Seahawks trade the house for Jamal Adams

The Seahawks have had a desperate off-season.

They failed to sufficiently address their biggest need, the pass rush. They didn’t deliver ‘superstars’ as requested by their quarterback. They were going into the 2020 season with very little energy or expectation.

Their reaction was to trade for Jamal Adams — a fantastic player with the potential to be a major contributor.

The cost of the trade, however, is absolutely unjustifiable.

The Seahawks have given up their first round picks in 2021 and 2022, a third round pick in 2021 and Bradley McDougald. In return, they receive a fourth round pick in 2022 along with Adams.

Let’s put this deal into perspective.

A year ago the Pittsburgh Steelers traded their 2020 first and fifth round picks plus their sixth rounder in 2021 for Minkah Fitzpatrick, who plays the same position as Adams. That deal looks like an absolute bargain compared to the Adams trade.

In 2018 the Chicago Bears traded their 2019 first and sixth round picks and a 2020 first round pick for Khalil Mack. Yet in return, they received Oakland’s 2020 second rounder plus a conditional pick in the same class.

Again, the Seahawks paid a lot more for Jamal Adams.

The LA Rams traded for Jalen Ramsey during the 2019 season. It cost them a 2020 first-round pick, a 2021 first-rounder and a 2021 fourth-round pick.

For the third time — that is cheaper than Seattle’s deal for Adams.

There is simply no precedent whatsoever for the cost of this trade. Nobody can dispute Adams’ talent. We’ve also talked several times on this blog about the benefit of trading away 2021 picks. The college football season is in flux this year and the 2021 class appears to be top heavy. Dealing your first rounder for a proven veteran who can improve a mediocre defense made sense.

Yet this is the kind of outlay you can really only justify for a quarterback or a truly elite pass rusher or left tackle.

It’s not even comparable to Houston’s deal for Laremy Tunsil. They gave up two first rounders, a second round pick, Johnson Bademosi and Julien Davenport. Yet they still received Kenny Stills and a fourth rounder plus a top-tier left tackle to protect Deshaun Watson.

The Seahawks have invested their next two drafts for a safety — a year removed from using a second round pick on Marquise Blair.

So what does this mean? Is Blair a write-off already? Is Quandre Diggs only a short-term solution?

And what about the pass rush and defensive line? What use is such a massive investment in a safety if you can’t create any pressure? Seattle had one of the worst defensive lines in football in 2019 and their moves so far this year were to replace Jadeveon Clowney with rookies plus Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin.

Will the addition of Adams also prevent them from making any further moves? Is that the end of the very last hope of Clowney returning? Can they even bring in someone — anyone — to replace Al Woods?

The Seahawks came into the off-season with some depth and investment at linebacker and safety and needed to add to the D-line and at cornerback. What they’ve actually done is spend their first round pick on a linebacker (despite spending $25m on Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright this year, having traded up for Cody Barton a year ago) and now they’ve spent two first round picks on Jamal Adams having only just traded for Quandre Diggs and drafting Marquise Blair.

It doesn’t make sense.

It feels like a panic move in reaction to what has been a poor off-season. The astronomical price lends weight to that suggestion.

And while Jamal Adams is an excellent addition who can be a leader and help set the tone on defense — he’s not an Earl Thomas-style free safety. He ran a 4.56 at the combine. He’s a strong safety. When’s the last time a strong safety cost two first round picks plus extras?

Meanwhile the pass rush remains a major issue.

People will be excited about the move and should be allowed to be excited about it. I’m not here to ruin your day. Yet this, to me, is simply further evidence of a franchise that has lost its way during this reset.

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  1. Spireite_Seahawk

    Always nice to get top level talent but this was very expensive at a position I’m not sure was a priority. Oh well let’s see what happens.

    • Burner

      Wow! Two first round picks for a safety, and we have zero pass rush.

      Unless we get Clowney or Griffen, this could prove to be a huge mistake.

      • Cameron

        Adams can rush the passer. He’s a “safety”, but he can, and does, play nearly every defensive position on the field.

        • Henry Taylor

          He wont be rushing off the edge as part of a 4 man rush. He’s a good blitzer, but we dont blitz that much.

          • SoCal12

            Just cause we didn’t do it that much previously doesn’t mean we won’t in the future. I’m not saying we’re making a 180 on the philosophy, but it’s entirely possible to incorporate more blitzing into the plan going forward.

            • Cameron

              Precisely. Reports I’ve seen thus far suggest Seattle coaching staff see him more as a “weapon” than as a traditional strong safety. Could imply some significant scheme changes this year, more-so than ever before anyway.

            • Tyler Jorgensen

              Pete has literally never used his defensive backs to rush the QB. The entire LOB (ET, Kam, Sherm, BMax, Browner) + McDougald and Diggs have 3 total sacks in their combined years in Seattle.

              Expecting Adams to be blitzed is expecting a coach to completely break from his philosophy. I would be absolutely shocked if he even got 2 sacks (assuming there’s a full season.)

              • SoCal12

                I don’t see it as a huge change-up. When you have different players, you do different things. I’m not saying we go full Gregg Williams and start throwing the house every play, but adding a blitz package or two is not some kind of revolutionary act.

              • 80SLargent

                You don’t remember the “Bandit” packages they ran in 2010?

        • lil’stink

          I read a breakdown that basically said he got all those sacks simply because he blitzed a ton, which probably won’t happen here. Not sure he was particularly efficient while blitzing.

          • Saluboy

            He had the green light to Green Dog all year. So if his assignment was blocking, Adam’s could choose to blitz.

            Not everyone is handed that level of responsibility; Adam’s earned it. Two 1st rounders is WAY too much but at least they’re buying quality goods.

  2. Frank

    First thing I’m seeing is the Hawks giving up 2 first round picks. Is this a knee jerk reaction to Dunbar possibility not being available? Can’t blame them for not being aggressive enough this offseason anymore, but was it the right direction?

    • RugbyLock

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers were real close to getting Adams so Seattle paid a premium to make sure that they didn’t.

  3. Rokas

    Can’t believe it. I really can’t. Literally in a roster full of holes, two spots were settled: QB and Safety.
    And we are paying kings ransom for a strong safety? Geez, Adams is a great player, but he ain’t no Sean Taylor.

    • Mark T

      I agree – I think I will come around on the price given the 21 draft will be even more of a lottery than usual but our need is DL and OL not S. I just hope there is already an outline of an extension in place otherwise we’ll soon be be in the same hole the Rams are in with Ramsey.

  4. Bmseattle

    Could they have gotten a great defensive lineman for that cost?

    • SoCal12

      One thing to consider is that Jamal seems to be a great fit locker room wise. If you watch his interviews he is the prototype of the fiery competitor Pete covets. I can see why Carroll is high on him.

      Another is with Covid impacting the college season, perhaps the next draft may be a bit of a crapshoot. If there was a time to trade a first I don’t mind next years. Though 2021’s is a bit pricey.

  5. SebA

    Very knee-jerk but I liked McDougald and I don’t think Adams is worth all those picks plus him. Oh dear.

  6. Jace

    Well making first round mock drafts for the Hawks won’t be as fun for the next few years. But excited to see him in a Hawks uniform. There is your superstar Russ.

  7. Largent80


    Ummmm,,,,Good god, I guess they figure their terrible handling of the DL will be comensated by the secondary?

    Without words.

  8. Henry Taylor

    Absolutely insane price here, if I was the Jets I’d have made this trade if he wasnt making a stink.

    I dont want to moan to much, so I’ll focus on the excitement of having an all pro talent in his prime. That’s always more fun than not having those guys.

    • Morgan

      He was making himself persona non-grata in NY. I’m surprised JS couldn’t work that into a better trade deal.

  9. Cameron


    There are very few players in the league that can single-handedly elevate a defense. Jamal Adams is one of them. Extremely versatile and can plug in to so many areas situationally. Massive boost here.

  10. Scot04

    Might just be me. But i think this is a horrible trade for the Seahawks.
    Now we still are without a Pass Rush and are out a 3rd two 1st round picks.
    I figured a 1st and 3rd, but this seems steep. Definitely an interesting offseason.

    • Cameron

      Basically just down 2 firsts, we get a 4th back.

      • Scot04

        Even if you make it two 1st round picks it is too steep a price for a Safety. Especially with all our other holes. It makes 0 sense at that cost. This is a move uou make when you have filled all your holes and are an elite Strong Safety away from being a contender. We are not there. Even then the two 1st round picks seem excessive.
        I Hope I’m Wrong!

        • Bluenlime

          With what we’ve been accustomed to seeing what Seahawks pick with their 1st round, I’d trade LJ Collier and Penny for Jamal Adam’s in a heartbeat. Seahawks usually get mediocre talent with their first picks so I’m not too stressed about the trade.

          • RugbyLock

            Yeah, but the Jets NEVER would’ve taken that trade.

  11. Aaron

    Gets notification that Hawks get Jamal Adams…SWEET!!!

    Gets notification of the price to get Jamal Adams…*Faints

    Realizes Hawks pick bad in first round…*Regains Conciousness

    • Aaron

      Realizes Adam’s doesn’t play d line…*Faints again


  12. Morgan

    Maybe they thought that the decline of the D last year wasn’t just from lack of pass rush, but that the entire D was out of whack from no ET.

    On the plus side I think he’s a perfect fit, and I suspect he’ll be even better for us than with the Jets. STEEP STEEP price though. Gonna give Rob fits to find 2nd-round prospects to write about 🙂

  13. largent80

    Pretty convinced that the Seahawks F.O. have officially lost the goal.

    My gawd, I guess as a fan were supposed to go hell yeah, but this fan is going Hell NO .

  14. Cole

    I feel like everyone is forgetting there WILL NOT BE A COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!! Players will drop in these upcoming drafts because of COVID later rounds picks will see more top talent because they won’t have as much tape on the field because of this virus I agree it’s still expensive but If for any safety I’d pay it would be him! He will give us absolutely everything he has and will become a leader and help bring back that swag to our secondary look what diggs did

    • Scot04

      Players may drop, but we’ve already traded are 1st, 3rd, and 5th round picks for the next draft.

      • Cameron

        Who knows, could see 1 or more players leaving via trade (McDougald?).

        • Cameron

          Ah, nvm, scratch the example, didn’t see til just now that McD was part of the Adams trade.

    • SoCal12

      I think this is a really interesting facet to consider about this trade. A first in 2020 may be a bigger crapshoot than most years. If you were going to trade a first, this years may be the best time to do so.

    • BobbyK

      Which means a smart college scouting staff can possibly get top 10 types of players in the 20s-30s, but when they passed on TJ Watt – that proved to me they don’t care about top 10 type players with a long term vision (he’d have been top 10 the following year with foresight).

    • Hawktalker#1

      No one is forgetting that. Just way to high given other needs. Period.

  15. Strategicdust

    When will this terrible off season end? Mistakes on top of mistakes and still not solving the issues this defense has. Ugh

  16. UkAlex6674

    But Rob said……

    Anyways. Can we get Clowney still?!

  17. hawks31

    Hopefully this entices Clowney not to sign with Tenn and come back to us

  18. Gohawks5151

    Whoa. Can never accuse Seattle of not going for it.

    • Cameron


  19. Cameron

    Among other things, we’ve now got our anti-Kittle.

  20. BobbyK

    The positives are we don’t have to worry about continuing to blow first round picks on players who aren’t very good like they have a long history of doing now (aside from the first few drafts).

    The negatives are you build a “real” sustainable franchise with draft picks who are young and under team control for 4-5 years. This trade prevents them from being on an equal playing field with all other teams in the draft for the next few seasons.

    A positive is that we’re getting a really good player.

    A negative is if anything happens to Wilson for a significant period of time – one of those picks could be a top-5 selection (where you can really get an impact pass rusher)… and have that player on the cheap for a number of years.

    Since I can’t do anything about this – even though I’m not happy not making a first round pick until 2023 – I am going to rejoice in the fact that Adams, Diggs, and Blair are going to be an unbelievable trio. Never mind this team has an embarrassing defensive line. The only way they can salvage this off-season is to get Clowney back (that still won’t give them anything close to a great DL) and perhaps get Gordon back, too.

    If this trade can help propel them to pick #32 this or next year – then in hindsight, I’ll be quite happy about it. We shall see…

    • Elmer

      Can Diggs play free safety? Otherwise it looks like each of Adams, Blair, and Diggs is a SS.

      And you’re right. Let’s give this deal a chance to work.

      • Rob Staton

        Yes, Diggs is an excellent FS.

        • TomLPDX

          This was actually my first thought when I read this. Will Diggs remain at FS and is Jamal a SS future Kam.

          • Rob Staton

            Absolutely. Adams isn’t a FS but Diggs can play there and excel there.

            • TomLPDX

              That is extremely encouraging. Let players play to their strengths.

  21. Brik

    WOW!!!! We are definitely looking to win now, and like some have said, we aren’t good picking in the first round anyways. Carrol definitely believes in the formula of building with the secondary first, and it seems to have worked once before, and it works for Belichick as well. Pretty sure Adams still has 2 years on his rookie deal, so not sure how the money works with Mcdougald gone, but my first thought is we actually have more money now. If not, oh well, we still can get Clowney, and this might help matters if he’s looking to win.

