Senior Bowl Seahawks player watch-list

Before getting into the list, if you missed my interview with Jim Nagy please check it out at the bottom of the page. Also, over the weekend I was invited onto a UK-based Seahawks podcast. Click here to listen to it. We get into a lot — from how I started following the Seahawks, the creation of this blog, the current state of the team and you’ll be amazed at my ability to predict the AFC and NFC Championship games…

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Senior Bowl player watch list

These are some of the players I’ll be keeping an eye on in Mobile. Players on the National team (coached by Miami) have a red ‘N’ next to their name. Players on the American team (coached by Carolina) have a blue ‘A” next to their name.

D’Wayne Eskridge (WR, Wester Michigan) N
I was blown away watching him for the first time last week. He’s twitchy and has incredible acceleration. If he can consistently flash the ability to separate in drills and show good hands, he could fly up boards. The Senior Bowl has been a great stage for receivers in recent years. Eskridge is so sudden and diminutive — it’s easy to think Tyreek Hill as a comp.

Ben Cleveland (G, Georgia) A
He’s a mountain of a man (6-6, 335lbs) and you won’t find a stronger player in college football. The Georgia staff had to stop him at 45 reps at 225 on the bench press to prevent injury. There’s a good chance he would’ve beaten the combine record of 49. He’s also a better athlete than people give him credit for — running a 5.11 forty at SPARQ and registering an overall score of 97.32. He’s a former four-star recruit. If you want someone to maul blockers up front and set the tone, Cleveland’s your man.

Ambry Thomas (CB, Michigan) N
I think the two most talented cornerbacks in this draft are Thomas and Elijah Molden. Both are outstanding short-area athletes. Thomas ran a 3.90 short shuttle at SPARQ, then added a 4.43 forty and a 36 inch vertical. He’s not the biggest corner (6-0, 185lbs) but he competes for the ball and he tackles well too. He can stick in coverage. This is a great opportunity for the Michigan corner.

Levi Onwuzurike (DT, Washington) N
Jim Nagy is a big believer in Onwuzurike and believes he’ll land in the first round. I went back and watched the tape this week and there are a lot of things to like. He shows great quickness and agility at 6-3 and 293lbs to slip blocks and create interior pressure. He can use his hands to bench in order to keep his frame clean then read/react. When the ball is dumped off he’ll often hurry across the line and chase down the ballcarrier. The OL vs DL drills are box office in Mobile. He’ll be facing some top interior linemen. If he impresses, he’ll be one of the stars of the week.

Deonte Brown (G, Alabama) A
I’m not as sold on Brown as others. He’s an enormous blocker but quite squatty. When he squares up straight-on he can overpower defenders. Even when he’s asked to pull — if the target is right in front of him, he’ll dump a pass rusher on his backside. Yet when he has to move his feet to handle a quicker interior rusher his footwork is sluggish at best. Blocking from different angles is hard and he’s not much use at the second level. The 1v1 drills are set-up for quick defensive linemen to succeed so let’s see if I’m being too hard on a highly rated blocker.

Aaron Banks (G, Notre Dame) N
I’m a huge fan of Aaron Banks. He’s 6-6 and 340lbs and Seattle’s type of guard. He’s physical and finishes his blocks. He has good mobility for his size and that showed when he had to fill-in at left tackle in one game this season. He drives open running lanes with power but he can settle down in pass-pro and engulf defenders.

Creed Humphrey (C, Oklahoma) N
He plays with a nasty streak and he does so much so well. His combo-blocking is really impressive. He reaches up to the second level with ease and shows great athleticism to latch onto blocks in space. He scored 94.17 at SPARQ in 2017. To go with his technique and athleticism is a real edge to his play. He’s also well sized and could be a long term starter at the next level.

Patrick Jones II (EDGE, Pittsburgh) N
A player well suited to the LEO, Jones took his game to a new level in 2020. He registered 13 TFL’s and nine sacks in 11 games. Pittsburgh had an inconsistent season but Jones visibly took on a leadership role. He plays with a good motor, can bend and straighten when rushing with speed but he’s useful with his hands too. Pitt had him drop and play in space sometimes to showcase his athleticism. He could have a big week in the pass rushing drills. Keep an eye out for his team mate Rashad Weaver too.

