Senior Bowl day two notes

Apologies — I’m a day behind on these because I need to wait for people to upload practise tape to YouTube. Here are my day two notes…

There was no Dawand Jones at practise on Wednesday (he didn’t practise today either). That’s a shame but his day one performance was good enough to leave a lasting impression.

Keeanu Benton had some more wonderful reps on day two. He’s perfectly sized and is flashing quickness and technique in Mobile to win repeatedly. At Wisconsin he was used as a nose tackle but in Mobile he looks like a complete DT. He had a dominant rep against Jake Andrews. His get-off is great and he used a violent rip/swim to avoid the block and explode into the backfield. He did have one bad rep too against Andrews, where he slipped trying a spin-move and just fell over. Benton was also controlled on one occasion by McClendon Curtis. Overall though he’s showing he thoroughly deserves second round consideration and depending on how he tests, there’s genuine potential here.

YaYa Diaby showed off a great burst in day one and he looked really athletic again on Wednesday. He made Blake Freeland look silly with a stunt to the outside then a dart back inside. Freeland virtually lost his shoes trying to change direction.

Jaelyn Duncan was silky smooth protecting the edge and had a nice win against the talented K.J. Henry, walling off and not allowing him to bend and straighten. Duncan also lost in a fairly basic way to Lonnie Phelps, giving up the outside too easily. However, he also had a controlling, dominant rep against Isaiah Foskey — claimping into his chest and not letting go with ideal hand-placement. He also stoned Andre Carter on a left tackle rep, getting lower than the defender and again shooting his hands inside to control. It was an impressive showing from Duncan. He’s a great athlete who is expected to test very well but his lack of ideal length could lead to a move inside. A reminder that Seattle’s scheme — brought in from LA — has often used converted tackles at guard.

On Foskey — he is sadly one of the more overrated players in this class and he also had a rough time against Ryan Hayes on Wednesday, being sent to the turf too easily when rushing from the right hand side. He’s not shown much pop in his 1v1 reps so far — appearing fairly average.

Steve Avila had one of the reps of the week against D.J. Dale. He lined up at center and locked on to Dale off the snap, fought to get his hands inside and just completely controlled the block. He straightened his back, won the leverage battle and just dominated.

I’m as a big fan of Darnell Wright as anyone but Will McDonald got the better of him on day two. Remember, Wright is the man who shut-down Alabama’s Will Anderson during the season. McDonald’s technique leaves a lot to be desired but when you have freakish quickness, agility and length you can still find ways to win. He got to the edge quicker than Wright on the first rep. McDonald’s hand-placement is non existent but because he’s so quick, Wright couldn’t get across to wall him off. They gave them a second rep against each other straight away and scarred from the previous 1v1, Wright compensated outside. McDonald sensed it, to his credit, and beat him with a nice spin move to penetrate inside. It might take McDonald a year or two to realise his potential — and he may never truly realise it. If he does though, watch out. The physical tools are there to be amazing. He’s just never been able to put it all together.

Andre Carter — great physical profile. Bags of developmental potential. At the moment though, he’s not strong enough and he’s basically a project for later on.

Twitter was interesting yesterday. People are awarding wins in the 1v1’s that are actually losses. A case in point — I couldn’t help but challenge this tweet praising O’Cyrus Torrence. It led to a long, frustrating back and forth as people desperately tried to claim this constitutes a win for a right guard:

As we all know, any time your guard gets shoved six yards into the backfield, right into the spot the quarterback would be standing — that’s a clear win. I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of those moments where the rest of the line have to turn around fully to see what’s happened to the right guard.

I can remember Pete Carroll talking many years ago about the need to push the pocket as a D-line. Clean wins are nice but difficult to achieve in the interior. Driving your blocker back and moving the QB is integral. There are seemingly people online who think being pushed this deep into the backfield is a win — just because the defender doesn’t disengage and release. It highlights how challenging it is to trust analysis on the internet.

On another rep, people were hailing Torrence for blocking Byron Young of Alabama because Young ended up on the deck as he slipped over at the end of the 1v1. The thing is, they engage at the 10-yard line and Young slips at the five-yard line. At Alabama Young was adept at disrupting plays not with clean wins but by shoving blockers backwards or playing his gap well. I don’t want a guard ceding ground five or six yards into the backfield. I want him to square-up, anchor and stall the pass-rusher as best he can.

It’s been the same with Cody Mauch for most of the week too. He’s looked quite aggressive and fun attacking people in the running game but in his pass-pro reps he gives up too much ground. Watch his second rep in this video against Karl Brooks.

That isn’t a win for Mauch. He gives up too much ground and then Brooks works back to the QB. That’s a pressure or a sack. Yet it’s contained within a tweet describing a ‘dominating’ performance.

I had Tyjae Spears graded in round two in my latest horizontal board. He is so electric and despite being lighter than ideal (205lbs) he has such a proportionate frame with a thick, explosive lower body. He had a big run during team drills — a well blocked play it has to be said — where he took advantage to explode through the whole and then make the safety Chris Smith of Georgia miss at the second level. He’s a dynamite player and someone who could be a nice complement to Ken Walker. That said, he was demolished by Aubrey Miller on a pass-pro rep (before battling back on the subsequent rep).

This isn’t an easy week to judge tight ends but Luke Musgrave look so smooth running routes and catching the ball. He’s a total natural, a great athlete and he’s got so much next level potential.

For all the talk of dominant performances by Keion White and Adetomiwa Adebawore, I saw White well handled by Ryan Hayes on one rep and then ‘Ade Ade’ was easily controlled by Jarrett Patterson. On their next 1v1, Adebawore got revenge by pulling Patterson’s jersey and releasing to get a clean break and burst into the backfield. After that, Adebawore used a euro step from the interior and then a swipe of the hands to dodge a block by McClendon Curtis. He had the skill to then capitalise and bend to the QB.

White lined up inside on Wednesday and had a good battle with Cody Mauch. People on Twitter were saying Mauch won but I see it differently. White has him five yards into the backfield off the snap and just bursts upfield. Mauch tries to hang in there and he stops White releasing to get the sack but by that point he’s right in the QB’s grill. It’s a win for the defense.

Mauch had a really ugly rep too against Nesta Jade Silvera where he was just driven backwards. Fun player he might be but as noted earlier, Mauch looks like he lacks the core strength to drop the anchor.

