Senior Bowl preview & some Seahawks thoughts

Senior Bowl preview

Here’s what I’m going to be looking for from certain players on both squads:

North team

Braxton Miller (WR, Ohio State)
He’s so good in space so let’s see some of that during drills and in the game. He was underused by the Buckeyes — will he get a chance to shine here?

Carson Wentz (QB, North Dakota State)
He’s generating a lot of buzz and rightly so — but this is his chance to cement his placing in the top-15 with Paxton Lynch and possibly Jared Goff. Can he look like he belongs playing next to a better standard of college talent?

Miles Killebrew (S, Southern Utah)
There’s no doubting Miles’ passion for the game, his speed and pursuit. Further tape study showed too many missed tackles and a few bad angles. Can he iron out the wrinkles here? And will he get some looks at linebacker?

Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State)
This guy is very intriguing. V12 made a comparison to Jamie Collins and it’s pretty fair. He can rush the edge or be more of an orthodox SAM. His forty time, 10-yard split and overall combine performance will determine how likely he is to be a Seahawk. Could they turn him into a pure edge rusher?

Joshua Garnett (G, Stanford)
Quite simply — what shape is he in? He looks big on tape.

Joe Dahl (T, Washington State)
Firstly — is he 100% recovered from the foot injury? Secondly — where is he used? Does he stay at tackle? Will he be tried at guard and/or center?

Nick Martin (C, Notre Dame)
He’s not his brother but neither is he the total opposite of Zack. There are things to like about his game — the question is will he ever be 100% after a serious knee injury that clearly impacted his explosion. Can he impress enough to live up to Tony Pauline’s first or second round projection?

Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana)
He’s tall and long and looks like a tackle — but will he be comfortable in the 1v1 drills in pass-pro? He needs to avoid the inside counter and use his length.

Aaron Burbidge (WR, Michigan State)
Can he perform as well in the game as Tyler Lockett did a year ago? He moved the chains for MSU in 2015. Can he have a nice, consistent week?

Sheldon Day (DT, Notre Dame)
I was never overly impressed with Day in college but the Senior Bowl is ideal for linemen on both sides of the ball to improve their stock. Can he swim/rip naturally and show some flair?

Adolphus Washington (DT, Ohio State)
He has the potential to go off in Mobile. He’s a terrific interior rusher when he’s on it. The problem is — he’s very streaky. Of all the DT’s here he might be the one who leaves with the biggest boost IF he performs consistently.

Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech)
Perhaps the most interesting guy to monitor. Is he as good as some will have you believe? We’ll find out.

South team

Deion Jones (LB, LSU)
He’s a terrific athlete and a really fluid runner who would be a natural fit at the WILL. He has limited starting experience — can he prove he’s ready here in Mobile?

Sterling Shephard (WR, Oklahoma)
He has everything going for him — production, the bloodlines, the right attitude. Can he show some suddenness and explosion out of his breaks?

Jacoby Brissett (QB, NC State)
There were flashes in his college career where you could be forgiven for wondering if he was a first round talent. It didn’t happen enough. How will he look next to Dak Prescott?

Dak Prescott (QB, Mississippi State)
Speaking of which — if the Seahawks are looking for a cheap, mobile backup for Russell Wilson — should we keep an eye on Prescott’s performance this week?

Jeremy Cash (S, Duke)
How good is he? I’ve never quite been able to settle on Jeremy Cash. This will be a nice test for him.

Jalen Mills (CB, LSU)
Another player I’ve never quite settled on. How long is he? where do they use him?

Eric Striker (LB, Oklahoma)
How big is he for a start? He always looked undersized but played big. He’s an intense, sparky athlete who makes constant plays. He should thrive in Mobile with a chance to impress.

Cody Whitehair (T, Kansas State)
Do they instantly kick him inside to guard (his natural NFL position) or even center? Or does he get looks at tackle first? He could leave the week with a top-20 grade if he performs.

Connor McGovern (T, Missouri)
The next Mizzou left tackle who is likely to move inside. Justin Britt has flopped but Mitch Morse had a very good rookie season. McGovern likely plays guard or center.

Le’Raven Clark (T, Texas Tech)
His tape against LSU from 2015 is so bad you want to slam down your computer screen. Yet the Senior Bowl is made for long, nimble left tackles to make money. Can he use his natural bend and athleticism — plus his length — to prove he deserves a chance to be someone’s left tackle?

Graham Glasgow (C, Michigan)
Following reports of a productive Shrine week, can Glasgow follow it up here and continue his ascent up the board?

Evan Boehm (C, Missouri)
Teams are going to love meeting with Boehm and his gritty attitude and desire to finish blocks will stick out. He is top-heavy though and pretty squatty, which will put some teams off.

Charles Tapper (DE, Oklahoma)
He has a genuine talent to rush the passer lining up inside or out. This could be a big week for Tapper who doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention.

Shawn Oakman (DE, Baylor)
The forgotten man. Nobody can deny Oakman’s insane physical appearance — but he plays like a pussy cat. That needs to change. Right now.

Noah Spence (DE, Eastern Kentucky)
The most interesting thing with Spence will be to see if reports emerge on how teams feel about his character and background.

Other notes

— In trying to work out what they do at linebacker next year, I did have this thought. What if they just open it up to a competition? They’re unlikely to find another Bruce Irvin so will they bring in some athletes and let them go at it with Kevin Pierre-Louis, Eric Pinkins and Mike Morgan? Rather than going big to replace Irvin, do they give an opportunity to a Travis Feeney (maybe as an UDFA), a Deion Jones from LSU or a safety convert with speed? I’m not convinced this has to be a position where they go big early in the draft, especially if they want to get tougher in the trenches. It might take a back seat.