Baron Browning (LB, Ohio State) N
A great short shuttle, explosive testing and a great forty usually mean a high quality linebacker in the modern NFL. Browning ran a 4.18 short shuttle at SPARQ, a 4.56 forty and then jumped a 37 inch vertical. He moves around the field with ease. The Seahawks are not going to take a linebacker early again but on a personal level I can’t wait to see how Browning competes.

Alex Leatherwood (T, Alabama) A
Tony Pauline thinks he’s a top-20 pick but Todd McShay has him graded in round three. Leatherwood isn’t an amazing athlete but he is a BAMF. His physical appearance and the way he carries himself remind me of Duane Brown. At the very least he can be an exceptional guard. I think he will shine at tackle during drills, elevating his stock. He was superb in the Rivals 1v1’s in High School. Strong, tough and doesn’t give an inch.

Kellen Mond (QB, Texas A&M) A
The Senior Bowl is often a king maker at quarterback and it’ll be interesting to see which of the group emerges. My money’s on Mond. He was a lot more consistent in 2020. He has a rocket arm and can drive the ball into tight spots. He played well against both Clemson and Alabama in his career. He reminds me of a less mobile but perhaps more accurate Colin Kaepernick.

Rhamondre Stevenson (RB, Oklahoma) N
I’m not sure what to make of Stevenson and I’m hoping the Senior Bowl provides some answers. He’s 6-0 and 246lbs but is really light on his feet. At SPARQ he ran a 4.30 short shuttle and it shows. His ability to pivot and change direction at his size is impressive. I’m just not sure if he’s explosive enough for Seattle. Why was he only ever a bit-part player at Oklahoma too?

Nico Collins (WR, Michigan) N
Collins does so much well. His body control to contort and adjust to the football is strong. He reads the ball well in the air. He makes contested catches. In the NFL though you’ve got to be able to separate. I’m not sure how fast he is and without a combine, we’re relying on seeing him create separation in drills to allay some fears.

Marvin Wilson (DT, Florida State) A
A sensational athlete who wowed at Rivals and SPARQ in High School, Wilson’s college career was a bit underwhelming. At 6-4 and 332lbs he clocked a 4.56 short shuttle which is insane. He also ran a 5.17. Yet his conditioning is a concern and there are some really ugly snaps on tape where he looks like a random dude has taken the field and needs to catch his breath. His upside is through the roof but he needs to impress.

Trey Smith (G, Tennessee) A
Smith has been hyped as a high pick for years, after receiving incredible recruiting buzz when he picked Tennessee. I don’t think he ever lived up to expectations and it concerns me a little bit that he spent considerable time last year ‘liking’ a lot of negative comments on twitter. He’s had health issues too. This is an opportunity to shine among an impressive group of interior linemen.

Kylin Hill (RB, Mississippi State) A
At 5-11 and 210lbs he’s just about in Seattle’s wheelhouse for size. He jumped a 38 inch vertical at SPARQ so he’s explosive and that’s what they look for. A 4.30 short shuttle also shows he can change direction well. His college career ended in a fallout with Mike Leach so we barely saw him in 2020. Let’s see if he can impress here and use his fresh legs to run hard in the game on Saturday.

Kadarius Toney (WR, Florida) A
Draft media has already anointed Toney a first round pick. Yet it’s worth remembering he ran a 4.69 forty at SPARQ. I obviously think he plays quicker than that but is he the kind of 4.3/4.4 runner some seem to think he is? Quick separation, nuanced routes and suddenness will help him in Mobile. He can leap up and get the ball — he’s jumped a 41.5 inch vertical.

Kenny Yeboah (TE, Ole Miss) N
He’s 6-5 and 240lbs and so fluid working in space. He’s a natural working downfield or attacking the seam. There’s very little wasted movement and he’s a matchup nightmare for linebackers or safeties. Even against Alabama’s loaded defense he managed seven catches for 181 yards and two scores. He can make a defender miss to gain major YAC. Ole Miss lined him up in the slot, they had him working across the formation, he’ll run sweeps, he’ll take a wheel-route or he can just run downfield or settle as a check-down option.