White couldn’t disengage from McClendon Curtis on a different occasion. I’m impressed with White’s quickness and athleticism but I want to see better use of speed-to-power and a more cultured game-plan to disengage. He just ploughed into Curtis on this rep and didn’t have any thought on how to release.

Ali Gaye never delivered on his potential at LSU but he’s a well sized edge who flashed a couple of times on Wednesday. He easily beat Warren McClendon with a speed rush to the edge on one play (he was barely touched) and then at the other side of the line, he showed power and leverage in run-combat. Speaking of his inconsistency though — in the rematch against McClendon he just ran into the right tackle and was shut down.

Tennessee’s Byron Young isn’t the biggest but he really gave his all in the run-reps — leveraging well and extending his arms and driving through contact. He also drove Wanya Morris right into the backfield on two pass-rush reps.

I’ve been really impressed with Cameron Young. In a run-rep he easily handled Nick Broeker (who I like and hasn’t had a brilliant first two days). He also shoved back Nick Salidveri (who I also like). On a pass-rush 1v1 against Saldiveri he again drove him backwards and eventually Saldiveri slipped (as a lot of players have done this week). Later on he dominated Emil Ekiyor. I will be looking at Young’s tape next week and I’m very intrigued by what he has shown in Mobile.

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  1. Zach

    Love the note about the importance of pushing/collapsing the pocket on the interior – the number of interior rushers who can cleanly win and generate sacks/QB hits from that spot is very small, but you don’t need to do that much to disrupt the opposing offense, and I think we saw far too many cases this year where the Seahawks could not generate that push up front on defense. Since there may not be a true gamewrecker at that position (or at least at the #5 pick), which guys do you think are the best able to at least collapse the pocket at the NFL level?

    • Rob Staton

      Byron Young (Alabama) very good at it, been impressed with the way Cameron Young is pushing the pile. Benton has done it a few times. Ade Ade and a few of the smaller ones too.

    • Hawkdawg

      And a great example of an O-Lineman on the Hawks this season who played much of the game yards behind his own line of scrimmage was Blythe. Pass and run. A clinic in how that can screw up an offense. His man didn’t always make the tackle or the sack, but he blew the play up.

  2. Steve Nelsen

    Hopi g to find a 5-Tech, a NT and an ILB in the draft. Any ILBs standing out to you?

    • Rob Staton

      Not studied them here but it’s hard to really judge LB’s in this setting

      • Bill H.

        The actual game might be the best place to analyze LB’s. I remember the game with Fred Warner and he played pretty much the whole game at middle LB, tells you what the coaches thought of him.

  3. Palatypus

    Nick Saldiveri had a few of these “Twitter Wins” today. It seemed like people were getting under his pads, making him upright, and walking him back.

  4. RToots

    Love hearing your thoughts on the Senior Bowl Rob.

    Just saw that Brad Spielberger of PFF and OTC dropped his Free Agent rankings with contract projections (his projections last year were mostly great), and projects Geno for a 4year, $150m contract?! Whilst this seems a little high, fans do need to be realistic about what kind of deal it’s going to take to keep Geno right?

    How upset would you be to see the Hawks sign Geno to that sort of deal?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see him getting close to that

      • Trevor

        These type of projections for Geno are just silly almost to the point of delusion.

        • Rob Staton

          Extremely silly

        • Mr. Anderson

          I think the GM’s in the NFL know Geno’s true worth. Age, 4th qtr. turnovers, how many dropped int’s? He has a good arm and can make all the throws, but when the pressure is on, seems like a different Geno IMO.

      • Trevor

        Imagine being a GM and going to your owner to ask him to sign a $150 mil deal for a career backup who had 8-9 really good games last year.

        • cha

          This is “RW will never be traded” all over again.

          At this point I can add another reason for drafting a top QB this year: At least it would curb the craziness around the Seahawks’ QB situation for a while.

          Not stop it, mind you. Just curb it.

    • Chris

      Who other than the Seahawks would be willing to even entertain giving him that sort of an offer?

      I can’t see how Schneider would be forced into giving away that much money. That doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t though … makes lots of bad money decisions.

  5. MountainHawker

    The mock drafts are getting fun now that we get to watch these prospects battle each other. Obviously there’s a long way to go before the draft and this isn’t realistic. But man wouldn’t be cool.
    Did this on mock draft simulator. 5 rounds. Free for all trades. Traded back twice to #18 with the intention of taking Richardson and collecting 2nd and 3rd rounders. Went young on the DL and plan to address lb in free agency.

    18-Anthony Richardson
    20-Calijah Klancey
    37-Keion White
    38-Keenau Benton
    52-John Michael Schmitz
    55-Luke Musgrave (not sure how he slipped but can’t say no. Especially with Dissly hurt and rookie QB)
    83-Matthew Bergeron (move him to guard)
    123-Byron Young (don’t see him lasting this long but you never know)
    153- Tyjae Spears (I also like Chris Rodriguez later. This was bpa)
    156-Jonathan Mingo

    • Palatypus

      I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Keion White will go top 20. I think John Michael Shmitz will go in the early 2nd round, probably before 40. Keeanu Benton looked beautiful in the bag drills at the Senior Bowl practices, knocking the dummies over flush to the ground horizontally before they popped back up. He showed that punch in the one on ones, too. He’ll probably have a great combine. I think he’s a first-round pick. Klancey will depend on the measurables. I really don’t think Anthony Richardson gets past us at five.

      • Peter

        I think a lot of this is true.

  6. KennyBadger

    I’m riffing a little off what cowherd was talking about today but I wonder if maye and Caleb Williams being in next years draft will affect teams thoughts about this years qb class, especially those in a full rebuild. I’m thinking about the Texans specifically- would you rather take Anderson/carter and have a great shot at 1 of those 2 next year or do you take your qb now?

    • Rob Staton

      This gets said every year though

      I’ve not studied either QB fully but what I have watched I didn’t see a noticeable difference between those two and the QB’s in this draft

      I doubt any team is ‘waiting for next year’ and if they don’t take a QB this year it won’t be with an eye on being one of the worst two teams in the league in 2023

      • Palatypus

        I don’t know, I did hear a number of people say that they thought Jim Irsay is insane.

      • KennyBadger

        Fair enough. I’m really trying hard to manifest 2 defensive players going in the top 4.

