Senior Bowl measurements & Shrine notes

Senior Bowl measurements revealed

It’s worth noting that the measurements sometimes change at the combine (different methods of measuring, I guess) but there were some notable (and positive) numbers today.

The Seahawks, like most teams, place a lot of emphasis on length on the defensive line. They have typically avoided anyone with sub-33 inch arms.

Highly underrated Byron Young of Alabama — a possible second round pick nobody talks about — measured at 6-3, 297lbs and has 34 inch arms. Get him in Seattle. His ability to disrupt isn’t talked about enough and with his size and length, he’d be an ideal addition for the defensive front.

Zacch Pickens (DT, South Carolina) has the kind of profile they need. He’s 6-3 and 300lbs with 34 1/8 inch arms. He’s a disruptive force with plus athleticism and with that kind of length he will be coveted as a day two pick. I did have some concerns about his conditioning, watching tape. He tires. Not at a Jalen Carter level, but still.

Keion White (DE, Georgia Tech) measured nicely at 6-5 and 280lbs with 33 5/8 inch arms. That’ll do for me. We’ve been talking about him for some time — his relentless nature, motor, plus athleticism and consistent disruption. He would be an excellent option for the Seahawks so hopefully he shows that in Mobile.

Adetomiwa Adebawore (DT, Northwestern) was one of the players I asked Jim Nagy about. He is a tremendous 6-1 and 284lbs with 34 inch arms. He will win many leverage battles with that combo of arm length and squatty height. ‘Ade Ade’ will also test very well at the combine. He’s another to watch for.

Wisconsin’s talented Keeanu Benton is 6-3, 312lbs and has 33 6/8 inch arms. There are lots of nice interior defensive line options in this class as you can see.

I like Jerrod Clark’s (DT, Coastal Carolina) splash plays and he’s a good athlete at 6-3, 343lbs with 33 7/8 inch arms.

Will McDonald is often talked-up as a potential first rounder based purely on upside (his tape wasn’t good in 2022). Today he measured at 6-3, 241lbs with incredible 35-inch arms. That’s why he’s so highly thought of.

Isaiah McGuire (DE, Missouri) is a big, powerful pass-rusher who can slip blocks and make an impact. At 6-4, 271lbs and with 33 3/8 inch arms — keep an eye on him this week. I like him as a round 3/4 type, depending on testing results.

Notre Dame’s Isaiah Foskey (6-5, 262lbs, 33 6/8 arms) looks the part — those are really good numbers for him. The same can be said of Derrick Hall at Auburn (6-3, 252lbs, 34 3/8 arms) and Andre Carter (6-6, 252lbs, 34 arms).

Nick Hampton at Appalachian State is a bit lighter (6-2, 236lbs) but he can rush the passer and has 33 5/8 inch arms.

It wasn’t such good news for TCU’s Dylan Horton (6-4, 265lbs, 32 6/8 arms) or K.J. Henry (6-4, 247lbs, 32 6/8 arms) who lack ideal length.

A number of college tackles measured in a way that they are more likely to find a home at guard. That’s not bad news for the Seahawks. They have young bookend tackles to continue developing already. Seattle’s scheme, which mirrors the Rams’ system, typically uses converted tackles at guard and prefers the extra mobility that comes with a player of that description.

Syracuse’s Matt Bergeron (6-4, 323lbs, 33 5/8 arms) and Maryland’s Jaelyn Duncan (6-5, 298lbs, 33 4/8 arms) are both very athletic and talented but could end up kicking inside, providing day-two value. Alabama’s Tyler Steen (6-5, 325lbs, 33 arms) has long been destined to kick inside.

Old Dominion’s Nick Saldiveri could be a real option for Seattle as a player with tackle experience. He is 6-6, 311lbs with 33 3/8 inch arms. I really liked his tape.

At tackle, Dawand Jones is already one of the big winners of the week. His 6-8, 375lbs frame is somehow in proportion. He doesn’t have a sloppy frame. He’s ‘the Mountain’ from Game of Thrones. He also has 11 3/8 inch hands and an insane 89 4/8 inch wing span — with 36 5/8 inch arms. I’ve been banging the drum for him for weeks now as a top prospect who should go in round one and teams are going to love his size.