  22. fransgeraedts

    1. This will upgrade the secondary ….. possibly to legion of boom levels?
    2. Could this help us getting clowney back? Not just Wilson needed to see them go all in to compete for a superbowl in the next two years.
    3. Could they have been building specifically to win against the 49ers and mahomes? They have been adding speed, speed, speed and the ability to hit and hit again.
    4. A lot of base with brooks? And dime instead of nickel with blair?
    5. Now give me gordon as a third receiver.
    6. And am i wrong in thinking that they can deal with a flat to lower cap next year? And that after the next two seasons they will have a ridiculous amount of cap space?
    7. Wilson, Carrol, Schneider are always thinking dynasty.
    8. W, C, S think that there window is open for the next 10 years.

    • fransgeraedts


    • GoHawksDani

      1, Griffin not Sherm, Flowers not Browner, we don’t even have a Maxwell, Diggs not ET and while Adams will be the best player I think Kam was better.
      2, Clowney wants money first
      3, You probably need to get to the playoffs and SB first to face those teams (ok we’ll meet the 9ers in regular season too)
      4, Base can hurt them against KC and SF. I like the idea of dime
      5, agree there
      6, dunno
      7, A dynasty need to have a solid roster without major holes. I don’t feel like they have that now
      8, that is true, but this roster building doesn’t make sense in short term

      I like that you’re optimistic, but I don’t think this move will win us more than +1 game without major upgrade on the DL and I’m not convinced about or CBs either

  23. pdway

    it’s a HIGH price to pay – but he’s 24 and a tone-setting thumper. we’ve built our D from the secondary up before, as we all know.

    who knows what’s going on w Clowney behind the scenes – maybe we still get him too.

    rather than criticize – – which I’m not saying is unfair – i’m just going to enjoy for a second that we just added a star player, right in the prime of his career, to a defense that has needed help for a couple years running. . .

    • Cameron

      Adding that the prime of that career still only puts him at 24 years old (typically “prime” careers peak around 26), giving us potentially 5-6+ years of prime years.

      I’m choosing to enjoy the hell out of this. See the product on the field the next few years, then deliver judgment in retrospect. Not knocking anyone for choosing to deliver preliminary judgment, but this could absolutely end up being a godsend of a move down the line (just as it could look like an overpayment and misstep).

    • Derek

      Totally agree with this!

      New England had one of the best defenses last year after letting Trey Flowers walk, can you name even 2 starting defensive linemen on that NE team? They did have Stephon Gilmore (2019 defensive player of the year) and Devin McCourty, clearly focusing on the defensive backfield more than the defensive line.

      Adams has that rare combination of talent, determination, and instincts that mean he can make a difference on every snap and win the game for you when you need it.

      We gave up 2 high picks in a draft that is a huge unknown with the impact of COVID and a high pick next year but receive a likely high 4th rounder in 2022. It’s most definitely a haul of picks but one could make the argument that, with where we normally pick, it’s like trading Rashad Penny, LJ Collier, and Rasheem Green for Adams and a high fourth round pick.

      A player like Adams is very rare and can play almost any position on the field, which is extremely valuable in this age of sofisticated offenses with multi-level RPOs and concepts.

  24. charlietheunicorn

    “Its a bold strategy cotton, lets see if it pays off ….”

  25. BobbyK

    Maybe since the DL is so bad, they’re just going to rush with 3 and put all their good DBs on the field to cover.

    • Volume12

      Or having 3 high quality LBs allows Seattle to stay in their zone more. One of the benefits of the zone is you typically don’t need a great pass rush. Just good.

      • fransgeraedts


  26. cha

    Search Twitter
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    Bucky Brooks
    traded away a top safety who didn’t have any leverage and was on a team friendly deal for at least 2 more seasons. 2 years of Adams equals one year of top safety market pay ($14M APY).. He couldn’t holdout or do anything due to fines.. Traded due to name calling.. 🤷🏾‍♂️
    Quote Tweet

    Albert Breer
    · 27m
    The Seahawks’ new S Jamal Adams will arrive in Seattle on his rookie deal. No new contract has been negotiated, I’m told. What’s left …

    2020: $3.59 million.
    2021: $9.86 million.

    The Rams (Ramsey) and Texans (Tunsil) also traded huge hauls for players w/o extending them.

    How do you spend 2 firsts and not make the trade contingent on signing an extension? Not crazy about this at all.

    • HOUSE

      He can still be franchise tagged and locked up a 3rd year… He’d be receiving top of market there and if he wanted to sign elsewhere, you could get a 1st rd pick for him

      • cha

        I don’t care about that. You lock him up now before he’s got you by the cojones.

        Tunsil managed to get nearly 30% higher than the highest paid LT in the NFL because he had Houston over a barrel. 30% !

        • GerryG

          Ain’t no big deals getting negotiated until there is some clarity on the salary cap ramifications and lost revenue

          • cha

            Chris Jones says hi.

  27. Aaron

    I’m stocked to get a player like Jamal Adams. One has to wonder though if Pete and John are really in it to win it for the long haul or are trying to makeshift a roster to win a SB before their contracts expire after the 2021 season. Either way, I’d say this addition is a day late and a dollar short for that goal. We need Clowney back asap or this is another 10 to 11 win team that gets eliminated in the second round of the playoffs.

  28. SoCal12

    The price is a little steep, but I just can’t really find a reason to be mad about it. Russell asked for superstar help, and I consider this to be superstar.

    • Michael P Matherne

      How much was this a move to appease Russ? For the record I like the move – but who were we bidding against? What could have possibly driven the price this high, other than the Jets knowing we absolutely HAD to make a move to keep our QB from blowing a blood vessel?

      • SoCal12

        The news reports last week were that the 49er’s were bidding for Adams as well. So I wouldn’t say we were bidding against ourselves.

  29. Nate

    I really want to like this trade since Jamal Adams is a stud, but to me this reeks of a panic move that only compounds the mistakes made during this offseason. Unless our corners/safeties are now the second coming of the LOB there is almost no way they’ll be able to hold up with such a dismal pass rush on the d-line.

    Adams is great, but the price the Seahawks paid was just to high – if you’re trading 2 first round picks it should be for a QB or a stud DT/DE, not a strong safety. Not even sure whether a prime Kam Chancellor would have gone for that much.

    Guess we got a star-type player that Wilson has been pushing for, but don’t think it moves the needle for this season that much – to even have a chance of going far into the post-season we are going to need to resign Clowney in order to have some semblance of a pass rush in games.

  30. smityy1547

    Well the plus side is we cant draft a good player in the first round to save are ass, on the negative side as much as I love to read this sight, it just got a lot less fun with no first rounder to even get upset about trading back for and not picking

  31. Volume12

    I love this move. Absolutely love it. Him & Minkah are the 2 best safeties in the game. They don’t draft well in the 1st round anyways

    • SoCal12

      Yeah we’ve been asking for a bold move and this a bold move. I think people are undervaluing the importance of safeties in Pete’s defense.

      • Volume12

        It’s absolutely essential. Going back to Polamalu at USC.

        • fransgeraedts


    • UkAlex6674

      Well said Vol. This is a great move. He is a legit talent and a STAR. Some of the comments on here about the front office losing its way etc are off the mark.

      • Volume12

        What does a 1st round pick in the COVID era even look like? This is a good move. I thought they were in on Minkah and didn’t up the ante when they should’ve. Now they’ve done that.

        • Cameron


    • pdway

      Yeah – I also think part of it is an attempt at an attitude shift on the defense too. Plenty of folks on this site are asking for BAMF’s and superstars – – we just got one, and yes the price is steep, but presumably that’s what it took to land the guy.

      Our defense needed help – and while our best pass-rusher is still unsigned – we’ve added a 1st round LB, a 2nd round DE, a highly rated CB (hopefully) and now an all-pro Safety; in addition to two serviceable pass rush guys. I don’t love the price tag either, but i’m going to let myself be a little excited about this.

    • Submanjoe

      I agree. Jamal Adams is one of those players who has maintained the value of where he was drafted. What would it have taken for seattle to move up and draft him back in 2017? They get a proven player. An essential position on a defensive oriented team.

      Those first round picks are about as valuable right now as they will ever be, except perhaps right before they’re used. Adams is proven and is one BAd M F

  32. A, Chris

    Hot takes abound

  33. Matt

    Been awhile since I’ve posted…couple thoughts.

    1. I LOVE Jamal Adams but this is a horrendous trade. My God this front office has lost it’s feel for “value.” Trades, draft…they no longer have their thumb on the pulse.

    2. In defense of the “2 first rounders” angle – let’s be honest; college football, if played is going to be a mess this year and I think the value of a late first rounder (yes, RW will drag us into the playoffs again) is about as low as it will ever be. If there was a year to trade a 1st rounder, 2021 would absolutely be it – and maybe other teams view it in the same light which is why it required another 1st rounder.

    I don’t know…like I said, I love Adams – he’s a team captain with elite ability. He will instantly be my favorite player on this team; but it feels like this Front Office’s best days are behind them. This feels like a really smart CEO who is just out of tune with their company. They are absolutely smarter than we are with this stuff – but they’ve just, well, lost it.

    • Matt

      One last thought…

      Adams is not “just playing Safety.” He’s your Chess Piece. I expect to see him, Diggs, and Blair on the field A LOT together.

      • Cameron

        Agreed with that last bit.

      • Jeff M.

        Well that could make getting Adams make a little more sense….

        EXCEPT that the Seahawks are committed to a 1970s-level investment in LBers to go along with our 1970s commitment to the run. We put way more than any other team (in terms of both $ and picks) into the LBer corps and we run way, WAY more base defense than any other team in the league.

        If we had waived KJ and not spent our 1st on another LB to back him up…then maybe you’d see some big nickel. As it is, Blair just got benched.

  34. pdway

    I know the price is really high — but Adams age makes a big difference to me – in the spot where we draft, we don’t usually get a crack at guys like him. He’s a cornerstone guy. Supposedly a total team leader type too.

    IF, and it continues to be the big IF of our entire off-season, we are able to bring Clowney back – our defense looks pretty damn solid at all three levels.

    And we’ve added Hyde, Olsen, and Dorsett to a solid core of skill guys (Lockett, DK, Carson, Penny).

    We may have some issues down the road – but that’s a good team . . . so come on Jadeveon . .. . make it happen . . .

    • Hoggs41

      Even adding Griffen if Clowney signs elsewhere could be a win.

  35. Troy

    While this is a win now move, and getting an all pro player at 24 is never a negative…I’m not happy for a few reasons.

    1) they didn’t extend him before trading. While they have 2 years of cheap club control plus franchise tag after that, do you really want to be in a position where he has all the leverage in negotiations (you gave up 2 firsts for me so pay me whatever i ask)

    2) dline was and is our biggest need. I would much rather they have made this deal (maybe wasn’t possible) for any star dline who can rush the passer. Easy counter to this is that one simply wasn’t available but man I’d much rather invest 2 firsts in a bosa or Mack type player rather than Adams.

    • UkAlex6674

      Name the equivalent d line that was available.

      • Troy

        Apparently you weren’t able to read the multiple times where I said it might not have been possible.

        • UkAlex6674

          I was just checking, as I was curious why you would write your second point, when you know full well there was actually no point writing it.

          • Troy

            The point (which must have flown way over your head) was that since I feel dline was a bigger need, I would have been happier making a “mega deal” for a dlineman. You know, using your brain to consider a hypothetical situation. You should try it out some time!

  36. Amanuel

    Besides an upgrade from a 4th to a 3rd it’s the Ramsey deal. With the cap savings from. The Jets taking McDougald’s contract + the addition of an all-pro safety with the likes of a championship qb could entice pass rush help to come to Seattle on a friendlier to deal to compete for a ring/improve their stock on a winning team. Adams’ talent/personality will be able to recruit to the PNW which is not an easy task.

    • Rob Staton

      A full round + a player is not the Ramsey deal.

      Plus Ramsey is a cornerback, which some would argue is a premium position.

      • SoCal12

        I think Adams is a bigger impact player than Ramsey though. Jalen plays his position very well, but seems to be detriment locker wise. Adam’s is more versatile and yes he made a stink to be traded but otherwise seems to be leader the locker looked up to.

        • Rob Staton

          Is he a detriment in the locker room?

          Or did he just want out of Jacksonville… like many other players?

          • SoCal12

            Beyond just the trade demands, Jalen talked a ton of trash and seems to mope about and free-lance when the game isn’t going his way. I don’t see players rallying around him on the field and playing for him. I’m sure he’s friendly with the other players, but he seems to play mostly for himself. He’s a great cornerback for sure, but I don’t see him elavating the players around him.

            Jamal actually seems to be coordinating and leading the defense a lot when I saw him on the field. I always got the sense the defense really respected him in the backfield. I see the same IT factor in him that I see in guys in like Bobby and Russell. I could very well be wrong, but that’s the difference I see between them.