      • Bballin

        This annoys me every year. I remember people saying “wait til next year with Sam Howell and Spencer rattler”.

        Also every year there’s a lot of draft media that hedges their bets and says it’s a bad draft

      • AlaskaHawk

        I had that same thought about passing on a quarterback this year and using that extra first round pick on the defensive line. It could make a difference and be that extra first round defensive pick that the team needs.

        But here’s the problem. No matter what scenario you set up, whether natural draft next year or trading down for some teams other first round draft pick , the Seahawks won’t be guaranteed a pick in the top 5 next year. Even with Geno Smith at the helm the Seahawks are still picking at 20. So we just can’t risk not getting a quarterback at #5.

    • DC1234

      I dont think the Texan will bypass drafting a qb to pick Anderson or Carter. I think if there was a cant miss DE like Nick Bosa or Myles Garrett, they might.

      I remember cleveland picked Garrett first pick. While qb like Deshauan Watson, Mahomes and Tribiskey was available.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s very possible Houston does this

        Or they might trade up from #12 to have two high picks

        • DC1234

          Houston does have the draft ammo to trade up from #12. They have cleveland’s 1st round next year.

          Would you trade back from #5 to #12 if you get 2024 first round pick plus maybe a 3rd?

          • Steve Nelsen

            Yes, unless there is a QB you love. Adding an extra 1st-round pick next year sets things up really well for finishing the rebuild. Seattle can’t rebuild their front 7 this year, they need a WR to complement/replace Lockett, and they have to fill out their secondary.

          • Ben

            I’d be asking for the #33 pick and future first. There’s just too much value in the top 5 in this draft vs #12.

            • Roy Batty

              I’m of the same mind.

              If a team needs a QB and one of the top four are there, they will make it happen. Next year is a complete unknown. This year is not.

  7. Nick

    Will Levis v Georgia Analysis:

    Would highly recommend this video and the channel. Excellent QB analysis.

    • Nick

      Ha! Just saw your comment Rob. You’re all over it.

    • Rob Staton

      I watched this earlier. I think it is overly critical. I mean look at that first throw. ‘Underthrown’. He’s deep in his own end zone, under pressure, throws it to a spot where his receiver makes a big play against the elite team in college football. It’s a wonderful throw — described in the most unflattering terms possible. And it’s been revealed he finished the season playing with a broken bone in his foot.

      • Nick

        I agree. The sack on the four verticles was absolutely in no way his fault. And the guy kinda seemed to blame him for it. I saw more positives in Levis’ game than the reviewer did, but still was very good to hear his breakdown and points.

        Sidenote: he says in one of his videos on Levis that he lacks touch at times, which can hurt him with screens. It was then I knew Seattle would love him!

        • Big Mike

          I literally LOL’d Nick…….and cried at the same time.

          • Cysco

            I would be funnier if it wasn’t so true.

            • Cysco


              Lol, though as typed, probably accurate as well. 🙂

        • Mr. Anderson

          This comment is perfect! I still can’t believe how hard it is for the Seahawks to run screen passes. It boggles my mind.

          • Tallyhawk

            Them not being able to run a screen is frustrating. Their inability to stop them is absolutely maddening! I miss the days of the other team running a screen being an automatic loss of 5 yds minimum.

    • Dregur

      I’ve been openly critical of Levis on this blog, but some of analysis does seem off to me.

      The endzone throw he states is a miss since Levis checked down, he says he should’ve thrown to the left WR near the endzone. What I saw was a WR that bracketed by the safety and underneath by the CB who was already cheating backward toward the sideline where the WR’s route was going.

      I don’t know why that would be the optimal throw.

  8. Bill H.

    I find it interesting that all the mock drafts showing teams that need a QB, and they pass over Seattle, when the Seahawks currently have no QB signed for next year.

  9. Jabroni-DC

    Cameron Young measurements

    10” hands
    35” arms length
    82 3/8” wingspan

    He’d be a 3-4 DE in our scheme yes?
    The FO would certainly be fans of that arm length.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Yes. That is prototype 5-technique DE size.

  10. SomeDude

    Not Senior Bowl related but I need to vent. Fans who can only talk about Geno Smith’s “4,000 yard 30 TD” season w/o any credence given to his previous years in the league, ugly moments, or ability to put the team on his back drive me insane. I’m (sorta, kinda, begrudgingly) fine with him as a bridge but he isn’t worth paying like a top 10 QB like some fans think.

    Rant over!

    • Palatypus

      Most fans don’t watch 11 on 11 tapes from the Madden View.

  11. Palatypus

    Okay, here is some video I took this morning with some 1v1s at the Senior Bowl. Be forewarned that I suck at this. I really need to hire a 12-year-old girl with a TikTok account. Then it will look professional

    I know that this cuts into your live viewing of the Shrine Game on the NFL Network, but we all have to make sacrifices.

    • BK26

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. That is pretty clean and steady.

      Man, I appreciate you being there and and glad you get to do it. To just see it and hear what you can hear, it’s a nice experience. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

      • Palatypus

        It’s hard to tell who’s who.

  12. Palatypus

    While I am thinking about it…

    One thing I saw on all three of the days I was at this year’s Senior Bowl practices versus the one day I was last year, is that they made the losers of the team drills do pushups. It showed up at today’s practice. They look like they want to go to war.

    It’s too bad we don’t have a real quarterback this year.

  13. GoHawks5151

    Big thanks to Rob and Palatypus for all the info! It’s a lot of work and it’s much appreciated. Best in the nation! 😉 What an exciting time to be a Hawks fan

  14. Trevor

    Senior Bowl 2023 Wish List

    The Senior Bowl is my favorite week of the draft season. So every year I do up a Seahawks 10 player wish list. Last Year was the first year the Hawks took multiple guys off my list (Mafe, Lucas, Bryant, Wollen) . Hope they do again this year and it was great to see JS there watching the trenches up close and personal.

    My takeawy this year was that there are some good DL and Interior OL options. Also some nice looking WR / CB options on day #3. LB group is hard to judge at Senior Bowl but looked weak.

    1. John Michael Schmitz (C / Min) 6’3” ,306lb , 32 ¾ arms , 9 5/8 hands, 78 7/8 wingspan) – Hawks need to upgrade the OL and Schmitz is the clear OC1 in this draft. He plays with an edge and looks like a leader. Dominated all season and Senior Bowl was no different. Plug and Play from Day #1 and perfect fit for the Hawks.

