Shawn Oakman (DE, Baylor) vs SMU

This was a good start for Oakman, who’s listed at 6-9 and 280lbs by ESPN. In fact it was a good start for the entire Baylor defense. SMU couldn’t block anything, the Bears regularly had 2-3 players (if not more) rampaging into the backfield. The game looked every bit a 45-0 beat-down.

The hype factor on Oakman has gone into overdrive. If he was 6-5 it wouldn’t be so interesting. If he really is 6-9 and 280lbs then he moves incredibly well for the size — and it makes him a very interesting pro-prospect. He carries the height/weight perfectly. He’s not skinny like Dion Jordan (6-7) — he’s sculpted. He has a few moves too — his swim in particular was on show here.

He was credited with two sacks and if he can add production to freakish physical potential he’ll be a high pick. Much sterner tests await, however.

Baylor go to Texas on October 4th, Oklahoma on November 8th and finish with three home games against Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Kansas State. Those five games will be a much better test-case for his potential. That’s not knocking what he achieved in the video above, it’s just perspective.


  1. rowdy

    I’d he’s really 6-9 he moves insanely well but it’s routine for player measurements to overstated. The combine will be huge for him. I would like to see him wrap up better though.

    • Rob Staton

      IMO he looks more 6-6/6-7.

  2. Kyle

    I’m going to take a look at this guy, as well as any DT who is going to put up TFL numbers.

    I should add, I’m a Christian Covington fan, but he laid an egg against ND. He did nothing. I watched the 1st half of that game, and he always seemed to be in the TV frame, looking at the guy who made the tackle.

    As of right now, Christian Covington is a round 3-4 pick in my opinion.

  3. Clayton

    He reminds me of Jason Pierre-Paul because of his size and athleticism… The thing that I didn’t see on the film though was the use of his hands to bat the ball down. JPP seems to have a knack for that. However, I’m probably being too nit picky and I would say that there is a huge upside for him to become a superstar in the league.

  4. Miles

    He looks like a stud. Granted its only one game but what an intriguing prospect. His combine numbers are probably goingg to be insane and there’s no way the Hawks will have a chance to draft him.

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