Senior Bowl game notes & a podcast

Before I get into the game notes, Brandon and I recorded a podcast reflecting on the week of practise in Mobile. Check it out below…

Senior Bowl game notes

UCLA running back stars

Despite a strong week of practise from the likes of K.J. Hill, Van Jefferson and Denzel Mims, the most impressive skill position player on the field during the game was UCLA running back Joshua Kelly.

He flashed immediately on the North squad’s opening drive. Nick Harris, Ben Bredeson and Hakeem Adeniji all did an excellent job creating a huge running lane, dominating the interior. Kelly showed off his superb acceleration and quick feet with an 18-yard run to take advantage.

With nine minutes left in the first half, he got to the perimeter and exploited good blocking to break off a big run. He scored a touchdown late in the third quarter with a decisive cut, fighting through traffic and finishing in the red zone. It was called back for a hold by Nick Harris but it was no less impressive from Kelly.

He finished with 102 yards on 15 carries. At 5-10 and 214lbs he’s pretty much in Seattle’s preferred ballpark for size. He did a terrific job during the week catching the football and running routes. He could be on the Seahawks’ radar as a potential replacement for C.J. Prosise.

Small-school safety impresses

Lenoir-Rhyne safety Kyle Dugger looked terrific on three impact plays. On one red zone session he matched up against tight end Adam Trautman (reportedly a second-round target for many teams). Dugger prevented Trautman making a difficult catch with tight coverage. Shortly after he delivered a brilliantly timed open-field tackle to prevent Trautman running in for a touchdown. Late in the game Dugger came up to the LOS and hammered Joshua Kelly on a third and 1 short of the line to gain to force fourth down.

Dugger is said to be a fantastic athlete and he thinks he can run in the 4.3’s at the combine. He’s driven, plays with attitude, is a fantastic special teams returner and just has that look in his eye. Don’t be surprised if he ends up being ranked quite highly on Seattle’s board.

The offensive tackles were a mess

Part of the reason why the other skill players were unable to get involved was the truly abysmal play of the offensive tackles — especially on the South roster.

It was painful watching Oregon’s Calvin Throckmorton. He was a late call-up from the Shrine Game but he was beaten like a well-worn drum in this game, putting up barely any resistance. The North-squad pass-rusher’s were likely cueing up to have a go at him. It’s tough to switch straight from one all-star game to another.

He wasn’t alone though. Terence Steele struggled badly too as did Alex Taylor. There was one series where Steele and Taylor might as well have had a muleta on the field facing off against Joshua Uche and Bradlee Anae. I’m sure much of the reaction will be about how well both Uche and Anae played in this game. To be fair, they can only beat what they were up against. Yet had they propped up a pair of tackle dummies bookending the O-line it would’ve been a similar challenge.

The tackles on the south squad virtually destroyed the game for the entire roster. The quarterbacks couldn’t settle, they were hit frequently and nobody had a chance to shine.

At least the guards played well

Strangely though — as badly as the tackles played, I thought the interior line play was very impressive at times. In particular, it was a lot of fun watching Logan Stenberg and Lloyd Cushenberry working together at left guard and center respectively.

With 11:14 left in the first quarter, Stenberg handled Neville Gallimore. He placed his right hand to the outside shoulder and controlled the chest with his left hand, then flipped Gallimore and turned him to create a huge running lane on 3rd and 2 for Lamical Perine to get a first down. Cushenberry on the same snap let Jason Strowbridge take himself out of the play by being too aggressive, knocking him down and using his own momentum to send him to the turf. He then he progressed to the second level and took the linebacker out right at the line to gain. It was superb from both players.

On the next snap, Cushenberry blocked down on a screen then progressed to the second level with LSU team mate Damien Lewis, who sprung the key block. Stenberg handled Davon Hamilton at the LOS. Perine scored on the screen.

Stenberg had a key second-level block with 6:38 left in the first half. Harrison Bryant pulled inside to seal off one defender. Cushenberry had the block at the LOS. Between the three of them they created a huge running lane for a big gain.

With 14:27 left in the fourth quarter, Stenberg and Cushenberry combined again to create a massive lane up the middle. The full back ran through it to reach up to the second level, springing another big run.

Cushenberry in particular appeared in complete control. I’m not sure I saw a bad rep. Stenberg was impressive but seemed to play within himself. There was no hammering finish on any of his blocks like we saw at Kentucky. He did a good job getting to the second level frequently but needs to actually execute when he reaches up. Too often he was in position to make a big second-level connection and missed. Was he told to play with more control this week by coaches? He still played well — it just would’ve been nice to see the nasty edge he clearly has.

Stenberg’s still a player of major interest I think, along with other less-discussed prospects like Anthony McFarland (RB, Maryland), Cesar Ruiz (C, Michigan), Isaiah Wilson (T, Georgia), Willie Gay Jr (LB, Mississippi State), Jalen Reagor (WR, TCU), Bryan Edwards (WR, South Carolina), Rashard Lawrence (DT, LSU) and K.J. Hamler (WR, Penn State). I would’ve added Brandon Aiyuk but he’s received a lot more publicity over the last seven days.

Aside from the holding call that took off the Joshua Kelly run I thought Nick Harris did a lot better in the game than he did in 1v1’s. In fairness to Harris, he also excelled in the scrimmages. He’s not going to block 1v1 at the next level and he looks the part when lined up in a full formation. Hakeem Adeniji had several really impressive blocks at guard. Ben Bredeson, like Harris, looked more comfortable in the game compared to a hit-and-miss time in 1v1’s.

Damien Lewis was impressive playing at right guard. Colt McKivitz looked good when he kicked inside. He absolutely destroyed a linebacker after reaching to the second level with 7:17 left in the game (the running back ended up fumbling on this snap). On the previous play he did a terrific job stoning a defensive lineman on a flea flicker. On this evidence a switch to guard could be a big option for McKivitz.

This week in Mobile has really flashed that there are some good interior offensive line options in this draft class.

Defensive linemen fail to spark

Anae and Uche had the flashy snaps mainly due to the horrendous tackle play — yet the rest of the D-line class struggled to make an impact. There was nobody who really stood out along the interior.

Even if we want to spend time considering Anae and Uche, let’s look at both players. Anae has 31 7/8 inch arms. We know by now the Seahawks don’t target defensive linemen without +33 inch arms. Length at defensive end is vital. Whether he has the quickness or twitch they also value is a major question mark. We’ll find out at the combine.

Uche is very athletic and he also has the arm length too (33 1/4 inch arms). However, we’re talking about a SAM linebacker who is 6-1 and 241lbs. He isn’t going to rush the edge frequently and be the solution to Seattle’s problems. Uche at best would be a situational rusher.

Reportedly he looked very comfortable dropping into coverage when taking part in the linebacker drills. He’s a terrific character and a leader. He’s a really good player. He isn’t going to solve Seattle’s pass rush issues though and taking a SAM linebacker early in the draft seems like a stretch. And before anyone points to Bruce Irvin — he might’ve ended up in that role but let’s remember two things. They drafted Irvin calling him the ideal LEO (speed, frame, length). He moved to SAM to get him on the field because it didn’t quite work out that way. Plus they needed to start Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

The Seahawks are almost certainly going to have to solve their pass rush crisis in free agency (where there are some good options) or via the trade market.

Anthony Gordon looks like a project

In terms of natural feel and arm-talent, the Washington State quarterback might’ve only been second to Justin Herbert in this game. He was composed, delivered an excellent scoring drive and has a lot of the tools you can work with. Somebody will take him to develop.

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  1. DC

    All Senior Bowl Mock Draft

    I fully expect the Hawks FO to take care of the DL during FA for the most part. They have to. I also hope/believe that Fant’s value to the team gets him back here as the heir to the RT spot & then the LT spot when the time is ripe & paying him accordingly as Rob pointed out in the podcast. Our OL cannot be allowed to regress.

