Seattle’s VMAC meetings — what can we learn?

Firstly, if you missed today’s podcast check it out. Keep an ear out for a (slightly heated) discussion on the value of running backs.

Seahawks set up further meetings

Reports have suggested Justin Reid, Keith Kirkwood and Poona Ford will be taking ‘official 30’ visits to the VMAC. We also know Christian Kirk has a workout planned with the Seahawks (another possible VMAC visit).

Now we can add three new names to the list.

Michigan defensive tackle Maurice Hurst, Yale LB/DB Foyesade Oluokun and Southern Miss running back Ito Smith are also reportedly set to visit the Seahawks.

On top of this Seattle interviewed Josh Sweat at the Florida State pro-day, had dinner with Natrell Jamerson and Nick Nelson after the Wisconsin pro-day and according to Tony Pauline they’ve shown interest in Austin Corbett and Jessie Bates III. Pauline also reported the Seahawks had a ‘notable presence’ at the Fordham pro-day to watch running back Chase Edmonds and they met with Shaquem Griffin at the Combine.

I was told about another private meeting with a prospect but I’ll keep that under wraps because it hasn’t been reported anywhere.

So what can we learn from this? Here’s a few quick thoughts:

They seem to be tracking smaller running backs

They checked out Chase Edmonds and will workout Ito Smith, plus reportedly spent some time with Akrum Wadley at the Senior Bowl. It could be due diligence. We know they need to fix the run. Or they could be looking for a specific type of runner.

Both Edmonds and Smith had explosive testing performances. We’ve often highlighted how important this seems to be for the position. Edmonds had a 34 inch vertical and a 10-2 broad jump at the combine. Smith managed a 37.5 inch vertical at his pro-day.

They might be seeking a committee that blends two different running styles — perhaps similar to the ones used in New Orleans and Atlanta.

And as we connect the dots here, it’s also worth suggesting that maybe Edmonds and Smith are alternatives to Ronald Jones II if they don’t draft him early (assuming they’re interested). Jones II was 5-11 and 205lbs at the combine (and jumped a 36.5 inch vertical). Edmonds is 5-9 and 205lbs. Smith wasn’t invited to the combine and is believed to be 5-9 and 195lbs.

If they want a dynamic ‘smaller’ back it’s possible they could be looking at Jones II early and Fordham/Smith as later alternatives. It’s also possible they’ll draft more than one running back.

Seahawks might still be looking for interior defensive linemen

The signings of Tom Johnson and Shamar Stephen added depth at defensive tackle and they might be looking for more (Bennie Logan also met with the team). A heavy rotation at defensive tackle seems like the aim this year, with different players taking on specific roles.

Poona Ford is a competitive nose tackle who might fit that ‘chip on the shoulder’ mentality they’re looking for. At 5-11 he’s often been overlooked and wasn’t invited to the combine. He does have 33 inch arms so he has the length and anyone who watched Texas regularly seems to rave about him. He didn’t stand out at the Senior Bowl but managed an impressive 9-3 broad jump and a 4.47 short shuttle at his pro-day.

Maurice Hurst is a pure one-gap pass rusher. He’ll shoot into the backfield with speed and quickness and he was highly disruptive for Michigan. He was one of the players who jumped off the screen last year, collecting 14.5 TFL’s.

He’s one of the better players in the draft. The only problem is — is his role limited? Some teams will be wary of asking him to handle two gaps at his size (6-1, 292lbs) and defend the run on early downs. He lacks length (32 inch arms) and really could be limited to the Clinton McDonald/Jordan Hill role of specialist interior pass rusher.

One thing to remember though — Geno Atkins was only 6-1 and 293lbs at his combine with the same 32 inch arms. Here’s an extract from his blurb:

“He’s undersized as a defensive tackle lacking adequate height and bulk. Doesn?t have the power to consistently hold up at the point of attack against the run and is overpowered by bigger blockers. Must become more consistent with his hand use.”

It sounds very similar to the concerns noted about Hurst. Atkins has since gone on to become one of the more prolific interior pass rushers in the NFL. Hurst has that potential too — he is a terrific pass rusher who plays with quickness and explosion.