      • Cameron

        What is a full round?

        • Rob Staton

          A 4th to a 3rd.

          • Cameron

            Ah. Well, at the least, it’s a very likely late 3rd to a likely early 4th. I’d estimate a half round.

          • DancingBuddha

            Seahwks 3rd vs a Jets 4th is virtaully the same pick- I don’t see a huge difference between a 27-32 3rd rounder and a top 4 4th rounder

            • Rob Staton

              The Seahawks’ third rounder is in the 2021 draft. The Jets’ fourth rounder is in 2022. A year’s difference usually equates to a full round in value.

              Plus the Seahawks also traded away Bradley McDougald, which adds to the value the Jets get back.

              • Cameron

                Traditionally, yes, though I’d personally rather have the 4th in 2022 than in 2021, in the heart of COVID complications to scouting.

                • Rob Staton

                  Come on, the value is what the value is.

                  You can’t argue into fact that a 2021 third is a similar value to a 2022 fourth. It just isn’t. Especially when Bradley McDougald was also dealt.

  37. HOUSE

    While I dig Jamal Adams, I can’t believe we gave up what he did for him. I just don’t understand the 2nd 1st rd pick. Who were we competing with where we gave up more than CHI did for Khalil Mack? The only thing I can think of is his contract. Its friendly for us and we’re EXPECTING top of the market play for a guy that will need to EARN his 2nd contract,

    I also question if this has something more to do with Dunbar… With Umadi primarily at NB, will Blair get some time there as well?

    Can any of these guys in positions of depth play DE??? I was actually taking a nap and was woken up by a buddy calling me about the trade. Had it been for Ngakoue or someone like that, I wouldn’t have been so shocked… We shall see and I’m curious what the season will look like and what I’ll think of these words I’m typing right now in February

    • RugbyLock

      I really think that the Forty Whiners were close to getting Adams so JS & PC upped the ante to make sure that they didn’t. If the Whiners had gotten Adams then we’d just about be done in this division for a couple years…

      • HOUSE

        Thanks for the info. Several people have pointed out a Seattle 1st rd pick (2 of them in this case) has yielded us an ALL-PRO player that was taken at #6.

        The FO has gotta be really comfortable with Irvin, Mayowa, rooks and supporting cast….

  38. cha

    This deal right here makes or sinks the PCJS tenure. Plain and simple.

    • Aaron


    • McZ

      Sinks. Really, as far as ESPN goes, there is no long term deal in the books. I don’t trust a guy who forces his way out like him.

      • Chase Cash

        I do agree it’s hard to trust, but keep in mind the organization he was with before. The Jets are hardly a competitive team, with a coach on the hot seat. He is coming to a perennial playoff team, with arguably the most success this decade.

  39. David

    Other way to think of this is we traded Rashaad Penny, LJ Collier and Cody Barton in addition to McDougald and got back Jamal Adams and Paul Richardson.

    Bc the theory of the draft’s value is different than draft reality.

  40. Russ

    At this point, I’m hoping that we see very different scheming this year than in years prior.

    You touched on it a bit why Judon works on Baltimore – we need to become a creative blitzing/rushing team. Adams needs to get sacks. More stunts along the line. The scheme needs to manufacture pressure.

    Color me skeptical.

    • cha

      Agree. If they use Adams in a traditional strong safety role, it’s a waste of all that draft capital.

      They have to get him all over the field, including the pass rush, in order to get true value for this trade.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I think it’s a stretch to think Pete Carroll dramatically changes his scheme as he approaches 70 and decides an off-season massively impacted by a global pandemic is the time to make the install.

  41. mishima

    He’s great and we draft poorly anyway…

    I get it. Sign great players in free agency and draft better.


  42. Gohawks5151

    As for the cost, is that not inflation? Another round increase from Jalen deal. They could have been doing McDougald a solid too by giving him the chance to start too. Coverage sacks here we come😉

  43. Hoggs41

    As I agree this was very expensive, I believe the Seahawks value the safety position more than other teams do. They do like to build from the back and when you go from a quartet of Thompson, McDougald, Flowers, Griffin to Adams, Diggs, Dunbar, and Griffin that right there can improve the pass rush. That being said two first rounders and a third is a lot to give up for a guy who was half way out the door anyways. I does feel like a panic move but we will soon find out how this goes. Maybe now bring in Clowney and we may have something.

    • Hoggs41

      I also looked at the most recent trade chart and this is what I found.

      Jamal Adams (6th overall pick)…446
      Jets 4th round pick in 2022 (if 11th where there selected this year)…24

      Seahawks first round pick (27th)…216
      Seahawks first round pick (27th)…216
      Seahawks 3rd round pick (27th)…44

      Total points:

      Seahawks get 470
      Jets get…476

      • Hawksince77

        Interesting. And emphasizes an important point. Seattle will never have access in the draft for such a player. Especially one that is young, cheap, and already a proven stud in the league (every draft pick, even those in the top ten – remember Aaron Curry? – carry risk of busting).

        You can only field 11 players at a time. The better each individual player, the better the team. In other words, as has been pointed out above, Adams is worth the last couple of Seattle first round picks, easy (just think how the Jets would have reacted if that is what Seattle offered? Here’s Penny and Collier. They’d laugh and laugh.)

        As I have said a few times already – it’s too soon to judge this off-season. At this point, if they sign Clowney and Gordon – certainly still possible – who would complain?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s only possible if Clowney and Gordon are both willing to play for very little.

          • Hawksince77

            Well, for Gordon that’s likely not an issue.

            For Clowney, the Adams trade seems cap-nuetral, right? As you have demonstrated many times, the team has a way to make additional funds available, or to construct a contract with a reasonable first year impact.

            I have no idea if a Clowney deal is in the works, or even likely, only that it remains possible until it’s not. As pointed out above, perhaps the Adams deal even enhances the likelihood, I don’t know.

            A week ago I didn’t think we had seen the end of Seattle moves this off-season, and that proved correct. There are still possible moves to make, but whether they are significant or not, should they happen, I don’t know about that. We may have just witnessed the final, and largest impact move, with Adams. I am hoping not; I am hoping that there is still work to do, that there are still viable options that will make the team better in 2020 still coming.

            • Rob Staton

              I have made those points but in the case of Clowney, they’d have to raise about $10m if it’s a one or two-year deal. That’s not very realistic.

              Unless he’s willing to play for about $7m — which also seems unrealistic given his long holdout.

      • David

        Plus McDougald, what’s he worth?

        • TomLPDX

          Here is where the sentimental me responds…I loved McD, he came in and was a solid for us for several years. Superstar? No, Solid, yes!!! Over and over again. The Jets are getting a good player. We got a better player to replace him though.

          • Bliptai


        • Hawksince77

          Good point. However, the answer is he is worth almost nothing to the Seahawks, given this trade, as he becomes superfluous as Adams will be his direct replacement, and with the trade, little to no room for him on the team.

          Value to the Jets, though, as he will likely start. So win win win.

  44. GoHawksDani

    This is ridiculous… So many bigger needs (really good RT, hedge for Brown, NCB, and obviously DE and DT)…and that’s just ridiculously too much. Give up 2 1st and a 3rd in return of Adams and a 2nd. But firsts, a 3rd and McDougald just for Adams and a 4th? I can’t find words. Lost almost all trust of PCJS in this offseason 🙁

  45. Troy D

    Only part Im kind of flustered about is the 2022 pick. I think as things stand the 2021 pick is diminishing in value cause I think its more than likely that the college season is cancelled or more likely postponed to the Spring. Which could cause a whole slew of variables.

    Im not gonna say the price wasnt steep, cause it is but I do see some logic in it. With Dunbar its even more strong but even without we now have an elite secondary. I believe we have an elite, albeit the parts that make it elite are aging, linebacker group.

    Now the DL. While on paper its not been addresses adequately, I dont think think it will take much to be an improvement…possibly even a markedly improved pass rush from a year ago. I think the addition of Adams actually helps that especially in our division.

    One factor that could be at play here is Pete may be saying win in the next 2 years. Its logical cause I think that is probably his time frame left as coach. This helps to that end.

    Like I said, the 2022 pick is the one that is a little irritating and that is merely because of the picks that could have turned into. 2 1st round picks by this team are whatever. Its the fact that those can turn into an extra 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and so on that bothers me.

    We shall see how it goes but we just got one of the best players in the league, so that is awesome.

  46. Cameron

    I’m sure everyone will have spectrum wide opinions on the likelihood of scheme changes in Seattle’s defense, but one thing that has been said 100+ times this offseason is, “it doesn’t make sense.” Perhaps it doesn’t make sense within the confines of established scheme and tendency, but are those assumptions we could be taking for granted moving forward?

    What if (and I’m not opining on likelihood here, just posing a hypothetical that IS a possibility) we see scheme change the like of which hasn’t been seen in the PC era? It’s possible that reflection on the last 2+ years has convinced PC that holding to traditional tendencies no longer serves the defense best. Such context, depending on extent and intended scheme, could allow some of the puzzle pieces of the offseason to start to fit into a better picture.

    I look forward to revisiting this thought at the end of the season, and viewing the totality of the 2020 offseason and regular season to lay [irrelevant] judgment.

    • Tyler Jorgensen

      Doesn’t seem an incredible reach to consider “a scheme change the like of which hasn’t been see in the PC era?” If anything, we’ve seen doubling down on the scheme with the way the offseason was approached.

      I personally WISH we would adjust a little more, but that doesn’t mean I think Pete will at all.

    • Rob Staton

      Does anyone really expect a major scheme change?

      This year of all years?


      • Cameron

        Expect? No. Mind open to the possibility of it? Yes.

        Just making the point that in whatever probability that it is the case, it would change the puzzle to where the pieces may start to fit into place.

        • Rob Staton

          You’ve got to think of it this way though.

          Pete Carroll has basically run the same defense his entire career.

          And now, as he approaches his 69th birthday, he’s going to make changes during a training camp that will be severely impacted by a global pandemic.

          That’s just not very likely.

          • Cameron

            No, it’s not. And I made the point initially that the likelihood is entirely aside from the topic I put forth; a hypothetical that could provide some logic to the offseason moves.

            Kind of like putting forth a scientific theory that provides a possible explanation that fits the data. Many seem far-fetched at face value, but ultimate are proven true.

            Yes, the probability is small given all past tendencies to the contrary and unique obstacles this year to boot. However, the possibility remains that the plan was set in motion long before impacts to training camp and preseason were ever conceived.

            To wrap up, once again, I just wanted to set aside any discussion of how likely it is, just focus on the thought experiment of, if it were to happen, what it could look like and how well the moves made may piece together.

  47. Benjamin Davis

    Love this deal on so many levels. Seeing what we’ve done in the few drafts, plus what may be coming in next year’s draft. One of my LSU boys!! With San Fran, Arz, and LA all getting better, Seattle HAD to do something. Is this the sign that Clowney could be coming back for a 1 or 2 year deal? If so, then this trade looks like a genius stroke! We have our Anti-Kittle!!

  48. Ashish

    Rob and Gang
    Please tell me there’s positive in this trade. Is our secondary and line backers are lot improved and will able to defend SFO, Rams and Kyler. Pass rush is weak link but we know.
    Rob and many sounds very disappointed

    • Cameron

      If Dunbar plays this season, I’d personally rank everything behind our DL as best in the league collectively.

      • Ashish

        Blair might play big nickel, some interest in season?

      • Hoggs41

        This would be my response. Its OK to be frustrated or happy by this trade but we cant change it so we have no choice but to be behind it. We have always talked about being the bully and this for sure get us closer to that. There is no doubt that this defense missed Kam and now we have a 2020 version of him.

        • Ashish

          well put 👍

      • McZ

        Even, if KJ bites the dust?

        • TomLPDX

          KJ’s replacement is now on the team…just sayin’

  49. Big Mike

    Well the one positive I can see us that PCJS have been really poor drafting in round 1 so this is a proven, quality player with the next two first rounds
    That said, VERY high price to pay.

  50. pdway

    here’s another way to think of the price tag. I’m going to make an assumption that the difference between the Hawks 3rd round and the Jets 4th is not that significant (Jets pick higher than we do); and I’m further going to state that McDougald, while a solid player, has very little trade value on the open market (maybe you’d get a 5th/6th for him), and is basically expendable now that we are getting a starting safety back.

    So if you accept the above – you have the Hawks trading two first round picks. Adams was picked #6 overall. In a given draft, if you were the Hawks with the #25 pick, and you wanted to trade up from #25 to #6, what do you think we’d have to give up? Your 1st and a 2nd doesnt likely do it – if we’re being realistic, to move up 20 picks in the 1st round probably does cost you a 1st rounder down the road (esp if your picks are unlikely to be at the top of the rounds).

    Here, Adams isn’t just a maybe 6th overall pick – he’s a 6th overall pick who has more than lived up to the spot. Most consider him the best in the league at his position, and he’s 24. Plenty of teams would make a trade like this on draft day and nobody would bat an eye.

    • Big Mike

      Your post made me feel better. Reasonable logic.