Michigan center Olusegun Olumatimi had a very good measuring result — he’s 6-2, 308lbs with 33 inch arms. All are ideal.

Tennessee’s brilliant tackle Darnell Wright measured at 6-5, 342lbs and has 34 1/8 inch arms. He should be a first round pick.

Wayna Morris at Oklahoma also did his stock the power of good with a 6-5, 317lbs frame and 35 3/8 inch arms and an 85 6/8 inch wing span.

I expected Ole Miss guard Nick Broeker to have sub-33 inch arms (32 2/8) but I really like him as a blocker and hope he gets some time at center in Mobile. He used to play tackle so I hope, despite his lack of length, he gets a look in Seattle. He’s ideally suited to their scheme.

Cody Mauch (T, North Dakota State) will need to kick inside at 6-5, 305lbs and with 32 1/8 inch arms. I hope he too gets some center reps because he plays like fire personified.

John Michael Schmitz (C, Minnesota) is smaller than expected (6-3, 306lbs) with short arms (32 6/8 inches). In a funny way, it almost puts him back on the radar. He looks bigger on tape. Seattle is going for leverage at center these days in their zone scheme so being smaller isn’t an issue.

Pure guard O’Cyrus Torrence is 6-5, 337lbs and has 33 7/8 inch arms. Steve Avila is 6-3, 332lbs and has 32 5/8 inch arms (not ideal).

At running back, Seattle likes size (approx +210lbs, ideally 225lbs). Kenny McIntosh at Georgia (5-11, 210lbs), Chase Brown (5-9, 215lbs), Roschon Johnson (6-0, 225lbs) and Chris Rodriguez (5-10, 224lbs) fit the bill. Tyjae Spears (5-9, 204lbs) is below the size threshold but he is just too good to ignore.

By now we all know about Seattle’s preference for length at cornerback. That changed and adapted over the last few years and a sub-32 inch arm length won’t count anyone out any more. It’s still an obvious preference though.

Stanford’s talented Kyu Blu Kelly only has 31 6/8 inch arms. The very intriguing Julius Brents of Kansas State, though, measured 6-3, 202lbs and with 33 6/8 inch arms. He will have an explosive combine performance too and could be a nice development project.

A full list of measurements can be found here.

This is a really good looking Senior Bowl group. The 1v1’s in the trenches will be box-office. Footage isn’t readily available and I’m reliant on people posting it on YouTube. I will provide analysis as soon as I can. Fingers crossed those attending come up with the goods.

Shrine game thoughts

The player who stood out the most to me was Penn State center Juice Scruggs. He’s 6-2 and 308lbs with 33 3/8 inch arms. He consistently anchored when blocking and when we was asked to move around, he kept his feet moving and retained balance.

Scruggs easily gets low to win with leverage and adjusts and recovers against spin counters. His hand placement is generally good and he can mirror. He looks athletic and a very capable scheme fit in Seattle.

Keondre Coburn pushed him back on day three but even then he did enough to hang in there and limit the damage.

Scruggs really impressed me and is on my radar moving forward as a day three center option. I will be aiming to watch more tape on him over the next fortnight.

Brenton Cox Jr is a bit of an enigma given he was kicked off the Florida team for arguing with coaches all the time. That was after initially being suspended by Georgia. His stock, as a consequence, might be down the toilet already.

However, he was easily the best athlete in 1v1’s in Las Vegas. He easily beat opponents off the edge and was just too quick. He flew off the edge and was the superior athlete competing. He showed off a good straight arm to keep his frame clean, complementing his quickness. It was easy for him, perhaps speaking to the level of opponent he was facing. He’s 6-3, 254lbs and has 33 2/8 inch arms.

Washington O-liner Henry Bainivalu also stood out. He anchored well, showed good feet to stay balanced and there is something to work with here. He’s 6-5, 312lbs and has 34 2/8 inch arms with big 10 2/8 inch hands. Team mate Jaxson Kirkland also performed well at left guard. He was strong and active at the POA. He did get whipped by a swim move on his third rep of the first day and wasn’t quick enough to respond. Yet at 6-6, 322lbs and with 33 2/8 inch arms he had a good showing.