The visit makes sense because Hurst didn’t test at the combine after being diagnosed with a heart condition. They might want to let their doctors take a look at him and do some of the positional testing at the same time.

Defensive backs getting a look

With Earl Thomas’ future still up in the air they need to cover their bases. Taking a closer look at Justin Reid and showing interest in Jessie Bates III isn’t a surprise. Neither is the meeting with 4.40 runner Natrell Jamerson.

The meeting with Nick Nelson was interesting though. Don’t write it off just because he has short 31 inch arms.

Nelson might be the best cover corner in the draft. He’s a shadow in the secondary, tracking receivers across the field and shutting them down. He dominated his match-up against Maryland’s D.J. Moore and didn’t give up a single reception against a potential top-40 receiver.

With Justin Coleman’s contract expiring in a year and Jeremy Lane now an afterthought, adding some competition at slot corner would make sense. They won’t want Coleman to be comfortable — and they might prefer not to pay big money to keep him (a big new deal didn’t work for Lane after all).

As for Foyesade Oluokun — I can’t tell you much about him other than he’s a tremendous athlete and a ferocious hitter. He’s described as a linebacker/safety prospect and ran a 4.48 forty at 6-1, 230lbs. He also managed a 37 inch vertical, a 10-3 broad and a 4.12 short shuttle. Those are really strong numbers.

Here’s a highlights video:

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  1. Nick

    Poona Ford was “named Big 12 Conference Defensive Lineman of the Year in 2017 … also a first team All-Big 12 selection in 2017 by both the coaches and Associated Press.” He didn’t get invited to the combine from what I understand. Gave a quote saying he has a huge chip on his shoulder as a result. Sounds Seahawk-y.

    I like your speculation on why they’re looking at smaller backs in the later rounds, Rob. Let me offer an alternative: they want a big, dependable, bruiser as their first RB selection (Kerryon Johnson, Nick Chubb) and so they’re looking at smaller ones because of this.

    • Nick

      Poona was a team captain, too. Also, “Poona Ford w/ a short shuttle in the 4.47 to 4.5 range – would have been fastest at the combine.”

      • Morgan

        If they are looking for someone “all ball”, this dude is ALL BALL. And I’m not referring to his shape. He’s a tazmanian devil out there.

    • Lewis

      After taking a look, this is one of the first people I’ve seen this year that makes me think, “damn I hope we get this dude”

  2. Volume12

    Awesome opinion on Shaquem Griffin from Vikings GM Rick Speilman

    • Morgan

      So I guess we can’t let the vikings get ahead of us in the…fourth? Fifth?

  3. Volume12

    The private meeting with another prospect you were told of. RB?

    • Rob Staton

      Could be. But I’m not giving out a name until it’s public knowledge.

      • Jason

        Can we play 20 questions to figure it out? 😉

      • Adog

        Sam darnold? …seems crazy to trade wilson…but im not sure they can play pete carrol football…tough physical…punishing on both sides of the ball when you you have that of your salary cap tied up with one player.

        • Rob Staton

          They might need to make some savings elsewhere but sure, they can retain a franchise QB and pay the going rate.

          I mean what are they going to do? Keep finding a new, young, cheap franchise QB every four years?

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            It works for us! ~ Cleveland Browns

            • Hawktalker#1

              A good example of trial and error. Finding a good franchise quarterback is far more error than anything else. And the expense of failing so often can’t be under stated either.

              All this trade Russ talk is really tiresome and a monumental waste of time.

              We need to get off that topic and on to other things that are more productive.

              • D-OZ

                See the Browns….

  4. Logan Lynch

    To me, the smaller backs signal a McKissic/Prosise hedge. More of a pass catcher out of the backfield. This matches up with the type of receivers they’ve signed. JS made a point to mention the speed of both Marcus Johnson and Jaron Brown and said something to the effect of that helping them get downfield. I also remember reading about Schottenheimer sending receivers deep relatively often. This would open up pockets underneath for pass catchers out of the backfield.

    And look at Rob teasing us with his confidential prospect visit. Can’t wait for him to reveal it after the draft. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the same one Davis Hsu has mentioned. The “high end runner”.