    1. Josh Uche, LB/EDGE, Michigan
    This dude is lightning quick off the snap, possesses great speed off the edge (to the naked eye) and bends like a reed in the wind. Our biggest hole in 2019 was speed off the edge no? He has that in spades. Even if he’s primarily a SAM & situational pass rusher so what? Help get us off the field on 3rd down. Uche looks great to me & I’d have no problem taking him at #27. Pauline praised him this week and said he looked good in space which was a question mark going into the practices. He even played some MLB & showed good sideline to sideline speed. Just have that feeling that this guy is gonna be a winner at the next level.

    2. Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor
    Mims absolutely goes up and gets the ball with a huge catch radius. A perfect target for Russ to throw it to on those deep shots. A red zone threat and a complimentary WR to Metcalf and Lockett. His presence on the outside would free up Lockett in the slot all the more. With Moore & Ursua as the #4 & #5 WRs the Hawks are set.

    2. Llyod Cushenberry III, C, LSU
    Maybe it’s a different C here but in a seemingly strong class of them the Hawks pull the trigger. They can still keep Britt unless the cap space is needed but now his recovery and final year of his contract don’t cast a shadow over the 2020 season. Cush knows what it feels like to be a champ. He’s a potential day 1 starter.

    3. Matt Peart, OT, UCONN
    High upside developmental OT for Solari. Hand use has been an issue but the pieces are there for a potential starter down the road. Maybe a little high in the 3rd but hey, it’s just a mockery.

    4. Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB, Appalachian State
    Modern day, ‘undersized’ LB. Tony P said he was great in coverage. Gives the Seahawks the personnel flexibility to work in different sub-packages based on our opponent match ups.

    4. Stephan Sullivan, TE, LSU
    6050, 254, 10 3/8″ hands, 35 1/8″ arms, 85 1/8″ wingspan
    Another Tony P favorite from this week. Under used by the champs due to their impressive arsenal of weapons and said to be a terrific blocker, the Hawks add a potential gem at the position. Even if Seattle signs Hooper in FA, Sullivan’s addition leaves Seattle very well stocked at the position going forward.

    5. Joshua Kelley, RB, UCLA
    Hawks add to their stable of backs. Kelley is right in their wheel house size wise and was said to have been great catching the ball out of the backfield during the week & a good runner.

    6. Mystery DB
    I won’t even guess…

    • Rob Staton

      It’s extremely unlikely they take Joshua Uche in R1.

      He’s a SAM linebacker who might act as a sometimes situational pass rusher. He isn’t solving their pass rush issues and they don’t need a SAM badly enough with the other lingering problems to go in that direction with a vital R1 pick. I don’t doubt he has talent and is an outstanding character. But we have to be realistic about positions and roles.

      Just remember Chase Winovich was a better pass rusher a year ago, ran a 4.59 and a 1.57 and lasted to round three.

      • Eburgz

        If you’re doing an all senior bowl mock draft (excluding guys that didn’t compete or finish like Aiyuk and Kinlaw) there aren’t many obvious matches for the hawks pick at 27. I’d probably go with Terell Lewis, maybe some would go with Josh Jones. Uche isn’t much of a reach considering the other choices. A SAM that can rush the passer in critical down and distance situations is a starter and could play almost 100% of snaps. A quality player could provide a huge impact in that role. This defense could use someone that could set the edge, bring some speed to the second level and provide some juice off the edge in obvious passing situations. All that being said I think Uche would be a better value with one of our day 2 picks.

        I don’t think our R1 pick was at the senior bowl.

      • Henry Taylor

        How would you feel about him as a 2nd round pick if available? Theoretically, if Seattle as that great free agency we’re hoping for (resign Clowney, sign another pass rusher and Austin Hooper) their options will be wide open for the draft and they need more speed and tenacity on their defence. A quality SAM who can rush the passer on 3rd down doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world to me.

        • Rob Staton

          Depends how he tests.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Sullivan at TE looks like a potential steal. He is a great run blocker and underutilized receiver who showed some natural catching ability. Reminds me of Dissly. If we don’t get Hooper, Sullivan becomes one of my draft “must haves.”

    • Trevor

      Mimms would be a great addition!

  2. Zxvo3

    The senior bowl this year was very underwhelming from my point of view. It started off with a lot of SDB favorites Aiyuk, Raekwon Davis, Bryan Edwards, Prince Tega Wanogho, and Rashard Lawrence all sitting out due to injuries or other reasons. The lack of quality defensive linemen was a huge issue as well. Most of the offensive tackles that participated were awful. The only linemen I liked were Stenberg, Nick Harris, and Cushenberry. For me, it’s the underclassmen who are the ones that make this a quality draft class. Maybe and hopefully it will change at the combine.

    My only wish for now (probably a pipe dream) is that Jalen Reagor and Logan Stenberg fall to our picks at the end of round 2 and we trade our 1st round pick for a DLineman like Von Miller. I’ve never been so convinced that we could trade our 1st rounder instead of drafting a player.

  3. Albert Butler

    Just did a simulation on Fanspeak and came up with this based on what I have been reading here.










    • Trevor

      Not sure it is realistic but if they got Becton and Ruiz alone it would be a good draft and set up the OL going forward

      • God of Thunder

        “ Not sure it is realistic” — what tipped you off? Was it the sheer implausibility of these two players falling to us? Lol. I’m with you though. Would love to have our R1 and a R2 yield this haul.

    • Josh

      Love it, if they can add 2 starting offensive linemen with 2 of the first 3 picks, I’m totally cool with. Could you imagine #3 with a good Oline? 🔥🔥

  4. Steve Nelsen


    I thought North DT DaVon Hamilton looked good despite facing a lot of double teams by the maulers on the South interior OL. He also got positive reviews from his peers during practice. I haven’t heard the pundits talking him up or mocking him but he looks like someone to watch closer. The Seahawks probably add a DT depending on what happens with Reed and Jefferson.

    • Eburgz

      A bunch of the defensive lineman that impressed this week just missed out on the 33 inch arm threshold. All 5 of these guys listed below were measured at 32 7/8 inch arms. Always the chance that the team measures them longer or they measure longer at the combine. I wonder if they finally make an exception this year (doubt it).

      Davon Hamilton
      Marlon Davidson
      Jason Strowbridge
      Neville Gallimore
      Larrell Murchison

      The tight ends that impressed similarly didn’t meet the length benchmarks (Bryant and Troutman). The LSU tight end Sullivan was the exception among the standouts.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Thank you for the info. I will be rooting for Hamilton to grow an extra 1/8” before the combine.

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Rob I really look forward to reading your article at this time of year all the way to the draft. I have a question for you the Seahawks need pass rushers this off season we all can agree I am not certain about the draft so I am looking at trade or free agency here is a interesting thought about Jason Pierre Paul I know he is 31 years old but the guy had 8.5 sacks in 10 games with Tampa he made 5 million last year would he be take a similar contact with Seattle in 2020 it might be worth a shot

      • Rob Staton

        I just don’t think JPP is the kind of guy they’d go for.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Tony Pauline grades him a top 50 prospect.

      There isn’t a lot of R1 or star talent along the DL in this draft, but there are a fair number of strong 2nd tier prospects. Hamilton is one of them.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought he had some moments. I’m happy to rewatch his reps.

  5. Dick Fain

    Why are you so dismissive of WSU QB’s? Herbert was a weak MVP pick but the media is in love with him. You gave more love to, of all terrible QB’s, as Steven Montez, but no attention to Gordon. Gordon looks great in the game and is the actual MVP but your comments are about how he’s a project? I guess just like Minshew… Love 99% of what you write but your WSU bias is getting a bit sad.

    • Rob Staton

      1. I literally singled Gordon out in my write up. He was the only QB I highlighted.

      2. I have no WS bias. I’m not a fan of any college team. I do own a Washington State jumper though.

      3. Chill

    • Henry Taylor

      This is hilarious. If I remember correctly he mocked Luke Falk to the Seahawks several times that year (as high as the third round I believe) and stated multiple times during this season how much fun watching Minshew with Jacksonville was.

