Senior Bowl underway in Mobile — who I’ll be watching

Today players are checking in for the Senior Bowl, with practices, weigh-ins and measurements taking place tomorrow. Here’s some of the other players I’ll be keeping an eye on this week:

South team

Sammie Coates (WR, Auburn)
There’s no doubting his athletic potential, deep speed and chunk play ability. The main issue is consistency and technique. This is a big opportunity for Coates to impress. Auburn’s run-focused scheme isn’t conducive to big production. He’s competing with a good group of receivers in the South squad. Can he show he’s more than a dynamic athlete playing football? Route running, hands and catching technique are the keys to impress.

Phillip Dorsett (WR, Miami)
The more I watch Dorsett, the more I like. He’s not a big guy at 5-10 and 195lbs. Yet on film he looks quite polished and it compliments the speed and suddenness you want to see. He can take the top off a defense and get downfield, he’s a threat with YAC on short passes, he appears to run good routes. He’s a track and field star to go with his football skills. He’s also competitive and doesn’t show any obvious flaws. I like him.

La’el Collins (G, LSU)
Collins’ task is to prove he has a future at tackle. For me he’s best suited to moving inside at guard where his frame, upper body power and run blocking qualities will be best served. Teams will love his attitude and approach. He’s a tough guy on the field — physically brilliant. Can he kick slide with ease, can he mirror? Is he athletic enough to handle the speed rush? He’ll be battling Markus Golden, Owamagbe Odighizuwa and Preston Smith during practice. Even if he ends up resigned to a future at guard, he should still be a top-25 pick for me.

Ty Sambrailo (T, Colorado State)
I wasn’t blown away with Sambrailo’s tape. He’s long and looks the part of a tackle. But he’s quite stiff. Can he show some mobility here and mirror with the talented pass rushers he’s going to face? Is he resigned to a future at right tackle? He comes from a family of athletes and might surprise a few people here. But I think he’s overrated as a potential first rounder. I’m willing to be proven wrong if his footwork and speed is better than expected.

Daryl Williams (T, Oklahoma)
A hulking offensive tackle who appears to have long arms. More of a run blocker than a pass protector. Bit of a waist bender and ultimately could be set for a move inside. People will make comparisons to a guy like James Carpenter — but it’s easy to forget how excellent Carpenter was at left tackle for Alabama before he turned pro. He plays with an edge lacking in his Oklahoma team mate Tyrus Thompson. As a potential O-line depth pick for Seattle, this guy could be in play.

Markus Golden (DE, Missouri)
Measurement’s are key here. He looks quite squatty on tape. How tall is he? Does he have long enough arms? At Missouri he flat out dominated at times with a combination of power and speed. Can he match that level of intensity in Mobile? Pass rushers, like O-liners, always have a chance to flash here. The 1v1 practices are well suited to matching up the trench players. Golden has a real chance to impress.

Owamagbe Odighizuwa (DE, UCLA)
Love this guys effort. When he loops inside and attacks the interior he’s relentless and often effective. Can he show more of an edge rush here and flash some speed to round the arc and get to the QB without needing to work through traffic? He has ideal size — the physique of a high first round pick. Injuries haven’t helped. A good week here and he could be one of the biggest risers at the Senior Bowl.

Preston Smith (DE, Mississippi State)
He showed a great motor in 2014, he can line up inside or out and he can play in the 4-3 or 3-4. Has a little Datone Jones to his game, but is he the same kind of athlete? You can see why some people consider him a late first or early second rounder. For me he’s more like a second or third — but a good week here could leave an impression. Teams love a guy with length and size like this who gets after the QB. Had a great season.

North team

Devin Smith (WR, Ohio State)
Sudden athlete who can break downfield and competes better than any other receiver you’ll see here. He gets knocked for his role at Ohio State — and yet all he did was make endless plays. 21 receptions of +40 yards in his career is more than anyone else in college football. He high points the ball, he understands positioning and how to create openings for the quarterback. He’s not Odell Beckham Jr but you see similar traits. There’s some DeSean Jackson in there too. This is his opportunity to show he’s more than just a deep runner.

T.J. Clemmings (T, Pittsburgh)
A fascinating case and a candidate to be the big winner here. After converting from defense Clemmings oozes potential. He’s quick, strong and loves to get to the second level. He could easily push himself towards the top-15 with a good performance here. Alternatively his lack of experience at the position and rawness could offer some perspective on what he’s capable of. Does he need time to establish a true position at the next level? Is he a tackle (right or left) or guard? Can he dominate this Senior Bowl?