    • Rob Staton

      To be clear, it was a meeting not a confirmed visit. The player might make a visit but this, specifically, was a meeting.

      • Logan Lynch

        Gotcha. Either way, I’m excited to hear who it is. I hope you didn’t take my comment as a slight. I think it’s great that you’re getting some inside info and I completely respect you not divulging that information. That’s how you gain trust and get even more :)!

        • Rob Staton

          Not at all! 🙂

    • Nick

      Chubb? Jones?

  5. Mr. Offseason

    Personally I think Nick Chubb is the guy.

    • Christian

      I thought so too, but I asked if the released of the information would give the 12s a collective Chubby? Inferring Chubb and Rob said “Different strokes for Different Folks” Which I took to mean no not chubb

      • CharlieTheUnicorn


  6. teejmo

    Here’s some of Oluokun’s pro day numbers:
    6-1, 230
    4.48 40
    37 vert
    10 – 3 broad
    4.12 shuttle

    • AlaskaHawk

      Those are good numbers. I was impressed by the video, he tackles through the other player. Also had some good pass deflections and break ups.

      Poona Ford is an interesting prospect too. I love the way the Seahawks are looking for players this year.

  7. Rawls

    With Davis/Carson/Prosise and the limited draft capital. Is it wise to draft a rb high? Pete said they’d all be competing and drafting one high doesn’t necessarily mean they’d be the starter or play a lot of snaps.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes it is for these reasons:

      1. It’s a fantastic group of RB’s set to go in the top-50.

      2. Prosise is always injured, Carson has been injured for three straight seasons and how much confidence do you have in Davis being a feature runner?

      3. They say the priority is to fix the run. So that means investing in it, not hoping for different results with the same personnel as last year.

      • Morgan

        They drafted three running backs just two drafts ago so they aren’t shy about carpet-bombing a position of need. I’m excited to see how JS pings around the draft board as they target the guys they want. I definitely see them landing one of the tier 1 bell cows, plus a shifty back later, and then maybe even a flier in the late rounds.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          You could argue they hit on Collins as well… just couldn’t unlock him on the Seahawks.
          I think they can find the right guys, they just need to get the OL, RB and OC on the same page.

  8. drewdawg11

    Very wise considering none of this guys is proven. Two of them have not shown to be healthy and the other is a JAG, (Davis).

    • Hawktalker#1

      Davis is not a jag. Lacey is a jag.

      • 80SLargent

        Davis is below replacement level, and the epitome of “JAG”. It’s a good thing he’s not being paid as much more than that.
        At least Lacy was actually good at one time. Unfortunately for the Seahawks last year, they paid him like it, and it turned out he was below below replacement level. They would’ve been just as well served signing Franco Harris.

        • 503Hawk

          Have to agree w/ 80SL

      • drewdawg11

        Lacey is a bag… of garbage. Davis is depth.

  9. RWIII

    Quinton Jefferson is listed as a defensive end. But the guy weighs north of 290. He is built more like a defensive tackle. It will be interesting to see if Jefferson makes the team. They have already once given up on him. The thing is they had to move up to acquire him. Schneider traded a future 4th round pick to take Jefferson in the fifth round of the 2016 N.F.L. So Schneider invested heavily in Jefferson.

    • FresnoHawk

      Quinton can play and he can get better, I’m glad we have him and it proves to me we are not jinxed drafting DT’s in round 5.

      • Hawktalker#1


  10. white-salmon-hawk

    Anyone know what kind of contingent the Seahawks had at the USM pro day to see Ito Smith? His teammate Tarvarius Moore (S) had himself a day!

    vert 39.5″
    broad 11’2″
    40yd 4.32s
    3cone 6.89s

  11. RWIII

    Folks: This is just in. Geno Smith to visit the Seahawks.

    • Rob Staton

      I interviewed Geno after one of the London games. Seemed like a nice enough guy.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Geno can’t help he was put into the dumpster-fire that was/is the NY Jets as a starter early in his career. At least he is not responsible for one of the most infamous plays in NYJ history…. the butt fumble.

        As a back-up, he would be a really nice fit… for the right price… starter experience is invaluable.

        • 80SLargent

          Butt Fumble = Mark Sanchez.
          Geno Smith was the one who got punched out by one of his own team’s LBs.