    2. Adetomiwa Adebawore (DL/ NW) 6’1.5” ,284 lb , 34 arms , 10 7/8 hands, 82 1/8 wingspan)- If the Hawks could only get one defensive player at the Senior Bowl then Adebawore would be my pick. He flat out dominated and played with fire. He was by far the biggest surprise for me this year. Can’t wait to see how he tests at the Senior Bowl. He could well be the type of Inside Out pass rusher the Hawks have lacked since Micheal Bennet.

    3. Keion White (DL/ GTech) 6’5” ,280 lb , 33 5/8 arms , 10 5/8 hands, 79 3/4 wingspan)- Was hoping to see a little more dominance in the 1 v1 drills but he still stood out. Anxious to see how he tests at the combine but White seems like a perfect fit for the Hawks with the size and athleticism they currently lack at DE.

    4. Julius Brents (CB / K St) 6’2” , 202 lb , 33 3/4 arms , 9 1/2 hands, 82 7/8 wingspan)- The idea of Brents opposite Woolen has to have PC drooling. Another long athletic CB who looks much more advanced than Woolen was this time last year. I know CB is not a need but if the Hawks took Brents they would be set at the CB spot going forward.

    5. Keeanu Benton (DT / Wisc) 6’3” , 312 lb , 33 3/4 arms , 9 5/8 hands, 81 3/4 wingspan)- With good size and arm length Benton looks like a protype NFL DT. He is solid in the run game and showed a little as a pass rusher as well. Not an elite talent but a solid player and starter on the interior of DL which the Hawks badly need.

    6. Daiyan Henley (LB/ Wash St) 6’ 1” , 230 lb , 33 arms , 9 1/4 hands, 78 3/8 wingspan)- Henley looks like a great athlete who excelled in the coverage drills. His tape and production are great. If he tests well in the agility drills at the combine he could be high on the Hawks board.

    7. Will McDonald IV (Edge / Missouri) 6’3” ,241 lb , 35” arms , 9” hands, 82 3/8 wingspan)- A 245 lb edge rusher is probably not the Hawks biggest need but Mcdonald has incredible arm length and twitch off the edge. He was playing at another speed compared to the other edge rushers in Mobile. Should he fall into Rd #2 could be a steal.

    8. Nathaniel Dell (WR/ Hous) 5’ 8” , 163 lb , 30 5/8 arms , 8 7/8 hands, 72 3/4 wingspan)- Diminutive but ultra-productive WR coming out of college who excels at getting separation. Remind you of anyone (Tyler Locket). He was uncoverable at the Senior Bowl and would an incredible 3rd option in the Hawks passing game.

    9. Payne Durham (TE/ Purdue) 6’5” , 260 lb , 33 1/2 arms , 9 ½ hands, 80 3/4 wingspan)- Was really impressed with Durham as a blocking TE and then he showed in the pass game as well. Can’t wait to see how he tests in the agility drills at the combine. If he performs well he could be a perfect replacement for Will Dissly as a Day 3 pick.

    10. Cameron Young (DT / Miss St) 6’3” , 305 lb , 35” arms , 10” hands, 82 3/8”wingspan) – Young and Benton were the two best pure DT at mobile IMO. Nice frame with long arms. He looked great in the 1 v 1 drills and could be a steal on Day #3 . Will be curious to see how he tests because he looks quite agile for a guy his size.

    Favorite Player at a position with no need. Dawand Jones (OT/ Ohio St.) 6’8” , 375 lb , 36 5/8 arms , 11 3/8 hands, 89 3/4 wingspan)- The Hawks are set at OT so Jones might not be a great fit but at guy who Rob has been talking about all year was my favorite player at the Senior Bowl. He is probably too big to move inside to Guard but if not I would love to see him and Lucas in action on the right side of the Hawks OL. He is an absolute beast and if you want to be a bully this is a guy you want.

    Day # QB Pick -Hendon Hooker – If Hooker is there on Day #3 would be worth taking a flyer on him. Seems like a great leader and locker room guy who could develop into a solid backup.

    Unique Player Day 3 Pick – Ivan Pace Jr (LB / Cin) He is too small to be an every down LB but man can he rush the passer. Would be an ideal Day #3 pick as a situational blitzing LB doing a lot of what Jamal Adams did his 1st year with the Hawks.

    Other players who I really liked.

    DB Group – JL Skinner, Tyrique Stevenson, Darius Rush, Sydney Brown

    DL Group- Byron Young, Karl Brooks, Derick Hall, Jerrod Clark

    LB Group- Nick Hampton, Dorian Williams, DeMarvion Overshown

    OL Group- Steve Avila, Darnell Wright, Jaelyn Duncan, Cody Mauch, O’Cyrus Torrence, Matthew Bergeron, Nick Saldiveri, Olusegun Oluwatimi, McClendon Curtis

    RB Group – Tyjae Spears, Roschon Johnson, Kenny Macintosh

    WR Group – Jayden Reed, Johnahan Mingo, Michael Wilson, Andrei Iosivas

    • Peter

      Nice write up.

      Really enjoy the depth if not pure firepower of the DL options.

      Schmitz. Come on down. Right size. Right position of need. Perfect synergy.

      Will Mcdonald. I’ll watch a bit more but on the two games I’ve watched I see a guy who loses pursuit/gives up if it’s not pure pass rush for him. It’s just a preference for me but I like to see guys online pursuit or stay involved.

      Additionally as an unpopular take. I’m not sure he gives anything this team already doesn’t have with taylor, nwosu, mafe if the interior dline and/or inside LB’s don’t get better. This sounds negative and I’m not. I just wonder if you draft him and can’t fix the other areas would you just get the same results?.

      • UkAlex6674

        Yes awesome write up! Where do you see Schmitz going in the draft? He’s my favourite C for sure.

        Peter you are right re D-Line; plenty of depth but no real firepower. Makes a FA splash signing all the more appealing.

        • Trevor

          Depends how Schmitz tests but my guess is late round 1 or early round #2. If the Hawks traded back to the end of round #1 from 20 he would be the perfect pick.

      • Trevor

        I agree with Mcdonald being similar to what they already have. Just think if he puts it all together with his arm length and speed he could be special.