    • charlietheunicorn

      is this THE Dick Fain from KJR radio fame?

      • Rob Staton

        If it is, have me on your show to talk draft. It’s been two years!

        • New Guy

          I do not understand why the Seattle sports stations have not given you a regular commentary spot.


          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think any of them read the blog.

            It also might be that a British accent will sound weird to some talking on sports radio.

            • New Guy

              Well, I think Danny on 710ESPN is a definite Anglophile. Dave Wyman would accept intelligence and accurate information from any source. Bob Stelton seems to have an open mind.

              Overall. I do think KJR tends to like more technical information on some of its shows.

              But I’ll tell you what – if it’s OK with you… I’ll text in a bit on 710 this week and make a suggestion or two. I’m just another listener but maybe it could make a difference.

              I’d love to see you get more of a chance. You obviously deserve it.


              • Rob Staton

                Thanks man, appreciate those words.

                Dave Wyman is awesome by the way. Met him in London in 2018 and interviewed him a few weeks ago. What a top bloke.

              • GerryG

                710 took a nosedive off of a cliff and splattered into a mess after Brock and Salk left. That Gallant guy is a toolbox of legendary proportions.

                Love Wyman still.

            • All I see is 12s

              I seem to recall Salk mentioning you on their show FWIW

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I rather think your accent adds a bit of sorely needed class to sports talk 🤷🏻‍♂️

              • Rob Staton



                • Kyle

                  Actually Rob’s accent sounds northern English to me. To a Brit that might not be “classy,” as the nasally Ox-Cam sounds quite different. Rob’s accent isn’t quite working class but is a bit more rugged, a bit Celtic in tone.

                  Although to most of us Americans any Brit probably sounds like class, outside of the eastender and cockney brawlers.

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    Ugh I hate it when I don’t refresh my browser. Been posting game feedback in the previous thread like a schmuck.

    Anyway, I REALLY like Dugger. I’d be very happy if SEA took him at 59. He won’t make it to R3, especially after he blows the doors off in Indianapolis.

    I thought Stenberg had a fairly meh game. Yes, he had some good plays, but I saw too many plays where he didn’t play to the whistle, didn’t finish off his blocks. A couple of times that lack of intensity led to the defender he was blocking making an impact on the play.

    I thought Cushenberry was the best OL in the game. Period. In fact, he was the best OL in Mobile for the whole week. I’m 100% on the Cush wagon. I’d be happy to select him in R2 after a trade down from 27.

    I still like Stenberg, and still think he’s one of the most impressive OGs I’ve seen in recent memory. Just wish he’d played as well as he practiced all week. If it’s a choice between Stenberg or Cushenberry, I’ll take Cush, which is something I wouldn’t have said before today’s game. Bredeson was kind of the opposite of Stenberg — he had a fairly poor week of practice, but a pretty nice game. Also thought Damien Lewis looked pretty damn solid. It’s a good crop of IOL this year.

    No thanks to Harris. I see him as an improvement on Hunt, but that’s about it. He just doesn’t have the size to stand up to NFL NTs. He’s athletic and moves well, but I wouldn’t want to run an offense with him in it as THE starter. I think that would be disastrous.

    Not that I think either are what SEA are looking for or need, just curious what people think about Zuniga vs Greenard. Who’d you rather have?

    I didn’t see an EDGE that I would pound the table for. Anae looked good, but as Rob pointed out, the OTs he was going up against were shite. I was impressed with Uche, but only because I wasn’t expecting much from him. He’s not what SEA need. He’s not an EDGE defender.

    I’ve been preaching Josh Kelley for a few months and I stand by it. If SEA are going to take a RB at some point after Day 2, I’d like it to be Kelley. I think he’ll go early Day 3, somewhere in R4 similar to where Mike Davis went in 2015. BTW, I thought Darius Anderson from TCU had a really nice game. He’s got talent. But he’s a bit undersized for what SEA like, so I don’t think he’ll be on their radar.

    My favorite WR from Senior Bowl is Denzel Mims hands down. Kid’s got a spark. Something tells me he’ll be a very good pro. I thought Van Jefferson did well too but Mims really stood out.

    I keep reading that Anthony Gordon is a UDFA, but I don’t see it. I think he’ll be drafted. He was the 2nd best QB in the game today. He might even turn into a starter a few seasons down the road. I know a late pick on a QB prospect isn’t where SEA need to spend their draft capital, but I came away impressed enough by Gordon that if they took him in R6 or R7 I wouldn’t criticize it. Montez on the other hand…woof. Kid’s got a nice arm but his decision making is frightful. HE’S a UDFA.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Oh yeah, forgot to add yes please to Stephen Sullivan in R5 or later. He could end up being the steal of the draft.

      • Steve Nelsen

        If Seattle got Mims and Sullivan I would do the dance of happiness.

  7. charlietheunicorn

    I really could get behind the WSU QB as a developmental later round pick for Seattle. They could use a younger guy to groom and frankly if RW went down, it would more or less be over for the season anyhow.

    I’m attracted to some of the OG in this draft, but I keep playing the comments by PC that he thought they had all the needed on the roster already at that position. He mentioned 5 or 6 guys. He didn’t talk about C or RT the same way. So maybe they will lean towards these 2 positions, if they have to draft an OL prospect. Draft the center Ruiz and see if they can package up Britt (instead of cut him) and a pick for something in return. For example: a 1st + Britt for Von Miller and a conditional 4th back from Denver.

    If the DL class is indeed looking this weak at DE/pass rusher types, then a JS trade or FA splash could be in the cards. Focus on offense in draft and defense via FA and trade seems very sensible.

    • J

      He’d be a good fit for our offense too. One of the best deep balls in the country, probably as mobile as Russ at this stage in their careers, his arm works well out of the pocket.

      He has flaws but I like him as much as any of the mid-round QB this year and if he is there where Minshew was last year I’d run to the podium.

  8. McZ

    Throckmorton has clearly made weight. He looked tired all week, and still worked his arse off.
    If that Senior bowl appearance means we could pick up a R2 RT for basically R4 peanuts, I’m all in.

    • Rob Staton

      Are you serious?

    • drewdawg11

      You actually want Throckmorton? Man, I’ve felt he was overrated for a while. The one thing people lauded was his versatility. Welp, he just showed why he can’t play tackle at the next level. Not powerful enough for me as a guard.

      • McZ

        No, if I want a ready-made OT, I take Penei Sewell. But this won’t happen.

        So, I take a guy having playing experience all over the OL in college. Does that mean, he will play OT? No, it does mean, we’ll have competition at OG, can play him there, and have a player who could play OT when the shit hits the fan or when he gets good enough to do it.

        • McZ

          Oh, and my favourite affordable OT is Ezra Cleveland, Boise St.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m starting to wonder if McZ is just trolling TBH.

    • Starhawk29

      As much as I like Throckmorton (he’s a local kid, his grandpa works out at my gym), he’s clearly not an NFL tackle. He’s especially not a fit for the Seahawks that way. He might end up an OK guard, and he’s played every position on the line, so to me he’s probably Pocic at best.

  9. Denver Hawker

    May have been mentioned already, but Mel Kiper mocked Baun to hawks in R1 stating he’d help the pass rush and had been trying to find a spot for him in the first round. I don’t hate it, but why do I get the feeling ‘draft experts’ don’t take the time to study the teams needs, drafting behavior more.

    • Rob Staton

      I wish they would do a little bit of homework. I always go on forums to see what fans are saying about team needs etc and fit. I think it’s pretty obvious Seattle won’t draft Baun in R1.

  10. Sea Mode

    How much do you buy into K’Lavon Chaisson’s potential? Because athletically he’s what we need and could realistically be available due to underwhelming production and need to develop his technique.