    • DCD2

      Makes a lot of sense as a backup and you know… we need one of those.

  12. FresnoHawk

    We’re drafting 2 RB’s that’s the best value and safest investment. Seahawks are stingy most of the time.

  13. Del Tre

    Wow! Ito Smith knocked out 22 reps of 225, a bit dissapointed by a 4.4 40 but his agility and movement are what set him apart. He’d be a preseason fan favorite that’s for sure.
    Rob, do you think they might feel comfortable taking a guy like Bo Scarborough in the 3rd or 4th and then Ito in the 7th and doing a rotation?
    Is it possible the hawks feel they already have their bruiser in carson and mean to look to wide receiver early?
    I’m not suggesting RB isn’t a priority, but maybe Solari and Schotty feel confident in a combo of Davis and Prosise? I think Davis has some talent, I am unsure as to whether he could ever develop into a 1000 yard back.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not convinced they’ll target Scarborough. He was explosive and fits the size but he’s a massive underachiever. Wouldn’t rule it out but I don’t think fixing the run game = Bo Scarborough and a late round flier.

      Not when you can have someone like Rojo, Kerryon or Nick Chubb.

      But we need to see. Rojo might come off the board before they pick. There could be a rush on RB’s and they might be caught in a difficult situation where they do need to consider options later. Lots of things can happen. They don’t often get caught out like that so I’d be surprised but we’ll see. They seem to be preparing for different eventualities and scenarios. I just wish they had their own native second rounder.

      • Del tre

        Yeah, that’s the conclusion i keep coming back to as well. As much as i trust their talent evaluation at RB and think they can snag a guy, i just think it will make yoo much of a difference not to address immediately.

  14. CharlieTheUnicorn

    “As for Foyesade Oluokun — I can’t tell you much about him other than he’s a tremendous athlete and a ferocious hitter. He’s described as a linebacker/safety prospect and ran a 4.48 forty at 6-1, 230lbs. He also managed a 37 inch vertical, a 10-3 broad and a 4.12 short shuttle. Those are really strong numbers.”

    What I can tell you is… his SPARQ numbers must be off the charts. This would be a guy to really pay attention to in the middle to back half of the draft. Guys this explosive are not exactly common, even in the NFL. The guy appears to fit the 3rd safety/LB role in my eyes… from size/speed perspective. But I can honestly say, I’ve never heard of him before this article.

  15. C-Dog

    I found it somewhat surprising that the other day with Pete Carroll was on with John Clayton, he mentioned Shamar Stephen as an early down 3T, and when asked about Naz Jones, he referred to him more as rotational. He also referred to Jarran Reed is the starting nose, “if they were to go with what they had today.” Made me think they weren’t done shopping, and possibly, depending who they add, Reed might move to 3T if they find a starting caliber nose like Bennie Logan.

    Very surprised that he would consider Naz merely rotational, and make me wonder if his nervous system condition is something they want to monitor and limit his reps.

    With Hurst coming in and with some Senior Bowl interest shown in DaShawn Hand, is it possible they are looking to go interior DL early, and with this smaller backs, they are looking to add specific skill sets in later rounds to go along with Chris Carson, and Mike Davis?

    Could Payne, Vea, and Taven Bryan all be targets? Or is the Hurst interest a further indication that they aren’t putting a ton of hope in McDowell coming back and they’re chasing another interior pass rush specialist?

    • H

      Naz flashed and im really excited about him but tbf he was injured alot last year and I dont think its wise to be talking up a guy who had a marginal impact his rookie year as a starter in March.
      Make the kid work for it and force his way onto the field. DT rotation is probably gonna be heavy this year so he’ll get his chance.

      • C-Dog

        Wasn’t he just injured in that last month? I thought he was a healthy part of the rotation until December, even got in a couple starts.

        • Patrick Toler

          Max had a great showing as a rotational player as a rookie, as you’ve noted. I wouldn’t necessarily want to count on him as a starter. I’m glad they are building a deep rotation there, but there’s not a lot of pass rush with the current DTs.