  15. Peter

    Another installment in brain dead drafts where your intrepid community member watches or reads a draft so you don’t have to.

    Last night I was “treated,” to a 40 plus minute mock from PFN titled “post senior bowl draft.” Where the two talking heads took turns, odds then evens, making selections.

    For Seattle:

    #5 the most locked on pick ever (please let him be a super freak ala Rick James at the combine) tyree wilson. Apparently he’s the most physical disruptor in the draft….which begs the question why he doesn’t go to the teams that select Carter or Anderson?

    #20 O’cyrus Torrence. RG. at 20. Twenty. T-w-e-n-t-y. Because Seattle needs a ton of help along the defensive line they are going to swerve by picking an enormous Guard who is almost plus 50lbs on any sized guard the Rams, the model apparently, has on their line.

    One of the guys in the video exclaims he’s upset that Joey Porter, jr. goes a spot before us because he sees him as a great fit in Seattle.

    These people are getting paid actual money in exchange for goods or services for these absolutely broken picks.

    • Palatypus

      You know there were six guys at the Senior Bowl from The Pewter Report. At the practices and they were always together milling about as a group. They were all dressed the same. They all had their hands in their pockets and were slouching on the railings of the walkway between the upper and lower decks of the bleachers along the T.V. media area. They were there all the time.

      Every time I saw them I thought of that quote by Captain Kirk in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. He said, “The rest of you break up. You look like a cadet review.”

      • cha

        “Are you sure it isn’t time for a colorful metaphor?”

        • Palatypus

          As Karl Urban, who played Leonard McCoy and Billy Butcher, they “nosh bullocks.”

          • UkAlex6674

            Urban crushed it in Dredd.

    • BK26

      I saw this and was verrrrry irritated. Which is what I said in my comment of the video. Amongst all of the other Seahawks fans that were calling it a homerun round.

      In their last video, they were honestly confused that Kiper had us taking a quarterback. It must be nice to have a job where the VOLUME of your work is what matters, not the quality.

      • Peter

        Trying to figure out which comment was yours….

        “Fat guard in the first round who isn’t good….”

        “Levis won’t get passed Seattle at five……”

        Clearly you’re not the one who wrote:

        “Corner at five….” I was dead with that comment.

        Re: qb. Cha made a comment but slyly I agree. Maybe drafting a qb just to get beyond the russ sucks, geno ain’t write back crap is the best thing for the franchise just simply to start fresh.

        Also if you are a team that didn’t compete for a division championship, your qb is in their thirties, and you get a freebie top five pick you are doing a disservice to your team by not considering qb there.

        • BK26

          I think mine was something along the lines of “if this happens I will probably break me tv.”

          We don’t even have a quarterback under contract next year! Obviously that can change quickly, but there is no future as of right now. Just hopes and assumptions.

        • Palatypus

          The Levis comment was me.

          • Palatypus

            On my video anyway.

      • Big Mike

        “It must be nice to have a job where the VOLUME of your work is what matters, not the quality.”

        Like TV weather guy BK26?

  16. Curt

    Curious on whether Rob or others think Dawand Jones could play guard?

    • Peter

      Not rob. Maybe. If we are emulating the Rams size wise he’s too big. Heck Lewis is almost too big.

      Rams guards are like 6’5″ 300lbs.

    • Rob Staton

      I think with his size it would be difficult to win with leverage inside

  17. Steve Nelsen

    OK. If Indianapolis really keeps their head coach we absolutely have to trade for their 1st-round pick next year.

  18. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Broncos requested to interview #Seahawks associate head coach and defensive assistant Sean Desai for their defensive coordinator job under Sean Payton, source said. Desai and Flores, for now.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I saw that and immediately wondered if we could get their DC Ejiro Evero.

      • Big Mike

        Wouldn’t matter. It’s still the Pete Carroll show particularly on the D side…………my opinion of course.

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    interesting takes on some Senior Bowl OL prospects from Jon Ledyard.

    The best 3 OL on the American team were Minnesota C John Michael Schmitz, TCU OG Steve Avila and Alabama’s Tyler Steen.

    Schmitz was dominant. Don’t think many guys are going through him in the NFL. Really powerful hands and plays with an edge. Looked great picking up stunts too

    Avila isn’t very long and looks like his frame could be a concern. But, man, he showed out. Crazy grip strength and shut down bull rushes nicely. Technically really sound. I’d want to see him tested by better comp, but this was a good week for him.

    I haven’t seen anyone mention Steen. Thought he was awesome. Really good body control, strike timing and core strength was great. Recovered quickly when DL countered on him. Aggressive and played with an edge. No idea where his draft stock is, but Im looking forward to his tape.

    Syracuse’s Matt Bergeron was interesting. He had some awesome reps where you could see his strikes crush people. He can move too. Sometimes he gets a little sloppy technically, but he looked talented. I’d wanna see more of him.

    Tennessee’s Darnell Wright was good in one-on-ones, but just watching him move brought up some questions for me. He plays a little high and stiff. Got matched up a lot against the lighter edge rushers, and he bullied them when he got his mitts on them. But speed guys will be a ?

    Both Florida guys, Richard Gouraige and O’Cyrus Torrence had good and bad moments. Gouraige really looks the part. Torrence is a brick house lol.

    Guys that got beat consistently were Ole Miss Nick Broeker and ODU Nick Saldieveri. Georgia’s Warren McClendon is stiff as a board and struggled to mirror guys who tested him on the outside. But most of the rest were at least competent in drills.

    • Palatypus

      Matt Bergeron’s Mom was everywhere at the practices.

  20. Trevor

    Post Senior Bowl Practice Seahawks Mock

    Really hope the Hawks clear up some cap space with the release of (Adams, Diggs, Jefferson, Gabe Jackson etc. ) and then focus on defense this free agent period. Not in volume but by targeting a high end player at each level of the defense. I don’t see a lot of immediate difference makers in this draft. For example

    DT : Daron Payne

    LB: Germaine Pratt

    S:Chauncey Gardner Johnson


    #5 Stroud / Levis or Richardson – Hopefully the guy JS likes is on the board and the Hawks get their QB of the future.

    #20 traded to KC for # 31 and 63

    #31 John Michael Schmitz (C / Min) – Hawks need to upgrade the OL and Schmitz is the clear OC1 in this draft. He plays with an edge and looks like a leader. Dominated all season and Senior Bowl was no different. Plug and Play from Day One and perfect fit for the Hawks.