— We had a nice reminder this week from community member Steve that John Schneider referenced the Seahawks not exactly being ‘the bullies’ of the NFL this year. That’s probably true. They weren’t far off — but a lack of depth on the D-line and maybe a lack of Breno on the O-line is noticeable. So how do they regain that edge with rookies? I still think Shon Coleman is the toughest, edgiest tackle I’ve seen this year (punishes at the second level, talks trash, finishes blocks). This is a really hard-nosed group of centers with several tough guys. And yet what they really need is a left guard with size who can move people off the ball and hold their own 1v1. It’s a bit harder to find those types in college. Is there a veteran who can do it?

— Likewise on the D-line, it’s easy to point to the 2013 group and try to mimic that. It’s worth noting the number of seasoned vets on the team that are no longer in Seattle. Denver’s D-line is fearsome but again — it’s a veteran group. It’s going to be really tough with the team tight against the cap — but it kind of feels like they need to work that old magic by finding value in the free agent market.


  1. Sam Jaffe

    Great roundup of the players to watch, Rob. Regarding your linebacker thoughts: I think the Seahawks are in a pickle. Irvin might quickly outprice his value as a SAM. And this draft has no great SAM prospects outside of Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack. I think your suggestion is correct: open it up to competition (including two rookies and a low-priced NFL vet free agent) and see what happens. Even if it fails, the hole still serves as a weakness: one of the foundations of military defensive redoubt construction is to leaving a glaring weakness through which you can mesmerize the enemy to attack and upon which you can then concentrate your lateral resources (as in Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai). Wagner and Chancellor have the lateral movement and speed to quickly fill that hole if that’s what it’s going to be. Then the draft capital can go to OL and interior D Line.

    • Rob Staton

      Agreed Sam. I think I made a mistake originally — assuming linebacker would be an early pick if/when Irvin left. It kind of dawned on me yesterday that it’s perhaps more likely they just open up a competition there with an athlete type (later rounds, UDFA) vs the existing crop (Pinkins, KPL, Morgan) and use the draft stock to improve the trenches.

      • Hawkfan086

        What if they move chancellor to Sam? They would lose the pass rush but solve three problems. He could facilitate a pay increase or an extension and make room for a player at SS to lower overall cap costs.

        • Rob Staton

          I think they’d rather keep his physicality at safety and put speed at LB.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      KJ Wright also opens the possibility that they don’t have to find a SAM LB, as he can be returned to that role. If they identify a better weakside LB, they have the luxury of taking him and replacing Irvin’s LB role with KJ.

      • matt

        Agreed 70’s fan. I suspect that PC would like to keep KJ at Will, but you never know. It’s a deep LB class where we could find a starter in day 3.

  2. Darnell

    I think there may be some good, not great, options if you can’t afford to bring Bruce back.

    From the same draft as Bruce – Nick Perry, Courtney Upshaw, and Shea McClellin have not been as good as Bruce, but are younger than Bruce, would be cheaper and all have some Seahawky qualities that could be coached up.

    You could maybe go the big nickle or safety playing lber route with ufa Mark Barron or Jayron Kearse/Keanu Neal in the draft.

    There are some decent options that could allow for significant savings.

    As for adding to the dline, I’d be willing to trade a mid-rounder for underrated Jacksonville RFA DL Ryan Davis.

    • Rob Staton

      The problem with Perry and Upshaw is they aren’t going to fill the SAM. I liked Upshaw in college but in Seattle he’s not starting at the SAM. Perry was thoroughly underwhelming in college and in the pro’s. McClellin I just can’t see him every amounting to much.

      Jayron Kearse is a massively overrated player IMO and should be avoided at all costs.

      The position just calls for unique athleticism and instinct. I think they can find some of that here. Travis Feeney very intriguing, ditto Deion Jones.

      • Volume12

        Love Travis Feeney. He’s worth a 6th or 7th IMO, and we all know that one of those last 3 picks will be used on a STs player with the abiliy to contribute and be more.

        Jayron Kearse I thought hurt Clemson more than he helped them against ‘Bama in the Championship.

        • matt

          Feeney made a couple big hits on special teams in the Shrine Bowl. We’ve discussed him before. He needs to get stronger to be able to set the edge. Other than that deficiency Feeney is a good athlete who seems like a nice fit with the Hawks.

      • LadyT

        They just signed Josh Shirley to a futures deal. He would be another option for the competition you suggest.

  3. 75franks

    I just don’t understand the love for Irvin. 38 tackles and 5.5 sacks is not worth a big deal. I hope they let him walk and get a nice comp pick for him. I like the idea of open competition for his spot. I believe wed be better off without him, and then focus that money on d line and o line.

  4. bobbyk


    Know of any Fackrell tape besides what’s on youtube (USC in ’13 and Colorado State from this past season)?

    I’ve watched each of those games several times and am amazed with him, in a good way. I really knew nothing of him before. He’s not always great in space dropping back, but I don’t care about that. I only care about him moving forward and to the QB and what there is to see is awesome. I’m thinking there’s a real chance he could be a legit edge rusher. He’s gotta bulk up a bit more but I remember them dropping Clem back every once in awhile, too.

    Even if the Seahawks were interested in experimenting with him at SAM, he does have the length, being 6’5″, that Carroll loves. Some call him a borderline first rounder and some have him late in the draft. Crazy. Starting to think Coleman in the first and Fackrell in the second might be a pretty amazing 1/2 if it came to that.

    • Rob Staton

      I had a Utah State game saved on my system — I don’t think there’s any online.

      • rowdy

        I don’t see any way he can play lb in seattle. I see him as an amazing pass rusher but a liability in coverage. He can play the Avril spot but not the Irvin spot imo.

        • bobbyk

          That’s why I don’t care if he can’t drop back and play in space.

  5. Austin Slater

    I echo your thoughts towards the end of the article on Coleman, LG and this years center class. I think if everything works out right(obviously) they can really hit a home run for the line and do it cheaply.

    • Rob Staton

      I just wish there was a left guard that really stood out — either in FA or the draft — that we can get behind.