    • Shawn


  51. Rik

    I grew up in northeastern Ohio as a Browns fan. I’m kinda old, so they were pretty good back in the 70s and 80s. I started following the Seahawks in the late 90s when I moved to Spokane.

    In the last 30 years, this is absolutely the first time that I’ve felt that the Browns were headed in a positive direction and the Seahawks were headed in a negative direction. The Browns have been drafting well and signing high quality free agents. I’m no Baker Mayfield fan, but he’s really their only question mark.

    Pete and John… what can I say? After this ridiculous trade? I’ve lost confidence in them and their ability to build a team and maximize the value of a franchise quarterback.

    In the next 5 years I expect to watch a new Chief’s dynasty and forever wonder what could have been with Russell.

    • UkAlex6674

      Wow someone is on the last train to over reaction central with a one way ticket.

    • Bliptai

      Totally Agree!! Hinging your entire season on (the most important player on the field my a country mile, who is also a HUGE question mark and probably not very good) Baker Mayfield is a solid gameplan.

  52. McZ

    Another stinker.

    Add a wasted high second round pick on Blair to the price tag. How many great safeties did they pass in the 2020 draft? It seems that finally, they officially admittef their scouting, selection metrics and talent development are stinking, which bodes not well for the future.

    So, we have…
    #32 DL, #28 OL, RB in limbo, WR razorthin behind DK, wishful thinking about Olsen at TE, only half a CB corps, #1 LBs because of Bwagz and KJ (who needs to make place to pay Adams), and now arguably the best safety tandem in the league.

    Plus a franchise QB, whose bitching for stars finally led them to a panic move. Putting their jobs and the franchise as a whole are in hazard.

  53. mishima


    Brooks, Shell, Olsen, Mayowa, now a blockbuster trade for an elite safety.


    There is no plan.

  54. Hoggs41

    We also complained that we were treading water and I agree we are. Sometimes you just have to go for it and this no doubt is going for it. Yes the price was high but I stand behind it.

  55. Cortez Kennedy

    I was initially excited upon hearing the news. The fact that we did something that doesn’t involve Chance Warmack or a tight end was exciting, and Adams is a badass.

    But holy cow, we paid way above retail and still have a pitiful defensive line that is going to severely limit the defense no matter how swell our new safety and linebacker are.

  56. DC

    My main gripe is that draft day will be less fun. I enjoy having maximum ammunition. The team just got better though. Stay healthy Russ!

    Let’s go buy YN next offseason to really put this puzzle together.

  57. Troy D

    So back before the draft Rob, you had made the case (in no way am I saying you were opining for it, demanding, etc). It was merely a hypothetical trade up in the draft. For Isaiah Simmons. Now IIRC you mentioned essentially our first few picks or maybe it was our 1st, 2nd and next years 2nd (I cant remember exactly what it was). That was for what seems to be a generational talent in Isaiah Simmons.

    So if we look at it as essentially trading a ton of draft capital for a generational talent that is actually proven at this level. You pointed out above (and have before) the likelihood that draft capital has lost some weight, as the facts stand with the world around us, for 2021. So if what was likely to be a late 1st round pick this year has the value of a 2nd round pick cause of COVID and maybe teams having to go off 2 year old tape…..Does a 1st round pick, 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick plus an aging, redundant, albeit fairly good player…for a 2 time All Pro in his first 3 seasons and a 4th round pick seem as much of a difference than what you proposed for moving up to get Simmons.

    I know the facts have changed since pre-draft (well havent changed is more or less the problem)…with the pass rush deficiencies (on paper, I actually feel this makes our pass rush better) but just on the idea you made for trading up for Simmons….doesnt this equate in some fashion?

    • God of Thunder

      Good points raised.

    • Bliptai

      I clapped out loud as I was reading this because, as and avid lurker (supporter) of this site I thought/felt the same points re: Simmons draft buildup here, and felt Jamal is Simmons but proven.

      • Rob Staton

        They are very different players guys

  58. BigSmooth13

    I’m just saying. I love this trade!! This is our most well rounded team in years. We have experienced and young talent on offense and defense. We have depth across the board. Our pass rush is questionable but they’ll have more time to get to the quarterback with this addition. Plus Clowney is still available.

    At the end of the day our team is much better than it was yesterday.

  59. Paul Cook

    I’m not going to argue with getting one of the best young impact players in the NFL in what has been an off-season akin to cold oatmeal without sweetener. As Jerry West, one of the great GM’s of all time, once said, don’t worry about the appearance of losing on a deal if you get the player you really want.

    I remember PC was once asked who was the greatest player he coached in college. He coyly responded tongue-in-cheek something to the effect of…I’m not going to single out any one player like Troy Palamalu when I’ve coached so many great players.

    We’ll see how it turns out. Pretty exciting though.

  60. Dan

    The 2 first round picks are meaningless for an All-Pro 24 year old difference maker. Would you trade Penny and Collier for Adams? Late first rounders are not guarantees.

    • Tyler Jorgensen

      It’s also not a guarantee those are late first round draft picks we just traded.

      Let’s say RW goes down early in the season. Think it’s still a late 1st rounder then?

      • Bankhawk

        So, we don’t pull the trigger on this because Russ could conceivably go down to injury, thus elevating the two 1st round picks?
        Since when did Pete/JS (or any of us bet on future injuries when deciding on a trade?
        Just saying, Russ could have been hurt for an extended period at any time during his career, but betting On that eventuality is not the way to roll when making the call on this trade.
        I too, decry the lack of action on bolstering the pass rush. But, lads-the eggs are in the pan. Aren’t you curious, just a little, too see how the omelet comes out?

        • Tyler Jorgensen

          My point was more that people are just automatically stating that “Adams is worth more than two late first round picks” as if it’s a complete given the Seahawks will draft late.

          We could start slow, only get 6 games in due to Covid shutting down the season, finish 2-4 and end up with a top 10 pick. That’s without even taking injury or underperformance into account.

          • Rob Staton

            And 9-7 in this division isn’t out of the question, which puts you at about 17-19 in round one. Two picks in that range and suddenly the value changes again. Which is why they absolutely must do something else to fix the pass rush. You can’t make this move and then hand the keys to the season to Mayowa and Green.

            • Tyler Jorgensen

              Agreed. It’s just really forward leaning and not a great play unless there’s something else to be done on top of it.

  61. Cwagner

    I want to be excited but wow that’s an awfully big price. Remember when the Seahawks used to draft well and really focus on developing players. Anymore it seems like they trade draft picks for veteran players an awful lot. At least with this trade they got a great deal on his salary. Plus considering some of their recent first round picks (excluding Brooks because we don’t know yet), this trade might be way better than anyone they would have drafted. Guess we’ll never know now. I’m trying to be positive.

    • Ashish

      got a point he is better than Penny and LJ Collier.

  62. Geoff

    I’m A little confused by your assertion they now have no cap space. He’s on a rookie contract with 2 years left this year is 800k. Bradley’s contract is more than his contract, how do we now have less cap space this part of your argument makes no sense.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t assert that. I said, as a direct quote: “Will the addition of Adams also prevent them from making any further moves?”

      A fair question.

      • Geoff

        Got ya that makes sense and you’re right very valid point and it will I’m sure.

  63. Troy D

    I know none of the negative feelings toward this have anything to do with the player…just the cost to acquire but man watching this film…holy crap am I excited. This is from after the 2018-19 season. The amount of intelligence he has for the game and that he was showing on the field in the plays he was breaking down with Baldy and Jaws is remarkable. Talking about a safety that was probably 20-25 games into his career at that point and the nuances he looks at to make reads. That is stuff I expect from 8 year pro’s that are still top of the game level players. Not only does he look elite on the field….he talks elite about the nuances of the game.

    Super excited to see a defense with 2 All Pro’s in the middle can do and see how much they can elevate those around them and their play.

    • SoCal12

      Honestly, I think if Pete could grow a football player in a lab, it’d probably look very similar to Jamal Adams. He’s a safety that checks all of Pete’s boxes, play wise and personality wise. For better or worse (and I lean towards better), Carroll certainly got his guy.

  64. Rowdy

    Literally every thought I had on this trade

  65. Baldwin

    PC/JS were clearly more focused on our poor run D than the fans; resigning Reed, drafting Brooks R1 and trading for Adams. PC’s first rule on D is stop the run, so guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

    Also, JS said a while back he wants more mean/nasty D and he gets that in spades with Adams.

  66. Trevor

    When I first heard the price we paid for Adams I almost threw up but the more I think about it the more I like the move. I loved the Pitt trade for Fitzpatrick last year and he had a huge impact.

    PC places incredible value on the Safety postion even going back to his USC days and it is creitical to his scheme. That is why Earl was one of Pete’s first picks. With Adams and Diggs they have the best duo in the league once again giving them the flexibility Pete wants.

    Now however it is critical they find a way to lock up Clowney or Griffin and add a Vet DT. If they can pull that off this trade could look genius and put this team over the top.

    No doubt (2) 1st round picks was a steep price but with thier recent draft history I am not as worried. After all who wouldnt trade Penny and Collier for Adams.

    Please, Please, Plese PC/JS sign Clowney or Griffen to give this defense a chance to be really good. If not the pass rush will simply just not be good enough.

  67. Hoggs41

    Well said Trevor, sometimes it’s important to put the names of late round picks in there not just the word first round picks. If you look at the history of late first rounders for the whole league it’s not that great for every team.

    • pdway

      again – as pointed out above – the draft cost to move from 26 to 6, is likely another 1st round pick – and here we don’t have an unproven college prospect – we have one of the best defensive players in the league, entering is peak years.

      Everyone on this comment board knows that our D had gotten soft, in talent yes, but also in attitude – and that attitude was a huge part of the team’s identity in our successful Carroll years. You can see why they’d stretch when given a chance to bring in a guy they think can help bring that back.

      And, unlike some of our other ‘win now’ moves over the years (Percy, Jimmy) – we don’t have to worry about ego, or how he fits into an offense, etc. Seems pretty plug and play.

      Also – to the concerns about the ’21 and ’22 versions of the Hawks (w/out our 1st rounders) – who knows what players we do or don’t sign by then? Cap space may move, we could have all of Bobby & KJ’s space back by then. Who knows what FA’s we might be able to bring in when the time comes.

  68. Jeff108

    Per The Athletic

    The Seahawks general manager’s acquisition of Jamal Adams, perhaps the game’s best all-around safety, revealed the player Schneider will build his defense of the future around.

    Adams, who turns 25 on Oct. 17, has been every bit as good as advertised since being drafted sixth overall out of LSU in 2017. He was an all-rookie team performer that season, a second-team All-Pro in 2018 and a first-teamer last year. Adams excels in run support, is an elite blitzer — with 10 sacks the past two seasons and 28 tackles for loss over his three-year career — and, after a mediocre rookie year against the pass, has developed into a top-flight coverage safety, breaking up 18 passes over the past two seasons. In 2019, he allowed just 0.31 yards per coverage snap, according to PFF, which put him among the top quarter of safeties.

  69. TJ

    Total mixed feelings on this move. Won’t restate what others have said above. I like Adams, and hope that he can fill the void that has been there since Chancellor retired in terms of both leadership and on-field play. I just can’t believe what they had to give up to get him, and won’t be comfortable with the compensation until I know how high the Hawks will be picking. Lets hope they continue picking late in round 1 for the next few years!

  70. Rob Staton

    Just recorded a podcast with Brandan. Will post when it’s available.

  71. Duderonomy

    I’ll say it – this is a genius move.

    1) Adams is the best at his position in the prime of his career. Elite and HOF potential and PC has secondary chops like no other.

    2) The Seahawks end up in the post season hunting making first rounders more like early second rounders. These aren’t a top 5 or top 10 or even top 20 pick. And the college years during COVID will be weak on ready to play talent. This is why some league offices has wisened up to Seahawks future draft picks – our first rounders aren’t worth as much because Seahawks find a way at the end of a season to be in the mix.

    3) The Seahawks needed a gritty identity in the secondary and they found it in the best talent in the league. You can’t buy that but they just stole it.

    4) The Seahawks first rounders are always wasted year in and year out. Yes, they can trade back for more picks but that’s a two in the bush versus elite identity in he prime of a career with proven NFL talent. This is not a steep price at all. It’s a steal.

    5) The Seahawks glaring weakness was secondary that cost them games. Now, it’s done. Sure, Dline is weak but if they can grind and hold the run, they don’t need to pressure. The LB core is solid and can get there to help collapse. Further, Dline rotation and more Dline players allow for the second half game take over the Seahawks do. We will give up first half chunks but contain the big play. We will turn the corner in the second half. There will be no standouts but the D will move into shut down mode and gel and refine it by the second half of the season.

    This is bend don’t break D and they plugged the over the top hole, added grit and toughness, and brought in an experienced elite identity. I for one welcome our new Safety Overlord to LOB 2.0.