Danny Shelton (DT, Washington)
I’ve been critical of Shelton not because I think he’s a bad player, I just think he’s a little overrated as a suggested top-10 or 15 pick. He’s going to be practicing against a really average group of offensive linemen so this is a fantastic chance to show the kind of form we saw early in 2014. He dominated weaker opponents to really launch his stock — and while he didn’t always translate that kind of form into the PAC-12 — he could easily recreate those blistering displays in Mobile.

Hau’oli Kikaha (DE, Washington)
Is there a tougher player to work out in this draft? He’s been incredibly productive for two straight seasons. When you watch the tape he frequently just finds a way to get off a block, work his way to the QB. He’s instinctive, prepared — just a really intelligent football player who’s shown he has good hand technique and effort. The thing is, he looks like a marginal athlete and he isn’t big. Will he still be productive at the next level? It’s really hard to say. It’ll be good to see him in this type of environment.

Nate Orchard (DE, Utah)
Speaking of productive pass rushers. Orchard is undersized but plays with a competitive streak. He gets swallowed up too often to believe he could be anything like an every down edge rusher in the 4-3. He looks like a pass rush specialist. Measurements are key again. Can he show a really explosive burst in drills? He gets a chance to work alongside some other impressive DL’s. Has a surprising amount of power for his size when he gets into the chest of an O-liner.

Vince Mayle (WR, Washington State)
I’ve seen two games and was left thoroughly underwhelmed each time. There’s no doubting Mayle’s physical presence but I just feel like there are better players out there (Issac Blakeney, Darren Waller) who could be available in the same range. I’m willing to be converted, however, so let’s see a good week here.

Tony Lippett (WR, Michigan State)
He’s really skinny on tape and that’s a concern. He also had a knack for making plays at MSU. He’s a realiable playmaker — and provided he can add good weight to his frame, he’s worth considering. Has he been able to bulk up a bit for the Senior Bowl? If so, will it impact his play? Can he flash legit 4.45 speed at 6-3? He’s a very intriguing talent.

Michael Bennett (DT, Ohio State)
I’ve never been that impressed with Bennett — but maybe it’s just because your eyes get constantly drawn to the play of Joey Bosa. Bennett underwhelms more often than he stands out. Yet this is a perfect setting for him. It looks like a thoroughly average group of O-liners on the North squad, especially inside. For a player who kind of took a back seat in Ohio State’s improbable title run, this is his chance to show what he’s all about.


  1. Scott Allen

    Is it just me or does this draft class lack those tilt the field type players? I recognize some good athletes and some over achievers but not too many that have the physical gifts and game skills to compete for starting positions in the NFL. I know we have some fairly distinct needs but to me this is a draft to trade down in.

    • Cysco

      Perhaps, but I don’t really see the value in getting more picks this year. Not when the team is faced with what, 11 picks already? Maybe 12? (not sure if we’re getting anything from the Matt Flynn trade)

      According to Davis Hsu, Seattle is likely to have 8 open spots on the roster next season and that’s assuming they don’t sign any veteran free agents. There simply isn’t going to be enough space for all those draft picks as is, let along adding more picks.

      I just feel this might be a year where we go for quality over quantity. If, like you say, there is a lack of “tilt the field types” this year, wouldn’t it make more sense to try and get one of them?

      Just playing devil’s advocate.

      • Nathan

        1 of Clevelands 1st rounders would be nice.

      • rowdy

        With a potential for 8 open spots I see them wanting at least 11 picks. I would like to see them trade for picks next year though. They will probably trade down 3 times this draft, it’s what they do.

        • Cysco

          Keep in mind that 8 spots assumes they don’t sign any free agents, which they will. In reality, the seahawks rookie class is probably fighting it out for maybe 5, at most 6 spots?

          WR or TE
          OL Depth X1
          CB Project
          DL Depth X1
          LB Depth

          WR/TE Depth is probably solved by a combo of veteran and rookie. RB could be added to the list but it sure sounds like all the Lynch leaving chatter has switched directions. LEO could be taken off the list if they decide to retain Schofield. There will be room for an additional OL and DL player but I’m assuming we spend a little to get veteran free agents for those spots or retain the players that are currently there.