    “Sack Guru” 🐯 || LSU LB K’Lavon Chaisson Highlights ᴴᴰ

    But the natural athletic ability, together with the motor, can take you a long way. They even drop him into coverage at times. (not that I would want to, but it just highlights his athleticism)

    There’s also the 2018 ACL, but he played a full slate in 2019, so that seems to be behind him.

    • Trevor

      Chaisson has been debated a lot here on the blog. I really like him a lot and think he is exactly the type of player and leader the Hawks need to add on defence. I think he would be the absolutely perfect SAM and situational rusher like Bruce Irvin if the Hawks can pickup a speed rusher like Dante Fowler in free agency. Would absolutely love him for the Hawks but given the scheme and coaching staff in Miami I think they almost certainly take him with one of their picks.

      That being said I think I am in the small minority with that viewpoint. Most view him as over rated and not a good fit for the Hawks.

      • Rob Staton

        If we’re comparing Chaisson to Bruce Irvin we might as well compare any athletic prospect who ever rushed the passer to Bruce Irvin.

        Bruce was the single best pass rusher in college football for two seasons at West Virginia, with 29 TFL’s and 22.5 sacks. The best pass rusher period. This despite being asked to rush in a THREE man front in his second season. He was essentially playing as a 3-4 DE at 245lbs.

        He was an absolute freak of nature, running a 4.03 short shuttle and a 6.70 three cone. He ran a 1.55 split.

        People mention Bruce like any old name can be comped to him. Nobody ever says, ‘he could be Barkevious Mingo’ which is a lot more realistic and yet so much more unappealing.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s what it is. Potential.

      I have absolutely no idea where all this top-20 talk is coming from. It seems to me people have seen an athletic guy and a number 18 jersey and just decided to plonk him in their first round mocks.

      He had 6.5 sacks in 2019 and two of those came against Oklahoma — where they put a receiver to block him straight up on one of the sacks. If you go and watch his career sacks at LSU, they’re nearly all on stunts. There’s very little evidence of a consistent ability to beat the man to the edge, win with great hand-use and all of the other things you look for in a player projected to go as early as some are suggesting.

      When I see a mock with Chaisson in round one I click off. If he rocks up at the combine, runs a 4.4, measures with +33 inch arms, runs a 1.5 split and weighs 250lbs I’m more than willing to re-examine his draft positioning. Yet all we have at the moment is a player with some apparent athleticism, clear leadership skills but not much evidence on tape of any great ability or production.

    • Henry Taylor

      Danny Kelly has him at #13 on his big board over at the ringer.

      But I have to say, as much as I like him from his field gulls days and he’s an excellent source for fantasy advice, his draft rankings the last couple years have been full of some really weird stuff (Tristan Wirfs at 6 and Andrew Thomas at 10 for example).

      • Rob Staton

        There’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to have K’Lavon Chaisson in the top-20 of any board. It’s not like we even have amazing testing numbers to say “well he’s so athletic so he has great upside”. His SPARQ testing was meh and we haven’t had the combine.

        He had 6.5 sacks. Nearly all his pressure came on stunts. He had one sack rushing 1v1 against a receiver. There’s minimal evidence of any serious EDGE ability. He’s an athletic SAM.

        I just don’t get it 🤷‍♂️

        • Starhawk29

          I think he’s getting pushed up boards due to the lack of pass rushers and his championship game performance. There’s potential galore on tape, but not much else. Could either be a huge riser after the combine, or a guy the media likes more than teams.

  11. Steve Nelsen

    Van Jefferson looked good. His ceiling might be #3 receiver so he could slip to Day 3 but he is so polished he could be productive as a rookie.

  12. Eli

    Here is an article on LSU TE Stephen Sullivan for those who have become interested in him:

    • Steve Nelsen

      That is grit! His story makes me even more interested. He’s a project but with that attitude and the apparent athleticism I will be rooting for his combine scores to be good enough for Seattle.

  13. Happy Hawk

    I think Rob is right in his assessment that the draft will clearly not provide the caliber of edge rusher we need to take a big jump forward while we have RW in his prime. I also agree a trade maybe a great vehicle to solve this problem this offseason. What about a trade for Melvin Ingram? He is 30 which is not ideal, his salary in 2020 is $14m. Reminds me of C Avril and could pair well with Clowney if we can resign him. Love C Campbell big time get him if you can no matter his age! Also thinking about Vita Vea at TB. Can’t wait for the moves RS/PC will be making this off season.

    • Rob Staton

      Ingram’s had a good career but he has 31.5 inch arms and ran a 1.62 split which isn’t typically what they’ve gone for.

    • Justin Mullikin

      Yeah I kind of like the reasoning. I would rather trade for the pass rusher they want then to overpay for the pass rusher that is available. Either way this is going to be an exciting offseason!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I like Ingram a lot but not for SEA. He’s on the wrong side of 30, has a troubling injury history, and doesn’t fit the profile of SEA’s preferred EDGE players.

  14. Justin Mullikin

    I had a SDB induced dream that we ended up with Clowney and V. Miller. It was a good dream. 2 DE’s that can change the game. Oh and Rob, I would consider them BAMFs too.

  15. Bigten

    Hey Rob, did you get a chance to see Antonio Ganda-Golden? He has good size, and production. But personally don’t know much about his potential, his personality at the Senior bowl drew me to him though. Fun character and gymnastics is a unique trait.
    Also, read that Ken Norton is on the hit seat and may be fired. That would be interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      Saw him drop an easy catch in practise. But he had the TD in the game.

      I’ve not seen anything about Norton being fired. Just a few other websites writing their opinions about it.

      • Bigten

        About Norton, looks like it was just some rumor. I apologize for bringing up lol
        About AGG, would you see him as possible later round fit? 4th or 5th? Replace Brown.

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure. Depends how he runs.

  16. Volume12

    I know this is a football blog, but did Kobe Bryant die?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes. Shocking news.

      • Volume12

        Heartbreaking. I don’t even know what to say.

        None of his kids were with him were they? 🤞

        • Kenny Sloth


          • Volume12

            I still can’t beleive this. In complete shock

            V12’s GOAT rankings:

            1. MJ
            2. Kobe
            3. LeBron

          • Zxvo3


            • Zxvo3

              Terrible as in the news; not the rankings.

              • DC

                41 years young, wow.
                Helicopter crash…

        • Kenny Sloth

          Oof. It sounds like Gianna might have been on board

          • Kenny Sloth

            His 13 y/o daughter died in the crash as they were on their way to a basketball practice for her.

            • Volume12

              Oh my god.

              They said there were 5 bodies so that’s why I asked. Obviously one would be a pilot

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Just heard there was another parent/daughter on board with them.

              What a terrible tragedy.

        • McZ

          A daughter was with him.

          • Kenny Sloth

            8 passengers and the pilot

            • Greg Haugsven

              I think it was 5 total people. Two dads, two daughters, and the pilot. This one really hit me hard when I found out his daughter died as well. I have a 13 year old daughter and I cant stop thinking about hose last few seconds they spent together. It just makes me think, what I would doing. There is nothing more sacred than the daddy daughter relationship.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Lot of misinformation out there. 9 lives lost in the tragic crash

                • Greg Haugsven

                  Looks like your right at 9. It kept changing.I think ESPN on the air said all of his kids died which is terrible.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Yeah ABC did too. Just a really poor showing from some outlets. Really poorly handled a horrible situation on their end

  17. Volume12

    WTF?!? I get not wanting to hurt anyone, is it time for the pro bowl to be 2 hand touch or flag?

    Ya’ll remember S Sean Taylor (RIP) blasting that punter in ’06 I think? 😂

    • Volume12


      • DC

        Good Lord!
        I can’t help but chuckle at that hit. You’re a punter brother… 😂

  18. Trevor

    Rob have you seen enough of Jeremy Chinn to have an opinion on him. Nagy seemed to have high praise for him but I have only seen clips and can’t get a good read on him.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched two games and got bored. I think looking at him it’s clear he has an excellent frame and he looks athletic. Yet on tape the level is so crap and he doesn’t really stand out much. I came away thinking if he runs really well at the combine and performs in the agility tests they might look at him as a corner convert.