Spencer Brown (T, Northern Iowa) N
Enormous right tackle listed at 6-8 and 320lbs. Brown is a remarkable athlete and has developed at Northern Iowa, adding weight and turning himself into a legit NFL prospect. Tony Pauline believes he can move into the second round conversation with a good Senior Bowl. I think his high-cut frame create issues with leverage so we’ll see how he gets on.

Chazz Surratt (LB, North Carolina) N
Quarterback-turned-linebacker — Surratt is one of the more fascinating players in this draft class. It would’ve been interesting to see how he tested at the combine. You can see on tape that he’s still a bit raw and finding his feet but he pursues well to the ball, he’s very agile and he’s been productive.

Carlos Basham (DE, Wake Forest) A
One of the big names set to compete in Mobile. Basham is an athletic freak who has been timed in the 4.21 range in the short shuttle at 280lbs. He’s also jumped a 36 inch vertical. There’s a lot of average tape though, mixed in with some stunning highlight-reel moments.

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  1. Rob Staton

    This is… interesting. He’s stating the obvious. But you don’t often hear it in public:

    And he’s being interviewed by the guy who was dropping bombs on national TV about Wilson and the Seahawks…

    • cha

      ‘ever since Pete got there’ ?

      Does he mean when Pete took the offense over?

      • Rob Staton

        Think so…

        • Rob Staton

          I’m starting to get the impression that DK isn’t quite as good as Russell Wilson at masking what he really thinks…

          And this is a little insight as to what is said in private.

          My guess is they watch offensive football like we’ve seen from other teams and wonder WTF they aren’t doing the same.

          • cha

            Love to hear what those who dismissed Marshall as a Seahawks outsider who has no idea what’s going on inside the building now.

            • TomLPDX

              Yep about Marshall. DK is just speaking his truth.

          • STTBM

            And it likely means Metcalf is hearing this stuff from a guy or guys who’ve been on the team longer than him. I.e., Russel Wilson etc?

      • Whit21

        I don’t think he meant since pete meddled.. its always been petes interest to run a lot and take deep shots. He’s always been like that..

    • BobbyK

      Honesty is refreshing.

      • Big Mike

        But sad at the same time because it really feels like no change us forthcoming. 🙁

        • BobbyK

          Very sad.

      • Rob Staton


        To me it just feels like we’re delaying the inevitable and wasting time at this stage.

        • Matt

          Yep. I’m more convinced than ever that Scotty was the one who left. They aren’t doing some exhaustive search – they simply weren’t prepared to have to find a new OC. And they are leaking popular names because a lot of OCs have no interest in working for Pete.

          Hugely pessimistic take…but what sounds simpler? That or “nobody wants to coach RW?”

          • Rob Staton

            I also think Seahawks fans suddenly pining for Ken Dorsey, who they know nothing about, are in the wrong.

            Josh Allen makes Buffalo great. I’m sure Dorsey has helped. It doesn’t mean he’s a great play caller, does it?

            And how many people saw Brian Daboll as a great innovator a few years ago?

            I’m more inclined to root for Shane Waldron just because I love the McVay offense so much and will cling to any hope that it could be brought here. Plus McVay is such an offensive genius he’s unlikely to have a dufus as his second in command.

            But I also want someone who won’t take any meddling. Which, in a way, is why I hoped they could convince Doug Pederson to come home.

          • Sea Mode

            Ding ding ding we have a winner!

            Part of me tries to dream that PC will realize that nobody wants to be his OC minion and that he goes crawling back to apologize to Schotty and hand him the keys to the offense.

            1. that ain’t never happenin’
            2. isn’t Schotty the one that should have adjusted once defenses started playing 2-deep to take away the deep ball? Why wasn’t he able to do this?

            • CHaquesFan

              Schotty was the one that should have adjusted. Schotty was the one Pete threw under the bus for not adapting to two high.

              • Sea Mode

                Ok, but then why are the players pointing the finger at Pete…? And why did the offense under Schotty break records before PC decided to mettle?

        • TomLPDX

          We are wasting time. Pete won’t change and we’ll be stuck here until he retires or is retired.

        • Brandon McGuire

          Unless it’s for a coach still coaching in the big game no?

          • Rob Staton

            Be honest with yourself.

            How likely is that?

    • Big Mike

      Once again a peek behind the curtain us troubling.

    • Sea Mode

      While this is worrying, I’m actually glad it’s getting out in some way.