Ohio State defensive tackle Taron Vincent flashed power and he easily beat Banivalu on one rep with an athletic move. He pushed the pocket and looked the part. However, he has short 31 3/8 inch arms.

Dante Stills is another who looked good but also lacks length (32 1/8 inch arms). However, Arkansas centre Ricky Stromberg has a torrid time and really struggled.

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  1. Trevor

    Dewand Jones looks like a man amongst boys out there. Just rag dolling Andre Carter and Isiah Foskey. I know it is almost a shame to move him inside but can you imagine the right side of the hawks OL for the next 5yrs with Jones and Lucas. I think I would be awful tempted to take Jones at 20.

    • Simon

      Is Lucas a candidate to kick inside to guard?

      • Rob Staton

        I think that would be a terrible idea given how well he played at right tackle

        Keep him there

  2. Trevor

    Rob you will might become know as a RT savant with Lucas last year and Jones this year. You have always been an awesome OL evaluator but taking it to the next level lately. Darnell Wrght as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

      • Trevor

        National draft pundits likely will simply switch mocks from Paris Johnson to Dewand Jones after this week 🙂

  3. Hawk Finn

    Did the rookie tackles show out enough last year to warrant passing on one of the OT you highlighted? Is there a LT prospect you prefer to Cross? Are either Lucas/Cross built to shift inside should the need arise?

    I’m not suggesting this, by the way. Just curious because I’m dumb.

  4. Kerren

    With many prospects on the D line makes getting the QB at 5 even more imperative problem is only trade partners are AZ and CHI who could both reap a huge haul for QB needy teams Afraid of losing all 4 qb’s in first 4 picks (Will Anderson would be a very nice consolation prize) but problem is then you are in QB purgatory.
    Would you trade next year’s 1 for a trade up with AZ to 3? Hate trading future capital but We’d be guaranteed choice of 2 of Levis/Young/Stroud/Anderson with the trade…

    • Matt

      As bad as I want to secure a QB; I sincerely think JS would be happy with any of those 4 at pick 5. So don’t expend capital UNLESS there is a guy that he absolutely thinks can be Mahomes – in that case, do whatever it takes.

  5. Rick

    20 – Keion White
    37 – Keeanu Benton
    52 – Adetomiwa Adebawore
    83 – Olusegun Olumatimi

    Looks like there is some depth and talent to load up in the middle of the trenches

    • Matt

      That’s my ideal 20 and 37. White and Benton would give you high effort monsters on the DL.

      QB @ 5
      BPA @ 52 (I don’t care what the position is – truly)

    • Cheese22

      Benton looks like he is much better than given credit for. He’s huge and quick. He is a must double-team on run plays because nobody contained him 1 v 1 on game tape. He will be #37 pick in every mock I do from now on.

    • Sizzle

      Olu Olu looked rough today, and I thought he was pretty bad in the CFB semifinal too.

  6. Palatypus

    From the ground level, I thought that practice was sloppy and slow. But, it is warm and very humid.

  7. DCSeattle

    Thanks for the summaries, Rob. Sounds like a lot of quality options for the interior of both offensive and defensive lines. Would love to see a Byron Young or Ade Ade type instead of another Taylor/Mafe build. We’ve got those, now get lineman to fit the 3-4 defense, and at least a starter at C or G.

    With all these options that should be available rd 2 and on, it makes sense to me to go QB at #5 and BPA at #20.

  8. Rob4q

    “Keondre Coburn pushed him back on day three but even then he did enough to hang in there and limit the damage.”

    So Coburn did okay then? But against lesser competition in the Shrine game? Was hoping he might be a solid NT option on day 3. Seems like he has the size and length to make it work.

    • Rob Staton

      Coburn has short arms

  9. cha

    Thanks Rob

    I really want a center from this class.

    Like really, really.

    • Matt

      52 or 83 is where I’m hoping to see that happen.

      • hoggs41

        Agreed. I still feel like Wypler could be the choice.