      Kyle Dugger is more interesting.

      • Trevor


      • Volume12

        I thought the Youngstown St game was excellent. Sure as hell didn’t see anything resembling Kam as Nagy said. Although he coulda been talking about his physique, mindset, etc. If a man coverage team takes him it’ll torpedo his career.

        I do agree about him maybe being moved to corner.

        Another guy who looks like a possible Seahawk safety-to-corner convert purely based on his length and build on tape is ND’s Jalen Elliott.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        For me Dugger is the most interesting defensive prospect in this draft that SEA could possibly get. Love me some Kinlaw but he’s not in play for us. At 6’0″ 220lbs and nearly 33″ arms/78″ wingspan and a SPARQed up athlete, he could play SS, FS and deathbacker. A more athletic Deone Bucannon if you will. I’ve a feeling Dugger will rise even higher after the Combine if he tests as well as is expected. If he’s there at 59, SEA should run to the podium.

        FWIW I’d also be pretty interested in Kenneth Murray, and it’s possible he slips to 27. But I’m not sold that he’d be the best use of that pick, especially when they could trade down for another R3/R4 selection and still get a prospect like Dugger.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think it’ll take #59 to be honest. I think he will be there on day three. However, I definitely think he’s someone they can bring in with the idea that if nothing else he can be great on special teams with the potential to be a lot more. I really like his attitude, mentality, maturity and focus.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            That’d be fantastic if he does last into R4.

            But if he runs a sub 4.4 40yd and can put up similarly SPARQy numbers in the jumps and agility drills as has been rumored, and he nails his team interviews as he seems fully capable of doing, I wonder if he won’t sneak into Day 2.

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve seen a couple of things that I think would make a pick that early unlikely. But he still has a lot to offer.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Works for me. I’d rather spend the early picks on the strength of the draft — WR and IOL.

          • Sea Mode

            You looking at him as potential CB convert or SS?

            • Rob Staton

              Not a CB. Definitely safety.

  19. Trevor

    Russ giving his starting spot at Pro Bowl to Brees is a classy move. Locket should be there!

    • Dale Roberts

      Agreed… love it.

  20. CHawk Talker Eric

    Haha Fletcher Cox takes the lateral from Harrison Smith after the INT and stiff arms his way to the house!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Mario Star Power Up confirmed

  21. CHawk Talker Eric

    Michael Thomas, man what a receiver!

  22. Kenny Sloth

    The Pro Bowl makes me smile

    • Simo

      Closed mouth smile only!!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Nah I lol regularly watching Kirk Cousins trying to keep up surrounded by greatness

  23. CHawk Talker Eric

    Like the new rule of a 4th and 15 instead of an onside kick attempt. But I agree with Booger (lord help me) that the attempt should be from the 35 or 40 yard line, not the 25.

    And to all the Carroll critics — he went for it!

    • Rob Staton

      It seems really gimmicky to me. Just accept there’s no longer a ‘surprise on-kick’ element and have a team announce they’re going onside kick. Then let them do whatever they use to do on an onside kick before.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I liked the studio ref talking about having a man-up rule on onside kicks.

        Something like only 5v5 within the onside zone

        • evan

          I think the onside kick is one of the most exciting plays in football, or it can be if it’s done right. I wish they would stop trying to devalue the kicking game… kickers are people too

          • Rob Staton

            It just seems so obvious to me. Have teams declare an onside-kick and for that declaration, the old rules are in place. For standard kick-offs, the new rules are in place for safety reasons.

          • Kenny Sloth


            • Greg Haugsven

              To me the 4th and 15 is XFL territory. I saw John Elway mention something about giving teams a chance in the 4th quarter. Here is your f’ing chance, play better in the first three quarters.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        But it’s only an option, right? You don’t have to try a 4th and 15 from the 25. It’s not like they’re taking away the onside kick and replacing it with this. You can still choose to attempt an onside kick if you want to. What’s wrong with another option?

  24. Coleslaw

    Today sucks… Kobe died… this is unreal.. Guy was such an inspiration.. I’m at a loss for words about his passing.. truly a legend.

    5 years since one of my best friends passed too. Man F today.. sorry to put this here but man this is just messed up. Grateful for you all today.

    I love you all ❤

    • Gohawks5151

      Said goodbye to my uncle this weekend. Peace and strength bro

  25. Dale Roberts

    Just havin’ fun but I thought it might be productive to eliminate players Seattle will likely have no opportunity to draft the identify those remaining players who may fit Seattle’s tendencies.

    First round locks (14):
    Ruggs III

    Picks 15 thru 34 (20):
    Isiah Wilson
    Kristian Fulton
    AJ Epenesa
    Austin Jackson
    Tua Tagovailoa
    Tyler Biadasz
    Laviska Shenault
    CJ Henderson
    Yetur Gross-Matos
    Mekhi Becton
    Julian Okwara
    Tee Higgins
    Xavier McKinney
    Austin Jackson
    Kenneth Murray
    Patrick Queen
    Solomon Kindley
    Caesar Ruiz
    Ross Blacklock
    Jalen Reagor

    Picks 35 thru 54 (20)
    Brandon Aiyuk
    Cameron Danzler
    Lloyd Cusenberry
    Logan Stenberg
    KJ Hamler
    Prince Tega Wanogho
    Jeff Gladney
    Trevon Diggs
    Curtis Weaver
    K’Lavon Chaisson
    Raekwon Davis
    Justin Madubuike
    Jacob Eason
    Jordon Love
    Neville Gallimore
    AJ Terrell
    Jaylon Johnson
    Antoine Winfield
    Cole Kmet
    Hunter Bryant

    Picks 55 thru 66 (12)
    Justin Jefferson
    Josh Jones
    Bryce Hall
    Zack Baun
    Tyler Johnson
    Jared Pinkney
    Nick Harris
    Ashtyn Davis
    Bradlee Anae
    Brycen Hopkins
    D’Andre Swift
    Marlon Davidson
    Jake Fromm

    Now, eliminate the top 34 and remove the players Seattle will likely have no interest in from the remaining players. I’ll attempt to eliminate players who don’t fit Seattle’s profile or where we already have significant depth. Split the resulting list by separating cornerbacks since we likely won’t take one with the first two picks. Your lists now looks like this.

    Cameron Danzler
    Jeff Gladney
    Trevon Diggs
    AJ Terrell
    Jaylon Johnson
    Antoine Winfield
    Bryce Hall

    Players likely available mid to late second round and likely of interest to Seattle. (17)
    Brandon Aiyuk
    Lloyd Cusenberry
    Logan Stenberg
    KJ Hamler
    Prince Tega Wanogho
    Curtis Weaver
    Raekwon Davis
    Justin Madubuike
    Cole Kmet
    Hunter Bryant
    Justin Jefferson
    Tyler Johnson
    Jared Pinkney
    Nick Harris
    Marlon Davidson

    The combine will obviously shake up this list and quarterbacks Love and Eason could go in the top 40. If players we’re not interested in are taken earlier it may drop players that are more valuable to us. If we trade down from #27 it’s very possible we could have three picks in 55 to 65 range. The 15 players on the final list are all are possible starters. Add one of the corners for the final pick in the second round and this draft has exciting possibilities. Of course this all depends on combine testing but it there seems to be some early round value at positions we need to address.

    • GoHawksDani

      Nice job, thanks!
      I’d be happy to get Stenberg, Raekwon Davis (feels like he could be somewhat similar to Reed) or one of the WRs

    • JimQ

      Seems like your list is understandingly missing a few juniors that have entered the draft. Most notable of the non-mentioned is IMO, a viable round-2 pick for the Seahawks: This guy had a pretty good year & is a potential inside/outside pass rusher & overall disrupter that the Seahawks could utilize, especially if Reed isn’t retained.