      The worst possible thing would be for Russ and DK just to go along with Pete’s “everything’s fine, nothing to see here” attitude. At least this way they can show him and everyone that they are serious about doing what it takes to fix this thing.

      • Mike

        I was hoping dk went more in depth about his answer. It sounded like him and Brandon Marshall were about to go into details but then Chad Johnson interrupted him 😔

        But dk doesn’t sound like he’s going to put up with a run first offense. If Russell were to ever leave I think he would try to demand a trade too

        • Big Mike

          Or at the very least leave when his rookie contract expires.

        • Sea Mode

          That’s the worst part about this whole thing: we have the QB, we have the stud WRs, let them play!

          • Mike

            I honestly think Russell Wilson will become average as he is getting older and slower. He relies so much on the out of the pocket plays. Some of the reason why they don’t do quick passing is because it isn’t what RW is good at. He’s good at scrambling and good at throwing deep balls.

            • James Z

              Unfortunately, he’s not that good at scrambling anymore because of age, and his deep ball isn’t getting home as often either…

    • Rob Staton

      On other thing here.

      He says Pete. Not Schotty. Pete.

      And this doesn’t seem like a ‘protect the team’ moment.

      If you didn’t think there was an issue brewing, you should do.

      • Mike

        Yeah youre100% right

        Dk, russ, schotty are all on the same side and Pete’s just saying I’m doing it my way.

        • Mike

          Kellen mind would probably be willing to run Pete’s offense lol

    • BruceN

      The optimist in me is thinking (hoping) this is a repeat of last year when Russell used the media to push the “let Russ cook” narrative. Pete eventually bought in and let the offense loose. Problem was when Russell had a couple of horrible games in mid-season (major impact by injuries including all the RBs) Pete started to rein in the offense and go back to his ultra conservative and predictable offense. May be this time around again he will budge like last year when he’s pushed. Probably wishful thinking on my part.

  2. Billy

    Hey Rob! When is the senior game?

    • Rob Staton

      Drills start tomorrow and last three days. The game itself is on Saturday.

  3. TomLPDX

    Rob, Kylin Hill – RB for MISS ST. not TAMU

    • Rob Staton


      For some reason I constantly mix the two up when writing out names. It’s the jerseys.

      • TomLPDX

        Colors, both Maroon and White. Our running backs (TAMU) are amazing and both were Sophomores this past year. Just wait and watch! Ainias Smith and Isiah Spiller…

        • TomLPDX

          Isaiah Spiller, misspelled it.

      • TomLPDX

        I’m glad to see you are a Mond fan. I really disliked him for a long time in his earlier years as the TAMU QB but he has really grown on me. This past year I didn’t cringe when he was under pressure and he made quite a few clutch plays. I’m hoping he excels at the NFL level. I like your comp too, he is an accurate passer but light on his feet.

    • Big Mike

      What a shocker that Hill had a falling out with Mike Leach. That has him rise several notches in my eyes.

  4. charlietheunicorn

    If Aaron Rodgers can be traded (hot rumor now)
    If Desean Watson can be traded (semi hot rumor)

    Then “anyone” could potentially get traded.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Deshaun Watson*

      and I guess RW 😉

  5. BobbyK

    I’m most curious about what you have to say about guards. I think there’s a high probability they’ll go LG with their first pick. I’d be okay with RB as well. Dark horse is CB but I don’t think they’ll take one that high.

    • Rob Staton

      I wish they had their picks in rounds 1-3 so they could get a LG and center and running back in a class where that is possible…

      And a free agency market with good safeties available…

      • BobbyK

        But, hey, we have a strong safety who can’t cover very well! It’s worth it, right?

        • Big Mike

          And is an injury risk because of his body type combined with how he’s used.

          • Big Mike

            Oh, and will cost around 17 million a year.

      • Ryan

        Yep, that’d be nice.

        Rob, you’ve convinced me on the Adams situation. Think I’d take #18 or something similar plus a later pick and run with it.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve written an article on the subject, to be published soon.

    • TomLPDX

      Bobby, throw logic out the window. What we think is good for the team is opposite of what they will do. They’ll go LB for sure!

  6. Sea Mode

    German Seahawks fans talking about some of your interview: 😀

    • Rob Staton

      Nice. I love Germany.