        • UkAlex6674

          Why Whypler Hoggs?

  10. Palatypus

    The local kid, Luter Jr. #18. Is not wearing the same uniform as everyone else. A late add?

  11. HawkFan907

    Hey Rob, Puka Nacua looked awesome today at WR. He caught pretty much everything thrown at him. Great YAC and yards per route stats. How do you think he’d fit as a WR3? BYU runs a lot of McVay/Shanahan concepts so it looks like a natural fit.

    • Rob Staton

      I had him as a R4 option, would be a good pick in that range

  12. Hoggs41

    Funny you say that about Schmitz as I was thinking the same thing. Hes always been listed at 320 and that is probably to big but 306 fits the bill.

  13. Stephen Pitell

    You have characterized this as a talent poor draft in the past, but the more the talent is evaluated, the more I am thinking it may turn out to be a better than average draft. I see players like LB’s Noah Sewell and Owe Pappoe as being mocked in the late third round, and it makes me think this draft will be significantly better than you originally forecast.

    • Rob Staton

      Pappoe is just an athlete though — his tape was extremely poor for large stretches and he struggled at Auburn, becoming a meme with their fans. Sewell is overrated — too big, not quick enough

      It’s a thinner draft. Not enough clear blue chippers, talent drops off a cliff near end of round three. It is what it is. But when you have five high picks like Seattle you can still come out winners.

  14. Matt

    Luke Musgrave also came in with insane measurables – holy moly.

  15. JJ


    What do you think about the reports from Pauline/PFN about Levis? Needed a good showing at shrine/senior bowls to cement himself as top 20.

    • hoggs41

      Feels like Pauline has never really been that high on Levis.

    • Erik

      Not Rob, but I thought it also interesting that Pauline wrote an article highlighting Purdue’s QB, Aidan O’Connell, saying “…a growing number of people I’ve spoken with from the scouting community believe Aidan O’Connell of Purdue will prevail as the top signal-caller from this year’s class.”

      • Mr Drucker in hooterville

        “growing number of people….” with the last name O’Connell?

        • geoff u

          Hey now, don’t leave out O’Connell’s agent

      • Dregur

        He sounds like a worse version of Mac Jones.

  16. Denver Hawker

    Schefter reporting Sean Payton to the Broncos.

    • cha

      Adam Schefter
      Compensation: Denver’s 2023 first-round pick and next year’s second-round pick for Sean Payton and the Saints’ 2024 third.

      • jed

        Part of me wants to root for Russ because of how great he was in Seattle and all the stuff he does at the Children’s Hospitals.

        But, the petty side wants the Broncos to fail miserably. I can’t stand Elway, Payton is a bounty payer, and Russ let his ego lead his decision making.

    • Rob Staton

      Now we get to see what could’ve been

      • Big Mike

        Yep. Will be interesting. Payton will need to be able to compensate for Russ losing some of his legs.

        • Martinb

          Have to respectfully disagree. Payton had one of the all time greats at QB and won a single SB. Had three 7-9 seasons in a row at one point. He was far from a hot commodity this off season and was in fact Denver’s 3rd choice at best. Now he has a very average QB (at this stage). We’ll see. But I’m more impressed with Houston’s hire by far.

          • Big Boi

            You can also write PC’s name in and your post still works. Interesting.

            • Martinb

              I agree completely!

    • Mr. Anderson

      Man Denver’s draft capitol is super thin.

  17. HOUSE

    Sean Payton headed to Denver. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if Russ and Sean don’t mesh well.

    • Matt

      Payton has to believe there is still something there.

      • Rokas

        Of course there is, it’s a big fat check.

        • Matt

          You think he’s doing this for a paycheck?

          Any idea what he would make on television without the commitment required being an HC?

          • Big Mike

            Aw c’mon Matt, Russ hate is more important than logic.

            • Matt

              I yearn for the day when we can all around “Russ is a good guy, who just happens to be a tool. And we enjoyed his time with Seattle.”

              I truly don’t get the hate for him. He’s weird as hell, but there is like an actual hatred of the dude by our fanbase. Very odd.