    #38 Mazi Smith (DT/ Mich) A lot depends on his arm length but I think he blows up the combine. Would be an ideal guy to add to the DL.

    #53 Adetomiwa Adebawore (DL/ NW) Explosive and great motor. He was by far the biggest surprise for me this year at senior Bowl. Can’t wait to see how he tests at the combine. He could well be the type of Inside Out pass rusher the Hawks have lacked since Micheal Bennett.

    #63 Julius Brents (CB / K St) The idea of Brents opposite Woolen has to have PC drooling. Another long athletic CB who looks much more advanced than Woolen was this time last year. I know CB is not a need but if the Hawks took Brents they would be set at the CB spot going forward.

    #84 Daiyan Henley (LB/ Wash St) Henley looks like a great athlete who excelled in the coverage drills. His tape and production are great. If he tests well in the agility drills at the combine he could be high on the Hawks board.

    #124 Kenny Macintosh (RB / Georgia) – Hawks need to add an RB or two in this draft. Macintosh might not make it out of Day #2 but if he does would be perfect fit in this range.

    #154 Payne Durham (TE/ Purdue) – Was really impressed with Durham as a blocking TE and then he showed in the pass game as well at the Senior Bowl. Can’t wait to see how he tests in the agility drills at the combine. If he performs well he could be a perfect replacement for Will Dissly as a Day 3 pick and a nice compliment to Fant / Parkinson

    #157 Cammeron Young (DT / Miss St) Looked really athletic and powerful at Senior Bowl. Nice rotational DT to grab on Day #3

    #199 Micheal Wilson (WR / Stanford) Some injury issues but he looked awesome in the Senior Bowl and is considered a solid special teamer.

    #240 Ivan Pace Jr (LB / Cin) He is too small to be an every down LB but man can he rush the passer. Would be an ideal Day #3 pick as a situational blitzing LB doing a lot of what Jamal Adams did his 1st year with the Hawks.

    • Simo

      I support the plan!!

  21. DCSeattle

    Let someone else overdraft Mauch and Torrence, I’m ok with that. If the stand in fake qb in those drills has to get happy feet and get out of the way, the O-lineman didn’t win. No doubt they are good players, but maybe being over-hyped due to recency bias of Quinn Meinerz (Mauch) and Zion Johnson (Torrence).

  22. hoggs41

    Just posting this again as I added it right be for a new post. Just some things to have fun with.

    Im going to try my luck at a potential offseason strategy. According to OTC we currently have $31m in cap space with 48 rostered players. Here we go.


    Shelby Harris $9m savings (we now have $40m and 47 players)
    Gabe Jackson $6.5m ($46.5/46)
    Bryan Mone $2.7m (probably would be a $1.2m injury settlement so we will go with saving $1.5m savings) (48/45)
    Jamal Adams $8.5m (he has $2.5m guaranteed for injury se the $11m would go down to $8.5m) ($56.5m/44)


    Diggs $3m (his original deal was $18.1m this year and $15.1 next year. If we convert $6m of his base salary to a signing bonus the cap hits would flip flop) ($59.5m/44)

    We now have about $60m in space with 44 contracted players so lets add now.

    Free Agent signings:

    Dremont Jones $-7.5m (sign him to a three year $30m deal with a first year cap hit of $7.5m) ($52m/45)
    Ben Powers -$6m (sign the left guard to a 3 year $24m deal and maybe switch Lewis back to RG) ($46m/46)
    Geno Smith -$16.67 (sign him to a three year $80m deal with $30m guaranteed. $20m signing bonus plus a $10m base salary gives him a year 1 cap hit of $16.67m) ($29.33m/47)
    Rashaad Penny -$2.5m (give him a 1 year deal to be the backup and maybe some incentives if he becomes the lead back) ($26.83m/48)
    Ryan Neal -$4.3m (second round tender) ($22.43m/49)
    Mike Jackson -$895k (erfa) ($21.54m/50)
    Myles Adams -$895k (erfa) ($20.6m/51)

    Now we have about $20m left and 51 players under contract. Have some for the draft, practice squad, IR and a little left over for some smaller moves. Now the draft.


    I trade back with Carolina from 5 to 9 and gain pick 60 and pick 113. (this is what the most recent trade chart suggests so Im just going with it)

    Pick #9- Anthony Richardson
    Pick #20- Drew Sanders
    Pick #37- Siaki Ika
    Pick #53- Byron Young (Alabama)
    Pick #61- Luke Wypler
    Pick #83- Kenny McIntosh (not sure he makes it this far but could be Chris Rodriguez)


    Geno Smith
    Drew Lock (if we drafted AR I would still want Lock and have Richardson be QB3. Might cost us $1.5m as thats about what Geno was as a backup)
    Anthony Richardson

    Kenneth Walker
    Rashaad Penny
    Kenny McIntosh/Chris Rodriguez

    DK Metcalf
    Tyler Lockett

    Noah Fant
    Will Dissly
    Colby Parkinson

    Charles Cross
    Ben Powers
    Luke Wypler
    Damien Lewis
    Abe Lucas


    Front Three:
    Al Woods
    Q. Jefferson
    Dremont Jones
    Byron Young
    Siaki Ika
    Myles Adams


    Uchenna Nwosu
    Darrell Taylor
    Boye Mafe
    Tyreke Smith
    Alton Robinson


    Drew Sanders
    Jordyn Brooks (will start season on IR)


    Tre Brown
    Tariq Woolen
    Coby Bryant
    Mike Jackson


    Quandre Diggs
    Ryan Neal

    Love it hate it? No chance at these guys? Prices are way off? Thoughts?

    • Trevor


  23. Steve Nelsen

    I have been enjoying the John Michael Schmitz stories from the Senior Bowl and started to mentally put him on my radar as a potential pick pending TEF results from Combine workouts.

    But…I believe Seattle would strongly prefer a veteran presence at center next year. I would love to hear Cross or Lucas or the O-line coach talk about how important Austin Blythe was to the success of the two rookie tackles last year. I’d hate to risk their continued development in year 2.

    I know Rob mentioned Bradberry as a veteran FA. I don’t recall his TEF numbers and I don’t know if he is a fit for Seattle’s zone scheme. But, we may be looking at another year of Blythe and I will try to make peace with that if it happens because of the benefit to the other young guys.