      • Cysco

        Hey Rob, I’ve brought this name up in previous threads. Do you have any opinions on Kelechi Osemele? He’s still young, (26) falls under that “road grader” category (6-foot-5, 330). He was shifted over to LT the last four games of the season because Baltimore can’t afford to pay him as a guard (they signed another guard to a big contract last year)

        If the Hawks are going to invest in veteran OL help, he’s the kind of target I’d like to see them go after. Someone who is still young, has good experience and won’t cost a fortune. (could probably be had for 4-5m a year?)

        • Rob Staton

          I think he will prove too expensive for what he is, personally.

          • Greg Haugsven

            How About Jeff Allen from KC or Brooks from Houston?

      • Darnell

        Jeff Allen (Chiefs) maybe?

        On the radio today I heard Huard talking about how much he likes Tretola.

        • bobbyk

          The more I think about Phil Loadholt and his skill set, I get excited that he could be that road-grader at left guard.

          My Viking fan friends (here in Minnesota) think he’s awesome, minus his pass protection at tackle. I think he’s much more suited for guard with that mammoth frame of his. I think he could be a Pro Bowler for Cable at left guard. He’s not a marshmallow like James Carpenter, he’s a man. Lynch would not have gotten stuffed on the first play of the game at Carolina if Loadholt had been our left guard (and healthy).

          The main problem is his durability. He tore his labrum and missed the final five games two years ago and then got hurt in training camp this past season. However, he had no injury history prior to that (such as an Okung and every single season having something).

          If we did sign the 30-year old, we’d have to draft a 3rd-4th round big guard to be his eventual replacement (perhaps the mammoth Denver Kirkland?).

          I think Coleman/Loadholt left side would be very, very good. With Glowinski and his pulling ability, I think there would be a lot of positive runs to the left side next year. We’re not used to that (a RB with holes to run).

          • Darnell

            Loadholt at guard would be interesting. Mammoth Leonard Davis’ career really didn’t take off until he moved inside.

          • Ben2

            He’s 6’8″ -wouldn’t a guard that big have leverage issues? And please don’t bring up Robert Gallery….

            • bobbyk

              I think it’s more like Leonard Davis, as Darnell mentioned. Loadholt is an absolute monster. Gallery was a big guy, but he wasn’t a monster. Loadholt is so absolutely huge that he can fall forward out of his stance and nobody can push him back.

  6. subterranean

    Rob – curious to know what you think about Glasgow’s flexibility. Could we plug him into the LG position and then give Lewis one more year at Center to see if he takes a step, and if not, shift Glasgow over into that C position with a year under his belt? For at least a year that would maintain some continuity at the C position while also giving Glasgow a year’s development with (presumably he isn’t hired as a head coach) Tom Cable. I’m assuming the Hawks like a certain physical profile for the LG position, not sure if Glasgow fits that. Also – I know PC has name dropped Sokoli recently, but again, how does he measure up for what the Hawks look for in a LG?

    • Rob Staton

      I think you could use Glasgow at LG thinking about it. He’s 6-6 and 310lbs. They like size at LG. He could add another 5-10lbs easily and he has the attitude. So that might be the guy.

  7. sdcoug

    Irvin always appears to me as a Jack of all trades, master of none. Certainly the flexibility is useful, but just how much of a loss is it to let him move on?

    Perhaps it’s actually a benefit he is replaced with a more-traditional LB, even if there is an initial dip in performance due to a learning curve. Youth can be infused, cap-savings utilized elsewhere, a rookie contract harvested for multiple years, and a decent comp pick gained.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I’ll say it til the cows come home sdcoug. We have to create holes to infuse youth. If we don’t well age in a hurry.

    • matt

      ” Certainly the flexibility is useful, but just how much of a loss is it to let him move on?”

      We didn’t miss Irvin much when he missed time this season. Morgan filled in admirably. In a primarily zone team the responsibilities of a SAM are pretty basic-set the edge, cover the flat and make an occasional splash play. We can get by just fine with an open competition. Reaping a 3rd or 4th round comp pick in the process.

  8. EranUngar

    I have always been a believer that the war is won or lost in the trenches. I’d be ecstatic if the use three of the day 1-2 picks to solidify the lines with quality talent for the next 4 years.

    I think they will need to determine the direction of the team after what we saw this year. Are we pushing to regain the physical edge and be the bully winning games as we get of the bus (I.E. the 2014 SB champions) or do we accept the change that has already been happening and aim at a cerebral QB-centric edge and pick the parts to support it? (I.E. the 2015 SB champions)

    In the past few years we lost many of our “bullies” (Red, Clem, Breno, BB, Branch, Carp, Miller etc.), even Kam was not his terrorizing self this year and the beast has played his last game in blue and green. Our offense had it’s most productive year since 2006. Are we going to aim at being more physical or at playing better football? Will it be grit and nasty streak or technically polished?

    The last 2 years proved you can win a Lombardy either way. I am sure they would like both but i wonder what will be first on the list of specifications this year. Do we go with the winds of change or aim to restore what we lost?

    • Darnell


      By no means are Red, Browner, and Breno elite talents, but when guys like that move on you lose a certain something.

      Of the newer pieces though, I think Clark, Rawls and Glowinski have that kind of make up to them as they grow.

  9. HawkFan907

    I’m really intrigued by the prospects coming out of the state of Utah this year. Killebrew, Fackrell and Kaufusi out of BYU. He posted great numbers this year and is a former college basketball player. 6’7″ 265 and has a crazy motor. I will be watching closely to see how he deals with better O linemen. He is great in pursuit and has improved as a run stopper. Seems like a Seahawky type of player to me.

    • HawkFan907

      This is a good highlight tape of him. Credit to whoever made this.