    • Rob Staton

      “they don’t need to pressure”


      • Gohawks5151

        It’s called coverage sacks. Haha jk

      • Duderonomy

        Yes. Seriously. And of course I could be wrong – just an armchair comment guy. But, I’m basing my observations on PCs defensive building cycles at USC and Seahawks 2012. Look at the 2012 roster Dline. Chris Clemmons at 30 had 4 sacks in one game making his stats look deceiving even. A bunch of rookies who would become great all had learning curves so even then the secondary and linebackers were not at their best. But the Dline just held the run. They didn’t dominate with Dline sacks or pressure – so how did Seattle have the top defense in the NFL? Grinding run game and ball control offense; disciplined play your role, stop the run Dline-LBs and stop the score LB-secondary defense. Not turnover play or make the big play but disciplined D. This year is a 2012 – rebuild year, not a win now year like some are saying. But the aggressive playmaking domination defense starts with disciplined controlling the field D – then it builds in more explosive position plays as players get seasoned in their role. It’s the story of PCs 4-3 Under – win all three phases success. Field position and ball control to make teams one dimensional as foundation for creating scoring opportunities for the offense and getting the most of players in key LB and secondary roles. But it starts with the secondary and line backing corps for PC where the Dline plays gap control anchors to stop the run and hold and control space where LBs and secondary go to work to get the 3 and out. Again, I could be wrong because we don’t have a Sherm – but we didn’t know we had a Sherm until 2012 evolved either. And this context makes sense me and fits what’s being done here with what has worked. They have bam bam Kam again. They have fear coming across the middle. They have teams trying to force passes into that or hesitate because of it. They keep the run contained. … and in that context, they don’t need to pressure.

        I say this after reading your last article to empathize this point – you pointed to 2013s Dline but missed/ignored 2012. And, from what I see, that is where the defense began and where we disagree on what this seasons defense will shape up to be.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s so much revisionist history going on.
          The defense was young, brash and exciting in 2012. But if people take the time to recall, everyone…. everyone… pointed to the additions of Bennett and Avril as the turning point.

          But what does that matter when there’s an expensive trade to try and justify?

  72. charlietheunicorn

    Does this trade show the true PC/JS open window in Seattle?
    After the next 2 seasons, will PC hand up the whistle and retire?

    From a financial perspective, this actually made some sense, since you know you will be paying roughly 6M average for 2 seasons to a guy who is a top 3 Safety. With a flat cap, next season, you can then put money into the player in 2 years…. maintaining some cap flexibility during this time frame.

    And lets be honest, Seattle is almost always heavily criticized on who they pick in the 1st round anyhow.. doesn’t matter who or where they are picked. We took that one off the board for the next 2 seasons. haha

    Note: Could 1st round picks be discounted the next 2 seasons, since CFB and prospect evaluation will be very difficult / impossible or more of a crap shoot than in recent seasons (?)

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s little point speculating on when Carroll may or may not retire.

      To me they made this move because the defense sucks, not because of the future of the coach.

      The problem is… the pass rush still likely sucks.

      • Miami Hawk

        Whether the pass rush sucks or not and i firmly believe it will be significantly better, the pass defense will improve and as a result the overall defense will improve. A a result the team will improve. Its not about rushing the passer its about stopping the pass and you can build fom the front or the back and like the patriots and now the Dolphims, they are building from the back.

        I dont believe they have lost their way at all, I think they are taking a contrarian strategy and building the back and middle of the defense instead of the guy at the front.

        We want studs, we now have them. This secondary is at least top on paper. Enjoy it. Besides, who knows about next years draft since college football is up in the air and the cap is likely going to dive. actually I am pretty impressed. Now if Adams doesnt bring it we will be hurting.

      • Baldwin

        Pass rush was awful even with Clowney, but I think that was a symptom and not necessarily the cause.

        Opposing QBs got the ball out quick because we were often in 2nd and 3 or 3rd and 1 because our run D was pathetic.

        If PC/JS have improved the run D (Reed, Brooks, Adams and maybe Snacks) and our D faces more 3rd and 7 or 10, make them one dimensional, hopefully some guys can get to the QB. PC thinks that’s where everything starts.

  73. Curt

    I really like the move. It may be a bit of an overpay, but it’s a rare opportunity to get young all pro talent. The two first round picks will be close to the end of the first round where talent like Adams is rarely available.
    We can quibble about cost but at the end of the day I’m glad they got this deal done. Hopefully E.Griffen or J.Clowney (and Josh Gordon and a cheap DT) want to come chase a ring with us.
    Even if they don’t, The Hawks are much stronger and more capable of winning a Super Bowl with Adams than they were yesterday without him.
    Love the content Rob, but respectfully disagree with you on this one.

  74. Sea Mode

    Dang, I decide to glance at SDB one more time before hitting the sack and… BOOM!

    Well, it’s gonna take some time to digest this one. Hopefully his impact on the field softens the cost. At least RW can’t say they didn’t heed his call to bring in a superstar… 🤷‍♂️

    Interesting takes here as well (just trying to make sense of the move):

    Rob Rang
    Gutsy win-now move by John Schneider & the @Seahawks that I think makes a lot of sense (& cents). From a matchup perspective, players to be most worried in the NFC West (other than RW) are Kittle, Kyler & Kupp, IMO. Adams helps vs all, could turn Seattle’s back 7 into NFL’s best.

    Jim Nagy
    · 2h

    Some will say the Seahawks gave up too much for a box safety [or many will label him as that]. We get it. But that role is designed to be a playmaking postion in Pete Carroll’s defense. Kam Chancellor made a huge impact from that spot.

    Charles Robinson

    Regard Jamal Adams going from the #Jets to the #Seahawks, it’s hard to say a non-quarterback forced his way off a team when the exchange was two first round picks, a third round pick and a useful player. At that point, he didn’t force anything. Another team just came and got him.

    Albert Breer

    Reasons to like this deal for the Seahawks…
    Jamal Adams Highlights | 2019 Season


    Jamal Adams has the most sacks (11), hits (11), hurries (27), and total pressures (49) among all NFL defensive backs since joining the league in 2017.

    Mike Garafolo

    #Seahawks: “Hell, we’re gonna be picking late, the draft process could be a mess for a few years, we always compile a bunch of picks and we believe in our late picks. We’ll take the sure thing.”

    Joe Douglas: “Gimme them picks.”

    I dig it for both sides. Good work.

  75. pdway

    interesting tidbit from twitter – –

    According to
    , Jamal Adams has actually lined up for more snaps at LB/DL than safety since entering the league.

    Very curious to see how Seattle deploys him….

    • Rob Staton

      That’s because he played for Gregg Williams and that style of attacking defense.

      Last year he blitzed more than anyone in the league (something to remember when people mention his sacks).

      In Seattle’s scheme there’s a lot less blitzing/attacking.

      • Baldwin


      • pdway

        you think there’s any world where some of the time they line up Diggs/Blair at Safety – and actually play Adams in a LB or even DL position?

        • Rob Staton

          No, absolutely not. He’s not playing LB or DL.

          He’s an elite safety who will play safety in this scheme. Some of that will include playing up at the line as is normal but that’s it.

          Blair, meanwhile, will now be reduced to being a backup or big nickel — aside from the possible three-safety looks they might use in some games.

  76. Rusty

    Can’t ignore the expected placement of those draft picks

    • Rob Staton

      But expectation doesn’t equal reality.

      Who knows what those picks will be? Who expected the Colts to get #1 in 2012 until it happened?

      • Rusty

        Sure … but GM’s of course take it into consideration, as well as taking the variability in that into consideration. Oakland probably looked at 2019 CHI pick and thought, “ehhh 12-15ish”, Jets probably look at our 2021 pick and think, “22-26ish” or whatever. Draft value charts obviously aren’t a science and varies by source, but the 14th pick is about 1.5x more valuable than the 24th pick.

        There’s a lot of variables though. Adams has another year on his deal compared to Mack. But one of those years is this cursed one with the season in the air. 2021 draft picks are arguably discounted value-wise. Though maybe not if you consider a potentially decreasing cap ….

        More just thinking aloud though. I’m pretty meh on the trade

    • mishima

      I’ll put them in the 15 – 25 range.

  77. JB

    Also need to consider:
    1-Adams has 1 year cheap + 5th year option + tag for safety (not too expensive). 3 years of club control!
    2-Next year 1rst round3rd round in norma year. Remember with no college season draft is a complete crap shoot.
    3-We get a 24 year old 2 time all pro, potentially future hall of famer for the equivalent of a combination of ifedi + penny or Collier or any of our 1st roun picks of the past 7 years
    4-Safety is THE most important position in PC scheme. The DL has never been a blue chip unit.

    • Rob Staton

      The DL hasn’t been a blue chip unit?

      Clemons, Avril, Bennett, Bruce, Frank, Sheldon, Clowney, Reed, Collier, Taylor.

      All paid, traded for or drafted highly.

      And the club control is great if Jamal Adams is prepared to play for three years on what amounts to a rookie contract, which he won’t be.

      • JB

        None of them are blue chip, 5 star, top 10 draft pick, 2 time all pro, except maybe Clowney

        • Rob Staton

          And? What’s that got to do with anything?

          The assertion was Seattle doesn’t require a great D-line unit and safety is the main position. And yet the Seahawks have pumped resources into their D-line trying to make it ‘blue chip’ (up until this year, short of the Taylor trade-up).

          I’d also argue that Bennett and Avril were blue chip every day and twice on Sunday.

          And that Seattle’s preference to rush only with four also makes it even more important.

          But there you go.

      • JB

        Yes none of then are blue chip, top ten draft picks, 2 time all pro before 24.
        Why are you assuming he is not prepared to play 3 more years under club control? He has no choice except holdout which is a very premature assumption don’t you think?

        • Rob Staton

          If you want to argue that safety is the most important position in the defense, make a case for that.

          You can’t make that case by saying they’ve not had top-10 picks on the DL or two-time all-pro’s. They’ve had ONE top ten pick in the Carroll era. So is every position other than LT not important?

          Bennett and Avril were fantastic. They added Bruce Irvin to their pass rush at about the same time, retained Chris Clemons and then replaced him with Frank Clark, before trading for Sheldon Richardson. If you don’t think they’ve acknowledged the importance of the front four, I don’t know what else I can say.

          And of course he’s not going to play for three years under Seattle’s control. Come on. Do I really have to waste time explaining why a player who wants to be the highest paid DB in the league isn’t just going to accept $9m in 2021, $11m in 2022 when he wants both of those numbers combined per year?

          • JB

            I insist, in the PC era, the defense shined with good safeties, not with good DL. Of course you need Other players to step up, like Bennett, Clemons, etc. But safety is essential. We are talking about acquiring the best safety in the game, for 2 firsts, one of which is in a 2021 draft that is highly irregular, maybe even a crap shoot. All this while reducing your 2020 cap. This is what Wilson wanted no? Star players. During his prime. What’s not to like????

            • Rob Staton

              You’re talking daft if you think:

              1. Seattle’s DL wasn’t a huge reason for their success in 2013 and onwards

              2. That Bennett and Avril weren’t fantastic, blue chip players

              • JB

                They became an integral part of a great defense. But you are underestimating the benefit of the scheme and the presence of the LOB! How many sacks Clowney o Richardson had? Bennet was a not even drafted and then he was released! Clemmons was a bench player with the raiders. Who says Green or Brooks Or Collier can’t become the next Bennett’s Or Clemmons with great back seven play? Also, this is Wilson’s window. Let’s risk some!

              • Duderonomy

                Rob, totally on point that Seattle invested in Dline and is letting that go. And I think dude is crazy to say it’s never been blue chip … but I think he’s trying to say what I am saying. It’s that the Dlines pressure players were secondary to a run stop gap control performance. And it’s a very fair point that it’s wasting pressure player investments. But the investment framework you’re looking at is where we disagree. And it’s the 2012 year that’s telling. It’s that year PC built what would become the 2013 defense. None of the names you’re listing were there when Seattle’s D formed it’s dominate identity in 2012. Except Clemons. Mebane. Branch. Bryant. And 20 out of 28 draft picks on defense that year. And Seattle had the top defense in the NFL. The question here is how can that be accounted for? What a couple of us are saying is that 2012 defense is this years defense. We think that’s the PC play here. And some of us think the Dline blue chips are the next phase – the next step – that they will make moves and cap room for.

                I do think they will make cap space and cut some other money weight to get Clowney on board. I do think PC knows he’s a critical piece in gap control just as Clemons was. But, I think he’s viewing it through that 2012 lens and not 2013 and after.

                • JB

                  By blue chip I mean a player that is the top player at his position, a real game changer, a future HOF. Seahawks under PC have not drafted nor signed a true blue chip DL, except maybe Clowney. The blue chip players on defense under PC have been in the secondary (Sherman, Thomas, Chancelor) and at MLB (Wagner). The DL has been good, but not built with superstar players.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Avril and Bennett were superstars.

                    Come on guys.

                • Rob Staton

                  Seattle’s DL and pass rush was integral in 2013. Simple as that.

                  • JB

                    Of course they where an integral part, that’s what I said. But neither of them was an all pro selection once in their careers (even with the benefit of playing with arguably the best secondary In the history of the NFL). Maybe it’s just semantics, but your definition of blue chip superstar player is different than mine.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Come on JB. If you’re basing whether someone is a blue chip based on all pro, how many times has Russell Wilson been all pro? Once, on the second team, last year.

