk of rolling eyes, I’m gonna plug another UCLA prospect (hey I go with what I know): Jonathan Franklin.

    He has decent, if not blazing speed (4.49). His strength is shiftiness. He has quick feet, flexible hips and a strong cut move. At the Combine, he tied Kenjon Barner for tops in the 60 yd shuttle drill. He’s NOT a power runner by any means. His power drill stats were at or near the bottom (BP, Vert, Broad).

    Accordingly, relative to Lynch/Turbin he’s about as good a change-of-pace RB as is out there. For those who know nothing about him, he had 282 carries for 1,734 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2012, doing so behind a mediocre (at best) O line. projects him to go in 2nd or 3rd Rd. I think that’s a bit optimistic.

    • Ray graham

      If we are gonna grab an Rb I’m hoping that its ” Ray Graham” from Pitt! Just so I can wear the jersey of course!! Lol go hawks!!

  46. Madmark

    I was looking at the Seahawks official website of the interviews with a few of the new Seahawks we recently obtained. It appears that the locker room of the Seattle has started to attract players attention. Watching Percy Harvins conference with PC/JS was kindia enlightening as Pete talked about his trying the recruit Harvin outta high and how he’s wasn’t going to go against his mother who wanted her son to stay closer to home. There was a question to bevel about how many weapons they had on the offense and Bevel replied the problem seems to be is there only 1 football. I like chris avril reply as he was asked how Seattle could help him and how he could help the Seahawks. He said well i sure ill learn from these guys and i hope i can teach them, after all I’m 26 and probably considered and old guy on this team. I like the atmosphere that JS/PC have created in the locker room here and it seems that players around the league are seeing the same thing. GO HAWKS!

  47. sdcoug

    Rob, have you given any thought to adding Pat White as a low-buy, possibly high-upside 3rd qb? IF Flynn stays…great; White can get the coaching and have time to develop more. If Flynn is dealt or released this year (or next), you might have a low-priced backup with the skill-set to mirror Russell with the read-option ability.

    I don’t know enough about his accuracy or game-management ability, but the thought crossed my mind. Seems like it would be a worthwhile addition. Anyone with more knowledge care to comment?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s been out of the game for a while now so I’m not sure the Seahawks would go back down that route. Maybe they look at Josh Johnson again?

      • Turp

        Colby Cameron should be a target late, yes?

        • Rob Staton

          He’s as good as any other late round option IMO.

  48. Dobbs

    I’m assuming we can learn a lot more about Bennett (or most players) in looking at times where they fail to get to the QB rather than those they do. It’s great to take advantage of the other team’s mistakes, but it seemed that almost every sack was poor blocking. I’m wondering how much pressure he applies when the line doesn’t make a mistake.

  49. Chris

    Wow, what a colossal f-up in Denver! Does this mean Dumervil is on the market?

  50. Drew

    What are the chances the Seahawks could pick up Dumervil? How would he fit into our defense and would we even have the cap room to sign him?

    • Chris

      I suspect the Broncos will figure out a way to sign him although it will be difficult since their original objective was to save cap room. After incurring a $3.25M cap hit from the original contract, the new re-structured contract doesn’t really save any money even with the $4M pay cut that Dumervil had agreed to take. A big mess since it is clear that both sides ultimately wanted the same thing.

      • Chris

        BTW, if it were me, my agent would be soooo fired!

        • Chris

          Obomanu to be released. Not a surprise.

          • Turp

            Frees up extension money, or Slot CB Winfield money!

            • Chris

              LOL, greedy much? I think I heard Schneider say on the Avril conference call that as soon as he finished the D-line he was going to start working on extentions. I guess the question is, is he finished with the D-line?

              • Turp

                Branch signing for cheap would be an option then. Never know if Winfield comes to the Hawks because he wants to play here…it’s been that kind of off-season. I don’t see how that’s greedy on my part :(.

                • Chris

                  For what it’s worth, he also said that he would remain open to any opportunities that presented themselves. For all we know, he’s working on Dumervil’s new contract as we speak…

                  • Bill Bobaggins

                    Why in the world would he bring Dumervil here now? That makes no sense. That means you’d have 5 guys who are basically DE’s (I know Bennett will move inside on some downs). Doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • Rob Staton

      Unlikely. They already have Irvin, Avril and Bennett… plus Clemons to come back into it hopefully. Not sure another expensive pass rusher will be signed.

    • Misfit74

      F#$K it. Sign him too.

      • Chris

        Sorry for being so opaque. I wasn’t suggesting that we should actually sign Dumervil, only that I haven’t a clue as to what to expect next from Carroll and Schneider.

  51. Chris

    I was joking. He’s not a good scheme fit here anyway. I just don’t want to see him end up here in the NFC West.

  52. Nolan

    Rob refusing to post mick afraid of another huge fa signing or trade by the hawks

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