Seahawks win – won’t pick earlier than #25

I suppose many people will care little for this information after a 41-36 win over the Saints – but this is a draft blog.

I’ve double checked the rules on determining draft order. The Seahawks will now pick no earlier than #25 overall in the draft. That will also be the case in round two.

Although many won’t want to focus on the draft this week – it’ll be interesting to look at how this may change the dynamic of Seattle’s draft next April. Of course if they defeat Atlanta or Chicago – they will pick between 29-32 next April.


  1. Alex

    Considering the game that I just went through, that might have been worth the loss of 4 spots. Also, free agency may be a + in this regard as we’re no longer just a non-playoff worthy team in the playoffs.


  2. Patrick

    Agee with what Alex said, I’m not too concerned. Obviously we have needs, but sometimes #25 can be just as valuable as #5 if done correctly. I do have some questions though Rob…

    1) Did Hasselbeck just earn himself an extension? I know his age is definitely a factor and banking on him alone next season would really hurt the franchise. But even if someone like Mallett slips and we grab him at #25 (or later) Hasselbeck could mentor the young QB. And he just went toe to toe with Drew Brees. Come on!!

    2) Did this game highlight any concern areas you had? I mean, I didn’t notice any particular weak spots. The line played in my opinion, great, and maybe this combination is a reason. Lynch of course was the MVP, and even Williams, Obomanu, and Stokley proved capable recievers. I would say maybe CB or DT stuck out to me, but that’s reaching a bit.

    Either way, AMAZING day to be a Seahawks fan!!

    • Alex

      I have said for quite a while that WR is far from a concern for the team IF they stay healthy. Mike Williams, Ben, Stokey, and Carson (as TE) as a WR group are in the upper 1/4th of the league. Problem has been that either 1 or 2 of them have consistently been out and we’re forced to go to Tate, Butler, or Martin.

      If there is a main concern, it’s a future QB and another CB. OL can be improved, but CB and QB are greater needs. I’m still relatively confident that we can get a good CB at 25 (if that’s where we pick). This draft is just deep. Peterson, Smith, Jenkins, Akumurama, Harris, Williams all look like potential 1st round CBs. Drake Nevis (for depth) and Mike Pouncey are still legit picks if there isn’t the appropriate CB or QB.


      • Matt

        I have to completely disagree about the WRs. No chance any personnel person views those 3 guys in the top 25% in the NFL, even when they are all healthy. Carlson and Stokley are complimentary players and Williams is slowly becoming a great possession WR. There is no one even close to a #1 type threat on the perimeter. Get a #1 WR and you will see huge increases in product from Carlson and BMW.

        I do agree QB and CB are huge. I don’t want any part of Mallett. After that win, we need to be in straight BPA mode at 25, and hope it lines upnwith one of our great needs (maybe a CB or WR who tend to fall).

        • Blake

          I don’t see how you can possibly say that group is as a whole in the top quarter of the league. Right now I can list 20 receivers better than any 1 of our receivers, and 15 TEs better than Carlson. Plus we don’t have anyone to stretch the field vertically. I wouldn’t argue anybody saying BMW is one of the top 10 possession receivers, but he can’t break tackles to save his life. He also drops some easy balls. Getting a downfield threat (Sidney Rice, V Jax, Julio Jones) would make our receiving corps one of the top 10 in the league, but as of now there is no way you can even say they are above average.

          The coaching staff doesn’t want any part of Mallett either. Remember the QB checklist they had? Leadership, mobility, hand size, and accuracy over arm strength. Mallett seems like the opposite of that.

        • plyka

          I’m sorry, but if you don’t see BMW’s talent, then i’m not sure what to say. I can think of only 5 WRs in the league that I would have over BMW right now.

          Calvin, Fitz, Nicks, Roddy, Andre Johnson

          And the last two, while better than BMW right now, I wouldn’t take over BMW due to $$ cost and age.

          An argument can be made for the likes of Dez Bryant on talent and potential alone. A lot of people forget that BMW was the 10th pick in the draft after not playing for an entire year! Blount is a RB who probably should have gone in the 2nd round but due to his senior year went undrafted. BMW has always been an elite talent and is finally making good on that talent.