          So unless something crazy happens like they let Wagner go or cut Mebane, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for rookies

          • Drew

            We’ll also need a safety as well since we’re probably going to lose Jeron Johnson in FA.

          • rowdy

            I understand that but I think unless they bring in a big fa they want a rookie there to compete.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a draft filled with potential players IMO. Lot’s of upside, but also a higher element of risk with several prospects.

      • Nathan

        Who do we think gets cut next year?

        • Cysco

          On offense, not many candidates except for maybe Zach Miller. I think he’d be like a $3m savings if they cut him. The team will have to ask themselves if they trust him to not get injured. If he stays healthy he’s worth every penny of the $4m he’s owed.

          On defense, You can save $3m by letting Tony McDaniel go. That might be the most likely move IMO.

          JS has done a masterful job building the roster. There are incredibly few players who aren’t playing at or above their contract. Then factor in they have over $35m in cap space. The team is in a really great space even after they pay Wilson and Wagner.

          IMO the really interesting this to watch is what the do with the RB position. They’re currently carrying three and one has to assume they’re going to figure out a way to keep Lynch next year. But, that’s probably the end of the road for Lynch and I can imagine the team wanting to have the plan in place for when he is done as a Hawk. Do they draft a rookie and get rid of Michael? Do they carry four RBs? Do they draft Gurley and put him on IR all next year? Oh the drama!

          • Drew

            Last year we carried 5 RBs, 4 RBs adn 1 FB isn’t a big deal, same as it was last year. I’d love to see us draft Gurley, let him redshirt a year. I don’t see us letting go of Tony McDaniel. He’s played great this year and stepped up in Mebane’s absence, don’t think we’ll re-sign Kevin Williams though. McDaniel is very affordable for what he provides.

            I would be comfortable with releasing Miller and Willson taking over the #1 TE spot. I’m not a huge fan of Maxx Williams, but I hope we can get Jesse James from PSU around the 4th round with one of hte comp picks. He’d be a great development guy, 6’7″ 255 lbs.

  2. Ho Lee Chit

    As a side note, Over the Cap has come out with a projection of Compensation picks. Their estimate is that the Hawks will receive a 4th, two in the fifth and a sixth round pick. That would be nice.

    • Cysco

      not to mention the likely 4th they’re getting from the Harvin trade.

  3. MJ

    Rob – Glad to hear you are becoming a bigger fan of Phillip Dorsett. He really pops off the screen IMO and looks like a Seahawky type of player.

    I don’t think this is how it plays out, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if the Hawks went:

    R1: TE Maxx Williams
    R2: WR Phillip Dorsett
    R3: OL (Maybe one of the Oklahoma boys)

    The Green Bay game to me illustrated how badly we need a few guys who can get open and make plays. I know Williams doesn’t fit the mold of a SEA first rounder, but man, he just looks like Mr. Reliable. Luke Willson is such an immense talent, but for my money, I’d rather have Mr Reliable playing TE over a splash play specialist who provides little to no consistency.

    RE: Phillip Dorsett, we are talking about legitimate difference making speed. You know he’d put the fear of God in some defensive coordinators. His route running really intrigues me because the first guy he reminded me of was OBJ. Now, he’s not OBJ, but his ability to set up routes and mix up his speeds is very exciting. Actually, he reminds me a lot of Steve Smith. Looks to have an ultra competitive streak. I’m definitely overselling him, but quite honestly, I was pretty blown away by what I have seen and think he has a chance to shoot up draft boards. Imagine him on some of RW’s unscripted scramble drills. That would be sight to behold.

    I know it won’t play out this way, but for me, I would be absolutely thrilled if we went this route to support our franchise QB. I really think the Seahawks need to think long and hard about making RWs life as easy as possible. To me, that starts with passing game weapons. And like I mentioned above; I’d love to see a big time safety net, as well as difference making speed. I think those 2 guys would fit in SEA and provide exactly the boost we need.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m fascinated to see how Maxx Williams tests at the combine.

    • bigDhawk

      I want interior pass rush depth, weapons and protection for Russell from this draft.

    • Alaska Norm

      Maxx looks like he could be just what Seattle needs. Big, athletic, fast. Might be there until the top of the second. Possible trade down move that seattle likes so much. I’m not so about Dorsett, I’ll be waiting to hear more about him.