                      Bennett and Avril were blue chips and elevated this team to a new level.

                  • JB

                    Wilson is halfway trough his career and has been a snub/underrated player his whole career. He’ll probably en up with 2 or 3 after his career is over.
                    Regardless, you are then saying that they had 7 blue chip players on defense from 2013-2017? Come on! A blue chip is a superstar, a game changer, a top player at his position. Bennett and Avril where very good players, not blue chip. Most championship teams have/need 3-5 blue chip players total. With Adams we now have 3. 😉

                    • Rob Staton

                      Yes, they had a lot of blue chippers including Bennett and Avril. That’s why they were one of the best defense’s in NFL history.

  78. Jordan


    I’ve read your site for years and have never commented. Thank you for your thoughtful analysis especially this offseason. Your blog been one of the few escapes and distractions in this strange and trying year.

    Do you think there is the possibility that this is step 1. And step 2 is they resign clowney now? They certainly could go to Russell Wilson and ask to restructure his contract now. He asked for superstars and they certainly just added one. If they go resign clowney now it changes the view a little of this trade for me. If they don’t, I really don’t get it. What good is a safety even one as good as adams if you have no pass rush?

    • Rob Staton

      I hope that’s the case Jordan but I just don’t see how it’s possible to add Clowney with about $5m in cap space available. I know they can create a bit more but even still, Clowney hasn’t held out this long to take a cheap one-year deal.

      They could sign him to a multi-year deal of course for big money and a low year-one cap hit but they seemingly haven’t wanted to do that.

  79. Jordan


  80. Whit21

    You’re not ruining my day Rob, im with you on this one. Literally when i saw the trade details, I yelled out a disappointed “nooooooooooooooo”.. I understand from an outsiders view of the Seahawks that they’ve rarely hit on any of their top picks in the draft.. Certainly the 2 of 3… brooks is unproven, but to throw away your picks is almost as bad.. It feels like they’re conceding the fact they will waste them anyway, so why not just give them to the jets and get a safety in return..

    I thought the price for Minkah was pretty steep.. and they just blew that trade out of the water.. Which sucks because i think minkah was a better fit for this defense..

    The talk all offseason was trading a first rounder for some pass rush.. and to blatantly ignore it just adds to this offseasons frustration..

    • Rob Staton

      Indeed — that’s the big issue here on top of the price. The fact that while Adams is a quality player, it’s not going to tilt the balance in Seattle’s favour if the pass rush continues to be horrendous.

      I said to my wife earlier — it’s like they’ve got a kitchen with an oven and a dishwasher but no washing machine. Then they go and blow $2000 on a second dishwasher. But they needed a washing machine.

      Doesn’t mean it’s not a great dishwasher. Doesn’t mean it isn’t worth having. But the cost plus the need for something else should be discussed.

      (That’s enough of that analogy)

      Plus I have one other lingering thought.

      If the Seahawks badly wanted Jamal Adams… and the compensation suggests they do… why wasn’t this trade done in March? Everyone knew Adams was available. Would the Jets have turned this offer down then? Or even shortly after the draft? Why is it done now if it isn’t a panicking franchise acknowledging they need to do something and it just so happens that Adams is the player who happens to be available. To me it feels like desperation + opportunity, rather than a sophisticated plan to acquire Jamal Adams.

      • Whit21

        Only time will tell if this trade is a massive disappointment, like the Sheldon richardson trade or the Jimmy Graham trade. Its makes me believe they wanted their draft capital this year and not 2021 or 22.. We will see if darrell taylor and robinson can be good enough in the rotation with the other linemen added and already on the roster. My guess is they will be pedestrian with small flashes of pass rush..

        I just cant see them creating pressure. Im sure there will be plenty of clean pockets and if someone on the Dline does penetrate, there will be an open lane to escape. Which will open the need to start blitzing more..

        I see a lot of people saying this trade is good.. and i get that his defense desperately needed a competent SS.. but all the picks for safeties the past few years.. this is clearly just a desperation move/PC tired of not having a SS that he can count on..

        At least you won’t have to debate with people for the next 2 years what the hawks will do with their first round picks !.


      • Scot04

        At the moment this definitely seems like a desperation trade; based on the compensation atleast. Hopefully something big on the D-Line to follow, but highly unlikely.

  81. John_s

    Man I love love love this trade. I remember people were pissed at the Jordyn Brooks pick and after a week people started to like the pick. I loved it at the time.

    You bring in Adams, you keep Blair and you gain $2 mil in cap space. Adams will take the SS position that Kam played well to another level. He’s a better pass defender, better blitzed, equally adept as a run stopper maybe not a big a hitter. This allows you to mix and match Blair and Adams. Which one is playing SS and which one is playing the big nickel? Which will allow Adams to blitz in Seattle’s scheme.

    Ultimately this defense has been soft, slow and lacking attitude. Adams with Diggs bring a ton a swag and toughness to the defense. Adding Adams and Brooks along with Blair brings a ton of needed speed to the defense.

    Now to add a DT (Snacks Harrison?), Josh Gordon and maybe Clowney if he takes an $8-$10 mil deal.

  82. Kev

    They always get late first round picks anyways, it’s almost like trading two second round picks.

    • Rob Staton

      It would be if they were guaranteed to have a late first round picks.

      • TJ

        Exactly. I mentioned in a post several weeks ago that we are all so used to the hawks picking in the late 20 that we just seem to expect it. They are one or two key injuries away from a top 10 pick. In any given year, any team can end up with a top 10 pick. I like Adams and think he will be a great addition, but they gave up too much for him. We are going to freak out if the Hawks end up with a high pick in either of the next 2 drafts and miss out on an opportunity to draft a stud pass rusher or left tackle. Lets revisit this trade in 2 years.

  83. Ishmael

    Two first rounders for a safety… Even if you’re banking on those first rounders turning into the late-20s picks you fail to do anything with year after year, it’s just egregious. Have to laugh or you’d cry.

    Trainwreck of an offseason, embarrassing stuff. How does Adams even fit this defence? Don’t exactly see Carroll blitzing him 100 times a year. Desperate.

    • Saxon


    • Daniel

      I understand not liking the price. I don’t understand the concern of a 24 year old All-Pro not fitting.

  84. pdway

    I’m going to quibble w the premise – stated by a few folks on here – that this was a ‘panic’ trade. Seattle makes the playoffs every year, there is likely no coach/GM combo in the NFL that has more job security than PC/JS.

    We’ve speculated that RW is unhappy – but he’s miles away from complaining to the press or anything near that – and is currently on a $35MM/year deal.

    Are we thinking Pete and John read SDB and wanted to quell our complaints? No, I think more likely is that they love Adams, think he can be a cornerstone for the kind of defense they want to re-build to, and made the decision to pay the cost it took to get him.

    • Rob Staton


      A panic move doesn’t have to be to placate people on a random blog.

      A panic move can be that they simply know what they’ve done so far this off-season isn’t good enough and internally they’d created pressure on themselves to find a way to do something — and time was running out.

      That’s perfectly plausible. They’ve just traded away an absolute haul days before training camp, for a player most people recognised was available before the 2019 trade deadline. Nobody could look at Seattle’s off-season, not even PCJS, and think ‘this is the team to take Seattle back to the Super Bowl’. So now there’s this, at the last minute.

      It’s nothing to do with us or Russell Wilson.

      • pdway

        I was making a joke, man – – of course I don’t think PCJS read the blog.

        My point is – that while we hardcore fans put everything under a microscope (and I enjoy it or I wouldnt be here) – the 10,000 ft view on what Carroll/Schneider have accomplished during there in Seattle puts them in a place where they do not need to panic.

        And maybe you’re right, or maybe they love Adams and paid the price they had to, to make it happen. I think that’s plausible too. Reasonable minds can differ.

        • Rob Staton

          But again — you seem to be stuck on a panic move being to ‘save a job’ or whatever.

          That’s not it. The reason it feels like a panic move is because training camp starts in a few days, they’ve not done enough this off-season to improve the defense and this was the last opportunity to do something. And now we get this overly aggressive trade in what feels like an act of near desperation.

          That’s qualifies as a panic move and is a plausible suggestion.

  85. Forrest

    The Seahawks are secretly loaded with future potential at DE. Collier, Green, Darrell Taylor, Alton, Robinson, Webb, Sutton Smith, etc. If they bring in Everson Griffin or Markus Golden, they’ll have plenty of stop gaps with Irvin and Mayowa. Add another early down run stuffer like Snacks Harrison for the rotation and Josh Gordon on the cheap and you have a Super Bowl team with plenty of cap space to add an impact veteran or two next year.

    • Rob Staton

      With the greatest respect to Markus Golden (and probably Everson Griffen) — he is not the difference between the pass rush being good enough or not good enough to make a SB.

      • Forrest

        The offensive line, RBs, WRs and TEs are improved. Adams and Dunbar? are major upgrades to the secondary, Jordyn Brooks added much needed sideline to sideline speed to the LBs, Collier and Green are one year older and more experienced and Darrell Taylor, Irvin and Mayoya added some needed depth and different options for the rush (along with Adams).

        If we had Dunbar alone, we beat Green Bay in the playoffs (rather than watch Adams have a field day).

        We could be an Everson Griffin, Snacks Harrison and Josh Gordon away from a true SB team. All are available and could realistically be signed. Even if we only added Griffin and another run stuffer, I think we’re there.

        • Rob Staton

          You cannot say with any confidence the OL is improved.

        • McZ

          It’s a consensus bottom 5 OL, and a concensus bottom 5 DL. Neither Clowney, not Griffen will change that much. You’ll need both a capable OL and DL to make a SB run.

  86. Jerry Nice

    This place has become quite the bummer…

    We need an injection of elite talent AND we need youth to plan for the future. We not only got a top 5 defensive talent in the league, but he’s also 24 and an absolute field changer.

    Next years draft will be uncertain to say the least. Clowney didn’t really want to be here, nor do I disagree with being hesitant to give that type of player the money he’s seeking and holding us ransom in the process. Do what you can and don’t be desperate for a guy who has clearly shown he’s not dying to be a Seahawk.

    I love the aggressive nature, especially for an elite talent for a secondary that desperately needed it. McDougald is a nice piece, but nothing close to the level of play Adams offers. Did you know he also had 6.5 sacks (?!?) last year? That’s 2.5 more than anyone on our line.

    Still question marks at DT and DE, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we addressed those soon.

    LOVE the player (especially on this defense), even if the cost is more than I was hoping for. Go Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      It annoys me when people say things like ‘this place has become a bummer’.

      This place writes about the relevant topics. I’m not duty bound to provide blind optimism in order to avoid criticism from fans who want to read that everything is mostly fine.

      I’ve also not stopped writing this summer, compiling articles on 2021 prospects earlier than usual, looking at trade candidates, talking about potential new additions.

      That all seems to get lost as soon as anything not positive is written.

      • Jerry Nice

        Your research is always appreciated, but the ongoing pessimism has been hard to see.

        Just because the Seahawks don’t do things that you deem acceptable, doesn’t make them wrong. When you have a shot at a player of this caliber on a defensive-minded team, you do what you can to acquire him. Players like Adams rarely become available like this…

        Blind optimism? I said I don’t love two firsts, but that seemed to be the going rate. Again, I love this player on the team…He is constantly making plays all over the field at a position that thrives in this defense.

        • Sea Mode

          Just because the Seahawks don’t do things that you deem acceptable, doesn’t make them wrong.

          I… don’t get it. This is literally called having an opinion and expressing it. And it’s not like Rob isn’t offering solid, informed reasoning to back up his opinions and questions about the Seahawks’ off-season.

          So are you implying that nobody is allowed to question the front office’s decisions because “we don’t work in a front office”? Or that just because they are professionals automatically makes their every decision right? And why does a fan (and a hella informed one at that) asking challenging questions of a front office automatically classify as pessimism?

          Think of how many totally unqualified people criticize everything a country’s or a religion’s leader does or doesn’t do, says or doesn’t say, etc. Nobody claims they shouldn’t voice their opinions (even people who have little idea what they’re talking about…) And yet with something much more trivial than those, educated fans are not allowed to question a pro team’s management?

          • Jerry Nice

            I’ve followed and studied this sport & team closely most of life and do it with a critical lense… I’m just as qualified to talk about the Seahawks as anyone on here. Rob included. Are you alluding that I’m somehow unqualified?

            This site has been wildly negative over the past several months and it seems like it’s become less about research and more about negative opinion as of late…Opinion, that if challenged, gets dismissed. That is incredibly lame to me.

            Question the management all you want. When that’s your only shtick though, it gets stale. We have it pretty good being Seahawks fans and have for over a decade with this regime. We all want greatness and I think getting a player of this caliber gets us closer than we were yesterday…Call me crazy.

            Watch the tape, understand the importance of the position on this defense and it makes a lot more sense. Elite defenders Like this rarely become available before they hit their prime.

            Go Hawks.

            • Rob Staton

              This sites only thing is to criticise?