          • Rob

            As much as I admire Williams, I can’t agree with you there plyka. Williams has proven a solid possession receiver this year, but you like at guys not on your list like Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings, DeSean Jackson and add them to the AJ’s.. Fitz… Roddy White etc… these are the elite talents. Williams is a fantastic bargain for Seattle but a team is not going to have nightmares scheming for him. Absolutely he has value, but the Seahawks absolutely could use another talented receiver and the two would compliment each other nicely.

          • Blake

            Desean Jackson, Mike Wallace, Sidney Rice, V Jax, Brandon Marshall, Percy Harvin, Anquan Boldin, Reggie Wayne, Mike Williams TB, Kenny Britt, Marques Colston, Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker, Miles Austin, maybe Stevie Johnson… Brandon Lloyd should probably be on this list to considering he’s in the pro bowl. I agree he is young and cheap, but so is any player on their rookie contract. He drops some easy ones, can’t break tackles, and is not much of a deep threat. Dude is a stud-and a great find- but there is no way he is a top 10 receiver or a true #1. You simply are wrong. His YPC is a mediocre 11.6, with 65 catches and only 2 TDs. Granted his lack of stats are partially because the terrible overall offense and QB, but he is not a big play guy.

          • Matt Q.

            I believe he is a #1 reciever. Even though he had only 65 catches, he missed 4 games. With his production he could have proboly added on 15 or more catches in those 4 games.

    • Rob

      I try not to be too reactionary either way when it comes to players and extensions. The situation is impossible to predict at the moment. Teams are handcuffed until the CBA is agreed (whenever that may be) and if we have a lockout, it’ll never happen. They won’t re-sign a player at that age given the cost unless they know there’s going to be some football next year. They also won’t be able to sign any alternatives – they can only work through the draft. Losing a free agency will shift the dynamic of a draft in such a great way – for example… a team facing a year without football may be more willing to move up – and pay a price for a guy they want. I’m not talking about a Ricky Williams type deal, but it could be interesting. Basically all scenarios are open right now, I wouldn’t rule anything out. If Matt Hasselbeck gets a new contract the team will have to base it on more than just one game though, even if that one game was a spectacular performance.

  3. Blake

    I almost forgot; I got caught watching that faggy Tim Tebow documentary on ESPN the other day. Dude is an extremely hard worker, and an awesome kid, but I hate all the “God bless ya’ll” type of stuff and how ESPN cradles his balls. Anyways, it showed his entourage and he during the draft and they had all the teams highlighted that they felt would potentially take him with their pick. To my surprise, SEATTLE WAS HIGHLIGHTED WITH THE #14 PICK. This isn’t them just guessing either, as they were pretty sure McDaniels would trade back to get him and another prospect in late 1 (ended up being Demaryius Thomas). That makes me sick that we would consider wasting a first round pick on an H back.

    • Rob

      I’ve not seen the documentary – but thank you for highlighting that Blake. It’s hard to judge exactly what interest the Seahawks may or may not have had there. I could see it in all honesty given the scheme and the importance of mobility/character. I wouldn’t be a fan of the move because I don’t believe he’s capable of adapting to become a natural pro-passer – but then the Seahawks didn’t end up drafting him. If the Eagles had traded up for Earl Thomas – it would’ve been very interesting to see what the Seahawks next move was.

    • Matt Q.

      haha i watched that too

  4. Ed

    Our db’s kept everything short.
    Our dline got pressure in the 2nd half (keep Brock).
    Our wr’s looked like beasts.
    Our oline looked like beasts.
    Our qb looked like a beast.
    Beast looked like a beast.

    What we did was what we should have been doing all year. Step step pass. All year either the play took too long, hass held the ball, or nobody blocked. But step step pass kept hass from being pressured, kept our oline confident and got beast mode going again.

    My preference would be to trade out of 1st this year for another 2nd this year and another 1st next year. If not, I think we really can go BPA. OL/DL/CB/WR are highest needs (excluding qb of course)

    • Meat

      I have thought the same thing, unsure if it would benefit, but obtaining more draft picks for our first rounder may be a good idea depending on the talent avail and the needs. But, I have to say, the game was sweet, loved being a part of the game. But I noticed as I did all year, the secondary…ooooohhh the secondary.. Brees had over 400 passing yards, now, knew he would get a lot w/out Ivory and Thomas running, but that is a lot of yardage. I hate to see third and six, and then the other team converts a first down. Happens waaay too often.. CB and QB for Matt to mentor. The arguments for a deep threat, a great WR is valid however… Need a huge playmaker that makes other teams concerned, Mike is great-but we need someone opposite of him.