      DT(5-tech)-James Lynch, Baylor, 6-4/295 – DPOY in his conference.
      2019: 14-games, 41-tkls, 23-solo, 19.5-TFL (#7 in FBS), 13.5-sacks (#5 in FBS), 5-PBU, 13-QBH, 3-FF, 2-BK’s.

      • Dale Roberts

        I relied on a broad consensus of of top 50 picks from about twenty sources. Lynch is interesting and he could certainly rise but right now he doesn’t seem to be on people’s top 50 radar. I believe Poona Ford was the DPOY in the same conference and he didn’t even get drafted (which worked out well for the Hawks).

  26. Hawks4life

    As a 26 year old Kobe was my inspiration growing up as an athlete and still is to this day. RIP TO A GOAT. Words cant describe my feelings

  27. Gohawks5151

    The most realistic mock I’ve seen so far 😉

    We all know the chances are high they trade back unless they trade it for a player

    • Greg Haugsven

      If its the Jaguars why dont we just trade 27 for 42 and give me Calais Campbell.

      • CHawk Talker Eric


      • Simo

        Yes! John, please make this deal. Pretty good value for the Jags as well, to move up into the first. And the Hawks still have the same number of picks to work with!

  28. Eburgz

    All SDB January mock

    R1 Edge Julian Okwara
    R2 WR Jalen Reagor
    R2 OL Logan Stenberg
    R3 LB Willie Gay jr.
    R4 RB Anthony McFarland
    R4 DL Rashard Lawrence
    R5 DB Jeremy Chinn
    R6 TE Stephan Sullivan

    • Eburgz

      All EBurgz January Mock Draft

      R1 WR Laviska Shenault
      R2 LB Josh Uche
      R2 DL Yetur Gross Matos
      R3 OL Netane Muti/ best run blocking OL available
      R4 DL Leki Fotu
      R4 RB AJ Dillon
      R5 OL Alex Taylor
      R6 TE Stephan Sullivan

      • Eburgz

        Corresponding Offseason:

        Extend and restructure Britt & cut Dickson for cap savings

        Resign Jadeveon Clowney 17M cap hit 3-5 year deal
        Sign Jack Conklin 13M cap hit 3-5 year deal
        Sign Hunter Henry 10M cap hit 2-3 year deal
        Resign Jarran Reed 8M cap hit 1 year deal
        Sign Vic Beasley/E. Griffen 8M cap hit 1-2 year deal
        Sign Suh/ DJ reader 6M cap hit 1-3 year deal

    • GoHawksDani

      I’d be exceptionally happy with this draft.
      Okwara seems like have some potential as a situational/rotational piece with maybe becoming more after 2-3 years
      Raegor is an interesting WR prospect
      Carson would love Stenberg…so does our inside rushgame
      Willie Gay has some upside, good at reading offenses. We need depth and talent as this will be likely KJ’s last year
      I love McFarland, we can’t have enough RBs

  29. Michael Hasslinger

    My 2 cents…

    Loved Cushenberry. I thought Stenberg really struggled with power, and struggled to move laterally. Josh Jones, to my untrained eye, mirrored well and showed good balance. He has real potential at left tackle. Harris is a backup to me… just to slight, and grabs a ton.

    I loved Kelly’s quick feet and burst. I am super intrigued by Mims.

    The tackles sucked… but we may need to think about productivity over measureables for EDGE. Anae and Uche have the twitch… or have some twitch and some speed. I thought both showed good hand.

    I really enjoyed Devon Hamilton… and the other Ohio State guy who played outside backer.

    If Lamar Jackson runs well, I bet Pete could round into a good player.

    I am surprised at the lack of tackle talent for this game.

    Always appreciate the good work on the here on the blog.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      My word I need to proof read my comments. Ugh.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I also thought Stenberg didn’t have a great game but I didn’t see him struggling with power or quickness, nor did I see problems moving laterally. Rather what I saw was just plain old half-assery. He played very casually. Not much fire or drive. Wasn’t finishing off all his plays. His week of practice was as good any I’ve seen for that position group, but when it came to the game I just felt like he didn’t leave it all out on the field.

      Still very intrigued by Stenberg, but I wonder if Damien Lewis isn’t the better value on Day 3 (and there’s the possibility of double-dipping LSU OLers with Cushenberry and capitalizing on their established chemistry).

      Agree 100% on Cushenberry. He might be the best C prospect I’ve seen since I started looking at the draft through the prism of SDB about 8 years ago. He’s not a must-have for me (yet?) because we already have a good C and there are other needs to address and other good prospects SEA could take in the same range. But if they do decide to draft Cush I’ll be very happy.

      I thought Ben Bartch is an intriguing developmental OT prospect. Not the longest arms, which might mean he’s a RT in the pros, but I thought he practiced well. Same with Tyre Phillips, who looks like he’s pretty versatile.

      This just isn’t the draft for SEA style EDGE defenders. Combine testing will be crucial. Anae has a strong motor and good production, but his arms are short and he doesn’t look like a sub 1.6s 10yd athlete. Uche isn’t an EDGE and I agree with Rob that SEA need a true speed EDGE more than a SAM who can rush. Zuniga and Greenard both have the size and length SEA like, and they played well all week, but are they twitchy enough? It’s really hard to project EDGE defenders to SEA before Combine/pro days.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        I concur on Lewis. LSU as a whole intrigues.

        I’ll give some specific all out on Sternberg to tonight. I want to like him… just want to avoid group think.

        I’m all for a OL and RB heavy draft.

        Appreciate the reply. More to come.

  30. Josh

    Thank you for the information Rob, terrific as always

  31. Michael Edwards

    I really think Dugger is probably one of the Hawks top targets. I can see them trading out of the first and picking up Curtis Weaver, Kyle Dugger and Logan Stenberg in the 2nd and being very happy about it.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Dugger will go that early but I can see him being a target for them.

      • Michael Edwards

        I am betting he blows away the combine, both on the field and interviews, which will artificially boost him.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not convinced. He’ll run a 4.4 which is good but not mind blowing. I think he can be a R4 target.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Where do you see him, SS or?

        • Michael Edwards

          He played CB for a while in college and thinks he will run under 4.4. I think he could be either one, but I think he could be the FS who can roll up if you need him to.

          • JimQ

            Dugger is a 2 time team captain, coaches trust him & praise his all around leadership, responsible for relaying calls & making checks, All around athlete, has played RB, LB as well as FS/SS and is a return specialist on special teams as well, Elite lateral agility, fast with outstanding closing speed, very good balance and awareness, doesn’t over run plays, high levels of hitting power, a very sure tackler, plays well around box, a bit of a tweener SS/LB, has played both FS/SS, Needs to improve his back peddle speed and urgency, but is otherwise a very good athlete and a big time leader on the field. Very much the alpha dog on his team and well worth Seahawk consideration.

        • Rob Staton

          I think SS or big nickel.

          • Michael Edwards

            He definitely has the coverage ability to come down and be a nickel, but I think he has the speed to cover the whole field and cover up the back end. Granted, if you had Diggs back there with Dugger at SS I would be very happy.

  32. Henry Taylor

    Would reccomend Hawkblogger’s article on Pete Carroll for anyone interested. A very comprehensive breakdown of all the bad Twitter takes people on his own website are known for pushing.

    It’s nothing we haven’t spoke about on here, but it does break it all down very nicely, a gratifying read.

    • Lil’stink

      That was a great, level headed, objective take on things. I completely agree with what he said regarding the analytic guys, Russell Wilson fanboys, and PC haters. Anyone that takes the time to read Seahawk content here or on other sites should do themselves a favor and read this blog post. Not to be snarky, but I especially loved the swipes at Ben Baldwin and Evan Hill.