      • matt

        I’m interested to see how Kaufusi is used in the Senior Bowl. He mostly played standing up as a 3-4 OLB, but didn’t show the athleticism to stick there. imo If he could bulk up a bit he could be a nice inside pass rusher. Has a plus motor with unique size. Intriguing.

    • JamesP

      Also very intrigued with this guy.

  10. Volume12

    I haven’t watched much of him, but he’s the same size as Alvin Bailey-6’3, 315-320 lbs., and again IDK what kind of athlete he is, but what about NC LG Landon Turner?

    Of course, and this is probably what they do, draft an OT and move him inside to LG.

    • matt

      Really liked how RT Brandon Shell looked in the Shrine game and tape on draftbreakdown. Great size and length at 6’5.5″ 325lbs. 34 3/8″ arms. He mirrors surprisingly well in pass pro, gets good push run blocking- finishing well, and shows some ability to get to the 2nd level-with varying success. He’s a viable mid round RT target.

  11. Volume12

    Call me crazy, but I still like Baylor DE Shawn Oakman. That guy from last year that some us loved is still inside of him. d a coach like PC could salivate over unlocking whatever motivates him. He’s a ‘get off the bus 1st’ kind of guy, team leader, and has the potential or ceiling to end up becoming very similar to Julius Peppers.

    • Nick

      If he lasts to #26, he certainly fits the Seahawks profile of drafting an athletic freak in the first round.

      • Nick

        Apologies, I meant to say Round 2. #26 would be a bit of a stretch. Then again, PCJS aren’t afraid of reaching for a unique talent.

        • Volume12

          I’m thinking more along the lines of spending our 3rd round comp pick on him.

          Wouldn’t take him in the 1st. 2nd is the earliest I’d consider him

          • Trevor

            He would be worth ar 3rd round pick based on his frame and athleticism.

            • matt

              I watched at least 6 Baylor games this year and really wanted to like Oakman. He makes the occasional splash play and just looks like a beast. I question his desire to be great. It seems like Oakman plays football because he’s built for it, not because he loves to play. Kind of like how pretty much every 7 footer can get a basketball scholarship. A player whose desire and motor are questionable do not stick around for long on a PC coached team. Oakman is a specimen and will likely be a day 2 pick, but I don’t see Seattle being very interested. imo

              • bigDhawk

                I see him going to SF, honestly, in the Aldon Smith Role.

    • Ukhawk

      Ditto. And add another bully to the fire

      • bigDhawk

        Of all the things Oakman is not, bully is one of them.

  12. Greg Haugsven

    What’s your thoughts on Spence Rob? As pathetic as it is, every night I go to bed I think of who the Hawks could select at 26 and every night it’s Spence. Just a gut feeling.

    • Trevor

      I love him as a prospect if the drug issues are behind him. Best Edge prospect in the draft outside of Bosa IMO.

      • Greg haugsven

        He could play the SAM as well. Then replace Avril at sometime.

      • bobbyk

        Watched a Spence/Ohio State game (can’t remember which) last night and he jumped out more than Bosa did. Take that for what it’s worth. One game, but still…

        • Greg haugsven

          The dude is awesome. He just feels like a Seahawk pick. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about Schneider going to Ohio and or Kentucky digging for info. If his drug problem is being him he could be very good.

    • Rob Staton

      Can’t put him that high without reassurances over his character. An interesting player but he has to win over teams.

      • Nathan

        I saw something on one of the sites saying that he had impressed teams with interviews so far.

        • Rob Staton

          Tony Pauline noted it on Twitter — a very reliable source.

          • bobbyk

            Spence essentially the exact same height/weight as Chris Clemons. Just sayin’

            • Greg haugsven

              Will follow him closely during the combine. Just feels like he belongs here. A future of Clark and Spence seems like a continuation of Bennett and Avril.

  13. Volume12

    Rob, you watched ND OLB/DE Romeo Okwara at all? He’s 6’5, 265 lbs., and has 35 almost 36 inch arms!

    Could be an ideal day 3 LB you’re talking about.

    • matt

      Okwara certainly looks the part-great size and length. He lacks COD skills looking very stiff in the hips. Don’t think he can play in space. imo

    • Rob Staton

      I have not, will have a look.

  14. nichansen01

    I like the idea of opening up competition at linebacker, and I especially like the idea of spending one of our sevenths rounds picks on Freeney. He unfortunately had several bad shoulder injuries, and he needs to add bulk, but he’s a great player. In my opinion our first five picks should be on the line. In no particular order, we need guys who can START at the positions of left guard, (Glowinski locks down this spot) center, right/left tackle (depending on where Gilliam transitions to) and we need two defensive linemen. I would love a scenerio where we go:
    1. Cody Whitehair/Shon Coleman/Germaine Ifedi (Guard/tackle)
    2. Graham Glasgow (Center/Guard)
    3. Conner Mcgovern (Tackle)
    3c. Adam Gotsis/Joel Heath/Charles Tapper (Defensive Tackle/Defensive End)
    4. Javon Hargrave (Defensive Tackle)
    5c. Annual 5th round defensive back selection
    6c. Runningback
    7dallas. Travis Feeney (LB)
    7c. Backup QB

    UDFA: Wide receivers

    Remember Cassius Marsh was tried at SAM a bit over training camp. I would like to see a competition between Marsh, Freeney, KPL, Morgan and Pinkins for the starting job.

    • nichansen01

      Also this includes resigning Kearse and Lane, while bringing in a free agent defensive lineman.

      • nichansen01

        I know people like Mebane and Rubin but i was unimpressed with Mebane’s play this year. It would be nice to resign rubin, hes a good run stuffer but a nonfactor in the pass rush. The thing about Gostis and Hargraves is that they are excellent pass rushers while being mediocre run stuffers, Hargraves potentially a horrible run stuffer. The elite defensive tackles are great pass rushers and great run stuffers, but these players are extremely rare.
        But the simole truth is that all of the pressure from the d-line came from the ends this season. Nothing up the middle. This is why opponents had such a nice, long time to throw against us..