    • 80SLargent

      I think some of it has to do with them trying not to put themselves in the position they were in last season, where they felt like they had to trade a 2nd round pick and a starting WR for a DT. I remember some weeks they only carried 2 or 3 DTs – yikes. I don’t think they want to be that thin at the position again. They just got two starting caliber DTs for half the price of what it would have cost them to keep S. Richardson. It sucks to lose Richardson because of what they gave to get him, but it’s a sunk cost at this point.

      • C-Dog

        I’m a big fan of the heavy rotation philosophy. Just kinda felt like he was indicating that they weren’t done.

        • 80SLargent

          I’m with you. I’d like to see them carry 10 on the D-Line (5 DT/5 DE), and that’s with counting Mingo as a LB. They can’t have those guys wearing down over the course of games and the course of the season.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d caution against reading too much into how these visits are going to impact how they draft. Because they’re also bringing in Poona Ford for a visit and Maurice Hurst didn’t do anything at the combine plus he has the medical issue they might want to check out. So Hurst’s visit might just be about completing a proper valuation on him.

      At the end of the day, they are fixing the run game. And they aren’t doing that at the end of day three with a small school 5-9, 200lber.

      Also, they might end up with multiple R2 picks.

      • C-Dog

        The Poona Ford visit makes a ton of sense because they seem to have loaded up a bit at 3T not much outside of Reed at 1T.

        Thanks for pulling me away from the ledge, Rob. Small day 3 RBs make me nervous!

      • Dale

        Rob, how far do you think Hurst might fall due to his heart condition?

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure because I don’t know enough about the condition. Star Lotulelei didn’t fall much at all.

  16. astraeus

    “Heard from multiple folks after #Browns go QB 1st Overall and Chubb/Barkley/Denzel 4th Overall… They’ll trade back into Rd1 with #Seahawks. Rumors this time of Yr are everywhere, but I’ve been hearing this one since before combine… Seahawks only pick in Top 120 is 18th.”

    Pick 18 (900 point value) for Cleveland’s 33+64+110 (924 point value) would be nice. Our draft would look like this 33, 64, 110, 116, 132, 137, 147, 159, 200, 222

    • 80SLargent

      Leave it to Rob to be the first to respond to that Twitter post. Cleveland definitely has some huge shoes to fill at LT. Like Rob has said before, so does New England. Seattle will certainly have some options to get a decent deal trading down from #18.

      • Rob Staton

        New seven round mock tomorrow discussing what might happen if they make a deal with Cleveland.

        • matt

          Nick Chubb

    • Greg Haugsven

      If you go with the more updated trade chart it looks like this:

      #18…286 points

      #33, #64, and #114…286 points

      • Greg Haugsven

        Cleveland could give 33, 64, and 114
        New England could give 31, 63, and 136 unless they wanted to sweeten the pot and give 95 instead of 136.

        • C-Dog

          Very. Interesting. Stuff.

          Go Hawks!

        • Hawktalker#1

          We may need to be careful not to get too far out of the first round and lose the running back we want.

      • Nick

        They could get a pretty nice pick too (near 100) if they fell back to stay Denver at 40.

    • cha

      That could work.

      I wonder who the Browns would target to trade up. Kolton Miller?

      • Greg Haugsven

        Or McGlinchey, maybe Connor Williams?

        • EBurgz

          But hopefully Orlando Brown because I’m not a fan. McGlinchey and Williams are the guys I think they should target but I suspect McGlinchey doesn’t get out of the top 15.

    • Lewis

      An early 2 and early 3 is exactly what I’ve been hoping for…from an ET trade. To get that by moving back would be pretty damn solid. They could easily move back into rd 2 from 64 if they felt the need.

  17. Pugs1

    Glad to see Ito Smith is on their radar! He is well built just short. It helps him get through the hole without being seen. He has great cutting ability and was extremely productive at USM. I was shocked when he wasn’t invited to the combine.

  18. Ed

    I would say there is only 1 elite QB in the league. Tom Brady. He has gotten to and won multiple SB. He has won by being a running team, a deep passing team, a dink and dunk passing team and a defensive team when he was a rookie. He is elite and can make it happen most of the time whichever way he has to. People talk about Brees, Rodgers and maybe Rothlesberger. To me, those guys are in the same boat as Wilson. Can win, but maybe not elite.