  5. Blake

    I can’t wait to see how the WRs run. I watched a few of Baldwin’s junior season games this weekend and he has a lot more natural athletesism than I thought. Awesome body control, tracks the ball really well, solid hops, and good physicality on his releases. If him and Blackmon run similar times, then I like his potential better than Blackmon’s. It almost works against Blackmon that he is so polished and crisp. He can’t get any better than he is now. If Baldwin can learn to sell routes the way Blackmon does, then he will be the better receiver. At 6’4″ 230, he appears to be the vastly better downfield threat.

    I believe this game tonight turned this season from a failure to a success. We can hang our hat on a few signature wins @ CHI, vs SD, and vs the defending world champs albeit their JV team. I have no idea why we get blown out so badly against some teams (bad passing game/poor leadership?), but we definitely have made vast improvements over last season and actually appear to have a few impact players in Okung, Thomas, and Clemons, with consistently good play from Cole, BMW, Hawthorne, and Bryant.

    • Alex

      well, apparently people disagree with my assessment of the WR position even though I honestly feel both lines, QB, CB are all greater needs.

      I guess the other two things is that 1) I’m in general not a big fan of selecting WRs in the first round. Beyond the fact that WR is lower on the general position of importance (positions of pass rush, pass prot, and QB are higher), I remember reading (I think ESPN) somewhere that WR has the highest 1st round bust rate. 2) I’m not really impressed by the WRs this year aside from AJ Green. I would select AJ Green if we had a pick in the top 5 or 8. Julio Jones and Justin Blackmon by comparison hasn’t impressed me as much. Julio Jones has the speed, physicality, route running ability (despite criticism in this area, I thought the routes were crisp), and size to be a #1 WR, but I just don’t like his hands or concentration at all. I’ve seen Julio Jones twice last year (the last two games) and at least 3-4 times this year. Due to the talk around him, I’ve kept an eye on him. I could see the potential, but IMHO the production doesn’t match the talk. There have been way too many times where he missed catches he should have caught. I don’t have any statistics, but it’s just the general impression I have from watching the Bama games.

      As for Blackmon, I don’t think he has the upside of a #1 WR. If we’re selecting in the 1st round, it doesn’t have to be a near finished product like Green, but I at least want the upside of an AJ Green or #1 receiver. It’s like selecting QBs or CBs, a mid-1st rounder won’t be as polished as a top 5 pick, but you hope for at least the same sort of upside (“safe” picks aside).
      In a sense, I believe Blackmon is a “safe” pick with smaller upside. As he is right now, he can immediately become a #2 receiver, but I also don’t think he will get much better.


    • Charlie

      i agree, the combination of bmw and baldwin would be very intimdating. And dont rule out brandon mebane, hes definitely an impact player. how about okung tonight? a little hurt but for the most part controlled will smith all night! great win. But to be honest, most of our game were very competitive up until the 4th quarters. Interceptions and fumbles really were the breaking points in many of those blowouts, with the exception of the giants where we got blown out from beginning to end. i like what i saw from hasselbeck, but even if he wins against the bears, i wouldnt keep him as the starter next year. i like the idea of tutelage though

  6. plyka

    Desean Jackson, Mike Wallace, Sidney Rice, V Jax, Brandon Marshall, Percy Harvin, Anquan Boldin, Reggie Wayne, Mike Williams TB, Kenny Britt, Marques Colston, Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker, Miles Austin, maybe Stevie Johnson…

    This list is absurd to me. Absolutely absurd. Wes Welker better than BMW? Boldin better than BMW? I just don’t know what to say to that. Out of this list, only a few are on BMW’s talent when taking everything into consideration. Most notably, the QB. We have seen the difference an offense and QB makes when watching Deon Branch go from scrub to stud because he switched from the Hawks to the Patriots. The few guys on BMW’s level from this list are: Djak, Vjax for sure, and maybe Reggie (how would he do on the Hawks?), and Rice/Jennings are close.