              • Orcas viking

                I don’t think that particular element of the fan base hate him, they just dislike him as inauthentic and as a poser…always managing his image. He elicits the same emotion that the Seattle fan base always had toward A-rod. Both Wilson and A-rod want to be respected like Jeter, but they just don’t understand that that type of respect can’t be acquired and managed by a PR consultant…that type of respect only flows to those few that are authentic, genuine and great.

                • Peter

                  Jeter…..har har….

                  Yeah he never managed his image.

                • Big Mike

                  You do know Wilson was involved pretty heavily at Children’s Hospital well before it was known in public right?
                  Look I’m not saying he didn’t change and become a celebrity QB cuz he did. But, he still did good things in the community and he did good things to win football games for the Seahawks.

                  • martinb

                    And it’s the “early” Wilson that a lot of us embraced and respected. The later Wilson was absolutely nauseating and turned a lot of us off. There’s no right or wrong view of Wilson and it’s not about hating him. Personally, I don’t hate him. I just don’t like him. And from a football standpoint, I think he left a lot of meat on the bone during games. A lot of throws that he just couldn’t/wouldn’t make. Again, just another perspective is all.

                  • Orcas viking

                    Yes, the “early” Wilson did those things but at a time when he was just a game manager. His test of character came when he achieved success and adulation…rather than handle it with grace and perspective he succumbed to hubris. The Greeks alway knew what happened when one succumbs to hubris, you bring about nemesis…which was Wilson’s 2022 NFL season.

                • Matt

                  Russell would’ve been better off driving drunk at 96 MPH and telling cops they have small dicks. At least that’s what this (pathetic) fanbase, writ large, has shown.

                  But hey…being a corny tool who visits sick kids every week? What an asshole.

                  • Matt

                    I’m not even an RW guy…that’s what amazes me about all of this.

                  • DC1234

                    I think the local sports media have not done a good job covering Geno’s DUI arrest last year.

                    A lot of fans dont even know that this happened.

                    Or maybe the media dont think this DUI arrest is gonna result in a suspension.

                    I believe Marshawn had a DUI arrest when he was with the seahawks. And he wasnt suspended any games.

                • Rokas

                  100% this.

    • JP

      I think it’s a good match. Not a young coach that can be influenced too much by Russ, but somebody Russ seems to really respect as a HC.

      I was for trading Russ because of his age and where the club is at, but despite the down year for him, I think there’s probably some good years left in the tank. Some of the plays he was still able to make, that does not look to me like Matt Ryan, Big Ben towards the end of their careers.

      Plus the Broncos got bit bad by the injury bug on offense, so it’s hard to really say definitively if he’s toast or not. Put a healthy offense around him and maybe the Broncos are in the Super Bowl hunt. They looked like they had the Chiefs on the ropes that last game as it went on until Russ was concussed.

      • hoggs41

        Well said Matt. I dont have any issue with him but he is a goofball that was kind of separated from his past teammates and sounds like his current teammates as well but no hate.

        • DC1234

          I think all the Russ hate is rooted from him not being relatable. He always tries to say the correct thing. He tries too hard. Feels a bit fake, like a politician.

          We as seahawks fan had blinders on when Russ was with the seahawks. He played great, so we ignored his quirks. I bet a lot of fans from other teams dont like Russ. Its like Richard Sherman. We loved him when he was with the seahawks. But fans from other teams hate him. Like Draymond Green.

          Once Russ forced his way out with his passive aggressive way about it, seahawks fan made him to be public enemy #1. It helps to also root against him last year because of the draft picks too.

          If fans hate on Russ this year, that is wrong. Cause it doesnt affect the Seahawks a bit if the Broncos win or lose.

          • Peter

            Are we going to litigate this forever?

            On the one hand people are bummed he wanted out. And then they spent the year saying “see he sucks.”

            But no one has a problem with JS wanting to trade him to Cleveland.

            So the other side is maybe both sides wanted to part.

            Oh and for the trade? Josh Allen. Who is alternately great and can not lift that team to anything yet.

  18. cha

    Texans hire DeMeco Ryans

    • Osprey

      Does a defensive HC mean they draft a defender @ 2?