  33. Trevor

    Post Senior Bowl Mock #1

    #1 Bengals : Joe Burrow (QB/LSU)
    #2 Redskins: Chase Young (DE /Ohio St)
    #3 Panthers (Trade with Detroit): Panthers continue their aggressive off season and jump up in front of Miami to get their QB of the future.
    #4 Giants: Andrew Thomas (LT/Georgia)
    #5 Dolphins: Justin Herbert (QB/ Oregon)
    #6 Jets (Trade with SD) Jedrick Willis (OT/ALabama)The Chargers miss out on Herbert and Tua so trade back with the Jets who badly need an LT
    #7 Browns (Trade with Lions) Mekhi Becton (LT/Louis)Browns are also desperate for a LT and move up in front of Arizona. The Lions add a ton of draft capital with these two trade backs.
    #8 Arizona: CeeDee Lamb (WR /Oak) The Cardinals get Murray a familiar target and future replacement for Larry.
    #9 Jags: Jeff Odukah (CB/Ohio St) The Jags get another Jalen Ramsey but without the drama
    #10 Lions (from Browns) Isiah Simmons (LB/ Clemson) The Lions get one of the top payer in the draft
    #11 SD (from Jets) Jordan Love (QB/Utah St) This is early for Love but SD need a QB of the future and the extra draft capital from the Jets lets them roll the dice.
    #12 Raiders : Derrick Brown (DT / Auburn) the Raiders run to the podium and get a steal
    #13 Indy: Javon Kinlaw (DT/S.Car) The Colts keep adding quality pieces
    #14 Bucs: Grant Delpit (S/LSU)
    #15 Broncos : Jerry Jeudy (WR/Alb) the WR run begins
    #16 Bills (from Falcons) Henry Ruggs (WR / Alb) Bills move up to get Josh Allen a true burner
    #17 Cowboys: Laviska Shenault (WR/Col) Jerry gets Dak a weapon
    #18 Miami: Tristan Wirfs (OT/Iowa)
    #19 Oak: Patrick Queen (LB/LSU)
    #20 Jags : AJ Esperanza (Edge /Iowa) Jags replace potential FA losses on the DL
    #21 Eagles: Brandon Aiyuk (WR/Ariz St) They need to get Wentz some weapons
    #22 Falcons (from Bills) Ceaser Ruiz (C /Mich) Falcons get a replacement for Alex Mack
    #23 NE
    #24 Saints
    #25 Dolphins: Klavon Chaisson (LB/LSU)
    #26 Vikings: Josh Jones (OT /Hous)
    #27 Bucaneers (from Hawks) Jacob Eason (QB/Wash) Ariens gets his big armed QB and gives up OJ Howard to move back into Rd #1
    #28 Ravens : Loyd Cushenberry (C/LSU)
    #29 Titans: Isiah Wilson (RT/Georgia) They get an instant replacement for Conklin
    #30 GB: Jalen Raegor (WR/TCU)
    #31 Niners: Tee Higgins (WR/Clem)
    #32 Chiefs: JK Dobbins (RB /Ohio St)

    Hawks Picks
    *They get OJ Howard in the trade back with the Bucs

    Rd 2 #45 (From Bucs tradeback) Raekwon Davis (DT/Alabama) Hawks trade up to get an elite physical talent whose production has dropped off. Floor is elite run stuffer, Ceiling is Calais Campbell type of DT.

    Rd 2 #58 Josh Uche (LB /Mich) depends on how he tests but I think he would be an ideal SAM in the Hawks scheme with the ability to blitz and rush the passer some on 3rd down. Want to be clear he is not an edge rusher in the Hawks scheme though.

    Rd 2 #63 Denzel Mimms (WR/ Ok St) Hawks get a steal here IMO and elite #3 WR reminds me a lot of Jenny Golladay with the Lions.

    3rd Rd Comp Pick: Ezra Cleveland (OT / Boise St) Hawks need to get a developmental OT even if they resign Fant or Ifedi. Cleveland is raw but has the physical skills to be a starter. Someone like Pearl from UCONN or Niang from TCU would be other options.

    Rd#4 #130 Anthony McFarland (RB/ Maryland) Love his running style. If the Hawks question either Penny or Carson coming back 100% he could be a steal here.

    Rd#4 Comp Pick:Kyle Duggar (DB /Lenior Rhyne) comes into compete with Amani and compliment him on special teams

    Rd#5 (from Vanett Trade) Damien Lewis (G / LSU) Hawks add another beast at the Guard spot

    Rd #6 Comp Pick: Steven Sullivan (TE/ LSU ) Looked really good in the Senior Bowl and would be an ideal TE 3 behind Dissly and Howard

    Rd#7 (Diggs trade) : Lamar Jackson (CB/Nebraska) Pete gets another long developmental CB to try and rebuild some depth at the postion

    • cha

      Tua at #3 I assume?

    • Henry Taylor

      Love it. Love the Hawks picks, Raekwon Davis is absolutely a guy I can see them targeting for his value, he would allow them to move on from Reed this year and next year and, as you say, massive upside. Uche is also a guy I’m really into as a possibility to add more speed to the defence (this scenario would of course be dependant on them adding to the edge rush in free agency to be a success). And I think OJ Howard would become a superstar in Seattle, was all over that a trade possibility before Bruce got cold feet and continued not using him at all.

      I also enjoyed reading such a trade heavy mock, there needs to be more of these out there. I know it’s impossible to predict, but so is the draft and its more likely to produce some interesting and potentially accurate scenarios than a zero trade mock.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      They’re not exactly the same, but for me Kenneth Murray >> Patrick Queen. I’d be floored if Murray doesn’t go in R1, let alone before Queen.

    • dcd2

      Chargers have officially moved on from Rivers, so I would expect them to be players to ‘move up’.

      Herbert landing in Carolina would be interesting (assuming SD jumps to take Tua). He’d have a year to be groomed and maybe some of Cam’s swag would rub off on him.

      I’m not convinced that CAR goes QB though. Their defense was pretty bad and they are losing Keuchly. I would think they go defense with #7. They might also move down. Lots of holes on that team.

    • Dale Roberts

      Interesting mock with some real thought behind it. I’m truthfully not too excited by Seattle’s picks but then I’m not usually happy with our actual picks until a couple of years later when our 5th rounder becomes a probable HOF corner or our 7th rounder is among the league leaders in rushing. The trade for OJ Howard is creative but I doubt they’d give him up for that if he’s even actually available.

      -#7 too high for Becton… but then it is the Browns.
      -In this scenario I think SD would opt for Jeudy or Wirfs unless Love blows up the combine. In that case I don’t think the Chargers would trade down but would take Love at #6 believing the Jags would snag Love at #9.
      -Biadasz is the consensus top center and will be taken before Ruiz or Cushenberry.
      -I don’t think Shenault will go that high due to durability concerns.
      -I like the move of the Bucs trading up for Eason. I had Indy doing the same thing. Somebody will value the 27th pick to grab Love or Eason. By my quick count nine teams need their QB of the future.

  34. CHawk Talker Eric

    If you haven’t seen Russell win the precision passing contest at the Pro Bowl…

    We’re so fortunate he’s our QB

  35. Georgia Hawk

    Wilson being extremely candid in an interview with the call to add more superstars on both sides of the ball. Straight up said FA is going to be huge this year. Sounds like some big moves incoming….

  36. JUJUS

    Just an fyi. just updated with better relevant player rankings and comp picks for each team.
    A giant time sink and the trades can be crazy- but its fun!

    • JUJUS

      1st time thru with no trades ( so unlikely lol)

      Round 1 Pick 27: Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia (B-)
      Round 2 Pick 27: Solomon Kindley, OG, Georgia (B+)
      Round 2 Pick 31: Willie Gay, OLB, Mississippi State (A-)
      Round 3 Pick 36 (COMP): Lloyd Cushenberry III, C, LSU (A+)
      Round 4 Pick 27: KJ Hill, WR, Ohio State (A+)
      Round 4 Pick 40 (COMP): Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland (A-)
      Round 6 Pick 33 (COMP): Tipa Galeai, DE/OLB, Utah State (A+)
      Round 7 Pick 27: Lamical Perine, RB, Florida (A+)

      Fixed the Oline – assuming we retain Fant for LT of the Future.