  4. Ed

    I know we disagree a bit, but I really enjoy the banter and the website is a must hit multiple times per day.

    Non draft stuff.

    Who replaces Quinn? Obviously, Bevel won’t go with him since they already hired an OC. Do you see anyone else leaving the staff?

    If (and I hope we do), resign Wagner, Irvin and Wilson this year, where does that leave us salary cap wise? Will we have money for FA? Could we have the money for Maxwell (how much would that be).

    • bigDhawk

      We absolutely have to extend Lynch this year too. His herculean effort in the NFCCG won us the game, something that’s been undersold a lot of places so for. Hopefully Russell realizes the true value of his brand is founded on a winning Seahawks team first and foremost and will work his deal to allow us to pay Bobby, Marshawn, Bruce, and Maxi by taking a deal with higher guaranteed money spread out over more years and less AAV.

      If something has to give, we need to cut Okung loose. He is just too inconsistent to be a high-priced cornerstone of Russell’s protection long-term. I’d rather get inconsistency from a cheaper play, even Bailey until we finally build a championship OL that looks and plays like one.

      • bigDhawk

        EDIT: “cheaper play” should read “cheaper player”

        • Ed

          You would think they could give him a lot of guarantee early so it looks like 20 million, but giving him a huge bonus makes it like 15 per year over a 6 year period

      • rowdy

        Okung has to stay, he’s s great value at this point as well

    • rowdy

      I been wondering the same thing about Quinn as well. I’m pretty sure they will promote from within at this point but i think they could be looking at Detroits dc. Just looks like a good fit to me and I find it funny he hasn’t got a head coaching job yet.

      • mrpeapants

        I was thinking Norton jr could take over

        • Alaska Norm

          I’ve heard Kris Richards name talked about as a replacement. Pete came up through the DB ranks and his defense is based on strong DB play. He would have the support of the big three RS, kC, and ET. Has put in his time with Seattle as both a player and coach.

          • Curt

            I would be very happy with Kris Richards as our new DC. I love what he is to the LOB and the attitude he instills. These guys play as 1. Always liked Norton too so won’t be disappointed if we keep it in house.

        • rowdy

          I heard Norton doesn’t want the DC job, he likes where he’s at.

          • Cysco

            Keep an eye on Rocky Seto. I’ve heard it mentioned a couple times that he’s being groomed to take over as head coach when Carol hangs it up and he’s been with Carol for like 15 years. His current position has him involved in pretty much every aspect of the current defense.

            • rowdy

              He would be my bet too, I doubt they go outside the team this late in the year

            • Rob Staton

              Seto would be my guess too.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Ed for the OP.

  5. rowdy

    I actually like mayle as a 5th round option as opposed to waller. I like both players but I think mayle has good routes, suddenness and versatility. Waller intrigues more as a move te more then anything and there’s no suddenness to his game witch I think is a most have to be wr on this team.

    • Drew

      I find both pretty underwhelming honestly. I wouldn’t necessarily be excited if we were to pick either of them up.

    • Hay stacker509

      We took kris Durham in the 4th. Mayle has way more upside so I can’t see us not using a 4th on him

    • mrpeapants

      read the other day that waller has been impressive at the senior bowl practices

      • Hay stacker509

        CBS Sports’ Dane Brugler notes that Washington State redshirt senior WR Vince Mayle “would be a good “Plan B” for teams who miss out on WR DeVante Parker in the 1st round.
        “Washington St WR Vince Mayle would be a good “Plan B” on day two for a team that covets WR DeVante Parker but doesn’t get him in the 1st round,” Brugler tweeted. The Washington State prospect has showcased strong hands, with the ability to high-point the football in contested situations this year. On the season, Mayle has hauled in 101 receptions and 1,405 yards which are each single-season records at Washington State.

  6. Saxon

    Rob, just want to tell you again how much your work and this site are appreciated. Love the Seahawk-centric analysis. Thanks for sharing your insights!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man appreciate it.

  7. peter

    I’m looking at any Wr regardless of size. The first ER who can box out a defender and the first who can create yac come on down. Obviously the candidates Rob has mentioned but for me anyone who shines particularly Devante Davis. Though not senior bowl related I’m starting to like the idea of maxx Williams early. His age is fantastic for the hawks and based on scheme knock would against injury a TE who could fill the miller duties and add a bit of speed, love miller but honestly he is undeniably slow, would be fantastic.