        • bobbyk

          I thought Mebane was fantastic this year. Rubin, too. When you don’t give up a 100 yard rusher all regular season, you know your DTs were studly.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            They also held their opponents to a measly average of 81.5 rushing yards per game, effectively rendering those offenses one-dimensional. SEA forced virtually every team they faced to move the ball in the air, which exposed some deficiencies in the SEA pass defense, particularly at CB early in the season and interior pass rush throughout 2015.

            If SEA are intent on keeping the interior DL intact – and I think they are because PC speaks highly of them, and they’re effective and (presumably) fairly priced – it will force SEA to find alternative ways to generate a consistent pass rush. They have 2 of the best DE edge rushers in Avril and Bennett, but without any push from inside, even those two are limited in their effectiveness.

            Perhaps SEA could/should adjust the defensive scheme to run more stunts with their LBs and safeties.

            • bobbyk

              Mebane and Rubin aren’t usually on the field when it’s obvious pass rushing situations. That’s why we need a Leo so badly, so Bennett can just attack from the interior all of the time and not have to shift him to RDE.

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think everyone should open their eyes to the fact that SS Chancellor might be the LB they are looking for…. hell, he is almost LB sized and knows the schemes they run. Then, they can go into the draft looking for a SS in the 2nd or 3rd round (or later if they have a sleeper).

    I think this should be considered at the min…. the upside is a player like Cash, Killebrew or Kearse could then be in play in the 2nd or 3rd round as a legit pick. The player would have an obvious spot and fill a “need”. I also like the idea that you could flip flop Chancellor and drafted SS, disguising the coverage upon TEs (etc). This would make the defense less predictable, while still having the same players on the field at the snap of the ball. This could be a benefit when going against the hurry up offenses like the Patriots run and potentially the 49ers under the Chipster.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I typed up a comment earlier today to this effect, asking whether Kam could be that safety convert Rob mentioned as a possible new SAM. He’s a touch light for the position, but he has nice length and hits as hard as any defender. Move him closer to the LOS so he can focus on run defense or cover the underneath zone where his liability as a pass defender is mitigated and let McCray work the SS position behind him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I meant to say I deleted that comment instead of posting it because it seems too remote to happen. But now that someone else brought it up I might as well chime in.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I think everything should be on the table. The only concern would be when you face a team like the Panthers, you need good sized defenders to take on their RBs, QB and FB.. .all have good size and power.

          • matt

            Agree that moving Kam to SAM is an intriguing move. One that I’d like to see. Judging by PC’s comments about giving Wilson, Earl and Kam expert training at their positions I think the probability of Kam moving to LB is remote.

    • Nate

      I’m not sure about that plan, but it’s worth noting, in this case, Pete mentioned Kam as one of the three players set to get a masters course this offseason, in addition to RW and ET

    • Fatty Acid

      I like this idea, I’ve liked it for years. If we could get more speed at that safety spot without taking Kam off the field, it would be huge. It would also enable them to use their bandit package, something that personally I really loved to watch. Thought it was pretty effective. Idk why they’ve gone away from it, depth perhaps. Doubt it will happen, but it’s something to think about.

  16. lil'stink

    I love the idea of just opening up the SAM position to a competition, but I would want it to be between Pinkins, Marsh, and Mike Morgan (who could probably be re-signed to an affordable deal.) KPL has all the speed you could want but can he shed blocks and set the edge well enough to be a SAM? I fear he might end up being the odd man out.

    I know Marsh isn’t the athlete that KPL or Pinkins are, and you don’t want him covering a guy 20 yards downfield. But he looked promising enough against the run this year I would like to see him in the mix.

    Or, as others have mentioned, at least think about trying Kam in the SAM role as well.

  17. Volume12

    Dammit. Someone is stealing my UDFA QB.

    Trev, you wanted my top 10 small school prospects.

    Here’s no. 10- Josh Woodrum, QB, Liberty.

    • Volume12

      Very Matt Hasselbach esque.

    • Trevor

      Look forward to it!

  18. John_s

    A small school CB to keep an eye on at the senior bowl is Harlan Miller, SE Louisiana. He’s between 6’0 – 6’1. Looks fluid and has nice ball skills. Looks like he has long arms

    A late round DB/Special Teama ace could be Sean Davis, Maryland. He start at safety then moved to CB for the last 2 games of his junior year then played there his senior year. Looks like a great athlete, always seems to be around he ball

    • Greg haugsven

      Maybe Deiondre Hall as well at CB from Northern Iowa…very long.

      • John_s

        Yes. He looks pretty fluid and a nice athlete. Was conference defensive player of the year I think too.

    • Trevor

      Really like the look of Deindre Hall and MIller as potential mid round targets for the Hawks. Really anxious to see how they play / practice this week at Senior Bowl.

  19. franks

    If Phil Loadholt is back to form ad he can man Right Tackle, I think we pick a big guard in the second round and fix the OL cheap. I think we need to bring Bailey back if we’re going with Gilliam on the left.

    In this scenario, if Apple falls to us all we’ll need is a 3 Tech and a rusher. Even if Irvin and Kearse walk.

    I wonder if they’d entertain moving Rubin to nose tackle and replacing Mebane with someone younger, more well-rounded. This notion of having 2 run stuffers on the inside has been going on since the Colin Cole era and it’s never worked.

    • bobbyk

      I think their two interior run stuffer approach has worked incredibly well, especially when you consider they have guys like Michael Bennett, Jordan Hill, and now Frank Clark to rush from the interior, too. They didn’t allow a regular season rusher 100 yards. That’s impressive. I think it’s always worked these past four years, as opposed to its “never” worked. There’s not many interior DTs who are legit studs stuffing the run AND rushing the passer.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Seattle tends to sacrifice pass rush, if it means the rushing lanes are clogged up in the middle. Of course, Seattle should try to find a guy to collapse the pocket, but guys like the RAMS DT Donald do not grow on trees.