    Does BMW have elite speed? Probably not, but he cannot be considered a “possession” receiver in the traditional sense of the term. At the combine BMW ran a 4.56 and had a 36.5 inch vertical. Both extremely good numbers when taking into consideration his size and strength (to compare, Dwayne Bowe ran a 4.51 with a 33 inch vertical jump, Sydny Rice also ran a 4.51 with a 39 inch vertical jump, Kenny Britt and Hakeem Nicks both also ran 4.5 with 36 inch verticals (i’m just looking up WR that were named)). Pete Carroll has called BMW “The best athlete i’ve ever seen,” and that’s something for a guy from USC who has had Troy Pallamalu, Reggie Bush, et al. He has pretty good speed, especially for his size, but what makes him a beast is his strength, positional awareness and most importantly the best hands I’ve ever seen on a WR. I truly don’t think anyone can catch the ball as well as BMW.

    Time will tell and this early in BMW’s career, people can disagree about him since he hasn’t reached his peak as of yet. Remember that WRs take a lot more time to develop than other positions. There are rarely if ever players on the level of Fitzgerald who are absolute studs right from the get go. BMW is now entering his peak, and his development has been stunted by 2-3 years of not playing if you count the year before he entered the NFL. At 25, he still has 6-7 years of PEAK performance left in front of him.

    When taking everything into account, there are literally 5 WRs I would take over BMW and Roddy/Andre probably don’t make the list due to age.

    • Blake

      Lol if he has the best hands ever then why would he have a 59% catch rate? Purely statistically speaking, BMW is 41st in yards, 66th in DVOA, and 63rd in DYAR. Its pretty tough to truly judge a receiver by stats, but disagreeing this much we really have nothing else to base our discussion on. I can’t believe drops isn’t an officially kept stat or else I’d just prove you wrong with that. I will also surrender that he will likely get into better shape (both mentally and physically) in this offseason, but it is completely ridiculous to think you’d rather have BMW than Desean Jackson or Mike Wallace. Mike Wallace has 500 more yards, 8 more TDs, and a better catch rate on 12 less targets. It just doesn’t add up. Oh well. I guess all we can do is thank Paul Allen that you are not the GM of this team…

      • Blake

        Hey don’t worry…Matt Millen agrees with you that he is one of the league’s top threats

      • Meat

        I love Mike, but there are a lot of great receivers that are on the list above.. Would I take them first, maybe… There is no doubt Mike is a rare talent, and I hope he improves more, but some of the WR above are great because look who is throwing to them, and then some are just great period.. Now, Mike does have quite a few dropped passes, i go to every game, and there were some key drops, but i still believe his hands are great, no fast however.. Refine some, and then we will be talking a different story

    • Alex

      While I agree with most around here that BMW is not a true #1 receiver, I do think that a lot around here are underscoring his ability. He’s no Larry Fitz or Andre Johnson, but he has just about everything other than speed. Further, his size, which he uses extremely well, is elite at the Larry level. And as some say, he is EXTREMELY useful in the redzone due to that size. My honest evaluation of BMW is a #1.5 Receiver or a receiver who could be a #1 on some teams, but an #2 on elite teams. I certainly rate him above TJ Housh who is a solid #2 on any team. And don’t forget, this guy wasn’t picked at #10 for nothing. People honestly thought highly of his potential.

      As mentioned before, yes, maybe the WR corp can be improved, but I honestly don’t think Blackmon or Jones would improve the team as much as say a top CB or elite OG (helps pass pro and run pro).
      Besides, with all the hype surrounding Blackmon and Jones, I’m pretty sure both will be picked before 25. At 25, Pouncey should still be there, Nevis should be there, there is a possibility that Jimmy Smith (the talk around him is really low) and Janoris Jenkins will both be there. We’ll have to see.

      I’ll also add that I’m hoping for Rodney Hudson in round 2 which is the pick Walters has projected for us.


      • Rob

        Jimmy Smith won’t be there at #25 – it’s about as likely as Marcel Dareus being there. Jenkins could fall due to this size, but I doubt it because of the competition he’s performed in this year. But if his size is the knock – are Seattle going to be interested anyway?