    I’m not sure if anything gets done about the oline. Contrary to my posts in not a huge fan of it and it seems to be the one are where they are not always competing so to speak. Personally I think Bailey is an upgrade over carp when you factor in all responsibilities and a truly healthy Unger is better then Lewis but an unhealthy Unger actually isn’t. And I’m not sure besides signing Eric Winston for a cup of coffee that Britt ever had any real competition for that spot. That said I’m willing to concede that on Britt second year he could make some strides and that the only real spot I worry about I carp’s.

  8. JaviOsullivan

    Rob, what do you think about DT Stephen Paea signing in FA?

    With re-sign Wilson and Wagner go a fair bit with the cap space but I think is a interesting player.

    • Hay stacker509

      Peae alongside Mebane, hill, and Bennett?!?!
      Sign me up!! 4 yrs 25 million, 12 guarenteed?? Plausible anyone?

    • Rob Staton

      Really liked Paea at Oregon State. Like a brick wall right at the heart of the D-line. Would be interested depending on price.

  9. Ho Lee Chit

    In the Super Bowl we will see Rob Gronkowski at work. NE features the TE. He is their leading receiver not some tall, lanky outside speedster. At 6-6, 260 Gronk is effective as a lead blocker in the Patriots running game, also. He is arguably the best TE in the game. The rest of the New England receivers are … rather pedestrian. The TE position is where we need to focus our attention for that elusive, big, red-zone target. Those guys are hard to find because it is rare that a big man has the speed to also get down field. Zack Miller is our most complete TE. With a run first offense, it is essential we have a TE that blocks well at the point of attack else we end up tipping our hand by bringing in Alvin Bailey to man the end of the line. Big, with 4.5 speed, good hands and ferocious … find me one of those in the draft pool regardless of round.

    • Drew

      How about Jesse James from Penn State? 6’7″ 255 lbs. Doubt he runs a 4.5 but he can move for how big he is. Definitely is a development type of player but for drafting a guy like this to the mid late/late rounds who isn’t? His tape isn’t the greatest, but he has some upsdie to him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        He’s a freak-of-nature type. 27 reps on the BP, supposed to run the 40 in about 4.6s.

        Not sure about his production though.

        • Drew

          Not as much production as you’d like, but he has shown that he can box out and go up and get the ball in the redzone. Did it well in their bowl game.

          • mrpeapants

            sounds like willson his last year at college. I think he had 5 receptions

            • Drew

              He’s had more production that that….I like 30 some receptions for 330+ yards or so, 3 TDs. Had about 50 yards off a few catches in their bowl game with an 8 yrd fade route TD.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Interesting quote from Dwight Galt, Penn St strength & conditioning coach:

        “I’ve been really lucky. I had five tight ends in the NFL at one time, including Vernon Davis and Dan Gronkowski, Rob’s brother, and I’ll tell you what — I’ll put Jesse James up there with any of them. The kid is really that athletic and that good of a player.”

        • Rob Staton

          Interesting quote.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        That sounds good. Gronk went in the 2nd round. So, it isn’t necessary to use the first pick to fill the position … any position.

        • Curt

          I think the reason Gronk lasted until the 2nd is because of his injury. Does anyone know where Jesse James is projected? Potential difference makers usually don’t last because someone desperate will pick them up. Just my opinion so don’t take it as gospel. I don’t. I would take Rob’s opinion over mine any day. 🙂

          • Volume 12

            Big fan of Penn St TE Jesse James. He is a freak, production was limited due to Penn St’s offense being bogged down by the inconsistency of QB Christian Hackenberg. James strikes me as guy who will be a better pro than a college player. Love TE Jesse James, and Ohio St’s TE Jeff Heuerman. He’s another athletic freak and has they Gronk personality to match.

            As for a pure blocking TE I really like Texas A&M TE Cameron Clear. Feisty, big personality, former JUCO guy and transfer from Tennessee. Has great size at 6’6, 274 lbs. He’d be a late round pick, but with OL/TE Gary Gilliam flashing on Sunday, not sure if Seattle needs a hybrid type TE.

  10. Drew

    Rob, what are you thoughts for our next DB projects? There’s several large DBs that are intriquing. Here’s a few I’ve noticed.

    Ladarius Gunter CB Miami – 6’2″ 200lb. Very long, experience playing in cover 3, great ball skills but needs to be more physical, especially at the line and in run support.