      • franks

        It works when they run, but when they pass, if there’s any pressure around the edge their qb can just step into the pocket and no one will touch him.

        I’d be fine with on guy who never rushes the passer, but two, and both of them right next to each other …

        • Old but Slow

          That is why they rotate in guys like Clark and Bennett to the DT spots on passing downs. It is somewhat limiting to think of our defensive line as just 4 starters when the team has consistently made lots of changes during a game. That is why you’ll see guys like Dobbs, Hill, Clark and Marsh in the game, with seemingly only Bennett getting the bulk of the snaps as he shifts from DE to DT depending on the situation and who has rotated in.

          We can complain about our weaknesses, but there is no denying that our defense is one of the very best in the league, and that is despite a slow first few games.

          • bobbyk

            Exactly. That’s the thing that people don’t understand. In ’13 Avril/Bennett played in about 110% of snaps. Compare that to an offensive lineman who usually plays in 100% of snaps.

            Now, we know nobody can play in “110%” of snaps, but my point is that Avril and Bennett combined barely played the equivelant of one football player like JR Sweezy most Sundays.

            That means there is way too much time wasted on the field with someone like Marsh or other “fresh” players who simply aren’t good (like Sweezy).

            I have just as many sacks in the last two years in the NFL as Marsh does.

            At least Sweezy has Glowinski ready to take over. That is a comforting though. Marsh coming in on an important third down to rush from the blindside is not comforting.

            A couple of OL and another pass rusher! Get er done Pete and John.

          • purpleneer

            The thing is that there’s no such thing anymore as a pure running down. It doesn’t have to be a “passing down” for a team to pass, and the more stubborn you are about it, the more teams will take what you’re making easier.
            As good as this team was against the run, it still lost 6 games (imo, all to inferior teams) and came up short. I’d be disappointed if we started next season expecting Mebane and Rubin to start together.

  20. matt

    The North teams WR group including Miller, Carroo, Burbridge and Payton is one to watch closely. Sharpe who is said to have stood out in the Shrine practices is a late addition to the group as well. Really looking forward to seeing how Carroo, who I like a lot, stacks up athletically with Miller.

    Having 4 QB’s per team seems like a disservice to all players involved. There’s little to no time to gain continuity between QB’s and WR’s for an all star game. 4 QB’s 6 WR’s per team?

    • red

      Carroo has a DV on record, not sure how teams feel about character.

  21. CC

    Fackrell at 6’5″ is intriguing to me – and I always remember – not what he can’t do, but what he can – so what can he do?

    I want to see if Spriggs can keep up against top competition – being that he is a former TE, should give him some quickness and good balance.

  22. rowdy

    Rob, what is opinion on whitehairs run blocking? His pass blocking and footwork look amazing but his run blocking looks very passive to me. I don’t see a nastiness that the hawks seem to like.

  23. Ukhawk

    Ukhawk says:
    January 25, 2016 at 8:04 am
    Rob. We gotta cover off some of Pauline’s rankings. They have me juiced in terms of our ability to replace certain positions in the to later rounds.
    OLB to maybe replace Irvin, I like this range on his rankings:
    2-3 Kyler Fracknell Utah State 5Sr
    3rd Dadi Nicholas Virginia Tech 5Sr
    3rd Eric Striker Oklahoma 4Sr
    3-4 James Cowser Southern Utah 5Sr
    4th Dominique Alexander Oklahoma 3Jr
    4th Deion Jones LSU 4Sr
    4-5 Victor Ochi Stony Brook 5Sr
    4-5 Yannick Ngakoue

    Ukhawk says:
    January 25, 2016 at 8:09 am
    Should read ‘mid to later’

    DE, how bout:
    2nd Charles Tapper Oklahoma 4Sr
    3rd Noah Spence Eastern Kentucky 3Jr
    4th Shawn Oakman Baylor 5Sr
    5th Drew Ott Iowa 4Sr
    5-6 Carl Nassib Penn State 5Sr
    6th Anthony Zettel Penn State 5Sr
    FA Ronald Blair Appalachian St 5Sr

    Ukhawk says:
    January 25, 2016 at 8:15 am
    DT to replace Mebane or Rube(ix cube)?

    2nd Jarran Reed Alabama 4Sr
    2-3 Adolphus Washington Ohio State 4Sr
    3rd Austin Johnson Penn State 4Jr
    3rd Vernon Butler Louisiana Tech 4S
    3-4 Maliek Collins Nebraska 3Jr
    3-4 Sheldon Rankins Louisville 4Sr
    4th Sheldon Day Notre Dame 4Sr
    4-5 Adam Gotsis Georgia Tech 4Sr
    5th Javon Hargrave South Carolina St

    Was concerned about losing some guys as free agents but we might actually get better?!

    I’ve got my personal favourites but wanted to list a few that have been bandied about.

    Ukhawk says:
    January 25, 2016 at 8:19 am
    Would be pumped with Stricker (3rd), Rankins /Reed (4th / 2nd) and Blair (7th)

    Leave a Reply

    • Rob Staton

      Will have an article today that is a seven-round mock using Tony’s rankings. Stay tuned.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        *The crowd cheers*

      • Ukhawk


  24. Richard

    Rob, I wonder if you have looked at Tanner McEvoy he was a two way player for Wisconsin this year listed with NFL DraftScout as playing FS, TE, QB and Athlete for them as well as ST. He is 6′ 5.6″ at 231 lbs. but runs a 4.57 40 time. All per

    He seems like an interesting athlete especially with that speed at TE or possibly at SAM or DE maybe. He seems (in videos) very dedicated to playing both ways.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Large WR would be the most intriguing fit on Seattle. Decent speed, but excellent size. You would feel confident he can do crossing routes and make catches over the middle of the field…… imagine him as your 3rd TE, you could go 3 TE bunch sets with Graham, Willson and McEnvoy….. very sexy

      • Richard

        Here’s a feature on him with some bio he really does look a guy that could be the round peg for some sqaureish holes.