    • EBurgz

      Can’t argue with Brady’s track record. But when I watch games Aaron Rodgers looks like the best qb around. I’d take Wilson over anyone but Rodgers if I had to start a team from scratch at this point. Wentz and Watson still need to prove themselves after their injuries but that’s my top 5 (Brady, Rodgers, Wilson, Wentz, Watson). Brees and Big Ben are ledgends but obviously not on the level of Brady. Idk if he is a better qb because it’s a team sport but Brady is the goat because of what he has achieved.

      • C-Dog

        I agree. I think Aaron Rodgers has been the best QB in the league for the years, and it hasn’t been close. If Brian Belichick had Rodgers, I think that would be Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls dominance. There would be one team in the league, and then everyone else.

      • Patrick Toler

        Rodgers does more amazing things, but Brady doesn’t have to do as many amazing things, because he is so ridiculously efficient. For me those two are clearly the top two. Wilson is in the next tier with Brees and whoever else you want to include.

    • Patrick Toler

      Pretty strict definition of elite. Just semantics of course. I don’t have a problem putting Brady in his own tier. The only hesitation I have is that for all those different ways Brady has one, he’s had arguably the most impactful figure in league history running the show.

  19. Old but Slow

    Anyone else see a bit of Kam Chancellor in Oluakun? Shorter than Kam, but faster, big hitter but can cover.

    He would also be a good start on the all-draftable name team. I would add Olasunkanmi Adenyi, OLB, and it might be tough to find a QB or a WR , oh, wait, Equanimeous St Brown.

    Sorry, just wasting space.

    • drewdawg11

      I don’t. He looks like a middle linebacker playing safety. He doesn’t appear to play as fast as his time to me. Physical kid, but he’s not facing anyone so who knows if he can make the adjustment?

  20. C-Dog

    So if the rumors of Cleveland moving up to 18 are true, does this not signal the stronger likelihood Earl Thomas is a Seahawk in 2018?

    Seattle conceivably lands 33, 64, 114, and with two R4 and four R5 picks, would have the means to trade up into R3. Thus three day 2 picks to address RB, pass rush, and either another offensive weapon, OL, or pick for the defense, all the while keeping its all pro safety.

    Not a bad way to go, IMO.

    • Greg Haugsven

      if they did get 33, 64 and 114 I might be good with staying pat. 6 picks rounds 4-5 might be good. Lots of quality choices there.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Griffin, Ford, Teller, Yiadom, Smythe, Holmes, Matafa, Victor, Sheperd, Jeleel Scott, Justin Jones, Street, Scarborough, Tate, Wadley. Man that list goes long, especially on defense.

        • Patrick Toler

          Yes, so many good players projected in that range. If we could end up with Smythe and Griffin, I won’t know what to do with myself.

  21. Hawktalker#1


    At some point before it is known for sure about the ET situation, are you planning to propose a mock draft with the addition of a reasonable group of picks Seattle could live with for ET?

    FYI, that is my early entry on my Santa’s Seahawk Christmas wish list . . .

    Also just want to say that was outstanding work you did with Kenny on that podcast. I specially enjoyed the heated interaction between the two of you on the value of a running back subject.

    I am also looking forward to seeing the fire back in the Seahawks training camp with all the fresh hungry prospects that will be working hard to make the team and earn starting spots.

    • Rob Staton

      I won’t do an Earl mock until he’s dealt.

  22. drewdawg11

    I think the fact that they wouldn’t be desperate for draft capital would make them more steadfast in their desire to get a large haul for him. If someone offers a first round pick they will probably be open to it regardless. They could trade down from 18 and still keep the other first rounder, or at the very least, trade that down and stay in round one to get another pick as well. If you could get a running back that you love, while also getting a musket at guard and even a BJ Hill, wouldn’t you have to live that draft? Also, you would hope that a safety falls into range in round 3.

    • C-Dog

      Yes please on BJ Hill.

  23. drewdawg11


  24. RWIII

    Guys. I see their is a lot of talk about a safety. What about the guys Seattle took in the draft last year. Delano Hill and Tedrick Thompson have already forgot about them.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Good point, but I haven’t seen or heard a lot from them yet that would give me a reason to think they are the quality we need.