      • SoCal12

        I feel like a 6 year contract actually makes it more likely Ryans will want his pick of a QB to develop and hang his hat on.

        • Big Mike

          You’re likely correct but I hope you’re not. I do wonder if seeing the last pick in the draft succeed in SF will influence Ryans to hire a really good OC that is like a Shanny disciple and think the guy can make magic with a lower round pick/Davis Mills. Hoping…….

      • Matt

        It honestly wouldn’t shock me if Ryans was given the “you have time to build this how you want.” I don’t think we can discount him being a big time player for that organization.

        If he loves Carter or Anderson – it really wouldn’t shock me if they went that route. They can retool their defense with their picks this year and allow that unit to grow.

        • jed

          The Texans are a pretty cool opportunity if given the time. Lots of draft capital (2 firsts this year and next), no history of success, only one team with a QB in a weak division. Ryans seems like he’s in a good a spot as any first year head coach.

    • Spectator

      Could he attempt to build the Texans like the 9ers? Heavy defense at top of drafts? Could we see Texans take Anderson at 2? What would this do to Arizona?

    • HOUSE

      From all accounts, DeMeco Ryans is a solid dude. I truly hope he is given time to build that team, because they need help. The revolving door of coaches isn’t ever going to help an organization. In Ryans’ case, they have some prime picks to allow him to form a roster in his eyes. Best of luck to him!

  19. Jim

    They had cody much at left guard
    He was impressive

  20. Peter

    Matt made the comment but are we sure this draft isn’t better going White and young or benton as opposed to carter/wilson and miss on a possible qb or heck get weird and take Anderson if he falls?

    • Matt

      My general stance is that we’d be getting similar upside without the premium capital.

      This class is very weird – outside of the QBs and CBS; I don’t like any other position at the top of the draft. That said, I love the DT/Edge class from 25-75. I’d much rather double dip (after all – we need more than 1 guy).

      • hoggs41

        I would probably prefer the double dip as Carter scares the crap out of me. Wilson not as much but is he worth number 5. Just very rare that you pick at 5 and you got to get it right.

      • Dregur

        I agree for the most part, although I’m not thrilled with the CB’s at the top half of the first round. All the CB’s are a step below the Stingley’s and Gardner’s from last year.

        I would love if somehow we got both Kancey and White in the same draft.

        • Matt

          Wouldn’t advocate for a CB at the top; not as long as PC is here. I do like Gonzalez and Witherspoon quite a bit, though. I think both will be very good, very quick and can generate turnovers.

          I’m all in at QB @ 5 and DL with the next two.

  21. Hawksorhiking

    Do you subscribe to Kenneth Arthur’s emails? Is he trying to start a draft turf war with you?

  22. Steve Nelsen

    Rob, I think I speak for all of when I say thank you for making the Senior Bowl one of my favorite times of the year. Your interviews with Jim Nagy, the measurements reveals, and your analysis of the players’ performances is all top tier.

  23. Seattle Murphy

    Can’t wait to hear your response to Daniel Jeremiah’s first top 50 board, Rob. Carter at 1. Skoronski at 6. White at 8. Levis at 12, Richardson at 13…. Grin.

    • Peter

      That is the easiest video reaction to make.

      Dalton Kincaid much higher than mayer….

      The keion white 8th player on the board makes me smile. Dudes trying to sound like the smartest prognosticator in the room.

      • Peter

        And I love White but let’s get real here…better than three top qbs?

        Prefer him over carter/wilson but still not in the top ten (board ranking)

    • Rob Staton

      Just can’t wait to see which player he hasn’t watched pre-Senior Bowl he tweets he now loves after the event

      • Peter

        I’m still chuckling that the 8th best player in this draft got all the way through the season w/o being noticed til today.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s very easy to feel like you’re wasting your time at a time like this 😱

          When an article like this will be discussed to the max for the next three days

          • Peter

            Nah man. You’re not wasting your time. Their just needs to be a bigger showcase for your draft analysis.

            Not like you’re not busy enough but maybe like the athletic, ringer, or sbnation?

            On the flip side you’d take even more shit but you’d get more access I’d have to think.