        Here he’s a 6′ 6″ free safety and he’s good at it.
        Now he’s an option quarterback,
        And yes he can go up and get it as a reciever.
        He could be a fast RedZone wide receiver and/or a tight end.

        The more I see him the more Seahawkeyer he gets. Or the Seahawks could maybe get him just so Russell has someone to talk Badger ball with.

        Hoping Rob will offer an opinion too.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ll check him out

  25. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Let’s assume Kam goes to LB for funsies, how does this change the draft….. essentially I would take Fackerell at LB, but if you don’t “need” a LB, then grab another freak of an athlete for the defense… Kearse.

    Round 1 (1) RYAN KELLY, C
    Round 2 (1) PHAROH COOPER, WR
    Round 4 (1) LUTHER MADDY, DT
    Round 5 (1) NICK VANNETT, TE
    Round 6 (1) DREW KASER, P

    I’m confident Seattle will pull in either Trevone Boykin or Vernon Adams Jr at QB…. UDRFA contract preferably. Both seem like fits and have upside…. and Adams had a nice showing in the first “all star” game on the docket.

    • Rob Staton

      They value speed at the SAM though — everyone they’ve used there (Bruce, Coyle, KPL) has had speed. Kam isn’t a speed guy. I’d go as far to say it’s a total non-starter.

      I wouldn’t want to draft Jayron Kearse until rounds six.

  26. Roland jose

    Eventually we r gonna need to draft defensive line, mebane isn’t getting younger, and rubin may want more money, let’s draft for the next generation of run suffers and 3 tech pass rushers, which we need, cause hill is inconsistent, and injury prone, we need pressure up the middle, we can be much more dangerous when we can put pressure frome more places than just the edges, we need another DE, cause that’s the second time that cliff avril was lost in a playoff game, when he is lost the pass rush is next to nothing, Bennett can’t do it alone., offensive line needs to be handled if wilson is gonna fully mature as a pocket passer, okung gets nicked up to much, gotta have a plan for the long term even if it’s changing the whole line, all the great offenses started with great olines. I wanna c a third down pass catching back like a Westbrook, or shady mickoy that adds more versatility and demention to our offense, another athletic move TE or big physical reciever in case graham doesn’t make it back soon or not at all, more depth at corner, it’s gettin thin due to some of them leaving for more money. Can’t have it all I guess LOL!, wish we could have kept TY McGill.

  27. Phil

    There are 10 “small-school invitees” to the Senior Bowl. One of them — DeAndre Houston-Carson — from William & Mary, is a guy I’ve watched in games I’ve attended and mentioned on this site before. He played Safety as a Senior, but was a CB for his first 3 years. At 6′ 2″ and 195#, he looks like the long, lanky player that the Seahawks like in the Legion of Boom. He’s an outstanding special teams guy — especially adept at blocking kicks. The web says that Tony Pauline gives him a day-three grade but he could be a climber if he performs well in the game. Apparently the scouts think he could play either safety or CB in the NFL.

    Other than snippets of his splash plays, I can’t find any video on him.

    Rob, V12, have you heard anything about him?

  28. dean

    With going to a Wilson led team hope we draft a 3rd down back . F Jackson type Kenyan Drake , Braxton Miller, or Joshua Perkins from u-dub covert from TE to h-back What do you guys think of a 7th round flyer on La QUAN McGowan 410 pound TE from Baylor use him like Tukuafu ON DT, TE, OG, FB can you name the last time 3rd TE did any thing but block and maybe had 10 reception a year ??

    • Nate

      I love Kenneth Dixon as a third down back. He is an outstanding receiver with great hands and elusiveness in the open field. He can block and would be a massive upgrade from Fred Jackson. We saw Russel utilize the running back more on third down this year and I see Dixon as someone with big play ability. Would love to pick him up with our third round comp pick.

  29. Trevor

    I was really hoping for either Coleman, Apple or Noah Spence in Rd #1

    I don’t think there is as shot for Apple or Spence as I think both will shoot up the board and be top 15 picks.

    Apple is the best corner in this draft and Spence is the most unique pass rusher in this draft.

    After the Senior Bowl I bet Spence is on every national draft board as a top 15 pick.

    • Trevor

      As expected, most imposing measurements for Sr Bowl were for Baylor DE Shawn Oakman. 6-7 (1/2), 269. 35 (1/8) arms. 10 (5/8) hands.

      You can’t teach that size and length. I know he had an off year but I am sure the Hawks are doing a lot of work on him.

  30. J

    Joe Dahl sub 300 lbs. Jack Allen sub 32 inch arms. Miles Kilebrew, Jalen Mills sub 32 inch arms. Aming the interesting measurements at the senior bowl.

    • lil'stink

      Looks like Dahl has short arms and small hands as well.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Dahl’s arms are 32 3/4 so not so short as to disqualify him from consideration. That being said, he doesn’t fit in the road-grader model for LG, I don’t see him as an upgrade over Glowinski at RG and he is coming from a spread system so he is one of the college OL types that Cable complains about having to completely reteach new habits.

        He will get drafted, just probably not by Seattle unless they see him as a potential center.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          The problem with Dahl is that his best skill will be negated by the necessity of moving inside at the next level. His best skill set is mirroring, but that’s kind of a wasted skill for an OG, which is the likely position for someone of his physical and athletic characteristics.

  31. Trevor

    If the Hawks came out of the draft with the 3 Sooner Prospects at the Senior Bowl Eric Striker, Charles Tapper and Sterling Sheppard. It would be a good draft by itself.

    Love seeing Schneider and crew at the Senior Bowl. He seems locked in this off season and I expect it to be a good one to re-strengthen this roster for another SB run.