    • C-Dog

      They are part of the reason I can still see them move Earl Thomas for the right deal.

  25. Misfit74

    I love Chase Edmunds. I have to wonder if the interest in summer backs is our way of hiding our draft intentions for a 220lb back like has been preferred.

    Cappa is NDT scouting’s #3 OG behind Wynn and Nelson. I like what I’ve read and seen from him.

    Hurst has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. It would probably take 18 to land him (if not gone already). My top DT in the draft and perfect for our scheme in terms of a pressuring 3Tech.

    • Misfit74

      Interest in *smaller backs

    • Lewis

      Would love to know what you see in Edmunds. I only watched highlights from one game (Army 2017) but it was pretty much “heck no” territory. Especially compared to Smith vs FSU.

  26. Dale

    Anybody know anything much about Terrell Edmunds? His younger brother is Trumaine. Terrell is a safety who had a 41.5″ vertical (wow), ran a 4.47 40, and had an 11′ 2″ broad jump. Interestingly his NFL comparison is DeShawn Shead.

  27. Rowdy

    anyone else see S Griffin was invited to the draft? there hasn’t been much talk about him sense his huge combine but has he really risen that high to where they think he can be a first rounder? he looked really good with change of direction drills at his pro day today

    • Rob Staton

      No, it might be a cynical way of looking at things but I think this is the NFL tapping into a story they know will go viral when he’s eventually drafted.

    • D-OZ

      Yes, saw this morning on NFL net. he was invited and is going.

  28. H

    I had a thought on this whole Running backs and the running game don’t matter ‘debate’
    Why dont the proponants of this flip it to the other side of the ball? If running doesnt help you win then why bother stuffing the run? By the same logic run stuffing DTs like Reed and Mebane would be completely worthless, Luke Keuchly would be an indisputably better LB than Bobby Wagner, Kam Chacellor’s would, arguably, be a worse safety to Bradley Mcdougald and all box safties of his type would be a total waste.
    Apply the same logic these guys use to say RB should never be taken early and I frankly see no reason to draft Vita over someone with more pass rush skill like Mo Hurst, or Derwin James over a rangy FS like Bates 3.

    • Rob Staton

      The anti-running game branch of Seahawks Twitter are to narratives what ‘Christmas with the Kranks’ is to artistic cinema.

      • H

        An apt comparison, I prefer to view them more like the flat earth society.
        They think theyve got all this data that no one’s thought about before but forget about all the really obvious stuff like its easier to throw against an 8 man box or, like, seasons of the year.

      • Georgia Hawk

        Dumber than a screen door on a canoe

      • Lewis

        So glad I don’t even know what you are talking about
        *back under my rock I crawl*

  29. Georgia Hawk

    I’m putting my money on the mystery player Rob mentioned being Rojo II.

    Clue 1: Schneider at USC pro day. Sure there are plenty of other players he could be looking at, but we are putting together a puzzle here people.

    Clue 2: Holding meetings/workouts with “smaller” back more similar to Rojo than to say, Chubb. Straight ZBS scheme requires a RB to make a read, cut, and go. Often there be plenty of traffic around the point of attack so the back needs to be able to get physical and break tackles, hence the preferred physical profile we’ve become accustomed to. Solari has been known to mix in some power principles which allows the back to read the play more and have a bit more freedom in the way they run. Rojo fits this idea much more than a 1 cut and go guy. He has patience, vision and burst to make plays happen off reads.

    Clue 3: The mystery player is a “high profile” guy and Rob has an unabashed love of Rojo II (rightfully so). I feel like this whole thing is straight glee on his part with the idea of the Hawks putting in work on Rojo and he is enjoying it to the fullest. Much like my kids do when they say “Daddy, I have a secret and I’m not telling you” or “Daddy, I don’t have anything in my pocket.” Got news for you kiddo, the big dopey grin on your face gives you away.

    Of course, I reserve the right to take back everything in this post and deny I ever said it in the entirely likely event I am proven wrong.

    • Lewis

      It’s interesting, but you never know if they are diverting attention away from a different target, which they’ve been known to do.

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