    Durrell Eskridge FS Syracuse – 6’4″ 205lb. Looks very much like a Seahawk to me. Very physical and should at least run in the 4.5’s if not faster. He’s played multiple DB spots, great athlete, needs to add strength and some technique

    Tony Lippett WR Mich St – 6’3″ 185 lbs. I know we’ve talked about him a bit here as a WR, but he also did play some CB this year as well and did well. Very similar build to Sherman, just needs to add a few pounds and get in the weight room. Could be an interesting convert if he was available late in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m a huge fan of Georgia’s Damian Swann.

      • Drew

        I’m a fan of his as well from the few Georgia games I watched this year. I just don’t think they’ll look for a smaller corner when we have both Lane and Burley on the roster. With the (assummed) departure of Maxwell, we’ll need someone to replace Simon the depth chart as he likely moves to CB #2. I can see us drafting a smaller corner like Swann to eventually replace Lane in 2016, but I think there is more need for a a bigger corner especially since Pinkins was moved back to safety.

        • Volume 12

          Swann isn’t small. He measured in at 5’11 3/4, with shoed on he’s a legit 6’0. Weighs 180 lbs., but plays much bigger and has the frame to Cary to more weight without it affecting his game.

          • Rob Staton

            And he’s a playmaker. Flies to the ball. Creates turnovers. Huge potential with the right coaching.

        • Rob Staton

          He’s listed at 5-11 by Georgia in fairness.

          • Volume 12

            Definitely on the same page when it comes to CB Damian Swann. At the shrine game last week when he measured in is where I got the 5’11 3/4 height from.

            I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Swann is close to the same height as Maxi is.

    • Volume 12

      Recently declared Central Florida CB Jacoby Glenn is an interesting CB Prospect as well.

  11. Beanhawk

    Interesting note from Tony Pauline regarding Dan Quinn and the Falcons:

    “- To expand on my earlier tweet about the Atlanta Falcons liking Shane Ray/DE/Missouri, of course much will depend on the potential hire of Dan Quinn. Sources close to the situation tell me Quinn is a stickler for arm length so Ray’s measurements, hand and arm, could play a big factor.”

    Assuming Pete/John have the same requirements, I would imagine that Markus Golden’s 31-in. arms are going to rule out Golden as an early Seahawk pick (and he wouldn’t last long enough to be a later pick). Too bad, because I like his tenacity.

    • Rob Staton

      I imagine you are correct here. Shame. Will have a post up soon reflecting the weigh in.

      • peter

        Looking forward to it! I just reviewed the weigh in results and there were a few eye brow raisers both obviously looking at length, hand size, and incorrectly advertised height.

  12. Volume 12

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but there isn’t anyone yet that really intrigues me or screams ‘Seahawk.
    Definitely think they trade down again and almost think they trade back farther then they did last year.

    It almost seems like there’s a few potential draft targets out there that we haven’t discussed yet. I have no idea who they are, but if JS track record means anything, there’s some obscure or guy who’s been overlooked that’s sitting in plain sight we’re not focusing on.

    Unique size, a WR who creates separation at the LOS, and after watching the NFCCG game and Michael Bennett on that bicycle some BIG time characters and or personalities, some kid from a small school, guys who plays ‘passed off’ and never quit, We’re missing the boat on someone here guys.

    *As a side note, really like Oklahoma’s OL Daryl Williams. That dude is one mean SOB. Probably my favorite OL at this point and time. Would love him in the 2nd round, if big Carp isn’t re-signed. No quit in him.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there are guys who kind of do scream Seahawks, it’s just their stock is all over the place right now. Eli Harold for example could end up going in the top ten. But he could be in the latter part of the first too. To me he looks like a Seahawks type of player. I think they’d like Kevin White but he’ll be long gone. There are a few linemen I suspect they’ll love but again, will they be there? And I think they’ll really like Melvin Gordon.

      • Volume 12

        Yeah, that’s my point. There is guys, but more than likely aren’t going to be there when Seattle picks. I like Eli Harold too, not more than Owa Odighizuwa.

        Agree on WR Kevin White, and love HB Melvin Gordon myself. Should they really bank on some of these guys sitting there at the end of round 1 or early to mid 2nd round?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I’m very interested in Owa’s 10yd split. I’d really like to see him as a Seahawk. The thought of him and Bennett on the same line…

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