      • SonGoku

        You have to come over once this pandemic is over, we have a huge hawks fan organization here

        • Rob Staton

          Sounds good

  7. Sea Mode

    Per Pauline:

    So who is the frontrunner for Watson? Speculation, and I repeat — speculation — by league decision-makers at the Senior Bowl have smart money on the New York Jets.

    • Rohan Raman

      Honestly, I don’t care where Watson lands up as long as it isn’t the Niners or Rams.

      If it’s one of those two teams, I quit.

    • Ryan

      I’m not sure it makes sense for the Jets to trade for Watson. Everybody thinks so, but let’s say it takes something like both first rounders this year and a first next year (or #2 this year and their two firsts next year) plus maybe another Day 2 pick or two either in 2021 or 2022, aren’t the Jets just *becoming* the Texans, where they have Watson, limited draft capital and a terrible team around him?

      If I’m the Jets I feel better trying to fix Darnold (or hell, signing Winston or somebody) and adding a bunch of talent all over the roster in the next two years. If Darnold still sucks, then grab a QB next year and at least have a team ready to go.

      It seems to me the kind of team that should trade for Watson is a team built to win now with an aging/gone QB. Saints? Colts? Steelers?

      • Rohan Raman

        IMO, a Jets package for Deshaun would have to include both their R1s this year and one of their 2022 R1s (or vice versa, like you said). But there’s no reason that they can’t surround him with talent. They have a bounty of other picks throughout the draft and are flush with cap space. If I were the Jets, trading the #2 pick this year is their best bet to get Watson b/c it gives the Texans a chance to draft their own franchise passer. Because it’s the #2 overall pick, I doubt the Texans would need much more than the three R1s.

        Also, if you get Deshaun, I suspect Will Fuller isn’t far behind. Add that to a 2nd year Denzel Mims and a OC who hopefully understands that Jamison Crowder is a sneaky good slot WR and your offense isn’t really that bad. You can get your franchise RB in R2 by drafting Javonte Williams or Etienne/Harris if either of those guys falls to R2. Jets can then sign two veteran CBs for temporary stop-gaps and maybe Anthony Harris from the Vikings. Suddenly, your defense goes from complete trash to somewhat competent, especially with Robert Saleh overseeing it.

        TL:DR – Jets could easily build a much better team around Deshaun and if they do some of the things I’ve outlined here, you could be looking at 8-8 or 9-7. And that’s without factoring in the “Adam Gase effect”.

        • charlietheunicorn

          The Texans pretty much CAN’T trade Watson unless he redos his deal. They are already over the cap right now and if they trade him on his current deal, they will be even further in the hole. Without a front office in place and HC (at last I checked they didn’t have one) we have no idea if he would gel with that guy or not. They got themselves in a huge pickle. If Rodgers hits the market as well as Stafford, then the price might come down and you can get a top end QB for 2 1st round picks (and maybe some change). With the cap hit the Jets would take on, they have some leverage to keep the draft compensation down, since they don’t HAVE TO trade, but would like to do the deal (theoretically).

        • McZ

          Or, you bring back Fitzmagic, use your draft control by adding high end talent like Ja’marr Chase and Najee Harrris in R1, create a prolific environment to finally add a rookie QB like Mac Jones or Davis Mills in R2, pick 5 or 6 times in the first two rounds and draft a couple of quality DL/OL players in the process. Then let the draft come to you, fill out OL and secondary.

  8. Sea Mode

    Unsurprisingly, DK doesn’t hesitate to name Ramsey as the best DB he’s faced this year. (very end) And his top 5 WRs are interesting for sure…

  9. Rob4q

    A couple of small school guys who look interesting:

    Tarron Jackson –
    EDGE Coastal Carolina

    Robert Rochell –
    CB Central Arkansas

    Will be interesting to see how if these smaller school guys are able to hold their own in Mobile…

  10. Rob Staton

    Mike Florio:

    “Metcalf’s remarks suggest two things. First, he’s passing along a narrative he heard from someone whose presence on the team predates his. The 2019 second-round pick has picked up that characterization from one or more other Seahawks players, possibly including quarterback Russell Wilson. Second, it reflects an implicit frustration regarding the inability of the offense to counter the steps taken by the defense to neutralize an attack.”