        Hudson would be a brilliant pick in round two – I’m a big fan.

    • Rob

      Plyka – If that’s your opinion then I am not in position to be critical. But certainly I cannot agree and while I like Williams and think he’s had a solid year for Seattle, he cannot compare to the Bowe’s, Nicks, Britt’s of this world. It’s not just about what Pete Carroll said or combine times. I cannot watch how dominating Bowe has been this year – more so than perhaps any other receiver in the NFL, particularly in the red zone, and rank him behind BMW. He’s a great find for Seattle but also not the most difficult to game plan. He’s not enough on his own to concern a team. A compliment such as a Julio Jones or a Justin Blackmon would upgrade this offense significantly in my opinion. It appears Blackmon may return to Oklahoma State… while Jones won’t last until pick #21… so I might have to mock in a different direction anyway.

    • Matt Q.

      He will be 27 years old at the begining of next season

  7. plyka

    BTW, combine numbers were taken from:

  8. Alex

    Btw, I did a little looking and looked for the “good” rate or the rate at which a 1st rounder would have “impact” at each individual position from 1998-2008.

    The most noteworthy thing is that OG have a 83% good rate. CB- 60% good rate. QB-47% good rate. DT-44% good rate. And as I have said before, WR has the lowest success rate at 36%. The reason I looked at these positions is because these are the positions that we’re thinking about in the draft.

    Further, WR has the second largest sample (meaning the 2nd most selected position in the 1st round from 98-08) and yet it has the by far the lowest success rate with DT as the second to worst success rate.

    And while the standard for “good” or the success rate is different for rounds 2-7 as you merely need to start for over an year rather than have an impact, it’s highly noteworthy that WRs have a 56% success rate in the 2nd round and 44% success rate in the 3rd round. Another way of reading is that about half of the WRs selected in the 2nd and 3rd round have at least been a starter for a year.

    And btw, I still stand by my disdain for WRs in the 1st round (except for Green).

    Speaking of Green, I would also like to ask Rob to tell me about the Colorada vs. Georgia game on 10/2, which is also the game that AJ Green came back. I looked into archives and you didn’t write much there. From statistics alone, Green seemed to have owned with over 100 yards. I’m curious as to how often Smith matched up and how well he did. The only videos on Smith I’ve seen has been Cal and Mizzou. He has been solid and IMO better than Jenkins, Akumurama, and Harris, but I’m curious about the Georgia game.


    • Rob

      I don’t like to use ratings to try and judge positional value. Every wide receiver could bust in round one but it doesn’t mean the next guy will. The sheer fact that many, many more receivers have been taken impacts the results. So does the fact that the WR position is based on production – it’s much harder to judge an OG under the same pressures. I wouldn’t rule out any position in round one based on anything that’s happened in the past – I’d rather watch the prospects and make a judgement based on their own individual talents.

      I had no access to the Colorado vs Georgia game but admittedly it would’ve been a great one to watch with Green coming up against Smith. I will try to get the tape, but I’m largely reliant on people with access sending me footage – that’s the only way I get access when it’s not broadcast over here.

  9. Alex

    I also forgot to mention that CB has the largest sample (or most selection) too with a 60% success rate. Just think for a second there as WR, which has the second largest # of selection, has a 36% success rate. Considering the greater need at corner compared to WR, the “safer” nature of the positions, and the depth/strength of the position in this draft, I’m in favor of a corner.


    • Rob

      I’m not convinced a corner will be available that warrants the pick. It may be in range for Brandon Harris still, but quite possibly not. Corner is a drastic need, but it’s also a position of depth. Keep an eye on Ras-I Dowling and how he may fall. That’s a pick that could end up getting Seattle some value ala Walter Thurmond. I do think receiver is a need – but it’s just one of many (even despite that win against the Saints).

      • Matt Q.

        I herd that Brandon Harris will not declare

        • Matt Q.

          nevermind he is

  10. Rich

    Good morning Rob.