              Get in the sea. You’re talking out of your backside.

        • Rob Staton

          “Just because the Seahawks don’t do things that you deem acceptable, doesn’t make them wrong.”

          When have I ever suggested anything close to that?

          Some people are so incapable of accepting any criticism of this franchise and this kind of passive aggressive response can get stuffed.

      • Mel

        Rob, you do you. Write what you feel. That’s why we keep coming back. If certain people can’t handle criticism of the team, there are other sources out there. We come to you because of your opinions. Good. Bad. Or ugly. SDB is such a unique site, community and insight into the drafting process. And that is because of you. Keep it up!

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Mel

    • Von

      Agreed 100%!

      Those saying that it’s desperate are delusional. You get a top 5 D player for 2 shots at uncertainty. Rob has been saying we needed BAMFS. We just got one! Let’s goooo!

  87. RWIII

    The price for Adam is high. Did the Hawks over pay? Probably. Did the Hawks mortgage the future? Hardly. Russell Wilson has been asking for talent. Well John Schneider just added TALENT. You could say that Adams is the Russell Wilson of the defense. Adam’s is going to make EVERYONE on defense better. .

    Tryann Mathieu. In 2018 the pass defense was a NIGHTMARE in Kansas City. This past year with the addition of Mathieu, Frank Clark, as and a few other pieces(along with a new DC) they became a much better defense. Mathieu was a major component of that much improved defense.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      Ok, but we still haven’t replaced Frank over a year later. We don’t even want to replace his replacement!

  88. Geoff

    First reaction was “wow that was a lot of draft capital to give for a SS”. As I think on this and read some of the other great points (both +\~) I’m more inclined to really like this move.

    Russ is in his prime. Jamal was a 6th pick and now a proven commodity as a great player. Not all 6th picks prove to be worth the 6th. Seattle likely will at least win 10-11 games a season the next 2 years so they gave up 2 (24-28) position in first round. The picks in that area for all teams has proven to be a bit of a crap shoot. Some hit, many don’t.

    Hawks proving they want to win now. How this impacts Jadeveon will be interesting. I know many, including Rob, say there is no cap room now with the $ they seemingly spent on back up/mediocre FA but if they pull off Jadeveon signing even a 1 year-this is a home run trade. If they don’t do that I think there is still room for concern on how they handled this off-season, especially the D line. C’mon Jadeveon-come help us win a SB!!

    Last thought. Pete has to change his D philosophy. I think he is showing that we will see different packages this year from his D. Why not change now? The teams to beat in our own conference are dynamic in offense and different than base defenses can deal with. KC in AFC west is the blueprint of that. Base 90% of time doesn’t work unless you have our team 6 years ago. We don’t. I think he has the ability to see adjustments are required and this signals to me they know that and are doing just that. Go Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      1. It’s very easy to say “this is a home run if they pull off Clowney now”. How, exactly? Do you think he waited until late July to play for a few million instead of the 20 odd he wanted?

      2. I don’t understand why anyone even mentions the words ‘scheme change’.

  89. Cortez Kennedy

    Bad teams draft poorly and have to overpay for other team’s stars.

  90. Jordan

    Superstars are not cheap… you have to give alot up to get them
    The hawks have been trash with their first round picks the last 5 years anyway. Jamal Adams is a game changer and legit emotional leader which our defense was lacking. Very happy with this move by the Hawks.

    Hopefully we can keep some more moves going. Gordon or AB. Clowney or Griffin or Snacks maybe. Seahawks want to win this year!

  91. Ishmael

    Rob could get 6.5 sacks playing safety for Gregg Williams. Why are people so fixated on this?

    Unless the D Line remains so irredeemably poor that the have to start throwing the kitchen sink at things to try and get any sort of pressure, Adams won’t be asked to do anything like that. He blitzed almost 100 times last year from memory.

  92. CRad

    If I remember correctly you recommended trading up for Simmons this year; which you claimed was really unlikely. Why is this not satisfying what you recommended? Excellent in coverage, against the run, more than capable of blitzing. Seems like a do it all similar to Simmons with the benefit of having done it all. And still only 24.

    • Rob Staton

      Totally different players plus the article (not a recommendation) also assumed the pass rush would be fixed.

  93. Denver Hawker

    I’m okay with the trade, but for the wrong reason. Their recent history of drafting and developing lessens the value of that draft capital to me. I’m disappointed they couldn’t use it better to improve the pash rush, but they got a pro bowl player with a low cap hit.

    • Denver Hawker

      Here’s my analysis:

      Starting with facts:
      – McDougald’s last year on contract with 2020 cap hit of $5.4MM; pff: 62; turns 30 in Nov.
      – Adams has 2 years left on contract (including option) for reported cap hits of $3.6MM in 2020 and $9.8MM in 2021; pff: 91; turns 25 in Oct.
      – Seahawks are a better team in 2020 and 2021 with this trade
      – Russ wanted stars, the team brought in a star
      – that’s a lot of draft capital (understatement) to give up
      – this trade doesn’t improve the weakest part of the team

      Squishy assumptions:
      – Seahawks picks have consistently been in the back 1/3 of each round under the Carroll/Wilson era, therefore we should expect that to continue
      – the 2021 draft is going to be difficult to evaluate or delayed if college games are played in the Spring
      – Seahawks have not been great at drafting R1 last few years
      – the 2021 cap is expected to be lower than 2020
      – I have to imagine they could have used that draft capital to trade for pash rush also and must not have been convinced to trade and pay for Yannick Ngakoue or Chris Jones

      • Chris A

        “Seahawks are a better team in 2020 and 2021 with this trade” should be listed under squishy assumptions, without Clowney

        • Denver Hawker

          I was just comparing the team from yesterday not the 2019 squad.

      • BradHawk

        Hawks have to pay Adams 800k this year & Jets have to pay BM 4 million. Hawks now have added 3.2 million to spend on a FA this year. Next year they don’t need to find BM’s replacement & can decide what they want to do with FS. Dunbar is an interesting situation because his court case won’t happen till 2021 & the NFL could decide to take its time figuring out what the heck happened, but if they suspend him Seattle will release him freeing up more cap space.

  94. Saxon

    Absurd. Schneider has lost his mind.

    On the bright side, this deal comes after all the BLM virtue signalling propaganda from the NFL, which I wouldn’t be able to stomach anyway. So the timing works. I can now write off the increasingly stupid Seahawks, and the cowardly, hypocritical NFL with one pen stroke.

    Thanks to Rob for all the hard work you’ve done over the years. Hope you and the community enjoy yourselves. I can no longer stand it. Cheers.

    • GerryG

      BLM propaganda?

      Good riddance.


      (Anglo-) Saxon Whines Matter!

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve allowed these to comments in order to say… this stops now. Both sides. Not interested.

  95. Pran

    Even though cost looks high Hawks got a all pro franchise safety for years to come. I guess that’s the cost for bad drafting. Minkah on the other hand did not prove himself yet and Fins undersold him with his use.

    Hindsight, but will take proven Adams for Penny, Collier, Ifedi etc.

  96. charlietheunicorn

    *Opening weekend of MLB*

    NFL proceeds to squash it like a bug in headlines and attention.
    Well played NFL, well played.

    • John_s

      This guy is Richard Sherman smart when it comes to football.

      • HOUSE

        Very impressed by the film breakdown and how he looks at things. He even nitpicks himself in a few plays and that is a joy to see.

        I truly hope he continues with that effectiveness and work ethic

  97. Kingdome1976

    Curious move. Love Adams for reasons I don’t need to explain. What would we have to have given up to trade for him the year he was drafted?

    I’m not going to let Rob ruin this for me. He’s an instant ALPHA and we suck at first round picks.

  98. BradHawk

    Seahawks have to win the NFC after making a trade like this! They purposely boxed themselves into a must win situation! If the traded first round picks end up being 28-32 it’s was a good trade but that won’t be enough to please the fans, they must make the Super Bowl this season or next. They have no choice but to add at least one more star player, there’s plenty of cap space combined with making cap room by releasing or trading someone/s.

  99. bk matt

    Love the trade on all fronts!!! Most importantly we took away the greatest weakness of our GM, and that is drafting in the late first round. We have struck out in the late first for ages. Next years first will be a mess, there might not even be a draft and whatever Adams gives us THIS year more than makes up for it. So to me the real cost is a 1st in 2 seasons, zzzzzzzzzz!

    This kid is a generational talent, he is better than Kam ever was and in our system he may be a hall of famer if all works out.

    I cant stand all the complaining about giving up balance sheet and future xyz, are we all bankers now?

    We now have the best secondary in the game, the best LB in the game and a top 3 QB with a more than adequate Oline. This team can compete.

    • Rob Staton

      “I cant stand all the complaining about giving up balance sheet and future xyz, are we all bankers now?“

      How is this in any way a fair reflection of what it written in the article?

  100. GerryG

    I’m just going to focus on acquiring one of the elite top end defensive talents in the game. That’s a huge plus. I’m excited. I’m going to ignore the long term for now.

    Buuuuuut, if you don’t pull some cap miracle signing of JC, or Griffen AND a DT, this a complete waste. Which, 2020 pretty much is a waste, and may not even happen so…shrug

  101. Shads

    I’m a consistent reader/lurker on this site and so appreciate all of Robs hard work and how amazing the community is, but this trade has somehow compelled me to want to comment.

    I somehow hate this trade and love this trade. On the one hand, how can we possibly give up so much for a position that was already a plus on defense (and now we have to pay him too!) Of the 3 high profile dbs traded in the last year, he’s not abovr Ramsey and might not even be above Fitzpatrick either, so why pay so much more?

    On the other hand, we have Penny and Collins as our last 2 first round picks (not counting Brooks because he hasnt played yet). Adams has to have a much bigger impact than those two combined in over the next couple of years. So if we are in a championship window, isn’t this the move we have to make?

    Ultimately if we can get him signed and another d line or two, then probably a good offseason, but if we start the season with the current d line then the off-season has to ve a big “huh?” Grade

  102. Roger Davis

    Rob, (and the Draft Blog readers) consider the following, is this how you think it will shake out?:

    The Legion of Boom, (one incarnation) WAS:

    FS: Earl Thomas, SS Kam Chancellor, CB Richard Sherman, CB Brandon Browner

    IN 2020 IT IS:

    FS: Amadi or Blair, SS Jamal Adams, CB Shaquem Griffin, CB Quinten Dunbar

    SO: Where do, SS Quantre Diggs and Tre Flowers play? I really like Diggs, could be a nickel back?

    The drop off from Thomas to Amadi or Blair is scary – but – the other three comparisons might be closer than we think.

    (NOTE: Quinten has a few legal problems. Duh!! However, the state involved has tens of thousands of backlogged cases and – I have seen on the Google – that they might not get to his case until late 2021 – or even later. Like Mychal Kendticks)

    • John_s

      Quandre Diggs is your FS not Amani not Blair

      • Hawkdawg

        Correct. Assuming Diggs stays healthy, that is a very good safety tandem. Maybe not Earl and Kam good, but very good.

        Earl let us play so much single-high. Diggs can’t do that as reliably, or as often. Great instincts, but only average speed. The instincts improve the speed, but not enough to make up the difference with Earl.

    • Rob Staton

      I would expect Diggs at FS

  103. HOUSE

    Jamal Adams on Instagram Live and said “Clowney might as well just stay here in Seattle.” I’m sure this was a better recruiting pitch than when he “got” Leveon Bell to come to the Jets… lol

  104. RWIII

    The Rams, 49ers and Cardinals like to do these 1) Jet sweeps 2) End around 3) Fake jet sweeps/end arounds 4) misdirection plays in the run game. Adams will be huge boost in the run sniffing out these plays..

    BTW: Just read Adams scouting report coming out of L.S.U. First line read. Adam’s can play both Safety positions. He can also play in the slot and he can cover tight ends.

    Now in regards to trading two first round picks for Adams. Yes the price was really high.. Yes they were first round picks. But in the eyes John Schneider they were late 1st round picks and knowing were Seattle would pick. Schneider probably considered them two 2nd round picks.

    Seattle’s last two first round picks were C.J. Collier and Rashard Penny. The question is would you trade Collier and Penny for Adams?

  105. New Guy

    I haven’t read the entire comments thread so I don’t know if this had been said – but who is the better player Jamal Adams or Kenny Easley?


    • Hawkdawg

      Right now, I’d take Kenny every time. Kenny was genuinely feared, and a great athlete and competitor. But Jamal is young. Who knows by the time he’s done?

    • Ukhawk

      For now it is #45. Just ask Ronnie Lott…

      “Kam Chancellor right now is as good as any safety that’s played the game of football,” Lott said of the Seahawks’ present safety before last year’s Super Bowl. “It’s hard for me to say this, but there was only one guy that I know that’s better and that’s Kenny Easley. He was defensive player of the year and the best player to play the safety position, ever.
      “Kenny could do what Jack Tatum could do, but he also could do what corners could do — he could do what Mike Haynes could do. He was not only a great hitter and great intimidator on the field, but he was a great athlete. In that day, what made him so special — him, Lawrence Taylor — those guys changed the game of football on the defensive side because they were not just guys that were big hitters. Now, all of sudden, you were seeing guys who were big hitters but also as athletic as anyone on offense.”