    “Metcalf, and presumably others on the team’s offense, believe things have been too simple, too easy to figure out, too unimaginative when it comes to getting the ball in the hands of playmakers, like Metcalf. And they’re not putting it on the offensive coordinator; they’re pointing a finger in the general direction of the head coach.”

    No doubt someone will be along shortly to say Florio’s full of s**t.

    But he’s not. He’s absolutely right.

    And it’s why this OC appointment is so absolutely vital.

    Carroll is completely compromised. He wants to do what he wants to do and he expects everyone to follow. But he has a QB and a star WR who clearly have a different view on what the offense should be. And who knows? Maybe Duane Brown agrees with them. Maybe Tyler Lockett agrees. Maybe others.

    I’m fascinated to see how this plays out. It feels like faith is being lost in leadership and the only way to get it back will be to cede some control, appoint an exciting OC who everyone can get on the same page with and then PC needs to get the hell out of the way if they have one or two bad games next season.

    • Mike

      It almost seems like Mike florio wants Russell Wilson to leave. He seems to push this story out there more than others, but maybe I’m just paying more attention to the seahawk stories.

      • Rob Staton

        Florio doesn’t have an agenda. He’s just reading the tea leaves.

    • STTBM

      I agree. Gloria says it far better than me. I think the team is fracturing. I’m not convinced Schotty didn’t deserve to be fired, but Carroll’s meddling wrecked any chance he had to succeed. Carrol deserves to be fired.

      This is like watching a slowmo train wreck. It’s sickening…

      • STTBM

        Florio not Gloria…fricking autocorrect…

      • Matt

        I don’t think Schotty got fired. I think he voluntarily left…which is even more troubling than being fired.

    • Matt

      So what’s your gut on this whole situation? Where are you on the RW forces a trade scale?

      I’m at 50-50, now.

      • Rob Staton

        Depends who the OC is…

    • cha

      I’d love to know the dynamic between PC and JS right this minute.

    • swedenhawk

      I’m starting to get a post-XLIX feeling… when Sherm, Earl, Bennett, and Marshawn lost faith in Pete’s culture and program.

      • 12th chuck

        it sure does seem that way, like pete lost the team, or is deep in the process. I get the feeling that sizeable chunk of fan base is asking themselves “wtf pete”

    • John_s

      DK was also asked by Chad Johnson if he got 10 routes how many passes would he catch and DK said “9 because the QB will eff up”.

      • Rob Staton

        More like seven because he dropped two

      • GoHawksDani

        DK might be a problem…and not for other teams…He was humble before, but it’s such an f’in arrogant comment that shows some diva attitude. Give us like R1, R2 and R4 and they can have him (I know they won’t trade him, but he might be trouble…especially if Russ would go and he would get a rookie QB with early pains and Pete wanting to run a ton. He might sit out or demand a trade)

        • Henry Taylor

          Show me a star receiver that’s not a bit of a diva (other than Larry Fitz). Personally I like that he’s a little feisty and pissed off for greatness.

    • Sea Mode

      He’s absolutely right on all fronts.

      For the good of the Seahawks moving forward, I sure hope Russ and DK win this media tug of war.

    • GoHawksDani

      Tbh if it’ll continue like this I have a feeling Russ will be traded before Pete changes his philosophy. It happened before with the defense

  11. charlietheunicorn

    “..appoint an exciting OC who everyone can get on the same page with and then PC needs to get the hell out of the way if they have one or two bad games next season.”

    I’ll put it as plainly as I can, this ain’t happening. PC won’t give up ultimate power and leadership comes from the top (ownership) which won’t force him to give up power. The read that the former OC was handcuffed and that is why he left, instead of got fired….. could very possibly be spot on and also explain the multitude of candidates being paraded in-front of the camera… for the optics.

    I’ll concede, something “henky” is going on the last 3-4 years, because of some of the odd draft picks or moves that were made. Some smell like PC moves, others are JS moves…. the smoke says we will never know the real truth, even if a tell all book comes in in 2030.

    It feels like a real-life game of thrones trying to figure out what is going on behind the curtain.

  12. millhouse-serbia

    Last thing i want is that Russ and DK win this war(by seamode) 😁.