    If we’re going WR at some point what about the prospects of Torrey Smith, WR Maryland? He appears to be a deep threat. I know he has a second round grade from some but I’m wondering if he might be a player that will rise quickly. It’s my understanding that he’s a JR but has his degree already. In watching his highlight videos he sure appears to track the ball well and I assume he has good hands though I don’t know how many drops he had this year (if any). I’m thinking he’ll compliment our slot guys well and it’s starting to look like Blackmon will go before uh late first round.

    You gotta love our plummeting draft pick. Talk about an epic fall. Number 8, Number 14, Number 21, Number 25, Number ? after next week. At least it takes some of the sting out of giving up that third rounder to the Chargers.

    • Matt Q.

      How about Ryan Broyles??? Maybe in the first round. He looks like a Desean Jackson without the elite speed

    • Rob

      Nothing like this has happened in the NFL before – where a team could’ve been picking #8 overall and in the space of seven days is suddenly picking no earlier than #25. An incredible turn around and who knows – maybe it’ll be no earlier than pick #29 next week?

      I have Smith as a solid late second/early third rounder at this stage. Above average speed – he can get downfield. He hasn’t got that understanding of routes, that polish that Blackmon has. He had a mixed season overall, with some truly mind blowing games (four TD’s and 200+ yards against UNC) and then games when he’d not get more than a couple of catches despite winning the game. I see him as a potential deep threat but not someone who can necessarily be consistently relied upon. What I like about Blackmon is – I think he’ll find a level of production every week. Smith will be the type of guy we have on all our fantasy rosters where he’s capable of great things, but it happens sparingly.

      Due to his speed and I could see a draft rise after the combine. I’m hesitant to move him up at this moment though. The guy who is starting to intrigue me a little bit more is Jeff Fuller at Texas A&M. If he declares, he could be a big riser up the boards.

  11. circa_1981

    Rob, could you please set up a page (linked on the sidebar) that tracks all the Seahawks picks? With all the activity during the past 6 months, it’s hard to keep track of when and where we are picking.

    Right now (hopefully we add comp picks to this, and we’ll have to learn the qualifiers for the Wilson and Wallace trades), do I have this correct? —

    Fifth x 2
    Seventh x 2

    • Rob

      I believe it’s only one seventh rounder (late round pick spent on Andrews) and the second 5th rounder could turn into a 4th depending on the unknown terms of the Josh Wilson deal. I’ll set up a page soon when the playoffs are done and we know exactly what picks Seattle has.

  12. Frank

    Shock and Awe. You my boy Blue. Mike Williamsis a premiere big WR if top five is the argument he is on the cusp for big WR of being top five. You cant really compare him to the smaller Quicker type. Desean Jackson, Greg Jennings, Wes Welker, Mike Wallece, Percy Harvin in that order for best of that type. Best Big Wrs Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Kenny Britt, Larry Fitzgerald, Dawayne Bowe.
    Colston, Wayne, and Williams get honerable mention at least, maybe next year.
    Does Stephen Paea just not fit our team? We need more guys in rotation at DT and he has a little wiggle going after the QB maybe 5tech as well?

    • Rob

      Paea’s best fit for Seattle is at 5-tech.

  13. circa_1981

    Depending on the CBA, drafting later might be the best thing for our franchise, long term. Three top ten picks in a row can really hurt your cap, especially when one of them is basically playing like a solid mid-round linebacker..

  14. alphilip77


    I heard that the Raiders are voiding the option on Nnamdi Asomugha, making him a FA. Even though Schneider comes from the Ted Thompson school of drafting and free agency, is it possible that the Seahawks pursue Nnamdi? He would address a HUGE need and allow us to us our 1st Round Pick on the BPA.

    • Rob

      They will pursue him with 31 other teams I imagine. The thing is – unless they sign a new CBA, there won’t be a free agency. I wonder whether Oakland structured this deal with the intention of there probably not being any football in 2011. If we do have a free agency period then Asomugha instantly becomes the top FA prize. Expect the big spenders to flash their cheque books.

  15. Ralphy

    I agree with you on Fuller. I like the way he plays, great hands, size and father played in the NFL.

    Have you seen much on Pat Devlin yet? Do you like him and where do you see him going?

    I’m also wondering if you have warmed on Brandon Weeden watching the tape on Blackmon. I seriously love the way he plays and I think he would be a lock to be in the top 10 if he was younger. I just think he could be a steal if his age keeps teams away and it’s not like he’s been taking hits all these years. He was just giving up a lot of hits unfortunately for him and the Yankees.