  37. Steve Nelsen

    Some final thoughts on Senior Bowl week:

    1. Seattle will trade pick 27. This is not a daring prediction with JS as GM but I think it is more likely than ever this year.

    There will be teams looking to trade up for pick #27. There are some QBs that look like end of Round 1 targets. It is also possible that teams will be looking to move up to get “their guy” from the deep group of WRs. In fact, a multiple trade back scenario seems most likely to tap into the OL and WR depth of the draft while still adding DL, DB, TE and RB.

    Pick 27 may not even last until draft day. It may very likely be used to get one of those “superstars” that Russell Wilson wants to add.

    2. Seattle will draft a WR and OL in round 2. There are so many nice WR prospects in this draft. I can’t wait to see who joins Lockett and DK. I like Jamarco Jones and Phill Haynes to compete for LG. But, Seattle needs more young depth everywhere as they deal with aging or injured (or both) starters at LT, RG and C and continue the transition to Solari’s blocking scheme.

    3. Seattle will add a starting caliber RT via trade or free agency. RT is the second biggest need on the team right now after DL with both Ifedi and Fant unrestricted FAs. The likelihood is that Seattle convinces either Fant or Ifedi to return. But, would it be possible (or worthwhile) to add someone from another team? This might be the most likely way to upgrade the offense other than TE. Starting a rookie would seem far too risky although drafting a project RT at some point in the draft seems likely.

    4. Seattle will add a starting caliber TE via trade or free agency. There isn’t a Day 1 starter in the draft and beginning the season with just Dissly and Hollister would be missing a huge chance to upgrade the offense. LSU TE Stephen Sullivan is one of my draft crushes.

    • cha

      I agree with #1 wholeheartedly. The Seahawks have tons of options there. Great spot for someone hungry for that 5th year option, and might be a valuable chip in a trade for a star veteran player.

    • Dale Roberts

      Good comments.

      I’d really like us to take Raekwon Davis to replace Reed. He’s a better run defender while still have a good athletic upside. I think we’re gonna need that $10 million to pay Clowney and lure his rush mate for the other side.

      I know they value speed but what I what the best compliment would be a Steve Smith/Golden Tate type receiver. Jalen Reagor fits that mold to a tee.

      I don’t think Ifedi will draw the type of contract that would worry me. If you look at his perception outside of Seattle. There are 39 free agent tackles available and Ifedi is rated about middle of the pack behind Fant. I’d worry more about losing Fant but neither of them are in the top ten available tackles. Given Pete’s desire for continuity I expect us to resign both Ifedi and Fant for a relatively modest APY.

      Gotta disagree on Sullivan who doesn’t fit Seattle because he’s a horrible inline blocker. Most of the tight ends in this draft won’t be capable inline blockers at the next level. The only two tight ends that really fit in Seattle are Colby Parkinson and Joey Magnifico. Magnifico is an ex-linebacker who is only in his second year of playing TE but he has a good combination of athleticism and attitude.

  38. cha

    Thought I’d look at the potential of 2021 comp picks.

    Seahawks UFAs and a projected round comp pick they might return (based on OTC’s 2020 projections which are based on APY for acquisitions. I also lowballed it a little to be conservative.)

    Clowney (3rd)
    Ifedi (4th)
    Reed (5th)
    Fant (5th)
    Q Jeff (6th)
    Iupati (7th)
    Jaron Brown (7th)
    Geno Smith (7th)

    A team is only limited to being awarded 4 comp picks each year. There’s complicated math to it, but it basically boils down to FA’s lost who eligible vs FA’s signed

    Biggest Needs:
    Starting RT
    Starting DL
    Starting DL
    Starting TE
    (let’s assume the Hawks tender Moore for a WR spot)

    All signs point to this offseason being an aggressive one. But they can make several big moves to improve the roster and possible be able to still have some comp picks coming their way.

    There are several ways to acquire talent without losing comp picks:
    -sign street FA’s/cut players
    -sign players after the comp pick window has closed

    So what would it look like?

    A couple ways this offseason could impact 2021 comp picks:

    • cha

      Aggressive but earns comp picks Plan:

      Biggest Needs:
      Starting RT (resign Fant)
      Starting DL (resign Clowney)
      Starting DL (trade for Von Miller or Calais Campbell)
      Starting TE (to be 1A to Dissly) (trade for OJ Howard)
      Resign Jarran Reed

      Clowney (3rd)
      Ifedi (4th)
      Reed (5th)
      Fant (5th)
      Q Jeff (6th)
      Iupati (7th)
      Jaron Brown (7th)
      Geno Smith (7th)
      (subject of course to the teams & players being amenable to deals)

      What would it take to get Von Miller? #27 pretty surely, maybe more. But you get a top pass rusher to pair with Clowney and you’ve solved your pass rush issues for the next 3+ years and with any growth by Collier and Green you’ve got a top 10 pass rush.

      What about Howard? Maybe the Hawks can snag him for their 3rd round ET comp pick. Maybe they can send their 2021 2nd rounder to TB for him. Or perhaps one of their 2020 2nds and get something back like a 5th round pick.

      In this plan the Hawks end up with 4th, 6th, and 2 7th round comp picks. Fills needs and still has ammo for 2021, be it for the draft or to trade for veterans that spring free ala Clowney did in 2019.

      • cha

        Damn the comp picks, let’s go shopping! Plan:

        Biggest Needs:
        Starting RT (sign Jack Conklin)
        Starting DL (resign Clowney)
        Starting DL (sign Dante Fowler)
        Starting TE (to be 1A to Dissly) (sign Austin Hooper)

        Clowney (3rd)
        Ifedi (4th)
        Reed (5th)
        Fant (5th)
        Q Jeff (6th)
        Iupati (7th)
        Jaron Brown (7th)
        Geno Smith (7th)

        One 6th and 3 7th round picks comp picks. They probably won’t have enough $ to sign Reed in this version of the deal. Ifedi and Fant are gone as well. So there’s some work to be done in the interior DL. But Clowey and Fowler are a formidable duo.

    • cha

      Oh and for the record I didn’t include

      Kendricks (injury/legal situation)
      Ziggy (poor performance)
      Josh Gordon (suspension)

      As these guys probably won’t get signed in the comp pick window.

  39. Volume12

    The Giants offense is gonna be next level. Revolutionary.

    Jason Garrett and Freddie Kitchens are offensive masterminds!

  40. Frank

    I feel like the senior bowl gets over hyped. For small school prospects that never had a chance to play against future NFL players I understand the point, but for most of these guys nothing the can do in an all star game, is going to change the impression they made over their entire college careers. If a guys shows he’s a horrible locker room personality, or lacks the ability to be coached he can fail and be taken off boards, but in my opinion it’s near impossible to raise a players stock.
    The Seahawks have been pretty ridged to there physical ideals position by position, so just looking forward to the combine a lot to be able to truly identify people that can fit in with the Hawks. It at least finally feels like the team needs are finally being addressed in mock drafts and blogs in a way that objectively makes sense.
    There isn’t anything I’ve seen that potentially can slide to the Hawks I wouldn’t trade for Von Miller in a heartbeat, but to dream for Clowney and Miller might be a bit too hopeful. It’s too bad LJ didn’t show anything this year, it’s starting to feel like a waste of a pick.

  41. Dale Roberts

    The RPO is a critical part of our scheme and when Fant plays one tight end spot a guy like Dissly who can truly block and be a dynamic receiver is huge because he is the third receiver. Even on passing downs having a competent chip blocker at TE is helpful. However when we replace Fant with a receiver it seems to me that the most valuable compliment to Lockett/Metcalf would be a Steve Smith/Golden Tate gritty, competitive type of receiver. Jalen Reagor seems to fit that mold. Who else might be available at #27 that embodies those traits (BTW, Smith was a third round pick and Tate was taken in the second)?

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