    I think we all expect Gabe Jackson to be gone next year so that would leave Damien Lewis as the veteran leader. I love Lewis but I don’t think he is ready for that.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      If Lewis isn’t ready to be a leader going into his 4th season, he probably never will be. Not sure how much Gabe Jackson has functioned as that leader though. Presumably Blythe could fill that role if he comes back like you are speculating (unfortunately I think you are probably right about that).

    • Big Mike

      You may be right about a vet being a preference but to that I say 2 things:
      1) how many times did we see Blythe get bullrushed straight back into the QB’s area? (answer, too damned many!)
      2) Seattle could’ve and should’ve drafted Creed Humphrey. He was 2nd team ALL-PRO this year in only his 2nd season. A quality rook can develop into what is needed at the position and it can happen fairly quickly. Schmitz could develop along with Lucas and Cross just fine imo.

      Bonus: His personality also sounds like it’s such that he won’t have any problems being the alpha on the o-line.

    • MoBo

      Bradburys wTEF number is a descent 96,46. Arm length of just 31 3/4 could be in issue but I think last year Rob or somebody else mentioned that for Center the handsize (>10) is more important. Bradbury got 10 1/2 hands. Spotrac suggest a 4-year contract with 11,9M APY.
      I think one realistic option would be to bring Pocic back. He’s got a good season with the Browns (PFF 79.0) and was a cornerstone for the the running game.

    • Jabroni-DC

      In 2009 Max Unger player RG as a rookie until he got up to speed and bumped the immortal Chris Spencer in 2010 to become the starting Center.

      Seattle could sign Blythe for another season & do something similar with a rookie Center if they’re not ready to takeover the calls of the OL. Or if the rookie is ready then they just flat out win the job & Blythe becomes insurance & a mentor.

  24. samprassultanofswat

    After listening to Brock Huard. I am all in on Dawand Jones. Jones plays right tackle. Man! Can you imagine having Jones next to Abraham Lucas. According to Huard, Jones did not allow a sack all season. Jones has the longest wingspan ever recorded. Talk about a road grader. Jones practically can move mountains. Just running behind Lucas/ Jones will control the clock help keep the defense OFF the field.

  25. cha

    The plot thickens

    Mike Klis
    Not only have Broncos requested interview for Seattle associate HC Sean Desai for DC but Desai has withdrawn from consideration for MIN DC job, per source.
    Desai interviewed w/Vikings last wk. Wants to concentrate on DEN. Vic Fangio recommended Denver to Desai. #9sports

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I’ve no idea what Desai meant to the scheming or the coaching up of our current defense, the prospect of losing him to a better defense and being left with just Hurtt is… worrying.

      It’d be the wise move on his part. A year with that D could open up HC offers in 2024.

  26. Steve Nelsen

    Pencil in Evan Hull as a potential Day 3 RB pick for Seattle. Looks like he fits the preferred size/speed for Seattle and his Senior Bowl week was solid.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Will McDonald was the best 3-4 defender for the week. Yes please even though he is an OLB and we have Mafe.

      Daiyan Henley looks to be a possible Day 2 ILB.

      Lots of solid NT prospects. And lots of long CBs so I expect Seattle to add one.

      Some good safety play if Seattle moves in from either starter. Skinner showed enough to keep him on the radar without showing so much that he gets drafted too early.

    • Trevor

      By far the best writeup I have seen from the national media.

      • Matt

        I was in utter shock reading this.

    • BK26

      Personally for Kyle Stackpole’s picks, I would rather take Richardson at 5 and probably another 20 guys instead of murphy at all for the 20th pick.

    • Spectator

      Stroud and Breese would be a home run for me.

      • Rob Staton

        There are better options than Bresee

  27. Steve Nelsen

    If that Spotrac number for Bradbury is right, he is too expensive for Seattle.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Sorry that was supposed to be a reply to MoBo. From what I read about Bradbury on the Minnesota fan sites, he wasn’t as successful in the zone blocking scheme as hoped. And he wasn’t a very good anchor.

  28. cha

    Jim Nagy
    BREAKING: Tulane RB Tyjae Spears was named
    Practice Player-of-Week in vote of NFL executives & scouts

    • Palatypus

      Yup. He was the best player out there.

  29. Steve Nelsen

    Serious question – looking for thoughtful discussion and not looking to flame anyone. But, why do people like Drew Lock?

    I know there were reasons for hope when the Seahawks traded for him last year. PCJS obviously saw something and felt that they might be able to coach him up. And it was open competition in training camp/pre-season with some rooting for Geno and some rooting for Drew and others who weren’t sure about either.

    Geno won the job and had an unexpectedly good season. PCJS has continued to speak well of Drew but he never got on the field.

    So, if you are a Drew Lock fan and have confidence in him succeeding if he signs with Seattle and starts in 2023, I would like to understand why you have that belief. What inspires your confidence?

    • Spectator

      I’m not saying I have confidence in him, but the argument for him is that if he truly was neck and neck with Geno, and seeing Geno have a good first half of season (which is the Geno that beat Lock out), then MAYBE Lock could have similar success, is younger, and could have more room to grow that Geno doesn’t have the luxury of having. Lock played poorly in a Denver offense, but the same offense that Russ just looked like shit in. So maybe it wasn’t all Lock’s fault (different coaches, yes). Maybe Lock deserves a chance to have a new home and see if the profile can deliver something.

      I may not actually believe he can be a superstar, but I am definitely in the camp of people that want to resign him. Even if it’s just to be a back up. Seems like a solid teammate and dude.

      • Peter

        I have no idea if lock is food or not but I do know a ton of qbs get treated to the coaching quagmire to be forgotten.

        Locks time in Denver was ridiculous with coaching changes and covid protocols.

        Say lock throws 25/12. Is that really that different than Geno? Like two-three less wins with the same defense.

        How about the case that geno would rule with a better defense. Wouldn’t lock do the same? And get us to 9 wins for about 7 million instead of nine wins for 32 million?

        That’s really it in a nutshell.


    • cha

      As a long-term option, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in the Lock basket. But I like to look at Lock through the prism of where the Seahawks are at this particular moment.