  32. Trevor

    My favourite mid round Hawks CB prospect Deiondre Hall out of Nothern Iowa. Measurements at Senior Bowl has 34-3/4″ Arms. Pete’s ears just perked up I assure you.

    • Trevor

      82 3/8″ wing span at 6-1 1/2 190lbs

  33. Trevor

    Louisiana Tech DL Vernon Butler with 34 1/8″ arms, 83 1/2″ wingspan

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He’s kind of like Shawn Oakman and La’Raven Clark in that Butler’s physical characteristics haven’t (yet?) manifested a commensurate advantage on the field. Is it fair to see him as an underachiever, especially if he tests well at the combine?

  34. J

    LaRaven Clark 36 inch arms, just shy of 11 inch hands.

    Cody Whitehair with arms just shy of 32 inches and barely topping 300 lbs. I think this probably takes us out of him and Dahl. We were really interested in Daryl Williams last year and have historically liked size at LG and RT

    • Trevor

      Clark was by far the most impressive OL prospect physically but when you watch the tape I just don’t see him as a 1st or 2nd round pick. Maybe in the 3rd round becasue he has the size and tools to develop.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        He doesn’t play long either. You see the measurements, then go back to watch the tape. You’d never know he had such an advantage.

        • Steve Nelsen

          Do you think that could have been a result of poor mechanics that could be improved upon with coaching?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Contrast that with a guy like Sebastian Tretola, who looks ok on tape, has ridiculously short arms for an OLer – 30.12″ and 75″ wingspan – but you’d never know he has such a disadvantage.

  35. Trevor

    Here is a link to all Senior Bowl Measurements for anyone interested.

    • Trevor

      Hawks seem to have certain size / length requirements at certain spots so could help narrow prospect list.

  36. Trevor

    Top 10 Senior Bowl Prospects to monitor for Hawks

    #1 Noah Spence- I think he will open a lot of eyes this week.

    #2 Eric Striker -Favorite personality and fits Hawks culture perfectly. The one player in the draft I think we have to get even if we over draft in 2nd Rd.

    #3 Deiondre Hall – 34 3/4 inch arms at 6 1 1/2 and 4.5 speed. Sounds like the prototype for a Hawks CB

    #4 Joe Haeg (OL) He was Carson Wentz left tackle but like a guard in NFL. Athletic background and really tough / nasty. Seems like a perfect Guard for Cable to mold. If JS wants to regain toughness this is a kid they should look at along with Graham Glasgow. One of the two could be out LG of the future.

    #5 Charles Tapper – Love his effort and potential as an 3rd down interior pass rusher in Year #1 as he develops. Is a little undrsized but has 34 1/2 inch long arms which is not too bad.

    #5 Dadi Nichols – Another guy who is going to pop this week I think. He was in a bad scheme for his skill set last year. 6-3 235lb ripped and 35 1/4 arms. I am sure the hawks are taking a close look.

    #6 Carl Nassib – Awesome production this year and certainly looks the part physically. 6-6 273lbs and 83″ wing span. Really want to see him in drills to see if he has NFL get off and quickness.

    #7 Shawn Oakman – Physically a freak and anxious to see him practice to see if he has skill set to work with. Hawks like unique players and he certainly is.

    #8Vernon Butler – 6-3, 325 and 83 1/2 wingspan with good quickness. Sounds like a replacement for Mebane to me. Definitely a player to monitor.

    #9 Kyler Frackell- He has been talked about glowingly on her and really want to see him in drills to see if he trully is a 1st round option. Certainly ticks the box physically.

    #10 Leon Caroo- Carroo and Sterling Sheppard are two WR I want to watch. The are both a little undersized but look very quick, sudden and tough which the Hawks love. Carroo looks like a Tate clone to me and is said to be a real student of the game. Have to do ton of background on the Domestic Violence incident which is a big turn off for me. Butht hey did take Frank Clark and he seems lieka model citizen so far.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ll be looking for Jordan Payton. Going strictly by how promising a prospect is to replace a player likely to depart in FA, he’s a Kearse clone. I don’t know that he has Kearse’s circus-catch ability, but his game is very similar in most other aspects. Payton set UCLA’s all-time reception record this year and is the 1st to go over 200 catches in a season. He finished with 33 straight starts and made a catch in his final 29 straight games.

      I’m very encouraged by his 10.18″ hands.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      34″ arms are pretty long for a guy 6’2″ 276. Plus Tapper’s wingspan is a respectable 80.12″ – no doubt helped by 11.18″ hands. He should be among the top DT prospects for SEA. He’s one of my favorites.

      In comparison, I thought Fackrell would have arms longer than 32.38″.

      Joe Haeg is an extremely interesting LG prospect. He needs to go through a NFL training program to add some lower body strength and 10-15lbs of bulk. But when he does, he’ll have the size, athleticism and nastiness you want at that position. Plus, he could probably backup as a swing tackle, a la McQuistan.

  37. Steve Nelsen

    Maurice Canady came in with short arms – 31 1/2, so did every DB on the North roster except Deiondre Hall.

    DeAndre Houston-Carson also came up way short – 29 7/8.

  38. Miles

    The more I think about it the more I am feeling regretful the Hawks didn’t get Giacomini back. I wonder if they could have that chance back again, if they would take it. The dude solidified the right side of the line and was exactly the player we would have needed over there last year. It also would have removed pressure to draft an underwhelming OL in the second round. And it would have cost somewhere around $3-4m per year. That doesn’t seem like a lot. Gilliam has been pretty good at that spot but he doesn’t have that road-grading mentality that we like.

    Anyway, hindsight’s 20/20. And sometimes, negatives can bring out different positives to your team. For example, if Gilliam can play left tackle next year, it might be good that he got a full season to play right tackle. If he can be a consistent pass blocker, it would really help us out cap-wise and on the field.

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