    Why? Because i think there is no chance we can win SB if D and O arent on the same wave lenght (at least we use that words in my language)…

    Pete can win it all only if D and O have same mentality, he even spoke about it. He is not coach who knows how to win and coach a team with pass happy offense…

    Jim Nagy said they lost identity on offense and they need to find it… To me it sound like if Pete is coach go back to smack them in the mouth by running mentality…

    I am probably in huuuge minority, but if you ask me do we have bigger chance to win SB with Pete and his philosophy without Russ and DK or with pass happy O with new HC i am all in on Pete..

    But dont get me wrong, biggest chances are if Russ accept to lead run havy offense. Just i think he will not wont to do that.

    So to summarize.. Imo i would rank like this what i would want..

    1. Pete + Russ – run heavy
    2. Pete without Russ
    3. Russ without Pete
    4. Pete + Russ pass happy

    • Sea Mode

      But why can’t we have the offense from the first six games of the season with the defense from the last six games of the season? Why does playing decent defense suddenly mean you can’t score points?

      Points are points, and who cares if we score them by passing or by rushing. Who cares if we score them quickly or slowly. Do whichever works. Adjust to each matchup. Find more than one way to get it done so that defenses can’t “figure you out” (cf. DK).

      DK and Russ already said it: play action and deep pass ONLY isn’t going to get us to a Super Bowl. It’s not even going to get us past the Wild Card round.

      I’m well aware that Pete isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I just want him to hire an OC who will be creative and attack opponents in different ways using all of our weapons: Russ (arm and legs), DK, Lockett, Carson, TEs, etc. And it seems less likely by the day because none of the creative play callers seem to be interested in handcuffing their creativity to run Pete’s limited, play-action + deep-pass offense.

      • Rob Staton

        Well said

      • millhouse-serbia

        Imo we will never again see that good of offense like in first 8 games… Because of Covid situation all defense around league sruggled mightly during first 5,6,7 weeks… But i get what is your point of view and it would deffinetely be the best if it is possible… But i think it isnt…

        Why? Because Pete is HC, he will never let be only DC… He will always want to have final word, on O, on D on special teams… He has his philosophy that made him most succesfull HC in history of Seahawks and one of the best coaches in NFL in last 10 years…

        He wants to win 17-14…and imo he thinks its impossible to win 35-14…i am convinced that he thinks you cant play LOB defense if you play O that will score in few minutes by air…(i am so sorry i cant find that interview where he said something like that)… I dont say its impossible i just say thats what Pete thinks (of course it doesnt mean its true he thinks that way its just my opinion)…

        He wont be back to O that has big chance of making 2+ TO every game…

        Pete thinks he is close to have elite D again, and he is close to win SB again with winning his way

        • Matt

          I don’t understand (and I’m not sure if you think this or are assigning it to PC) how the Offense will never replicate what they *actually* did in the first 6 weeks, but that the defense is close to elite (which they never came close to showing)?

          This defense is nowhere near elite. I mean…not on the same planet. I’m not sure if you think that; but if Pete does – then Pete needs to retire or get fired because he is operating under grand delusion if that’s the case.

          And wanting to win 17-14 is absolutely horrendous. That mentality is why we haven’t been a contender for 6 years. That’s like thinking a baseball player will win a batting title with his approach at the plate being, “don’t strike out.”

    • Matt

      If you can magically summon back the LOB and Marshawn Lych, then sure. Otherwise, I wholeheartedly disagree.

      In 2021 – you have to score points. Let’s keep in mind – the defense finished 22nd in DVOA; that’s not good. That’s not a unit you “lean on” to get you to a Super Bowl. I am not sure where people are getting this idea that the defense is a Super Bowl winning group – the last half of the season, we faced terribly offenses. People are quick to caveat the early offense with “well they played bad defense,” but don’t do the same for the defense’s “turnaround.”

      The common misnomer I keep reading is that all of us want a pass-happy offense. That’s not true, at all. I love the running game. I love the passing game. What I don’t love, is “establishing” X at the expense of scoring points. That’s just a stupid way to play football. They only get so many possessions a game – if the primary goal is to “body blow” the defense at the expense of scoring points – then get used to losing in R1 or R2 of the playoffs from here on out.