      If Adams lives up to this, he will be worth it

      • BradHawk

        Pete the best secondary coach in the game, Adams has no excuse he has to make the HOF. Diggs & Adams need to become the best back end in the NFL, then there’s Blair & Amadi. Deepest Seattle has been at Safety. If Clowney is serious about winning Super Bowls he should jump on board

  106. Tree

    Love this! We are better this year and next without a doubt by adding one of the best young defensive players in the entire league who is also a leader/alpha. We now can aim for a top 10 defense (potentially elite at LB and in the secondary) to pair with a top 5 offense. And I love that they kept Blair since packages with him and JA will be ferocious. I think the key will be Pete and Norton being more creative on D and use our new blitizers (Adams/Brooks) since they are great at it (and we need it). We are in a great cap situation next year and can continue to add this year and next or at least deal with a lower cap precisely because we didn’t overpay good but not great free agent pass rushers.

  107. Gaux Hawks

    i wanna hate it…

    i really do…

    but i can’t help myself…

    i flocking love it…

    yes, i flocking love it !!

  108. millhouse-serbia

    Before the draft i was telling you safety is need…not a huuuge one but a need…most of you didnt agree with me (including Rob)…

    I think Jamal is perfect fit for Petes defense…I think he is great player and person…

    He is only 24…

    He has 3 years on rookie contract but its not important imo…he will not wont to play on that contract beyond 2020 imo…

    Are two 1sts + 3rd too much…yes if it would be top 20picks…no if those are 26-32 picks…

    • Rob Staton

      It wasn’t a need.

      They didn’t trade for Jamal Adams because they needed a safety.

      They traded for him, in late July, at massive expense, because they are desperate and he’s a really good player who is available.

      So don’t injure yourself with that pat on the back.

      • David Palfenier

        Rob, I may be missing something, and perhaps it’s that safeties shouldn’t be picked at #6. But, I’ve been using the Jimmy Johnson draft value chart and it seems both teams picked this about right. A #6 pick, plus the 11th pick in Round 4 (where the Jets were this year at 7-9, seems about right to me for ’21-’22) is worth 1680 pts.

        Seattle’s avg draft position in the RW era (8 yrs from 2013-2020) has been 25.75 before trades. And McDougald who with alot of luck would have gotten $5m-$6m as a free agent, would pencil out to a 6th round comp pick. If you value Seattle’s picks at pick #24, that means Seattle gave up 1645 pts to get Adams plus that 4th round pick. If you value Seattle’s picks at #23, then the Hawks gave up 1690 pts or roughly a push. So, straight draft value calcs say this was a rough match, slightly favorable to the Hawks since the typically draft later than #23, plus the 2021 draft is top-heavy and also likely to be less certain given COVID.

        So the whole thing comes down to “is a safety worth #6?”; and, “given the Jets weak hand, couldn’t we have pushed for a more uneven deal?”. Do you agree with this?

        The counter to modest safety value is that this is Pete Carroll’s defense, and he is the best or one of the best secondary coaches in history, Giving him weapons like Diggs Adams and Shaquille is pretty damn explosive.

        I’m with you that the Hawks need to add at least two other players, which prob requires some cap dexterity: DE’s Everson, Jadeveon or Golden, and a tackle such as Snacks, Daniels or Dareus. The reduced cap in 2021 is somewhat daunting so these may have to be 1-yr deals, but, that’s nothing new for Seattle and I’d think would be reasonable expectations from these guys too with the exception of Golden.

        But, with Adams in the back; one of these edges; and one of these tackles, sure seems like Seattle — who’s likely to be putting north of 27 pts/game onto the scoreboard — is formidable.

        And I don’t for one second believe Schneider is done. As Pete said: “you’re either competing or you’re not”.

        • Rob Staton

          There are a lot of strands to this though David. As noted in the piece, the trade doesn’t compare favourably to other formerly highly drafted players at more premium positions. There were many reports about what the Jets wanted for Adams — and it never got to this level of compensation. When you add in the timing it looks like a desperate move where the Jets had Seattle by the short and curly’s.

          And more than anything the investment can only be justified if you aren’t asking players like Adams to play behind a pass rush led by Rasheem Green and Benson Mayowa.

  109. James

    We traded Bradley McDougald, Malik McDowell and LJ Collier for Jamal Adams? Cool beans!

  110. millhouse-serbia

    And I see a lot of “anyways they draft bad at 1st round so this is good trade”…

    I dont agree with that at all…

    But what I agree with is “This is good trade if those two 1st round picks are 26-32nd”…

    And Jamal will improve chances by a lot that those two picks become late late first round picks…

    And one more thing I dont agree with is that this is win now move…

    Jamal is blue chip player who is 24 years old…he has at lest 6 years of his best football…

    One question for all of you…if you have 27th pick in 2021 draft and Jamal is there at one of top ten picks…would you give 2022 1st round pick to trade up and take him…I would absolutely do that…

    Yes there is big deference in amount of money you would.spend on him if he is on 5 years rookie deal…but seahawks after 2021 have only (and literally only) Russ on big money contract…

    • Volume12

      That’s just it though. Drafting where they typically do is a ‘desert’ for blue chippers. And hell yeah I’d make that trade.

      You know have Diggs, Adams, Griffin, Dunbar (possibly) and Blair as a big nickel or whatever they want to do w/ him. If Dunbar is able to play and at the level he did last year this has the potential & makings of the LOB 2.0/LOB ‘lite’

    • Volume12

      And you now have 3-4 LBs high quality LBs. 1 is elite the other is right there. 1 can rush the passer from multiple alignments, the other is a see it hit it type. (asumming Brooks is) 4-5 LEOs which help w/ the spacing of those LBs, and 4 DBs, 3 for sure, that are All-Pro & borderline pro bowl talent.

  111. Jordie

    Rob wrote an excellent article on the need to add genuine talent to the D with regard to a potential trade up for Simmons. What would that trade have cost? To get from 27 to top 8… at least next years first i would suggest, possibly the current year 3rd as well??? Possibly… that is what they have paid for the 2017 #6 pick who has proven nfl ability. In addition, we have ADDED $4M to the cap space for 2020, if anything that IMPROVES the chances of Clowney or Griffen…
    Seahawks have Adams for $825k this year, $9.8m next and the tag the year after will be around $12m(?) assuming no extension comes in. Depending on TV deals and how much cap is, Seahawks have space post 2021 to do a deal.

    • Rob Staton

      I also wrote that article with the assumption they would fix the pass rush first and that Simmons would be an extreme hybrid weapon with his 4.3 speed and linebacker size. Adams is a very different player and they haven’t fixed the pass rush.

  112. RIGGS

    Cost a lot but I’m glad they did it. We need a playmaker. Our first round draft picks have not worked out in years. Who knows what the situation will be like in college football this year and how that will impact the next draft.

    It’s fair to complain about the pass rush but I find it hard to believe they are done, Rob. We’re gonna get Griffin or Clowney. Throw Dunbar in the mix and this defense could look pretty good. The Seahawks seem to be focused on shutting down the run with their acquisition of Brooks and Adams. That’s a good thing since we face Kyler Murray twice a year and the 49ers love to run.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy watching Adams bring back the Boom. You should too!

    • Rob Staton

      And what if they don’t get Griffin or Clowney?

      If/when they sign, we can talk about that.

      Right now they don’t have that pair. They have Green, Collier, Mayowa, Irvin and a pair of rookies. So let’s debate what we know to be true, not what might happen (despite them having very little to actually spend).

      • RIGGS

        Fair enough. I would still take an exceptional safety like Adams over a so so Jaguars pass rusher. They need playmakers.

        I can’t imagine another move isn’t in the works but we shall see.

        • Rob Staton

          Well in fairness I’ve never called for a Yannick Ngakoue trade.

        • RIGGS

          Also, Rob, let me just say that although i disagree with you sometimes, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and hearing your reactions. Thank you.

          • Rob Staton

            Thank you

  113. ColoradoHawk

    I am a Hawk fan from almost the beginning, and I have read your blog for years but have never felt compelled to commented on it until now. This trade feels like the “make or break” off-season move for this current Seahawk regime and falls within the range of desperation move as you have commented or a genius one as other have opinioned. There is lots of great debate happening on this blog both ways.

    The general consensus seems to be that Adams is without a doubt a very good-to-great player who fits extremely well into a Pete Carroll defense, but the price seems very steep especially when pass rush is currently the Achilles heel of this defense. However, no trade happens in a vacuum. I know we can only evaluate the trade on its face value but has there been any rumors about who other bidders might have been? I get the sense that one of our division rivals might have also been involved and might it have been the Niners? Would it have been worth extra draft capital to keep Adams out of their hands also? Would a player like Adams been the difference maker to keeping Mahomes under wraps in the 4th quarter of the Superbowl? It just feels like there is more to this trade than any of us know as Schneider has never been one who seems motivated by desperation.

    I want to lastly say how much I appreciate your blog and all the critical insight you bring. People have other places to go if all they want are cheerleading pieces about the Hawks. This blog is obviously a labor of love for you after considering you do it for free and after reading some of the verbal abuse you take. Your willingness to thoughtfully dialogue on practically every comment is awesome! Keep up the great work and I will continue reading.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Colorado Hawk.

      I’ve been shocked by some of the vitriol this season. Many people seem to think I’m duty bound to be positive about the teams’ decision making, simply because (like everyone else) I’ve mostly enjoyed a great last 10 years of the Carroll era. But this wouldn’t be a blog worth reading if I just picked a side and was always positive or always negative. I try to judge every move as I see it.

      Had they announced Jamal Adams for a R1 + R3 and then followed it up with Clowney’s return and/or Everon Griffen, I would’ve written two very different articles and recorded a very different podcast. I can’t write what I don’t feel. And it’s disappointed me how people have sent me messages accusing me of agenda-driven writing and thinking I know everything. I’ve also not enjoyed the all-too-often suggestions that we should simply not have an opinion and ‘trust’ PCJS. The whole point of a blog is to have an opinion and the whole point of a comments section is to have a discussion.

      People also frequently think I’m being negative in the comments section, yet don’t realise that many of the comments are actually questions directly to me. So if I disagree a lot, it’s often because I simply don’t agree with an assertion or am asked for my view on a situation and don’t respond in a positive way.

      This is still something, as you said, that I do in my spare time. It’s a hobby not a job. I’ve had less spare time than ever over the last six weeks incidentally with work being incredibly hectic. Busier than ever really. And like everyone else there’s some uncertainty about the future because of the economic impact of Covid-19 and what I’ll be doing (and where) in a few months time. Even so, I’ve continued writing because I sensed many people took some comfort in the blog during the worst of the lockdown.

      It’s been a real challenge at times. So I appreciate the positive feedback a lot. Thank you.

      • ColoradoHawk

        This isn’t necessarily Seahawks related and I understand if you choose to not post it, but you bring up an interesting point and one that has me quite concerned about the our current climate. It seems that having an open and honest dialogue about anything gets more and more difficult. It starts with important political and societal health issues and filters down to more trivial things like sports. Why can’t we discuss the merits of something based on logical and concise debate and not so often drift into emotion? This is why I find your blog so refreshing. You and Bill Barnwell are about the only two NFL opinions I value and read regularly because they are well thought out and backed up with data. He tried hard to like this trade for the Hawks out of a long time respect for Carroll and Schneider but was still scratching head about the sense of it. His C+ grade was generous I thought.

        I sincerely hope that you aren’t forced to close this blog but totally understand if you have to or prefer to. The impact of COVID-19 has been great and has forced us all into uncertain futures. We do what we can. I know for myself that sports, even on a limited basis, has been a very comforting distraction from the uncertainty ahead and your blog has been a big part of that for me.

        • Rob Staton

          I agree with you 100%.


    It’s a perplexing move to me.

    That kind of package should get you an elite DE (Frank Clark+), an elite CB (Jalen Ramsey???) or an elite WR (Deandre Hopkins?). These are al premium positions. Safety is not.

    For a single 1st and some change I’d be excited, especially since next year’s draft will be a crapshoot. I just don’t understand why they thought this was the way to spend their resources.

    The closest analogue is Ramsey — an All-Pro player to improve the secondary who could’ve been had for about the same capital. Differences: he plays a premium position, and he needs to be paid more and paid sooner.

    That is one positive here: Adams is still cheap for two years. Yet, he scorched the earth in New York based on this fact. When will it rear it’s ugly head here? For that reason two cheap seasons and a franchise tag doesn’t seem plausible.

    I really like Blair, and it seemed like he was really taking this opportunity seriously in year two, but it appears we’ve erased his chance to take someone’s job — unless he can displace Diggs (which I consider less likely, given the stability and confidence Diggs gave the defense last year).

    Another positive is Adams certainly makes us a better team this year. What that amounts to without a big splash (Clowney…) on the DL? Probably not enough.

    We have to find a way to get Clowney. They should be offering him a long term deal at 16-17.

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