      The Seahawks have the #5 pick and no huge QB salary on the books this offseason. They have bookend tackles for the next three years, two All-pro quality WRs, a couple good tight ends, a RB, they found a corner, and have a stable of young and mostly unproven edge rushers.

      Lock is a very intriguing choice to possibly bridge this team to the next QB.

      I watched him closely in person several times this offseason. My untrained eye showed me that he made real strides from the first day of camp to the last preseason game. He showed better decision-making, quicker feet, and was not afraid to throw over the middle, check down or take deep shots.

      I think after being tossed around in Denver between coordinators he needed a year on the bench to just absorb the system and have some stability.

      His arm is better than Geno’s. His legs are better than Geno’s. Geno is better in decision-making and as a team leader. Is Geno worlds better than Lock? First 6-8 games in 2022, you could make a case. The last 10, it’s dead even and even Pete unprompted talked about Lock pushing Geno during the week.

      Some of the things that made Geno look so good will also make Lock look good. Kenneth Walker. Tyler Lockett and his mastery of getting open. The tight ends and the variation of sets they can run.

      Start Lock on this team in 2022 and I think they are a 8-9 or 7-10 team with Lock getting better as the season wears on. They miss the playoffs and pick about 14th-16th.

      If the Seahawks make moves to shore up their defense and the middle of the OL, I could see Lock having a year similar to Geno’s minus 10% or so, for an enormously smaller amount of money on the cap, and gain momentum for the all-important 2024 year.

      • Rob Staton

        I would prefer to spend far less on Drew Lock and have money to spend in free agency — even if they go defense at #5

        The thought of paying Geno Smith a whopping contract is just absolutely nuts IMO

        If you can get him on a bridge deal — that’s ideal. But all this +$30m talk is the exact same playbook teams like Tennessee have used to become good not great

        • Hebegbs

          I 100% agree with both of you.

          Proud of Geno and what he did last year. He is not the future for a team rebuilding. If he is willing to accept a role as a bridge and be paid reasonably, and even reasonable money is amazing money for anyone including him-then ok. This talk of 4 year 150 mm makes me want to puke. If it is 2 years for 40 mm ok maybe. If not, go with Lock and keep building.

          I believe it is really a make or break decision for Hawks. Sorry Geno-appreciate what you did last year. It’s too little, too late for me. Hawks have you a shot when nobody else would. If someone wants to give him a big contract other than Hawks-let them. Role with Lock. Build.

          • Big Mike

            “I believe it is really a make or break decision for Hawks”

            100% agree. I worry they’ll do the thing that perpetuates mediocrity and sign him for like 3 years at 20 mil per and draft defense and next offseason we’ll be saying “why didn’t they just draft (insert available QB at #5 here) and go with Lock as a bridge”. We’ll likely be doing this while bemoaning the lack of FA signings because the money was committed to Geno and how that impacted another year’s crappy defense and below average interior o-line.

  30. Old but Slow

    Report that a QB named Bom Trady is interested in the Niners job.

    • Palatypus

      I’m telling you, he’s going to be on The Bachelor. I just know it.

      • Big Mike


        • Palatypus

          Big Mike must only get excited by Larry Bernandez.

          • Big Mike

            What I will say is Brady absolutely bores me to tears. Enough is enough.

            • Hebegbs

              That would be AWESOME if he’s on the bachelor. I would actually love to see how that train wreck unfolds. That show is terrible but he would make it epic. Oh the tears. Haha

  31. Peanut

    I keep seeing too much chatter about how its a no-brainer decision to give Geno a top QB contract cause he “earned it by being a good backup for a decade”.

    How do you not pick a QB if one of the top four is there at 5?

    • cha

      Sing it brother

    • McZ

      My theory is, that most fans are actually content with gettin’ whipped every wildcard game. It’s the late PC legacy. They also think, that the Seahawks will draft a couple of defenders and then contend. A season with the 4th weakest schedule, winning a couple of games they against teams absolutely shredded by injuries, finalized on a 3-6 record seems to have brainwashed people.

      That said, I think Hendon Hooker is the prototype Pete Carroll QB. He just doesn’t turn over the ball much.

  32. Trevor

    Rob this was posted on Walter Football today about discussions at the Senior Bowl. Seems like your view on Bijan Robinson being truly elite is shared by scouts.

    Over the past few months, we have documented in the Hot Press how sources from a number of teams have Bijan Robinson graded higher than other recent top-five running back prospects of Saquon Barkley, Leonard Fournette and Ezekiel Elliott. Just a few weeks ago, team sources across the league said that 2023 NFL Draft lacked true high first-round talent with the exception of Robinson, who was the only one receiving a consensus elite grade around the league. In following up this week with an AFC director of player personnel, they had something interesting to say about Robinson.

    “Robinson and Jahmyr Gibbs are two of the best players in the draft,” said the director. “They are two of the safest picks also. They get hurt by the position, but in terms of pure football players, they are near the top in this draft.”

  33. Palatypus

    Ian Rappaport reported, on KJR, that Dave Canales is interviewing with the Baltimore Ravens for the OC job. He says that people around the league have a lot of respect for the work he did with Geno Smith.

    Do you think they will bring Lamar Jackson back?

    • Steve Nelsen

      The impasse between Baltimore and Lamar is fascinating. He is representing himself and values himself similarly to Deshaun Watson enough that he is willing to bet on himself.

      Baltimore is certain to use the franchise tag on Lamar. And the consensus is that they will use the exclusive franchise tag ($40 million) because they believe he is worth more than the 2 1st-round picks they would get if they used the regular franchise tag ($32.4 million) and someone else offered more.

      I think the most likely scenario for 2023 is a repeat of 2022 where after the tag, they try to agree on an extension. But, unless something changes in the way Lamar’s values himself or the way the team values Lamar, I don’t think they will be able to agree on an extension. And if Baltimore shares my pessimism, Lamar will be on the trade block as soon as he is tagged with an asking price from the Ravens of more than 2 1st-rounders and an expectation from Lamar that the team he signs with will do an all guaranteed contract similar to Watson’s.

      • Palatypus

        Draft day trade? What would you give for a former MVP with a grade 2 PCL sprain?

    • GoHawks5151

      Can we get a 3rd pick out of this for minority hire? Canales sounds kinda Latin. Just kidding … kinda..

      • Palatypus

        Only if he is Puerto Rican and the great nephew of Roberto Clemente.

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