    As for Baldwin I was at the ND Pitt game this year and spent a lot of time watching him. He just didn’t even seem interested and his routes looked terrible. He had one long TD and it was a broken play and he just happened to wander past the defense during the QB scramble and was open. I know he’s got a great build for the NFL but I would prefer Blackmon over him easily.

    • Matt

      I really like Weeden, but I do worry about how old he is. And not from a “too old” perspective, but rather just mentally being so far ahead of younger kids that he plays against in college. It really can’t be understated how huge of an advantage it is too just be more mentally mature than the rest of your competition, who are mostly young adults and some just kids (think 18 to 20 yr olds).

    • Rob

      I have not seen Devlin at all because I don’t get Delaware games. I’ve spoken to someone who works for a top draft site and he voiced a lot of concerns about arm strength, decision making. I like Weeden (always have) but we’re talking about a marginal athlete with decent accuracy. He’s not a spectacular player. He’s the type you have a flier on and develop as a younger player. He’s 27 already and will be 28 during his rookie season. If he has two-years getting ready, you’re talking about a guy starting in his 30’s. It’s going to put a lot of teams off. It sounds like he may stay at OKSU because of this and there’s talk Blackmon will stay too.

      Agree on Baldwin – he’s been soft and disinterested this year. One of the big disappointments.

  16. Ralphy

    Good to see Nnamdi Asomugha hit free agency with no chance at being restricted. One more great CB the Hawks could get through free agency instead of the draft.

  17. Matt


    What would be your thoughts on taking Justin Houston at 25? Possible Leo and looks bigger and stronger than Clemons. I don’t know. I am just trying to figure out who we may be looking at now. Sadly, I don’t see any WR available at 25 and I’d be surprised to see a good CB available. Maybe Pouncey? Houston? Wilkerson? Baldwin? This is going to be a fun draft because the 20s are always full of surprises. I think you have to go BPA, because someone will be there that stick as out like a sore thumb. Let’s just hope it aligns withoneof our many holes.

    • Rob

      I had some information today which suggests Pouncey will not last into even the 20’s. Houston can play the LEO and would be worth looking at if he declares, I just don’t see the team drafting a LEO in round one unless they end up being a Demarcus Ware type. It’s a position designed for production and we’ve seen that. I think the DT and 5-tech positions create a lot of help at LEO and they’ll be the positions of value going forward – they may be able to plug in guys at LEO. It’s going to be difficult to project what the Seahawks will do now. Hard work awaits…

      • Matt

        Could you look into Muhammed Wilkerson. He seems to be generating buzz and seems to have great size with intriguing athleticism.

        Completely agree about the Leo. I’m just thinking in terms of Houston being the guy who sticks out like a sore thumb. He certainly looks the part and if nobody at 25 looks great, why not take a chance on a guy who, to me, looks like a more physically gifted Clemons.

        Let me know ur thoughts on Wilkerson. Thanks Rob!

        • Rob

          I know Wilkerson had a great year and looking at his size – 6-5 and 305lbs – he’s someone you could be flexible with in Seattle’s scheme. I haven’t seen anything of Temple – being based in Europe I’m restricted to whatever ESPN are willing to show. They’re good with 3-4 games per week, but it means I’m usually limited to the big conferences. I will strive to get some tape to check on Wilkerson – I’ll ask others for feedback on him as well. Apologies for not being able to offer any more.

  18. Matt

    Perhaps Aldon Smith or Jeff Fuller become intriguing options with awesome upside? Might be worth a gamble for guys with top 10 physical talent. I could see both guys in the top 10 for 2012.

    • Matt

      Fuller looked good against Peterson. Not too many guys in the NFL more physically gifted than him.

    • Rob

      Smith has declared for 2011 and has a chance to move quickly up the board after the combine. Fuller is an interesting one – he’s getting better every week. He did very well against Patrick Peterson in the Cotton Bowl.

      • Matt

        Fuller has great size and speed. At least the potential to become a #1. I like Smith and could see him rise, but him rising means someone else falling. Nice year for DL.

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