  24. Matt

    Amazes me how the Bengals are basically perfectly aligned with addressing OT in this draft. They have a legit chance to get a stud RT at 29.

  25. K-stater

    Do any of the k-state guys seem lawk hawk options?

    Beebe at guard, and Felix at DE or OLB?

    • Rob Staton

      Beebe didn’t declare unfortunately

      Felix is one of a handful of DE’s I need to see test

  26. Ashish

    Saints picking at 29th with Sean becoming coach for Denver and DeMeco Ryans becoming Texans coach who are going pick #2. Will this change which players more likely to be selected? Ryan selecting Defense player?

    • Seattle Person

      I think Ryans knows he has to have a QB of the future in reign.

  27. Palatypus

    Still getting the hang of these camera glasses. But hey! Palatavision!

    • Peter

      Comments off but rest assured I was going to comment something very blog specific:


      Schroedingers Elvis

      Something about HOTD

  28. Feindt

    Darnell Wright: favorite of the blog

    • Palatypus

      Oh crap! There were 1v1s today. I left early after I heard they would be tomorrow.

  29. Big Boi

    Two interesting observations.

    First, Broncos move into the top 10 for Super Bowl favorites by adding Payton.
    Seahawks? Only teams with worse odds are the Texans and Cardinals. Tied with the Commanders, Colts, and Bears for second worse odds to win the Super Bowl.
    Say what you will about Vegas, but they often pick up on things most of us miss.

    Second, 49ers again set up to get compensatory picks. And if they add Steve Wilks as DC and he lasts two more years before getting a real head coach shot, they’ll add more.
    Hate all you want, but that franchise is well run. Do they make mistakes, yeah, but they also make subtle moves that means we will always be trying to keep up with them. Tom Brady owned us in Munich- imagine what he’d do in a Shannahan offense. Yikes.

    • Mick

      Payton is up for a hard task in Denver. He totally needs to nails those picks in the 60s because his roster isn’t top quality. I wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes 3rd in AFC West, even with the expected improvement from Russ.

    • UkAlex6674

      No they aren’t contenders in Payton year 1. As per the above it will take them a couple of years to figure it out.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure about that

        They have some pieces

        Will be interesting to see how it goes

  30. Connor

    Question for you Rob. What position do you find easiest and which is hardest to assess. That could be which is the most difficult/boring/exciting/simple/etc. As someone who doesn’t understand the nuances Im curious how grinding tape goes for you.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure there’s an easy or hard position. I find scouting cornerbacks and linebackers the least fun though. I typically get a lot of fun simply watching players at positions of need for Seattle. But I just love football, watching football and talking about it so it’s all good to me

  31. Seattle Person

    Just watching some of the highlights, Tank Dell looked much more polished than the other WRs. Lockett is tiny and there is Tank Dell tiny…He was the only one that got separation with ease.

    Rashee Rice looked great catching the ball. He wins differently than Dell. He doesn’t get separation until the end of his route. He looks like he is going to be great catching contested passes though.

  32. GrittyHawk

    I’m going to be very upset if we don’t draft Juice Scruggs just for the name.

  33. MarkinSeattle

    Rob, thoughts on Jarrett Patterson as a later pick to fill our need at center? He is pretty good size at 6’4” and 310+ which doesn’t really seem to be a requirement for this OL. After playing center for his first several years, he moved to gguard this season. Seems like ND OL have been fairly successful in the NFL the last 10 years or so.

    • Rob Staton

      Not a big fan and thought he looked poor yesterday in what little I saw of him

  34. clbradley17

    In addition to the ones you mentioned earlier, some other WRs excelled in day 1 and now into day 2. A couple vids each of BYUs Nacua, Mich.St. Jayden Reed and 1 today of Stanford WR Wilson beating the DBs. Everybody wants to find the next Kupp, Deebo or McLaurin who can beat someone off the line not just with speed but great route running, and save themselves 20 mil/yr with a rookie for at least 4 years.

    Fantastic writing about the Senior Bowl Rob. They always seem to draft 1-3 players who played at the Senior Bowl, so we’re looking at some of our future Seahawks this week.

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