      Pete needs to get with the times. Your football team needs to be able to win in a multitude of ways. The more they commit to “one way of playing football,” the worse this will get. I don’t want this team to become the Air Raid; nor do I want them to be Stanford. Attach the defenses weakness. Keep attacking it. Score as many points as possible…and when the time/possessions remaining in the game exceed the score – then go ahead and “body blow” the opposing defense and drain the clock. Until then, score – any way you can.

      • pdway

        Tend to agree – you got to score these days… look at the final 4 teams – all w stellar offenses, and basically good enough defenses that can at least pressure the opposing QB. I’m not sure there’s another way given how the game has evolved.

        We’re in a lucky minority in that we (hopefully) still have a top-end QB. And we have talent at the skill positions – we really should be able to pull this off.

        Keeping hope alive that we do bring in an optimism-building choice at OC. Feels like a real crucible moment for the team.

        • Matt

          Yep. My single biggest issue is the fact that Pete *wants* to win in the 4th quarter. The 4th Quarter would be a *beautiful* time to “impose your will in the run game,” because you are up by two scores and it makes sense to milk the clock.

          This is really a fundamental/philosophical problem with Pete. It’s just not sustainable and eliminates margin of error. Amazing for a guy who was quoted as saying “we want to control the game.”

          Easiest way to control a game – get a big lead. You’ll never control a game being up or down by a single score. That’s not how this works.

          • cha

            I’m flashing back to all those early season games this year the Seahawks won by a hair and Pete crowing from the podium that people think he’s crazy but he ‘frickin loves it’ when they win these close games.

            • Matt

    ’s just a dumb way to approach anything in life. You don’t always win big, but if your philosophy is to intentionally create razor thin margins…I just don’t get it.

              It’s a great skill to be able to win close games. It’s a foolish philosophy to want to create close games.

              I’m at a point of no return with Pete, because he’s not changing that mindset. Again – I don’t care about Run-Pass splits; I care simply about scoring points and preventing points. I don’t care how it’s done.

              • pdway

                I could be wrong, but I always took the Carroll comments you guys are referring to with a big grain of salt – -he’s kind of an everythings-always-sunny of-course-we-planned-it-that-way bullshitter in general when speaking w the media, no? I’m just kind of used to that being his MO.

  13. Sea Mode

    Woo, baby:

    • Matt

      Him and Javonte…my goodness would one of those guys be a dream.

      If Pete really wants to play “Pete Ball,” then grow a pair and trade RW – find a way to get Najee or Javonte on your team. I can’t wait for PC to magically pretend that Penny is some dynamic, power RB and we just see the same ish, different day.

  14. Sea Mode

    Landon Dickerson 32.5 arms, but have a look at Leatherwood:

  15. Rokas

    I am at the point where I have almost seen enough of Pete Caroll. Same terrible challenges. Same slow starts. Same ingenuine answers at press. Same lack of self awareness. Same grind it out games where 1 episode in the 4th QT swings the game. Maybe i am not an adrenaline junkie. If he wins this power struggle in his preffered terms, which is to have as much control as possible, and continue with his philosophy, which fails to bring the best of his players skill set, and fails to sacrifice that philosophy depending on the particular opponent, i might take a break from the Seahawks until he retires. Would still watch highlights and some games, but no more investing time in getting familiar with new players, stats, etc. It’s like watching the same movie over and over and over and over and over again. I really have little hope for a miraculous change for a 70 year old man. I wonder what he thinks of Russ and seemingly DKs rebel. Is he even aware of that? Does he recognize the need to handle his players in a different way than he did back in college? Is he aware that no one with good resume wants that OC job? Does he allow the thougt that this might be his fault? Does he care? I know my post looks weird, i promise will not repeat that:)

  16. Sea Mode

    Short arms on Levi O.

    • Sea Mode

      And Patrick Jones II too. (32″)

  17. Sea Mode

    Eskridge good size as listed: 5091, 188

  18. Matt

    Rob – Any thoughts on the Clemson WR duo? Amari Rogers and Cornell Powell.

    Totally different players. I like Rogers more. Cornell Powell was fun to watch this year but gives me that Chris Harper vibe (ie big, strong but won’t get open in the NFL).

  19. sonicreducer

    Wow, that Dee Eskridge is something else!! Hopefully we hire an OC who knows how to use him, however, I doubt we end up with enough draft capital to spend on what some may deem a luxury pick. But its a nice thought. Sean McVay will love him.

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